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                     (AND HOW THEY CAN BE AVOIDED)
        Marketing the Legal Mind - Review Copies & Author Interview Available
Los Angeles--In a stunning case of client wooing gone bad, an attorney took his clients,
insurance company adjustors, on a holiday hunting trip. A flock of birds caused the guns
to discharge accidentally… shooting pellets right in to the backside of an adjustor. Upon
hearing of the incident, the president of the insurance company was livid, reprimanded
his staff and withdrew the business from the law firm. “We never did see another file
from them,” recalls the hunter-attorney.

This is just one of the legal marketing war stories attorneys confide in
Marketing the Legal Mind, published today by LMG Press ($62.00 US). The book
offers anecdotal evidence and analysis of the business development stumbling blocks
impeding law firms including:

          Toxic Partners - Stopping Troublemakers Before It’s Too Late
          Transforming Your Legal Mind To Reinvent Your Firm
          Fear & Greed Based Campaigns - Why They Repel Clients
          The Big Fee Myth
          Leaders Who Listen & Persuade People to Follow

Author and attorney Henry Dahut, Esq. gained the trust of over 100 law firm partners
across America. Marketing the Legal Mind describes their frustration over applying
their highly developed intellect to the challenges of running a law practice.

“The linear thinking that placed attorneys at the head of the law school class prevents
them from connecting with the very clients their livelihood depends,” says Dahut. “The
hunting event backfired because the lawyer failed to understand his client’s preference
for being heard, rather than being distracted by expensive outings.”

Dahut combines an empathetic voice, gained from having practiced law, with brain
science research and practical advice to detail how partners and law firms can eliminate
the destabilizing elements in their practice. In every chapter, he demonstrates how
successful attorneys can focus their talents into better serving the client, not just the case.
The Author: Henry Dahut is a Los Angeles based marketing strategist with more than 20
years of experience as an attorney. He is on the Executive Committee of the State Bar of
California Management and Technology Section.

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