An Introduction to Cutoff Grade Estimation Theory and practice by Reileyfan


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   An Introduction to Cutoff Grade Estimation:
   Theory and Practice in Open Pit         The 2007 AusIMM Spectrum Series Vol. 14, 2nd
   and Underground Mines                   Edition: Orebody Modelling and Strategic Mine
                                            Planning is included with the course materials

                                                                                                                          CUTOFF GRADE AND MINE PLANNING – OPEN
CONTENT AND                                                    COURSE OUTLINE                                             PIT AND UNDERGROUND SELECTIVE MINING
OBJECTIVES                                                          INTRODUCTION
                                                                                                                          Open pit mine: Economic valuation of a pushback
                                                                                                                          Underground mine: Economic valuation of a
Cutoff grades are essential in determining the eco-                 GENERAL PRINCIPLES                                    stope
nomic feasibility and mine life of a project. The fun-              Mathematical formulation                              Similarities between open pit and underground
damentals of cutoff grade calculation, first estab-                 Cutoff grade and grade-tonnage relationship           mine planning
lished by Ken Lane twenty years ago, are revisited.                 Direct profit and loss: Udir(x)
                                                                                                                          CUTOFF GRADE AND MINE PLANNING – BLOCK
In this course it is shown how direct and indirect                  Opportunity costs and benefits: Uopp(x)
                                                                                                                          AND PANEL CAVING
costs, opportunity costs imposed by operational                     Cutoff grade optimization with opportunity costs
                                                                                                                          Constraints imposed by block and panel caving
constraints, and other factors, such as political                   Other costs and benefits: Uoth(x)
                                                                                                                          Marginal cutoff grade and draw point manage-
risk, legal, environmental, and regulatory require-                 MINIMUM CUTOFF GRADES                                 ment
ments, must be taken into account. Mathematical                     Cutoff grade between ore and waste                    Marginal cutoff grade and block design
equations are developed and graphical analytical                    Cutoff grade for material at the bottom of an         Influence of capital cost and discount rate
methods are displayed, which can be used to solve                   open pit mine                                         Opportunity cost
most cutoff grade estimation problems. It is shown                  Cutoff grades in underground mines
how minimum cutoff grades are estimated and                                                                               WHICH COSTS SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN
                                                                    Cutoff grade to choose between processes
how they must be modified to take into account                                                                            CUTOFF GRADE CALCULATIONS?
                                                                    Cutoff grade between waste and low grade stock-
constraints imposed by mine or mill capacity, or by                 pile                                                  WHEN MARGINAL ANALYSIS NO LONGER
limits on sales volumes. Multiple practical exam-                   Cutoff grade with variable recoveries                 APPLIES: A GOLD LEACHING OPERATION
ples are given, illustrating the role of cutoff grades              Opportunity cost of not using the optimum cutoff
in mine planning, in allocating material to different                                                                     MINING CAPACITY AND CUTOFF GRADE WHEN
                                                                    grade                                                 PROCESSING CAPACITY IS FIXED
processes, in optimizing mill operating conditions,
and in poly-metallic deposits. Examples also show                   CUTOFF GRADE FOR POLYMETALLIC DEPOSITS                PROCESSING CAPACITY AND CUTOFF GRADE
the relationship between cutoff grades and the                      General considerations                                WHEN MINING CAPACITY IS FIXED
design of pushbacks in open pit mines, the devel-                   Calculation of cutoff grades using net smelter
                                                                    return (NSR)                                          MINING AND PROCESSING CAPACITY AND
opment of new stopes in underground selective
                                                                    Calculation and reporting of metal equivalent         CUTOFF GRADE WHEN SALES VOLUME IS FIXED
mining, and the optimization of block sizes in cav-
                                                                                                                          Fixed sales with no mining or processing con-
ing methods. The relationship between mine selec-                   CUTOFF GRADE AND OPTIMIZATION OF                      straint
tivity, deposit modeling, ore control and cutoff                    PROCESSING PLANT OPERATING CONDITIONS                 Fixed sales and fixed processing rate with no min-
grade is also discussed. Included in the course of                  Mathematical formulation                              ing constraint
registration is a copy of the instructor’s book “An                 Example: Optimization of grinding circuit in cop-     Fixed sales and fixed mining rate with no process-
Introduction to Cutoff Grade Estimation”.                           per mine                                              ing constraint
                                                                                                                          RELEASING CAPACITY CONSTRAINTS: A BASE
                                                                                                                          METAL EXAMPLE
                                                                                                                          RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MINE SELECTIVITY,
                                                                                                                          DEPOSIT MODELING, ORE CONTROL AND
                                               PLEASE NOTE It is strongly recommended that participants bring a laptop.   CUTOFF GRADE
                                                                                                                          CLOSING REMARKS

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