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					United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
United Nations Enviroment Programme – Risø Centre


The CDM Bazaar has been successfully launched. Now it is up to you to
make it an outstanding success. Sign up to the site and put it to good use.
Suggestions received are evaluated and regularly implemented.

sign up to

                                                        The CDM Bazaar web-portal allows carbon market buyers,
                                                        sellers and service providers to exchange information on clean
                                                        development mechanism (CDM) project opportunities.

                                                        CDM Bazaar has three main market sections plus a place for
                                                        market-related announcements:

                                                        Sellers section
                                                        Here sellers post information about themselves and about
                                                        CDM projects at all stages of development, from simple idea,
                                                        to implementation, to issuance of certified emissions
                                                        reductions (CERs).

                                                        Buyers section
                                                        Here buyers post information about themselves and their
                                                        requirements/interests in particular project types.

                                                        Service providers section
                                                        Here service providers post information about themselves,
                                                        their companies and details of the services or technologies
                                                        they bring to the market.

                                                        Post and find information on employment opportunities,
                                                        events and publications, all strictly related to the carbon market.
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
United Nations Enviroment Programme – Risø Centre

What is the UNFCCC CDM Bazaar?

Who benefits?                                 How does it work?                             How do I get started?

Stakeholders in the carbon market             The CDM Bazaar is a global ‘virtual           Go to If you wish,
benefit from the CDM Bazaar. The              information exchange’. It is open to          you can sign up in one or more of the
site covers all aspects of supply and         anyone, free of cost, and no special          following user categories:
demand relating to CDM projects.              registration is required for those who
                                              want to simply browse.                        Sellers: those who wish to announce
The main objective of the CDM Bazaar is                                                     CDM projects and advertise/sell certified
to help create an efficient and transparent   Market players can register and upload        emission reductions, or find partners
global market for buyers, sellers and         profiles, projects and announcements          for project ideas.
service providers associated with the         for other stakeholders to view. The infor-
CDM. It aims to reduce transaction costs      mation on the site is updated regularly,      Buyers: those who wish to finance
in the CDM project cycle by facilitating      by its users.                                 a CDM project or purchase certified
information exchange.                                                                       emission reductions.
                                              Sellers can find buyers according to their
The CDM Bazaar is of particular value         interest categories. Likewise, buyers can     Service providers: those who wish
to buyers, sellers, service providers         find sellers, according to their particular   to offer carbon market services or
and potential project participants in         type of project.                              technological solutions.
developing countries.

How can CDM Bazaar help you if you are a …

Seller                                        Buyer                                         Service provider

As a seller it is not always easy to find     As a buyer you can post your profile and      As a service provider you can post your
buyers. The CDM Bazaar can help               details of your CER procurement activities,   profile and obtain visibility in the carbon
you attract offers from a larger pool         and hence attract offers from sellers and     market. At the same time, you can find
of potential buyers.                          project owners.                               the latest information about buyers and
                                                                                            sellers, your potential customers.
As a seller you can post CDM project          As a buyer you can search CDM Bazaar
ideas, information about projects at          regularly for CDM projects or notices         As a service provider you can search
various stages of development, notices        of CERs for sale. CDM Bazaar can help         CDM Bazaar for projects at all stages of
of primary market or secondary market         you stay up to date on all aspects of         development, which may need your
CERs you have for sale.                       the carbon market.                            carbon market services or technologies.


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