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									Sra. Anderson – TMS
La Familia: Family Tree and Write-up Rubric (Written Assessment)


          CATEGORY                       (1) NI/ POOR              (2) AVERAGE   (3) EXCELLENT
The student completed the task

All project components were met

Student provided a display board or
book form for a visual
Family tree shows connections and
has pictures or photos for at least
the MAIN family members
(mom,dad, brother, sister)
Write-up is completely in the target
language and written in complete
sentences. Spelling is correct.
Sentences include the appropriate
vocabulary for the family unit and
includes verbs CASAR y
Overall effort and creativity


Sra. Anderson – TMS
La Familia: Family Tree Project Descriptions                         ** Presentations begin on Monday, April 18, 2011

  The 7th grade Spanish students have been learning about the family and the various relationships (titles) within a family. As we
approach the completion of this unit, there will be two (2) formal assessments, a written assessment and an oral assessment. This
packet is to provide you with a complete project description and the rubrics that will be used for grading these projects. The oral
assessment will be videotaped.

  The written will be completed in two forms, the family tree and the composition. Students will create their own family tree. The
MINIMUM for a passing grade of a “C” will be a tree of the immediate family, ie. Mom, dad, brother, sister. Students are
encouraged to expand their trees to include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, etc. Photos are required for the
immediate family portion of the family tree. However, are not required for extended family members. Students were told to make
photocopies of valuable photos that could not be cut to fit on the tree. If a student does not have access to photos, then pictures from
magazines, newspapers, and clip-art are acceptable options.

  Students will also be given the option to either prepare this assignment on a poster board or in projection form (Power Point or MS
Word). If the student chooses the poster form, then he/she must have the complete family tree on the poster board. The tree is only to
have a picture, the person’s name, and the appropriate symbols. Under no circumstances is other wording allowed. The student
name, date, and period are to be on the back. The composition is to be turned in at the time of the oral presentation, but must be
submitted on a separate sheet of paper. The composition must be typed and will be graded for language accuracy, content knowledge,
sentence structure, and spelling. This assignment is a creative way for students to demonstrate that they are successfully able to
communicate in written form about the family, particularly their families. This assessment requires the use of reading and writing

   The oral portion of the assessment will require the use of the visual created above (family tree). Students will come to the front of
the class to describe their own families, using the family trees they created. ABSOLUTELY no written materials are allowed in this
assessment. Using only the target language, the students will describe their families in detail. The students will explain the
relationships and titles of each member in complete sentence form. This assignment is to assess the listening and speaking skills of
the students. Students will be graded on content knowledge, correct use of vocabulary, pronunciation, fluidity of speech, and voice
Sra. Anderson – TMS
La Familia: Family Tree Presentation (Oral Assessment)


          CATEGORY                        (1) NI/ POOR   (2) AVERAGE   (3) EXCELLENT
The student completed the task

Student displayed content
knowledge of the family &
Student used correct vocabulary at
appropriate times
Student’s pronunciation was correct

Student’s speech was smooth, not
choppy with pauses
Student could easily be heard, not
Overall effort



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