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					      Introduction to WTCS Accelerated Learning (AL) Resources
    In January of 1999, the Technical College System Guidelines for Accelerated Programming
    within Associate Degree Programs was released from the Wisconsin Technical College (WTC)
    System Office. Since that time, a small group of individuals working with accelerated
    programming, particularly the Supervisory Management program and more recently Early
    Childhood Education, has kept in touch and supported each other as they implemented their
    accelerated programs.

    In May of 2004, the team met via WisLine to begin preliminary discussion on the 1999
    Guidelines, which were felt to be ready for updating. In the time since the conference call,
    David Hague, the Education Director working with the Supervisory Management programs
    retired and then subsequently passed away, and Mary Ann Jackson, another Education Director
    working with the group, retired as well. In November of 2006, M.J. Best, Mike Tokheim, and
    Barb Schuler, all Education Directors at WTC System Office, reconvened the AL team to
    determine next steps.

    Since that time the team has revised the guidelines and suggested additional resources. The
    team conducted an initial review of the documents and recommended revisions to the
    guidelines as well as suggested additional resources that might be particularly helpful to
    Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) faculty and administrators. After an initial phone
    conference, there was an in-person work session in July of 2007 followed by a series of
    conference calls to finalize the resulting work.

    After team members felt their revisions were ready for review and comment by WTCS
    administrators and instructors, the documents were posted on the WTCS Curriculum Bank,, for a period of several months. As a result of comments and
    suggestions posted on the Curriculum Bank discussion site, the documents were edited again
    before being placed on the WTCS Web site. The goal in placing the documents on the WTCS
    Web site was to provide them as resources for use by administrators and instructors as they
    explore instructional options.

    The information in what began as one document has now been expanded to three documents:
    Guidelines for Accelerated Programming; Guidelines for Accelerated Learning Strategies; and
    Learning Strategies with Definitions and Common Characteristics. We recognize that the
    document of definitions and characteristics, particularly, is a work in progress. As we learn
    more about the conceptual framework of instructional options and the definitions various
    colleges use, these concepts will be reviewed and edited on a yearly basis. Additional
    definitions, information, and strategies are expected to become part of the review process. It is
    the hope of the team that these documents prove helpful to faculty and administrators as they
    work within the topic of learning strategies.

The members of the AL Team as of 5-12-2008:
Alex Birkholz, co-leader                          Terri Langan, co-leader
Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WITC)     Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC)                  
Allyn French                                      Dave Grypp
Lakeshore Technical College (LTC)                 Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC-Milwaukee)                
Mike Halloran                   Tom Hilke
MATC-Milwaukee                  LTC     
Kim Olson                       John Stewart
FVTC                            Gateway Technical College (GTC)       
Ron Toshner                     Deb Walsh
FVTC                            Western Technical College (Western TC)      
M.J. Best                       Mike Tokheim
WTC System Office               WTC System Office
Barb Schuler
WTC System Office

    July, 2009

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