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Preliminary Proposal and
Marketing Plan

           Marketing Consultant For New Nutritional
           Bar Recipe / Formulation

           Best Opportunity for Business
           Development Strategy in Marketing and

OCTOBER 9, 2006
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Introduction .....................................................................................................3

1     The Team .................................................................................................5

      1.1        Your Corporation (Your Corp.) .....................................................5

      1.2        Your Solutions Group Corporation (YSG) ....................................6

      1.3        Primary Responsibility for Engineering Marketing Analysis..........6

2     Scope of Services ....................................................................................6

      2.1        Phase I .........................................................................................7

3     Assumptions.............................................................................................9

4     Contingencies ..........................................................................................9

5     Time For Execution ............................................................................... 10

6     Fees For The Project ............................................................................ 11

7     Additional Services Available ................................................................ 11

8     Responsibilities of the Client ................................................................. 12

9     Changes To Project Scope ................................................................... 12

10               Secrecy Undertakings ............................................................... 13

11               Termination Of The Work.......................................................... 14


        Marketing Consultant Expert in Food Products - eWork Markets ID 00000

        The current situation you describe in your Request For Proposal (RFP) is the need for consultants
        with executive level experience to assist you in the launch of an aggressive, proactive marketing
        and business development activity for introducing a new date powder recipe into the market. You
        state a need to investigate selling your recipe in the form of nutritional or meal replacement bars
        and as coating for nuts or other food stuff. As entrepreneur, your responsibility is to evaluate the
        viability of the business and perform market research to help you assess the potential of the
        concept. Included with the aforementioned, is an analysis of the competitive situation, preparation
        of initial revenue projections and establishment of what is generally known as financial metrics for
        the business; these include your minimum attractive rate of return (MARR) and the actual after-
        taxes rate of return (ROR) for the business start-up venture.

        Apart from traditional marketing strategies your concept, undoubtedly, needs FDA Approval here in
        the U.S. or some other agency approval abroad.

        Your interest, it appears to us, is to perform a Market Analysis of the larger consumer, commercial,
        national and global markets for your product and see how your business could be properly
        positioned. Your product represents a food recipe, formulation or compound with presumably
        already approved constituents which should easily obtain approval from the FDA. Your concept
        represents a sealed food product for the Consumer Staples Sector, positioning could be
        somewhere in the Food & Staples Retailing Industry Group and more specifically in the Food
        Products Industry.

        You will invariably need a review of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) for your company’s
        particular product area to ensure achievement of complete compliance with applicable FDA or
        Canadian regulations. As you may probably know, U.S. industry is regulated by the CFR for
        various areas such as: food, cosmetics and medicines are regulated by the Food and Drug
        Administration (FDA), the power utilities and other industries are regulated by the Environmental
        Protection Agency (EPA), and the telecommunications industry is regulated by the Federal
        Communications Commission (FCC), among many others, and all these agencies have their rules
        codified in the CFR.

        YSG and Your Corp. are experts in code review and procedural application for marketing of
        various products. Your Solutions Group (YSG) partners from time to time with other consultants
        whose specialty is different from or expands on theirs. For this task, YSG will be partnering with
        Your Corporation. Your Corporation will have the principle responsibility of implementing this

        From the onset, it appears that your competitors might be companies like Met-RX, Power Bar,
        Balance Bar, Clif Bar, and Granola Bar. Some of these companies have many millions of dollars in
        annual revenues domestically derived from sales of food products and many have aggressive
        expansion goals to supply thousands of stores nationally and globally. One of these business
        models might be just right for your project goals but the fact is that successful business models
        change, adapt and are niche specific. YSG / YOUR CORP will provide your company with non-
        reactive broad scope and in-depth knowledge of the market so you can take the practical first
        steps, well informed. Perhaps a specialty label is advantageous to your company image and goals
        or perhaps selling your product to a supermarket chain for re-labeling is more lucrative.

We hope the following preliminary proposal will describe in as much detail as is possible at this
point, on how to accomplish your project goals. Please note that Section 5 Contingencies, may not
apply to your particular project at this time but we don’t know enough about it yet to omit the
information and it may be useful to you in the future. We like our prospective clients to be well
informed and to consider us in their future plans.

Your Corporation administrates engineering, regulatory compliance, product marketing, patent
process, and environmental consulting services to several sectors of the economy including the
manufacturing, chemical process and pharmaceutical industries. The corporation sub-contracts
additional professional personnel licensed to offer such services, whenever necessary. The branch
which deals with environmental solutions is Your Corporation – Environmental Consultants.

Business solutions include full Marketing Analysis / Research / Plans and complete Business Plans
for start-up ventures.

Marketing analysis for our client’s products profile the latest technology and products developed by
competing manufacturing companies world-wide, as also existing patents, trademarks and trade
names, the market share in certain product categories, production facilities, distribution channels,
existing networks of suppliers and contractors, a description of work under development, earnings
and losses statements and an evaluation of the competition.

Your Corp. will engage in data mining for the client of all the major companies manufacturing
similar products to your business interests and will develop a detailed marketing analysis and plan
for your product based on this knowledge. The best manufacturing prospect will be identified as a
model to follow and the remainders will be ranked in order of importance to your product and areas
of distribution.

The Marketing Plan is yours to use or to sell to prospective investors of your product. Reviewers
should feel that your product is a natural extension of their already well established product lines,
they should also believe that your product closes a production loop or product line.

At Your Corp., we believe there is a proven strategy for marketing products effectively and
profitably. If all you need is a regulatory review, we can help with this aspect exclusively. Please
refer to the Scope of Work of this proposal if there are any doubts about our strategies. Our
competitors sometimes charge up to three times as much as we do for similar research, however,
we have ready access to a large databank and our overhead is generally lower.

Please visit us at our website,



          Marketing Consultant For New Nutritional
          Bar Recipe / Formulation
Best Opportunity for Business Development Strategy in Marketing and

1     The Team

1.1   Your Corporation (Your Corp.)

              Patent Development Consultants, Engineering Consultants, Regulatory Compliance Consultants
              and Marketing and Business Consultants.

              Your Corp. specializes in patent feasibility, regulatory compliance and development of products
              and inventions of varying significance. Engineering specialties are in chemical, electronics,
              mechanical and environmental. In business, our marketing focus necessarily combines the
              systematic penetration approach and the flirtatious capture approach. Business solutions include
              full metrics and financial statements with the goal of partnering with Venture Capitalists (VC) and
              Angel Investors (AI) from sources domestic, foreign, institutional or private.

              Your Corp. provides its clients with access to:

                   More Than 50 Domestic Private Venture Capital (VC) Funds

                       Several Hundred Angel Investors (AI)

                       More Than 100 Federal And State Money Programs

                       Over 50 Micro-Enterprise Loan Sources

                       Over 50 Small Business Loan Sources

                       Over 200 Small Business Investment Companies, And

                   More Than 50 Unconventional Loan Programs

1.2    Your Solutions Group Corporation (YSG)

              Information System Consultant, Project Management, Validation Consultant and Manufacturing
              solutions consultants for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

              YSG provides a full range of Technology, Business Process Re-engineering, ERP System
              Implementation Assistance, Project Management, Manufacturing Process Automation
              Laboratory Systems, Compliance services and Engineering services in both the business
              management and manufacturing space.

1.3    Primary Responsibility for Engineering Study and Marketing Analysis

              YSG staff will partner with Your Corporation to meet this project’s goals and will have limited input.
              However, contract coordination will be made through YSG since they are a Certified Affiliate of
              eWork Markets.

              Your Corporation will be responsible to provide the elements described in the Scope of Work for
              this proposal under a separate agreement with YSG.



          Marketing Consultant For New Nutritional
          Bar Recipe / Formulation
Best Opportunity for Business Development Strategy in Marketing and
2     Scope of Services

              We would necessarily require further information as to the scope of your request, and the specific
              product, but for now we can outline the basic concepts which will be more fully developed if we are
              awarded the project. We envision a two phase implementation of strategy to introduce your
              product to the market:

2.1   Phase I

      2.1.1.    Records Review and Reconnaissance

                YSG / YOUR CORP has direct access to sources of marketing information within
                several Market Sectors, Industry Groups and specific industries. This information
                summarizes the latest technology and products developed by the major companies in
                the Sector world-wide, as also existing patents, trademarks and trade names held by
                the companies, the market share in certain product categories, location of facilities,
                distribution channels, existing networks of suppliers and contractors, a description of
                work under development, earnings and losses statements and an evaluation of their
                competition. YSG / YOUR CORP will engage in data mining for the CLIENT of all the
                major domestic companies in the industry having similar products to your business
                and will develop a detailed marketing plan for your product based on this knowledge.
                The best prospect to be imitated or followed and later overtaken within the market will
                be identified and the remainders will be ranked in order of importance to your product.

      2.1.2.    YSG / YOUR CORP will conduct a full regulatory review of the CLIENT’s product.
                This review will be done according to the specific agency rules that apply to the
                particular product being marketed. PLEASE NOTE: In some instances it may be
                necessary for the CLIENT to pay certain application fees associated with exhibition
                fees, permits or government review procedures, once an application is submitted. All
                of the specific regulatory aspects will be previously identified for the CLIENT along
                with any waivers or exemptions which may apply for your company’s particular

      2.1.3.    Product liability and insurance costs will be evaluated and summarized.

      2.1.4.    In addition to government rules, there may be industry specific standards which apply
                to products sold or services rendered in the United States. Certain industries are
                more dependent on these standards, industry practices, norms and specifications,
                than others. Depending on your particular business you may need to follow methods
                or specifications from institutions such as ASTM, ANSI, ASME, AICHE, IEEE, UL,
                NFPA, etc. YSG / YOUR CORP will conduct a full specification review of the
                CLIENT’s product.

      2.1.5.    The reports in Sections 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3 and 2.1.4 will be forwarded to the CLIENT
                and constitute the results of the Data Mining and Reconnaissance task.

      2.1.6.    Evaluation and Report Preparation

                YSG / YOUR CORP will prepare for the CLIENT a Marketing Plan which will be
                exclusively developed and tailored according to the criteria of the chosen major
                company identified in 2.1.1 and on the basis of how well your product conforms to the
                established rules, norms, selection criteria, required manufacturing facilities and
                existing similar product lines of the selected major company. Any review of the
                Marketing Plan should convey that your product is a natural extension of an already
                well established product line or that your business closes a product loop or product

         The Marketing Plan prepared by YSG / YOUR CORP will contain the following:

                Introduction
                Objectives
                Market Assessment
                Existing Product Categories
                Major Business Segments and Revenues
                Product Placement or Opening in Product Line
                Marketing Scenarios and Cost Structures
                Optimum Production Quotas
                Costs Associated With Variable Production
                Suggested Retail Price Computation
                Product Placement into Existing Channels of Distribution
                Implementation Strategy and Tactics
                Target Markets
                Geographic Areas Most Likely to Encompass the Target Market
                Primary Outlets
                Secondary Outlets
                Typical Consumer
                Dissemination of Product Attributes
                Positioning
                Pricing Structure
                Accessories, Parts, and Size Categories
                Sales and Profit Objectives
                Further Product Development
                Time Required to Introduce the Product
                Internal Evaluation
                Warehousing Locations and Product Shelf Life
                Distribution Methods
                Advertising and Promotion
                Sensitivity Analysis
                Product Liability Assessment *
                Evaluation of Patent Strength *
                Evaluation of Trade Mark Registration and Copyrights *
                Royalty Rate Structures and Cash Sale Valuation *
                Contract Options

         * Some items may not be relevant to your particular product and could be omitted

2.1.7.   YSG / YOUR CORP will recommend specific contingencies to initial rejection, develop
         some critical financial metrics, contact 25 companies world wide about your invention
         or product and present photos and promotional write-up.

2.1.8.   YSG / YOUR CORP will prepare a brief MS Power Point presentation of the salient
         points of the Final Report.

2.1.9.   If specifically requested by CLIENT, follow-ups and continuing contacts via
         promotional material and presentation letters on CLIENTS behalf, beyond those
         included in Section 2.1.6, including a brief updated Market Research Report, will be
         billed at the following rates: $500 / 200 campaign material packets forwarded and
         $300 / 75 campaign material packets forwarded. This task can also be broken down
         by hours of multi-media marketing and advertising exposure. It is recommended that

                        this option be exercised every quarter to keep your business abreast of changes in
                        the industry.

2.2.     Phase II

           2.2.1.       Under this task, YSG / YOUR CORP will prepare for the CLIENT a complete
                        Business Plan for your product(s) once more information is known.

           2.2.2.       Marketing media (i.e.: newspapers, trade magazines, radio, TV. Internet, etc.)
                        advertising recommendations and contacts will be established. Logo, design graphics
                        and brand establishment will be conducted. Application for Trademark Registration
                        will be made if necessary.

           2.2.3.       YSG / YOUR CORP will provide CLIENT with checklists for maintaining and
                        monitoring your Marketing Plan as established in Phase I.

           2.2.4.       YSG / YOUR CORP will prepare for the CLIENT business recommendations and
                        strategies for obtaining funding for your business and will present the developed
                        Business Plan to at least ten (10) venture capitalists and/or angel investors
                        specializing in CLIENT’S business concepts.

3 Assumptions

              YSG / YOUR CORP assumes and shall be held harmless, that the product does not need any
               further development.

              YSG / YOUR CORP assumes and shall be held harmless, that there are no significant safety
               issues related to the product.

              YSG / YOUR CORP assumes and shall be held harmless, that all filing fees and application
               fees will be paid by CLIENT as may become necessary and are in addition to any sum quoted
               on this proposal.

              YSG / YOUR CORP assumes that CLIENT is somewhat familiar with U.S. Patent Law and is
               aware that in no way is YSG / YOUR CORP or any of its employees, associates and
               collaborators allowed to solicit, negotiate or participate as co-inventors of anything the CLIENT
               is presenting at this time for evaluation and marketing.

              YSG / YOUR CORP assumes that the owner understands that a complete Business Plan to
               be presented to Venture Capitalists (VC) and Angel Investors (AI) could be developed under
               Phase II at the associated costs.

4      Contingencies

           As with all utility patents the owner of the intellectual property has four basic alternatives as to
           disposition. The first, and the most desirable, is to sell or license exclusively your patent to a major
           manufacturer. This is called patent assignment by the USPTO, and must be notified under certain
           circumstances. Arguably, the next favorable alternative, is to license your patent non-exclusively to
           any of several manufacturers. Again this is known as assigning your patent and certain federal
           requirements also apply.

        After that, the 17 or 20 year monopoly granted by the government or governments, depending on
        where you have filed, allows you to manufacture and sell your own patented product. This
        however, requires a considerable business investment. At this juncture, certain undesirable issues
        gain importance, such as: product liability, patent infringement by the competition, legal costs,
        insurance costs, manufacturing, distribution, advertising and everything else usually associated
        with a business.

        If demonstrable value to industry can be established, then promoting your invention or product to
        an industry standard such as ANSI, IEEE, or ASTM would provide enormous prestige to the
        owners and could almost certainly translate into greater sales.

        Finally, the last alternative but not necessarily the worst is to just sit on your patent and wait for
        someone to infringe your rights and then take them to court for a settlement or a judgment. This is
        risky, because it may never happen and because not all judges agree with monopolizing
        technology, and the latest Microsoft court case in relation to Media Players is a good case in
        point. Nevertheless, hardship to the small inventor carries considerable weight under the law, and
        some relief by way of injunctions and compensation for punitive damages have been awarded.

        By way of a concluding remark to this section, a last ditch effort could be made to entice a major
        manufacturer to buy your patents just so that they are guaranteed that your discoveries will not be
        there to interfere with something they are already planning to take to market in a few years. If
        enough probable interest is generated by assorted companies both large and small, this is a good
        enough leverage to threaten a larger company’s future campaigns. They are sometimes forced to
        buy out the competition.

        If international filing of your patents has not occurred we can assist you.

        YSG / YOUR CORP can assist you in all of these aspects.

5   Time For Execution

        YSG / YOUR CORP shall work with the CLIENT a reasonable schedule in accordance with the
        needs of the CLIENT.

        It has been indicated that the project start date is 10/11/2006, however, the Records Review and
        Reconnaissance will only start when a signed authorization to begin the project is received from
        the CLIENT. All agreements are to be coordinated with eWork Markets. Travel and Per Diem
        costs will be billed only for CLIENT authorized field trips outside of the normal working area, if
        necessary. An estimate of any required travel will be presented to the CLIENT in the Final
        Proposal, and 75% of the estimate is due before traveling.

        A Draft Report of each Phase and the Business Plan will be submitted to the CLIENT for review
        and comments, two weeks before submitting the Final Reports. Final Reports will be provided
        along with two copies for the CLIENT.

        The total time to complete the work is one (1) month, thirty (30) days for Phase I and an additional
        (1) month for Phase II, if this option is chosen.

6   Fees For The Project

         YSG / YOUR CORP shall receive, as compensation for the work included in PHASE I of the Scope
         of Work, the lump sum amount of TWO THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE AND
         00/100 DOLLARS ($2,125).

         This lump sum fee will be invoiced as follows:

         45% with the Data Mining and Reconnaissance Reports

         40% with the Draft Reports

         15% with the Final Reports

         If, however, CLIENT chooses both Phase I and Phase II implementation, YSG / YOUR CORP
         shall receive, as compensation for the work included in the Scope of Work, the lump sum amount

         The lump sum fee will be invoiced as follows:

         30% with the Data Mining and Reconnaissance Reports

         10% with the Phase I Draft Reports

         10% with the Phase I Final Report

         30% with the Phase II, Business Plan Draft Report

         10% with the Phase II, Business Plan Final Report

         10% with the Business Plan Contact / Presentations

         All quoted fees are subject to reasonable negotiation prior to project acceptance by CLIENT.

7   Additional Services Available

            Federal and State monies for your business

            Government contracts and grants : FDA, CDC, USAMRID, GSA, etc.

            Grants for small businesses to research and develop high-tech innovations

            Grants for small businesses and non-profit research partneners to research and develop high-
             tech innovations

            Federal Venture Capital (VC) money programs

            Venture Capital Clubs, Associations and Networking

            Angel Investor Contacts

         Many of the fedral programs include yearly renewal for additional government funds.

         YSG / YOUR CORP shall receive the following fees, as compensation for on-going and continuous
         additional consulting services:

            Marketing and Business related activities: $45.00 - $55.00 per hour.

            Economic Analysis and Financial Metrics related activities: $55.00 - $65.00 per hour.

            Patent filing and maintenance related activities: $65.00 - $75.00 per hour.

            Engineering related activities (i.e.: feasiblity studies, designs, permits, constuction
             inspection, etc.)

                Schematic Detail Design Level: $75.00 per hour.

                Preliminary Detail Design Level: $85.00 per hour.

                Final Detail Design Level: $105.00 per hour.

8   Responsibilities of the Client

         The CLIENT shall be responsible for the following:

            Supplying YSG / YOUR CORP with all existing photos and promotional material or information
             necessary to market the product.

            Supplying YSG / YOUR CORP with any information about patent(s) and or Trade Marks in
             existence for the product and where they are registered, be it in the U.S., European Union,
             Asia, etc., anything which is already in the public domain.

            Indicating to YSG / YOUR CORP if there are any intentions to further develop the product,
             changes that may be made, or additionally associated patents which may be sought.

            Provide YSG / YOUR CORP any information about advertising and promotional goals.

            Corresponding through e-mail or other means with the consultant to fine tune strategies.

9   Changes To Project Scope

         YSG / YOUR CORP has prepared this work scope based on our understanding of CLIENT needs.
         The cost of doing the specific project described herein is based on similar work done previously.
         Any significant variation to the scope presented herein will be discussed with the CLIENT and
         additional funding requests will be prepared and submitted prior to starting any new work. No work
         will be done until receiving previous approval from the CLIENT authorized representative.

10 Secrecy Undertakings

       YSG / YOUR CORP shall agree to undertake that it will keep all the technical information disclosed
       by the CLIENT to YSG / YOUR CORP in strict confidence, and to use the same only for the
       preparation of the design of CLIENT’s Marketing Plan.

           YSG / YOUR CORP will sign any Non-Disclosure or Non-Compete Agreement (ND/NC)
           specified and required by the CLIENT. If not available, we can provide CLIENT with a generic

           The obligations of YSG / YOUR CORP mentioned above shall not apply to any of the
           following technical information, except if specifically contained in the ND / NC Agreement:

           That which is published or otherwise available to the public domain at the time or receipt
           thereof by YSG / YOUR CORP

           That which becomes published or otherwise available to the public domain after receipt thereof
           by YSG / YOUR CORP through no act or failure to act on the part of YSG / YOUR CORP

           All documents filed with government agencies become part of the public record.

       Similarly YSG / YOUR CORP requests that CLIENT maintain the contents of this proposal,
       including, all methods, procedures and strategies as confidential material due to competitive
       aspects of doing business.

11 Termination Of The Work

        The CLIENT may terminate the work at any time by giving YSG / YOUR CORP written notice of
        the termination of the work one (1) week in advance of the termination date. The CLIENT shall
        pay YSG / YOUR CORP the services performed and the reimbursable expenses due to the
        termination date. There shall be no penalty for termination of this agreement.

        All payments are to made to: Your Corporation P.O. Box 0000 Texas, TX 00000-0000.

        Contact with respect to this proposal should be made to: YSG at, www.the- or, or through eWork Markets.

        The CLIENT may accept this proposal by signing and returning a copy of this document which
        becomes a part of the standard eWork Markets Business Consulting Agreement. A standard
        eWork Markets Business Consulting Agreement will be forwarded as soon as this document or
        some negotiated form of same, is accepted and agreed upon.


        ______________________                              ____________________

        Your Name                                           Their Name, President

        President Your Corporation                          Their Solutions Group


        By: _____________________________________

        Print Name: ______________________________

        Date: ___________________________________


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