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					          Blanket Florida With Your Multi-Media Message

          Sun Sentinel and Orlando Sentinel
          Delivering Florida To You
                Delivering You the Best of Florida
                Let U Help You Realize Y
                L t Us H l Y R li Your Goals  G l

                The Best Markets
                • W can deliver you the best markets in Florida with people who have money to
                    We      d li          th b t    k t i Fl id    ith       l  h h               t
                    spend and the desire to spend it.
                • There’s strength in numbers. Our population of 9.8 million people represents five out
                    of 10 people in Florida.
                • There’s money to spend Our markets rank #1 in the state for effective buying income
                    and retail sales.

                The Best Media Options
                • In Print Online and On Air. We deliver you a wide array of products and services to
                      Print,                Air
                    help you reach your goals.
                • Mass Advertising or Targeted Niche. We have the products and services that will
                    reach any audience you want.
                • An astounding reach. We can deliver you an audience of 3 3 million adults weekly
                                    reach                                  3.3              weekly.
                • An easy way to buy. You can buy the best Florida markets with just one buy.

                                                              We deliver You the Best of Florida

2   Source: Scarborough Research, 2008 Release 1; Claritas 2008
        The Best Markets
        Delivering You The Best of Florida
        Sun Sentinel and Orlando Sentinel Markets
         When it comes to buying Florida, three Florida
         markets offer the best prospects for y
                                p p           your
         business: Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm
         Beach and Orlando DMAs.

               A population of 9.8 million consumers,
               53% of Florida, in 3.8 million households
               that need products and services.

               These markets combined are slightly larger
                                                  g y g
               than the 3 rd largest in the country, Chicago.

               These consumers have the most dollars to
               spend in the state with $213 billion in
                                                                                                              Miami-Fort Lauderdale/ West Palm Beach-Fort
               Effective Buying Income, and the                                                               Pierce and Orlando Designated Market Areas
               willingness to spend it with $188 billion in
               retail sales.

    Source: Claritas 2008; Scarborough Research 2008, Release 1.
    *Effective buying income is essentially a bulk measurement of market potential indicating the ability to buy.
    It is defined as personal income less personal tax - a number often referred to as “disposable” or “after-tax”
3   income.

     No Other Media Company Can Deliver You
           The Best Markets Of Florida
          In Print, Online and On Air like
    Sun Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel and WSFL-TV

Increase Your Advertising Results by Leveraging Your Message Across
     Ou u      a ge of ed a Options South a d Ce t a o da
     Our Full Range o Media Opt o s in Sout and Central Florida
       In Print
       The Top Two Newspapers in Florida Deliver Your
       Advertising Message to the Most Readers
       Orlando Sentinel and Sun Sentinel rank #1 and #2 among Florida newspapers.
       You can reach buyers who seek information from credible news sources.

                                                 Readership among Florida Newspapers

                                           New spaper                        Readers
                                                                                           Reach more than
                                           Orlando Sentinel                    ,   ,
                                                                              1,231,100    2.4 million adults
                                           Sun Sentinel                       1,199,100   in print each week
                                                                                             with Orlando
                                           The Miami Herald                   1,192,100      Sentinel and
                                           St. Petersburg Times               1,187,200      Sun Sentinel
                                           Tampa Tribune                      1,024,000
                                           Palm Beach Post                      722,800

    * Among all Florida Scarborough Markets.
6    Source: Scarborough Research, 2008 Release 1.
        In Print
                    p    p                           g
        Florida’s Top Hispanic Markets Have Increasing Demand for Your
        Products and Services and Impressive Spending Power to Buy Them
        Aim your message at the 2.9 million Hispanics in Central and South Florida where Hispanics comprise 29%
        of the population and are projected to grow 19% from 2008 to 2013.
        Central and South Florida represent the largest Hispanic markets in Florida with 79% of Florida’s Hispanic
        Buying Power—a remarkable buying power of $65 billion dollars!
        We can put you in front of this growing audience that has an escalating need for consumer goods and services.

                                       Central Florida’s El Sentinel,                                                                                         South Florida’s el Sentinel,
                       has a distribution of over 81,000 throughout Central Florida                                                                      the #1 weekly Hispanic newspaper in
                                              every Saturday                                                                                     Broward/Palm Beach counties has a distribution of over
                                                                                                                                                                100,000 every Saturday

    Source: Clartias, 2008; Scarborough Research 2008, Release 1; ABC Publisher’s Statement March 2008; Selig Center for Economic
    Growth, Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia, 2006. Miami-Fort Lauderdale DMA ranks #1 and Orlando-Daytona-
    Melbourne DMA #2 , West Palm Beach –Fort Pierce ranks #4. *The el Sentinel distribution list is compiled from a list of non-subscribers of
    the Sun Sentinel in Broward and Palm Beach Counties and is regularly updated. El Sentinel strives to target a Hispanic audience but it
7   may reach readers outside the target group.
              Delivering the Audience & Results You Need to Drive Sales
             • averages nearly 44 million page
              views and 3 million unique visitors each month.

             • averages 44 million page
              views and 3 million unique visitors each month.







Source: Omniture January – March 2009 average.
    On Air
    Extend Your Reach On Air with South Florida s
    Entertainment & Information Station – WSFL-TV
                                                                        18 54
                                               If you want to reach the 18-54 demo in South Florida,
                                               we can help you
                                               #1 Ranked Programming
                                                    Our Daytime programs are #1 among adults 18-
                                                    34, 18-49    25-54
                                                    34 18 49 and 25 54
                                                    Our Early Fringe shows out deliver Early News
                                                    And our Late Night programming is #1 against
                                                    the likes of Leno, Letterman, SNL and Mad TV
                                               WSFL is viewed by 687,000 unique households a
                                               week & 990,000 unique households in a 4-week
                                               Create excitement and engage your audience with
                                               the first South Florida website to have its own TV
                                               Morning Show, Southflorida.comLIVE -- coming
                                               soon this Spring

9   Source: Nielsen Media Research July 2008
              Providing You the Largest Reach of 3.3 Million and
              the Most Potential Customers to Drive Your Sales
                                  # Consumers Reached: Orlando Sentinel and Sun Sentinel
                                                In Print, Online and On Air                                    3,288,000


                                                                  2 430 000



                       Daily Print          Sunday Print        Weekly Print     In Print &  In Print,Online All Measured
                                                                               Online Weekly    & On Air       Products
                            Sun Sentinel             Orlando Sentinel
                                                                                                 Weekly          Weekly

10   Source: Scarborough Research, 2008 Release 1.
          Gain New Customers
          Grow Your Business

No One Can Deliver You the Best Audience
          in Florida Like The
    Sun Sentinel & Orlando Sentinel

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