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					Grade   Teacher     Theme                     Inventory of Basket                   Total
                               Pampers wet wipe refills, Pampers Wipes, Shape
                                sorting castle game/toy, 4 receiving blankets,
                                     Baby bath set, 6 bibs, Baby Outfits -
  K     Dierking     BABY      sleeper/outfit with bib, Photo Frame, Healthcare     $106.00
                                  Organizer, Baby powder, Baby Lotion, Baby
                                 Shampoo, Pacifiers, Book, Safety q-tips and

                               Orange bucket, 8 large glass ice cream bowls, 2
                                   boxes ice cream cones, 2 pkgs. Oreo and
                                chocolate chip cookies, 10-$2.00 Sheridan ice
                                cream gift cards, 2-$10.00 Sheridan ice cream
                                  cards, ice cream treat caddy, box set of 4
  K     Althaus    ICE CREAM   dessert bowls, chocolate morsels, 3 large bottles     $126

                                 sprinkles, 3 small bottle sprinkles, ice cream
                               scoop, 2 bags of marshmallows, 2 small ice cream
                               dishes, 3 small jar smuckers topping, 2 Hersheys
                                  dessert topping, 2 squirt syrups, 1 can nut
                                         toppings and Jar of Cherries

                               5 books, 4 hand puppets, one pkg of sniff pencils,
                                2 fuzzy coloring, 5 100 piece puzzle, 3 puzzles,
  K     McGowan                build-a-bear bear, stuffed cat, heart monkey, 3       $83
                                  wild animal salad bowls, singing and dancing
                                       monkey, wild animal coloring book

                                 Candy, Basket, 4-Lego creators, 9-Lego sets,
  K     Bendorf     LEGOS                                                            $130
                                                   Lego cups

                                Storybook collection book, Ornament, Mickey
                   MICKEY &      Mouse watch, Mugs, 2 hats, Princess jewelry,
  K      Snyder                                                                      $182
                    MINNIE      Craft books, shoes, 2-magic towels, Cinderella
                                       purse, Stickers and pens, Basket
                              Autographed picture of Frank White, Bendy
                            Royals flowers, Frank White autographed hat, 2
                            travel mugs, 2 instructional DVD's, Royals lounge
1st   Johnson    ROYALS                                                           $222
                             pants, KC Visor, Royals towels, Royals hat, 2 T-
                             shirts, Pencils, Baseball glove, Baseball socks, 2
                                         tickets to Royal's game

                             Basket, Lowe's gift card $15, kids kneeling pad,
                            25 peat pellets, angel stakes, kids apron, garden
                                tool pouch, yard utensils, 2 sunglasses, 2
1st   Pycior    GARDENING                                                         $166
                              sunscreen, 4 kids gloves, 5 adult gloves, Tiki
                              candle, 3 watering cans, statue, sweet pepper
                                grow kit, tomato grow kit, 8 seed packets

                            4 liters soda, chutes and ladder, candy land, life,
                  GAME       checkers, ants in the pants, mouse trap, granny
1st   Kelley                                                                      $155
                 NIGHT       apples, 8 card sets, 3 puzzles, tumbling tower,
                                         popcorn, snacks, basket

                             Photo Album, 5 colored card stock, Scrap book
                               kit, Little Mermaid paper, Photo Album, 100
                            sheets of paper, 14 scissors, Craft holder, Ribbon
1st    Diehl    SCRAPBOOK                                                         $355
                              and brads, Mat stacks, Die cuts, Alpha tiles,
                             Sticker creator, Shape cutter, Many stickers,
                                  cutting mat, Cropper, Pens and Pencils

                               Glavanized container, Adult large t-shirt, 2
                              Jayhawk stuffed animals, Ball cap, Coolly cup
1st   Sparks       KU                                                             $169
                              holder, Coaster set, Key ring, KU logo pin, KU
                             earings, KU bottle opener, Decals, K-State flag

                            Basket and cooler, Skewers/toothpicks/napkins,
                                Seafood crackers, cookbooks, books, dvd,
2nd   Crabb                  cd,stickers, paper, aprons, food items, Ice cube     $185
                             sea shapes, candle, soap dispenser, room spray,
                                       aromatherapy, manicure set
                             Basket, Galaxy bath rug, Stickers, Outer space
                                  pic tile, Mickey Minnie Astronauts, 4
                   OUTER      Planetarium/Union Station passes, telescope,
2nd    Kennedy                                                                     $216
                   SPACE    stars, space rock, coloring book, powered racers,
                             DVD Apollo 13, 2 puzzles, Legos, Rocket Flyer,
                                             Space projector

                               Basket, Mixing bowls, How to be a domestic
                            goddess book, Muffin tin, Mixing cups, 2 aprons,
2nd   Slonecker    BAKING                                                          $144
                            sprinkles, Cake decorating, utensils, gifts in a jar
                                   book, 6 oven mitts, 9 kitchen towels

                             Liquid candle maker kit, Candle warmer, Yankee
                              candle room spray, candle tray and stand, tea
                            light tower, 12 pk. Hazelnut tea lights, illuma-lid
                              candle cover, 3pc. Metal candle holders, 8pk.
                            Vanilla cream tea lights, glade scented oil candles
                            trio, 12pk. cucumber and cantaloupe tea light set,
                             set of 6 glass votive holders, set of 2 glass tea
                             light holders, 2-4oz. glade apple cinnamon, sun-
                            ripened jar candles, 22oz. yankee candle sage and
2nd    Parker      CANDLE                                                          $228
                            cinnamon, 22oz. yankee candle butter cream, 3 in
                             pumpkin harvest candle, coconut cream votive
                            candle set, lilac blossoms jar candle, set of 2 tall
                            glass votive holders, crystal heart pillar in red, 5
                              piece jasmine and pear candle set, 4 in urban
                            blossom, 4 in pineapple mango, amber candle and
                            stand, spring pillar candle, 2-4oz. straberries and
                             cream, 7 assorted taper candles, vanilla fusion
                                   jar candle, flower candle and holder

                            Callaway Golf Bag, $10 happy hour gift card, golf
                               tees, 2 Nike golf gloves, 3 pair mens socks,
2nd   Piedimonte    GOLF       practice balls, golf balls, golf business card      $378
                             holder, 2 golf towels, callaway golf hat, 1 head
                                       cover, cleaning kit, umbrella
                            Blanket, 5 2-litre soda, candy, popcorn, 2 popcorn
                   MOVIE       containers, 2 glasses, charlie and chocolate
2nd    Collier                                                                    $137
                   NIGHT    factory, Akeelah an the Bee, $20 Gambinos gift
                                card, $20 Dickenson Theatre, Spreaders

                            Tool box, laser level, measure tape, flashlight, 2
                            work gloves, batteries, laser level, nails, screws,
3rd   Schneider HANDYMAN        cable ties, super glue, WD40, hammer, 3           $150
                              screwdrivers, voltage tester, scissors, utility
                                             knife, carpenter

                             Basket, end zone dancer, blanket, XL T-Shirt,
                               Mug, kolders, ornament, pencils, necklace,
3rd    Phillips    CHIEFS                                                         $129
                              bracelet, light switch cover, stickers, Trent
                                   Green autographed card and frame
                               Basketball, blanket, magnet, hat, ruler, mini
                              football, 2 car flags, 2 Med. T-shirts, Mizzou
3rd   Passiglia     MU                                                            $217
                             stationary, 8 MU coasters, MU salt and pepper
                                    shakers, MU mug, Pencils and pens

                            Dog bed, dog water bottle, food mat, dog antler,
                             dog, sweater, shedding brush, 3 pkgs. Dog chew
                             treats, air kong, dog pops, 3 dog playable rope
                            toy, 2 fuzzy toys, 2 boxes milk bones, pet wipes,
3rd   Samson        DOG     3 bags dog treats, flying disc, rope soccer ball, 6   $203
                             dog squeaky toys, dog lovers coffee-cup, large
                             bottle doggie shampoo, bottle of doggie treats,
                               dog nutria-stat food supplement, dog house
                                        training aids, port-a bowl

                             Large bowl, small 3 pepper bowl, small 2 pepper
                            bowl, sombrero, velveeta cheese, rotel tomatoes,
4th    Davis      MEXICAN    quesadilla maker, gift card $10, Cd, taco shells,    $235
                             toastada shells, chips, seasonings, salsa, candy,
                              cookies, basket, jalopenos, mexico fact book

                            2 sidewalk chalk, super soaker, bubble pack, large
                               bubbles, football, fan yang bubbles, bubble
                  OUTDOOR     bonanza, bubble gum, water balloons, 8 jump
4th    Miles                                                                      $140
                    FUN     ropes, frisbee, polka dot sidewalk chalk, sticker
                               paddle, 2 punch balls, basket, garden tools,
                                           soccer ball baseball
                               Chenille stems, beads, feathers, sticks, yarn,
                             glitter, glue , paints, glitter , glue, pens, markers,
                 ARTS AND
4th   Hursman                crayons, scissors, foam shapes, shells, stampers,        $205
                               punchers, craft paper, craft books, stickers,

                             $10 Starbucks gift card, 4 mugs, 2 travel mugs,
                             coffee filters, folgers coffee, pirouette wafers,
4th   Reynaud                   coffee mate, 4 candles , splenda, starbucks           $158
                              coffee, chocolate bar, nips, 16 gourmet coffee,
                                 cookies, 2 large gourmet coffees, basket

                                  Basketball, Nike headband, ear warmer,
                             volleyball, Nike water bottle, Chiefs helmet, MU
4th   Kenney      SPORTS        football, MU T-shirt size M, stamper pencil           $130
                               toppers, Nike wristbands, Nerf basketball, 3
                                   Wilson golf balls, $15 Dicks gift card

                             Scary stories book, travel cooler, queen size air
                             mattress with clock, large bag of trail mix, roll of
5th    Sallee    CAMPING                                                              $94
                               fishing line, 2 pkgs. Camping stickers, bamboo
                              Car table, chair, blanket, apron, weber smokey
                             joe grill, portable cd player, wingsauce, football,
                             2 BBQ sauce, sunglasses, cookbook, paper towels,
5th   Spencer    TAILGATE                                                             $250
                               bubbles, 12 kitchen towels, tongs, 7 dips and
                               sauces, trays, cups, forks and spoons, plates,
                                            napkins and trashbags
                             Blanket, bag, $20 QT gift card, $20 McDonald's
                                gift card, atlas, 3 books, pringles, goldfish,
                               kisses, smacks, 3 puzzle books, 20 questions
5th   Scranton   ROAD TRIP                                                            $176
                             game, first aid kit, All American car-i-oke, flash
                             light, connect four game hand held, milo and otis
                                 Sport bag, cushion, blanket, XL sweatshirt, 2
                               Med T-shirts, notepads, earrings, 2 hats, magnet
 5th     Howard    SPRINGS                                                            $225
                               for car, flip flops, gloves, scarf, beads, scrapbook
                               page, pens, pencils, ribbon, candy, paper, stickers

                                   $75 Plaza gift card, $15 AMC gift card, 4
                               toasting glasses, ball zen candles, chocolate bars,
                   NIGHT ON    heart candy, 3 votive candles, $15 movie tickets,
 5th     Kolwyck                                                                      $300
                   THE TOWN    chocolate, glass candles, yankee candle, sparkling
                                   grape juice, jar candles in glitter basket,
                                       chocolate, $20 coldstone creamery

Prime               SNACK
                                   Shopping Cart with lots and lots of candy          $80
 time                TIME

DAWN                  MU
                                          MU Autographed Basketball                   $40

                               Gift Basket-Tool Box, 2 picture frames, vanilla
                     Basket    candle, tray with 2 votive candles, small metal        $35
                               bucket with chocolates