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									                   Lyle M. Sellers,    1894-1964

   Lyle M. Sellers,  member of the Editorial Board of the Archives of Oto-
laryngology   and Book Review Editor since 1960, passed away on May 4, 1964.
    Born in Kansas City, Mo. and graduated from the University of Chicago, he
obtained his medical degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in
1919. He began his practice in the city of his birth and in 1925 moved to Dallas,
Tex. where he became Director of the Department of Otolaryngology at Baylor
University Medical Center and Professor of Clinical Otolaryngology at Southwest-
ern Medical College.

                                  LYLE M. SELLERS, MD

    His particular interests were in otology, and his hobbies included the collecting
of rare books and early editions of medical and religious writings. His scholarly
interests and mastery of Latin led him to the collaborative translation with Prof
Barry Anson of Scarpa's "Anatomical Observations on the Round Window" which
was published in the Archives of Otolaryngology in 1962.
    Modest and reserved, loving good food, art, and fine music, an intense sense of
obligation to help those less fortunate, Lyle Sellers leaves an irreplaceable void in
the ranks of scientific medicine and in the thoughts of his many devoted friends and
                                                           BEN H. SENTURIA, MD
                                                           St. Louis

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