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									                   Pinellas Community Traffic Safety Team
                    Meeting Minutes of November 6, 2008

Dave Fechter called the meeting to order. He welcomed the Clearwater PD. He also
mentioned that Jeanette is not with us because her husband is not well and asked us to
keep them in our thoughts and prayers. The minutes of the last meeting were approved as

Subcommittee Reports:

Law Enforcement – Scott Vaughn did not have his report to give for St Pete Beach PD.
Sergeant Jim Piper with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office reported: A DUI Checkpoint
on October 24th resulted in 9 citations including 2 for DUI, 1 habitual DWLSR, and 1
possession of a controlled substance. There were 4 arrests. St Pete reported they had 9
fatalities last month…pedestrians and vehicles. The report submitted by St Pete PD
included 2 traffic operations for speeding. Oct. 17th had 74 citations issued with 1 arrest.
Oct. 31st had 58 citations issued with no arrests. St Pete PD also did 6 days of school zone
operations spread out during the whole month that had a total of 311 citations including
20 misdemeanor arrests. St Petersburg has suspended their enforcement operations at
crosswalks. Michael Frederick informed us that they issued 1500 citations in 1½ years
and don’t have the staff to continue the operations on regular patrols. He said there are no
grants that are set up for overtime pay. They had money through federal appropriations.
Officer Hatch from Clearwater PD reported that they had a Walk and Roll to School on
Oct. 8th at 3 schools: Plumb Elementary, Eisenhower Elementary and Bellaire
Elementary. They set up displays with the Fire Department and the Police Department.

Engineering – Marc Hanger: 1) The Ironman contest is scheduled for Saturday,
November 8th at 7 AM. The race will start in Clearwater and reach as far as East Lake
and Pinellas Park. For a map and maintenance of traffic information, check the website at
www.myclearwater.com. 2) The County Commissioners voted to ban all-terrain
vehicles (ATVs) from all public roadways within Pinellas County regardless of speed
limit, time of day or whether the road is paved or unpaved. 3) Due to safety concerns,
the City of Clearwater will reconfigure crosswalks, add turn lanes and adjust traffic
signals on a cluster of roads surrounding the courthouse. The improvements are planned
to start this month. 4) Some concerns have been expressed about large vehicle mobility
in the Skycrest neighborhood in Clearwater where traffic-calming improvements are
under construction. 5) Pro Bike/Pro Walk event was held in St Pete recently.
Approximately 100-150 professionals attended.

Education/EMS –Kim Jowell reported that Battle of the Belts is the focus for the
education committee. We will form a subcommittee so there will be more people to carry
the load. The projected date is August/September 2009 so they will be getting the
information when they go back to school. When we meet in December, it will be to
assign committee chairs and work together behind the scenes getting ready for the new
school year. Kim passed around a brochure her son brought home from school titled
“Safety to School and Back Again”. Pat Vines reported that they had a car seat check

scheduled for Clearwater Toyota that got cancelled due to the word not getting out. They
had one at Burlington Coat Factory a few months ago that was successful. Kris added
they will be doing a yearly check with Burlington and they will do a booster seat
awareness campaign in Pinellas Park in February. They hope to do a car seat check
before that with Kohls because they will donate $500 toward their committee to be used
towards buying booster seats. Dave asked if they are attending Safe Kids regularly and
Kris responded that they are. They just finished up the walk events for back to school and
will be focusing on drowning prevention in April. They did a helmet safety event a few
months ago. They are trying to get the word out for people buying bikes they can come to
them for helmets. People can buy a helmet for just $6. Demian Miller asked if we could
take a field trip as a CTST to the Fire Department and get a tour and see an extrication
demonstration. Kris said it is possible and Dave said we would try to do it in January.

Dave went over the adoption of our new Action Plan and asked for comments. Kim
questioned Objective D and who would keep up with the details of what we do as a
CTST in order to submit our application for the Law Enforcement Challenge. It is key to
keep up with the details as we go to make the application process easy. She even made
the suggestion that Renee should do this as Secretary. Mike Frederick commented we
have a master spreadsheet at each meeting and each agency could fill out the details of
their events they have hosted during each month. Kim suggested that we add it to the
agenda for each meeting in order to accomplish this goal. It will be a reminder to
everyone to supply the information. Cheryl asked about Objective B and the last part that
reads “young drivers” and why we are limiting it to young drivers. It was decided that it
was an over sight and would be changed. Cheryl also questioned Goal 3 and the use of
“aggressive driving” and if red light running falls under this. Kim reported that in one of
our meetings there was a difference of opinion about this issue so she felt that aggressive
driving covered it. Dave explained that this doesn’t limit us and just gives us suggested
areas of concentration. Kim will get the changes made and Dave called for adoption of
the Action Plan with the changes we discussed. The Action Plan was adopted and will be
looked at again in August.

Dave Skrelunas District 7 Traffic Engineering reported that Demian would be giving us a
presentation on the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan that is ongoing at the moment. It is one
of the main focuses right now. The Pinellas County US 19 endeavor he mentioned at our
last meeting from Enterprise to just after the bridge is continuing. They are acquiring
materials and getting notification out about the plans. He also mentioned he got an email
from Angelo Telesca about the seat belt event at Countryside High School. They had 12-
15 SADD students participate and gave out 250 goodie bags. The sponsors included
Knology, AMC Entertainment, State Farm, Allstate, Chick-Fil-A and AAA South. He
also mentioned that we have 9 more days for the Safe Routes to School grant applications

Dave Fechter reported that he received a Safe Routes to School funding request from the
City of Dunedin and endorsed the application for speed feedback signs. He has copies of
the letter if anyone is interested in seeing it. Scott Vaughn mentioned they are applying
for 4 feedback signs under SRTS. Dave asked if there are any objections to the feedback

signs. George brought up the point of timers that need to be purchased for the school
speed feedback signs. The timers change the speed limit for the time of day according to
school hours. There was discussion about the signs being able to be programmed to
change the speed limit for school zones.


Demian Miller of Tindale Oliver gave a presentation about the Pinellas Pedestrian Safety
Action Plan. It is very detail oriented, yet a very broad policy oriented approach. The
point is to figure out what you are doing right, what you could be doing better and to be
very comprehensive about it and then implement the plan. It is a 4 E approach. The
purpose is to guide future planning and land use as it relates to pedestrians. The state of
Florida leads the nation in pedestrian fatalities per capita. Pinellas is one of the leading
“worst” counties in Florida. It will not only apply to general improvements in the county,
but also to specific locations in need of safety enhancements. It will lead to needed policy
changes. He went over how they plan on accomplishing this huge task. They will set
goals and objectives, analyze baseline conditions and identify locations for improving
safety, select appropriate treatments and develop an implementation strategy,
institutionalize changes to planning and design standards, consider land use, zoning and
site design issues and reinforce commitment to pedestrian safety and evaluate results.
They will focus on collaboration between agencies and think big! They want the plan to
be approachable, meaning the document will consist of color iconography to excite the
reader. The logo is Walk Wise Pinellas. The plan will be web enabled so people can
comment. The plan is alive. It begins, they celebrate small victories and it evolves to
meet new challenges. He went over the PSAP schedule.

Cheryl Stacks, City of St Pete - Safe Routes to School Application Reviews:
Applications for the infrastructure portion of Safe Routes to School are due in 9 days.
Applications can only come from certain entities: CTSTs, School Boards or private
schools. They have to have a sponsor. They are not sure how much money will be
allocated. She went over the types of devices they want to give out including RRFBs for
enhanced crosswalks (they really help the crossing guards be able to walk out into the
street), speed feedback signs and bicycle racks. They are also improving sidewalk
segments where they have recognized the kids are walking into dangerous areas to get to
school. Cheryl went over the detailed plan to implement the improved sidewalk
segments. She told us there are 20 schools that have applied so far. Mike brought up the
point that in the early morning and late afternoon it is dark and hard to see the guards, yet
the federal government won’t fund the LED light up stop paddles. She concluded this
portion of her presentation with her contact information if anyone has any questions.
Cheryl Stacks-727-892-5328, cheryl.stacks@stpete.org.

Cheryl also reported on the 4th Annual Pro Bike Pro Walk Florida hosted by the Florida
Bicycle Association. It was held October 20-23rd in St Pete. The first day of the
conference they had a Safe Routes to School Workshop. There were elected officials
there for the conference including Mayor Baker. Tuesday through Thursday there were
more technical workshops. Cheryl felt that the highlight of the conference was the mobile

workshop on the new section of the Pinellas Trail. They planned it knowing that game
one of the World Series would be happening. She felt it was a very good conference.

Dave asked if anyone has any concerns or objections to our endorsement to the
application for Dunedin High School.

Kim did a review of the Motorcycle Safety meeting she went to a month ago. They just
go over the strategic plan and talk about each of the angles of it. She showed props
including reflective stickers for helmets. She asked Ron Bulen to inform the group about
some statistics he has about a public opinion survey that has been done. He said his
information is unofficial. In 2007 there were 28 fatalities and out of those 15 were
wearing helmets and 13 had no helmet. Kim told us there were 504 people interviewed
and they were broken into 4 different groups. One was whether they had been involved in
a motorcycle crash. Another one was whether or not they had completed the basic rider
course. They also broke it down further by asking how frequently they ride and whether
they have had the experienced rider course that is 8 hours. There were several common
characteristics of those that crashed: crashes tend to be men, the crashers owned a
motorcycle for a longer period of time and speeding. Those who took the basic rider
course said it taught them a lot about each subject. The exception was the subject
regarding riding with passengers or in a group. FRTP (Florida Rider Training Program) is
part of this group. She mentioned for Diane Pearson that in terms of advertisement 70%
of those surveyed reported seeing “Look Twice Save a Life”. Thanks Diane!!
The Department of Health had statistics using the Death Master Data Base for fatalities:
hospital discharge data and emergency discharge data. The median age for fatalities is 36.
There was an overall increase in fatalities in riders ages 55-64. That increased 40% from
2005-2007. In 2007 hospital charges for non-fatal crashes was $42,983. The median
length of stay was 4 days. The total hospital costs were over $300 million. She said that
basically men ages 35-54 are costing us a lot of money. 84% said that they do not drink
alcohol and ride. There was an interesting discussion about this point.

Dave mentioned that Diane Pearson has some exciting news to share with us next month.
He also mentioned that our next meeting is our holiday meeting with punch and snacks.

Our next meeting is December 4th. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Renee Napier, CTST Secretary

Members Present:
Katherine Burbridge           Pinellas County
Diane Pearson                 Mother on a Mission
Monique Rogers                Sister of Renee Napier
Renee Napier                  The Meagan Napier Foundation
David Skrelunas               FDOT, Safety
William Riha                  FDOT, Safety
David Fechter                 CTST Chairperson

Robert Davis           Pinellas County
Jim Egbert             PSTA Safety Department
John Villeneue         PSTA
Mike Burke             PCSB Transportation
Jack Pisecco           PCSB Transportation
Marian Scorza          FDOT Public Information
Scott Friedman         URS Corp
Bruce Shaw             Retired CSX PD
Jim Piper              Pinellas Co Sheriff’s Office
Michael Hatch          Clearwater Police Dept
Scott Vaughan          St Pete Beach PD
Scott Pierce           St. Pete PD
Michael Frederick      St Pete Transportation
Ron Bulen              Pinellas Co MPO
Marc Hanger            Pinellas Co MPO
Liz Monforti           Palm Harbor Fire Rescue
Kris Scholz            Palm Harbor Fire Rescue
Jeanine Mayo           Largo Fire Rescue
Kim Jowell             Suncoast Safety Council
Karen Cunningham       MPO
Sgt. George Edmiston   Largo PD
Wanda Stuart           Live Free! Operation PAR, Inc.
Pat Vines              St. Petersburg Fire Rescue
Wendy Loomas           Pinellas Co Health Dept
Nicole Dee             CW 44 WTOG-TV


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