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How To Write A

Share Nugget
   How to write your blog posts for
   sharing on the social web.

   Give your content
   a life of its own!

   Make it easy to turn your
   customers into your
   content evangelists.

The Headline: Readers will decide whether or not to read your article from the headline alone. Think specific,
interesting, and catchy to encourage clicks. Make sure this topic is something you can cover thoroughly in 600

The Intro: Your content seems more important if it is properly introduced. Spend a paragraph describing the
context of the article, why your topic is important, and what your main point is.

Make it Skimmable: Most people won’t read your whole article, but that’s okay. Make it easy for them to
skim by keeping paragraphs short (3 sentences or less), using bold sentences to break the post into sections, and
keeping the entire article short (less than 600 words). The reader should be able to get the gist of your article from
reading only the bold sentences.

Include a Picture or Video: Text by itself is BORING! Every article should have some kind of rich media.

Make it Easy to Share: Readers expect to be able to share your content with 1-click buttons. Why make it
hard on them? Make sure you’ve installed plugins on your blog to help your readers share your stuff on social
media. The Facebook “Like” and Twitter “Retweet” buttons are the most important.

Tell Them To Leave A Comment: Ask a question at the end of your blog post. This will encourage your
readers to leave a comment on your blog post. The more interaction the better the experience.

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