VOLUME 67 NUMBER 2 Rs. 160000 55000 225000 180000 115000 Rs by yaofenjin


									VOLUME 67                               FEBRUARY 1972                                          NUMBER 2

       Union                                        Goal                  Received mid-January
      Central                                  Rs. 160,000                     Rs. 55,000
      Ceylon                                        55,000                     No Report
      Northern                                     225,000                        100,000
      Pakistan                                     180,000                     No Report
      South                                        115,000                         52,000

      Divisio,n                                 Rs. 735,000                  Rs. 207,000

        I  he North India         gatherers ingathered Rs. 3,000 in     the free offers advertised on the
                                  the hill areas of the Upper Ganges    back of the Ingathering brochure.
            Section of the
                                  Section. A Rs. 25,000 donation        "But," said the dealer, "My
             Northern Union
                                  received in New Delhi sparked         family have not smoked for
        believes the proverb,
                                  faith in B. M. Shad, lay activities   seven generations."
        "The     early    bird
        catches the worm,"        secretary, Northern Union to              "In addition to abstaining from
                                  declare: "We shall not only           liquor and tobacco," Pastor Guild
        applies to Ingather-
                                  reach the goal set but we will go     continued, "I am also a vege-
        ing as well as any
                                  over it." Delhi solicitors in-        tarian." With that the solicitors
        other pursuit in life.
                                  cluded S. James and C. H.             wished the gentleman and pre-
        For this reason they
        are first in the In-      Tidwell from the Division.            pared to leave.
        gathering race of                                                   "Wait a minute," said the
                                     Fourteen Ingatherers concen-
        1972. Even as early                                             merchant and, calling a clerk, he
                                  trated on the city of Calcutta
        as last October, the                                            instructed the employee to write
                                  from January 4 to 19, receiving
        Section      president,   Rs. 23,000 in donations. Division     out a check for Rs. 101.
        Saudagar       Chand,     help included W. J. McHenry, R.           Bombay Ingatherers focused on
        with P. H. Lall and       M. Neish, P. S. Prasada Rao and        the number four during their first
        P. G. Mathews, col-       C. B. Guild.                           week of Ingathering—four teams
        lected Rs. 1 0,000 in                                            worked four days. The amount in
        Jammu, Kashmir and           One merchant pleaded his in-        donations did not quite equal three
        Simla. P. G. Math-        ability to contribute this year due    times four, but it was over eleven
        ews is lay activities     to heavy commitments otherwise.        thousand     rupees—the      largest
        secretary of this "out    "More than we can afford," he          amount ever received in a given
        front" section.           said. But he added, "Please come       amount of time. A Rs. 10,000
            Also in the North-    again next year."                      donation, promised during the
         ern Union and also         Reluctant to leave. Solicitors       first week, was received the

       nKJOheping 72
         last   October,    In-   Kujur and Guild pointed out            lowing week.              To page 3
Volume 67  February 1972 Number 2
R. S. LOWRY .............. President
C. B. GUILD .............. Secretary
B. H. STICKLE ............ Treasurer               A COLUMN FOR THE OFFICERS
D. DAVID .......... Assistant Treasurer
M. S. PRASADA RAO Assistant Treasurer
A. J. JOHANSON ........ General Field       "And the Lord said . . . speak unto the children of Israel, that they go
                             Secretary      forward" (Exodus 14:15).
E. M. STILES ................ Auditor
V. BENJAMIN .......... Ass'r.    Auditor
SUNDER SINQH ........ Ass't.
                                            T HE BibleAlthough thethe qualificationsnot mentionedministers, eldersweand
                                                                    church clerk is
                                                                                     needed by
                                                                                                  so specifically    do
                                            know that system and order are part of God's plan for the church. Since
J. J. TRUSCOTT ........ Ass't.   Auditor
                                            the qualifications of a church clerk are the kind each of us needs, we give
 DEPARTMENTAL SECRETARIES                   consideration, in this column, to some of them.
C. H. TIDWELL ............ Education             The Bible says, "Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in
R. M. NEISH .......... Lay Activities       heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven"
W. H. MATTISON ......... Ministerial,       (Matt- 18:18), The books of record in heaven include the book of life men-
                               Radio-TV     tioned in Philippians 4:3. When an individual accepts Christ, his name is
W. J. McHENRY .. Missionary Volunteer       written in the book above. In entering the name of a newly baptized mem-
M. E. CHERIAN ........ Public Affairs,      ber in the church record book, what a thrill it could be to the church clerk
                      Religious Liberty     to know that he is writing a name that is being written in heaven about the
J. M. CURNOW ............ Publishing        same time. "Whatever the church does that is in accordance with the direc-
W. F. STOBZ .......... Sabbath School       tions given in God's word, will be ratified in heaven."—Gospel Workers,
GLORIA THOMAS .... Associate Sabbath        p. 502.
S. JAMES ......... Temperance, Public            Great care must be exercised in God's work. Jesus came to seek and
                  Relations, Stewardship    to save the lost- His ministers go to great effort to bring new members to
                                            the church. They must not be lost by carelessness in keeping the records.
    SOUTHERN ASIA TIDINGS                   Jesus said, "Of them which thou gavest me have I lost none" (John 18:9)-
          NORA GUILD, Editor                     Every church officer, as well as the clerk, must be alert. The shepherd
Owned by the Southern Asia Division         of Luke 15:4 could well have been very weary when he brought his flock
of Seventh-day Advcntists (Registered       in from searching up and down the hills and valleys for snatches of food
office: 4-B/l Valliammal Road, Vepery,      in the barren desert. "Let me get in a corner and go to sleep," he might
Madras-7). Published by C. B. Guild         well have said to himself. Instead he said, "I must count my sheep." And
for the Southern Asia Division of           one was missing. Not very important, you say. But the shepherd did not
Seventh-day Adventists, and printed by      say that- What made him go out on the mountainside in the cold night?
V. Raju at the Oriental Watchman            It was a keen sense of responsibility and a sense of discomfort which would
Publishing House, Salisbury Park,           not let him rest until all was well.
Poona 1.                                         God endorses system in the church. There is a place for everything
     Postal Address: Post Box 35,           and everything should be in its place. There is a place to enter the name in
            Poona 1, India.                 the book and a place to give the date of entry or departure from the church-
                1534-72.                    In heaven there is even a place where good deeds are recorded and where
                                            sins are recorded.
                                                 Promptness is another vital Christian virtue. "Long delays tire the
         UNION DIRECTORY                    angels."—Testimonies, vol. 3, p. 497- When that which is to be done is
Burma—K. Paw, president; Tun Sein,          delayed, it frequently happens that it is never done. Can you imagine the
secretary; Pein Gyi, treasurer; (P.O. Box   angel saying as he stands at the gate of the New Jerusalem reading the
977) 68 U Wisara Road, Rangoon,             names of those who are to enter, "Oh, I forgot to put his name in the book
Burma-                                      of life when he confessed his Saviour and was baptized?" Not only souls,
Central India—V. P. Muthiah, president;     but thousands of rupees are lost because of delays. The effectiveness of a
V. D. Ohal, secretary; G. S. Peterson,      report is in direct proportion to the proximity of the report to the actions
treasurer; (Post Box 4565) 16 Club          which prompted it. The church clerk reports the church membership
Road, Byculla, Bombay 8, India.             and increases to the Section secretary. This is reported on until it reaches
Ceylon—B. F. Pingho, president; B. A.       the General Conference. No plan can be prompted fay this report until the
Dodd, secretary-treasurer; (P. O. Box       report is received. A good report not only rejoices the statisticians but it
1253) 7 Alfred House Gardens, Colombo,      also encourages all the members.
Ceylon.                                          A final qualification of a clerk, and of a faithful worker, is accuracy.
Northern—G. J. Christo, president;
                                            If you keep a file for your work, you know that if a letter or a record is
J. M. Campbell, secretary; S. M. Moses,     placed under the wrong part of the alphabet in the file, or under the wrong
treasurer; 11 Hailey Road, New Delhi 1,     number, it is lost—if not forever—at least until a search is made. Be as
India.                                      accurate as possible. An accurate record will serve the purpose of helping
Pakistan—O. W. Lange, president; S. K.      to find the lost.
Sarnaddar, secretary; C. E. Akroyd,
treasurer; (Post Box 32) Adventpura,
Multan Road, Lahore, West Pakistan.
South India—I. D. Higgins, president;
M. D. Kodan, secretary; S. John, trea-
surer; (Post Box 120) 13 Cunningham
Road, Bangalore 1, India.                                                           Cecil B. Guild, Secretary
                                        SOUTHERN ASIA TIDINGS

S    TREETER, Lillian Harriet,
      age 74, died in her sleep the
jnight of November 22, 1971, at                  Poona
Harrison Home, Cooranbong,
Australia. Miss Streeter was born
in 1897. She was raised a
Seventh-day Adventist and was                    Log-Book
baptized in 1915. After a college
course at Australasian Missionary
College where she worked her
                                          • Dr. R. E. Hoen, father of          • Mahboob AH Khan, of Hy-
way by proof-reading and press
                                         Mrs. L. H. Caviness and Mrs.          derabad, in renewing his sub-
work, she entered denominational
                                         B. H. Stickle, arrived in Poona,      scription to Herald of Health
employ in 1920 as an office secre-
                                          December 23, for his fourth trip     wrote, "I wish you all a happy
tary in the Australasian publish-
                                          to India and an extended visit       and prosperous New Year. I pray
ing department. Later she served
                                         with his daughters and their          to God that your magazine may
in the Signs Publishing Company           families.
at Warburton. Miss Streeter came                                               pass through such hands as will
                                          • lan E. Grice received a con-       help others maintain their health.
to Southern Asia in 1938 where
                                          graulatory, letter, December 27,     By the grace of God I have com-
she held the post of proof-reader
                                          from the Australian Society of       pleted my 32nd year as a sub-
in the Oriental Watchman Pub-
                                         Accountants, Melbourne, Austra-       scriber. I am. grateful to you for
lishing House until her departure
                                          lia, with the news that he is        the facilities given me."
 on April 10, 1945. When Miss
                                          entitled to become a member of
Streeter left India she intended                                               • "I know that the new Hong
                                          the Society.
to take furlough but this was                                                  Kong hospital is not turning the
                                          • The Southern Asia Division,
 later changed to permanent                                                    world upside down but we are
                                         Oriental Watchman Publishing
return at her request. After re-                                               trying to do something about it,"
                                          House, Voice of Prophecy and
turning to Australia, she served                                               writes Public Relations Secretary
                                         Salisbury     Park High School
as a Bible instructor in the Voice                                             Don A. Roth, of the Far Eastern
                                         workers gave up their respective
of Prophecy school at Sydney and                                               Division. "I am leaving Singapore
                                         annual bara khana in order to
later at Wahroonga.                                                            January 12 and will spend two
                                         donate the funds thus saved to
                                          the Prime Minister's Fund. The       full weeks in Hong Kong trying
* Three hundred seventy-five              total funds      so   accumulated    to formulate a public relations
subscribers in Southern Asia are         amount to Rs. 2,557.                  programme for this new hospital
receiving the International World         • Pastor and Mrs. J. B. Carter       which will make it operate better.
Review.                                  and Pastor and Mrs. O. O. Mat-        Your latest issue [the SOUTHERN
                                         tison were honoured, December         ASIA TIDINGS] has helped me to
                                          30, at a gathering of the Division   get on my way faster to help
Ingathering '72                          social club. Speakers on this oc-     Reverse the trend in this fascinat-
                                         casion included some who had          ing city." Your editor apologizes
From page 1                                                                    for the inverted block in the De-
                                         worked with the two families,
    Assisting for two weeks in           both in their homes and in the        cember. 1971 issue.
 Bombay Ingathering was A. J.            Mission, during their years in
 Johanson and W. F. Storz, from          Southern Asia.                         • Readers of the TIDINGS will
 the Division, and W. A. Benwell,        • On behalf of the Division lay        travel along, in their minds, with
 from the Oriental Watchman              activities department, the Ori-        Pastor and Mrs. O. O. Mattison
Publishing House.                        ental Watchman Publishing              as Pastor Mattison writes, begin-
    Although no report is received       House has completed printing, by       ning page 4, of their travels
from Ceylon, their Ingathering           the offset process, the Better Life    through out this much-loved Divi-
was due to start on January 3           Picture Roll. Colour separation        sion. On this trip, during the
and conclude on the last day of         negatives for the thirty-two 18"       Mattison's 109-day stay, they
the month. The goal of Rs. 76,          by 25" pictures were purchased         visited 130 stations of Southern
3 75 which they set for themselves      from the Review and Herald Pub-        Asia which included every union
is divided into a goal for church       lishing Association at a substan-      except Burma. The Mattison's trip
members—Rs. 30,375—and a                tial discount. Of the three thou-      to Goa and Kerala, where, by the
goal for the workers to raise—          sand picture rolls printed, five       way, both Pastor and Mrs. Mat-
Rs. 46,000. Ceylon rupees, that         hundred are purchased by the           tison assisted in Ingathering in
is.                                     ministerial department. The            Cochin, will appear in the March
    J. M. Curnow, D. David, A.          Rs. 20 cost per roll is shared by      issue of the SOUTHERN ASIA TIDINGS.
J. Johanson, W. H. Mattison,            the Division and unions, making        The Mattisons left Bombay, Jan-
and V. Raju from the Division,          it possible for the individual lay     uary 23, returning to New York
assisted in South India solicitation.   worker to purchase the set at a        and subsequently to their home in
                      —The Editor       cost of only Rs. 7.50.                 California.
                                                                           Father and Son Visit the Northeast

                                                                              Saturday night, October 9,
                                                                           found Weldon and' me en route to
                                                                           Calcutta for Voice of Prophecy
                                                                           rallies. Calcuta brought back a
                                                                           flood of memories. It was here
                                                                           in 1921 that Mrs. Mattison and
                                                                           I, as newlyweds, arrived by boat,
                                                                           following 42 days of rough sail-
                                                                           ing. The old! Howrah bridge was
                                                                           then a rattley wooden structure
                                                                           with congested traffic. That struc-
                                                                           ture is now replaced with a mam-
                                                                           moth steel bridge but the traffic
                                                                           seems even more congested. The
                                                                           Mission property at 36 Park Street,
                                                                           with its lovely church and residen-
                                                                           tial quarters cum school, all seem
                                                                           the same. Nowadays this address
                                                                           is about as well known as was 1 7
                                                                           Abbott Road, Lucknow, in the
                                                                           olden days.
               "Is this Salisbury Park?" ask the Mattisons.

      former president tours field
                                                 by O. O. MATHtSON

F     ROM OCTOBER 7, 1971 at
      4 A.M., when Mrs. Mattison
      and I were given a royal wel-
come by the Bombay office staff
                                       into Salisbury Park estate. Instead      Many Bengali Voice of Proph-
                                        of the dusty roads that we left nine ecy students attended and re-
                                       years ago, we find paved roads, ceived! certificates at the rally held,
                                       new buildings, a well-fenced! estate October 10, in the Calcutta church.
and my son and his wife at the         and tree-lined driveways, well-          Early Monday morning, the
Bombay airport to the present,         kept hedges, lawns and beautiful 11 th, we were on our way to Kar-
we have had one glorious picnic.       houses on each side. The oldi ridge matar to review a Bengali VOP
How good it seemed, that morn-          houses and the press, plus the school. This old landmark brings
ing, to be off that plane and step     school and church on the oppo- back a flood of memories: Our
into the warm fellowship of those      site side of the road, are familiar first Seventh-day Adventist mis-
with whom we have worked for           sights. But so much is new, includ- sion station in all of India was at
many years.                            ing the lovely Marathi church and Karmatar—first as an orphanage,
                                       high school, that I keep asking then as a school and press. Later
   The drive from the airport up       myself, "Can this be Salisbury this site was used as the local mis-
over the Ghats told us, at every       Park?"                                sion headquarters and more re-
bump of the road, as we ploughed                                             cently as the union headquarters.
through the stream of humanity,
                                           The welcome we received in           Returning to Calcutta we caught
cattle, cycles, carts, motor-bikes,
                                       the Division, Voice of Prophecy a plane to Gauhati. From there we
cars and trucks—all making their
                                       and press joint worship, October motored up to Shillong for another
own laws of the highway—that
                                       8, made us feel as if we had never Voice of Prophecy rally on '
we were back in India with its
                                       been away from Poona. The week- Wednesday night. The hall was
beautiful scenery of the Ghats and
                                       end was put to good use, trying to packed with people as we arrived
shops all saying: Welcome Home!
                                       get our sleeping machinery ad- just in time for the meeting. Many
   I could hardly believe my eyes      justed, as night had become day non-Christians          received! VOP
after we had elbowed our way           and day night in our 30-hour non- certificates at both the Calcutta
through Poona traffic and! drove       stop flight from New York.            and Shillong rallies.
                                      SOUTHERN ASIA TIDINGS

    Shillong is a beautiful station. with whom we worked for many             piano bobbing up and down in
Here Seventh-day Adventists have years in the Punjab.                         Pastor Lowry's much-used trailer.
a lovely church and school, a sec-      Just across the way is the Ranchi     While      the     boys    unloaded
tion office and' residences along the church. Continuing on up the path-      this gift to the school, Pastor
side. This is a place of much activ- way brings one to the hospital           Lowry and I made a hasty
ity and a wonderful climate in 'with quarters for the doctors                 survey of the estate. Would
which to work. Encouraging it is and staff. Again memories rush               that I had the pen of a ready
to see Adventist work in the As- in as 1 think of the former train-           writer to tell of all that I saw in
sam hills now in the hands of capa- ing school of the Northeast located       Khunti! This school, established
ble national leaders. Everything is on this property. That school was         years ago by Brethren Christian
neat and tidy and an air of effi- replaced by the Northeast head-             Jensen and Byron Votaw, is
ciency permeates all that is done. -quarters, then again this site was        developed into one of the show
                                                                              places of the district. The land
    Arranging ourselves in an al- turned into the school before it
                                      was shifted to Gopalganj. Today          is well terraced, laid out in
ready full car we headed for a
week-end at Jowai. Assam Train- here stands a well-equipped hospi-            lovely gardens and fields of hy-
                                                                              brid corn and wheat. There are
ing School is always an interest- tal. I recall Drs. G. Hibbard, R.
                                                                              lovely paddy fields and many
ing school. Now we find many V. Shearer, Elmira and Nigel
                                                                              wells. A new well, just com-
new buildings and a much en- Buxton and others who have
                                                                              pleted, which is a gift from the
larged school in several ways. served here in past years. This
                                                                               Khunti Block Development Office,
Sabbath at ATS was a high day institution is now in the capable
as Pastors G. J. Christo and Justin hands of Dr. Kurian George                is sixty feet across. Here at Khunti
Singh gave a first-hand report of and other national doctors—                 a fine staff and student body are
the youth rally in Aijal that they our own Vellore graduates—                 devoted to the gospel of hard work
                                                                               and a Christian education. The
had just attended. They told how and a staff of Nuzvid trained
                                                                              whole programme bears witness to
the Mizo young people trekked nurses and technicians. As I
from as far as 120 miles away went through the hospital and                   transformed lives and hands, de-
                                                                              voted to joyous toil on a beauti-
and how they sang and held meet- noted the efficient work being
                                                                              ful estate. Not one untidy look
ings in the villages all along the done, I thought: If only these
way.                                  walls could talk, what deeds and         did I find on the whole estate!
                                      years of unselfish service they          Since the staff and students did
                                      could report!                            not know I was coming, we
    The Lowrys Were Surprised                                                  found them just as they are on
                                         Tuesday found us jostling over        any day of the week—in school
    Back in Calcutta, October 17,     the road to Khunti Middle School,        and hard at work. This, I feel, is
Weldon proceeded to Hubli in 24 miles away, with an upright                    ideal.
South India for evangelistic meet-
 ings. I struck out on my own for
 Ranc'hi, arriving there unan-
nounced and unexpected. This is
 the way I like it. When I walked
 into the office of Pastor Willis
Lowry, he was speechless as he
 didn't know I was in this coun-
 try. His office is in the former
 home of Pastor and Mrs. L. G.
Mookerjee. While talking with
 Pastor Lowry, in walked Pastor N.
G. Mookerjee. It was great to
 visit with this fellow worker of
many years' standing!
   At noontime we were in the
house of a former Northwestern
India Union president. F. H.
Loasby built this place, hoping it
could be his as long as he needed
a home. Eventually he retired but
many memories of the Loasbys
hover around. The large, restful
estate is surrounded by fruit trees
of many varieties. As I' wandered     These walls, if they could talk, would recount incidents in the unselfish service
through the estate, I could almost    of Seventh-day Adventist doctors connected, over the years, with Ranchi
feel the presence of the Loasbys                                         Hospital.
                                       SOUTHERN ASIA TIDINGS

 We Studied Urdu in Lucknow            fices are moved to Poona, the old      come on the night train from
                                       buildings have given way to a          Lucknow. On the right, as we
    That night I was on the train      modern church and parsonage.           pulled out from the station, 1
headed for Lucknow. After leav-            While in Lucknow I visited the     could see the old ashram where
ing Patna I kept thinking: Fifty       S.D.A. English Primary School          my brother and his family lived
years ago Ole and Zora bounced         where 250 boys and girls are           while the purchase of land and
along on this same road with my        enrolled. All of the teachers in       the construction of the Hapur
older brother, M. M. Mattison,         this school are children of former     mission station was in process.
who met us in Calcutta. He took        workers. It seems that this school        Mrs. Mattison joined me in
us to Lucknow via Hapur third-         is conducted in quarters that are      New Delhi. We did not arrive
c'ass which seemed to me then          just about as crowded as the old       simultaneously but we did come
like most any goods train. Today       press quarters formerly were.          unannounced. Delhi is not only
my impression is not much dif-          The Alam Bagh School is still         a New Delhi but our Adventist
ferent except .that the trains are     operated by Mrs. Jackson. This         headquarters and everything con-
much more congested if that can        was started many years ago by          nected with it is new. That is,
be the case. True the engine now       her husband..                          all except the people for many
has headlights which it didn't             We visited many old members        old friends are working in the
 have 50 years ago. But as I look      who are still true and faithful.       Delhi office. Most of them seem
 out of the window, the villages        I also visited the home of my         like our children.
 don't look any different. Neither      old Urdu teacher, Yaqub Khan.
                                                                                 The Mattisons Met Northwest
 do the oxen and ploughs. Even         This is sti'l occupied by his
 the pigs and cattle, the straw         daughter who has grown very
 stacks look the same. The oc-          old and talkative. Yes, there are        Solomon Moses drove us in
 casional tractor chugging along       many fond memories around              his car, on Sunday, to Agra to
 is all that seems different than it    Lucknow. It was here that our         see Pastor and Mrs. B. A.
 was when we first came to India        first-born made his appearance        Howard, A'though Mrs. Howard
 as newlyweds.                          just as I was writing my first        was very ill, we were glad to see
    Arriving in Lucknow late at         Urdu examination.       This,   of    her before     she   died.   (The
 night—again        unannounced—I       course, gave me great tranquil-       Howards, as newlyweds and
 took a motor rickshaw to 17            lization and concentration of         converts from Hinduism, had
 Abbott Road instead of the old-        thought!                              just come from Gharwal to join
                                           It seemed, from force of habit,    the Hapur school when we moved
 time tonga. The station itself,
                                        that I should get off the train at    there. We worked in close fel-
 with its noise, smells and clamour
 of coolies, seems the same as the      the old Hapur station. I had          lowship for forty years.
 old days. But once outside, every-
 thing is changed. New buildings
 are congested everywhere. The
 roads have new names. My nose
carried me past the old mosque
 just opposite the Seventh-day
Adventist compound. Immedi-
 ately I felt at home. I sat in the
 compound, while waiting -for
Brother and Sister Parker Howard,
 and in my mind reviewed what
 old 17 Abbott Road was like
 when we arrived here 50 years
    The Oriental Watchman press
 was in the rear of the compound at
 that time. In the front was the old
bungalow that was used for a
 chapel. Offices were to the right.
Most of the residences on Fawn
 Brake Avenue were occupied by
Division, union and oress person-
nel, with the sirls* schoo' up at 61
Abbott Road where we lived
while studying Urdu, What a
change has taken place since that
rime. The union compound is
sold, the press and Division of-                    Everything in New Delhi is new except the people.
                                       SOUTHERN ASIA TIDINGS

     We shall always feel grateful     staff and students in the lovely      but they have plenty to eat for
to G. J. Christo and S. M. Moses       new chapel in Roorkee. Here is         which we are grateful. It was
for taking time out to join Lal        really the cream of the youth of      a joy to visit in the homes of our
Singh as he led us for a week's        the great northwest. On our re-       believers and partake of their
visit in the North India Section.      turn to Delhi, the following day,     hospitality.
Starting in Ghazibad with a visit      we visited former workers Robin           The week in the Punjab passed
to old 'G. D. Bates, we proceeded      Singh and Mesih Dayal, now            .all too quickly. Soon we were
to the Hapur school and local          retired in Modinagar. We were          ready to fly from Amritsar to
headquarters. I could write a          tired, but happy, as we arrived        Lahore where we met our
book on old memories and new           back in Delhi. Truly God is bless-     friends, the O. W. Langes. We
observations      in  and around       ing Lal Singh and his workers          were especially happy to spend
Hapur. The station is changed and      in this section of the northwest.      some time with Pastor and Mrs.
new additions are many. Com-                                                  M. R. Justin. Pastor Justin is a
mercial interests have crowded               Punjab Believers Give a          very sick man. We were glad
in on our mission station until it                   Welcome                  that he recognized us and that
is difficult to recognize the place                                           we had the privi'ege of praying
as we knew it. The local office                                               with and for him. Pastor Mogal
                                           Our first surprise as we were
and residences, however, are the                                              Khan gives inspiring leadership
                                       still going northward on Friday
 same as in years gone by. We                                                 to our members in the great city
                                       to Ju'lundur was when             the
visited more villages en route to                                             of Lahore.
                                       workers and church leaders at
 the former home of Bro, Chander       Ludhiana walked into our train
 Sen. Here we found a fine group       compartment and garlanded us.           Chuharkana was Home for 20
 of co-operative, well-off Seventh-    Later we returned to Ludhiana                         Years
day Adventists. Bro. Sen pioneered     for a meeting in the new Adven-
 the work for many years in            tist church in that city.                 Our next big surprise was to
 this district. What we saw speaks                                            see the lovely union headquarters,
 well of his leadership.                   We were all talking at once— some eight miles out from Lahore.
     We visited briefly with friends   so excited were we to be in Here is a complete unit of homes
 and interested people, October        Jullundur again. Saudagar Chand and offices, located' on a tree-
 27, in Meerut, in addition to en-     and his fellow officers met us at lined 18-acre compound. After a
 joying a good breakfast as we         the train, took us to the mission Sabbath with the Langes we
 were on our way to Roorkee.           guest room where we were made headed for villages between
 Appropriately named "The Re-          to feel right at home. Jullundur, Lahore and Gujranwalla where
 treat", the changes and improve-      as I last saw it, had a bungalow, it had been our pleasure to devel-
 ments in the Roorkee High             a new church and some class- op the work in former years. Now
 School campus and layout sur-         rooms in which Mrs. W. H. Mat- we find new churches and a
 pass all former beauty. The end       tisons was just beginning a mis- school.          Then to Chuharkana
 is not yet as we could see by         sion school. Now this station has which was home to us for twenty
  the plans outlined by Principal      many workers' quarters, a lovely years. With Mrs. George Johnson
  I. M. Chand. This school is well     compound and joining hospital. as our chauffeur, we visited many
 staffed with former fellow workers    This complete unit serves the, retired workers in their own
  who are dedicated; to the task       spiritual, mental and physical comfortable homes in Sheikhu-
 of preparing more workers for         needs of the many who come. pura. Old Chichoki Mallian, which
 the finishing of God's work in the    The hospita' is too congested for had been our home for seven
 Northern Union.                        comfort, the school too full for years, exists no more as a school
                                       efficiency but somehow both in-         and hospital. Then on up the
     During the same day a hurried
                                       stitutions carry on in a buJness- canal to visit some villages where
 visit was made to Dehra Dun to
                                       like way. Dr. and Mrs. E. Grant Dr. R. C. Linholm and I toured
 see the church there. We drove
                                       White, recent arrivals from Loma together in former years. Such
 through the Swaliks and viewed
                                        Linda, U. S. A., carrv on like dusty roads I had almost forgot-
 the site of the old Vincent Hill
                                        old hands for Dr. and Mrs. G. ten.
 School on the hills above. More
                                        T. Werner who are on furlough.
  memories flooded our minds of                                                   Some of the o'd remains in
  the hundreds of young people              Hardtoo roads now lead to Chuharkana but it is renovated
 who have gone from that school        many villages out of Jul'undur to blend in nicely with all of the
  through the years to enter God's      where we formerlv went on bi- new developments in school
  service. Coming back we stopped       cycle and foot. We were also buildings,             new     church   and
  to see the new church in Roorkee      surprised to see so much modern teachers' quarters—a most lovely
  City but did not have the time to     farming with tractors in villages compound and outlay of build-
  visit the new church in Saharan-      throughout the Punjab with a ings I have yet to see in Southern
 pur.                                   corresponding increase in crop Asia! And to think that when
     We were privileged, Wednes-        yield. Our Adventist members we went there in 1922 only three
  day evening, to meet with the         are still poor in this world's goods buildings were on the compound
8                                         SOUTHERN ASIA TIDINGS

and one lone bare tree. I had to         Grice came out to ask what the         around the Scott's table for
pinch myself to realize we were          racket was all about. We ex-           Thanksgiving dinner (the last
back on the same sandhill where          plained, and he did too, that we       Thursday in November) but we
we had to take all of the water          should have arrived the day            could not linger for we were
from one well in the middle of           before. However he took us in          scheduled to catch a plane that
the compound. During that week           in good grace, telling us that the     evening for Tiruchirapalli. Pastor
at Chuharkana we visited some            office staff, except for him, were     Scott offered to drive us in his
former workers, many retired and         all in Kandy attending a health        car down to Colombo, a proposal
living across the way from Pakis-        school.                                that was immediately accepted
tan Adventist Seminary.                     A visit to the new Bethel chapel    for a drive from Kandy to
                                                                                Colombo is lovely indeed.

"In Southern Asia I have yet to see
an outlay of buildings so lovely as at
Chuharkana," observes Pastor Matti-
   The city of Karachi is spread         The new Bethel church adds to the
                                         beauty of the Ceylon Union head-
all over the landscape but the                        quarters.
Karachi S. D. A. Hospital is about
the same as we last saw it. The          and Voice of Prophecy office and
crying need of this institution is       visits to old friends of the Shiloh       In Colombo we waited two
for more Seventh-day Adventist           church took up our first morning       hours for the plane and then ar-
nurses, doctors and technicians.         in Ceylon. That afternoon we took      rived in Tiruchirapalli late at
It is inspiring to see Bro. Akbar        the train to Kandy where Pastor        night to find that wires were
Masih and his meagre force of            Francis Scott met us. A .visit to      crossed again. This time V. D.
workers launching out into new           Lakeside Medical Centre and            Edward was not expecting us
fields in and around Karachi, up         Lakpahana Adventist Seminary           until the next day. But by now we
through Sind to Hyderabad and                                                   were used to mix-ups. Soon we
 beyond.                                                                        aroused the neighbourhood, were
                                                                                bedded down for the night,
                                                                                wondering what the next day
                                                                                would bring. It brought plenty!

                                                                                  Tamil Nadu Tour Began at
                                                                                   First on the programme, the
                                           We visited Lakeside Medical Centre   following day, was a welcome by
                                                          and                   the school children in the old
                                                                                clinic of the late Dr. W. G.
                                                                                Thomas. The children, packed in
                                                                                until there was hardly standing
                                                                                room, put on a good programme.
                                                                                This was followed by an extra
       Schedules Went Awry                                                      good meal in the home of Mrs.
                                                                                Thomas. Then for a visit to
    The wires got twisted and we                                                Kudikadu school. Now a lovely
  arrived at the wrong time but                                                 highway takes one right to the
 at the right place in Ceylon. Even-                 Light of Lanka.            school. At E. D. Thomas Memo-
 tually we tried to wake the dead                                               rial High School we found lovely
 at our Colombo headquarters.            completed, Pastor Scott suggested      gardens, paddy fields,. rows of
 Just as we were looking for a           a run up to Nuwara Eliya—Cey-          coconut palms, fruit trees and an
 a nice soft spot on the varandah        lon's hill station. Having never       abundance of water. The school
 to spread our bedding, a light          been there, he did not have to per-    and staff were all in readiness for "
 dashed on in the office. Bro. lan       suade us. We were with friends         the Sabbath. As the students filed
                                     SOUTHERN ASIA TIDINGS

so orderly into the chapel I was packed with old and1 new                 apuram, which took them more
wondered where they would sit. friends for the service.                   than a night, is now covered in
But sit they did, without an inch      From the church that evening       a little less than one hour. Only
to spare. We were sorry we could we went straight to the Pondi-           Sister Bertha Lowry is a'ive today
not spend the Sabbath with cherry railway station to catch the            to re-live in her mind the ex-
Pastor E. S. James and his staff train to Dindigul. We arrived            periences of those long ago years.
who are doing a wonderful work there just after sunrise ready for
for the Tamil youth. But Pastor another day of happy visiting.               Members of the school staff
Edward was closing his evangelis- Here we found a new church and          met us at Prakasapuram. Soon we
tic meetings in Tiruchirapalli and several smaller churches in near-      found ourselves in a scene of
                                                                          great activity for the many
we wanted to witness the baptism by villages. Our stop at Dindigul
which was held in the Trichy was brief. Soon we were travel-              school children and others were
church.                                                                   doing their early morning chores.
                                    ling again by bus to Madurai.
                                                                          The water from a new well,
    We were up bright and early,       At Madurai we were given a
                                                                          pumped by electricity, transforms
November 28, to catch the train welcome by the largest group of           the once dusty compound into a
to Pondicherry. As we rolled uniformed school children I have             beautiful garden and the purchase
along through some of the richest found anywhere. Packed into             of more paddy land enab'es the
paddy fields in the world we small quarters there are 750 of              administration to feed the greatly
wondered what we would find them. Some years ago this ideal               increased number of students. We
new in Pondicherry. The last spot for a church and local head-            had a most pleasant day with Bro.
twenty miles by bus was covered quarters was purchased but new            Samraj and his staff.
in a good rain. But no sooner had buildings are added to accom-
we transferred from the bus to a modate a school. Bro. Jagathesan            Following a visit to Palaniap-
 rickshaw than the rain stopped. and his staff of 1 5 teachers main-      papuram to see their new church,
Bro. Thavesmony, our guide, went tain orcler even in cramped              new school and new dispensary
in search of the keeper of the quarters. Bro. Selvanayagam, the           which is another buzzing centre
keys for we were back on an father of Bro. Jagathesan, lost his           of activity, we returned to
 unannounced schedule. Looking wife last year. Now retired, Bro.          Prakasapuram in time to visit
around we found many new Selvanayagam finds joy in the                    Editor Dason, now retired, his
constructions in the church com- service and' success of his son and      sister,  Miss Rebecca,      Sister
pound. One that just about fills his good wife.                           Pakkianathan, Bro. David and
the compound is a two-storey           Madurai has two Adventist          many other old friends. Then
school with attached kitchens churches. In the evening we met             followed a meeting in the church
and bathroom.                       with the old and new members          and a welcome and farewell pro-
    After a wash we visited many in the newer of the two churches.        gramme by the students. It was a
 old friendis, among them our fel-     The evening train from Madurai     full day and we were tired. But,
 low worker of long standing, took us to Tinnevelley. There,              at the same time, we rejoiced at
 Pastor S. Thomas and his good with two hours to wait, we                 all we saw at Prakasapuram and
 wife, and our faithful colporteur, decided to take a taxi to Palamcot-   Palaniappapuram as we rushed to
 Bro. Swaminathan, now retired. tah to see the new church where           catch the train.
 We took time out to visit the Bro. and Sr. Wessel are in charge.            En route to Bangalore I broke
 Pondicherry beach, a short dis- The church is set in a large com-        journey at Kodai Road to go to
 tance from the Adventist church. pound which can be used for             Kodaikanal for a brief visit with
                                    future development. How I wished      old Brother H. C. Alexander,
                                    that Bro. and Sr. R. H. Broder-       whose     faithfulness         and
                                    son could see the results of the      friendship we have enjoyed
                                    evangelistic meetings they held in    through the years. A'though he
                                    Palamcottah years ago.                is feeble, Bro. Alexander is still
                                                                          his cheerv self, radiating faith
                                        The Pioneers Used Ox Carfs        and confidence in the message.
                                                                          [Bro. Alexander died Sabbath
                                   Jogging along on this metre            evening, January 8, at the age of
                                gauge train from Palamcottah to           92. Bro Alexander came to India
                                Prakasapuram, our minds went              as a British soldier at the age of
                                back to many years ago when                16. After serving the required
                                Pastors J. S. James and G. G.             term of service, he joined the
                                Lowry, with their faithful com-           East India Railway Company and
                                panions, answered the call of a           •worked himself up to the position
                                group of Christians to travel these       of right-away inspector, a position
In the evening, although the 24 miles in an ox cart by night              he he'd until his retirement. Bro.
school staff and student body to escape the heat of the day. The          Alexander became a Seventh-day
were away on a trip, the church trip from Tinnevelley to Prakas-          Adventist in the early 1920*s
10                                    SOUTHERN ASIA TIDINGS

from attending evangelistic meet-     denly there were black-outs and       This Sabbath, of December 18,
ings held by O. W. Nolda. Upon        plane cancellations. If it had not    was spent with Drs. E. J. Hiscox
retirement Bro. Alexander be-         been for Dr. Higgins' tenacity we     and Genevieve McWilliams and
came the caretaker of the             would have been stranded in           Nurses Marion Miller and K.
Fernhill property at Kodai, re-       Bangalore. But he got us on a         Mary. That afternoon the hospi-
maining .there for 25 years.]         plane for Bombay and we arrived       tal "workers fanned out, as has
Bro. and Sr. I. Francis, whom I       in Poona that same night, which       been their custom through the
had not met before, showed me         city, completely blacked out, had     years, to visit village branch Sab-
the many improvements that are        the appearance of a city of the       bath schools. Bro. and Sr. K.
made in the buildings, in the roads   dead. The upset plane schedule        Solomon are carrying on a strong
and landscape, water system and       changed our plan for Burma so,        work in the village which we
other features which make Fern-       after a week in Poona, we were        visited.
hill a lovely compound.               off to the Telugu field.
                                                                                  GMH Is Like a Park
     Officers and Offices Have         Friends Waited AIL Along the
               Changed                             Way                          Among new buildings in evi-
                                                                            dence at Giffard Memorial Hospi-
    I felt right at home when I                                             tal are a cafeteria and a ward.
                                         Among the many friends in
walked into the Union office,                                               Enough of the old remains to let
                                      Hyderabad is Sister Beatson,
December 2, at Bangalore. Flock-                                            a person know that it is still Nuz-
                                      Dr. Moses and Pastor John
ing around us were many who                                                 vid. The hospital grounds have
                                      Moses, now retired. P. S. Kelly,
had been with us, from 1947 to                                              had a real face-lifting. In fact the
                                      principal of the Secunderabad
 1954, when we were there. Out-                                             whole estate has taken on the
                                      school, is the son of one of our
wardly the South India Union of-                                            appearance of a park. The flower
                                      first national leaders in the Telu-
fice appears the same. But many                                             beds, lawns and hedges are beauti-
                                      gu field. He, with a good staff of
changes have been made inside.                                              fully laid out. This is due, I
                                      teachers, is doing an excellent
Union Secretary M. D. Kodan oc-                                             understand, to the artistic work
                                      job with a school which is "burst-
cupies my former office. Presi-                                             and planning of Dr. and Mrs. C.
                                      ing at the seams", so to speak.
dent I. D. Higgins is way at the                                            A. Ninan.
back. Perhaps that is where I             K. Christopher, Andhra Sec-
                                                                               Sunday morning, continuing
should have been all the time         tion publishing secretary, guided
                                                                            with K. Christopher, we headed
but I like that front office.         us on our Andhra trip. En route       for Narsapur by car, train and
                                      to Bezwada by taxi we stopped         bus. The bus, which goes every
   Dr. and Mrs. Higgins took us
                                      at Nandigama to visit our old         half hour along the canal,
into their home as part of their
                                      true and tried friend, Pastor         dropped us right in front of the
family. Betty Ashlock was our
                                      R. S. P. Rao and family.              school. We hardly recognized
chaffeur. The remainder of Thurs-
                                      We were off early Friday morning      Narsapur High School at
day we visited many places and
                                      by bus to Guntur, in company          first. A nearly completed ad-
former friends in Bangalore.
                                      •with I. Subhushanam, to visit Dr.    ministration building, an enlarged
Friday was spent at Lowry
                                      Samuel, Miss David, Bro. E. N.        girls' dormitory and a very large
Memorial       Higher   Secondary
                                      Williams and Bro. Jesudass, now-      and a new boys' dormitory, plus
School. Here we saw new build-
                                      retired. Memories flooded in of       a new teachers* compJex near the
ings including new industrial
                                      the pleasant times we had there       road—all this has changed the
buildings, a new cafeteria, and
                                      after Mrs. Hannah Samuel ac-          face of Narsapur. But the greatest
general improvements in older
                                      cepted the truth and did so much      surprise of all is the increased
buildings and landscaping
                                      to build up the membership            enrolment. The staff at Narsapur
throughout. Principal S. G. David
                                      around her husband's clinic and       loyally support Principal N. S.
took time to show us everything
                                      to construct a church in memory
in detail. I kept asking myself:                                            Bhasker Rao in his programme.
                                      of his work.                              Our two-day stay in Narsapur
Is this the same Lowry School
 that I knew? It is built on the         The Giffard Memorial Hospital      included a visit to old Bro. and
foundation of that school but is      station wagon was being driven to     Sr. M. P. Daniel, retired in the
entirely new in many respects. In      Bezwada to meet Dr. C. A.            town. A look . at Lakavaram
fact it has expanded almost be-       Ninan as he returned from the         where Bro. Daniel pioneered the
yond recognition.                      Poona Division committee meet-       work PO many years ago was a
    Included in the Bangalore         ing. Therefore we hurried back to     must. We thank the Lord for the
week-erd activities was a wed-        Bezwada in order to get a ride in     host of workers who have come
ding on Thursday evening in the       that van to Nuzvid. Before leav-      out of Lakavaram.
 church,    Voice    of   Prophecy    ing Bezwada, however, we met              Next we went to Rajahmundry
programmes, welcomes at both          with the school staff and students    where     the   first Seventh-day
Lowry and Bangalore schools.          there.                                Adventist sermon ever presented
 Soon we must leave for Podna           We had looked forward to            in the Telugu field was preached
and the Quadrennial Session. Sud-     spending a Sabbath at Nuzvid.                                  To page 15
                                                                                                   Sixteen Are Baptized
                                                     NORTHERN UNION!                               at Langiong                                                                           Langiong village were baptized on

                                                                                                    F   OLLOWING 25 evangelistic
                                                                                                        meetings, 16 people from
                                                                                                                                                                                         2^fmber IL P^bait Dkhar-
                                                                                                                                                                                         Shillong Section office clerk, as-
                                                                                                                                                                                         sisted the writer in the meetings.
                                                                                                                                                                                         The people of this village became
                                                                                                                                                                                         interested in the Bible through
                                                                                                                                                                                         the witness of Layman Olendro
                                                                                                                                                                                         Jala who is very active in using
                                                                                                                                                                                         the Bible Makes Plain Plan.
                                                                                                                                                                                            A pandal, erected for the meet­
                                                                                                                                                                                         ings, attracted a large audience.
                                                                                                                                                                                         Rain during the first two weeks
                                                                                                                                                                                         did not hinder the people from
                                                                                                                                                                                         coming. Neither did the biting
                                                                                                                                                                                         cold as the rain turned to frost
                                                                                                                                                                                         during the last two weeks. The
                                                                                                                                                                                         people came, guiding their steps
                                                                                                                                                                                         through the narrow, hollow and
                                                                                                                                                                                         stony village paths with the aid
                                                                                                                                                                                         of lamps and kerosene lighted
                                                                                                                                                                                            Six children were dedicated to
                                                                                                                                                                                         the Lord, December 1 I, at the
                                                                                                                                                                                         pandal Sabbath service. After the
                                                                                                                                                                                         sermon the group made their way
                                                                                                                                                                                         to the crystal clear water of the
                                                                                                                                                                                         river, some fifty feet away. Here
                                                                                                                                                                                         the 16 people who decided for
                                                                                                                                                                                         Christ were buried with Him in
 ™™—,w ^™ „«.,...«.•*-„•.- -*.,.;.», -.^-.--vj^x i   iu i iiiiiiiii i nummmHvmxmmtmmmmH^mmm&-,m:f
                                                                                                .''fS^v ;, ,.< w.Ksar. ;gs^-l: ;;.?;iV- • • -'-K^^^^O^• •^^^-Y?'.- • • "^ • '*'• '^ ••
                                                                                                                                                                                            Langiong means black grass.
Five people were baptized in the first youth series of evangelistic' meetings                                                                                                            However the grass at Langiong is
                             ever held in Jullundur.                                                                                                                                     never black. During the rainy sea­
The five stand here with Speaker Edwin Brave Mathews, in wheelchair; his                                                                                                                 son, the village surroundings take
 father, P. G. Mathews, third from left, who is the Jullundur church pastor;                                                                                                             on a verdant green colour. When
       and P. H. Lall, sixth from left, North India Section MV secretary.                                                                                                                summer turns to winter, the grass
The Good News For You meetings were held, November 7 to 16, at Desh                                                                                                                      changes to a dull grey. Now that
                            Bhagat Hall, Jullundur.                                                                                                                                      16 of the villagers are joined to
                                                                                                                                                                                         the family of God, the darkness
H     OWARD, Shama, age 66,
       died November 14, 1971,
 at Agra. Mrs. Howard was born,
 July 25, 1905, in Banghat,
 Garhwal. She was married to B.
 A. Howard in 1920 and was
 baptized in the same year. Mrs.
 Howard served the Lord by the
 side of her husband during their
 41 years of active service. Six
years of this time was in Poona
with the Oriental Watchman
Publishing House when Pastor
Howard was editor of Swasthya
Awr Jiwan and, at the same time,
                                                                                                        Thirty-four students were invested, November 29, in the Sbillong
pastor of the Marathi church.
                                                                                                                                     church school.
    Mrs. Howard is survived1 by                                                                         Adults in the picture are, left to right: Mrs. Ivorine Khonghat, head­
her husband and eight of her 11                                                                         mistress; Mrs. L. K. Neitham, teacher; C. Pheirim, Section MV secre­
children.                                                                                                                  tary, and Miss Ethlene, teacher.
 12                                      SOUTHERN ASIA TIDINGS

                                                                                 conducted for the committee
                                                                                members and the union staff each
                                                                                morning and evening. The Sabbath
                                                                                 services were especially inspiring
                                                                                as the Rangoon church was filled
                                                                                 to capacity and the visiting mem­
                                                                                bers of the church were privileged
                                                                                 to meet a number of young people
                                                                                 (some from non-Christian back­
                                                                                 ground) who were recently bap­
                                                                                tized as a result of evangelistic
        An investiture of 48 Missionary Volunteers held, November               meetings in the Rangoon area. The
        25, at Assam Training School included the investing of seven            special music rendered by the
                       Master Guides and two Guides.                            youth was appreciated.
                Teachers and MV leaders are seen in the rear.                       The courage of the Burma
                                                                                Union workers is high. Despite        *
of sin is also vanished from the vil­   assurance that he would try his         many difficulties, reports from
lage. Others are preparing to join      best to help Seventh-day Ad-            the field indicate that the total
these 16 in a future baptism. It        ventist young people in their           baptisms in 1971 will approximate
is planned that a church will be        Sabbath educational problems.           that of the previous year, or ap­
organized in Langiong soon.             Dr. Rao's children are studying         proach five hundred. It is also en­
           L M. Dkhar, 'evangelist,     in the Seventh-day Adventist            couraging to note that a number
                                        High School, Secunderabad.              of new areas were entered during
                  Assam Section
                                                                                   The Burma Bible Seminary
              CENTRAL INDIA                            BUR MA                   flourishes. This year a class of
                                                                                nearly forty students will grad­
• Joseph      Muthiah,   pastor,        Burma Workers Are                       uate. Many of last year's grad-
S u r a t Seventh-day Adventist         Willing to Sacrifice                    dbates are employed as bonus              •
Church, was chosen, January 9,                                                 teachers due to shortage of funds.
as the president of the Surat
Region of the Bible Society.            T      O THE BURMA UNION
                                               year-end budget meetings
                                        were invited the section treasurers,
                                                                               This means that such workers re­
                                                                                ceive a stipend well below the
                                                                               wage scale minimum. These

• By invitation, Dr. Ch. Deva-          who, along with the regular mem­       teachers, however, are doing good
nanda Rao, the first Christian          bers of the executive committee,       work in village schools and assist­
minister in the State 'Cabinet of       met in Rangoon for business from       ing in the gospel ministry.
the Government of Andhra Pra-           January 2 to 4 inclusive. The              The Burma Union faced! its         "
desh, visited Seventh-day Ad-           writer and E. M. Stiles repre­         budgeting for 1972 in a realistic
ventists, December 3 1, at Chapel       sented the Division.                   manner as the Division-recom­
Road, Hyderabad. During the                In addition to the Sabbath          mended guidelines were followed
course of his visit, Dr. Rao gave       services, devotional meetings were     carefully. A cut-back in depart­
                                                                               mental staff was made in which
                                                                               two departmental secretaries were
                                                                               made available to the field for
                                                                               placement in evangelistic work.
                                                                               These were Ngul Kho Pau
                                                                               to Upper Burma and E Dwe to
                                                                               the Delta Section. A third depart­
                                                                               mental secretary is recommended
                                                                               for sustentation which will bring
                                                                               about additional saving later this
                                                                               year. The various portfolios were
                                                                               distributed among the officers
                                                                               and the remaining departmental
           Three adults from Manmad were baptized, November
           27, at Lasalgaon High School. The candidates are                        The devotion of the Burma
           seated in the picture on the ground with the children.              workers to the carrying forward of
           This baptism is the result of lay evangelism by the                 the work of God is seen in their
           Lasalgaon High School ministerial club. Members                     willingness to make personal sacri­
           of the club are here seen with R. S. Shinge, left,                  fice as was evidenced by their ac­
           and H. J. Jump, right. Bible studies and Sabbath                    tion to.reduce the travel allowance
                      meetings continue at Manmad.                             beyond the schedule recom-
                                           SOUTHERN ASIA TIDINGS                                                 13

mended by the Division. They are           Lakpahana Leads Ceylon                 helpers, began another school
also prepared to forgo, if neces­          in Branch Sabbath Schools              some two years ago. The owner
sary an additional three months'                                                  of the house where the meetings

increment in salary if, by the end                 AKPAHANA        ADVENT-        were held wrote a strong letter
of September, it shouldl be evident                                               asking the young people not to
                                                    IST SEMINARY holds the
that they are not operating within                                                come anymore. But Lakpahana
                                           record for conducting the most
budgeted provisions.                                                              young people do not give up
                                           branch Sabbath schools in Cey­
    As visitors, we felt that the spirit                                          easily. In this case they not only
                                           lon. They operate 12 of them and
of sacrifice and concern exhibited                                                overcame the prejudice of the
                                           have, to date, seven baptisms as
was more than exemplary. One                                                      house owner but continued to
                                           a result of their work. Also some
could not help but be moved by                                                    hold the branch Sabbath school
                                           fifteen people from the branch
the devotion of these men upon                                                    in his home. The result is that
                                           Sabbath schools regularly attend
whose shoulders rests the responsi­                                               this man not only attends the
                                           the Lakpahana Sabbath services.
bility for carrying the gospel mes­                                               BSS but his 1 7-year-old daughter
                                               Peter Munasinghe and two stu­
sage forward, for they too face                                                   is a baptized Seventh-day Adven-
                                           dent helpers started one of the
rising costs due to inflation and                                                 tist and a boarding student at
                                            12 branch Sabbath schools at
 other factors. Certainly as we left                                              Lakpahana. Twenty-three children
                                           Udawatte Kumbura. A bus ride
 this beautiful land and its pleasant                                             also attend the Udawatte BSS.
                                           of six miles plus a walk of two
 people, it was with confidence
                                           more miles brings them to this                  —F. R. Scott, secretary,
 that God's work will continue to
                                           place each week. Eight children              Sabbath school department,
 expand under His blessings and in
                                            came out for the programme at                           Ceylon Union
 the hands of our devoted workers
                                            first. When they came to know
 and believers.
                                           what was going on, a young
                       —R, S. Lowry                                                            SOUTH     INDIA
                                            man of the area issued a warning
                                           by writing in large letters on the
• Twenty-two people were bap­               roof of one of the buildings. We
tized, December 1, at Thara-
waddy. These baptisms are a
                                            do not want Christians, the letters
                                            spelled out. Instead of quitting,
                                                                                  J   ONAHS, Mary Ruth Philo-
                                                                                        mena, age 46, died Novem-
                                                                                  ber 29, 1971, at Vellore. Mrs.
result of meetings held during              the young people moved into an­
November and December by E                  other house in the same area.         Jonahs was bom June 2, 1925 at
Dwe.                                        Now the BSS attendance is tripled     Bangalore. She grew up in both
• Fifteen people were baptized,             with 24 people attending each         India and Ceylon and was mar-
December 18, at Paan.                       week.                                 ried November 28, 1941 to
                                                In near-by Udawatte, also eight   C. P. Jonahs at Colombo. With
                                            miles from Lakpahana, Miss J.         her husband, Mrs. Jonahs served
              C E Y L O N                   Isaac, with three young ladies as     15 years in Ceylon and the same
                                                                                  number of years in South India.
                                                                                  Her service in the church included
                                                                                  Bible instructor, teacher, Sabbath
                                                                                  school and Dorcas work. Follow-
                                                                                  ing a funeral service at Vellore
                                                                                  Christian Medical College, intern-
                                                                                  ment took place, November 30,
                                                                                  at Krishnarajapuram. There the
                                                                                  service was conducted by M. D.
                                                                                  Koda.n. Mrs. Jonahs is survived
                                                                                  by her husband, son Philip, a
                                                                                  physician at Surat, Timothy,
                                                                                  CMC medical student, Andrew,
                                                                                  Sheila and Mallika.

                                                                                  She Had Made Him Promise

                 John and Clareen Eagen, who arrived in Ceylon
                                                                                  T     HE date was December 30,
                                                                                         1971. The train was the
                                                                                  Secunderabad Passenger between
                                                                                  Bangalore and Guntakal. Passen­
                 October 1, are laying the foundation for career
                 missionary service by studying the Sinhalese                     gers in our third class coach in­
                                    language.                                     cluded S. James and the writer.
                 Jonathan will learn without the benefit of                       A young Malayali couple sat just
                 study, an advantage that children have over                      across from us in the same niche
                                      adults.                                     of the train. They were Syrian
14                                   SOUTHERN ASIA TIDINGS

Christians. As the train stopped    30, at Bangalore for their year-       with 133 teachers and 2,686 stu­
from time to time, the young man    end meeting. D. David, S. James        dents.
went to the door of the car or      and the writer attended from the          Goa is not a city but a territory,
to the other end of our "compart­   Division.                              reported L. R. Burns, who lives
ment" to smoke a cigarette. Per­       A modest increase in appro­         at Vasco da Gama, 20 miles from
haps he would have done this on     priations to South India made          Panjim where J. D. Johnson has
the spot where he was sit­          careful budgeting necessary. In ad­    a lecture andl recreation cum read­
ting had we not already told him    dition to some special funds, the      ing room. The seven people bap­
we were Seventh-day Adventists.     more than one lakh South India         tized during 1971 brings the mem­
He knew about Lowry school,         portion of the Ingathering funds       bership in Goa to 20.
he said, which was near to his      will be a blessing to the sections
                                                                               Of 20 students who wrote the
place of employment. And who        and institutions for medical, educa­
                                                                           SSLC examination at Kottarakara
knows how much more he knew         tional and welfare projects. The
                                                                           High School, reported Peter
about S.D.A/S!                      total Class 1-A appropriation
                                                                           Cooper, 14 passed. And of the
   Finally as we were nearing the amounted to Rs. 1,680,000.
                                                                           330 students at Kottarakara, 247
end of this portion of our journey,    Evangelistic workers in the         are Seventh-day Adventists or
the man returned to his seat be­ Kannada Section conducted 22
                                                                           from S.D.A. homes. Fifty-four
side his wife. I noticed that he series of evangelistic meetings
                                                                           students were baptized last year.
had emptied one box of cigarettes during 1971. The most recent of
                                                                           To strengthen the use of the
and started on another.             these meetings is at Bangalore by      English language in the school,
    "How many cigarettes do you D. K. Down, his family and as­
                                                                           translation is now abolished in
smoke each day?" I asked.           sociates. The use of the pandal        many classes and in the general
    "A pack and a half," was his concluded with the year-end. In
reply.                              the Kannada Section, lay tithe in­
    A little mental calculation on crease during the year amounted             E. S. James reports 265 stu­
my part suggested that this to 70 per cent. Four schools in                dents at E. D. Thomas Memorial
amounted to many hundreds of the Section have 826 students                 High School. Eighteen of 22
rupees in a year. And I began to and 36 teachers. Forty-five people        students passed the DSLC exami­
calculate what six or seven were baptized in 1971 through the              nation. Of 37 staff members, 15
hundred rupees would buy for a work of young people.                        teach, eight are in the business of­
family in moderate circumstances,                                          fice, ten are in industry and 'four
                                        The Kerala Section has 160         are day labourers. The school is
    "This gentleman," I said,
                                    stations, including 76 organized        self-sufficient in paddy. A bore
pointing to S. James, "is a
                                    churches, but only 40 evange­          well would make another paddy
 specialist and has helped hun­
                                    lists. Nine new stations were          crop possible between April and
dreds of people quit smoking. It
                                    opened      during    1971. Eight       June. Seven branch Sabbath
 takes him five days for it but you
                                    pastors and two laymen were             schools are conducted by the
can do it for yourself. Would
                                    responsible for more than forty         school faculty and students.
you like us to send you instruc­
                                    baptisms each. A goal of one            Principal S. G. David explained
tions when we get back to our
                                    hundred vacation Bible schools is    problems connected with a school
 office? If you would, please give
                                    set for 1972 even though only 17     (Lowry Memorial High School)
us your address."
                                    were held in 1971. In these 17       which has 765 students, including
    This he readily did. But be­
                                    VBS's 2,285 students were en­        112 post-high school students,
fore doing so, he said, pointing
                                    rolled. Under the Gift Bible Plan    and 35 staff members. Three ex­
 to his wife, "I promised her that
                                    2,768 Bibles were distributed in     ternal     examinations     offered
I would quit on New Year's day."
                                     1971. The dispensary and nursing    include      seventh     standard,
    I was reminded of the state­
                                    home at Adventpuram is running       SSLC and PUC. Although only
ment: "Many are on the verge of
                                    on a self-supporting basis since     56.3 per cent of the SSLC candi­
the kingdom, waiting only to be
                                    June.                                dates passed their examinations,
 gathered in."—The Acts of the
Apostles, p. 109, At least this         Lay tithe in the Tamil Section   this is almost twice as high as
gentleman was on the verge in in 1971 was more than seven thou­          the State average. As in other
this one respect, just ready for sand rupees above the 1970            . schools, Lowry suffers growing
 our approach, for his wife had figure. Sabbath school offerings         pains, having a dining room with­
made him promise. And the dead­ were also higher. During 1971,           out furniture and a laboratory in
line was only two days away!         41 vacation Bible schools had an    need of better equipment. Indus­
                                     enrolment of 4,782. Two hundred tries offer bright prospects. The
                    —C. B. Guild     six branch Sabbath schools are telephone industries offer a con­
                                     conducted in the Section. Twenty- tract for packing cases worth ten
South India Union                    one people were baptized as a lakhs of rupees. This -industry,
Committee Meets                      result of vacation Bible school which requires one thousand
                                     evangelism. During the past year loaves of bread per day, will con­
     ' HE South India Union, Com­    520 people were baptized in Tamil tract half of this amount if the
       mittee met, December 28 to    Nadu. The Section has 16 schools bread can be baked in the
                                      SOUTHERN ASIA TIDINGS                                                 15

Lowry school bakery. Other firms
offer sizable contracts for small
   Dr. K. A. P. Yesudian reported
the registering of the 5,000th
out-patient for 1971. Since the                 Listener
hospital started admitting patients
there have been more than a
thousand in-patients admitted.                  K. J. MOSES
Urgent needs at Ottapalam are:
a surgeon, a portable X-ray, a        • .Following an absence of three       • Following visits to wounded
chaplain.                             years, Mr. and Mrs. John E.            jawans in the military hospital at -
    At this meeting an exchange       David, Alwin, Kelwin and Bilwin        Kirkee, many Spicer students
was made between P. C. Mathew         returned to Spicer Co.lege, Novem­     voluntarily     donated     blood,
 and Peter Cooper. The former
                                      ber 23, where Bro. David rejoins       January 9, fojr the soldiers. Also
was appointed principal, Kottara-
                                      the faculty. During his absence        seeking to bring cheer to the
 kara High School while the latter
                                      Mr. David received his M.A.            jawans is a group of fourteen
 is appointed secretary, steward­
                                      degree in school administration at     students who, with Mrs. G. Sur-
 ship and Radio-TV departments,
                                      Andrews University.                     gunam, make it a part of their
 South India Union.
                                      • R.      S.   Lowry,     president,    regular Sabbath day's activities
                    —C. B. Guild
                                      Southern Asia Division, spoke to        to take flowers to them in the
                                      the college family, December 18,        hospital. As occasion permits the
Mattisons Tour Field                  at the Divine Service. The Lowrys,      students sing and speak words of
From page 10                          with Mrs. Lowry's parents, Pastor       comfort. A. M. Perus led a special
and where Bro. B. S. Moses now        and Mrs. J. B. Carter, were guests      group of students, on Christmas
works. Continuing on the next day      at a pot-luck lunch during the         afternoon, as they sang Christmas
we went to Ellore where the little     noon hour.                             carols to the disabled soldiers.
chapel   connected      with    the    • The primary         children of
workers* quarters is too small and                                           • The Spicer Memorial College
                                       Spicer's Sabbath school gave a
not representative of Seventh-                                               choir and band participated,
                                       Christmas message of love to poor
day Adventists.                        children who attend the weekly        January 6, in the Festival of
   Another Christian denomina­                                               Carols at St. Mathews' Tamil
                                       branch Sabbath school in Bopudi.
tion have built-a church so close                                            Church, Poona. The programme,
                                       Money collected from the singing
to the Seventh-day Adventist                                                 in which choirs from various
                                       of Christmas carols by the pri­
Church in Woodpet that one can         mary children was used to pur­        churches and institutions in Poona
almost shake hands with their          chase food, fruit and clothing—       participated, was organized for
members through the windows.                                                  the purpose of raising funds to
                                       enough to fill 40 baskets. Mrs. H.
Following a meeting in that                                                  help disabled jawans. Col. T. S.
                                       D. Erickson and Mrs. L. B. Mall
church we arrived in Hyderabad         supervised the distribution of        Das, A.M.C. Commandent of
in time to journey with the                                                  Artificial Limb Centre, was chief
                                       these baskets, on the Sabbath
Andhra Section committee mem­                                                guest. Spicer's choir under the
                                       afternoon of December 18.
bers as they journeyed to Bom­         • "Potpurri"—the theme of a            direction of G. R. Jenson, pre­
bay for the budget meeting of                                                sented selections from Handel's
                                       social programme arranged by the
the Central India Union.               College Dorcas Society for the        Messiah. In the absence of Mrs. F.
                                                                             H. Nash on furlough, Mrs. Edith
                                       benefit of needy SMC students—
                                       was organized by Mrs. E. G.           Willis directed Spicer's band.
 • Ch. B. Williams, editor of
 Marga Darsi, was chief guest and      Fernando. C. H. Tidwell, Division     • Once again the history de­
 speaker at a Christmas pro­           educational secretary, was Master     partment     of   Spicer  College
 gramme, December 2 7, organized       of Ceremonies at this December        sponsored a field trip to Ajanta-
 by the Telugu Sabbath school           1 9 programme when songs, read­      Ellora caves. The three-day tour,
 members. Two plays were includ­       ings and skits were presented.        of December 31 to January 3,
 ed in the programme. The first        • M. E. Cherian was chief guest       also covered historical monu­
 one, by the children, was directed    and speaker, December 22, at the      ments in Aurangabad. The group
 by K. William Moses. M. S.            United Carol Services, Sholapur.      were especially impressed by the
 Jeremiah wrote the second Telugu      • By special invitation, a group      well-preserved Daulatabad Fort.
 play in -which Spicer College         of Spicer students and staff took     Forty-eight students and staff
 Telugu students participated. K.      part in a programme, December         members made up the tour group
 Gopala Rao and K. J. Moses are        29, at Jehangir Nursing Home,         which was directed by J. S.
 in charge of the Telugu Sabbath        Poona. K. Gopala Rao was in          Kapur, assistant professor in his­
 school and church services which      charge of the programme while         tory. Pastor and Mrs. R. S.
 meet each week in the metal in­       B. M. Fanwar directed the sing­       Fernando, from Ceylon, also
 dustries building.                    ing of Christmas carols.              joined the group.
®                                                                                                       e
    ADVENTIST EDUCATION                                                                                 <£>

                             A Centurion in 1972

    I  N the 1860's Ellen G. Whites thoughts              To her contemporaries, this first school in   <£>
                                                       Battle Creek, Michigan, no doubt appeared        <£>
      were turning to the role that the church                                                          3
       could and must play in the education and        as a small beginning, but in time it became
    training of workers for God's cause, and           part of a network of schools that was to
    of the youth, in their homes as well as in         encompass the globe. There are few Hags in       <£>
                                                       the world today under whose banners there        <£>
    church schools. Finally, in April, 1872,                                                            <£>
    James White and she took part in a meeting         are no Seventh-day Adventist schools.            <£>
    where the question of organizing an educa­                                                          V
                                                          Throughout the world field, Adventists        <£>
    tional society was openly discussed.                                                                <i>
                                                       operate over four thousand two hundred           <£>
                                                       church schools, some four hundred junior         <£>
       In June of that year, the first school to be
    opened as part of a denominationally               and senior academies, and about seventy
    sponsored programme was located in Bat­            schools on the tertiary level. The two largest
    tle Creek, Michigan, U.S.A., under the             of these outside the United States are located   <£>
    direction of Professor G. H. Bell.                 in the Philippine Islands—Philippine Union       <£>
                                                       College with over sixteen hundred students
      While this school was getting started, Mrs.      on the post-secondary level, and Mountain
                                                       View College with over seven hundred such        <£>
    White started to formulate her thoughts on                                                          v
    education. Before the new year made its            students.                                        <£>
    appearance, her first important statement                                                           0
                                                          No matter where we may visit one of our
    on education was at the publishers, and ap­                                                         <£>
    peared as the first section of a "Testimony        Adventist schools we will find certain char­     0)
    for the Church." Referred to as "Proper            acteristics which are common to all. Our         <£>
    Education", this statement is now found in         teachings and beliefs in the Holy Bible and      <2
                                                       the Spirit of Prophecy are not just limited      <£>
    Volume III of the Testimonies and Counsels                                                          <£>
                                                       to classes in "religious knowledge", but         <£>
    on Education.
                                                       rather we find that these divine sources are     «>
       Her opening sentence hit a positive, op­        an integrating force in all areas of learning    <£>
    timistic note. "It is the nicest work ever as­     and activity in the school. Adventism is a       <£>
    sumed by men and women," she * ote, "to            permeating factor in the lives of all who
    deal with youthful minds." She then pro­           are associated with our schools. Herein lies
    ceeded to describe the role of parents and         the basis for our claim to distinctiveness!
    teachers in the education of the children.
                                                          This occasion of a century of Adventist       <£>
       The early church leaders were already           education in 1972 should not be used as an       <£>
    cognizant of the need of preparing workers         opportunity for us to glory in the past, but     <£>
    to assume the task of the church. Education        rather for us to seriously contemplate where     «>
    they felt was important, but it should be          we are today and where we should be going        <£>
                                                       in the future! There are still too many youth    <£>
    within the framework of the goals and ob­                                                           <£>
    jectives of the great commission. "The great       in our churches today who have not had the       <£>
    object of education," Mrs. White empha­            blessings of an Adventist education. Is this
    sized, "is to enable us to use the powers          not challenge enough for us to seriously con­    €>
    which God has given us in such a manner            template the future direction of our educa­      <£>
    as will best represent the religion of the Bible   tional endeavours?                               ®
    and promote the glory of God. This has                               Charles B. Hirsch, secretary   «>
    been the basic promise in the building of                             Departntent of Education      ®
    Seventh-day Adventist schools.                                               General Conference     «>

                                        Registered No. MB—39

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