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					                                           PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                              DRIVER EDUCATION

This information is provided for the purpose of understanding the program, online registration
is not possible. Please pick up registration information at all PPS High Schools in the Counsel Office,
or Main Office. Some of the Private HS in the area have the registration packets, as well.

STUDENTS WHO QUALIFY – Only those students who have not yet reached the age of 19, and have not received a
standard diploma, but are enrolled in school and have obtained their Oregon Class “C” Instruction Permit, may partake in the
Driver Education program.
INSTRUCTION PERMIT - A Xerox copy of students’ Oregon class “C” Instruction permit / Class “C” License*, must
be submitted with the registration.
REGISTRATION AND TUITION FEE - The total cost of the program is $190.00 FOR PERMIT DRIVERS or $270.00
FOR LICENSE DRIVERS* - Check or Money Orders need to be made out to Portland Public Schools; charging with a
credit card is now available, using your Visa / MasterCard (registration must still be sent in, but you must call the office
between the hours of 9:30 and 2:30 to use your card). Tuition is held until the class is in session. If a student obtains their
License, before completing the Driver Education course, they will be required to pay an additional $80 fee in order to receive
their Certificate of Completion. Registration in a class is upon availability only, class size is limited, if a class has filled,
contact will be made by phone and will attempt to make other suitable arrangements; otherwise registration and tuition will
be returned. The Driver Education Office must receive all required registration materials, to register a potential student.
Registration and tuition must be received by the Driver Education office a minimum of five days prior to start date; so please
mail registration at least ten days prior to the start date. Available space will be filled in the order registrations are received.
*Only students who have not obtained a “Class C” License can take the Driver Education program as outlined. Portland
Public Schools has developed new policy in regards to this law, thus allowing students, as above outlined, who have
obtained a “Class C” License, to participate in the program, with the stipulation that an additional tuition fee of $80.00 is
charged. This additional fee is due to the fact that the State reimburses Driver Education programs that meet State guidelines,
thus reducing the cost of the program to the participant, but reimbursement is not available for students who have obtained a
“Class C” License. PPS must rely on the State reimbursement, so as to defray the cost of the program. State Law forbids
School Districts from obtaining financial profit from a Driver Education program.
TUITION REFUND - A refund will only be made if the Driver Education office is notified 72 hours prior to the start date of
the particular session. After the 72-hour period, the student will receive a credit for a session at a later date. The credit will
only be good during the 2004-2005 school year.
ATTENDENCE / ABSENCE - Class attendance is mandatory and meets Monday thru Friday, some Saturday attendance is
necessary. Students must plan to attend each day of the session. All absences are unexcused, and must be made up. A $20.00
fee is charged upon the necessity of scheduling a make-up Behind the Wheel drive lesson. Failure to complete the course by
May 1, 2005 will result in forfeiture of fees, and regarded as a “no pass”. Students failing any portion may repeat upon re-
registering and repaying tuition fees for another session.
LAWS AND REQUIREMENTS - Students must carry their valid Instruction permit with them each day of class.
Effective March 1, 2000 Oregon has a Teen Driving law. If under the age of 18 and getting a license for the first time, a teen
must meet the following requirements: Have an Oregon instruction permit for at least six months, and be able to certify
having received at least 50 hours of supervised driving practice* - Then, to have either completed an approved driver training
course - or - completed an additional 50 hours of supervised driving practice*. *The supervising driver must be someone
who is at least 21 years old and has had a valid driver license for at least three years.
Restrictions on driving, after the teen receives their provisional license: For the first six months, the student cannot drive
with a passenger under the age of 20 who isn’t a member of their immediate family. For the second six months, they cannot
drive with more than three passengers under the age of 20, who aren’t members of their immediate family.
Additional restrictions: For the first year after they obtain their license, they cannot drive between midnight and 5:00 a.m.
unless they are: driving between home and work; driving between home and a school event (for which there is no other
transportation available); driving for employment purposes; or accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 25 years old.
These restrictions are only for the first year or until turning 18, regardless of having a Provisional License for a full year.
STUDENT CONDUCT / DISCIPLINARY ACTION - Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that
promotes a good learning environment. Students exhibiting a behavior problem will be cautioned that their behavior will not
be tolerated, and if such behavior continues, disciplinary action will follow. Disciplinary action begins with a referral, and
may result in being removed from the class and resulting in failure, with no tuition refund. In addition, any student who
appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be expelled from the program, referred to the school
administrator, and parents notified, with no refund of tuition. Smoking on school grounds is against State law, and the student
will be expelled.
                                 DRIVER EDUCATION PROGRAM

                 The following will provide helpful information, hints and suggestions

It is essential for the Parent/Guardian to take an active role in the teaching process of this program. This
cooperative effort between the Parent/Guardian, Student and Instructor will help your student to
progress at a satisfactory level. The Parent/Guardian is not expected to replace the Instructor, but to
support, encourage, supplement, and assist the student in developing behaviors and actions that will help
them develop into a safe driver. The Driver Education program will provide an opportunity for the
student to develop knowledge, attitudes, critical thinking and motor skills that will enable them to be a
safe, responsible driver, passenger, and pedestrian; in the ever increasingly complex environment of the
transportation system.
The Driver Education program is very time intensive. The student must be willing to give all the time
necessary to the program. Be aware it will take significant time from the students schedule; both in
actual class hours, and significant homework (either actual book work or practice driving); if this is not
possible, then the student should not register for that particular session.
Driving an automobile is a serious, and mature laden activity. A student must have the abilities and
maturity level to handle such crucial responsibility. If the student is not up to the maturity level
necessary, consider delaying this program for a period of time.
If the student has some prior driving experience, even with the most basics skills, (starting, steering,
stopping), before taking the class, it would be extremely helpful for the student.
With each lesson, the student will be given suggestions for improvement. Parents should allow at least
30 minutes of practice time with their student, to allow them to review the lesson performed in their
Behind the Wheel lesson, prior to their next BTW lesson.
Students must wear appropriate footwear, no slip-on shoes (flip flops), or platform shoes; these can be a
hazard to safe driving.

These basic concepts are emphasized in the Driver Education program:
1. The driving task:
        Basic control (starting, stopping, positioning, turning, backing, and parking maneuvers), traffic
        flow (intersections, lane changing, multiple lanes, passing, and freeway), emergency situations
        (anti-collision maneuvers, vehicle failure, and changing weather)
2. Precision Driving
        a. Reference Points
        b. SIPDE (scan, identify, predict, decide, execute)
        c. Zone Control
                i. See a LOS/POT (line of sight/path of travel) change
                ii. Get control (a. speed b. lane position c. communication)
3. Factors that interfere with driving (alcohol, drugs, fatigue, etc.)
4. Assessments and Evaluation
        Classroom Driver Education is a “pass”, or “no pass” course. All assignments and hours must be
        completed. Behind the Wheel students will receive a final written evaluation. The course is
        regarded as a “pass”, or “no pass”; all hours of Simulator and Behind the Wheel must be
        completed. If both phases are completed successfully, a Certificate will be issued which contains
        the necessary Seal required by the State of Oregon Department of Transportation; and may be
        used for proof of successful completion, to receive an Automobile Insurance discount, if
        applicable (Insurance requirements vary).
5. New concepts being taught
      New concepts are being taught in Driver’s Education, i.e. hand placement at 8:00 and 4:00,
      push/pull steering, targeting, reference points, pivot points, ABS braking, etc.

A Certificate of Completion* is issued on the last day that the student is involved in the combination 30-
hour classroom and the Behind the Wheel program. Students taking the 30-hour classroom portion of the
program only, may request a completion statement, on the last day of the classroom program. The
Certificate of Completion* will have the State of Oregon, Department of Transportation Seal affixed,
and states: “This is to certify that (students name) has completed* the Portland Public Schools, Driver
Education Program, consisting of thirty hours of classroom instruction and a minimum of six hours of
Behind the Wheel instruction; which is equivalent to 50 hours of practice driving, per the Oregon
Department of Transportation, Traffic Safety requirements. *Completion means: student has completed
all assignments, passed all tests, fulfilled all necessary hours, completed the basic driving task criteria;
has met all of Portland Public Schools requirements, and the Oregon Department of Transportation

For more information:
If you have questions, please call the Driver Education office at 503-916-5449 for Beth Bjork, Program
Supervisor; for registration information 503-916-5448, after hours use voice mail 503 - 916-3400 box
8510, or e-mail Office hours are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, M thru F.

                              Address: Driver Education Program
                                       Portland Public Schools, Hosford Site
                                       2303 S.E. 28th Pl.
                                       Portland, OR 97214
                                       Fax 503-916-2935

For Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) call 503-299-9999, or online http//
                                               2004 -2005 SCHOOL YEAR
                                                 30-HOUR CLASSROOM
The Driver Education program is divided into two phases, phase one is called "30-hour classroom" and phase two is called
"Behind-the-Wheel". The 30-hour class is offered at most Portland Public High Schools throughout the school year, as an after
school or evening program. This program is available to students that have obtained their Class "C" Driving Permit. Students
must complete the Driver Education Program before they graduate or reach their nineteenth birthday, whichever comes first.

Phase one involves 30 hours of instruction in a program of multi-media education; consisting of the Drive Right textbook, Oregon
Driver's manual, videos, films, taped programs, and guest speakers. The objective of the classroom phase is to instill knowledge,
attitude, and critical thinking that will prepare the student for the Behind-the-Wheel phase. Students do not earn a grade, only a
"pass" or "no pass" recognition.

Below, find the generic registration form; fill in the required information, as well as using the information from the backside of
this form. Mail the completed registration form, the tuition fee of $65.00, check, money order, and a zerox copy of the student's
permit, to the address listed below. Call the Driver Education office during office hours, to register using a Visa or MasterCard.
Enrollment is on a first come bases, space is limited. A minimum of 16 students is required for a class to proceed. School
schedules may be amended per the availability of the Instructor.

Upon receipt of the registration, the student is enrolled in the class, and it is their responsibility to show on the first day. A
student will only be contacted if the class has filled to capacity. Tuition is held until the class is in session. Registration must be
received five days prior to class start date. Please call with any questions.

Mail to: Driver Education Program                                                               Office hours 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM
         PPS, Hosford Site                                                                      Phone: 503-916- 5448, Fax 503-916-2935
         2303 SE 28th Pl.                                                                       Voice mail: 503-916-3400 box # 8510
         Portland, OR 97214                                                                     E-mail:
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                                              REGISTRATION FORM FOR 30 HOUR CLASSROOM

Insert class date                                                    Insert name of School of choice                                             Insert room #_______
____________                                                         _________________________                                                   Insert time _______

Last name                     First name              MI                      Birth Date

Address                        City                   Zip                     Telephone

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School currently attending          Grade in School          Is student in an IEP program?

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