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           Hot Stones/Aromatherapy
               Massage Therapy

A deeply relaxing and powerful treatment using
 The therapeutic effects of heated basalt stones
 and essential oils, blended and chosen for the

Treatment involves gradual introduction of heat
By my own contact with the stones, transferred
          to the client via massage.

The heated stones are only used directly on the
skin as and when the client is comfortable with
              The temperature.

                    Benefits include:

            Increased circulation
           Relaxation of muscles
             Increased pulse rate
        Back, Neck & Shoulders: £20.
                                                                                                             Complementary Therapies
                                                                     62 Broad Lane
                   Full Body: £35.                                     Essington
   (1   hr. 15mins (Inc hot & cold stones to face/scalp)                                                                         By
                                                                      WV11 2RG                                Lisa Wilson M.I.A.M M.I.F.P.A
                                                                                                        Full member of the International Federation of Professional
           Fleece Herbal Wheat Bags                                                                                          Aromatherapists
                   £5.00 each                                          01922 400411
  *Please note, if you are unsure about which
    treatment to choose, or require further                      Appointments available:
       information, please contact Lisa.
                                                                                                                        01922 400411
                                                           Monday to Friday 9.30am to 7.30pm
                         …………                                                                                           07866473624
                                                               Saturday 9.30am to 1pm
     *All initial consultations are free and                                                  
                   confidential,                           Cancellations require 24hrs notice please.
Please allow extra time for this, usually no more                                               08/10
                than 15 minutes.
        Professional Aromatherapy                                Indian Head Massage                         Aromatherapy Holistic Facial

Using the powerful and therapeutic effects of        A traditional, wonderfully relaxing therapy           Whether you simply wish to rejuvenate, or
aromatic plant extracts (essential oils) are         incorporating massage of the head, neck,              Have a particular skin condition, this
carefully chosen and blended to suit individual      shoulders and upper back.                             Treatment is tailor-made to suit you and
needs, natural plant chemistry and aroma are         The client remains seated. This is a versatile        Your skin type, without the use of harsh
taken into account for maximum benefit.              therapy that can be performed over clothing or,       Or abrasive substances.
                                                     to enhance treatment further aromatic oils are        A thoroughly relaxing experience using
Essential oils work in harmony with the body to      used, the choice is yours.                            Essential oils, additive and fragrance free
balance, energise and detoxify.                      A popular treatment that can be of great benefit      Vegetable-based cleansers/lotions, natural
Aromatherapy treatments can be of great benefit      to many, especially those who spend long hours        Clays/gels to cleanse, detoxify and tone.
to a wide range of physical and emotional            at office or computer.                                                    Consists of:
conditions, including:                               Both calming and uplifting, this treatment can             Face/neck cleanse & massage
                                                     help relieve:                                                   Facial scrub/exfoliate
         Stress related disorders                                                                             Aromatherapy shoulder/neck/face
               Headaches                                          Muscular Tension
         Muscular Aches & Pains                                   Mental tiredness
                                                                                                                  Facial mask/Scalp massage
                Insomnia                                         Headaches/eye strain
                                                                                                               Floral water toner & Moisturiser
        Aromatherapy Treatments                                        45mins £18.
                                                                                                                    45 minute treatment: £25.
 A relaxing massage is often the first choice as a
 therapeutic method to allow essential oils to be
                                                                                                                        Crystal Therapy
absorbed through the skin and distributed via the               Hopi Ear Candles
       bloodstream throughout the body.
                                                      Includes Aromatherapy Facial Massage                 Using crystals as an aid to work on balancing and
 Creams, lotions, bath blends and essential oils                                                           clearing blocks in the human energy field (Aura).
For inhalation can also be blended for your home     Ear candling is a traditional remedy for the relief   The client remains fully clothed whilst a crystal
    use as an aid to your good health between        of excessive or compacted ear wax, tinnitus,          pendulum is used to dowse the energy field and
                    treatments.                      sinus problems, headaches and migraine.               choose crystals that may be placed on to, or
                                                     The therapy uses warmth and pressure regulation       around the body. Crystal therapy is a safe
                                                     to balance the fluids of the inner ear and            complementary therapy that can help to assist
  Full body massage, includes face & scalp           throughout the system.                                and stimulate the body’s own natural healing
        (allow at least one hour)                    I use original safety Bio-sun candles, the            energies. Crystals have been used by man for
                   £28.                              treatment is followed by a facial massage using       thousands of years, Quartz crystal has the ability
                                                     Essential oils for your needs.                        to store and amplify energy, it is the source of
                                                                                                           the ‘silicon chip’, used in computers, watches etc.
      Back, neck & shoulder massage
                                                            45 minute treatment: £24                       used today.
                (30 mins)
                   £15.                                      Course of 3 treatments: £68
                                                                                                                            30mins £15.
                                                                                                                            60mins £25.
                                                            Without Facial Massage: £20.
                                                            Course of 3 treatments: £55.
                                                                                                               Book any 2 treatments on the
          Gift Vouchers Available                                                                              same day, receive a 10% discount

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