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									Gesamtbestand an Videos im Amerika-Haus
      Titel/ Reihe               Serientitel             Beschreibung                                               Dauer                 Format   Signatur

                                                         To newcomers in the early 1900s, the United
                                                         States was a land of hopes and dreams, and Ellis
                                                         Island was the gateway, offering new soil for their
                                                         first step. This film documents in full detail the life
                                                         of the way station. What started out as a modest
                                                         outpost became a monumental processing center
                                                         where, during its 62-year history, nearly 12 million
                                                         people were poked, prodded, tested, and graded
      Ellis Island                Volume 1                                                                         50 min       1997                 D1
                                                         to see if they were fit for citizenship. Those with
                                                         mental or physical illnesses were marked with
                                                         chalk X's and sometimes shipped home. Rich
                                                         with personal accounts and rare footage and
                                                         photos, Ellis Island is a fitting tribute to the island
                                                         and the era. It takes special care to document the
                                                         anti-immigrant sentiment that led to quotas and,
                                                         eventually, the island's ruin and closure in 1954.

      Ellis Island               Volume 2:                                                                         50 min       1997                 D2
      Ellis Island                Volume 3                                                                         50 min       1997                 D3
                       1: Comrades 1917-1945, 2: Iron If anything defined the 20th century as the age of
    Cold War, Vol. 1   Curtain 1945-1947, 3: Marshall anxiety, it is the Cold War with its ultimate no-win         140 min.     1998                 D4
                                Plan 1947-1953         nuclear endgame. While conflicts in Korea and
                                                       Vietnam dragged on, providing the traditional
                        4: Berlin 1948-1949, 5: Korea  images of modern warfare, some of the conflict's
    Cold War, Vol. 2                                                                                               140 min.     1998                 D5
                        1949-1953, 6: Reds 1947-1953 most dangerous battles were invisible - tactical,
                                                       intellectual, and fought primarily in the minds and
                         7: After Stalin 1953-1956, 8:
                                                       war rooms of U.S. and Soviet leaders: Kennedy,
    Cold War, Vol. 3   Sputnik 1949-1961, 9: The Wall                                                              140 min.     1998                 D6
                                                       Krushchev, Castro, Kissinger, Gorbachev, and
                                                       Reagan. This series, is a comprehensive history
                                                       that examines the key events during the balance
                                                       of terror between the two superpowers. It
                           10: Cuba 1959-1962, 11:     includes accounts of eyewitnesses - from civilians
    Cold War, Vol. 4     Vietnam 1954-1968, 12: Mad    to soldiers, from historians to politicians - and           140 min.     1998                 D7
                                   1960-1972           archival historical film footage. CNN's Cold War is
                                                       a sweeping chronicle of one of the world's most
                                                       fragile decades.
                                      13: Make Love not War The
        Cold War, Vol. 5                60s, 14: Red Spring The                                                              140 min.     1998   D8
                                      Sixties, 15: China 1949-1972
                                       16: Detente 1969-1975, 17:
        Cold War, Vol. 6              Good Guys, Bad Guys 1967-                                                              140 min.     1998   D9
                                     1978, 18: Backyard 1954-1990
                                       19: Freeze 1977-1981, 20:
        Cold War, Vol. 7             Soldiers of God 1975-1988, 21:                                                          140 min.     1998   D 10
                                            Spies 1944-1994
                                      22: Star Wars 1980-1988, 23:
        Cold War, Vol. 8             The Wall comes down 1989, 24:                                                           140 min.     1998   D 11
                                         Conclusion 1989-1991
                                      Volume 1: Awakenings (1954-
Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil                                  When Rosa Parks said her firm and profoundly
                                     1956) and Fighting Back (1957-                                                        120 min each   1986   D 12
          Rights Years                                              significant "No" in 1955, it united the long-patient
                                                                    blacks of Montgomery, Alabama, in an almost
                                     Volume 2: Ain't Scared of Your volcanic show of solidarity. Parks had refused a
Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil
                                      Jail (1960-1961) and No Easy  bus driver's order to give up her seat to a white      120 min each   1986   D 13
          Rights Years
                                             Walk (1961-1963)       rider. Throughout the South such degrading
                                                                    discrimination was common practice and, indeed,
                                     Volume 3: Mississippi: Is This the law. When Parks hung tough she was
Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil
                                       America? (1962-1964) and     arrested and charged with violation of a city          120 min each   1986   D 14
          Rights Years
                                        Bridge to Freedom (1965)    ordinance. Her simple act triggered a successful
                                     Volume 4: Power! (1966 - 1968) massive resistance among the black population
Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil
                                     and The Promised Land (1967 - of Montgomery – a one-year-long boycott of              120 min each   1986   D 15
          Rights Years                                              public transportation - that eventually caught the
                                                                    attention of the whole country. Key events in the
                                     Volume 5: The Time has come history of the Civil Rights movement such as the
Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil
                                          (1964 - 1966) and Two     Montgomery Bus Boycott, the brutal murder of           120 min each   1986   D 16
          Rights Years
                                         Societies (1965 - 1968)    schoolboy Emmett Till, Little Rock, lunch counter
                                                                    sit-ins, and the freedom rides are recorded and
                                     Volume 6: Ain't Gonna Shuffle discussed in this documentary. Tracing the
Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil
                                       No More (1964-19720 and A    history of the Civil Rights Movement from its          120 min each   1986   D 17
          Rights Years
                                       Nation of Law? (1968-1971)   beginnings until the 1980s, this film chronicles not
                                                                    only how far the American rights movement has
                                       Volume 7: The Keys to the
                                                                    come but also shows how far it has yet to go.
Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil       Kingdom (1974-1980) ;
                                                                    Included are interviews with Civil Rights activists,   120 min each   1986   D 18
          Rights Years                Back to the Movement (1979-
                                                                    politicians, television material and speeches.
                                                Mid 1980s)
   The Fifties     Vol.1: The Fear and the Dream                                                        90 min    1997    D 19
                                                   Hula hoops and poodle skirts, tail fins and
                                                   television, saddle shoes and suburbia. In the
                    Vol.2: Selling the American    post-war boom of the Fifties, the American Dream
   The Fifties                                     was born of innocence, prosperity and peace. Yet     50 min    1997    D 20
                                                   beneath the surface, turbulent times were
                                                   brewing. This documentary pulls back the veneer
                                                   to uncover the people, places and events which
   The Fifties        Vol.3: Let's Play House      shaped this compelling era. Based on the best-       50 min    1997    D 21
                                                   selling book by Pulitzer Prize-winning author
                                                   David Halberstam, this film provides a stunning
                                                   portrait of the decade. From its coverage of the
   The Fifties        Vol.4: A Burning Desire      McCarthy era, the baby boom, and the Civil           50 min    1997    D 22
                                                   Rights Movements, to the study of the growth of
                                                   affluence as a national ideal, this documentary
                                                   roots many of its themes through the ways 1950s
                                                   culture came together as a visual spectacle.
   The Fifties           Vol.5: The Beat:          Included are contemporary accounts and rare          50 min    1997    D 23
                                                   footage of people who made history from Ike to
                                                   Elvis, Oppenheimer to Nixon, McCarthy to
                                                   Marilyn and from Jackie Robinson to Martin
                   Vol.6: The Rage Within & The    Luther King.
   The Fifties                                                                                          100 min   1997    D 24
                         Road to the Sixties

                                                   Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of
                                                   Independence and third president of the United
                                                   States, is regarded as one of the founding fathers
                                                   of modern democracy. He played a pivotal role
                                                   during the revolutionary years and in the
                                                   foundation of the United States. Contributing to
                                                   the preservation of the new and fragile American
                                                   government and doubling the size of the country
Thomas Jefferson                                   with the Louisiana Purchase. But at the same         3 hours   1996   D 25-26
                                                   time Jefferson has remained a controversial
                                                   figure in American history. Jefferson was one of
                                                   the most articulate voices for human liberty but
                                                   was himself a lifelong owner of slaves. This two-
                                                   part examination of the life of Thomas Jefferson
                                                   concentrates on his political as well as on his
                                                   private life and stresses the contradiction
                                                   between these two sides of Jefferson.
                                                                The arrival of Europeans in America marked the
Native Americans: The Nations of                                beginning of the end of the way of life many            50 min   1994   D 27
         the Northeast                                          Indians had known for centuries. Waves of
                                                                European explores, fur traders, missionaries, and
                                                                settlers swept across the New World and
                                                                threatened to annihilate Indian culture. The
                                                                Conquistadores enslaved them, missionaries
                                                                wanted to christianize them, and Manifest Destiny
                                                                pushed them to the brink of extinction. In this
                                                                documentary Native Americans recount the
                                                                history of their ancestors. Special attention is paid
Native Americans: The Natives of                                to document the challenge of maintaining an             50 min   1994   D 28
         the Southwest                                          ancient system of beliefs and a separate identity
                                                                while coexisting in the modern world with peoples
                                                                whose philosophy is very different.

                                                                From New Orleans at the turn of the century to
                                                                the booming nightspots in New York in the 1920s,
                                                                America has always been the home of jazz. But
                                                                how did jazz get started ? Who were its first
                                                                musicians? And what was it about America that
                                                                made it the birthplace of this music that has
                                                                become an international craze? This
                                                                documentary tackles these questions and others.
                                                                It also chronicles the parallel rise, and pervasive
       The Story of Jazz               The Story of Jazz                                                                97 min          D 29
                                                                influence of blues by exploring the seamless
                                                                borders between the two idioms. Individual
                                                                segments focus on the careers of John Coltrane,
                                                                Thelonious Monk, Count Basie, and Sarah
                                                                Vaughan - an impressive pantheon, to be sure, if
                                                                necessarily an incomplete one. That's a minor
                                                                reservation in context, however, given the savvy
                                                                balance between astute reportage and absorbing

       The Story of Jazz                   Bluesland                                                                    85 min          D 30
                                   Swinging' the Blues: Count
       The Story of Jazz                                                                                                60 min          D 31
       The Story of Jazz                Sarah Vaughan                                                                   60 min          D 32
                            The World According to John
   The Story of Jazz                                                                                              59 min             D 33
                             Thelonius Monk - American
   The Story of Jazz                                                                                              60 min             D 34

                                                           The CIA was created as a government agency
                                                           when the Iron curtain stymied conventional
                                                           espionage in the early Cold War. Based on the
                                                           critically acclaimed book, The Agency, by John
                                                           Ranelagh, CIA: The Secret Files exposes some
                                                           of the unwritten rules that have governed this vast
                                                           organization. From interviews with past CIA
                                                           directors to former CIA and KGB operatives the
C.I.A. - The Secret Files                                                                                         50 min   1992   D 35 - D 38
                                                           inner workings and paranoia of America's most
                                                           notorious government agency are uncovered.
                                                           Examining CIA activities such as unofficial
                                                           military operations, providing secret aid to foreign
                                                           political and military groups supporting U.S.
                                                           interests, arranged coups, and plotted
                                                           assassinations, this documentary gives a very
                                                           critical and controversial view of the C.I.A.

       The West                Episode 1 - The People      This documentary chronicles the epic saga of           82 min   1996      D 39
                                                           America's most vast and turbulent region,
                                                           beginning before European settlement and
                            Episode 2 – Empire Upon the    continuing into the 20th century . The numerous
       The West                                                                                                   84 min   1996      D 40
                                       Trails              ways in which the American psyche has been
                            Episode 3 – The Speck of the   defined by the myths of "The West", the
       The West                                            "Frontier", "Manifest Destiny", and the trek           84 min   1996      D 41
                                                           westward, are examined. Using diaries, letters,
       The West              Episode 4 – Death Runs Riot   archival footage and more, the director provides a     84 min   1996      D 42
                              Episode 5 – The Grandest     multi-layered history of this broad landscape.
       The West                                                                                                   84 min   1996      D 43
                               Enterprise Under God        Furthermore, this film covers the costs and
                              Episode 6 – Fight No More    consequences of the settlement focusing on
       The West                                            personalities, stereotypes, religious and racial       85 min   1996      D 44
                                                           issues associated with this part of the country.
                            Episode 7 – The Geography of   Finally, spectacular footage of the mountains,
       The West                                                                                                   84 min   1996      D 45
                                        Hope               plains, rivers, and canyons of the West makes
       The West               Episode 8 – Ghost Dance      this documentary both a visual, as well as an          58 min   1996      D 46
                                                           informative treat.
       The West             Episode 9 – One Sky Above Us                                                          62 min   1996      D 47
                                                                   This documentary follows the Democratic party
                                                                   from the 60's to the 90's; it shows the terms of
                                                                   Kennedy and Johnson and their efforts toward
                                                                   civil rights, " the Great Society", and the volatility
                                                                   of society as it underwent these drastic social
                                                                   changes in the 60's and 70's.A diverse group of
                                                                   Americans found a new voice in the democratic
                                                                   party during these decades and while this new
                                                                   diversity expanded the party, it also lent the party
                                                                   an image of chaos. Before the dust had settled
                                      The Democratic Party 1960-   voters had lost confidence in Democratic
America's Political Parties, Vol. 1                                                                                         58 min   D 48
                                               1992                leadership. It wasn't until Jimmy Carter came
                                                                   along in the late seventies that another Democrat
                                                                   would win the presidency. But his troubled
                                                                   administration resulted in still more lost
                                                                   confidence in Democratic leadership and
                                                                   Republicans would win back and hold the
                                                                   presidency until 1992. At that time an ailing
                                                                   economy made conservatism seem harsh and
                                                                   unrealistic. Voters saw a happy medium in Bill
                                                                   Clinton and his new mix of moderate and liberal

                                                                   Opening with Barry Goldwater's famous 1960
                                                                   convention speech, this documentary shows how
                                                                   the conservatives gained control of the
                                                                   Republican party. Goldwater added social and
                                                                   foreign policy conservatism to the party and
                                                                   influenced a generation of young Republicans
                                                                   including Reagan and Bush. While moderates like
                                                                   Nixon and Ford served in office, conservatives
                                                                   readied themselves to take control. The troubled
                                      The Republican Party 1960-   Carter administration gave them their chance.
America's Political Parties, Vol. 2                                                                                         52 min   D 49
                                                1992               Voters were hungry for a change and liked
                                                                   Reagan's cowboy image and conservative
                                                                   positions on defense, foreign affairs, taxes, and
                                                                   social programs. However, when Bush took office
                                                                   with his "Read my lips, no new taxes" promise,
                                                                   the country's embrace on conservatism had
                                                                   begun to slip. The recession, inner-party conflicts,
                                                                   and the election of Bill Clinton left many
                                                                   Republicans to rethink the future of conservatism
                                                                   and the party.
                                   Disclosures about John F. Kennedy's private life
                                   and a revisionist critique of his political
                                   achievements in the past years have hardly
                                   affected the Kennedy myth. He is remembered as
                                   the youthful president who inspired America, the
                                   charismatic leader who gave the nation a sense
 John F. Kennedy: A Personal
                                   of pride and confidence. This documentary draws          100 min     1996   D 50
                                   a rather nostalgic picture of Kennedy but
                                   nevertheless gives a good overview of the pivotal
                                   moments of Kennedy's life and presidency. It is
                                   also interesting for its detailed archival footage,
                                   interviews with White House staffers, journalists,
                                   and Hollywood actors.

                                   A tangled tale of politics, drugs, hostages,
                                   weapons, assassinations, covert operations and
                                   the ultimate plan to suspend the Constitution of
                                   the United States - the Iran Contra Affair had it
                                   all. This documentary starts where the televised
                                   hearings about the affair left off. It focuses on the
Cover Up: Behind the Iran Contra
                                   Hostage Deal, the CIA involvement in the                72 minutes   1988   D 51
                                   international drug trade, arms sales, and
                                   assassinations, and Oliver North's plan for martial
                                   law. Uncovering the web of lies and deceit
                                   surrounding the Iran Contra Affair and related
                                   scandals, Cover Up offers a contrary view of U.S.
                                   foreign policy during the Reagan administration.
                     The War Room gives an insight look behind the
                     scenes of the machinations of Bill Clinton's 1992
                     presidential campaign. At the center of the
                     documentary are the two men who guided
                     Clinton's ship form the beginning: James Carville
                     who manages the campaign with a mixture of
                     Southern charm and unrelenting energy and
                     George Stephanopoulos who, as communications
                     director, calmly but surely mobilizes his staff to
                     take the presidency. This documentary shows
                     how these two men organize and execute
 The War Room                                                             96 min   1993   D 52
                     strategies for such events as the Democratic
                     National Convention, the debates with George
                     Bush and H. Ross Perot, and the final, nail-biting
                     days leading up to the election itself, when it
                     seemed less and less certain whom the voter
                     would choose. The War Room is a compelling
                     and enlightening adventure story about two
                     remarkable men, and about the monumental
                     effort and determination that is required to
                     conduct - and win - a political campaign in the
                     modern age.

                     In 1957, when Robert Rich was announced as
                     the winner of the Academy award for best
                     screenplay, few realized that the name was a
                     pseudonym. Robert Rich was the pen name of
                     screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, a member of the so-
                     called Hollywood Ten. The Hollywood Ten - a
                     group of men employed in the movie industry -
                     had been sentenced to varying terms in prison
                     because they had refused to testify before the
Hollywood on Trial   House Committee on Un-American Activities.           90 min   1989   D 53
                     Furthermore, people who were real or suspected
                     members of the communist party or sympathized
                     with communist ideas were put on the Hollywood
                     blacklist that prohibited from working openly in
                     the movie industry. This documentary chronicles
                     how McCarthyism's grip on Hollywood created an
                     atmosphere of paranoia and triggered a witch-
                     hunting that ultimately left their marks in the
                     movie industry.
                                    Watergate has become the very symbol of
                                    government corruption and abuse of power. This
                                    documentary presents a chronicle of the entire
                                    scandal, from the bungled break-in to the cover-
                                    up that toppled a President. Director Mike
                                    Wallace follows the trail of conspirators and
                                    investigators alike, interviewing persons involved
                                    in the scandal. Along the way, he addresses
  Watergate - The Secret Story      questions that have remained unanswered for             94 min   1992   D 54
                                    years: What were the burglars after? Who was
                                    "Deep Throat?" What happened to the missing
                                    minutes of President Nixon's tape? Exhaustively
                                    researched and containing exclusive film footage
                                    and excerpts of Nixon's secret tapes, this
                                    documentary offers a stunning account of the
                                    scandal that eroded the trust in the integrity of the
                                    American political institutions.

                                    The inventor of Pop Art and a pop-cultural icon,
                                    Andy Warhol was both, one of America's most
                                    celebrated and most controversial artist. This
                                    documentary focuses on Warhol's work and the
                                    star-studded world in which he moved. It provides
Superstar – The Life and Times of
                                    a glittering collage of media images, commentary        91 min   1990   D 55
      Andy Warhol (1990)
                                    from the vast assortment of celebrities and
                                    scene-makers who knew Warhol (Lou Reed,
                                    Dennis Hopper, Roy Lichtenstein, to name a very
                                    few) and interviews with the enigmatic artist

                                    Good music mixed with a serious look at what
                                    Rap is – from Gangsta Rap to Christian Rap -
                                    told from the mouths of those currently playing
                                    the game in L.A. This video not only features
    Rap: Soul of the Streets                                                                50 min   1997   D 56
                                    performances, and insights in Rap artists' lifestyle
                                    but also includes interviews with rap performers,
                                    break dancers, graffiti artists, radio DJs, and Rap
                                    music industry experts.
               They called themselves the United Society of
               Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, but
               because of their ecstatic dancing, the world called
               them Shakers. Though they were celibate, they
               are the most enduring religious experiment in
               American history. They believed in pacifism and
               feminism, freedom from prejudice, natural health
               and hygiene, and for more than 200 years
               insisted that their followers should strive for
The Shakers                                                           58 min   1989   D 57
               simplicity and perfection in everything they did.
               The Shakers put their "hands to work and their
               hearts to God," creating an exquisite legacy of
               fine furniture, glorious architecture, and beautiful
               music which will remain and inspire long after the
               last Shaker is gone. Through diaries, archival
               photographs, music and stunning
               cinematography, Ken Burns creates a fascinating
               portrait of this particularly American movement.

               For 200 years, the United States Congress has
               been one of the country's most important and
               least understood institutions. In this documentary,
               director Ken Burns explores the history and
               promise of this unique American institution. Using
The Congress                                                          90 min   1988   D 58
               historical photographs and newsreels, evocative
               live footage and interviews, the film chronicles the
               personalities, events and issues that have
               animated the first 200 years of Congress and, in
               turn, the U.S. nation.
                     The "Great East River Bridge" was the largest
                     bridge of its era, a technical achievement of
                     unparalleled scope, marked by enormous
                     construction problems, equally ingenious
                     solutions, and exceptional human achievement.
                     In many ways, the Brooklyn Bridge captured the
                     imagination of all Americans, and in the process
 Brooklyn Bridge     became a symbol in American culture of strength,      58 min   1981   D 59
                     vitality, ingenuity and promise. In Brooklyn
                     Bridge, Ken Burns captures the physical majesty
                     of one of the great achievements of the industrial
                     age, the dramatic story of the larger-than-life men
                     who imagined and built it, and the immense
                     charm this granite and steel structure has exerted
                     on generations of city dwellers.

                     His paintings are burly, energetic, and as
                     uncompromising as the Midwestern landscapes
                     and laborers they celebrate. Thomas Hart Benton
                     depicted a self-reliant America emerging form the
                     Depression. Today his works hang in museums.
                     During his life, Benton preferred to hang them in
                     saloons, where people could appreciate them in
                     congenial surroundings. A fierce defender of the
                     aesthetics of realism, Benton took on the art
Thomas Hart Benton                                                         86 min   1988   D 60
                     establishment and railed against abstraction. His
                     reputation suffered the consequences as his star
                     rose, fell and rose once again. While Benton
                     failed to stem the tide of modernism, his influence
                     can be seen in the works of his student, Jackson
                     Pollack. Filmmaker Ken Burns uses long-lost
                     footage, penetrating interviews and the
                     magnificent art of Benton to tell the bittersweet
                     story of an extraordinary American artist.
                    He was a populist hero and a corrupt
                    demagogue, hailed as a champion of the poor
                    and reviled as a dictator. Louisiana's Huey Long
                    built his remarkable career as Governor and U.S.
                    Senator on a platform of social reform and justice,
                    all the while employing graft and corruption to get
                    what he wanted. Long's spellbinding personality
                    and political machine might have taken him to the
                    White House had he not been assassinated in
  Huey Long         1935. This finely crafted film by Ken Burns            88 min   1985   D 61
                    reveals a complex and comprehensive portrait of
                    the man and the era, his politics and the power
                    he so obsessively sought. Extensive archival
                    footage and recollections by Louisianians who
                    knew Long are juxtaposed with candid
                    contemporary interviews with historian Arthur M.
                    Schlesinger, Jr., journalist I.F. Stone and author
                    Robert Penn Warren, whose novel "All the King's
                    Men" was inspired by Huey Long’s life.

                    For more than 100 years, the Statue of Liberty
                    has been a symbol of hope and refuge for
                    generations of immigrants. In this portrait of the
                    statue, both the history of America's premier
                    symbol as well as the meaning of liberty itself, are
                    explored. Featuring rare archival photographs,
                    paintings and drawings, reading from actual
Statue of Liberty   diaries, letters and newspapers of the day, the        58 min   1985   D 62
                    fascinating story of this monument is told. In
                    interviews with Americans from all walks of life,
                    including former Governor Mario Cuomo,
                    Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, writers James
                    Baldwin and Jerzy Kosinski, The Statue of Liberty
                    examines the nature of liberty and the
                    significance of the statue to American life.
                                 For 50 years radio dominated the airwaves and
                                 the American consciousness as the first "mass
                                 medium". This film by Ken Burns examines the
                                 lives of three extraordinary men who shared the
                                 primary responsibility for this invention and its
                                 early success, and whose genius, friendship,
                                 rivalry and enmity interacted in tragic ways. This
                                 is the story of Lee de Forest, a clergyman's
Empire of the Air: The Men Who   flamboyant son, who invented the audion tube;
                                                                                      120 min   1991   D 63
          Made Radio             Edwin Howard Armstrong, a brilliant, withdrawn
                                 inventor who pioneered FM technology; and
                                 David Sarnoff, a hard-driving Russian immigrant
                                 who created the most powerful communications
                                 company in the U.S. Against the backdrop of
                                 radio's "Golden Age", this fascinating back-stage
                                 drama tells the history of radio through archival
                                 photographs, newsreels of the period, and
                                 interviews with well-known radio personalities.

                                 In contrast to Empire of the Air this documentary
                                 concentrates more on the entertaining side of
                                 early broadcasting. It focuses on the radio
                                 programs - the hilarious comedies, captivating
                                 news, enthralling adventure, and musical
                                 performances - and highlights the most
                                 successful shows such as Inner Sanctum, The
                                 Green Hornet, and Fibber McGee that
         Radio Days              entertained young and old alike. It also features    71 min    1992   D 64
                                 the glittering personalities who galvanized
                                 millions of listeners - Will Rogers, Orson Welles,
                                 Bing Crosby, Edward R. Murrow, Burns and
                                 Allen, and many more. Based on segments from
                                 originals broadcasts, archival photographs, as
                                 well as reminiscing interviews, this documentary
                                 provides an entertaining and nostalgic history of
                                 the golden days of radio.
                   What would you do if hard times came to your
                   hometown and made you mad as hell? If you're
                   Michael Moore, you'd hold bingo-game fund-
                   raisers every Tuesday night for three years. Sell
                   your home and virtually everything in it. And sink
                   nearly every penny into making Roger & Me, the
  Roger & Me       darkly ironic documentary-style film about one          91 min    1989   D 65
                   man's attempt to track down General Motors
                   chairman Roger Smith. The framework of the film
                   is provided by Moore's efforts to meet Smith and
                   persuade him to visit Moore's hometown and
                   show him what Smith's factory closing did to the
                   town where 40,000 jobs were lost.

                   directed by Spike Lee. When a bomb tears
                   through the basement of a black Baptist church
                   on a peaceful fall morning in September 1963, it
                   takes the lives of four black girls. By this racially
                   motivated crime, not only four innocent children
                   were killed but the entire nation was galvanized
                   and the civil rights movement accelerated.
                   Director Spike Lee focuses on the girls' friends,
  4 Little Girls                                                           102 min   1997   D 66
                   families, and the historic figures of the era. They
                   have all grown up since the bombing but their
                   memories haven't faded. The film presents the
                   vital facts of the case - the troubled history of
                   Birmingham, the court proceedings, friends' last
                   run-ins with the girls - and, at the same time, it
                   documents what it meant to live through the core
                   era of segregation and racism.

                   It was first called the "Presidential Palace". But
                   from its construction in 1792, the White House
                   has been the property of democratic people - as
                   intimate and accessible as it is palatial. This film
                   provides a historical tour of the White House,
The White House    from its slave-labor construction and subsequent        50 min    1994   D 67
                   burning at the hands of the British in 1814 to the
                   modern additions such as theaters and bowling
                   alleys. The White House gives an inside look at a
                   building that is partly monument, partly command
                   center and partly exclusive mansion.
    The Promised Land          Volume 1 - Take Me to Chicago From Jim Crow laws to the advent of the                   90 min each          D 68
                                                             mechanical cotton picker - rural southern blacks
    The Promised Land           Volume 2 - A Dream Deferred had plenty of reasons to listen to the traveling           90 min each          D 69
                                                             blues musicians with their siren songs of far-off
                                                             Chicago and the promise of a better, freer life.
                                                             Volume 1 concentrates on the greatest peace-
                                                             time migration that occurred when thousands of
                                                             blacks moved up the Mississippi to Chicago at
                                                             the turn of the century. Volume 2 focuses on the
                                                             problems that arose when a primarily rural
                                                             population became an urban one after settling in
                                                             Chicago. Cultural and political gains were offset
                               Volume 3 - Strong Men Keep A- by overcrowding and increasing ghettoization of
    The Promised Land                                        African-Americans. Northern politicians ignored           90 min each          D 70
                                         Comin' On
                                                             the ticking time bomb of resentment until it finally
                                                             exploded in the sixties. Volume 3 deals with the
                                                             effects of the great migration's coming of age.
                                                             While integration bears fruit - Chicago gets its first
                                                             African-American mayor and many families move
                                                             out of the ghetto to middle-class success - others
                                                             remain mired in a growing underclass. Those who
                                                             made the journey examine what has been
                                                             attained in the "Promised Land" and what it has
                                                             yet to yield.
                                                             The Amish with their horse-drawn buggies, old-
                                                             fashioned way of dress, and separated
                                                             settlements reject the twentieth century and live
                                                             in a style that differs little from that of their
The Amish - Not to Be Modern                                                                                             57 min      1988   D 71
                                                             forefathers. Shot with the cooperation of the
                                                             Amish community this documentary gives the
                                                             viewer a vivid portrait of the lifestyle and very
                                                             private world of the Amish.
                                                                  Renowned author and socio-ethnographer Terry
                                                                  Williams provided Harlem youths with notebooks
                                                                  and video cameras to tell the true story of their
Harlem Diary: Nine Voices of                                      lives. Hardworking students, single mothers,
                                                                                                                        100 min      1996   D 72
        Resilience                                                young offenders and hip-hop dreamers - they are
                                                                  all part of Harlem Diary. Straight from the "hood"
                                                                  these youths create an intimate portrait of their
                                                                  life in Harlem.
                                                          The Mississippi has played a vital role in
                                                          American history and culture. It provided a route
                                                          for Spanish and French explorers in the 15th and
                                                          16th century and became a great transportation
                                                          and trading route with the coming of the
The Mighty Mississippi   Vol.1: 100 min, Vol.2: 100 min                                                                        1998   D 73
                                                          steamboats in the 1800s. But the Mississippi is
                                                          also surrounded by Native American legends,
                                                          sagas of adventure, conquest, disaster and
                                                          riches, the tales of Mark Twain and the chords of
                                                          the blues.

                                                          This documentary focuses on the growing trend
                                                          toward interracial relationships and their effects
                                                          on the American society. Does intermarriage
                                                          contribute to interracial understanding or is it
                             Volume 1: Interracial
  Story of a People                                       merely an escape from ethnic identity? These           50 min each          D 74
                                                          questions and others are answered through
                                                          interviews with interracial couples, their children,
                                                          their friends, their extended families, and their

                                                          This documentary centers on youth gangs,
                                                          sports, schools, and the hip-hop culture that has
                                                          swept and influenced many aspects of American
  Story of a People         Volume 2: Black Youth                                                                50 min each          D 75
                                                          culture. Young African Americans discuss their
                                                          dreams, disappointments, frustrations, anger, and
                                                          their hopes for the future.

                                                          As the American controversy over family values
                                                          continues, Story of a People looks at the African
                                                          American family. Interviews with Black families
                                                          from different socio-economic groups are
  Story of a People      Volume 3 - The Black Family      featured, along with a look at their lifestyles and    50 min each          D 76
                                                          how they confront obstacles while trying to
                                                          achieve their goals and dreams. Some of their
                                                          views on the American Dream may come as a
                                                                Affirmative action and its impact on society is the
                                                                subject of this volume. This critical issue is
                                                                examined through in-depth interviews with people
                                                                form a variety of ethnic and economic groups.
                                                                The program begins with a review of the many
                                                                sides of the affirmative action debate and the
                                                                imprint it has made on American society.
                                Volume 4 - Affirmative Action   Personal stories of individuals who say they have
      Story of a People                                                                                                50 min each          D 77
                                          on Trial              benefited from affirmative action are contrasted
                                                                with those who say that they have been harmed
                                                                by it. America's changing attitudes toward race,
                                                                the issue of reverse discrimination, and the effect
                                                                of affirmative action on women are also explored.
                                                                The program concludes with a discussion of the
                                                                future of this policy and some possible solution to
                                                                its problems.

                                                                At what age do children learn about racism?
                                                                Youth of different racial and socio-economic
                                                                background are interviewed in order to uncover
                                                                the very roots of prejudice. The increasing racial
                                  Volume 5 - The Roots of
      Story of a People                                         tensions on high school and college campuses,          50 min each          D 78
                                                                the disturbing emergence of youth hate groups
                                                                such as the "skinheads", and what some groups
                                                                are doing to create solutions to these problems
                                                                are examined.
                                                                Martin Luther King's words moved a nation with
                                                                their gripping, passionate plea for racial justice.
                                                                This documentary provides a chronicle of the
The Speeches of Martin Luther                                   electrifying speeches from the early days as a
                                                                                                                         60 min      1990   D 79
           King                                                 young pastor in Montgomery, to the great march
                                                                on Washington, including the final prophetic
                                                                speech in Memphis just days before his tragic
                                                                GV 2 is a follow-up to the multi-award winning
                                                                documentary Graffiti Verite’. It features interviews
                                                                with writers, street scenes and over 400 tags,
       Graffiti Verite’ 2                                                                                                57 min      1998   D 80
                                                                throw-ups and pieces, and in addition the winning
                                                                artwork of the First International Graffiti Art
                                                                     directed by Bob Bryan. Graffiti has been around
                                                                     since man encountered his first stone wall. Much
                                                                     of what we know of the world’s early history
                                                                     comes form pictures and symbols scrawled
                                                                     centuries ago. As humans grew more
                                                                     sophisticated and paper became the primary tool
                                                                     of communication, walls became sacrosanct and
                                                                     defiling them with words was viewed as a
         Graffiti Verite’                                                                                                  45 min   1995   D 81
                                                                     throwback to primitive times, which is surely why
                                                                     what we call graffiti has endured. As a way to
                                                                     pass unconventional views, mark turf, or just
                                                                     make a brightly colored mess, graffiti will never
                                                                     disappear. This documentary helps dispel the
                                                                     prejudices against Graffiti Art and draws the
                                                                     viewer into the world of Hip Hop through stunning
                                                                     visual imagery.

                                                                   In this documentary the first 40 years after the
                                                                   creation of the new American democracy are
                                                                   examined. During these years the original
                                                                   colonial boundaries were expanded beyond the
                                                                   Mississippi River and the institutions that
Portraits of American Presidents,   The Presidents of a New Nation
                                                                   undergirded a growing nation were developed.            70 min          D 82
              Vol. 1                          1789-1829
                                                                   The six Presidents of this period – George
                                                                   Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson,
                                                                   James Madison, James Monroe and John Quincy
                                                                   Adams provided the nation with visionary power
                                                                   and direction

                                                                     These 72 years of presidential history witnessed
                                                                     a national struggle between men who favored the
                                                                     right to own slaves and those who opposed it.
                                                                     This issue recurred with the admission of each
                                                                     new state or territory. The struggle started with
                                                                     the Missouri Compromise during the James
                                                                     Madison presidency and festered during the
Portraits of American Presidents,    The Presidents of a National
                                                                     1840s and ‘50s, exploding as the Civil War in         80 min          D 83
              Vol. 2                     Struggle: 1829-1901
                                                                     1861. Dissension over the slavery racked the
                                                                     nation for most of the century. The 19th century
                                                                     was also a time of instability in the office of the
                                                                     president. Harrison, Taylor, Lincoln, Garfield,
                                                                     McKinley died or were murdered while in office.
                                                                     The built-up feelings and resentments of a
                                                                     divided union continued into the 20th century.
                                                                In a little over 100 years of the American
                                                                Presidency, the United States became a world
                                                                power. As the 20th century began, Theodore
                                                                Roosevelt devoted the presidency to promoting
                                                                the United States to the nations of the world. Two
                                                                other presidents, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin
                                                                Delano Roosevelt, protected and promoted
                                                                democracy both at home and abroad. Following
                                                                World War II, America became entrenched in the
                                                                Cold War, brinkmanship, the arms race, the
Portraits of American Presidents,   The Presidents of a World
                                                                containment of Communism, terrorism, human            70 min           D 84
              Vol. 3                    Power 1901-1992
                                                                rights, the environment and the emerging Third
                                                                World nations. The United States had become
                                                                the principal force behind the most important
                                                                issues of our time, maintaining world peace and
                                                                the preservation of the human race. At home,
                                                                each president from Eisenhower to Bush had to
                                                                face, head-on, issues arising from a volatile,
                                                                heterogeneous society. Racial tensions, political
                                                                unrest, protests, special interests and the ups and
                                                                downs of a free economy.

                                                                Sent by President Thomas Jefferson to find the
                                                                fabled Northwest Passage, Meriwether Lewis and
                                                                William Clark led the most important expedition in
                                                                American History – a voyage of danger and
                                                                discovery from St. Louis to the headwaters of the
                                                                Missouri River, over the Continental Divide to the
                                                                Pacific. It was the United States first exploration
Lewis and Clark: The Journey of
                                                                of the West and one of the Nation’s most              240 min   1997   D 85
    the Corps of Discovery
                                                                enduring adventures. This film tells the story of
                                                                the entire Corps of Discovery – not just the two
                                                                famous Captains, but the young army men,
                                                                French-Canadian boatmen, Clark’s African-
                                                                American slave, and the Shoshone woman
                                                                named Sacagawea, who brought along her infant
                                  The site of the first permanent military fort on the
                                  West Coast, Alcatraz became a federal prison in
                                  1934, built to confine some of the most
                                  dangerous criminals in the United States. Closed
                                  in the 60s, Alcatraz once more received national
                                  prominence when it was occupied in 1969 by the
                                  ”Indians of All Tribes” in order to protest against
      Secrets of Alcatraz         the Native American situation. This film is a full-    48 min    1992   D 86
                                  length version of the official national Park service
                                  film shown to the many visitors who tour the
                                  prison. Included are descriptions of desperate
                                  escape attempts of those who sought freedom
                                  from ”America’s Devil’s Island” and home videos
                                  of Alcatraz’s correctional officers and their
                                  families’ lives on ”the Rock”

                                  A murder trial held in Massachusetts in 1921
                                  attracted worldwide attention. The defendants
                                  were two Italian immigrants, Nicola Sacco, a
                                  shoemaker, and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, a fish
                                  peddler. What weighed against them heavily
                                  during the trial, was that Sacco and Vanzetti were
 The True Story of Sacco and      anarchists. The case itself became a travesty of
                                                                                         50 min    1998   D 87
           Vanzetti               justice displaying anti-immigrant sentiment and a
                                  hysterical fear of political radicalism. Although
                                  there was not enough evidence for conviction and
                                  despite international protest from prominent
                                  person, Sacco and Vanzetti were sentenced to
                                  death in 1927. The execution started a
                                  controversy that has continued until today.

                                  In April 1961, Cuban exiles sponsored by the CIA
                                  unsuccessfully tried to invade Cuba at the Bay of
                                  Pigs on the South coast. Fearing another direct
                                  U.S. invasion Cuban leaders turned to the Soviet
                                  Union and received military aid in form of nuclear
                                  weapons. When the U.S. learned that Cuba had
Conflict in Cuba: Bay of Pigs &
                                  missiles in place that could be launched toward        100 min   1996   D 88
     Cuban Missile Crisis
                                  American cities, President John F. Kennedy
                                  ordered a naval blockade to halt the further
                                  shipment of arms. He demanded that the Soviet
                                  Union remove all missiles from the island and
                                  dismantle the remaining missile bases. For days
                                  the world stood on the brink of nuclear war.
                                    Ronald Reagan’s election to the presidency in
                                    1980 marked the convergence of two processes,
                                    neither of which would have seemed likely to
                                    most Americans even a few years earlier. One
                                    was Reagan’s transformation from a fading film
                                    actor into the dominant political figure in the
                                    nation. The other was the rise of a powerful
                                    conservative movement that profited not only
                                    from Reagan’s attractive personality but also from
Ronald Reagan and the Rise of the
                                    a decade of popular disenchantment with politics        50 min   1996   D 89
                                    and government. Reagan’s presidency coincided
                                    with, and contributed to, a long period of dramatic
                                    economic growth and the beginning of a
                                    momentous change in international relations. But
                                    it failed to address and in many ways intensified,
                                    a series of public dilemmas that had been
                                    developing for years before Reagan entered the
                                    White House and that continued to plague the
                                    nation for years after he left.

                                    In 1693, the village of Salem, Massachusetts,
                                    was overcome with superstitious hysteria.
                                    Several village girls had began to behave
                                    strangely. Suspicions of witchcraft soon led to the
                                    arrest of three women. More arrest followed
                                    including prominent people such as a former
                                    minister and the wife of the wealthiest merchant
                                    in the town of Salem. At the climax of the
       Salem Witch Trials           madness, some 150 people were accused of                50 min   1998   D 90
                                    being witches with 20 of them being killed. The
                                    history of the Salem witch trials still raises
                                    disturbing questions for our own time as the
                                    history of the twentieth century cannot leave us
                                    confident that social hysteria will not recur. At the
                                    beginning of the new millennium we face
                                    pressure every bit as intimidating as those that
                                    precipitated the explosion at Salem.
                                   This documentary tells how black artists
                                   triumphed over formidable odds. This
                                   documentary, narrated by actor Joe Morton,
                                   features more than 130 rarely seen paintings,
                                   prints, photographs, and sculptures by black
                                   artists, and even more rarely seen archival
                                   footage of those artists at work. The period of
                                   the1920’s and ‘30s known as the Harlem
                                   Renaissance encompassed an extraordinary
                                   outburst of creativity by African-American visual
Against the Odds: The Artists of
                                   artists. Racial prejudice and segregation,           60 min   1994   D 91
   the Harlem Renaissance
                                   however, not only kept them out of the
                                   mainstream museums and galleries where they
                                   could show and sell their art, but threatened the
                                   very core of their personal artistic expression.
                                   Rich archival footage, including newsreels and
                                   photographs, recalls the influential force of
                                   exhibitions, the vibrancy of Harlem in the roaring
                                   twenties, and the many significant personalities
                                   that shaped the movement, such as William E.
                                   Harmon and W.E.B. DuBois.

                                   The legendary ”Main Street of America” which
                                   begins in Chicago and ends in Los Angeles.
                                   Today, Route 66 has disappeared from the maps
                                   and been replaced by the more efficient Interstate
                                   Highway system. But Route 66 has never ceased
                                   to incite the imagination and this 2,400-mile
Route 66: An American Odyssey      ribbon of asphalt became an icon. Presented                   1994   D 92
                                   through a combination of historic and original
                                   footage and narrative segments, this
                                   documentary follows the Historic Route 66 which
                                   still exists aside from traffic: from the most
                                   spectacular stretches of open highway to the
                                   wigwam motels, dazzling neon and road cafes,
                                  Towards the end of the 16th century in a quiet
                                  corner of England well away from the mainstream
                                  of Elizabethan life, an apparently insignificant
                                  religious movement emerged: It was composed of
                                  a small band of largely anonymous people who
                                  believed in a simple form of worship away from
                                  the ritualized trappings of the established Church
                                  of the day. No one than could possibly have
    The Mayflower Pilgrims                                                              43 min   1995   D 93
                                  guessed what a huge impact these faithful
                                  Christians would have on world history. But when
                                  in 1620 after years of sacrifice and hardships they
                                  arrived on the shores of the New World in a tiny
                                  ship, they brought with them a set of beliefs which
                                  would form the bedrock values for a nation
                                  engendered by the idea of freedom and
                                  expression of religious belief.

                                  The Ties That Bind looks at the human drama
                                  behind current debate over U.S. immigration
                                  policy. The one-hour program roams both sides
                                  of the Texas-Mexico border to present the human
                                  face of immigrants and their families. Root
                                  causes of immigration are explored considering
The Ties That Bind: Immigration                                                         56 min          D 94
                                  the role of transnational corporations and their
                                  social and economic impact on Mexicans and
                                  North Americans. This documentary also
                                  addresses questions concerning present
                                  immigration policies and how immigrants are
                                  organizing themselves.
                              In the 1860’s America was a divided nation. The
                              Civil War tore the country’s spirit apart, and
                              mountains, desert and wild rivers divided the
                              country geographically. At a time when the nation
                              desperately needed a symbol of unity, Congress
                              authorized the building of a railroad that would
                              make the country one. The Union Pacific built
                              from the East. The Central Pacific built form the
                              West. It was one of the most extraordinary
        Iron Road                                                                     60 min   1990   D 95
                              engineering events the country had ever seen.
                              Construction crews built across hundreds of miles
                              of desert, pushed into mountains as high as
                              8,000 feet and crossed one river alone 31 times.
                              The Iron Road recounts the six years of harsh
                              labor, searing heat, Indian attacks, and frontier
                              lawlessness that railroad men endured in their
                              quest to build America’s first transcontinental

                              More Than Bows and Arrows documents the
                              contributions of the American Indians to the
                              development of the United States and Canada.
                              From net fishing off cliffs over a Northwest river to
                              prehistoric mounds that rival the pyramids of
                              Egypt. From early mines and medicine men to the
More Than Bows and Arrows                                                             60 min   1994   D 96
                              ancient Hohokam irrigation canal system in
                              Arizona. More Than Bows and Arrows tells an
                              uncommon and unequaled story. Narrated by
                              Scott Momaday, Pulitzer prize winning Indian
                              author, the film has received numerous national
                              and international awards for film excellence.

                              This documentary captures the imagination as it
                              explores the very nature of heroism and profiles
                              two mavericks who left their indelible brands on
                              history. The focus is on the great American
Heroes and the Test of Time                                                           58 min   1993   D 97
                              painter Thomas Eakins whose works were
                              rejected until after his death and the fiery general
                              George Custer whose death at Little Big Horn is
                              still shrouded in controversy
                                    Midnight Ramble recounts the history of a
                                    remarkable film industry that produced close to
                                    500 movies for African-American audiences
                                    between 1910 and World War II. This
                                    documentary centers its story around the career
                                    of the foremost of these early filmmakers, the
                                    controversial and prolific Oscar Micheaux. His
                                    movies were among the first to explore taboo
                                    subjects such as alcoholism, crime, morality,
                                    education, class conflict – even interracial
                                    relationships, racism and lynching. When the
                                    crash came in 1929, black-owned movie
                                    companies all but disappeared, but Micheaux
Midnight Ramble: The Story of the
                                    hung on through the transition to ”talkies”.             60 min   1994   D 98
       Black Film Industry
                                    Hollywood realized that there was money to be
                                    made in talkies with all-black casts, but continued
                                    to perpetuate the same stereotypes. Micheaux,
                                    never looking to Hollywood for backing, continued
                                    to make films through the 1940s incorporating his
                                    own values and vies. The integration of theaters
                                    following world War II ended the need for black
                                    theaters and spelled the end for race movies, but
                                    the exciting body of film produced by his
                                    generation of black filmmakers offers proof that
                                    the demeaning images of African-Americans
                                    portrayed in early films like D.W. Griffith’s birth of
                                    a nation did not go unanswered.
                                    American Pie is a thoroughly entertaining and
                                    enlightening celebration of the people, places,
          American Pie              and institutions that are uniquely American -            57 min   1992   D 99
                                    slices of life that define the American experience
                                    and character.
                       This documentary traces the history of German
                       immigration to North America, showing the
                       unique traditions they brought with them, and who
                       they are today. It is discussed when and why they
                       emigrated from their native country, where they
                       settled, which occupations they engaged in, and
                       who the important leaders were within each
 German Americans                                                             30 min   1993   D 100
                       community. Viewers take a special look inside the
                       life of a family, meeting three generations of
                       family members who share memories of their
                       country of origin and their motivations for
                       journeying to North America. Younger family
                       members explore the importance of cultural
                       identity, how it is maintained and how it changes.

                       Known commonly as the creator of Huckleberry
                       Fin and Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain’s rich and
                       varied life is eloquently revealed in Mark Twain’s
                       America. The story spans Twain’s career as
                       prolific writer, Mississippi riverboat pilot, drama
                       critic, publisher, and world traveler, while at the
                       same time mirroring the rise of America from
                       frontier days to world ower. In this documentary
                       Twain’s life from boyhood until death is illustrated
                       by photographs. Twain travels down the
                       Mississippi to New Orleans, across the prairies to
                       the Mormon kingdom of Salt Lake City, to San
Mark Twain’s America   Francisco and Hawaii, and finally the Egyptian         60 min   1993   D 102
                       Pyramids. There are exceptionally rich photos of
                       the Gilded Age which evoke the corruption and
                       bountiful living from which Twain was so
                       alienated. With the arrival of the Twentieth
                       Century and the commercialism he so despised,
                       the author is pictured in his seventieth year,
                       writing in bed before his death in 1910. The
                       combination of compelling period images with the
                       robust narration of playwright Howard Lindsay
                       and the masterful orchestral score by Robert
                       Russell Bennett create a powerful portrait of the
                       America Twain knew and influenced.
                                Jack Kerouac found his literary style in Thomas
                                Wolfe and Walt Whitman and the beat of his free-
                                flowing prose in jazz. An increasingly mystical
                                figure, he searched for answers by bumming
                                across the continent, traveling in Mexico and
                                settling in San Francisco during the heyday of its
                                literary renaissance, experimenting with drugs
                                and Zen Buddhism. Kerouac’s life is examined
                                through rare documentary footage, including
          Kerouac                                                                    73 min   1995   D 103
                                television appearances with Steve Allen and
                                William Buckley, interviews with his
                                contemporaries, and dramatized scenes form his
                                life and works. Beginning with his impoverished
                                Catholic boyhood, through his development as
                                one of the most important modern American
                                authors, to his self-destructive demise at the age
                                of 49, Kerouac is both an accurately detailed
                                documentary and a moving drama.

                                Men left their homes, wives, children and their
                                jobs, and raced West in a mad rush to find a pot-
                                of-gold at the end of the rainbow. Towns sprang
                                up overnight, banks, general stores, boarding
                                houses, saloons, all filled with prospectors,
                                hustlers, gamblers, and outlaws. Some came to
                                mine gold. Others came to mine the miners. Men
                                and women lived fast, full, often reckless lives,
Touring America’s Ghost Towns                                                        60 min   1988   D 104
                                and most moved on as rumors of new strikes
                                attracted them to a better tomorrow. Left behind
                                were empty buildings and silent streets. This
                                video brings alive 11 ghost towns where the
                                stories are as fascinating as any in American
                                history. Many of these ghost towns are still
                                standing. Some are deserted, other are too alive
                                to qualify as ”dead”.
                                                This program examines the four-year period
                                                following the Civil War. During this time, railroads
                                                began to sprawl across the Great Plains, which
                                                became a threat to the buffalo ranges of Native
                                                American tribes like the Lakota and Cheyenne. A
                   Vol.1: The Approach of       counter-offensive began against the white
The Way West                                                                                           90 min   1995   D 105
                   Civilization 1865-1869       invaders and involved such figures as Custer,
                                                Crazy Horse, Red Cloud and Sitting Bull. In 1869,
                                                when the two ends of the transcontinental railroad
                                                finally joined up at Promontory Point in Utah, the
                                                fate of Native Americans across the West was

                                              This volume chronicles the colorful and frantic
                                              opening decades of expansion, for the 1840’s
                                              down through the Civil War. Fewer than twenty
                                              thousand white Americans lived west of the
                                              Mississippi River in 1845 – when the pioneer
                                              movement and then the Gold Rush sent
                                              hundreds of thousands of Americans rushing
                                              west across the continent to California and
                                              Oregon. That fateful burst of expansion
               Vol.2: Westward, The course of
                                              transformed the destiny of the continent and
The Way West    Empire Takes its Way, 1845-                                                            90 min   1995   D 106
                                              turned the world of Native Americans upside
                                              down. As key technological innovations like the
                                              telegraph began to bring the sprawling nation
                                              together, the conflict between Native Americans
                                              and whites increased. The ever-quickening pace
                                              of expansion led to a series of bloody
                                              confrontations between Native Americans and
                                              whites, culminating in the Minnesota Uprising of
                                              1862 and two years later, the massacre at Sand
                                               This program chronicles the mammoth
                                               crackdown on Native American tribes that
                                               occurred in the wake of the Battle of Little Big
                                               Horn. It examines the surrender and last days of
                                               Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, the rise of the Ghost
                                               Dance religion, and the terrible massacre at
The Way West   Vol.3: Ghost Dance, 1877-1893   Wounded Knee. By the turn of the century,               90 min   1995   D 107
                                               Americans could see, that what was ”wild” about
                                               the West had been largely lost and won. But long
                                               before the frontier had closed, they were turning it
                                               all into fantasy and myth – cling to the past, but to
                                               the image of a future they thought they had once

                                               This volume follows the dramatic sequence of
                                               events that led up to the battle of Little Big Horn
                                               in June of 1876. As buffalo by the million were
                                               exterminated from the great Plains, and as new
                                               railroads cut ever more deeply into the Indians’
                                               dwindling domain, some Native Americans, Crazy
                                               Horse and Sitting Bull among them, remained
                                               determined to hold on at all costs to their old way
                Vol.4: The War for the Black   of life. By 1873, overbuilding on the Northern
The Way West                                                                                           90 min   1995   D 108
                       Hills, 1870-1876        Pacific Railroad brought on nationwide financial
                                               panic and depression – and spurred the United
                                               States to invade the Lakotas’ sacred Black Hills in
                                               search of gold. That treaty violation, together with
                                               the systematic extermination of the buffalo,
                                               sparked outrage among the Lakota and
                                               Cheyenne, and by 1875 the stage was set for a
                                               cataclysmic showdown between the United
                                               States Army and the tribes of the Northern Plains
                                                                   Native American prophecy foresees a people of
                                                                   the seventh fire, who will search the trail of life for
                                                                   forgotten memories of the earth and of their
                                                                   happiness. When people once again can feel
                                                                   earth’s rhythms, an eighths and final fire will ignite
                                                                   a time of balance, of sharing and loving one
                                                                   another. Filmed during a wilderness meeting of
                                                                   different North American native nations, People of
   People of the Seventh Fire                                      the Seventh Fire addresses questions such as of           53 min    1995   D 109
                                                                   how we must deal with environment and
                                                                   ourselves if we want to survive on this planet by
                                                                   bringing vivid testimony and a message of hope
                                                                   from the continent’s original people to the global
                                                                   human family. With its remarkable images and
                                                                   straight-forward eloquence, People of the
                                                                   Seventh Fire is a profound expression of heart
                                                                   and wisdom.

       The Fabulous 60’s                    Vol.1: 1960                                                                      60 min    1990   D 110
       The Fabulous 60’s                    Vol.2: 1961                                                                      60 min    1990   D 111
                                                                   The Sixties were an era of sharp contrast and a
       The Fabulous 60’s                    Vol.3: 1962                                                                      60 min    1990   D 112
                                                                   tumultuous time – a time when there was war in
       The Fabulous 60’s                    Vol.4: 1963            the jungles of Vietnam, and there was war in the          60 min    1990   D 113
       The Fabulous 60’s                    Vol.5: 1964            streets of Chicago. Yet peace and love reigned in         60 min    1990   D 114
                                                                   the streets of San Francisco. It was a decade
       The Fabulous 60’s                    Vol.6: 1965            when blacks sought civil rights and the new youth         60 min    1990   D 115
       The Fabulous 60’s                    Vol.7: 1966            culture sought power. There was Dylan, there              60 min    1990   D 116
                                                                   was the Beatles. It was JFK’s time, it was Nixon’s
       The Fabulous 60’s                    Vol.8: 1967                                                                      60 min    1990   D 117
       The Fabulous 60’s                    Vol.9: 1968                                                                      60 min    1990   D 118
       The Fabulous 60’s                   Vol.10: 1969                                                                      60 min    1990   D 119

                                                                   When Congress outlawed the sale of alcohol in
                                                                   1919, organized crime broke out the booze and
                                                                   the guns. This volume gives a sobering look at
                                     Volume 1: The Prohibition     how the 18th Amendment gave rise to the Jewish
The Mafia: The History of the Mob
                                    Years, Birth of the American   and Irish Mafias – the ethnic gangs that first            100 min   1993   D 120
           in America
                                                Mafia              cornered the lucrative bootlegging market. When
                                                                   Al Capone and Lucky Luciano tapped into the
                                                                   flow of hard liquor and cold cash, the new Italian
                                                                   Mafia became murder on the competition.
                                                                   This volume spans the decades from Prohibition
                                                                   to Camelot. Joe Kennedy - father of John and
                                                                   Bobby – was involved in bootlegging in Boston
The Mafia: The History of the Mob   Volume 2: The Kennedys and     and had a neat little arrangement with mobster
                                                                                                                         50 min   1993   D 121
           in America                         the Mob              Frank Costello. But his sons showed little respect
                                                                   for Dad’s former business associates, and once
                                                                   inside the White House, put major heat on the

                                                                   In union there is strength but the Mob gave the
                                                                   word ”teamster” new muscle. From Dopey
                                                                   Denny’s All Women Gang, armed with razor-
The Mafia: The History of the Mob                                  sharp hairpins, to Ford Motor Company’s private
                                    Volume 3: Unions and the Mob                                                         50 min   1993   D 122
           in America                                              army of 3,000 security men, this volume looks at
                                                                   how organized crime infiltrated organized labor
                                                                   and wound up sparring with the Communists for
                                                                   control of blue-collar loyalties.

                                                                   When General Patton invaded Sicily, he had his
                                                                   pearl-handled revolver on his hip and mobster
                                                                   Vito Genovese by his side. This volume examines
                                                                   how the Mafia saw World War II as an
The Mafia: The History of the Mob
                                     Volume 4: Empire of Crime     extraordinary opportunity to cash in. In allied-      50 min   1993   D 123
           in America
                                                                   occupied Italy, they became involved in the black
                                                                   market, and accelerated drug trafficking. At the
                                                                   same time, they expanded into legitimate
                                                                   businesses all over the U.S.

                                                                   A visual tour of one of the most romantic routes in
                                                                   history – the Santa Fe Trail. This tape takes the
        West to Santa Fe                  Vol.1: Overview                                                                40 min          D 124
                                                                   viewer from Missouri to New Mexico, form historic
                                                                   sites to trail crossings, to forts and museums.
        West to Santa Fe              Vol.2: ”West to Santa Fe”                                                          40 min          D 125
                                                               Telling the true story behind the fiction of Roman
                                                               Polanski’s Chinatown, this fascinating
                                                               documentary describes how William Mulholland
                                                               ”delivered” a river to Los Angeles in 1913.
                                                               Mulholland, who rose from ditchdigger to
                                                               superintendent of the L.A. water system, found a
                                                               solution to escalating water problems in a remote
Cadillac Desert: Water and the     Program 1: Mulholland’s
                                                               valley 250 miles to the north. After the city         85 min   1997   D 126
  Transformation of Nature                 Dream
                                                               secured water rights to the valley’s Owens River,
                                                               he spent six years building an aqueduct across
                                                               the blistering Mojave Desert, a monumental
                                                               engineering feat. The Program also recalls the
                                                               shady land speculations behind the deal, how
                                                               northern ranchers fought back, and the great
                                                               disaster that destroyed Mulholland.

                                                               This volume charts the Colorado Rivers’s 100-
                                                               year transformation from a wild desert river to the
                                                               most controlled, litigated, regulated, and over-
                                                               allocated river in history. The first river to come
                                                               under complete human control, the Colorado can
                                                               now be turned off, down to the last drop. Is this
                                                               an ecological disaster, the ultimate economic
Cadillac Desert: Water and the
                                 Program 2: An American Nile   folly, or the perfection of a technological ideal?    55 min   1997   D 127
  Transformation of Nature
                                                               Featuring Sierra Club’s David Brower, former
                                                               U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater, and Bureau of
                                                               Reclamation Commissioner Floyd Dominy, this
                                                               program recalls the opening of the West to
                                                               settlers, the construction of the Hoover Dam, and
                                                               the bitter political battles over the potential
                                                               damming of the Grand Canyon.

                                                               Fierce battle raged around the transformation of
                                                               California’s Central Valley from semiarid desert,
                                                               where 300 Native American tribes thrived, into
                                                               the most productive and environmentally altered
                                                               agricultural region in history. Beginning in the
Cadillac Desert: Water and the     Program 3: The Mercy of     1920s, when small farms began pumping ground
                                                                                                                     55 min   1997   D 128
  Transformation of Nature                 Nature              water, this volume illustrates the role presidents,
                                                               governors, and giant agribusiness companies
                                                               have played in the ebb and flow of water. The
                                                               program follows the recent trend in which water is
                                                               diverted away from agriculture and toward cities
                                                               and wildlife.
                                                               This documentary takes viewers abroad to
                                                               investigate a new era of water scarcity. Visits to
                                                               India and China illustrate how America’s large
                                                               dams became examples for water projects
                                                               overseas. In Mexico City, we follow the struggle
Cadillac Desert: Water and the                                 to provide water for 20 million people. The city is
                                   Program 4: Last Oasis                                                             55 min   1997   D 129
  Transformation of Nature                                     sinking – up to 12 inches a year in some sections
                                                               – because the aquifers are so overdrawn. A
                                                               journey to the Middle East explores whether
                                                               conflicts over water could lead to war. Back in
                                                               the United States, Last Oasis looks to the future
                                                               of water conservation and recycling.

                                                               This documentary is a comprehensive look at
                                                               women’s efforts to shape their own destinies and
                                                               establish a system of justice for not only
                                 Vol.1: Sexuality and Social   themselves, but for all Americans. The issues
    A Century of Women                                                                                               95 min   1994   D 130
                                           Justice             touched upon range from the valiant Margaret
                                                               Sanger’s crusade to provide all women a means
                                                               of birth control to the Women’s Liberation

                                                               ”Image and Popular Culture” explores the
                                                               changing concepts of ”ideal beauty” and how
                                 Vol.2: Image and Popular      women see themselves. From the silver screen to
    A Century of Women                                                                                               95 min   1994   D 131
                                          Culture              television, through music, dance and art, the
                                                               changing image of women is an important and
                                                               entertaining part of the 20th century.

                                                               This volume deals with the struggle of women
                                                               trying to have it all – work, marriage and
                                                               motherhood. The balancing act of labor and love
                                                               is not an invention of the ‘90s. For many women,
    A Century of Women            Vol.3: Work and Family       in the early years of the century, it was a matter    95 min   1994   D 132
                                                               of life or death. From the founders of PTA to the
                                                               early union leaders and First Ladies, this program
                                                               details stories of women as wives, mother and
                                                   Some of the first images made in America
                                                   resemble ancient ones. Jefferson and the other
                                                   Founding Fathers feel that classicism lends the
                                                   young nation power and authority. From heroic
American Visions   Vol.1: The Republic of Virtue                                                          60 min each   1996   D 133
                                                   statues of George Washington to the architecture
                                                   of Washington, D.C., the new republic adopts and
                                                   transforms the classical style to serve a new,
                                                   democratic ideal.

                                                   Before there is an America, disparate bands of
                                                   settlers strive to carve out an identity in a virgin
                                                   land. In the west, Spanish missions use art to
                                                   convert the natives to Catholicism. In the east,
American Visions   Volume 2: The Promised Land     plain Protestant settlers are suspicious of art’s      60 min each   1996   D 134
                                                   pleasures. And in Virginia, an exiled aristocracy
                                                   recreates its ideal of England. Early portraits of
                                                   these settlers ask us to consider the emergence
                                                   of this new person, this American.

                                                   From the majestic primal America, there arises
                                                   the idea of landscape as God’s fingerprint.
                                                   Landscape painting holds deep religious and
                                                   patriotic connotations; soon, the belief in Manifest
                                                   Destiny is embodied in art. Traveling from
                   Volume 3: The Wilderness and    Yellowstone to the Hudson Valley, Hughes
American Visions                                                                                          60 min each   1996   D 135
                             the West              explores the artists Albert Bierstadt, John James
                                                   Audubon, Frederic Church, Frederic Remington
                                                   and Thomas Cole. In their work he finds the
                                                   conflicting impulses to worship the land and to
                                                   conquer it, to create a myth of the West just as
                                                   the frontier itself is closing.

                                                   The many sides of America in the 19th century:
                                                   the extravagant ”cottages” of Newport’s tycoons,
                                                   the triumph of the Brooklyn Bridge, the haunting
                                                   realism of Civil War photography, the elegant
                                                   portraits of John Singer Sargent, the American
American Visions     Volume 4: The Gilded Age                                                             60 min each   1996   D 136
                                                   Impressionism of James whistler and Mary
                                                   Casatt. Together with a new breed of distinctly
                                                   American artists like Thomas Eakins and Winslow
                                                   Homer, they mirror widely different experiences of
                                                   the American Dream.
                                                   Waves of immigrants in the early 20th century
                                                   bring both their old culture and a thirst for the
                                                   new. Their tenements are documented by
                                                   photographer Jacob Riis and the socially
                                                   conscious Ashcan School. Then, after the historic
                    Volume 5: A Wave From the      1913 Armory show, artist like Joseph Stella, Paul
American Visions                                                                                         60 min each   1996   D 137
                             Atlantic              Strand, Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O’Keeffe forge a
                                                   modernism that is uniquely American. Some
                                                   celebrate the industrial sublime. Yet nature is the
                                                   inspiration that leads Frank Lloyd Wright to
                                                   develop an organic architecture at the heart of
                                                   modern design.

                                                   The mythic images of the 1920s and 30’s are as
                                                   urban as the skyscrapers rising up in New York
                                                   and as rural as heartland idealized by
                                                   Regionalists like Thomas Hart Benton. Iamu
                                                   Noguchi, Lewis Hine and the artists of the WPA
                    Volume 6: Streamlines and      celebrate the worker as hero, Jacob Lawrence
American Visions                                                                                         60 min each   1996   D 138
                           Breadlines              tells stories of black America, and ambitious New
                                                   Deal projects like Hoover Dam project self-
                                                   confidence in hard times. Which is the real
                                                   modern America – the isolation painted by
                                                   Edward Hopper, or the jazzy vitality captured by
                                                   Stuart Davis?

                                                   In the post-war era, America’s power is unrivaled,
                                                   and its artists make an explosive break with the
                                                   past. Hughes considers the impact of Hiroshima
                                                   on art, traces the development of abstract
                                                   expressionism and the life of Jackson Pollock,
American Visions   Volume 7: The Empire of Signs   and explores how artists as different as James        60 min each   1996   D 139
                                                   Rosenquist, Claes Oldenburg, Joseph Cornell,
                                                   Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns reacted to the
                                                   new consumer culture. We end with the nation on
                                                   the eve of divisive conflicts, as media images
                                                   begin to overwhelm anything created by artists.
                                                                   Our final program explores how American art has
                                                                   reflected the upheavals of the last 25 years.
                                                                   Hughes traces the evolution of abstract art and
                                                                   minimalism and considers the spiritual richness of
                                                                   earth works, in which nature is the artist’s
        American Visions            Volume 8: The Age of Anxiety                                                         60 min each   1996   D 140
                                                                   medium. He ends the series by profiling a wide
                                                                   range of contemporary artists. Using a diversity of
                                                                   mediums and approaches, Richard Serra, Susan
                                                                   Rothenberg, James Turrill and other continue to
                                                                   capture uniquely American visions.
                                                                   Human Arrival in North America; Native American
                                                                   Life; West Africa and Europe on the Eve of
Three Worlds Meet: Origins – 1620                                  Contact; Age of Exploration; The Columbian              34 min      1996   D 141
                                                                   Exchange and Ecological Interactions; Spanish

                                                                   European settlers; European/Native American
                                                                   Interaction, Jamestown Settlement; Puritan
                                                                   Settlements and Society; Influence of the English
                                                                   and Changes in Native American Societies;
     The Era of Colonization                                                                                               35 min      1996   D 142
                                                                   Religious Diversity/Religious Freedom; Quakers
                                                                   in Pennsylvania; the Struggle for Control in North
                                                                   American; the French and Indian War; the Impact
                                                                   of Colonial Wars.

                                                                   The Atlantic World and Mercantilism; Cultivation
                                                                   and Trade of Sugar in the New World; Indentured
                                                                   Servitude and Chattel Slavery; the Impact of
      Slavery and Freedom                                                                                                  35 min      1996   D 143
                                                                   Slavery on American Life and Values;
                                                                   Representative Governments and Political Rights;
                                                                   the Great Awakening.

                                                                   Causes of the American Revolution; England’s
                                                                   Imperial Policies; Resistance Leaders; Patriots
                                                                   and Loyalists; the Shot Heard ‘Round the World;
    The American Revolution                                                                                                35 min      1996   D 144
                                                                   Declaration of Independence, Rights of Man;
                                                                   Abolition of Slavery in the North; the War for
                                                                   Independence; Treaty of Paris.
                                Inventing a New Form of Government; the
                                Continental Congress; the Articles of
                                Confederation, Northwest Ordinance; Shay’s
        A New Nation            Rebellion, Constitutional Convention; the             35 min   1996   D 145
                                Ratification Debates; Bill of Rights; Political
                                Factions and Two-Party System; Alien and
                                Sedition Acts; the Marshall Court.
                                Territorial Expansion and the Louisiana
                                Purchase; Lewis and Clark Expedition; War of
                                1812; Native American Resistance; Tecumseh
       Expansionism                                                                   35 min   1996   D 146
                                and the Trail of Tears; Manifest Destiny; Oregon
                                Trail; Mexican-American War; California Gold
                                Jacksonian Democracy and the ”Common Man”;
                                the Second Great Awakening; Temperance,
   Democracy and Reform         Women’s Suffrage, Seneca Falls and the                35 min   1996   D147
                                Declaration of Sentiments; Institutional Reform;
                                Utopian Movements; Abolition Movement

                                Industrial North; Agricultural South and the Cotton
                                Belt; Plantation Slavery, Black Resistance to
                                Slavery; Nat Turner’s Rebellion; Ascent of the
                                Republican Party; Free Blacks and the Abolition
   Causes of the Civil War      Movement; Underground Railroad, Sectional             35 min   1996   D 148
                                Polarization; the Missouri Compromise and the
                                Compromise of 1850, Popular Sovereignty; the
                                Dred Scott Case; Abraham Lincoln; Secession of
                                Southern States
                                1861 Crisis at Sumter; Rush to Arms; the Harsh
                                Face of War; Oh, Freedom!; 1863 At Home;
        The Civil War           Angels of the Battlefield; Gettysburg; Western        35 min   1996   D 149
                                Front; toward Union Victory; 1865 Conclusion at
                                Assassination of Lincoln; Congressional
                                Reconstruction; the Reconstruction Amendments;
Reconstruction & Segregation:   the Freedman’s Bureau; Republican Rule; the
                                                                                      35 min   1996   D 150
         1865-1910              Rise of the Ku Klux Klan; Racial Caste System
                                and Segregation; Sharecropping; Jim Crow Laws;
                                ”Separate but Equal”.
                                    The Railroads; The Rise of Heavy Industry; The
                                    Modern Corporation, the Cattle Frontier; The
Industrialization & Urbanization:   Agricultural Revolution; the Rise of the Cities;
                                                                                         35 min   1996   D151
            1870-1910               Pollution and the Destruction of Nature; Urban
                                    Pollution and Disease; The Dawn of a New

                                    The New Immigration, Bosses, Unions, Agents;
                                    The Squalor of the Cites; Family and Community;
                                    A Melting Pot? A Clash of Generations; Closing
Immigration & Cultural Change       the Golden door; China; Closing the Golden           35 min   1996   D 152
                                    Door: Europeans; That’s Entertainment; Take Me
                                    Out to the Ballgame; Start Spreading the News;
                                    American Dreams: Lost and Found.

                                    The Railroad Strike of 1877; the World of Capital
                                    and the World of Labor; Women and Children in
      A Nation in Turmoil           the Workplace; the Rise of Organized Labor;          35 min   1996   D 153
                                    Strikes and Labor Strife; the Populist Revolt, the
                                    Crash of 1893; the Election of 1896.
                                    The Roots of Progressivism; Settlement Houses,
                                    Clash of Cultures between Progressives and
                                    Immigrants; Muckrakers and City Bosses;
  The Progressive Movement          Fighting the Trusts; Political Reform; New           35 min   1996   D 154
                                    Nationalism vs. New Freedom; Booker T.
                                    Washington and W.E.B. DuBois, Socialists and
                                    Wobblies; the Suffrage Movement.
                                    A Lost Way of Life, From Isolation to Empire; The
                                    Spanish-American War; the American Empire;
 U.S. & The World: 1865-1917                                                             35 min   1996   D 155
                                    America in the Caribbean; The Panama Canal;
                                    The United States and Latin America.

                                    American Neutrality and the Road to War; the
                                    Doughboys; the War Industries Board; the Great
                                    Migration; Espionage and Sedition Acts, the
         The Great War                                                                   35 min   1996   D 156
                                    American Expeditionary Force in Europe;
                                    Wilson’s Fourteen Points; the Strikes of 1919; the
                                    Red Scare and the Palmer Raids

                                    Return to Normalcy; Automobile Culture;
                                    Flappers and the Revolution in Manners and
                                    Morals; the Consumer Revolution and Rise of
     The Roaring Twenties           Advertising; Motion Pictures; the Harlem             35 min   1996   D 157
                                    Renaissance and the Jazz Age; Social
                                    Polarization; Prohibition; Rebirth of the KKK; the
                                    Scopes Trial; the Golden Age of Sports.
                                                                  Causes of the Great Depression; the Stock
                                                                  Market Crash; Hard Times Across America; the
The Great Depression & the New                                    New Deal; the Dust Bowl; a Culture of Sight and
                                                                                                                        35 min   1996   D 158
             Deal                                                 Sound, the New Deal; the Wagner Labor Act and
                                                                  the Growth of the Unions; the Birth of the Modern
                                                                  Welfare State.
                                                                  Upheaval in Europe and Asia; Lend Lease and
                                                                  the Road to War; Pearl Harbor; the Arsenal for
                                                                  Democracy, Industrial Mobilization and Rationing;
         World War II                                             Americans on the Move; the Second Great               35 min   1996   D 159
                                                                  Migration; Internment of Japanese Americans,
                                                                  the European and Pacific Theaters; the
                                                                  Beginnings of the Atomic Age.
                                                                  Post-War Prosperity and the Rise of the
                                                                  Consumer Society; the GI Bill; Truman and the
                                                                  Fair Deal; Suburbanization; the Baby Boom; the
                                                                  Birth of Television and the Influence of
       Post-War U.S.A.                                            Advertising, Roles of Women and the Feminine          35 min   1996   D 160
                                                                  Mystique; the Cold War; the Korean War; the
                                                                  Arms Race; the Red Scare and McCarthyism; the
                                                                  Early Civil Rights Movement; Teen Rebellion and
                                                                  Rock & Roll.

                                                                  In America, there was a time when textile was
                                                                  king. This volume chronicles the 200-year history
                                                                  of the textile industry, detailing how the abundant
                                                                  waterpower in the Northeast led to a proliferation
                                 Textiles: Birth of an American   of mills, providing the infant nation with the
     Empires of Industry                                                                                                50 min   1997   D 161
                                            Industry              material goods, it needed to win economic
                                                                  independence. This documentary introduces
                                                                  Lowell, Massachusetts, America’s first industrial
                                                                  city and examines why textile production migrated
                                                                  to the South following the Civil War.

                                                                  This documentary offers a stunning portrait of one
                                                                  of America’s longest lasting industries. Sawmills
                                                                  were among the first industrial buildings built in
                                                                  America, and today board is produced at an
     Empires of Industry                    Timber!                                                                     50 min   1998   D 162
                                                                  extremely fast rate. However, forests are being
                                                                  threatened. People involved in the industry
                                                                  discuss how they deal with the challenges facing
                                                                  their industry today.
                                                     Andrew Carnegie transformed the steel industry
                                                     from production in small ironworks to massive
                                                     mills that covered acres of land. This
                                                     documentary explores how an industry was
                                                     transformed as a modern America was built on a
                      Andrew Carnegie and the Age    skeleton of steel. Expert interviews, period
Empires of Industry                                                                                         50 min   1997   D 163
                               of Steel              photographs and rare footage chronicle the
                                                     evolution of steel into the pre-eminent American
                                                     industry. Tycoons such as Carnegie pushed the
                                                     industry to the top while facing strong
                                                     international competition. The grim realities of the
                                                     working conditions gave rise to social unrest.

                                                     Featuring interviews with industry insiders and
                                                     industrial historians, this program focuses on the
                                                     oil industry. It examines how unrefined oil was
                                                     used through history, from ancient China to the
                                                     Crusades, and see how one man’s breakthrough
Empires of Industry   Black Gold: The Story of Oil                                                          50 min   1998   D 164
                                                     gave birth to the industry we know today. See
                                                     how oil has impacted the policies of nations.
                                                     From the hills of Pennsylvania to the Arabian
                                                     Desert and beyond, travel around the globe and
                                                     hear the story of riches, power and petroleum.

                                                     This documentary takes a comprehensive look at
                                                     the coal mining industry featuring extensive
                                                     interviews with labor leaders, company presidents
Empires of Industry     The Legacy of King Coal      and historians who trace the impact of coal on the     50 min   1997   D 165
                                                     American economy. Examine the industry’s long
                                                     history of labor unrest and relive some of the
                                                     worst industrial disasters in history.

                                                     Take a look into the tobacco industry from the
                                                     Colonial era to the present day. Historians,
                                                     politicians, health professionals and industry
                                                     insider provide a comprehensive look at the
Empires of Industry         Leaves of Gold                                                                  50 min   1998   D 166
                                                     issues involved with the ultimate cash crop.
                                                     Issues include: individual liberty versus the health
                                                     of others, the welfare of farmers versus the
                                                     interests of the medical industry, and more.
                                This eye-opening movie serves up a dazzling
                                hundred-year history of the role of gay men and
                                lesbians on the silver screen. An assembly of
                                footage from 120 films shows the changing face
                                of cinema sexuality from cruel stereotypes to
    The Celluloid Closet                                                             102 min   1996   D 167
                                covert love to the activist triumphs of the 1990s.
                                Tom Hanks, Susan Sarandon, Whoopi Goldberg,
                                Tony Curtis, and Gore Vidal are just a few of the
                                many actors, writers and commentators who
                                provide funny and insightful anecdotes.

                                One of this century’s most respected and admired
                                figures, she was a humanitarian who transformed
                                the place of women in society, and in the White
                                House. Eleanor Roosevelt created the tradition of
                                the activist First Lady. A pioneer among
                                President’s wives, she formed a staff, held press
                                conferences, and defined an agenda beyond that
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Restless
                                of a homemaker. She fought for Civil Rights,         50 min    1994   D 168
                                women and the oppressed. Yet this towering
                                public figure was also an orphan whose family
                                was destroyed by alcoholism, the unhappy wife of
                                a philandering husband, and a passionate friend.
                                Experts and scholars finally succeed in
                                connecting her public and private live in this
                                unique and intimate portrait.

                                The psychological portrait of former Fist Lady
 Nancy Reagan: President’s      Nancy Reagan who was in the national spotlight
                                                                                     50 min    1996   D 169
       Leading Lady             for eight years during the presidency of her
                                husband, Ronald Reagan.
                                                             She brings a new kind of activism and
                                                             involvement to her role as the President’s wife –
                                                             and has become one of the most controversial
                                                             First Ladies in White House history. Hillary
                                                             Rodham Clinton has provoked strong reactions
                                                             all her life. A Goldwater Girl from a conservative
Hillary Rodham Clinton: Changing                             Illinois town who became a campus activist, she
                                                                                                                   50 min    1994   D 170
            the Rules                                        spurned prestigious job offers from elite law firms
                                                             to follow her husband, Bill, to Arkansas. Here is
                                                             her surprising and remarkable story, told through
                                                             insightful interviews with friends and family
                                                             members that explore the turning points of her
                                                             life. This program reveals a portrait of a fiercely
                                                             intelligent and committed woman.

    Indians of North America               Pueblo            This series is a fascinating study of North           30 min    1994   D 171
                                                             American Indians which accurately portrays their
    Indians of North America              Iroquois           history, culture and way of life today. Leading       30 min    1993   D 172
    Indians of North America              Cherokee           native American scholars discuss the specific         30 min    1993   D 173
    Indians of North America               Navajo            histories of each of the North American peoples       30 min    1993   D 174
                                                             and challenge many still-prevalent myths and
                                                             stereotypes. Each program focuses on the unique
                                                             history of a particular Indian community.
                                                             Extensive location filming takes the viewer to
    Indians of North America               Apache            reservations where children and elders discuss        30 min    1993   D 175
                                                             what it means to be a Native American today. In
                                                             addition, young adults will come to understand
                                                             more about these cultures, through photographs,
                                                             film footage, tribal music, crafts and ceremonies.
                                                             In an era of innocence and prosperity the
                                                             American landscape is set in motion for a new
                                                             century of unimaginable change – a time when
                                                             the promise of electricity, automobiles, moving
                                                             pictures and air flight was just over the horizon.
                                   Volume 1: The Beginning   World War I erupts and with it America suffers its
  The Century: America’s Time                                                                                      135 min          D 176
                                       Through the ‘20s      greatest physical and emotional losses since The
                                                             Civil War. An energetic post-war mentality
                                                             emerges and old traditions are challenged during
                                                             the Roaring ‘20s. Women take bold steps toward
                                                             equality threatening to upset the ”domestic
                                                             balance” of the country.
                                                   Causes and effects of the worst economic crisis
                                                   in U.S. history – The Great Depression – are
                                                   examined: The stock market crashes, plunging
                                                   the nation into the economic depths of The Great
                                                   Depression. For the first time, the country reflects
The Century: America’s Time   Volume 2: The ‘30s                                                          90 min    D 177
                                                   on a sobering question: Is there a limit to the
                                                   ”American Dream”? As Adolph Hitler’s feared
                                                   Third Reich cuts a deadly path through Europe.
                                                   Americans must weigh the option of becoming
                                                   involved in another bloody, global conflict.

                                                   This volume chronicles America’s ascension out
                                                   of the Depression as it enters the second world
                                                   war of the century. For the first time in history,
                                                   more civilians than soldiers are killed during
                                                   wartime. From Nazi concentration camps to the
                                                   blitz of London, to the atomic bombings of Japan,
                                                   ordinary citizens come face-tot-face with he
                                                   horrors of war. The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor
The Century: America’s Time   Volume 3: The ‘40s                                                          160 min   D 178
                                                   and force American industries to retool for the
                                                   Allies’ war effort. As a result, the Great
                                                   Depression lifts, making way for Southern blacks,
                                                   and women, to enter the work force in record
                                                   numbers. Victorious over the German and
                                                   Japanese armies, America finds itself organizing
                                                   the reconstruction of Europe under the ambitious
                                                   Marshall Plan.
                                                            Despite America’s renewed identity and
                                                            prosperity, paranoia about Communism gives rise
                                                            to the ”witch hunts” of McCarthyism. Highly
                                                            charged ideals of the younger generation stand in
                                                            stark contrast with those of the Establishment.
                                                            Racial ethical and political views divide the
                                                            nation, while the unpopular, protracted war in
                                                            Vietnam causes many Americans to question
                                                            their country’s direction. African-Americans stand
                                                            up against their second-class citizenship.
The Century: America’s Time   Volume 4: The ‘50s and ‘60s   President John Kennedy balances the explosive           135 min   D 179
                                                            Cuban missile crisis while suppressing clashes
                                                            between the races over equal rights at home.
                                                            Kennedy emerges as the preeminent global
                                                            power broker, but his assassination leaves an
                                                            indelible wound on the American psyche. With no
                                                            end in sight to the Vietnam War, the radical
                                                            ”counterculture” erupts in violent protest. Political
                                                            and cultural norms are challenged through music,
                                                            literature and style, reflecting the country’s most
                                                            turbulent era during the century’s second half.

                                                            This volume examines America’s sense of
                                                            betrayal when President Richard Nixon’s cover-
                                                            up of the Watergate break-in forces him to resign
                                                            in disgrace. The public’s faith in their government
                                                            shatters with the disclosure of Watergate. Nixon
                                                            becomes the first President in U.S. history to
                                                            resign, as corruption and politics truly become
The Century: America’s Time       Volume 5: The ‘70s                                                                90 min    D 180
                                                            synonymous. The upheavals of the ‘60s and ‘70s
                                                            now leave many confronting the emotional fallout,
                                                            including forced interracial busing and women
                                                            torn between their roles as housewives and
                                                            breadwinners. As we move on through the 1970s,
                                                            all Americans are forced to reassess their
                                                            positions in the changing, multicultural society.
                                                              This final volume witnesses the demise of what
                                                              President Reagan called ”the evil empire” and the
                                                              end of the Cold War. The Berlin Wall falls, while
                                                              Wall Street’s greed rises. Still, America remains a
The Century: America’s Time   Volume 6: The ‘80s and ‘90s                                                             90 min           D 181
                                                              land of dreamers, creators, and optimists. With
                                                              the hope of learning from the past and the
                                                              promise of the future, we can only imagine what
                                                              the next century may hold.

                                                              In this documentary the story of the Mormon trail
                                                              is examined. This conduit to the West was used
                                                              by more than 70,000 emigrants – most of them
                                                              migrating for religious reasons – on their journey
       Trail of Hope                                          to the great Basin. The great majority of these         120 min   1997   D 182
                                                              pioneers made the trek on foot across windblown
                                                              plains, sunbaked deserts, and frozen mountain
                                                              valleys, each step a triumph in the face of
                                                              tragedy, and a testament to unwavering faith.

                              1. Black on White/Pioneers! O   These volumes are a journey through history –
    The Story of English                                      and the modern world – which illustrates the            58 min    1986   D 183
                                                              evolution of the English language. Part
                                                              travelogue, part linguistics course, this series is a
                                                              unique blend of solid scholarship and engrossing
                                                              entertainment. Black on White examines Black
                              2. Next Year’s Words: A Look    English from its beginnings with American slaves
    The Story of English                                                                                              58 min    1986   D 184
                                      into the Future         to today’s black ”rap”. ”Pioneers! O Pioneers!”
                                                              evokes the spirit of American English as it
                                                              evolved from 1776 to the 1920s. Next Year’s
                                                              Words examines the global influence of English
                                  It had no rails, no phantom trains, no shadowy
                                  subterranean tunnels. But for those ”passengers”
                                  who successfully traveled what came to be
                                  known as the Underground Railroad, there was a
                                  very real destination: Freedom. For those who
                                  failed: a return to the living nightmare of slavery.
                                  This film documents the thrilling story of a 200-
                                  year struggle to break the bonds of slavery in the
                                  American South. A story of secret codes, hidden
Underground Railroad              way-stations and clandestine ”conductors”. A             100 min   1996   D 185
                                  story not of a railway, but of a loosely organized
                                  network of runaway slaves, free blacks and anti-
                                  slavery whites, all willing to risk their lives in the
                                  name of liberty. With dramatic re-creations of
                                  escapes and acts of selfless heroism, this moving
                                  account also chronicles the achievements of
                                  legendary abolitionist figures such as Frederick
                                  Douglass, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harriet
                                  Tubman and William Lloyd Garrison.

                                  From Michael Moore, the creator of the critically-
                                  acclaimed hit Roger & Me, comes TV Nation.
                                  Armed with a TV crew and a wicked sense of
     TV Nation         Volume 1   humor, Moore and his correspondents hilariously          120 min   1994   D 186
                                  expose the excesses of corporate America and
                                  examine the absurdity of modern politics and
                                  popular culture.
     TV Nation         Volume 2                                                            120 min   1994   D 187
                                  This compelling and incredibly informative
                                  documentary traces the history of the African-
                                  American church, from its origins as a seperate
This House of Power                                                                        50 min.          D 188
                                  "Invisible Institution" among the slaves, to its
                                  present day role as a major force for social
                                  change .
                                         Nobel Prize laureate Toni Morrison has firmly
                                         established herself as one of the nation’s finest
                                         novelists and the leading chronicler of the black
                                         experience in America. In this thought-provoking
                                         program, Morrison discusses slavery and its
                                         appalling legacy with an approach that is at once
                                         warm, generous, intelligent, and knowledgeable.
 Toni Morrison                           We learn the true tale which inspired Morrison’s       52 min   1987   D 189
                                         Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Beloved, the story of
                                         a mother who murders her baby rather than have
                                         her taken into slavery and is then haunted by the
                                         reincarnated child. The author elaborates on the
                                         challenges of dealing with such painful material
                                         and of writing about ordinary people whose
                                         experiences seem monumentally larger than life.

                                         Members of the Onondaga, Navajo and Lummi
                                         leadership are portrayed, including Audrey
                                         Shenandoah, clan mother, who categorically
                                         states that she has lived within the geopolitical
                                         boundaries of the U.S. but has never considered
Winds of Change   A Matter of Promises                                                          60 min   1990   D 190
                                         herself ”American”. Interviews with tribal
                                         members provide an overview of the growing
                                         concerns of these tribes, revealing that they
                                         maintain wary coexistence within the larger
                                         American culture.

                                         This program focuses on the Hopi nation, the
                                         oldest continuously inhabited community in
                                         America in an effort to understand their struggle
                                         to find their place in the modern world. Candid
                                         interviews with Hopi tribe members offer rare
                                         insights into the personal side of acculturation
Winds of Change    A Matter of Choice    and assimilation. The survival of the Hopi and         60 Min   1990   D 191
                                         hundreds of other sovereign Indian nations is
                                         threatened by the exodus of their youth to the
                                         cities. Viewers learn about the importance of
                                         identity to urban Indians, the growth of intertribal
                                         institutions such as the city powwow and Indian
                                                    This documentary focuses on community
                                                    development corporations that weave an
   The New Urban Renewal:                           interlocking web of physical and human support,
                                                                                                            60 min      1997      D 192
 Reclaiming Our Neighborhoods                       from new housing to business and social service,
                                                    literally rebuilding communities from the ground
                                                    Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the greatest of all
                                                    American architects. Over the course of his long
                                                    career, Wright designed over eight hundred
       Frank Lloyd Wright                           buildings, including such revolutionary structures     153 min      1998      D 193
                                                    as the Guggenheim Museum, the Johnson Wax
                                                    Building, Fallingwater, Unity Temple, and
                                                    This series is filled with historical information,
                                                    historic graphics, maps and photos. State facts:
United States History and Capitals   Five volumes                                                         35 min each   1998   D 194 - D 198
                                                    dates they entered the union, flags, flowers, birds
                                                    beautiful landscapes and much more.
                                                    No mere game can capture the excitement, the
                                                    emotion, the passion that has stirred America’s
            Baseball                                heart for some 200 years. Indeed, it is more than       30 min      1994      D 199
                                                    a game, it is a symbol for the American way of
                                                    P.T.Barnum pioneered the display of natural
                                                    history, and at the same time wrote the book on
          P.T. Barnum                               entertainment. Part hokum. Part fraud. All              90 min      1996      D 200
                                                    showman. He built the tawdry ”freak show” into
                                                    the greatest show on earth.

                                                    This documentary presents an expansive,
                                                    intimate portrait of Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy
                                                    Onassis, framed by the times in which she lived
                                                    and informed by the people who knew her. The
                                                    film traces the arc of Jackie’s extraordinary life,
     Jackie: Behind the Myth                                                                               120 min      1999      D 201
                                                    from her seemingly idyllic youth to her days as a
                                                    beloved First Lady to her post-White House
                                                    marriage and career, and finally to her valiant
                                                    efforts to promote and preserve America’s
                                                    cultural heritage.
                                                        In the summer of 1931, across the Southern
                                                        Plains, the rains suddenly stopped. Farmers
                                                        watched their parched soil soar into the air and
                                                        form walls of churning dust that blotted out the
           Dust Bowl                                                                                           60 min    1998   D 202
                                                        sun. For nearly a decade, these “black blizzards”
                                                        brought hardship and misery to thousands of
                                                        families in what became known as the “Dust
                                                        Bowl”, America’s worst ecological disaster.

                                                        The mid-19 century famine in Ireland set the
Out of Ireland: The Story of Irish                      stage for one of the first big waves of European
                                                                                                               111 min   1995   D 203
     Emigration to America                              immigrants to America. They tested and
                                                        profoundly changed America’s notion of itself.
                                                        42 Street is the very heart of New York: on
     A Walk on 42nd Street                              every block, it embodies the colorful, vivid, and                1998   D 204
                                                        insouciant spirit of New York City itself.
                                                        This documentary tells the story of Lili’uokalani’s
                                                        life, her embattled reign as the queen of Hawaii,
      Hawaii’s Last Queen                                                                                      60 min    1997   D 205
                                                        and the ulimate betrayal that led to the loss of her
  The Famous Authors Series          William Faulkner                                                          30 min           D 206
  The Famous Authors Series             Mark Twain                                                             30 min           D 207
  The Famous Authors Series           Herman Melville                                                          30 min           D 208
  The Famous Authors Series          Ernest Hemingway                                                          30 min           D 209
  The Famous Authors Series           F.H. Fitzgerald                                                          30 min           D 210
  The Famous Authors Series           John Steinbeck                                                           30 min           D 211
  The Famous Authors Series            Henry James                                                             30 min           D 212
  The Famous Authors Series           Eugene O’Neill                                                           30 min           D 213
  The Famous Authors Series           Edgar Allan Poe                                                          30 min           D 214
  The Famous Authors Series            Walt Whitman                                                            30 min           D 215

                                                        On a hot summer day, there may be no better
                                                        place on earth than a traditional amusement park.
  Great Old Amusement Parks                             A place where you can hop on a classic wooden          60 min    1999   D 216
                                                        coaster, reach for the ring as you whirl by on the
                                                        merry-go-round, or cool down on the Caterpillar.
                                     She was a Native American princess who, at the
                                     age of twelve, saved the life of English explorer
                                     Captain John Smith. Before her death at 23, she
   Pocahontas: Her True Story                                                                 50 min       1995   D 217
                                     had single-handedly forged an improbable peace
                                     between two nations: She was the legendary
                                     ”The heart of everything that is.” These are the
                                     words which the Sioux Indians use to describe
                                     their ancestral homeland, the Black Hills of South
                                     Dakota. Those million acres form the spiritual
    The Spirit of Crazy Horse        core of the Sioux culture, and it’s a land they          60 min       1990   D 218
                                     have struggled to reclaim for a century. This
                                     documentary is an eye-opening vision of their
                                     quest, which has shaped the lives and destiny of
                                     the Sioux for six generations.
                                     Elisabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
                                     were born into a world ruled entirely by men. By
                                     the time their lives were over, they had changed
Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story
                                     for the better the lives of a majority of American
  of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and                                                             3 hrs 30 min   1999   D 219
                                     citizens. They firmly believed that equality was
         Susan B. Anthony
                                     the birthright of every woman and for more than
                                     half a century they led the fight to make that
                                     dream a reality.
                                     He is the father of American terrorism and an
                                     inspiration to the Civil Rights Movement. More
                                     than 150 years after his execution, questions
     John Brown‘s Holy War                                                                    90 min       2000   D 220
                                     swirl around John Brown: Was he a madman or a
                                     martyr? A blood-thirsty fanatic or a great
                                     American hero?
                                     This documentary chronicles the 19 -century
                                     quest for gold in frontier California and traces the
           Gold Rush                 epic saga of the adventurers who profoundly                           1998   D 221
                                     changed a young nation and redefined the
                                     American Dream.
                                     Much like its neighbor to the south, Canada is a
                                     country of history and diversity. Even eager and
                                     adventurous travelers may not be able to take in
        Canadian Journey                                                                      55 min       1996   D 222
                                     the beauty and wonder that characterizes this
                                     nation. This video journey travels through all 10
                                     From towering fjords and icebergs to warm sand
                                     dunes and long stretches of seashore - this video
     Canadian National Parks                                                                  60 min       1996   D 223
                                     journey takes the viewer through 21 famous
                                     Canadian parks from East to West.
                                                                   This dramatic and lyrical first episode chronicles
                                                                   the rise of New York from its settlement by the
                                    Episode 1. 1609-1825: The                           th
 New York: a Documentary Film                                      Dutch in the early 17 century through the               120 min each   1999   D 224
                                       Country and the City
                                                                   explosion of commercial growth sparked by the
                                                                   completion of the Erie Canal in 1825.

                                                                   The second episode chronicles the rise of New
                                                                   York from merchant city to industrial metropolis.
                                   Episode 2. 1825 – 1865: Order   As the immigrant population explodes and social
 New York: a Documentary Film                                                                                              120 min each   1999   D 225
                                          and Disorder             problems of every kind emerge on the streets of
                                                                   Manhattan, the outlines of a modern mass
                                                                   metropolis begin to appear.
                                                                   The third episode chronicles the history of New
                                                                   York during the giddy decades following the Civil
                                      Episode 3. 1865 – 1898:      War – what Mark Twain called the “Gilded Age”.
 New York: a Documentary Film                                                                                              120 min each   1999   D 226
                                      Sunshine and Shadow          During this period, New York grows at a
                                                                   staggering rate – Demographically,
                                                                   geographically, and financially.
                                                                   In this pivotal fourth episode, the forces of
                                                                   capitalism and democracy in New York come to a
                                   Episode 4. 1898 – 1918: The     stunning crescendo, as the city’s tremendous
 New York: a Documentary Film                                                                                              120 min each   1999   D 227
                                      Power and the People         industrial engine draws in people from around the
                                                                   world – tripling New York’s population in less than
                                                                   a single lifetime.
                                                                   Nearly a century and a half of capitalist growth
                                                                   and astonishing demographic and physical
                                                                   transformation comes to an extraordinary climax
                                     Episodes 5. 1919 – 1931:
 New York: a Documentary Film                                      during the roaring twenties, as New York finishes       120 min each   1999   D 228
                                                                   assembling the components of a mass consumer
                                                                   society, and becomes the cultural capital of the
                                                                   The video tells the other side of history – the story
                                                                   of the European conquest as viewed by
Surviving Columbus: the Story of                                   America’s Pueblo People – told in their voices
                                                                                                                             120 min      1992   D 229
       the Pueblo People                                           and seen through their eyes. Captured in
                                                                   beautiful images, dramatic words and music, it is
                                                                   a story long overdue.
                                                                   What does it mean to be a Jew in Boston? Native
                                                                   son Leonard Nimoy narrates the vibrant story of
     The Jews in Bostson                                           America’s sixth largest Jewish community, from            60 min       1996   D 230
                                                                   its tentative roots to its rise in the twentieth
                                                                     Across two centuries, the Germans from Russia
                                                                     have endured and survived famine, wars, prairie
                                                                     fires, and the poverty of frontier life. From the
                                                                     Russian steppe to the grasslands of Argentina,
                                                                     from the American prairie to the tundra of Siberia,
Schmeckfest - Food Traditions of
                                                                     this ethnic group's resourcefulness, particularly in   60 min.   2000   D 231
   the Germans from Russia
                                                                     the growing and preparation of food for their large
                                                                     families, has become a rich legacy. In German-
                                                                     Russian life, "food was love", and prairie mothers
                                                                     who left no records of their lives are remembered
                                                                     daily in the recipes and rituals of food.

                                                                     Time travel through a Chicago where the Cubs
     Remembering Chicago                                             were always winners, doors were left unlocked          60 min    1994   D 232
                                                                     and the iceman delivered.
                                                                     See old friends from early Chicago television and
                                                                     rediscover hula hoops and yo-yos. Recall the
 Remembering Chicago Again                                           days when ladies donned white gloves to go             60 min    1995   D 233
                                                                     downtown, and men shined their shoes to go on a
                                                                     As a major war production center and a hub for
Remembering Chicago & World
                                                                     soldiers on their way to and from battle, Chicago      65 min    1997   D 234
          War II
                                                                     played a crucial role in the war.
                                                                     Geoffrey Baer, a docent for the Chicago
Chicago’s Loop: a Walking Tour                                       Architecture Foundation, shows you some of the         65 min    1996   D 235
                                                                     city’s most celebrated architecture.
                                   Part 1. Unlikely Warriors: From   Written, directed and narrated by: Donald Brittain.
        The Champions                                                Pierre Elliot Trudeau and René Lévesque – their        57 min    1994   D236
                                        the beginning to 1967
                                                                     names are almost inseparable. For over twenty-
                                    Part 2. Trappings of Power:      five years their careers overlapped and their
        The Champions                                                                                                       55 min    1994   D 237
                                             1967-1977               philosophies criss-crossed. How did it happen?
                                                                     How did two men develop such different visions
                                   Part3. The Final Battle: 1977-    of what our nation should be? And how did they
        The Champions                                                                                                       87 min    1994   D 238
                                               1985                  come to dominate and shape Canadian political
                                                                     life for so long?
                                                                     This 4-part series is an ideal overview of the
                                                                     functioning of all levels of governments,
    Government in Canada:           Part 1. Democracy at Work –
                                                                     Parliament and the Constitution and the rights         24 min    1991   D 239
     Citizenship in Action                 It’s Your Choice
                                                                     and responsibilities of citizenship. Part 1 explains
                                                                     how the political system works.

    Government in Canada:          Part 2. Our Constitution – The    Touches on key moments in the Constitution’s
                                                                                                                            28 min    1991   D 240
     Citizenship in Action                 Law of the Land           history.
                                                              A young parliamentary page takes us behind the
  Government in Canada:       Part 3. Our National Parliament
                                                              scenes, acting as our guide to the inner workings        31 min    1991   D 241
   Citizenship in Action             – The Inside Story
                                                              of the legislative branch of government.
                                Part 4. Local & Provincial
  Government in Canada:                                         Explores the relationship between various levels
                                Governments – Working                                                                  37 min    1991   D 242
   Citizenship in Action                                        of government.

                                                                Relive Election 2000 - from the drama of Election
                                                                Night to the Florida recounts, from the intense
                                                                war of words between the candidates' camps to
                                                                the momentous legal actions in the U.S. and
    CNN Election 2000                                           Florida Supreme Courts. CNN reporters Judy             65 min.   2001   D 243
                                                                Woodruff, Bernie Shaw, Jeff Greenfield, Greta
                                                                van Susteren, Bill Schneider and others reflect on
                                                                the key events and what the outcome means for
                                                                America's future. CNN anchor Bill Hemmer hosts.

                                                                A riveting account of Canada’s history through
                                                                the eyes of the people who lived it. As culled from
                                                                the rich resource of native oral history and the
                                                                diaries and letters of the people who were there,
                                                                these are the stories of the men and women who
                              Part 1. When the World Began:
Canada – A People’s History                                     shaped this country, in their own words. From the      120 min   2000   D 244
                                   15,000 BC to 1800 AD
                                                                rich resource of native oral history comes the
                                                                stories of the first occupants of the territory that
                                                                would become Canada: how dozens of distinct
                                                                societies took shape, and their first contact with
                                                                the Europeans.

                                                                The search for the Northwest Passage and the
                                                                expansion of the Grand Banks fishery make the
                                                                New World a destination for the Europeans in the
                                  Part 2. Adventures and        16th century. Champlain begins his legendary
Canada – A People’s History                                                                                            120 min   2000   D 245
                                  Mystics: 1540 to 1670         journeys and the precarious beginnings of New
                                                                France are established in an era of
                                                                unprecedented alliances and devastating
                                                                In the late 1600s, New France’s growing
                                                                populace includes shopkeepers, artisans,
                                                                farmers, and fur-trading expansionists. But fast-
                                   Part 3. Claiming the         paced growth leads to conflicts that threaten the
Canada – A People’s History                                                                                            60 min    2000   D 246
                                 Wilderness: 1670 to 1755       new society. The heartrending deportation of
                                                                Acadians is emblematic of the struggle to
                                                                possess North America, which enters its final,
                                                                decisive phase in the 1750s.
                                                                  Two decades of the mid 1700s shape Canada in
                                                                  profound ways. A conflict between England and
                                Part 4. Battle for a Continent:   France becomes a world war that engulfs the
Canada – A People’s History                                                                                             120 min   2000   D 247
                                         1754 to 1775             continent. French troops encounter a British
                                                                  juggernaut, first at Louisbourg, then on a farmer’s
                                                                  field outside Quebec.

                                                                In 1775, American rebels invade Canada, but the
                                                                invasion fails when les Canadiens refuse to take
                                                                up arms against British rule. The mass migration
                               Part 5. A Question of Loyalties: of Loyalist refugees that follows creates an
Canada – A People’s History                                                                                             120 min   2000   D 248
                                         1775 to 1815           English-speaking Canada virtually overnight. In
                                                                1812, American invaders are fought to a standstill
                                                                at Queenston Heights and Chateauguay, setting
                                                                boundaries that remain today.

                                                                  A one-hour special that takes the viewer behind
                                                                  the scenes of CBC’s innovative documentary
                                                                  series. This special describes the challenges of
                                                                  re-creating Canada’s past in the television age,
Special Documentary Edition:                                      and shows how historical research, extraordinary
                                       Making History                                                                   60 min    2000   D 249
 Canada - A People's History                                      cinematography and exceptional journalism
                                                                  converge to tell Canada’s story. Interviews and
                                                                  excerpts of the series provide a first-hand look at
                                                                  a national, bilingual production team of
                                                                  producers, historians and crafts people.

                                                                It was an age of great daring and enterprise; of
                                                                fur traders and trailblazers who opened up a
                                                                continent. Flamboyant Pierre Esprit Radisson
                                                                defies a governor to take New France’s fur trade
                                                                into the interior an later founds an English trading
                                                                empire; tough Dene chief Matonabbee leads
                               Part 6. The Pathfinders: 1670 to
Canada – A People’s History                                     Samuel Hearne on a monumental trek into the             120 min   2000   D 250
                                                                Barren Lands; Alexander Mackenzie’s dash to the
                                                                Pacific makes him one of the most celebrated
                                                                men of his age; and David Thompson, who
                                                                comes to the forbidding shores of Hudson Bay as
                                                                a 14-year-old apprentice, eventually unlocks the
                                                                secrets of the West more than any other man.
                                                              Fired with a passion for justice and liberty,
                                                              Canadian reformers take on their colonial
                                                              masters. Through their partisan newspapers,
                                                              three charismatic reformers lead the charge.
                                                              Joseph Howe in Nova Scotia, Louis-Joseph
                              Part 7. Rebellion and Reform:   Papineau in Lower Canada and William Lyon
Canada – A People’s History                                                                                          120 min   2000   D 251
                                       1815 to 1850           Mackanzie in Upper Canada openly mock the
                                                              privileged and become magnets for the
                                                              disgruntled. The rising discontent leads to bloody
                                                              rebellion an disastrous defeat for the rebels, but
                                                              in 10 short years, the long and arduous struggle
                                                              for self-government is achieved.

                                                              The remarkable story of confederation, its
                                                              passionate supporters and its bitter foes is a story
                                                              of risk, suspicion and seduction that unfolds
                                                              against a foreboding backdrop of civil war in the
                              Part 8. The Great Enterprise:   United States and colonial disengagement in
Canada – A People’s History                                                                                          120 min   2000   D 252
                                       1850 to 1867           Britain. The dawn of the photographic era
                                                              provides a vivid portrait of the people of the new
                                                              Dominion – railway magnates, socialites,
                                                              crusaders, fugitives of the Underground Railway
                                                              and a tide of Irish immigrants.

                                                              On the heels of Confederation, John A.
                                                              Macdonald and his powerful ally George-Étienne
                                                              Cartier look westward for their next conquest but
                                                              are severely tested. Canada blunders in seeking
                                                              to take over the west without the consent of its
                                                              inhabitants, especially the Métis of Red River and
                                                              their leader, the charismatic Louis Riel. With an
                              Part 9. From Sea to Sea: 1867
Canada – A People’s History                                   audacious promise of a transcontinental railway,       60 min    2000   D 253
                                         to 1873
                                                              the settlers of British Columbia and Prince
                                                              Edward Island are more willing partners to the
                                                              new Confederation. By 1873, Canada boasts a
                                                              Dominion that extends from sea to sea but secret
                                                              election funds lead to a scandal, with Macdonald
                                                              and the Conservatives falling from grace and
                                                              from power.
                                                                Building on the themes and human dramas
                                                                presented in Canada: A People’s History, this
                                                                “Special Edition” contains additional CBC
                                                                produced contemporary documentary footage
                                                                that provides further background and perspective
                                                                to several of the historical events chronicled.
                                                                • Vol. 6: The Pathfinders - Excavating Edmonton
                                                                (2 min); History of Science in Canada: David
                                                                Thompson, Mapmaker (10 min), Riches beneath
                                                                the Surface (22 min)• Vol. 7: Rebellion and
Special Documentary Edition:                                    Reform - 1837 Rebellion: Peter Matthews (5 min)•
                                                                                                                       88 min   2000   D 254
 Canada - A People's History                                    Vol. 8: The Great Enterprise - Confederation: The
                                                                Way It Was 1867 (3:30 min), The British North
                                                                American Act (2:30 min), “Whereas the
                                                                provinces”: Restructuring the Constitution (5 min);
                                                                Underground Railroad Remembered: Retracing
                                                                the Routes (1:30 min), Preserving the Legacy
                                                                (2:30 min), Buxton Homecoming (2:30 min),
                                                                Quilting (5 min); History of Science in Canada:
                                                                The Birth of Modern Medicine (22 min)• Vol. 9:
                                                                From Sea to Sea - Manitoba’s Birthday (2:30
                                                                min), Recognizing Louis Riel (7 min)

                                                                The video story of all fifty-three National Parks in
                                                                two volumes. Of the 28 parks explored here,
                                 vol. 1: Adventurous and        many offer opportunities for sporting activity and
  America’s National Parks                                                                                             85 min          D 255
                                      Majestic Parks            exploration. Among others, this volume presents
                                                                the island parks of American Samoa and Virgin
                                                                Islands, and Denali in Alaska.
                                                                Among the two dozen National Parks presented
                                                                here are Acadia, Badlands, Capitol Reef,
                               vol. 2: America’s Historic and
  America’s National Parks                                      Channel Islands, Kobuk Valley, Theodore                85 min          D 256
                                        Scenic Parks
                                                                Roosevelt, Katmai, Gates of the Arctic and Death
Las Vegas – The Reel Thing                                                                                             53 min   2000   D 257
Canyonlands by Night & Day                                                                                             22 min   1999   D 258
                                                               The Grand Circle encompasses parts of Arizona,
                                                               Utah and Colorado. the Grand circle route
     The Grand Circle                                          connects seven national parks – Grand Canyon,       60 min           D 259
                                                               Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Arches
                                                               and Mesa Verde.
 Mesa Verde National Park,
                                                                                                                   60 min           D 260
     Explore Colorado                                                                                              60 min    1987   D 261
     Experience Utah                                                                                               60 min           D 262

                                                               For over 400 years, the slave trade took black
                                                               Africans from their homes to lives of cruelty and
Ship of Slaves: The Middle                                     service in Europe and the New World. Millions
                                                                                                                   50 min    1997   D 263
         Passage                                               died, and the most dangerous part of the ordeal
                                                               was "the middle passage" the long journey
                                                               aboard massive ships loaded with human cargo.

                                                               The 1870s and 1880s are a time of trial for the
                                                               young dominion of Canada. The country’s first
                                                               Prime Minister John A. Macdonald, faces
                                                               economic depression in the factories of the east
                                                               and a new revolt in the west, led by his old
                                                               nemesis, Louis Riel. The suppression of the
                                                               Northwest Rebellion and Macdonald’s single-
                              Part 10. Taking the West: 1873
Canada – A People’s History                                    minded insistence that the French-specking          120 min   2000   D 264
                                          to 1896
                                                               Catholic Riel must hang for treason threatens to
                                                               tear apart the fragile bond between Quebec and
                                                               English Canada. During the same era, debates
                                                               over provincial powers and the Manitoba Schools
                                                               Question rage, and a dream is realized: the
                                                               Canadian Pacific Railway links the country and
                                                               opens the prairies to new floods of immigration.
                                                                 A headlong economic boom, due to the growth of
                                                                 prairie agriculture and urban industry, and
                                                                 massive waves of immigration transform Canada
                                                                 between 1896 and 1915. those who shape the
                                                                 new society include peasants from Eastern
                                                                 Europe in search of free land, socialists who try to
                                                                 mobilize an emerging urban working class, and
                                                                 campaigners for temperance and women’s
                                   Part 11. The Great
Canada – A People’s History                                      suffrage. The dizzying pace of change also bring        120 min   2000   D 265
                              Transformation: 1896 to 1915
                                                                 ethnic intolerance and racism, particularly against
                                                                 Asian immigrants. As well, growing tensions over
                                                                 Canada’s role in the British Empire help put an
                                                                 end to Sir Wilfried Laurie’s government in 1911.
                                                                 When World War I breaks out, a burst of
                                                                 enthusiasm in English Canada and resistance in
                                                                 French Canada foreshadows domestic conflict as
                                                                 wartime pressures grow.

                                                                 Canada’s heavy military role in World War I
                                                                 (60,000 dead in a population of 8 million)
                                                                 transforms its society, its politics and its place in
                                                                 the world. The horror, bravery and sacrifice of
                                                                 trench warfare are evoked in Canada’s great
                                                                 battles: Ypres, the Somme Vimy Ridge,
                                                                 Courcelette and Passchendaele. The domestic
                              Part 12. Ordeal by Fire: 1915 to
Canada – A People’s History                                      consequences of Canada’s war effort are also            120 min   2000   D 266
                                                                 wrenching – the conscription crisis of 1917 marks
                                                                 a low point in English-French relations. After the
                                                                 war ends, labour revolts in Winnipeg and across
                                                                 the country raise feats of a Bolshevik insurrection,
                                                                 The return to stability in the mid-1920s lasts only
                                                                 briefly as the crash of 1929 plunges the country
                                                                 into economic chaos.

                                                                 Canada’s economy collapses during the 1930s,
                                                                 creating a prolonged political and social crisis In
                                                                 the context of the Dust Bowl, the relief camps
                                                                 such as William Aberhart, Maurice Duplessis, and
                               Part 13. Hard Times: 1929 to      Mitchell Hepburn capture national attention.
Canada – A People’s History                                                                                              120 min   2000   D 267
                                           1940                  Meanwhile, an increasingly menacing
                                                                 international climate sees the rise of fascism and
                                                                 mounting likelihood of another world war. then
                                                                 war does arrive, Canada finds itself fighting
                                                                 virtually alone at Britain’s side.
                                       • Vol. 10: Taking the West - History of Science in
                                       Canada: The Railway and Standardized Time (22
                                       min), Who Stole the Bell of Batoche? Railway
                                       Memories (4:30 min), Rogers Pass Project (4:30
                                       min), The Tory Quest (18 min)
  Special Documentary Edition:         • Vol. 11: The Great Transformation - History of
                                                                                                131 min   2000   D 268
   Canada - A People's History         the Science in Canada: Early
                                       Telecommunications (22 min), Ukrainian
                                       Internment: Dreams Betrayed (20 min)
                                       • Vol. 12: Ordeal by Fire
                                       • Vol. 13: Hard Times - What’s Left (13 min), For
                                       Work and Wages (15 min)

                                       From the time he met President Kennedy when
                                       he was in high school, his eyes have always been
                                       firmly on the White House. With his victory in
                                       1996, he became the first democrat since FDR to
                                       be elected to a second term in office. Bill Clinton
                                       has spent almost all of his life either running for or
            Bill Clinton                                                                        50 min           D 269
                                       serving in public office. In revealing interviews,
                                       aides and former staffers talk about their
                                       experiences with Clinton, while biographers and
                                       old friends explore the childhood experiences that
                                       shaped the future leader. A behind-the-scenes
                                       look and portrait of the President.

                                       The inventor of the Big Mac and the former head
 American Eats: History on a Bun       of Nathan's hot dogs tell their fast-food stories in     100 min          D 270
                                       this heaping helping of Americana.
                                       Fifty years ago, Soviet forces blockaded all rail,
                                       road and water communications with West Berlin
                                       in an attempt to get the Western World to
                                       abandon their post World War II control of the
As it Happened: Berlin Airlift – The
                                       city. For several days, the world teetered on the        100 min   1998   D 271
    First Battle of the Cold War
                                       brink of war. Then the American Air Force
                                       commander in Germany, General Lucius Clay,
                                       organized a massive airlift to keep the city
                                                                   Presented are the tricks of a persuasive trade in
                                                                   this sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes world
                                                                   of movie promoters. Understand the techniques
  The Art of Selling Hollywood                                                                                              56 min      1998   D 272
                                                                   that capture the public’s attention and manipulate
                                                                   viewer emotion as craftily as any methods used
                                                                   by actors or directors.

                                                                   Shunned and discriminated against, Chinese
Chinatown: Strangers in a Strange                                  immigrants nonetheless prospered, preserving
                                                                                                                           100 min      2000   D 273
              Land                                                 ancient traditions and embracing the
                                                                   opportunities North America provided.

                                                                   This episode traces the emergence or roots
                                                                   music in America from its European and African
                                                                   Origins through its maturation into American
                                                                   music genres including spirituals, blues, country
                                                                   and gospel. Important turning points are explored
                                    Vol. 1: When First Unto This
  The American Roots of Music                                      such as the popularization of African-American         60 min each   2001   D 274
                                                                   spirituals by the Fisk Jubilee Singers, the birth of
                                                                   country music with Ralph Peer’s recordings of the
                                                                   Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers, the
                                                                   development of the Grand Ole Opry, and the
                                                                   creation of gospel music by Thomas A. Dorsey.

                                                                   This episode explores a period in which different
                                                                   strands of roots music become visible and
                                                                   commercialized through movies, television, radio
                                                                   and records. Concurrently, “folk music” is
                                    Vol. 2: This Land Was Made     redefined to include newly-written music for
  The American Roots of Music                                                                                             60 min each   2001   D 275
                                          For You And Me           songs that often deal with social causes. Roots
                                                                   music is influenced by the labor movement, WW
                                                                   II, urban migration, progressive politics and the
                                                                   McCarthy era. An evolution of roots genres is
                                                                   presented, particularly country.
                                                                      This episode traces the continuing emergence of
                                                                      American roots music through a national
                                                                      awareness catalyzed by the folk and blues
                                                                      revivals. Gospel music’s golden years are
                                                                      explored, from Mahalia Jackson, and the
                                                                      crossover successes of the Staple Singers and
                                     Vol. 3: The Times They Are A-    Edwin Hawkins. Urban migration from the
  The American Roots of Music                                                                                               60 min each   2001   D 276
                                                Changin’              Mississippi Delta to Chicago fosters the
                                                                      electrification of the blues, producing such giants
                                                                      as Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf. During this
                                                                      period, folk music and the blues become
                                                                      intertwined with youth culture and social and
                                                                      political causes like the Civil Rights and anti-war

                                                                      This episode focuses on the reassessment of
                                                                      diverse ethnic musics previously excluded from
                                                                      American “folk” music, and their inclusion in a
                                                                      redefined “American roots music.” It describes the
                                     Vol. 4: All My Children Of The   flourishing of Cajun culture in southwest
  The American Roots of Music                                                                                               60 min each   2001   D 277
                                                   Sun                Louisiana, the popularization of tejano music in
                                                                      south Texas, and the evolution of Native
                                                                      American music forms. Episode Four also rounds
                                                                      up the series by exploring the state of American
                                                                      roots music today.

                                                                      This video features Dr. Steve Albrecht, President,
                                                                      Baron Center, Inc. San Diego and Dale Kelly
                                                                      Bankhead, Public Affairs Director, American Civil
                                                                      Liberties Union of San Diego & Imperial Counties
  Is Compromising Civil Rights
                                                                      debating whether methods used by government             21 min      2002   D 278
Justified in the War on Terrorism?
                                                                      agencies to curb terrorism — including
                                                                      surveillance techniques and detention of potential
                                                                      terrorists — violate Americans' civil rights and
                                                                      whether such violation is justified.

                                                                      The Orphan Trains follows the story of the New
                                                                      York Children's Aid Society, created in 1853 to
                                                                      provide thousands of street children with homes
                                                                      in rural communities in the American midwest.
  The Orphan Trains, 1853-1929                                        This forerunner of modern foster care forever           60 min      1997   D 279
                                                                      changed the lives of poor urban children--
                                                                      sometimes providing them with great opportunity,
                                                                      sometimes bringing heartbreak and
                                                                                     120 min each
TOEFL in 3 volumes   Vol. 1   An intensive review course covering: Listening                               D 280
TOEFL in 3 volumes   Vol. 2   comprehension; Structure & written expression;                               D 281
                              Vocabulary & reading comprehension
TOEFL in 3 volumes   Vol. 3                                                                                D 282

                              Part 1: How biased are you? Racism is easily
                              recognized in its extreme forms, but racial
                              prejudice infiltrates everyday life in subtle, often
                              unintentional ways as well. Discover just how
                              prevalent bias is as you watch real-life adults
                              followed with hidden cameras as they interact
                              with people of different races. Part 2: A Question
A Question of Race                                                                     76 min       2001   D 283
                              of Race? Race is no longer a black and white
                              issue. But was it ever? Or were these labels
                              manufactured as a way to identify a sub-species
                              that doesn’t really exist? Become a part of the
                              debate questioning whether race is an accurate
                              biological identification or a sub-category made
                              up by humans to separate us.

                              A 100 min-portrait of the genius who created
                              some of the cinema's greatest treasures,
                              including "American Graffiti" and the "Star Wars"
                              series. Lucas's dream of becoming a race car
                              driver ended with an accident, but he went on to
                              build a film empire that includes Industrial Light
  George Lucas                                                                         100 min      2001   D 284
                              and Magic, the top special-effects company in the
                              world. Features behind-the-scenes footage of
                              past Star Wars movies as well as from the new
                              Attack of the Clones. Interviews include Stephen
                              Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Harrison Ford,
                              Ron Howard, and Liam Neeson.
                                   Although originally planned as the next
                                   installment in a periodic Nightline series about
                                   different religions, this particular broadcast
                                   slightly alters its focus in light of the Oklahoma
                                   City bombing the previous month on April 19,
                                   1995. In addition to examining the tenets of the
                                   Muslim faith, the special focuses on the hasty
   Muslims in America: The
                                   judgments made in connection to Muslims
 Misunderstood Millions; ABC
                                   whenever a terrorist act occurs anywhere in the        22 min   1995   D 285
News Nightline: Thursday, May 5,
                                   world. Several practicing Muslims candidly talk
                                   about what it is like to be Muslim in America,
                                   living daily with the stereotypes cast on them by
                                   the uneducated. It is asked why Americans as a
                                   whole are so ignorant about the Muslim faith. The
                                   basics of the religion are explained, pointing out
                                   the similarities and the differences between
                                   Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

                                   Beginning in the 19 century, waves of German
                                   and Central European Jews spread out across
                                   America, founding most of the Jewish
                                   communities that exist today. While the most
                                   successful of this group rose to prominence as
                                   financiers and merchants, becoming known as
                                   “Our Crowd,” in fact the vast majority of the
                                   250,000 Jews who arrived in the United States
They Came for Good: A History of
                                   during this period earned their livelihood in small
  the Jews in the United States,                                                          60 min   2001   D 286
                                   retail businesses. 15,000 Jewish peddlers were
                                   the main distribution system in rural areas for
                                   goods manufactured in the newly industrialized
                                   northern cities. This documentary chronicles the
                                   first major split in the practice of Judaism where
                                   conservative and reform movements vied for
                                   Jewish souls, while on the battlefields of the Civil
                                   War, Jews were profoundly divided along regional
                                   lines and took up arms on both sides.
                                                                   This documentary highlights the most dramatic
                                                                   moments of the civil rights movement – from
                                                                   Plessy vs. Ferguson to Jesse Jackson’s bid for
                                                                   the presidency, from Jim Crow laws and
 A History of the Civil Rights
                                                                   “separate but equal” facilities to the march on        30 min     1994   D 287
                                                                   Washington. The heroic efforts of ordinary men
                                                                   and women who risked their lives for equality are
                                                                   presented along with the most visible leaders and
                                                                   events of the era.
                                                                   A unique and compelling history of the
                                                                   segregated South, highlighted by riveting
  The Era of Segregation: A
                                                                   interviews with critically-acclaimed author Clifton    30 min     1993   D 288
    Personal Perspective
                                                                   L. Taubert, a man who grew up in the Mississippi
                                                                   Delta of the 1940s and ‘50s.
                                                                   This astonishing documentary highlights some of
                                                                   the most famous scenes in motion picture history.
                                                                   From Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, the Nicholas
                                                                   Brothers and Dorothy Dandridge to Lena Horne,
                                                                   James Earl Jones and Gregory Hines, this tribute
 Small Steps, Big Strides: The                                     celebrates African American silver screen
                                                                                                                          56 min     1997   D 289
Black Experience in Hollywood                                      legends. Included are fascinating interviews and
                                                                   rare footage documenting the kinds of roles black
                                                                   actors were first given, the challenges these
                                                                   talented performers met, and the real behind-the-
                                                                   scenes story of their acceptance and triumphs in

  The Presidents Collection      Theodore Roosevelt, Vol. 1 & 2,                                                         240 min     1997   D 290
  The Presidents Collection              FDR, Vol. 1 & 2                                                                 270 min     1997   D 291
  The Presidents Collection            Truman, Vol. 1 & 2                                                                270 min     1997   D 292
  The Presidents Collection              Ike, Vol. 1 & 2                                                                 150 min     1997   D 293
  The Presidents Collection              LBJ, Vol. 1 & 2                                                                 240 min     1997   D 294
  The Presidents Collection         The Kennedys, Vol. 1 & 2                                                             240 min     1997   D 295
  The Presidents Collection             Nixon, Vol. 1 & 2                                                                190 min     1997   D 296
  The Presidents Collection            Reagan, Vol. 1 & 2                                                                4,5 hours   1997   D 297
                                                        For about a year from 1933 to 1934, America was
                                                        thrilled and terrorized by a man called John
                                                        Dillinger. A desperado, a bank robber, a bad man
                                                        no jail could hold, his reputation grew until he was
                                                        named the country's first Public Enemy #1 and
                                                        hunted by virtually every cop in America.
                                                        Operating during a time of great hardship, John
                                                        Dillinger became a mythic figure who struggled
       Public Enemy #1                                  against authority and garnered the support of          60 min    2002   D 298
                                                        many ordinary Americans, particularly those
                                                        hardest hit by the Great Depression. Dillinger
                                                        finally met his match in J. Edgar Hoover, who
                                                        used the outlaw's celebrity to burnish his own
                                                        reputation and that of his national law
                                                        enforcement agency, the FBI. Hoover won the
                                                        day making sure in the process that the moral of
                                                        Dillinger's tale was "crime doesn't pay."

                                                        Analogy questions test your vocabulary
                                                        knowledge and your skill at logical thinking. This
            SAT 1                     Analogies                                                                120 min   1994   D 299
                                                        tape provides keys to unlock any analogy
                                                        Sentence Completions test vocabulary, reading
                                                        skill, and the ability to quickly untangle
            SAT 1                Sentence Completions                                                          140 min   1994   D 300
                                                        complicated ideas. This tape reveals techniques
                                                        that can help mastering them more easily.

                                                        The video presents the coming of age of Iraq’s
                                                        oppressive leader. It offers a rarely seen side of
                                                        Saddam Hussein. “The Godfather” is his favorite
                                                        movie and Hemingway’s “The Old man and the
Behind the Headlines: The Real
                                                        Sea” is his favorite book. He’s a Stalin buff, yet a   52 min    2002   D 301
                                                        sentimental fellow who cries easily. But the
                                                        program also documents how Saddam learned to
                                                        acquire, keep and use the power he so brutally

                                                        This documentary from the Discovery Channel
                                                        examines Iraq’s tumultuous history. Veteran
                                                        network correspondent Forrest Sawyer uses his
    Behind the Headlines:
                                                        unique perspective throughout this program to          52 min    2002   D 302
     Understanding Iraq
                                                        unravel the cutthroat politics that have shaped
                                                        Saddam Hussein and the tribal rivalries of Iraq’s
                                                        Kurds and the Sunni Shi’ia Muslims.
                                 This historically accurate documentary tells the
                                 story of the revolt aboard La Amistad, in which
                                 abducted Africans took over the slave ship on
                                 which they were held, only to end up in the
  The Voyage of La Amistad       American judicial system. Court documents and        70 min.   1998   D 303
                                 transcripts, news stories, letters; drawings and
                                 paintings, and character interpretations create a
                                 complete picture of the incident, which is rounded
                                 out with interviews of history scholar Cheryl
                                 Johnson-Odim, law professor Michael
                                 Higginbotham, and Clifton H. Johnson, director of
                                 Tulane University's Amistad Research Center.

                                 Film by Bertram Verhaag. Over the past 20 years,
                                 Jane Elliott, a former teacher in the mid-west
                                 USA, has committed herself to leading a fight
                                 against prejudice, ignorance and racism in
                                 society. She continues to practise the same
                                 philosophy which she began with her school
                                 class after Martin Luther King jun.’s death in
                                 1968. Today her audience is much broader
                                 including teachers, students, firemen and even
Blue Eyed: The new Jane Elliot   the complete staff of a Bank. In her workshops       93 min.   1996   D 304
                                 she devides people on the basis of to arbitrary
                                 physical properties – BLUE or BROWN EYES.
                                 She declares the latter to be better and more
                                 intelligent and grants them privileges, privileges
                                 she denies to the blue eyed, deemed to be
                                 worse, less intelligent and lower qualified. …
                                 What starts as a game turns into cruel reality
                                 which causes some participants’ emotions to
                                 erupt with unforeseen intensity …

                                 This critically acclaimed public television
                                 documentary captures the traditional lifestyles of
     Seasons of a Navajo         the Navajo family and features striking              60 min.   1985   D 305
                                 photography of Arizona's ancient Anasazi ruins
                                 and the spectacular monument valley.
                                                  Drawing on first-person documents, interviews
                                                  with historians, and lavish historical
                                                  reenactments, THE DUEL evocatively recreates
                                                  the collision between two political titans.
                                                  Alexander Hamilton, an impoverished young
                                                  immigrant from the West Indies, rose to become
                                                  a framer of the U.S. Constitution and the architect
The Duel: Hamilton vs. Burr                                                                              60 min      2000   D 306
                                                  of America’s political economy. Born to a
                                                  distinguished family, the suave and charismatic
                                                  Aaron Burr was the first modern American
                                                  politician. Despite their differences, Burr and
                                                  Hamilton moved in similar circles and sought the
                                                  same position of power. The bitter rivalry between
                                                  them would thwart the ambitions of both.

    America in the ‘40s       Vol. 1, 1940-1942   It was the most momentous decade of the               3 hs total   1997   D 307
                                                  century: then years of triumphs and tragedies,
    America in the ‘40s       Vol. 2, 1942-1945   heartaches and heroics, hopes and humor. Here                             D 308
                                                  are the fads, the fun, the hits, the headlines, the
                                                  hometown life…and the decade’s best-loved
    America in the ‘40s       Vol. 3, 1945-1949   stars from stage, screen, radio, records and early                        D 309
                                                  TV. Award-winning producers bring you powerful
                                                  wartime footage never-before-seen home movies,
                                                  and touching original stories.
                                                  DUDE RANCH DAYS offers an historical
                                                  overview of several of the most famous dude
    Dude Ranch Days                                                                                      60 min      1998   D 310
                                                  ranches in the West and looks at present-day
                                                  High on a granite cliff in South Dakota’s Black
                                                  Hills tower the huge carved faces of four
                                                  American presidents. Together they constitute the
                                                  world’s largest sculpture. The massive tableau
                                                  inspires awe and bemusement. Using home
     Mount Rushmore                                                                                      60 min      2002   D 311
                                                  movies owned by the sculptor’s family, long-
                                                  forgotten archival footage and still photographs,
                                                  and beautiful original photography, MOUNT
                                                  RUSHMORE tells a story that is as bizarre and
                                                  wonderful as the monument itself.
                                  Featuring newly discovered archival sources from
                                  Russia, civil defense films, and recently
                                  declassified military footage, RACE FRO THE
                                  SUPERBOMB tells the story of a world at the
                                  brink of destruction. Edward Teller, who spurred
                                  the American project to build the Super, insisted
                                  that the bomb was a necessary deterrent to
    Race for the Superbomb                                                               120 min   1999   D 312
                                  Soviet attack. Other scientists, including Robert
                                  Oppenheimer and Enrico Fermi, thought the
                                  hydrogen bomb threatened civilization itself. And
                                  as Major General Curtis LeMay harnessed the air
                                  power needed to deliver a killing nuclear blow,
                                  Americans prepared for the terrifying possibility of
                                  ultimate war.
                                  In 1931, two white women stepped from a boxcar
                                  in Paint Rock, Alabama to make a shocking
                                  accusation: they had been raped by nine black
                                  teenagers on the train. So began one of the most
                                  significant legal fights of the twentieth century.
                                  The trials of the nine young men would draw
                                  North and South into their sharpest conflict since
Scottsboro: An American Tragedy                                                          90 min    2001   D 313
                                  the Civil War, yield two momentous Supreme
                                  Court decisions and gave birth to the civil rights
                                  movement. Weaving together interviews of the
                                  last surviving witnesses, never-before-seen
                                  footage, photos, letters, diaries and newspaper
                                  accounts, SCOTTSBORO tells an extraordinary
                                  lost story.
                                  Drawing on remarkable film footage and
                                  photographs, and featuring commentary by David
                                  Copperfield, The Amazing Randy, and E.L.
           Houdini                                                                       60 min    2000   D 314
                                  Doctorow, HOUDINI takes the viewer backstage
                                  to meet the man who made his living in an
                                  intimate dance with death.
                                  Deep in the vast American West lies a high,
                                  lonely land called the Colorado Plateau. Lying
                                  mostly in Utah, it extends south into Arizona and
                                  east into Colorado. In the very heart of the
         Canyonlands              plateau lies a geological spectacle where millions     60 min    1999   D 315
                                  of years of exposure to weather, and the chiseling
                                  force of the Colorado River have created a
                                  labyrinth of pinnacles, chasms, arches, gorges
                                  and canyons.
                                  Paul Schullery, acclaimed author and naturalist,
                                  is the guide through Yellowstone National Park
                                  where wolves and grizzly bears chase elk, and
         Yellowstone                                                                          60 min    2000   D 316
                                  mountain lions play in the sunshine. Yellowstone
                                  isn’t just the world’s first National Park – it is living
                                  proof of our relationship with nature.

                                  Glacier Bay in southeast Alaska is an Eden of
          Glacier Bay             land and sea. This documentary presents the                 54 min    2000   D 317
                                  breathtaking nature and wildlife of that region.

                                  Andrew Carnegie embodied the American dream:
                                  the immigrant who went from rags to riches, the
                                  self-made man who became a captain of industry,
                                  the king of steel. The documentary follows
                                  Carnegie’s life from his impoverished origins in
                                  Dunvermline, Scotland, through his business
 Andrew Carnegie: The Richest
                                  career, where he was on the cutting edge of the             120 min   1997   D 318
      Man in the World
                                  industrial revolution in telegraphy, railroads, and
                                  finally, steel. Millions of dollars went to support
                                  education, a pension plan for teachers and the
                                  cause of world peace. Famous as a benefactor of
                                  libraries, he funded nearly 3,000 arbound the

                                  Mr. Miami Beach traces the remarkable story of
                                  Carl Fisher, a fast-living dreamer from Indiana.
                                  He discovered Florida and became obsessed by
                                  his vision of a seaside pleasure city. Fischer
                                  transformed a mosquito-infested swamp into a
                                  lush tropical paradise. To sell it, he imported a
Mr. Miami Beach: The Remarkable
                                  polo team from Britain, bought a circus elephant            60 min    1998   D 319
       Story of Carl Fisher
                                  and distributed pictures of young women in
                                  skimpy bathing suits – the first bathing beauties.
                                  Carl Fisher saw his wonderful creation boom –
                                  until a hurricane, the stock market collapse of
                                  1929, and his own demons brought it all crashing
                             Visionary yet enigmatic, brilliant yet manipulative,
                             Marcus Garvey is one of the most controversial
                             figures in American history. Both a powerful
                             orator and a pompous autocrat, Garvey inspired
                             the loyalty of millions of African Americans while
                             infuriating many black leaders. He was a strong
                             advocate of black self-help, yet was willing to
     Marcus Garvey                                                                      90 min       2001   D 320
                             collaborate with the Ku Klux Klan. And he
                             inspired African Americans to support his
                             economic enterprises, then lost their hard-earned
                             money through mismanagement. This
                             documentary uses a wealth of archival film,
                             photographs and documents, as well as
                             interviews with time witnesses.

                             This documentary looks at America in the
                             twentieth century through the stories of influential
                             social scientists – their triumphs and failures, and
                             the burning controversies they started. From Julia
                             Lathrop’s data-driven crusade to reduce infant           3 hours on 2
The First Measured Century                                                                           2000   D 321
                             mortality to Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s                      tapes
                             controversial analysis of the breakdown of the
                             black family. The First Measured Century charts
                             the rise of social science and its attempt to tell the
                             story of “the people themselves.”

                             In 1869, a one-armed civil War veteran named
                             John Wesley Powell launched a perilous
                             thousand-mile expedition through the uncharted
                             canyons of the Green and Colorado Rivers. Ten
Lost in the Grand Canyon     men in four boats left Green River, Wyoming on             60 min       1999   D 322
                             May 24 . Ninety-nine days later, six men
                             emerged from the Grand Canyon, half-starved,
                             battered, and exhausted. They had survived one
                             of the most daring journeys in American history.
                           This documentary visits generations of Chinese
                           families who came to the United States from the
                           mainland, Taiwan, or Hong Kong and forged an
                           American dynasty. The program explores how the
                           traditions and customs of generations have been
                           secured for the next generations. Further, it
 The Chinese Americans                                                            90 min    1999         D 323
                           examines the roles Chinese schools, family
                           associations, and religious organizations played
                           in transforming Chinese immigrants into Chinese
                           Americans while maintaining the traditions of the
                           culture and celebrates our achievements in
                           American arts, sciences and education.

                           Senior Year, directed by David Zeiger and filmed
                           by 6 young filmmakers, follows the journey of 15
                           kids in the class of 2000 as they navigate through
                           their last year of high school. Filmed at Fairfax
      Senior Year                                                                 6 hours   2002         D 324
                           High in Los Angeles, a city and school at the
                           epicenter of the explosion of diversity in America
                           today, Senior Year is the story of a generation on
                           the edge of a new world.

                           3 volumes, In this critically acclaimed “riveting
                           portrait”, Hemingway is revealed through his
                           tender and stormy relationships with each of his
                           four wives; believer Hadley Richardson,                                 D 325 vol.1, vol.2,
Stacy Keach as Hemingway                                                          5 hours   2001
                           glamorous Pauline Pfeiffer, journalist Martha                                 vol.3
                           Gellhorn and devoted Mary Welsh. With each
                           marriage a new phase of his life unfolds to
                           provide deeper understanding of the man.

                           Adapted from the Pulitzer Price-winning book by
                           Laurel Ulrich, A Midwife’s Tale unfolds like a
                           detective story – the true tale of the two women,
                           200 years apart, linked by the massive yet cryptic
                           diary one of them left behind. The world of frontier
                           wife Martha Ballard gradually takes shape as
    A Midwife’s Tale                                                              88 min    1997         D 326
                           author and historian Laurel Ulrich pieces it
                           together. A Midwife’s Tale unfolds in a small
                           Maine town during the turbulent decades
                           following the American Revolution – a time when
                           social change and religious conflict are rife, and
                           survival is a full-time job.
                                                  In the predawn hours of March 28, 1979, a
                                                  reactor at the Three Mile Island nuclear power
                                                  facility near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, began to
                                                  overheat. The lives of half a million people soon
                                                  hung in the balance, as human error and
  Meltdown at Three Mile Island                                                                          60 min    1999   D 327
                                                  mechanical failure combined to create the worst
                                                  nuclear accident in American history. Drawing on
                                                  dramatic footage and first-person interviews, this
                                                  video tells the story of a frantic race to avert
                                                  nuclear disaster.
                                                  F. Scott Fitzgerald’ recollects stormy courtship of
                                                  Zelda Sayre in this classic story from 1924.
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s: The Sensible               Written the same year as The Great Gatsby, The
                                                                                                         30 min    2000   D 328
               Thing                              Sensible Thing is Fitzgerald’s struggle with a
                                                  mannered, class-oriented society where social
                                                  mores prelude passion.

                                                  Four times governor of Alabama, four times a
                                                  candidate for president, George Corley Wallace
                                                  was a fierce defender of Southern pride who was
George Wallace: Settin’ the Woods                 feared as a racist demagogue and admired as a
                                      2 Volumes                                                          180 min   2000   D 329
            on Fire                               politician who spike his mind. A lightening rod for
                                                  controversy, Wallace vowed “segregation now,
                                                  segregation forever”, yet spent his final days
                                                  seeking forgiveness from those he had scorned.

                                                  Miss America is the first major documentary film
                                                  to go beyond the myths and stereotypes to
                                                  explore how some of America’s most dramatic
                                                  social and cultural transformations are reflected
                                                  through the rich history of the Miss America
          Miss America                                                                                   96 min    2002   D 330
                                                  Pageant. An honest, moving and funny look at
                                                  one of our most popular cultural institutions, Miss
                                                  America follows the story of the Pageant from its
                                                  beginnings in 1921, while exploring what it means
                                                  to be an “ideal” American woman.

                                                  With unprecedented access to the family and its
                                                  archives, The Rockefellers explores the
                                                  paradoxical lives of this fabled dynasty. Using
                                                  revealing home movies, archival footage and
        The Rockefellers              2 volumes                                                          210 min   2000   D 331
                                                  photographs, and interviews with eight
                                                  Rockefellers, their colleagues and friends, the film
                                                  paints a vivid portrait of four generations of the
                                      A scientific and historical overview of the natural
                                      workings of the Tallgrass Prairie, North America’s
                                      most endangered ecosystem and the source of
                                      the soil that creates America’s breadbasket. The
Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie   surprising heroes of this important and imperiled       57 min    2001   D 332
                                      ecosystem are modern-day ranchers following
                                      the lead of the Plains Indians, who used fire and
                                      grazing animals to maintain the prairie’s
                                      ecological balance.

                                      This episode of the acclaimed PBS-series The
                                      Newshour with Jim Lehrer focuses on the
Debating Our Destiny: 40 Years of
                                      American tradition of Presidential Debates. The         120 min   1995   D 333
      Presidential Debates
                                      last 40 years of this special form of campaigning
                                      for office are being analyzed.

                                      Troublesome Creek is a Midwestern. It’s the story
                                      of the Jordan family’s struggle to save their Iowa
                                      farm. From crossing the Mississippi in 1867 to
       Troublesome Creek                                                                      88 min    1997   D 334
                                      driving to Daddy Date Night in 1967. Winner at
                                      the Sundance Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize and
                                      an Academy Award Nominee.

                                      In the spring of 1927 after weeks of incessant
                                      rains, the Mississippi River went on a rampage
                                      from Cairo, Illinois to the Gulf of Mexico,
                                      inundating hundreds of towns, killing as many as
           Fatal Flood                a thousand people and leaving more than half a          60 min    2001   D 335
                                      million homeless. Fearing a permanent black
                                      exodus, some white planters prevented African
                                      American refugees from leaving the flood
                                      ravaged area.

                                      As America celebrates its first birthday of the new
The Greatest American 4th of July     millennium on Independence Day, witness the
 – A Navy Celebration in the New      largest flotilla of tall ships, warships, submarines,   120 min   2000   D 336
          York Harbor                 and other water craft from around the world ever
                                      assembled in New York Harbor.

                                      Few American artists have reached a wider
                                      audience, or enjoyed more widespread popularity
                                      in their own lifetime, than Ansel Adams. This is an
          Ansel Adams                                                                         100 min   2002   D 337
                                      intimate portrait of a great artist, an ardent
                                      environmentalist and a pioneer in photographic
                                 The Clinton Years chronicles the startling political
                                 ascent of Bill Clinton – from the governor’s
                                 mansion in Little Rock to his first shaky steps on
                                 a rocky campaign trail all the way to the Oval
      The Clinton Years                                                                  120 min   2001   D 338
                                 Office. What emerges is a portrait not only of Bill
                                 Clinton, but also the staff members, advisers and
                                 confidantes who married their personal and
                                 professional fortunes to his administration.

                                 The documentary examines how the seeds of
                                 hatred were sown, not in Afghanistan, but in the
                                 lands of the two great U.S. allies in the Islamic
                                 world: Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Interviews with
Frontline: Looking for Answers                                                           60 min    2001   D 339
                                 bin Laden sympathizers, members of fringe
                                 militant Islamic groups, and Egyptian and Saudi
                                 ambassadors and dissidents offer a deeper
                                 understanding of the roots of Anti-Americanism.

                                 Richard Nixon forged a career by battling
                                 Communism. By contacting China in February
                                 1972, he risked destroying his own political
                                 career and damaging America’s tenuous
                                 relationship with the Soviets. It was the first high-
     Nixon’s China Game                                                                  60 min    2000   D 340
                                 level political contact between the two nations
                                 since the Communist take over in 1949, and it
                                 was a culmination of a dangerous game of
                                 diplomacy that threatened to collapse at any
                                 The birthplace of the hot dog and the roller
                                 coaster – and the most dazzling laboratory of
                                 mass culture the world has ever seen – Coney
        Coney Island             Island and its three amusement parks,                   60 min    1991   D 341
                                 Steeplechase, Luna Park and Dreamland,
                                 delighted millions of visitors as the twentieth
                                 century dawned.
                                 Frontline examines the debate over fairness in
                                 college admissions in a program that looks at
 Frontline: Secrets of the SAT   how the rise of American meritocracy has created        60 min    1999   D 342
                                 a national obsession with test scores and a
                                 multimillion-dollar test-prep industry.
                                    For years there exited a rumor that Thomas
                                    Jefferson had a long-standing relationship and
  Frontline: Jefferson’s Blood      several children by Sally Hemings, a woman who       60 min   1999   D 343
                                    was his slave. Now, DNA tests all but prove the
                                    rumor true.
                                    This documentary explores the heated political
                                    debate over the reform of public education and
Frontline: The Battle Over School   investigates the spectrum of “school choice”
                                                                                         60 min   1999   D 344
             Choice                 options – from vouchers to charter schools to for-
                                    profit academies – and their growing popularity in
                                    troubled inner cities.
                                    Following September 11, the nation’s top leaders
                                    gathered to decide the U.S. response. Explore a
   Frontline: Target America        long-standing division about how to deal with an     60 min   1999   D 345
                                    enemy that has been targeting America and
                                    Americans in decades.

                                    The box office is booming. New international
                                    markets are opening weekly. Yet there’s trouble
 Frontline: The Monster that Ate
                                    bubbling just below the surface in Hollywood         60 min   1999   D 346
                                    today as movie industry creative types struggle to
                                    adapt to new business realities.

                                    After 14 years on Florida’s Death Row, DNA
                                    testing cleared Frank Lee Smith of rape and
Frontline: Requiem for Frank Lee    murder charges. But the good news came too
                                                                                         60 min   1999   D 347
              Smith                 late: 10 months earlier, Smith had died of cancer
                                    in his jail cell. How did Frank Lee Smith end up
                                    on Death Row for a crime he didn’t commit?

                                    Ten women in positions of power in the news
                                    industry describe how women in news are
                                    changing the news agenda, the culture of the
                                    newsroom and the culture itself. The women
 She Says: Women in the News                                                             60 min   2001   D 348
                                    describe their early experiences in the business
                                    and tell specific news stories that women in
                                    decision-making positions in the newsroom have

                                    This program explored the burgeoning population
                                    of the press corps, associations, corporate
The Power Game: The Unelected       headquarters and special interest groups who         60 min   1996   D 349
                                    want to have their voices heard on Capital Hill in
                                    Washington, DC.
                                                                  What is the power of the President? What is the
                                                                  difference between running a successful
                                                                  presidential campaign and the actual process of
The Power Game: The Presidency                                    governing? This program reveals that the                  60 min   1996   D 350
                                                                  combination of certain factors is a stumbling block
                                                                  in the creation of substantive legislation and

                                                                  Kids in Trouble examines the challenges of
                                                                  parenting troubled teens, how to spot early
                                                                  warning signs, and what families can do to get
                                                                  their children back on track. This program
                                                                  features an informative panel discussion with Dr.
Straight Talk With Derek McGinty:
                                                                  David Arredondo, leading expert on treating               60 min   1998   D 351
          Kids in Trouble
                                                                  children in the juvenile justice system; Dr. James
                                                                  Garbarino, recognized expert on children and
                                                                  violence; Dr. Stanley Greenspan, nationally-
                                                                  known child psychiatrist and author; and Dr. Ruth
                                                                  Peters, noted behavioral psychologist.

                                                                  An extraordinary “mirror” is being held up to the
                                                                  Old and New Worlds to reflect the diverse
                                                                  cultures of Spanish-speaking countries and
                                                                  peoples, together with the themes, institutions,
The Buried Mirror – Reflections on
                                                                  beliefs, and symbols that have endured or
    Spain and the New World.                                                                                                59 min   1991   D 352
                                                                  changed through time. Hispanic immigrants
      Unfinished Business
                                                                  contribute a wealth of traditions: diverse cultural
                                                                  creativity in art, music, and dance, respect for
                                                                  family ties – distinct hallmarks of the Spanish-
                                                                  speaking world.

                                                                  This series goes to the core of the Arab-Israeli
                                                                  conflict, tracing the conflict’s history – from the
                                                                  first Israeli settlers to the peace initiative recently
                                                                  proposed by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince
                                                                  Abdullah. From the Oslo Accords in 1993, to the
                                                                  Camp David accord in 2000, to the recent peace
        Behind the Hatred            Vol.3. The Fight for Peace                                                             52 min          D 353
                                                                  plan put forth by the Saudis, two themes provide
                                                                  the glue for this hour: the: the obstacles to peace
                                                                  – land issues, refugees and Jerusalem, among
                                                                  others – and the entrenched hatred and
                                                                  escalating violence that have dashed hopes for
                                                                  finding a peaceful solution.
                                                                  This series goes to the core of the Arab-Israeli
                                                                  conflict, tracing the conflict’s history – from the
                                                                  first Israeli settlers to the peace initiative recently
                                                                  proposed by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince
                                                                  Abdullah. How do two peoples come to have a
      Behind the Hatred           Vol.1. The Roots of Conflict:                                                             52 min          D 354
                                                                  claim for the same land? Why did European Jews
                                                                  start emigrating to Palestine in the 1800’s? Why
                                                                  did the first settlers immediately clash with the
                                                                  Arab population? The episode examines these

                                                                  This series goes to the core of the Arab-Israeli
                                                                  conflict, tracing the conflict’s history – from the
                                                                  first Israeli settlers to the peace initiative recently
                                                                  proposed by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince
                                                                  Abdullah. Two lives, one history. Through duelling
      Behind the Hatred              Vol.2. Mortal enemies                                                                  52 min          D 355
                                                                  biographies of Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime
                                                                  Minister Ariel Sharon, this episode examines the
                                                                  current battle between Israeli troops and
                                                                  Palestinian gunmen through the lens of the two
                                                                  men’s antagonism.

                                                                  Thomas L. Friedman, three-time Pulitzer Prize-
                                                                  winning New York Times columnist, tries to
                                                                  answer two of the most puzzling questions to
                                                                  come out of 9/11: What drove young, middle-
Thomas L. Friedman Reporting:
                                                                  class Muslim men to give up their lives to murder         52 min   2003   D 356
Searching for the Roots of 9/11
                                                                  almost 3,000 people? And – perhaps more
                                                                  important – why does their violent act elicit so
                                                                  much support from millions of ordinary Muslims
                                                                  throughout the world?

                                                                  Why The Towers Fell takes the viewer through
                                                                  the process by which the investigative team came
                                                                  to understand the hows and whys of one of
                                                                  America’s greatest tragedies. From a detailed
     Why the Towers Fell                                          examination of the building’s original design to          60 min   2002   D 357
                                                                  the relentless process of combing scrap steel
                                                                  yards and Ground Zero itself for evidence, this
                                                                  was one of the most extensive and difficult
                                                                  disaster investigations ever undertaken.
                                  The fastest growing segment of the American
                                  population is Hispanic-Americans. High
20th Century With Mike Wallace:   immigration and birthrates have made them a
                                                                                        50 min   1996   D 358
     Hispanics in America         social and political force. And their influence is
                                  only going to grow, by the year 2050, Hispanics
                                  will make up one quarter of the U.S. population.

                                  In August 1942, the murder of a young Mexican
                                  American man ignited a firestorm in Los Angeles.
                                  The tensions that had been building up for years
                                  between Mexican and white Los Angelenos
                                  boiled over. This charged yet little-known story
        Zoot Suit Riots           follows a generation of young Mexican Americans       60 min   2002   D 359
                                  who dared to challenge racial attitudes in Los
                                  Angeles during World War II. Their subjection to
                                  racial profiling and discrimination by a xenophobic
                                  society makes this story resonate with young
                                  people of color today.

                                  August 1991. Crown Heights, Brooklyn. A Hasidic
                                  man’s car jumps a curb and kills a seven-year-old
                                  black child. Hours later, a Hasidic student is
                                  stabbed to death in what appeared to be a
      Fires in the Mirror                                                               87 min   2003   D 360
                                  retaliatory act. A city riots, exploding in racial
                                  tension.Writer and Actor Anna Deavere Smith
                                  gives stunning performances as she sets course
                                  on an emotional re-telling of this tragedy.

                                  As World War II was raging, and the nation’s
                                  attention was turned towards events in Europe,
                                  Congress passed a law that would forever alter
  The G.I. Bill. The Law That     American society. The G.I. Bill chronicles the
                                                                                        60 min   1997   D 361
      Changed America             history and impact of the famous bill that
                                  guaranteed education, housing and business
                                  loans to the 16 million Americans who served in
                                  World War II.
                                                   This production combines the insight of American
                                                   Political Science experts on the interpretation of
                                                   The Constitution with live action and documentary
                                                   photography to explain an amplify this
                                                   extraordinary document. Volume 2 of that
                                                   program, The Bill of Rights is laid out in very
United States Constitution and Bill
                                       2 volumes   easy-to-understand language, with comments            100 min   1999   D 362
            of Rights
                                                   from noted experts from major universities who
                                                   help interpret the language of this essential
                                                   document. All subsequent amendments are also
                                                   reviewed, including such important national
                                                   issues as slavery, prohibition, and the extension
                                                   of voting rights to all citizens.

                                                   In this provocative three-part series, host
                                                   extraordinaire Robert X. Cringely takes you on a
                                                   journey through the Internet. Along the way, you’ll
                                                   hear from industry big-wigs such as Marc
Nerds 2.0.1 – A Brief History of the
                                       2 Volumes   Andreessen, Steve Case, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs        180 min   1998   D 364
                                                   and Bob Metcalfe and many other personalities.
                                                   Filles with humor, wit, inside gossip and hard
                                                   facts, Nerds 2.0.1 explains the Internet so even
                                                   the most web-shy will get it.

                                                   Across 2,000 miles of border and hundreds of
                                                   years of history, our Mexican-American story has
                                                   been woven like a vibrant serape of timeless
                                                   traditions and cultural connections. Actor Ricardo
                                                   Montalban, comedian Paul Rodriguez, singers
                                                   Vikki Carr and Tish Hinojosa, U.S. Secretary of
     The Mexican Americans                                                                               90 min    2000   D 365
                                                   Energy Bill Richardson, director Luis Valdez,
                                                   activist Dolores Huerta, artists, politicians,
                                                   journalists, community leaders and others from a
                                                   broad spectrum of cultural experience share their
                                                   personal stories in an exploration of Mexican
                                                   culture north of the border.
                                               A six-year project from conception to completion,
                                               this video collection carefully analyzes the costs
                                               and consequences of this controversial but
                                               intriguing war. From the first episode, Roots of a
  Vietnam: A Television History    7 volumes   War, to the last, Legacies, it provides a detailed   13 hours   1996   D 366
                                               visual and oral account of the war that changed a
                                               generation and continues to color American
                                               thinking on many military and foreign policy

                                               This program brings the 150-year record of public
                                               education to life. While history tells us that
                                               Americans have great faith in public education, it
                                               also shows we rarely agree on exactly what
The Merrow Report: In Schools We
                                               public schools are supposed to do. Teach the         60 min            D 367
                                               basics? Inculcate the values of a democratic
                                               society? Train workers? Teach social tolerance?
                                               In Schools We Trust provides a useful context for
                                               understanding today’s arguments.

                                               Clarence Page, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist
                                               for the Chicago Tribune, hosts this examination of
                                               the emergence, perspective and practice of this
                                               relatively young education reform movement.
   Charter Schools That Work                                                                        60 min            D 368
                                               More than 15 years ago, the report “A Nation at
                                               Risk” revealed that America’s public schools are
                                               failing children especially in poorer
                                               This is the story of the famous Grameen Bank
                                               and the small-business loans it makes to women
                                               only. This program describes the philosophy
The Woman’s Bank of Bangladesh                 development, and function of the bank then           47 min     1996   D 369
                                               follows the daily activities of three women who
                                               have taken out loans to fund their cottage
                                                          1: The series begins in the summer of 1776, as
                                                          the original 13 colonies stake everything on
                                                          independence from England – and America’s
                                                          chance for a new kind of freedom. The American
                                                          Revolution, the Continental Congress, and
                                                          Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence
                                                          begin the history of the United States. 2: Colonial
Freedom: A History of US   1: Independence, 2: Revolution                                                          60 min.   2003   D370
                                                          Americans fight to defeat the world’s greatest
                                                          military power and strive to create a new kind of
                                                          government that will live up to their high ideals.
                                                          George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas
                                                          Jefferson take their turns as presidents; Lewis
                                                          and Clark undertake their great expedition, and
                                                          the American dream is born.

                                                              3: America is now a “free“ land, although at a
                                                              terrible cost to Native Americans. In a look back
                                                              to colonial days, we see the Pilgrims and the
                                                              Puritans laying the groundwork for religious
                                                              freedom, while the Salem witch trials recall
                                                              superstition and intolerance. We follow the
                                                              nation’s population westward in the early 19th
                           3: Liberty for all?, 4: Wake up,   century; from the Wilderness Trail to the Trail of
Freedom: A History of US                                      Tears; and, finally, the Gold Rush! 4: The young     60 min.   2003   D 371
                                                              nation is in love with progress. Innovations
                                                              include steamboats, the Erie Canal, and the very
                                                              first railroads. The industrial revolution brings
                                                              some Americans leisure and personal freedom –
                                                              but there is a dark side to the story for factory
                                                              workers and women. Reformers begin to protest
                                                              horrendous conditions, while women like
                                                              Sojourner Truth and Elizabeth Cady Stanton rally
                                                              for equal rights.
                                                             5: While the Declaration of Independence states
                                                             that „all men are created equal”, the nation’s
                                                             slaves are a glaring exception. The colonial slave
                                                             trade and brutal life for slaves on southern
                                                             plantations spark the abolition movement and the
                                                             Underground Railroad. This pivotal episode
                                                             explores the role of Frederick Douglass, the
                                                             Lincoln-Douglas debates over the meaning of the
                            5: A Fatal Contradiction, 6: A   Declaration of Independence, and Abraham
Freedom: A History of US                                                                                           60 min.   2003   D 372
                                 War to End Slavery          Lincoln’s election to the presidency. 6: Heroic
                                                             soldiers in blue and gray endure the bloodiest
                                                             battle on American soil, as the country fights a
                                                             civil war over the Union and slavery’s place in it.
                                                             Grim battles unfold: Bull Run, Antietam, and
                                                             Gettysburg. Famous generals including Ulysses
                                                             S. Grant and Robert E. Lee lead the war between
                                                             the North and the South. Lincoln speaks
                                                             eloquently at Gettysburg, and just a year and a
                                                             half later is brutally assassinated at Ford’s

                                                         7: After the Civil War, the Reconstruction era
                                                         brings hope to the devastated South. But political
                                                         turmoil continues, Reconstruction efforts fail, and
                                                         a new era of segregation begins. With the
                                                         Supreme Court decision, Plessy v. Ferguson,
                           7: What is Freedom?, 8: Whose “separate but equal” becomes the law of the land.
Freedom: A History of US                                                                                           60 min.   2003   D 373
                                     Land is This        8: The nation seethes with racial conflict as
                                                         immigrants increasingly become targets of
                                                         prejudice, and settlers and soldiers massacre and
                                                         force western Indians onto reservations. As
                                                         European freedom-seekers continue to pour into
                                                         America, the Supreme Court rules, in an
                                                         important but little-known case, that non-citizens
                                                         are due equal protection under the law.
                                                          9: As industrial progress continues and the gap
                                                          between the rich and the poor widens, a new
                                                          labor movement emerges to advocate for
                                                          worker’s rights. The strike at Lawrence,
                                                          Massachusetts is a victory for workers; Samuel
                                                          Gompers emerges as influential labor leader; and
                           9: Working For Freedom, 10:
Freedom: A History of US                                  Susan B. Anthony paves the way for women’s            60 min.   2003   D 374
                            Yearning To Breathe Free
                                                          right to vote. 10: The newly unveiled Statue of
                                                          Liberty is a symbol of all that is best in America,
                                                          inspiring a time of reform and compassion.
                                                          Mother Jones brings the child labor issue to the
                                                          forefront of the nation’s consciousness, and Jane
                                                          Adams, America’s first social worker, creates Hull
                                                          House. Ida Tarbell exposes the abuse of John D.
                                                          Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company.
                                                          11: With help from the Wright brothers’
                                                          introduction of the airplane, the country begins to
                                                          soar. Woodrow Wilson and America reluctantly
                                                          join the fight in World War I, while on the home
                                                          front, women at last get the right to vote. Even in
                            11: Safe For Democracy, 12:
Freedom: A History of US                                  the midst of Prohibition, the Twenties roar with      60 min.   2003   D 375
                                Depression And War
                                                          personal freedom. 12: With the crash of the stock
                                                          market, America enters the Great Depression,
                                                          Franklin Roosevelt builds a New Deal, while
                                                          oversees Adolf Hitler comes to power. After Pearl
                                                          Harbour, the U.S. enters WWI.

                                                          13: In the postwar „free world“, America becomes
                                                          the acknowledged leader, striving to rebuild
                                                          democracies abroad. The Iron Curtain falls and
                                                          the Cold War begins. Fear of communism
                                                          spreads, and Senator Joseph McCarthy begins
                                                          his communist witch-hunts at home. The U.S.
                           13: Democracy And Struggles,   finally faces up to racial separatism when the
Freedom: A History of US                                                                                        60 min.   2003   D 376
                                14: Let Freedom Ring      groundbreaking Supreme Court decision, Brown
                                                          v. Board of Education, outlaws segregation. 14:
                                                          Civil Rights becomes the most effective social
                                                          movement in U.S. history. During this era, Martin
                                                          Luther King, Jr. marches on Washington, and
                                                          Little Rock’s high school is integrated. John F.
                                                          Kennedy is inaugurated as president of the
                                                          United States. Cesar Chavez founds the National
                                                          Farm Workers Association.
                                                             15: While the 1960s brings progress in the quest
                                                             for freedom, this is an explosive decade that
                                                             threatens to tear apart the fabric of society.
                                                             President Kennedy is assassinated, and Lyndon
                                                             B. Johnson pursues the war in Vietnam. Martin
                                                             Luther King is assassinated, leaving behind a
                                                             legacy of successful non-violent civil rights
                                   15: Marching To Freedom
   Freedom: A History of US                                  resistance. 16: America continues to make             60 min.   2003   D 377
                                   Land, 16: Becoming Free
                                                             tremendous strides through the prosperity of the
                                                             1980s, 1990s, and into the new millennium. But
                                                             few pay attention as poverty increases at home
                                                             and anti-Americanism spreads abroad. The
                                                             nation’s mettle is severely tested by the terrorist
                                                             attacks of September 11, 2001, but Americans
                                                             rally together. American freedom becomes more
                                                             important than ever before.
                                                             Documentary about the life, films and
                                                             contributions of Sidney Poitier, the only black
                                                             American actor who received an Academy
                                                             Award. With movies like Blackboard Jungle, A
                                                             Raisin in the Sun, The Defiant Ones, Lilies of the
                                                             Field, and Guess Who` Coming to Dinner, he
                                                             altered the racial perceptions held by motion
                                                             picture audiences and Hollywood executives.
                                                             American Masters presents an engaging look at
                                                             the remarkable achievements of this
Sidney Poitier: One Bright Light                                                                                   60 min.   1999   D 378
                                                             accomplished actor, writer, director, critic,
                                                             humanitarian, and diplomat. Directed and
                                                             narrated by Lee Grant, who co-starred with
                                                             Poitier in the ground-breaking film In the Heat of
                                                             the Night, the retrospective explores the life and
                                                             career of Sidney Poitier through his body of work
                                                             and through the words of his colleagues and
                                                             admirers. Interviewees include James Earl Jones,
                                                             Denzel Washington, Quincy Jones, and Robert
                          dir. Ken Burns. For more than 100 years, the
                          Statue of Liberty has been a symbol of hope and
                          refuge for generations of immigrants. In this
                          lyrical, compelling, and provocative portrait of the
                          statue, Ken Burns explores both the history of
                          America's premier symbol and the meaning of
                          liberty itself. Featuring archival photographs,
                          paintings and drawings, readings from actual
                          diaries, letters and newspapers of the day, the
 The Statue of Liberty    story of this universally admired monument is          65 min.   1985   D 379
                          told. Although this program is 18 years old, its
                          style, content and quality, for programming
                          purposes, is evergreen. In interviews with
                          Americans from all walks of life, including former
                          New York governor Mario Cuomo, the late
                          congresswomen Barbara Jordan and the late
                          writers James Baldwin and Jerzy Kosinski, The
                          Statue of Liberty examines the nature of liberty
                          and the significance of the statue to American life.

                          This program takes some of the most colorful
                          stories from public television series "Religion and
                          Ethics News Weekly", stories about various
                          religions, beliefs and practices in the United
                          States and presents them in a framework that
                          demonstrates America's religious diversity. New
                          immigrants to America from all over the world
                          have brought their religious traditions with them.
America's New Religious
                          We see that there are many ways of                     60 min.          D 380
                          understanding what we call God. Among a variety
                          of religious faiths, we visit Buddhists (30% of
                          American Buddhists come from the Jewish faith),
                          an African-American Muslim going to the Haji in
                          Saudi Arabia, Hasidic Jews in Crown Heights-
                          Brooklyn, Hindus in northern Virginia, and three
                          immigrant religious communities in the most
                          diverse religious city in the world, Los Angeles.
                               How religious are we, and how are we religious?
                               This 90-minute VHS videotape, a series of five
                               segments that aired on RELIGION & ETHICS
                               NEWSWEEKLY in the spring of 2002, is based
                               on a major national survey of religious tolerance,
                               beliefs and practices in the United States today.
                               The videotape presents survey data as well as
                               stories on religious diversity, Protestantism,
                               Catholicism, and spirituality in America that were
                               produced across the country -- from Georgia to
                               Chicago to the Pacific Northwest. Muslims and
Exploring Religious America    their neighbors in suburban Atlanta face the          90 min.   2002   D 381
                               challenge of religious tolerance; mainline
                               Protestants in Virginia, evangelical Protestants in
                               Georgia, and African-American Protestants in
                               Indianapolis address the variety and changing
                               influence of Protestant ideas and ideals; Irish-
                               American and Hispanic Catholics in Chicago
                               speak about the meaning of their faith; and
                               spiritual seekers in the East and the West, both
                               apart from and within organized religion, highlight
                               the importance of spiritual experience in America.
                               A panel of experts offers analysis and
                               commentary on the survey results and the series.

                               This documentary follows the history of the small
                               West African country of Liberia from its hopeful
                               beginnings in 1821 to its present state of poverty
Liberia: America's Stepchild   and despair. The country was named for liberty        90 min.          D 382
                               and founded by free American blacks, but the
                               struggle between the indigenous peoples and the
                               colonizers created tensions that eventually
                               erupted into tribal war.
                                   To see the world through Albert Einstein's eyes is
                                   to witness some of the 20th Century's major
                                   events from an amazing perspective, one much
                                   wider than you may think. Although Einstein was
                                   the greatest scientific genius of the century, this
A. Einstein: How I See the World                                                             56 min.   1995   D 383
                                   portrait is as much about the humanity of the man
                                   as it is about his legendary accomplishments.
                                   Beautifully narrated by Oscar-winning actor
                                   William Hurt, this program chronicles how the
                                   world's most famous Nobel Prize winner became
                                   its most eloquent advocate for peace. Much is
                                   told in Einsteins own words, excerpted from his
                                   diaries, personal letters and writings.

                                   Bruce Herschensohn's documentary covers the
                                   remarkable 1,000 days of the JFK Administration
                                   and the day of the young president's burial. Along
                                   with domestic highlights such as Kennedy's White
                                   House speech to the first Peace Corps
                                   volunteers, the Civil Rights crisis and the space
                                   race, there are the dramatic international
                                   moments: the Cuban crisis, Berlin crisis — "if
                                   war begins, it begins in Moscow, not Berlin"
                                   — his journey to Costa Rica, his speech at
 JFK: Year of Lightning, Day of    the Berlin Wall and his visit to the Kennedy
                                   ancestral home in Ireland. Interspersed between           85 min.   1966   D 384
                                   these segments are poignant scenes from the
                                   1963 funeral. The sense of grief and hope lost is
                                   palpable. Gregory Peck's narration is at times
                                   stern, at times wistful: "History will pick up its cold
                                   pen and book, and write in chronological order
                                   the events of the day with the date and time and
                                   the city. But history will be wrong, for there wasn't
                                   one date, or time, or city." Produced by the United
                                   States Information Agency, Herschensohn's film
                                   is historically important as one can witness the
                                   process by which JFK the man becomes JFK the
                                   She was the nation's conscience, a tireless
                                   advocate for the disadvantaged, a woman who
                                   influenced American social policies for decades
The American Experience: Eleanor   and pushed through the first international charter      150 min.          D 385
           Roosevelt               on human rights. Eleanor Roosevelt survived a
                                   painful childhood and a difficult marriage to
                                   become one of the most admired women in

                                   California, here we come! A dazzling video tour of
                                   the Golden State. It's all here: the towering
                                   majesty of the redwoods, the charm of old San
                                   Francisco, the panoramic splendor of Big Sur, the
    AAA Travel Video Series:       glamour and glitz of Hollywood plus the beauty of       60 min.    1991   D 386
          California               the desert country and mountain ranges. All this
                                   plus an insightful look at the state's rich history.
                                   Beautifully filmed, it's an exciting look at our most
                                   populous state that wil offer thrills for the entire
                                   family and become the perfect prelude for making
                                   the tour in person.
     Pandemic: Facing AIDS                                                                 42 min.           D 387

                                   Featuring expert commentary and a look at
                                   America's election history, this educational Just
                                   the Facts program presents an in-depth look at
                                   the election process in the United States. Covers
                                   the electoral college, how government officials
The Election Process in America    are elected, suffrage, disfranchisement and             50 min.    2002   D 389
                                   lobbyists and political action committees. The
                                   program explores ways the election process
                                   might be improved, following the hotly contested
                                   Bush-Gore Presidential race, and examines how
                                   each individual can become involved in the
                                   workings of the government.
                                                                   1. Native Voices
                                                                   Native Americans had established a rich and
                                                                   highly developed tradition of oral literature long
                                                                   before the writings of the European colonists.
                                                                   This program explores that richness by
                                                                   introducing Native American oral traditions
American Passages: A Literary   1. Native Voices, 2. Exploring     through the work of three contemporary authors:
                                                                   Leslie Marmon Silko (Laguna Pueblo), Simon            PAL   D 390
          Survey                         Borderlands
                                                                   Ortiz (Acoma Pueblo), and Luci Tapahonso
                                                                   (Navajo). 2. Exploring Borderlands
                                                                   Chicana writer Gloria Anzaldúa tells us that the
                                                                   border is "una herida abierta [an open wound]
                                                                   where… the lifeblood of two worlds is merging to
                                                                   form a third country — a border culture." This
                                                                   program explores the literature of the Chicano
                                                                   borderlands and its beginnings in the literature of
                                                                   Spanish colonization.

                                                                   3. Utopian Promise When British colonists landed
                                                                   in the Americas, they created communities that
                                                                   they hoped would serve as a "light onto the
                                                                   nations." But what role would the native
                                                                   inhabitants play in this new model community?
                                3. Utopian Promise, 4. Spirit of   This program compares the answers of two
     American Passages                                                                                                   PAL   D 391
                                         Nationalism               important groups, the Puritans and Quakers, and
                                                                   exposes the lasting influence they had upon
                                                                   American identity. 4. Spirit of Nationalism The
                                                                   Enlightenment brought new ideals and a new
                                                                   notion of selfhood to the American colonies. This
                                                                   program begins with an examination of the
                                                                   importance of the trope of the self-made man in
                                                                   Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, and then
                                                                   turns to the development of this concept in the
                                                                   writings of Romanticist Ralph Waldo Emerson.
                                                     5. Masculine Heroes
                                                     In 1898, Frederick Jackson Turner declared the
                                                     frontier as the defining feature of American
                                                     culture, but American authors had uncovered its
                                                     significance much earlier. This program turns to
                                                     three key writers of the early national period —
                                                     James Fenimore Cooper, John Rollin Ridge, and
                    5. Masculine Heroes, 6. Gothic   Walt Whitman — and examines the influential
American Passages                                                                                        PAL   D 392
                           Undercurrents             visions of American manhood offered by each
                                                     6. Gothic Undercurrents
                                                     What was haunting the American nation in the
                                                     1850s? The three writers treated in this program
                                                     — Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, and
                                                     Emily Dickinson — use poetry and prose to
                                                     explore the dark side of nineteenth-century

                                                     7. Slavery and Freedom How has slavery shaped
                                                     the American literary imagination and American
                                                     identity? This program turns to the classic slave
                                                     narratives of Harriet Jacobs and Frederick
                                                     Douglass and the fiction of Harriet Beecher
                     7. Slavery and Freedom, 8.      Stowe. What rhetorical strategies do their works
American Passages                                    use to construct an authentic and authoritative     PAL   D 393
                          Regional Realism
                                                     American self? 8. Regional Realism Set in the
                                                     antebellum American South, but written after
                                                     Emancipation, Mark Twain's novel The
                                                     Adventures of Huckleberry Finn remains a classic
                                                     of American literature. This program compares
                                                     Twain’s depiction of Southern vernacular culture
                                                     to that of Charles Chestnutt and Kate Chopin,
                                                     and in doing so, introduces the hallmarks of
                                                     American Realism.
                                                     9. Social Realism
                                                     This program presents the authors of the
                                                     American Gilded Age, such as Edith Wharton,
                                                     and juxtaposes them with social realists like
                                                     Anzia Yezierska. These writers expose the
                                                     double world that made up turn–of–the–century
                                                     New York: that of the elite and that of the poorest
                    9. Social Realism, 10. Rhythms   of the poor. Which of these realities is the more
American Passages                                                                                          PAL   D 394
                               in Poetry             truly American? 10. Rhythms in Poetry
                                                     Amidst the chaos following World War I, Ezra
                                                     Pound urged poets to "Make it new!" This call
                                                     was heeded by a large range of poets, ranging
                                                     from T. S. Eliot to Jean Toomer. This program
                                                     explores the modernist lyrics of two of these
                                                     poets: William Carlos Williams and Langston
                                                     Hughes. What is modernism? How did these
                                                     poets start a revolution that continues until this

                                                     11. Modernist Portraits Jazz filled the air and
                                                     wailed against the night. Caught in the sway,
                                                     American prose writers sought out the forbidden
                                                     — the slang, the dialects, and the rhythms of the
                     11. Modernist Portraits, 12.
American Passages                                    folk and of everyday life. Writers such as            PAL   D 395
                          Migrant Struggle
                                                     Hemingway, Stein, and Fitzgerald forged a new
                                                     style: one which silhouetted the geometry of
                                                     language, crisp in its own cleanness. 12. Migrant
                                                     Struggle Americans have often defined
                                                     themselves through their relationship to the land.
                                                     This program traces the social fiction of three key
                                                     American voices: John Steinbeck, Carlos
                                                     Bulosan, and Helena María Viramontes.
                                                     13. Southern Renaissance
                                                     "My subject in fiction," Flannery O’Connor tells
                                                     us, "is the action of grace in the territory held
                                                     largely by the devil." One might do well to ask
                                                     what, if not the devil, haunts the American South
                                                     in this era between the wars. This program
                    13. Southern Renaissance, 14.    uncovers the revisioning of Southern myths
American Passages                                                                                        PAL   D 396
                          Becoming Visible           during the modernist era by writers William
                                                     Faulkner and Zora Neale Hurston.
                                                     14. Becoming Visible
                                                     This program guides the viewer through the
                                                     works and contexts of ethnic writers from 1945–
                                                     1965. Starting with the works of Ralph Waldo
                                                     Ellison, Philip Roth, and N. Scott Momaday, we
                                                     explore the way writers from the margins took
                                                     over the center of American culture.

                                                     15. Poetry of Liberation For many, the 1960s
                                                     mark the true end of modern America. Whereas
                                                     the modernists remained serious about the
                                                     transcendent nature of art, the artists of the
                                                     1960s wanted an art that was relevant. They
                                                     wanted an art that not only spoke about justice,
                     15. Poetry of Liberation, 16.   but also helped create it. This program explores
American Passages                                                                                        PAL   D 397
                          Search of Identity         the innovations made in American poetry in the
                                                     1960s by Allen Ginsberg, Amiri Baraka, and
                                                     Adrienne Rich. 16. Search for Identity Even as
                                                     the poets were fostering a rebellion,
                                                     contemporary prose writers began creating a new
                                                     American Tradition comprised of many strands,
                                                     many voices, and many myths about the past.
                                                     This program explores the search for identity by
                                                     three American writers: Maxine Hong Kingston,
                                                     Sandra Cisneros, and Leslie Feinberg.
                              This program presents a broad overview of the
                              world's second largest country, ranked \"the most
                              livable country in the world\" by a 1992 United
                              Nations survey. Rich in natural resources like
                              petroleum and forests, Canada enjoys the world's
                              second highest standard of living. While the U.S.
                              and Canada drift closer together economically
                              and culturally, Canada strives to preserve its
 The Canadian Way of Life                                                              21 min.   1994   VHS   D 400
                              distinct national identity. A lively and engaging
                              media adjunct to World History and World
                              Geography units on origins, social and cultural
                              aspects of Inuit civilization; effects of physical and
                              human geographic patterns and processes on
                              events in the past and influence on current
                              conditions, including the influence of physical
                              features and environmental conditions on
                              migration patterns; systems of government;
                              cultural diversity and bilingualism. There are
                              several segments in French.

                              It is in the 17th century that the first European
                              adventurers, known as " coureurs des bois ",
                              appeared in New France. On a trip that takes us
                              from Quebec to Montreal, then to the Great
                              Lakes, we follow, beyond time and beyond
Quebec: The Journeys of the   seasons, the traces of these early trappers who          58 min.   2002         D 401
         Trappers             confronted great difficulties with courage,
                              enabling them to get their cargo of fur pelts to
                              Europe where they were so valuable. At the same
                              time, as we get to know some colourful
                              characters, the coureurs des bois' journey will
                              take us through stunning countryside that inspires
                              celebration and meditation.
                              On the eve of the New Year, 1871, British
                              Columbia put on her wedding dress and prepared
                              to unite her destiny to that of the young country,
                              Canada. The Prime Minister, the conservative, Sir
Canada: Journey through the   John A. MacDonald, obtained his bride-to-be's         58 min.   2002   D 402
         Rockies              consent by promising to build a railroad that will
                              cross the country from East to West. The die is
                              cast, the iron horse must cross the Rockies. This
                              monumental task will unfurl in a mountain
                              wilderness, and will be the starting point of
                              tourism for Canadian Pacific.

                              Canada's 10 Provinces, each a cultural
                              stronghold, blend to forge the country's indentity.
                              Much like it's neighbor to the south, Canada is a
                              country of history and diversity. Even eager and
                              adventurous travelers may not be able to take in
                              the the beauty and wonder that characterizes this
                              nation. Approximately 90 cultural groups, more
                              than 25 million people, live in the world's second
     Canadian Journey         largest country. This video journey travels           55 min.   1996   D 403
                              through all 10 provinces exploring the colorful
                              sights and sounds of Quebec City, Montreal,
                              Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria,
                              Vancouver, and more.Also captured on video are
                              Prince Edward Island, Madeline Islands, Lake St.
                              Jean, Niagara Falls, Jasper, Banff, the "Calgary
                              stampede," and the majestic Canadian Rockies.
                              It's all here, the Canada you've always wanted to

                              Explore Canada's wondrous diversity of culture
                              and landscape... From quaint fishing villages in
   Rand McNally: Canada                                                             38 min.          D 404
                              Nova Scotia... To the sweeping farmlands... To
                              the snow-swept Arctic tundra... To Vancouver's
                              seaport sophistication.
                                                                   This feature-length documentary based on Pierre
                                                                   Berton's bestseller explores the kaleidoscope of
                                                                   wonders that is the history of Niagara Falls. From
                                                                   the days of the Native-Americans to the re-cast
                                                                   tourist industry today, it is a celebration of the
                                                                   characters that have been drawn to this amazing
Niagara: A History of the Falls                                    place and left their mark. Archival footage and          50 min.   1995   VHS   D 405
                                                                   photos show the Falls as they were in the past,
                                                                   when visitors stayed in luxury hotels but risked
                                                                   their lives on rickety staircases to get a good view
                                                                   of the awesome power of the waters. Spectacular
                                                                   cinematography provides a better view than
                                                                   visitors ever get. And experts, local residents and
                                                                   Niagara celebrities share their recollections with
                                                                   the cameras.

                                                                   The Amish emigrated from Europe to America in
                                                                   1693 to find religious freedom. Devout Christians,
                                                                   they settled primarily in Lancaster, Pennsylvania,
                                                                   but also now reside in Ohio, Indiana and parts of
                                                                   Canada. Service to God is the most important
                                                                   aspect of Amish life, and they believe that
                                                                   technological progress only increases worldly
                                  Multicultural Peoples of North   temptation. Ironically, their simple way of life has
         The Amish                                                 spawned a multimillion-dollar tourist industry           30 min.   1993   VHS   D 406
                                                                   rampant with commercialism. This program
                                                                   examines their values, their work ethic, their
                                                                   opinion of the tourists they attract and their ability
                                                                   to sustain their cultural and religious beliefs in a
                                                                   world different from their own. Part of the
                                                                   Multicultural Peoples of North America Video
                                                                   Series, a compelling collection that celebrates the
                                                                   heritage of different cultural groups in North
                                                                     The Huron, who called themselves the "Wendat,"
                                                                     meaning "islanders," flourished in Southern
                                                                     Ontario, Canada. But when French Jesuit
                                                                     missionaries brought deadly smallpox and
                                                                     measles epidemics, thousands of tribe members
                                                                     died. Due to ongoing attacks and depleted food
                                                                     supplies, the Huron abandoned their homeland in
                                                                     1649 and the tribe was scattered across Quebec,
           The Huron                  Indians of North America                                                            30 min.    1994   VHS       D 407
                                                                     the Great Lakes region, the Midwest and parts of
                                                                     Oklahoma, causing the loss of many traditional
                                                                     customs. Originally farmers, the Huron became
                                                                     craftsmen, making moccasins, snowshoes and
                                                                     canoes for sale or trade. Today, a small Huron
                                                                     community in Canada still survives,
                                                                     manufacturing these same goods and
                                                                     maintaining the Huron heritage. Part of the
                                                                     multivolume Indians of North America Video
                                                                     Collection, each featuring the compelling history
                                                                     and culture of a particular Native American tribe.

                                                                     Canada comes of age in the anguish of World
                                                                     War II, with soldirs on the beaches at Dieppe and
                                                                     women in the industrial work force back home.
Canada: A People's History, Series   Vol. 14, The Crucible, 1940 -
                                                                     The country's military role and the domestic,        120 min.   2001         D 408, vol. 14
               4                                 1946
                                                                     social, and political consequences of the war are
                                                                     traced through poignant stories of Canadians on
                                                                     both sides of the Atlantic. The horrific global
                                                                     conflict steals the innocence of a generation but
                                                                     brings hope for a new future.
                                                                   The end of Second World War signals the end of
                                                                   years of social, political and economic upheaval
                                                                   in Canada. The post-war baby boom and
                                                                   government economic and social policies give
                                                                   rise to unprecedented prosperity and growth of
                                                                   Canadian communities. But in the midst of plenty,
Canada: A People's History, Series Vol. 15, Comfort and Fear, 1946
                                                                   growing fears of the Cold War and nuclear                 120 min.   2001   D 408, vol. 15
               5                               - 1964
                                                                   conflict create an unsettled atmosphere. Political
                                                                   leaders - including John Diefenbaker, Joey
                                                                   Smallwood, and Maurice Duplessis - create
                                                                   change and controversy. Saskatchewan's premier
                                                                   Tommy Douglas begins the fight for medicare.
                                                                   And throughout all this, Canada finds itself
                                                                   increasingly absorbed into the American military,
                                                                   economic and cultural orbit.

                                                                       The 1960s and 1970s are an era of turmoil. Youth
                                                                       movements across North America and Quebec’s
                                                                       Quiet Revolution challenge the status quo.
Canada: A People's History, Series     Vol. 16, Years of Hope and      Canada raises a new flag and the country shines       120 min.   2001   D 408, vol. 16
               6                           Anger, 1964 - 1976          in the world spotlight with Expo '67. Some events
                                                                       threaten considerable upheaval: growing calls for
                                                                       Quebec sovereignty and the 1970 FLQ
                                                                       kidnappings. An electrifying politician becomes
                                                                       prime minister and Trudeaumania changes the
                                                                       face of Canadian politics irrevocably.

                                                                       Canada struggles in an era of political, economic
                                                                       and social uncertainties. Debate around
                                                                       Canadian unity continues with the Quebec
                                                                       referendum of 1980, patriation of the Constitution
                                                                       and the Meech Lake Accord. Canadian society
Canada: A People's History, Series   Vol. 17, In an Uncertain World,   continues to be shaped by growing                     120 min.   2001   D 408, vol. 17
               7                                1976 - 1990            multiculturalism, feminism and native activism.
                                                                       The country also faces new global realities. The
                                                                       world order and economic boom that had taken
                                                                       shape after the Second World War begins to
                                                                       unravel. Free trade, globalization, the collapse of
                                                                       the Soviet Union, and the explosion of computer
                                                                       technology helps define Canada in the new era.
                                                                   Return to Ortona: A Battlefield Redeption; The
Canada: A People's History, Series                                 Eulogy of the Unknown Soldier; The History of
                                     Special Documentary Edition   Science in Canada: The Atomic Age; The History       135 min.     2001             D 408, vol. 18
                                                                   of Science in Canada: The Space Age; What
                                                                   Border? The Americanization of Canada; Pier 21:
                                                                   The Journey to New Beginnings
  Clear and Present Danger: The
                                                                                                                        55 min.                 PAL       D 409
  Evolution of Modern Terrorism

   1984 National Conventions                                       1. Democrats, 2. Republicans, 3. Ronald Reagan,      120 min.     1984                 D 410
                                                                   George Bush
   1984 Presidential Election -
                                                                                                                        120 min.     1984                 D 411
   Reagan - Mondale Debates                                        1. Debate 1., 2. Debate 2.
   The Democrats Debate, 1984                                      NBC covers the Democratic National Convention        111 min.     1984       PAL       D 412
                                                                   on June 3rd, 1984, featuring Jesse Jackson.
 Bentsen-Quayle/ Bush Dukakis
                                                                                                                                                          D 413

                                                                   1. Election 1988: Various excerpts from TV News
                                                                   covering the whole spectre of the 1988's
                                                                   elections. They include a short history of the
                                                                   elections since their beginning. Portraits -
       Election 1988/ Bush                                         Robertson, Dole, Bush, Dukakis, Jackson. Super
                                                                   Tuesday, Blacks as voters. 2. Bush                   175 min.     1988                 D 414
                                                                   Administration: This Worldnet Dialogue was
                                                                   recorded at the very beginning of George Bush's
                                                                   presidency. Various experts try to make a
                                                                   prognosis of his presidential term, discuss his
                                                                   staff, and answer questions of reporters from all
                                                                   over the world.

                                                                   More than fifty ethnic groups complete the
                                                                   cultural mosaic of Western Canada. Many of
                                                                   these groups have made known their beliefs,
                                                                   customs and activities by various means. "An
   An Immigrant - An ethnic/                                       Immigrant" focuses on the Romanian pioneers
   historical documentary on                                       who settled in the Province of Alberta at the turn   48 min.    1998/ 2003             D 415
  Western Canadian immigrant                                       of the 20th century, homesteading along with
          resettlement                                             other ethnic groups who settled in the Wild West.
                                                                   Although its basic building block is occasionally
                                                                   combined with lyrical and suggestive montage,
                                                                   "An Immigrant preserves the integrity of time and
                                                                   space by maintaining a historically observant
     Bush - Dukakis Debate 1                                                             90 min.    1988          D 416
                                     1. Bush/ Dukakis, 2. Mediafight '88, 3.
                                     Headquarters, 4. Prominent Commentators, 5.
  U.S. Presidential Election 1988                                                        20 min.    1988          D 417
                                     Biography George Bush; 6. Biography Dan
 Inauguration Ceremony George        Inauguration swearing in ceremony +                 55 min.    1989          D 418
              Bush                   Inaugurations parade
   Inauguration Ceremony Bill
                                                                                                    1993          D 419
Election Special: Democratic Party
                                                                                         12 min.                  D 420
      Presidential Candidates
  3rd Presidential Debate 1992,
                                                                                                    1992          D 421
         Clinton - Bush              Presidential Debate in East Lansing, MI
  2nd Presidential Debate 1992,
                                                                                                    1992          D 422
         Clinton - Bush
  1st Presidential Debate 1992,
                                                                                                    1992          D 423
         Clinton - Bush

  Campaign 1992 Commercials          8 Ads - Clinton, Bush; 9 Ads - Buchanan, Bush,
                                     Clinton, Perot; 6 ads - Senate races, Clinton;                 1992          D 424
  (Presidential & Senate Races)
                                     Clinton on Arsenio Hall
                                     Auslandsstudium; What is expected of graduate
     Student Life in the USA         students; No longer stranger; Student life in the   142 min.          NTSC   D 425
                                     USA, Education - Adjusting
  Varieties of American English      Regional dialects; Social and specialized groups;   108 min.          PAL    D 426
                                     Stylistic differences
 Nasa - Space Shuttle Columbia       Space shuttle: Columbia; Post flight press          65 min.           PAL    D 427
                                     conference; Nasa - Return to space
 Leonard Bernstein, Alvin Ailey,
                                                                                         162 min.          NTSC   D 428
  Preservation Hall Jazz Band        Jazz concerts.
      The American Cinema            The Silent Era                                      19 min.           PAL    D 429
      The American Cinema            The Western/ The Musical                            37 min.           NTSC   D 430
 Three by Ballanchine/ Limon's
 Legacy/ Jennifer Muller u. "The                                                         119 min.          NTSC   D 431
   Das Hobo-Abenteuer: Auf
                                                                                         47 min.    1990   PAL    D 432
   Güterzügen durch die USA

    Primaries: Super Tuesday         Worldnet Dialogue on results of Super Tuesday       60 min.    1992   PAL    D 433
                                     Primaries, March 11th, 1992
                                                                 Wer fränkisch hören will, so wie es vor 150
                                                                 Jahren gesprochen wurde, der wird nicht im
                                                                 Fichtelgebirge oder im Spessart fündig, sondern
                                                                 in Michigan, USA. 4000 Einwohner zählt das von
                                                                 deutschen Siedlern gegründete Städtchen
                                                                 Frankenmuth heute. Die Gründer von
                                                                 Frankenmuth stammen aus Roßtal und
Frankenmuth: Ein Stück Bayern in                                 Neuendettelsau südlich von Nürnberg. Blanke
                                                                 Not und die strengen Gesetze bis hin zum             44 min.   1995   PAL   D 434
                                                                 Heiratsverbot trieben die verarmten Handwerker
                                                                 aus der Heimat. Die neue Welt jenseits des
                                                                 Ozeans weckte Hoffnung auf ein besseres
                                                                 Leben. Mit fränkischem Brauchtum, fränkischer
                                                                 Musik und fränkischen Spezialitäten - oder
                                                                 zumindest das, was Amerikaner dafür halten -
                                                                 haben die Nachfahren der Auswanderer ihren Ort
                                                                 zu einer Touristenattraktion ersten Ranges
                                                                 gemacht - zum fränkischen "Disneyland".

                                                                 1. New World Encounters : Professor Miller
                                                                 introduces A Biography of America and its team
                                                                 of historians. The program looks at the
                                                                 beginnings of American history from west to east,
                                                                 following the first Ice Age migrations through the
                                                                 corn civilizations of Middle America, and the
                                   1. New World Encounters; 2.
     Biography of America                                        explorations of Columbus, DeSoto, and the            30 min.   2000   PAL   D 435
                                        English Settlement
                                                                 Spanish. 2. English Settlement: As the American
                                                                 character begins to take shape in the early
                                                                 seventeenth century, English settlements develop
                                                                 in New England and Virginia. Their personalities
                                                                 are dramatically different. Professor Miller
                                                                 explores the origins of values, cultures, and
                                                                 economies that have collided in the North and
                                                                 South throughout the American story.
                                                      3. Growth and Empire: Benjamin Franklin and
                                                      Franklin’s Philadelphia take center stage in this
                                                      program. As the merchant class grows in the
                                                      North, the economies of southern colonies are
                                                      built on the shoulders of the slave trade.
                                                      Professor Miller brings the American story to
                       3. Growth and Empire; 4. The
Biography of America                                  1763 with the Peace of Paris and English             30 min.   2000   PAL   D 436
                         Coming of Independence
                                                      dominance in America. 4. The Coming of
                                                      Independence: Professor Maier tells the story of
                                                      how the English-loving colonist transforms into
                                                      the freedom-loving American rebel. The
                                                      luminaries of the early days of the Republic —
                                                      Washington, Jefferson, Adams — are featured in
                                                      this program as they craft the Declaration of —
                                                      and wage the War for — Independence.

                                                      5. A New System of Government : After the War
                                                      for Independence, the struggle for a new system
                                                      of government begins. Professor Maier looks at
                                                      the creation of the Constitution of the United
                                                      States. The Republic survives a series of threats
                                                      to its union, and the program ends with the
                                                      deaths of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on
                                                      the Fourth of July, 1826. 6. Westward Expansion:
Biography of America                                                                                       30 min.   2000   PAL   D 437
                                                      At the dawn of the nineteenth century, the size of
                                                      the United States doubles with the Louisiana
                                                      Purchase. The Appalachians are no longer the
                                                      barrier to American migration west; the
                                                      Mississippi River becomes the country’s central
                                                      artery; and Jefferson’s vision of an Empire of
                          5. A New System of          Liberty begins to take shape. American historian
                        Government; 6. Westward       Stephen Ambrose joins Professors Maier and
                               Expansion              Miller in examining the consequences of the
                                                      Louisiana Purchase — for the North, the South,
                                                      and the history of the country.
                                                       7. The Rise of Capitalism: Individual enterprise
                                                       merges with technological innovation to launch
                                                       the Commercial Revolution — the seedbed of
                                                       American industry. The program features the
                                                       ideas of Adam Smith, the efforts of entrepreneurs
                                                       in New England and Chicago, the Lowell Mills
                                                       Experiment, and the engineering feats involved in
                       7. The Rise of Capitalism; 8.   Chicago’s early transformation from marsh to
Biography of America                                                                                        30 min.   2000   PAL   D 438
                           The Reform Impulse          metropolis. 8. The Reform Impulse: The Industrial
                                                       Revolution has its dark side, and the tumultuous
                                                       events of the period touch off intense and often
                                                       thrilling reform movements. Professor Masur
                                                       presents the ideas and characters behind the
                                                       Great Awakening, the abolitionist movement, the
                                                       women’s movement, and a powerful wave of
                                                       religious fervor.

                                                       9. Slavery: While the North develops an industrial
                                                       economy and culture, the South develops a slave
                                                       culture and economy, and the great rift between
                                                       the regions becomes unbreachable. Professor
                                                       Masur looks at the human side of the history of
                                                       the mid-1800s by sketching a portrait of the lives
                                                       of slave and master. 10. The Coming of the Civil
Biography of America                                   War: Simmering regional differences ignite an all-   30 min.   2000   PAL   D 439
                                                       out crisis in the 1850s. Professor Martin teams
                                                       with Professor Miller and historian Stephen
                                                       Ambrose to chart the succession of incidents,
                                                       from ‘Bloody Kansas’ to the shots on Fort Sumter,
                                                       that inflame the conflict between North and South
                                                       to the point of civil war.
                       9. Slavery; 10. The Coming of
                                the Civil War
                                                        11. The Civil War: As the Civil War rages, all eyes
                                                        turn to Vicksburg, where limited war becomes
                                                        total war. Professor Miller looks at the ferocity of
                                                        the fighting, at Lincoln’s Emancipation
                                                        Proclamation, and at the bitter legacy of the battle
                                                        — and the war. 12. Reconstruction: Professor
Biography of America                                    Miller begins the program by evoking in word and       30 min.   2000   PAL   D 440
                                                        picture the battlefield after the battle of
                                                        Gettysburg. With the assassination of President
                                                        Lincoln, one sad chapter of American history
                                                        comes to a close. In the fatigue and cynicism of
                                                        the Civil War’s aftermath, Reconstructionism
                                                        becomes a promise unfulfilled.
                           11. The Civil War; 12.

                                                        13. America at Its Centennial: As America
                                                        celebrates its centennial, 5 million people
                                                        descend on Philadelphia to celebrate America’s
                                                        technological achievements, but some of the
                                                        early principles of the Republic remain
                                                        unrealized. Professor Miller and his team of
                                                        historians examine where America is in 1876 and
Biography of America                                    discuss the question of race. 14. Industrial           30 min.   2000   PAL   D 441
                                                        Supremacy: Steel and stockyards are featured in
                                                        this program as the mighty engine of industrialism
                                                        thunders forward at the end of the nineteenth
                                                        century. Professor Miller continues the story of
                                                        the American Industrial Revolution in New York
                                                        and Chicago, looking at the lives of Andrew
                                                        Carnegie, Gustavus Swift, and the countless
                       13. America at Its Centennial;   workers in the packinghouse and on the factory
                         14. Industrial Supremacy       floor.
                                                        15. The New City: Professor Miller explores the
                                                        tension between the messy vitality of cities that
                                                        grow on their own and those where orderly
                                                        growth is planned. Chicago — with Hull House,
                                                        the World’s Columbian Exposition, the new
                                                        female workforce, the skyscraper, the department
                                                        store, and unfettered capitalism — is the place to
Biography of America   15. The New City; 16. The West   watch a new world in the making at the turn of the    30 min.   2000   PAL   D 442
                                                        century. 16. The West: Professor Scharff
                                                        continues the story of Jefferson’s Empire of
                                                        Liberty. Railroads and ranchers, rabble-rousers
                                                        and racists populate America’s distant frontiers,
                                                        and Native Americans are displaced from their
                                                        homelands. Feminists gain a foothold in their fight
                                                        for the right to vote, while farmers organize and
                                                        the Populist Party appears on the American
                                                        political landscape.

                                                        17. Capital and Labor: The making of money pits
                                                        laborers against the forces of capital as the
                                                        twentieth century opens. Professor Miller
                                                        introduces the miner as the quintessential laborer
                                                        of the period — working under grinding
                                                        conditions, organizing into unions, and making a
Biography of America                                    stand against the reigning money man of the day,      30 min.   2000   PAL   D 443
                                                        J. Pierpont Morgan. 18. TR and Wilson: Professor
                                                        Brinkley compares the presidencies of Theodore
                                                        Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson — the Warrior
                                                        and the Minister — in the first decades of the
                                                        twentieth century. Professor Miller discusses
                                                        American socialism, Eugene Debs, international
                       17. Capital and Labor; 18. TR    communism, and the roots of the Cold War with
                                and Wilson              Professor Brinkley.
                                                        19. A Vital Progressivism: Professor Martin offers
                                                        a fresh perspective on Progressivism, arguing
                                                        that its spirit can be best seen in the daily
                                                        struggles of ordinary people. In a discussion with
                                                        Professors Scharff and Miller, the struggles of
                                                        Native Americans, Asian Americans, and African
Biography of America                                                                                           30 min.   2000   PAL   D 444
                                                        Americans are placed in the context of the
                                                        traditional white Progressive movement. 20. The
                                                        Twenties: The Roaring Twenties take to the road
                                                        in Henry Ford’s landscape-altering invention —
                                                        the Model T. Ford’s moving assembly line, the
                                                        emergence of a consumer culture, and the
                       19. A Vital Progressivism; 20.   culmination of forces let loose by these entities in
                                The Twenties            Los Angeles are all explored by Professor Miller.

                                                        21. FDR and the Depression: Professor Brinkley
                                                        continues his story of twentieth century
                                                        presidents with a profile of Franklin Delano
                                                        Roosevelt. Brinkley paints a picture of America
                                                        during the Depression and chronicles some of
                                                        Roosevelt’s programmatic and personal efforts to
Biography of America                                    help the country through its worst economic            30 min.   2000   PAL   D 445
                                                        crisis. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt is at FDR’s
                                                        side and, in many respects, ahead of him as the
                                                        decade unfolds. 22. World War II: America is
                                                        enveloped in total war, from mobilization on the
                                                        home front to a scorching air war in Europe.
                                                        Professor Miller’s view of World War II is a
                                                        personal essay on the morality of total war, and
                       21. FDR and the Depression;      its effects on those who fought, died, and
                             22. World War II           survived it, including members of his own family.
                                                                 : World War II is fought to its bitter end in the
                                                                 Pacific and the world lives with the legacy of its
                                                                 final moment: the atomic bomb. Professor Miller
                                                                 continues the story as veterans return from the
                                                                 war and create new lives for themselves in the
   Biography of America       23. The Fifties; 24. The Sixties   '50s. The GI Bill, Levittown, civil rights, the Cold   30 min.    2000   PAL    D 446
                                                                 War, and rock 'n' roll are discussed. 24. The
                                                                 Sixties: Professor Scharff weaves the story of the
                                                                 Civil Rights movement with stories of the Vietnam
                                                                 War and Watergate to create a portrait of a
                                                                 decade. Lyndon Johnson emerges as a pivotal
                                                                 character, along with Stokely Carmichael, Fanny
                                                                 Lou Hamer, and other luminaries of the era.

                                                                 25. Contemporary History: The entire team of
                                                                 historians joins Professor Miller in examining the
                                                                 last quarter of the twentieth century. A montage
                                                                 of events opens the program and sets the stage
                                                                 for a discussion of the period — and of the
                                                                 difficulty of examining contemporary history with
                                                                 true historical perspective. Television critic John
                                                                 Leonard offers a footnote about the impact of
   Biography of America                                                                                                 30 min.    2000   PAL    D 447
                                                                 television on the way we experience recent
                                                                 events. 26. The Redemptive Imagination:
                                                                 Storytelling is a relentless human urge and its
                                                                 power forges with memory to become the
                                                                 foundation of history. Novelists Charles Johnson
                                                                 (Middle Passage), Arthur Golden (Memoirs of a
                                                                 Geisha), and Esmeralda Santiago (America’s
                                                                 Dream) join Professor Miller in discussing the
                                                                 intersection of history and story. Kurt Vonnegut,
                              25. Contemporary History; 26.      Jr., closes the series with a reflection on the
                               The Redemptive Imagination        power of the human imagination.

                                                                 Dokumentation über die Auseinandersetzung mit
Die Amerikanische Lektion -
                                                                 dem Umerziehungsprogramm der Amerikaner                           1995   PAL    D 448
                                                                 nach dem 2. Weltkrieg, gedreht von Dietrich
                                                                 Wagner und Rolf Bickel.

                                                                 A special history on Saudi Arabia, its troubled
 Frontline: House of Saud                                        relationship with America, and the challenges          120 min.          NTSC   D 449
                                                                 confronting a nation where tradition and
                                                                 modernity are in a violent collision.
                               A special one-hour program that looks at the
Happy Holidays in Pittsburgh   social, religious and ethnic activities that make   2002   PAL   D 450
                               the end of the year and the start of a new one
                               special times in Pennsylvania.
                              Multimillionaire newspaper tycoon Charles Foster
                              Kane dies alone in his extravagant mansion,
                              Xanadu, speaking a single word: "Rosebud". In
                              an attempt to figure out the meaning of this word,
Citizen Kane / Orson Welles   a reporter tracks down the people who worked            119 min.   1941   S1
                              and lived with Kane; they tell their stories in a
                              series of flashbacks that reveal much about
                              Kane's life but not enough to unlock the riddle of
                              his dying breath.

                              Wilson of the War Crimes Commission is seeking
                              Franz Kindler, mastermind of the Holocaust, who
                              has effectively erased his identity. Wilson
       The Stranger           releases Kindler's former comrade Meinike and           95 min.    1946   S2
                              follows him to Harper, Connecticut, where he is
                              killed before he can identify Kindler. Now Wilson's
                              only clue is Kindler's fascination with antique
                              clocks; but though Kindler seems secure in his
                              new identity, he feels his past closing in.

                              directed by Orson Welles, with Orson Welles,
                              Robert Arden, Paola Mori. Guy Stratten gets the
                              order from Mr. Arkadin, to find out everything
       Mr. Arkandin           about his past, because he lost his memory.             93 min     1955   S3
                              Stratten accepts, but when he finds out that all
                              the persons he asked about Arkadin are getting
                              killed, tries he to prevent Arkadin from killing him.

                              directed by Orson Welles, with Anthony Perkins.
                              Josef K wakes up in the morning and finds the
                              police in his room. They tell him that he is on trial
                              but nobody tells him what he is accused of. In
                              order to find out about the reason of this
         The Trial                                                                    118 min    1963   S4
                              accusation and to protest his innocence, he tries
                              to look behind the facade of the judicial system.
                              But since this remains fruitless, there seems to be
                              no chance for him to escape from this
                              Kafkaesque nightmare.
                directed by Orson Welles, with Charlton Heston.
                Mexico's chief narcotics officer, Mike Vargas, is in
                a border town on a quick honeymoon with his
                U.S. wife. Soon he must testify against Grande, a
                drug lord whose brother and sons are tracking
                him, hoping to scare his wife and back him off the
                case. When a car bomb kills a rich U.S.
                developer, Vargas embroils himself in the
Touch of Evil                                                          108 min   1958   S5
                investigation, putting his wife in harm's way. After
                Vargas catches local legendary U.S. cop, Hank
                Quinlan, planting evidence against a Mexican
                national suspected in the bombing, Quinlan joins
                forces with the Grande family to impugn Vargas's
                character. Local political lackeys, a hard-edged
                whore, pachucos, and a nervous motel clerk also
                figure in the plot.

                directd by Carol Reed, with Orson Welles, Joseph
                Cotton. An American pulp writer arrives in post-
                WWII Vienna only to find that the friend who
                waited for him is killed under mysterious
The Third Man                                                          104 min   1949   S6
                circumstances. The ensuing mystery entangles
                him in his friend's involvement in the black
                market, with the multinational police, and with his
                Czech girlfriend.

                directed by Laslo Benedek, with Marlon Brando.
                A gang of 40 motorcyclists, the Black Rebels,
                gatecrash a legitimate motorcycle race. They are
                eventually thrown out, but one of the gang steals
                the second prize trophy and gives it to their
                leader, Johnny. The gang then ride into
                Wrightsville, where they cruise up and down the
The Wild One                                                           79 min    1953   S7
                main street, and pile into Bleekers - the local bar.
                The owner of the bar, the Sheriff, is happy to let
                the bikers spend their money, so does nothing to
                break up any disturbances. Johnny falls for the
                Sheriffs daughter, and tries to impress her with
                the trophy. When a rival gang ride into town,
                trouble is just around the corner.
                        directed by Billy Wilder. Joe Gillis, bankrupt
                        screenwriter, hides from car repossessors in the
                        garage of a deserted-looking mansion which
                        proves to be the grotesque home of Norma
                        Desmond, retired silent screen star. Joe takes
 Sunset Boulevard       refuge there, with a nominal job of rewriting          110 min   1950   S8
                        Norma's hopeless 'comeback' screenplay. Weeks
                        pass; feeling more and more like a kept man, Joe
                        grasps at reality in the form of a clandestine
                        friendship with script reader Betty Schaefer, but
                        it's too late...

                        directed by Richard Brooks, with Paul Newman,
                        Elizabeth Taylor. Brick, an alcoholic ex-football
                        player, drinks his days away and resists the
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof   affections of his wife, Maggie. His reunion with his   108 min   1958   S9
                        father, Big Daddy, who is dying of cancer, jogs a
                        host of memories and revelations for both father
                        and son.

                        directed by Fred Zinnemann, with Burt Lancaster,
                        Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr, Frank Sinatra.
                        It's 1941. Robert E. Lee Prewitt has requested
                        Army transfer and has ended up at Schofield in
                        Hawaii. His new captain, Dana Holmes, has
                        heard of his boxing prowess and is keen to get
                        him to represent the company. However, 'Prew' is
                        adamant that he doesn't box anymore, so Captain
                        Holmes gets his subordinates to make his life a
From Here to Eternity                                                          118 min   1953   S 10
                        living hell. Meanwhile Sargeant Warden starts
                        seeing the captain's wife, who has a history of
                        seeking external relief from a troubled marriage.
                        Prew's friend Maggio has a few altercations with
                        the sadistic stockade sargeant 'Fatso' Judson,
                        and Prew begins falling in love with social club
                        employee Lorene. Unbeknownst to anyone, the
                        Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor looms in the
                      directed by Otto Preminger, with James Stewart,
                      Lee Remick. Laura Manion returns home to tell
                      her husband she's been raped. Lt. Manion kills
                      the rapist and then claims crime of passion as a
Anatomy of a Murder                                                           161 min   1959   S 11
                      defense. At least that's his story. Paul Biegler
                      agrees to defend him and must unravel a case in
                      which the motivations of the murder, his wife, and
                      the victim are all in question.

                      directed by Mike Nichols, with Dustin Hoffman. A
                      young man just out of college doesn't know what
   The Graduate                                                               106 min   1967   S 12
                      to do with his life. But being involved with a young
                      woman AND her mother probably wasn't it.

                      directed by Arthur Penn, with Arlo Guthrie. Arlo
                      Guthrie's song is converted into a motion picture.
                      Arlo goes to see Alice for Thanksgivng and as a
                      favor takes her trash to the dump. When the
                      dump is closed, he drops it on top of another pile
                      of garbage at the bottom of a ravine. When the
 Alice's Restaurant                                                           51 min    1969   S 13
                      local sheriff finds out a major manhunt begins.
                      Arlo manages to survive the courtroom
                      experience but it haunts him when he is to be
                      inducted into the army via the draft. The movie
                      follows the song with Arlo's voice over as both
                      music and narration.

                      directed by Arthur Penn, with Dustin Hoffman,
                      Faye Dunaway. Jack Crabb is about 100 years
                      old as the film begins. A collector of oral histories
                      asks him about his past. He recounts being
   Little Big Man                                                             147 min   1970   S 14
                      captured and raised by indians, becoming a
                      gunslinger, marrying an indian, watching her
                      killed by General George Armstrong Custer, and
                      becoming a scout for him at Little Big Horn.
                          directed by Dennis Hopper, with Peter Fonda,
                          Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson. Two long-haired
                          bikers from Los Angeles take off on a cross-
                          country trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. On
                          the way they meet several unusual characters. A
                          rancher and his family, a hitchhiker and the hippie
      Easy Rider                                                                94 min    1969   S 15
                          commune where he lives, hookers, red-necks, but
                          most noticeably George Hansen played by Jack
                          Nicholson. Mr. Nicholson gained national
                          attention for his role as the "law'er with the
                          ACLU". Dennis Hopper won "Best New Director"
                          at the 1969 Cannes Film Festival.

                          directed by Ala J. Pakula, with Dustin Hoffman,
                          Robert Redford. In the run-up to the 1972
                          elections, Washington Post reporter Bob
                          Woodward covers what seems to be a minor
                          break-in at the Democratic Party National
                          headquarters. He is surprised to find top lawyers
                          already on the defence case, and the discovery of
All the President's Men                                                         155 min   1976   S 16
                          names and addresses of Republican fund
                          organisers on the accused further arouses his
                          suspicions. The editor of the Post is prepared to
                          run with the story and assigns Woodward and
                          Carl Bernstein to it. They find the trail leading
                          higher and higher in the Republican Party, and
                          eventually into the White House itself

                          directed by Woody Allen, with Woody Allen, Mia
                          Farrow. Fictional documentary about the life of
                          human chameleon Leonard Zelig, a man who
         Zelig            becomes a celebrity in the 1920s due to his ability   79 min    1983   S 17
                          to look and act like whoever is around him. Clever
                          editing places Zelig in real newsreel footage of
                          Woodrow Wilson, Babe Ruth, and others.
                      directed by Julian Schnabel, with Jeffrey Wright,
                      Gary Oldman, Dennis Hopper, David Bowie.
                      Basquiat tells the story of the meteoric rise of
                      youthful artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Starting out
     Basquiat         as a street artist, living in Thompkins Square Park   106 min   1996   S 18
                      in a cardboard box, Jean-Michel is "discovered"
                      by Andy Warhol's art world and becomes a star.
                      But success has a high price, and Basquiat pays
                      with friendship, love, and eventually, his life.

                      directed by Clint Eastwood, with Forest Whitaker,
       Bird           Diane Venora. The troubled life and career of the     161 min   1988   S 19
                      jazz musician, Charlie "Bird" Parker.

                      directed by Volker Schloendorff, with Dustin
                      Hoffman, John Malkovich, based on the play by
                      Arthur Miller. Salesman Willy Loman is in a crisis.
                      He's about to lose his job, he can't pay his bills,
Death of a Salesman                                                         136 min   1985   S 20
                      and his sons Biff and Happy don't respect him
                      and can't seem to live up to their potential. He
                      wonders what went wrong and how he can make
                      things up to his family.
                   directed by Stanley Kubrick, with Peter Sellers.
                   U.S. Air Force Colonel Jack Ripper goes
                   completely and utterly mad, and sends his
                   bomber wing to destroy the U.S.S.R. He suspects
                   that the communists are conspiring to pollute the
                   "precious bodily fluids" of the American people.
                   The U.S. president meets with his advisors,
                   where the Soviet ambassador tells him that if the
                   U.S.S.R. is hit by nuclear weapons, it will trigger a
                   "Doomsday Device" which will destroy all plant
                   and animal life on Earth. Peter Sellers portrays
Dr. Strangelove    the three men who might avert this tragedy:             93 min    1963   S 21
                   British Group Captain Lionel Mandrake, the only
                   person with access to the demented Gen. Ripper;
                   U.S. President Merkin Muffley, whose best
                   attempts to divert disaster depend on placating a
                   drunken Soviet Permier and the former Nazi
                   genious Dr. Strangelove, who concludes that
                   "such a device would not be a practical deterrent
                   for reasons which at this moment must be all too
                   obvious". Will the bombers be stopped in time, or
                   will General Jack Ripper succeed in destroying
                   the world ?

                   directed by Howard Hawks, with Cary Grant,
                   Kathrine Hepburn. In this screwball comedy,
                   heiress Susan is determined to catch a stuffy
                   zoologist and uses her pet leopard, Baby, to help
                   get his attention. The elements of this farce
Bringing Up Baby                                                           102 min   1938   S 22
                   include a yappy terrier who steals and buries an
                   irreplaceable fossilized bone, a pompous big
                   game hunter, a rich old aunt, a jealous fiancee,
                   and a case of mistaken identity involving a
                   second, and vicious, leopard.
                   directed by Quentin Tarantino, with John
                   Travolta, Samuel Jackson, Uma Thurman. The
  Pulp Fiction     stories of two mob hit men, a boxer and a pair of       164 min   1994   S 23
                   diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence
                   and redemption.
                   directed by Woody Allen, with Woody Allen,
                   Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep. A divorced New
   Manhattan       Yorker currently dating a high-schooler brings          96 min    1979   S 24
                   himself to look for love in the mistress of his best
                   friend instead.
                           directed by John Landis, with John Belushi, Dan
                           Akroyd. After the release of Jake Blues from
                           prison, he and brother Elwood go to visit the old
                           home where they were raised by nuns. They
                           learn the church stopped its support and will sell
                           the place to the education authority, and the only
                           way to keep the place open is if the $5000 tax on
     Blues Brothers                                                                193 min   1980   S 25
                           the property is paid within 11 days. The brothers
                           want to help and decide to put their blues band
                           back together and raise the the money by staging
                           a big gig. As they set off on their "mission from
                           god" they seem to make more enemies along the
                           way. Will they manage to come up with the
                           money in time?

                           directed by Jim McBride, with Ellen Barkin,
                           Dennis Quaid. Set in New Orleans. Remy
                           McSwain, lieutenant in Homicide finds that he has
                           two problems, the first of a series of gang killings
                           and Ann Osborne, a beautiful attorney from the
                           D.A.'s police corruption task force in his office. He
       Big Easy                                                                    100 min   1986   S 26
                           begins a relationship with her as the killings
                           continue only to have charges filed against him
                           for accepting bribes as he stumbles on a police
                           corruption Sting. While this is happening, the
                           criminals insist that none of the crime gangs are
                           behind the killings.

                           directed by Wayne Wang, with Harvey Keitel,
                           William Hurt, Forest Whitaker. This movie is a
                           slice out of the lives of some present and former
                           Brooklyn denizens all brought together by a
        Smoke                                                                      112 min   1995   S 27
                           smoke shop run by local "entrepeneur" Auggie
                           Wren. Two days, one summer and 18 years are
                           all examined in detail by the characters
                           populating the film.
                           Unforgettable Highlights from the Academy
Oscar's Greatest Moments                                                                            S 28
                           Awards 1971-1991
                                                                With Sidney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre. A
                                                                mystery writer named Leyden is intrigued by the
                                                                tale of notorious criminal Dimitrios Makropolous,
                                                                whose body was found washed up on the shore
     The Mask of Dimitrios                                                                                           96 min    1944   VHS   S 29
                                                                in Istanbul. He decides to follow the career of
                                                                Dimitrios around Europe, to learn more about the
                                                                man. Along the way, he is joined by mysterious
                                                                Mr. Peters, who has his own motivation

                                                                directed by Roman Polanski, with Jack Nicholson
                                                                and Faye Dunaway. Hollis Mulwray is a chief
                                                                engineer of the water department. Ida Sessions,
                                                                pretending to be his wife Evelyn, asks P.I. JJ
                                                                Jake Gittes to investigate his adulterous ways.
                                                                Jake takes photos of Hollis with a young lady.
                                                                Hollis then turns up murdered, which Jake
                                                                decides to investigate. Jake finds more than he
          Chinatown                                             was looking for. He discovers a plot to buy cheap,             1974   VHS   S 30
                                                                unwatered land for low prices, water the land, and
                                                                sell it for millions of dollars. The plot is
                                                                masterminded by one Noah Cross, who is
                                                                Evelyn's father and Hollis' one-time business
                                                                partner. His investigation leads him to an affair
                                                                with Evelyn and a discussion with Noah Cross,
                                                                both of whom seem curiously interested in the girl
                                                                Hollis was seen with.

                                                                directed by Milos Forman, with James Cagney.
                                                                The story runs in the 1910's New York.
                                                                Coalhouse Walker Jr. is a black man piano
                                                                player. He has won fame and fortune playing with
           Ragtime                                                                                                   156 min   1981         S 31
                                                                a jazz band. Some white men do not like this
                                                                situation, and one day they assault him and spoil
                                                                his brand new car. Walker tries by all means to
                                                                get justice, without an answer...
                                  John F. Fitzgerald: Bernice
American Short Story Collection                                                                                      49 min    1976         S 32
                                        Bobs Her Hair
                                  O’Henry: The Gift of Love,
American Short Story Collection                                                                                      96 min    1978         S 33
                                  (Org: the Gift of the Magi)
                                                                   directed by Robert Wise, with Julie Andrews.
                                                                   Captain Baron von Trapp is a widowed ex-naval
                                                                   officer with seven children who serve only to
                                                                   remind him of his deceased wife. The Von Trapp
                                                                   home is thus turned into a gloomy place of order
                                                                   and discipline, until the arrival of a new
                                                                   governess: Frauline Marie who is from a nearby
                                                                   Salzburg abbey. Marie shows the Von Trapp
                                                                   children the miracle of the Sound of Music, and
     The Sound of Music                                                                                               175 min   1965   S 34
                                                                   teaches them how to sing. Captain von Trapp's
                                                                   heart opens up to feelings he had forgotten and
                                                                   he and Marie fall in love. Marie and Georg von
                                                                   Trapp are married, only to have their world
                                                                   brought down around them by the 1938
                                                                   Anschluss of Austria, where Nazi Germany takes
                                                                   control of the country and demands that Captain
                                                                   von Trapp assume a position in the German

American Short Story Collection   Richard Wright: Almos’ a Man                                                        51 min    1976   S 35
American Short Story Collection   William Faulkner: Barn Burning                                                      40 min    1980   S 36
                                   Katherine Anne Porter: The
American Short Story Collection                                                                                       75 min    1980   S 37
                                   Jilting of Granny Weatherall
                                    Mark Twain: The Man that
American Short Story Collection                                                                                       40 min    1980   S 38
                                     Corrupted Hadleyburg
American Short Story Collection     Willa Cather: Paul’s Case                                                         52 min    1980   S 39
American Short Story Collection   John Updike: Pigeon Feathers                                                        45 min    1987   S 40
                                  Mary E. Wilkins Freeman: The
American Short Story Collection                                                                                       60 min    1987   S 41
                                        Revolt of Mother
                                      Nathaniel Hawthorne:
American Short Story Collection                                                                                       57 min    1980   S 42
                                      Rappaccini’s Daughter
American Short Story Collection   Stephen Crane: The Blue Hotel                                                       55 min    1984   S 43
                                   Ernest Hemingway: Soldier’s
American Short Story Collection                                                                                       41 min    1984   S 44
                                     Flannery O’Connor: The
American Short Story Collection                                                                                       58 min    1976   S 45
                                        Displaced Person
                                   James Thurber: The Greatest
American Short Story Collection                                                                                       51 min    1980   S 46
                                        Man in the World
                                  Edgar Allan Poe: The Tell-Tale
American Short Story Collection                                                                                       30 min    1971   S 47
                                  Ambrose Bierce: The Man and
American Short Story Collection                                                                                        60 min    1972   S 48
                                     the Snake & The Return
                                    Sherwood Anderson: I’m a
American Short Story Collection                                                                                        38 min    1986   S 49
                                   Ernest J. Gaines: The Sky is
American Short Story Collection                                                                                        46 min    1980   S 50
                                    D.H. Lawrence. The Horse
American Short Story Collection                                                                                        30 min    1984   S 51
                                        Dealer’s Daughter

                                                                  directed by Martin Scoresese, with Michell
                                                                  Pfeiffer, Winona Ryder, Daniel Day Lewis, based
                                                                  on the novel by Edith Wharton. Society scion
                                                                  Newland Archer is engaged to May Welland, but
                                                                  his well-ordered life is upset when he meets
                                                                  May's unconventional cousin, the Countess
     The Age of Innocence                                                                                              138 min   1993   S 52
                                                                  Olenska. At first, Newland becomes a defender of
                                                                  the Countess, whose separation from her abusive
                                                                  husband makes her a social outcast in the
                                                                  restrictive high society of late-19th Century New
                                                                  York, but he finds in her a companion spirit and
                                                                  they fall in love.

                                  Ray Bradbury: Any Friend of
American Short Story Collection   Nicholas Nickleby Is a Friend                                                        55 min    1981   S 53
                                            of Mine
                                  Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.: Who Am I
American Short Story Collection                                                                                        60 min    1981   S 54
                                          This Time?
                                  Joseph Conrad: An Outpost of
American Short Story Collection                                                                                        45 min    1982   S 55
                                    Saki: The Open Window &
American Short Story Collection                                                                                        39 min    1983   S 56
                                           Child’s Play
American Short Story Collection    Eudora Welty: Hitch-Hikers                                                          30 min    1989   S 57
                                                                  directed by Sam Wood, with William Holden.
                                                                  Change comes slowly to a small New Hampshire
                                                                  town in the early 20th century. People grow up,
          Our Town                                                                                                     88 min    1940   S 58
                                                                  get married, live, and die. Milk and the newspaper
                                                                  get delivered every morning, and nobody locks
                                                                  their front doors.
                      directed by Roger Corman, with Peter Lorre,
                      Boris Karloff, based on the novel by Edgar Allan
                      Poe. In this tongue-in-cheek movie inspired by
                      Poe's poem, Dr. Craven is the son of a great
                      sorcerer (now dead) who was once himself quite
                      skilled at that profession, but has since
    The Raven         abandoned it. One evening, a cowardly fool of a      86 min    1963   S 59
                      magician named Bedlo comes to Craven for help-
                      the evil Scarabus has turned him into a raven and
                      he needs someone to change him back. He also
                      tells the reluctant wizard that Craven's long-lost
                      wife Lenore, whom he loved greatly and thought
                      dead, is living with the despised Scarabus.

                      directed by Richardson Morse, with Larry
House Made of Dawn                                                         77 min    1996   S 60
                      Littlebird, based on the novel by Scott Momaday

                      directed by George Roy Hill, with Michael Sacks.
                      "Listen: Billie Pilgrim has come unstuck in time."
                      The opening words of the famous novel are the
                      quickest summary of this haunting, funny film.
                      Director Hill faithfully renders for the screen
                      Vonnegut's obsessive story of Pilgrim,
Slaughterhouse Five                                                        104 min   1972   S 61
                      whosurvives the 1945 firebombing of Dresden,
                      then lives simultaneously in his pastas a young
                      American POW, in the future as a well-cared-for
                      resident of a zoo on the planet Tralfamadore, and
                      in the present as a middle-aged optometrist in
                      Ilium, N.Y.
                                                                 directed by Rick Hauser, with Meg Foster, based
                                                                 on the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne. In 1666 in
                                                                 the Massachusetts Bay colony, Puritans and
                                                                 Algonquian have an uneasy truce. Hester arrives
                                                                 from England, seeking independence. Awaiting
                                                                 her husband, she establishes independence,
                                                                 fixing up a house, befriending Quakers and other
                                                                 outsiders. Passion draws her to a young pastor.
       The Scarlet Letter                                        He feels the same; when they learn her husband         240 min   1979   S 62
                                                                 has probably died at the hands of Indians, they
                                                                 consummate their love. A child is born, and on
                                                                 the day Hester is publicly humiliated and made to
                                                                 wear a scarlet letter, her husband appears after a
                                                                 year with Indians. Calling himself Chillingworth,
                                                                 he seeks revenge, searching out Hester's lover
                                                                 and stirring fears of witchcraft. Will his murderous
                                                                 plot succeed?

      Mark Twain Classics            3. Pudd’nhead Wilson                                                               87 min    1984   S 63
      Mark Twain Classics           1. Life on the Mississippi                                                          111 min   1984   S 64
                                  2. Adventures of Huckleberry
      Mark Twain Classics                                                                                               121 min   1985   S 65
                                                                 directed by Fielder Cook, based on the novel by
                                                                 Maya Angelou. A true story based on the early
                                                                 life of actress, professor and author Maya
                                                                 Angelou. The story traces her life from when she
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings                                                                                         96 min    1978   S 66
                                                                 moves in with her mother to the trauma of being
                                                                 raped as a little girl by one of her mother's
                                                                 boyfriends and the several years of silence that
                                                                 came after the attack.
                    novel by Saul Bellow, with Robin Williams. This
                    film is a match for Arthur Miller's Death of a
                    Salesman. A very tightly controlled drama with
                    richly vivid characters and the casting is
                    excellent. Robin Willimas has never done
                    anything better and without all of that comedy
                    schtick that he is so famous for. Joseph Wiseman
                    is an absolute monster and that 'hotel' they live in
  Seize the day                                                            90 min.   1986   VHS   S 67
                    might as well be hell. It is even depicted as hell
                    with those scenes in the steam room/spa with all
                    those walking corpses wondering around. I read
                    the novel this was based on nearly thirty years
                    ago, and my feeling then as now, seeing the film,
                    is that there is no resolution. Wilkie has no exit
                    from his situation. One thing for sure, he needs to
                    get away from those people.

                    directed by Agnieszka Holland, with Jennifer
                    Jason Leigh, based on the novel by Henry
                    James. Catherine Sloper has found the man of
                    her dreams in Morris Townsend, but her plans to
                    marry him are strongly opposed by her father,
Washington Square                                                          115 min   1997         S 68
                    who believes Townsend is only interested in his
                    daughter for her money. But Catherine is
                    determined to follow her heart, even if she loses
                    her inheritance in the process. But just what are
                    Townsend's intentions?
                       directed by Howard Hawks, with Humphrey
                       Bogart, Lauren Bacall, based on the novel by
                       Ernest Hemingway. Harry Morgan and his
                       alcoholic sidekick, Eddie, are based on the island
                       of Martinique and crew a boat available for hire.
                       However, since the second world war is
                       happening around them business is not what it
                       could be and after a customer who owes them a
To Have and Have Not   large sum fails to pay they are forced against         100 min   1945   S 69
                       their better judgement to violate their preferred
                       neutrality and to take a job for the resistance
                       transporting a fugitive on the run from the Nazis
                       to Martinique. Through all this runs the stormy
                       relationship between Morgan and Marie "Slim"
                       Browning, a resistance sympathizer and the
                       sassy singer in the club where Morgan spends
                       most of his days.

                       directed by Paul Newman, with John Malkovich,
                       based on the play by Tennessee Williams. A son
The Glass Menagerie    longs to escape from his stifling home, where his      134 min   1986   S 70
                       genteel mother worries about the future prospects
                       of his lame, shy sister.

                       directed by George Stevens, with Sidney Poitier,
                       Burt Lancaster. This film follows the true story of
                       the NAACP court court challenge of racial school
                       segregation in the Brown vs. Board of Education.
 Separate But Equal                                                           193 min   1991   S 71
                       This was the struggle would destroy the legal
                       validity for racial segregation in general and prove
                       to be the start and the first major victory of the
                       civil rights movement.
                           directed by Nicholas Hyner, with Daniel Day-
                           Lewis, based on the play by Arthur Miller. A small
                           group of teen girls in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts
                           caught in an innocent conjuring of love potions to
                           catch young men are forced to tell lies that Satan
                           had invaded them and forced them to participate
                           in the rites and are then forced to name those
                           involved. Thrown into the mix are greedy
                           preachers and other major landowners trying to
                           steal others' land and one young woman (Ryder)
      The Crucible                                                               123 min   1996   S 72
                           infatuated with a married man (Day-Lewis) and
                           determined to get rid of his innocent wife (Allen).
                           Arthur Miller wrote the events and the subsequent
                           trials where those who demanded thier innocence
                           were executed, those who would not name
                           names were incarcerated and tortured, and those
                           who admitted their guilt were immediately freed
                           as a parable of the Congressional Communist
                           witch hunts led by Senator Joe McCarthy in
                           1950's America.

                           directed by Elia Kazan, with Marlon Brando,
                           Vivian Leigh, based on the play by Tennessee
                           Williams. Blanche Dubois goes to visit her
                           pregnant sister and husband Stanley in New
                           Orleans. Stanley doesn't like her, and starts
A Streetcar Named Desire   pushing her for information on some property he       131 min   1951   S 73
                           know was left to the sisters. He discovers she has
                           mortgaged the place and spent all the money,
                           and wants to find out all he can about her. Even
                           more friction develops between the two while they
                           are in the apartment together...

                           directed by Jack Clayton, with Robert Redford,
                           based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Nick
                           Carraway, a young Midwesterner now living on
                           Long Island, finds himself fascinated by the
   The Great Gatsby                                                              146 min   1974   S 74
                           mysterious past and lavish lifestyle of his
                           landlord, the nouveau riche Jay Gatsby. He is
                           drawn into Gatsby's circle, becoming a witness to
                           obsession and tragedy.
                                directed by Sidney Lumet, with Katharine
                                Hepburn, based on the play by Eugene O’Neill.
                                Author Eugene O'Neill gives an autobiographical
                                account of his explosive homelife, fused by a
                                drug-addicted mother, a father who wallows in
Long Day’s Journey Into Night                                                          180 min   1962   S 75
                                drink after realizing he is no longer a famous
                                actor and an older brother who is emotionally
                                unstable and a misfit. The family is reflected by
                                the youngest son, who is a sensitive and aspiring

                                directed by Spike Lee, with Denzel Washington,
                                Angela Bassett. Biography of Malcolm X, the
                                famous African American leader. Born Malcolm
                                Little, his father (a minister) was killed by the Ku
                                Klux Klan. He became a gangster, and while in
                                jail discovered the Nation of Islam writings of
                                Elijah Muhammad. He preaches the teachings
         Malcolm X              when let out of jail, but later on goes on a           201 min   1992   S 76
                                pilgrimage to the city of Mecca, there he converts
                                to the original Islamic religion and becomes a
                                Sunni Muslim. He changes his name to El-Hajj
                                Malik Al-Shabazz and stops his anti-white
                                teachings, as he realises the error of his
                                mistakes. He is later on assasinated and dies a
                                Muslim Martyr.
Once Upon a Time...When We
                                directed by Tim Reid, with Al Freeman                  113 min   1995   S 77
       Were Colored
                                  directed by Jerold Freedman, based on the novel
                                  by Richard Wright. Bigger Thomas, an African
                                  American who lives in an impoverished
                                  neighborhood, is employed by a prosperous white
                                  family who live in the suburbs of a major city. The
                                  money Bigger makes at his new job will be used
                                  to supplement his mother's income. As a
                                  chauffeur, he is directed by the father of the
                                  family to take Mary, the daughter, to the
                                  university. Instead, Mary decides to pick up her
                                  Socialist boyfriend, Jan, and to spend the time
                                  drinking and partying. Jan and Mary portray a
                                  young liberal couple who venture into a black
          Native Son              neighborhood with Bigger for the sole purpose of      111 min   1986   S 78
                                  being entertained at Ernie's, a black nightclub. On
                                  the way home, Mary becomes inebriated and
                                  Bigger must get her to her bedroom without being
                                  detected. Mary's mother, who is blind, enters the
                                  room and Bigger panics at the thought of being
                                  caught with a white woman. He accidentally kills
                                  Mary by placing a pillow over her head to keep
                                  her quiet. Still frightened, Bigger disposes of the
                                  body in the furnace, possibly because he feels he
                                  would not get a fair trial for the accidental death
                                  of a white woman. Meanwhile, Jan is wanted by
                                  the police for Mary's murder and Bigger plays a
                                  role in the accusations against him.
                                  directed by Fred Zinnemann, with Gary Cooper,
                                  Grace Kelley. A retiring lawman about to leave
                                  town with his new bride seeks allies among the
          High Noon                                                                     85 min    1952   S 79
                                  fearful townspeople when an outlaw he put in
                                  prison returns with his gang to take revenge in
                                  this classic western.

                                  directed by Milos Forman, with Jack Nicholson.
                                  McMurphy thinks he can get out of doing work
                                  while in prison by pretending to be mad. His plan
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest   backfires when he is sent to a mental asylum. He      134 min   1975   S 80
                                  tries to liven the place up a bit by playing card
                                  games and basketball with his fellow inmates, but
                                  the head nurse is after him at every turn.
                                directed by Howard Hawks, with John Wayne,
                                Montgomery Clift. Tom Dunson builds a cattle
                                empire with his adopted son Matthew Garth.
                                Together they begin a massive cattle drive north
          Red River             from Texas to the Missouri railhead. But on the      133 min   1948   S 81
                                way, new information and Dunson's tyrannical
                                ways cause Matthew to take the herd away from
                                Dunson and head to a new railhead in Kansas.
                                Dunson, swearing vengeance, pursues.

                                directed by Jim Sharman, with Tim Curry, Susan
                                Sarandon. After Janet accepts Brad's marriage
                                proposal, the happy couple drive away from
                                Denton, Ohio, only to get lost in the rain. They
                                stumble upon the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a
                                transvestite who is holding the annual convention
The Rocky Horror Picture Show   of visitors from the planet Transsexual. Frank-N-    100 min   1975   S 82
                                Furter unveils his creation, a young man named
                                Rocky Horror, who fears the doctor and rejects
                                his sexual advances. When Frank-N-Furter
                                announces that he is returning to the galaxy
                                Transylvania, Riff Raff the butler and Magenta the
                                maid declare that they have plans of their own.

                                with Elizabeth Taylor, based on the play by
                                Tennessee Williams. In New Orleans in 1937, a
                                rich widow, Mrs. Venable, plans to fund a hospital
                                building for a state asylum, if Dr. Cukrowicz will
                                perform a lobotomy on her niece Catherine. Mrs.
                                Venable is distraught over the death of her son
   Suddenly Last Summer                                                              116 min   1959   S 83
                                Sebastian last summer in Europe. Sebastian and
                                his mother used to travel abroad together every
                                summer, except the previous summer, when he
                                took his cousin Catherine instead. Catherine
                                appeared to go mad the day that Sebastian died
                                under mysterious circumstances.
                   directed by Gary Sinise, with John Malkovich,
                   based on the novel by John Steinbeck. Based on
                   John Steinbeck's 1937 classic tale of two
                   travelling companions, George and Lennie, who
                   wander the country during the Depression,
Of Mice And Men    dreaming of a better life for themselves. Then,          110 min   1992   S 84
                   just as heaven is within their grasp, it is inevitably
                   yanked away. The film follows Steinbeck's novel
                   closely, exploring questions of strength,
                   weakness, usefulness, reality and utopia, bringing
                   Steinbeck's California vividly to life.

                   directed by John Singleton, with Ice Cube, Cuba
                   Gooding, Jr. John Singleton's portrayal of social
                   problems in inner-city Los Angeles takes the form
                   of a tale of three friends growing up together 'in
                   the 'hood.' Half-brothers Doughboy and Ricky
                   Baker are foils for each other's personality,
                   presenting very different approaches to the tough
                   lives they face. Ricky is the 'All-American' athlete,
                   looking to win a football scholarship to USC and
Boyz in the Hood                                                            112 min   1991   S 85
                   seeks salvation through sports, while 'Dough'
                   succumbs to the violence, alcohol, and crime
                   surrounding him in his environment, but maintains
                   a strong sense of pride and code of honor.
                   Between these two is their friend Tre, who is
                   lucky to have a father, 'Furious' Styles, to teach
                   him to have the strength of character to do what
                   is right and to always take responsibility for his

                   directed by Tim Burton, with Johnny Depp. Biopic
                   of the life and work of the legendary 'worst
                   director of all time', Edward D.Wood, Jr.,
                   concentrating on the best-known period of his life
                   in the 1950s, when he made 'Glen or Glenda',
   Ed Wood                                                                  127 min   1994   S 86
                   'Bride of the Monster' and 'Plan 9 From Outer
                   Space', and focusing on both his transvestism
                   and his touching friendship with the once great
                   but now ageing and unemployed horror star Bela
                                                                   directed by Jim Jarmusch, with Tom Waits. DJ
                                                                   Zack and pimp Jack end up in prison for being
                                                                   too laid-back to avoid being framed for crimes
                                                                   they didn't commit. They end up sharing a cell
        Down By Law                                                with eccentric Italian optimist Roberto, whose          90 min    1986         S 87
                                                                   limited command of the English language is both
                                                                   entertaining and infuriating -but rather more
                                                                   useful to them is the fact that Roberto knows an
                                                                   escape route
American Short Story Collection      Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.: D.P.                                                                        1985         S 88
                                   Joyce Carol Oates: Norman
American Short Story Collection                                                                                            30 min.          VHS   S 89
                                         and the Killer
                                   Katherine Anne Porter: Noon
American Short Story Collection                                                                                            81 min    1985         S 90
American Short Story Collection   William Faulkner: Two Soldiers                                                           30 min    1985         S 91
American Short Story Collection   Henry James: The Jolly Corner                                                            43 min    1975         S 92
                                    Harold Brodkey: Love and
American Short Story Collection                                                                                            60 min    1989         S 93
                                         Other Sorrows
                                    John Updike : The Music
American Short Story Collection     School & Amrose Bierce:                                                                69 min    1974         S 94
                                  Parker Adderson, Philosopher
                                                                   directed by John Ford, with Henry Fonda, based
                                                                   on the novel by John Steinbeck. Oklahoma in the
                                                                   Thirties is a dustbowl and dispossessed farmers
     The Grapes of Wrath                                           migrate westward to California. After terrible trials   128 min   1967         S 95
                                                                   en route they become little more than slave labor.
                                                                   Among the throng are the Joads who refuse to
                                                                   knuckle under.
                                  Hortense Calisher: The Hollow
American Short Story Collection                                                                                            60 min    1989         S 96
                  directed by Ron Howard, with Tom Hanks, Kevin
                  Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise, Ed Harris. It had
                  been less than a year since man first walked on
                  the Moon, but as far as the American public was
                  concerned, Apollo 13 was just another "routine"
                  space flight--until these words pierced the
                  immense void of space: "Houston, we have a
   Apollo 13      problem." Stranded 205,000 miles from Earth in a     140 min   1995   S 97
                  crippled spacecraft, astronauts Jim Lovell
                  (Hanks), Fred Haise (Paxton) and Jack Swigert
                  (Bacon) fight a desperate battle to survive.
                  Meanwhile, at Mission Control, astronaut Ken
                  Mattingly (Sinise), flight director Gene Kranz
                  (Harris) and a heroic ground crew race against
                  time--and the odds--to bring them home.

                  directed by Ridley Scott, with Susan Sarandon
                  and Gena Davis. Louise is working in a fast food
                  restaurant as a waitress and has some problems
                  with her friend Jimmy, who, as a musician, is
                  always on the road. Thelma is married to Darryl
                  who likes his wife to stay quiet in the kitchen so
Thelma & Louise   that he can watch football on TV. One day they       129 min   1991   S 98
                  decide to break out of their normal life and jump
                  in the car and hit the road. Their journey,
                  however, turns into a flight when Louise kills a
                  man who threatens to rape Thelma. They decide
                  to go to Mexico, but soon they are hunted by
                  American police.
              directed by Joel Schumacher, with Susan
              Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones. A street-wise
              kid, Mark Sway, sees the suicide of Jerome
              Clifford, a prominent Louisiana lawyer, whose
              current client is Barry 'The Blade' Modano, a
              Mafia hitman. Before Jerome shoots himself, he
              tells Mark where the body of Senator Boyd Boyett
 The Client   is buried. Mark escapes, and Clifford shoots            121 min   1994   S 99
              himself. Mark is found at the scene, and both the
              FBI and the Mafia quickly realise that Mark
              probaly knows more than he says. Mark decides
              he needs a lawyer, and goes looking for one. He
              finds Reggie Love, who also becomes convinced
              that Mark knows more than he says, but Mark
              isn't talking...

              with Mel Gibson. Ashamed of his savagery during
              the French and Indian War, Benjamin Martin
              decided he would sit out the American
              Revolution, while his oldest son Gabriel enlisted
              minutes after South Carolina joined the fight. He
              changes his mind when his house is burned down
The Patriot                                                           165 min   2000   S 100
              and one of his children is killed by the savage
              Green Dragoon commander Colonel Tavington.
              Quickly realizing that traditional 18th century
              warfare tactics won't work, Martin organizes
              militiamen into a guerilla unit to harass Cornwallis'
              army long enough to allow the French to arrive.

              directed by Tim Robbins, with Tim Robbins.
              Documentary-style look at the fictional Senatorial
              campaign of Bob Roberts, an arch-conservative
              folk singer turned politician. This political satire
Bob Roberts                                                           130 min   1992   S 101
              includes several original songs co-written and
              performed by writer/director/star Tim Robbins,
              and cameo appearances by other stars as
              reporters and news anchors.
                             directed by Joshua Logan, with Marilyn Monroe,
                             Don Murray. Innocent rodeo cowboy Bo falls in
                             love with cafe singer Cherie in Phoenix. She tries
                             to run away to Los Angeles but he finds her and                     1956
        Bus Stop             forces her to board the bus to his home in             90 min    (renewed   S 102
                             Montana. When the bus stops at Grace's Diner                       1984)
                             the passengers learn that the road ahead is
                             blocked. By now everyone knows of the
                             kidnaping, but Bo is determined to have Cherie.
                             directed by William A. Graham, with Val Kilmer.
Gore Vidal’s Billy the Kid                                                          96 min     1989      S 103
                             One of the enduring legends of the old west.
                             directed by Mark Rydell, with John Wayne. When
                             his cattle drivers abandon him for the gold fields,
                             rancher Wil Andersen is forced to take on a
                             collection of young boys as his drovers in order to
     The Cowboys             get his herd to market in time to avoid financial      128 min    1971      S 104
                             disaster. The boys learn to do a man's job under
                             Andersen's tutelage. However, neither Andersen
                             nor the boys know that a gang of cattle thieves is
                             stalking them.
                             directed by Michael Curtiz, with John Wayne.
                             Texas Ranger Jake Cutter arrests gambler Paul
                             Regret, but soon finds himself teamed with his
   The Comancheros                                                                  107 min    1961      S 105
                             prisoner in an undercover effort to defeat a band
                             of renegade arms merchants and thieves known
                             as Comancheros.
                             directed by Howard Hawks, with John Wayne and
                             Robert Mitchum. Cole Thornton, a gunfighter for
                             hire, joins forces with an old friend, Sheriff J.P.
       El Dorado                                                                    126 min    1966      S 106
                             Hara. Together with an old indian fighter and a
                             gambler, they help a rancher and his family fight
                             a rival rancher that is trying to steal their water.

                             directed by John Farrow, with John Wayne. Army
                             despatch rider Hondo Lane discovers a woman
         Hondo                                                                      84 min     1953      S 107
                             and her son living in the midst of warring
                             Apaches, and he becomes their protector.
                              directed by Richard Lang, based on James A.
                              Michener’s novel. In the beginning of the 19th
                              Century many Anglosaxons are settling in the
     Texas (in 2 parts)       Mexican province of Mexico. As the years go by,           3 hours       1994   S 108
                              political conflicts between the settlers and the
                              Mexican government are escalating which would
                              lead to war and Texan independence.

                              directed by William Friedkin, with Armin Mueller-
                              Stahl, Jack Lemmon. The defence and the
                              prosecution have rested and the jury is filing into
                              the jury room to decide if a young Spanish-
                              American is guilty or innocent of murdering his
       12 Angry Men           father. What begins as an open and shut case of        1 hour 57 min    1997   S 110
                              murder soon becomes a mini-drama of each of
                              the jurors' prejudices and preconceptions about
                              the trial, the accused, and each other. Based on
                              the play, all of the action takes place on the stage
                              of the jury room.

                              directed by Tim Reid, with Al Freeman, Jr. This
                              film relates the story of a tightly connected Afro-
                              American community informally called Colored
                              Town where the inhabitants live and depend on
                              each other in a world where racist oppression is
                              everywhere, as told by a boy called Cliff who
                              spent his childhood there. Despite this, we see
                              the life of the community in all its joys and
Once Upon a Time... When We
                              sorrows, of those that live there while others            113 min       1995   S 111
       Were Colored
                              decide to leave for a better life north. For those
                              remaining, things come to a serious situation
                              when one prominent businessman is being
                              muscled out by a white competitor using racist
                              intimidation. In response, the community must
                              make the decision of whether to submit meekly
                              like they always have, or finally fight for their

                              directed by Robert Wise & Jerome Robbins, with
                              Natalie Wood. Musical adaptation of Romeo and
                              Juliet set in New York City, where rival street
      West Side Story         gangs (the Jets and the Sharks) battle for territory   2 hours 31 min   1961   S 112
                              and respect. Is the love affair between former
                              Jets leader Tony, and Maria, sister to Sharks'
                              leader Bernardo, doomed to failure?
                directed by Carl Lerner, with James Whitmore.
                Black Like Me is the true account of John Griffin's
                experiences when he passed as a black man.
                John Horton takes treatments to darken his skin
                and leaves his home in Texas to travel
                throughout the South. At one stop, Horton
                encounters a black shoe shine man, Burt Wilson,
                who befriends him and shows him how to "act
                right" so that he can fit more easily into the
                African American culture. It is through Wilson that
                Horton learns the art of shining shoes. Most of his
                encounters with whites are quite degrading and
                disturb him. As a hitchhiker, John meets several
                white men who refer to black men and women in
                disparaging ways which angers John. Throughout
Black Like Me   the movie, John is harassed and persecuted by           107 min   1964   S 113
                whites without reason. In one of his many stops
                throughout the South, John finds himself on a
                park bench sitting by a white woman. A white
                man walks by and says, "You'd better find
                another place to sit." Even though he had a
                college degree, menial jobs were all that he could
                find. John meets Frank Newcomb whose son,
                Tom, is arrested for some civil rights
                demonstrations. John tells Tom about his
                "passing for black" in the South, and Tom
                becomes enraged. Tom feels that John could
                have served the plight of the black man in the
                South better as a white man. Frank asks John if
                people would believe the story. Tom says, "I don't
                know, but I'll tell them."
                directed by Spike Lee, with Damon Wayns. Dark,
                biting satire of the television industry, focusing on
                an Ivy-League educated black writer at a major
                network. Frustrated that his ideas for a "Cosby
                Show"-esque take on the black family has been
                rejected by network brass, he devises an
Bamboozled                                                              136 min   2000   S 114
                outlandish scheme: reviving the minstrel show.
                The hook: instead of white actors in black face,
                the show stars black actors in even blacker face.
                The show becomes an instant smash, but with
                the success also comes repercussions for all
                                     directed by John Korty, with Cicely Tyson. In
                                     February, 1962, as the civil rights movement
                                     reaches Bayonne, Louisiana, a New York
                                     journalist arrives to interview Jane Pitman, who
                                     has just turned 110. She tells him her story dating
                                     back to her earliest memories before slavery
The Autobiography of Miss Jane       ended, a long walk toward freedom, marriage to
                                                                                           110 min   1973   S 115
           Pittman                   Joe Pitman, her adopted son Ned's work as an
                                     educator, helping to raise Jimmy, who returns as
                                     a civil rights worker, and her own decision to
                                     become involved in contemporary issues. In
                                     between the chapters of her life, the present-day
                                     struggles of Blacks in Bayonne, urged on by
                                     Jimmy, are dramatized.

                                     directed by Devin Sullivan, with Megan Follows.
                                     At the turn of the century on Prince Edward
                                     Island, Matthew Cuthbert and his sister Marilla
                                     decide to take on an orphan boy as help for their
                                     farm. But they get an unexpected jolt when
                                     they're mistakenly sent a girl instead: Anne
                                     Shirley. Anne's a dreamer with an unusual point
                                     of view, far removed from Marilla's pragmatic
Anne of Green Gables ( in 2 parts)                                                         195 min   1985   S 116
                                     ways, and it's only on trial that Marilla agrees to
                                     keep Anne...if Anne can keep out of trouble, only
                                     Anne has a positive genius for it. As Anne falls
                                     into a series of scrapes (and off a roof), makes a
                                     bosom friend, searches (and finds) several
                                     kindred spirits, Matthew and Marilla discover that
                                     their lives have become a great deal richer, now
                                     that Anne is at Green Gables.

                                     directed by Victor Fleming, with Judy Garland.
                                     When a nasty neighbor tries to have her dog put
                                     to sleep, Dorothy takes her dog Toto, to run
                                     away. A tornado appears and carries her to the
                                     magical land of Oz. Wishing to return, she begins
                                     to travel to the city of Oz where a great wizard
        The Wizard of Oz                                                                   103 min   1939   S 117
                                     lives. On her way she meets a Scarecrow who
                                     needs a brain, a Tin Man who wants a heart, and
                                     a cowardly lion who desperately needs courage.
                                     They all hope the Wizard of Oz will help them,
                                     before the Wicked Witch of the West catches up
                                     with them.
                directed by Peter Weir, with Harrison Ford.
                Samuel Lap is a young Amish boy who witnesses
                a murder in Philadelphia while traveling with his
                mother Rachel. A good cop named John Book
  Witness       must go with them into hiding when the killers           112 min   1985   S 118
                come after them. All three retreat to Amish
                country and Book has to adjust to the new life
                style, and his feelings for the boy's mother. Of
                course the killers are still on their trail.

                directed by Alexander Hall, with Mae West. Two
                men from an oil syndicate from Chicago travel
                through Pine Ridge and play a prank on the town
                and try to make the town, mainly Lum & Abner,
                think there's oil underneath the Jot-Em Down
                Store. Lum has the town mortgage their houses
                and properties to get the oil derrick set up, but
Goin’ To Town                                                            71 min    1935   S 119
                when the derrick doesn't come in, Lum & Abner
                travel to Chicago to get the syndicate to buy the
                oil rights, but they are also suited by another
                syndicate. So while the two competitors fight over
                the contract, Squire is back in Pine Ridge trying
                to defame Lum & Abner's name by buying the
                mineral properties.

                directed by Wesley Ruggles, with Mae West and
                Cary Grant. The bold Tira works as dancing
                beauty and lion tamer at a fair. Out of an urgent
                need of money, she agrees to a risky new
                number: she'll put her head into a lion's muzzle!
                With this attraction the circus makes it to New
I’m No Angel    York and Tira can persue her dearest occupation:         88 min    1933   S 120
                flirting with rich men and accepting expensive
                presents. Among the guys she searches the love
                of her life, from whom she only knows from a
                fortune-teller that he'll be rich and have black hair.
                When she finally meets him, she becomes a
                victim of intrigue.
                               directed by Victor Heerman, with Groucho,
                               Harpo, Chico and Zeppo. Captain Spaulding, the
                               noted explorer, returns from Africa and attends a
 The Marx Brothers: Animal     gala party held by Mrs. Rittenhouse. A painting
                                                                                       97 min    1930   S 121
         Crackers              displayed at that party is stolen, and the Marx's
                               help recover it. Well, maybe 'help' isn't quite the
                               word I was looking for, this is the Marx Brothers
                               after all...

                               directed by Leo McCarey, with Groucho, Harpo,
                               Chico and Zeppo. The small state of Freedonia is
                               in a financial mess, borrowing a huge sum of
                               cash from wealthy widow Mrs. Teasdale. She
The Marx Brothers: Duck Soup   insists on replacing the current president with         68 min    1933   S 122
                               crazy Rufus T. Firefly and mahem errupts. To
                               make matters worse, the neighbouring state
                               sends inept spies Chicolini and Pinky to obtain
                               top secret information, creating even more chaos!

                               directed by Stan Lathan, with Paul Winfield and
 Go Tell It On The Mountain    Alfre Woodard, based on the novel by James              100 min   2003   S 123

                               directed by Euzhan Palcy, with Chaz Monet,
                               Penelope Ann Miller, Kevin Pollak, Michael
                               Beach, Jean Louisa Kelly, Pete Francis James.
                               The true story of Ruby Bridges, an African-
                               American girl who, in 1960 at age 6, helped to
                               integrate the all-white schools of New Orleans.
                               Although she was the only black girl to come to
                               the school she was sent to, (and since all the
                               white mothers pulled their children out of class,
   Disney's Ruby Bridges                                                               90 min.   1998   S 124
                               she was the only one there, period), and though
                               she faced a crowd of angry white citizens every
                               day, she emerged unscathed, physically or
                               emotionally. Encouraged by her teacher, a white
                               woman from the North named Barbara Henry,
                               and her mother, Lucille, and with her own quiet
                               strength, she eventually broke down a century-old
                               barrier forever, a pivotal moment in the civil-rights
                          directed by Herbert Biberman, with Rosaura
                          Revueltas, Juan Chacon, and Will Geer. Based
                          on an actual strike against the Empire Zinc Mine
                          in New Mexico, the film deals with the prejudice
                          against the Mexican-American workers, who
                          struck to attain wage parity with Anglo workers in
                          other mines and to be treated with dignity by the
                          bosses. The film is an early treatment of
                          feminism, because the wives of the miners play a
   Salt of the Earth      pivotal role in the strike, against their husbands     94 min.    1987   S 125
                          wishes. In the end, the greatest victory for the
                          workers and their families is the realization that
                          prejudice and poor treatment are conditions that
                          are not always imposed by outside forces. This
                          film was written, directed and produced by
                          members of the original "Hollywood Ten," who
                          were blacklisted for refusing to answer
                          Congressional inquiries on First Amendment

                          directed by John Huston, based on a play by
                          Tenesse Williams. With Richard Burton, Ava
                          Gardner, Deborah Kerr and Sue Lyon. Based on
                          Tenesse Williams' award winning play directed by
                          John Huston. It is a gripping drama about a
                          defrocked American minister and the three
                          emotional women entangled with him. Seven-time
                          Oscar nominee Richard Burton is the tormented
                          Reverend Shannon, who struggles with religious
The Night of the Iguana   scruples, alcoholism, self-respect and love.           117 min.   1964   S 126
                          Expelled from his Virginia church, Shannon
                          travels to Mexico in search of his destiny. There,
                          he becomes a tour guide for a busload of
                          spinsters and a nymphish 18-year old named
                          Charlotte. Eventually, Shannon becomes
                          enamored of Hannah, the granddaughter of an
                          expatriate poet. As the wise Hannah partially
                          restores his fractured world, a reunion with his old
                          flame, Maxine, further complicates Shannon's life.
                   directed by Lasse Halström, with Kevin Spacey,
                   Julianne Moore, Judi Dench and Cate Blanchet.
                   An inksetter in New York, Quoyle returns to his
                   family's longtime home, a small fishing town in
                   Newfoundland, with his young daughter, after a
                   traumatizing experience with her mother, Petal,
 Shipping News                                                            111 min.   1999   VHS   S 128
                   who sold her to an illegal adoption agency.
                   Though Quoyle has had little success thus far in
                   life, his shipping news column in the newspaper
                   "The Gammy Bird" finds an audience, and his
                   experiences in the town change his life. Then he
                   meets the widow Wavey...

                   Story about a WWII wife & mother who joins a
                   local dance band to provide for family while
                   husband at war. Romantic involvement with one
 Bye Bye Blues     of the band members make her decisions difficult       117 min.   1989         S 129
                   when husband returns from war. Story watches
                   the progression of the band as it grows into a
                   popular, successful recording and touring group.
                   Excellent music and soundtrack.
                   directed by Jaques Tourneur, with Paul Lukas,
                   Merle Oberon. An express train from Paris to
                   occupied postwar Germany holds French,
                   American, German, British and Russian
                   passengers, at least some of whom are more
                   than they seem. A political assassination en route
 Berlin Express                                                           81 min.    1948   VHS   S 130
                   threatens an important conference, and beautiful
                   Frenchwoman Lucienne recruits 4 fellow
                   passengers of different nationalities to help find a
                   missing man. As time runs out, the five must
                   comb the shadowy ruins of bombed-out Frankfurt,
                   with few clues to help them...

                   directed by Mina Shum, with Sandra Oh, Stephen
                   M.D. Chang. Jade Li is a fiesty, 20something
                   Chinese Canadian, trying to achieve that happy
                   medium between giving in to her parent's wishes
Double Happiness   and fulfilling her own needs and desires - double      87 min.    1994   VHS   S 131
                   happiness. Naturally, something's got to give and
                   when love beckons in the shape of Mark, a white
                   university student, the facade of perfect Chinese
                   daughter begins to slip.
                              directed by Frances Damberger, with Paul Jarret,
   Road to Saddle River       Paul Coeur. Off-Beat comedy of a man, his            106 min.   1994   VHS   S 132
                              saddle and his quest for freedom.

                              directed by John Greyson, with Michael Callen.
                              Movie Musical. The ghost of Zero - "patient zero",
                              who allegedly first brought aids to Canada -
                              materialises and tries to contact old friends.
                              Meanwhile, the Victorian explorer Sir Richard
       Zero Patience          Burton, who drank from the Fountain of Youth         100 min.   1993   VHS   S 133
                              and now works as Chief Taxidermist at the
                              Toronto Natural history Museum, is trying to
                              organise an Aids Exhibition ...

                              directed by Sandy Wilson, with Margaret
                              Langrick, John Wildman. Twelve years old Sandy
                              lives with her parents and two younger sisters on
                              an idyllic ranch in Canada. However she's not
                              quite happy: her parents keep on treating her like
                              a child. One night her cousin Buck from America
   My American Cousin                                                              90 min.    1985   VHS   S 134
                              arrives in a fancy car for a surprise visit. She
                              thinks he's attractive and would like to be close
                              with him, but he considers her too young, too.
                              Only some time later her family learns that Buck
                              ran away from home and took his mother's car.
                              Sandy would like to fly with him further on...

                              directed by Bruce Macdonald, with Ryan Black,
                              Adam Beach. A story of life on an Indian
                              reservation in Ontario: Silas and Frank are trying
     Dance me outside                                                              89 min.    1995   VHS   S 135
                              to get into college to train to be mechanics but
                              they find themselves having to deal with girls,
                              family ... and murder

                              directed by Ted Kotcheff, with Richard Dreyfuss,
                              Jack Warden. The younger son of a working-
                              class Jewish family in Montreal, Duddy Kravitz
                              yearns to make a name for himself in society.
The apprenticeship of Duddy
                              This film chronicles his short and dubious rise to   120 min.   1974   VHS   S 136
                              power, as well as his changing relationships with
                              family and friends. Along the way the film
                              explores the themes of anti-semitism and the
                              responsibilities which come with adulthood.
          Our Town               by Thornton Wilder                                    120 min.          NTSC   S 137
                                 "Soldiers home", "One of the missing",
        Short Stories                                                                  103 min.          NTSC   S 138
                                 "Conversations with Alex Haley"
                                 "The golden honeymoon", "The greatest man in
    American Short Story                                                               131 min.          PAL    S 139
                                 the world", "The Rappaccini daughter"
    American Short Story         "I'm a fool", "Bernice Bobs her hair"                 82 min.           NTSC   S 140
Mark Twain's The Adventures of                                                                                  S 141
                                 American Drama Group                                             1994
      Huckleberry Finn
                                 By Harriet Beecher Stowe, with Samuel L.
     Uncle Tom’ s Cabin                                                                108 min.   1987   NTSC   S 142
                                 The travels of USS voyager at the end of the
    Star Trek Voyager 1.4                                                              88 min.    1995   VHS    S 143
                                 The travels of USS voyager at the end of the
    Star Trek Voyager 2.1                                                              88 min.    1995   VHS    S 144
                                 The travels of USS voyager at the end of the
    Star Trek Voyager 2.3                                                              88 min.    1995   VHS    S 145
                                 The travels of USS voyager at the end of the
    Star Trek Voyager 5.5                                                              88 min.    1995   VHS    S 146
                                 The travels of USS voyager at the end of the
    Star Trek Voyager 6.6                                                              88 min.    1995   VHS    S 147
 Star Trek Voyager: The next     The travels of USS voyager at the end of the
                                                                                       88 min.    1995   VHS    S 148
         Generation              galaxy
 Star Trek Voyager: The final    The travels of USS voyager at the end of the
                                                                                       88 min.    1995   VHS    S 149
           frontier              galaxy

            Oliver               Musical by Charles Dickens                            145 min.   1985   VHS    S 150
                                 Kris Kristofferson stars as Hawk, an ex-cop
                                 released from jail after a murder sentence who
                                 returns to fictional Rain City and the diner of his
       Trouble in mind           old flame, Wanda. Great expressionistic use of                   1986   NTSC   S 151
                                 the city of Seattle. Its beguiling cominbination of
                                 mystery, beauty, wit and compassion has earned
                                 the film a respected cult status.
                                 Famous musical by Leonard Bernstein. The two
                                 rival gangs, Sharks and Jets, loathe one another.
       West Side Story                                                                 152 min.   1961   VHS    S 152
                                 Innocent Tony falls in love with Maria, the sister
                                 of the leader of the rival gang.
                                 Famous musical adapted from George Bernard
         My fair lady            Shaw’s „Pygmalion“. Audrey Hepburn as Eliza           170 min.   1964   NTSC   S 153
                                 Dolittle and Rex Harrison as Henry Higgins
       USA – Südwest                                                                   45 min                    X1
        USA – Nordwest              45 min           X2
    Der Südwesten der USA           70 min           X3
          Los Angeles               30 min           X4
            Route 66                30 min           X5
             Florida                30 min           X6
       Alaska/Ostsibirien           45 min    1997   X7
            Arizona                 45 min    1998   X8
            Chicago                 45 min    1997   X9
    Colorado: Aspen und Vail        45 min    1998   X 10
       Florida: Der Norden          45 min    1997   X 11
       Florida: Der Süden           45 min    1997   X 12
            Georgia                 45 min    1997   X 13
   Las Vegas und Umgebung           45 min    1997   X 14
         North Carolina             45 min    1998   X 15
           New York                 45 min    1997   X 16
         San Francisco              45 min    1997   X 17
         Südkalifornien             45 min    1997   X 18
             Texas                  45 min    1998   X 19
        Kanada – Ontario            45 min    1998   X 20

Kanada : Vom Atlantik zum Pazifik   50 min           X 21

         Kleine Antillen            60 min           X 22
   Die Indianer Nordamerikas        75 min.          X 23
   Im Land der Kriegs-Kanus         42 min.          X 24
         Der Stille Feind           80 min.          X 25
                                                                     Mit José Matsuwa, Dona Josefa Medrano und
Virarica - Die heilenden Menschen                                                                                                  X 26
                                                                     Brant Secunda
                                    1. Maya, Mississippi-Indianer,
Die Geschichte der Indianer - 500
                                     Anasazi: Blüte der grossen                                                  50 min.    1994   X 27
Die Geschichte der Indianer - 500      2. Aufstieg und Fall der
                                                                                                                 50 min.    1994   X 28
            Nations                            Azteken
Die Geschichte der Indianer - 500     3. Zusammenprall zweier
                                                                                                                 50 min.    1994   X 29
            Nations                 Welten: Enrique und Columbus
Die Geschichte der Indianer - 500    4. Die Europäische Invasion:
                                                                                                                 50 min.    1994   X 30
            Nations                 Häuptling Metacom führt Krieg
                                       5. Im Hexenkessel von
Die Geschichte der Indianer - 500    Revolution und Bürgerkrieg:
                                                                                                                 50 min.    1994   X 31
            Nations                 Überlebenskampf der Indianer-

                                     6. Häuptling Tecumseh: Der
Die Geschichte der Indianer - 500
                                    Traum vom eigenen Land der                                                   50 min.    1994   X 32
Die Geschichte der Indianer - 500    7. Besiedelung des Westens:
                                                                                                                 50 min.    1994   X 33
            Nations                      Mord und Vertreibung
                                    8. Geronimo und Chief Joseph:
Die Geschichte der Indianer - 500
                                        Verzweifelter Kampf um                                                   50 min.    1994   X 34
                                          1949 - 1999: Eine
      50 Jahre NATO, Teil 1                                                                                      16 min.    1999   X 35
                                       Die Neue NATO des 21.
      50 Jahre NATO, Teil 2                                                                                      16 min.    1999   X 36
National Monuments of Southern
                                                                                                                 30 min            X 37
     Der mit dem Wolf Tanzt                                                                                      224 min.   1990   X 38
 Canyonlands: Im Labyrinth der
                                                                                                                 52 min            X 39
             Texas                    (Die weite Welt auf Video)                                                 45 min            X 40
    Hawaii: Perle der Südsee                                                                                     45 min            X 41
  San Franzisko: Die Stadt der
                                                                                                                 55 min            X 42
 Massachusetts: Im Herzen von
                                                                                                                 55 min            X 43
       USA West             50 min     X 44
      Los Angeles           50 min     X 45
        New York            55 min     X 46
  Destination Vancouver     15 min     X 47
Michener's USA - The West   77 min.    X 48
Grand Canyon + Alaska +                X 49
Yellowstone National Park   137 min.

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