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									       Altoona                   Duncansville            Johnstown- Richland          Johnstown- Westmont
Chestnut Ave Martin’s Plaza      Martin’s Plaza       850 Scalp Ave (Bel-Air Plaza)     Westwood Plaza
     814-941-7267                814-696-9996               814-327-8386                 814-327-8386

                SNAP Fitness offers No Contracts- each membership is month to month so no one is
                locked in for a year or more. We are also a 24 hour secured access facility meaning each
                member has their own access card they use to get into the gym.

                We offer top of the line Cybex equipment, a Complete Cardio System, Dumbbells, Smith
                Machine, Loaded plate machines, Core area, Unlimited tanning for just $29 a month, 24
                hour secured access, and Certified Professional Trainers!

                Our corporate rate structure will give employees of PSU Altoona:

                    ·   A 10% discount on their monthly membership fee making it $35.95 a month for a
                        Single membership, $53.95 for a Joint, and $67.45 for a Family.

                    ·   No enrollment fee ($50)

                    ·   A free consultation with a personal trainer

                    ·   Free equipment orientation.

                    ·   A Free personal webpage where they can track their workouts among many other

                The only other cost would be a one-time fee of $19 for their access card.

                We will do anything in our power to help you achieve your fitness goals. Also, every
                SNAP fitness throughout the country is open to our members.

                If you have any questions please contact me by email: or
                call my cell phone: (814) 505-6488.

                Thank you very much!

                Mike Kessling
                Marketing and Sales Manager
                SNAP Fitness
                 Corporate Memberships

   Altoona              Duncansville            Johnstown
  941-SNAP               696-9996                254-0022
228 E. Chestnut Ave   167 Glimcher Drive   1910 Minnow Drive
 Martin’s Plaza         Martin’s Plaza       Westwood Plaza
                               What is Snap Fitness?

Drive up, walk in, and work out whenever you want. Just minutes from your
doorstep, our club is like a having a private gym in your backyard.
Use your personal keycard for instant access to a safe, clean, comfortable
facility packed with state-of-the-art exercise equipment and value-added
services you'd never expect from a club our size. Enjoy the same workout
experience as at those big-box health clubs - but without the crowded parking
lots, long waiting lines and inflated fees. Time-saving convenience, money-
saving value and fat-burning workouts - just another way we deliver a better
experience and better results. Isn't it time you joined Snap Fitness?

Better Experience, Better Results
For a fast, convenient and affordable workout, choose Snap Fitness - the close-to-home
club that's packed with the industry's best cardio and exercise equipment.

More for your money
At Snap Fitness, it's easy to get the workout - and the results - you want. That's because
no comparable club can match our service and support - in-person and online. Even with
rates starting at about $1 a day, we guarantee you'll see the difference.

Choose Snap Fitness for a better experience, better results
 •     Convenient locations open 24/7               •      Unlimited tanning for members
 •     No contracts, no hassles                     •      Personal Training
 •     No waiting lines or crowded parking lots     •      Message Therapy
 •     Clean, comfortable, safe environment         •      Member referral program
 •     Fast workouts, friendly place                •      Discount for members with local
 •     Free weights & Core/abdominal area               businesses
 •     FREE Online Training Center                  •      Free week pass to try out our
 •     FREE Personal Wellness Plan
 •     FREE Fitness Adventures for Prizes
 •     FREE Personal Web Page
 •     FREE Fast Start Equipment Orientation
 •     Online Nutrition and Meal Planning
 •     Use any location as a member
  2008 Hometown Favorite Fitness Center,
Friendliest Staff, and Tanning Salon Awards!

                        Arc Trainers, Treadmills, Bikes, Steppers

                        Free weights and loaded plate machines

                        Top of the line weight machines
What Snap Fitness Can Do For You

  v Expanded employee benefits package
  v Access to all our clubs across North America
  v Happier and healthier employees
  v Improved productivity and morale
  v Reduced absenteeism and turnover
  v Let us schedule around you with 24 hour access
  v Monthly check-ins of members/employees are available for your

  Ø Better Health
        •   Free Personal Wellness Plan with specific, actionable recommendations
        •   Health and wellness coaching by telephone for focus and motivation

  Ø Better Workouts
        •   Free fitness consultation to recommend customized workouts
        •   Free equipment orientation for fast, safe, effective workouts
        •   Free Online Training Center to create workouts, monitor progress

  Ø Better Nutrition
        •   Online Nutrition and Meal Planning for improved weight management
        •   Personalized nutrition supplement plans for superior results

  Ø Better Rewards
        •   Quarterly Fitness Adventures to motivate exercise, win prizes
        •   Local merchant discounts - just show your member ID
        •   Referral program- refer 2 people and get 1 month free
        •   Freeze program- if you can’t use it, freeze it and save money!
                                Member Testimonials
Korin Coppeta
                      Korin Coppeta is a new member at Snap Fitness. She is 26 years old
                     and married with 2 children. Korin loves Snap Fitness because it's
                     open 24/7, which is very convenient for a business manager-working
                     mom. Korin left a "big box" club for the convenience and quality of
                     Snap Fitness and in order to stay with her trainer, Jenn Hatch, whom
                     she's been training with regularly.

Brittany Crossman
                     Brittany is 26 years old and has been working out at Snap Fitness for
                     thirteen months. She has gained a lot of strength and energy since
                     she joined the gym! She lost twenty pounds and dropped down two
                     dress sizes. Brittany works at Simpson Communications in the same
                     plaza as Snap Fitness, so it is very convenient for her to workout.
                     She loves the 24 hours access and there are a lot of different
machines to work with.

Shawn Melley
                        Shawn has trained with Jenn Hatch for two years now. Shawn left
                        the "big box" health club to continue his training with Jenn when
                        she went to work at Snap Fitness. Due to the motivation, drill, and
                        continuous training by Jenn, Shawn has lost over 30 pounds. He
                        has gained strength, cardio endurance, has a healthier eating
                        pattern, and he has more muscle definition. These components are
                        important for him because he is a paramedic for AMED. Shawn
loves Snap Fitness because all of the convenient locations and 24 hour access for his
different work shifts. The place is secure and clean 24/7.

Mike Farabaugh

                         “Snap Fitness is by far my choice of a health club because the 24-
                        hr access fits around my schedule, and the personal trainers
                        provide me the proper fitness discipline that my body needs.”
                         No Enrollment Fee!

Our 12-Month Agreement over 20% off membership
       Single: $30.95 a month
       Joint: $44.95 a month
       Family: $58.95 a month

Add or drop a family member to your account whenever
Cancel at anytime with a small fee

Month to Month Agreements 10% off membership
       Single: $35.95 a month
       Joint: $54.95 a month
       Family: $67.95 a month

          We NEVER have any contracts!

     On site sign ups
            Let us come to you. Schedule a day(s) and time(s) for us to come in sign
     your employees up. We will bring a DVD of the facility and what Snap Fitness is
     all about!

     Free Personal Training Session
            Get started in reaching your personal goals with a free training session with
     a certified personal trainer. Upon signing up, schedule a time that is best for you
     with a body fat analysis and personalized workout program.

     Open House
            Schedule a time and day to come in and check us out!

Please note:

Employees may stop in and join whenever they would like
during our staffed hours. Please check our website for updated
staffed hours.
Fitness Professionals

2006 Lock Haven University Graduate: Recreation Management w/ a
concentration in Fitness Management, Bachelor of Science
2002 Graduate of Bellwood-Antis High School

                                                                                     Jenn Hatch
6 Years of Personal Training
5 Years of Strength and Conditioning Training of Athletes
3 Years of Group Fitness Instructor in land and aqua aerobics
Trained over 23 teams at Penn State University
Trained athletes/students/faculty at Lock Haven University
Trained hundreds of members at several fitness facilities
Assisted a Fitness Professor at LHU for 2 years
Lock Haven University tutor in Kinesiology and Nutrition

                               6 years of experience as a Personal Trainer

                               Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, Penn State University
                               Certified Optimum Performance Trainer through NASM

Mike Schultz

Strength and Conditioning Coach for LHU & PSU athletes
1 year group exercise instructor

Lock Haven University Graduate, 2008
Bachelors of Science, Fitness Management

                                                                                        Rachel Paul

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