The Blooming News by yaofenjin


									                            The Blooming News
   Volume 3, Issue 6                                                                                                          June 2007

                                              Bluebonnet Master Gardener Association
                                       Serving Austin, Colorado, Fayette, and Washington Counties

                                                                                                  From the President…
                        BMGA 2007 Officers
                                                                                  May was another busy month for Master Gardeners! On
   President             Judy Manning              979-865-0102                   May 4th, Melanie Short and a group of Master Gardener
   1st VP                Larry Remmert             979-865-9552                   volunteers were honored and thanked by Judge Carolyn
                                                                                  Bilski for the project gardens at Sealy’s City Hall. This
   2nd VP                B. R. Koehler             979-885-4250
                                                                                  included a photo and write-up in the Sealy Paper.
   Secretary             Ann Wegenhoft 979-732-6434                               Melanie and crew created a beautiful area there. Please
                                                                                  go by when you are in Sealy to see the garden on
   Treasurer             Larry Miller              979-865-3348
                                                                                  Atchison Street.
   Past Pres.            Carol Muegge             979-836-2257
                                                                                  On May 8th there was the graduation ceremony and
                                                                                  luncheon for the 2007 interns. They were treated to a
                                                                                  catered meal from Galileo’s Mexican Grill, which
Inside this issue…                                                                consisted of Fajitas Mexicana with all the trimmings,
From the President… .................................................... 1        followed by a Tres Leches cake.
Pictures From the Plant Sale ......................................... 2          What a great group of talented folks they are! They have
Meetings and Events ..................................................... 3       really gotten involved in projects, and the extra help and
Mark Your Calendar – Dec 1st ..................................... 3              new ideas on our projects is wonderful.
We Have a New Member! ............................................ 3              We had several work days at my home, pricing plants
Master Gardener Handbooks ........................................ 4              for the sale. It’s fun to work and talk together at the
Collaborative Program on Rainbow Soil a Success!.... 4                            same time!
A Big THANK YOU .................................................... 4            May 18th was another busy day, getting ready for the
Herb of the Month -- Parsley ........................................ 5           plant sale. Ann Wegenhoft, B. R. Koehler, Marvin
Parsley Recipes ............................................................. 5   Schindler, and I met at Chesley Garden and harvested
Birds are Beneficial to Our Landscape and Gardens ... 6                           the new potatoes. We got over
                                                                                  130 pounds in return for the 18
Making Succulent Cuttings........................................... 6
                                                                                  pounds that had been planted.
Meet The Editor ............................................................ 6    We also harvested the onions
Reporting Volunteer and CEU Hours ........................... 7                   and carrots. Ann took them all
A Safe, Natural Herbicide............................................. 7          home, cleaned them, priced
Did You Know? ............................................................ 7      them, bundled them, and
Texas Master Gardener 2006 Annual Report................ 8                        brought them back on the 19th for the plant sale.
Superstars in Bloom at Washington Co. Ext. Office .... 8                          On the 18th, we also loaded up everything that was going
2007 Interns Complete Class Instruction ...................... 9                  to the sale. There were six of us loading, and we filled
Volunteer Opportunities.............................................. 10          three pickup trucks and one large trailer.
                                                                                  Saturday, the 19th, was the plant sale.
 Volume 3, Issue 6                      Bluebonnet Master Gardener Association                                    June 2007

                                Serving Austin, Colorado, Fayette, and Washington Counties

Customers were waiting for us when we arrived at the                     Pictures From the Plant Sale
Fair Grounds at 7:00 am! Once everything was
unloaded, we were very busy selling plants, vegetables,
                       bird houses, yard signs, and
                       hand-crafted plant stands. When
                       the day was over, very few
                       plants were left and the money
                       box was stuffed with $2,256.00!
                       Thanks to everyone who worked
so hard to make this the best sale yet.
May 22nd was a special day for Ran Newman and the
Washington County bunch. Judge Dorothy Morgan and
the commissioner’s court formally recognized the group
and thanked them for a job well done. The Judge and
commissioners are very pleased with the finished
project at the Fair Grounds. Drive by to see how well                Our Master Gardeners were busy all day helping
                                                                         customers and talking about the plants.
the plants are flourishing. Most of them are in bloom,
and it looks really pretty. (See pictures on page 8)
May 24th was our membership meeting. Ed Linseisen
gave a very educational PowerPoint presentation on
lawn grasses, plus problems and cures. Ed has a wealth
of knowledge, and can answer your questions on most
garden problems. Our raffle items this month were a
huge houseplant, donated by Mary Moore, and a fresh
vegetable basket of potatoes, onions, green beans,
tomatoes, and fresh yard eggs. We made a total of
$51.00 on these two items.
On May 25th the Rainbow Soil Program was held in
Brenham. It was a huge success, with over 175 in
attendance. (See related article in the newsletter.)               Most customers left with multiple plants, vegetables,
                                                                    and/or gift items, such as a bird house or planter.
June 2nd will be the big tomato and vegetable contest
at Linseisen’s, and we will have a report on that next
month, with a listing of all the winners.
Welcome to Kristi Wilmar, our newsletter Editor. She
is a 2007 intern, and has prior newsletter editing
experience. Kristi’s email is,
or Please start sending your
articles for the newsletter to her for the July
edition.(See article and picture in the newsletter)
And last, but not least, welcome to Julia (Terri) Davis
who has transferred into our group. She took her
training from Tom Leroy in Harris County. Welcome!
We’re happy to have you join us.
Until next month…                                                     Ann Wegenhoft not only collected the money,
                                                                        she was busy giving out information too!
Judy Manning, President

 Volume 3, Issue 6                     Bluebonnet Master Gardener Association                                June 2007

                               Serving Austin, Colorado, Fayette, and Washington Counties

                                      Meetings and Events

June 7:      Austin County Livestock Assn. Annual             June 30th: Household Hazard Waste Collection in
Meeting: Held at the Fireman’s Hall in Industry.              Bellville at the Austin County Fairgrounds, 8:00 a.m. to
Registration begins at 5:30 p.m. and meeting starts at        12:00 noon. They will take home chemicals, pool and
6:30 p.m. Guest speaker is David Stall. He will be            lawn chemicals, paint, stains, poisons, flea collars and
discussing the TransTexas Corridor. Membership is             sprays, insecticides, antifreeze, and other auto products
$10.00.                                                       Free of charge.
June 9: Attracting and Identifying Birds: Saturday, at        July 14: Snakes of All Kinds: Saturday, at 11 a.m.
11 a.m. Presented by Jerry Walls, Director of Christmas       Presented by Jerry Walls, Director of Christmas Creek
Creek Nature Preserve. Held at Martha’s Bloomers. To          Nature Preserve. Held at Martha’s Bloomers. To
register,    call     936-870-4044        or      email       register,    call    936-870-4044        or     email                   
June 10: Green Thumb Lecture Series: Landscape                Every 4th Saturday - Senior Games at the Sens
Design by Carol Brouwer, Phd.D., County Extension             Activity Center, 200 Briar Ridge Drive, in Bellville.
Agent. 6:30-9:30 p.m., Southeast Church of Christ, 2400       Held from 6 'til 9 pm. Come out and enjoy dominoes,
E Bay Area Blvd, Friendswood TX 77546. Free and               cards, and other games. What a great way to meet new
open to the public.                                           friends! Snacks are served around 7:30 pm. Contact: is
                                                              Ruby Koehn at 979-865-2818.
June 12: Green Thumb Lecture Series: Pests and
Diseases by Dr. Scott Hume, Master Gardener. 6:30-
9:30 p.m., Southeast Church of Christ, 2400 E Bay Area
Blvd, Friendswood TX 77546. Free and open to the                        Mark Your Calendar – Dec 1st
                                                              The annual Master Gardner Christmas
June 15: New Landowners Program, contact Philip               Party has been booked at Purcell's in
Shackelford, the Austin County Extension Agent, for           Brenham for Saturday, December 1
more information.                                             beginning at 6 p.m.. Details will follow
June 19: Worm Composting: Presented by Shiela                 as December gets closer, but reserve
McQueen, Program Coordinator at the Brazos Valley             the date now!
Solid Waste Management Association. Find out how,
when, and why to compost with worms. Tuesday, June
19th, at 7:00 pm. Antique Rose Emporium – Chapel.                          We Have a New Member!
Independence, Texas.
June 19: Master Gardeners Board of Directors Meeting:                                     Please welcome Julia (Teri)
9:00 a.m., First National Bank meeting room, Bellville.                                   Davis to BMGA. She lives
Contact person is Judy Manning.                                                           in Washington County; and
                                                                                          has transferred from the
June 26: MG General Membership Meeting: Time and                                          Harris       County    MG
location to be announced later this month by the                                          association.
Education Department.
                                                                                          We are glad to have you
June 27: Color in the Garden: by Ginia Keen Mattern.                                      Teri!
10:00 a.m., The Meeting Room (on the Lakeside) at
Clear Lake Park, 5001 NASA Road 1, Seabrook TX
77586. Free and open to the public.

 Volume 3, Issue 6                        Bluebonnet Master Gardener Association                                  June 2007

                                 Serving Austin, Colorado, Fayette, and Washington Counties

           Master Gardener Handbooks                              Dr. Richardson looks at land management from the
                                                                  perspective that everything going on above ground
There are several extra Master Gardener Handbooks                 provides an indication of what is, or needs to be, going
available for members to purchase. The cost is $50.00             on below ground. She called healthy soil a virtual ‘pot of
each. Please contact Philip Shackelford at the Extension          gold’ and stated that we have only begun to scratch the
Office or Larry Miller to purchase the manuals.                   surface of how this wonderful ecosystem below ground
                                                                  level works to benefit us all.

          First Collaborative Program on                                          A Big THANK YOU
             Rainbow Soil a Success!                              It was very gratifying to see so many of my fellow
                                                                  Master Gardeners turn out for the Rainbow Soil
Dr. Pat Richardson presented a fascinating program                Program! Special thanks to Carol and John Muegge and
entitled ‘Rainbow Soil,’ Friday evening, May 25, 2007,            Mary Claire Becker for setting up the terrific BMGA
and enlightened us on the ecosystem that exists                   display and putting together the lovely BMGA door
underneath the surface of our prairie land. She compared          prize basket. Jerry’s Cylinder Gardening poster was on
it to a tropical rain forest turned upside down.                  the table, too. Charlene Koehler picked the names of the
                                                                  door prize winners out of a basket. The winners were
                                                                  Judge Larry Joe and B.R Koehler who, when
                                                                  recognized, both put in a plug for the Tomato Contests.
                                                                  Master Gardeners were the only group to ‘whoop it up’
                                                                  during their introduction! Such an awesome response
                                                                  made me laugh!

              Sarah Byman Welcomes Guests
               to the Rainbow Soil Program

This underground ecosystem supports the world above
the surface and even the tiniest pine seedling is nurtured
by a system of organisms and fungi that reach many feet
below ground level. She stated that soil is inhabited by
millions of tiny, brightly colored, and interesting
                                                                                   The BMGA Display Table
organisms from microscopic to pin-sized to larger
species, such as dung beetles. Dr. Richardson became              This first collaborative effort among our six
affectionately known as ‘the dung beetle lady’ early in           organizations was a success and has laid the groundwork
her career and explained that the dung beetle, which she          for such programs in the future. We achieved our goal of
has studied extensively, burrows deep into the ground to          providing the community, as well as our membership, a
enrich and aerate the soil, allowing for better water             quality program by attracting a top-notch speaker, and I
absorption and reduced runoff. While studying the dung            couldn’t be more pleased. I hope those of you who
beetle, she became aware of the astounding complexity             attended now have a healthier respect for those colorful
of life in biologically healthy soil and now generates in         little creatures we can’t see in the soil, and will never
her audiences an appreciation of the role that healthy soil       again squash a dung beetle!
plays in all ecosystem processes with her enthusiastic
presentations and amazing videography.                            Sara Byman, WC Wildlife Society President, 2007

    Volume 3, Issue 6                       Bluebonnet Master Gardener Association                                 June 2007

                                  Serving Austin, Colorado, Fayette, and Washington Counties

               Herb of the Month -- Parsley                         •   Use the fresh leaves, flowers, or seeds, but discard
                                                                        the stems
Parsley is a popular and nutritious herb with many                  •   To release oils for rubs, grind or crush the herb
culinary uses, as well as many varieties to choose from.
It is easy to grow and falls into the "hard to kill"                Carol Carmean
category as a biennial. Parsley is rarely bothered by
insect pests.
                                                                                       Parsley Recipes
Parsley grows well in moderately rich, well-drained soil
and does well in full sun to partial shade.                         Tomato-Pasta Salad
Seeds may be planted in early spring–germination is                 •   2 med. Tomatoes chopped (2 c.)
slow so you may want to soak the seeds in warm water
overnight before planting. Planting in pots would allow             •   1/4 c. snipped parsley
you to enjoy during the winter by bringing them inside              •   2 green onions w/tops, chopped
as they do not survive the cold weather. The curled                 •   2 T. Olive oil
variety gives added texture and conversation to the herb            •   2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
or flower bed as well.
                                                                    •   ½ t. dried basil leaves
Parsley is listed among the top 15 most powerful healing            •   1/8 t. coarsely cracked pepper
herbs in the kitchen. It is listed as a diuretic herb, which
will help prevent kidney stones and bladder infections by           •   1 pkg. (7 oz) macaroni shells
keeping the body’s plumbing running smoothly. Using it
as a garnish on the plate is not just for decoration: it is a       Mix all ingredients except macaroni.
breath freshener because it contains high levels of
                                                                    Prepare macaroni as directed on package. Drain.
                                                                    Toss with tomato mixture.
Harvesting should be done by cutting the leaf stalks at
                                                                    Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours.
the base to enjoy fresh foliage all summer. To store, it
may be hung in bunches to dry in the shade or frozen
whole or chopped.                                                   Parsley Butter
Common uses: Garnishes, in salads, dips, soups, stews.              •   1/3 c. minced, fresh curled parsley tops, washed and
and beans. Also great on pasta, potato, and chicken                     dried well
dishes. Make a parsley butter to use on toasted breads or
                                                                    •   1 T. Lemon juice
to brush on meats.
                                                                    •   1 t. Worchestershire sauce
                 Herbs are Best When Used!
                                                                    •   1 c. butter or margarine, softened
How many times do we plant or buy herbs and fail to
enjoy them by using them? The best inspiration is to
grow the bushy, fragrant herbs outside of your kitchen              Mix all ingredients—allow flavor to set in before using.
                                                                    Carol Carmean
A few important tips for using herbs are:
•      A little goes a long way
•      In cooking they release flavor with mild heat and
       should be added in the last stages of cooking
•      In cold foods, add and refrigerate several hours or

 Volume 3, Issue 6                        Bluebonnet Master Gardener Association                                   June 2007

                                 Serving Austin, Colorado, Fayette, and Washington Counties

             Birds are Beneficial to                                          Making Succulent Cuttings
           Our Landscape and Gardens                                         (From an article by P. Allen Smith)
                                                                  To make cuttings, simply snip pieces
                  It’s that time of year, when all types of       of the plant, including a bit of stem if
                  insects are on the prowl looking for            possible. Then, allow the cuttings to
                  tender vegetation to feast on. The first        dry for a few days, away from direct
                  thought, of course, is what type of             sunlight. This will prevent rot.
                  pesticide I should use? Before using
                  any type of pesticides, , allow “mother         Next, slip the cuttings into moist
nature” to do the work. Spring and Summer are the most            potting soil, up to the first set of
common months that a great variety of birds actively              leaves or leaf nodes. Use a soil that is blended
feed on various insects.                                          specifically for cacti and succulents. Place the pots in a
                                                                  shady location with good air circulation, and keep the
Tina Phillips, project leader of Cornell Lab                      soil lightly moist.
Ornithology’s Bird House Network, says “the most
important thing to do to attract birds to your yard is to         Judy Manning
provide an enticing habitat, not just a nest box. Birds
choose a nest site based on it’s surrounding habitat.”
                                                                                     Meet The Editor
Some important things to consider are a good water
                                                                                       I was asked to write a few words
source, shrubs, and various types of trees—including
                                                                                       about myself to share with my fellow
dead tree limbs and trunks.
                                                                                       (and gal) gardeners. Talking about
Although birds may help get rid of some of the pests,                                  myself is one thing I’ve never liked
don’t expect a miracle! There are many insects that are                                doing (I’m a much better listener),
of primary help to your garden and landscape. The birds                                but here goes…
help with the overall balance, keeping insects at bay but
                                                                                      I was born in Colorado, March of
not wiping them out. That means you’ll have a nicer
                                                                  1970, with the love of nature and animals in my blood.
garden to enjoy this summer.
                                                                  My family moved from the city to the country, where I
There are several species of birds that are known to              could have a pony. I was hooked. I tried almost every
migrate to this part of Texas during spring and summer            thing horsey one can imagine: rodeo, calf roping, steer
and their primary diets are insects. Purple Martins are           roping, dressage, eventing, polo, and fox hunting. I
aerial feeders and eat a variety of winged insects. They          loved to hike, camp, and fly fish for trout. I still love
enjoy being near ponds and wetland areas. The Downey              these things, but I don't get to do them as often as I
Woodpecker is smaller than all North American                     would like, as my family is my main focus now.
woodpeckers, and they love to visit backyards to feed on
                                                                  My first memory of gardening was with my dad. One
insects, berries, and seeds. The Eastern Bluebird
                                                                  year he had a beautiful garden going. I was 8 years old,
occupies semi-open areas and are cavity nesters. Their
                                                                  and he let me help plant strawberries. We also had
main diet consists of a variety of insects and berries. The
                                                                  tomatoes, lettuce, peas, green beans, and squash
House Wren is another favorite that loves to nest in just
                                                                  covering about 1/8th acre. First came the rabbits. We
about any cavity or opening, even in pockets of hanging
                                                                  fixed the fence and gardened on. Then came the horn
laundry. The house wren’s diet is mostly insects and
                                                                  worms. We went out every day with salad tongs and
spiders. Other insect eating wrens that frequent
                                                                  picked those green-horned demons off the tomato plants.
backyards are the Carolina and Bewick.
                                                                  But what finally did our garden in was the worst plague
To learn more about how to attract more birds to your             of grasshoppers in 50 years. They decimated everything
landscape, visit NWF’S Backyard Wildlife Habitat Web              in about 3 days. I remember what my dad said, and I
site at Become               apply it to my own garden when things don't go
more bird friendly!                                               right…"Well, better luck next year." Gardening certainly
Roland Contreras                                                  teaches patience. Being a mommy, and with another on
                                                                  the way, I need all the patience I can get.

 Volume 3, Issue 6                       Bluebonnet Master Gardener Association                                  June 2007

                                 Serving Austin, Colorado, Fayette, and Washington Counties

As for more personal things, I am married to a                   next general meeting. It is likely several members will
wonderful man named Glenn and have two daughters.                have the same question.
My oldest, Cassidy, will be 10 this year. And my
                                                                 Thus far, this form and this procedure are about the
youngest, Carolyn, turned three in March. We live in
                                                                 simplest that we have developed. It is hoped that you are
Colorado county on 6 acres. I served my country for 8
                                                                 having no problems. If you have a better idea for a form,
years: 4 years active duty and 4 yrs in the National
                                                                 or with the procedure, then design a new form or create a
Guard. I used to dream of traveling the world, but I have
                                                                 new procedure, and then bring it to my attention.
come to realize that all the excitement and adventure I
can handle in this life time is in my own backyard.              Ann Stephenson
If you want to know more about me or my life, you are
always welcome to ask. (Hint: you'll get a better story
over coffee or lunch – grin.)                                                 A Safe, Natural Herbicide
Kristi Wilmar                                                    According to an article on
                                                                 organic gardening in the
                                                                 latest edition of Mother
      Reporting Volunteer and CEU Hours                          Earth News, household
                                                                 strength (5 to 6 percent)
Rose Coody – who did a terrific job                              vinegar can be used as an
recording our hours – has a lot on her plate                     herbicide. Spraying it on
just now. Therefore, one way or another,                         small plants will kill
direct your completed hour sheets to me.                         them quickly. Established
You can hand the forms to me when you                            weeds will resprout new leaves, but
see me, snail mail to me, or e-mail these to me, using the       if you kill back the leaves several times, the plant will
following information:                                           starve to death.
C. A. Stephenson                                                 You can increase the vinegar’s ability to spread and stick
PO Box 45                                                        to leaves by adding 1 tablespoon of dish detergent and 2
Kenney, TX 77452                                                 tablespoons of canola oil per gallon of vinegar.
                                                                 Vinegar is most effective at temperatures above 70
                                                                 degrees, and while it will burn just about any greenery, it
I have completed recording the hours from the sheets             is most effective against grasses.
that Rose had for 2007.
                                                                 During warm weather, spray weekly, then progress to a
A reminder: 1 sheet, 1 month. Cramming multiple                  biweekly or monthly schedule, depending on the weather
months onto a single sheet just makes it easier for me to        and weed growth.
make an error on your hours. Also, hours are reported in
half hour (minimum) units, not minutes or quarter hours.                            Did You Know?
If you use minutes or quarter hours, your records will
not match what is sent to the state.                             One acre of forest absorbs six tons of
The plan is to bring to each monthly meeting a single            carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of
copy of the hours, totaled by month, for each member. It         oxygen. This is enough to meet the
is important that each of you review your hours and              annual needs of 18 people. - U.S. Dept.
bring to my attention any discrepancies. I make                  of Agriculture
mistakes!                                                        There are 60 to 200 million spaces along our city streets
If you have any questions requiring an answer from me,           where trees could be planted. This translates to the
please write them down or e-mail me. To improve                  potential to absorb 33 million more tons of CO2 every
communication, I will not respond to each of you                 year, and saving $4 billion in energy costs. - National
individually. Rather, I will answer the questions at the         Wildlife Federation

    Volume 3, Issue 6                      Bluebonnet Master Gardener Association                            June 2007

                                  Serving Austin, Colorado, Fayette, and Washington Counties

    Texas Master Gardener 2006 Annual Report                      Through dedicated leadership of County Extension
            "More Volunteer Hours Than Ever"                      Agents and Master Gardeners, the Texas Master
                                                                  Gardener program continues to be the largest Master
                                                                  Gardener program in the United States.
In 2006, Texas Master Gardeners
contributed more volunteer hours than ever                                     Superstars in Bloom
before. Their activities, projects, and                               at Washington County Extension Office
expertise    significantly  multiple    the
educational outreach of Texas Cooperative Extension.
Through 115 County Master Gardener programs, 1,075
individuals were trained to become Texas Master
Gardener Interns. To gain certification, each Intern must
contribute a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer service.
In 2006, the corps of Texas Master Gardeners and
Interns totaled 5,038. They provided 395,422 hours of
volunteer time to Extension educational projects. This
volunteer service, equivalent to 195 full-time employees,
increases the human capacity of Extension by 15%. The
economic value of this service equals a $7.2 million
benefit to the State of Texas.
Texas Master Gardeners:
•      Answer 4,500+ telephone calls each month, received
       by County Extension offices throughout Texas,              The flower bed at the front entrance has beautifully
       regarding landscape and garden topics                      contrasting New Gold Lantana, which is a Texas Super
•      Present 4,800+ presentations each year to over             Star, and purple Verbena.
       50,000 thousand Texans through garden clubs, civic
       groups, and community organizations
•      Publish and broadcast hundreds of news columns,
       radio shows, and television segments annually
       through local mass media outlets
•      Provide expertise and guidance to nearly 500
       elementary school gardening programs
•      Design, install, and maintain over 125 demonstration
       gardens for the public to view and learn
       environmentally sound plant materials and garden
•      Design and maintain 31 Internet websites, visited
       each year by thousands of Texans in search of the
       best gardening information available in their
       communities                                                The Masters Gardeners have been given credit for all
                                                                  their hard work, which everyone who enters the office
These efforts expand Extension's capacity to meet the             building can see.
increasing demand for horticultural and environmental
information. Texas Master Gardeners have truly become
Extension's "first responders" for gardening advice.

Volume 3, Issue 6                     Bluebonnet Master Gardener Association                               June 2007

                              Serving Austin, Colorado, Fayette, and Washington Counties

                                 2007 Interns Complete Class Instruction

Philip (seated) with 2007 class. From left to right: Diane Sager, Barbara Hemmer, Lenore Spivey, Noemi Martin, Jean
Young, Linda Kern, Gene Young, Brooke Nimmo, Carolyn Garrison, Kathy Baker, Jean Munson, Bobbie Doty, Kristi
  Wilmar, Sharon Conner, Dixie Pechacek, Jan Herbst, Barri McNeil, Warren Conner, Denise Keller. Not pictured:
                                                      Miriam Bixler.

June Birthdays                                                                      July Birthdays
June 2 Barbara Dickson                                                       July 1 Barri McNeil, Linda Whitted
June 5 Alberta Kaufman                                                       July 2 Susan Ray
June 6 Melanie Short                                                         July 3 B. R. Koehler
June 22 Yvonne Woods                                                         July 4 Penny Miller
June 25 Allene Porter                                                        July 13 Jean Young
                                                                             July 16 Adrienne Petter
Holiday Reminder                                                             July 19 Maggie Garhardt-Miller
June 14 Flag Day
                                          Happy Birthday!                    July 23 Katy Catalena
June 17 Father’s Day                                                         July 26 Dixie Pechacek
June 21 First day of Summer                                                  July 28 Sharon Conner
July 4 Independence Day

 Volume 3, Issue 6                          Bluebonnet Master Gardener Association                                         June 2007

                                   Serving Austin, Colorado, Fayette, and Washington Counties

                                        Volunteer Opportunities
                Volunteer Phone Duty                                                   Weimar Library Project
Washington County Office, 1305 E. Blue Bell Road, room                Volunteers are needed to work on flower beds around the
109, Brenham. Sign up for Mondays and Thursdays. Contact is           library and to help stock the library with gardening books. The
Karen Nodine at 979-830-8509.                                         contact person is Carolyn Garrison, 979-263-5350, e-mail
                                                             This is an approved hours project.
Austin County Office, 1 East Main, Bellville. Call Maggie
Garhardt-Miller (979-865-3348) or e-mail her at                                 Cylinder Gardening with Children to sign up.                                                     (Austin/Washington Counties)
Colorado County Office, 316 Spring St., Columbus. Call                Jerry Norman’s container gardening is popular with teachers,
Jerry Henderson (979-732-9444) or email him at                        students and parents! Help with classes, donate plants or to sign up for phone duty,               supplies, or start a program in your local school. Call Jerry
watering, weeding, and so on.                                         Norman at 979-836-2222 for more information or to volunteer.

     The Blooming News (BMGA Newsletter)                                                        Hospitality
We need articles, pictures, news items, etc. Time spent on            Help make our meetings enjoyable and comfortable, and
these, including research, are volunteer hours. Send items for        ensure members and guests feel welcome! Volunteers are
the newsletter to Kristi Wilmar via e-mail at                         needed for facility setups, greeting attendees, overseeing raffle your gardening knowledge               sales, ensuring signups and handouts are available, providing
and passion, and ensure the newsletter addresses our goals            food and cleanup. Contact Carol Carmean at 979-249-5589
and the interests of our members!                                     (home), 979-224-8071 (cell), or

               Rose Trial Beds (Bellville)                                        Chelsey Street Garden (Bellville)
Denise Dawson needs volunteers to help mow, weed, and                 The scheduled work day is every Wednesday from 8:30 a.m.
water at these demonstration rose beds located at Masonic             until whenever, although any day is fine to go by and work.
and Palm. To volunteer, please call Denise at 979-865-5015 or         There are always weeds to pull. Volunteer hours are counted
e-mail her at                                  for this activity. Contact is Judy Manning (979-865-0102).

   Colorado Co. Extension Office (Columbus)                                 Washington County Annex (Brenham)
Help is needed with watering, weeding, and mowing. If you             Texas Superstar plants have been planted, but help still is
need hours and would like to help out occasionally, call Jerry        needed for maintenance work. Contact person is Ran
Henderson at 979-732-9444.                                            Newman, 979-836-3790. Note his new e-mail address,
       Austin County Fairgrounds (Bellville)
                                                                                     Brenham Farmers’ Market
Judy Manning is your contact person at 979-865-0102.
Volunteers are always needed and welcome.                             Two volunteers needed on a rotating basis to work the
                                                                      Brenham Farmers Market on Saturdays for a few months, from
              Sealy County Office (Sealy)                             7:30 am to 1:00 pm. When produce starts ripening, we will sell
Landscaping has been completed on the front beds of the               the fruits of our labors. Remember to save some of your
office building. If you would like to work on maintaining the         tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, etc. to sell at the market. The
beds, contact Melanie at 979-885-6578.                                Farmers Market is located at 307 S. Park, a couple of blocks
                  Mentoring Program                                   from the courthouse. If you can volunteer, contact Carol
                                                                      Muegge at 979-836-2257 or This is a
Certified members are needed to be a support network to new
                                                                      fun way to pick up some hours!
and old interns and each other. Call B.R. Koehler at 979-885-


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