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					Sixth Annual Report of the Trustees of UTI Mutual Fund
for the Year Ended 31st March, 2009

The Trustees of the UTI Mutual Fund are pleased to present the annual report and audited financial statements for the
schemes of the UTI Mutual Fund for the accounting year ended 31st March 2009.

As of 31st March 2009, the UTI Mutual Fund offered 94 schemes through its 117 branches and the assets under manage-
ment were Rs.385.4 billion. The investor folios held as on 31st March, 2009 were 9.66 billion up from 9.4 billion held last

Schemes and Performance

Out of the 94 schemes offered by the UTI Mutual Fund, 31 are equity funds; 49 are debt funds; 3 are liquid and short-term
funds and 11are balanced/hybrid funds. During the financial year, 43 new schemes were launched; fund mobilizing was Rs.
68.5 billion and 33 schemes matured or were terminated. The total dividends paid out by all the schemes in the current fi-
nancial year were Rs.12.88 billion. (Statutory disclosure: The price and redemption value of the units, and income therefrom
can go up as well as down with fluctuations in the market value of its underlying investments).

The Asset Management Industry faced unprecedented crises in the month of October, 2008 as the global liquidity pres-
sure got transmitted to Indian financial system almost instantaneously. The industry faced large redemption pressure and
the situation got compounded by the inability to dispose off even liquid and highly rated assets. It is satisfying to note that
investors retained their faith and confidence in UTIAMC and while the industry faced un-forecasted redemptions in Octo-
ber/November 2008, UTIAMC continued to receive fresh inflows by handsome amounts. Not only that, in this hour of crises
UTIAMC provided leadership to the whole industry and helped in obtaining speedier support from Government of India,
Reserve Bank of India and SEBI to tide over the difficulties of the industry.

The objective of the fund management process in UTI Mutual Fund is to deliver stable and consistent returns in the medium
to long term, with a fairly lower level of volatility compared to the broad market. Rigorous in-house research, a process-
based approach to investment management and a focus on asset allocation and sector selection along with stock selection
are undertaken in the endeavour to consistently remain in the top quartile of the peer group of funds.

Investor Reach and Distribution

UTI Mutual Fund pursues its strategic vision of reaching a large section of small investors across locations. The Fund
launched the “Mukhya Mantri Kanya Suraksha Yojana” in collaboration with the Government of Bihar, which envisages an
investment of Rs.2000 in the UTI-Children’s Career Balanced Plan for the welfare of girl children from families below the
poverty line. This scheme is expected to benefit 7 lakh girl children from poor families.

This year, the Fund empanelled 11 new national level distribution houses, including the Vananchal Grameen Bank. To
enhance the quality of interaction with the Fund, a separate distributor contact centre and a distributor portal have been set
up. As initiatives towards better customer service, mobile phone-enabled transactions, toll-free calling facilities and self-
service kiosks have also been setup.

New Pension System and Micro Pension Scheme

UTI Asset Management Company was selected as one of the authorised Points of Presence (POPs) to accept contributions
under the New Pension System announced by the PFRDA for non-government subscribers and individual citizens.

The Micro-Pension Scheme of UTI Mutual fund continues to grow in popularity and appeal. In the current year, SEWA
Bharat at Delhi, Gramin Dak Sewaks, Maharashtra and AVC College, Trichy offered the scheme to their employees.

Investment in IIMPS

UTI AMC also invested in the equity shares of the Invest India Micro Pension Private Limited, a company jointly promoted
by Invest India Economic Foundation and SEWA Bank, to provide a combination of services ranging from technology
platform, advisory, distribution channel to tap the potential of micro pension and micro insurance among low and middle
income group. This provides an immense strategic advantage in delivering mutual fund products to low income workers

across India.

Awards and Accolades

The Fund and its various schemes were felicitated with several awards and accolades during the year. These include:

	   l   Best Debt Fund House for the year ended June 30, 2008 at the Outlook Money NDTV Awards 2008

	   l   Star Fund House of The Year – Equity Category at the ICRA Mutual Fund Awards 2009

	   l   Best Group for Mixed Assets - Lipper Fund Awards - Gulf 2008

	   l   Most Innovative Fund of the Year award for UTI Wealth Builder Fund - Series II at the CNBC-TV18-CRISIL	
        Mutual Fund Awards, 2009.

	   l   ICRA Mutual Fund Awards 2009 for nine schemes.

	   l   Lipper Fund Awards India 2009 for UTI Mahila Unit Scheme

	   l   Lipper Fund Awards – Gulf 2008 for two schemes

	   l   Loyalty award 2008 for Consumer and Brand Loyalty in the Mutual Fund Sector from India Times Mindscape	
        and BVIMSR.

	   l   Loyalty award 2009 in the Mutual Fund Sector from AC Nielsen.

	   l   Golden Peacock for Innovative Product/Service 2008

	   l   Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand for 2008

Market Overview and Outlook

Debt Markets

The debt markets experienced volatility as the year began with high inflation rates propelled pre-dominantly by high oil
prices, necessitating a tight monetary policy outlook. The year ended with a record low in inflation rates, a fall of nearly $100
per barrel from the peak in oil prices and an easy monetary policy stance.

Inflation as measured by the WPI rose from 7.75% as of 31st March 2008 to 12.91% as of 2nd August 2008 which led RBI
to raise policy rates. Between April and August 2008, RBI increased CRR from 7.50% to 9.00% and repo rates from 7.75%
to 9.00% in order to create stability in price levels. The benchmark 10 yr G-Sec yields rose to 9.50% by mid-July 2008.

October 2008 marked a change in monetary policy stance across the world, including India. The bankruptcy of Lehman
Brothers and the bail-out of insurance major AIG, led to a panic-driven liquidity and credit crunch across markets. Corpo-
rates across the globe faced scarcity in dollar-denominated borrowings and had to fall back on domestic bank credit. Cor-
porate bond spreads in India increased to 450-500 bps from 80-100 bps. The liquidity shortfall in the system as represented
by the net LAF borrowings from RBI rose to Rs 91,000 crore in October 2008.

Since then, policy rates have eased in line with rate cuts by other central banks across the world. The cash reserve ratio
was reduced by 400bps, repo rates by 400 bps and the reverse repo rates by 250 bps in the second half of the year. The
WPI inflation rates also began moderating and eased to near zero levels by the year-end.

G-sec markets rallied in the third quarter as yields dropped from 9.50% for the 10 yr benchmark to 5.00% levels firming later
to 7.00% by year-end. Collaborative efforts from central banks across the world including RBI, to provide liquidity support
to the financial system through quantitative easing have improved liquidity. Spreads for AAA-rated corporate bonds have
also eased to 200-300 bps.

Debt markets are currently concerned with the increased deficits and the resultant increase in the government’s borrowing.
RBI has announced Rs.2.41 trillion of G-sec issuance in the first half of the current financial year. Going ahead debt markets
would react depending on the central bank stance for policy rates, the success of open market operations and buyback

of bonds to manage the excess supply of G-secs. Corporate bond markets would be sensitive to credit availability and
confidence within the financial system.

Equity Markets

During much of the fiscal year 2009, the Indian equity markets saw an unprecedented level of portfolio outflows, as risk
appetite for equity dropped across the globe. Developed economies moved into recession, while growth rates for emerging
markets have been pared down significantly. Commodity prices collapsed raising the fear of deflation across the globe. The
BSE Sensex and CNX Nifty fell 37.9% and 36.3% to end the year at 9,709 and 3,021 respectively. The broader market
fared even worse as mid cap stocks underperformed with the CNX Midcap Index falling 45% to 3,407 level. MSCI Emerging
Markets Asia Index fell 57%, Dow and the Nasdaq fell by 40% and 35% while the FTSE, DAX and CAC were down 33%,
39% and 42% respectively, during the fiscal year.

Barring a small recovery in July 2008, market movement was unidirectional and down through the first three quarters of
the year with a few pockets of resistance in November. The last quarter ended with a minor bear market rally. The global
credit crunch of October 2008 impacted corporate India whose reliance on international capital over the last few years came
undone, when global risk appetite for emerging market debt collapsed. Net selling by foreign institutional investors was $12
billion for the year, reversing almost all the inflows of $ 12.9 billion in FY08. Net purchases by domestic mutual funds were
$1.4 billion against $4 billion in FY08. Along with purchases by local insurance companies, the domestic institutional inflows
are expected to have stemmed some of the damage from the exodus of foreign institutional investment.

While all sectors fell on an absolute basis, FMCG, pharma, auto, oil and IT sectors were among the outperforming sectors;
banks, power, capital goods, metals, consumer durables and realty were among the under-performing sectors. Towards the
end of the year a sharp recovery in high beta sectors including banking, oil & gas and heavy engineering helped the market
recover from the lows of October 2008.

Profit after tax for Sensex stocks declined 12% for the nine months ended December FY09. Corporate profitability came
under pressure due to multiple factors, including the inventory effect of high commodity prices earlier in the year. Also higher
interest costs from expanded working capital requirements and volatile exchange rates hurt margins.

Going forward, while the expectation of sales growth is lower, the overall profit trajectory could improve given that costs
have been trimmed. In India as in the rest of the world, equity markets seem to be moving a couple of quarters ahead of the
potential bottoming-out in the real economy.



Investment objective and policies of the scheme are primarily to provide pension to investors particularly self employed	
persons after they attain the age of 58 years, in the form of periodical cash flow upto the extent of repurchase value of their	
holding through systematic withdrawal plan.

Considering the objective of the scheme not less than sixty percent of the assets will be invested in fixed income securities,	
like nonconvertible debentures, bonds, other debt and money market instruments of predominantly low to medium risk	

Not more than 40% of the funds of the scheme may be invested in equities and equity related instruments like fully/partly	
convertible debentures, convertible preference shares etc. The risk profile of equity investments could be medium to high.

Minimum and maximum asset allocation:

(i) Debt - Minimum 60%, Maximum 100%

(ii) Equity - Minimum Nil, Maximum 40%.

The net assets of the Scheme amounted to Rs. 468.17 crores as at March 31, 2009. As at March 31, 2009, the Schem	
had 23% of its net assets invested in equities, 55% of its net assets invested in Long Term Debt, 3% in securitised debt and
4% in government securities,11% in CDs/CPs and 4% of its net assets in net current assets.


 Scheme Name                         NAV                      Yearly                Since Inception          Benchmark
                                31-Mar       31-Mar      % change in                 % change in
                                  2009         2008     NAV Benchmark               NAV Benchmark
UTI - RBUP                       18.66        19.76 -5.57%                -9.79% 11.09%         N.A.   CRISIL DEBT HYBRID
                                                                                                              (60:40) INDEX

Unclaimed Dividends & Redemptions:
 Scheme Name                    Unclaimed Dividend          No. of Investors       Unclaimed Redemption        No. of Investors
 UTI-Retirement Benefit 	
 Pension Fund                            0.00                         0                   6251643.90                 724

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd. consists of 7 Directors. All Directors are Non-Executive Directors.
Five are independent Directors and two are Associate Directors.

The names of the Board, their attendance at Board Meetings held during the year and the number of Directorships and
Committee Chairmanships / Memberships held by them in other companies is given below. Other directorships do not
include alternate directorships, directorships of private limited companies, Section 25 companies and of companies incor-
porated outside India.

Six Board Meetings were held during the year and the gap between two meetings did not exceed three months. The dates
on which the Board Meetings were held are as follows: April 29, 2008; June 20, 2008; August 27, 2008; October 21, 2008;
December 6, 2008, and February 25, 2008.

   Name of                  No of Board               Whether               No of                      No of
   the Director             Meetings during           attended last         Directorships              committee
                            08-09                     AGM held on           in other public            positions held in other
                                                                            companies                  public companies

                            Held         Attended                           Chairman      Member       Chairman      Member

   Mr. Janki Ballabh        6            5            Yes                   1             5            3             3

   Mr. B. N. Kalyani        6            2            No                    6             14           NIL           NIL

   Mr. S. P. Oswal          6            2            No                    7             6            NIL           NIL

   Mr. Ashok Kini           6            6            Yes                   Nil           3            NIL           NIL

   Mr. S. Ravi              6            4            No                    NIL           NIL          NIL           NIL

   Pro. P. G. Apte          6            6            Yes                   NIL           NIL          NIL           NIL

   Prof. P. V. Ramana       6            5            Yes                   NIL           NIL          NIL           NIL

None of the Non – Executive Directors has any material pecuniary relationship or transactions with 	
UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd.

Statutory Information

UTI Mutual Fund

The UTI Mutual Fund (UTIMF) was set up as a Trust, by settlers, namely, State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corpora-
tion of India, Bank of Baroda and Punjab National Bank on 9th December, 2002 with UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd. (the
Trustee Company) as a Trustee in accordance with the provisions of Indian Trusts Act, 1882 and the Fund is duly registered

under the Indian Registration Act, 1908. The Trustees have entered into an Investment Management Agreement dated 9th
December, 2002 with UTI Asset Management Company Ltd. (the AMC) to function as the Investment Manager for all the
schemes of UTI Mutual Fund. UTI Mutual Fund was registered with SEBI on 14th January, 2003.

UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd.

The Trustee is the exclusive owner of the Trust Fund and holds the same in trust for the benefits of the unitholders. The
Trustees have been discharging its duties and carrying out the responsibilities as provided in the Regulations and the Trust
Deed. The Trustee seeks to ensure that the Fund and Schemes floated thereunder are managed by the AMC in accordance
with the Trust Deed, the Regulations, directions and guidelines issued by the SEBI, the Stock Exchanges, the Association
of Mutual Funds in India and other regulatory agencies.

The Sponsors are not responsible or liable for any loss resulting from the operations of the Schemes of the Fund beyond
their initial contribution of Rs.10,000/- for setting up the Fund, and such other accretions /additions to the same. The liability
of the settlers namely State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Punjab National Bank and Bank of Baroda,
is restricted to an amount of Rupees Ten Thousand, being the initial contribution.

Full Annual Report is displayed on the website ( and is available for inspection at the Head Office of the
mutual fund. Present and prospective unit holder can obtain copy of the trust deed, the full Annual Report of the Fund /
AMC at a price.

Accounting policies are in accordance with Securities Exchange Board of India (Mutual Fund) Regulations 1996.	
During the year ended 31st March 2009, there were no changes in the accounting policies as compared to immediately
preceding year.


UTI Mutual Fund would like to thank the Government of India, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, the Reserve
Bank of India, the Sponsors, the Board of UTI Asset Management Company Ltd. and the Association of Mutual Funds in
India for their support, co-operation and guidance during the period under review. We are also thankful to our Auditors,
Custodian, Registrar and Transfer Agents, Banks, Distributors and all other service providers for their valued support. UTI
Mutual Fund would also like to thank all the investors in our various funds and the employees of UTI Asset Management
Company Ltd. for their support.

We look forward to your continued support and assure you of our commitment to quality products and services from	
UTI Mutual Fund.

Dated: 28th April 2009                                                            For and on behalf of the Board of Directors 	
Place: Mumbai                                                                          UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd.


	     	   	                                                                                   (JANKI BALLABH)	

                                                  AUDITOR’S REPORT


The Board of Trustees

UTI Trustee Company Private Limited
(Trustee for UTI Mutual Fund)

     1. We have audited the attached Balance Sheet of UTI-Retirement Benefit Pension Fund of	 	 UTI	 Mutual	 Fund	
        as at March 31, 2009 and the Revenue Accounts for the year/period ended on that date, annexed thereto. These	
        financial statements are the responsibility of the managements of the UTI Trustee Company Private Limited and UTI	
        Asset Management Company Limited. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements	
        based on our audit.

     2. We conducted our audit in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in India. Those standards require	
        that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free	
        of material misstatements. An audit includes examining on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and	
        disclosures in the financial statements. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles used and significant	
        estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation. We believe that	
        our audit provides a reasonable basis for our opinion.

     3. We have obtained all information and explanations, which to the best of our knowledge and belief were necessary	
        for the purposes of our audit.

     4. The Balance Sheets and the Revenue Accounts dealt with by this report are in agreement with the books of account	
        of the Schemes and have been prepared in accordance with the accounting policies and standards as specified in	
        the Ninth Schedule to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996.

     5. In our opinion, the valuation methods adopted to value non-traded securities in good faith as at March 31, 2009 are	
        fair and reasonable.

     6. In our opinion and to the best of our information and according to the explanations given to us, the said accounts	
        read together with the notes mentioned in Schedule ‘I’ give a true and fair view:

        (i) in case of the Balance Sheets, of the state of affairs of the Schemes as at March 31, 2009; and

        (ii) in case of the Revenue Accounts, of the surplus/deficit of the Schemes for the year/period ended on that date.

                                                                                               For Chandabhoy & Jassoobhoy	
                                                                                                      Chartered Accountants

                                                                                                    Bhupendra T. Nagda


                                                                                                   Membership no.: F 102580

Place : Mumbai	
Date : April 28, 2009

                                                                                                        Rs. In Lacs
                                                                             UTI-RETIREMENT BENEFIT PENSION FUND
                                                                                 Current            Previous
                                                                               Year / Period      Year / Period
                                                                              ended 31.03.09     ended 31.03.08

 1      INCOME	                                                          	
 1.1    Dividend                                                                      247.67            115.26
 1.2    Interest                                                                    3,170.95          2,923.13
 1.3    Realised Gain / (Loss) on Foreign Exchange Transactions                            -                 -
 1.4    Realised Gains / (Losses) on Interscheme 	
        sale of investments                                                          (166.14)           (67.73)
 1.5    Realised Gains / (Losses) on External sale / 	
        redemption of investments                                                     (39.67)           314.38
 1.6    Realised Gains / (Losses) on Derivative Transactions                                -                -
 1.7    Other Income1                                                                  115.53             2.02
                                                                    (A )            3,328.34          3,287.06
 2      EXPENSES 	                                                      	
 2.1    Management fees                                                               469.39            503.34
 2.2    Service tax on Management fees                                                 57.01             61.87
 2.3    Transfer agents fees and expenses                                              50.04             70.99
 2.4    Custodian fees                                                                  5.42              5.79
 2.5    Trusteeship fees                                                                   -                 -
 2.6    Commission to Agents                                                           53.82             57.64
 2.7    Marketing & Distribution expenses                                              55.96             38.53
 2.8    Audit fees                                                                      0.77              0.75
 2.9    Other operating expenses                                                       67.61            144.68
                                                                    (B )              760.02            883.59
        YEAR / PERIOD                                          (A -B = C)           2,568.32          2,403.47
 4      Change in Unrealised Depreciation in value 	
        of investments                                                (D)            3,698.08        (1,722.48)
 5      NET GAINS / (LOSSES) FOR THE YEAR / PERIOD (E=(C-D))                       (1,129.76)          4,125.95
 6      Change in unrealised appreciation in the value 	
        of investments                                                (F)          (1,584.38)         1,584.38
        YEAR / PERIOD                                        (E+F=G)               (2,714.14)          5,710.33
 7.1    Add: Balance transfer from Unrealised Appreciation Reserve                   1,584.38                 -
 7.2    Less: Balance transfer to Unrealised Appreciation Reserve                            -       (1,584.38)
 7.3    Add / (Less): Equalisation                                                     (49.14)       (1,197.09)
 8      Total                                                                        1,535.24        (2,781.47)
 9      Dividend appropriation	                                          	
 9.1    Income Distributed during the year / period                                         -                -
 9.2    Tax on income distributed during the year / period                                  -                -
 10     Retained Surplus / (Deficit) carried forward to Balance sheet              (1,178.90)         2,928.86
Notes to Accounts - Annexure I
                             ABRIDGED BALANCE SHEET AS AT 31ST MARCH 2009
                                                                                         Rs. In Lacs
                                                               UTI-RETIREMENT BENEFIT PENSION FUND
                                                                     As at             As at
                                                                  31.03.2009        31.03.2008

1       Unit Capital                                                 25,070.15         25,089.49
2       Reserves & Surplus	                                	                    	
2.1     Unit Premium Reserves                                        (5,176.94)       (5,191.67)	
2.2     Unrealised Appreciation Reserve                                       -         1,584.38 	
2.3     Other Reserves                                               26,923.33        28,102.48
3       Loans & Borrowings                                                     -                 -
4       Current Liabilities & Provisions	                  	                    	
4.1     Provision for doubtful Income/Deposits                               -                - 	
4.2     Other Current Liabilities & Provisions                          367.26           324.86
	       TOTAL                                                        47,183.80         49,909.54
1       Investments	                                       	                   	
1.1.    Listed Securities:                                                     	
1.1.1   Equity Shares                                                10,620.29         16,888.94 	
1.1.2   Preference Shares                                                    -                 - 	
1.1.3   Equity Linked Debentures                                             -                 - 	
1.1.4   Other Debentures & Bonds                                      1,440.89          2,363.79 	
1.1.5   Securitised Debt securities                                          -                 -
1.2     Securities Awaited Listing:	                       	                    	
1.2.1   Equity Shares                                                          -                 -   	
1.2.2   Preference Shares                                                      -                 -   	
1.2.3   Equity Linked Debentures                                               -                 -   	
1.2.4   Other Debentures & Bonds                                               -                 -   	
1.2.5   Securitised Debt securities                                            -                 -
1.3     Unlisted Securities	                               	                   	
1.3.1   Equity Shares                                                        -              1.08 	
1.3.2   Preference Shares                                                    -                 - 	
1.3.3   Equity Linked Debentures                                             -                 - 	
1.3.4   Other Debentures & Bonds                                     24,277.00         22,143.97 	
1.3.5   Securitised Debt securities                                   1,417.21          2,392.06
1.4     Government Securities                                         1,660.36          2,594.74
1.5     Treasury Bills                                                         -                 -
1.6     Commercial Paper                                                       -                 -
1.7     Certificate of Deposits                                       5,238.90          1,485.10
1.8     Bill Rediscounting                                                     -                 -
1.9     Units of Domestic Mutual Fund                                          -                 -

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WHEREAS:                                                                               by the service provider to a PIN of hischoice and to make the PINs
The Unitholder/s is / are desirous of availing the services/facilities                 uniform, in the event of having multiple PINs if the mode of holding is
available through the Website and UTIAMC is willing to provide such                    same across all the folio numbers.
services/ facilities to the Unitholder/s subject to the following the terms            It shall be the sole responsibility of the unitholder/s to ensure adequate
and conditions :                                                                       protection, confidentiality and secrecy of the user name and password
TERMS OF SERVICES                                                                      as well as the PIN and any disclosure thereof to any other person shall
                                                                                       be entirely at the unitholder’s risk. UTIAMC in such cases will not accept
Unitholder’s Consent & Authorisation for the Online Transactions:                      any kind of responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or harm.
The Unitholder hereby consents and authorises UTIAMC, who may                          Access to the Facility:
authorise any of its service providers, to extend the PIN Facility for the
Designated Account(s) of the Unitholder/s, including an irrevocable                    In order to access the Facility for the first time through the website, the
authorisation to UTIAMC to act upon any electronic or telephonic instructions          Unitholder/s shall be required to create a unique login name (username)
given to UTIAMC by the Unitholder through use of the PIN Facility and                  and password at the web site. The user may thereafter, map other Folio
through the PIN, user name, password in connection with the Online                     Number/s, using the corresponding PIN/s. The unitholder/s may then
Transactions (hereinafter referred to as the “Instructions”), including viewing        access the facility by entering his unique username and password on
of Designated Accounts and performing the Online Transactions under the                the web site.
accounts through the website and as may be permitted by UTIAMC under                   Services Offered:
the PIN Facility from time to time.                                                    The Unitholder may access the following services using PIN, the user-
For the purposes of this Agreement:                                                    name and password facility (hereinafter referred to as the “Facility”),
“Website” shall mean the website of UTIMF or any other                   (A) Through Internet:
website which UTIAMC may announce from time to time.                                             •Subscription and Additional Subscription to various schemes of
UTIAMC reserves the right to change, amend or modify the website                                      UTIMF, including any new Schemes of UTIMF launched by
and/or telephone number as may be intimated from time to time.                                        UTIAMC from time to time and which are made available
“Master Account” shall mean the Folio Number allotted to the unitholder/                              by UTIAMC for the purpose of conducting such Online
s and hereinafter referred to as “Folio Number”.                                                      transactions.
Usage of, or subscription to, the said PIN Facility shall be in addition                         •Switching units from one scheme / plan / option to another.
to, and not in substitution of, the existing procedure for carrying out the                      •Redemption of units.
transactions, the services of which are available through the Online                             •Change of PIN & Password
Transactions as well.                                                                            •Viewing Portfolio and Transaction history
UTIMF / UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd. / UTIAMC shall not be                                      •Printing of Account Statements, including facility to request for
responsible for any errors that may be committed by the Unitholder/                                   email / Fax back thereof .
s in the process of conducting any Online Transaction or for error or                  The Unitholder/s hereby agrees and confirms that the services mentioned
failure of the transaction over internet due to any network problems. The              hereinabove are only an inclusive list, and UTIAMC may add or remove
Unitholder/s shall make only one application for each transaction, either              any services it may in its absolute discretion decide. In addition to the
in physical or electronic form.                                                        information and services mentioned above, the Unitholder/s may also,
PROCEDURE                                                                              as and when the facility is extended to other services which may be
Issuance of PIN, Security & confidentiality of the information:                        provided by UTIAMC, use such Facility to access and utilise any such
A unitholder registering for this facility shall be issued a PIN by the service        services provided by the Website or through telephone.
provider against each Folio Number, after UTIAMC / its service provider                WARRANTIES
satisfies itself that the signature on the PIN Agreement matches with                  UTIAMC will take best efforts to keep the Website updated on a
the signature of the Unitholder/s in the record of UTIAMC. A Unitholder                daily basis, so as to provide current information to Unitholder/s. The
having multiple Folios with UTIAMC shall be issued a separate / specific               Unitholder/s also agrees that the look and feel of the web screen and
PIN for each Folio.                                                                    outputs therefrom may differ based on the nature of the software used
If a Folio is held by more than one unitholder, separate PINs shall be                 by the Unitholder to browse the Website.

UTIAMC agrees to take best efforts to protect security of the data placed               The Unitholder/s authorises UTIAMC /Registrar and its service provider
on the Internet and has for this purpose, required the service provider                 to execute, comply with all or any instruction(s) given to UTIAMC
to sign a confidentiality agreement specifying confidentiality of the data              through use of the facilities available on the website.
and to restrict external access to the database on the Internet.                        Any instruction given to UTIAMC / Registrar through use of the internet
The service provider shall ask the Unitholder/s to enter his/her/its user               facility and through the PIN, User name, Password (herein referred to as
name and password and PIN or any other transaction specific details                     the “Instructions”) shall be deemed to have been given by the Unitholder/
before accepting instructions on behalf of UTIAMC .                                     s to UTIAMC/Registrar/service provider and UTIAMC/Registrar / service
UTIAMC / its service provider may, in the interest of the Unitholder/                   provider shall be entitled to assume that the said instructions are given
s, request a fax confirmation of the instructions and any additional                    by the Unitholder/s and UTIAMC/Registrar shall be protected/service
information UTIAMC may require. In such an event, UTIMF/UTIAMC                          provider for acting thereon.
shall not be bound to act on electronic instructions received, until the                It shall be the sole responsibility of the Unitholder/s to ensure adequate
said fax confirmation and additional information is received from the                   protection, confidentiality and secrecy of the user name and password
Unitholder/s, in a form and manner acceptable to UTIAMC.                                and the PIN and any disclosure thereof to any other person or the usage
The Unitholder confirms and agrees that he/she /they shall at all times                 after any such disclosure shall be entirely at the unitholders risk.
be bound by any modification and/or variations made to the Terms and                    To notify immediately UTIAMC or the service provider if a record of the PIN
Conditions hereof and as notified on the Website.                                       or password, is lost or stolen or if the Unitholder/s is aware or suspects that
UTIMF/UTIAMC shall not be required to give the Unitholder individually                  another unauthorized person has come to know of or has used his/her PIN
any separate notice of any of the modification and/or variations that                   or password without authority. Upon receiving a written request from the
havebeen notified on the Website.                                                       Unitholder/s in such an event, UTIAMC/ its service provider will cancel the
UTIAMC or the service provider shall have the absolute discretion to                    PIN or password and arrange to generate and issue a new PIN / Password
amend or supplement any of the terms at any time and will endeavor                      in the interest of the unitholder.
to give prior notice on the website / through email for such changes                    The Unitholder/s shall be responsibile for all the transactions conducted
wherever feasible.                                                                      by using the Facility and will abide by the record of the transactions
UTIAMC / its service provider may, in its absolute discretion, decide not to            generated by UTIAMC / Registrar / Service Provider. Further such records
carry out any such transaction where the service provider or UTIAMC has                 generated by shall be conclusive proof and binding for all purposes and
reason to believe that the instructions are not genuine, are unclear, are such          may be used as conclusive evidence in any proceedings.
as to raise a doubt, are otherwise improper or there is ground to believe               The Unitholder/s shall be solely responsible for ensuring adequate
that the same is in contravention of any statute/laws in India and cannot               security measures to help prevent unauthorized access or use of the
be put into effect.                                                                     Facility to his/ her/their transactions, PIN, Password and bank accounts,
DISCLAIMERS:                                                                            and UTIMF / UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd., UTIAMC, Service Provider
                                                                                        , its Registrar shall not be liable of any such unauthorized access to
UTIMF, UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd., UTIAMC and / or the service                       comply with all applicable laws and statutory requirements and to
provider shall not be liable for any unauthorized usage of the PIN & the                be bound by and to diligently follow and ensure compliance with the
Unit holder/s fully indemnifies and holds UTIMF, UTI Trustee Company Pvt.               applicable rules, regulations etc. including SEBI Regulations.
Ltd., UTIAMC and the service provider harmless against any action, suit,
                                                                                        UTIMF / UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd., UTIAMC, its Registrar / service
proceedings initiated against them or any loss, cost or damage incurred by
                                                                                        provider shall not be required to acknowledge receipt of any instructions
them as a result thereof. Further, UTIMF, UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd.,
                                                                                        nor shall be responsible to verify any instructions. UTIAMC, its Registrar /
UTIAMC and / or the service provider shall not be liable in any manner for
                                                                                        service provider shall endeavor to give effect to instructions on a best effort
any misuse, if any, of any data accessed through the Call Center, by third
                                                                                        basis and as soon as practically possible, as permitted by the regulations
                                                                                        from time to time. In the event of any instructions being capable of execution
Without prejudice to any other provisions of this Agreement, UTIMF, UTI                 in two or more ways, UTIAMC, its Registrar / service provider may execute
Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd., UTIAMC and / or its service provider shall                   the instructions in any way as it may, in its sole judgment decide.
not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever caused arising directly
                                                                                        The Unitholder/s agrees that the use of the facilities is prone to risk of
or indirectly in connection with the services and/or this Agreement,
                                                                                        any loss of or interception of information over internet, notwithstanding
including without limitation any:
                                                                                        the secure method of transmitting information adopted by UTIAMC, its
1 Loss of data;                                                                         Registrar / its service providers, and that such a risk will be borne by the
2 Interruption or stoppage to the unitholder’s access to and/or use of                  Unitholder and that UTIMF / UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd., UTIAMC,
the Call Center / website                                                               its Registrar / service provider shall not be liable for the same.
UTIMF UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd., UTIAMC and / or its service                        All records of UTIAMC/ Registrar/service provider, whether in electronic
provider shall also not be responsible for any failure on part of the unit              form, magnetic medium, documents or any other form with respect to
holder to utilize the facility due to the Unit Holder not being within the              instructions received for use of the Facilities or Instructions received
geographical range within which the Facility is offered.                                through use of the Facility shall be conclusive evidence of such
UTIAMC or the Registrars, the service provider have the absolute                        instructions and shall be binding on the Unitholder/s.
discretion to withdraw/amend the services provided, or amend or                         In case of any discrepancy in the details of any transaction carried out in
supplement any of the above terms and conditions at any time without                    respect of the Unitholders’ account, the Unitholder shall intimate UTIAMC
prior notice to the Unit holder.                                                        / Registrar and the service provider within ten days of receipt of the
UNITHOLDER/SCOVENANTS:                                                                  statement of account or information thereof, failing which the transaction
The Unitholder/s hereby agrees, covenants and undertakes that :                         will be deemed to be correct and accepted by the Unitholder.
the facilities being provided herein are additional facilities being                    The Unitholder/s shall be fully liable to UTIMF/UTIAMC/its service
provided by UTIMF / UTIAMC and the Unitholder/s shall not demand                        provider for every transaction entered into using the Facility, whether
such facilities as a matter of right and the Unitholder/s may utilize the               with or without the knowledge of the Unitholder/s. In no event will the
facilities at his / her sole risks, costs and consequences,                             Fund or its service provider be liable to the Unitholder for any special
UTIMF / UTIAMC may, at its sole discretion, add, modify, withdraw any facilities        direct, indirect, consequential or incidental loss or damages even if
being provided herein,                                                                  the Unitholder has advised the Fund or its service provider of such
access of any facility by the use of the user name, password or the PIN,                possibility,
as the case may be, shall be deemed acceptance of the other terms and                   The Unitholder/s agrees that if any unauthorized person gains access to
conditions of the offer documents of the respective scheme of UTIMF                     the Facility by using the Unitholder’s PIN /Username and password, the
and all other terms and conditions as posted on the Website and the                     Unitholder/s, agrees to at all times to indemnify UTIMF / UTIAMC, and its
Unitholder/s will unequivocally be bound by such terms and conditions.                  service providers and their officers, employees, and the successors and
The Unitholder/s shall at all times be bound by any modification and/or                 assigns from and against all actions, proceedings, claims and demands
variations made to the other Terms and Conditions and as notified on                    whatsoever for or on account of or in relation to any unauthorized use
the Website.                                                                            of the PIN, username and password facility and from and against all
UTIMF / UTIAMC or the service provider shall not be required to give the                damages, costs, charges and expenses in respect thereof, unless the
Unitholder/s individually any separate notice of any of the modification and/           same is caused by gross negligence, bad faith or willful default on the
or variations that have been notified on the Website.                                   part of UTIMC.

UTIMF / UTIAMC / the Service Providers / the Registrars or their                               4.       Closing of Unitholder’s account.
directors, employees, agents, executors, successors or assigns shall                           5.       Such other reason(s) as UTIAMC may, in its sole and absolute
not be liable for claims, damages, losses, expenses, whether direct,                                    discretion deem proper.
indirect, consequential or incidental, whatsoever, due to:                                     For the purpose of interpretation, an event having a material or adverse
•         Non-availability or malfunctioning or interruption, defect, of the facilities        impact shall include any event, which in the opinion of UTIAMC,
          mentioned herein, communication failure or for any failure to act upon               shall impact the reputation of UTIMF / UTI Trustee Company Pvt.
          Electronic Instructions or to provide any facility,                                  Ltd. / UTIAMC, its functioning, any potential losses to any of them,
•         misuse of the PIN, user name and password, or                                        any event which in the opinion of UTIAMC would amount to a fraud
•         any misuse of any data placed on the Internet, any loss or                           on the Designated Account, or any other event which UTIAMC may,
          corruption of data by third parties, “hacking” or unauthorized                       in its absolute discretion, decide would have a adverse impact on its
          access of the server, or                                                             operations. Provided, however, that any Electronic Instructions received
•         any failure to act upon instructions or to provide any facility for                  by UTIAMC / Registrar / Service Provider ,through the PIN Facility or any
          any cause that is beyond UTIMF/UTIAMC /Service Providers /                           Online Transaction executed by the Unitholder, before the termination
          Registrars’ control.                                                                 of this Agreement and disabling of the PIN Facility shall be considered
NO WAIVER                                                                                      to be a valid instruction to UTIAMC / Registrar / Service Provider to
                                                                                               execute such Online Transaction.
No forbearance, delay or failure on part of UTIMF / UTIAMC / the
Registrars / service provider to exercise any power, authority or right                        GOVERNING LAW & JURISDICTION
under these terms and conditions shall operate as a waiver of such                             This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the
power, authority or right, nor shall any single or partial exercise of such                    laws of India. The Courts of Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any
power, authority or right preclude any further exercise of that or any                         disputes arising out of or in connection with any dispute. The PIN and all the
other power, authority or right.                                                               transactions carried out through the PIN are subject to the terms and conditions
DISCLAIMER                                                                                     of the Offer Documents of the schemes of UTIMF, read with the addendums
                                                                                               issued from time to time.
The Offer Documents of the Schemes of UTIMF provided on the website
set forth concisely, the information about the Schemes that an investor                        Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms and
should read and understand prior to investing. The Schemes have been                           Conditions will be referred to the arbitration of a sole arbitrator to be
prepared in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Board of                               appointed by UTIAMC, in accordance with the Arbitration & Conciliation
India (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996, as amended, and filed with                             Act, 1996.
SEBI. However, the Units being offered for public subscription have                            MISCELLANEOUS:
not been approved or disapproved by SEBI nor has SEBI certified the                            Theterms and conditions of this Agreement may be modified by UTIAMC
accuracy or adequacy of the Offer Documents. All Users of the website                          from time to time for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the
are notified that any information thereon should be used in conjunction                        Securities and Exchange Board of India (Mutual Funds) Regulations,
with traditional investment techniques, which may include obtaining by                         1996, guidelines issued thereunder, as amended, from time to time and
the unitholder applicable legal, accounting, tax or other professional                         All the applicable laws, rules and regulations relating to mutual funds
advice or services at their own costs and responsibility.                                      and pertaining to the PIN facility.
CONFIDENTIALITY                                                                                NOTICE:
UTIAMC / its service provider / Registrar shall keep the information relating                  Any notice, communication or documents required to be given by either Party
to the transactions of the Unitholder using the Facility, confidential. Provided               to the other under the terms of this Agreement, may be given by personal
however that UTIAMC / Registrar / service provider shall be entitled to                        delivery, registered post, speed post, by fax, or by other electronic medium
disclose any information or particulars pertaining to the Unitholder to any                    as agreed by both parties from time to time, at the following addresses:
authority, statutory or otherwise as may be required by law or information                     a)        If to UTIAMC:
which is already in public domain.                                                             	         Karvy Computershare Pvt Ltd
PRIVACY                                                                                        	         UTI Mutual Fund
UTIAMC shall not sell or market any personal information or personalized                                 Near Image Hospital, Hbo: 1-90/2/10/E,
data of its unitholders to unaffiliated organizations. UTIAMC shall                                      Vithalrao Nagar, Madhapur,
maintain the unitholders personal information and data according to                                      Hyderabad-500 081.
reasonable standards of security and confidentiality.                                          b)        If to the Unitholder: At the address of the Unitholder as recorded
TERMINATION                                                                                              with UTIAMC / Registrars. The notice, communication or
                                                                                                         document shall be deemed to be effective if given by personal
If the Unitholder/s wishes to terminate this Agreement and disable the PIN,
                                                                                                         delivery when so delivered, if given by post on expiration of
The Unitholder/s may terminate the PIN Facility by making an application
                                                                                                         seven days after the notice, communication or document is
(hereinafter referred to as “the said Application”) to UTIAMC / Registrar
                                                                                                         delivered to the post office for onward despatch, if given by fax
in writing and signed by her/him along with all the Joint Holders, if any.
                                                                                                         or telex upon transmission thereof. Provided that any notice,
UTIAMC / Registrar shall disable the User ID and the PIN granted to such
                                                                                                         communication or document given by fax, shall be followed by
Joint Unitholders, if any, at any time within a period of 10 business days from
                                                                                                         a confirmation in writing.
the date of receipt of the said Application.
                                                                                                         I/we confirm and declare that I/we have read and understood
UTIAMC is also authorised to terminate the PIN Facility without prior
                                                                                                         the “Terms & Conditions of Personal Identification (PIN) usage
notice on the occurrence of any event, which in the sole opinion of
                                                                                                         and Online transactions” and also the “Disclaimer & Terms and
UTIAMC, may have a material or adverse impact on the Designated
                                                                                                         Conditions” as posted on UTIMF Mutual Fund’s website www.
Account, or on the operations of the Schemes of UTIMF / UTIAMC /
Registrar / Service Provider, including but not limited to:
                                                                                               I/ we agree to abide by the norms, Terms & Conditions of PIN usage and
1.       Non-compliance of the Terms and Conditions set out herein.
                                                                                               online transactions, and agree not to hold UTIMF/UTIAMC responsible for
2.       Death, insolvency, bankruptcy or liquidation of the Unitholder.                       my/our actions relating to the use of the PIN Facility.
3.       Any other cause arising out of operation of law.

        “Signature of Sole / 1st Holder or                                  Signature of 2nd Holder:                                Signature of 3rd Holder:
       Parent / Guardian in case of minor”
Please sign on all pages
                               ABRIDGED BALANCE SHEET AS AT 31ST MARCH 2009
                                                                                                             Rs. In Lacs
                                                                                 UTI-RETIREMENT BENEFIT PENSION FUND
                                                                                       As at               As at
                                                                                    31.03.2009          31.03.2008
    1.10 Foreign Securities                                                                       -                  -
    1.11 Gold                                                                                     -                  -
    	      Total Investments                                                           44,654.65          47,869.68
    2      Deposits                                                                     1,165.71             379.50
    3      Other Current Assets	                                            	                    	
    3.1    Cash & Bank Balance                                                              6.85               7.05 	
    3.2    CBLO/ Reverse Repo Lending                                                          -                  - 	
    3.3    Others                                                                       1,356.59           1,653.31
    4      Deferred Revenue Expenditure                                                           -                  - 	
           (to the extent not written off)
    	      TOTAL                                                                       47,183.80          49,909.54
Notes to Accounts - Annexure I

                     ACCOUNT FOR THE YEAR / PERIOD ENDED 31ST MARCH 2009

1          Investments:-
1.1.       Investments of the Schemes are registered in the name of the Trustees for the benefits of the	
           Schemes Unitholders.

1.2.       Open Position of derivatives (outstanding market value & % to Net Assets as of the Year end).
                                                        31st March 2009                      31st March 2008
                    Scheme Name                  Outstanding         % to Net           Outstanding         % to Net
                                                 market value         Assets            market value         Assets
                                                (Rs. in Lakhs)                         (Rs. in Lakhs)
                UTI-Retirement Benefit 	
                    Pension Fund                      -                 -                     -                -

1.3.       Investments in Sponsors / Associates and Group Companies
                      Scheme Name          Associates / Sponsors     Nature of      Market Value        Market Value
                                                                   Instruments      (Rs. in Lakhs)     (Rs. in Lakhs)
                                                                                        as on              as on
                                                                                   31st March 2009    31st March 2008
                      Benefit Pension      LIC HOUSING	
                      Fund                 FINANCE LTD.            NCD / KHOKA            -                501.92
                      Benefit Pension 	
                      Fund                 STATE BANK OF INDIA Equity Shares            671.57             840.33

1.4.    Open position of Securities Borrowed and / or Lend by the scheme : NIL
1.5.    Details of NPA: Aggregate market value and provision thereof.

        Scheme Name                                                     31st March 2009                                           31st March 2008
                                                              Market Value                  Provision                      Market Value                 Provision
 		     UTI-Retirement Benefit Pension Fund                             -                             -                          0.87                      0.87

1.6.    Aggregate Unrealised Gain / Loss as at the end of the Financial Year / Period and percentage 	
        to net assets.
 Scheme            Asset Class                            Current Year                                                           Previous Year
 Name                               Depreciation          Appreciation           Net Amount               Depreciation           Appreciation            Net Amount
                                     Rs. In   % to Net	   Rs. In   % to Net	     Rs. In   % to Net	        Rs. In    % to Net	    Rs. In    % to Net	    Rs. In   % to Net	
                                     lakhs     Assets     lakhs     Assets       lakhs     Assets          lakhs      Assets      lakhs      Assets      lakhs     Assets
 UTI-RBUP       Government Securities (93.67) -0.20%       43.14      0.09%    (50.53)       -0.11% (160.07)            -0.32%       0.00      0.00% (160.07) -0.32%
 UTI-RBUP       Equity Shares        (4,245.19) -9.07%    556.47      1.19% (3,688.73)       -7.88% (1,657.69)          -3.34%   3,699.42      7.46% 2,041.73 4.12%
 UTI-RBUP       Preference Shares        (1.85) 0.00%       0.00      0.00%     (1.85)        0.00%     (3.69)          -0.01%       0.00      0.00%    (3.69) -0.01%
 UTI-RBUP       Debenture and Bonds (325.86) -0.70%       368.89      0.79%      43.03        0.09% (459.43)            -0.93%     165.84      0.33% (293.58) -0.59%
 UTI-RBUP       Total                (4,666.57) -9.97%    968.50      2.07% (3,698.08)       -7.90% (2,280.88)          -4.60%   3,865.26      7.80% 1,584.38 3.20%

1.7.    Aggregate Value of Purchase and Sale with Percentage to average assets.                                                                          (Rs. In Lacs)
 	                 	                                        FY	2008-09	                                                          FY	2007-08
 	          Scheme	Name	                  PURchaSe	                            SaLe	                            PURchaSe	                               SaLe
                                          Amount            %           Amount               %                 Amount            %           Amount               %

            UTI-RBUP                   34,865.52 74.15                16,062.79 34.16                      23,879.97 47.42                   14,251.31 28.30

1.8.    Non-Traded securities in the portfolio:

        Scheme Name                        Category                         31ST March 2009                                          31ST March 2008
                                                               Market Value                      % to                       Market Value                   % to
                                                              (Rs. in Lakhs)                  Net Assets                    (Rs. in Lakhs)              Net Assets
 	      UTI-RBUP                          Debenture                25,374.00                      54.20%                         23,051.28                 46.49%
 	      UTI-RBUP                              Equity                    -                                  -                         1.08                  0.00%
 	      UTI-RBUP                        Money Market               1,892.47                           4.04%                      1,485.10                  3.00%

2. Details of Payment made to Associates under regulation 25(8).                                                                                         (Rs. In Lacs)
               Scheme name                    1st April, 2008 to 31st March, 2009                               1st April, 2007 to 31st March, 2008
                                               SBI      State     Agents /     Total                           SBI      State     Agents /     Total
                                             Capital    Bank     Associates                                  Capital    Bank     Associates
                                             Market    of India (Distributor’s                               Market    of India (Distributor’s
                                           (Brokerage) (Bank Commission)                                   (Brokerage) (Bank Commission)
                                                      Charges)                                                        Charges)

                UTI-RBUP                            -         0.55             0.59          1.13                   0.86          0.62              0.08          1.56

3. Large Holdings in the Scheme (i.e. in excess of 25% of the net assets) : NIL

4. Unit Capital movement during the year ended / period ended. Planwise details of movement in 	
   units - opening, subscription, redemption, closing. Indicate planwise face value of units.

    Scheme       Plans / Face                       Current Year                             Previous Year
    Name         Options Value                  No. of Units in Lakhs                     No. of Units in Lakhs
                                     Opening Addition Deletion Closing          Opening Addition Deletion Closing
                                     balance during    during balance           balance during    during balance
                                      as on the year the year as on              as on the year the year as on
                                     01.04.08                  31.03.09         01.04.07                  31.03.08
    UTI-RBUP      -         Rs.10.00 2,508.95     120.03     121.96 2,507.02    2366.47     350.20    207.72 2508.95

5 Expenses other than management fee is inclusive of service tax where applicable.
6. Prior Year Comparison - a suitable statement that prior year figures have been reclassified wherever	
   necessary to conform to current years’ presentation.
7. Contingent Liability. Provide details of nature and amount : NIL

	                                                                              UTI-RETIREMENT BENEFIT PENSION FUND
                                                                                    Current               Previous
                                                                                  Year / Period         Year / Period
                                                                                 ended 31.03.09        ended 31.03.08
    1.   NAV per unit (Rs.):

         Open (No Class)                                                                  19.7631             19.3365

         High (No Class)                                                                  20.4066             22.1203

         Low (No Class)                                                                   17.2234                 17.381

         End (No Class)                                                                   18.6619             19.7631

    2.   Closing Assets Under Management (Rs. in Lakhs)

         End                                                                          46,816.54             49,584.68

         Average (AAuM)                                                               45,652.41             49,499.08

    3.   Gross income as % of AAuM                                                         7.08%                  6.53%

    4.   Expense Ratio:

         a. Total Expense as % of AAuM (No Class)                                            1.62                   1.75

         b. Management Fee as % of AAuM (No Class)                                           1.00                   0.99

    5.   Net Income as a percentage of AAuM                                                5.46%                  4.77%

    6.   Portfolio turnover ratio                                                         34.16%                  28.30%


                                                                                        UTI-RETIREMENT BENEFIT PENSION FUND
                                                                                             Current                Previous
                                                                                           Year / Period          Year / Period
                                                                                          ended 31.03.09         ended 31.03.08

 7.     Total Dividend per unit distributed during the 	
        year / period (plan wise)
        Income option                                                                                     -                     -
 8.     Returns *:
        a. Last One Year                                                                                   	
           Scheme                                                                                    -5.57%              12.43%	
           Benchmark                                                                                 -9.79%              16.04%
        b. Since Inception                                                                                 	
           Scheme                                                                                    11.09%              12.46%	
           Benchmark                                                                                     NA                  NA

1. Gross income = amount against (A) in the Revenue account i.e. Income.
2. Net income = amount against (C) in the Revenue account i.e. NET REALISED GAINS / (LOSSES) FOR THE YEAR / PERIOD
3. Portfolio Turnover = Lower of sales or purchase divided by the Average AuM for the year/period.
4. AAuM=Average daily net assets
* Returns have been completed for Growth Option for FMPs and Liquid Schemes returns have been completed for insitutional plan
wherever applicable

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                    monthly Performance                                   Daily Wrap on
                        Highlights                                       equity and Debt

                  UtI                                                        market
             treasury Watch                                                  Update
                  Fortnightly review and                                     Daily SmS
                  outlook on Debt market                                    Updation on
                                                                         Financial markets

                  UtI                                                             UtI
                 buddy                                                           Umo
               Downloadable                                             Downloadable mobile
             Web Application to                                          Application with a
             remain updated on                                           gamut of services
             market happenings
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