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					EastErn Michigan UnivErsity

                                                      WhErE WE’rE locatEd
                                                        Eastern Michigan University is located in historic Ypsilanti, seven miles east of Ann Arbor, 40 miles
                                                      west of Detroit and just 20 minutes from Detroit Metropolitan Airport. It is an area rich in academic,
                                                      research, technological and recreational resources. The University also has sites in Livonia, Jackson,
                                                      Traverse City, Flint, Detroit and Monroe.
                                                        EMU’s 800 plus-acre main campus of scenic flora and wooded areas includes 18 miles of walkways
                                                      and jogging trails and has 122 buildings throughout the academic and athletic campuses. Eagle
                                                      Crest – Eastern Michigan’s conference center, golf course and resort – is located on the banks of
                                                      nearby Ford Lake.
                                                        Recently named “A Cool City,” by Michigan’s Governor Jennifer Granholm, Ypsilanti plays a leading
                                                      role in industry and education. The city and the University have forged close ties that have lasted
                                                      159 years.

                                                      What makEs Us UniqUE
                                                         In 1849, with the passage of Act No. 138, the Senate and House of Representatives of the State
                                                      of Michigan formally paved the way for the establishment of Michigan State Normal School, with the
                                                      exclusive purposes of instructing persons in the art of teaching; providing a good common school
                                                      education; and giving instruction in the mechanic arts, husbandry, agricultural chemistry and the
                                                      laws of the United States.
                                                         Since its inception, Eastern Michigan, first as a Normal School, then as a College and finally as
                                                      a University, has grown and developed to respond to the ever-changing needs of society. Over
                                                      the years, EMU has educated thousands of sons and daughters of Michigan, the nation, and the
                                                         The University currently serves nearly 23,000 students who are pursuing undergraduate, graduate,
                                                      specialist, doctoral and certificate degrees in the arts, sciences and professions. In all, more than
                                                      200 majors, minors and concentrations are delivered through the University’s Colleges of Arts and
                                                      Sciences; Business; Education; Health and Human Services; Technology, and its graduate school.
                                                         Eastern Michigan’s exceptional faculty, students and alumni include CEOs from major businesses;
                                                      a National Student Teacher of the Year, National Teacher of the Year, numerous Fulbright Scholars
                                                      and Milken Family Foundation National Educators award winners; and several Michigan Teachers of
                                                      the Year.
                                                         EMU is regularly recognized by national publications for its excellence, diversity, and commitment
                                                      to applied education.
EnrollmEnt ProfilE
   With nearly 23,000 students, EMU provides a        facUlty/staff                                        EmU’s Economic imPact
rich learning environment for the campus commu-          Eastern Michigan University employs about            Since its founding in 1849, Eastern Michigan
nity. The University currently has approximately      689 full-time faculty and 1,100 staff members.       has provided quality services to the residents
17,000 undergraduates and 5,000 graduate              Ninety-four percent of EMU professors have doc-      of Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County, the State of
students. Our students represent 45 states and        toral degrees or terminal degrees in their field.    Michigan and other states and nations.
93 foreign countries.                                 The student to faculty ratio is 19:1.                   EMU’s total impact on the Michigan economy
   Of undergraduate students, 69 percent are full        Faculty work closely with students, and many      of an estimated $3 billion annually reflects a
time and 60 percent are women. The most popu-         involve students in their research. In 2008, the     return of more than $30 for each dollar received
lar majors are education, business, social sciences   University celebrated its 28th annual Under-         from the state. The University’s total impact on
and history, science and engineering, English, and    graduate Symposium; a benchmark program for          the Michigan economy results in a contribution
the health professions. EMU’s population is ap-       undergraduate research.                              of $115 million in state tax revenue. Thus,
proximately 70 percent white; 16 percent black;                                                            EMU’s impact on state government tax revenue
3 percent international; 6 percent undeclared;                                                             is $1.25 in taxes for each dollar received from
2.5 percent Asian-American; 2 percent Hispanic        commUnity oUtrEach
                                                         Eastern Michigan is making an impact nation-      the state.
and 0.5 percent Native-American.
   Eastern Michigan offers a number of special        ally by channeling its academic research as a
academic programs to help students succeed.           means of solving real-world problems. EMU
These include the Honors College; the Holman          currently has 14 research institutes and centers
Learning Center; distance learning; accelerated       that focus on community building and civic
format programs; online, weekend and evening          engagement, quality, community and regional
programs and courses; American Humanics certi-        development, small business development, geo-
fication; the World College Study Abroad Tours; a     spatial education, textiles, export assistance and
specialized master’s degree program for corpora-      product development.
tions offered on site; a double master’s degree;         EMU is well known for merging theory and
online technologies for education and training        practice for the benefit of the community. Applied
through the Centers for Corporate Training; and       research leads to new knowledge, new jobs and
EMU Worldwide.                                        new business. Annually, the university receives
   With more than 200 academic and social             about $15 million in revenues for sponsored
organizations, an extensive intramural sports         research and community service activities.
program, 21 NCAA Division I-A sports and numer-
ous cultural activities from which to choose, EMU     thE alUmni association
students have diverse opportunities to become            Representing more than 120,000 alumni and
involved in campus life. Students’ on-campus          friends, the Alumni Association sponsors social
housing choices range from traditional dormitory-     and service-related programs for more than 20
style rooms to apartments and include living/         geographically-based and special-interest alumni
learning center options.                              chapters.

                                                                                           EastErn Michigan UnivErsity

 fast facts                                                  mission statEmEnt
 Founded:        1849 - Michigan State Normal School
                                                         Eastern Michigan University is committed
                                                     to excellence in teaching through traditional
 Enrollment: Fifth-largest state institution in Michigan
                                                     and innovative approaches, the extension
 Undergraduates:                            17,808
                                                     of knowledge through basic and applied
 Graduates:                                  4,830   research, and creative and artistic expres-
 Gender:                                             sion.
 Undergraduates: 60 percent female; 40 percent male      Building on a proud tradition of national
 Graduates:     65 percent female; 35 percent male   leadership in the preparation of teachers,
 Michigan residents:                    91 percent   we maximize educational opportunities and
 President:                           Susan Martin   personal and professional growth for stu-
                                                     dents from diverse backgrounds through an
 Board of Regents:            Eight-member board,
                                                     array of baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral
                             appointed by governor
 Faculty:                             689 full time      We strive to provide a student-focused
 Faculty holding Ph.D.:                 93 percent   learning environment that enhances the lives of students and positively impacts the community.
 Student/Faculty Ratio:                        19:1  We extend our commitment beyond the campus boundaries to the wider community through
 New Freshmen Average GPA:                       3.1 service initiatives, and public and private partnerships of mutual interest addressing local, regional,
 New Freshmen Average ACT:                        21 national and international opportunities and challenges.
 New Freshmen Average SAT:                        1014
 Academic programs:           423 majors, minors and
                                                             oUr history
     concentrations, plus 167 graduate degrees and               Founded in 1849, when the state of Michigan was just 12 years old, Michigan State Normal
                                  certificate programs       School was designated by the state legislature as the first institution to educate teachers to serve
 Doctoral programs:       2 - Educational Leadership;        the public schools. The University thus began, somewhat humbly, as the sixth teacher education
                                   Clinical Psychology       institution in the nation. A campus that today comprises more than 800 acres was once a four-acre
 Campus Buildings:                                 122       plot with one building and two programs of study – a classical course and an English Course.
 Campus Size:                                880 acres           The school’s name has changed several times – to Michigan State Normal College in 1899;
 Athletic Affiliation:              NCAA Division I-A
                                                             to Eastern Michigan College in 1956; and finally to Eastern Michigan University in 1959. During
                                                             its first 100 years, the institution certified thousands of teachers and developed the broad-based
 NCAA Conference:           Mid-American Conference
                                                             curricula that ultimately prepared it for university status.
 Mascot:                                        Eagles
                                                                 Within that new university, three colleges emerged: Education, Arts and Sciences and the
 Colors:                             Green and White         Graduate School. The University has since expanded three more times; adding the College of Busi-
                                                             ness in 1964, the College of Health and Human Services in 1975 and the College of Technology in
 2008-09 Tuition and Fees*                                   1980. More recently Eastern Michigan has developed Extended Programs that include Continuing
 In-state and Ohio, 30 credit hours:            $7,490       Education, the Centers for Corporate Training, the World College and numerous community-focused
 Out-of-State, 30 credit hours:                $19,924       institutes.
 Room and Board, 20 meals weekly:               $6,874           The University has enhanced its learning environment through structural initiatives during
                                                             the past several years. Recent construction includes the Terrestrial and Aquatic Research Facility
 *subject to change
                                                             (1998), the Convocation Center (1998), the Bruce T. Halle Library (1998), the John W. Porter Col-
                                                             lege of Education Building (1999), the Everett L. Marshall College of Health and Human Services
                                                             Building (2000), the Village residence hall (2001), University House (2003), and new Student
                                                             Center (2006).

March 28, 1849: State Legislature passed Act No. 138         1915: MSNC is the first U.S. teacher’s college to establish   Sept. 9, 1994: The mascot “Swoop” is officially ad-
entitled “An Act to Establish a State Normal School.”        training for teachers of the disabled.                        opted.
Oct. 5, 1852: Official dedication of Michigan State          Oct. 24, 1929: Athletic teams are named the Hurons.           Nov. 28, 1995: Groundbreaking for the Bruce T. Halle
Normal School.                                               July 1, 1956: Michigan State Normal College becomes           Library is held.
March 29, 1853: Michigan State Normal School opens,          Eastern Michigan College.                                     Oct. 30, 1996: President Bill Clinton visits EMU to present
offering two programs of study, a “classical course” and     July 6, 1956: The student newspaper is renamed The            a speech on women in the business community.
an “English course.”                                         Eastern Echo, a weekly publication.                           Sept. 20, 1997: A “beaming ceremony” is hosted to
1854: Michigan State Normal School holds first com-          June 1, 1959: Eastern Michigan College is renamed             celebrate construction of the new Convocation Center.
mencement, with three graduates.                             Eastern Michigan University.                                  June 1, 1998: The official opening of the $41-million
Sept. 1881: The student newspaper, The Normal News,          1959: The College of Education is established.                Bruce T. Halle Library is held.
is founded as a monthly.                                                                                                   Oct. 9, 1998: Official dedication of the Bruce T. Halle
                                                             1959: The College of Arts and Sciences is established.
1890: MSNS is the first Michigan institution to establish                                                                  Library takes place.
a department of geography.                                   Oct. 13, 1960: Senator John F. Kennedy visits Eastern
                                                             Michigan University                                           Jan. 1, 1999: Eastern Michigan University begins a
Oct. 22, 1896: Theodore Roosevelt visits Michigan State                                                                    year-long celebration of its sesquicentennial.
Normal School.                                               1964: The College of Business is established.
                                                                                                                           May 2000: President Bill Clinton delivers the com-
Sept. 15, 1897: The student newspaper is renamed The         1975: The College of Health and Human Services is             mencement address at Eastern Michigan University’s
Normal College News, published twice a month.                established.                                                  Convocation Center.
1897: MSNS is the first U.S. teacher’s college to become     1980: The College of Technology is established.               Sept. 21, 2004: A ground breaking Ceremony is held for
a four-year institution.                                     1990: Eastern Michigan University begins the first phase      the New $37.5-million EMU Student Center.
April 28, 1899: Michigan State Normal School is renamed      of a $213-million investment in campus renovations.           May 14, 2008: Dr. Susan Martin is appointed the 22nd
Michigan State Normal College.                               Jan. 30, 1991: The Board of Regents approve changing          president of EMU by a unanimous vote of the EMU
1900: Student athletes unofficially adopt the nickname       the Huron name and logo.                                      Board of Regents.
Normalites. Athletes could wear either a “Y” for Ypsilanti   May 22, 1991: Board of Regents approve new EMU logo           July 7, 2008: Dr. Susan Martin begins her role as EMU
or an “N” for Normal.                                        and nickname - the Eagles.                                    President.

EastErn Michigan UnivErsity

                                   Our 803-acre campus of scenic flora and wooded areas includes 18 miles of walkways and jog-
                               ging trails, and has 128 buildings, the Lake House and Rynearson Stadium located on the south
                               side of Huron River. Eagle Crest – our conference center, golf course and resort – is located on the
                               banks of nearby Ford Lake. Most recent additions include the Terrestrial and Aquatic Research Facility
                               (1998); the Convocation Center (1998); the Bruce T. Halle Library (1998); the John W. Porter Build-
                               ing, housing the College of Education (1999); the environmentally sustainable Everett L. Marshall
                               Building, housing the College of Health and Human Services (2000); the renovation of Boone Hall
                               (2000), housing our Extended Programs offices; and The Village (2001), a spacious, apartment-style
                               residence facility. There are currently 13 residence halls and three apartment complexes with 583
                               units housing more than 4,000 students. The new EMU Student Center also opened in November
                               of 2006.

 College of arts and sCienCe

    everett l. MarsHall
College of HealtH and HuMan
     serviCes Building
                               thE BrUcE t. hallE liBrary
                                    The $41-million Bruce T. Halle Library represents the latest technological trends in libraries,
                               integrating traditional print with emerging electronic sources. The 218,000-square-foot facility has
                               520 computer workstations; 300,000 volumes of open-shelf books; 800,000 volumes in an auto-
                               mated retrieval collection; 3,000 network connection ports; a 100-seat auditorium with seats wired
                               for laptop computers; a 70-seat teleconferencing room; a 130-station computing commons with six
                               learning labs (electronic classrooms); a distance learning lab; a television studio; the Paradox Cafe;
                               individual and group study areas and self-direction stations.

       JoHn W. Porter
     College of eduCation
                                                   gary M. oWen College of Business

                                                                                                sill Hall
                    eMu student Center                                                    College of teCHnology

EastErn Michigan UnivErsity

            Eastern Michigan University
             Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

       Admissions               734.487.3060
       Alumni Relations             487.0250

       Arts and Sciences            487.4344
       Business                     487.4140
       Education                    487.1414
       Health & Human Services      487.0077
       Technology                   487.0354

       Continuing Education          487.0407
       EMU Foundation                484.1322
       Financial Aid Office          487.0455
       Housing & Dining              487.1300
       President’s Office            487.2211
       Public Safety                 487.0892
       Registration                  487.2300
       Switchboard                   487.1849
       University Communications     487.4400
       University Relations          487.2420

EMU PrEsidEnt sUsan W. Martin

                                       professor of account-      the Bureau of Local Government
                                       ing and taxation. Mar-     Services for Michigan from June
                                       tin served as director     1981-June 1984. She also was
                                       of the master of taxa-     the commissioner of revenue for
                                       tion program, director     the state of Michigan from 1985-
                                       of international busi-     1988.
                                       ness programs, and           Martin is chair of the State of
                                       chair of the account-      Michigan Hospital Finance Au-
                                       ing and taxation de-       thority, originally appointed by
                                       partment.                  former Gov. Blanchard and then
                                           In June 2001,          reappointed by Governors En-
                                       Martin joined the          gler and Jennifer Granholm. She
                                       GVSU provost’s office      also was appointed by Gov. Gra-
                                       and served in roles as     nholm to serve as her ex-officio
                                       assistant, associate,      representative on The Detroit
                                       and executive associ-      Medical Center Financial Emer-
                                       ate vice president of      gency Task Force in 2003-2004.
                                       academic affairs. One        Martin received her doctor-
                                       of her major duties in     ate in accounting from Michigan
                                       that office was to help    State University in 1988 and her
                                       manage the $154 mil-       master’s degree in accounting
                                       lion budget for the        from MSU in 1976. She earned
            Dr. Susan W. Martin        Academic Affairs Divi-     her bachelor’s degree from Cen-
                EMU President          sion.                      tral Michigan University in 1971.
                                           Before GVSU, Mar-        Martin is married and has three
  Dr. Susan Martin was named tin was deputy state treasurer for   children.
the 22nd president of Eastern
Michigan University May 14,
2008. She is the first female
president in EMU’s 160-year his-
  Martin officially took office July
  “I am thrilled to be chosen for
the honor of leading this great
University, which has a strong
history of excellent education
and a bright future,” said Mar-
  Before coming to EMU, Martin
was the provost and vice-chan-
cellor of academic affairs at the
University of Michigan-Dear-
  The majority of Martin’s higher
education career was at Grand
Valley State University, where
she taught and published as a

                                                                                                   EMU Board                         of     rEgEnts

                          The Board of Regents is the governing body of Eastern
                        Michigan University. Its current format was created when                         Thomas W. Sidlik
                        the State of Michigan ratified a new constitution, Jan. 6,
                        1964. The Board comprises eight regents who are ap-                              Chair
                        pointed to eight-year terms by the governor.The current                            Thomas W. Sidlik was appointed by Governor Granholm
                        EMU Regents are Thomas W. Sidlik, chair; Roy Wil-                                  in December 2004 to replace Michael Morris with a term
                        banks, vice chair; Floyd Clack; Gary D. Hawks; Philip
                                                                                                           expiring December 2012. Sidlik was a member of the
                        A. Incarnati; Mohamed Okdie; Francine Parker; and
 James F. Stapleton.                                                                                       Board of Management of DaimlerChrysler AG from De-
                                                                                         Thomas Sidlik
    “Other institutions of higher education established by law having authority              Chair         cember 1998 through August 2007, and was responsible
 to grant baccalaureate degrees shall each be governed by a board of control                               for Global Procurement and Supply from 2003 through
 which shall be a body corporate. The board shall have general supervision             August 2007. Sidlik was Vice-Chairman of the National Minority Supplier De-
 of the institution and the control and direction of all expenditures from the         velopment Council and Chairman of the Council’s Executive Committee. He
 institution’s funds. It shall, as often as necessary, elect a president of the in-    is Executive Sponsor of the Automobile Industry Action Group and Member
 stitution under its supervision. He shall be the principal executive officer of the
                                                                                       of the Board of Overseers, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York
 institution and be ex-officio a member of the board without the right to vote.
 The board may elect one of its members or may designate the president to              University. Mr. Sidlik is a resident of Ann Arbor.
 preside at board meetings. Each board of control shall consist of eight mem-

                                                                                                         Roy E. Wilbanks
 bers who shall hold office for terms of eight years, not more than two of which
 shall expire in the same year, and who shall be appointed by the governor by
 and with the advice and consent of the Senate. Vacancies shall be filled in like
 manner.”                                                                                                Vice Chair
                   Floyd Clack                                                                           Roy E. Wilbanks was appointed to the Board of Re-
                                                                                                         gents by Governor Granholm in December 2004 to fill
                  Floyd Clack was appointed by Governor Granholm in                                      the seat vacated by Dr. Rosalind E. Griffin for a term
                  June 2005 to fill the seat vacated by Steven G. Gordon,                                ending in December 2012. Wilbanks was employed
                  and then reappointed to a full term in January of 2007.              Roy E. Wilbanks
                                                                                                         by Eastern Michigan University in various roles such
                  Clack was a member of the Genesee County Board of
                                                                                                         as: Assistant to the President for Government and
                  Commissioners (District 2) from 1996-2004 and is a
                  former state representative, serving seven terms from                Community Relations, Vice President for University Relations and
   Floyd Clack    1982 – 1996. He also served as a member of the Flint                 Secretary to the Board of Regents, Executive Vice President, Interim
City Council from 1979 – 1982 and was a guidance counselor and teacher                 Chief Executive Officer and President and Chief Executive Officer
in the Flint Community Schools. He is a former president of the Flint                  of the Eastern Michigan Foundation. In 2004, he was inducted into
NAACP. Mr. Clack received a master’s degree in counseling from EMU in                  the Ypsilanti High School Athletic Hall of Fame and, in 2003, he was
1972. He lives in Flint.                                                               awarded the John W. Porter Distinguished Service Award. Wilbanks
                                                                                       earned a Master’s degree from Eastern Michigan University. Mr. Wil-
                    Gary D. Hawks                                                      banks serves as chair of the Athletic Affairs Committee and is a resi-
                                                                                       dent of Ypsilanti.
                  Gary D. Hawks was appointed by Governor Granholm in
                  January 2007 to replace Sharon Rothwell, who resigned.
                  He is appointed for a term expiring Dec. 31, 2010. He
                  was vice president for Community Development at
                                                                                                         Mohamed Okdie
                                                                                        Mohamed Okdie was appointed by Governor
                  Davenport University from 1993-1998. From 1987-92,
                                                                                        Granholm in December 2007 to replace Ismael
                  Hawks served in the Michigan Department of Education
 Gary D. Hawks where he held the position of Deputy Superintendent of
                                                                                        Ahmed, who resigned. Okdie is a school social
                  Public Instruction and served as Interim State Super-                 worker for Detroit Public School System. He is ap-
intendent of Public InInstruction from 1987-88 and again from 1991-92.                  pointed for a term expiring Dec. 31, 2008. Prior
From 1964-81, he held various positions at EMU, including Director of Mohamed Okdie to working for the Detroit Public School System,
Personnel (1964-70), Executive Director, University Relations (1970-72)                 Okdie was a psychiatric social worker at Detroit
and Vice President of University Relations and Secretary to the Board of Receiving Hospital and was a community liaison for Congressman
Regents (1972-81). He has been involved in numerous community orga- John Conyers.
nizations such as the Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce, the Ypsilanti Area
Kiwanis, and the Boy Scouts of America. Hawks holds a bachelor’s degree
in business administration from Michigan State University and a Master’s                                 Francine Parker
Degree in Higher Education from EMU and an Honoray Doctorate of Hu-                     Francine Parker was appointed by Governor Gra-
manities from Madonna University.                                                       nholm in January 2007 to replace Joseph Antonini,
                                                                                                         whose term expired in December 2006. In 2008,
                   Philip A. Incarnati                                                                   Parker retired as president and CEO of Health Al-
                    Philip A. Incarnati was appointed to the board by Gov-                               liance Plan She is appointed for a term expiring
                    ernor John Engler in February, 1992, to fill the seat left                           Dec. 31, 2014.
                                                                                       Francine Parker
                    vacant by John Burton. He was reappointed in 1994 for a
                    term ending December, 2002. In December 2002, Gover-
                    nor Engler reappointed him for a term ending December

      Philip A.
                    2010. Incarnati is president and chief executive officer
                    for the McLaren Health Care Corporation in Flint, Michi-
                                                                                                         James F. Stapleton
                                                                                                         James Stapleton was appointed by Governor Gra-
     Incarnati      gan. He is a member of the following boards: Michigan
                    Health and Hospital Association, Genesee Area Focus
                                                                                                         nholm in January 2007 to replace Karen Valvo,
Council, Healthcare Council of MidMichigan, Genesee County Medical Con-                                  who resigned. Stapleton is president and CEO
trol Authority, Flint Cultural Center, Greater Flint Health Coalition, Flint Area                        of B&R Consultants. Stapleton is appointed for a
Medical Education Corporation, The One Hundred Club of Flint, Inc., HBO                                  term expiring Dec. 31, 2008.
& Company and the Detroit Area CEO Exchange. Incarnati is an Eastern                      James D.
Michigan University alumnus with a bachelor of business administration de-                Stapleton
gree in 1976 and a masters of business administration in 1982. He served
as chair of the Board from 1995 to 2005. He is a resident of Clarkston.
                        EMU dirEctor                           of    athlEtics dr. dErrick gragg

                                              Arkansas, Gragg was involved in various         Vanderbilt. During his time as a Commo-
                                              areas including: athletic administration,       dore athletic administrator, he coordinated
                                              sport program oversight, marketing,             student life and support programs as well
                                              sports information, recruitment, budget,        as supervising the academic counseling
                                              student-athlete support, compliance,            programs for student-athletes. In 1995,
                                              facilities and game management, fund-           Gragg was named director of compliance
                                              raising and research.                           & operations at the University of Missouri.
                                                 During his career, the 38-year-old           During his two years in Columbia, he was
                                              Gragg has published several articles and        the game event manager for 10 Olympic
                                              editorials on intercollegiate athletics as      sports programs and served on the Big 12
                                              well as a nationwide study on sports-           Compliance Coordinators Group during his
                                              related gambling. He is a former member         last year as compliance coordinator at the
                                              of the NCAA’s Minority Opportunities &          university.
                                              Interests Committee, having served as              Named assistant athletic director for
                                              co-chair of the committee in 2004-05.           compliance at Michigan in 1997, Gragg
                                              Gragg also served as a member of the            spent three years with oversight of the
                                              Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Northwest Ar-       UM compliance department. While serv-
                                              kansas Board of Directors and as a mem-         ing in Ann Arbor, Gragg also earned his
                                              ber of the American Heart Association,          master’s degree in sports administration
          Dr. Derrick Gragg                   Northwest Arkansas Board of Directors.          from Wayne State University. He also
          Athletics Director                  He currently serves as a member of the          served on the faculty at WSU, teaching
   The mark of an exceptional athletics       NCAA’s Academic/Eligibility/Compliance          intercollegiate sport administration and
program is the progress that is made each     Cabinet and is a member of the NACDA            sports marketing classes. He earned his
year.                                         Division IA Athletic Directors Scholar-         doctorate in higher education administra-
   And under the leadership of athletics      ship Ad Hoc Steering Committee. Gragg           tion from the U of A in May of 2004 and
director Dr. Derrick Gragg, the Eastern       also serves as cochair of the MAC track         also taught two undergraduate courses
Michigan University department of athlet-     coaches group.                                  during his tenure there as an athletic
ics has turned in back-to-back successes         A former collegiate wide receiver, Gragg     administrator.
in his first two years at the helm.           lettered four years at Vanderbilt while            Gragg is a proud member of Kappa
   During Gragg’s first year at EMU in        earning his degree. He graduated with a         Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. He is also a
2006-07, the department set a school          bachelor’s in human development in 1992         member of the National Association of
and Mid-American Conference record by         and was a member of the Southeastern            Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA)
capturing a remarkable eight team confer-     Conference Academic Honor Roll during           and the Black Coaches and Administrators
ence titles, adding a league post-season      his senior year. Gragg served from 1993         (BCA).
crown and recording two runner-up fin-        to 1995 as an academic counselor at his            Gragg and his wife, Sanya, have a
ishes.                                        alma mater before adding the title of           daughter, DeSha, 14, and two sons, Avery,
   The MAC-record eight team champion-        director of student life in his final year at   11, and Phillip-Raymond, 7.
ships eclipsed the mark of six held jointly
by Central Michigan (2003-04) and West-
                                                                          THE DERRICK GRAGG FILE
                                              Name:              Derrick Lamont Gragg
ern Michigan (1984-85).
                                              Born:              11-19-69 in Huntsville, Ala.
   In 2007-08, Gragg’s second season
                                              High School:       Lee H.S. (Graduated in 1988)
as athletics director, EMU followed up        College:           Vanderbilt University
the record-breaking eight champion-                              (Graduated in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in human development)
ships in 2006-07 with four league                                Wayne State University
regular-season titles and one MAC                                (Graduated in 1999 with a master’s degree in sports administration)
Tournament crown and the Eagles                                  University of Arkansas
secured the Reese Trophy which is                                (Earned his doctorate in higher education administration in 2004)
awarded annually to the top overall men’s     Family:            Wife: Sanya (Whittaker);
athletics program in the league. Eastern                         Daughter: DeSha (14); Sons: Avery (11) and Phillip-Raymond (7)
had won the prestigious Reese Trophy
three previous times (1987-88, 1990-91                                 Intercollegiate Athletics Experience
and 1995-96).                                 Year           School                        Position
   Gragg was named EMU’s 11th athletic        2006-Pre.      Eastern Michigan University   Director of Athletics
director, Feb. 21, 2006, after spending       2000-2006      University of Arkansas
the previous six years at the University        2003-06                                    Senior Associate Athletics Director
of Arkansas. He first joined the U of A         2000-03                                    Associate Athletics Director/Compliance
in 2000 as an associate athletic director     1997-2000      University of Michigan        Director of Compliance
and was promoted to senior associate          1995-97        University of Missouri        Director of Compliance and operations
athletic director in 2003 and then to         1993-95        Vanderbilt University         Academic Counselor for two years;
deputy athletic director. In his tenure at                                                 Director of Student Life for his final year

EMU athlEtic dEPartMEnt staff

Faculty Athletics Representative                       General Manager                         Director of Student-Athlete
         Liz Broughton                            Nelligan Sports Marketing                         Support Services
                                                         Kevin Bryant                                  Erin Burdis
   Dr. Elizabeth Ann (Liz) Broughton, a          Kevin Bryant is in his second year           Erin Burdis is in her seventh year as a
professor in leadership and counseling        as the Nelligan Sports Marketing rep-        full-time member of the Eastern Michigan
at Eastern Michigan University, was           resentative for the Eastern Michigan         University athletics department.
named faculty athletics representative        University athletics department.                Burdis joined the EMU staff as a part-time
                                                                                           academic counselor in 2001-02 and was
at EMU in January 2007.                          Bryant joined the NSM team in June
                                                                                           elevated to full-time academic counselor
   As the faculty athletics representative,   2007 with an extensive background            and assistant to the director of compliance,
Broughton is responsible for reviewing        in radio and sales experience. The           in October 2002 and in the spring of 2004
policies and procedures concerning stu-       38-year-old Bryant had spent the six         she took over leadership of the program.
dent-athlete welfare, academic integrity      previous years as an account executive/         As the director of the Student-Athlete
and rules compliance. She also serves         sports marketing specialist for Clear        Support Services (SASS), Burdis has
on the Mid-American Conference’s FAR          Channel Radio and Cumulus Radio in           developed a comprehensive learning
Infractions Committee.                        Ann Arbor, Mich.                             assistance program which has led to a very
   Broughton has been an EMU profes-             The Ann Arbor native has more than        successful departmental GPA and increased
sor in leadership and counseling in the       10 years of advertising sales experience     graduation rates. Currently the department
                                                                                           has a cumulative GPA of 3.074.
College of Education since August 1997.       in the Southern Michigan region. He has
                                                                                              The 32-year-old Burdis joined the EMU
Her duties include instruction of gradu-      also sold display advertising for the Ann    athletics staff at the start of the 2001
ate level courses at EMU and serving on       Arbor News.                                  academic year after serving as a graduate
the EMU Faculty Council.                         Bryant also interned with Detroit NBC     assistant in the University of Kentucky
   The 54-year-old Broughton is a na-         affiliate WDIV for Sports Final Edition,     Athletics Department during 2000-01. She
tive of Morristown, N.J. She went on          a weekly sports show.                        was a support desk coordinator at Booth
to complete her bachelor’s degree in             Additionally, Bryant served as the pub-   Newspapers in Ann Arbor from 1997-2000
1976 at Rollins (Fla.) College where          lic address announcer for the Eastern        and prior to that was an intern in the
she was a varsity tennis and basketball       Michigan University men’s basketball         athletics department and assistant girls
player. She earned her master’s degree        team during the 2006-07 campaign.            varsity basketball coach at Taylor Light and
                                                                                           Life Christian High School in Taylor, Mich. in
in counseling at the University of Florida       A 1988 graduate of Ann Arbor Huron
in 1985 and completed her Doctor of           High School, Bryant played both football
                                                                                              A native of Frankenmuth, Mich., Burdis
Education degree at the University of         and basketball for the River Rats,           was an all-state softball player and played
Florida in 1996.                              earning third-team All-City honors           on state championships in softball and
   Broughton played professional ten-         in football from The Detroit News in         basketball at Frankenmuth High School
nis from 1976-77 before taking over           1988. He also garnered Washtenaw             before graduating in 1994.
as head women’s tennis coach at the           Country Offensive Player of the Year            Burdis then went on to Concordia
University of Florida from 1978-81.           accolades.                                   University in Ann Arbor and was an
                                                 Bryant spent two years as an              honorable mention All-American shortstop
                                              undergraduate at EMU before earning          as a senior and the co-captain of the softball
                                                                                           team her final two years. She helped lead
                                              his degree from Specs Howard School
                                                                                           Concordia to the National Christian College
                                              of Broadcast Arts in 2002.
                                                                                           Athletic Association National Championship
                                                 Bryant and his son, Jovon, reside in      in both 1998 and 1999. In addition, the
                                              Ann Arbor.                                   softball team won the Wolverine-Hoosier
                                                                                           Conference title in 1997 and 1999 and
                                                                                           Burdis was named All-League shortstop and
                                                                                           was an All-League All-Academic pick three
                                                                                           times (1997, 1998, 1999).

                                                              EMU athlEtic dEPartMEnt staff

   Associate Athletics Director/                     Associate Athletics Director/                  Associate Athletics Director/
          Chief of Staff                                    Development                               External Relations/SWA
           Doug Dowdy                                         Craig Fink                          Stephannnie Harvey-Vandenberg
   Doug Dowdy is in his second year as an            Craig Fink is in his third year as the as-      Stephannnie Harvey-Vandenberg is in her
associate athletic director/chief of staff for    sociate athletic director for development and   third year as the associate athletic director
the Eastern Michigan University athletics         executive director of the EMU Athletic Club     for external relations for the Eastern Michi-
department.                                       for the Eastern Michigan University athletics   gan University athletics department.
   He joined the EMU athletics staff after        department.                                        Harvey-Vandenberg oversees athletics-
spending two years as an associate athletics         The 36-year-old Fink joined the EMU          marketing, promotions, corporate sales and
director at Delaware State University.            athletics department staff from the Brown       Nelligan Sports Marketing. She also serves
   At Delaware State, Dowdy was the lead          University Sports Foundation where he           as the senior women’s administrator with
athletics administrator for six varsity ath-      managed the annual fund raising programs        sports oversight responsibilities for women’s
letics programs, was the project manager          from 2001-2006. Under his guidance, the         soccer, softball, volleyball and women’s
on all athletic construction projects, and        annual programs raised nearly half of the       basketball.
directed event operations.                        Foundation’s average yearly fund-raising           Harvey-Vandenberg has a wealth of
   The 52-year-old Dowdy is a native of Flint,    total of $6 million from 5,600 donors. As       experience in the athletic marketing and
Mich. and graduated from Michigan State           senior associate director, Fink was part of     promotions field, spending the past 10 years
University with a bachelor’s degree in 1978       the senior management team that helped          working in the professional and intercolle-
and completed his master’s degree at MSU          develop the strategy and early fund-raising     giate ranks.
in 1984.                                          efforts for achieving a goal of $80+ million       Harvey-Vandenberg joined the EMU
   Prior to joining the Delaware State staff,     for athletics as part of Boldly Brown, the      athletics department after spending the
Dowdy was a member of the athletics ad-           $1.4 billion Campaign for Academic Enrich-      previous two years as the manager of the
ministration at Illinois State University from    ment, which launched publicly in the fall of    telemarketing division of Hilton Grand Va-
1999-2005, serving in several areas. From         2005. From July-November 2005 Fink also         cations Company in Orlando, Fla. Prior to
1999-2002 he was the assistant director           served as interim executive director.           that she was the director of marketing and
of athletics for facilities and operations at        Fink earned his bachelor’s degree in         community affairs for the North Charleston
ISU and from 2002-04 he was the assistant         sports management at the University of          Lowgators of the NBA Development League
director of athletics for internal operations.    Massachusetts-Amherst in 1994 and later         from 2001-03; served as director of com-
Dowdy was appointed as a special assistant        completed his MBA at the Eugene M. Isen-        munity relations/promotions at Western
to the ISU president from 2004-05.                berg School of Management at UMass in           Michigan University from 1998-2000; was
   Dowdy began his athletics administration       2000.                                           the assistant commissioner for marketing
career at Grand Valley State University in           After completing his undergraduate de-       at the Southwestern Athletic Conference in
Allendale, Mich. where he was a visiting in-      gree, Fink served as the assistant sports       1998 and was the assistant executive direc-
structor and assistant wrestling coach from       information director and assistant baseball     tor of the Black Coaches Association from
1985-86. He then moved on to Morrisville          coach and then the sports information direc-    1996-98. In addition she was an athletics
College in Morrisville, N.Y. from 1986-87         tor at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy         promotions assistant at the University of
where he was the acting director of develop-      from 1994-1996. He then worked at the           Notre Dame from 1995-96 and served in-
ment and recreation before accepting the          Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame       ternships with the PGA Tour and the NBA.
position of assistant director of athletics and   in Springfield, Mass., from 1996-2000 where        A native of Benton Harbor, Mich., Harvey-
intramurals at Alfred University in Alfred,       he held a variety of roles, including direct-   Vandenberg graduated from Benton Harbor
N.Y. from 1987-89.                                ing the annual induction ceremonies as the      H.S. and went on to earn her undergraduate
   From there it was on to Bard College in        manager of events and group programs.           and graduate degrees at Grambling State
Annadale-on-Hudson, N.Y. from 1989-90             From there, he became the Northeast area        University, completing her bachelor’s degree
where he was the assistant director of ath-       sales manager for from          in communication in 1992 and her M.A. in
letics from 1989-90.                              2000-2001 before joining Brown Univer-          sports administration in 1995.
   Dowdy returned to Michigan in 1990 and         sity.                                              Harvey-Vandenberg and her husband,
served as the director of athletics and physi-       A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Fink graduated   Kyle Vandenberg, reside in Ypsilanti Town-
cal education as well as the head women’s         from Midwood High School. He and his wife,      ship.
basketball coach at Kellogg Community             Kimberly, reside in Ypsilanti Township with
College. He left Kellogg C. C. in 1996 to         their two sons, Jack (8) and Alex (6).
become the director of athletics at Lakeland
Community College in Kirtland, Ohio. His
stint at Illinois State followed.

EMU athlEtic dEPartMEnt staff

         Facilities Supervisor                  Associate Athletics Director                  Director of Sports Medicine
               Erich Keil                              Mike Malach                                  Steve Nordwall

  Erich Keil is entering his second year        Mike Malach is in his 11th year as a         Steve Nordwall is in his seventh year
as a part of the Eastern Michigan Uni-       member of the Eastern Michigan Univer-       as the director of sports medicine for
versity facilities department.               sity athletics department and his third      the Eastern Michigan University athletic
  Keil joined the EMU athletics depart-      as the director of internal affairs.         department.
ment in December 2007 after serving             The 40-year-old Malach (12-24-67)            Nordwall joined the EMU staff after
as a facilities supervisor in the Uni-       joined the EMU staff in September 1998       spending the previous five years as
versity of Michigan department of            after a two-year stint as athletics busi-    an assistant trainer for the Kent State
athletics.                                   ness manager at Southeast Missouri           University athletic program.
  Keil was responsible for the mainte-       State University. He was responsible            At Kent State, Nordwall worked with
nance of the U-M baseball field that was     for the development and control of the       the entire intercollegiate sports pro-
voted the best college baseball field in     entire athletics budget at Southeast         gram and held direct responsibilities
the nation by Turface in 1997.               Missouri and he assumed the same             with the football and men’s basketball
  In addition to his work as the EMU         responsibilities at Eastern.                 teams. He also served as a certified
director of athletic facilities, Keil also      A 1990 graduate of Carroll University     clinical instructor in the athletic training
owns his own business, Landshark             in Waukesha, Wisc., Malach went on to        education program.
Lawn Services.                               earn a master’s degree from Eastern             A native of Minnetonka, Minn., Nord-
                                             Kentucky University in 1992. After com-      wall graduated from Minnehaha Acad-
                                             pleting his M.A., he joined the University   emy in 1986. He went on to complete
                                             of Wisconsin-Stevens Point as an assis-      his undergraduate degree at North Park
                                             tant athletics director from 1992-95.        College in Chicago, Ill. in 1990, and fol-
                                                Malach then became a systems engi-        lowed that with his master’s degree at
                                             neer with Office Technology Company          Western Michigan University in 1996.
                                             in March 1995 before moving to Cape             From 1991-94 Nordwall was the head
                                             Girardeau, Mo., as a member of the           athletic trainer at Triton College in River
                                             Southeast Missouri staff in January          Grove, Ill. He then moved on to West-
                                             1996.                                        ern Michigan University as a graduate
                                                A native of Denmark, Wisc., Malach        assistant athletic trainer from 1994-96,
                                             attended Denmark High School and was         followed by a position at the University
                                             a member of the 1985 boys basketball         of Notre Dame as an assistant athletic
                                             team that won the Class B state champi-      trainer during the 1996-97 season. He
                                             onship. He also participated in baseball     joined the Kent State University staff
                                             and football as a prep.                      in 1997 as an assistant athletic trainer
                                                Malach lives in Milan, Mich. with his     and remained there until accepting the
                                             wife, Joan, and their son, Brevin (10)       EMU position.
                                             and daughter, Elaina (2).                       The 40-year-old Nordwall is a certified
                                                                                          athletic trainer and a member of the
                                                                                          National Athletic Trainers Association
                                                                                          and the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers

                                                                   EMU athlEtic dEPartMEnt staff

   Faculty Compliance Associate                                Academic Counselor                    Associate Athletics Director/
         Michael Paciorek                                         Ann Pierson                       Compliance and Special Projects
                                                                                                       Dr. Melody Reifel Werner
   Michael Paciorek, a professor of physical educa-       Ann Pierson is in her sixth year as          Melody Reifel Werner is in her 13th year
tion in the Eastern Michigan University College of                                                  as a member of the Eastern Michigan
                                                       an academic counselor for the athlet-
Health and Human Services joined the Office of
Compliance in January 2006 as Faculty Compli-          ics department at Eastern Michigan           University staff.
ance Associate.                                        University.                                     She previously served as the associate
   Paciorek is a 1975 graduate of St. Bonaventure         Pierson joined the SASS staff after       athletics director/senior woman admin-
University where he received a B.S. in physical                                                     istrator after spending two years as the
                                                       spending six years as an assistant coach
education. He received a Master’s degree in
                                                       for the EMU softball team.                   assistant athletics director for compli-
adapted physical education from The George
Washington University in 1977 and a Ph.D. from            Pierson earned a bachelor’s degree        ance and four years as the coordinator
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University in 1981.      in recreation and parks managements          of athletics rules compliance.
He taught adapted physical education in the
                                                       with an emphasis in therapeutic recre-          The 51-year-old Reifel Werner has
Norfolk, VA City Schools from 1976-1979, and                                                        earned her bachelor’s, master’s and doc-
holds national certification in adapted physical       ation from Central Michigan University
education. Paciorek is known for his work in the       in 1987.                                     toral degrees with honors from Eastern
field of disability sport having been on the Board        While an undergrad at CMU, Pierson        Michigan University. She completed her
of Directors for Special Olympics Michigan for 12
                                                       helped CMU win two Mid-American Con-         bachelor’s degree in marketing and com-
years. He was a member of the United States                                                         munications in 1979 and her master’s in
Disabled Sports Team that competed in the              ference softball championship (1983
                                                       and 1986) and one league basketball          organizational communications in 1998.
1992 Paralympic Games in Barcelona, Spain and
                                                                                                    She was awarded her doctoral degree in
worked in classification at the 1996 Paralympic        title (1982-83). She played on CMU
Games in Atlanta. He was on the evaluation team                                                     educational leadership at EMU in 2006.
                                                       softball teams that qualified for three
for the 1995 Special Olympic World Games and                                                        Reifel Werner is the author of the book
was Co-Coordinator for disabled athlete participa-     NCAA regional appearances.
                                                                                                    Protecting University Integrity: Managing
tion at the 1990 and 1991 U.S. Olympic Festivals          A native of Ann Arbor, the 44-year-old
                                                                                                    Risks in Intercollegiate Athletics.
in Minneapolis and Los Angeles respectively. Ad-       Pierson lettered in basketball and soft-
ditionally, he spent 14 years in the United States                                                     Reifel Werner joined Eastern in 1994
                                                       ball at Gabriel Richard High School. She
Army Reserves rising to the rank of Major.                                                          to develop and implement a training pro-
   Paciorek has written extensively in profes-         helped the softball team win the state
                                                                                                    gram for faculty and staff on the online
sional journals and his book “Disability Sports &      of Michigan Class D championship as a        student information computer system.
Recreation is in its Third Edition. Since arriving     freshman and senior and was named            Reifel Werner previously worked as a
at Eastern Michigan in 1981 Paciorek was the
                                                       All-State as a senior. A two-time Class D    training consultant for The Pace Group.
Physical Education Program Coordinator while
teaching classes in adapted physical education,        All-State selection in basketball, Pierson      Prior to Reifel’s work as a training
motor learning and development and disability          led the team to the Class D state cham-      consultant, she worked as an accounts
sport. In 1999, he served as the President of the      pionship game in her final season.           manager and sales trainer for GTE in
Michigan Association for Health, Physical Educa-
                                                          Pierson and her son, Brian (14) reside    both Muskegon, Mich., and Ft. Wayne,
tion, Recreation and Dance (MAHPER&D). While
at EMU he has received the Eastern Michigan            in Ypsilanti.                                Ind.
University Distinguished Faculty Award for Service                                                     She is a member of the executive
in 2000 and the EMU Alumni Association Distin-
                                                                                                    committee of the National Association
guished Teaching Award in 1994. Professionally,
he has received the MAHPER&D Distinguished                                                          of Athletics Compliance (NAAC) and a
Honor Award in 2005; the National Consortium                                                        member of the education committee
on Physical Education and Recreation for Individu-                                                  of the National Association of Women
als with Disabilities Outstanding Service Award                                                     Athletic Administrators (NACWAA). Reifel
in 1999; and the American Alliance for Health,
Physical Education, Recreation & Dance; Adapted
                                                                                                    Werner also serves as a member of the
Physical Activity Council Professional Recognition                                                  NCAA Research Committee.
Award in 1999.                                                                                         Reifel Werner is married to Thomas
   Paciorek and his wife Karen, a professor of early                                                Werner and has two grown sons: Thomas
childhood education at EMU have two sons: Clark
                                                                                                    Joseph and Anthony John.
(23) and Clay (19).

EMU athlEtic dEPartMEnt staff

       Director of Marketing                    Assistant Athletics Trainer              Acting Equipment Manager
           Scott Schultz                               Megan Snow                                Jay Sofen

    Scott Schultz is in his third year at     Megan Snow is in her second year            Jay Sofen is in his second year as
Eastern Michigan University and his first   as an assistant athletics trainer at      the assistant equipment manager for
as the director of marketing.               Eastern Michigan University.              the Eastern Michigan University athlet-
    He previously served as EMU’s mar-        She will serve as the primary athlet-   ics department. He is currently serving
keting and promotions coordinator from      ics trainer for the women’s basketball,   as the acting equipment manager while
2005-07 as well as spending the 2004        tennis and volleyball teams, while as-    a search for a full-time replacement is
year as a marketing intern.                 sisting in game-day help with nearly      found.
    The 26-year-old Schultz earned his      all sports.                                   A 2006 graduate of Eastern Michigan
bachelor’s degree in management from                                                  University, Sofen worked for two years
                                              The 29-year-old Snow joined the
Michigan State University in 2004. He                                                 in the sports information office before
                                            EMU staff after spending the 2006-
completed his master’s degree in sports                                               joining the equipment staff for the
                                            07 year as an athletics training intern
management from the University of                                                     2005-06 campaign.
Michigan in 2006.                           at Michigan State University. She             The 25-year-old Sofen is responsible
    During his undergraduate years at       also served as a graduate assistant       for the equipment needs of the men’s
MSU, Schultz was a customer service         athletics trainer at Central Michigan     and women’s basketball, volleyball and
and sales representative for the ath-       University from 2004-06.                  EMU’s Olympic sports teams. He also
letic department. He was responsible          A native of Holland, Mich., Snow        assists with the day-to-day operations
for ticket sales and helped coordinate      graduated from Grand Valley State         of the EMU football program.
the Spartan football priority seating       University in 2003 with a bachelor’s          A native of Plymouth, Mich., Sofen
program.                                    degree in movement science. She           completed his bachelor’s degree in
    A native of Colorado Springs, Colo.,    went on to complete her master’s          Public Relations at EMU in 2006. As an
Schultz graduated from Saline (Mich.)       degree in sport administration at         undergraduate he served as an opera-
High School in 2000 where he partici-       Central Michigan University in 2007.      tions volunteer at the 2004 and 2005
pated in soccer, basketball and baseball.                                             Mid-American Conference Football
He was captain of the baseball team                                                   Championship games. He also served
his senior year.                                                                      as an operations volunteer at the 2005
                                                                                      U.S. Open Golf Championship in Pine-
                                                                                      hurst, N.C.
                                                                                          Sofen is a certified member of the
                                                                                      Athletic Equipment Managers Associa-
                                                                                      tion (AEMA).

                                                       EMU athlEtic dEPartMEnt staff

Assistant Sports Information Director          Associate Athletics Director                    Head Strength and
            Greg Steiner                            Media Relations                            Conditioning Coach
                                                      Jim Streeter                               Mike Szerszen

  Greg Steiner is in his eighth year with     Jim Streeter is in his 35th year with      Mike Szerszen is in his second year as
the Eastern Michigan University Sports      the Eastern Michigan University Sports     head strength and conditioning coach
Information Office and his fifth as the     Information Office, 34 of them as the      at Eastern Michigan University. He was
assistant sports information director.      director.                                  named to the position in April 2007.
  He will serve as the primary contact        The 60-year-old Streeter earned a          Prior to his appointment to head
for the women’s basketball, volleyball      bachelor’s degree from EMU in De-          coach, Szerszen was the assistant
and golf teams, while aiding in game-       cember 1973, with a major in physical      strength and conditioning coach at EMU
day help with nearly all sports.            education and minors in journalism         for four years.
  The 27-year-old Steiner worked as a       and history. He was sports editor of the     Before joining the EMU staff, Sz-
student sports information director at      student newspaper, The Eastern Echo,       erszen was an assistant strength and
Eastern Michigan University for three       for two years.                             conditioning coach at the U.S. Military
years. A 2003 graduate of EMU, he             After serving a two-year stint as a      Academy (Army) the previous year.
graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s       sportswriter for The Ypsilanti Press,        The 29-year-old Szerszen earned
degree in marketing.                        Streeter joined EMU as an assistant        his undergraduate degree in sports
  During his tenure as a student            sports information director in 1974. He    medicine in 2001 from the University
assistant for the EMU sports information    was named SID in August 1975.              of Charleston.
office, Steiner was responsible for the       Streeter is a member of the College of     He was a volunteer strength and
design and development of the athletics     Sports Information Directors of America    conditioning coach at West Virginia
department Web site, as well as most        (CoSIDA) and was a member of the           University from May 2000 to May 2001
of the office’s publications.               publications committee for four years.     before earning his master’s degree in
  Steiner worked four years (2001-          He was the secretary of the Detroit        athletic coaching education in August
2005) for WOHL television in Lima,          Sports Broadcasters and Writers As-        2002.
Ohio, as co-host of the Friday Night        sociation (DSBWA) from 1990-94 after         While working on his master’s,
Frenzy and The Ottawa Oil Pre-Game          serving as vice president for one year.    Szerszen was a graduate assistant
Show, a local high school sports show.      Additionally, in 2007 he received the      strength and conditioning coach at WVU
He completed an internship at Bluffton      honor of “Best of the Best” from the       from May 2001 to July 2002.
University during the summer of 2002,       DSBWA.                                       Szerszen then moved on to Army in
where he assisted with the day-to-day         Streeter was selected as one of nine     July 2002, as an assistant strength and
operations of the sports information        Media Marshals for the 2004 Ryder Cup      conditioning coach where he super-
office.                                     Golf competition at Oakland Hills Coun-    vised and oversaw the operation of a
    A native of Bluffton, Ohio, Steiner     try Club. He was also inducted into the    6,000-square foot weight room.
graduated from Bluffton High School in      EMU Athletics Hall of Fame in 2004.          A native of Wheeling, W.Va., Szerszen
1999. He is a member of the College           A native of Albion, Mich., Streeter      lettered in baseball at Wheeling Central
Sports Information Directors of America     graduated from Albion High School in       High School.
(CoSIDA) and the MAC News Media As-         1966. He earned two varsity letters
sociation (MNMA).                           in baseball and two in basketball at
                                            Albion High. He served as president
                                            of the Varsity Club his senior year and
                                            vice-president of the junior and senior
                                              Streeter and his wife, Mary, live in
                                            Ypsilanti and have three sons: Andrew
                                            (31), twins Michael and David (29), two
                                            granddaughters, Isabel (9) and Annal-
                                            iese (5) and one grandson, Avery (2).

EMU athlEtic dEPartMEnt staff

     Assistant Athletic Trainer               Associate Head Athletic Trainer                   Assistant Strength and
        Masayasu Takaiwa                               Bill Tuscany                              Conditioning Coach
                                                                                                    Andy Williams
   Masayasu Takaiwa is in his fifth year        Bill Tuscany is in his 23rd year as a        Andy Williams is in his first year as
as a staff athletics trainer at Eastern      member of the Eastern Michigan Univer-       the assistant strength and conditioning
Michigan University.                         sity sports medicine staff, having been      coach at Eastern Michigan University.
   Takaiwa joined the EMU athletic train-    promoted to associate head athletic             Williams joined the EMU staff in the
ing staff in the fall of 2003 after spend-   trainer in September 2001. In addition,      fall of 2008 after spending the 2007
ing the previous year at Lake Superior       Tuscany serves as a lecturer and clinical    season as a director of strength and
State University.                            instructor in EMU’s accredited athletic      conditioning in player development for
   The 36-year-old Takaiwa has also          training curriculum.                         the New York Yankees baseball team.
served as a graduate assistant athletics        A 1973 Eastern Michigan University           Prior to joining the Yankees organiza-
trainer at Kent State University (Aug.       graduate, Tuscany earned his master’s        tion, Williams held a series of strength
2000-May 2002), and was an athletics         degree from EMU in 1976.                     and conditioning jobs, including a
training student intern at Niagara Uni-         Before joining the EMU athletics          three-year stint at Cal-State Fullerton
versity (2001). During his undergradu-       department, Tuscany was the head             from 2004-07, working with the Mon-
ate years at the University of Nebraska      athletics trainer at Lewis University in     treal Alouettes of the Canadian Football
at Omaha, Takaiwa was an athletics           Romeoville, Ill., from 1976-86. In addi-     League as a scout in 2005, serving as
training student (Aug. 1997-May 2000).       tion to his training duties at Lewis, Tus-   the head strength and conditioning
He also served as an athletics training      cany was the director of the Emergency       coach at Tennessee State University
student at Dodge City Community Col-         Medical Service, an associate professor      from 2000-02, and in the same posi-
lege (Aug. 1996-May 1997).                   in physical education and from 1981-86       tion with the Frankfurt Galaxy in NFL
   Takaiwa attended the Goto College of      he was the chairman of the physical          Europe in 1999, and serving as an as-
Medical Arts and Sciences in Kanagawa,       education department.                        sistant strength and conditioning coach
Japan, from 1991-94, before attending           Tuscany is a member of the National       with the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs from
the University of Nebraska at Omaha          Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA).       1996-98.
from 1994-96, Dodge City Community              The 57-year-old Tuscany and his wife,        The 34-year-old Williams is a native
College from 1996-97 and completing          Carol, have a daughter, Sarah (26).          of Sedalia, Mo. and went on to earn his
his bachelor’s degree in physical edu-                                                    bachelor’s degree at Missouri Western
cation at the University of Nebraska at                                                   State College in 1996. He was a varsity
Omaha in 2000. He added his master                                                        football player at Missouri Western be-
of arts in sport and recreation at Kent                                                   fore suffering a career-ending shoulder
State Univeristy in May 2002.                                                             injury after two seasons.
   Takaiwa is certified with the National
Athletic Trainers’ Association, the Michi-
gan Athletics Trainers’ Society and the
Great Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Associa-

                                                             EMU hEad coachEs

Jay Alexander      Karen Baird     Kim Berrington    Bruce Cunningham      Derek DelPorto
   Baseball          Softball        Volleyball         Men’s Golf           Wrestling

Brad Fairchild      Jeff Genyk    AnnMarie Gilbert    John Goodridge         Scott Hall
 Men’s Track         Football     Women’s Basketball Men’s Cross Country   Women’s Soccer

Brad Holdren        Peter Linn        Sue Parks    Charles E. Ramsey         Ryan Ray
  Rowing         Men’s and Women’s Women’s Track & Men’s Basketball           Tennis
                     Swimming       Cross Country

                   Buck Smith      Sandy Wagner         Steve Wilce
                     Diving        Women’s Golf         Gymnastics

EMU sPorts MEdicinE

                                                           At Eastern Michigan University, the
                                                       philosophy of the Sports Medicine staff
                                                       is two-fold: to provide a high standard
                                                       of medical care through effective pre-
                                                       ventive and management programs,
                                                       and to facilitate an effective post-injury
                                                       rehabilitation process for a safe return
                                                       to competition. In all cases, the ultimate
                                                       well-being of each student-athlete is
                                                       considered our number one priority,
                                                       not only while they compete at Eastern         Head Athletic Trainer     Megan Snow
                                                       Michigan University, but during their            Steve Nordwall,     Staff Athletic Trainer
                                                       lifetime as well.                                   MS, ATC
                                                           The Sports Medicine staff operates
                                                       out of three campus athletic training
                                                       facilities in the Convocation Center,
                                                       Bowen Field House and the Rynearson
                                                       Stadium team building.
                                                           Each of the athletic training facilities
                                                       contain taping and practice prepara-
                                                       tion areas, treatment and rehabilita-
                                                       tive equipment, and physician exam
                                                       areas that allow for daily, on-campus
                                                       physician care for athletic injuries and       Masayasu Takaiwa             Team Physician
                                                       illnesses. Our facilities provide an ap-       Staff Athletic Trainer       Zoe Foster, M.D.
                                                       propriate environment for the care of
                                                       our student-athletes and serves as a
                                                       proper clinical education venue for our
                                                       athletic training students
                                                           In the fall of 1997, the Athletic Educa-
                                                       tion Training Program became accred-
                                                       ited by the Commission on Accreditation
                                                       of Allied Health Education Programs.
                                                       Students who are accepted into the
   The Eastern Michigan University Sports         education program must demonstrate not
Medicine Department has a long history            only excellence in the athletic training room,
and reputation for excellence in the health                                                              Team Physician           Team Physician
                                                  but in the classroom as well.                       Tara Master-Hunter, M.D.   David Alvarez, D.O.
care of student-athletes and the education           The academic workload of the education
of athletic training students. Founding prac-     program is based heavily in the sciences and
titioners Gary Strickland, Ron Venis and Dr.      includes courses in human anatomy, physi-
Wally Roeser envisioned a goal of first-class     ology, physics, chemistry, biomechanics,
prevention, management and rehabilitation         kinesiology and exercise physiology. Aca-
of athletic injuries for all student-athletes.    demic and clinical instructors monitor the
Although the department continues to grow,        athletic training students as they progress
its primary mission remains the same.             through the required course work which
   More than 500 student-athletes participat-     includes five clinical experience courses. In
ing in intercollegiate athletics receive com-     their final semester each athletic training
prehensive health care from an expansive          student completes a 15-week internship at
sports medicine team.                             an affiliated internship site. Upon comple-
   The Eastern Michigan University Sports                                                                 Orthopedic              Head Orthopedic
                                                  tion of the program, all athletic training            Team Physician             Team Physician
Medicine staff is led by Dr. Tara Master-         students must pass the national certification
Hunter, Dr. Zoe Foster, Dr. David Alvarez, Dr.                                                         Bruce Miller, M.D.         Wally Roeser, M.D.
                                                  examination prior to advancing into their
George Pujalte, Dr. Wally Roeser, Dr. Bruce       careers or continuing on in their education
Miller, Dr. Don Wurtzel and head athletic         as an athletic trainer.
trainer Steve Nordwall. Additionally, the            It is our ongoing mission to constantly
staff consists of two primary care sports         re-evaluate the roles and responsibilities
medicine fellows, three full-time staff ath-      of our program in order to best exceed
letic trainers, two full-time athletic training   the expectations and needs of our student
clinical educators, five graduate assistant       population. The interaction between the
athletic trainers and the team dentist. Our       sports medicine staff, the student-athletes
sports medicine staff works in conjunction        and the athletic training education program
with various medical professionals within the     creates a productive atmosphere which
community who provide nutritional, dental,        enhances both the student-athlete experi-                                      Sports Medicine Fellow
                                                                                                         Team Dentist
vision and other specialized services for our     ence and athletic training students’ clinical                                  Jennifer Weibel, D.O.
                                                                                                      Don Wurtzel, D.D.S.
student-athletes.                                 education.

                                                                 EMU strEngth                              and        conditioning

   An eagle by definition is a large bird of                                                           yards, position specific conditioning, gassers
prey noted for its strength, size, keenness of                                                         and half gassers, and 300-yard shuttle and
vision and powers of flight. These are skills                                                          ladder runs. All conditioning runs have goal
that can only develop in the right setting and                                                         times that the student-athletes must meet.
environment.                                                                                               goal setting and evaluation
   At Eastern Michigan University, it is the job                                                          Student-athletes will set individual goals
of head strength and conditioning coach Mike                                                           for the end of winter conditioning, summer
Szerszen to guide student-athletes down the                                                            conditioning and the post-season. Each athlete
path that will help them develop those and                                                             has his own personal goal booklet to monitor
other skills that will allow them to excel in      eventual goal of all athletes is to be successful   gains. The goals are used as a method of
competition.                                       on the Mid-American Conference and national         monitoring the student-athlete and providing
   The main focus of the EMU strength and          level. Through our hard work and commitment         them with a target to attain in training to
conditioning program is to develop the             to excellence, we believe we can achieve that       help improve their performance on the field.
complete student-athlete. This is achieved         goal.”                                              Student-athletes will be tested three times
through a program that is not based solely                                                             a year. These tests help our staff evaluate
on weight training, but rather on the develop-                                                         their strengths and weaknesses. Testing will
ment of all aspects of athletic performance.                  strengtH training
                                                      This is the foundation of all of our training.   include the following at various points in the
Everything that is incorporated into the train-                                                        year: bench press, squat, hang clean, vertical
ing program is geared towards enhancing            Improvements in all areas begin here. We use
                                                   systematic periodic planning when developing        jump, 1.5-mile run, 16 x 110 yard sprints, 15
success on the playing field. Areas of focus                                                           second bag jumps, 20-yard shuttle, 10-yard
include speed, agility, strength, quickness,       our strength program. We use many compound
                                                   movements and isolate muscle groups with            sprint, 225-lb bench press reps max, body fat
flexibility, explosive power, sports nutrition                                                         percentage, sit and reach flexibility, height and
and mental toughness.                              machines and specific dumbbell exercises. We
                                                   focus on working many different joint angles.       weight.
   One major area of focus is the development
of running speed and quickness. Great focus        We use as many different training variables
is placed on strength development, flexibility     and a mix of training philosophies to attain
and proper running mechanics. The goal is to       our goals. By training in this manner we can
produce strong physical athletes who improve       avoid being one-dimensional which will help
their foot speed and quickness.                    us eliminate plateaus and staleness in training.
   While every athletic program lifts during the   Core lifts include: bench press, squat and hang
year, EMU student-athletes will also participate   clean. Many injury prevention exercises are
in year-round conditioning. The strength and       implemented as well.
conditioning staff push the student-athletes
to excel throughout a continually physical and                 sPeed and agility
mentally demanding program.                           We believe speed and agility drills should be
    “We believe highly competitive athletes        utilized every time we work out. We incorporate
should never get out-of-shape,” Szerszen           some form of speed or agility drills into every
said. “Our workouts are intense and designed       workout. The reason for this philosophy is to
to challenge our student-athletes to surpass       provide constant reinforcement so that we
levels they have not yet achieved. Because         can achieve maximum speed and quickness.
of this aggressive training we help develop        Speed and agility is separated into long and
not only a physically tougher athlete, but         short distances. Several examples of speed
also a mentally tougher one who excels in          drills include resistant runs with harnesses
competition. Our goal is simple ... to be the      and chutes, stance and start drills, running
best conditioned and physically toughest team      mechanics, form running and competitive
in the country.”                                   sprints. Some of our agility drills include: cone
   Physically developing student-athletes is       drills, speed ladders, dot and t-drills, 20-yard
a year-round endeavor. During the season,          shuttles, ladder runs, reactive drills, jump rope
football players at EMU will spend as much         and quick feet drills.
time with the strength and conditioning
coaches as they do on the field with their                                                                   EMU Strength
position coaches.                                                 Conditioning                             Training Philosophy
   “A highly motivated athlete is a program’s         We believe that great student-athletes
greatest asset,” Szerszen said. “We strive for     should never get out-of-shape and because of
excellence both mentally and physically. We        that we condition year-round. Of course, the        “The philosophy here at EMU
have individual goal meetings prior to each        intensity of the conditioning will be dictated      is to train the student-athlete
segment of our training. Short and long-term       by what we are doing during that period of          in an organized and systematic
goals are set and we work diligently to achieve    training or at that point in the season. During
them.                                              the season, conditioning will be short and brief    manner to develop all elements of
   “Our athletes at EMU are second to none in      as it will be during the winter conditioning        athletic performance. Training
terms of their hard work and effort,” Szerszen     period. During the summer preseason training        is performed in a highly intense
added. “We work hard, but have fun in the          period, conditioning will be very intense as we
process. The camaraderie and work ethic            prepare for the season and as we acclimate          manner which develops a high level
they develop in the weight room carries over       for the heat of two-a-day practices during          of mental toughness and pride to
directly to their success in competition.”         August. Forms of conditioning include: 1.5
                                                                                                       be the best.”
   Strength and conditioning at EMU is a full-     mile run, 110-yard sprints, step down sprints
time commitment. There is no such thing as         ranging in distances from 100 yards to 10                         – Mike Szerszen
being a part-time champion. At EMU, the

EMU stUdEnt-athlEtE sUPPort

                             While success on the        Faculty members also provide
                             field is important,         assistance to student-athletes
                             success in the class-       through advising in course
                             room is the number          selection and providing addi-
                             one priority. Student       tional help with courses when
                             Athlete Support             requested.
                             Services (SASS) is
                             dedicated to the aca-          aCadeMiC suCCess
                             demic success of the           Entering the 2008-2009 aca-
                             Eagles. Led by Erin         demic year, Eastern Michigan
                             Burdis and her staff        University student-athletes
                             of counselors, SASS         continue to excel on the play-
                             strives to make sure        ing field and in the class-
every student-athlete finds academic success at          room.
Eastern.                                                    The athletics department
   Our philosophy is to offer an academic sup-           cumulative GPA is currently at
port program, integrated with the University,            3.053 after the 2008 winter         Student-athletes from the men’s and women’s basketball teams joined
that will assist all student-athletes with their         semester. The baseball team          forces for the third annual EMU Pride Day in the summer of 2008.
transition into college. This all-encompassing           leads the men’s teams with a
support continues throughout each student-               3.036, while the women’s ten-
athlete’s collegiate career, until the day he or         nis team leads the women’s
she receives a diploma, lands a job or enters            side with a 3.557.                                    student-atHlete advisory CounCil
graduate school.                                            “We feel that academic achievement is the              Tying together all of the varsity sports at EMU
   Being proactive rather than reactive, our staff       cornerstone of the student-athlete experi-            is the Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC).
does not wait for an academic crisis to occur.           ence,” EMU director of athletics Derrick Gragg Each varsity team is required to have at least one
We gather important background information               explained. “We are very proud of our student- representative, while the larger teams normally
and build an academic profile on each student-           athletes’ work in the classroom and will continue volunteer several. This group of student-athletes
athlete, assessing his or her needs in advance.          to support them as they move forward to reach meets monthly to discuss ways to better the
   Services provided through SASS include the            the ultimate goal of graduating.”                     student-athlete experience at EMU.
following: programs that focus on student-                  “Obviously, our staff and student-athletes             It is the goal of SAAC to be the student-athlete
athletes’ special needs, monitoring academic             work closely to make sure that a major emphasis voice to the athletic administration; provide a
performance, providing learning assistance,              is put on the academic success for our teams bridge between the student-athlete and the
assisting with registration procedures, assisting        and this 2008 winter report is the proof that all EMU community; undertake Student-Athlete
in monitoring athletic eligibility, providing priority   of that hard work is paying off,” said Erin Bur- Advisory Board projects, which will benefit
registration and making sure that athletes are           dis, EMU’s Director of Student-Athlete Support student-athletes and the community; and to
advised about current NCAA, MAC and University           Services (SASS). “We are very happy with the represent Eastern Michigan University student-
rules and regulations.                                   results from this past semester and we expect athletes and what they represent.
   Freshmen and transfer student-athletes                that success to continue into the future.”                SAAC normally undertakes a few projects
encounter a major transition when making the                Other highlights for the winter semester a year that benefit the surrounding commu-
switch from high school or community college to          include:                                              nity of Ypsilanti. “Reading Eagles” takes place
a university. These students, while adjusting to            • 22 student-athletes with a 4.0 semester at elementary schools in the area, sending
their new routines, receive extra attention and             GPA                                                student-athletes to schools to talk and read to
support.                                                    • 245 student-athletes (54.9%) have a 3.0 the children. The annual canned food drive
   College is not easy, but with hard work and               or higher semester GPA                            run by SAAC takes place in the fall, providing
dedication from both the student-athlete and                • 12 teams have a 3.0 or higher GPA                competition between teams, all with the goal of
the support staff, the student-athlete can have             • 9 teams increased their cumulative GPA helping the community.
a successful college experience.                            from winter 2007 to winter 2008                        The trademark of SAAC is the annual lip-
   The success of Eastern’s student-athletes                                                                   synching and dance competition that is held
hinges on their willingness to seek assistance                                                                 every March.
from SASS as                                                                                                       “Jock Jamz” pits varsity teams against each
well as other Uni-                                                                                             other, in a competition to see who can perform
versity student                                                                                                a better routine. Always a hit with the athletic
services. SASS                                                                                                 and campus community, Jock Jamz has been
staff members                                                                                                  a successful fund raiser, donating its proceeds
continually refer                                                                                              to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Washtenaw
student-athletes                                                                                               County.
to the admis-                                                                                                      While SAAC does what it can to help support
sions office, Ac-                                                                                              the community, it puts the student-athletes
ademic Advising                                                                                                at EMU first. SAAC constantly looks for ways
Center, Career                                                                                                 to increase student attendance at games, as
Services Center,                                                                                               well as provide better communication between
health services,                                                                                               professors and student-athletes who have to
the records of-                                                                                                miss class for competition. Directed by student-
fice, financial aid                                                                                            athletes who understand the issues that they
and The Holman                                                                                                 face and want to make a difference, SAAC has
Learning Center.                                                                                               become a very successful organization.

                     Some of EMU’s athletes were recognized for their achievements in the classroom during the
                           Scholar Athlete Banquet at the Marriott Hotel at Eagle Crest, April 14, 2008.

                                                                                ncaa coMPliancE

          7                Important Questions for Prospective Student-Athletes from
                           Melody Reifel Werner, Associate Athletic Director for Compliance

WHen do i BeCoMe a ProsPeCt?                                 WHat are evaluations?
You become a “prospective student-athlete” (PSA)             An evaluation is any off-campus activity used to assess
when you start ninth-grade classes. You become a             your academic qualifications or athletics ability, which
“recruited prospective student-athlete” at a particular      includes visiting your high school (during which no
college if any coach approaches you (or any member           contact occurs) or watching you practice or compete
of your family) about enrolling and participating in         at any site. Currently in all sports other than football
athletics at that college. Activities by coaches that        and basketball, a college coach is limited to seven
cause you to become a recruited prospective student-         opportunities (contacts and evaluations combined)
athlete are: (1) providing you with an official visit to     to recruit you and not more than three of the seven
campus; (2) placing more than one telephone call to          opportunities may be off-campus contacts. Once you
you or any other member of your family; or (3) visiting      sign a National Letter of Intent, you may be evaluated
you or any other member of your family anywhere              an unlimited number of times by a college coach from
other than the college campus.                               the college with which you have signed.

WHen Can CoaCHes talk to Me and WatCH Me Play?               WHen Can a CoaCH send Me letters and eMails?
There are many specific NCAA rules which dictate when        In sports other than men’s basketball, a member
a coach may talk to you or watch you play. These rules       institution may not provide recruiting materials to a
vary depending on the sport and the time of year.            prospect (including general correspondence related
Often, calls are limited to a certain month or to certain    to athletics) until Sept. 1 at the beginning of the
times during the month. To get more information on           prospect’s junior year in high school. In the sport
what these rules are and which ones apply to you,            of men’s basketball, an institution may not provide
please visit or contact Melody Reifel Werner        recruiting materials to a prospect (including general
at 734.487.2327.                                             correspondence related to athletics) until June 15 at
                                                             the conclusion of the prospect’s sophomore year in
WHat aBout CoaCHes ContaCting Me?                            high school.
A contact is any face-to-face meeting between a
university coach and you or your parents. Also, any          are tHere rules for Boosters?
such face-to-face meeting that is prearranged or             In addition to general recruiting regulations, no alumni,
that takes place on your campus, at an organized             boosters or representatives of a college’s athletics
competition or at a practice involving you or your           interests can be involved in your recruitment. There
high school, prep school, two-year college or all-star       may be no phone calls or letters from boosters. If
team shall be considered a contact, regardless of the        an EMU booster is contacting you, please call the
conversation. Currently in all sports other than football,   EMU Office of Compliance as soon as possible at
college coaches may contact you off the college              734.487.2327.
campus no more than three times. However, a college
coach may visit your high school (with the approval of       i Have otHer questions tHat are not ansWered Here.
your high school principal) only once a week during a        Can you HelP Me?
contact period.                                              Sure! If you have any questions, please contact Melody
                                                             Reifel Werner via e-mail at
                                                             Good luck and GO EAGLES!

thE EMU convocation cEntEr

                                                                                                            tale of tHe taPe
                                                                                                        tHe ConvoCation Center

                                                                                                            Cost - $29.6 million

                                                                                                          Square Feet - 204,316

                                                                                                 Seating Capacity (Basketball) - 8,824
                                                                                                  Seating Capacity (Other Events) -

                                                                                                         Building Time Frame -
                                                                                                        Construction Started: 1996
                                                                                                      Dedication: December 12, 1998

                                                                                                          Design/Build Team -
                                                                                                          Barton-Malow Company

                                                                                                               Architects -
                                                                                                    Rossetti Associates of Birmingham/
                                                                                                             The Argos Group

                                The Eastern    meets on the arena floor.
                             Michigan Uni-        The Convocation Center has also served
                             versity Convo-    as the site for three Mid-American Confer-
                             cation Center,    ence Championships. EMU hosted the 2000
                             in its 10th       and 2007 MAC Gymnastics Championship
                             season as the     and the 2002 MAC Wrestling Championship.
                             crown jewel of    The arena has been the host site for four
                             EMU athletics,    first-round MAC Women’s Basketball Tourna-
                             opened up a       ment games, four first-round MAC Volleyball
                             new era of ex-    Tournament games and one first-round
                             citement on the   game for the men’s basketball squad.
west campus of EMU in the fall of 1998.           The Convocation Center also played host
   The state-of-the-art, $29-million facil-    to the 2008 WNBA’s Eastern Conference
ity is the result of a decade-long effort to   Finals and the WNBA Championship, as the          on the office level, along with offices for the
improve and upgrade University facilities      Detroit Shock utilized the facility for the       EMU football, men’s and women’s basketball
and followed closely the opening of the        playoffs.                                         and volleyball coaching staffs. The EMU
$41-million Bruce T. Halle Library on the         Along with their commitment to EMU             Sports Information Office, as well as offices
main campus.                                   Athletics, the Convocation Center staff has       for the Convocation Center staff, are located
   Construction of the Convocation Center      brought some of the finest entertainers in        on the office level.
began in the spring of 1997 and culminated     the world to Ypsilanti. The Convo has hosted         The main athletic training room and of-
with its dedication game, Dec. 9, 1998,        concerts by the Black Crowes, Indigo Girls,       fice space for EMU’s sports medicine staff
with a men’s basketball game against the       Godsmack, Smashmouth, Ludacris, Toby              is located on the arena level as are strength
University of Michigan in front of a crowd     Keith, Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls,            and conditioning facilities and equipment
of 7,647.                                      Dave Chapelle and John Mayer. The Convo-          rooms.
   Since its opening, the Convocation Center   cation Center is also the site for EMU’s spring      There is no doubt that the Convocation
has served as home court for the Eagles’       and winter commencement ceremonies.               Center has become a special place for
men’s and women’s basketball and volley-       Among other events that have taken place          athletic events, but there is a warm spot
ball teams. The EMU wrestling team and         include numerous youth sporting competi-          in the hearts of Eastern Michigan fans for
women’s gymnastics team have held several      tions, high school commencements, trade           Bowen Field House, the home for men’s and
                                               shows, job fairs, conventions, charity and        women’s basketball games for 43 years.
                                               community awareness events as well as a              Bowen was built in 1955 at a cost of $1.25
                                               circus.                                           million. The facility has 79,529 square feet
                                                  The 204,316-square-foot facility features      of floor space and includes an eight-laps-to-
                                               three user-friendly levels — arena, con-          the-mile indoor track. An additional 9,394
                                               course and office — and three seating con-        square feet, along with new permanent
                                               figurations to maximize crowd capacity and        seating, a new court and upgrading of the
                                               space usage. The largest seating capacity         facility was completed in 1982 at a cost of
                                               is for center-stage entertainment activities,     $506,938.
                                               with 9,500 seats available. The capacity for         Bowen still serves as home to EMU’s track
                                               basketball games is approximately 8,800.          teams and also serves as a practice facility
                                                  EMU’s athletic administration is located       for many of Eastern’s varsity squads.

                                                              thE EMU convocation cEntEr

                EMU’s women’s basketball locker rooms includes a big screen television, stereo, couches, chairs, a
                                      study area with computer and other amenities.

EMU’s full-court practice gym is adjacent to the main court         EMU’s weight room in the Convocation Center is just off the
             and has a full-sized wood court.                                       full-court practice gym.

EMU athlEtic clUB

 Supporting EMU Student-
   Athletes Since 1994
The EMU Athletic Club provides vital financial
support to more than 550 student-athletes at Eastern
Michigan University as they strive for excellence on
                                                                       MeMBersHiP levels and Benefits:
the court and in the classroom. Nearly 1,000 donors            Hall of Fame -- $5,000 and up
generously supported our outstanding scholar-athletes          • All of the benefits of the lower levels, plus ...
last year.                                                     • Receive first-level priority on the purchase of football/basketball season
  Established in 1994, the EMU Athletic Club raises funds        tickets, see (B) below
in three key areas for EMU’s 21 varsity athletic teams:        • Purchase rights to 10 luxury football box seats
annual-use operating funds, endowment, and facility            • Opportunity to travel to a road game with a team of your choice
related projects.                                              • Specially designed EMU Athletic Club gift
  Today, annual-use giving is the most critical area of sup-
port needed by the Athletic Department. These contribu-        Olympian -- $2,500 - $4,999
                                                               • All of the benefits of the lower levels, plus ...
tions directly support the operating budgets of our teams      • Purchase rights to five luxury football box seats
and help provide the most basic needs to our coaches           • Invitation to dinner with Athletic Director with other Olympian and higher members
and student-athletes, including comprehensive national
recruiting efforts, out of region travel to maintain nation-   All-American -- $1,000 - $2,499
ally competitive schedules, equipment such as uniforms,        • All of the benefits of the lower levels, plus ...
balls, nets, bats, and much more.                              • Football/basketball reserved parking (season ticket holders only)
  Gifts to any of our teams, or to the Eagles for Excellence   • Purchase rights to two luxury football box seats
Fund (which will be used for the most urgent needs of          • EMU Athletic Club Leader recognition pin
the athletic department), are an investment in the future
                                                               All-Conference -- $500 - $999
leaders of the state of Michigan. Join the EMU Athletic        • All of the benefits of the lower levels, plus ...
Club today and make a difference for EMU Athletics.            • Media guides upon request
                                                               • Postseason ticket priority
      How to Make a Gift                                       • Purchase rights to two chair back seats for football
                                                               • Invitation to annual social event with EMU head coaches and administrators
Online:                              Captain -- $250 - $499
By Phone: 734.487.8236                                         • All of the benefits of the lower levels, plus ...
                                                               • Access to the E-Club Room (must show membership card)
By Mail: 799 N. Hewitt Road                                    • Exclusive access to the “Eagles Nest.” Located in the Convocation Stadium
          Room 309C                                              Club, this hospitality area will be available for select home men’s & women’s
                                                                 basketball conference games and will feature a variety of refreshments and
          Ypsilanti, MI 48197                                    pre-game “chalk talks” from members of the coaching staffs. (C)

   Join the EMU Athletc Club                                   Varsity -- $50 - $249
                                                               • Tax deduction, see (A) below
 For more information or to join the EMU Athletic              • Invitation to special events
 Club, please contact:                                         • Discounts at Eagle Crest Golf Club, Eagle Crest Conference Center and
                                                                 the Ypsilanti Marriott (must show membership card)
                                                               • Membership card
 Craig Fink - Associate Athletic Director/                     • All members of the EMU Athletic Club will have their names listed in the
 Executive Director of the EMU Athletic Club                     annual report
 Office Phone - 734.487.8236
                                                               (A) Material value of benefit provided will reduce tax deduction by value of benefit.
 E-mail:                                  (B) Current football/basketball season ticket holders retain their current seats.
                                                               (C) Must also purchase season tickets or single game tickets to access this area.

                                                                                                                  thE EMU idEntity

   Since the 1991 season, Eastern Michigan
University athletic teams have gone by the                                                                              eastern eagles figHt song
nickname “Eagles.”                                       a look Back at EmU’s logos
   The Eagles name was officially adopted                                                                       “Eastern Eagles, hats off to you!
on May 22, 1991, when the EMU Board of                                                                          Fight, fight, fight for ole EMU.
Regents voted to replace the existing Huron                                                                     Look to the sky, the Eagles will fly,
nickname and logo with the new one.                                                                             the bravest we’ll defy.
   EMU originally went by the nicknames                 1929-1991
                                                                                                                ... Rah,rah, rah!”
“Normalites,” “Men from Ypsi” and vari-
ous other titles through the years before
“Hurons” was adopted in 1929.                                                                                   “Hold that line for ole Green and White.
   The “Hurons” first came into being as the                                                                    Sons and daughters show your might.
result of a contest sponsored by the Men’s                                                                      So, FIGHT, FIGHT! for ole EMU
Union in 1929. On Oct. 31 of that year, a                                                                       and vic-tor-y!”
three-person committee, composed of Dr.
Clyde Ford, Dr. Elmer Lyman and Professor                                             1991-1994                                eMu alMa Mater
Bert Peet, selected the name “Hurons” from
the many entries in the contest.                                                                                Eastern, sacred Alma Mater to your
   The name was submitted by two stu-                                                                               name we shall be true.
dents, Gretchen Borst and George Han-                                                                           Ever marching on to victory, we’ll
ner.                                                                                                                stand by to see you through,
   Hanner was working at the Huron Hotel
                                                                                                                Softly floating on the breeze,
at the time of the contest and was no doubt
as much influenced by his place of employ-
                                                       1995-2001                                                    verdant green with white of snow,
ment as by the Huron Indian tribe.                                                                              This our banner we will carry in our
   The runner-up name in that contest was                                                                           hearts whe’er we go.
   EMU began investigating the appropri-                                                                                             go green
ateness of its Huron Indian logo after the
Michigan Department of Civil Rights issued                                                                      Go Green, roll up the score.
a report in October 1988 suggesting that                                                                        Go Green, let’s get some more.
all schools using such logos drop them.                                                                         Raise a cheer for old Green and White.
The report indicated that the use of Na-
                                                                                                                Let’s show them we came here to fight.
tive American names, logos and mascots                                                                          Go Green, vic’try we’ll claim.
for athletic teams promoted racial stereo-                                                                      Go Green, let’s win this game.
types. At that time, four colleges, 62 high
                                                                                                                We’ll always fight for old EMU.
schools and 33 junior high/middle schools
                                                                                                                Come on and let’s go Green!
in Michigan used Indian logos or names.
   The EMU Board of Regents voted to
replace the Huron name with Eagles,                  2003-Present
taken from three recommendations from
a committee charged with supplying a new
nickname. The other two final names sub-
mitted were Green Hornets and Express.

                                               Some      of    emU’S Prominent AlUmni
• Charlie Batch, Lional Dalton, Jason Jones,         • Bruce T. Halle -- Founder and CEO of Discount Tire Co. • Rodney Slater -- former U.S. Secretary of Transportation
  L. J. Shelton, Barry Stokes, Kevin Walter
  – professional football players                    • John Heffron -- Winner of NBC’s Last Comic               • Shirley Spork -- co-founder of the LPGA
                                                       Standing in 2004
• Ron Campbell – President, Tampa Bay Lightning                                                                 • Bob Welch -- Cy Young Award winner
                                                     • Greg Mathis –Judge and later TV personality
• Fred Cofield, Earle Higgins, Harvey Marlatt,
  George Gervin, Grant Long, Derrick Dial,           • Lloyd Olds - designed the zebra shirt worn by referees
  Earl Boykins, Carl Thomas, Charles Thomas
  – professional basketball players                  • Dean Rockwell – Olympic team wrestling coach in 1964

• General John G. Coburn -- one of eight four-star   • Rocky Roe -- Major League Baseball umpire
  generals in the United States
                                                     • Jack Roush -- CEO and owner of Roush Racing
• Hayes Jones -- Olympic gold medalist

E-clUB hall                          of   faME

                The Eastern Michigan University alumni varsity letterwinners club, E-Club, sponsors the EMU Athletic Hall of Fame.
                The induction ceremony for the Class of 2008 will be held in conjunction with an EMU basketball game during the 2008-
               09 season. The class of 2008 includes: Charlie Batch (football), Joy Inness (women’s track), Jerry Keller (baseball),
               Sharon McNie (women’s gymnastics), Lindell Reason (men’s basketball), Jeff Reaume (men’s golf), Sarah Willis
               (women’s soccer) and Chuck Wilson (men’s track).

                  A                                     G                          Hamilton Morningside, 2005                  Sara Seegers, 2005
           Ron Adams, 1999                       Jon Gates, 2001                      Dick Moseley, 1985                        Wayne Seiler, 2000
         Delmar Allman, 1981                  Oswald Gaynier, 1993                   George Muellich, 1979                    Edwin Shadford, 1976
        Sherry Anderson, 2003                 George Gervin, 1993                    Roxanne Munch, 2004                        Pat Sheridan, 1998
         Jim Applegate, 1996                   Ralph Gilden, 1983                                                             Paul Shoemaker, 1977
          Roger Arnett, 1983                   Cleon Gilliam, 1992                              N                              Chuck Shonta, 1982
           Rha Arnold, 1981                   Wardell Gilliam, 1984                     Jim Nelson, 2000                 Kenneth “Red” Simmons, 1978
         Tommy Asinga, 2005                     Garry Grady, 2003                     Ferris Newman, 1980                      Harold Simons, 2005
                                                 Jim Grant, 1991                                                                Dr. Bob Sims, 1994
                     B                         Glenn Gulliver, 1997                             O                               Jean Siterlet, 1985
             Norb Badar, 1988                   Ron Gulyas, 1989                     Harry Ockerman, 1977                      Rodney Slater, 2001
          John Banaszak, 1985                                                          Ron Oestrike, 1979                        Mark Smith, 1999
          William Barrett, 1984                         H                              Lloyd W. Olds, 1976                       Mary Smith, 2002
            Gary Bastien, 1989              Charles Hanneman, 1977                Andrea (Bowman) Osika, 1996                    Tom Smith, 1998
           Charlie Batch, 2008                 Jim Harkema, 1999                       Bernard Otto, 1984                      Claude Snarey, 1991
          Louis Batterson, 1979                Gussie Harris, 1983                    Bob Owchinko, 1989                       Shirley Spork, 1981
      Charles Eugene Beatty, 1976                Ken Hawk, 1983                                                           Clemens “C.P.” Steimle, 1994
             James Bell, 1984                   Kelly Hebler, 1999                             P                             Col. Bill Stephens, 1987
            James Bibbs, 1979                 Merrill Hershey, 1979                    Chuck Paige, 1985                    Raymond L. Stites, 1976
            Dan Boisture, 2005                 Earle Higgins, 1997                     Lucy Parker, 1995                        Jim Streeter, 2004
          Ruth Boughner, 1980              Charles “Whitey” Hlad, 1977                  Bob Parks, 1980                       Mike Strickland, 1992
          Wilbur P. Bowen, 2000                 Chris Hoiles, 2000                      Sue Parks, 1992                         Nikki Stubbs, 2006
           Leighton Boyd, 1980                  Greg Howe, 2006                         Jeff Peck, 1996
         Santee Brockman, 1983                 Bruce Howell, 1986                       Al Pingel, 1982                                  T
             Jim Brodie, 1991                 Carole Huston, 2006                      Leroy Potter, 1999                    Eugene Thomas, 1997
             Joe Brodie, 1993                   Jeff Huxley, 1991                     Dave Pureifory, 1981                      Bill Tipton, 1986
     James M. “Bingo” Brown, 1976                                                     Nanette Push, 1998                       Fred Trosko, 1982
     Dr. Walter Gerald Brown, 1997                      I                                                                       Leo Turner, 1992
          Ken Bruchanski, 1990                   Joy Inness, 2008                             Q                                Gary Tyson, 2006
          Jack Brusewitz, 2000                                                        Thomas Quinn, 1978
             Laurie Byrd, 1993                          J                                                                              V
                                                 Al Jagutis, 2007                                R                            Andrew Vanyo, 1978
                     C                         Bob Jennings, 2001                       Larry Radcliff, 1995                   Stan Vinson, 2007
     Sharon (Brown) Calhoun, 2003              Marv Johnson, 1987                     Jerry Raymond, 1986
        Garion Campbell, 1982                  Ron Johnson, 1986                       Lindell Reason, 2008                             W
              Bill Cave, 1989                   Earl Jones, 2002                        Jeff Reaume, 2008                     Arthur Walker, 1979
       Clarence Chapman, 1988                  Hayes Jones, 1977                       Frank Reaume, 1990                  Neville “Tex” Walker, 1983
             Jean Cione, 1986                   Jay Jones, 1992                           Ron Rice, 2002                       James Walsh, 1978
              John Clay, 1995                   Mike Jones, 1985                         Earl Riskey, 1982                   Jeff Washington, 1999
       William “Audie” Cole, 2002             Maury Jormakka, 2001                     Dean Rockwell, 1977                    Claudia Wasik, 1997
          Sherm Collins, 1988                   Dazel Jules, 2006                    John “Rocky” Roe, 2001                Frank “Buck” Weeber, 1979
            Terry Collins, 1994                                                      Waldomar Roeser, 2005                      Jack Weiss, 1987
           Roger Coryell, 2004                           K                          Jenny Romatowski, 2000                      Bob Welch, 1988
           Doug Cossey, 1985                  Denise Kaercher, 2000                   Col. Duane Root, 1997                   George Wendt, 1983
              Rena Cox, 2002                   Kerry Keating, 1995                   Abe Rosenkrantz, 1981                     Harry Werbin, 1989
          Clifford Crane, 1982                   Jerry Keller, 2008                      James Ross, 1991                       Doug Willer, 2007
         Hasely Crawford, 1985                  Marci Kelley, 2007                      Bob Rowland, 1987                       Sarah Willis, 2008
         William Crouch, 1978                   David Kieft, 1999                 Elton J. Rynearson, Sr., 1976               Chuck Wilson, 2008
            Bob Crosby, 1995               Daniel Webster Kirksey, 1978                                                       Virgil Windom, 1990
     Marsha (Barker) Crosby, 2003                                                               S
          C. Dale Curtiss, 1977                          L                          Clarence Sabbath, 1981                              Z
                                              Charles Lappeus, 1983                    Olin Sanders, 1977                     Duane Zemper, 1990
                    D                          Mark Leonard, 2007                   Mireille Sankatsing, 2004                  William Zepp, 1978
          Mark Dailey, 2004                      Peter Linn, 2006                     Ron Saunders, 1998
          Dottie Davis, 1990                     Bob Lints, 2006                       Dan Schmitz, 2005
          Glenn Davis, 1987                Ann (Meachum) Lohner, 1989
             Jeff Dils, 1990                    Grant Long, 1998
         Marc Dingman, 1998
           Earl Dixon, 2004                              M
       Donna Donakowski, 1994                    Nick Manych, 1993
        Melissa Drouillard, 2004                Harvey Marlatt, 1979
          Jim Dutcher, 2003                    George Marshall, 1976
                                                  Jim Martin, 1981
                  E                       Kenneth “Beef” Matheson, 1980
         Clare Ebersole, 1988               Dr. James Matthews, 1995
           Dave Ellis, 1986                    Stan McConnor, 1988
            Ed Engle, 1997                     Tamyka McCord, 2007
                                             Kennedy McIntosh, 1996
                    F                           Paul McMullen, 2003
            Tom Fagan, 1991                     Sharon McNie, 2008
      F.L. “Frosty” Ferzacca, 1994              George Mead, 2001
           Angie Fielder, 2001               Robert Middlekauff, 1978
         Charles Forsythe, 1981                  Kevin Miller, 1994
         John C. Fountain, 1996                   Lanny Mills, 2002
            William Foy, 1976                    Randy Mills, 1996         The newest group of Hall of Famers celebrate following a halftime induction at
                                                Gordon Minty, 1984          the Convocation Center. The Class of 2007 included: Al Jagutis, Marci Kelley,
                                               Marv Mittlestat, 1982              Mark Leonard, Tamyka McCord, Stan Vinson and Doug Willer.
                                           Loita “Blink” Molineaux, 1998
                                               J.E. Morcombe, 2002


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