Hotel Damaged by Fire

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					                                                                                                          Geo. Wells,
  D«J Jttnt     Ht   Day Time Ht,
  i c 0536 10-1      1Q 0743 11-2
      1021 8-2        . 1253 9-4
   F. 1520 10-1      M. 1608 9-9
      2234. 3-0         2356 2-3
                     1Q 0824 11-3
  16 0619    10-6       1400 9-6
      1109    8-7               p
                     Tu. 1620 9-
  Sa. 1534   10-0
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     1201 9-1        w. 0906   11-4
                                      T,                                4   1963         Vol. 4       No.     35    l O c per c o p y
     1550 9-9   2101,0 - 6      Thursday,             November,
     2326 2-4
                Th. °"              cil before approach is made
   ' R A N S P O R T A T I O N - ' t o the Ferry Authority.
                                                                        Hotel Damaged by Fire
 -PARKS DISCUSSED                         D. Crofton hit a happier
     The Local Chamber of note with his report on Parks.
Commerce at their meeting He reported that Mouat Park
November 6th in Mahon Hall and Mt. Maxwell had been
were unhappy about the ina-         very well patronized thrpugh-
dequacies in transportation out the summer. Long Harbour
and quite satisfied with pro- will soon have swimming faci-
gress on parks development.          litiesas well as picnic rablesy
     Present ferry transporta- and passenger shelter.A very
tion took a beating as dis- rough sketch of the plan of
satisfaction was expressed the park may be seen at
with the Other Islands con- DRIFTWOOD.
                                           ******** ***
nection and the delay in con-
nect! on from Fu If ord with the          facts, fables & fo'rbles
                                           The latest advice to boat-
 Swartz Bay-Tsawwassen main
                                      owners: ' Don't moor your boat
                                                i f    i   i   i
     Salt Spring Islanders who down-wind from Inky.'                                                        (Photo by Marshall Sharp)
need to go to Saturna or the          Lions Club afternoon roh                                             Fire broke out in a corner
Penderson bus!ness must spend ler skating for 12 and under              I have said in my sermons,Tom,
                                                                                                       room of the Log Gabin Hotel
most of a day travelling. One age group starts again Nov.               and make up your mind that November 8th at 7 P.M.
or two trips a week with a 16*- The Club has just re-                   you will never return to this No one w°s injured. Firemen
direct connection to Ganges ceived $100. worth of new                   dismal place."                 were on hand within minutes
                                                                            "Ah,don't worry Father', of receiving the alarm turned
would be of very real benefit    small size skates. The young-
                                                                        gushed Tom. No one that ever in by a guest. They had the
to this group. The di rect con-  sters may yet match the aver-
                                                                        heard ye preach would want fire controlled within6 min-
nection for Penderand Saturna age turnout of the Saturday                                              utes. Two rooms and the hall
                                                                        to come back here again. "
residents would give better evening teen group....79                                                   were on fire when the depart-
access to hospital services.     skaters so far this year.                COTTAGE RESORT                  ment arrived.
                                      Winners of the Door Prize           CHANGES HANDS                        In addition to fire damage,
      The request to ask the
                                 at    DRIFTWOOD'S Open                                                   there was extensive smoke and
Ferry Authority to restore the                                               Mr.& Mrs.Herbert Strain
                                 House on Saturday were:-               recently of Penticton,have        water damage downstairs. Fire
 15 minute connection at Swar-                                                                            Chief Donaghey estimates the
                                 R.R.Alton,Fulford Harbour;             purchased the Cottage Resort
tz Bay for the mainland met                                             at St.Mary Lake from former       damage at around $7,000.
with partial approval.           JackTomlinson, Ganges;Mrs.                                               covered by insurance. There
                                                                        owner Oscar Havroyd. Mr.
      It was emphasized that      L.W.Whitelock,Cjoverdale.             &Mrs.Strain, with son Barry,      were only a few people in the
the aim is a better use of         COMPLIMENT OR WHAT                   arrived on Saltspring last        hotel at the time of the fire.
                                      The prisoner was about to         weekend are settled in their      The downstai rs coffee shop and
present services rather than                                            new home. Another son, Her-       dining room were closed.
 increased service. The matter be freed and the chaplain was            bert Jr v is at present in Eng-        Owner Archie McCowan
 wi 11 be brought before a meet- giving him some parting ad-            land. Mr. Strain was formerly     plans to re-open for business
 ing of the island Joint Coun- vice:                                    employed at the Provincial        as soon as repairs can be com-
                                      "Try to remember what             Court House in Penticton.         pleted.
 ROD & GUN ANNUAL FETE HUGE SUCCESS - Upwards of 60 members & guests attended
   he annual Rod & Gun Club awards dinner last Friday evening at the Harbour House Hotel,                  Best set of horns-Jim Spencer
 when a delicious dinner of venison was enjoyed by all. Mr. Vic .Jackson,President,chaired                      Hidden weight prize went
 the meeting          An unexpected feature of the dinner was the attendance of visiting Game              to Dick Royal wno guessed
     jrden, Frank Greenfield of the Nanaimo Game Region           Mr. Jackson gave a short report          133 1/2 Ibs on a        carcass
     ^recent activity in the club,highlighting the new club house and inviting those present to            weighing 137 Ibs.
   Jokoverthenewfacilities.ATurkey shoot is to be held soon with the competition including                      Following the banquet a
 bows & arrows as well as the usual rifle shoot       Visitors from Galiano Rod & Gun were Mr.             very good time was enjoyed
 &Mrs.Thomas Carolan            Des.Crofton gave an entertaining report on his hunt in th'e Cariboo        by the members and many
 where he traded a good pair of shoes,left behind in the fog, for a Caribou, shot near Blan -              guests at the Fulford Hafl
 shard Lake.... .Mr. Fred Morris reported on the fishing and hunting competitions held during              where everyone danced till
 the year         In the junior division of the Fish Derby, Daphne Mouat was the proud winner              early morning. Music was
 of a new cup, donated by Mr. "Slim" Thorburn for annual competition with her catch of a                   provided by the 'Melody Lads'
  13 Ib. salmon         Rick Parsons took second prize in absentia for his 12 lb.7oz. fish and             Mrs. Bev. Byron was the Lucky
   Miss Linda Anderson took thid prize for a 8 Ib. 1 oz. catch          The Senior Fishing Derby            lady winning the draw prize.
  was taken by Fred Morris who was awarded the cup but neglected to mention the weight.                    2na prize- Claudia Fletcher;
   Second Award went to Pres. Vic Jackson with a 14-1 Ib. catch, while Bud Connery took                    3rd prize-Joe Moulton,4th
  third place with a 12-15 Ib. fish         Mr. L. Lorentson Presented the Hunting Awards. Bud             prize-Jane Jarman;5th prize
  Connery took first place with a 146 3/4 Ib. deer. Second 'prize went to Gordon Scarff for                Ernie Brenton Jr.
  his deer only 1/4 Ib lighter, 146 1/2 Ibs         Biggest Buckof the season-Mr. Bud Connery.
                                C f.                          K   t                                             J5     Pag

 MEMORIAL SERVICE - GANGES CENOTAI                            November 11th, 1963.        (Photo by Marshall Sharp)
 Colour Party - left to right, Mr. Peter Cartwright, Mr. Ben Greenhough.Standard bearer,Mrs. Isabel Devine.
                                                                      REMEMBRANCE SERVICES         home after spending several
                                                                       Mr.F.Kirkham,First Vice     weeks in Ottawa, Toronto,
                                                                  President of the Royal Cana-     and other eastern points.
       B A I L E Y , M O N T E I T H , HOLMS & CO.                dian Legion, Branch 92,re-
                                                                  portsabig turnout to all Re-         GANGES PHARMACY
                Chartered Accountants                                                                   CHANGES HANDS
                                                                  membrance weekend activit-
1207     Douglas S t r e e t                    Zenith 6411       ies.                                 Mrs.Margret Wells, popu-
                                                                    . The Sunday Church parade lar pharmacist in Ganges for
T. Bailey, F. C. A.                    W. G. Holms, C. A.
                                                                  tp' St. George's Church was      the past 15 years, is leaving
                J^.Wood,       B. Com., C . A .                   attended by JO Legion mem-       for Victoria soon. Mrs. We I Is
                                                                   bersand 15 L.A. The colour      will start work at Me Gil I &
                                                                   party were F.Kirkham and F.     Orme Pharmacy in Victoria
                                                                   Gilman. Standard Bearer for     after the new year. Friends
                                                                   the L.A.was Mrs. I.Devine.      will be glad to know that Mrs.
                                                                       Colour Party ,Ben Green -   Wei Is wi 11 have weekends free
                                                                   hough and Peter Cartwright      to visit the Island.
                                                                   headed the November llth             November 28th Mr. Leslie
                                                                   parade to the Cenotaph with      Ramsey of Victoria will take
                                                                   byglerBert Drysdale of Vic-      over operation of Ganges
                                                                  toria .Services were conducted    Pharmacy.      Mr. Ramsey is
                                                                   by Rev. S.J . Leech assisted     married with four children.
    A GOOD SELECTION O'F                                           by Archdeacon G. H. Holmes
                                                                  and Dr. Norah Hughes.Fol-             WAY WARD'S
              BOXED CHRISTMAS CARDS'                               lowing the two minute si lence,
                         NOW ON DISPLAY                            wreaths were laid at the Ceno-    B.C. FUNERAL CO. LTD.
                                                                   taph in memory of        those
              COME IN & CHOOSE YOURS EARLY                                                              "Serving Since 1867"
                                                                   who died in the wars.
                 FROM AQC UP                                           The Annual Veterans Din-         DIGNIFIED SERVICE
                                                                   ner in Mahon Hall Monday
                                                                   evening was convened by Mrs.         WITHIN THE MEANS
                                                                   Alan Hedger.About 120 vet-           OF EVERY FAMILY

                      Card                                         erans attended the banquet
                                                                   including South African vet-            EV. 6-3505
                                                                   erans ,Richard Britton andH.S.     734 Broughton V I C T O P ' A
                                       $ 3.95        $ 7.95        Norris/and 16 women veter-
                                                                  ans. 1962,the first year wo- New Stock of [)|*|£*n
 GANGES PHARMACY                                                   menattended the dinner, 10 Artificial Foliage
                                                                   women were present.
                                                                                                     and Flowers
                                                                             * * * .H. Laurie,St.
                                                                  Mr. *&*Mrs. J * * * * * *
         ready-mix                                                Mor Lake, have returned
                                                                                                       Gulf Island Florists
                                                                                                   Phone: 118, Ganges,
        266             CONCRETE                                                                                      Serving
                                                                                                                     Gulf Islands

         ALSO                                                                                                         JOHN-
   ROAD GRAVEL FILL                                                                                                  RAINSFORD
                                                                                                             'Phone 753-4621
                                                                                                R.R. #2Nanaimo,B.C.
 T hu r s d a y ,   N o v e m b e r 14,     1963          *   D R I F T W O O D                      Vol      4    No.     35   Page 3
GOOD LUCK,DRIFTWOOD                 up advertising, I believe. She        their backs for a spjendid
     by Bea Hamilton                looked fearfully businesslike.)       job well done
     It isn't really my place
to write about the Open
                                         We met everyone at the
                                    Driftwood on Saturday-and
                                                                              Good luck,Arlene.
                                                                                 PIRATE DAY
House at the Driftwood Book
Store on Saturday. Nov. 9th.
                                   all appreciated the hot cups
                                   of coffee and tea and cookies
                                                                              Following a report by the
                                                                                                                  W E E K L Y
That is strictly Ganges ter-       handed out a 1 1 afternoon . One      Pirate Days Central Commit-          PICK-UP and DELIVERY
ritory and I'm South end-Ful-      gets the fee I ing that our Drift-    tee at the recent quarterly
                                                                         meeting of the Chamber of           EVERY WEDNESDAY
ford news chaser. But the          wood is here to stay. It drifts
                                                                         Commerce,a member question-
Ganges correspondent, the
worthy Elsie Worthington was
                                   with the tide into a number
                                   of countries and people are
                                                                         ed who wanted Pirate Days                 PHONE
                                                                        and what good did it do?
there and one of the hostesses,
so perhaps it won't be out of
place for me to make a few
                                   always writing to say how
                                   they enjoy and look for the
                                   news of their friends and re-
                                                                         Many citizens are against
                                                                        commercializing the Island
                                                                        with hot dog stands etc.
                                                                             Chairman C. Horel an-
remarks ?                          lations. It is like a letter                                                FREE MOTHPROOFING
                                                                        swered that Pirate Days was
     First however I'd like to     from home, say some of them.         initiated so that local people
say that the former spirits of     So you see, it is quite impor-       could enjoy such a get-to-
the previous trade which had        tant to get your news and           gether and to attract the bet-        Dutch
occupied the premises until         names into print-every home         ter type of people to the Is-         Beauty
recently,were conspicuously         should have the Driftwood           land . He stated that the Com-
                                                                        mittee feels these objectives
absent.One might say that a         each week, because besides          were accompl ished during the
new spirit has taken over(so        helping out production, it          celebration.
it's no use peeking into dark       is wise to see what you have                                               Wednesday ( Thursday.
                                                                             For enjoyment of the local
corners for a possible for-         been doing yourself-and you         people the member suggested            STEAM PERMANENTS
gotten cache-a I l,a 11 has been    can keep tabs on your neigh-         that Recreational Holdings          TINTING & STYLING
liquidated!)                        bours! An Island newspaper           be given support, so that the
     To enter the Driftwood          like this can be a help in so       recreational area may be de-         Nelly & Frank Schwagly
Store,      one walks into a        many ways, keeping pne up           veloped further.                     "DISTINCTIVE STYLING*
friendly atmosphere and a           to date on community affairs              Decision whetherto con-
                                                                         tinue Pirate Days on an an-
delightful array of books to        and advertisements, coming
suit all tastes, paintings on
the walls by local artists, and
cards, calendars and other
                                    events and what have you ?
                                    Besides, it's a jolly good
                                                                         nual basis was deferred for
                                                                         the incoming executive.
writing material on the stands.
     But mostly one notices
the friendliness and enthusiasm
                                    little paper, even if "I does
                                    sez it as shouldn't".
                                         We owe the existence of
                                    the Driftwood to Woody Fisher
                                                                               Zenith 6292
of the editors Arlene and Jim       don't forget, and somehow                             CALL TOLL FREE
Ward,and their gang of inky         one will always remember                   FOR ALL YOUR FARM & GARDEN SUPPLIES
fingered Press promulgators,        him and his stirring ideas.                          Deliveries Every Week
AND there's quite a gang-           The present publishers are to                   Phone Before 5 P.M. - Monday.
the youngsters are Brian,Gail        be congratu lated on keep! ng
Patty,Donna,Robin ana Ric,          up the good work and here's
 and with Mrs. Joyce Roper,         wishing them success in their,
 Marshall Sharp (ondeck when        new quarters and a pat on
 he isn't in the dark room)and                                              Prepare your car for rugged winter driving
 of course Elsie Worthington.         C H A R L E S R. HOREt                       now] We have the products and
      There are others-Mrs. De-         N O T A R Y PUBLIC                                  the expert service you want.
 Long,Mrs. Loiselle and Mer-            Wills - Mortgages                             Time For
 ida Cummings.(l saw Merida         Conveyancing - Documents                ESSO-RAD.ANTI FREEZE
 several times in Victoria re-
 cently she was busy chasing
                                          island Garage
                                         P H O N E : 52

                             12Cu.Ft. MARQUETTE REFRIGERATOR
                                  TECUMSEH COMPRESSOR: Protected for life against
                                                        air, moisture and dirt. Moving parts
                               . REALLY BIG! FAMILY-SIZED CAPACITY
                               ."FROST FREE" FREEZER WALLS
                               . NEW "MAGNETIC DOORS"
                               . AUTOMATIC DEFROSTING
                                • MOIST COLD REFRIGERATOR                                      $269.50
                                • EFFICIENT INSULATION

                                             MOUAT BROS.
     Thursday,             November          14,   196      D R I         T W O O D                 Vol. 4        No.    35     Page 4
Published weekly on Salt Spring Island, G. A. Ward, Editor,                 CONTRIBUTORS COLUMN
P.O. Box'250,, Ganges, B.C., Canada. Phone: 176 Auth-
orized as second class mail, Post Office Dept., Ottawa,                                       R E M E M B E R ME
postage paid at Ganges, B.C. Duncan representative Mrs.               Say   when I die I'll not f o r g o t t e n be,
 L. Lpiselle, Victoria representative Miss Merida Cummings            But   be r e m e m b e r e d through e t e r n i t y ;
OH   Mb.   B MB   j^Hk   HBh   m   MB   im
                                                                      Nor    shall my song at t w i l i g h t s o f t l y f a d e ,
EA NIET O R IO F L P R O S Y                                          But   live f o r e v e r in the v o w s we made.

        A new form of Leprosy is abroad        Much has been said     Say when I pass f r o m out t h i s v a l e of tears^
 and written in recent times about problems in parent-child
                                                                      The thought of me you'll cherish through the years
  relationships,     especially with reference to the age group       And hold me f o n d l y in your m e m o r y .
  known as the teenager. There is no area of human society            Or s o m e t i m e s s p a r e a t e n d e r sigh for me.
 that is more guaranteed to raise a storm of discussion pro and
  con        and temperatures as when parents or teenagers get        Then w i l l I leave you not;but from the realm
  talking on the subject of the opposite side.                        Where those await who t r a v e l l e d on b e f o r e ,
        During the course of a number of discussions on the sub-      My hand s h a l l guide c m d , s t e a d y on the helm
  ject recently, one has been increasingly concerned about            S h a l l b r i n g y o u s a f e l y t o that d i s t a n t s h o r e .
 the fact that parents and teenagers apparently have no way
 of really talking with each other. . have lost the ability to        And I s h a l l greet you on some g l a d s o m e morn
 sit down and honestly talk over their feelings about each            When all the U n i v e r s e is young and g a y ;
 other. Or even for that matter, to just sit down and talk with       And L o v e , t r i u m p h a n t - o I d - a nd yet n e w - b o r n ,
 each other about anything!                                           Shall come to blossom in that wondrousd a y .
        No one would suggest that it is necessarily a bad thing                                        H.B.Dickens.
 that the two groups have their own interests and activities
                                                                             * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 appropriate to their own age groups, but we say there is room
 for real concern when we observe the apparent suspicion and          ARE SALT SPRING ISLANDERS IN FAVOUR OF PIT LAMPING?
 hostility with which teenagers treat adults as a group. Observe,              Last week THE GULF ISLANDER took a quick running
                                                                      punch at Salt Spring Islanders when, by inference at least ,
 for example, how the conversation dies when an adult joins           it was suggested that we are in favour, not only of protecting
 a group of teen agers            how the young folk retire to a      pit lampers, but promoting the activity.
 secluded corner and resort to whispering as though some great            All of this came about because some rather inexperienced
  plot was in the making.                                             Galiano pit lampers shot at a pair of gleaming eyes in the
        Recently a group of teenagers came to visit a home in         dark of the Golf Course and managed to bag a lovely saddle
                                                                      horse. To give the boys credit, they voluntarily confessed
  the late evening,ostensibly having been invited by a mem-           to the crime. And following due process of law, we doubt
  ber of that home. The parent was sitting in the living room         very much that they will hunt by this means again.
  when they entered and he greeted them with a hello and                 There have been other more experienced hunters who have
  won't you come in and sit down. With only the barest greet-          learned the same lesson the hard way - by paying the heavy
  ing in reply on the part of the young people,that retired in        fine levied against convicted pit lampers.        This has even
                                                                      happened on Salt Spring within the past few years.
 a body to the kitchen closing the connecting door, and pro-
                                                                               However, to infer that Salt Spring Island is trying to
  ceeded to prepare the cofee they had come for. The parent,          hide the fact that pit fampinggoes on here is a bitffar out.
  expecting to chat for a moment and then retire, was left            Not being a night roving animal, this editor confesses she
  facing a closed door... .a symbol of his frustration!               hasn't been cruising the wet bush after nightfall in search of
        Teenagers hate the CBC.Not because the CBCis neces -          lawbreakers. But since both conservation officers and RCMP
 sari ly distasteful but because adults in general prefer the CBC     are always on the ilokout, we feel that the matter is not be-
                                                                      ing buried and forgotten about. Not that it makes the crime
  to other radio broadcasts. Teenagers adore CFUN - Not be-
                                                                      more palatable, but pit lamping is a problem throughout the
  cause they all dig the programs presented, but because few          coastal area, and is not exclusively native to the Islands.
  intelligent parents would be caught listening to the shouting       Gun Clubs, conservation officers and police are all working
  drivvel with which it insults the airways.                          to control it.
        Why is it ?Are parents and adults as a group so objection-            A program of education to teach young hunters their
  able their company cannot be tolerated by teenagers?.....           responsibilities in the use of firearms is the most potent wea-
  much less trusted and enjoyed? If a parent deliberately tries       pon yet foundto reduce the lawlessness prevalent among the
                                                                      hunting fraternity. Instead of screaming loud and long about
  to breakthrough this wall ,he is met with a garbled, mumbled
                                                                      pit lamping, why not promote safe and sane hunting?
   'yes'or 'no1, or a few hasty words              after which the
   teenagers retreat as soon as possible to a safe distance where
   further communication is impossible.
        An excellent and highly necessary social research pro-                              C H U R C H E S
   gram could and should be undertaken to try and discover the                S U N D A Y , NOVEMBER 17th, 1963
   root causes for this vast gulf of suspicious non-fraternization.   ANGLICAN - St. Mark's: 11:00 a.m., Holy Communion;
        This is a challenge to teenagers to answer this werious          St. George's: 8:30 a.m., Holy Communion, 7:30 p.m.
   accusation of extreme rudeness and hostility. Maybe there is          Evensong;     St. Mary's: 2:30 p.m., Evensong.
   a bona fide reason for it, in which case it is all the more        UNITED - Ganges, 11:00 a.m.; Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.
   imporatant that it be talked about. Let's talk about it, even      ROMAN CATHOLIC -         Our Lady of Grace: Holy Mass,
   if it can only be in writing.Your identity will be kept con-          10:45 a.m.; StT Paul's (FuIford Harbour) - 9:00 a.m.
   fidential if you wish.                                             CHRISTIAN SCIENCE - Mahon Hall, 11:00 a.m.
        THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY - Ambrose Bierce
                                                                      FULL GOSPEL CHAPEL-          Sunday School, 10:30 a.m.
   Meanings here wi 11 never be found i n any regular dictionary.        Evening Service, 7:30 p.m.
   AMNESTY, n. The state's magnanimity to those offenders
                                                                      JEHOVAH WITNESSES - Mahon Hall, 2:00 p.m.
• whom it would be too expensive to punish.                      '_
    Thursday,          Novem b er 1 4 , 1 . .3                 DR I F T W C                            ' . 4 No.        35    Page 5 "f
'THE GUILD OF SUNSHINE special ne*ed; assistance with $4000 had bti:r juised and . .air to be loaned to out-

     A HALF CENTURY OF           financing for an eye opera- spenf on behalf of others.                  going hospital patients. A
       COMPASSION                tion,and for medical care, in         Several money-raising             cordial invitation to the af-
                                 a polio case, are but a few      methods have been used by              fair is extended to everyone.
        by Elsie Worthington
                                 of the good deeds recorded.      Gui Id members over the years.
      One sometimes hears the    Asick-benefit fund for mem-       In 1918 a piano was purchas-
question: "What is the Guild     bers was organized about         ed for Mahon Hall and rent-
 of Sunshine?What does it do"? 1918and maintained for sev-^ ed to other groups to cover                      ALEC'S
 The Guild,organized in 19117    era I years.                     payment of the instrument.                  MEAT MAR.KET
  is comprised of a group of           Records show that the Catering was done for agri-                      on Jackson Avenue

Iwomen, (numbering at present
 about 25 to 30members)who,
  in the words of the Guild's in keeping with the policy
 constitution, are banded to-
                                  Guild has been generous in      cultural fair dinners; also a
                                 its help to community projects, flower show was sponsored,
                                                                  annual everlt-was held in
                                  "to support efforts that make- 1921. The Guild's Fall Sqle
                                                                                                                PHONE: 258

 gether "to help each other;     for the happiness and wel- and Tea, another well-esta-
 our neighbours; our institut-   fare of others." Assistance blished annual project,will                    LOIN PORK         49$ Ib.
 ions or other benevolent in-    to Lady Minro Hospital has       be held this year on Saturday
                                                                                                            Centre Loin
 terest        to brighten other always been a prime objective November23rdat 2 p.m. irt,
                                                                                                                CHOPS        59$ Ib.
  lives and bring sunshine to    of the Guild. More than Mahon Hall.
 all."                                                                 Proceeds from the Sale               Stock Up On This!
                                 $ 1500 was donated to the and Tea will be used for as-
      The Ladies meet in Mahon hospital in the course of 50 sistance with the children's
  Hall Board Room on the 3rd     years. Old minutes reveal section of the new library,                         Open Wednesday :
 Tuesday of each month, and- that a cookstove was purchas- and also to purchase a wheel
 again following their consti-   ed in 1930 for the old Hospi-
 tution- "all business is con-   tal located on Ganges Hill,       AT YOUR SERVICE ANYTIME for buying or selling property
 ducted independently of reli- and a donation of $25. made                    On Salt Spring or the other Gulf Islands
 gious beliefs,politics or nat- annually during depression
  ionality." The group has also, years.For the new hospital,
                                                                       HQWARD BYRON *T
 at all times, followed the un- built in 1957,the "Guildof                    DOUGLAS HAWKES LTD,
 written rule of secrecy where   Sunshine "ward was furnish-             RE~AL ESTATE 817-A FORT ST. VICTORIA,B.C.
 help has been extended to ed at cost of $ 700.                                  Ev. 4-7128 RES. GANGES 114-R.
 needy persons.Records show           Conservative estimates
 that on occasion such help state that by the time of the
 has been repaid,perhaps years golden jubilee a tota,! of
  later,by grateful recipients.
       The late Mrs.Arthur Wal-     Traveleyden
                                                                                     A LINK IN YOUR
 ters was the first president to
                                                                             FURNACB OIL SERVICE?
 guide the footsteps of the in-
 fantsociety. In the following
 year, 1912,the late Mrs.
                                      AIR      Keservations           Check the extra benefits you get with
                                                                      our Shell Heat'n-a-hurry Furnace
  La yard was elected president;                                      Oil Service.
 the Late Mrs.      Dean served              , Tickets
 as vice-president and Mrs.
 Bastin/iow living in Victoria
 was the first secretary. By

                                                                        a    Automatic keep filled

 the end of 1912 the assets of
 the young group        totalled
 $345.a healthy sum in those
                                     BUS Reservations
                                                                        n    24 hour maintenance

 days.                                TOURS       Reservations        r~~l Free Sonitor protection
      Several items of interest
 appear in a history of the                                           For trouble-free heating comfort all
 Guild of Sunshine, written          HOTEL Reservations               winter long, phone ] 24
 forthe Golden Jubilee of the
 group in 1961 by Mrs. A.H.
  Lowe,Victoria,president of
                                       Never a Service Charge
 the Guild at that time. Aid
 to fire victims; purchase of        766 FORT EV 6-4201                    SHELL SERVICE
 a washing machine to fill a

                                                      FOR IMMEDIATE SALE
                                                                       TWO ONLY, W A T E R F R O N T LOTS AT


                                                                          CONTACT         HAROLD,        GIL OR JIM

                                                                     REAL ESTATE                        INSURANCE
                                 FIRE AUTO MARINE LIABILITY
                                                                                                         PHONE 52
         SALT SPRING LANDS                                                                                131-W         NIGHTS
                                                                    W C f               , o,    4   No . 35     Page 6
                                                                VICTORIA LAN^- iiECOBDjNG PI STRICT-TAKE NOTICE
            CLASSIFIED                                          that Charles pTeydell Moat of Ganges, B.C •,occupation
                                                                retired,intends to apply for a lease of the following
                         NOTICES                                described lands;- Commencing at a post planted on the
VICTORIA LAND RECORDING DISTRICT-TAKE NOTICE                    high water mark of Long Harbour at the south-westerly
that Mary O. Fellows of Ganges,B.C., occupation res-            comer of Lot 9, North Salt Spring |siand;thence on a
taurant operator,intends to apply for a lease of the fol-       production southerly of the west boundary of said Lot 9
 lowing described lands, situate on Ganges Harbour,North        for 200 feet; thence S 36° W for 500 feet; thence S 68° E
Salt Spring lsland,adjoining Lot 338,Cowichan District:- ,      for 875 feet; thence N15 E for approximately 250 feet to
Commencing at a post planted at the south-west corner of        the high water mark of Long Harbour; thence following
 Lot 338,Cowichan District; thence easterly along the           said high water mark in a general north-westerly direction,
south boundary of the said Lot to the south-east corner         to the point of commencement, and containing 8.9 acres
thereof; thence north-westerly along the east boundary of       more or less, for the purpose of a yacht basin. Dated 15th
the said Lot to the north-east corner thereof; thence along;    October, 1963. Charles Pieydell Moat per A.W.Wolfe-
a production easterly of the north boundary of the said Lot;    Milner, B.C.L.S. Agent.
for 25 feet; thence south-westerly and parallel to the east
                                                               The Dutch Beauty Salon will be open before the Christmas
 boundary of the said Lot for 110 feet; thence S 83° 42' Wi
                                                               Season-As follows: Tuesday Dec. 17th from 11 A.M. till
for approximately 100 feet to the high water mark of
 Ganges Harbour; thence following the said high water mark     late evening. Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th and also
                                                               Friday Dec. 20th extra till late evening. Closed on Monday
 in a north-westerly direction to the point of commencement
                                                               and Tuesday Dec. 23rd and 24th. - BEFORE NEW YEAR.
and containing 0.13 acres, more or less, for the purpose \     Monday Dec. 30th from 9 A.M. till late evening. May we
of a parking lot and fill. Dated September 23rd, 1963.         remind you to make your appointments early to avoid the
 Mary O. Fellows Per A.W. Wolfe-Milner B.C.L.S.Agentl.         Holiday rush.       Thank You.
 NOTICE OF CHANGE IN TARIFF & TJME SCHEDULES                   P.T.A. General Meeting Monday Nov. 18th at 8:15 P.M.
                                                               in the Home Economics Room at Senior High. The programme
Application has been made to the Public Utilities Commiss-,    will be a Students Panel & the Topic for discussion will be
ion to fi le Revised Time Schedules between Ganges and Fern-   "How We Should Be Treated" Interesting Topic for the
 wood Wharf,Vesuvius Bay, Fulford Harbour and Cusheon          Appreciation of Adults.
 Lake. Also to revise fares between Ganges and Cusheon                            FOR S A L E
  Lake, Fulford Harbour,Fernwood Wharf and Vesuvius Bay.
                                                               RAINBOW NURSERY-Fruit Trees-Ever-Greens-Roses etc.,'
 In addition to this Charter Passenger (Taxi) Rates are also
                                                               R JF. Vapaavuori - Phone 252-R.
 being revised. Copies of Time Schedules,Public Passenger
 Tariff and Charter Passenger Tariff are available for         Winter Carrots for Sale also Onions - Phone - Mrs.
 Public inspection at the Taxi Office, Ganges/Saltspring       Murakami - Rainbow Rd. - 217-H.
 Island. The Effective Date of the above Schedules and         l-28Ft. Extension Ladder-as new- 1-Circulating Heater
 Tariffs will be NOVEMBER 25th, 1963.                          Brick Lined -wood and coal. - 1-Electric Motor-1/4 H.P.
 ANY OBJECTIONS MUST BE FILED WITH THE SUPERIN-                D.C.- 1-Electric Motor- 1/4 H.P. -A.C. — 1-Wood
 TENDENT OF MOTOR CARRIERS, 1740 WEST GEORGIA                  Furnace as new-Phone - 186-X.
 STREET, VANCOUVER (5), B.C. ON OR BEFORE                                   CLASSIFIED CONTINUED ON PAGE 9.
 NOVEMBER 12th, 1963. BILL'S TAXI LIMITED, Ganges,
 Saltspring Is.

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   BUSINESS DIRECTORY                                           ***************
                                                                                             AAGE VILLADSEN
     DAVID PALLOT                             E R N S E B O O T H
                                                                                         BUILDING CONTRACTOR
 CERTIFIED Class-A ELECTRICIAN                  PLUMBING & HEATING                      Quality Homes, Renovations
                                                                                      Additions, Cabinets,Free Estimates
  installations-Repairs-Appliances               FREE E S T I M A T E S
                                                                                      GANGES             PHONE: 2 3 3 - Y
   CALL - DAY or NIGHT 30-M                        P H O N E : 130
      W. J. MOLLISON                            HARRY'S WATER TAXI                                      Dick's
  Ready-Mix Concrete - Cement •
  Gravel - Fill - Shale - Freight
                                                TWO FAST BOATS                                           Radio
                                            "Crackerjack 11" & "Crackerjill"                            & T.V.
                                           Ganges              Phone: 150                               PHONE 244
    266      or       1 16 - W                   RADIO CONTROLLED
  GULF PLUMBING & HEATING                   MAGIC MIRROR-Beauty Salon                  MARSHALLSHARP PHOTOGRAPHY
       FRED LUDDINGTON                     Specializing in-Permanent Waving              Portraits, especially of children,
   Furnace & Oil Burner Service              Hair Styling,Tinting, Cutting.             weddings, groups & events, pass-
       FREE ESTIMATES                      Open 6 days a week-Friday to 9 p. m.       ports,aerial pictures,greeting cards,
         PHONE          62-M               PHONE: 746-4811 -Duncan Plaza.             jold pictures copied.    Phone; 50;
                                                                                        SALT SPRING AUTO WRECKERS
      PAN ABODE                                 Fuller Brush                            Repair Cars, Farm Equip.
       BJi LDINGS L T D .                                                                   t i l l e r s / lawnmowers
             Est i m a t e s .                      Agent                               A c e t y l e n e & arc W e l d i n g
           /. H. L A M B .                          R. A . F O U L I S                 ' H O N E : 67 - A, A L E X MAR
     R . R . * 1, G A N G E S                  129 - M GANGES, B.C.                    >HONE:67 - A, ALEX MARCOTTE

                                                    WHNITEK                             FOR    ALL    YOUR
                              BRITISCOHIMBiA          5V0<: per copy                     BUILDING     NEEDS
                  ?       LAND OF NEW HORIZONS                                                CONSULT
        Scenic and Floral Pictures of Beautiful British Columbia                       CRUICKSHANK CONSTRUCTION
       NEW D R I F T W O O D BOOK S T O R E .             PHONE:176.                     PHONE: 133-Qor205-Q
    Thursday,         N o v e m b e r 14     196,           D R I F T W O                     .Vol      4      No. 35 P a g e 7
     FULFORD NEWS                  saying couldn't be printed, about India its conditions and
        by Bea Hamilton            by the sound of it! They were future and how Christian Lea-
                                   ravin' fit to bust!           ders can help that future.      People lovethe DOMINION
 Mr.&Mrs.O. Hayes of Morn-
                                        ************                  Final plans for the Fall         HOTEL IN VICTORIA
                                    RememberU.C.W. Bazaar on
 Winter Months at Newport Nov. 19th,Nan's Coffee Bar Sale on Nov. 30th were re- excellent food-very central
 Beach,California, USA.They at 2:30 P.M.                         ported, following a meeting          yet quiet and relaxing
 will return home in the Spring.                                 of the convenors at the home Make it your HEADQUARTERS I
      * * * * * * * * * * * *        ANGLICAN WA. PLANS of Mrs. C. Leggett. Christ-,

 Miss Jean Gibling has return-        FLOWER CONTEST
 edito her home in Chemaihus,
 ed                                                              mas decorations will compli - (
                                        Anq I i can W,A. members ment thearticles and novelties           ^ xjL KJ ^ V C
 aft, spending a few days with
                                   in tea-table flower arrange-                           ... ,  AUTO WRECKING CO. LTD.
 R. Gibling.                                                          The next meeting will be
                                   ment competition,to be judg-
     * * * * * * * * * * * *
 Dr.&Mrs.D.H.Bunt of Trent- ed by popular vote at the an-
                                                                 held on the evening of Dec.
on , Ont. have been the guests nual Christmas bazaaron Dec. 12th at the Manse concluding
of Mr.&Mrs.A.Sheffield for 7in St.George's Parish Hall, with a Mystery Pal party.
a week. Mrs. Bunt is Mr. Shef- it was decided at the meeting          Following the meeting, & ACCESSORIES
 field's daughter.                 held Nov. 8 in the parish tea was served by Mrs. Scot
                                   hall,with Mrs.E. Worthing -                                          We Specialize in
      * * * * * * * * * * *                                      Clark and Mrs. H. Ashley.            Lore Model Wreck*
 Mr.&Mrs.W.Y.Stewart have ton in the chair.
 returned home after spending                                         ************                     Factory Rebuilt
                                        The affair will open at
 the last three months visiting 10:30 a.m. and continue          Some people would not hesi-              Exchanges
 relatives and friends in Eng- throughout the day. Coffee        tate to drive up to the gate        • Transmissions
 land, Ireland and Scotland. and light refreshments will be of heaven and honk.                      • Water Pumps
 They travel led via the steam- served" during the morning, John Andrew Holmes.                      • Fuel Pumps
 ships Homeric, and returned with afternoon tea available
 by way of the S.S.Rydan. later in the day. A variety of                 MAYNARD'S                   • International
 Coming back,says Mrs.Stew- goods will be offered on the                      Bonded
 art, they ran into storms.But following stalls: Christmas                                           • Major Batteries
 they all had a delightful gifts, Mrs. W.H.Saunder? in                                               • Seat Coven
 holiday -.                                                                 Since 1902
                                    charge;needlework, convened                                       Parts for All Moke*
      * * * * * * * * * * *         by Mrs. A.W. Barber; home          Contents of homes              Of Can mi Track*
 The Fulford Hall committee baking, Mrs. Victor Jdckson;              purchased for cash or
 are sponsoring a smorgasbord                                        cash advances made on
 supper at the Fulford rial! on plants and garden produce,Mrs.      consignments forauction.              EV 5-4478
                                    N.A. Howland and Mrs. J.
 Friday, November 15th at                                                731 Johnson St.
                                    Byron; Christmas Tree, Mrs.                                      After Hours - Sandy Irwin - EV 4-5446
 6:30 P.M. The charge is                                           EV 4-5921       EV 4-1621
                                   Eric Faure; pantry, Vesuvius                                   1023 VIEW • Betvn»&*k and Vancouver
 $1 .25 per adult, and 75$ for Bay Circ le;delicatessen, Even-
 children 12and under.Tickets                                                Victoria
                                   ing Branch.      Mrs. George
 are on sale at Patterson's store Laundry
                                    uuunuiy will be refreshment
 Tl° i  ™
 is Welcome.
                         ery ne
                             °     Convener for the day.
                                        W.A. thankoffering for
      * * * * * * * * * * * *
 Mr.A.E.Roddisishomeagain.         the year will be presented at                                  FUNERAL HOME
  He has been following" the a s P ecial S,f' f™?™'* **%
  crowds of people travelling5^1" <° be held Nov. 30                                                       SERVING
  to the Old Counrty, and was «'2:30. p.m. in St. George s                                     THE       GULF   ISLANDS
           . ...      /'.        • Church.
  away visiting relatives and          Following the meeting tea
  friends m England (and maybe WQS seryed , Mrs. J. H.                                         P h o n e : 100 Day or N i g h t
  other places)for the last three Laurie and Mrs. Harold'Price,                                     D. Goodman, Ganges
  months or so. Me said he had         * * * * * * * * * * *
  a good time and enjoyed every-        The regubr meeH rf     ^
 thmg-Everythmg1Well,almost M;
                                         h u;     f h
 everything - S.S. Rydan, on
 which he travel lea home, was held at the home of
 sailed into stormy weather- F. Zenkie with 14 members
 (same time and same ship in and 2 visitors present. The                    LUMBER LTD.
 which the Stewart^ travelled.) devotional period was taken
       * * * * * * * * * * *
 The W.I. members will meet
                                   by Mrs.G. Scarff, who took           Lumber & Building
 at the home of Mrs. Low on "Faith" as her theme.                       REGULAR DELIVERIES TO THE
 Isabella Point road at 2 P.M.         Miss A. Herd reported                 GULF ISLANDS
   n Nov. 14th. Don't Forget. that $20.00 was spent to buy                          Planning - remodelling - financing
       * * * * * * * * * * *       Christmas gifts for the adopted
 Have you ever heard Ravens
                                   boy in Hong Kong and his              A Complete Building Service
 in an argument ?Four of them
 were yelling at each other family/also that enough mon-                      For Estimates & Order Desk
iyesteraay,twoon a tree back ey has been given to pay for                    call Harry Parker collect.     _ _ «AC.
of Lacy's and two back of his support in 1964.                                 Sidney, B.C.             ph.475-1125
 Nellery,and what they were            The missionery talk was

            W.F. TKORBURN                                        Phone 52                DAYS         131-W EVENINGS
                                                                               FREE DELIVERY                                                                                                                                               ECV   6-1622
                    ITALIAN FOODS IMPORT
                                                                                                 5 Flooi's of FurnllL
                                                                                                                                                  THESE VICTORIA
          Specializing in Italian                                                                                                              BUSINESSES ARE HAPPY
           ignd European Foods                                                                                                   737                                                                                 P. C McEWAM'S
                                                                                                                               Yatei               TO SERVE YOU                                                            MEN'S            SHOES
           IS2I Douglas Street                          385-7923                                                            EV 2-51 I I
                                                                                                                                                                                                         1447 Doug I as St.'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Victoria; B.C.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            SPECIALIZING IS Kuunilatlon Garment P
                  ROYAL OAK GARDEN CENTRE

               Jk^4456 Wei* Saanich Road
                                                                              SIDNEY PHARMACY                                                                                                                      Lingerie, Housecoat tint I Ho*ierv

                                                                             4 o. MiaHAM, m.*c. f.
             '"f?' ' • ' ' • •
                K          a '\'               SEEDS
         ' I: '-'-'} | ..-, .„              CORSAGES
         '-"•••      •• '"""               FERTILIZER
                                 J l ' U N E R A l . DESIGNS                GR 5-2913 - "BKACON AVE., HONEY. ».C.
                                                                                        •                                                                                               385-7028                              COKSKT SHO1'
                                 FRESH CL'T FLOWERS
                                             SHRUBS                                                                                                                                                             NEW ADDRESS
                                              Bt'LBS                                                                                                                                                       Iflll DOUGLAS STRKKT
                               "For RVPI-V BluominR Thing"                         BOX 488                 PRESCRIPTIONS                        TIRES           BALANCING      TRUING      ALIGNMENT            Neir :The Ba.v "

                                                                                                                                                        •     Fl'RNITURE AND APPLIANCES

                                                                                                   Tool Repair

                        3loor         Co.       J!tJ.
                                                                                                             Pick up on way i                               FROM WAREHOUSE TO YOUR HOUSE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                BUTLER BROTHERS
                                                                                          Convenient Location                                                                                                            SUPPLISS            LTD.
                                                                              ] Block South of Roundabout on                                                                                                                  1710 DOUCLA*
                   LAYING   -   SANDING     -   FINISHING
                                                                                                                                                                                                           TELEVISION         •       •      •      APPLIANCES
                                                                                             ROBERT'S MACHINERY                                                                                                  • • - ' • . . C I I . . 1'AIXTS •      *
              CK MARSOS i479-2053pffice Phone                                 2 4 1 6 Government St.                        384-4812
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 » TELEVISION UKNTAI. SKHVICK           •
                                                                                                                                                5 3 1 Bastion Street
                                   "384-0343 j

                                                                                                                                                                                                           For your eailnc pleasurp
                                                                                         MITCHELL & ANDERSON

                                                                                        Sidney, B.C.                475-1 134
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dine in an atmosphere of elegant*
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Reservations ldvlH<l
                                                                                              Lumber - Hardware
           i TELEPHONE                                                                                                                                                                                                   HELKN AHMSON. Ho»l.
                                       _^742 FORT ST                                                                                                                                                                  Enter at Reuwoatl Park Motel

         383-7104                       VICTORIA.              B. C.                                                                                                                                       EV 2-9171                      141 Gorge Rd. E.

           Quality rhildren's Clolhinu Imported Knglinh Wwlen^
                                                                                               Brides - To - Be ...                                                   NEW LOCATION
                            BIRTH — 15 V K A R S                   t
                                                                                   <H>in Croup';         Everything for 125 e
                                 it        I ' ~ COATS ""                                                                                               OPTICAL D5SPENS3NG LTD.
                                                                                                   A Free Sift
     •IMPORTED E N G L I S H                     (JHOfJ                           If you bring this ai
                                                                                                                                                Room 4 1 1 , Jones Bldg.                  723 Fort St.
     t   "^WOOLLENSg^^FORT STREET.                                                                                                                                                 Hu h
                                                                                MacDONALDS                           752 Fort Street            Phone 332-5713                       « o'Nm-opucan
     ipHONE EV4-0613O1J                         C
                                                                                                                                                                                                          1821 COOK STREET                          385-2435


 PKT^WSet                                                                                     Appliances Paris t Service
   ^(bonded)                                                                            TELE-TECH SERVICES LTD.
                                                                               TAHTH FOR —             Si»=(>(|. Queen       Phllco-Bendix
                                                                                                                                                Rodex Coats
             £td.                                                              Kclvinatoi-
                                                                                                           G. E
                                                                                                           Moffat            Wesflnghouse
                                                                                                                                                 Imported Knits
         1824 Johnson St..EV3-7911                                             1202 Wharf Streef                             385-6783             Suits.'- Sweater^
                                                                                                                                                     Dresses, Etc.
         LINOLEUM                                CARPETS
                                                                                              Drive-!n Sales Barns
         .TILE _  CERAMIC TILE                                                                                                                                           Lf
         715 Pandora Ave.
                                                                               2000 Government St.                       Victoria. B.C.
                                                                                                                                               642 Fort St. PH. 384-2416
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  FOR LUMBER - PLYWOOD and
                                                                               TELEPH O N E                    ' 3B5-2742,
                                BIG or teeny                                                                                                                          Feed - Fertiliieri                            ALL BUILDING MATERIALS

                                                                           The Trophy Shop                                                                            Garden Supplies

                                                                                                                                                        63 Years in VictcrTia
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ON NEW HOMES OR IMPROVEMENTS

     -urniture & BuildinaMDY_[nq                                           Exclusive Lines at Reasonable
      General Cartage Service '                                            Prices - Dependable Service                                             SCOTT & PlDEN
                                                                           Opposite    . .578 YATES STREE-T,
                                                                           Post Office ! V I C T O R I A , B.C. :                                506 Cormorant St.                                                   ZENITH 6146
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          (Toll Fr.. S.r»ic«l

 i                .DELICIOUS FOODS _                                   |
 , .Comfort & Convenience-                                                                                                                     F. W. FRANCIS LTD.
   Right next to eyerytliing in                                                                                                                                  JEWELLERS,,
               town                                                                                                                                              Everything in Jewellery
                       HOTEL STRATHCONA                                                                                                                            Walch It Jewellery Repalrm
                        Douglas at Broughton
                                                                                                                                               [384-2261 -1684 Douglas

                  . ZS. 7>ifiet 'Sutdieil Sy&ttHtt
                    BUSINESS FORMS"                                                                      GULF ISLANDS FERRY SERVICE                                                                           • Bi«.kfnt • Lundwon • Olnnw
                          &                                                                           Summer Schedule — Local Daylight Saving T>me
                                                                                                          SALT SPRING ISLAND SERVICE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     3020 DeualM ttntt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      EVtmrMn 4-3013
                            EQUIPMENT                                                                                                                                                                             "liT IN TO VICTOHIA"

                                                                                                                                       u Bay        Lv           Fu or
                                                                                          o on                                    -"                        -      " <l          £. 0«
                                                                                          8:30 a.m.                                 9:30 a.m.                 6:30 a.m.
                                                                                        10:30 a.m.                                 1 1 :30 a.m.Lv. swari«_B», 7:30 a.m.
                                                                                        12:30 p.m.                                   1-30 p.m. Sundays ami Fridays only
HANG THIS PAGE                                                                           l\ JO p.m.
                                                                                         O.Ort -. ,                                 A'XX ^                                                                PATRONIZE
                                                                                                                                    3:30 p.m.         *
BY YOUR PHONfr                                                                           4;30p.m.                                   5:30 p.m. Lv- Fulford 10:30 p.m.                                      THESE STORES
   FOR EA C>                                                                             >t?:«J'' p.m                               -7 OA                                                                    WHEN
                                                                                         3:30 p.m.                                         P ™ 1 - - '•"" *"H:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          IN V I C T O R I A
Thursday,          Npven.ut;        - in                  U K ,                                                                      No. 35 P a g e 9
      During the weekend festi- resulted in the following win-    since 1932.The few rimes he                                   in memory of Islanders who
 vitiesat Fulfordsome not very ners: Class A: T.L.Mclntyre        •was unable to attend,his son                                 died in two world wars.Mrs.
 funny prankster swiped the and Alex. McManus; S.J.               Jack filled in for him.This                                   Byron wore the uniform of the
 key from the door at St. Mary's Wagg and C. J.Shantz;Mr.         yearboththe Drysdales,who                                     WAC., First World War.
 Church, after locking the and Mrs. Fred Morris; Mrs.              were members of the Cana-
 door. It didn't do any actual T.J. Sharland and Mrs. A.           dian Scottish Regiment,at-                                   Mr.P.D.Crofton and son Barry,
 damage, but caused a lot of      Jobin.                           tended the service.OLDEST                                    Victoria,were guests at Har-
 people unnecessary inconven-         Class B:Mrs. Jas.Hawk-       VETERAN IN PARADE                                            bour House overthe week end.
 ience. Ordinary keys can be sworth and Mrs. Dorothy Hook;         Dr.WilliamT. Lockhart,who

 easily replaced,but this one Mr.&Mrs. W.Trelford;Mr.&             served over-seas in the First

Iis the original key to the Mrs.G.Cruickshank;Mrs. C.
 Church and has been left in Springford and Mrs. F.Lutt-
 that door since sometime in rell; W.M.Mouat and Cyril
                                                                   World War, was the oldest
                                                                   veteran attending the Ceno-
                                                                   taph Services November 11.
 the 19th century.                Wagg; Mr.&Mrs. Mac. Mouat        Dr.Lockhart is93.MEMOR-
      Church officials request Mr. &Mrs. A .MeCowan; Mrs.          IAL WREATH          Mrs. J.
 that the key be returned at Howard Carl in and Mrs. Art.          Byron a veteran of the
 once. If said wag is a bit Young.                                Women's Army Corp in the
 embarrassed, he or she may                                       First World War laid a wreath
                                      ********* *
 return it to Driftwood and no POPPY FUND...Mrs.* Larry
 more will be said. Other- Campbell, convener of the
 wise it may be given to Mr. poppy fund drive reports a
 EricFaureat Fulford Harbour successful campaign raising
 or put back in the Church $402.56 this year.Saturday
      * * * * * * * * * •»•*
                                 Tag Day collected $67.00 of                                      PRIDE'
 I O D E B R I D G E SCORES      this amount. BUG LER ...Bugler
                                 Bert Drysdaleof Victoria has
     The third round of the attended Remembrance Day
IODE marathon bridge game .services on Salt Spring Island,
                         FOR RENT
A Four Bedroom House. A long term Lease available-start-
ing the first of March. Contact Mrs. E.W.Watson-Phone,:
                                                                                                                                          We specialize in quality
                            WANTED                                                                                                        heating installation, using
Good Home fora 1 1/2 year old Brown, Part Collie-Male-                                                                                    famous Airco furnaces.
- Phone 27.
Jolly Jumper and Play Pen-Required-Phone evenings-Alan
Jones- c/o - 2-M.                                                                                                                                          FURNACES
Has anyone an orange male Kitten that wants a good home                                   A V A I L A B L E AT                                  .Made in British Columbia
to take the place of Puff who was run over. Phone-Angela                                                                                     Free Estimates;
at 50-G.                                                                                                                              EAR IK AYE
                  CARD OF T H A N K S                                         ISLAND PRIDE BAKERY                                    Home Heating
To the S.S. Fire Brigade. We would like to express our most                       as w e l l as
                                                                              ALL LOCAL STORES
sincere appreciation for their prompt and efficient response
to a fiie at our home. Mr.&Mrs. T. Me Dona Id, Vesuvius.
Mrs. F. L. Jackson wishes to express her thanks to Dr.                                               HJ.CARLIN
Stanton, Matron, Nurses and Staff of the Lady Minto
Hospital and to the many friends who sent flowers and cards                              — INSURANCE
during her recent illness.                                                                     Auto, Dwellings, Liability
                       COMING E V E N T S                                                         PHONE: 164-M                              EVE. 65-Q.
THURSDAY-November 14th-W.l. Meeting at home of Mrs.                                                          FAST
                                                                   Gulf island                                                  ' DEPENDABLE SERVICE
W7 Low at 2: P.M.
~r:!DAY~November 15th- The Fulford Hall Committee-

                                                                                                                            FOR THE WHOLE
^~~7alFord-Fulford Hall - 6:30 P.M.
SAT JRDAV-November 16th-Roller Skating at Fulford Hall                                                                                    FAMILY
TTyeanoT3 and under-2 P.M..12 & over 8 P.M.                         - • • , _ ' " . ->'-.••'                --•js.strzxf-   .LjaarJMI=«

MOK^AY-November 18th-P.T.A. General Meeting-Home                       WHY Borrowing is Different AT THE
!.cc~o V'/.~Room-S.S.I. School - 8 P.M.-Oral Polio Clinics
Pub::ic Health Office-Ganges-2-4 P.M. 6-7 P.M.
                                                                               Credit Union    ..
 f U t v ),'\Y-November 19th-Burgoyne Bay United Church               THE GREATEST DIFFERENCE IS THIS:    :'
?y,. -..enTFall Bazaar at Nan's Coffee Bar. 2:30 P.M.-                 THE CREDIT UNION EXISTS TO MEET \
 Guild of Sunshine Meeting - Board Room-Mahon Hall-
                                                                       NEEDS AND REQUIREMENTS OF MEMBERS..^ <(
 2:3^ P.M.
       •NESDAY-November             -Adult Roller Skating             — NOT TO MAKE MONEY ON THEM.
 C     "Fulfrrd Hall - 8 P.M.                                          IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER: S.S.I. CREDIT UNION
     - . 5 DAY -November 21st-O.A.P.O. Annual meeting
 F    -VHaTra P.M.                                                                                                                                                    L-J
                            SUBURBAN MOTORS                                                      VICTORIA
 Your Lincoln, Mercury, Meteor, Comet British Ford Dealer
     l>iand Repres< ntative -                                                                                                    Douglas & Saanich Rd.,
                                           -Drive a Little Further - Save a Lot More -
      Roy Williams                                                                                                               Ph:- Ev. 6-6131
 Thursday,          Novemoc                ,,      O w        L> K i   i W O                                   No . 35 P a g e 1 0
RONALDCHARLES BIDWELL               in Victoria as guest of Lt.
     Death came suddenly to         Col xmd Mrs. A. C.Alan- Wil-
RonaId Charles Bidwell Nov-         liams. Mrs. Springford will
ember 10 in Ganges, at the          go to Cowichan Station this
age of 55 years.                    week end to be the guest of                                                                    lir
     Mr.Bidwell spent his early     Miss V. Peel.             _
years in Ontario working for
a weekly newspaper.In 1948
he moved with his family to
                                    Mr .&Mrs.J. Pitts, former resi-
                                    dents of Toronto, have moved
                                    intotheir, new home on Sun-
Garibaldi,and to Salt Spring        set Drive.               _
Island about 6 years ago,where
he opened a second hand
                                    Mrs J.F.deMecedo,Vesuvius
                                     Bay, Spent a few days in Lang-                                         28 ox
store and later managed the          ley as guest of her son-in-
Co-op feed store next to the         law and daughter, Mr.&Mrs.
old Rex Theatre building.            L.M. McDonald and family.
     Mr. Bidwell was quietly         Mr. &Mrs. Henry Giegerich
 kind and helpful to all he          have returned to their Beddis
 met.                               Rd. home after a trip to the
      In his post as custodian
 of Mahon Hall many Islanders        Kootenays,where they visited
 appreciated his good nature        Trai I ana Kaslo and other In-
 and spirit of co-operation . He    ter! o£_p_omts_.        _
 will be greatly missed.
      He is survived by his wife,
                                     Holiday week end guests of                    SSI TRADING CO
                                    Capt. and Mrs. V.C.Best, j Orders for Delivery Must Be in by Noon Day of Delivery
  Gladys, one son, Robert at        The Alders, Ganges, were          *•""<   '-    -' • --—•—'•"-•'•—•-~»-. i-™--- ->-•;£*..»,—   ,...   —i- T ——— —-•• - •- —   —   —- -:-;-•-^3~-i-iB~i". £'   — ••iir-i'«MaJT»-i—irf-r»»MMM»MM

 home and one daughter Joan,
  North Vancouver; one sister
                                    their sons, Mr, Alan Best &
                                     Dr. Raymond Best, and Dr.                     ORAL POLIO CLINICS
 Mrs.L.(Betty) Kett of Cali-         Bests 's sons, Robert and Peter,        ORAL POLIO VACCINE WILL BE
 fornia.                            all of Vancouver.           _        GIVEN AT CENTRES LISTED BELOW
       Funeral services were         Included in a numberof young         CENTRE                    PLACE              DATE TIME
 held in St. George's Church         people from SSI , now attend-
                                     ing university in Vancouver         Saltspring Is.      Public Health Office-Nov. l8,2-4pm.
 Wednesday,Nov. 13 at 1:30                                                                                                     6-7pm
  P.M. Interment followed at         or Victoria, who came home                                     Ganges.
  Ganges Cemetery.Reverend           for the last long week end          Galiano Is.                School —       Nov. 20,2-3pm.
  SJ.Leech officiated,assisted       before Christmas, were Miss                                                                6-7pm.
  by Dr.Norah Hughes.Good-            Linda Baker and Miss Sally         Mayne Is.                  School            Nov, 21,1-3pm.
  man's Funeral Home in charge.       Barker from University of
                                                                         Saltspring Is,      Public Health Office-Nov, 22,2-3pm.
       Pallbearers were Messrs.       Victoria .From U.B.C. came
                                      Denis O1 Gorman, Nephew of                                    Ganges.                    6-7p.m.
  Frank Collins,Jack McColl,
                                     Mr.&Mrs.J.H.M.Lamb,and              Pender Is.                 School          -Nov, 27, I-3pm.
  Doug Dane, Len Holloway,
  Charles Archer and James            his friend Don Buchanan;           Saturna Is.                School            Nov. 28,1-3p.m.
  Tergear.                            Malcolm Bond;Marsha!i Heirr       YOUR HEALTH OFFICER URGES E V E R Y O N E
                                      ekey, and friend Barry Brown,           TO ATTEND THE N E A R E S T CLINIC
       * * * * CUP WINNER
    CROFTON * * * * * * *             Also home for the holiday
      Archie McCowan was the                                                                                LIONS CLUB
                                      were Shane Heinekey and the
 winner of the Crofton Club           Misses Jennifer and Susan
 match play competition after         Graham from Vancouver.                                                                              Roller Skating
 a hard fought match. Me Cowan        Lieut. Mark Crofton and his
 and Doug Cavaye were tied            sister, Miss Sharron Crofton,                                                                                                                                 16
 on the 18th hole. McCowan            Victoria spent the long week                                            — 4L p.m;
 took the cup by winning the          end with their parents/Mr.
  19th hole.                          &Mrs .D .G .Crofton , Ganges .                                    For Children 12 and Under.
      TheClubanticipates that
 the new Club House will be            Night School class in creative
                                      writing will get underway at
                                                                                   Ebert H o w e & Associates
  completed early next year,at
 which time the cups will be          the School on WednesdayNov.
                                       20 at 8 p.m., with John R.
                                                                                               OPTOMETRISTS       IN       W O O D W A R D S T O R E S SUiLDINBS
  presented.                                                                                               A N N O U N C E THE OPENING OF AN OFTinE IN
                                      Sturdy as instructor. The course
       * ** *** ****
                                                                                                                  W O O D W A R D S T O R E S BUILDING

                                     will consist of 10 lessons with                                                        SECOND F L O O R

                                                                                        MAYFAIR SHOPPING CENTRE
 Elsie Worthington-Phone 176          classes held twice monthly.                                   VICTORIA, B.C.
 Mr.&Mrs. W. Sorchinski and           Instruction will be given in           Vancouver . Port Alberni . New Westminster .
 fami!y,Victoria,spentthe long        technique required for success-                      Oakridge . Park Royal .
                                      ful fiction and non-fiction

 week end with Mrs. Sorchinski^
  parents,Mr.&Mrs. Harold Price       writing. Prospective students                     Brian M. Moore
                                      may registerwith nightschool
  Beddis Rd.                                                                                                                              OPTOMETRIST

                                      supervisor, Mrs. A. M. Brown                                                   Children's Vision
  Mrs. Cecil Springford, St.          phone 235 or at the school         TELEPHONE: 3 B 6 - 3 3 2 2
                                                                                                                     Contact Lenses
  Mary Lake,spent several days        opening night.

              NORMAN G. MOUAT                                                           SALES AGENT
                                                                                           Phone 3 (Mouat Bros. Office)
                           P.O. BOX 347.

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