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magical seasonOF GIVING BACK


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									                                    28TH ANNUAL
     The Junior League of Hamilton - Burlington
     NOV. 12 - 14, 2010
                           of disincive homes

                      mag season
10 • www.juniorleague.ca
                                      OF GIVING BACK
                                   Experience the

               Holiday                      Magic
  A Special Gift
  For House Tour
  Ticket Holders...

  Any One Regular Priced Item
  Join us for our
  Christmas Open House
  on November
  12th, 13th & 14th, 2010
  As our special guest and a junior
  league house tour ticket holder, we
  would like to give you a Special Gift.
  Bring this ad with your house tour
  ticket to our Christmas Open House
  on November 12th, 13th or 14th and
  SAVE 25% on any one regular priced
  item in our Christmas Showroom.*
  We have the largest Christmas
  showroom in the area with over
  50,000 sq. ft. of Christmas Wonderland.
  * This Special Gift offer applies to regular priced
  items only. Can not be combined with any other
  offer. One offer per family. Offer valid only at
  Holland Park Garden Gallery in Burlington and
  Dundas on November 12th, 13th and 14th, 2010.

Congratulations to the Hamilton/Burlington Junior
League on their 28th Annual Holiday House Tour.
                                                                                        Inquire about
                                             Holland Park

                                                                                        our Commercial
BURLINGTON                                                                              and Residential
(905)   639-7740                                                                        Design Services

                                                                                          World Wide
DUNDAS                                                                                    Floral Delivery
(905)   628-8562                                        *Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy.
                                                         We apologize for any hollandpark.com
                                                                              errors and/or omissions.
THE 2011 ES 350 IS HERE                                                     R001811926

                                 LEXUS PRICING

262 Lake St, St. Catharines   1-866-353-5786   www.performancelexus.ca
                                                       www.juniorleague.ca • 3

                                                                      GET YOUR TICKETS...
                                                                      Tickets for the 'Tour of Homes' can be pur-
HOLIDAY HOUSE TOUR ................................6                  chased online at www.juniorleague.ca, from area
THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS ....................8                          retailers and from Junior League members.
PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE ..................................10
COMMUNITY IMPACT ...................................10                'An Appetizing Event' and 'Holiday Magic' classes
MEET THE COMMITTEE .................................12                are available as e-tickets only and offered as sep-
                                                                      arate ticket options. Class sizes are limited to 20-
                                                                      30 participants. Purchase tickets early to avoid
CHAIR'S MESSAGE ...........................................12
                                                                      disappointment. Tickets must be purchased by
MESSAGE FROM THE HOUSE TOUR                                           November 8, 2010 www.juniorleague.ca
CO-CHAIRS .......................................................14
JLHB EMPOWER HOUR .................................15                  FRIDAY NOV. 12

Experience t houses
                                                                       Tour of Homes - 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
                                                                       An Appetizing Event - 1 p.m.
                                                                       Holiday Magic - 10 a.m. , 7 p.m.
CHAMBERS DRIVE, ANCASTER...................17
                                                                       SATURDAY NOV. 13
AUCHMAR ROAD, HAMILTON ...................18                           Tour of Homes - 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
LAKESHORE ROAD, BURLINGTON ............19                              An Appetizing Event - 1 p.m.
POMONA AVENUE, BURLINGTON ............20                               Holiday Magic - 9:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 4 p.m.
                                                                       SUNDAY NOV 14
TRANSFORM YOUR HOME                                                    Tour of Homes - 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
AND GET INVOLVED .....................................22               An Appetizing Event - 11 a.m.
A FEW WAYS LAST YEAR'S                                                 Holiday Magic - 9:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m.
HOUSE TOUR HELPED ...................................24                THURSDAY NOV, 18
THIS YEAR, HANG HOPE                                                   Holiday Magic - 7:00 pm
ON YOUR TREE .................................................28
                                                                       SUNDAY NOV. 21
'HOLIDAY MAGIC' ...........................................28          An Appetizing Event - 11 a.m.
'AN APPETIZING EVENT'...............................30
                                                                       Tour of Homes $20 in advance, $25 at the Tour.
IT'S EASY TO HELP ...........................................31
                                                                       An Appetizing Event $20 per person
RECIPE: QUEBEC STYLE TOURTIERE .........32                             Holiday Magic $35 per person
DINE WITH A DISCOUNT ............................33
RETAIL TICKET LOCATIONS .......................34                     *Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy.
                                                                       We apologize for any errors and/or omissions.
4 • www.juniorleague.ca
            POPERA Plus
               gala super concert
                                 january 27 & 29, 2011

            I PAGLIACCI
cavalleriaapril 21 & 23, 2011
    double bill:

Opera Hamilton’s 2010 -11 Season will bring out your
inner diva. Join us and save when you a purchase a
 mini-subscription to our two final productions

       905 527-7627 x236
                                           www.juniorleague.ca • 5

    The 28th Annual Junior League of Hamil-                 The Junior League of Hamilton-Burlington
ton-Burlington Holiday House Tour of Distinc-          has joined the many other organizations in our
tive Homes is a fun way to kick start the holiday      community who are focusing their energies
season and at the same time, know that your            and resources on the critical issue of poverty.
support helps to make lasting positive changes         In particular, we’ve committed to supporting
in our community.                                      young women as this is an area of great need.
    The ‘Tour of Homes’ gives you a chance to          It’s no surprise that poverty continues to affect
peek inside four lovely homes, all decked out          far too many individuals and families and it’s
for the season and pick up lots of great ideas         clear that poverty has a female face that often
to enhance your own holiday decorating and             goes unreported. Funds raised at this event will
entertaining! Each of the homes is decorated           support these efforts and our Mission of im-
by dozens of talented design professionals to          proving the community, developing the poten-

showcase stunning holiday decor and hospital-          tial of women and promoting voluntarism.
ity ideas. For those who have made the Tour                 Please join us this November. Enjoy every-
an annual holiday tradition or where it will be-       thing the Tour has to offer. You will help to
come the beginning of a new one, the unique            build a better community!
creations of the designers are sure to inspire.
    Our annual holiday event continues to be           HOPE...
expanded to enhance the weekend experience.            • a belief in a positive outcome
Classes and demonstrations will help to bring          • a feeling of expectation and desire
some of the creative elements of the Tour to             for a certain thing to happen
your own home; discounts are once again avail-         • a person or thing that may help
able at fabulous restaurants. Non-perishable             save someone
food items will be collected and a lovely HOPE         • grounds for believing something
ornament will be sold. There’s so much to do!            good will happen

                      Did you know...
                       At a time when many organizations are retrenching, Junior League
                       leaders across the Association of Junior Leagues International are
                       taking bold steps to ensure the future of the organization that has
                       contributed to the development of civic leaders and meaningful
                       community improvements for more than one hundred years. JLHB
                       members are actively engaged in this process, helping to create a
                       Junior League Roadmap to the future.

10 • www.juniorleague.ca
       A HOLIDAY
   GIFT TO YOU FROM            20%
                                                         Exquisite Seasonal Arrangements,
                                                                Wreaths and Swags
 Wild Birds Unlimited                                    Customized Outdoor Holiday Urns
 Holiday Bird Bucks
  20 % off$20.00 or more
  a purchase of
  to a Max $25.
  Discount items,
  optics & seed exempt.
  Offer good from
  November 12–Dec. 12, 2010
  Bird Bucks only good at
  3350 Fairview St.

                                                         Corporate Functions • Special Events • Weddings

                                                            399 Elizabeth St., Burlington | 905.637.9367
Bring in
coupon for validation
                                                             (Delivery available throughout the GTA)

     Saturday, November 27th, December 4th &
            11th For Festive Activities

     Reindeer and Pony Rides | Movies for Kids
             Hot Cider & Candy Canes

   Visit us this holiday season, to find the largest
      selection of Christmas trees in the area!

                                                                            383 Dundas St. East.
                                                                             Waterdown, Ontario
                                                                                www.juniorleague.ca • 7
             a special
                                 YOU CAN MAKE A

                   RED DOOR
                              Junior League members
                              volunteer together to address the
                              urgent needs in our community.
                              They form strategic community
                 GREEN DOOR   partnerships, create innovative
                              programs and raise funds for
                              exciting initiatives. With the
                              unique training provided and the
                     WREATH   numerous opportunities for skills
                              development, Junior League
                              women make things happen!
                              To learn more about
                 POINSETTIA   membership or to make a
                              donation to the JLHB, please
                              visit www.juniorleague.ca
                              or call 905-525-1077.
                              New Member
                              Information Session -
                              Monday November 29


                              Special thanks to Marion Goard, Chair
                              of the Fund Development Committee,
                              for her leadership, dedication and
                              commitment to this event and all Junior
                              League initiatives. Thanks also to
                              The Hamilton Spectator for their very
CrystalT O G R A P H Y
         Duncan               valuable contribution in creating and
   PHO                        distributing this brochure.

8 • www.juniorleague.ca
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                                      the glabella

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                                     treat forehead

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                                                                   www.juniorleague.ca • 9
                                                              A MESSAGE FROM
       y     t
Communit Impac                                                DEBBIE WILLIAMS
                                                           It is my pleasure to welcome you to the
                                                       28th Annual Junior League of Hamilton-
                                                       Burlington Holiday House Tour of Distinc-
     The League’s Focus on Poverty grounds the
                                                       tive Homes. The members of the League
JLHB in activities and partnerships across our
                                                       are proud to present this premier holiday
community, including the community collabora-
                                                       event that has become an annual tradition
tion fostered by the Hamilton Roundtable for Pov-
                                                       for so many.
erty Reduction. Members are currently working
                                                           This exciting event is also our signature
with residents of Brennan House, a transitional
                                                       fundraiser. Funds raised provide the finan-
residence for youth at risk, to pilot a coaching and
                                                       cial support to take our impact initiatives
mentoring program called “Empower Hour”, de-
                                                       from the committee table to the commu-
signed to help young women break away from a
                                                       nity. We’re proud of our vibrant history
cycle of poverty. Brennan House is a transitional
                                                       - contributing to positive changes in our
housing program for youth, that supports them
                                                       community and cultivating a network of
from homelessness to independence.
                                                       dynamic community leaders. Your support
    Proudly, “Empower Hour” was created by Ju-
                                                       of this event enables us to continue our
nior League of Hamilton-Burlington members and
                                                       meaningful work.
the pilot is laying the groundwork to implement a
                                                           Learn more about our community ac-
permanent community program in 2010-11.
                                                       tivities and membership on our website
                                                           I would like to thank all the home
                                                       owners, design professionals, sponsors,
                                                       supporters, as well as our members. Their
                                                       dedication and commitment, through hun-
                                                       dreds of hours of volunteer time is truly an
                                                       inspiration and indicative of a strong, vi-
                                                       brant community.
                                                           We hope that this year’s Holiday House
                                                       Tour is everything you expect it to be and
                                                       more. We look forward to seeing you in No-
                                                       vember and thank you for your support.
                                                                                   Happy Holidays,
                                                                                      Deb Williams,
                                                                   The Junior League of Hamilton-
                                                              Burlington, Inc. President 2009-2011
   massage               hot stone therapy                    manicures               pedicures

156 CHURCH STREET                 •   905.338.7724

                                              482 ELIZABETH STREET             •   905.633.7724

       s li mming body      m
       sl mmi n bod y t reatme nts                  a n i-a gin g f aci als
                                                    ant i-    n     acial              packa ges
                                                                                   spa pa kages


            460 Pearl Street, Burlington                                Hours:
         905-632-4199 • www.theoyster.ca                     Monday to Saturday 9:30 - 5:30
                                                                              www.juniorleague.ca • 11
                                                                            JUNIOR LEAGUE

          MAKING THE                                                        OF HAMILTON-

          HOUSE TOUR
                               a success
                                                                            LEADERSHIP TEAM
                                                                            BOARD OF
                                                                            Debbie Williams
                                                                            Ellen McWhinnie
       A MESSAGE FROM                                                       Stacy Goodale
                                                                            Janice Hambrock
  HONORARY HOUSE TOUR                                                       Dianne Brown
   I’m so happy to be back as the tour’s
                                                                            Marion Goard
honorary chair - it’s always a great way to                                 Gabrielle Todd
kick-start the holidays. Meeting with Ju-
nior League members before the big event                                    COMMUNITY IMPACT
has helped me realize how much work goes                                    Donna McGreal
into this tour, and how much it supports                                    Carol McNeil
the projects they work on all year. It’s also
                                                                            FUND DEVELOPMENT
such a pleasure to see guests returning to                                  Marion Goard
the tour year after year.
   I hope to see you in November at this                                    HOUSE TOUR
wonderful event.                                                            Monica Maguire
                           Merry Christmas,                                 Sandie Osbaldeston
       Annette Hamm, CHCH News Anchor
                                                                            Pam Ollinger

                                                                            Laurie Davenport

                                                                            Jayne Johnston Smith

                                                                            JLHB OFFICE MANAGER
                                                                            Linda Daniels -Smith

              he     t
         Meet t commitee
HOUSE TOUR COMMITTEE MEMBERS                                                EDITOR/DESIGN
(Back, Left to Right) Fonda Loft, Heather Burbidge, Jayne Johnston Smith,   Shannon Mastaler
Angie van der Zalm, Sandie Osbaldeston, Liz Vandenberg, Lucy Veerman,
Fiona Colangelo, Kay Takahashi, Monica Maguire (Front, Left to Right)       MANAGER COMMUNITY
Kathy North-Ross, Dianne Brown, Anne-Louise Watts, Iris Hughes,             PARTNERSHIP
Helena Laidlaw-Allan (Absent) Ann Gillis, Karen Worlidge                    Jane Allison

12 • www.juniorleague.ca
             1024 Upper Wentworth St.
             1050 King St. W., Westdale,
                      3350 Fairview St.,


                     482 John St, Burlington

                         We’ve moved
                         from Pearl St
                         Both locations
                        now on John St
                          Park Once...
                          Shop Twice

                     481 John St, Burlington


                     www.juniorleague.ca • 13
              o     ical        iving back
Opening doors t a mag season of g
    We are thrilled to open the doors of four stunning
homes, generously donated by wonderful homeowners
and exquisitely decorated by numerous talented de-
signers. What a delightful way to kick start the festive
holiday season! We invite you to come in out of the
cold, and join us for our annual Tour of Homes this
November 12th-14th.
    Please also don’t miss the opportunity to learn to
make new, and different, appetizers at Liaison College
and put together an outdoor holiday arrangement at Holland Park. “Dine with a Discount” is
back again this year offering savings at fabulous restaurants. It’s ALL part of the 2010 House
Tour Experience.
    We’re sure you’ll find the lovely HOPE ornament a welcome addition to your ornament
collection and hope that you’ll support this JLHB initiative. Donations of non-perishable food
items will definitely be put to good use and appreciated by many.
    Seeing the smiling faces of the thousands of people who attend the Tour each year makes
the months of planning and hard work of our sixteen passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic
House Tour committee members incredibly rewarding. Our sincere thanks go to everyone
who supported, helped and donated their time and talents to make this event a success. To all
the JLHB members, family and friends who help to cover the 400 volunteer shifts throughout
the tour weekend - thank you - we couldn’t do it without YOU.
    We truly hope that you will enjoy our “Labour of Love”, the 2010 Holiday House Tour of
Distinctive Homes, and thank you for supporting the Junior League of Hamilton-Burlington.
    Monica Maguire & Sandie Osbaldeston, 2010 House Tour Co-Chairs

             Did you know...
              The JLHB is participating in efforts to create a
              Women's Coalition of Hamilton.The goals of the Coalition
              are to bring leaders and stakeholders together to share
              their knowledge and insight and to work more
              collaboratively by solidifying networks and alliances.
                                                 HOW THE JLHB

Be empowered
                                                    CO  U
                                                THE COMMUNITY
    ‘Empower Hour’ is an educational 10 week
pilot program, launched in 2010 in partner-
ship with Good Shepherd Brennan House.
It is now in its second phase of development.
Through mentoring and teaching, ‘Empower
Hour’ opens the doors of success for young
women living in poverty, by building self-es-
teem, confidence and the desire to succeed.
    Brennan House is a 15 bed, co-ed tran-
sitional housing program for youth, 16 to
20 years of age, that supports young people         community by allowing no youth to stand
in transition from homelessness to inde-            alone” is the vision of Good Shepherd Bren-
pendence. Residents are expected to estab-          nan House. It is an amazing fit with the Em-
lish their own personal goals with the aid          power Hour program run by the compassion-
of Youth Support Workers. “The Empower              ate women of the Junior League.
Hour brings out the best and makes a stron-             Empower Hour instills courage so that
ger woman out of you,” says 17 year-old             young women can break free from chains of
Brennan House resident.                             limitations; it gives them confidence to see
    “Empower Hour is a time of reflection            their true beauty and power. This is done
and dreaming for the young women at Good            through offering self-help tools, self discovery,
Shepherd Brennan House. Our residents get           information, encouragement and inspiration
the tools and support to experience and envi-       as a guide on the journey of reclaiming their
sion what they want for themselves and their        power as young women that may have been
lives. Young women are exposed to positive          hindered by challenging life circumstances.
role models and encouraged to aspire to reach       The women at Good Shepherd Brennan
the best for themselves,” says Norma, Program       House are encouraged to see and bring forth
Manager of Good Shepherd Brennan House.             the beauty and strength within themselves and
    Loretta, Director of Good Shepherd Youth        are inspired to be the best they can be. This
Services explains “Inspiring youth to hope,         program is changing young women’s lives and
dream and achieve and strengthening our             we can see it.”

                                          Did you know...
                 The JLHB is helping to make our community better in many different
                           ways as members are volunteering and serving in leadership
                 positions for more than 60 other local organizations.As well, some of
                    the League's Done In A Day activities include creating a library for
                           the residents at Brennan House, preparing meals for Ronald
                McDonald House Home for Dinner Program and assisting with special
                occasion dinners at the VON-Junior League Overnight Respite Centre.

16 • www.juniorleague.ca
                                                        HOME IS WHERE THE
                                                        HEART IS!

                                    A special thanks to the following design professionals
                                    who have generously contributed to this home
                                    ACER GARDEN CENTER - Front porch
    CHAMBERS DRIVE,                 905-648-2200 • 591 Fiddlers Green Rd, Ancaster • www.atacer.ca
        ANCASTER                    A PASSION FOR LIVING - Kitchen dinette & family room
A warm welcome awaits as            905-304-3044 • 1090 Wilson St. W, Ancaster
you enter into this lovely, new,    www.apassionforliving.com
two-storey home that’s not
                                    BELLA HOME INTERIORS - Girl's bedroom,TV room
far from the old Ancaster Fair      905-335-3792 • Oakville • www.bellahomeinteriors.com
Grounds. Beyond the large and
impressive entrance, the invit-     HAPPY HOLIDAY DECOR - Outdoor lighting • 905-637-1067
ing interior features a fabulous    1142 Centre Rd, Flamborough • www.happyholidaydecor.com
kitchen-dining-family       room
combination that is a perfect       MOHAWK COLLEGE STUDENTS* - Upstairs bathroom, main
setting for engaging guests with    floor powder room • Mohawk College Interior Decorating
                                    Certificate Program • 905-575-2422 • Hamilton
one another at lively gatherings
of family and friends. The decor    SUE'S BED AND BATH - Master & ensuite • 905-304-6662
is of a classic style - appealing   737 Golf Links Rd, Ancaster • www.suesbedandbath.com
and comfortable. The second
floor, complete with a spacious      THE BLOOM CLOSET - Dining Room • 905-336-9335
and cozy family / TV room, pro-
vides a superb private family       GOLDEN GIRLZ - Cakes
                                    289-244-3651 • www.goldngirlz.webs.com

                                        * Students: Kelly Gardner, Virginia Mirkhai, Brenda Price, Jade
                                        Vigus Alice Guthrie, Anne MacDonald, Annalee Morris
                                                                               www.juniorleague.ca • 17

A special thanks to the following design professionals
who have generously contributed to this home
                                                                AUCHMAR ROAD,
AIDENS ATTIC - Kitchen & family room
905-220-4198 •372 Brant St, Burlington • www.aidansattic1.com   HAMILTON
                                                                Set back from the street amid
AMIRA DESIGN - Guest bedroom                                    beautiful gardens, this elegant
905-975-0283 • amira.design.hm@gmail.com
                                                                two-storey Georgian style home is
BOMBAY - Master bedroom/ensuite, teen's bedroom, office          exquisitely decorated. Featuring a
905-389-9976 • 999 Upper Wentworth, Hamilton                    centre hall plan, the home is bright,
www.bombay.ca                                                   cozy, sophisticated, charming and
                                                                inviting. Elegant furniture, clas-
HAPPY HOLIDAY DECOR - Outdoor lighting & decor
905-637-1067 • 1142 Centre Rd, Flamborough                      sic mantles and baby grand piano
www.happyholidaydecor.com                                       combine well with the home’s soft
                                                                colour palette to create an atmo-
MOHAWK COLLEGE STUDENTS* - Interior Decorating                  sphere reminiscent of days gone
Certificate Program - Upstairs bathroom • 905-575-2422           by. Unique chandeliers hang from
                                                                the ceilings in most rooms adding
SHAVER FLOWERS - Front & back porches                           an additional element of interest.
905-648-4414 • 111 Fiddlers Green Rd, Ancaster                  The kitchen and breakfast area are
www.shaversflowersofancaster.com                                 classic “Romance” while the family
                                                                room, with leather sofa and large
SUSAN IRVINE - Gingerbread hous • 905-220-1564
                                                                brick fireplace, is a wonderful spot
THE WILLOW TREE - Living room, dining room, front               to sit back and enjoy the warmth
hall/staircase • 905-689-6669 • 255 Dundas St. E, Waterdown     of the fire on a cold winter’s night.
www.willowtreeofwaterdown.com                                   The home also features three bed-
                                                                rooms on the upper level.
* Students: Tracy Dyer, Diane Manns, Amanda Willes
18 • www.juniorleague.ca
                                                        HOME IS WHERE THE
                                                        HEART IS!

     LAKESHORE ROAD, A special thanks to the following design professionals
                     who have generously contributed to this home
                                        HAPPY HOLIDAY DECOR - Outdoor lighting & decor
An impressive home that sits at the     905-637-1067 • 1142 Centre Rd • www.happyholidaydecor.com
end of a winding driveway, lined
with Victorian style light standards,   INTERIOR DESIGN HOUSE - Great room, family room,
is an amazing blend of old and new.     TV room • 905-634-3439 • 4047 Fairview, Burlington
Walking up the stone steps and en-      www.interiordesignhouse.com
tering the front door, the home of-
                                        MARANATHA LOG HOUSE - Outside front entrance, front
fers a warm and inviting welcome.
                                        foyer, staircase & dining room • 905-854-0444 •125 Main St. S,
Spacious rooms, open concept            Campbellville • www.maranathaloghouse.com
floor plan and multiple lake views,
together with a gourmet kitchen,        MOHAWK COLLEGE STUDENTS* - Upstairs bathroom
dual family rooms with fireplaces,       Interior Decorating Certificate Program• 905-575-2422
a grand piano and a theatre room        Hamilton
with a large viewing screen all add
to the fascinating ambience, mak-       OHH!! BEAUTIFUL THINGS - Master & ensuite, office
                                        905-637-1171• 429 Brant St, Burlington
ing this a wonderful place to call      www.ohhbeautifulthings.com
home. The upper level is equally
impressive with the master bed-         PEARL ST. CAFÉ - Kitchen • 905-639-9450
room and office both offering eye        83 Pearl St, Burlington• www.pearlstreetcafe.com
catching vistas. A striking two level
terrace leads down to the rear yard     GOLDEN GIRLZ - Cakes
which extends down to the lake.         289-244-3651 • www.goldngirlz.webs.com
                                        * Students: Deborah Arnott, Rachel Dunlop, Zora Rajic,
                                        Brenda Shaw-Duncan
                                                                               www.juniorleague.ca • 19
                                                      As a special treat for our Tour guests, Vincent P. Colizza,

 HOME IS WHERE THE                                            the home architect, will be on hand during the
                                                       weekend to answer your questions and talk with you

HEART IS!                                                    about the elements of the Arts and Crafts style.

                                         A special thanks to the following design professionals
        POMONA AVENUE, who have generously contributed to this home
           BURLINGTON ANDERSON'S CARPET AND HOME - Furnishings in great
                                         room, master bedroom and upper hallway
This newly built home exemplifies
                                         905-639-0666 • 686 Guelph Line, Burlington
the ‘Arts and Crafts’ architectural      www.andersoncarpetandhome.com
style where simplicity, natural mate-
rials, beautiful craftsmanship and de-   DECORATING DEPOT - Guest bedroom & bath, boy's
tailed woodworking are paired with       bedroom & bath 905-631-8313 • 695 Plains Rd E, Burlington
great design. In the heart of Burl-      www.decoratingdepot.ca
ington, the spacious home features       HAPPY HOLIDAY DECOR - Outdoor lighting & decor
hardwood floors, wood beamed and          905-637-1067 • 1142 Centre Rd, Flamborough
bead board ceilings, tapered square      www.happyholidaydecor.com
columns (inside and out), oversize
                                         HOLLAND PARK GARDEN GALLERY - Great room, sun
doors and expansive windows. A full
                                         porch, front outside, foyer, staircase, loft, kitchen • 905-639-7740
wall of floor to ceiling French doors     2243 Fairview St, Burlington• www.hollandpark.com
across the back of the family room
cascade out of the way to create a       KITCHEN IMPRESSIONS - Kitchen • 905-690-7586
wide opening to the stone-floored,        255 Dundas St. E, Waterdown • www.kitchenimpressions.ca
covered porch. The combination of        SUSAN IRVINE - Gingerbread House • 905-220-1564
old and new throughout contributes
to the traditional warmth, gracious      TEA AT THE WHITEHOUSE - Tea and scones • 905-690-9987
ambiance and modern conveniences         297 Dundas St E, Waterdown • www.teaatthewhitehouse.com
of this stunning family home. The
                                         THE ELVES WORKSHOP - Dining room, master & ensuite
upper loft is a perfect spot to take a
                                         905-639-0785 • 686 Guelph Line, Burlington
bit of a break and enjoy a sampling of   www.elvesworkshop.ca
tea and scones.
                                         WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED - Yard • 905-634-7700
                                         3350 Fairview St, Burlington • www.burlington.wbu.com
20 • www.juniorleague.ca
R O N   U L R I C H   A R T I S T I C   D I R E C T O R


DECEMBER 1, 2010 - JANUARY 2, 2011

BY DONALD MARGULIES                            FEBRUARY 9 - MARCH 6, 2011

BY MARICA KASH                     MARCH 23 - APRIL 10, 2011

                                                          BY ARRANGEMENT WITH ALAN JANES

BY ALAN JANES                APRIL 27 - MAY 29, 2011

                                                                             www.juniorleague.ca • 21
                      Transform your home!
          The Junior League of Hamilton-Burlington offers homeowners a unique
       and special opportunity to see how, almost magically, their home can be trans-
       formed by a team of talented design professionals to showcase an abundance of
       holiday decorating and entertaining ideas. You can personally experience the
       magic and at the same time make a significant and vital contribution to the
       community by including your home on the Annual Tour.
          With the help of generous and gracious homeowners, the Junior League of
       Hamilton-Burlington can continue to create lasting positive changes in our
       community. For more information, please contact the Junior League of Hamil-
       ton-Burlington office at 905-525-1077, or email info@juniorleague.ca

Two specialty stores come together for a second season of celebration.
       The Elves Workshop and Anderson Carpet & Home invite you to explore
                              this year’s holiday magic!
    FREE GIFT – valued at $25 with your minimum ELF purchase of $75 (pretax)
     during the Junior League House Tour November 12- 14. (while quantities last)

 Tues – Thurs 10 am -5:30 pm • Fri 10 am – 9 pm • Sat 10 am – 5 pm • Sun 12- 4 • Monday Closed
  686 Guelph Line, Burlington, ON L7R 3M8 •905-639-0785 •www.elvesworkshop.ca
22 • www.juniorleague.ca


                        fashion forward frames
                                                               Pandora • Brighton • Thomas Sabo
                          fabulous sunglasses
                             TOY watches                           Myka • Spinning • Sympli
                        La Loop eyewear chains                      Cartise • Lampe Berger
                                                                           And More

       Eye Tests by Optometrist Available
                                                              1090 Wilson St. W., Ancaster • 905.304.3044


 414 Pearl Street, Burlington Village Square                  2435 Appleby Line Burlington 905.331.4477
    905-637-7777 specsonpearl.com


                                                                                www.juniorleague.ca • 23
   • Grade 5 and 6 Hess St. Elementary School children joined Chef Jason Gibson in The
Hamilton Spectator’s test kitchen for The Junior League’s Kids in the Kitchen. As well as
making a nutritious meal and learning how to re-create it at home with their families, the
importance of a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise was reinforced as the kids practiced
the art of dance with hula-hoops. ‘Brenda’ and ‘Zach’, two of the Junior League of Hamilton
Burlington Kids on the Block puppets, shared their message of “Don't Just Sit There, Do
Something!” at this event.
   • In celebration of the League’s 75th anniversary, a total of $41,770 has been donated to
the Mark Preece Family House. Members continue to be involved in this initiative that will
create a ‘home away from home’ for families of critical care patients being treated in Hamil-
ton area hospitals.
   • 156 new winter coats, in a variety of youth sizes, were distributed in our community in No-
vember 2009. Coats were supplied to the JLHB as a result of our partnership with One Warm Coat,
a not for profit organization that enables other organizations, like ours, to provide coats for free, to
people in need. The new coats were disbursed locally through the Hamilton and Burlington Public
and Catholic School Outreach programs and Burlington’s Compassion Society.

                          JUNIOR LEAGUE
                                   for another year of successful
                                         HOUSE TOURS
                                     Sandy Smallbone
                                     Sales Representative

                                     Past member of the Junior League of Hamilton-Burlington Inc.

                                     Design Chairman for the Grand Opening of the Ronald
                                     McDonald House

        Office: 905-335-3042

24 • www.juniorleague.ca
                       LUXURY LANDSCAPES


                      burlington   oakville
www.shademaster.net   905.689.4297 905.844.5764

                                   www.juniorleague.ca • 25
    Design Day Out Contest
       Many thanks to Stone House Restaurant of Burlington,
        Hamilton Limo and the Junior League of Hamilton-
      Burlington Inc., sponsors of the Junior League/Hamilton
     Spectator ‘Design Day Out’ Contest. Four friends will enjoy
       passes to all the homes, dinner at Stone House, and
               limousine service to enjoy it all in style!
                  Deadline for entry is October 25…
      visit www.thespec.com/community/contests to enter.
                Together we are helping open the doors
                  to a magical season of giving back.


                                   for this festive event.
                                   Joyce Savoline, M.P.P.
                                   Queen's Park Office:
                                   Room 440, Legislative Bldg.
                                   Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A8
                                   Tel. (416) 325-5362
                                   Fax (416) 325-5357
                                   Constituency Office:
                                   Suite 44, 760 Brant Street
                                   Burlington, Ontario L7R 4B7

                                   Tel. (905) 639-7924
                                   Fax (905) 639-3284
                                   E-mail: joyce.savoline@pc.ola.org
26 • www.juniorleague.ca
                                                                                                       Miracles can
                                                                                                                 9 hours of
 SPECIALIZING IN CLEANING OF                                                                                    exercise into
                                                                                                                40 minutes
 • AREA RUGS                          Certified from

         905.334.2917                                       R001813530

                                                                               • Reduce 12-30 inches in just 5 weeks!
                                                                                • Build muscle tone - have great abs
                                                                                   • Reduce cellulite and belly fat
                                                                                   • Boost metabolism up to 30%
                                                                                     • Lose 2-3 lbs every week

THANK YOU BURLINGTON FOR NOMINATING                                                              Call for a
   US AS THE BEST CARPET CLEANER                                                 FREE Trial Treatment

WWW.STEAMWORKSCLEAN.CA                                                   2138 Mountain Grove Ave. (Upper Middle & Guelph Line)

Made-to-Measure Suit Sale                                                                                              Made-to-
                                                                                                                       Measure Suit
                                                                           Bespoke                                     Choose from hundreds
                                                                           Suits                                       of fabrics, colours &
                                                                                                                       styles, made just for
                                                                           Starting at                                 you. Sizes 32-56
                                                                             1400                                      $
Stoney Creek Tailors,                        Custom-made                                   Custom-Made Trousers
 family-owned and operated                   shirts to your
                                                                                           Any style, cuffs/no cuffs, pleats,
since 1968, offers affordable suits          size and choice                               pockets, etc. Huge selection of
that are custom designed and                 of style                                      fabrics, colours and styles.
hand tailored in the                        Choose from over 200 patterns and fabrics in
best styles and fabrics.
                                            cotton or cotton blends. Custom cuffs,
                                            collars, pockets and fit. Neck sizes 14-25
                                                                                           $ 135 3/$299
                                            (and bigger) BIG & TALL SIZES AT NO
                                            EXTRA CHARGE!

                                                 59 KING ST. EAST
                                                 ■ DOWNTOWN STONEY CREEK
                                                 905-662-1800 ■ OUT-OF-TOWN: 1-800-274-1153
                                                                                                      www.juniorleague.ca • 27

              HOPE ornament is $5.99 plus tax.
              Available while quantities last.
              HOLLAND PARK GARDEN                    This holiday season, Holland Park Gar-
              GALLERY                            den Gallery in Burlington will donate the
              2243 Fairview Street               proceeds from the lovely HOPE ornament
              Burlington                         to the JLHB to help support the League’s
              905-639-7740                       efforts to reduce poverty in the Hamilton
              www.hollandpark.com                and Burlington communities.
                                                     The lovely HOPE ornament makes a
              Monday to Friday:                  wonderful gift for family or friends - or for
              9 a.m. to 9 p.m.                   yourself! Add HOPE to your Christmas cel-
              Saturday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.         ebrations!
              Sunday - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.             Your support is truly appreciated!

                Holiday Magic
                PURCHASE BY NOVEMBER 8, 2010.

                    This new workshop is your chance to pick up great tips from the pro-
                fessionals at Holland Park Garden Gallery in Burlington and create a cus-
                tomized outdoor holiday arrangement for your own home.
                    Classes include all materials needed for a outdoor urn insert.
                    Nine, 1 hour classes are offered.
                    Each session is limited to 20 participants.

                    Friday November 12, 2010 - 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
                    Saturday November 13, 2010 - 9:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.
                    Sunday November 14, 2010 - 9:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.
                    Thursday November 18th, 2010 - 7 p.m.
                    Tickets are $35 per person, available by online purchase

28 • www.juniorleague.ca
     Proud to support
    the Junior League
   in Building a Better

                               • HISTORY
                               • HERITAGE
                               • HOME

     Locke St.          Westdale        Dundas
   905-529-3300       905-522-3300    905-628-2200



442 Pearl Street                905.681.2400
                                      www.juniorleague.ca • 29
                            event                       APPETIZING EVENT MENU
                                                        ASIAN STYLE STRIP LOIN SPOON
                           WITH CHEF                    Medium rare strip loin glazed with sweet and spicy
                  LINDSAY VANDEKAMP,                    Asian reduction, placed on tangy Asian slaw.
                     LIAISON COLLEGE,                   SHRIMP - Topped with avocado caper mint salsa
                                                        placed on a lemon infused whipped cream,
    To treat yourself and your guests to unique         served on crispy sour dough toast.
and interesting appetizers this holiday season,
                                                        WILD MUSHROOM QUICHE
be sure to add ‘An Appetizing Event’ to your            Wild mushroom quiche topped with a goat cheese
House Tour weekend itinerary. A class is also           crumble and fire roasted peppers.
offered Sunday November 21, 2010.                       APPLE CIDER BRAISED PORK BELLY - Placed
    Join Liaison College Chefs as they share            on a crispy wonton, topped with an asian slaw.
a few favorite recipes and their culinary tal-          Additional ticket option.Tickets are $20
ents with our Tour guests. Learn techniques             per person. Purchase by November 8, 2010.
to create and plate, simple, yet delectable,            Online ticket purchase only at
holiday hors d’oeuvres. Of course, sampling             www.juniorleague.ca
                                                        Friday November 12, 2010 - 1 p.m. to 2:30p.m.
is included! Classes are 1½ hours long. To              Saturday November 13, 2010 - 1p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
ensure personal attention, each session is              Sunday November 14, 2010 - 11a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
limited to 20-30 participants.                          Sunday November 21, 2010 - 11a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

VON HAMILTON • 905-529-0700

                                                                     Continue your
                                                               Holiday Celebrations with
                                                                 The Bach Elgar Choir
         Proud Sponsor of the                                   and Festival Orchestra
 Junior League of Hamilton-Burlington                   •       As they Joyfully present            •
  • Nursing Services
                                                         Handel’s Messiah
  • Adult Day & Caregiver
  • Meals on Wheels
                                                        • Saturday December 11th •

  • Volunteer Visiting                                               at 7.30pm
  • Good Beginnings                                           At Melrose United Church
  • SMART Seniors
    Exercises                                                82 Homewood Ave, Hamilton

  • Hospice Volunteer
                                                        Call 905-527-5995 for tickets
                www.von.ca                                  www.bachelgar.com
30 • www.juniorleague.ca
                                                                    IT'S EASY TO
Did you know?
The Burlington Salvation Army distrib-
                                                  HELP OUT!
utes food to more than 3000 area families
                                               COMING TOGETHER
throughout the year.                             TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE
                                                  This holiday season, we can rally together to
More than 700 holiday baskets are given to     help stock the shelves of our community food
Burlington families in need so that they may   cupboards and help meet the needs of struggling
prepare a special Christmas meal in their      families and individuals. In partnership with The
own home.                                      Salvation Army in Burlington and Good Shep-
                                               herd in Hamilton, the Junior League of Hamil-
Throughout the year, Good Shepherd Food        ton-Burlington will be collecting non-perishable
Bank provides over 34,000 households with      food items at all show-homes during the Holiday
groceries and other household goods.           House Tour weekend.
                                               Preferred Food Items: Cereal, Crackers, Dry Pasta, Pasta Sauce,
In 2009 approximately 3600 Good Shep-          Tuna, Instant Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Juice, Macaroni and
                                               Cheese, Canned Fish, Canned Fruit, Canned Pasta, Canned
herd food hampers were provided to
                                               Soup (Vegetable, Chicken, Mushroom, Tomato)Canned Veg-
families so they could celebrate Christ-       etables, Pork and Beans, Coffee, Regular Tea, , Baby Formula,
mas at home.                                   Diapers (Size 4, 5, 6, and pull ups)

       THE FAVORLIFT™                                                We can take at least five
                                                                     years off your appearance
                                                                     in just 20 minutes with
                                                                     zero downtime!
                                                                     No risky expensive
                                                                     machines, no “Threads”,
                                                                     no surgery - just restoration
                                                                     of your former youthful
                                                                     The Favorlift™ is safe,
                                                                     medically supervised,
                                                                     predictable and exclusive
                                                                     to Cosmedica and
                                                                     Dr. O. Weiglein
                                                                     Five years, 20 minutes with
                                                                     Zero downtime

What are you waiting for?                           Call today! 905 631-6288
                                                                                                       PHOTO BY DISMATSEK

                                                       Dr. Otto Weiglein
                                                           MD, BSc., FRCS
                                                 Certified Plastic Surgeon
                                                 Inspected Private Facility

     520 Locust St. Burlington, Ontario www.CosmedicaCanada.com
                                                                             www.juniorleague.ca • 31
 QUEBEC STYLE TOURTIERE                                     PIE CRUST FOR TOURTIERE
 (Preheat oven to 375° F)                                       SHOPPING LIST
 INGREDIENTS                                                    • 1 lb plus 8 oz pastry flour • 1 lb shortening
 • 2 Tbsp olive oil                                             • ½ oz salt • 8 oz. cold milk
 • 2 lb ground pork
 • 1 ½ cups finely chopped onion                                 METHOD
 • ½ cup finely diced carrot                                     • Rub together pastry flour and shortening until
 • ½ tsp dried thyme                                              you have pea size nuggets of shortening.
 • 1 tsp ground allspice                                        • Mix salt and milk and add to flour and shortening.
 • 1 tsp dry sage                                               • Mix until just incorporated. (Do not over mix).
 • Salt & pepper to taste                                       • Divide into 4 equal size balls.
 • 1 ½ cups diced potatoes                                      • Wrap and place in refrigerator until ready to use.
 • 1 ½ cups beef stock                         ASSEMBLY OF TOURTIERE
                                               • Remove pie dough from refrigerator and roll out into 1/8 “
 METHOD                                          to 1/4 “ thick rounds to size of pie plate or dish being used.
 • Sauté ground pork, onions and carrots       • Place one round in pie plate or dish. • Add tourtiere mixture.
 • Add spices and salt and pepper              • Brush egg wash around edge.
 • Add potatoes and beef stock. Cook on simmer • Place top on dish and press around edge to seal.
   until potatoes are cooked and reduced       • Brush top with egg wash, cut holes into top for steam.
 • Correct seasoning and cool before placing   • Bake in 375 F degree oven until golden brown.
   mixture in piecrust.                        • Serve with cranberry demi-glace or sour cream.


                                                                        Your Home
          en Stor
                  e                                                    Christmas Spirit
The Kitch ools,
         ur t
where o ts, pans &                                                     Jewellery
 knives, p ing stuff
                                                                       Purses &
  great ba king in                                                     Gifts for Every
  make co en                                                           Home Decor
   your kit n!
   easy & f                        K it              or
                                                                          R ENDEZVOUS

                                          ch en St

    THE TOY STORE FOR THE COOKS                                                              Gardens
      & CHEFS IN YOUR KITCHEN                                              1134 Plains Road West, Burlington

6 CROSS STREET • DUNDAS • 627-5880                                             905.570.1500
32 • www.juniorleague.ca
                                                DINE WITH A
                                                AT A LOCAL RESTAURANT
                          AS AN ADDED BONUS FOR TICKET HOLDERS:
Your 28th Annual Holiday House Tour of Distinctive Homes ticket entitles you to 15 per cent sav-
ings at several area restaurants participating in ‘Dine With A Discount’. Be sure to take advantage
 of the discount opportunity! Enjoy the spirit of the season; sit back and relax with friends or fam-
      ily and enjoy a meal or light snack, before or after a busy day of touring the fabulous homes.

ANCASTER MILL                      LA COSTA NUOVA                    AT THE WATERFRONT
548 Old Dundas Road                421 Brant Street,                 1340 Lakeshore Road
Ancaster 905-648-1827              Burlington • 905-634-7421         Burlington • 905-633-7494

 BISTRO PARISIEN                   PANE FRESCO                      WALKERS FISH MARKET
 150 James Street S.               414 Locust Street                4045 Harvester Road
 Hamilton 905-546-0003             Burlington • 905-333-3388        Burlington • 905-633-9929

 SMOKE HOUSE                        1455 Lakeshore Road             THE ROYAL COACHMAN
 534 Garner Road E. Ancaster        Burlington                      1 Main Street N. Waterdown
 905-648-1234                       905-333-6999                    905-689-5952

                                            Did you know...
                         The JLHB disburses Discretionary Funds to other community
                               organizations whose needs and programs align with the
                       JLHB Mission. Discretionary Fund recipients: The Compassion
                            Society of Halton and The Hill Street Community Garden
                                        (c/o First Hamilton Christian Reform Church).
Tickets available at www.juniorleague.ca or at the retailers
listed below (Retail locations accepting CASH ONLY)
ANCASTER                  In House Etc.            Holland Park          The Millionaire's
A Passion For Living      482 John St              Garden Gallery        Daughter
1090 Wilson St.W.         (905) 637-3600            294 York Rd.         272 Ottawa St. N.
(905) 304-3044            Interior Design House    (905) 628-8562        (905) 543-8000
Buy The Yard              4047 Fairview St         Strawberry Fields     Walker's
Interiors                 (905) 634-3439           Gifts & Stationery    Chocolates
65 Wilson St.W.           Le Chef Complet           5 King St.West       1050 King St.W.
(905) 648-7979            447 Brant St.            (905) 627-8461        (Westdale)
Home Sense                (905) 333-0522                                 (905) 527-2462
14 Martindale Cres.,      Ohh!! Beautiful Things   GRIMSBY
(Ancaster Power Centre)   429 Brant St.            Cocoon Home           MILTON
(905) 304-9612            (905) 637-1171           Furnishings           A Country Mile
Sue's Bed & Bath          Rendezvous Gardens       8 Main St.W.          276 Main St. E.
737 Golf Links Rd         1134 Plains Rd.W.        (905) 309-7679        (905) 878-1070
(Meadowland Centre)       (905) 570-1500
(905) 304-6662            The Elves Workshop       HAMILTON
                                                                         House Warmings
                          686 Guelph Line          Accent Your
BURLINGTON                                                               178 Lakeshore Rd. E.
                          (inside Anderson         World
Aidan's Attic                                                            (905) 339-0202
                          Carpet and Home)          2 King St.W.
372 Brant St.             (905) 639-0785           (Jackson Square)      STONEY CREEK
(905) 220-4198            Walker's                 (905) 525-2026        Baby World Kids
A Passion for Living      Chocolates               Lulu & Lavigne        Furniture Plus...
2435 Appleby Line         3350 Fairview St.        Home Studio           410 Lewis Rd,. Stoney
(905) 331-4477            (905) 634-2462           228 Locke St. S.      Creek Decor Centre
Burlington Art            Wild Birds               (905) 522-2627        (905) 643-0147
Center                    Unlimited                Pat deCaria           Marquis Systems
1333 Lakeshore Rd.        3350 Fairview St.        Hair Design and       661 Hwy #8 E
(905) 632-7796            (905) 634-7700           Boutique              (at Fruitland Rd.)
Corporate                                          664 Upper James St.   (905) 643-4206
Auto Works                CAMPBELLVILLE            (905) 574-7444        Rose's Crafts & Things
5195 Harvester Rd.        Maranatha Log House      Second Chance         141 Hwy #8, Unit 4
(905)-333-9201            125 Main St.             Clothing              (905) 662-9215
Decorating Depot          (Guelph Line)            162 Locke St South
695 Plains Rd. E          (905) 854-0444           (905) 522-1626        WATERDOWN
(905) 631-8313                                     Step'N Out            Tea at the White House
Holland Park              DUNDAS                   Dancewear             297 Dundas St. E.
Garden Gallery            Booth's Furniture        1314 Upper            (905) 690-9987
2243 Fairview St.         49 King St.W.            Wentworth St.         The Willow Tree
(905) 639-7740            (905) 628-2821           (905) 575-7164        255 Dundas St. E.
                                                                         (905) 689-6669
34 • www.juniorleague.ca
                                                         - Visit Our Showroom -
Create your own PARADISE.   3235 Fairview Street, Unit # 5 Burlington, Ontario L7N 3L1
www.letslandscape.ca                                           Telephone: 905.639.7292

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