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					     Sun Rays
Published monthly for residents of Sun City Texas   December 2007

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2 December 2007 • Sun City Texas   sdf
Sun Rays December 2007
CA Activities .......................................................13-16                                       focus on Advertising
Holiday Entertainment, Dances, NASA Training Specialist,
Kyle Family Christmas, more...
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Advertiser Index ...................................................... 85                                      with your tax and bookkeeping needs...
Around Georgetown ................................................ 70                            Want a new look inside your home? Stephanie Flanagan of Creative
Georgetown Community non-profit fundraising, charitable                                             Home Redesign can help with interior and holiday decorating...
events, and volunteer opportunities listed here.                                                  Central Texas Harley Davidson is coming to Round Rock! Check
Arts and Crafts Calendar ........................................ 31                              out the coupons they are offering... Don Pedro’s Mexican restau-
Activities and Club Calendars ............................44-45                                  rant offers a 10% discount to Sun City residents... Do your holiday
                                                                                                  shopping at Edwin Watts Golf in Round Rock for the golf aficio-
Classified Ads ....................................................84-85                         nado on your list... The Marketplace II will open soon! See the Live
Chartered Clubs (by Alpha) ...............................19-30                                   Oak Gottesman ad in this issue... For printing needs and mailing
CA News ..............................................................6-11                        holiday packages, depend on PostNet to get the job done right...
CA Phone Numbers .................................................. 4                                          See our Advertiser Index on page 85.
Community Standards ............................................ 12
Fitness Center News..........................................52-53
Golf News ...........................................................50-51                       Sparky’s is open for
Governance Committee Members.......................... 86                                        lunch and dinner!
Health Focus ......................................................54-59                         With Sparky’s and Snacks
Healthy Interests ..................................................... 54                       ‘N More in full swing, Sun
Interest Groups ..................................................72-74                          City residents can grab a bite
Neighborhood Reps Listing .................................... 86                                without leaving the neighbor-
News & Views ......................................................... 13                        hood.
Travel ........................ 60-67
Day Trips and Overnighters, Extended
Travel and Cruises, CA Travel Seminars
Vendor Seminars .................. 76
Educational, Financial, Health, and
Travel seminars                                                                                  Holiday Events
                                                                                                 Kick back, relax, and enjoy
                                                                                                 the holiday season in the
                         On our cover                                                            Ballroom with the Sweet
Wishing a happy holiday season to all
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      Published monthly by Sun City Texas Community Association                                  holiday mood!
             2 Texas Drive, Georgetown, Texas 78628-4500
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                                                                                                                         Sun City Texas • December 2007                 3
                                                                                                                                                                            Sun City
                Community Association (CA) Phones and Hours of Operation
                CA WEB PORTAL:                                                              CA ADMINISTRATION OFFICE
                       ADMINISTRATION                                                                                      2 Texas Drive
                                                                                                             Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
                                                                                                 Lobby Reception Desk - Main Number ......... 864-1200
  Jim Romine .................864-1210                             CA Office (Front Desk) ....................864-1220 or 1221
    ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                                                     CA Fax ........................................................... 864-1178
    Katie Sutton ............864-1256                            Gail Frias, Office Manager .............................. 864-1253
  DIRECTOR OF FINANCE                                                                            For Ticket Information ......................864-1220 or 1221
  Ann Dodson ................864-1203                                    SOCIAL CENTER - 2 TEXAS DRIVE
    ASSISTANT CONTROLLER                                                                         Monday - Friday .............................. 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
    Amy Quattlebaum …864-1252                                 Saturday - Sunday ............................ 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
    ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLES (BILLING QUESTIONS?)                                                        ACTIVITY CENTER - 1 TEXAS DRIVE
    Learhea(la.ray)Grant 864-1229                               Front Desk Phone (unmanned) ...................... 864-1228
    ACCOUNTS PAYABLES                                                                            Monday - Friday ............................ 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
    Becky Smith 864-1206                                          Saturday - Sunday ............................ 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

    ACTIVITIES ASSISTANT (ROOM SCHEDULING)                                                       FITNESS CENTER - 2 TEXAS DRIVE - BLDG C
    Cynthia Chapman....864-1211                                        FRONT DESK: 864-1215
                                                                                                 Monday - Friday ............................... 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
               COMMUNICATIONS/ACTIVITIES                                                         Saturday ........................................... 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  CA MANAGER/SUN RAYS EDITOR                                                                     Sunday .......................................... 10 :00 am - 6:00 pm
  Sondra Carlton ............ 864-1202                             Outdoor Pool Summer Hours .........Open until 9:00 pm
    ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (Sun Rays Layout/Design)                                            FITNESS CENTER NEW RESIDENT ORIENTATION
    Emily Wallace………864-1225                                    Tuesday ............................................................ 6:45 pm
    ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (Bulletin Boards, Craft Fair)                                       Thursday .......................................................... 1:00 pm
    Dick Baker (8-noon)864-1209                                    Sunday ............................................................. 2:00 pm
                                                                                                 No reservations needed, just come on over.
    Larry Douglas (1-5pm) 864-1217                                 LEGACY HILLS GOLF - 301 DEL WEBB BLVD
    ACTIVITIES COORDINATOR                                                                           WHITE WING GOLF - 151 DOVE HOLLOW
    Teri Hurley..............864-1207                                           OPEN EVERYDAY
                                                                                                         Chelsea Automated Tee Time - 864-3901
           FACILITIES MAINTENANCE/HOUSEKEEPING                                                   Legacy Hills Pro Shop ................................... 864-1222
  DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS                                                                         White Wing Pro Shop ..................................... 864-1244
                                                                                                 Pro Shop ......................................... 6:30 am - 6:00 pm
  Tom Hackney .............864-1208                               Golf Course ............................................ 7:00 am -Dusk
    MAINTENANCE MANAGER                                                                          Driving Range ................ 6:30 am - 1 hour prior to dusk
    David Hahn ............864-1238                                First Tee Time ...................................................7:00 am
       FACILITIES SUPERVISOR                                                                     DIRECTOR OF MAINTENANCE
       Jim Goza..............864-1232                                Gary Wilson .......... 864-0401 or
       SET-UP SUPERVISOR                                                                         HEAD GOLF PROFESSIONAL
       Sheree Simpson ....864-1224                             Bruno Ybarbo ......... 864-1241 or
    LANDSCAPE SUPERINTENDENT (COMMON AREAS)                                                      DIRECTOR OF GOLF
    Catrin DuBois .........864-1239                             Neil Etter ...................864-1242 or
       CUSTOMER SERVICE TECHNICIANS (MAINTAINED HOMES)                                                                    COMPUTER LAB
       David Longacre 864-1223 N14A, 24A, 25, Classic MT                Hours vary ..................................................... 864-1176
       Aaron Johnson 864-1231 N24B1, 24B2, 30, 33                              CATERING AND RESTAURANTS
                  COMMUNITY STANDARDS                                                            Catering by Mopsie .................................512-365-8962
  COMMUNITY STANDARDS DIRECTOR                                                         
  Carl Zimmerman ........864-1251                              G&M Catering ........................................512-929-8305
    COMMUNITY STANDARDS ASSISTANT (MODIFICATIONS QUESTIONS?)                                     Little Big City Catering .................................. 257-3085
    Carol VanWassehnova 864-1205                
                   FITNESS CENTER                                                                Snacks ‘N More .......................................512-257-3085
  FRONT DESK…………864-1215                                                               
  FITNESS DIRECTOR                                                                               Sparky’s Restaurant ......................................... 863-6200
  Caroline Rosenbaum ...864-1213             
                                                                                                 Sun City Amigos ............................................. 864-0111
    FITNESS COORDINATOR                                                                
    Don Elgin ...............864-1194                               Wildfire Catering ............................................ 869-3473
    Rick Dean ...............864-1214                       
       Entry House at entrance to Sun City on Del Webb Blvd.
         Office: 819-9480 Vehicles: 868-7411 or 868-7412
  EMERGENCIES related to the Community Association: 512-750-5418                                               Pulte/Del Webb Phone
  (i.e. sprinkler gushing, problem at CA facility) or Call 911 depending on type of emergency.   Sales/Model Park.......................... .............931-6900

4 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                                sdf                                                                    
                                                                                                                         CA News
 Governance Committee Meetings
 See Directory for description of duties for each committee.
 • Chartered Clubs (Non Sports) - Thursday, December 6, 2 p.m., AC                                           Quarterly Update
 • Communications - Wednesday, December 12, 9:30 a.m., CR                                                      to Residents
 • COPs - Tuesday, December 4, 9:30 a.m., MR1
                                                                                                           December 3, 9am, SCB
 • Covenants - Wednesday, December 5, 9 a.m., CR
                                                                                                           Community Association staff
 • Elections - As Needed.
                                                                                                         and contractors will be making a
 • Finance - Tuesday, December 11, 1 p.m., AC, MR 3/4                                                   presentation updating residents to
 • Food & Beverage - December 6, 9 a.m., AC, MR 1/2,                                                         the goings-on within the
 • Golf - Monday, December 10, 3 p.m., MR1                                                                community and its operations.
 • Modifications - Every Thursday, 8:30am - noon, CR (some exceptions)                                   The presentation will be aired live
 • Nominations - as needed.                                                                                      on Channel 79 for
 • Property & Grounds - Tuesday, December 11, 1:30, AC, MR 1/2                                                   your convenience.
 • Special Projects - As needed                                                                            Coffee, doughnuts and door
 • Sports - Monday, December 17, 2 p.m., CR                                                                   prizes will be provided!
 • Wildlife - Wednesday, December 5, 3 p.m., ACR
 Other Committees or Task Forces:                                                                    CA Board Upcoming Workshop & Meeting
                                                                                                            Workshops are held every month.
 • Neighborhood Reps - Wednesday, December 19, 10 a.m., ACA                                                Meetings are held every other month.
 • Maintained Homes TF - Friday, December 7 and 21, 10 a.m., MR 3/4                                        The Board will not meet in December.
                                                                                                        Workshop: January 10, 1-5 pm, ACA
                                                                                                         Meeting: January 24, 8:30 am, SCB
                                                                                                         Board Agenda and Minutes are posted
                 New Resident Information                                                            on Association/
  One of the first things to do as a new resident is to come to the CA office and get your ID Badge.   Board of Directors.
        That puts you in the system insuring that you will get your Sun Rays mailed to you.              Board Meetings will be shown LIVE
                                                                                                     on Channel 79 and rebroadcast on the day of
      New Resident Membership                                  Regular Activity                      the meeting at 2 and 6 p.m. and the following
        Photo ID Cards Made:                                    Registration                         Wednesday evening at 6 p.m.
       Membership Office, 2 Texas Drive                Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                 864-1220                              Saturday & Sunday, CLOSED
            Monday through Friday                   New tickets (those in the Sun Rays for
                                                                                                               Current CA Board
              8:00 to 11:00 a.m.                      the first time) go on sale the first                        Erik Jacobson, President
       Bring with you the following:                  business weekday of the month.                   512-231-7723 •
             Your driver’s license                                                                               Brent Baker, Treasurer
      If you purchased a new home:                          How we communicate                            512-231-7725 •
  Registration Form, Settlement Statement                       Information:                               Shannon Barksdale, Vice President
             or Closing Statement                  - continuous
                                                                Sun Rays - monthly                   512-231-7717 •
         If you purchased a resale:
     Settlement or Closing Statement                         Channel 79 - continuous                           Stan Wilbanks, Secretary
                    Rental:                                News & Views Ch 79 - weekly                       Byron Raynie, Board Member
              Lease Agreement                                CA Email Blasts - weekly
                                                                NReps - every day
            Fitness Orientation:                      (see page 85 for your Rep and phone #)          CA Board Resident Members
         Tuesday at 6:45 p.m. and                             NRep Bulletin - weekly
     Thursday at 1 pm or Sunday, 2 pm                     Town Hall Meetings - as needed                       Byron Raynie
  No need to register ahead of time. New               Board of Director Meetings - bimonthly                      864-2954
  members are required to attend Orienta-              Governance Committee Mtgs - monthly     
   tion prior to using the Fitness Center                CA Office Front Desk - every day
                                                         CA Staff emails/phone - every day
               Welcome!                                       Direct Mail - as needed
         Be sure to attend one of the                                                                                  Stan Willbanks
    New Homeowner Orientations.                       New Homeowner Orientations                                       863-0248
  Next one: Wednesday, January 16, 8:45 a.m.            3rd Wednesday of January, March,
                                                         May, July, September, November                      
    Social Ctr. Ballroom, 2 Texas Drive
                                                        8:45 a.m., Social Center Ballroom                                                                      sdf
                                                                                                       Sun City Texas • December 2007              5
                                                                                                                                                       Sun City
CA News
                  Let’s                          Resident Survey Results are in
                  Communicate!                      products, facilities, and services of the CA.     Maintenance, Activities, Communications,
                  Jim Romine                        Again this year, we encouraged all residents      Fitness, Golf, and Board of Directors.
                  Executive Director                to complete the survey online and offered hard          The CA received 2,222 completed sur-
                                                    copies at the CA Office for those not wishing      veys. The results of the survey are distributed
                                                    to complete the electronic way. The survey        to CA management, staff, and the Board of
     In November of 2007, the Community             was a multi-paged instrument divided into         Directors. This information will help the
Association (CA) distributed the Annual Resi-       several sections that corresponded with the       Board and management identify areas where
dent Satisfaction Survey to determine resident      various departments of the CA. The specific        the CA is performing well and areas where
satisfaction relative to the various programs,      sections/departments were: Administration,        the CA might look to make improvements.
                                                                                                      In fact, the survey results will provide a
                                      Outstanding      Very Good        Good         Fair/Poor        foundation or benchmark in developing an
                                                                                                      action plan to improve the CA’s services and
 Overall Fitness Center                   32%             53%            14%            1%            resident satisfaction in 2008.
                                                                                                            I am pleased to report the results of the
 Overall Activities                       22%             54%            21%            3%            survey, as they were quite positive. Overall,
                                                                                                      95% of those responding were satisfied with
 Overall Communications                   21%             48%            25%            6%            the services and facilities of the Community
                                                                                                      Association, with 38.2 being “Very Satis-
 Overall Golf Courses                     11%             43%            37%            9%            fied,” and 57.5 being ”Mostly Satisfied.” The
                                                                                                      remaining 4.3% were either “Mostly or Very
 Overall Maintenance                      19%             55%            22%            4%            Dissatisfied.” The overall survey results for
                                                                                                      the various departments or areas are shown
 Overall Housekeeping                     21%             55%            20%            4%            at left.
                                                                                                            It should be noted that staff took the time
 Overall Common Areas                     22%             46%            23%            9%            to read all comments provided on indivudal
                                                                                                      surveys. In closing, I want to thank those
 Overall Board of Directors                8%             39%            39%           14%            residents who took the time to complete
                                                                                                      and return surveys and assure all residents
 Overall Administration                   13%             44%            34%            9%            that the survey results and comments were
                                                                                                      reviewed and considered and that the infor-
 Overall Community Association            17%             51%            26%            6%            mation will be used to help the CA improve
                                                                                                      its services. 

       Holiday Closings                                     As of Monday November 19, 2007 the Del Webb Administrative Services and
                                                      Customer Relations phone numbers will no longer be in operation, if you are in need of
       Office Closures                                                Customer Service please follow the instructions below.
  Monday, December 24, and
     Tuesday, December 25
 Golf Courses close at 3 p.m. on
 December 24 and will be closed
      all day December 25.
                                                                                Warranty Service Request
        Building Closures
          Christmas Day                                       Email:                                 Mail - Attention Dispatch
                                                              WWW.Pulte.Com                          Pulte Homes L.P.
       Tuesday, December 25                                   Follow Directions                      10801-2 Mopac Expwy N. #400
          New Years Day                                       listed below                           Austin, Texas 78759
         Tuesday, January 1
                                                                     Directions for Submitting a Warranty Request.
                                                 Go to WWW.Pulte.Com
                                                 1) Once you are at Pulte.Com select “Living in your Home”
                                                 2) At the next page, select –“Warranty Service”
                                                 3) Be sure to select “Austin” as the area and enter “Sun City Texas” as the Community Name
                                                 4) Select – “Submit Service Request” and then “SEND NOW”

6 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                              sdf                                                        
                                                                                                                             CA News
                                                                               sion of our need to plan for the future. Watch for further information
                     Board Member “Views”                                      on a Sun City long-range plan. Feel free to contact me at the email
                     Byron Ranie                                               address or phone number shown every month in the Sun Rays.
                     CA Board Resident Member                                       Byron Raynie

Where Are We Headed?                                                           Friendly Parking Reminders
     As we near the end of 2007 and look forward to 2008, it is time
to pause and ask: where are we headed? To help answer that question,                 If you park your vehicle overnight
we need a plan for our future at Sun City/Texas.                               in a Community Association parking
                              Need a plan                                      lot, please park the vehicle in the back
     In our 13th year as a community, we have grown to more than               of the parking lot, allowing proximity
5,000 homes and have an array of great amenities. Sun City needs a             parking to day-time traffic.
plan to help us control our future, rather than have future events con-              Please park two golf carts in
trol us. We do not need a voluminous 100-page document produced                each parking space. Stagger the
by some expensive consultant; we need a summary plan that reflects              carts in each space by allowing the cart on the left hand side to
the consensus of our diverse community viewpoints. It should not be            be parked up against the concrete wheel stop. For instance, if
Developer-produced or staff-produced. It should be a resident plan.            a vehicle is parked in a space with two golf carts to the left of a
                         Planning for what?                                    vehicle, and the golf carts are staggered as described, driver side
     Amenities – Most of us moved to Sun City/Texas because of the             access is then granted to the driver of the vehicle on the right. 
amenities. We need a plan to maintain the value of our amenities.
That does not mean paving our parking lots with gold; conversely, it
does not mean letting them degrade into dirt paths.
     Dues & Fees – A second key reason for a plan is to develop a
                                                                                                 Maintained                  A      s you look out your
                                                                                                                                    window, you can defi-
future expectation for the cost of living here at Sun City. We need to                           Homes News                   nitely tell winter is here.
                                                                                                                              Most of the trees and shrubs
consider the option of outsourcing other functions in addition to golf,                          David Longacre
restaurants, and housekeeping.                                                                                                have lost their leaves and
                                                                                                 Customer Service             are preparing themselves
     Governance – A third key aspect of our future involves the gover-                           Technician
nance and support structure. For example, our plan should address the                                                         for a long winter’s rest. For
Neighborhood Representative Organization (NRO). Some neighbor-                                                                the next several months,
hoods hardly utilize the NRO structure; others rely on it for a myriad         the trees and plants will go through a “Dormancy” period. During
of communication, social, and problem-solving functions. Our plan              this time, the metabolism of the plant slows down and conserves the
should address the future size, structure, and role of neighborhoods and       energy it has built up. This is also true of the Bermuda grass in your
the NRO. Additionally, we need to focus on our governance committee            front and back yards. The winter is also the time of the year when
structure. Do we have too many committees? Not enough?                         most of the perennials and the crepe myrtles will get a heavy prun-
     Neighbors – Looking ahead several years, we will have many                ing. Depending on our winter, the lawn and plants require very little
close neighbors: both commercial and residential. Sun City/Texas               water – therefore, we hope to water only once a week. If we have a
needs a plan for how we will relate to the future environment, including       wet winter, we will shut down the irrigation system until we feel it is
large nearby housing developments, commercial establishments along             necessary to turn it back on.
Williams Drive, Reagan Boulevard, and Hwy #195, and traffic through                    The winter is also a time to reflect on what was and what is to
Sun City and on the major roads adjacent to our community.                     come. During this past year, we have dealt with everything Mother
      Additionally, we need a plan to facilitate effective coordination        Nature had for us. To me, it seems like it was just yesterday when the
with the City of Georgetown, Williamson County, the state, and other           whole city of Austin was shut down due to ice storms. After that, we
governmental entities. For example, after the 2010 census, the George-         were dealing with the floods of 2007, which brought 19 inches of rain to
town City Council precincts will be redistricted. Sun City may get at          Marble Falls in just a few hours. I guess we were fortunate that we did
least two Council seats. Our community needs to prepare for how we             not have the extreme hot weather to which we are accustomed. Let’s
best make the outcome favorable to our political interests.                    just cross our fingers that our winter is pretty mild. When spring arrives,
     Openness – Once the Developer leaves, it will be the community’s          we will evaluate what plants did not make it through the winter and do
responsibility to develop and enforce standards of openness and                a spring plant replacement then. In the meantime, if you see any plant
transparency in our clubs, governance committees, and Community                that needs replacing, please feel free to email david.longacre@pulte.
Association Board. We will need to transform to our own model of               com or
transparency. We need a plan to ensure openness in our structure as                    I hope you have a blesssed holiday season, and I look forward
we assume full self-governance.                                                to a great 2008. 
                             What is next?
     Before Sun City develops a plan, we need to come to a general                        December Scheduled Landscaping
consensus on where we should be going. We need to discuss these                           Maintenance for Maintained Homes
issues with our neighbors, evaluate alternative ideas, and find possible
solutions that fit our needs. In this effort, we should set aside the normal
                                                                                         One visit for mowing, edging and trimming
politics, refrain from hiring costly consultants, and resist the urge to                           Monthly irrigation check
assign this task to exclusive or secretive organizations.                                        Weeding of bedded areas
     Due to space constraints in this article, I can only initiate a discus-                                                                     sdf
                                                                                                         Sun City Texas • December 2007                  7
                                                                                                                                                              Sun City
CA News
Special Projects Committee Openings                                           home medals, and to those who got involved in some sort of sporting
                                                                              leagues (tennis, softball, golf and others too numerous to mention).
         By Kent Buikema, Special Projects Committee Chair
                                                                              Good for you.
     The Special Projects Committee (SPC) will have five slots which
                                                                                   As for the rest of you, I would like to say Happy Holidays, good
will come open on April 1, 2008. The SPC functions at the pleasure of
                                                                              health, and I hope to see you on the links, at the tennis court, in the
the CA Board to advise the Board on projects assigned to it. The SPC
can also recommend to the CA Board projects that merit study.                 pool, playing horseshoes, or whatever makes you happy. 
     Residents who are interested may obtain an application at the CA         Room Cancellations
office or go to the web portal to the Nominating Committee link and                           By Cynthia Chapman, Room Scheduling
then to the link to the current committee application form.                         A reminder to all Sun City clubs and neighborhoods….If you have
     Applications are due in the CA office no later than January 11,           a function scheduled on the Community Association’s calendar to use
2008. Applicants will be interviewed during the period February 19-           any of our meeting facilities and it is cancelled, please call Cynthia
21, 2008.                                                                     Chapman @ 864-1211 to guarantee cancellation of the room. In doing
  The SPC is looking for residents:                                           this, we will avoid unnecessary set ups for nonexistent events, provide
  1. With a good knowledge of the Sun City Community, including               more meeting spaces for other resident functions, and gain the potential
     the CA Bylaws and the CC & Rs                                            to rent out these rooms to bring in additional revenue. 
  2. With the ability to engage in open give-and-take discussions
  3. Who can listen actively, seeking to understand                           CA Board Approves 24 Appointments to
  4. With the ability to function as a member of a team and support
     the decisions of the team                                                Governance Committees
  5. Who has a schedule that is flexible and permits regular attendance                    By Vic Figurelli, Nominating Committee Chair
     at meetings                                                                   In an executive session on November 8, 2007, the Board ap-
  6. Who can communicate via the Internet.                                    proved appointments to 11 governance committees with vacant or
     Remember, also, you must be a resident one year as of April 1,           about-to-expire seats.
2008, to be eligible to serve.                                                     The following residents have been appointed:
     If you have any questions, please contact Kent Buikema, SPC                 • Charter Clubs – Richard Ancy, Earl Rubenstein, Barbara Wood;
Chair, 868-1733, or Vic Figurelli, Nominating Committee Chair,                     all terms ending December 31, 2009
931-0108.                                                                       • Communication –Bonita Kennedy, Phyllis Moses, Les Rosen-
                                                                                   baum; all terms ending December 31, 2009
Meeting Date Changes                                                             • COPS - Harlan Hart, unexpired term ending June 30, 2009; Pat
            By Robert Fears, Wildlife Committee Chair                              Waite, term ending December 31, 2009
     The Wildlife Management Committee has voted to change their                 • Covenants – Ann Barry; unexpired term ending December 31,
meeting dates from the 4th Wednesday of each month to the 1st                      2008
Wednesday of each month. This new meeting schedule will avoid                    • Finance –Rufus Barnes, John Phipps; all terms ending December
conflicts with Thanksgiving and Christmas activities, and will allow                31, 2009
Committee members to meet in November and December. They will                    • Food & Beverage – Frank Feist, Elizabeth Horne; all terms end-
continue to meet from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on the designated days in                   ing December 31, 2009
Meeting Room 2 in the Activities Center.                                        • Golf – Ken Buford, Don Grider, Jim Taylor; all terms ending
                                                                                   December 31, 2009
Open Letter to Sporting Residents                                                • Property & Grounds – Jim Knothe, unexpired term ending De-
              By Allan Lambert, Chair-Sports Committee                             cember 31, 2008; Bill Leisey, Bob Young, both terms ending
      The year 2007 was a great year for sports at Sun City. With the              December 31, 2009
growth of the new 2500 homes, we are moving closer to getting new                • Special Projects – Kim Moran, James Rogan; both unexpired
amenities to include a fitness center with pool, tennis courts, a third             terms ending June 30, 2009
golf course, and more. We are anxiously awaiting all of these new                • Sports – James Truho, term ending December 31, 2009; John
amenities.                                                                         Wood, unexpired term ending December 31, 2008
      We witnessed many more residents using the existing facilities and         • Wildlife Management – Richard Cryan, term ending December 31,
some residents getting involved in some sort of sporting activity for the          2009; Jim Grier, unexpired term ending December 31, 2008
first time in years. As our community gets older, I believe we will also          Applicants filling unexpired terms will begin their service imme-
get healthier due to the proactive approach to health. This is largely due         diately; all others begin on January 1, 2008.
to the positive atmosphere and friendly staff at the Fitness Center. If you      Over half of the residents newly appointed have lived in Sun City
cannot find something to do over there, then you are not looking hard               for three years or less. The community should benefit immensely
enough. We also have more people on the tennis courts and attending                from the balance of fresh perspectives and experience with gov-
social tennis events than ever before. Free lessons are available when             ernance in Sun City.
you join the tennis association and the instructors have been busy. As           Please extend your congratulations to these people and support
you drive around, you have probably noticed more walkers, runners                  them in their service to the community. 
and bikers than usual. There is something for everyone here.
      As 2007 comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to      Grandkids and golf carts don’t mix
thank everyone who has participated in some small measure toward                   Many grandchildren will be in our Community over the holidays,
getting you involved in sports and keeping you healthy. You know who          and the temptation will be there to allow them to drive the golf cart. It is
you are, and my hat is off to you. Congratulations to all of the active       against the law to allow them to do so. It is also extremely dangerous.
competitors who participated in the Texas Senior Games and brought            So, please DO NOT let them get behind the wheel. 

8 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                                sdf                                                         
                                                                                                                         CA News
Tell ‘em: “I saw your ad in the Sun Rays!”                                   Canine Courtesy
          By Lois Case, Chair - Communications Committee                           As most dog lovers know, nothing beats taking Fido or Fluffy for
                                                                             a walk. The exercise is beneficial to both you and your pet. Does Fido
     Dear Residents,
                                                                             go nuts when you grab that leash? Of course he does! Good pet owners
     I hope you have been enjoying the new and improved Sun Rays
                                                                             make sure their dogs get adequate exercise every day.
as much as I have. The Communications Department has done an
                                                                                   Along with being a good pet owner comes the responsibility of
excellent job in building a quality monthly magazine. One of the
                                                                             being a good neighbor. No one wants to live next door to a dog who
factors contributing to its success is the enthusiastic response of our
                                                                             is a nuisance to the neighborhood. Here are a few tips and pointers on
advertisers. Here’s where you come in. When you use the services
                                                                             appropriate doggie decorum:
of one of our advertisers, be sure to tell them that you saw their ad in
the Sun Rays. That way, they’ll know that while they are supporting                                       Leash Laws
us, we are supporting them.                                                        The City of Georgetown and Sun City have leash laws. This is for
     While I’m at it, let me put in a plug for our up-and-coming web         your protection, the protection of your neighbors and the safety of your
portal. It also contains a business directory where you can find the          pet. All pets must be on a leash when outside your home, whether you
resources you need. In addition, the portal can be used, to find out          are walking down the sidewalk, in the street, or on the hiking trails.
how other residents feel about the services they have used. Just log         There are two places where the dog may be off leash – inside your
on to the portal, click on “Resident Forum,” “Categories,” and then          home or inside your fenced back yard.
“Service Providers.” It’s a great way to exchange opinions about                            Watch out for those misdemeanors!
products with other residents.                                                    If your dog eliminates in someone else’s yard or on any public
                                                                             property, you may be found guilty of a Class “C” misdemeanor if you
                                                                             do not clean up after your pet. We’ve all had the unpleasant experi-
                                                                             ence of accidently stepping in… well, you get the idea. Did you know
              IMPORTANT MESSAGE                                              it is also a Class “C” misdemeanor to fail to control odors due to the
       You’ll notice the insert in this month’s Sun Rays                     “activity” of your dog?
   regarding Homeowner’s Association (HOA) dues                                    A word about excessive barking. You guessed it – it is also a Class
   and Landscaped Maintained Homes (LMH) lawn-                               “C” misdemeanor to fail to control any loud, continual noise (barking)
                                                                             if that noise disrupts the peace and
   care dues. The insert serves both as a summary of                         quiet of the neighborhood.
   the payment options for dues and member charges                                      Share the love
   as well as the payment option election form. If you                             Our pets offer us unconditional
   have not already done so, please complete and                             love. Why not “share the love” by
   turn in the form to the CA Front Desk no later than                       being a good neighbor and a respon-
                                                                             sible pet owner? Your dog and your
   December 15, 2007.                                                        neighbors will love you for it! 

Chow Down, Y’all!                                                           opened with such a skilled culinary team.
                                                                                 We will continue to strive to be better. If you like us now, you’ll
Sparky’s now open for Lunch and Dinner                                      love us in the future. Please feel free to send all comments and input
                                                 Sparky’s Restaurant at     to me, the proprietor, Bill Cox, at I look
                                            the White Wing Golf Course      forward to hearing from you. Sparky’s phone: 863-6200.
                                            is now open for Lunch from
                                            11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and for       Snacks ‘N More
                                            Dinner from 4 p.m. until        “Come for the snacks, stay for the more.”
                                            we stop seating guests at 8                                                 Open daily through the
                                            p.m. In the future, we look                                            winter, from 7:30 a.m. until 4
                                            forward to staying open                                                p.m., Snacks ‘N More is located
                                            until 9 p.m. on Friday and                                             adjacent to the Legacy Hills Pro
                                            Saturday nights if there                                               Shop. There are many breakfast
                                            is enough demand for the                                               and lunch choices and bever-
                                            extended hours.                                                        ages at reasonable prices. Beer
     At the time of this press release, the Bar construction is still not                                          and wine are available to take
complete, but a limited wine and beer menu is available for our guests.                                            with you. To order your lunch
The restaurant received its liquor license two weeks ago.                                                          to be ready as you make the
     The staff and management of Sparky’s appreciate the support the        turn, call 512-918-3663 (FOOD) and place your order. Don’t forget
community has shown its new eatery. The wait staff would like to thank      to pick it up as you make the turn.
our guests for the generosity they have demonstrated as a reflection of           Snacks ‘N More welcomes all residents, non-golfers as well as
their hard work. Word is getting around Georgetown that Sparky’s is         golfers, to enjoy a snack on the patio adjacent to the building, on the
monetarily beneficial for wait staff; this allows for increased interest     patio at the Oaks, or for take-out. Use the facility often and ensure a
and higher caliber wait staff. The Kitchen staff is very happy with all     long-term association with Sun City Texas. To contact Snacks ‘N More,
the positive feedback they have received. We are very fortunate to have     phone 512-257-3085 or email                                                                   sdf
                                                                                                      Sun City Texas • December 2007                9
                                                                                                                                                         Sun City
CA News
                        SCTXCA Financial Information
                                    As of October 31, 2007

                          The above is preliminary information subject to Finance Committee approval.

10 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                 sdf                                         
                                                                                                   New Location
            Del Webb/Pulte
           Customer Relations                                                           MI-ME’S
                                                                            104 Western Trail (Behind Domino’s Pizza)
  Happy Holidays!
                                                                                                       Call Karen    Gaida
                                                                       Men’s Haircut - $11
       The Christmas Holidays are arriving quickly. Everyone in
                                                                       Women’s Haircut - $18
  Customer Relations wishes all of you the best holiday season
  ever!                                                                (Shampoo included.)
                                                                       Perms & Color - $60 and up
       The Customer Relations office will be closed on December
  24 and December 25.                                                  (Includes cut and style.)
  Installing Fences - Property Pins                                                                  Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
       Several people have mentioned that they have constructed a      Offer good as walk-in or by appointment with Karen only.
  fence and have had difficulty going around the existing sprinkler
  heads. When Pulte installs a sprinkler system on a homesite that
  does not have a fence or a fence planned, the sprinkler heads are                                   Chanukah is not the Jewish version
  placed as close to the property line as possible, usually about an     Happy                       of Christmas. Although it is celebrated
  inch or so in from the property line. When installing a wrought      Chanukah!                    the same time of year, Chanukah com-
  iron fence on your property, it will often line up on top of the                                    memorates the physical and spiritual
  sprinkler heads.                                                                                    victory of the Jews over the Greeks’
       Please be sure to locate the property pins before you install                                    possession of the Jewish Temple
  a fence or do any work along your property line. Survey crews                                      almost 2,200 years ago - the first war
                                                                                                        ever fought for religious freedom.
  put the pins in and they are often covered with an inch or two                                        Chanukah, or Hanukkah, is also
  of dirt, but they are there. The pins are an important survey                                      known as the Festival of Lights, since
  instrument in determining exactly where a fence or any other                                       the light of rededication in the Temple
  structure should be placed.                                                                          burned miraculously for eight days.
                                                                                                                Howard Karlsberg                                                            sdf
                                                                                               Sun City Texas • December 2007                  11
                                                                                                                                                    Sun City
Community Standards
Some of the top issues that your                                               The key to a successful Modification Committee submittal is
                                                                          making sure the appropriate form B-1 or B-2 (for exterior painting) is
Community Standards Office is                                              completely filled out and has an original homeowner’s signature (copies
addressing are:                                                           or forged signatures are not accepted). Your submittal should include
      Pets: Keep all pets on a leash when out-                            attachments such as pictures, finishes, colors, drawings, descriptions,
side of your home’s fenced yard. Please report                            dimensions, elevations, and/or any other information to help the Com-
any stray animals to the Community Standards                              mittee understand your project. Submit only one copy of the form and
Office.                                                                    each of the attachments to the CA Office by the Tuesday Noon deadline.
      Parking: Vehicles may not be parked in the                          The Modification Committee meets every Thursday morning to review
street overnight. Vehicles must be parked either Carl Zimmerman           the submittals, usually 75 to 80 per week. After that, the results are
in the resident’s driveway or garage. Commer- Dir. of Community           prepared and sent to the homeowner on the following Monday and,
cial vehicles may not be parked overnight in the           Standards      normally, will reach your mailbox on Tuesday or Wednesday of that
Sun City Texas property. Resident vehicles with business or advertising   week. If you follow these guidelines, there is a 7-10 day turn-around
placards may be parked in garages without removing the placards or        from the time you submit your application.
parked on driveways with the placards removed.                                 It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure an exterior
      Exterior Painting: Residents must have Modifications Com-            modification to your residence has been submitted for, approved, and
mittee approval to paint their homes; this applies to changing the        permits issued by the CA Modification Committee. In addition, the
paint scheme of your home or repainting to your home’s current paint      City of Georgetown requires a building permit that must be acquired
scheme. Please contact Carol Van Wassehnova at 864-1205 for help in       at the city offices. They will grant you a permit after you submit the
determining your current paint colors if you can not find that informa-    permit received from the Modification Committee.
tion in your home’s closing documents. The paint color information for         If you have questions regarding your modifications submittal, call
your home that you may receive from the Del Webb/Pulte Customer           Carol in the Community Standards office at 864-1205.
Service may not be correct. Recently, a homeowner had to repaint their         The Modifications Committee will not meet the week of Christ-
home because they did not have Modifications Committee approval and        mas. They will meet the first week of the New Year on Thursday,
the color information they obtained from Customer Service was not         January 3, 2008.
correct. Save some time and expense - call Carol before you paint.             Just a reminder as per the CA Design Guidelines: Tuesday,
      Level III Areas: Level III areas are considered preserve or         January 15th, is the deadline for outside Holiday decorations to be
native areas with environmentally sensitive recharge features or pro-     removed.
vide habitat for endangered species. Residents are prohibited from             Enjoy your home! 
entering and from modifying Community Association-owned Level
III areas. Residents may not maintain or alter these areas in any way
without written approval of the Sun City Texas Community Associa-
tion Board of Directors. Dog walking is also prohibited in Level III        C.O.P.s (Citizens on Patrol)
and Level IV areas.                                                              • Please remember to keep your garage door
      Lighting: Exterior lighting can be a sensitive issue in Sun City.     down when you are not around your area. It only
To achieve an appropriate balance, lighting should be adequate for          takes a few minutes for someone to “snatch and
residents while preserving the dramatic nighttime sky. Residents            run” with your belongings. COPs noticed 40
should minimize lighting within their yards. Use of glare shield, low       garage doors open last month.
wattage bulbs, and concealed lighting is preferred. Residents are re-            • COPs are in need of men and women to work at the COPs
minded that they must receive Modifications Committee approval for           office - Welcome Station - If interested, please call Mike Rosenberg
all home improvement projects involving exterior lighting.                  (COPs Chairman) 869-8679 or email at
      Home Improvement Projects: If the improvement you                          • The annual COPs banquet will be held in February 2008.
want to make is observable from outside your home—you must have             Details will follow later.
Modifications Committee approval before you or your contractor                    • I would personally like to thank the COPs for doing an
start work.                                                                 outstanding job with keeping the cars under control at the Grand
      Please Don’t:                                                         Opening of the new model homes. The COPs were Johnny Guerro,
      • Take sod, gravel, top soil or other items from homes under          Robert Simmons, Joan Painter, Jan Martinson, Jack McCrosky,
construction. Theft is theft.                                               Pat Hooper, and me, Larry Wood. Again, thanks for a job well
      • Rummage through contractor vehicles or trailers.                    done.
      • Hit golf balls on the recently installed sod on the Cowan Creek          • While on patrol, the COPs have noticed people walking in
Golf Course.                                                                the streets where there is a sidewalk. Residents, please walk on
      • Remove plants, mulch, or other items from Community As-             the sidewalk, especially at night or early morning!
sociation common areas. 
           Carl Zimmerman may be reached at 864-1251 or                     Observations last month
                                          The COPs responded to a call regarding a deer caught in a
                                                                            fence. One of the COPs volunteers was able to cover the deer’s
Key to a Successful Submittal                                               eyes, straighten its leg, and push its head through the bars. This
     By Carol VanWassehnova, Community Standards Assistant                  is not the first deer rescue for “Cowboy,” and we do appreciate
     You have decided to make some changes and figured out what you          his efforts in helping rescue the deer. Good job, “Cowboy.”
want to do to the exterior of your property. The next step would be
to go to the web site and read the Design Guidelines                                         – Larry Wood, COPs Vice Chairman
about the subject.

12 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                            sdf                                                    
                                          Channel 79                                      News & Views Staff
                                           Programs                                                                    Jim Hester
                                                                                                              Production Manager, Video Editor
                                             Tune in to                                  Judy                          Don Snapp
                                         “News & Views”                                  Weckerly                       Cameraman
                                        every Monday and                                                               Rohi Emran
                                                                                                                  Cameraman, Video Editor
                                            Tuesday at
                                                                                                                   Arnie Skjelbostad
                                        11 a.m., 2 or 6 p.m.                                                              Key Grip
     What’s Happening in Sun City Texas this Week?                                                                  Thelma Marshall
                                                                                         Kay Hester              Calendar/Email Coordinator
               December Focus:                                                           Associate                   Sondra Carlton
            Our Sun City Shining Stars                                                   Producer                           Editor
   December 3/4:                    December 17/18:                                                                  Beverly Emran
   SC Singers Concert Promo         Sunshine Variety Show
   PIE                              Mad Hatters                                                               Pattie Fludd, Cheryl Wills,
   Jarrell Turoring Program         Hunting and Fishing Club’s                                                      Ralph Salyers
   SCARS                            Tournament Promo                                                                Producer’s Assistants

   December 5 (Wed.):               December 24/25:                                           Have any ideas for interVIEWS?
   “We are Sun City Texas”          “We are Sun City Texas”                                                     Email us at:
   December 10/11:                  December 31, January 1:                              
   Woodworkers Charitable           “We are Sun City Texas”
   Projects                         January 2 (Wed.):                               When you see this logo        next to an event,
   Quilters Charitable Projects     “We are Sun City Texas”                    it means that event will be broadcast live on Channel 79.
   Georgetown Police
   Department programs
                                                                         News & Views sponsored by:

Sun City Events
Chisholm Trail Chorus; Sweet Adelines                                    training experience started when she became a training instructor
                                                                         teaching astronauts and mission controllers how to use the computer
International                                                            system for the International Space Station. She has held various
Sunday, December 2, 2.30 p.m.,                                           training positions since then, including a one year tour as the NASA
                                                                         training coordinator in Star City, Russia, and the Training Manager
SCB, $10 pp                                                              for the first crew to fly on the International Space Station. Currently,
     Celebrating their 25th Anniversary,                                 she is the training specialist for the Astronaut Office responsible for
Chisholm Trail Chorus of Sweet Adelines                                  monitoring all training conducted for astronauts and cosmonauts.
International is a women’s a cappella chorus                             Specifically, she is responsible for making sure all astronauts receive
that is dedicated to presenting jazz vocals                              the proper training needed and for tracking the performance of all
and choreographed pop tunes with award-                                  astronauts and cosmonauts.
winning harmony! The chorus, directed
by Carol Scherer, is comprised of Central
Texas women from Temple, Belton, Troy, Waco, China Springs,
                                                                         The Grinch Grooves Georgetown –
Lott, Copperas Cove, Killeen, Harker Heights, Lometa, Bartlett,          By Georgetown’s Performing Arts Studio Dance Troupe
Rogers, and Georgetown. Always a crowd pleaser! Be sure to get                                                  Saturday, December 8,
your tickets early.                                                                                             2 p.m., SCB, $5 pp
                                                                                                                     This original script tells the
NASA Expedition 1 Integrated Trainer                                                                            story of the Grinch coming to
Debbie Ramos Trainor, Astronaut Training Specialist                                                             Georgetown, the happiest place
                                                                                                                he can find, to try to ruin Christ-
Friday, December 7, 1:30 p.m., SCB, $5 pp
                                                                                                                mas for everyone. Upon arrival,
                                       Join us for coffee and cake and
                                  a behind the scenes look with NASA                                            he finds a town full of talented
                                  Training Specialist Debbie Ramos                                              children who love to sing and
                                  Trainor! Debbie has worked at the      dance throughout the holidays. Featuring the talented youngsters
                                  NASA/Johnson Space Center for 22       from the Performing Arts Studio, this heartwarming musical is sure
                                  years. For the past 14 years she has   to put you in the holiday spirit and leave you thoroughly entertained.
                                  been a part of the Mission Opera-      Pre-show dances provided by Sun City’s Happy Tappers and Ladies
                                  tions team working in the spaceflight   on Tap. Come enjoy this hometown holiday special.
                                  training program. Her spaceflight                                                               sdf
                                                                                                  Sun City Texas • December 2007                 13
                                                                                                                                                      Sun City
Sun City Events
                                                                            It’s a Kyle Family
                                                                            Christmas! NEW!
                                                                             Saturday, December 22, 2 p.m.,
                                                                             SCB, $12
                                                                                  They stole your hearts in September, and
                                                                             they’re back to present a holiday show, Kyle
                                                                                  If you missed them, this is your opportunity to enjoy the
                                                                             warmth of Family Four-part harmony.
                                                                                  The Kyles have had the privilege of performing with many
                                                                             Texas legends, including the Geezinslaw Brothers, Johnny
                                                                             Gimble, and Willie Nelson, and have appeared on shows such
                                                                             as “Austin City Limits” and are frequent guests on the “Sam
                                                                             and Bob” radio show on KVET. Their unique blend of close
                                                                             sibling harmony makes their music very recognizable. Whether
                                                                             they sing gospel, inspirational, or country, their music is always
                                                                             done “Kyle-Style”! Come and
                                                                             enjoy an inspirational evening
                                                                             with the Kyle Family.

   7 PM

                                                                                                  Cowboy Christmas by Bob
                                                                                                  Heinonen with Carolers Hoe-
Smyth and Taylor; Folk, Country, Bluegrass,                                                       down by the WUMC Bell Choir
Oldies and a few Holiday Tunes to boot! – New!                                                    Saturday, December 22, 7 p.m., SCB,
Thursday, December 20, 7 p.m., SCB, $10 pp                                                        $7 pp
                                     You raved about the wonderful                                  “A Cowboy Christmas” is a holiday
                                music and vocal ability of Smyth and                           tribute to the iconic cowboy: “Meet” Wilhelm
                                Taylor, and they’re back to serenade                           Schmidt, foreman for Ms. Lizzie Johnson,
                                you with their variety music show.                                                Cattle Queen of Texas. Come
                                Audiences will enjoy a wide array of                                              enjoy this heart warming per-
                                acoustic music, from the traditional to                                           formance by Bob Heinonen,
                                the contemporary, including originals,                                            and listen to Will’s tales
                                country, folk, rock, blues, bluegrass                                             along with a little holiday
                                and a few holiday favorites for good                                              Cowboy Poetry.
measure! Smyth and Taylor, the duo, is known for their symbiotic                                                       Following intermission,
harmonies, humorous lyrics and unique brand of ‘3D’ guitar playing.                                               the Chamber Bells Bell Choir
They’ve released 5 CDs since 2000 and their latest won the 2005                                                   of the Westlake United Meth-
Woody Guthrie Songwriting Award. In 2006, the duo was nominated                                                   odist Church will present
for “Song of the Year,” “Songwriter of the Year,” “Female Vocalist of     “Carolers Hoedown,” under the direction of Ms. Susan Finnigan.
the Year” and “Vocal Duo of the Year” by the Academy of Texas Music.          Punch and cookies will be available.
If you attended the Picnic in the Pavilion with Smyth and Taylor, you
know the caliber of talent these two possess. So, gather your friends      Tickets for events listed in this publication for the first time are
and family and head on down to the Ballroom on December 20th. It’s        available beginning Monday, December 3. Tickets that have been
sure to be one of your holiday favorites.                                       on sale previously are available at the CA office now.

14 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                            sdf                                                      
                                                                                                  Sun City Events
Afternoon Cabaret with the Family                                           Johnny Dee and the Rocket 88’s
                 Caravan – New!                                             Thursday, January 24, 7:30 p.m., SCB, $18 pp
                               Sunday, January 13, 2 p.m.,
                               SCB, $8 pp
                                    Caravan, the Family Band, is an
                               exciting group offering musical inter-
                               ludes of the 40s through 50s for your
                               listening or dancing pleasure. You’ll
                               find Caravan a most pleasing ensemble
                               of spirited lively music, wit and charm
guaranteed to put you in a good mood and bring a smile to your face.
Caravan travels nationally performing for many private groups as well
as performing on Royal Caribbean. Have an hour to spare? Come on
out and tap your toe with Caravan!

Coffee “With” Isaac Kline, the Galveston                                          By your request, they’re back!! It’s time to rock this town,
Hurricane Meteorologist of 1900 – New!                                      rock it inside out! Pull on those poodle skirts, slick back those
Tuesday, January 22, 3 p.m., SCB $5 pp                                      D.A.’s. You asked for it. You got it. Right here in Sun City. The
                                                                            one and only, Johnny Dee and the Rocket 88’s!!
                               Please welcome back Bob Heinonen in
                                                                                  During the past 25 years, millions of people have seen
                          the tragic portrayal of Isaac Kline, the me-
                                                                            their national TV appearances. They’ve performed for U.S.
                          teorologist responsible for the U.S. Weather
                                                                            presidents, international royalty, Governor’s Balls and many
                          Bureau Station in Galveston, Texas in the
                                                                            fundraisers with the Dallas Cowboys, Bob Hope, United Way,
                          year 1900. A well-respected man in his
                                                                            American Heart Association, MS, and MD. Not to mention
                          time, Kline was the first to provide reliable
                                                                            having performed with artists such as Dick Clark, Wolfman
                          forecasts of freezing weather. However, in
                                                                            Jack, James Brown, Tanya Tucker, Beach Boys, Charlie Dan-
                          1891, he wrote an article in the Galveston
                                                                            iels, Pointer Sisters, Ricky Nelson, and Danny & the Juniors.
                          Daily News in which he gave his official
                                                                            You’ll enjoy an evening full of arrangements by such greats
                          meteorological opinion that the thought of
                                                                            as Glen Miller, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Diana Ross, Roy Orbison,
                          a Tropical Cyclone ever doing any serious
                                                                            the Everly Brothers, and many more.
                          harm to Galveston was “An absurd delu-
                                                                                  The Dallas Morning News states “They offer the humor
                          sion.” He was tragically proven wrong
                                                                            for those who have always suspected rock & roll was pretty
on September 8, 1900, when the Galveston Hurricane hit the island,
                                                                            funny…and for those who didn’t, their music is serious and
killing thousands. Please join us in the Ballroom for this drama-filled
                                                                            true to form.”
                                                                                  Johnny Dee was an overwhelming success when they
       Do you have suggestions for events?                                  were here in July. Don’t wait to get your tickets on this one.
    We’d love to hear about it! Send an email to                            We know we’ll have a sell-out crowd.

    CA Etiquette: Dances and Events                                      The Incredible Sarah Getto – New!
  Saving your seat: The doors to the CA Events will be open              Saturday, February 9, 7 p.m., SCB, $8 pp
  one half hour prior to show time to allow people to be seated. If           Sarah began teaching herself to play the piano
  you wish to bring your individual place cards to designate your        at age 3 and the violin at 10. She also plays the
  seat you may do so at that time; however, seats may not be saved       guitar, bass, and autoharp, and started compos-
  for others by ‘chair tipping’ or placing blanket ‘Reserved’ cards      ing music in her early teens. Currently a senior
  on the table. CA socials are a wonderful opportunity to make new       at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, she
  friends and keep the old! Please welcome all to your table.            will graduate in 2007 with a degree in music
                                                                         education. Sarah placed First in the State at the Na-
  Snacks and Drinks: All attendees are welcome to bring their            tional Association of Teachers of Singers (NATS)
  own snacks, cups, drinks and libations. The Hospitality Table will     competition, and has been performing with the
  be available at all dances to purchase your set ups or to provide      Oakridge Boys in front of an audience of 30,000.
  you with ice and water. Ice buckets and pitchers are limited. Please   Additionally, she placed 3rd in the 2006 Billboard
  share with your table companions.                                      Magazine World Songwriting Competition. If
  Cleanup: Trash bins will be placed around the Ballroom. Please         that is not impressive enough, you’ll be amazed
  clear your table trash before you leave and return your ice buckets    to learn that Sarah was born blind with a severe
  and pitchers to the Hospitality Table.                                 cleft palate. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to bask in the
                                                                         talent of the incredible Sarah Getto.

 NEW! CA Activities Hot Line! Call 864-1212 for a list of this week’s CA Activities with available tickets!                                                               sdf
                                                                                                 Sun City Texas • December 2007                  15
                                                                                                                                                      Sun City
Sun City Dances
                                                                          Warwick Hotel in Houston, the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas, and the
   Country Western                                                        Chaparral Club in Dallas, offering the best in “Big Band” music for
                                                                          both dancers and listeners alike.
                       Denim and Diamonds
                       Holiday Ball featuring                             Johnny Dee and the Rocket 88’s
                                                                          Tuesday, January 24, 7:30 p.m., SCB, $18 pp
                       Dale Watson                                                                      By your request, they’re back!! It’s time
                                                                                                   to rock this town, rock it inside out! Pull on
                      Friday, December 7, 7 p.m.,
                                                                                                   those poodle skirts, slick back those D.A.’s.
                      SCB, $15 pp                                                                  You asked for it. You got it. Right here in Sun
                            Join us in the SCB with special guest                                  City. The one and only, Johnny Dee and the
                      artist Dale Watson for a Country Western                                     Rocket 88’s!! Don’t wait to get your tickets
                      Holiday Ball. Dale Watson is strong like                                     on this one. We know we’ll have a sell-out
                      steel, tough like leather, with a voice as                                   crowd.
                      smooth as silk. “...the kind of                                                   See Events, page 15, for full details.
                      stuff country music legends are
                      made of...” - Austin Chronicle
   “...honky-tonk songs that look back to Buck Owens
   and Merle Haggard, with fiddle and pedal steel gui-
   tar to ease the music onto the dance floor.” – The
                                                                                         New Year’s Eve
   New York Times. Break out your fancy duds                                  Dining/Dancing Extravaganza
   and enjoy this special holiday occasion.
                                                                              with The Houstonian Big Band
    Mike Clifford                                                                     Monday, December 31, Dinner 7 p.m.,
   Friday, January 18, 7 p.m., SCB, $10 pp                                            Dancing 8:30 p.m., until 2008, $65 pp
         Mike Clifford is an Austin, TX based sing-                                Last Date to purchase tickets: December 21.
   er-songwriter whose music has been described                             No last minute tickets will be sold. This event usually sells out,
   as a cross between Texas honky-tonk and Cali-                                         so be sure to get your tickets early.
   fornia country-rock. He has released 3 success-
   ful self-produced albums, charted 3 consecutive
   singles on the Texas Chart, and was nominated
   in 2005 as MTM Texas Male Vocalist of the Year. Clifford also
   competed in the Texas Country Star competition, sponsored by
   Universal South Records and the Texas Country Reporter TV
   Show, and he won the Austin Regional event. He and his band
   currently gig regularly all over the state of Texas.

Ho-Ho Holiday Fun with The Fabs                                                   If you enjoy the sounds of Glenn Miller’s Orchestra, Tommy
                                                                            Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Count Basie, Jimmy Lundsford, or Ray An-
Friday, December 14, 7 p.m., SCB, $15 pp                                    thony, you’ll LOVE the Houstonian Big Band.
                                           They knocked your Bobby-               Have a fun filled evening complete with prize raffles and
                                      socks off in August, and they’re      party favors. The evening’s festivities will be capped off by a
                                      back to provide some holiday          repeat performance of our beloved Sun City Poppers, under the
                                      fun!! Come join The Fabs for          leadership of Grand Popper, Dick Baker. Bring your camera, as
                                      the music this crowd is crazy         this is sure to be a Kodak moment!
                                      for; 50’s and 60’s rock and roll,           This is a Reserved Seating Event: Once you purchase your
                                      rhythm and blues, classic coun-       tickets, please bring them to the monitor’s station to reserve your
  The Fabs                            try, Latin rhythms and ballads!       seats. If you are coming with a group, please purchase your tickets
                                      The Fabs have played with             together and come to the monitor to secure your individual seats.
such legends as Three Dog Night, not to mention many others, and at         We cannot accept blanket table reservations. You must have a
presidential inauguration celebrations and the King Ranch.                  name with a ticket to select a seat. Seat selections are available on
                                                                            a first come first served basis. All selections are final. No changes
           The Jack Melick Orchestra                                        can be made.
           Saturday, January 12, 7 p.m., SCB, $15 pp                        NEW YEAR’S EVE MENU: Baron of Beef; Marinated Grilled
                 What a way to start the New Year! Please welcome           Chicken; Tossed Garden Greens with Balsamic Vinaigrette,
           back the Jack Melick Orchestra, which has been rated             Italian or Ranch Dressing; Roasted Vegetables; Roasted Garlic
           the Premier Dance Band in this part of the country. Jack         & Rosemary Potatoes; Assorted Rolls; Chef’s Choice Dessert;
           Melick’s eleven-piece orchestra is returning to the Sun          Freshly Brewed Coffee, Tea & Water.
           City Ballroom.                                                   CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST: Assorted Danish, Croissants,
                  For years, Jack and his band performed at the             Bagels & Muffins; Orange Juice

16 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                            sdf                                                       
                         Using My Sun City on the Web Portal
               Sun City Texas Community Association Web Portal:
                                               Lesson 3: Personal Calendar
                                      (Note: this is the third in a series of how-to’s on using My Sun City.)
    My Sun City is a link that is displayed on the screen after you log in to the Community Association web portal.
                         The link goes to a customized personal information web page.
       Please log in as explained in the September Sun Rays. After you log in, the top of the homepage looks like this:
Please note that many Clubs and
Neighborhoods have restricted view-
ing sections on their website. There                                                                         1   Click on My Sun City
may be more information available                                                                                to get to your My Sun
to you on the site as a “Member,” so                                                                             City page.
logging in is the preferred way to visit                                                            1
unless you just want to check public
 There are four distinct things to do on your My Sun City page: Favorite Links, Resident Information, Personal Calendar,
and Newsletter Subscriptions. The Personal Calendar will be explained in this article. Favorite Links was described in the
                   October Sun Rays. Resident information was described in the November Sun Rays.
                                                                             When viewing a Sun City web portal calendar, you can view
                                                                             details of an entry by clicking on the text of that entry.
                                             Left: Grid Format
   View Calendar:                            Right: List Format

Each resident has the capability of having their own personal cal-
endar on the Sun City web portal where you can add your favorite
Sun City events. Under Personal Calendar, click on one of the
two boxes that will let you view your personal calendar entries in
a standard grid format, or in a list format.
The grid format looks like the following:

                                                                             At the bottom of the resulting detail page for a calendar event, it
                                                                             has a line that reads: Add to Personal Calendar.

                                                                             Click on this line – this
                                                                             will add this event to
The list format looks like the following:                                    your personal calendar.
                                                                             You will get the following
                                                                             confirmation message:
                                                                            After adding entries to your Personal Calendar you can return to
                                                                            “My Sun City” and review the entries that you have made.

Each month is a separate page. You can go back to the previous
month by clicking on the < Previous link. You can move forward
in time one month at a time by clicking on the Next > link.
There are 4 main calendars accessible by selecting the Calendars
entry in the left navigation panel. These are the CA Community
Events calendar (community events open to all Sun City resi-
                                                                             To remove an event from your
dents), the Governance Committee Meetings Calendar (gover-
                                                                             personal web portal calendar,
nance committee events open to all Sun City residents), the Club
                                                                             click on the event name in your
& Group Events calendar (club/group events open to all Sun City
                                                                             Personal Calendar so that you
residents), and the ‘Round Georgetown Event calendar (general
                                                                             can view it. Scroll all the way to
interest events in the Georgetown area). In addition, some clubs,
                                                                             the bottom of the window and
neighborhoods, and governance committees with a microsite will
                                                                             click on the line that reads: Remove from Personal Calendar.
have a line item in their left side navigation bar for their calendar.                                                                 sdf
                                                                                                     Sun City Texas • December 2007          17
                                                                                                                                                   Sun City
Elves                               Story and photos by
                                       Emily Wallace

       of Sun City
                                    I   t’s not quite Santa’s workshop, but it’s a close second. Sun City’s Woodshop is a
                                        bustling place throughout the year - however, from late February thorough October,
                                        many of the woodworkers stay busy cranking out wooden toys. In November, the
                                    toys are distributed to local charitable organizations, including The Caring Place, Marine
                                    Corps Toys for Tots, Blue Santa and Shriners Hospital for Children - Houston.
                                          The Toys for Tots distribution program was originally developed as a way to
                                    train new woodworkers on the use of the woodworking machinery and equipment. By
                                    making toys, newcomers to the shop are taught the proper use of all the tools in the
                                    Woodshop, which include a radial arm saw, planer, router, and many more. At least
                                    nine different machines are used to make the wooden toys. Sanding techniques and
                                    finishing procedures are also taught. Most importantly, newcomers learn how to oper-
                                    ate the equipment safely.
                                          A wide array of toys is produced. Cars, rhinos, alligators, ducks, rabbits, elephants,
                                    and many other animals start out as traced outlines on a piece of wood and are eventu-
                                    ally crafted into smooth, finished toys on wheels.
                                          Residents with many different backgrounds enjoy coming to the Woodshop; some
                                    are novices to woodworking and others have practiced woodworking as a hobby. All seem
                                    to agree that the Toys for Tots program is a very rewarding, worthwhile experience.

                                                                                                Photo courtesy of Jack Crawford
                                    Representatives from The Caring Place, the Marine Corps Toys for Tots, and
                                    Shriners Hospital for Children gather at the woodshop each November to collect
                                    the toys for distribution to needy children.

18 December 2007 • Sun City Texas     sdf                                                         
                                                                                                       Chartered Clubs
                                                   website. It provides information about meet-        Tickets can be purchased at our December
                                                   ings, practitioners, library catalog of materials   meeting or by contacting Phyllis Moses,
                                                   and links to other informational websites and       864-1412.
                                                   archives of club information.                            Our club meetings start at 9 a.m. Please
                                                                                                       join us for coffee & doughnut holes along
                                                   Amateur Radio Society                               with good aviation socializing starting at
                                                   Meeting: Wednesday, December 5, 7 p.m., AC 1        8:30 a.m.
                                                   Coffee: Wednesdays, 8 a.m. at IHOP
                                                         The next meeting of the Sun City              Ballroom Dance
                                                   Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) will be               Thursday, December 6,
                                                   December 5, at 7 p.m. in Meeting Room 1             7 p.m., SCB
                                                   of the Activities Center. We plan to have a              At the Ballroom Dance
                                                   Christmas gathering at this meeting, so watch       Club’s next event, music will
                                                   the web site for more information. At last          be provided by Sun City’s
                                                   month’s meeting, Jim Young discussed the D-         own Just Friends Band. In
                                                   Star digital radio system developed in Japan        addition, at intermission we
  Ballroom dancers Bob and Linda Ticer             and promoted by Icom. The Sun City repeater
  enjoy a moment on the dance floor.                                                                    will be entertained by a repeat performance by
                                                   is on 441.625 MHz, pl tone 100, so please call
                       Photo by Jodi Salyers                                                           Meredith Chiles’ Sunshine Variety Show.
                                                   in! We also meet for coffee every Wednesday,             Ice, water, plastic glasses, and nap-
                                                   at 8 a.m. at the IHOP on the I35 access road        kins will be provided. Please remember to
                                                   just south of Williams Drive in Georgetown.         bring your own beverage needs. Guests are
Alternative Healing &                              Please join us for breakfast, come to the meet-     welcome to attend for a limited number of
                                                   ing, or visit our web site in the clubs section
Wellness                                           of the Community Association Web Portal
                                                                                                            Membership is $12 per person for 2007-
Friday, December 14, 1 p.m. ACA                   2008, which includes the monthly dances;
      Contact: Doug Willoughby at 819-0133         clubs/amradio. For more information about           however, additional fees may be charged for
or email                 SCARS, contact Jim Hes-                             certain special events. An application and
      Gail Pappacostas, a certified Music Prac-     ter at 868-1886.                                    guidelines may be obtained at our site on the
titioner in the international music program,
Music for Healing and Transition (MHTP),           Aviation                                            Sun City TX Web Portal.
                                                                                                             For more information, call: Ralph Saly-
will be the speaker at our next meeting. Gail      Saturday, December 8, 9 a.m., ACA                   ers, President, at 864-2812. Join us for the
will describe MHTP, her experiences with                One of our Aviation club members, Karl         fun of dancing!
hospital patients, their families and hospital     Schramm, has a great admiration for aerobatic
staff, and the harp music’s effects on individu-
als as well as the atmosphere of the hospital.
                                                   pilot Bob Hoover! General Jimmy Doolittle
                                                   called Hoover the greatest stick and rudder
                                                                                                       Billiards (Aka The Rack Pack)
                                                                                                            To become a member of the Billiards
She will also demonstrate on her harp the          pilot who ever lived. Bob was also a WWII           Club, please fill out an application (copies
music a Certified Music Practitioner plays.         pilot who was shot down and captured by             in the Billiards Room). The annual dues are
      The club’s meetings are dedicated to         the Germans. He tried to escape from his            $5 for an individual and $7 per household.
bringing information about all aspects of          Stalag three times. On his third attempt he         Give the application and dues to our Trea-
alternative healing and wellness. For ev-          finally escaped. Stealing an FW 109, he fled          surer, Tom Gallagher, 235 Bonham Loop,
eryone with chronic diseases, we encourage         to Holland.                                         Georgetown, Texas 78628
you to explore many of the alternative treat-           After the war, Bob became a test pilot at           Members of the Billiards Club may use
ments available in our community. In the           Edwards Air Force Base, and finally became           the Billiards Room any time it is open. All
past, we have had programs on acupuncture,         a test pilot and Vice-President for North           other non-member residents, their visitors
chiropractic, massage, spirituality, nutrition,    American Aviation.                                  and guests, are welcome every day from 8-10
exercise, holistic dentistry and many others.           Bob’s aerobatics in his famous yellow          a.m. and 5-7 p.m. In addition, non-member
Come to our meeting and hear about the many        P-51 and Shrike are legendary! Karl will            residents, their visitors and guests, may use
different aspects of alternative healing.          show a 20-minute DVD showcasing this                the Billiards Room at any time if tables are
      The Nutrition Study Group will meet on       aviator’s talent.                                   not in use by members.
the second Wednesday, December 12, at 3:30              Time permitting, Karl has had some in-              Questions concerning the Billiards Club
p.m. in Meeting Rooms 3 & 4. The Qigong            side experiences with Howard Hughes Flying          or the use and maintenance of the room
Study Group will meet on each Wednesday            Boat. He tells me he saw and heard inside           may be directed to the
and Friday morning at 8 a.m. in the Atrium.        stories as this great aircraft was moved from       Vice President, Walt
      The Club’s Health Information Library        its hangar in Long Beach, California.               Hayne, at 864-0979.
in Activities Center Meeting Room 3 will be             Last, but not least, our Aviation Club
open each Friday from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.       Christmas party committee has been busy
We have health and reference books, CDs,           planning our annual Christmas party! Mark           Bocce
VHS and audio tapes for study in the library       your calendar for December 18. This year’s               The bocce courts are located behind the
or that can be borrowed for study at home.         festivities will include a live five-piece band      Social Center. The Bocce Club members
      Our club website is now in the Sun City      for your listening & dancing pleasure. Din-         play Monday through Saturday. With weather
Texas Web Portal. Look under Clubs and In-         ner & wine will be served for $27.50/person.        change and chilly mornings, start time has
terest Groups and follow the links to the club                                                                          Continued on next page                                                                    sdf
                                                                                                       Sun City Texas • December 2007             19
                                                                                                                                                        Sun City
Chartered Clubs
Continued from previous page                      tion, visit the Duplicate Bridge Club web site:   and digital photography
been moved up from 8 to 9 a.m. Also, check           • ProShow Gold SIG - using ProShow
out the afternoon sessions that begin at 1 p.m.   bridgdup/                                         Gold to create slide shows
The temperatures are so nice and the days are                                                             • Genealogy SIG - using computers and
beautiful! New players and guests are always      Social Bridge                                     the Internet in genealogy
welcome. Bocce is easy to learn and fun to        Three Games per week                                    • eBay SIG - buying and selling on
play. The members are friendly and eager to       • Mondays – GR 3, 12:15                           eBay
show you the game. So, come on down!              until 5 p.m.                                            • Quicken SIG - using the Quicken
     There were four five-point scorers for the    • Wednesdays - GR 3,                              home finance program
month of October: Grace Lock, Joe Platek,         12:15 until 5 p.m.                                      • VectorVest SIG - using the VectorVest
Dian Webb, and Mike Schartz. Congratula-          • Thursdays - GR 3, 9 a.m. until noon             financial advisory program
tions to all!                                     2007 Social Bridge Club Officers:                        The Computer Club membership fee
     Bocce Club members and guests are            President: Charles Strong 869-7232                includes membership in SIGS.
looking forward to our Christmas Party.           Vice President: Norman Grattan 868-6979                 Training Program: The Computer Club
Scheduled for Thursday, December 6, the           Secretary: Phyllis Kelso 868-2797                 offers training classes for both Windows
gala will be held at the Georgetown Country       Treasurer: Norma Isoline 931-2812                 and Macintosh users in our state-of-the-art
Club and will include a pre-dinner social with
music and a marvelous buffet.
                                                  Computer                     CyberCenter classroom. Subjects covered
                                                                                                    include introductory computer skills, email,
                                                  Computer Lab Phone: 864-1176                      Internet, word processing, spreadsheets,
     The Bocce contact person is Harry Daw,
                                                  Monday programs: SCB, 1 p.m.                      Quicken, digital cameras, photo editing and
President. (864-3430). If you have any ques-
tions, please give him a call. Also, check out    (Open to all Sun City residents)                  more. Windows Vista classes will be offered
the Bocce web at                  • Monday, Dec. 3 - Scams & Identity Theft         beginning in January, 2008. Additional vol-
Bocce Fact of the Month: The fact for the         - Paul Singer, Texas AG Office                     unteers are needed to serve as instructors and
end-of-the year is simple: Bocce is great!        • Monday, Dec. 10 - Cavalcade of Classes          as classroom assistants.
Happy Holidays.                                   - Grady Manley                                          Mentor Program: One of the Club’s
                                                  • Monday, Dec. 17 - Craig’s List (and simi-       more popular services is the Mentor program
Bridge                                            lar local sites) - Janice Manley                  where an experienced Mentor will help you
     Beginner, intermediate and advanced          • Mondays, Dec. 24 & 31 - Holidays - No           with your computer problems by phone or
bridge lessons are available and open to all                       meeting                          in your home. Mentor service is free to all
residents of Sun City. Membership in Bridge                             Please visit the Com-       members.
Clubs not required to attend the lessons. If                       puter Club Web site at www.            CyberCenter Lab: The CyberCenter
interested, contact Bette Messelt (863-0390),             for the         Computer Lab is located in the Activity
Glenda Marshall (868-3129), or Gary Cox                            latest meeting schedule and      Center, and is open from 9 a.m. until noon on
(868-1821). Should the above listed instruc-                       information about all Club       Mondays and Fridays; 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. on
tors not be available, contact Ron Peck (869-     activities. To ask questions, send email to       Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; and
2540) or (                                        10 a.m. until noon on Saturday. Stop by and
                                                       Special Interest Groups: Special Inter-
Duplicate Bridge                                  est Groups (SIGs) are an important part of
                                                                                                    check it out. Volunteers are needed to be Lab
President: Susan Lambert, 863-4000                                                                  Monitors. Training is provided and computer
                                                  the Computer Club. Each SIG meets once or         skills are not necessary.
Five Games Per Week:                              twice a month and meetings typically include
• Mondays                                                                                                 Media Conversion Program: The Com-
                                                  a short presentation, a forum for questions and   puter Club’s Media Conversion Program will
Non-sanctioned – GR 1/2, 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.       answers and discussion. Among our thirteen
Non-sanctioned – GR 1/2, 12:30 to 4 p.m.                                                            teach you how to convert your slides, photos,
                                                  SIGs, there is bound to be some that interest     8mm movie film, video tapes, LP records,
• Wednesday Nights                                you. A new SIG will be formed to cover any
Non-sanctioned – GR 3, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.                                                            audio cassettes or reel to reel audio tape to
                                                  computer related topic when a need is identi-     digital format on CDs or DVDs. You will then
• Thursdays                                       fied and a leader is available. Current list of
Non-sanctioned – GR 3, 12:30 to 4 p.m.                                                              be able to enjoy and share your treasured items
                                                  active SIGs:                                      because they will be easy to access. Conver-
Sanctioned – GR 1/2, 12:30 to 4 p.m.                   • Beginners and Beyond SIG - for Win-
     Please join us for any of these games.                                                         sion equipment and training are provided.
                                                  dows users at the beginner user level                   Join the Computer Club Now - Get
We ask that you join our club after playing            • Kaffee Klatch SIG - a popular Q and A
three games.                                                                                        December free: Residents may now join or re-
                                                  forum for intermediate level Windows users        new on-line and pay by credit card or PayPal.
Pair matching                                          • Hardware & Technology SIG - for
• Monday morning and Wednesday evening                                                              Or they may join or renew at the CyberCenter
                                                  intermediate to advanced Windows users            Lab and pay by check. Dues for 2008 are $10
– Jan Hohenberger 864-3500                             • MAC Users Group SIG - for begin-
• Monday afternoon and Thursday after-                                                              for the first household member and $5 for each
                                                  ning to intermediate Macintosh users              additional household member. Membership
noon                                                   • MAC High Tea SIG - for the more
– Lyn Tragesser 864-0284                                                                            for the remainder of 2007 is included at no
                                                  advanced Macintosh user                           extra cost. Visit the Club’s Web site for details
• Thursday afternoon (non-sanctioned)                  • America On Line (AOL) SIG - ev-
– Marie Twitchell 864-0433                                                                          on how to join or renew membership. The Sun
                                                  erything relating to America OnLine service       City Computer Club now has nearly 2500
     Bridge Lessons – contact Bette Messalt            • Web site Design SIG - designing and
863-0390, Glenda Marshall 868-3129, or                                                              members, making it the largest Chartered
                                                  maintaining a personal or a Club web site         Club in Sun City Texas.
Gary Cox 868-1821. For additional informa-             • Digital Camera SIG - digital cameras

20 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                            sdf                                                       
                                                                                                  Chartered Clubs
Creative Clay and China
                There is still time to make
           some gifts for friends and family.
            Our doll makers are busy. China
            painters are painting. Our wheel
            people are busy spinning away.
            The handbuilders are always
           making something new. The
          ceramics people are busy glazing
       Christmas trees and other treasures.
People interested in mosaics are learning the
craft. We are a busy group.
     We will be having a holiday party in mid
December. More about that later - watch for
an e-mail telling you about it. If you have any
suggestions for new classes, let us know.
Country Line Dancing
     The Country Line Dance Club’s objec-
tives are to provide opportunities for members
to learn and dance country line dances, to
encourage fellowship and friendship among
members, and to encourage exercise by way
of dancing.
     Three levels of dance instruction are pro-
vided to members for a yearly fee of $12 per
person. Classes are held in the Social Center
Ballroom on Wednesday afternoons: Level I
at 2 p.m., Level II at 3 p.m. and Level III at 4
p.m.. Residents, with or without prior dance
experience, are welcome to attend twice be-
fore joining. Instructions for selected dances
begin on the first Wednesday of each month.
                                                   fun, and so many great people! Sessions are held every Wednesday in the Atrium. Beginner
That is the best time for interested residents
                                                   class at 1 p.m., Intermediate 1 class at 2 p.m., Intermediate 11 class at 3 p.m., Advanced class
to start their visits.
                                                   at 4 p.m.. Info: Meredith Chiles 868-1391 or Marijean Schindler 869-4857
     Club membership forms and additional
                                                        2nd Chance Dance: This free form dance exercise for seniors will help you become
information are available at the class ses-
                                                   and/or stay fit. Every Thursday in the Atrium. Level I class at 1 p.m., Level II class at 2 p.m.,
sions. For more information, call Ted Pal,
                                                   Level III class at 3 p.m. Drop in to watch, stick around to become enchanted. Info: Meridith
club secretary, at 864-9759, or visit the club’s
                                                   Chiles, Director, 868-1391.
web site via Sun City’s web portal: www.
                                                        Clogging: Are you looking for a new way to exercise to music, use your feet as a musical
                                                   instrument, and be with wonderful people? Come join the Beginners clogging Class, starting
                                                   Jan. 4, 2008. Want a preview of the fun? Visit us on Friday mornings 9 a.m. - noon in the
Dance and Drill                                    Activities Center Atrium. For more information, contact Victoria Summy at 635-5782
                               Sun City
                          Georgettes: Wel-         Dominoes and Table Games
                          come one and all!.       Tuesdays  9 a.m.               Cribbage and Mah Jongg, GR 1/2
                          Please contact Ja-                 10 a.m.              Mah Jongg lessons, GR 1/2
                          net Douglas at 868-                10:30 a.m.           Poker Group, GR 3
                          0416 for informa-                  1 p.m.               42 and 84 Dominoes, Mah Jongg, GR 1/2
                          tion. Contact Diane                7 p.m.               Canasta and Pinochle, GR 1, 2, and 3
                          Feagin at 868-6852       Thursdays 6 p.m.               Poker Group, GR 3
                          (or ed_difeagin                    7 p.m.               42 and 84 Dominoes, Poker, GR 3
                 if                     7 p.m.               Dart Club, GR 3
                          your organization        Fridays   7 p.m.               Table Games (Mexican Train, Pegs
would like us to perform, so we can put it on                                     and Jokers, Dominoes, Your Choice, GR 1/2/3
our calendar.                                      Saturdays 9 a.m.               Cribbage, GR 3
     Classes every Monday from 10:30 a.m.                        10:30 a.m.       Poker Group, GR 3
- noon in the Fitness Center. Business Meeting                   1 p.m.           42 and 84 Dominoes, Mah Jongg, and Poker, GR 3
on the 2nd Monday at 9:30 a.m. in the Atrium            Mexican Train Dominoes is played on Friday night. It is a very social game. Three to
Meeting Room. The Georgettes will not meet         eight players play at a table. The more the merrier! Individual scores are recorded; no partners
December 17, 24 and 31.                            or team play are involved. If you would like to join the fun, come on Friday night at 7 p.m. The
     Tap Dancing: Super exercise, monster          “regulars” will be happy to help you get started.                    Continued on next page                                                                  sdf
                                                                                                     Sun City Texas • December 2007             21
                                                                                                                                                      Sun City
Chartered Clubs
Continued from previous page                                                or Betty Warner 864-0934.
     Thank you to the many people who were involved with planning,                Night Owl Stitchers meet on Monday evenings at 7 p.m. In-
building, installing, and finishing the beautiful new cabinets in Game       dividuals work on their own projects. For Information, call Barbara
Room 3 at the Activities Center. The cabinets are a wonderful addi-         Morran, 868-1613 or Jacque Linklater, 864-3674.
tion and the club appreciates the time and effort of all the people who           Quilting meets every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m and the 2nd, 3rd, and
worked on them.                                                             4th Fridays from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. The group works on a different
     If you have any questions about the club activities, please call Joe   project each month. See the Arts and Crafts Calendar for dates and
Jankowski at 869-4942.                                                      scheduled projects. For information, call Barbara Morran, 868-1613
                                                                            or Joan Wertzberger, 868-8566.
                  Eagles Boosters                                                 Sewing Volunteer Opportunity - - An Organizational Meeting
                                                                            of residents interested in Sewing Projects for local charity assistance
                  Backing The Lady Eagles
                      As winter approaches, the Lady Eagles basket-         (examples: cancer patient items, preemie baby needs, etc) will be held
                 ball team at Georgetown High School is preparing           in the Fabric & Fiber Studio on Friday, January 18, 2008, at 9:30 a.m.
                 for another successful season. This year the Sun City      Anyone interested in working on projects of this nature are encouraged
EAGLE BOOSTERS will sponsor organized bus trips to the Girls                to attend. Questions can be directed to Barbara Morran, 868-1613.
Basketball eight home games. They are:                                            Rubber Stamping meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd
    November 13 Dripping Springs January 15              Cedar Park         Thursday of the month from 9:30 a.m. until Noon. See the Arts and
    December 11 Pflugerville             January 22       Stony Point        Crafts Calendar for dates and scheduled projects. For information,
    January 3      McNeil               January 25       Westwood           call Maggie Rice, 868-3139, Grace Townsend, 868-8361, or Jo Wil-
    January 5      Round Rock           February 5       Leander            liams, 931-0085.
     Each bus trip will cost $3, or available this year will be a BUS             Rug Hooking meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 10 a.m. until
SEASON PASS for only $15—WHAT A DEAL! You can ride to all                   12:30 p.m. Come for a visit if you are interested in learning about the
the home games for only $15. Buses will leave Accents at 6:45 p.m.          art of rug hooking. For information, call Virginia Reid, 868-5918.
for all games.                                                                    Scrapbooking meets on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Saturday from 9
     If you wish to purchase a BUS SEASON PASS, please contact              a.m. until 4 p.m. See the Arts and Crafts Calendar for special classes.
Peggy Rouh at 864-0725 or mail $15 for each pass to Peggy at 104            Members work on their own projects. All levels of scrapbookers are
Swallowtail Circle, Georgetown, TX 78633.                                   welcome. For information, call Ginny McCarthy, 868-0626.
     The Sun City Eagles Booster club members are very supportive                 Sewing meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays morning from 9
of the high school youth and their activities, so call Peggy (864-0725)     – Noon. For information, call Vi Holmberg, 868-5889. Members can
today to find out more about this enthusiastic group. All residents of       make an appointment to be trained on the serger or sewing machine
Sun City are invited to join.                                               by calling Deanne Peek, 931-0931.
     Nothing better than cheering on the youth of today! Become a                 Sit and Stitch meets every Monday from 10 a.m. - noon. This
member and receive your “Golden Eagle Club” Pass for free admis-            is an informal group and the door is open to all residents and visitors
sion to most high school events. (Free admission to Girls Basketball        interested in any form of hand stitchery, knitting, crocheting, or even
with this pass)                                                             hand mending. For information, call Nancy Roll, 864-0046
                                                                                  Spinning and Weaving - The weavers meet every Thursday af-
Fabric and Fiber                                                            ternoon from 1 – 4 p.m. Create your own yarn from raw or prepared
         For further information on any of the group meetings, pick up      fiber. Knitters can create their own textured yarns. Spin with a group
            a copy of our current Newsletter from the Fabric and Fiber      every first Thursday. Weave your own fabric from your hand spun or
                 Studio located in the Crafts Center. Visitors are always   purchased yarn. For information, call Nancy DeVries, 863-6807 or
                 welcome. Studio phone 864-1235                             Sally Gelbaugh, 869-1192.
                      Appliqué, Hand - meets on the 1st and 2nd
               Wednesday morning from 9 a.m. until Noon. Note               Foreign Language
              change in the schedule. Bring your own project or join              We currently have many activities in the new Foreign Language
           in on the project that is now in progess. For information        Club, and many more are planned. We would like to hear from anyone
contact Vi Holmberg, 868-5889                                               who can volunteer to help us with presentations, teaching, great ideas,
     Beading – meets on Tuesday afternoons from 1 – 4 p.m. See              etc., or from those who are interested in participating in one or more of
the Arts and Crafts Calendar for schedule projects. For information,        our Special Interest Groups. Contact any of the names given below.
contact Judy Shirven, 864-1748                                                    French - The French SIG meets at the Activity Center at 1:30 p.m.
     Embellishment – meets on the 3rd and 4th Wednesday morning             The fluent group will meet on December 5, Room 3 and December 19,
from 9 a.m. until Noon. There will be a variety of activities, from         Room 1. The non-fluent group will meet on December 12, Conference
demonstrations of techniques to working on your own projects. See           Room and December 26, Room 3. Contact Marcia Fuhr at 819-0888
the Arts and Crafts calendar for dates and scheduled projects. For more     or
information, contact Jan Swanda, 868-5854.                                        Hebrew - Conversational Hebrew is held weekly on Wednesdays
     Machine Embroidery – meets on the 1st Friday of the month from         in the Activity Center Conference Room at 1 p.m.. Contact Lea Kraus,
9 a.m. until 4 p.m. There will be demonstrations on hooping, design         869-7645, or
placement, combination, etc. Members should bring their embroidery                German - We are still collecting names of people who are inter-
machines to work on individual projects. For information, contact           ested in learning German or getting together for German conversa-
Carol Sheler, 863-2358.                                                     tional practice. We would also like to hear from anyone who could
     Needlework meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month              teach German or tutor. Contact Carolyn McAndrew, 864-3400, or
from 9:30 a.m. until Noon. See the Arts and Crafts calendar for dates
and scheduled projects. For information call Jeanne Geuder 864-0447

22 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                             sdf                                                       
                                                                                                  Chartered Clubs
     Italian - The Italian SIG meets the first and third Tuesday
of each month at 2 p.m. at the Activity Center. Come to learn or
practice speaking Italian. Contact Gloria Daniel, 864-2479, or
     Spanish—Contact Rich Haskell at 686-0562, or cahrdh@yahoo.
com. We would like to hear from anyone willing to teach or tutor.
Our sub groups are:
     Survivalist/Beginner - Helen Taylor, 868-9071, or h_j_
     Beginning Spanish - New beginning classes in Spanish will
commence on Thursdays, starting in January. Contact Judy Harries,
868-1707, or
     Intermediate/Advanced - We are gathering names of people
interested in practicing and reviewing their Spanish in a conversational
situation. We plan, also, to offer advanced Spanish classes with fo-
cuses on conversational Spanish, Spanish for travelers, and functional
Spanish. On a more basic level, we are forming groups to practice
situations, such as shopping and dining out. If interested, contact Judy
Harries or Rich Haskell.
     Cooking Classes - Cooking classes for traditional Mexican food
will begin in December. Classes will be in Spanish. Limit 10. Contact
Judy Harries.
     Travel Classes - The Foreign Language Club is preparing to
offer a few crash courses for travelers to Italy, France, and Mexico.
Contact Judy Harries.

                   Tuesday December 18, 1 p.m., ACA
                         The Garden Club will meet for its second
                    annual “Holiday Cookie Swap.” Each member is
                    asked to bring 3 dozen cookies and one copy of the      she uses. Vun is partial to everything that blooms. In season, her yard
recipe, which will be used in next year’s cookbook. Thank you to Ailene     literally overflows with Indian Hawthorne, Yellow Bells, Periwinkle,
Blunk for typing last year’s recipes, and Wilda Neuman for making           two types of colorful Zinnias and profuse Marigolds. Trees include
copies to distribute at the meeting. We will also have a sampling of        Leyland Cypress and Nellie R. Stevens Hollies. Hank is actively
cookies during a social time.                                               supportive of Vun’s gardening efforts and talents. Vun’s philosophy
     Thank you to Marge Wier, Social Chair, and all of the wonderful        is “A little work pays big rewards!”
volunteers on the Social Committee for putting on the “October Harvest
Appreciation Luncheon.” It was outstanding.                                 HAWKS - Horseshoes and Washers
     Winter snapdragons will soon be blooming in the large flower                         Tuesday, December 4, 3 p.m., at the Courts
containers, thanks to the efforts of Dianna Facey, Jeanne Brand, Jea-                          Please plan to attend our next meeting, as we have
nette Stubs, and Helen Anderson.                                                          several items to discuss.
     If you have any questions about the Garden Club, contact the                              An error was made regarding our playing time after
president, Helen Anderson, 630-3614.                                                      Daylight Saving Time ended. The correct time is 1:30
                                                                                          to 3 p.m.
                                                                                 Good news from Temple, as our Hawks had a productive day with
                                                 Gardener of                the following medal winners: 55-59, Ken Fonte, silver; 65-69, Curt
                                                                            Burson, gold; 70-74, Dick Winnike, gold; 75-79, Don Pfannenstiel,
                                                 the Month                  gold; and 80-84, Larry Amundson, gold; and Doc Garza, silver. A
                                                 Vun and Hank               great day for the Sun City Hawks.Temple folks even provided lunch
                                                 Ziegler                    for our team.
                                                 213 River Rock                  We mourn the passing of our favorite senior Hawk, Micky Rutner.
                                                 (N31)                      Micky was a special senior, who, with his winning ways and smile,
                                                                            offered the club so much enjoyment. He will be missed by all.
                                                                                 I want to wish all of our club members and their “better halves” a
                                                                            joyous Christmas and New Year. Please say a prayer for our servicemen
     Vun & Hank moved to Sun City only last December from Houston,          and women serving in our armed forces.
Texas. Hank currently lives part time in Angola, Africa, where he is             Our gala party will take place on December 5 in the Sun City
employed as an engineer with Chevron in Project Controls. For the           Ballroom. More information will be forthcoming.
Zieglers, gardening is a team effort: Hank builds the structural aspects         We invite all Sun City guys and gals to stop by and meet the
and Vun is a natural gardener of 28 years. Vun feels there is no need       members of the best club in Sun City. You will be glad you did. Call
to fertilize other than the rich compost of natural organic material that   Fred Schmalberger for details, 930-0664.                                                                  sdf
                                                                                                    Sun City Texas • December 2007             23
                                                                                                                                                      Sun City
Chartered Clubs
                                                                           this opportunity to socialize with Club members and help us wrap up
Hiking      another great year of Club activities.
     Hiking Club Activities for this month include the following:
                                                                                Projects. Join other Club members on January 15th for the second
                    Friday, December 7 – Mystery Hike
                                                                           edition of “Operation Lake Georgetown”. We will be removing cedar
                    Thursday, December 13 – Dam to San Gabriel
                                                                           trees from one of the lake parks and creating additional fish attractors
                    Park, Georgetown
                                                                           at selected points around the lake. We have outstanding support from
                    Friday, December 14 – Hyde Park, Austin
                                                                           Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Lake Georgetown Corps of Engi-
                    Thursday, December 20 – Sun City Trail
                                                                           neers. We need our members to sign up and support this conservation
                    Tuesday, January 1 – Annual New Year’s Day
                                                                           effort. We can never have too many Club members working on a big
Hike, Cedar Breaks, Lake Georgetown
                                                                           project like this one.
     Hikes are open to members and guests; reservations are generally
                                                                                Please contact Bill Mateja, VP Projects, 863-7273, slmatejafl@aol.
not needed; however, all hikers must follow the guidelines set forth for
                                                                           com, or John Bickle, President, 868-8593,, if you
each hike that pertain to boots, water, and equipment. Please visit the
                                                                           want to get involved on any Club project.
website at
                                                                                Fishing. Our final guided fishing trip of the year is scheduled
html for details. Questions? Contact Jan Woolheater at 868-5573 or
                                                                           for December 18. Club members will fish for white bass with Mike
                                                                           Hasting’s guides on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. Don’t miss your
            Horticulture/Sun City Gardens                                  chance to fish for white bass at one of the peak times of the year on
                                                                           Lake Travis. Check the Club’s website for more information.
            John Hesser, President, 868-2030                                    Hunting. White tail deer and hog hunting is available on the
            Bernice Szostak, New Members, 864-3089                         Club lease at San Saba, Texas. Contact David DeVillez, 869-7818,
                                                                 , for information.
            Tuesday, December 11, 1 p.m., ACA                                   Larry Davis has the guides and locations for Club members to go
                 The Horticulture Club is selling beautiful poinset-
                                                                           duck hunting. Get in touch with Larry at 863-6310, larrycdavis@msn.
           tias from Down Home Farms Greenhouse this season for
                                                                           com, to let him know of your interest or to find out more details.
$12 each, and they will arrive on December 11, just in time for your
                                                                           Also, the Club has an excellent resource for day hunts for quail at
holiday decorating.
                                                                           Mike Schumann’s outstanding facility at Dime Box, Texas. Myrick
                                                                           Browning, VP Hunting, 864-7544,, is the
                                                   Red-dy for              person to contact for this activity.
                                                   the holidays!                Sport Shooting. On the second and fourth Thursdays of each
                                                                           month, Club members get together for skeet/trap shooting events at
                                                   The Horticulture
                                                   Club is selling         Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. These are fun shoots and are not com-
                                                   poinsettias like        petitive. The goal is to get people shooting shotguns and improving
                                                   these from Down         their skills. Instruction and equipment are available if you have never
                                                   Home Farms              done this before. Shoots this month are scheduled for December 13
                                                   Greenhouse.             and December 27. All weapons must be registered with the Fort
                                                                           Hood Provost Marshall’s office before taking them on the post. For
                                                                           more information about weapon and vehicle registration, contact Bill
     If you would like to purchase one or several, please call Wally
                                                                           Sandusky, 869-7081,
Brown at 868-6686 for reservations. You can pick up your order at the
                                                                                On the first and third Wednesdays of each month, Club members
Atrium of the Activities Center on December 11 at 1:00 p.m. Down
                                                                           target shoot at Eagle Peak Range in Leander, Texas. This month we
Home Farms is a residential ranch near Austin for adults with Downs
                                                                           will meet to form carpools and leave from the Legacy Hills Park
Syndrome. Residents of the ranch grow these lovely plants each year
                                                                           Pavilion at 9 a.m. on December 5 and December 19. Hank Michel,
to help support their residential facility.
                                                                           868-1648, can provide details.
     We wish to thank all our friends and neighbors here in Sun City
                                                                                Fly fishing. If you are interested in fly fishing, please contact
for the wonderful support extended to our club during the year, and
                                                                           Ron Bingman, 931-0088,
wish everyone a very happy Holiday Season.
                                                                                Archery. If you are interested in archery, please contact Walter
Hunting and Fishing                                                        Barton, 863-8723.
Christmas Party - Friday, December 7, 4:30 p.m., Pavilion                       Club website. Visit the Hunting and Fishing Club’s website at
                       Membership. If you are interested in hunt- for more details about any of our activities.
                  ing, fishing, sport shooting, archery, and/or other
                  similar types of outdoor activities, then you should                     Investment Education
                  join the Sun City Hunting and Fishing Club. Dues                         Tuesday, December 4, 11 a.m., ACA
                  for the remainder of the year are $6 per person or                           The Sun City Texas Investment Education Club
                  $10 for two members from the same household.                            will meet on Tuesday, December 4, from 11 a.m. to
To join, contact our membership chairman, Randy Gehr, 863-4100,                           Noon in the Activity Center Atrium.                                                                          Our speaker will be Charles Mudd, Licensed
     Next Meeting. Our next monthly meeting of the year will be our        Financial Advisor for JP Morgan, Chase Bank. His topic will be
annual Club Christmas party on Friday, December 7. The party will          “Women and Investing.”
take place at the Legacy Hills Pavilion and will begin with happy                Mr. Mudd will provide information on key investment issues
hour from 4:30-5:30 p.m. Your ticket includes BBQ by the Amigos,           facing women, including longer life expectancies and a traditionally
a visit from Santa Claus, “somemores,” and live music. Don’t miss          more conservative investment outlook. He will also offer ideas on

24 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                             sdf                                                    
                                                                                                 Chartered Clubs
easier ways to transfer assets to a remaining spouse, and the location of
those assets. Questions will be welcomed at the end of the seminar.
      We also have a swap table containing the latest newspapers and
magazines. We encourage members to bring their finished periodicals
for sharing, and exchange them.
      Everyone is welcome! See you there.

Mah Jongg
Wednesday and Saturday, 1 - 4 p.m.
Thursday, 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.,
AC, Game Rooms 1 and 2
Mah Jongg has become quite the popular game in Sun City Texas!
If you are interested in joining this fun group, or if you would like to
take free lessons, please contact Linda Largent at 864-7815.

Holiday Party: Saturday, December 1, 5 p.m., ACA
      All members of the Nature Club are invited to begin the holiday
                   season at our festive Holiday Party. The only admis-
                   sion required is a children’s nature book (or donation
                   to buy one) which will be given to Georgetown’s Blue
                   Santa project.
                        Election of Nature Club Officers for 2008
                        The election was held at the November club
                   meeting, and these people were elected to serve as
                   officers for 2008.
      President - Saunnie Box
      Vice President - Ron Yeck
      Directors - Tricia Clay, Randy Pensabene, Monica Reimer
      Secretary - Ruth Lehman
      Treasurer - Judy Davis
      Thank you to the nominating committee: Bill Garrard, Tricia
Clay, and Annette Stocking.
                                                                                                    Tom Norrell
      The Nature Club sponsored the Native Plant Society of Texas                                   YOUR Master Electrician
(NPSOT) and Native Prairies Association of Texas (NPAT) 2007 Joint                                  863-0143           cell 677-1336
Symposium, “The Blackland and Grand Prairies and Grasslands of the
Edwards Plateau” October 18 - 21. The focus was on the important                            Everything Electric
topic of conserving, restoring, and celebrating our native prairies
and grasslands. The symposium consisted of expert speakers, field                Ask Around. I’ve Done Thousands of Jobs
trips, festivities, a vendor fair, a silent auction to benefit the NPSOT                     for Your Neighbors
Scholarship Fund and the Sun City Native Gardens and Native Areas             Ceiling Fans            Surge Protectors
Tour held in conjunction with the Nature Club’s Native Plants SIG.
                                                                              Outlets Added           Security Lights
Attendance set a record of over 400 from across the state and the U.S.
In addition, there were some 60 volunteers from the Nature, Garden,           Lightning Arrestors     Attic Exhaust Fans
Hiking, Horticulture, and Computer Clubs!
      NPSOT and NPAT wish to thank the Nature Club, Del Webb/Pulte                    Master Lic#00034259 TECL#18554
and the Community Association for their sponsorship, the marvelous
facilities, and their assistance in making this our best symposium ever.         REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS: The Reptiles and Amphib-
Sun City’s beauty and the outstanding support from the clubs truly          ians SIG will not meet in December. Our meeting date and place will
added to the enjoyment of all and the success of the symposium.             change in 2008. We will be meeting on the 4th Thursday of the month
      SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS                                               beginning January 24. Our new meeting room is in the Activity Cen-
      ASTRONOMY: SIG chairman - Hank Haliasz 863-9851.                      ter Room 3. The time of the meetings will continue to be from 2 to
      BIRDING: SIG meeting on December 4 at 2:30 the Ac-             4 p.m. The Amphibian and Reptile study and data base for Sun City
tivity Center Room 1. Saunnie and Ken Box will present their DVD            continues. Please report the occurrence of all amphibians and reptiles
on the Nature Club trip to Costa Rica this past spring. Bird walks          to Jim or Dick. We will collect them or you can deliver them to Jim at
on Thursday, December 6, and Thursday, December 27, at 8:30 a.m.            101 Orion Road. Please pass information about the reptile identifica-
Meet at the LHPP. SIG chairmen - Norm Ford 868-0098 and Joe                 tion and removal service to your friends and neighbors. They should
Miller 869-0980.                                                            contact the following people in the order listed below:
      BUTTERFLIES: Contact: Phyllis Dolich, 869-0356.                            First, call Jim at 868-3504. If Jim is not available, call Dick at
      NATIVE PLANTS: Contact: Phyllis Dolich, 869-0356.                                                                 Continued on next page                                                                  sdf
                                                                                                    Sun City Texas • December 2007              25
                                                                                                                                                      Sun City
Chartered Clubs
Continued from previous page                                                       Help Needed: We need your ideas for trips for 2008 and also
                                                                             volunteers as wagon masters. We only have three trips planned at
868-5573 or 966-0367. Dick has some extra equipment. If Dick or Jim
                                                                             this time.
are not available, call Jerry Blose at 868-9402 or Joe Moore at 868-
                                                                                   Scheduled 2008 Trips:
3794. If none of these contacts is available and you feel that a snake
                                                                                   March 27 – April 4, Hill Country Wildflowers – Kerrville &
might be dangerous, call the City of Georgetown Animal Control at
                                                                             Fredericksburg. Wagon masters – Art & Beth Schmitt
                                                                                   September 7 - 23 – Williamsburg, VA (via Memphis, Nashville,
     ROCKHOUNDS: Contact: Rochelle Margolis, 864-0334.
                                                                             Pigeon Forge & more. Wagon masters – Al & Linda Largent
     RESOURCE ROOM HOURS: Resource Room visitors may now
                                                                                   November 5 – 10 – Branson –Christmas Shows. Wagon masters
check out books, magazines, and videos. Our fantastic nature-related
                                                                             – Barbara & John Wood
collection continues to grow, and all selections are perfect for viewing
                                                                                   RV Web Master – Art Schmitt – Visit our site on the Sun City CA
by grandchildren. The Resource Room is open on Mondays, 2 to 4 p.m.
                                                                             web portal - . On the portal Home page, left panel,
and Fridays, 10 a.m. to noon; or call Anne Frohlich at 868-3118.
                                                                             click “Pleasures & Pastimes” then “Clubs List,” then “RV” in the right
     For detailed information on Nature Club activities, call Saunnie
                                                                             panel. There is no need to log-in.
Box, President, at 863-0008, e-mail:
                                                                                   2008 Annual dues: Annual dues for 2008 are $12 per rig – bring to
Pets                                                                         luncheon meeting or mail to SC RV Club, 2 Texas Drive, Georgetown,
Saturday, December 8 – Pet Meet-Up at LHPP – 9 a.m.                          TX 78633, payable to SCTRV Club.
Thursday, December 6 – Holiday Party, 6 p.m., ACA                                  Questions – contact President - John Wood, 931-9998,
Monday, December 10 – General Meeting, 10 a.m. - AC, MR 3          
      Arf Arf – Meow Meow – Polly Want A Cracker.
      The Sun City Pet Club is looking for cats, dogs, birds, fish, ferrets
                                                                                   This month the Singers will present our annual Christmas concert,
and more to ask their owners to join them for fun and education. And
                                                                             which is always a highlight of the holiday season in Sun City. This
you have to be a pet owner to join us. If you love animals, we would
                                                                             year’s concert, titled The Wonder of Christmas, invites the audience to
like to get to know you.
                                                                             revisit the awe and wonder that we remember from childhood. Favorite
      We meet quarterly on the second Monday at 10 a.m. in the Ac-
                                                                             songs, such as “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and “The Most
tivities Center with, our next meeting on Monday, December 10 at 10
                                                                             Wonderful Time of the Year” rekindle fond memories. For those who
a.m. in the Activities Center Meeting Room 3. The Pet Club’s mission
                                                                             love the beautiful traditional carols, there is “We Three Kings,” “Still,
is to provide education and resources for its members about care and
                                                                             Still, Still,” and “Bring a Torch.” There will be guest appearances by
training of companion pets; and also to provide support and study
                                                                             Helen Coulter, who will share a Christmas poem, and the First United
groups on the same topics. In addition, it is the desire of the club to
                                                                             Methodist Church Handbell Choir. The Christmas concert will be
establish a fenced, off-leash facility at Sun City for our four-legged
                                                                             presented on Wednesday, December 12, and Thursday, December
friends, for the purpose of play and socialization with other dogs; and
                                                                             13, at 7 p.m. Tickets are now on sale at the CA office, and they are a
socialization with our fellow animal lovers, too. Membership Ap-
                                                                             bargain at only $8.
plications may be requested by calling Robin Pearlstein at 868-8298,
                                                                                   The Singers practice on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. in the Ballroom.
e-mail to, or by picking up an application
                                                                             We present two formal concerts annually, at Christmas time and a
on the porch of 114 Wild Rose Drive. Dues are $12 per person/$15
                                                                             Spring Musicale in April. In addition, we usually sing for Veterans’
per household for 2008 calendar year. Each member of the household
                                                                             Day in November, and present a patriotic concert for the Fourth of
must complete an application. The application must have your correct
                                                                             July. Requirements for membership include a love of singing, regular
CA number.
                                                                             attendance at rehearsals, and $10 annual dues. If you are interested in
      Our monthly Dog Meet-Up will be on Saturday, December 8, at
                                                                             becoming part of our group, or if you are returning after an extended
9 a.m. in the Legacy Hills Park Pavilion Parking Lot. This is a good
                                                                             absence, please call the membership chairman, Joyce Laseter, at
opportunity to further socialize your four-legged friend to people and
other dogs. Please – NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES.
      Jeanne Geuder is looking for suggestions/ideas for possible
                                                                             Dulcimers-SIG of Singers
                                                                                                We love guests, and you are welcome to come to
speakers at Pet Club quarterly General Meetings. These topics are not
                                                                                          one of our “jammin” sessions to listen and share in our
limited to dogs. Call her at 864-0447.
      REMINDER: The City of Georgetown and Sun City Texas
                                                                                                Perhaps you’ll discover this grand experience is
have leash laws. Also, remember to pick up after your pet.
                                                                                          for you. If you have ever wanted to play an instrument
                       RV                                                                 or feel the rush of making music with a group, this club
                                                                                          is for you!! We also welcome other string instruments,
                       Tuesday, December 4, 11 a.m., Stage                   if you have a lonesome old banjo, mandolin, guitar, auto harp, har-
                       Coach Inn, Salado                                     monica or fiddle that you haven’t picked up for years, now is your
                             The annual Christmas Party is on Tuesday,       chance to bring it out. We meet in the Activities Center, in Rooms 3
December 4, 11 a.m. at the Stage Coach Inn, Salado, Texas. Members           & 4, on Tuesday evening, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. and on Saturday morning
will order from the menu and will pay individually. There is a room          from 10:30 a.m. - noon.
at the Inn reserved for the RV Club.                                              Jeanne Lubey will be starting a beginner class in January. Please
     Please make reservations by December 1, as we need to give them a       call or E-mail for more information. Phone: 864-3459 or E-Mail:
count of how many will attend. Please respond by email woodbjw@aol.
com or 931-9998. Please bring canned goods and we will donate them
to the Caring Place as our philanthropic project this year.

26 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                               sdf                                                      
                                                                                                   Chartered Clubs
                                                                            Solos, you are missing out! Our current membership is 529, and we are
Softball (Sr. Slo-Pitch)                                                    still growing. 153 are new members this year. We would like to add
     The SCT Softball Club continues to increase in membership as
                                                                            your name to the list for next year. See the New Members paragraph
more and more SCT residents join the Club. All age levels of SCT
                                                                            at the end of this section for more details.
men and women are playing Sr. Slo-pitch softball for fun and exercise.
                                                                                  Thirsty Thursday: Meet at The Oaks (formerly known as
Sr. rules are designed to try to prevent injuries with no sliding and
                                                                            Legacy Hills Grill) each Thursday evening from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Look
allowing the base runner to overrun all bases so they are a force-out
                                                                            for details in the Solos newsletter. Socialize with old friends and meet
like at first base.
                                                                            new ones. We encourage you to invite a resident who is new to Sun
      Due to the cooler weather, the game time on Wednesdays is now
                                                                            City or someone who has been here a while and wants to get involved
2 p.m. at the Georgetown Recreation Softball Fields, across from the
                                                                            in new activities and make new friends. BYOB! It is good fellowship
VFW hall in San Gabriel Park. A number of players start showing up
                                                                            and fun for all.
around 12:30 to 1 p.m. to warm-up and take batting practice.
                                                                                  Wine Tasting Groups: Join a wine tasting group and have some
      Our new Club Officers for 2008 are Roger Groh-President,
                                                                            fun as you learn about wines. Meetings are in the homes of members.
Don Pfannesnstiel-Vice President, Ed Bailey-Secretary, and Geoff
                                                                            Contact Claire Donnelly at 868-2871.
                                                                                  Games for December: Activities Center, beginning at 1 p.m.
      The Club is open to all SCT residents. The annual dues are $12.
                                                                            Questions? Call Rose Dean at 931-0074. If you don’t know how to
For more information, contact one of the current officers.
                                                                            play, we’ll teach you (except for bridge). Free coffee and cookies.
     President, Roger Groh - 864-2431 or
                                                                                  December 7 Dominoes
     Vice Pres., Ed Bailey - 864-2680 or
                                                                                  December 14 Bridge
     Secretary, Jim Truho - 868-2989 or
                                                                                  December 21 No Games
     Treasurer, Joe Zizzi - 864-2929 or
                                                                                  December 28 No Games
      Come on out and join the fun!
                                                                                  Announcement calls will no longer be made; just show up.
Solos                                                                             Coming Event: Save January 9 for a special event designed to kick
                                                                            off the new year. Check the Solos December newsletter for details.
      Solos membership is open to any resident of Sun City. Pro-
spective first-time members are invited to attend club activities three            The goal of Solos is to bring people together to share the joys and
times, if they wish, before joining. Details for each month’s activi-       tribulations of our lives in a caring and supportive atmosphere. We are
ties are available in the Solos newsletter. Pick up your copy at City       Solos by choice or because we have lost a spouse by death or divorce.
Market or the designated neighborhood locations listed in the Solos         These are the common bonds that bind us together sharing the joys and
Newsletter.                                                                 pains of our lives and being there for each other whenever needed. We
      Below is a list of activities and events for December.                are a family.
      December Quarterly Dinner and Business Meeting: Start the holi-             New Members: Starting December 1, 2007, the Membership Chair
day season by attending the Quarterly Business Meeting and Dinner in        will begin accepting checks and application forms for the calendar year
the Ballroom on December 3 at 6 p.m. This final event for 2007 will          2008. If you would like to join or find out more about us, contact our
include the installation of the newly elected Solos board members.          new Membership Chair, Debara Bedford, at 864-1458 or debarad@aol.
      Book Club: At their Holiday Luncheon on Tuesday, December             com. The dues will be $20 for both past and new members and should
18, the Solos Book Club members will select the books they will read        be delivered with a new Membership Application Form to Debara at 113
in the first half of 2008. For additional information, call Paula Cooney     Prospector Pass. Please fill out a new application form even if you were
at 868-6432.                                                                a member in 2007; it helps us to update everyone’s records once per year.
      Broadway Musicals: Bass Concert Hall closed May 2, 2007, for          You may pick up new application forms from the Solos’ pigeon hole in
renovation, but we shall notify you as soon as we have information          the wood cabinet at City Market or from Debara’s front porch.
about its re-opening. If you have any questions, please contact Pat
Fenno at 864-0150.
                                                                            Stained Glass
      Dinner Club: October was the final event for 2007. The Dinner          There is no business meeting this month.
Club will resume after the holidays. If you have questions, contact              We will be having our Annual Holiday Party on Monday, De-
Jilly Blazina at 863-8482.                                                  cember 10, at the Oaks (the former Legacy Grill) This is a potluck;
      Golf Scramble: Play days are the second Saturday and last             please sign up at the studio. We will be gathering at 6 p.m. PLEASE
Wednesday of the month, late afternoon. The next Golf Scramble              NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT OUR USUAL MEETING DATE. You
dates are December 8 and December 26. Golf Scramble confirmation             may bring your spouse or a friend.
emails stating courses and tee times are sent the week of play. All Solos        Congratulations to our new officers for 2008. They are Mike Mc-
are welcome. If you want to play, contact Bill Bayer at 863-2996 or         Coy, President; Ellie Mazur, Vice President,; Bob Dawson, Treasurer; and
Marilyn Hamner at 869-5879 at least one week before play. Be there 30       Jackie Clugston, Secretary. I would like to thank everyone for all the
minutes prior to start time as Lee Roberts collects $2 for the kitty.       hard work you have done for the club this year. We have a lot of people
      Lunch Bunch: Enjoy lunch with Solo friends at local restaurants       whowork on committees, and it takes a lot to keep a club running. So, think
the third Friday of each month. Call Sharon DeBaere at 819-9799.            about a committee you would like to help with next year, and sign up.
      Men’s Group: The Men’s Solos Group meets the second Tues-                  Members may sign up for any classes that are offered in the Studio.
day of the month. The next meeting will be December 11 at 5:30 p.m.         In December, there will be more classes for the members; please check
Check for the location in the December edition of the Solos newsletter.     the class notebook in the studio to sign up. For more information, or
Come join us for good food, cold drinks, and lots of laughs! Call John      if you have any questions, call Carol McCoy, President, 868-9374, or
Powell if you have any questions! 869-8225.                                 E-mail
      Membership: We’re still the club to join! If you don’t belong to                                                                  sdf
                                                                                                      Sun City Texas • December 2007               27
                                                                                                                                                          Sun City
Chartered Clubs
                                                                            Tuesday morning Men’s League – Keith Wanless (508-4653)
Sundancers                                                                  Wednesday morning Men’s League - Keith Wanless (508-4653)
Square and Round Dance Club                                                 Thursday afternoon Men’s League – Keith Wanless (508-4653)
     The Sun City Sundancers dance every Monday evening. All                Mixed Doubles League – Jim and Judy Truho (868-2989)
experienced square dancers and round dancers who live in Sun City                Open Tennis – All residents, visitors and guests are welcome on
are always welcome to come and join the fun. Don’t miss your chance         Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. and Fridays at 8:30 – 10
to get involved with this great activity and meet a lot of wonderful        a.m. Open tennis is for players of all levels. Three courts are reserved
friendly people.                                                            for those who show up to play on Mondays and Wednesdays. Two
     Square and round dancing is good exercise, both physical and           courts are available on Fridays. Matches are formed as players arrive
mental, and provide great fun and friendship within our community.          and court assignments vary after four games are played.
     Square Dance Schedule – Monday Evenings, December 10 and                    A social event is planned several times each year, generally
17, in the Social Center Ballroom. On December 3, we will be dancing        scheduled for Friday or Saturday late afternoons. Themes vary and
in the Atrium. December 10 is our Christmas dance.                          often meals are planned in conjunction with mixed doubles matches.
     Beginners Class                   4:30-6:30 p.m.                       Call Roz Zwilling (863-2254) for current information.
     Mainstream Workshop               6:30-7:00 p.m.                            Questions about the tennis association or the use and maintenance
     Square Dance                      7:00-9:30 p.m.                       of the tennis courts may be directed to Communications Chair Brenda
     Round Dancing between Tips                                             Latta (869-8144) or email
     Round Dance Schedule - Sundays, in the Fitness Center
     Beginning class                   4:15-5:45 p.m.                       Theater
     Advanced / intermediate           5:45-7:15 p.m.                       Monday, December 3, 3 p.m., Business Meeting,
     For information on Square Dancing, call:                               SCB – Elections!
     Larry or Gladys Hunting - 868-5728
     Bob or Linda Ticer - 868-9386
                                                                            Sunday, December 9, 6 – 9 p.m., SCB – Christmas
     Jack or Janet Stroobandt - 864-0833                                    Dinner Party!!
     Claude or Jodie Morrison - 864-0089                                          As we near the end of our year, we want to take this opportunity
     For information on Round dancing, call:                                to thank our members for their contributions throughout this year.
     Bob Lynn – 864-3435                                                    Whether you served as an officer or director, were on a committee,
                                                                            acted in a play or the Follies, directed a play or Follies, worked as sup-
Tennis Association http://www.                                              port crew in any way – ushers, lights, sound, backstage, our costume
                                                                            director, set design, painting, building, providing any assistance such (our new website)
     To become a member of SCTTA, please provide                            as moving furniture, sets, etc.; whatever you did - attended meetings
your name, address, phone number and email address,                         and voted on important issues, or anything even if not spelled out,
plus $12 annual fee (per person) to treasurer, Tom                          please know you are appreciated!! We thank you for your participa-
Kincheloe, 303 Trail of the Flowers, Georgetown, TX                         tion. We hope you will join our club again next year. And, with that
78633. Members receive regular email communica-                             in mind, if you pay your dues in December, your checks will not be
tions and a monthly email newsletter. Members are                           cashed until January.
also eligible to sign up for leagues and attend social events. Being a            Remember to be sure to attend the December business meeting as
member of SCTTA allows you benefits such as:                                 we will be voting for officers and directors for 2008. Also, you will
• Receive SCTTA communications (emails and newsletters)                     be informed many times in the future – but just be sure to mark your
• Receive SCTTA “New Member” binder (includes Association and               calendars for Follies Showtime! Welcome to Bran-Sun City, directed
  other tennis-related information)                                         by Meredith Chiles, February 18- 23; April play “The Girls In 509”
• Participate in organized (league) play                                    directed by Darrel Meinke – April 16 – 19; June play – “London Suite”
• Be a sub in organized (league) play                                       directed by Morgan Fogleman, June 11 – 14; and our October play
• Attend socials (good food, drink, camaraderie)                            – “Funny Money” directed by Denis Adams, October 22 – 25. Watch
• Meet others to join or establish fun (non-league) groups                  for audition postings in the Sun Rays. All residents are invited to at-
• Opportunity to participate in clinics, lessons, and coaching assis-       tend any of our meetings. We would certainly enjoy meeting you and
  tance                                                                     telling you about our club. Remember our motto – “we love acting
• Experienced sources for tennis-related purchases, re-stringing, etc.      up.” See you ‘round the stage.’
• Eligible to attend special events (informational, training)                                       
• Support SCTTA for administration and other activities                                                            Studio phone: 864-1901
• Be a factor for SCTTA’s long range planning                                                                   Jeanne Lubey, President 864-3459
• Attend and vote at annual meeting                                                                           Buck Hiatt, Vice President 868-5009
• Officer and board eligibility (after initial membership period)            Visual Arts Club
•Be part of an organization that emphasizes fairness for all and hav-
                                                                            There will be NO meeting in December. HOLIDAY PARTY
  ing fun
      Check the bulletin board at the courts for current information.       - DECEMBER 9TH, Check in studio for details.
Since sign-up dates for the leagues vary, contact the appropriate            Featured Artist of the Month – Bill Dudley, Photographer
chairperson for each league listed below (all are doubles tennis; all are        Bill and his wife moved to Sun City in June of 2005 after selling
appropriate for any level of play; and subs are always needed):             their company in Oklahoma which they had owned and operated for
Tuesday afternoon Women’s League - Kay Linscott (863-9856)                  over 30 years. They’ve never regretted the decision to get out of the
Monday morning Women’s League - Kay Linscott (863-9856)                     business and move to Sun City. Bill took his first picture with a little
Thursday morning Women’s League – Kay Linscott (863-9856)                   Kodak Brownie camera when he was in grade school. Later, his parents

28 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                              sdf                                                       
                                                                                                  Chartered Clubs

gave him a Kodak Pony II that actually had some variable settings that
really fueled his interest. He has upgraded hardware a bit since then but
still has those cameras and enjoys taking pictures as a hobby. His subject
matter generally is scenery or birds and animals, but he photographs
whatever interests him. Bill takes pictures to document moments in
time that he and his wife enjoy. He uses the same mind set as a painter      Shop and on our web site Annual association dues are
might use when creating a work of art. Bill’s most unusual photographic      $50. The WGA 18-hole group plays every Tuesday. The sign-up sheet
experience was right after college graduation; it involved integrating the   for play days is in the Legacy Hills Pro Shop. The deadline for sign-
use of both the panoramic and the mapping camera into the Apollo lunar       up is 4 p.m.on Thursday to be eligible to play the following Tuesday.
missions. He feels his “hobby” has never developed into an artistic skill.   Contact Norma Cortner, Membership Chairwoman, at 864-3705 with
He says the lessons provided to members of the Photography Club have         any questions about our activities.
been very helpful. He recommends membership in the Photography Club
as a wonderful way to learn more about using your camera.                    Woodworkers
       Classes: NO classes scheduled for December.                           Woodshop phone: 868-9663
Photography: A SIG of the Visual Arts Club                                   Woodshop hours: M – F, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (clean up starts at 4)                                                  Sat., 8:30 a.m. to Noon (except first Saturday of each month)
                                                                             Board Meeting: Wednesday, December 19, 9 a.m., WS
Thursday, December 20, at 1:30 p.m., ACA MR 3/4                              Membership Meeting: Thursday, December 20, 9:30
     Come early at 1 p.m. to chat with our members.
Visitors are welcome. We provide educational programs                        a.m., WS
on composition and basic photography techniques. This                        Contact Person: Bill Thornton, (,
month’s Subject of the Month is “People,” and we will                        864-2380. Web Site:
introduce the new officers for 2008.                                               Now is the time to come to the woodshop and sign up for the
     Details on all activities are on our website. Call Barbara Wilder                            new member Orientation and Safety class sched-
at 868-9194.with any questions                                                                    uled for Thursday, December 13. The class
                                                                                                  starts promptly at 4 p.m. Cost to join the Club
WGA 9 Hole Group                                                                   this month is only $40 (which will give you full
      Several members of the 9 Hole Group played in the recent first                               membership through 2008) plus class cost of $15.
ever WGA/MGA “Race for the Cure” tournament. It’s been reported                                   The monthly class fills up quickly as it is limited
that it was a great day and lots of fun. Even more important than the                             to the first 10 residents who sign up and pay this
good fellowship was the fact that over $7,000 was raised !!                  non-refundable fee. Find out more at http://www.sctxwoodshop.
      Many thanks go to all who played, baked cookies and/or helped          com/membership.htm .
make the tournament such a huge success.                                          The annual Hobo Supper for all Woodworkers and their spouses
      The Social Committee is busy planning the group’s annual Holiday       will be held on Thursday, December 6, at the Legacy Pavilion. Price
Luncheon at the SC Ballroom, immediately following play onTuesday,           of admission is a canned food donation that goes to the Georgetown
December 11. The cost is $10, payable by November 30 to Carol                Caring Place. Members are requested to bring their canned goods
Thonen or pay on any play day by 11/30. Make your check payable              and sign up at the Woodshop prior to close of the shop on Monday,
to: SCTXWGA 9 HOLE GROUP.                                                    December 3.
                                                                                  Looking for a quilting ruler rack, a canasta card holder, a hand-
SCTWGA 18-Hole Group                                          made toy or wooden puzzle for a child? Well, the Woodshop is just
December play days: (all events subject to change)                           the place you should visit. We have all of these things available for
December 4 Individual event. Low Gross/Low Net                               residents. All we ask is for you to make a donation to the club. These
               Year end luncheon follows play                                donations also support our out-reach programs aimed at children
December 11 Individual event. Count holes beginning with                     – Toys for Tots and the American Cancer Society’s Camp Discovery
               O,N,E and S                                                   for kids with cancer.
December 18 Individual event. Count odd holes on front and                        Are you interested in wood carving or turning? We have groups
               even holes on back                                            that concentrate in these two areas. The carvers meet every Monday
December 25 NO PLAY                                                          night and Tuesday morning. The turning group meets at 10 am on the
     The 18-Hole SCTWGA invites all women golfers to join our as-            first Saturday of each month. You can find out more by visiting pages
sociation. Membership applications are available at Legacy Hills Pro
                                                                                                                          Continued on next page                                                                   sdf
                                                                                                     Sun City Texas • December 2007              29
                                                                                                                                                       Sun City
Chartered Clubs
Continued from previous page
on our website dedicated to these interests - http://www.sctxwoodshop.
com/carving_sig.htm and
     For more information about the Woodshop and the SCTX Wood-
workers Club, visit our web site at .
You can find information about our programs, upcoming events, photos
of our equipment and much more…or you can stop by the shop, get a
cup of coffee, and see what goes on in person.

     A VERY social club, whose members enjoy a wide variety of
exciting and fun activities.
     Our newsletter is available via email only. Zoomers help other
members by printing a copy of the newsletter for friends who do not
have email.
     The men meet each first and third Monday at 4 p.m. We are cur-
rently choosing the location each month. Get in touch with George
Hampton at 763-1334.
     Ladies’ lunch is the first Monday of the month. Our coordina-
tors are Kay Davis and Myrna McCrummen. For details, call Linda
Hansen at 863-6858.
     Our first movie buffs group that meets on the second Friday
of the month currently has no more openings. Corinne LaLiberte is
the chairperson at 863-4554. The second group meets on the second
Tuesday of the month and is also full. If you would like to be part of
a new group, contact Gladys Wright at
     A moviegoers group is open on a first come, first served basis.
Contact Judy Ball for information at 868-8250.
     TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Friday, or Thank Goodness It’s FUN)
is normally the third Friday of the month and always includes food
and often some form of entertainment. Richard Klein can answer
questions at 864-9650.
                                                                             Members of the Zoomers club recently enjoyed a trip to
     Women’s Book Clubs
     Four of our book clubs are full and have no openings at this
time. A fifth group is forming now; contact Bonnie Boorman at or Kim Moran at                                   There are special events such as attending plays, movies, musicals,
     Men’s Book Club                                                       comedy clubs, casino trips, sporting events and dances. Our holiday
     If you are interested in a men’s book club, contact Linda Hansen      gala on December 8 is always a big event for Zoomers. We have
at 863-6858.                                                               three trips to the Hill Country to see the holiday lights. There are
     Our monthly dine-out is the last Monday of the month. We go           still prime cabins available for our Valentine Cruise to the Mexican
to many of the area restaurants to enjoy the food and the camaraderie.     Riviera in February. And, don’t forget the “Country Roads of Italy”
Contact Dan or Nancy Strayer at 864-0942.                                  cruise in March. Contact Darlene for information on special events
     Our Restaurant Explorers group experiences the fine restaurants        at 868-1827. Join us now for lots of fun in 2008!
in Austin. Dick Puig can give you information about this group at 512-           For 2007, we have a total of 1,400 members, with many joining
635-2815 or 512-635-3457. This group will not meet in December.            or renewing their memberships each day. The dues are $12 per person
     Anyone interested in being part of an Antique Collectors group,       annually. For new members, dues are $6.00 if joining after June 30.
please contact Hugh and Pat Bolan at 863-0589 or Jeanene Mantz at          Renewing members pay a full year’s dues no matter when they renew
869-0334. The group is currently filled.                                    during the year. To download a membership application and obtain
     We have four social wine tasting groups and one wine enthusi-         additional information, go to the Zoomers homepage at http://www.
asts group. Contact Linda Hansen at 863-6858 for information. Two Submit the application
beer tasting groups are active and will meet about four or five times       to Chub Meeker at ( or call 819-0101. Visit
a year to learn about beers of the world. Linda Hansen will answer         the Zoomers website for all the latest pictures of recent fun events.
any questions about these activities at 863-6858.
     We also have canasta and bridge groups! If you are interested in
Mah Jongg, Linda Hansen can assist you in getting a group started.             Log on to YOUR Community Web Portal
     We gather periodically for Social Bocce, Horseshoes & Washers,             
and Tennis. If you would like to participate in any of these activities,
contact Phil Hines at 869-3396.

30 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                             sdf                                                      
                                           December Arts & Crafts Calendar
                   Class                          Class Schedule                           Location                Class Details
                   Paper Making                   No classes in December                   VAC Studio              Donna Johnston
                   Acrylics – Session 2           No classes in December                   VAC Studio              Trudy Loper
                   Mixed Media                    No classes in December                   VAC Studio              Jan Knox
                   (Abstract Expression)
                   Large Paintings                No classes in December                   VAC Studio              Class Full
                   Line Drawing                   No classes in December                   VAC Studio              Open/Free
Visual Arts

                   Chinese Brush                  No classes in December                   VAC Studio              Open/Free
                   Photography SIG Meeting        Thursday, December 20                    AC, MR ¾                New Officer Orientation
                                                                                                                   Subject of the Month: “People”
                   Sit and Stitch                 Mondays, 10 am – noon                    Fabric & Fiber          Bring your own projects and join our informal sharing sessions.
                                                                                           Studio 864-1235         Visitors are welcome.
                   Machine Embroidery             1st Friday, 9 – 4 p.m.                   Fabric & Fiber          Demo of hoping and design placement. Work on individual
                                                                                           Studio 864-1235         projects.
                   Night Owl Stitchers            Monday evenings,                         Fabric & Fiber          Work on your own projects – Receive help when needed.
                                                  7 p.m. – 9 pm                            Studio 864-1235         Visitors are welcome.
                   Rug Hooking                    1st and 3rd Tuesday                      Fabric & Fiber          December 4 and 18 – Work on own project.
                                                  10 a.m. – 12:30 pm                       Studio 864-1235         Visitors are always welcome.
                   Sewing                         2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 9 am - noon        Fabric & Fiber          December 11 – Continue with measurements for sloper
                                                                                           Studio 864-1235         December 25 – No meeting
                                                                                                                   Machine orientation available upon request
                   Beading                        Tuesdays, 1-4 pm                         Fabric & Fiber          Work on your own projects. Visitors are welcome.
                                                                                           Studio 864-1235         December 25 – No meeting
                   Applique                       1st and 2nd Wednesdays                   Fabric & Fiber          December 5 – Annual meeting
                                                  9 a.m. - noon                            Studio 864-1235         December 12 – Work on your own project
                   Embellishment                  3rd and 4th Wednesdays,                  Fabric & Fiber          The group will not meet in December.
                                                  10 am - noon                             Studio 864-1235
                   Quilting                       Wednesdays 1-4 pm                        Fabric & Fiber          December 5 – Annual Meeting
                                                  2nd, 3rd and 4th Fridays                 Studio 864-1235         December 12 – Quilter’s Holiday Party – Last meeting of the
                                                  9 am – 4 pm                                                      year.

                   Needlework                     2nd and 4th Thursdays                    Fabric & Fiber          December 13 – Work on individual projects.
                                                  9:30 a.m. – noon                         Studio 864-1235         December 27 – No meeting
                   Rubber Stamping                1st and 3rd Thursday                     Fabric & Fiber          December 6 – Christmas Party
                                                  9:30 am - Noon                           Studio 864-1235         December 20 – Beginner class #4 – Patty Berry
Fabric and Fiber

                                                                                                                                   Embellishment, punches, embossing
                   Spinning/Weaving               Thursdays 1-4 pm                         Fabric & Fiber          Spin with the group on the first Thursday of the month. Work on
                                                                                           Studio 864-1235         your own projects.
                   Scrapbooking                   2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday, 9 av – 4 pm   Fabric & Fiber          December 8, 15, and 22 – Work on individual projects. Check
                                                                                           Studio 864-1235         window display for special classes.
                   Open Project                   Mon-Wed-Fri, 9 am–4 pm (no lunch         Ceramic Studio          New members are welcome. Work on your own projects. Stop
                   Ceramics - Clay                break); Tues - Thurs, 1-4 pm and 7-9     864-1236                by to check out the latest classes being offered. Take a class and
                                                  pm; Saturday and Sunday, 1-4pm                                   learn a new skill. Small mosaic workshops will be offered
                                                  Classes are usually on Tues and Thurs                            weekly. Sign up in clay studio.
                   China Painting - instruction   Ongoing classes. Check in Studio         China Studio            Work on projects.
                   and help                       about times. On-going classes all day    864-1236
                                                  Thursdays. Call Dot Riddle for
                                                  information. Monday and Friday
                                                  classes as well.
                   Open Project – China           Mon 9 am - Noon. Check with studio       China Painting and      Stop by Studio for information. 864-1236. New members always
                   Painting and Porcelain Dolls   about new classes.                       Porcelain Doll Studio   welcome, experience not necessary.
                   Interested in making           Classes will be set up with interested   Ceramics Studio         Come in and make something beautiful. There is still time to
                   pottery? Hand-building?        students. Classes for all levels of      864-1236                make things for the holidays.

                   Wheel-throwing? Mosaics?       experience with clay.
                   China Doll Making Classes      Check in Studio for times and            China Studio            Beautiful dolls – use your imagination to create something
                                                  projects. We have doll supplies.         864-1236                beautiful and lasting.
                                                                                                                                Sun City Texas • December 2007                    31
                                                                                                                                                                                        Sun City
   Proposed New Andice Baptist Church
  A Growing Family Church
     For You and Yours!
     Turn right on HWY 2338
 (Williams Drive) and take a short
 drive to Andice. Turn left and we
          are on the right.
     Sunday School 9:45 a.m.
  Worship 10:55 a.m. & 6 p.m.
     Bible Study Wed. 7 p.m.

32 December 2007 • Sun City Texas       sdf   sdf
                       Sun City Texas • December 2007   33
                                                             Sun City
     Worship Services
   9:30 and 11:00 a.m.
       Every Sunday



34 December 2007 • Sun City Texas     sdf
                 Central Texas Screen and Shade, Inc.
                 Instant Shade and Screen when you want, up when you don’t
                  Motorized and Remote Controlled                 Window Solar Screens

                                      Roll-up Canopy
                      Call                                   Patio
                   to set up                              Garage
                     your                                   Doors
                                                               Convert any outdoor area or garage into
                 Rick Giordano (512) 415-0801                    a Bug Free/Sun Free living space

                                                       Kwanzaa begins December 26,
                                                     and continues for seven days up to
                                                    January 1. Kwanzaa is a time of re-
                                                    joicing, reflection, and commitment,
                                                      shared by family and community.
                                                    It is not a religious celebration, or a
                                                           substitute for Christmas.
                                                          Source:       sdf
                                           Sun City Texas • December 2007                          35
                                                                                                         Sun City
  Loving Care Pet Sitting                                24 HOUR SERVICE
          No Kennels! - No Cages!
                                                          7 DAYS A WEEK
 Bonded & Insured               Your Home or Mine
         Serving Sun City since 1998                Air Conditioning & Heating
                (512) 868-0011
                                                       LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED
                                                    SERVING ALL YOUR A/C & HEATING NEEDS
                                                         RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL

                                                              Give me a call.
                                                        G’town: 869-3233

                                                              Lic # TACLB021369E

36 December 2007 • Sun City Texas          sdf                           
                                    Call for Details:

                                        Complementary Parking
                       701 BRAZOS AT 7th STREET • DOWNTOWN AUSTIN   sdf
                                   Sun City Texas • December 2007   37
                                                                         Sun City
                               Nu-View Co.
                                             1)   Glass Rooms
                                             2)   Screened Patios
                                             3)   Will furnish all Permits
                                             4)   100% Financing Available
                                             5)   Expert Craftsmanship
                                             6)   Personal Service
                                             7)   Local Resident References

               Beautiful Enclosures!

              rD   avid! Call
       Ask fo
              Free Estimates
      918-8904 or 1-800-827-9627

38 December 2007 • Sun City Texas      sdf                          
                       Don’t miss out on the
                $500 Web Portal
 Business Directory Drawings!
  On December 15, a lucky Sun City Resident will receive
   a $500 certificate to use at any Web Portal Business!
  To enter, simply click on a business in the Web Portal Business
    Directory, print off the page, print your name and telephone
  number on the page and place in one of two boxes either at the
              Fitness Center or at the Social Center….
   Also, each week through mid-November, MY GARAGE HAS
 SPACE is giving a $500 gift certificate to be used when you
 place an order for an installation of at least one wall and two
             organizational packages….
    Again, simply go to the MY GARAGE HAS SPACE
  advertisement in the Web Portal Business Directory,
 print off the page, print your name and telephone
 number on the page and place in the box at the
        Fitness Center or Social Center….
  Let’s welcome the following businesses to the
    Sun City Web Portal Business Directory...
        • Bell Cleaners • Cartridge World
         • Georgetown Family Wellness
             • My Garage Has Space
            • The Freeman Company

                                                                          Sun City Texas • December 2007   39
                                                                                                                Sun City
 Planning for the future
     doesn’t always
   involve retirement.
  Ask about
  State Farm
  Long Term Care Insurance...
  because we care!

  Bill Edmiston,
  118 E. 8th Street
   (1/2 block E of
    Court House)

                               Like a good neighbor,
                                State Farm is there.®

    State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
    Home Office: Bloomington, Illinois
    Call for details on coverage, costs, restrictions and renewability.

40 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                                         sdf   sdf
                       Sun City Texas • December 2007   41
                                                             Sun City
                                            WINDOW COVERING BARGAINS
                                              “Serving                               “Serving
                                             Georgetown                              Sun City
                                             Since 1988”                            Every Day”
                                             Priority Dealer
                                                Silhouette ®                    Country Woods ®
                                                Luminette ®                     Brillance ® Shades
                                                Vignette ®                      Verticals
                                                Duette ®       Tommy Johnson
                                                “You won’t believe the low prices, quality and
                                                            unsurpassed service -
                                                    you’ll think you are back in the 50’s.”

                                                        “Beat Warehouse Pricing.”
                                          “Beautiful” Plantation Shutters
                                           Custom Built
                                           Quick Delivery                                       Off
                                           Perfect Color Match                       Shutters by
                                           Expertly Finished                           O’Hair
                                           Professionally Installed                  Through 12/31/07

                                          Free Temporary Shades • Patio Door Specialists
                                            C-R Window Coverings, Inc.
                                                    Georgetown, TX - (512)869-5164
                                          One Hour Free Design Consultation.    “Install at Closing”

42 December 2007 • Sun City Texas   sdf                                        sdf
                       Sun City Texas • December 2007   43
                                                             Sun City
     Sunday                 Monday                    Tuesday                  Wednesday                Thursday                    Friday                Saturday

December                                                                                                                                                 Fredericksburg
                                                                                                                                                        Depart VCPL 9 am

Activities                                                                                                                                              SC Democrats Mtg
                                                                                                                                                          9:30 am, SCB

                                                                                                                                                         Kiwanis Holiday
       When you see this logo next to an                                                                                                                   Home Tour
       event, it means that event will be                                                                                                                 10 am - 5 pm
        broadcast live on Channel 79.

                            Tickets go on                   COPS                     Covenants           Modifications               Friends of the
                           sale today for               9:30 am, MR 1                 9 am, CR             8:30 am, CR                 Library
  Kiwanis Holiday            December                                                                                                   9 am,
                                                     Sun City Kiwanis           Let’s Do Austin      Food & Beverage
    Home Tour           Articles due for                                      Depart VCPL 9:30 am    9 am, AC, MR 1/2           Maintained Homes TF
   11 am - 5 pm        January Sun Rays                  10 am, SCB                                                                10 am, MR 3/4
                           News & Views                News & Views              News & Views        Chartered Clubs
   Sweet Adelines                                                               11 am, 2 & 6 pm          2 pm, AC                 NASA Training          Grinch Grooves
                          11 am, 2 & 6 pm             11 am, 2 & 6 pm
    2:30 pm, SCB                                                                                                                    Specialist            Georgetown
                        SC Singers Concert          SC Singers Concert “We are Sun City Texas”         Line Dancing                                        2 pm, SCB
                        PIE • Jarrell Turoring               PIE                                                                  1:30 pm, SCB
                                                                           Wildlife Cmtee                 4 pm, FC
                               SCARS              Jarrell Turoring Program  3 pm, ACR                  Plaid Tidings              Line Dancing
                          Quarterly Update                 SCARS                                    Depart VCPL 6:30 pm              2 pm, FC
                               9 am, SCB
                                                   Rotary Noon, SCB                   Happy                                     Denim & Diamonds
                          Havurah Shalom                                                                                         Ball/Dale Watson
                          Bd Mtg 7 pm CR                                              Chanukah!                                     7 pm, SCB

                             News & Views                   55 Alive
                             11 am, 2 & 6 pm            8:30 am, MR 1/2
                       Woodworkers & Quil-         SC Kiwanis 10 am SCB        Communications       55 Alive 8:30 am, MR 1/2      Line Dancing
                       ters Charitable Projects                                  Comm Mtg           Modifications 8:30 am, CR        2 pm, FC
                         Georgetown Police            News & Views
                                                     11 am, 2 & 6 pm             9:30 am, CR            Health Seminar            San Antonio
                           Dept. Programs                                                                                         The Messiah
                                         Woodworkers & Quilters San Antonio River                       Noon, The Oaks
                        Domain/Zilker        Charitable Projects        Cruise                                                  Depart VCPL 4 pm
                                                                                                     Line Dancing 4 pm, FC
                       Depart VCPL 1:30  Georgetown Police Dept. Depart VCPL 2 pm                                                   The Fabs
                       Golf Comm Mtg             Programs                                Esther’s Follies                          7 pm, SCB
                          3 pm, MR 1       Rotary Noon, SCB        Sun City Singers   Depart VCPL 6:30 pm
                                                                                                                                Havurah Shalom
                       Havurah Shalom    Finance 1 pm, AC, MR 3/4 Wonder of Christmas  Rockin’ Christmas                           7:30 ACA
                                                                      7 pm, SCB       Depart VCPL 6:30 pm
                      Mtg/Chanukah Party   P&G Comm Mtg
                          7 pm, ACA         1:30, AC, MR 1/2                          Wonder of Christmas
                                                                                           7 pm, SCB

                          News & Views              Sun City Kiwanis                                                           Maintained Homes TF
                         11 am, 2 & 6 pm              10 am, SCB              Neighborhood Reps                                   10 am, MR 3/4
                      Sunshine Variety Show                                       10 am, ACA
                           Mad Hatters                News & Views                                                                Line Dancing            Kyle Family
  Lights Fantastic    Hunting & Fishing Club’s    11 am, 2 & 6 pm                                                                   2 pm, FC               Christmas
 Depart VCPL 3 pm       Tournament Promo       Sunshine Variety Show                                                                                       2 pm, SCB
                                                       Mad Hatters                                      Line Dancing
   Jose Feliciano      Sports Comm Mtg            Hunting & Fishing Club’s                                4 pm, FC
Depart VCPL 6:45 pm        2 pm, CR                 Tournament Promo                                                                                   Cowboy Christmas &
                                                                                                                                                        WUMC Bell Choir
                                                    Rotary Noon, SCB                                   Smyth & Taylor                                      7 pm, SCB
                                                                                                         7 pm, SCB

                          News & Views                News & Views
                         11 am, 2 & 6 pm             11 am, 2 & 6 pm                  Happy
 San Antonio Sym- “We are Sun City Texas” “We are Sun City Texas”
phony Holiday Pops                                                                    Kwanzaa!
Depart VCPL 12 noon CA Office Closed        CA Office Closed
                      Golf Courses                         Buildings   Trans Siberian                                             Line Dancing
                      Close at 3 pm                           Closed      Orchestra                                                 2 pm, FC
                                                                     Depart VCPL 4:15 pm                Line Dancing
                                                        Golf Courses                                      4 pm, FC
                                                                                                                                 Havurah Shalom
                                                    Merry Christmas!                                                                7:30 ACA

                              News & Views         New Year’s Eve Dining/Dancing Extravaganza with the Houstonian Big Band
                             11 am, 2 & 6 pm
                      “We are Sun City Texas”               Dinner 7 p.m., Dancing 8:30 p.m. 
  44 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                                     sdf                                                                 
       Sunday                      Monday                    Tuesday                 Wednesday                    Thursday                   Friday             Saturday

December Clubs
Key to Abbreviations
                                                                                                                                                                   Bocce, 9am, BC

                                                                                                                                                             Dulcimers, 10:30 am
AC         Activities Center           FC         Fitness Center             SCCR    SC Conference Room                                                        AC, MR 3 & 4
ACA        AC Atrium                   HC         Horseshoe Courts           S&W     Scott & White Clinic
ACR        AC Conf Rm                  L          Social Center Library      VMP     Veterans Memorial Plaza                                                       Nature
GR1,2,or 3 AC Game Rms                 LH         Legacy Hills Golf Course   VAS     Visual Arts Studio
                                                                                                                                       News & Views             Holiday Party
MR1,2,3,4 AC Mtg Rm                    LG       Legacy Grill                 VCPL    Village Center Parking Lot                        Every Monday and          5 pm, ACA
BC         Bocce Courts                LHPP     Legacy Hills Pavilion        WW      White Wing Golf Course                                 Tuesday,
CC         CyberCenter                 SC       Social Center                WS      Wood Shop                                         11 am, 2 and 6 pm,
CTS        Tennis Courts               SCB      SC Ballroom                  WSCR    WS Conf. Room                                         Channel 79

                                     Bocce, 9am, BC                 Bocce,                   Bocce, 9am/1pm,        Bocce, 9am/1pm,           Bocce, 9am, BC       Bocce, 9am, BC
                                        Solos                   9am/1pm, BC                        BC                     BC                  SocialTennis            Pet Club
                               Bus Mtg 6 pm, SCB         Investment Education       Country Line Dancers            HAWKS                     8:30 - 10 am         Dog Meet-Up
                                   Georgettes                 11 am, ACA              2, 3, and 4 pm, SCB         1:30 pm, HC
                                                                   RV                                                                        Cloggers               9 am, LHPP
                               Practice 10:30 am, FC                                      Tap Dancers        2nd Chance Dancers
                                                         11 am, Stage Coach Inn                                                         9 am - Noon, ACA        Aviation Club
                                  Computer Club                                     1, 2, 3, and 4 pm, ACA 1, 2, and 3 pm, ACA
                                     1 pm, SCB           HAWKS 1:30 pm, HC                                                               Solos Dominoes          9 am, ACA
                                                             Bus. Mtg. 3 pm              Softball 2 pm,      Solos Thirsty Thursday          1 pm, GR
                                   Theater Club                                      Gtwn Softball Fields          5 pm, Oaks                                Dulcimers, 10:30 am
                                Bus. Mtg. 3 pm, SCB       Dulcimers, 6:30 pm
                                                                                                                                        Hunting & Fishing       AC, MR 3 & 4
                                                                                     Social Tennis 6:30 pm     Pets Holiday Party           4:30 LHPP
                                                            AC, MR 3 & 4                                           6 pm, ACA                                 Solos Golf Scramble
                               Social Tennis 6:30 pm                                  SCARS 7 pm, ACA
                                                         Singers, 6:45 pm, SCB                               Ballroom Dance Club              Hiking             Course TBA
    Round Dancers                Square Dancers                                                                                            Mystery Hike
                                    7 pm, ACA                                                                      7 pm, SCB
     5:45 pm, FC

                                     Bocce, 9am, BC                       Bocce, 9am/1pm,
                                                               Bocce, 9am/1pm,                    Bocce, 9am/1pm,       Bocce, 9am, BC
                                                                     BC         BC                      BC              Social Tennis
   Round Dancers           Pet Club                                    Tap Dancers                                      8:30 - 10 am
     5:45 pm, FC    Mtg 10 am, AC, MR 3 Horticulture 1 pm, ACA 1, 2, 3, and 4 pm, ACA HAWKS 1:30 pm, HC                                                         Bocce, 9am, BC
   Theater Holiday   Georgettes Practice     HAWKS 1:30 pm, HC Country Line Dancers 2nd Chance Dancers 9 am - Noon, ACA                                      Dulcimers, 10:30 am
         Party           10:30 am, FC                              2, 3, and 4 pm, SCB                                                                         AC, MR 3 & 4
      6 pm, SCB                             Solos Men 5:30 pm, TBD                         1, 2, and 3 pm, ACA       Solos Bridge
                      Bus. Mtg 9:30 am                                Softball 2 pm,      Solos Thirsty Thursday       1 pm, GR
  VAC Holiday Party Computer Club 1 pm, SCB   Dulcimers, 6:30 pm   Gtwn Softball Fields
    Check Studio                                                                                 5 pm, Oaks       Alternative Healing
                    Stained Glass Potluck       AC, MR 3 & 4
                       6 pm, The Oaks                                                      Hiking - Dam to San        & Wellness
                                            Singers, 6:45 pm, SCB Social Tennis 6:30 pm         Gabriel Park           1 pm, AC
                     Social Tennis 6:30 pm
                                                                                                                   Hiking - Hyde Park
                       Square Dancers
                          7 pm, SCB

                                      Bocce, 9am, BC           Bocce, 9am/1pm,             Bocce, 9am/1pm,       Bocce, 9am/1pm,              Bocce, 9am, BC
                                                                     BC                          BC                    BC                     Social Tennis
                                                                                       Woodworkers            Woodworkers                                      Bocce, 9am, BC
                                 Computer Club                 HAWKS                                                                           8:30 - 10 am
                                   1 pm, SCB                 1:30 pm, HC             Bd Mtg 9 am, WS           9:30 am, WS
                               Social Tennis 6:30 pm        Garden Club                 Tap Dancers        2nd Chance Dancers            9 am - Noon, ACA    Dulcimers, 10:30 am
                                                             1 pm, ACA            1, 2, 3, and 4 pm, ACA 1, 2, and 3 pm, ACA                                   AC, MR 3 & 4
                                 Square Dancers                                   Country Line Dancers Photography Mtg.
                                   7 pm, SCB             Dulcimers, 6:30 pm         2, 3, and 4 pm, SCB 1:30pm, AC, MR 3&4
                                                           AC, MR 3 & 4
                                                                                       Softball 2 pm,       HAWKS 1:30 pm, HC
                                                                                   Gtwn Softball Fields Solos Thirsty Thursday
     Round Dancers                                                                 Social Tennis 6:30 pm        5 pm, Oaks
      5:45 pm, FC                                                                                          Hiking - Sun City Trail

                                          Bocce                                               Bocce,                      Bocce,
                                       9am/1pm, BC                                         9am/1pm, BC                 9am/1pm, BC
                               Social Tennis 6:30 pm                              Country Line Dancers                HAWKS                 Social Tennis
                               Georgettes 10:30 am, FC                             2, 3, and 4 pm, SCB             1:30 pm, HC              8:30 - 10 am       Bocce, 9am, BC
                                                                                       Tap Dancers            2nd Chance Dancers                Bocce,
                                                                                    1, 2, 3, and 4 pm,         1, 2, and 3 pm, ACA           9am/1pm, BC     Dulcimers, 10:30 am
                               CA Office Closed           CA Office Closed                    ACA
                                                                                                              Solos Thirsty Thursday          Cloggers         AC, MR 3 & 4
                               Golf Courses                    Buildings              Softball 2 pm,                5 pm, Oaks           9 am - Noon, ACA
                               Close at 3 pm                      Closed          Gtwn Softball Fields
                                                            Golf Courses          Social Tennis 6:30 pm
     Round Dancers
      5:45 pm, FC                                                 Closed          Solos Golf Scramble
                                                                                       Course TBA
                                                          Merry Christmas!
                                                                                                                               Sun City Texas • December 2007              45
                                                                                                                                                                                    Sun City
46 December 2007 • Sun City Texas   sdf   sdf
                       Sun City Texas • December 2007   47
                                                             Sun City
                                                           115 West 7th St • Georgetown, TX 78626
                                                                    Locally owned and operated
                                                               Georgetown’s “First” Alustra Dealer

 B&B Landscaping and Masonry
 Call Brady Today@512-635-7701.
   Receive a free 5 gal. Crepe myrtle (with any new
   project) By telling me that you saw our ad here!!!
     •   Landscape design and install
     •   Patios- (Concrete and Flagstone)
     •   Custom Barbeques
     •   Water Features
     •   Iron fences and railings

                                                        DIVA - YOUR COMPLETE DESIGN STUDIO

                                                        C Come Gallery
                                                          ome to the Gallery
                                                          with over 40 years
                                                                  of design experience.
                                                                 • Shutters, Blinds
                                                              • Furniture & Accessories
                                                            • Custom Drapery & Bedding
                                                              • Lighting & Ceiling Fans
                                                                      • Flooring
                                                                      • Granite
                                                                • Design Consulting

48 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                 sdf                                  

                 �����������������������������������������������   sdf
                                    Sun City Texas • December 2007   49
                                                                          Sun City
                                                                                                              Pro Shop Staff
                                                                                                               Professional Staff
                                                                                                          Neil Etter - Director of Golf
                                                                                                       Bruno Ybarbo - Head Professional
                                                                                                         Lee Matthews - Assistant Pro
                                                                                                         John Kaestner - Assistant Pro
                                                                                                            Pro Shop Attendants
                                                                                                     Jim Allen, Lyle Arends, Sheila Diller,
                                                                                                        Josh Fitzgerald, Larry Seeman,
                                                                                                        Charlotte King, Paul Thornton
                                                                                                                Player Services
                                                                                                          Jim Carnes, Harvey Carter,
                                                                                                         Frank Church, Greg Enterline,

Tips from the Pro                                                                                        Harold Monroney, Rex Neely,
                                                                                                          Bill Saum, Mickey Wilson
From the Rules of Golf, Definitions                                                                        Hours and Contacts
                                                                                                     Golf Shop Opens            6:30 a.m.
Putting Green                                                                                        First Tee Time             7:30 a.m.
     The putting green is all ground of the           • You do not have to use a putter on the       Practice Range Opens 6:30 a.m.
hole being played that is specially prepared     putting green. However, care of the course          Practice Range Closes One hour
for putting or otherwise defined by the Com-      dictates you minimize and/or repair any dam-        prior to dusk
mittee. A ball is on the putting green when      age you cause                                       Golf Shop Closes           6 p.m.
any part of it touches the putting green.             • You may repair old hole plugs as well as         Legacy Hills Golf Club - 864-1222
     Notes concerning playing the putting        ball marks on the green before you putt                 White Wing Golf Club - 864-1244
green:                                                • Although almost a thing of the past,                    Chelsea Automated
     • You may mark and clean your ball on       you may not repair spike marks until after               Tee Time System - 864-3901 or
the putting green                                you have holed out.                         
                                                                                                               Snack Shack 864-2106

   Pace of Play Tips                                                                                        Upcoming Clinics
                                                                                                      Home on the Range at Legacy Hills
       Many times, a group may be warned          • The time to rush is between shots, not           Wednesday, 10 a.m., LH
 about slow play only to reply, ‘The group          during your swing                                December 4 - Short Irons
 behind us isn’t waiting, why should we           • If your group is on time, that is good.          December 11 - Long Irons
 speed up?’ The answer is: Keep up with the         There could still be a gap ahead of you if       December 18 - Drivers/Woods
 group ahead. These are the main scenarios          the group(s) ahead are playing faster            December 25 - No Clinic - Christmas
 that we see:                                     • There was a cancelled tee time ahead of          Short Game Hall of Fame, WW
   • If your group is not on time, do what it       you                                              Thursday, 10 a.m., WW
     takes to catch up                            • We will encourage you to catch the group         December 6 - Putting
   • Be ready to play                               ahead to allow the groups behind to play         December 13 - Chipping
   • Start your preshot routine as soon as          even faster                                      December 20 - Bunkers
     possible                                     • The group behind you may not be playing          December 27 - Lob Shots
   • Know what club to hit                          on time                                          Call to register 24 hours in advance
   • Cart path only? Take more than one or        • If your group uses the slow group behind             Cost - $10 pp, 10 person limit
     two clubs!                                     you as a guide, you will be too slow as
   • Read the green while others putt               well.                                             Don’t miss the Ladies 9-hole
   • Pull the trigger in 45 seconds or less!      • They may have had one bad hole (lost              clinic at 9 a.m. Wednesdays.
   • Play provisional balls if there is any         two balls, need a ruling, etc.) and will          Contact Elaine Cielo or Lee
     doubt                                          catch up soon                                         Matthews for details.

                      Holiday Hours                 From the MGA President...
                      The golf courses and               A look forward--Recently the SCTX           club’s activities.
                      facilities will CLOSE at      MGA held its annual meeting. During that         Steve Branch - President
                      3 p.m. on Monday,             meeting, the following slate of officers for      Bob Young - Vice President
                      December 24, and will         2008 was presented by the nominating com-        Thurman Slack - Play Day Chairman
                      be closed all day Tues-       mittee, was accepted, and the membership         Bud Emmert - Secretary
                      day, December 25.             voted them in as your 2008 Board commit-         Howard Williams - Treasurer
                                                    tee members. As you see these men, thank         Joe Denison - Communications
                      Regular hours New
                                                    them for their efforts on behalf of your club    John Stephens - Member at Large
                      Years Eve and Day.
                                                    - and while you’re at it, offer to help in the   Wayne Morris - Member at Large (cont.)

50 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                          sdf                                                      
                                                                                     sweet shots
Jim Hoverson - Golf Committee Representative
Bob White - Golf Committee Representative
      A look back--This year, the MGA has worked on putting some final
touches to plans started the year before by our immediate past president
Ray Regnault (Ray and Bobby Jean are moving, but Ray’s legacy will
live on in the club). At Ray’s suggestion, two Member/Member tourna-
ments were added to the schedule and much effort has gone into making
tournament planning and budget development an easier task.
      This is the first year in our history that the club has had one mem-   WHITE WING
bership meeting every quarter. We all may be a bit larger around the        10/11/07 Dick Clark #15 Eagle
waist since the club, in association with its tournaments and meetings,     Witnesses: Tom Steck, Howard Nitzkowski, Craig Barber
had nine functions where we all sat down and had a lunch or dinner.         10/12/07/07 Roy Smart Shot 1 stroke below his age
      Perhaps the three biggest changes off the course for the member-      Witnesses: Greg Guthridge, Buddy Hamilton, Bud Emmert
ship this year were 1) the MGA’s entrance into the new Web Portal and
establishment of our new micro site; 2) the utilization of the PHPList      10/15/07 Jim Taylor #1 Eagle
                                                                            Witnesses: Bill Stephenitch
email program which allows us to communicate with members via
email; and 3) the initiation of the prepay entry fee system for play day    10/13/07 Larry Odom #3 Eagle
entry fees.                                                                 Witnesses: John Henderson, Charlie Royalty
      Just one note about the prepay entry fee program. This is the         10/16/07 Jack Joiner Shot 2 strokes below his age
resolution the MGA and CA reached regarding how to remove our entry         Witnesses: Bob Harder, Jim Hissam
fee accounting issues from costing the CA additional money for the          10/17/07 Bernie Szeinbach #7 ACE
invoices required for billing the MGA membership. Now, each member          Witnesses: Chuck Watt, John Shultzabarger, Keith Miller
who plans to play on Wednesdays can stop by any pro shop and pay            10/17/07 Walter Connolly #1 Eagle
(by check or cash) into his own prepay entry fee account. Then, when        Witnesses: Bob Young, Jack Warner, Al Struble
members sign up for Wednesday play they will simply check the prepay
                                                                            10/17/07 Buck Linscott #10 Eagle
column, and the entry fee will be deducted from their prepay account.       Witnesses: Jon Uhl, Bob Harder
Think of it as a TxTag for play day entry fees; it’s quick, easy, and oh
yes, the money in your account will rollover into the new year if you       11/1/07 Cully Boudreaux #11 Eagle
still have an unused balance.                                               Witnesses: Dick Puig, Rod Lodre, Bobby Melanson
      Now, late in the year, it’s hard to remember who I’ve thanked via     11/1/07 Tom Roan #10 Eagle
this publication, so I’ll just say thanks to each and every one of you,     Witnesses: Mike Tracy, Jack Joiner
the MGA membership. A volunteer at heart, I have had an exciting two        11/07 Bill Thornton #14 Eagle
years, first as Tournament Director and, this year, as your President.       Witnesses: Fred Youngs, Roger Groh, Any Woody
Both of these functions have provided me the opportunity to meet some       LEGACY HILLS
of the great residents who, like me, share an interest in the game of
golf. I appreciate your support and understanding over the past two         10/12/07 Robin Hutton #4 ACE
years and I look forward to assisting the 2008 Board in carrying out        Witnesses: John Donaldson, Bob Moon, Don Kirkpatrick
our tournament and play day plans for next year.                            10/12/07 D. E. Wilson #1 Eagle
      See you on the course more often now, I hope.                         Witnesses: Jeff Wiese, B. Thornton, D. Chasteen
      Bob Frost, MGA President                                              10/18/07 Bob McMinn #2 Eagle
                                                                            Witnesses: Steve Ellis, Bill Morrow, Brent Brandvold
             The Susan G. Komen Rally for the Cure Golf                     10/25/07 Gary McKee #2 Eagle
            Tournament was a big success! See page 77.                      Witnesses: Jim Nelson, Ed Lux, Don Saulier
                                                                            11/3/07 Byron Marks #12 ACE
                                                                            Witnesses: Judi Marks, Larry Reed, Joanne Reed
                                                                                          Congratulations to all!
             WGA - 18-Hole Schedule of Events
         December 4 LH, Yr-End Luncheon/Blrm (12:30-4)
                     Low Gross/Low Net - Shotgun                                    WGA - 9-Hole Schedule of Events
         December 11 WW, ONES - Double Tees, 7:30 am
                                                                            December 4     WWB, LN, TT 7:30 am
         December 18 LH, Odd Front and Even Back -
                                                                            December 11    LH Santa’s Surprise, SG, 8 am
                     Double Tees, 7:30 a.m.
         December 25 No Play                                                December 18    WWF, LG, TT 7:30 am
                                                                            December 25    No Play

              MGA - 18-Hole Schedule of Events                                      MGA - 9-Hole Schedule of Events
        December 5       2 Man Double Play Flighted
        December 7       GHIN Handicap Revision                             December 5    2 Man Scramble, WW, Back 9
        December 12      ABCD Scramble Flighted                             December 12   4 Man, 1 Best Ball Net, LH, Front 9
        December 19      2 Man One Best Ball (Net/Flighted)                 December 19   4 Man, 1 Best Ball Net, LH, Back 9
        December 26      Individual Low Net                                 December 26   4 Man Scramble, WW, Front 9                                                                sdf
                                                                                                Sun City Texas • December 2007        51
                                                                                                                                           Sun City
                                              FitnessCenter news
                                                 Congrats to Sun City Resident Lis Heckmann!

                                              L      is competed in her second Ironman World Championship in Hawaii on October 13.
                                                     Not only did she complete the event, she finished second in her age group. Lis trains at
                                                     home on her own programmed bike as well as at the Fitness Center consistently. She
                                              sends out a special thanks to the Fitness Center for allowing her to use the lap pool to train. Lis
                                              says, “The Fitness Center has definitely been a big contribution for my success. It is great for
                                              the Sun City community to have a resident competing in such a huge event.” Lis has already
         Fitness Center                       reserved a spot for her third Ironman next year. Great job, Lis!!
                                                               Ironman Hawaii World Championship Oct 13, 2007
         Holiday Hours
 Monday, Dec. 24 - Closed                                                                                  Division .............................W65-69
 Tuesday, Dec. 25 - Closed                                                                                 Overall Place ........................1644
 Monday, Dec. 31-                                                                                          Division Place ........................2/5
                                                                                                           Total Time .................... 16:01:53
         Close at 3pm
                                                                                        Lis                Swim Time ................... 02:03:25
 Tuesday, Jan. 1- Closed                                                                                   Swim 100m Pace .......... 00:03:15
                                                                                        crosses the        Swim Division Place ................ 5
                                                                                        finish line         Swim Overall Place ............ 1780
                                                                                        to capture         Transition 1
                                                                                        the second         Bike Time ..................... 08:13:31
                                                                                        place rank-        Bike Pace ............................ 13.6
                     Caroline (care•o•line)                                             ing in her
                     Rosenbaum                                                                             Bike Division Place .................. 3
                                                                                        age group
                                                                                                           Bike Overall Place ............. 1710
                     Fitness Director
                                                                                                           Transition 2
                                                                                                           Run Time ...................... 05:25:19
                                                                                                           Run Pace ...................... 00:12:25
                                                                                                           Run Division Place .................. 1
    Hours of Operation                                                                                     Run Overall Place .............. 1534
             Week Days                                                                                     Penalty
           6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
      Saturday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
                                                                    Did You Know?
      Sunday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.                                    We have heard it time and time again. Do 30 minutes of cardiovascular
                                                                   exercise 5 times a week; 30 seems to be the magic number for the amount
    Outdoor Pool Hours                                             of time that fitness experts and doctors require their clients and patients
 November through April - Pool closes                              to complete in a session; 30 minutes of moderate intensity, 5 days a week
   9 pm weekdays, 6pm weekends                                     does fall into the guidelines for cardiovascular training and is typically
                                              recommended; but did you know…. According to the ACSM guidelines and American Heart
            KIDS‛                             Association, only 20 minutes of vigorous (high intensity) cardio, 3 days a week, is also recom-
                                              mended. See a personal trainer for specific guidelines and heart rate recommendations.
        Splash Hours
     For Kids Ages 4-15 years                 Pot Luck
     October through March                         It’s that time of year again. Reward yourself for all of the hard exercise you did all year and
                                              join us at the Fitness Center for our annual pot luck luncheon. It will be held inside the Fitness
         Daily, 1-3 p.m.,
                                              Center aerobics room on December 3rd at 11am. Bring your favorite dish and win prizes.
           Indoor Pool

          New Resident                        Carol Baker, Land Aerobics Instructor
                                                   Carol is a certified group fitness instructor through the Aerobics and Fitness Assocation of
       Fitness Orientation:                   America. Carol has 14 years of experience teaching at the Women’s Fitness Center in Northern
         Tuesday at 6:45 p.m.,                Virginia and has a background as a flight attendant for forty-one years. Carol enjoys tennis,
          Thursday at 1 p.m.                  reading and gardening.
            Sunday, 2 p.m                          Carol teaches both Low Impact Aerobics and Men’s Strength classes at the Fitness Center.
    No need to register ahead of time.        Her Low Impact Aerobics class is on Fridays at 8 a.m. This class focuses on 45 minutes of
  New members are required to attend          cardiovascular exercise followed by strength training. Men’s Strength classes are on Tuesdays
  Orientation prior to using the Fitness      at 10:25 a.m. and focus on strength training exercises for the entire body.
     Center or the swimming pools.                  Come down to the Fitness Center and try a class with Carol!

52 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                        sdf                                                           
                                    December Health Nut - Curt Rutledge
                                                        By John Davis                            days a week. He runs each dog a mile and takes

                                    C        urt and his wife Maureen moved to Sun City
                                             in 2003. Curt is retired from teaching and
                                             coaching in the Chicago area. They first
                                    discovered Sun City during a long winter camping
                                    trip and were drawn by the friendliness of the native
                                                                                                 out three to six dogs per visit, weather permitting.
                                                                                                 On non-dog days, he runs three to five miles on
                                                                                                 the Sun City trails or on a treadmill at the Fitness
                                                                                                 Center. Curt finds the pools are great for stretching
                                                                                                 and relaxing following a run. He also bikes 25 to
                                    Texans, the weather, and the active life style.              30 miles per week, mostly around Sun City.
                                          Curt claims to have started exercising when                 Curt considers daily exercise to be an essential
                                    he first rolled over in his crib more than sixty years        part of his life. He had a near fatal heart attack at
                                    ago. During high school and college, he ran cross-           age forty-five, and feels that, without a lifetime of
                                    country and track. His time in the Marine Corps              exercise, he may not have made it out of his 40s.
                                    added to his exercise routine. After college, Curt           He feels that “Life is good” with exercise.
                                    continued running in road races and marathons.
                                          The Rutledges have a passion for travel and
                                    photography. Last February Curt ran in a very in-                          Some folks have been
                                    teresting 5K race in Ubud, Bali, which took runners                        observed parking in ADA
                                    along narrow paths through rice fields and across                           (handicapped) spots, who
                                    dikes. Curt also has a great interest in bicycling, and                    appear to have no handi-
                                    has pedaled across numerous states and has made                            cap. It’s not just a code
                                    several journeys in Asia.                                       thing. We actually do have people here
                                          As a volunteer at the Georgetown Animal                   with handicaps.
                                    Shelter for the past three years, Curt takes out the
                                                                                                    Remember, Mr. Etiquette is watching.
                                    big dogs for runs in San Gabriel Park two or three

                                Group Exercise Schedule - December
     Monday                 Tuesday                Wednesday                   Thursday                     Friday                  Saturday
     6:30 – 7:45             6:30 – 7:30               6:30 – 7:30               6:30 – 7:30               6:30 – 7:30             8:15 – 9:15
    Women’s Yoga             Yoga Flex                 Yoga Flex                 Yoga Flex                 Yoga Flex            Fun/Fit Aquacizers
      8:00 - 9:00           8:00 – 9:00               8:00 – 9:00               8:00 – 9:00                8:00 – 9:00              9:15 – 10:15
      Low Impact           Balanced Body              Low Impact               Balanced Body               Low Impact               Mat Pilates
      8:00 – 9:00           8:00 – 9:00               8:00 – 9:00              8:00 – 9:00                8:00 – 9:00           11:30 a.m. (FREE)
   Aqua Conditioning     Fun/Fit Aquacizers        Aqua Conditioning        Fun/Fit Aquacizers         Aqua Conditioning         Survivors’ Yoga
     9:15 – 10:15           9:15 – 10:15             9:15 – 10:15               9:15 – 10:15             9:15 – 10:15             2nd and 4th
 Men’s/Women Strength      Advanced Step        Men’s Women’s Strength         Advanced Step         Men’s/Women Strength       Saturdays ONLY
     9:15 – 10:15           9:15 – 10:15              9:15 – 10:15              9:15 – 10:15               9:15 – 10:15
       Aqua Fit               Aqua Fit                  Aqua Fit                  Aqua Fit                   Aqua Fit              KEY: Bolded
                           10:25 – 11:25             10:30 – 11:30            10:25 – 11:25               10:30 – 11:30         items are for ALL
     10:30 – 11:30
      Power Aqua           Men’s Strength             Sit to be Fit           Men’s Strength              Sit to be Fit          LEVELS – even
                                                                                                                                if you have “never
     11:45 – 12:45         10:30 – 11:30             10:30 – 11:30             10:30 – 11:30              10:30 – 11:30           ever” exercised
      Deep H20            Twinges/Hinges              Power Aqua             Twinges & Hinges              Power Aqua                 before!
     12:45 – 1:45          11:30 – 12:30             11:45 – 12:45             11:30 – 12:30              11:45 – 12:45          NOTE: All classes
     Sit to be Fit          Gentle Yoga               Jazzercise                Gentle Yoga                Jazzercise               are subject to
      2:00 – 3:00          12:00 – 1:00              11:45 – 12:45             12:00 – 1:00                12:50 – 1:50            change without
      Mat Pilates        Aqua Conditioning            Deep H20               Aqua Conditioning        Stability Ball Training   notice. Please check
                                                                                                                                 the schedule in the
     3:15 – 4:30             1:30 – 2:30              12:50 – 1:50              12:30 – 1:30              2:00 – 3:00              Fitness Center.
   Restorative Yoga     Gentle Aqua Recovery     Stability Ball Training          Tai Chi              Line Dancing (Int)
                                                                                                                                NOTE: Red Classes
                            2:15 – 3:15               2:00 – 3:00               1:30 – 2:30               3:15 – 4:30            require special rate.
                            Mat Pilates               Mat Pilates          Gentle Aqua Recovery         Restorative Yoga
                            3:30 – 4:30               3:15 – 4:30               2:15 – 3:15
                           Jazzercise Lite          Restorative Yoga            Mat Pilates
                             4:30 – 5:30             JB & Gregory               3:30 – 4:30
                                Yoga            CW 2-step, Level 1, 6:00       Jazzercise Lite
                                                 Night Club 2-Step 7:00
                            5:45 – 6:45                                         5:45 – 6:45
                         Aqua Conditioning                                   Aqua Conditioning                                                                  sdf
                                                                                                      Sun City Texas • December 2007                     53
                                                                                                                                                              Sun City
focus on Health
Healthy Interests
               Health Seminars other than CA sponsored
                  seminars are listed on page 76.

  Support Groups
  Alcoholics Anonymous meets Wednesdays and Fridays
  at 3 p.m. in the Scott & White Conference Room; Thursdays at
  Wellspring Methodist Church, Room 108, 7 p.m.; and Saturdays at
  9:30 a.m. at The Worship Place on Sun City Blvd. For additional
  information, call John M. at 863-0833.
  Alzheimers The Worship Place from 7-9 p.m., last Tuesday
  of each month. FFI, call Cheryl White at 864-1380.
  Breast Cancer Fourth Monday of every month at Scott &
  White, 3 to 4:30 p.m. FFI, call Alice Fey (868-9515) or Carol
  Thonen (868-9740)
  Compassionate Friends A group for parents who have
  lost children - infant to adult. Worship Place, 3rd Tuesday each
  month, 7 to 9 p.m. Questions, Call Mary Anne at 869-0077 or
  Jan at 868-5854.
  Diabetes Join us Thursday, December 6, 3-5 p.m., at the Scott
  & White Conference Room. The guest speaker will be Dr. Ross
  Tobleman from the Emergency Medicine Department at Scott &
  White, Round Rock. Everyone is welcome. For more information,
  call Leila Wiltse at 864-7439 or Pat Morrison at 868-5260.
  Grief Grief Support Group, 1st & 3rd Tuesdays each month,
  1:30-3 p.m., in the Scott & White Clinic Classroom. Facilitated by
  Vicki Jordan, LCSW, Clinical Social Worker with Scott & White
  Hospice. Anyone interested may contact Vicki at 512-784-8984.
  Low Vision Support Group Meets third Tuesday each
  month at St. David’s Georgetown Hospital, Conference Room
  3 North from 10:30 a.m. - noon. If you have any questions, call
  Buford Minter at 868-9533.
  Parkinson’s Disease The Parkinson’s Support Group
  that usually meets the last Thursday of the month at Scott and
  White Clinic at 2 p.m., will not meet in December due to the
  Christmas holidays.
  Post Polio Survivors For information, contact LaNell
  Champion [E-mail] or Phone
  Prostate Cancer Scott & White Clinic – Sun City, 3 p.m.,
  December 13, and every second Thursday of each month. Open
  meeting - Questions from newcomers and others; round table
  discussion. The mission of this local support group is to share
  information relating to the treatment of prostate cancer, and strate-
  gies to help prevent or avoid its possible recurrence. EVERYONE
  IS WELCOME -- in particular wives, girlfriends, and anyone
  interested – especially survivors and those who have been diag-
  nosed with a prostate disease. For details, contact Roe Mackey
  ( and get your name on our mailing list
  or …JUST SHOW UP!!

SC Helping Hands
    We provide assistance to residents. Call if you need to borrow
baby necessities for little visitors or medical items such as wheelchairs,
walkers, etc., loaned to you on a temporary basis. We have “medical
buddies” who have had illnesses or treatments similar to what you
may be facing. Call:
    Maria Wagner 864-0641                 Loraine Franklin 869-2671
    Courtney Powell 864-3429              Jan Hohenberger 864-3500
    Maureen Vogl 864-0689

54 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                               sdf
                                                                           focus on Health

                                             Janet K. Becker, M.D., P.A.
                                                     Board Certified, Dermatology
                                                       Dermatology and
                                                     Dermatologic Surgery
                                                   900 Round Rock, Ave., Suite 206
                                             (In Round Rock, on Hwy 620, 1 block west of IH-35)

          We proudly provide:

        Physical Therapy
      Occupational Therapy
  Speech and Language Therapy
          Wound Care
       Massage Therapy
       McKenzie Therapy
     Lymphedema Therapy

  Call us or stop by for more information.

     St. David’s Rehabilitation
            at Sun City
          The Market Place
    400 Del Webb Blvd. Suite 105
       Georgetown, TX 78628

         (512) 931-2791                               sdf
                                                             Sun City Texas • December 2007       55
                                                                                                       Sun City
focus on Health

56 December 2007 • Sun City Texas
                            focus on Health   Sun City Texas • December 2007 • 57
focus on Health

                                        Board Certified
                                    Chiropractic Neurologist

                                                               Merry Christmas!
                                                                      Christmas is an annual holiday
                                                                   that celebrates the birth of Jesus
                                                                 Christ, who Christians believe is the
                                                               son of God. Christmas festivities often
                                                               combine the commemoration of Jesus’
                                                                birth with various customs and tradi-
                                                                tions, including the display of Nativity
                                                                  scenes, Holly and Christmas trees,
                                                                 and the exchange of gifts and cards.


58 December 2007 • Sun City Texas   sdf                                      
                                    focus on Health   sdf
                       Sun City Texas • December 2007   59
                                                             Sun City
                                      Travel Seminars other than CA sponsored seminars are listed on page 76.
                                                                        Memorial, guided tour of the National Gallery of Art, National
         CA Sponsored Extended Travel                                   Museum of American Indian. The nation’s capital is more exciting
                                                                        than ever!

       Enjoy all the benefits of a Collette or Premier Vacation with deluxe     Trains of the Colorado Rockies – June 7, 2008
motorcoach, hotel transfers, baggage handling and a professional tour          9 Days, 12 Meals, Rt Air, Insurance Included; $2419 pp Dbl Occ.,
director. To book any of the Collette or Premier trips, please pick up         Deposit $220 per person due prior to January 7, 2008
your flyers in C.A. Office and complete the reservation form, returning                                              Trains of the Colorado Rockies:
it to the CA office. Deposits are required to secure your space. You will                                      Join Collette Vacations on a journey
be contacted to authorize final payment prior to processing.                                                   through natural beauty as you traverse
                                                                                                              the Colorado Rockies, replete with
Sun City Group Travel Collette 2008                                                                           Alpine lakes, towering peaks, and
Beijing City Stay – March 4, 2008 - SOLD OUT!                                  rolling meadows. Ride aboard the famous Durango and Silverton
                                                                               Narrow Gauge Railroad through southwestern Colorado’s San Juan
Wait List Available                                                            Mountains. Journey on the world’s highest cog railroad to Pike’s
9 Days, 15 Meals Rt Air, Fuel Surcharge, Insurance Included; $1949             Peak, a stunning backdrop for Colorado Springs. Spend two nights
pp Dbl Occ., Deposit $370 per person. Space is limited-Don’t Wait!!            in Durango, a fun filled cowboy town where you can relive the excite-
      Beijing China! This price is not a typo! Imagine a nine day trip to      ment of the Old West.
China including round trip air from Austin, hotel transfers, insurance,             Highlights: Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park, Georgetown
fuel surcharge, 5-star hotel, guided tours, 15 meals, and tax; all for under   Loop Railroad, Vail, Grand Junction, Durango & Silverton Railroad,
two thousand dollars per person. Don’t miss your opportunity to visit          Durango, Mesa Verde National Park, Royal Gorge Railroad, Colorado
the Great Wall of China, the Peking Opera, the Beijing Zoo, Tianan-            Springs, Pike’s Peak Cog Railway, Garden of the Gods.
men Square, Valley of the Ming Tombs, the Temple of Heaven and                      Please Note: This tour includes traveling to high altitudes, ap-
Summer Palace. Option add on excursions include the world-famous               proximately 14,110 feet, and may not be suitable for some residents.
Beijing Acrobatic Show and a visit to the Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum.         We suggest you contact your physician if you have any concerns.
Branson Musical Getaway! April 5, 2008
6 Days, 9 Meals, Rt Air, Insurance, 8 Show Tickets Included; $1589 pp          Exploring Greece and Its Islands
Dbl Occ., Deposit $240 per person, due prior to December 5, 2007               October 10, 2008 – Featuring Mykonos, Santorini, and
                                              Branson Musical Get-                                   Classical Greece. 15 Days, 22 Meals, Rt
                                         away: Enjoy an array of                                     Air, Insurance Included; $4249 pp Dble
                                         spectacular shows on your                                   Occ., Deposit $450 per person due prior
                                         getaway to the midwest’s en-
                                         tertainment capital, Branson,
                                                                                                     to April 14, 2008
                                                                                                          Exploring Greece and Its Islands: Dis-
                                         Missouri. You’ll be treated to
                                                                                                     cover the beauty and timeless wonder found
                                         performances by Branson’s
                                                                                                     only in Greece. From the colorful Greek Islands
                                         most popular performers.
                                                                                                     to historic classical Greece, every day is filled
                                         Enjoy electrifying produc-
                                                                                                     with new and wonderful experiences. Spend
tions that include everything from classical to country, showcased
                                                                               five leisurely nights immersed in the island splendor of Mykonos and
in phenomenal theaters. Included in your vacation are eight shows
                                                                               Santorini. Join the local expert exploring Athens’ fascinating monu-
providing non-stop entertainment! Shoji Tabuchi, The Dutton Family,
                                                                               ments, including the famed Acropolis.
Doug Gabriel Show, Yakov Smirnoff, Branson Variety Theatre and
                                                                                    Visit a Byzantine monastery in Meteora and learn about the de-
The Hughes Brothers. Whether you’re looking for singing, comedy,
                                                                               vout lifestyle of the monks who live there. Explore the grandeur of
banjo-playing, fiddling, Broadway-style revues, magic, big band,
                                                                               Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games. Sample the finest wines
country, or pop… Branson has it!
                                                                               in Greece during a winery tour on Santorini. This and more can be
Spirit of Washington, D.C. – May 22, 2008                                      yours on Exploring Greece with Collette!
5 days, 7 Meals, Rt Air, Insurance Included; $1559 pp Dble Occ.                Quebec Holidays! December 4, 2008
Deposit $160 per person due prior to January 21, 2008
                           Spirit of Washington, D.C.: As a symbol
                                                                               Featuring Fairmont’s Queen Elizabeth, Le Manoir Richelieu
                     of democracy and repository of American his-                               and Chateau Frontenac. 7 Days, 9 Meals,
                     tory, Washington, D. C. holds a unique place in                            Rt Air, Insurance Included; $1969 pp Dble
                     the hearts and minds of the American people.                               Occ. Deposit $370 per person, due prior
                     Major new museums have recently opened to                                  to July 4, 2008
                     showcase special collections and the hallowed                                        Quebec Holidays: Your tour begins in
                     World War II Memorial now graces the Na-                                        the second largest French-speaking city in the
                     tional Mall. In addition, Washington, D.C., is                                  world, Montreal! Famous for its European
                     home to excellent theater, music and sumptuous                                  style, culinary delights, and trend setting fashion,
restaurants. Learn more about the history of the nation’s capital                                    Montreal will delight you. Arrive at the lovely
and enjoy special programs at the newest Smithsonian museums,                  Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, your home while in Montreal. Visit Notre
including the National Museum of American Indian. Also, enjoy                  Dame Cathedral for the famous light show where you will learn about
unscheduled time to pursue individual interests. Highlights: Narrated          the cathedral’s history and the impact it has made on the city. Stroll
coach tour of the Monuments and Memorials Tour; World War II                   through charming Baie-Saint-Paul and sample its many galleries, bou-

60 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                                sdf                                                        
                        ExtendedTravel                                                 Travel Advertisers
tiques and cafes. Enjoy a stay in the world-famous Fairmont Chateau
Frontenac, beautifully dressed for the holidays! Awake to the stunning
                                                                                  Travel Associates Group Tours 2008
                                                                               Friends and Family are welcome from anywhere. All tours
panorama from your hotel. From the summit of Pointe-au-Pic Cliff,          escorted by Bob and Nancy Stine, Sun City Residents.
Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu towers majestically over the estuary             Spring in Big Bend National Park, March 6 – 10, 2008
of the St. Lawrence River. Step back in time visiting Quebec City           Two (2) nights at Chisos Mountain Lodge in Big Bend and two
where traditional stone buildings line the river and cobblestone streets   (2) nights in Alpine. The Gage Hotel in Marathon, Park Ranger
are lined with artists.                                                       guided tour of Big Bend, Terlingua, Lajatis, Marfa Lights,
      Begin your holidays with the magic and charm of Quebec.                    Fort Davis, McDonald Observatory and much more.
                                                                                         This trip is nearly full so don’t hesitate.
Sun City Group Travel Premier 2008                                                Natchez Spring Pilgrimage, March 11 – 14, 2008
                                                                            Bayou Bend in Houston, McFaddin Ward House in Beaumont,
Spanish Highlights – March 4, 2008                                         tour four homes in Natchez including Longwood, Natchez Trace
9 Days, 11 Meals, Rt Air, Insurance Included; $2468 pp Dble                 Parkway, Vicksburg Military Park, historic Vicksburg, Caddio
Occ. Featuring Madrid, Seville, Ronda, Mijas, Granada, To-                                Lake Tour, Historic Jefferson, Texas.
ledo. Deposit $669 per person, due prior with reservation.                  Michigan, Holland Tulip Festival, Niagara Falls, May 8-16
Final Payment due no later than Decebmer 20, 2007                             Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, Holland Tulip
                                     Spanish Highlights: Begin your         Festival, Mackinac Island Tour with lunch at the Grand Hotel,
                                                                           Soo Locks, Frankenmuth and Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland,
                                Spanish experience by embarking on a
                                                                                       Niagara Falls Tour with lunch and dinner.
                                Madrid City Tour which includes a tour
                                                                                    This trip is beginning to fill up so don’t hesitate.
                                of the Royal Palace. The AVE Bullet              Canadian Rockies Getaway, October 1 – 10, 2008
                                Train will transport you from Madrid        Seattle, Victoria, Butchart Gardens, Vancouver, two day Rocky
                                to Seville with a ride through the Span-   Mountain Train trip, Jasper, Ice Fields Parkway and Snowcoach,
                                ish countryside. Your Seville city tour     Lake Louise, and Banff. We will offer two-tier pricing so you
                                includes the impressive Cathedral of        can select the lodging in Jasper and Banff that fits your budget.
                                Seveille and the Giralda Bell Tower.                      Please call for NEW pricing options.
On to Ronda, where you will enjoy a walking tour of this interesting           Several reservations have already been made, limit is 40.
agricultural city, home of modern bullfighting. Continue on to the             Ozark Christmas, Branson MO. November 8 – 14, 2008
charming town of Mijas, on the Costa del Sol, before traveling to                A Disney World Christmas, December 6 – 12, 2008
Granada. The highlight of this tour inevitably will be the visit to the        2009 Rose Parade and Tour, Dec. 27, 08’ – Jan. 2, 09’
Alhambra Palace and Generalife, Granada’s main attraction. One of           For detailed itineraries please call Bob Stine, Travel Associ-
the most brilliant jewels of universal architecture, the Alhambra is a                ates (512) 869-8629,
series of palaces and gardens built under the Nazari Dynasty in the 14th
Century. Last stop, Toledo, capital of Spain from the Gothic epoch
until 1560 and one of the most important centers of European medieval
history. Enjoy Spring in Spain with this Spanish Highlights tour!
California Rail Discovery – April 30, 2008
– Featuring San Francisco, Lake Tahoe & the Napa Valley
Wine Train. 7 Days, 10 Meals, Rt Air, Insurance Included;
$1878 pp Dble Occ. Deposit $429 per person.
                           California Rail Discovery Tour
                           Highlights: Enjoy a wine tasting and
                           luncheon onboard the train as you roll
                           through California’s most famous wine
                           region on the Napa Valley Wine Trail.
                           Board an Amtrak Train for a Sierra
                           Nevada Rail Journey through beautiful
                           snowcapped Sierra Nevada Mountains
                           to the Reno/Lake Tahoe area. Travel
through Carson City on your way to visit Virginia City, site of the
Comstock Lode and once the richest place in the world. Delight in
a Lake Tahoe Paddlewheeler Cruise with spectacular views of Em-
erald Bay. Your San Francisco city tour features Chinatown, Twin
Peaks, the Golden Gate Park, Seal Rocks, Fisherman’s Wharf and
more. Sacramento brings a little history to the tour, showing off
the State Capitol, Governor’s Mansion, Sutter’s Fort State Historic
Park, the California Railroad Museum and Old Town Sacramento.
Experience the beauty of the bay area with Premier World Discov-
ery.                                                              sdf
                                                                                                Sun City Texas • December 2007                 61
                                                                                                                                                    Sun City
Cape Cod and the Islands                                                      Southern Caribbean on RCCL’s Grandeur of
September 7-13, 2008                                                          the Seas
7 Days, 9 Meals, Rt Air, Insurance Included; $1928 pp Dble Occ                April 19, 2008: 7-Night Southern Caribbean. NEW Itiner-
Boston, Hyannis, Martha’s Vineyard, Newport                                   ary Ports of Call: San Juan, Puerto Rico; Charlotte Amalie,
DeposDeposit $429 per person Due prior with reservation                       St. Thomas; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; Tortola, British Virgin
Final Payment Due no later than June 24, 2008                                 slands; Kings Wharf, Bermuda; Baltimore, Maryland
                            Cape Cod and the Islands: Enjoy six lei-          Contact brochure agent for current pricing and availability.
                       surely nights at the Radisson Hotel Hyannis in                                             One of the hottest Caribbean sails is
                       Hyannis, Massachusetts, for this colorful New                                        the Southern itinerary. Here’s your chance
                       England retreat. Visit Plymouth Plantation, the                                      to get in on a one of a kind repositioning
                       Mayflower II, and see the famous Plymouth                                             cruise. Complimentary bottle of champagne,
                       Rock. Enjoy a Hyannis Harbor Cruise featur-                                          fruit basket and plate of delectable chocolate
                       ing views of the Kennedy Compound. Take a                                            cookies and milk will be waiting for you in
                       two-hour train journey via the Cape Cod Cen-                                         your cabin!
                       tral Railroad passing through cranberry bogs,                                              Your-all inclusive vacation includes:
natural woodlands, and lush marshes. Spend the day visiting historic                                        Selected shipboard accommodations, port
Boston; view Boston Commons, the Old State House, the Old North                                             charges, taxes and fees, prepaid gratuities,
Church, Beacon Hill, Old Ironsides and more. Start you day aboard a           round trip airfare and all transfers from airport to/from port. All cabins
ferry as you travel to Martha’s Vineyard. Tour the colorful Victorian         are subject to current pricing and availability. Insurance is highly sug-
cottages and enjoy picturesque Aquinnah Lighthouse and Gay Head.              gested and may be added at an additional fee. A Sun City shuttle to
Your farewell lobster dinner will take place in Newport, Rhode Island         the Austin Airport will be offered at an additional fee, pending interest.
after a guided tour of The Breakers Mansion. This New England Fall            Your deposit of $250.00 per person is due with your reservation.
Spectacular can be yours by filling out the reservation form in the            Please contact the travel agency on the flyer for current pricing. Final
CA Office!                                                                     payment due no later than February 9, 2008.
                                                                              Alaska Cruise and Land Tour
                 CA Sponsored Cruises                                         10 night Royal Caribbean cruise with 3 days land touring
                                                                              June 6, 2008 – June 16, 2008
To book any of the Sun City Cruises, please pick up your flyers                Contact brochure agent for current pricing and availability.
in C.A. Office and complete the reservation form. Deposits are                                                    A journey to Alaska wouldn’t be com-
required to secure your space. All pricing is subject to avail-                                            plete without a journey deep into the heart
ability and change. Cruise brochures and registration forms                                                of Alaska. Reserve your cabin now for this
are available at the CA office.                                                                             7-night Alaska cruise departing Vancouver
2007 Royal New Year’s Celebration – RCCL                                                                   BC with 3-nights land tour.
                                                                                                                 Your cruise portion of this package will
Voyager of the Seas – Galveston Departure                                                                  visit the historic Alaska towns of Ketchikan,
December 30, 2007 - January 6, 2008 –7-Night Western                                                       Skagway, and Icy Strait Point, with one day
Caribbean Cruise. Ports: Roatan, Costa Maya, Cozumel                          of scenic cruising on the Inside Passage and one day of cruising the
Contact brochure agent for current pricing and availability.                  Hubbard Glacier.
                                   The Voyager of the Seas is coming to            You’ll be transferred by deluxe motor coach from Seward to
                             Galveston, and you can experience a very         Anchorage to enjoy an included tour of the Native Heritage Center fol-
                             special cruise on one of the most innovative     lowed by a night at the Anchorage Marriott Hotel. The next day, you’ll
                             vessels at sea. Begin your New Year’s Eve        travel by glass domed rail car to Denali National Park, Alaska’s most
                             Celebration in one of Voyager’s sparkling        popular destination and home to North America’s largest mountain, Mt.
                             dining rooms, then choose from many live         McKinley. Overnight at the Denali Hotel is included. Your next day
                             music choices to dance the night away. Take      will be filled with the beauty of taiga forests, rolling tundra, and Alaska
                             in the action at the disco or casino. Or get a   native wildlife as you tour Denali National Park. After this tour, you’ll
                             start on your New Year’s resolutions with a      again be transferred by domed rail car to Fairbanks, where you’ll stay
                                                                              at the Fairbanks Hotel before returning home.
visit to the fitness center, spa or sport court.
                                                                                   Oceanview and balcony accommodations are available on the
      Then, turn up the heat on 2008 with a visit to Roatan, Honduras.
                                                                              beautiful Radiance of the Seas. Prices include cruise, round trip air from
This truly unspoiled island is surrounded by the world’s second-largest       Austin, TX, all taxes and fees, hotel accommodations on land, included
coral reef and some of the most pure and untouched beaches in the Carib-      tours specified above, transportation on land by motor coach and train,
bean. Next, explore Mayan ruins in Costa Maya, Mexico. In Cozumel,            and all transfers.
Mexico, you can take a Jeep-safari adventure or join the Fiesta party              Deposits are $250 per person and required at the time of your
boat for a day of fun in the sun.                                             reservation. Reservations are subject to availability.
Prices include port fees and taxes. Shuttle pricing to Galveston is           Transportation from Sun City to Austin airport is available at additional
not included and requires 10 or more in the group. Trip Insurance is          cost, and, as always, travel protection insurance is recommended and is
highly recommended, as usual.                                                 available at additional cost. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience
                                                                              Alaska in all its glory! Pick up a reservation form at the Community
                                                                              Association office today!

62 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                                sdf                                                        
Royal Hawaiian Cruise                                                        they shake, rattle and roll down Santa Claus Lane. It’s great fun for
15 Night Royal Caribbean                                                     everyone. Get your tickets early because seats go fast for this wildly
                                                                             popular holiday shindig.
Hawaii Circle Cruise
October 11, 2008 – October 26,                                               San Antonio Symphony and Mastersingers
2008. Contact brochure agent for cur-                                        present Handel’s Messiah at the Majestic Theater
rent pricing and availability.                                               plus Dinner at Clear Springs, New Braunfels
      Reserve your cabin now on this unique
sailing to paradise! The Radiance of the Seas
                                                                                                  Friday, December 14, Depart VCPL,
will sail this special itinerary only 4 times in                                                  4 p.m., Return 11:30 p.m., $68 pp
2008! See the spectacular nighttime eruptions of Mount Kilauea on a                                     Brilliant conductor James Judd directs
special evening sail. Overnight in both Lahaina and Honolulu allow-                               the San Antonio Symphony and Mastersingers
ing you more time to take in a Luau, learn to surf, visit the Polynesian                          along with a stunning quartet of vocal soloists
Cultural Center or Pearl Harbor. With port calls in Hilo and Kona,                                in Handel’s timeless oratorio Messiah, featuring
you can walk through black sand beaches & botanical gardens or take                               Christine Brandes, soprano; Krisztina Szabo,
a helicopter ride. And, since this is Hawaii, don’t forget the golf, div-                         mezzo-soprano; Benjamin Butterfield, tenor; and
ing, or snorkeling!                                                                               Joshua Hopkins, baritone. Launch your holiday
      You will also have plenty of time to enjoy the Radiance of the Seas,                        season with this inspired masterpiece – one of the
a destination of its own. Launched in 2001, the Radiance is a class-act                           most popular works in the history of music.
vessel complete with ShipShape Spa, rock climbing wall, sport court,              Dinner will be held at the Clear Springs Restaurant in New
specialty restaurants, nightclubs, casino, and extensive daily activities    Braunfels, where you will enjoy some real country cooking! Diners
from which to choose. There are even self-leveling pool tables!              will have a choice of chicken, shrimp, or catfish with all the fixings
      Shuttle pricing to Austin Airport is not included and requires         and iced tea or water.
10 or more in the group. Trip Insurance is highly recommended as                  Your ticket price includes your transportation, dinner, and theater
usual. Deposit is only $450 per person. Reservations are subject to          tickets.
      Final payments will be due on or before August 1, 2008.
                                                                             San Antonio Symphony
                                                                                                 Holiday Pops at the Majestic Theater
                CA Sponsored Outings                                                             Sunday, December 23, depart VCPL 12
                                                                                                 noon, Return 5:45 p.m., $60 pp
                                                                                                       Celebrate this holiday season by joining the
   The following outings have sold out:                                                          Symphony for a fun-filled program of singing,
                                                                                                 dancing and holiday cheer with this world-class
      Let’s Do Austin - Laguna Gloria                                                            orchestra, Symphony Mastersingers, and other
      Domain Shopping - Zilker LIghts                                        special guests, under the direction of Robert Moody. Your fee includes
                                                                             a holiday box lunch and bottled water.
     San Antonio Holiday River Cruise
                                                                             VIP Tickets - Trans Siberian Orchestra with
         Trip to the Lights Fantastic
                                                                             Holiday Dinner, Frank Erwin Center, Austin
       Weihnacten in Fredericksburg                                          Wednesday, December 26, Depart VCPL 4:15pm,
         Plaid Tidings • Jersey Boys                                         Return approximately 11:30 p.m., $110 pp
               Tuna Christmas                                                Tickets subject to availability. Please call Teri, 864-1107.
                                                                                                                        Your ticket includes de-
There is a ticket wait list available for these outings in the                                                     luxe motor coach transporta-
CA office. Put your name on the list, and if someone can-                                                           tion, holiday themed meal,
cels, you will have the opportunity to purchase their ticket.                                                      VIP priority seats and an after
                                                                                                                   concert meet and greet with the
Rockin’ Christmas Party at                                                                                         artists. For the younger side
                                                                                                                   of Sun City, one of the hottest
Zachary Scott Theatre, Austin                                                                                      holiday concert tickets of the
                              Thursday, December 13, Depart                                                        season!
                              VCPL at 6:30 p.m., return at 11                                                            If you grew up with Pink
                              p.m., $40 pp                                   Floyd, Queen and the Electric Light Orchestra, then you’re probably
                                 Rockin’ Christmas Party turns four-         familiar with the Trans Siberian Orchestra and you know that this is
                           teen this year, reigning as one of the            not your ordinary orchestra.
                           longest-running Austin traditions of all               Each fall, twenty-seven performers, including a six-piece rock
                           time. Bigger, brighter, and merrier than          band, an eight-piece string orchestra, eight lead and backup singers
                           ever, our award-winning cast sure knows           and a narrator hit the road and fill the stage, spending the evening
how to put the Christmas spirit in your heart – and your bootie! – as        performing a rock opera of holiday song and story, all bathed in a 2
                                                                                                                         Continued on next page                                                                   sdf
                                                                                                     Sun City Texas • December 2007              63
                                                                                                                                                        Sun City
Continued from previous page
million dollar light spectacular.
     You may be familiar with some of their most famous songs:
Christmas Canon and the Wizards of Winter, which many of you know               The Activities Program is
better as the Budweiser holiday commercial - the house with brilliantly         expanding and we’re look-
syncopated Christmas lights.                                                    ing for a few detail oriented
     Our TSO holiday rock spectacular begins with a VIP dining                  volunteers to join our Trip
experience at the Frank Erwin Center. At this time, this year’s menu            Planners Group. Were you a former trip escort, a travel
has not been set; however, it will be similar to what was offered last
December: self serve buffet featuring Prime Rib, Roast Pork, plenty             guide or maybe you just have a knack for organization and
of sides, desserts, water, iced tea and coffee. Alcohol and wine are            a love of travel? If this describes you, perhaps you’re what
available at an additional cost.                                                we’re looking for! This job requires people to research,
     VIP seating with an excellent view of the stage is being held for          plan and implement local tour groups of approximately
us, courtesy of the Frank Erwin Center. As of this date, tickets have           54 people, as well as co-escort and assist in other trips.
not been released to the general public, so we’ve been able to secure
great seats! TSO will be available after the performance in the lobby
                                                                                General knowledge of the area, minimum of one year SC
to meet and greet any and all patrons who wish to stop by to chat or            resident, experience in customer service and computer
obtain an autograph or photograph. So bring your camera along!                  skills are preferable. Applications are available at the
     Please get down to the CA office as soon as possible to purchase            CA Office. Candidates will be contacted to schedule an
your tickets. If there is not enough interest this trip will be cancelled       interview.
as the tickets are being held for us as a courtesy for a limited period
of time prior to public release.
                                                                              LBJ Library/Whole Foods - Austin
Specialty Dining at Jasper’s Gourmet                                          Thursday, January 10, Depart VCPL at 9:15 a.m.,
Backyard Cuisine at “The Domain,” Austin                                                                Return by 4:30 p.m., $31 pp
                         Must sign up by DECEMBER 31!                                                                The Lyndon Baines Johnson
                                                                                                                Library and Museum houses the ar-
                         Wednesday, Feb. 13, Depart VCPL at                                                     chives of the LBJ presidency, which
                         4:30 p.m., Return 10:30 p.m., $95 pp                                                   includes 45 million pages of historical
                               This is your chance to be a part of a dining                                     documents used primarily by schol-
                          extravaganza, by special reservation!                                                 ars, 650,000 photos, one million feet
                               Since the opening of its first location in                                        of motion picture film, and 5,000
                          the Dallas area and second location in the          hours of recordings from the public careers of Lyndon B. Johnson and
                          Houston area, Jasper’s was named one of             those of his close associates. The museum provides year-round public
                          Esquire Magazine’s Top 20 Best New Res-             viewing of its permanent historical and cultural exhibits including Head
                          taurants in America and Texas Monthly’s 10          of State Gifts, Gifts from the American People, a seven-eighths scale
                          Best New Restaurants in Texas. It was this          replica of the Oval Office and The First Lady’s Gallery.
                          show of support that enticed executive chef              Lunch is southern comfort food at Threadgill’s World Head-
and owner, Kent Rathbun, to take his “gourmet backyard cuisine” to            quarters on West Riverside Drive. For the true Austin experience,
the backyard of Austin.                                                       Threadgill’s restaurants are landmarks; the atmosphere, only the
     The price for this wonderful dining experience includes a gourmet        friendliest wait staff, and vittles are strictly Austin and cannot be
meal (menu options are listed below) with a choice of one of three            replicated anywhere.
entrees, dessert, tax, gratuity, and motor coach transportation. A cash            After lunch we’ll stop at Whole Foods where you will have time
bar will be available for your choice of wines.                               to do some browsing and shopping in the market or immediate area
     MENU: Appetizer: Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes with Tomatillo-                   shops. Your ticket is for transportation, library, lunch; purchase ticket
Serrano Cream and Jicama-Tortilla Slaw; Salad: Jasper’s Greens                at CA office.
with Caramelized Shallots, Candied Pecans and Blue Cheese; Entrees                 SEG – Escort; Peggy Lindsay, 819-9050
- Choice of one: 1) Pan Seared Salmon and Grilled Asparagus with
Creamy Mascarpone Polenta; 2) Texas Peach Barbecued Pork Ten-                 Tours of State Capitol, Bullock Texas History
derloin with Bourbon Cream Corn and Scallion Twice-Baked Potato;
or 3) Salt Crusted Prime Rib with French Onion Jus and Baby Baked
                                                                              Museum; IMAX and Spirit Theaters, plus Lunch
Potato; Dessert - Choice of One: Rick’s “Rockin” Chocolate Cake with          Day Trip: Tuesday, January 15, $39pp, Depart VCPL at
Vanilla Ice Cream, or Butterfinger Crème Brulee with Homemade                                              8:30 a.m.; Return by 5 p.m.
Butterfinger.                                                                                                         Looking for a fun, stress-free
     Say YES to a very special evening, complete with astonishing                                               outing to relieve the after-holiday
cuisine, premium service, modern and elegant ambience - a delightful                                            doldrums? Hop onto our bus for a
evening for ALL.                                                                                                leisurely ride into downtown Austin,
     Please sign up at the CA Office by Dec. 31 as early reservations                                            enjoy a guided, 45-minute tour of
are needed. Appropriate attire required.                                                                        our beautiful state Capitol building,
     SEG - Escort Peggy Jarvis 686-1503                                       and then re-board the bus for the short trip to the Bob Bullock Texas
                                                                              State History Museum, a magnificent building with three stories of

64 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                               sdf                                                       
fascinating displays of Texas history.
       If you haven’t done this trip in a while, you may want to repeat         Rose – by Olympia Dukakis, Paramount
it, as the museum features continually changing special exhibits, plus
continually changing IMAX shows. We guarantee that every time you                              Theater, Austin
visit you will learn something that you hadn’t known before.                                                   January 26, Depart VCPL at 6:30
      Both the Capitol and the Museum are handicap accessible, al-                                             p.m., return 11:30 p.m. $80 pp
though we will cover much ground in both buildings, with our special,                                            You know her from her films
docent-guided tours in each location.                                                                        Moonstruck, Steel Magnolias and Mr.
      Special price of only $39 per person pays for transportation,                                          Holland’s Opus, now see this Academy-
docent-led tour of the state Capitol building, museum exhibits with                                          Award winning actress live onstage in
docent-led tour; IMAX show at Austin’s only IMAX theater (Title is              the intimate portrayal of “Rose.” In the one-woman play, Olympia
not yet firm with the museum, but have you ever seen a poor IMAX                 Dukakis portrays 80-year-old Rose who tells her story, an epic journey
show?); lunch in the museum’s fine Story of Texas Cafe (soup, sand-              of one Ukrainian Jewish woman through the 20th century. Bring a
wich, chips, cookie, & drink); AND the Texas Spirit Theater (Star of            handkerchief you will be sobbing just as surely as you will jump to
Destiny interactive show).                                                      your feet cheering and applauding wildly at its triumphant end. Rose,
      The Bullock Museum trip is always popular, and we’ve added the            as only Olympia can portray her.
Capitol tour to give you even more value for your bucks, so hurry and
bring your checks for $39 per person, all inclusive, to the CA Front            Glenn Miller Orchestra Concert
Office before this event sells out!
      SEG - Escort: Judy, 864-7218                                              Matinee at Leander PAC - New!
                                                                                                                   Sunday, February 10, $40 pp
Esther’s Follies – Austin                                                                                          Depart VCPL at 1:15 p.m.;
Thursday, January 17, and Thursday, January 31                                                                     return 5:30 p.m.
Depart VCPL 6:30 p.m., Return 10.45 p.m., $32 pp                                                                           THEY’RE BACK! Remember
                                              Texas’ Premiere Magic and                                              “Moonlight Serenade,” “Perfidia,”
                                        Comedy Troupe! For more than                                                 and all the other immortal favorites
                                        a quarter century, the folks at                                              of that unique sound? If you missed
                                        Esther’s Pool have kept Austin          this concert in 2007, don’t miss it in 2008 – another opportunity to hear
                                        rolling with laughter. Part magic       again that muting of the brass and the mellow sound of the trombone;
                                        show, part vaudeville review, part      music smooth as honey, sharp as a tack, and oh, so classy!
                                        improve tour-de-force, Esther’s               Considered one of the greatest bands of all time, the present
                                        Follies takes no prisoners, offering    World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra is the most popular and sought
                                        biting, hilarious satire on all the     after big band in the world today, for both concert and swing dance
news makers and events fit to parody.                                            engagements. The present orchestra was formed in 1956, and has
     “Here is a show that is utterly fun, exciting, and polished. The Follies   been touring consistently ever since, playing an average of 300 live
is a vaudevillian escape reminiscent of Manhattan’s mid-19th-century            dates a year all around the world. Trombonist Larry O’Brien is the
Bowery Theatre ….” – Austin Chronicle                                           orchestra’s present musical director. Your ticket includes transporta-
     This is always a sell out Sun City favorite so get your tickets early.     tion and reserved seating.
Don’t miss your chance to spend an evening filled with spontaneous                       SEG; Peggy Lindsay, 819-9050
belly laughs!
                                                                                Salado and Killeen - New!
Camelot Starring Lou Diamond Phillips                                           Lunch and Mayborn Planetarium Shows
New! The Majestic Theater, San Antonio                                                                       Tuesday, February 12, $38 pp
                          Wednesday, January 23, $68 pp                                                      Depart VCPL at 10:30 a.m.; return
                          Depart VCPL 5 p.m.; return approxi-                                                by 4:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                 Looking for a break from February
                          mately at Midnight, $68 pp
                                                                                                            boredom? Just step onto our comfy bus,
                            Enjoy Lerner & Loewe’s Camelot! Ar-                                             take the short ride to Salado, and have a
                      thur’s enchanted kingdom, Camelot, is a place             sumptuous lunch at the acclaimed, historic Salado Stagecoach Inn.
                      where honor and chivalry reign. But, can this             Our lunch will include a cup of chicken broth, hush puppies, chicken-
                      idyllic land survive when Queen Guenevere                 salad plate with fruit and banana fritters, peach cobbler with vanilla
                      falls in love with Sir Lancelot? The splendid,            ice cream, and your choice of beverage.
                      memorable score includes the romantic and                      Then, re-board the bus for the short drive to Killeen, to the
                      haunting “If Ever I Would Leave You,” the                 Mayborn Planetarium, where we will enjoy the IMAX-like show
                      captivating “How to Handle a Woman” and                   Cosmic Voyage, which mixes ground-breaking computer animation
                      the majestic “Camelot.” 1961 Tony Awards:                 with cutting-edge science to give us a sweeping view of the universe,
                      Best Actor in a Musical (winner); Best Scenic             and then back down to the sub-nuclear realm—a guided tour across
Design Musical (winner); Best Costume Design Musical (winner); Best             some 42 orders of magnitude. Cosmic Voyage explores some of the
Conductor and Musical Director (winner); Best Actress in a Musical              greatest scientific theories, many of which have never before been
(nominee). Re-discover the grandeur of one of history’s greatest love           visualized on film.
                                                                                                                             Continued on next page                                                                      sdf
                                                                                                         Sun City Texas • December 2007               65
                                                                                                                                                            Sun City
Continued from previous page                                              Sir James Galway; The Man with the
     After that show, we will enjoy another - Cowboy Astronomer,
a skillfully woven tapestry of star tales and Native American leg-        Golden Flute - New!
ends, combined with constellation identification, star-hopping, and        The Majestic Theater, San Antonio
astronomy tidbits—all told from the unique viewpoint of a cowboy                                 Saturday, February 16, $55 pp
astronomer who has traveled the world plying his trade and learning                              Depart VCPL 5 p.m., return approxi-
the sky along the way.
     Following these two shows, we will enjoy the “Stars at Night”
                                                                                                 mately at Midnight
                                                                                                      The San Antonio Symphony presents Flau-
presentation by the in-house expert who will show us the current night
                                                                                                tists Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway. Sir James
sky and the constellations which are visible from our vantage point
                                                                                                Galway, nicknamed “the man with the golden
here in Texas.
                                                                                                flute,” is widely regarded as both a supreme
     After our entertaining and educational mid-day outing, we will
                                                                                                interpreter of the classical flute repertoire and a
return to Sun City no later than 4:30 p.m., easily in time for your fa-
                                                                                                consummate entertainer whose appeal crosses all
vorite evening activities. Those of you who enjoyed this trip in August
                                                                                                musical boundaries. As the most televised and re-
may want to repeat it, since the lunch was fabulous and filling and the
                                                                                                corded classical artist performing today, Sir James
planetarium shows are all new.
                                                                                                has made himself into a legend, a modern musical
     Just $38 includes transportation, lunch, and both shows and
                                                                          master whose virtuosity on the flute is equaled only by his limitless ambi-
presentation at the planetarium.
                                                                          tion and vision. Through his extensive touring, over 30 million albums
     One bus only, so hurry and get your tickets.
                                                                          sold, and his frequent international television appearances, Sir James
     SEG - Judy Hampleman 864-7218
                                                                          has endeared himself to millions worldwide. This concert will include
                                                                          American composer John Corigliano’s colorful Pied Piper Fantasy.

                           Enter for your chance to win $500 in the
                   Web Portal Business Directory Drawings! Turn to page 39.
                                                     Travel Advertisers

66 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                            sdf                                                       
                                                       Travel Advertisers                                                Outings
Guess Where We’re Going for Dinner - New!                                  paleontology, gems and minerals, energy, Texas wildlife, African
                                                                           wildlife, the Americas, chemistry, and several others.
Thursday, February 28, $83 pp                                                     After we depart Houston, we will look forward to our dinner stop
Depart VCPL 7 p.m.; return 10:30 p.m.                                      in Brenham at the always-popular, all-you-can-eat Purcell’s Country
     Your mystery trip starts the minute                                   Buffet, with drinks and delicious desserts included.
you board our special bus, reserved just                                           Your ticket price of $59 includes bus transportation, admis-
for this occasion. As a preview to your                                    sions and tours of both museums, and the sumptuous buffet. You will
fine dining experience, you’ll be served                                    be “on your own” for a fast-food rest stop/lunch en route to Houston,
wine (pinot grigio or cabernet) and enjoy                                  and you can bring snacks and bottled drinks on the bus. This trip has
light hors d’oeuvres while we travel to an                                 something for everyone, so we hope you will join us!
upscale restaurant in Austin. (You’ll find                                       SEG - Bobbi Heuss 869-0050 and Judy Hampleman 864-7218
out where it is only when we get there,
but we’re sure you’ll enjoy it.) You’ll                                    Riders in the Sky! - New!
choose from a list of appetizers, entrees,
and desserts. If you wish, you may bring                                   The Majestic Theater, San Antonio
your own beverage on the bus.                                                                          Friday, February 29, $44 pp
     Our special bus is configured differently from most, so we’re                                      Depart VCPL 5 p.m.; return
going to board by ticket purchase number. The maximum number we                                        approximately at Midnight
can take is 25, so get your reservations in early. We know that you will                                   Join America’s favorite cowboys
have a great experience regardless of where you sit in the bus.                                       and Grammy-winning artists, Riders In
      Everything – special bus transportation, wine, hors d’oeuvres,                                  The Sky, as they celebrate 30 years of
meal with appetizer and dessert, and all taxes and restaurant tip – are                               fun-filled performances with their smooth
included in this price.                                                                               harmonies, hot licks, and unique slapstick
     SEG - Bobbi Heuss 869-0050 and Joan Hunt 868-1612                                                comedy. Families will remember their
                                                                                                      music from Toy Story II.
Houston Bayou Bend, Museum of Natural                                                                      Riders In The Sky have been keepers
Science Tours, plus great country buffet! - New!                                                      of the flame passed on by the Sons of the
                                                                           Pioneers, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, reviving and revitalizing the
Day Trip: Tuesday, February 26, $59 pp                                     genre. And, while remaining true to the integrity of Western music,
Depart VCPL at 8 a.m.; return by 10 p.m.                                   they have themselves become modern-day icons by branding the genre
                                                   Mark your calendars     with their own legendary wacky humor and way-out Western wit; and,
                                           for a great way to have a       all along, encouraging buckaroos and buckarettes to live life “The
                                           great day in February, by       Cowboy Way!” Riders In The Sky are truly exceptional.
                                           visiting two of Houston’s
                                           most popular tourist attrac-
                                           tions: Bayou Bend and the
                                                                           Phantom of the Opera! - New!
                                           Museum of Natural Science.      The Majestic Theater, San Antonio
                                 We will go first to the famed Bayou                               Saturday, March 1, $80 pp
                                 Bend, the 28-room mansion that was                               Depart VCPL 5 p.m.; return approxi-
                                 the home of Ima Hogg, daughter of                                mately at Midnight
                                 Gov. Jim Hogg. The mansion reflects                                    With some of the most lavish sets, cos-
                                 the personality of Miss Hogg, who,                              tumes and special effects ever to have been
                                 not intimidated by her name, became                             created for the stage, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s
                                 a power to be reckoned with in local                            THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, directed
                                 affairs. The mansion holds a treasure                           by Harold Prince traces the tragic love story
trove of American furniture, paintings, and decorative objects dat-                              of a beautiful opera singer and a young com-
ing from Colonial times to about 1870, and is set amid 14 acres of                               poser shamed by his physical appearance into a
beautifully tended gardens in a variety of styles. This is a must-see      shadowy existence beneath the majestic Paris Opera House. Adapted
for antique collectors and gardeners. We will enjoy a guided tour of       from Gaston Leroux’s classic novel of mystery and suspense, this
the grounds and mansion.                                                   award-winning musical has woven its magical spell over standing
        Our next stop will be the Houston Museum of Natural Science,       room audiences in more than 100 cities worldwide and is now the
which is currently featuring “Lucy’s Legacy: The Hidden Treasures          longest-running show in Broadway history.
of Ethiopia.” One of the most important exhibits of our time, “Lucy’s          Don’t miss your opportunity to delight in “The Music of the
Legacy” chronicles the incredible five million-year history of the          Night.”
fascinating country of Ethiopia, known, according to the museum, as
“the cradle of mankind.” In addition to the fossil of the famous Lucy,
on display are over 100 artifacts such as ancient manuscripts and royal
artifacts from a dynasty Ethiopians believe stretches back to the son of                  Log on to your
the biblical King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. After our docent-
guided tour of the special exhibit, we will have some time to walk
                                                                                       community web portal:
through the two other special exhibits, “CSI: The Experience,” and
“DaVinci,” as well as the regular permanent exhibits, which include
                                                                                                   Sun City Texas • December 2007             67
                                                                                                                                                     Sun City
                                               A frightfully fun time was had by all who attended the Spooktacular Halloween
                                          Costume Ball on October 31. In addition to costume and pumpkin carving contests,
                                          residents enjoyed music by the Ken Ragsdale Orchestra. Professional storyteller
                                          Nancy Wood Conover entertained residents with scary stories in the Atrium, and
                                          a Halloween Blood Drive took place in the Village Center parking lot.

                                                                                                        The Ken
                                                                                                        performed in
                                                                                                        costume, dressed
                                                                                                        as the Blues

                                                                       First Place Costume Winners
                                                                       Left: 1st Place Individual Costume - Zannie Wilcox
                                                                       as cat woman. Above: 1st Place Couples Costume
                                                                       - Tommy and Clara Moore as a farmer and cow.

                                                                      Door prize winners:
                                                        Mollie Hoff – Mariachi’s de Jalisco gift certificate
                                                            Bill McDonald – Sonic drink certificates
                                                               Joe Hilton – Sonic drink certificates
                                                         Joan Carriker – Daylight donuts gift certificate
                                                               Chuck Meeder – Wal Mart gift card

                                          Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners
                                                                                                      1st Place (Left)
                                                                                                      Puking Pumpkin
                                                                                                      by Carol Belmont

                                                                                                      2nd Place (Right)
                                                                                                      Witch Pumpkin
                                                                                                      by Roy Steel

68 December 2007 • Sun City Texas   sdf                                                         
            Central Texas

           Tree Care
                             973-9090                                     sdf
                                                         Sun City Texas • December 2007   69
                                                                                               Sun City
Around Georgetown
 A      round Georgetown is used to help non-profit organizations in the Georgetown
        area promote charitable events and fundraisers, and publish volunteer oppor-
   tunities. We do not publicize monthly meetings. All information must be received
   by the first of the month prior to the month in which the article will appear. Please
   contact Chub Meeker at, with copy to Nancy Snow, Edi-
   tor, at (Note: type “Around Georgetown” in the subject line
   for your information to be considered.)
                                                                                                      Looking Over a 4-Leaf Clover
            The following special events take place in December                                       Barbara Wilder took this picture of
                                                                    1 and 2. After you tour the       pond clover that was floating in a
                 EVENTS                                             homes, take your ticket to        Sun City pond.
    Georgetown Symphony Society                                     Sparky’s after 4 p.m. the
              Holiday Concert                                       weekend of the tour and
     The Georgetown Symphony Society                                receive $1 off your meal.       your street and line up facing your house!
presents their “Holiday Concert” on Sunday,                         Profits from the tour benefit     They will spread holiday cheer by playing 3
December 2, 4 p.m., GHS Center for the                              Williamson County youth         Christmas carols. We look forward to your
Performing Arts. (Pre-concert lecture at 3:15      activities sponsored by the Sun City Kiwanis     support of “Holiday on Parade!”
p.m. in the Little Theatre.)                       Foundation. The $10 tickets can be purchased           For more info, please email Jason
     The Temple Symphony Orchestra, under          at the CA Office, at First Texas Bank, from       Schayot, Director of Bands, Georgetown HS
the direction of Conductor Thomas Fairlie,         any Kiwanis member, or at any of the homes       at
presents their annual Holiday Concert, this        during the tour.                                      If inclement winter weather prevents
year featuring Handel’s Messiah and other                                                           us from safely performing in Sun City, your
                                                         SEEKING DONATIONS                          generous donations will not be refunded.
musical favorites of the holiday season.
     Round-trip bus transportation is avail-        Golf Program at Williams Elementary                  Sun City Shrine Club lights our
able for $2, with the bus leaving the VCPL              Williams Elementary School in George-               entrance for the third year
at 2:45 p.m.                                       town is in need of used golf clubs, bags and                            Once again, the Sun
     Individual tickets for this concert are       balls for a planned Golf Program.                                  City Texas Shrine Club is
$25 for adults in Premium Seating, $20 for              The staff at Williams believe that                            lighting our entrance and
General Admission, $5 for students in either       sports programs, particularly life long sports                     gatehouse for the holiday
section, and are available at the CA office.        started at this early age, play an important                       season. We hope that you
     Prorated season tickets for this and the      part in the development of the girls and                           will contribute by placing
remaining concerts of the 2007-2008 season         boys. Contact Partners in Education Board                          a donation in the collection
are available by calling 864-9591 or by            Member George Wagner, 864-0641, or email                           box in the CA Office or by
logging on to www.GeorgetownTexasSym-              wagywagy@suddenlinknet.                          sending a check to: Shrine Light Collection,                                                                                          2 Texas Drive, Building A, Georgetown,
                                                      Georgetown HS Eagles Marching                 Texas 78633. All donations collected are tax
   Friends of the Georgetown Sympho-                      Band’s “Holiday on Parade”
 ny Society Annual Holiday Gathering                                                                deductible and go to benefit children who
                                                                                The Georgetown      are patients of the Children’s Hospital in
     Friends of the Georgetown Symphony                                    HS Eagles Marching
Society’s Annual “Holiday Gathering,” Sun-                                                          Houston or the Galveston Burn Center. We
                                                                           Band will be spread-     wish you all a happy holiday season and a
day, December 2, immediately following the                                 ing holiday cheer
GSS concert, Romeo’s Italian Restaurant.                                                            joyous New Year.
                                                                           through Sun City on
     This is one of FOGSS’ major fundraisers                               Saturday, December        VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES
to benefit the Georgetown Symphony Society                                  15, playing Christmas
and music education in the GISD and area                                   Carols at your very            Partners in Education - GISD
schools.                                           own front door! All proceeds will benefit the          We have hundreds of students who
     Catered by Romeo’s, the evening will          GISD Band program.                               would love a Sun City mentor or tutor.
include hors d’oeuvres, a buffet supper, wine,          Send in your $50 donation (checks pay-      Choose from 14 different schools, elemen-
and dessert, and a silent auction of beautifully   able to “GPAA BAND”) to PO Box 1481,             tary, middle, or high school, 30 minutes a
decorated gift baskets. Seating is limited to      Georgetown, TX 78627.Please include your         week. The students of Georgetown would
135. Reservations are $50 per person and are       name, home address & email address.              benefit greatly from your life experiences and
available by calling Myra Hill at 868-2919 or           • You will receive confirmation via email    wisdom. Call George Wagner, Sun City Men-
Sandra Montgomery at 869-0975.                     with a specific performance time for Saturday     tor/Tutor, PIE Board Member, at 864-0641,
   Kiwanis Club of Sun City Seventh                afternoon, December 15.                , or Donna Covey,
       Annual Holiday Home Tour                         • Confirmations of reservations will be      Program Specialist at PIE, 943-5175.
       Friday, November 30, 4-7 p.m.;              sent out no later than December 12.                   If your organization needs volunteers or
   Saturday, December 1, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.;              • All performance reservations in the       has opportunities to help children and/or the
Sunday, December 2, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. $10 pp        amount of $50 must be postmarked by De-          less fortunate in our community, please let
     Seven professionally decorated homes in       cember 5.                                        Chub Meeker or Nancy Snow know so we
Sun City await your inspection at the Holiday           On December 15, your $50 donation will      can make our readers aware of it.
Home Tour on November 30 and December              bring a marching band (in full uniform) down

70 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                            sdf                                                        sdf
                       Sun City Texas • December 2007   71
                                                             Sun City
Interest Groups
      Learning can be fun!                        California                                         man-American? If so, join us every second
                                                       Folks from California interested in           Thursday of the month at noon for lunch at
                                                                                                     the City Café located in the new City Lights
AARP “55 Alive” Driver                            joining monthly social group, call Sandy
                                                                                                     Theater. For additional information, contact
                                                  and Mark Arico at 868-0740 or sandyarico
Safety Program                                                              Eva at 864-0038 or Renie at 864-0316.
DECEMBER -                                                                                           Hadassah - SC Kadima
Tuesday, December 11, and Thursday,               Attn: Corvette Owners
                                                       Are you interested in joining other Cor-          The group meets every other month. For
December 13, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.,              vette owners in a Sun City cruising group? We      more information about Hadassah, and times
MR 1/2                                            are in the process of forming an informal own-     of meetings, call Lea Kraus at 512-869-7645, or
      The AARP Driver Safety Program is           ers group for cruising, fun, outings, and social   e-mail her at
the nation’s first and largest classroom driver    activities. There will be no dues, no blues, no
improvement course.                                                                                  Hawaii
                                                  Robert’s rules of order, just the enjoyment of          Please contact Karen Meredith-Lindholm
      The eight-hour course is taught in two-     your ride with others of like-mind. If you are
four hour sessions over two days and costs                                                           at 686-1906 or e-mail: hulagal98@hotmail.
                                                  interested, please contact Kent and Susan Did-     com for information.
$12. The course helps drivers refine existing      riksen at 512-863-9206 or ksdidriksen@aol.
skills and develop safe defensive driving         com. Gotta Miata? Can’t sell your SL? All          Illinois
techniques. Both AARP members and non-            two-seaters are welcome.                                If you have ever lived in Illinois
members may take the course. There are no                                                            and would like to be a member and join
tests.                                            Cruisers                                           us – contact Charlene Kovarik (email:
      Upon completion of the course graduates         or call 869-
MAY receive a discount on their automobile        motorcycle.htm                                     5952) for all the details.
insurance premiums. Please check with your        Tuesdays, 1 p.m., Local restaurants
auto insurance carrier to see what discount, if        Have a motorcycle or scooter or dream
any, will apply.                                  of having one? Join the Sun City Cruisers;         Second Fridays, 6:45 p.m., AC
      AARP courses do not qualify for ticket      our very own motorcycle group meets at                  The Sun City Indiana Club will play
dismissal in Texas unless you have previously     local restaurants on Tuesdays at 1 p.m. for        Euchre on the second Friday of every month,
contacted the appropriate court and received      fellowship, story swapping, discussions on         in the Activities Center at 6:45 P.M. All Eu-
approval to take this course in place of a De-    bikes and accessories, and planning for future     chre players are welcome, even if you are not
fensive Driving Course.                           group rides. All are welcome. Meeting loca-        a Hoosier. If you are not yet a member of the
      Remember to bring your driver’s license     tions TBA. Questions? Call Russ Miller @           Games Chartered Club, it is $6 per person for
and the ticket you purchased at the Community     (512)863-9692.                                     the remainder of the year.
Association Office. For more information, con-                                                              If you have Euchre questions, con-
tact John Hyde at            Cycling                                            tact: Louann Strahl, Euchre Chairperson,
                                                 , 863-4740.
Friends of the Library                                 The Sun City Tx Cyclists have rides
Friday, December 7, 9-11 a.m.                     from cruising around Sun City, casual rides in
                                                                                                     Italian Social and Cultural
     Now that winter has arrived, come by the     the beautiful countryside, to longer & faster      Second Fridays, VFW Spaghetti Night
library and pick out a book or two so you can     rides over rarely traveled roads; plus out of           If you have Italian heritage, have lived in
sit by the warm fireplace and enjoy.               town cycling adventures. New club member           Italy, or just plain love Italy and everything
     All the volunteers at the library wish       orientation rides are Saturday mornings and        Italian, join us for the Italian Social and
everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy            Monday mornings. For more info on our many         Cultural Club.Occasionally, we have other
New Year.                                         ride options, ride distances and pace of rides,    outings and great potluck Bocce Sundays. If
                                                  please visit our web site.                         you would like further information, or would
             Just for Fun!                        Darts
                                                                                                     like to be included in the notifications and
                                                                                                     reminders of events, contact Anne Scavella at
African/African-American Women                    Thursdays, 7 p.m., AC                              863-0613 or
     Sun City women of African and Afri-               Please give me a call if you are interested
can-American descent meet monthly in an           in the fun and fellowship of playing darts.        Latin/Hispanic
                                                  Contact Bob Schroeder at 868-5040.                      Are you Latin or of Latin heritage or have
informal, friendly, and fun gathering to con-                                                        for a number of years lived in Latin America?
nect with one another. For details about the
“Ebony Ladies,” call Rae Gill at 868-8688
                                                  Garland Groupies                                   If you would be interested in meeting with
                                                       If you previously lived in Garland,           others in Sun City to practice your Spanish
for details.                                                                                         language, exchange cultural experiences in a
                                                  Texas, and are interested in fun and fellow-
Brits - Second Thursdays                          ship with others who have lived there, you         casual social setting, contact Fran at 930-8180
     The British Group meets monthly on           should become a member of the GARLAND              or
the second Thursday of each month. If you         GROUPIES. For information, call Charlie/           Life Sciences
are from the UK and would like to social-         Margie Swearingen at 864-0306 or Ed/Bettye
ize with fellow Brits, please come and join       McCrary at 864-0471.                               First Saturdays, 9 a.m., City Market
us. Anglophiles are also welcome! Con-                                                                    Physicians, surgeons, dentists, veterinar-
tact Barbara Heer @ 864-9448, or email            German                                             ians and biologists, come meet for breakfast. for information             Second Thursdays, Noon                             An informal gathering to keep in touch
regarding time and location.                           Are you German or are you a Ger-              among those with careers in the Biological

72 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                            sdf                                                        
                                                                                                         Interest Groups
Sciences. Call Bob Manning at 868-1371 for           Saturdays, all are invited to join. For infor-      Seeking Ex-POWs
information.                                         mation call Bruce Brady (686-1453) or Dee                I am an ex-POW from Stalag Luft 1 at
                                                     Simmons (868-9697).                                 Barth, Germany, and I am looking for any ex-
Line Dancing
Thursdays, 4 p.m., Advanced, FC                      Texas                                               POWs or their widows who need help in filing
                                                          The Born in Texas Group (BIT) wel-             for benefits to which they may be entitled. I am
Fridays, 2 p.m. Intermediate, FC                     comes all native Texans and their spouses;          a certified National Service Officer working as
      Men and women . . . no partner necessary                                                           a volunteer to help ex-POWs. WTJONES JR.,
                                                     those who are interested in fun and fellowship
for line dancing! Lee Rutner, former RADIO                                                               M.D.(retired) NSO Phone:512-869-8637.
                                                     are asked to join our group. For information,
CITY ROCKETTE, teaches western, cha cha,             call Dwight DeVille at 869-4774.
rumba, jazz, and chorus-line ditties! Come by
the Fitness Center desk to purchase your pass
for as low as $2.60/class.
Mentors and Tutors                                   SC Democrats                                                                 and
     The Sun City Mentors and Tutors Group
is looking for mentors and tutors to help sup-       Sun City Democrats Meeting                                                   Joggers
                                                     Saturday, December 1, 9:30 a.m., SCB
port GISD and Partners in Education. Pick
from 16 different schools, K through 12 , day             The Sun City Democrats will meet at 9:30                                NEWS
of the week and a time convenient to all. For        a.m., December 1, in the Sun City Ballroom for
additional information call George Wagner            the annual Holiday Party and report on the club’s
- 864-0641 or                progress during the year 2007.                              Twelve of your neighbors are
                                                          A variety of refreshments and beverages           going to participate in the Texas
Mississippi                                          will be provided at no cost to the members. All        Independence Relay, March 1 and
     Calling all Mississippi folks to form a club.   you need to do is come ready to meet with your         2, 2008. This will be a major under-
Contact Bunny Petty at bbpetty@verizon.              fellow Democrats for a pleasant beginning for the      taking involving a relay run from
net (864-0683) or Mary Lou Harrington at             Holiday Season and a brief business meeting.           Gonzalez, Texas to Houston, Texas (864-1949.                            The Sun City Democrats meetings are free          to celebrate Texas independence. It
                                                     and open to the public. Please call Mary Kay           will cover a distance of 206 miles.
Nebraska                                             Pierson at 864-9909 or Carol Flynn at 864-3544              Recent news about some mem-
     We have over 150 members from Ne-
                                                     for additional information.                            bers of our group--
braska. We have at least two socials per year.
Membership Chair: Chub Meeker, 819-0101,             Georgetown Area                                             On October 14, Lis Heckmann
                                                                                                            finished 2nd in her age group in Social Chair: Al-           Republican Women                                       the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon (2.4
ice Fisher, 864-7379, alicepeo@suddenlink. 
net.                                                                                                        mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2
                                                     Wednesday, December 12, 11:30 a.m., SCB                mile run).
Pennsylvania                                               The Georgetown Area Republican Wom-                   On October 21, Ed Valentine
     Fellow Pennsylvanians, mark your                en welcome Texas Federation of Republican              won his age group in the Harbor
calendar for January 10, 2008 for a so-              Women President, Borah Van Dormolen, who               Half Marathon (13.1 miles) in Cor-
cial and reorganization of the Pennsyl-              will install the newly elected club officers.           pus Christi. He had to run over the
vania club. Please contact Brenda Leisey                   After attending West Chester College in          harbor bridge at mile 2 and at mile
( or 868-6552)            Pennsylvania, Ms. Van Dormolen enlisted in             12. Ed found it much steeper at mile
to get on the mailing list for the Pennsylvania      the U.S. Army and, after twenty three years            12. His time of 1:36:40 was also
Club.                                                of service, retired in 1997 with the rank of           good for 8th place overall.
                                                     Lieutenant Colonel. She has served the Texas                Also on October 21, Dee Sim-
Robert Gilbert Livingston Chapter                    Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) as               mons finished 6th in his age group
of the National Society, Daugh-                      Vice President of Finance, Vice President of           in the Duathlon Long Course (9
ters of the American Revolution                      Legislation, Chairman of Leadership Devel-             mile run, 50 mile bike, 4.5 mile run)
                                                     opment, District Director Coordinator, and             World Championships in Richmond,
Second Thursdays, 9:30 a.m.                          District Director of Senatorial District 24.           Virginia. He would have finished in
     Our meetings are currently being held                 All Georgetown residents are invited to          5th place but he did not train for the
in the homes of members in Sun City. The             this event. The cost of the luncheon is $15. For       cobblestones.
meetings are open to all women who can prove         reservations, contact Doris Brunner at 512-                 Recently, John Crilly went to
their lineage to a patriot who gave service to       868-5658 or email Checks                 run a marathon in Bozeman, Mon-
the United States in the Revolutionary War.          may be written to GARW-PAC and mailed to               tana. He should be congratulated
Lineage researchers are available to help
                                                     Treasurer, at 4500 Williams Drive, Suite 212-          for getting lost on the course, recov-
in researching and documenting ancestors.            PMB 267, Georgetown, TX 78633.                         ering, and then finishing. We are
For more information, please call Catharine                All Republican women are invited to join         collecting money to buy a compass
Browning at 864-7544.                                GARW. If you are interested in becoming a              for John as he continues his quest
Runners/Joggers                                      member, please contact GARW Membership                 to run a marathon (26.2 miles) in
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 7 a.m., FC              Chair, Dorothy Jones, 512-864-7747 or access           every state.
     We meet in front of the Sun City fitness         the on-line membership application at www.
center at 7 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and                                                                      sdf
                                                                                                         Sun City Texas • December 2007              73
                                                                                                                                                           Sun City
Interest Groups
                                                    p.m. social and dinner at 6 p.m.                   Congregation Havurah Shalom
     Service Organizations                                 Our program will feature Billy Wayne
                                                                                                       2nd and 4th Fridays, 7:30 p.m., ACA
                                                    and Bubba Max, two Sun City resident per-
Kiwanis Club of Sun City                            formers who sing “songs that almost every-         Bd Mtg Monday, December 3, 7 p.m., CR
Every Tuesday morning at 10 a.m., SCB               body (thinks) they know by heart,” including,      Annual Membership Mtg/Chanuka party
                                                    of course, Christmas songs.                        Monday, December 10, 7 p.m., SCB
Kiwanis Holiday Home Tour – Saturday                                                                       For information, call President Howard
                                                          We ask all attending to bring a teddy bear
and Sunday, December 1 and 2                        to give to the children at our Shrine Hospitals    Karlsberg, 863-7773,, or
      Come visit us for a short business meet-                                                         Phyllis Vogel, 863-9352.
                                                    at Houston or Galveston.
ing with entertaining and informative speakers                                                             December 14, Jewish Sabbath Services
                                                           In appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Terry
from around Central Texas. Senator Ogden                                                               with Oneg to follow. 7:30 p.m., ACA
                                                    Olness, owners of The County Seat Cafe, for
will join us on Tuesday, December 4; Scott and                                                             December 28, Jewish Sabbath Services
                                                    their sponsorship of the free pancake breakfast
White’s CEO on Tuesday, December 11; and                                                               with Oneg to follow. 7:30 ACA
                                                    to benefit our Shrine Hospitals, let’s show our
Daniel Anstee from the Georgetown Boys and          appreciation with the largest turnout yet!!!       Neighborhood Discussion
Girls Club on Tuesday, December 18.                 We welcome all Nobles, Ladies, Masons
      Our new year has begun and promises a                                                            Wednesday mornings, 10 a.m.
                                                    and guests. SEE YOU ON THE 18TH OF
year of social involvement along with a year of                                                             A discussion group for women interested
fundraising for Williamson County. December                                                            in spirituality meets on Wednesday morn-
brings one of our major fundraisers, the an-
nual Kiwanis Holiday Home Tour. All funds
                                                                     Spiritual                         ings at 10 a.m. at 103 Montley Trail. For
                                                                                                       more information, call Mary Patricia Morris,
raised benefit the Kiwanis Foundation. These                                                            869-8761.
funds are used to bring reading and books to        Catholic Rosary/Dinner
the children of Williamson County as well as             A group of Sun City Catholics meet
support for our three key clubs.                    once a month in each others’ homes. Pot-             Bumper Sticker Humor
      Everyone is welcome to join us for            luck dinner is followed by the Rosary and            IRS - we’ve got what it takes
our weekly meetings on Tuesday mornings.            fellowship. There are currently two groups           to take what you’ve got.
Information or questions, please call Renee         involved. All Catholics – couples or singles         If you can read this, I’ve lost
Jantzen, 512-818-8181.                              – are welcome. For more information,                 my trailer.
                                                    please contact Mona Priddy at 863-3028 or            If we quit voting, will they all go away?
Rotary Club of Georgetown-Sun                       email
City - Every Tuesday, Noon, SCB
     Our “Breakfast with Santa” Pancake
fundraiser will take place on Saturday,
December 8. Bring your grandchildren and
come to the new Fire Station off the Inner
Loop on Industrial Avenue. The purpose of
the breakfast is to raise funds to provide gifts
for 66 children who otherwise would have a
very skimpy Chistmas.
     The Hill Country Arts and Crafts Fair
was a huge success. Funds raised by vendor
participation are allocated to Sun City Rotary
after the CA has deducted their overhead
charges. Rotary will use its share of the
proceeds to help finance two major interna-
tional projects, a Red Cross hospital facility
in Matamoros, Mexico, and several hundred
water purifiers in Honduras. Additional funds
are used to support local scholarships in both
Georgetown and Jarrell.
     Information regarding Rotary Interna-
tional may be accessed on the web at www. For additional info, call John Miller
at 863-0833, or contact one of our members.
Sun City Shriners
Tuesday, December 18, 5:30
p.m., County Seat Cafe
     The Sun City Shrine Club
will have their annual Christmas
dinner at the County Seat Cafe,
Tuesday, December 18, starting with a 5:30

74 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                              sdf                                                      
     RESIDENTIAL                                                                       COMMERCIAL

    We Take Major Credit Cards
                                 5820 Williams Dr. • 5.8 Mi. West of I-35
                                                                                       Ask About
                                                                             Our Lifetime Termite Warranty                                            sdf
                                                                            Sun City Texas • December 2007   75
                                                                                                                  Sun City
  Seminars listed on these pages are paid advertisements.

                     Health Seminars
        Understanding Your Blood Counts
            Thursday, December 13, Noon, The Oaks
                  Get your $1 ticket at the CA office.
     The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society will be hosting “Understand-
ing Your Blood Counts.” Dr. Laura Bunch from Southwest Regional
Cancer Center will be speaking on this important topic. The program
will provide information on blood counts, protein levels, and what
those numbers mean. It is intended to help cancer patients feel more
comfortable understanding what to expect and how to read those lab
reports. The program is open to patients, family members, and health-
care professionals. This is a free program, and lunch will be provided.
Pre-registration is required. Please register by Monday, December 10,
2007, by calling Gracie Guajardo-Diehl, LCSW, at (512) 491-6610
ext. 26, or via email at

                     Travel Seminars
         Collette Vacations Travel Seminar
             Resorts Of The Rockies &
           Copper Canyon Adventures
              Wednesday, January 9, 10 a.m., ACA
                Get your $1 ticket at the CA office.
                  Mike Sprute, Texas Sales Manager
     Resorts Of The Rockies, July 9, 2008 - 12 days featuring Cal-
gary Stampede, Butchart Gardens, Banff, Lake Louise, Whistler, and
Vancouver, from $4149 pp Dbl occ including RT Air, transfers and
     Copper Canyon Adventure, October 25, 2008 - 9 days featuring
touring Copper Canyon which is 4 times as large as the Grand Canyon,
from $1999 pp Dbl occ including RT Air, transfers, and Insurance from
Austin,Tx. Travel from Tucson by coach and rail..
     Come to the information seminar to have all of your questions
     For more details, contact Marshall Pearlstein ( A Sun City
Resident) at Marshall’s Cruise N Travel , 868-8298, or e-mail

                                         3303 Williams Drive
                                         Georgetown, Texas 78628
                                         Mon-Sat 11am-9pm

76 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                            sdf
  Pretty in Pink - Left to right: Thelma Connell, Coila Sims,
  Bonnie McGehee, Pam Redus.
        Rally for the Cure Golf Tournament
  The Rally for the Cure Golf Tournament was held at White
      Wing and Legacy Hills Golf courses on October 30.
  Portions of the registration fees were donated to the Susan
             G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

  Rosy and Ready -
  Georgia Medler, left, and Donna
  Goldfeder, right, got off to a bright
  and early start on a chilly morning.

                                              Real Men Wear Pink -
                                               Jim Gjerset was one
                                                  of a few men who
                                               chose to don a pink
                                              sweater in support of
                                                          the cause.                                                         sdf
                                                                             Sun City Texas • December 2007   77
                                                                                                                   Sun City
      You could win                        Skinner’s
                                           Custom Screens
                                             & Windows
    In the December
      Web Portal                            REPAIR • INSTALLATION • SERVICE
                                                      SINCE 1972
       Business                                •Solar Screens
       Directory                            •Patio Screen Doors

                                              Storm Doors and
                                             Windows Installed
                                          •Replacement Windows
           See page 39.
                                             • Arched & Circles
    Happy                                      863-5145
   Shopping.                                      STEVE FAUGHT

                                          1111 Williams Drive, Georgetown                          All major credit cards accepted.

78 December 2007 • Sun City Texas   sdf                 sdf
                       Sun City Texas • December 2007   79
                                                             Sun City
                          LONE STAR PATIO
      (800) 471-1878       “The Patio Specialists”      (512) 251-3732
     Glass & Screen Patio Enclosures, Shade Arbors in wood or aluminum,
   Patio Covers, Custom Decks, Window Awnings, Concrete Patio Extensions
              0 Down                                Please call for a local referral and
             0 Interest                                        free estimate.
           for twelve months
          or 10% off any job.              
           *with approved credit

                                           We file all permits
                                           Wide variety of brands
                                           Guaranteed price quotes
                                           Excellent local references
                                           Fully insured
                                           Courteous service
                                           Professional installation
                   Member of the Better Business Bureau  We accept Mastercard and Visa

80 December 2007 • Sun City Texas             sdf                                  sdf
                       Sun City Texas • December 2007   81
                                                             Sun City
82 December 2007 • Sun City Texas   sdf   sdf
                       Sun City Texas • December 2007   83
                                                             Sun City
                                                                                                             ADDICTION COUNSELING/GROUPS                                          DELICIOUS TAMALES
                                                                                                            • Addiction counseling for recovery, aftercare and         • 100% Mexican flavor, pork and chicken. Salsas             Classified Advertising Rates
• Classifieds • Classifieds • Classifieds • Classifieds • Classifieds • Classifieds • Classifieds • Classifieds •

                                                                                                            relapse prevention. Individual, marital and group          on request. Sweet tamales also available. Place           IN THE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Up to 25 words:
                                                                                                            therapy available. A new group will be forming             orders in advance for holidays and parties. (512)         1 SUN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   – 3 month: $35 each month
                                                                                                            in December. 27 years experience. Jim Wayland,             989-8520, (512) 496-8224.
                                                                                                            Ph.D. 512.869.6400                                                            FASHIONS                               RAYS!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 4 months: $133
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 8 months: $252
                                                                                                                             ALTERATIONS                               • FUN, FASHION, FLEXIBILITY!! - Contact
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 12 months: $357 (15% Savings!)
                                                                                                            • IN SUN CITY . . . “Sukui’s Sewing” 868-6817,             me to learn more about WEEKENDERS - Your
                                                                                                                                                                       best choice for wardrobing and traveling solu-            Plus $1 per word, per month for each word
                                                                                                            603 Farm Hill Dr. ALTERATIONS, sewing,                                                                               over 25 words.
                                                                                                            customized clothes, embroidery, pick-up available.         tions! All sizes. Call 869-8554. Email: lorraine.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    For contract, email
                                                                                                            Rush orders accepted. Cell 512-818-6380.                                                                                   and fax back to 864-1178 or mail to
                                                                                                            • ALTERATIONS AND SEWING by Grandma                                             FENCING                                 2 Texas Drive, Georgetown, Texas 78633
                                                                                                            Mac. Near Sun City - Serenada Drive. Careful at-           • BestWay FENCE - Specializing in rust-free
                                                                                                            tention to all sewing needs. Many years experience.        ornamental steel, with a 20-year warranty! All
                                                                                                            Rush orders accepted. 864-1521.                            construction meets Sun City regulations. Free                           HOUSECLEANING
                                                                                                                                                                       estimates. Call today! 512-818-0372.                     • Housecleaning Haters! Cleanliness Next to
                                                                                                                      ALTERNATIVE HEALTH                                                                                        Godliness is our Motto. Totally relax and trust
                                                                                                                                                                       • New black wrought iron fencing - Approx. 136
                                                                                                            • Activate your self healing: Reduce stress,                                                                        Kelly’s Cleaning Service. 25 years experience. Free
                                                                                                                                                                       ft. w/2 gates. Orig. price $2,200, sacrifice for $875.
                                                                                                            promote relaxation. Nationally certified foot reflex-                                                                 estimates. Call 512-694-6767. Competitive prices.
                                                                                                                                                                       Marie Cochran 869-2614.
                                                                                                            ologist, Bowen Therapist and Polarity Practitioner                                                                  • Bright N Shiny - A complete and thorough clean-
                                                                                                            will come to your home. Contact Ginny (Sun City                               FINANCIAL
                                                                                                                                                                       • Since 1995 FIXED INDEXED ANNUITIES                     ing at a great rate. Reliable, courteous, careful, trust-
                                                                                                            resident) at 512-240-4323 to schedule appointment                                                                   worthy, and efficient. Excellent references. FREE
                                                                                                            or for more information.                                   have provided owners tax-deferred growth, and
                                                                                                                                                                       ensured future income WITHOUT RISK. Contact              ESTIMATES. Estella Gayton, (512) 300-5363.
                                                                                                               AUDIO/VIDEO/COMPUTER HELP                               Jack Beckett, SC resident,,          • Clutter-Me-Free - Do you have cluttered spaces
                                                                                                            • Quit struggling with your Audio/Video Sys-               (512) 508-0649/868-3521.                                 or just need your house cleaned? Competitive rates.
                                                                                                            tem! Expert help available to hook up your                                                                          Sun City references. Call Melissa for organizing and
                                                                                                                                                                                 HANDYMAN SERVICES                              cleaning services. (512) 869-8943.
                                                                                                            Surround Sound, Big Screen, DVDs, etc. Program             • A Work of Art - Handyman Services, special-
                                                                                                            Universal Remotes; Computerized Color Adjust-              izing in window cleaning, power washing, interior                             HYPNOSIS
                                                                                                            ment. 3+ years in Sun City. Neighborhood Tech              & exterior painting, artistic tree work & other          • Hypnosis and self-hypnosis training for stress
                                                                                                            Services. (512) 251-5872, cell (512) 736-7540,             services. Art - 925-2921                                 management, memory and recall, sports improve-
                                                                                                                                        • I do it all, too many to mention. Fair prices.         ment, life exploration, confidence building &
                                                                                                            • Complete Computer Services. Mind Crafters,               Always worked in Sun City. Call Randy, cell              meditation. 27 years experience. Jim Wayland,
                                                                                                            LLC, provides Laptop and Desktop repair. Virus             512-736-3215 or 868-0779                                 Ph.D. 512.869.6400
                                                                                                            and spyware removal. Wireless setup and many               • BG Home Repair 512-639-0890 (Bruce) Car-                              LEGAL SERVICES
                                                                                                            more services. We make house calls. Call (512)             pentry, Post Repair, Painting, Window Cleaning,          • West Short & Associates, P.C., a downtown law
                                                                                                            869-3015 or visit                     Small Jobs OK, Crown Molding, Power Washing,             firm. Visit us at or call us at
                                                                                                                              CAREGIVER                                Yardwork, Furniture moving. www.bghomerepair.            864-3911 because great representation makes all
                                                                                                            • Provide elderly care with dignity. Available             com                                                      the difference!
                                                                                                            days, evenings, nights, 24 hours. Great references.        • Texas Home Improvement - Carpentry (finish                                  INSURANCE
                                                                                                            512-552-0467, 512-552-0469                                 and rough), Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures, Paint-        • Now is the time to review your health insurance
                                                                                                                             CLOCK REPAIR                              ing (Int/Ext), General Repair 512-635-0278 Brad,         programs with Sun City resident Ron Isgitt, who
                                                                                                            • Hourglass Clock Repair, Tony Manning -                   Georgetown                                               offers best rates available for Medicare Supplements,
                                                                                                            Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New                 • Handyman Services - Minor repairs, cleaning            Medicare Advantage, Part D, Health Insurance, Long
                                                                                                                                                                       inside and out and painting. No job too small.           Term Care, Life Insurance, and Annuities. Call 773-
                                                                                                            Year, Sun City! Thank you for your patronage in                                                                     8412 or 763-1097.
                                                                                                                                                                       Insured. Free estimates. Call Hartman Services
                                                                                                            2007. Howard Miller, representative. 819-0803.                                                                      • EVANS, EWAN AND BRADY INSURANCE
                                                                                                                                                                       at 512-639-0332
                                                                                                                              COSMETICS                                •J & J Maintenance - residential and commercial,         AGENCY SINCE 1928. 512-869-1511. Tailored
                                                                                                            • MARYKAY INDEPENDENT SALES DI-                            electrical, carpentry, plumbing, drywall, painting,      to your needs: Home, Auto, Health, Life. Carriers
                                                                                                            RECTOR (SUN CITY RESIDENT), DISCOVER                       HVAC. Bonded, Insured 512-966-1014                       include: Allstate, Travelers, Hartford, Central,
                                                                                                            THE MIRACLE OF MARY KAY ANTI-AGING                         • Honey Do Handyman, 11 year Sun City resi-              Progressive, Kemper... and many more.
                                                                                                            SKIN CARE PRODUCTS & “TIMEWISE                             dent. All trades maintenance and repair. Reliable,                     INTERIOR DESIGN
                                                                                                            LINE REDUCER” - FREE FACIAL. BEV-                          honest and fair low cost service. 864-0444 (home)        • THE LONE ARRANGER- Room Makeovers
                                                                                                            ERLY ROGERS, 512-864-3662 www.marykay.                     630-7663 (cell) Ralph Pond                               using your existing items; help with colors & new
                                                                                                            com/brogers6                                                                    HEALTH                              furniture purchases. A Designer look at hourly rates.
                                                                                                            • MARY KAY - FREE facial/computerized color                • SHAKLEE – Remember how good you felt when              References. M.J. HUNTER, 863-3597
                                                                                                            makeover. Women and men anti-aging skin care               you used Shaklee Nutritional Supplements & their                              JEWELERS
                                                                                                            products, color cosmetics, fragrances, holiday gift        non-toxic cleaning products? Call Ron & Phyllis          • BANDY JEWELERS - 306 W. 8th St. 869-0097.
                                                                                                            sets. Barbara Akers (Sun City) 868-8518, www.              to feel that good again. 868-8167.                       - Diamonds, Rings and Watches. Jewelry repair
                                                                                                                                           • Janet LeBreton, YOUR Herbalife Independent             (gold and silver), ring sizing, neck chains, bracelets.
                                                                                                            • MARY KAY anti-aging skin care products.                  Distributor; Herbal nutrition, weight loss, skin care,   Watch overhaul, bands, batteries.
                                                                                                            Complimentary facials/color analysis - showing             254-793-4240, 888-246-3475, www.herbal-nutri-
                                                                                                            our complete line of beauty plus holiday and gift                                                          MASSAGE
                                                                                                            products. Julie Lyons 864-7903 or 868-7903                                                                          • A-a-a-h Massa-a-a-ge: Sun City resident serving
                                                                                                                                                                            HEATING/AIR CONDITIONING                            Sun City. Receive benefits of massage in your home.
                                                                                                                                   • Get ready for the cold! 10-point check-up only         Call Peggy Rouh, Licensed (#MT043519) Therapist
                                                                                                                                 CRUISES                               $39 for our Sun City friends. 868-3500. American         and Instructor, 630-6742.
                                                                                                            • All cruise lines; all destinations; all sailing dates;   Air. TACLB009009                                         • Perfect Touch Massage: Massage therapy done
                                                                                                            onboard credit with all bookings; National fran-                        HOLIDAY LIGHTING                            in your home. Experience a relaxing Lomi-Lomi
                                                                                                            chise pricing. Call Sue Hahn, MCC - CruiseOne              • Christmas Lights Installed - Have your                 or Swedish massage or ease sore muscles with
                                                                                                            - 888-680-7245                                             Christmas lights installed this year for your home       Reflexology or sports massage. Call Jonelle, 512-
                                                                                                                                                                       and yard. Call today for free estimates. (512)           632-3259. License #MT042901

                                                                                                            84 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                                      sdf                                                                  
           MASSAGE & FACIALS                                                              PET SITTING                                                              RENTALS
• Massage and Foot Detox by Janette (Jay) - 7+                           • Susan of “SUSAN’S TLC PET SITTING”                                   • Play golf and stay at South Padre Island Golf
years exp. Insurance accepted. Cell 512-293-6394,                        Sun City resident, available to home sit your pets                     Club. 2BR, 2 baths, sleeps 6. Only 15 minutes from
office 512-869-1631. Skincare by Deborah - Mi-                            or just your home. Insured and Bonded. Pets are                        beach. Call John Cardenez. 869-8547.
crodermabrasions, chemical peels, facials, waxing.                       fed, exercised and given TLC. SusansTLCPetSit                                        SELF STORAGE
Office 512-417-9281                                              or 512-785-3535                                               • Climatized Containers Self Storage - Tem-
                  PAINTING                                               • Pet and home care by Sun City resident to give a                     perature and humidity controlled sealed units.
• Southern Painting - Free estimates. Interior and                       customized total plan of care. Bonded and insured.                     We offer better storage solutions! U-Haul rentals.
exterior. Bonded and insured. Over 30,000 homes                          Call ALICE: 639-4870,                               512-868-2000, 2000
painted in 18 years. Excellent references. $100 off                      • There’s a new nanny in town! Professional                            Leander Street.
with ad., 716-1114                              pet-sitting by The Pet Nanny, Shawn Gunnin. For                                        TABLE PADS
             PATIO FURNITURE                                             more information, go to www.georgetownpet-                             • CUSTOM TABLE PADS provide protection
               RESTORATION                                     , or contact                          against Scratches, Burns, Watermarks or Other
• Crosslink Powder Coating of Austin - Media                             or 966-1439. Insured, with references.                                 Accidents. Custom Made for Custom Fit. Con-
blasting to remove old paint/rust and powder coat-                                       POST OFFICE                                            tact AUSTIN CUSTOM TABLE PADS www.
ing of metal patio furniture to make it look new.                        • Andice Post Office has fast, friendly service,                        austin customtablepads or www.customtablepads
Pick-up and delivery available. www.crosslink-                           no lines, not closed for lunch. Open 9-2 Monday                        .com - Mike Richardson - toll free (877)230-3515;, (512) 989-6458                                                through Friday. Special needs, call (254) 793-                         cell 512-468-6019
                                                                         3535. We aim to please. Happy Holidays. Jean                                         TREE SERVICE
          PERSONAL SERVICES                                              and Elaine.
• Need help getting settled into your new home?                                                                                                 • Jody’s Tree Service – We use sterilized blades
I can unpack & organize your kitchen, bedroom,                                       PRIVACY WINDOWS                                            and proper pruning techniques. 24/7. Office
garage & other rooms you may need to get settled.                        • Specializing in stained glass mosaic windows                         (254) 773-2174, cell (254) 624-8470, or email
Call Deanie at (512) 587-4225, (888) 516-0188.                           and privacy clear textured glass for front door              
• Jay’s Concierge: Need holiday help? Will run                           sidelights. Monthly specials. (512) 966-1862,                          • MILLERS TREE SERVICE – Almost never
errands, personal & home services, etc. Sun City                                                          underbid. Serving Sun City since opened. Trim-
resident, 512-940-4403 or Jaysconcierge@yahoo.                                        PSYCHOTHERAPY                                             ming, removal, roof clearing. 869-1012, George-
com.                                                                     • Counseling and coaching for adults -- depres-                        town. Insured.
                                                                         sion, anxiety, abandonment, grief, addictions,                                  WALLPAPER HANGING
Please tell our advertisers, “I saw                                      chronic pain management. Using psychotherapy,                          • PAPER DOLLS Wallpaper Hanging &
   your ad in the Sun Rays!”                                             hypnosis, EMDR, & EFT. 27 years experience.                            Removal. Some painting. Shelly Carpenter Cell
                                                                         Jim Wayland, Ph.D. 512.869.6400                                        818-5518.

                                                              Sun Rays Index of Advertisers                                                             Denotes new advertiser

  Air Conditioning and Heating                          Edward Jones, Michael Dosier ..78                 Home Interiors                                         Plumbing
  G&F Air/Heat ............................36           First Texas Bank ........................32       Austin Window Fashions ...........47                   Kinsey Plumbing........................69
  Attorney                                              Gary R. Brown, CPA, CMA ......48                  Barstool Co, The. .......................49            Mustang Plumbing .....................32
  Charles E. Lance ........................54           Independent Bank ......................71        Creative Home Redesign ...........74                   Real Estate
  Kenneth Johnson ........................74            S. Thomas McDaniel, CPA........49                 CR Window Coverings ..............42                   Home Source Mortgage .............78
  Patricia Brown & Assoc. ...........33                 Scott & White Development ......36                Diva Design Studio ....................48             Live Oak Gottesman ..................47
  Automotive                                            The Collector .............................21     Image Blinds ..............................42          PRMortgage ...............................38
 Central Texas Harley Davidson .. 41                   Golf
                                                                                                          Interior Design Gallery ..............39               Sun City Title .............................82
  Christian Brothers Automotive ..35                                                                      Johnson Interiors ........................79           Team Jantzen ............................79
  Classic Automotive Group ........87                   Capital Golf Cars .......................49       Kinsey Interiors..........................82           Bette Self ...................................81
  Covert of Hutto .........................46           Fairway Golf Carts.....................46         More Space Place .......................75             Remodeling
  Don Hewlett Chevrolet, Buick...34                     Golf on the Square ....................49         Southern Shutters .......................76            Bowman Construction ...............81
  Garlyn Shelton Olds, Cadillac ...41                  Edwin Watts Golf ......................77         Home Maintenance                                       Granite Transformations ...........80
  Mac Haik ...................................82        Hair Salon                                        Home Guardian ..........................82             Madera Framing, Inc ..................23
  Midas .........................................32     New Images ...............................11      Hotel                                                  Pittsburgh Paint ..........................78
  Volvo of Georgetown ................76                                                                  Candlewood Suites.....................78               Rick Brock Painting ...................40
  Barber                                                                                                  Insurance                                              Skinner Screens..........................78
  David’s Barber Shop ..................34                      focus on Health                           Allstate, Doug Townsend...........36                   Solartex ......................................40
  Christmas Lights                                                                                        Evans, Ewan & Brady ................25                 Restaurants
  Holiday Lights ...........................48            NEW FEATURE                                     State Farm, Bill Edmiston ..........40                Don Pedro’s ...............................69
  Carpet Cleaning                                         Allen Chiropractic Neurology..... 58            Landscape & Improvements                               Rattlesnake Inn...........................83
  Chem Dry ...................................82          Central Texas EMS ..................54          B&B Landscape .........................48              Romeos ......................................36
  Churches                                                Family Medicine .....................58         Big Country Tree Experts ..........33                  Stone Canyon Cafe ....................76
  Andice Baptist Church ...............32                 Georgetown Dermatology. .......56               Central TX Tree Care.................69                Retail
  Worship Place ............................34            Georgetown Diagnostic ...........58             Double T Design ........................83             All American Mattress ...............34
  Computers/Phones/Cable                                  Georgetown Plastic Surgery ....56               Star Kote ....................................33       Amish Furniture .........................41
  Computer Problems?..................32                  Georgetown Urology ..............55             Yard Builders .............................42          Cardsmart ...................................33
  NameBrand Computers..............47                     Life Made Easy .......................55        Mailing Service                                        DVine Wine ...............................69
  Dental                                                  Meridian Retirement Community ..55             PostNet .......................................29      J. Stern........................................37
  Douglas Willingham, DDS ........30                      Hearing Tech ............................59     Patios/Sun Rooms                                       Joni’s Unique Boutique..............35
  Electrician                                             Hill Country Eye Center ..........58            Central Texas Screen & Shade ..35                      Quenan’s ....................................39
  In Charge Electrical ..................38               Janet Becker, Dermatology ......55              Lone Star Patio...........................80           Storage
  Tom Norrell ...............................25           Marketplace Smiles..................56          Nu-View Co. ..............................38           A Place for Everything...............43
  Fences                                                  Martin Audiology.....................57         Russell Glass & Mirror ..............43                Dream Garage Specialist............71
  Allied Fence ...............................79                                                          Texas Sun and Shade .................35                Super Shelves of Texas ..............83
                                                          Rocky Hollow Lodge ...............58
  Financial                                                                                               Pest Control                                           Travel
  AG Edwards ...............................37            Scott & White .........................88       Kings Pest Control .....................11             Cruise Holidays..........................66
 Amanda McIntosh CPA .............71                     St.David’s GT Hospital..............2           Allstate Pest Control .................75              Herwig Travel ............................66
  Ameriprise Financial..................37                St. David’s Rehabilitation ........55           Pet Care                                               Navigant Vacations ....................61
  Eleanor F. Van Arsdall, CPA.....40                      Douglas B. Willingham, D.D.S .....30            Loving Care Pet Sitting..............36                Travel Associates .......................61                                                                                                  sdf
                                                                                                                                               Sun City Texas • December 2007                                  85
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sun City
                                                Governance Committees
CHARTERED CLUB          COVENANTS               FOOD & BEVERAGE            Denis Adams             Bob Young                 Ken Finn
(NON-SPORTS)            1st Wednesday           See page 3 for dates and   Georgia Hopper          Tom Hackney (SL)          Jim Goza (SL)
1st Thursday 2 pm, AC   9 am, CR                times.                     Howard Karlsberg        Randy Lesseps             Dennis Helberg*
Morgan Fogelman         Al Aufforth             Dan Barr                   Mark Picker             Janice Charnley**         James L. Chapman**
Wes Odell               Jack Evans              Dianna Facey               • Wayne Schulze         SPECIAL PROJECTS
• George Hampton        • Barbara Hallmark      Frank Feist                Jim Wilhite             As needed.                MAINTAINED
Dick Miller             Joanie Shapiro          Elizabeth Horne            Dave Young              • Kent Buikema            HOMES TASK
Barbara Wood            Ann Barry*              Kelly Lockhart             Carol VanWassehnova     Len Blumenthal            FORCE
Marge Swearington       Carl Zimmerman (SL)     Betty Ann Preston          (SL)                    Rex Davenport             Vacant, N24 B1
Dick Baker (SL)         Carolyn Heald**         • Kay Riley                Fran Sanders*           Eva Siler                 Roger Dennen, N33
Debra Bedford *         ELECTIONS               Jim Romine (SL)            NOMINATING              Micki Wiesner             Claire Donnelly, N24A
COMMUNICATIONS          As needed.              Rex Davenport*             As needed.              SPORTS                    Terry McElwee, N30
2nd Wednesday           Dorothy Carlyle         Jim DuBois**               • Vic Figurelli         3rd Monday                Janice Charnley, N24B2
9:30 am, CR             Jackie Cuozzo           GOLF                       Chuck Graham            2 p.m., CR                Vacant, Classics
                        Louise (Tex) Horvath
Gene Boley                                      2nd Monday                 Jacque Bucho            Robert (Bob) Culp         Rick Graeb, N14A
                        Mary Margaret Heuertz
• Lois Case                                     3 pm, MR1                  Steve Soelberg          Tom Holmquist             Jim Romine (SL)
                        •Audrey McDonald
Rex Davenport
                        Jim Romine (SL)         •John Graves               Sally Winslow           Allan Lambert             Catrin DuBois (SL)
Susan Lambert           Grace Townsend *        Ken Buford                 Jack Stroobardt         John Rutan                Tom Hackney (SL)
Chub Meeker             Jay Livaudais**         Will Chapman               Jan Tribble             Barbara McCrea            Don Garbe (FL)
Nancy Snow              FINANCE                 Don Grider                 Ann Dodson (SL)         Caroline Rosenbaum (SL)
Ray Wright              4th Tuesday             Donna Hixon (WGA)          Joe Sunbarger*          Earl Kilbride*            Key:
Sondra Carlton (SL)     1 p.m., AC              Jim Hoverson (MGA)         Sandra Thornton **      W.R. Helge**              • Bold - Chairman
COPS                    (Some exceptions)       Earline Parks              PROPERTY &              WILDLIFE                  * Ex-officio
1st Tuesday             Rufus Barnes            LaNell Bilbro (WGA)        GROUNDS                 4th Wednesday,            ** Alternate Ex-officio
9:30 am, MR1            Ira Dolich              Bob White (MGA)            2nd and 4th Tuesday     3 p.m., ACR               SL Staff Liason
John Powell             Alan Duncan             Tom Hackney (SL)           1:30 p.m., AC, MR 1/2   • Robert Fears
• Michael Rosenberg     Don Garbe               Joe Schmidt *              Reg Bessmer             Mary Peck                 See page 5 for current
John Hopper             John Mallory            Roger Groh**               •Gene Facey             Gary Goldfeder            month meeting
Larry Wood              John Phipps             MODIFICATIONS              Donald Imig             Julia Miller              information for these
David Hahn (SL)         •Bill White             Every Thursday             Richard Mee             C.O. Smith                committees.
Clara McNamara*         Ann Dodson (SL)         8:30 a.m., CR              Jodi Salyers            Paul Ohlenbusch
Tom Kincheloe**         Eva Siler*              (Some exceptions)          Bill Wertzberger        Warren Bluntzer

                                                   Neighborhood Reps
         Neighborhood 1:                    Neighborhood 12/37:                   Neighborhood 24B1:                   Neighborhood 41
       Ann Barry - 864-9813             Clara McNamara - 864-3678                 Leon Buck - 868-1034             Sandy Morrow - 864-9357
  A-Grace Townsend - 868-8361          A-Nancy Greathouse - 869-8515         A - Charlie Morris - 868-9373         A - Judy Duke - 864-3898
          Neighborhood 2:                     Neighborhood 13:                    Neighborhood 24B2:                   Neighborhood 43:
       Ray Wright - 869-3350                WR Helge - 863-7644                David Wysocki - 869-8593           Judy Blakely - 512-560-5805
  A-Joseph G. Schmid - 864-9692         A - Dorothy Jones - 864-7747         A - Janice Charnley - 863-7355                A - Open
         Neighborhood 3:                      Neighborhood 14:                     Neighborhood 25:                    Neighborhood 44:
     Fran Sanders - 868-2706               Mike Strahl - 863-4740                Terri Pender - 864-2997            Rhoda Greene - 863-2953
              A- Open                    A-Larry Maltz - 869-7003            A-Marjorie Feldman - 869-1949     A - Karen Shawhan - 201-543-9156
         Neighborhood 4:                      Neighborhood 15:                     Neighborhoods 26:                   Neighborhood 45:
     Holly Moore - 868-3794              Jerry Wobrock - 868-5440                Earl Kilbride - 686-1360          William Cowart - 868-0478
   A-Carolyn Heald - 819-9484          A - Kathleen Rutan - 863-7469            A - Jim DuBois 819-0685           A - Dick Barbour - 868-3801
         Neighborhood 5:                 Neighborhood 16A/B/28:                    Neighborhood 27:
      Tom Dargis - 864-7874              Roger L. Groh - 864-2431              Sharon Dunning - 863-7045              NREP OFFICERS:
   A - Randy Lesseps - 869-1124        A -Sandra Thornton - 864-2380         A - Dennis Hellberg - 868-1154         Chub Meeker - Chairman
         Neighborhood 6:               Neighborhoods 16-3/17/18/22:                Neighborhood 30:      
      Bill Weaver - 864-0393                Jim Hester - 868-1886           Shirley Westmoreland - 869-8019                819-0101
         A - Jane Peppard                A -Tom Dodds - 639-0763              A - Evelyn Grygiel -863-9218         Joe Sunbarger - Vice-Chair
         Neighborhood 7:                      Neighborhood 19:                     Neighborhood 31:                        863-3763
    Christine Smart - 864-2955           Karen Chapman - 863-0636                Ege Reichert - 868-1438            Nancy Snow - Secretary
  A - Rex Davenport - 869-8009         A-Lorraine Wheeler - 869-8554           A - Kathy Jones - 868-9642                  868-0154
         Neighborhood 9:                  Neighborhood 20/22/29:                   Neighborhood 32:
     Bob Butcher - 863-9784              Duane Hostetter - 868-8621              Linda James - 868-0123
  A - Tom Kincheloe - 868-8517          A - John Copelan - 864-7731            A- Kathy Bobo - 934-3165           Get your copy of the weekly NRep
         Neighborhood 10:                     Neighborhood 21:                     Neighborhood 33:              News from your NRep via E-mail or
       Joan Hunt - 868-1612                Dave Larsen - 863-9390                Pam Cassidy - 863-9455           pick one up at the Fitness Center,
    A-Joyce Mosley - 869-5556           A- Jay Livaudais - 868-0301                                             Activities Center, Social Center Moni-
                                                                               A - Rosie Hearn - 869-3372       tor Desk, Woodshop, City Market, 1st
        Neighborhood 11/8:                   Neighborhoods 23:                  Neighborhoods 35 & 36:           Texas Bank or the CA office - or log
        Eva Siler - 868-5236              Bette Fincher - 864-9815              Debra Bedford - 864-1458        on to: under Neighbor-
             A - Open                   A - Robin Hutton - 863-5115         A - Carmen Hallman - 869-6693                       hoods
                                            Neighborhoods 24A:                     Neighborhood 38:                   NREP MEETINGS:
                                         Beverly Sutton - 864-9857           Daniel Pennisi - 727-742-2670         3rd Wednesday each month
                                        A-Claire Donnelly - 868-2871           A - Pat Latham - 236-2622                10 a.m., Atrium

86 December 2007 • Sun City Texas                            sdf                                                                       sdf
                                   Sun City Texas • December 2007   87
         Electric Scooters                                               Sun City
Sun City Texas
                                    Live Life to the Fullest!
Community Association                                              STANDARD
2 Texas Drive, Building A                                       US POSTAGE PAID
Georgetown, Texas 78628-4500                                    PERMIT NO. 357
512-864-1200                                                    GEORGETOWN, TX

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