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									    No.33                                                          August/September 07

                 Striving for Excellence                 Poole’s Healthy                                Protecting Poole’s
                 for the people of Poole                 Schools                                        Environment

                 Leader’s new message                    Eating better, getting                         Helping to make Poole
                 and Council priorities                  fitter!                                        cleaner and greener

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                                                                   Out… for
                                                                   THE THOUGHT of the long school holidays can be a
                                                                   headache for many parents, but this year the summer
                                                                   programme launched by Poole’s Youth Work team is
                                                                   easing the burden by offering a wide range of activities
                                                                   at an affordable price.
                                                                    Designed by young people,
                                                                    the colourful programme
                                                                    provides opportunities to try
                                                                    a whole new range of sports
                                                                    and leisure activities without
                                                                    breaking the bank.
                                                                    Open to all 13 – 19 year
                                                                    olds in Poole, the programme
                                                                    includes activities such as kite-
                                                                    surfing, sailing, horse riding,
                                                                    cycle speedway, kayaking,
                                                                    wind-surfing, slam poetry,
                                                                    circus skills, mountain biking
                                                                    in the New Forest, basket ball and conservation days.
                                                                   There really is something for everybody, in a variety of
                                                                   venues around Poole and beyond. Brochures have been
                                                                   distributed through Poole schools, youth centres, libraries,
                                                                   churches, health centres and Connexions.
                                                                   There are still a few places on some courses, so why not
                                                                   call the Youth Office Tel.262281 to find out more.

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School admission changes on the way
IF YOU have a child who is due to start in the          On-line admissions
reception class at a Poole school, or who is
to transfer to a Poole middle or secondary              FROM 3 September 2007,
school in September 2008, you will be the first         will have information on how to apply for a school
parents to use the new “equal preference”               place so you can apply on-line for September
school admissions system.                               2008 admissions.

In future, when parents apply for three schools         Visit:
they would like their child to be considered for, all   School term and holiday dates –
three applications will be considered at the same                                                                The only real difference is that there will not be
time by each school. Parents will rank the schools      2009/10                                                  a two week holiday around Easter each year.
in order of their preference and the Council will       Like many local authorities across the country,          There will be a two week break around the end of
offer a place at the highest ranked school that         Poole Council is looking to modernise the school         March/beginning of April, which may or may not
has a place available.                                  calendar. We are asking for your views on whether        coincide with Easter. Schools will still be closed
                                                        Poole schools should move to the Standard                on Good Friday and Easter Monday but this may
In line with other education authorities in England,
                                                        School Year which is increasingly being adopted          not necessarily be part of a longer break.
Poole ceased using its “first preference first”
admissions system in September this year.               throughout the country.                                  Shorter terms will assist in children’s learning
                                                        Currently, the historic three term school year           as teachers will be able to plan work on a more
If your child is transferring school in 2008,
                                                        (Spring, Summer & Autumn) with terms based               focused basis and pupils are less likely to get
watch out for letters from your child’s current
                                                        around the date of Easter is still in place. Therefore   “burned out” as can happen with the longer
school in September 2007. These will include an
                                                        the length of terms change annually.                     terms at present.
application form and will explain how to apply for
a school place.                                         The Standard School Year operates on a fixed             If you would like to comment on the proposal
                                                        six term basis. Terms will be of relatively equal        or would like more information, please visit:
If your child was born between 1 September
                                                        length (2 of seven weeks and 4 of six weeks). The or e-mail: nick.maguire@
2002 and 31 August 2003 and is due to start
                                                        school year will still:                         Tel. 261912 or write to:
school in September 2008, an application form
can be collected from your local first, primary         • start in September                                     Nick Maguire, Children & Young People’s
or combined school from 1 October 2007.                 • have a two week break at Christmas                     Integrated Services, Dolphin Shopping Centre
Alternatively, you can apply on      • have at least a six week summer holiday                Poole, BH15 1SA.

                                 We’re on the case!                                   Get money for
                                 BULLYING is an issue that our children               staying on!
                                 and young people tell us they want
                                                                                      IF YOU have youngsters who
                                 stopped – we take this very seriously.
                                                                                      are considering whether to leave
                                 As part of Poole’s strategy to reduce
                                                                                      school and start work or stay
                                 bullying, schools are taking part in an
                                                                                      on to study, did you know that
                                 annual survey which aims to form as
                                                                                      some young people can receive
                                 accurate a picture of pupils’ perceptions
                                                                                      between £10 and £30 a week for
                                 of bullying. This information allows us to
                                                                                      staying on at school or college
                                 compare data year on year and to measure
                                                                                      after 16?
                                 the success of strategies in our schools.
                                 The results enable schools to review and             An Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is a government incentive
                                 update their anti-bullying policies and              that can help with day-to-day costs. Many 16-19 year olds studying
                                 practices.                                           in England, can get an EMA if their household income is less than
                                                                                      £30,810 a year (2007/08 figures).
 Last year’s survey revealed that school practices may be reducing
 the number of repeat incidents. The most common reported type of                     EMAs are not a benefit, and have no effect on any other entitlements
 bullying is name calling and the majority of incidents take place in the             already received. Maintenance payments of divorced parents are not
 playground.                                                                          taken into account in overall household income and the young person
                                                                                      can even have a part-time job at the same time as receiving an EMA.
 Cllr Tony Woodcock, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Children and Young
 People’s Services, said:                                                             If the student meets the requirements of their EMA contract, they can

                                                                                      also receive bonuses (currently up to £500 for a two year school or
 In order to fully appreciate the extent of the problem, we need to
                                                                                      college course).
 listen to our children and young people.
                                                                                      EMAs are available for a range of courses including GCSE, GNVQ,
 The previous survey showed that growing numbers of pupils thought
                                                                                      NVQ, Basic Skills, vocational courses and some work-based learning
 their schools were good or very good at resolving incidents, which
                                                                                      courses such as Entry to Employment (E2E) or Programme Led
 is very encouraging, but until this damaging behaviour has been
                                                                                      Pathways (PLP).
 eradicated from our schools and communities we will to work with
 schools to continue to monitor and evaluate our practices.

 This year’s survey went to schools in May, the results are being added
 to the Poole database and returned to schools so improvements can
 be made. The results of the survey will be shared with all schools early
                                                                                      How to apply You can apply for EMA at any time, even if you don’t
                                                                                      know which course you want to do or if you change your mind later
                                                                                      on. To apply, young people should open a bank or building society
                                                                                      account in their own name and have a letter from the bank with proof
 in the Autumn Term.                                                                  of the account.
 If you would like more information contact Sammy Boyle,                              Local Connexions offices can help young people with their
 Secondary Strategy Behaviour and Attendance Consultant e-mail:                       applications or Tel. 262736.                                                 Go to or phone the EMA helpline on
                                                                                      080 810 16 2 19 to find out more.

                            Cllr Brian Leverett, Leader of the Council

                          “ Following Poole’s local elections in May, a new Cabinet has been chosen and its task is to deliver the Council’s priorities.
                            During the last few weeks your Council has been deciding the priorities on which to focus its attention. This is a time of
                            destiny for Poole with great potential for growth and investment, which is essential for the long-term prosperity of our town
                            and for future generations.
                            Some of our former objectives have either been delivered or are continuing as part of the Council’s daily work – Customers
                            First now operates as an effective customer service team dealing efficiently with 20,000 enquiries a month and Poole’s town
                            centre is already changing for the better and will continue to be the focus for much work, revitalizing this important area of
                            the town. This progress now affords us the opportunity to concentrate our attention on other things.
                            After very careful consideration, the whole Council is supporting the following new objectives for our ever-evolving town:

                                                   Supporting                                                                      Promoting
                                                   children and                                                                    Health and
                                                   young people                                                                    well-being

                                                    Protecting                                                                     Strengthening
                                                    Poole’s                                                                        our
                                                    environment                                                                    communities

These are ambitious objectives for any town, especially one with such                                                             Developing
low government funding as Poole, but unless we address all of them                                                                a dynamic
we are never going to achieve our true potential. However, we realise
that the Council is only one part of a very complex community and, giving                                                         economy
a strong lead, we intend working with all our partners (Police, Health
Authorities, Housing Associations, the University and College etc.) but
most importantly with you, the residents. Together we can and will achieve
the results that we all desire for our town.
Good work has already begun in many of these areas, but we are well aware
that much still remains to be done. This edition of Poole News includes
articles on how many schools are achieving Healthy School Status and
further ways of helping to protect Poole’s unique environment.
The next few years could see new landmark buildings, new businesses
having confidence to invest in Poole, bringing new jobs for our young        The members and officers of the Council, led by its Cabinet, look forward
people. With funds earmarked to improve our schools, they will be better     to continuing to work with all concerned to ensure that Poole achieves its
equipped to develop the skills which are vital for today’s modern world.     true potential and secures a prosperous future.

                                 Healthy Schools
‘Healthy Schools help children and young people reach their potential by                                                         Chef’s Challenge
building on a solid foundation to do better in learning and in life.’
                                                                                                                    Paul Wallington, Head Chef at Carter
POOLE schools are all involved in the National Healthy Schools                                                      Community College, jumped at the
programme aimed at helping young people to be more healthy.                                                         chance of producing a healthy meal in 20
It’s not just about physical health, it’s about good health and happiness.                                          minutes at a Chef’s Challenge Evening at
A Healthy School involves the whole community, from children and                                                    Hamworthy First.
parents to governors and staff, in getting the most out of life.                                                    Paul said: “I was only too happy to
22 Poole schools have already achieved National Healthy School Status                                               demonstrate that healthy meals don’t
and work on these four themes:                                                                                      need to take ages to produce.” Paul
• Personal, Social and Health Education including drugs, sex and                   prepared chicken with beansprouts and vegetables in black bean sauce
    relationship education                                                         and also roasted vegetables.
• Healthy Eating giving pupils the confidence, skills, knowledge and               Nia Thomas who organised the evening said: “When the parents and
    understanding to make healthy food and drink choices                           carers arrived they were offered fruit kebabs made by children from the
• Physical Activity encouraging parents to let their children walk or cycle        cookery club and later, they all enjoyed the tasting session. The Carter
    to school and 2 hours structured physical activity per week                    students also showed us some great ideas for healthy lunchboxes.”
• Emotional Health and Well-being tackling bullying, boosting self esteem          Once again, Hamworthy Co-op supported the event by donating fruit
    and supporting children through difficult times                                hampers and raffle prizes.
                                                                                   Hamworthy First and Nursery – Healthy Schools achievements
Clare Taylor, Headteacher at Hamworthy First and Nursery School, said:
                                                                                   • Breakfast Club began in January
“Healthy Schools supports our ethos of caring for the whole child both
                                                                                   • Healthy Lunchbox ideas leaflet given to parents
mentally and physically, which provides the foundation for learning.”
                                                                                   • Fruit given to all children at break time from Nursery to Yr 3
                                             The Early Birds catch                 • Chef’s Challenge Evening
                                             the breakfast!                        • Health Fair held June 27th
                                            At 7.45 sharp, children                • Water fountains in each class
                                            attending the Early Birds              • Healthy Eating sessions embedded in the curriculum
                                            Breakfast Club begin their             • Hot school meals available from Carter Community School each day
                                            day with an exercise session           • All teachers, teaching assistants and mid-day supervisors have been
                                            followed by a healthy                     trained in basic food hygiene
                                            breakfast.                             Some schools have been working on a programme called SEAL (Social
                                            Based at Hamworthy First               and Emotional Aspects of Learning) where children learn to control their
                                            and Nursery School, the club           emotions. This has led to reduced conflict and improved learning.
                                            was initially trialled in January      In a discussion group, a year seven pupil from Talbot Combined School
on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, but Friday was soon added                   said: “Being in a healthy school has meant that there is less bullying
when the club became so successful.                                                now, we have the Listening Ear* and the School Council gets things
Wendy Rolls, a qualified PE instructor leads the exercise session. She             done.”
said: “We usually kick off the day with some physical activities for about

                                                                                   Cllr Tony Woodcock, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Children and Young
10 minutes, by then the children are ready to sit quietly at the table and
                                                                                   People’s Services, said: Where the Healthy Schools programme has
tuck into their breakfast.”
                                                                                   been adopted, parents have become more involved in their child’s
Early Birds offer fruit, toast, juice and a selection of cereal including          health and learning and often feel better themselves. Parents at
Cornflakes and Weetabix to 16 children a day and it’s a time for social            Hamworthy First School and Nursery have said that their children
interaction and developing good manners.                                           come home and talk about the programme which shows they enjoy
Nia Thomas, Healthy Schools Co-ordinator, said: “This is a great way for           it. For their part, schools are benefiting from steady improvement
the children to start the day and we are very grateful to our local Co-op          in behaviour and standards of work. This all creates a better
for providing our first six weeks food for the breakfast club, which was
a great start for us. We’re constantly looking at ways to improve Early
Birds and evaluation forms will be sent to parents at the end of term to
get their opinions.”
                                                                                   atmosphere in which to manage the school.
                                                                                   (*This is an initiative giving children the option to write down their problems or
                                                                                   concerns which are passed to the school’s Pastoral Care Worker who can later
                                                                                   discuss issues with the child concerned.)

Celebrating being Healthy
CHILDREN and staff of Old Town First School and Nursery have just
celebrated gaining the new “Healthy Schools Award”.
                  After being a healthy school for many years and one of
                  the first schools in Poole to achieve this new national
                  award in December 2006, a ‘Healthy School Day’ was
                  organised to celebrate. Children took part in skipping,
                  yoga, gymnastics, hand-jiving, meditation and circle
                  time activities. They also cooked healthy snacks to
share with their parents and enjoyed a healthy picnic lunch, funded and
prepared by the PFA.
After school, England Netball Star, Geva Mentor unveiled a plaque and
parents enjoyed a football match with the school football club playing
against the staff, ending in a one all draw.                                    Netball star Geva Mentor (top left) and Head Teacher Gill Taylor with pupils of Old Town First School and Nursery

Flying the flags
20 Years Of Perfect Beaches
PUPILS from Turlin Moor Middle School were delighted to take a couple
of hours off lessons to help Poole celebrate receiving its 20th Blue Flag at
Sandbanks beach in May.
The sun shone while the children formed a giant 20 in the sand to mark
this very special anniversary. Poole’s 3 ½ miles of golden sands are now
officially amongst the best in the country, if not the world and 20 Blue Flag
awards go a long way towards confirming it.
Poole’s first Blue Flag was presented in1987 and they have been awarded
regularly ever since. Poole is the only town locally to have achieved such
an accolade and it’s something the Borough of Poole are delighted to
shout about.

Cllr Peter Adams, Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture, explains what
is so appealing about Poole’s beaches: They are perfect for a family
day out or a relaxing break from every day life in the tranquil and
naturally beautiful surroundings that could rival any Mediterranean
destination. Every effort is put into keeping them to an extremely
high standard so that year-on-year they attract a host of people who

live locally or visit on holiday.
The Blue Flag is an internationally recognised award that looks at every
aspect of beach quality. To gain this prestigious status, beaches need
to have excellent bathing water standards, regular beach cleaning,
provision of lifesaving equipment and first aid, refreshments, suitable
toilet facilities, commitment to the environment and generally good beach
Poole beaches flying Blue Flags this year are: Sandbanks, Shore Road,
Canford Cliffs and Branksome Chine.

                                      …and a
                                      Green Flag
                                      for Upton!
                                      THIS summer a Green Flag will fly
                                      at Upton Country Park and staff and
                                      Friends of Upton Country Park are
                                      delighted that one of Poole’s favourite
                                      open spaces has been officially
                                      acknowledged with this prestigious
 Acres of landscaped gardens, unique plants including the exotic Puya             popular    walks   through   the
 plant from Chile and numerous walks and viewing spots make the park              gardens, woodland and shoreline
 a top quality destination.                                                       that surround Upton House also
                                                                                  formed part of the day’s judging
 Preparations towards this achievement began in September 2006. Nick              schedule.
 Woods, Leisure Services Ranger, said: “My team has been working hard
 with the Friends of Upton Country Park to make sure that the judges              Cllr Peter Adams, Cabinet Portfolio

 would be really impressed when they visited in the spring. The park has          Holder for Culture and Leisure,
 so many unique features that we felt confident that a Green Flag could           said: This award is welcome
 be within our grasp”.                                                            recognition for all the staff and
                                                                                  volunteers from the Friends
 Independent judges looked at all the visitor facilities and how staff maintain   group who work so hard to make Upton Country Park such a special
 the park’s historical and natural features. The award also reflects the          place. The award means that Upton Country Park can fly its own
 high level of community involvement on the site and volunteers from the          Green Flag confident in the knowledge that it is among the best

 Friends assisted on judging day.                                                 managed parks in the country.
 Judges were particularly impressed with the Peacock Tearooms, where              The prestigious national award scheme for parks is run by the Civic
 they were served lunch by trainees working at the facility which provides        Trust and recognised by the Department of Communities and Local
 training in catering to national standards for people with disabilities.         Government, English Heritage and Natural England as the standard
 Two of the Park’s new attractions, an orienteering course set up in              parks and open spaces should aim for.
 partnership with Wessex Orienteering Club and plans for the restoration          For more information contact: Nick Woods, Ranger Team Leader e-mail
 of the walled garden, were drawn to the judges attention. The ever      or Tel.261334.

Ten Car Parks Hit The Park Mark                                              • Improved surveillance, signage and

                                                                                                                                                       Aaron Gardner fearthecat
                                                                             • Installation of audible warning systems in
                                                                                multi-storey car parks
                                                                             • Overall good management and
                                                                                maintenance of car parks
                                                                             • Upgrade of lighting
                                                                             • Replacement of signs and entry gantries
                                                                             • Replacement of all fire doors in multi-storey car parks
                                                                             • Refurbishment of lifts (completion 2008)
                                                                             Park Mark is an initiative of the Association of Chief Police Officers aimed
                                                                             at reducing crime and the fear of crime in parking areas. The criteria sets
                                                                             the highest standards, utilising expertise and practical knowledge from the
                                                                             British Parking Association, who administer the scheme.

                                                                             Richard Hein, Parking Services Manager for Borough of Poole, said;
                                                                             Crime in Borough of Poole controlled car parks fell to the lowest levels
                                                                             ever in 2006/07, with only ten vehicle crimes this year in Council multi-
                                                                             storey car parks despite 1,790,997 users. In all car parks a total of only
                                                                             30 crimes were committed despite nearly four million users. We are
                                                                             confident that the Park Mark scheme has been a positive contributor to

TEN Poole car parks are now accredited under the ‘Park Mark’ Safer
Parking Scheme and car crime figures in Poole are at an all time low.
Working with Poole Safe Together Partnership, the Council has been making
                                                                             this improvement.
                                                                             Car parks accredited under the Park Mark scheme are: Broadstone (Story
                                                                             Lane and Station Approach), Harbourside 1, Branksome Chine, the four town
                                                                             centre car parks, Sandbanks and the Dolphin Swimming Pool car parks.
car parks around town more welcoming and implementing the Park Mark          For more information contact Richard Hein, Parking Services Manager Tel.
Safer Parking scheme criteria ….                                             262150 or


                                                                        special button which when       This dispenser reminds you when medication
                                                                        pressed confirms that you       is due with an audible sound. Should the
                                                                        are safe and well. If you do    medication not be taken from the dispenser
                                                                        not press the button you        the alarm is raised at the control centre.

Technology                                                              will be contacted by the
                                                                        control centre. If you do
                                                                                                        Is it for me?

for FREE
                                                                        not answer they will then       If you are 60 or over, live in your own home
                                                                        contact your nominated          in the Borough of Poole and have a standard
                                                                        contacts.                       telephone socket then YES.
DO you consider yourself to be an                                       2. Falls Detector               What will it cost?
independent person who is 60 or over?                                   Do you have a fear of           Absolutely nothing! The project has been
If so, then read on to find out more about how                          falling and wonder how          funded by a government grant which enables
Assistive Technology could benefit you.                                 long you could be waiting       us to provide equipment and products FREE
                                                                        for help?                       for one year enabling individuals to have peace
What is Assistive Technology?                                                                           of mind, feel safe and independent in their own
                                                                        This useful device will
The term Assistive Technology encompasses                                                               homes.
                                                                        automatically detect if an
a broad range of monitored equipment such
                                                                        individual has fallen and
as Fall detectors, Bed and Chair Occupancy
Sensors, smoke and flood detectors,              3
                                                                        raise the alarm which is        If you or a family member could
                                                                        sent to a control centre        benefit from Assistive Technology or
medication dispensers. They are designed to
                                                                        and response mechanisms
support older people and their carers enabling
                                                                        put in place.
                                                                                                        would like more information contact
people to remain in their own homes.                                                                    Social Services Helpdesk
                                                                        3. Medication Dispenser
1. Alertacall Wellbeing Confirmation System
                                                                                                        Tel. 633902
                                                                        Do you or a family member
Do family members worry about you?                                                                      or e-mail:
                                                                        sometimes forget to take
The Alertacall system is a telephone with a
                                                                        important medication?

                                    Tall Ship trip marks Twinning anniversary
                                     AS Poole celebrates 30 years of twinning with             The Poole-Cherbourg Twinning Association is
                                     its closest French neighbour Cherbourg, the               delighted to offer two places on board this special
                                     anniversary is being recognised by supporting             journey to applicants aged 18 – 26 years who will be
                                     youth projects.                                           joined by two students from Cherbourg.
                                     Most notable is a youth training voyage, ‘The             Applications in writing for this once in a lifetime
                                     French Connection’ on board the TS Prince William,        experience can be made to: Gina Wilcox, PCTA
                                     5th –12th October.                                        Secretary, 68 Longfleet Road, Poole BH15 2JE.
                                                                                               No previous sailing experience is necessary!

Protecting Poole’s Environment
Helping us care for the environment
‘PROTECTING Poole’s Environment’ is one of Poole’s new objectives.
Looking after Poole’s beautiful green open spaces and award winning beaches,
keeping our streets and public footpaths clean and tidy and improving the level of
recycling and waste disposal facilities, has always been highly important and is now
being strengthened around the borough.
Success cannot be achieved in isolation and by working with others, higher standards
can be reached and new initiatives are more likely to be supported.

Councillor Don Collier, Portfolio Holder for the Environment, said: We are working
hard to strengthen relationships within the community. We need to listen,
respect and respond to residents, who know the issues and can be so
instrumental in resolving them. Working in partnership is the only way to make
sure we protect Poole’s environment now and for the years to come.
In the Bourne Valley area, a good example of community-led work began in
September with a ‘Have your Say Day’. Residents took photographs of the things
they liked and disliked about their neighbourhood and now work on £400,000 of
improvements is coming to an end.
As a Local Area Agreement (LAA) project, ‘Closing the Gap’ focuses on bridging the
inequalities gap experienced by residents in some areas within Poole. The project        Clean up day
has seen the Council working with Dorset Police and Poole Housing Partnership, on
a range of improvements including:
                                  • Waste collection days - 15 skips, 1 refuse truck,
                                     4 flat bed trucks - in total 17.9 tonnes of
                                     waste collected!
                                  • Reseeding grass areas and painting the zig zag
                                     site - 50 residents joined the Safer
                                     Neighbourhood team and ward councillors to
                                     clean up the area and help with work
                                  • Improvements to the Youth Centre - following
                                     consultation with young people,
a multi use games area and new play equipment have been provided thanks to
developer contributions from planning obligation funding. Young people have
also secured funding to refurbish the inside of the youth centre
• School visits encouraging young people to protect their local environment
• Resurfacing of roads and public footpaths
• Graffiti and flytip removal on private and council property
• A community shop to be opened shortly
Ward councillor Lindsay Wilson said: “This project has encouraged residents to
take responsibility and improve their local environment. The results are clear to see,
people told us about the issues in their area and since getting involved, they are
                                                                                         Arne Avenue since resurfacing
taking a pride in their neighbourhood and it is making a real difference.”

                               Before                                                                           After

Recycling on the Beach!
POOLE residents continue to do a sterling job when it comes to
recycling at home and there is an excellent understanding by local
                                                                               Cllr Don Collier, Portfolio Holder for the Environment, said: We are
                                                                               overwhelmed by the level of commitment Poole residents have
                                                                               shown to both our garden waste services. By doing their bit,
                                                                               residents are making a significant contribution to protecting Poole’s
families of how important it is. With local people working so hard, the        environment. We hope these schemes continue to be supported as
Council’s next mission is to improve visitors’ recycling levels during the
busy summer season. Listen out for the advertisements on 2CR FM for
further details.
With over 500,000 visitors to Poole’s beaches each year and over 120
                                                                               more people see the benefit of this.
                                                                               Two collection points are:
bins and 40,000 cubic litres of refuse collected each day, there is a strong   Date (Saturdays)         Location                  Time
need to promote the recycling message to beach users. As part of this
effort, 55 new recycling bins have been delivered to Poole beaches.            4 & 18                   Rossmore Leisure          09:00 -12:00
Exactly like the home recycling bin scheme, blue bins are for recycling
and black bins are for non-recyclable refuse so they are instantly                                      Baiter North Car Park     13:00 - 16:00
recognisable to local people.                                                  September
                                              For visitors, the new bins
                                                                               Date (Saturdays)        Location                   Time
                                              are extremely user friendly
                                              with clear labels explaining     1, 15 & 29              Rossmore Leisure           09:00 -12:00
                                              which items should be                                    Centre
                                              recycled: paper, plastic                                 Baiter North Car Park      13:00 - 16:00
                                              bottles, cardboard, glass, tin
                                              and aluminium cans. So far,      Both are open fortnightly on a Saturday. For more information call
                                              the bins have been a huge        Customer Services Tel. 261700 or visit
                                              success with beach users.
                                              The Frith family (pictured)
                                              from     Salisbury,     visit
                                                                               We can do more
                                              Sandbanks regularly in           We’re doing a fantastic job at recycling our waste in Poole. 78% of us
                                                                               say we’re committed to recycling so there’s room to do even more…

                                              the summer. Jane Frith
                                              said:   The     bins    are      Cans – it can be a messy job but remember you’re caring for your
                                              prominently placed along         environment so give it a rinse…even aerosols can go in your blue bin!
                                              the beach front and
                                                                               Plastics – those bearing the familiar     such as milk bottles can go in
                                              certainly make recycling
                                                                               your blue bin. Just check the container to be certain.
                                              easier. Before these bins
                                              I would have just dropped        Cardboard – Simply tear up large boxes into small pieces (it’s excellent
                                              a magazine or an empty           exercise and a good stress buster too) … and put it in the blue bin!
                                              can of drink in a litterbin      The posters below are featured in an exciting new ‘recycle 5’ campaign.
                                              but these new bins make          You should see the ‘When I grow up’ adverts on bus shelters and buses as

                                              it easy to recycle without       well as being used as posters and postcards throughout the Summer.
                                              even thinking about it!
                                                                               Five different adverts focus on items that can go into Poole’s blue
                                        Garden Waste                           bins. The campaign is being funded by WRAP (Waste Resource Action
                                                                               Programme) which has awarded Borough of Poole over £259,000 to
                                        Collection                             promote blue bin recycling.

                                        SINCE the introduction of
                                        the green bin Garden Waste
                                        Collection Scheme in June 2006,
                                        an enormous 57.52 tonnes of
                                        material has been collected! This
                                        is equivalent to 13,050 average
                                        sized wheeled bins full of garden
During home compost awareness week in May, road shows were held
throughout the borough. Residents were given advice from a home
compost advisor and were also encouraged to use the garden waste
collection points.
For those homes which don’t have a green bin service, garden waste
collection sites are particularly useful. With two sites operating in the
borough, residents can dispose of large quantities of garden waste free
of charge. Trailers and vans are permitted.

Street Watchers                                                                 Environmental Target
– Your Street Needs You!
DO you take pride in the area you live in? Do you think more could
be done to keep your area clean and tidy?                                       The Borough of Poole and
                                                                                the Office of the Deputy
Poole needs resident volunteers who want to improve the area they
                                                                                Prime Minister signed an
live in.
                                                                                agreement in 2004 with
Dog mess on the pavement, a wall covered in graffiti or an abandoned            the intention of further
vehicle, are all commonly regarded as untidy and unsightly, however             improving services for
these incidents often go unreported and therefore untreated.                    residents of Poole.
As a Street Watcher, volunteers would work alongside the Council to             £90,000 of government
keep an eye out and report anything that makes their neighbourhood less         funding was provided
desirable. Acting as the eyes, ears and voice for the area, you will assist     over a three year period,
in making your area clean and somewhere to be proud of!                         to employ two people
                                                                                to operate the Environmental Response Unit and the Council was set
                                                                                ambitious targets to remove graffiti, flyposting, chewing gum and litter
                                                                                from Poole’s streets.
                                                                                The team inspected and cleaned all Council property and formed
                                                                                partnerships with other agencies to tackle problems affecting private
                                                                                property. Not only did the team meet the targets but by far exceeded
                                                                                them as these figures show:

                                                                                Following reports from the public or by a council officer:
                                                                                 • Average response time for removing offensive graffiti 3.13 hours
                                                                                   (target: 20 Hours)
                                                                                 • Average response time for removing non offensive graffiti 9 hours
                                                                                   (target: 12 days)
                                                                                 • Average response time for removing flyposting 1 day (target 4 days)
                                                                                 • Average response time for removing chewing gum from designated
                                                                                   areas 8.5 days (target 18 days)
                                                                                 • Reducing the Borough’s street cleansing failure rate for 2006/07 to
                                                                                   13% (target 24%)

                                                                                This impressive achievement has made a noticeable improvement to the
                                                                                quality of Poole’s environment. The team’s success is being rewarded
                                                                                by the Council receiving a further £262,920 of government funding to
                                                                                reinvest in council services.

We are looking for approximately 40 volunteers from around the borough.
In the first instance, we are trying to gauge the level of interest and would
                                                                                Waste and Cleansing Service
like to hear from anyone who thinks they would make a good ‘Street
Watcher’, or would like more information.
                                                                                                                    Waste collection and cleansing are
If you would like to improve the look of your area but can’t to commit to                                           two areas which residents have
being a ‘Street Watcher’ there are other ways to get involved:                                                      great interest in. The Council has
•   The Council can provide a graffiti removal kit for anyone who wants to                                          produced two leaflets to help advise
    clean up graffiti on their private property                                                                      and inform residents about the
                                                                                                                     standards you can expect to see in
•   Litter Picks – This can be a great community activity that members of                                            your area and what you can do to
    the community, young and old can join in with. Borough of Poole can                                              help us make things better.
    help organise these and loan the kits including gloves, pickers, sacks.
    The Council will work with the organisers after any clean up to remove                                          These are available online at
    any waste collected.                                                                                  
                                                                                                                    environment or you can
If you would like to volunteer as a Street Watcher or want more information                                         request a leaflet by contacting
on this, borrowing a graffiti kit or organising a litter pick, please contact                                       Customer Services Tel. 261700.
Tel. 261747 or e-mail:

                                                   SAFER POOLE
‘Lock It Or Lose It’
Summer Campaign To Beat Cycle Theft
VEHICLE crime typically focuses on car vandalism and theft, however
bike users are no less at risk than car users. Surprisingly, last year saw
339 thefts of pedal cycles in Poole, which is an 11.5% increase on the
previous year.
As a result the Police and Poole Safe Together Partnership have teamed
up with local bike retailer Bikelab to launch this summer’s ‘Lock It or
Lose It’ campaign aimed at beating pedal cycle thefts in Poole.
The campaign is aimed at increasing awareness amongst bike users
about the importance of a bike lock. Throughout June police gave away
500 free Kryptonite D-Locks (srp £30) and UV marking pens for pedal

Supt Nick Hazelton said: People need to be more vigilant when
leaving their bikes, never leave them unattended, always lock them
to something secure and remove any accessories such as lights
that could be taken from the bike.
If you missed the chance to receive a free bike lock or UV pen, these are
available to purchase at Bikelab, 2-4, Wimborne Road. Tel. 330011 or

You’re Safe And Sound
PUB and restaurant managers around
Poole have been working hard to ensure
their customers can enjoy a bite to eat or
a relaxing drink in a safe environment.

                                                                             Partnership Success
Poole’s safest       premises have been
accredited under the prestigious ‘Safe &
Sound Awards Scheme’ meeting criteria

                                                                             in 2006/07!
which includes prevention of crime, disorder
and public nuisance, maintaining public safety and protecting children
from harm.
Run by the Poole Safe team, the scheme brings Licensing Officers             POOLE Safe Together Partnership has been working
from the Borough of Poole and Dorset Police officers together to build       tirelessly over the last year to bring crime down in
positive partnerships with the licensed trade to advise landlords aiming     Poole. The results are in and it looks as though the
to achieve an award.
                                                                             work paid off!
Poole Safe team member PC Chris Ingram, said:
                                                                             In 2006/07, compared with 2005/06:
“The Safe and Sound Awards represent an excellent working
partnership that has developed between licensees, the authorities            • Crime down by 10%, (on track to meet government target to
and other partners. We are proud of the efforts that have been                 reduce crime by 17.2% by 2007/08)
made by all involved and look forward to being part of the town’s            • Vehicle crime reduced by 24%
development in the months and years ahead.”                                  • Wounding (assault involving injury) reduced by 16%
                                                                             • Criminal damage reduced by 11%
                                     An awards ceremony was held to
                                                                             • Burglary reduced by 3% on already very low numbers
                                     announce three main winners and
                                     accredit a further 20 premises who      Cllr Ann Stribley, whose portfolio includes the Safe Together
                                     were all awarded a certificate for      Partnership, said:

                                     display and a window sticker to
                                     promote their status.                   All in all it’s a great result for Poole and we’re still working on
                                                                             improving our status as the second safest town in the country!
                                    The Gold Award was presented to
                                    Penn Central at Penn Hill. Owner         The Partnership is interested in hearing people’s views on crime
This year’s winners                 Mike Callaghan said: “We have            in Poole and has devised a short questionnaire. It will only take
worked hard to train our staff to deliver a first class service and safety   a few minutes to complete and it gives residents a chance to
is an integral element of this”.
The Silver Award was presented to the Victoria Cross in Parkstone.
The Bronze Award was presented to the Inn In The Park,
Branksome Park.
                                                                             influence which crimes are tackled over the next year.
                                                                             If you would like some copies of the survey please call Vikki Howe
                                                                             Tel. 633497 or e-mail

                           
                                                                                     
   
                                                                                                                        
                                                                                             
                                                                                               
                                                                                                                     
                                                                                              
                                                                                              
                                                                                                
                                                                                                                         
                                                                                                             
                                                                                                   
                                                                                                                        
                                                                                                                                  Sponsored by

          
       
      
       
                                                                                                                       
                                                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                                                 
                                                                                                                                            
                                                                                                                      
                                                                                                                        
                                                                                                                        
                                                                                                                         
                                                                                                                        
                                                                                                                         
                                                                                                                          
                                                                                                                         
                                                                                                                      
                                           
                                   
                                            
                                          
                                    
      
                      
                 
                      
                     
                       
                   
                

                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                        
                                                                      
                                                                 
                                                                   
                                                                   
                                                                     
                                                                                                  
                                                                                                 
                                            
                                                                                                                
                                            
                                                                                                                 
                                             
                                                                                                                  
                                            
                                                                                
                                            
                                                                            
                                              
                                                                       
                                              
                                            

                      
     

     Contacting Your Local Ward Councillor
      Lindsay Wilson
                                            CREEKMOOR WARD
                                            Les Burden
                                                                                   News from the Parlour
      e-mail:   e-mail:          SINCE the Mayor took office in May, he has been involved in a
      Tel: 633043                           Tel: 693920                            busy round of events.
      Charles Meachin                       Judy Butt                              Some of the highlights ...
      e-mail:        e-mail:
      Tel: 682405                           Tel: 650276                            Royal Marines Falklands Parade On 24
                                                                                   May, Mayor of Poole, Councillor Jeff Allen and
      Tony Trent                            John Rampton
      e-mail:          e-mail:         Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Dorset, Mrs
      Tel: 511240                           Tel: 265875                            Valerie Pitt-Rivers, inspected the Guard of the
      BRANKSOME EAST WARD                   HAMWORTHY EAST WARD                    Royal Marines, Poole on Poole Quay, where
                                                                                   they assembled during their Parade through
      Mary Hillman                          Roger Gregory
      e-mail:        e-mail:
                                                                                   the town.
      Tel: 773078                           Tel: 633020                            Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Falklands War, the Royal
      Guy Montrose                          Mike White                             Marines, Poole marched through the town to exercise their right as Freemen
      e-mail:     e-mail:        of the Borough. A short service followed in Falkland Square, conducted by
      Tel: 633022                           Tel: 256712
                                                                                                              Reverend Martin Evans RN Chaplain Royal Marines,
      BRANKSOME WEST WARD                   HAMWORTHY WEST WARD                                               Poole with speeches by the Mayor of Poole and
                                                                                                              Lieutenant Colonel Guyer, Royal Marines, Poole.
      Philip Eades                          Graham Chandler
      e-mail:          e-mail:                                   Civic Service and Parade On Sunday 10 June,
      Tel: 07977 431887                     Tel: 675371
                                                                                                              the Mayor held his Civic Service at St James’
      Joyce Lavender                        Michael Wilkins                                                   Church, Thames Street. A full Ceremonial Civic
      e-mail:       e-mail:
      Tel: 741817                           Tel: 240427
                                                                                                              Parade followed along Poole Quay to the steps of
                                                                                                              the Guildhall. The Parade was accompanied by the
      BROADSTONE WARD                       POOLE TOWN WARD                                                   bands of the Salvation Army, Poole Sea Cadets and
      Michael Brooke                        Chris Bulteel                                                     other local organisations.
      e-mail:         e-mail:
      Tel: 696549                           Tel: 745494                            Coming soon ...                            Sunday 2 September The Mayor
                                                                                   Wednesday 31 July As part of the           will open the ‘Party in the Park’ at
      Graham Mason                          Brian Leverett
      e-mail:          e-mail:        Scouting Centenary celebrations, the       Ashley Cross at 1pm.
      Tel: 695507                           Tel: 676104                                                                       Sunday 23 September
                                                                                   Mayor will receive the Spirit Flame on
      Daniel Martin                         Carol Evans                            Poole Quay and present it to Lilliput      The Mayor will launch the
      e-mail:    e-mail:
      Tel: 07790 396919                     Tel: 633020
                                                                                   Sea Scouts who will take it across to      Harbourside Community Walk
                                                                                   Brownsea Island.                           at 8.30am everyone welcome to
      CANFORD CLIFFS WARD                   NEWTOWN WARD
                                                                                   Sunday 26 August The Mayor will            join in. More details available at
      Carole Deas                           Brian Clements                         open the popular ‘Poole Park Fest’ contact:
      e-mail:           e-mail:                                                   John Duckenfield: Tel. 767949.
      Tel: 709394                           Tel: 733158
                                                                                   on behalf of the ‘Friends of Poole
                                                                                   Park’ at 12 noon.
      May Haines                            Mike Plummer
      e-mail:         e-mail:
      Tel: 633026

      Neil Sorton
                                            Tel: 731338

                                            Graham Wilson
                                                                                   Carers’ Corner
      Tel: 888228                           Tel: 730909                                              Val Mitchell, Carers

                                                                                                     Services Manager,
                                                                                                     says We can help
      Graham Curtis                         Peter Adams                                              carers to look after
      e-mail:         e-mail:
                                                                                                     someone and have

      Tel: 690575                           Tel: 775192
                                                                                                     a life of their own.     they may be given information,
      Sandra Moore                          David Gillard                                                                     advice or services. Carers can also
      e-mail:          e-mail:                           People who look after
                                                                                                                              have their needs assessed. Some
      Tel: 388418                           Tel: 633023                            a friend or relative who has an illness
                                                                                                                              of the services that may be offered
      CANFORD HEATH WEST WARD               Janet Walton                           or disability often have to juggle their
                                            e-mail:          time and energy to accommodate
      Jeff Allen                            Tel: 633023
                                                                                   the demands of caring.                     For the cared for person:-
                                                                                                                              • Care services at home
      Tel: 675807                           PARKSTONE WARD                         For many people, caring is a 24/7
                                                                                                                              • Aids and adaptations to the
      Christopher Matthews                  Don Collier                            commitment. Others have to balance
      e-mail:       e-mail:          looking after someone with other
      Tel: 656838                           Tel: 710551                                                                       • Day activities or a day centre
                                                                                   family commitments or a job.
      MERLEY & BEARWOOD WARD                Ann Stribley                           For those balancing work and caring,       • Respite care
      David Brown                           Tel: 732969                            new government legislation can help.       • Short term care at home whilst
      e-mail:                                                 Since the Work and Families Act was            friends or family take a break
      Tel: 577538                           Tony Woodcock
                                            e-mail:        introduced in April 2007, employees
                                                                                                                              For the carer
      Daphne Long                           Tel: 771628                            who are carers can request a change
      e-mail:                                                                                             • Advice and information
                                                                                   in their working hours to help them
      Tel: 721491                           PENN HILL WARD                                                                    • Carers courses and study days
                                                                                   cope and employers must consider
      Peter Maiden                          Elaine Atkinson                                                                   • Support groups
      e-mail:                                                their needs as a carer.
      Tel: 888608
                                            e-mail:                                              • Outings and activities
                                            Tel: 746510                            Many carers struggle on alone without
                                                                                                                              If you are caring for someone you
                                                                                   any help. However, everyone who
Unsure which ward you live in?              Xena Dion                                                                         can talk confidentially to Val about
                                            e-mail:            has an illness or disability that means
Telephone Electoral Services on 633061.
                                            Tel: 633016                                                                       your caring situation or if you would
                                                                                   they cannot manage without help is
                                                                                                                              like to go on the mailing list to be
      Conservative                          Ron Parker                             entitled to a free assessment of their
                                                                                                                              advised of activities for carers please
                                            e-mail:          needs As a result of the assessment
      Liberal Democrat                      Tel: 707755                                                                       call 261174.

Time to get involved                                                          The Local Development Framework is the term given to the planning
                                                                              documents that the Council will produce. Over the next three years
                                                                              Poole’s planners will be producing five documents which support
PLANNING deals with the really big issues facing the town such
                                                                              appropriate development in Poole.
as where to build new homes, allow for job opportunities, ensure
adequate health facilities and protecting valued open spaces                  • Core Strategy - the overarching document for planning in Poole
and areas of nature conservation interest and it’s not just about             • Site Specific Allocations documents
deciding whether a house extension is acceptable.                             • Town Centre North Area Action Plan
This is achieved by producing the ‘Local Development Framework’               • Planning Obligations - funding for infrastructure needs
which, together with Poole’s Sustainable Community Strategy, sets out         • Heathlands - joint with other SE Dorset authorities
the vision and strategy for the town up to 2026.
                                                                              There has already been public involvement in the Core Strategy and

                                                                              during the summer, planners will be consulting on key issues and
      If you care how Poo                                                     options for the Site Specific and Heathlands documents (outlined
                             le will look in the                              below) and they would like to hear your views.
      future, now is the ti

                            me to get involved.                               So, if you have views about the long term planning of Poole,
                                                                              then drop us a line, send us an e-mail or just pick up the phone.
                                                                              e-mail or Tel.633360.

                                          Protecting heathland                Accommodating development
                                          ONE project which Poole plan-       ANOTHER document in the Local
                                          ners are currently working on, in   Development Framework, is the Site Specific
                                          conjunction with colleagues in      Allocations Development Plan Document
                                          neighbouring authorities, is the    which is also in the course of preparation.
                                          Dorset Heathlands Development       Residents as well as landowners and
                                          Plan document. This will be a key   developers, are invited to not only suggest
                                          part of the Local Development       suitable sites for development, but also
                                          Framework and will affect many      consider the Issues and Options put forward
                                          residents so planners would like    in the consultation leaflet, which may
                                          to hear local people’s views.       influence the future of the borough.
                                                                              The need for affordable homes, local jobs, business expansion and
Poole, Bournemouth, East Dorset, Christchurch                                 improved community facilities means that the town will continue to see
and Purbeck Councils have all been affected                                   change and new investment. The challenge is to ensure this is managed to
by planning restrictions imposed last year                                    preserve a high quality of life for the town’s residents and avoid harming
to help protect sensitive heathland in the                                    Poole’s many environmental assets.
area from the impact of development. The                                      This is a new Plan that will deal specifically with the future allocation of land
south east Dorset area has 8000 hectares                                      or specific sites within the borough and form part of the Local Development
of heathland lying within 43 Sites of Special                                 Framework (i.e. the Government’s revised planning system).
Scientific Interest (SSSI) which provides
                                                                              The consultation leaflet will be available in public libraries and sets out the
habitat to many rare species of birds
                                                                              main issues that face Poole in identifying sites to meet development needs
butterflies and reptiles.
                                                                              and invites comments on some of the options for development.
The new restrictions introduced 5km zones around the heathland which
                                                                              It can also be requested by e-mail
affects all development land within the borough. An ‘interim strategy’
expiring 2009, was introduced requiring financial contributions from          Your views are invited by early September and these will help the Council
developers of new properties within that zone to help offset the impact       consider all the alternatives. The next stage will be the publication of
of the development. These contributions are being used to provide better      the Preferred Options in the summer 2008 which will be informed by the
management of heathland, warden services and investing in alternative         feedback from the consultation.
open space.                                                                   If you would like to discuss this process or the leaflet itself, contact Helen
                                                                              Harris, Senior Planning Officer Tel. 633329 or e-mail helen.harris@poole.
A permanent solution to ease the potentially damaging effects of further
housing and population growth in south east Dorset is being sought by the
five councils.                                                                New homes in Poole
A discussion paper published for public consultation in August will be        DURING the year ending March 2007, 780 new homes were completed
available to view at the Civic Centre reception, in all public libraries in   including 603 flats, 153 houses and 24 bungalows. A total of 114 dwellings
Poole or on-line at                          were demolished so a total of 666 additional properties were built
For more information contact Strategic                Planning     e-mail:    in Poole. The figure for the previous year was 828. Hamworthy East had the or Tel.633360.                                most new homes largely due to the Shapwick Road development. Canford
                                                                              Cliffs, Parkstone and Poole town centre had just over 100 each.

Number cruncher?                                                        THE FEST ROCKS THE PARK -
IF you’re interested in how Poole’s finances
looked at the end of 2006/07, you can find                              26/27 AUGUST
a snapshot version and the full Statement                                              POOLE PARK FEST
of Accounts on                                                     returns this August
councilbudget                                                                          Bank Holiday week-
                                                                        end with fabulous live bands on the
                                                                        West Field stage.
Do you have a heart condition?                                          Sunday sees JK (pictured right) as
Poole Heart Support Group (PHSG) are                                    Robbie Williams, a favourite at Mr Kyps,
keen to contact Poole residents who are                                 with the Ju Ju Men, Stipe, Rockin the
not already members.                                                    Joint and Ezio entertaining the crowds
                                                                        from 1pm to 7pm.
PHSG produce a quarterly magazine
which provides useful information on local                              On Monday, The Great Pretender tops the bill with amazing Queen covers.
health services and general support for                                 Local favourites, The Agency and Ben Waters will provide support throughout
those with anxieties about their condition.                             the day.
Extra copies of the September edition are                               But it’s not just about music, the Fest offers two days of fun for all the family with
being produced and the group are keen                                   donations invited in support of the Friends of Poole Park. Bring some friends
for it to benefit a wider readership.                                   – you won’t be disappointed!
To obtain a free copy, contact Jan Mesher on 01202 250108 or e-mail
                                                                        For more information contact Bob Lister Tel.730476 or visit www.friendsofpoole
For those with impaired vision, large print and audio versions
will be available in September at local libraries, The Health
Information and Resource Centre, Poole Hospital and
Bournemouth Eye Hospital.
                                                                                                        Coming Soon
                                                                                                        To Your Letterbox...
                                                                                                        OVER the next few months, Poole residents will
                                                                                                        be asked to help with two important surveys.
                                                                                                        The first is a census of people living in newly built
 Make                                                                                                   homes such as Poole Quarter and Seldown Eco
                                                                        Village. The results will help us plan services for residents of new developments

 A Splash                                                               by finding out about the people moving in to these homes. Follow up work later in
                                                                        the year will help us gain a greater understanding of their experiences and needs
                                                                        which will also influence future new housing developments.
                                                                        The second survey will be used to find out about the childcare needs of local
                                                                        families. By learning about the type and extent of services required by Poole
                                                                        parents we can help to develop services to ensure there is enough quality
                                                                        childcare to meet local demand.
                                                                        In order to provide value for money services, the Council needs information about
                                                                        its residents. If you receive one of these questionnaires, please help us by taking
                                                                        the time to respond.
                                                                        The results of both surveys and feedback on how the results will affect local
                                                                        services will be reported in future editions of Poole News and online at www.
                                                                        For further information please contact:- Katharine Watters, Senior Research
                                                                        Officer, e-mail: or Tel. 633367.

                                                                        Action against Addiction
IT’S all change down at the Dolphin Swimming Pool.                      A NEW initiative has begun to help with the fight against drug addiction.
After undergoing a major £600K refurbishment, the Leisure Centre        With access to premises near the town centre, Poole Drug Action Team in
and health and fitness suite opened its doors in April with 120 new     partnership with other agencies and faith groups, is supporting substance
members joining the facility.                                           misusers in Poole. Offering a wide range of holistic services, this joint work aims
With state of the art cardiovascular and resistance equipment, the      to help clients in their journey towards independent living.
new suite also includes a new members only changing room and            Life isn’t always straightforward and no one has all the answers, but Poole Drug
sauna to relax those aching limbs after your workout.                   Services are working together to ensure that client needs are met as quickly and
Weekly exercise classes ranging from Body Pump, Aerobics and            effectively as possible.
Core Blimey (Abs Class) are also available in the studio.               Access to the new service will be through referral from any of the Poole Drug &
With membership fees starting from as little as £25.50 a month,         Alcohol Services listed below.
look no further - keeping fit at the Dolphin makes perfect sense. For   PACT: Poole Addiction Community Team Tel.633875
those with health referrals, special rates apply.                       EDAS: Essential Drug & Alcohol Service Tel.733322
For more information contact Ben Buckland, Fitness Manager              Action On Addiction Tel. 399101
e-mail: visit          Steven James Practice Tel. 660669
or Tel. 677217.                                                         For further information please call Poole DAT Tel. 633065 or 633635
                                                     Dates for your Diary

Town Centre Markets: Farmers’ Markets – Falkland Square and street market – High Street every Thursday from 8.30am Tel. 649433
Date                    Time                     Event                                                                              Venue                                                                          Contact
Every Monday            8pm                      Granny Cousins Ghost Walks – spooky tales of Old Poole                             Meet outside Scaplens Court Museum, lower High Street                      07977 969080
& Weds evening
till 5th September
Daily                   11.30 & 2pm              Guided walks                                                                       Brownsea Island                           707744 or
Daily                   11.15am & 1.45pm         Tractor Trails for less mobile visitors                                            Brownsea Island                         707744 or
Every Thursday                                   Summer Breeze on the Beach with Wave 105 – beach barbecues,                        Shore Road beach                              or 253253
evening in Aug                                   live music, volleyball – family fun and entertainment
Every Friday evening    7pm                      Coles Miller Quay for my Car                                                       Poole Quay
in Aug
Every Tues eve          6pm                      Condor Ferries Dream Machines                                                      Poole Quay                                        or 253253
till end Sept
4/5                                              Two days of live tribute bands                                                     Canford Park Arena, Magna Road               
8                                                Open Air Theatre trip with Singles that Mingle                                     Brownsea Island                or 07810 544326
8                       7.30pm                   Open Air Theatre –‘All’s well that ends well’ – Mons, Weds & Fridays               Brownsea Island                                                              251987
                                                 till 24 August
9/14                                             Zippo’s Circus                                                                     Canford Park Arena, Magna Road     or 0871 210 2100
12                      11am – 4.3-pm            Poole Lifeboat Station Open Day                                                    Poole Quay (near lifting bridge)                                                672439
18/19                   11am – 9pm               Bournemouth & Poole Town Show – arena events, music stage, dog shows               Canford Park Arena, Magna Road
                                                 – family fun
25/26                   1pm -5pm Sat,            Poole Flower Show in aid of the Shaftesbury Society Charitable Trust               Victoria School, Lindsay Road, Branksome                                        752014
                        10am - 5pm Sun
26/27                   10am – 4.30pm            August Craft Show – hand made arts and crafts                                      Upton Country Park                                
26/27                                            Poole Park Fest – two day free festival for all the family featuring live bands    Poole Park                                     
                                                 supplied by Mr Kyps Live Music Venue

Date                    Time                     Event                                                                              Venue                                                                          Contact
Every Mon &             8pm                      Granny Cousins Ghost Walk - spooky tales of Old Poole                              Scaplens Court, lower High Street                                      07977 969080
Weds eve
Every Tues eve          6pm                      Condor Ferries Dream Machines                                                      Poole Quay                                      or 253253
Ever Fri eve            7pm                      Coles Miller Quay for my Car                                                       Poole Quay                                      or 253253
Daily                   11.30 & 2pm              Guided walks                                                                       Brownsea Island                          707744 or
Daily                   11.15am & 1.45pm         Tractor Trails for less mobile visitors                                            Brownsea Island                       707744 or
2                                                Summer BBQ with Singles that Mingle                                                Branksome Dene Chine        or 07810 544326
2                       11am - 5.30pm            Poole Family Arts Festival - Free fun family arts festival - live music,           Upton Country Park                     Contact Marianne on 01202 633972 for more info
                                                 arts crafts, dance, theatre, set in beautiful gardens so bring a picnic!
14/16                                            Animal Windfest - major annual watersports event                                   Sandbanks                                       or 253253
15                      10.30am – 3.30pm         100 years of Scouting – Family activity weekend                                    Brownsea Island              or 707744
15                      8pm                      Sarruga presents Peixos (Fish from the Deep) Street artists from                   Poole Quay and High Street   or 08700 668 701
                                                 Barcelona present a spellbinding parade of underwater sea creatures
29                      2pm – 5pm                Open Day – Dolphin Indoor Bowls Club – a warm welcome awaits                       52 Waterloo Road, off Cabot Lane                                                675551
                                                 visitors to the club

Information provided above was correct at the time of going to press – it is advisable to check details in advance. For details of all performances at Lighthouse, Poole’s centre for the Arts visit

Borough of Poole Full Council, Cabinet meetings and Area Meetings at 7pm unless otherwise stated: All dates are provisional and subject to approval by Council
     Council Meeting....18 September                                                          Cabinet Meetings....4 September
     Area Meetings                                                                            Venue
     Hamworthy East and West and Poole Town                           5 September             St James’ Church Hall
     Canford Heath, Creekmoor and Oakdale                             12 September            TBA                                                        For more information
     Newtown and Parkstone                                            19 September            Committee Suite, Civic Centre                              contact Tel. 633043
     Canford Cliffs & Penn Hill                                       26 September            St Luke’s Church Rooms, Wellington Road                    or e-mail:

       DATE            DAY             TIME                    EVENT TITLE                                              DETAILS                                                  SITE/MEETING PLACE
     1 August          Wed        10.30 am - 4pm           Children’s Wildlife Funday         Come and meet a range of wildlife groups and join in with lots                              Upton Country Park
                                                                                                     of exciting activities at our annual Funday.
     5 August          Sun            2 - 4 pm            Guided walk Canford Heath             Find out about this internationally important site wildlife and            Meet at end of Francis Avenue, by gate, near
                                                               Nature Reserve                             history and what it takes to look after it.                       entrance to Knighton Heath golf course.
                                                              Turlin Moor Fun Day              Fantastic day of fun events from bouncy castles and climbing                  Recreation ground behind the pavilion on
     8 August          Wed           11am-4pm
                                                                                                  walls to face painting and art activities and it’s all free.                   Turlin Moor, off Blandford Road.
     18 August         Sat         9am -10:30am               Moth trapping event.              Why not come and be amazed by the sheer variety of these                 Upton Country Park in the walled garden, adjacent
                                                                                                                 night flying insects.                                            to the Peacock Tea Rooms.
       1 Sept          Sat        10.30am - 12pm         WATCH (for children ages 7-13)         Learn how fossils are created and where you may be able                           Classroom, Upton Country Park
                                                          Fossils - the past revealed                            to go in search of them
       3 Sept          Mon           9am -11am         Guided walk for Dorset Bird Week         Come and discover some of the wading birds of Holes Bay                Upton Country Park. Meet by the Peacock Tea Rooms.

     Are you interested in getting involved at your local nature reserve or open space? There are a number of ways you can help – acting as extra eyes on the sites,
                                                      reporting problems through to us, or helping with practical work.
        If you would like to find out more about taking part in conservation tasks or becoming a volunteer Tel. 265265 or e-mail:
                                      Sport Kiteboarding Special

WHEN it comes to watersports, it doesn’t So where does kiteboarding’s appeal lie?     Woodman Point in Western Australia and Shark
get much better than Poole Harbour.                                                   Bay in South Africa, are rated as her favourite
                                         “We get a lot of windsurfers who want to try
                                                                                      spots. With such extensive global experience,
The world’s second largest natural harbour                something else,” said Emma.
                                                                                                                      Emma has become one of the world’s top female
has long been a magnet for sailors,                       “The difference is you can go out kiteboarding              kiteboarders.
canoeists, water-skiers and windsurfers.                  when there is less wind. You only need 10-12 knots
                                                                                                                      The World Tour, which runs from April to September
Its sheltered waters and stunning setting                 to get a kite up, so you can almost go anywhere,
                                                                                                                      each year, is an official world championship. Last
provide the perfect location for all aquatic              any time.”
                                                                                                                      year, Emma was a consistent top 10 finisher and
enthusiasts.                                              And for a complete beginner?                                aims to finish with an overall top 10 world ranking
Now another sport is swiftly muscling its way on to                                                                   this year.
                                                          “You don’t need any previous experience on the
the scene – kiteboarding.                                 water. I have taught 14-year-old kids to 50-year-           “Along with wanting to do well in the competitions I
Though a relatively new addition to the adrenaline        old adults – it’s all about technique. The appeal           enter, I just want to enjoy my kiting and to promote
junkie’s roster, the sport is growing rapidly in          is the learning curve is not as steep as it is for          the sport,” she said. “I want to really push my
popularity.                                               windsurfing. You can have fewer lessons and be              boundaries and kite as many different beaches
                                                          a competent kiteboarder. Travelling is also a lot           with all the new friends I have made.”
Lessons in the harbour are available all year round,      easier as you only have a kite and your board, not
and it’s rare not to see kites dipping and weaving out    loads of big equipment.”                                    For those keen to have a go, contact:
at sea as you drive along Sandbanks nowadays.
                                                          Emma is also adamant Poole is one of the best               Surface2Air Sports,
Instructor Emma York, who teaches in Parkstone,           bases possible for any kiteboarder.                         14 – 16 Station Road,
has watched the sport blossom. “Kiteboarding
                                                          “Poole Harbour is amazing,” she said. “There is             Ashley Cross,
really is growing in this country now,” said Emma, 27.
                                                          somewhere to board whichever direction the wind             Poole.
“It really is taking off and we are trying to encourage
                                                          is coming from – Sandbanks, Branksome or even      or Tel. 738448
more people into it. Like many people, I started as
a windsurfer. I was teaching windsurfing in Greece        Knoll Beach at Studland. I don’t know many places           or Poole Harbour Watersports
when I first had a go at it. It’s only been a sport for   where that is possible.”
                                                                                                                      284 Sandbanks Road,
about a decade and at the start the kites were very       And someone with Emma’s extensive experience                Poole.
basic compared to what they are now.”                     should know. She has taught in Venezuela, South    or Tel. 700503
                                                          Africa and Australia, to name but a few locations.

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