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SLAM - Soma Records


G2 8LY
TEL: 0141 229 6220

                                              SOMA COMPILATION 2008
2008 has been a year of growth and development for Soma Records. Continually                      Soma CD074
adapting to an ever changing and volatile record industry, the label has been                     Release date: 15.12.08
persistently experimenting to find the successful formula for its niche output.
                                                                                                  1)  Slam – Stacatto Rave
In reality such a formula does not exist, but it is precisely this persistence and                    (Adam Beyer Remix)
experimentation that has kept Soma at the head of their game for so long. The label has           2) Octogen – The
always and will always maintain to push the boundaries of groundbreaking new music.                   Journeyman (Orlando
This they achieve through a balance of nurturing fresh, young talent whilst allowing their            Voorn Remix)
established artists the creative freedom to do what they do best. As label bosses Slam            3) Beroshima – Horizon
reach their 20 year in the DJ game, there is an omniscience around the imprint that                   (Funk D’Void’s Hope Mix)
allows this outlook to be possible.                                                               4) Funk D’Void & Sian –
                                                                                                      Ginebra (Onionz
Soma has this year welcomed more new acts to the label than ever before with Xpansul                  Corrosion Mix)
& Massi DL, Mr Copy, Harvey McKay, Decimal, and Jandroide (who appears on the                     5) The Black Dog – Train
digital version of the release) all featured on the 2008 compilation. These artists form the          By The Autobahn (DJ
bright future of Soma and are a large part of the progression in the label’s sound.                   Remix by Robert Hood)
                                                                                                  6) Vector Lovers –
Meanwhile the label’s finest have been collaborating with the biggest names in techno to              Raumklang
create some of their best ever work. Adam Beyer remixed Slam, Orlando Voorn created               7) Let’s Go Outside – Girls
an incredible interpretation of Octogen, Onionz reworked Funk D’Void who in turn did                  Don’t Like Me (Mark
Beroshima, Mark Broom threw down a chunky edit of LGO and, to top it all off, Robert                  Broom Mix)
Hood remixed the Black Dog…twice.                                                                 8) Xpansul & Massi DL –
                                                                                                      Nerd Soul
Gelling the collection together is a distinctly dancefloor ambience, a sound shared with          9) Mr Copy – Minerva
most of the label’s output in 2008. Soma has crafted its sound to perfection, defining the        10) Decimal – Eleanor
label as a quality source of deep floor-pounding house and techno better than ever                11) Harvey McKay – 69
before. In a computerised age where vast quantities of new music are hitting the digital          12) Silicone Soul – The Pact
shelves every week, with 4000 new tracks weekly uploaded onto Beatport alone, the                     (Bassline Dub)
function of the record label is more key than ever before. Soma welcome this change
and continue to adapt with it.

2009 promises to be a year of further experimentation from the imprint, with new
projects currently in progress shortly to be unveiled and yet more new acts due to make
their Soma debut as the label continues to expand into new horizons.

Artwork on the 2008 compilation comes from the skilled hands of Chantal Colson,
winner of the Soma 2008 Artwork Competition held with Resident Advisor. As part of
Soma continuing to support new talent the competition was held in association with RA
to seek out new designers. The competition proved to be a huge success with a number
of exceptional entries making the shortlist. Chantal’s design eventually won the contest
due to its subtle simplicity yet beautiful intricacy, both concepts at the heart of the label’s
musical output. Chantal explains, “The concept was to show the macro and the micro,
which in turn demonstrates the complexity of the different music that makes up the label
as a whole. So I chose to create a futuristic space-based scene complete with planets
with surfaces made up of minute rock-type details. Hopefully this displays the intricacy of
the music on the compilation and Soma's position as a global, forward thinking label.”

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