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					                                 Winona SHRM
                                       April 2007

In This Issue
 President’s Notes                     President’s Notes
 Upcoming Meeting Schedule             Teresa Knutson, President
 Seeking SHRM History
                                        Last month I had the opportunity to attend
 Your SHRM Foundation DOLLARS AT
                                        the SHRM State Leadership conference. It's
                                        an event coordinated by the MN State SHRM
 SHRM Member Receives Award
                                        Council for the leaders of SHRM chapters
 Legislative Update
                                        throughout Minnesota. In case you didn't
In the Margin                           know, there are actually 11 chapters in Minnesota affiliated
   Scheduled Meeting Dates             with SHRM. The state council also brought in a member
   SHRM Links                          from our regional manager, Martha Ramirez. The regional
   Contact Us                          team assists chapters in remaining affiliated and with
   State and National SHRM Events      chapter operations, recruiting & retaining members,
   Headlines                           attend/present at conferences and meetings. Martha shared
                                        ideas from other chapters in recruiting & putting on effective
                                        programs. The highlight for me was having Michael Layman,
Scheduled Meeting Dates                 Manager of Labor and Employment Legislation with SHRM
   Tuesday,   September 11, Noon       talk about bill activity. Of particular interest was the insight
   Tuesday,   October 9, Noon          on Kennedy's proposed legislation regarding sick leave and
   Tuesday,   November 13, Noon        that not only does it require businesses to add 7 days to the
   Tuesday,   December 11, Noon        existing leave plan, but it also requires that it is job
   Tuesday,   January 8, 11:30 a.m.    protected leave & be available to be used in the smallest
                                        amount of time reporting the company uses.
SHRM Links                              SHRM has doubled the amount of scholarships for HR
National SHRM website                   professionals, so if someone is looking to recertify or go back                            to school; there is money available for pursuing degrees or
MN State SHRM website                   HRCI certification. If you are in a volunteer role (or thinking                         about volunteering) you get extra credit, so it is something
                                        to consider.
Winona SHRM website.                  The State Council continues to work on the conference trying
 Username: first initial, last name     to make it even better than last year. In conjunction with
 Password: hr                           the conference is our state council's fundraiser for the SHRM
                                        foundation. Beginning this year, we'll be able to sell tickets
JobDig                                  for our basket at a meeting before the conference, so even if                          you don't go - you'll still have a chance to win and help
Winona SHRM                             support the SHRM Foundation at the same time.
PO Box 71, Winona, MN 55987             Enjoy the remainder of the summer.      We look forward to
                                        seeing you in the fall!
Contact Us
President                               Upcoming Meeting Schedule
Teresa Knutson                          Bonnie Kiese, Vice President
507-452-2881 ext. 334                   As I lose myself in the joy of summer, it's sometimes hard to          focus on our Fall and Winter SHRM meetings and schedules;
Vice President                          however, the schedule is starting to take shape. I thought I
Bonnie Kiese                            would give you an opportunity
507-523-2123                            to glimpse at what we have              tentatively planned. Our
                                        topics are mainly based upon
Secretary                               requests you had made on our
Stacy Zanzig                            surveys. There are a couple
507-452-5555                            specific speakers/topics               requested I still need to
Treasurer                               contact in an attempt to fulfill your requests which may
Volunteer Urgently Needed!              slightly change this schedule based upon their availability.
507-454-3621 ext. 137                    Date                Speaker             Tentative Subject
                                         Sept 11, 2007       Jan Northram;       Wellness, Health
Certification Representative                                 Winona Agency       Insurance Trends
Krissa Hilger, PHR
(507) 454-4643                           Oct 9, 2007         Ryan Ping;          Employee                                              Edward Jones        Education
Diversity and Workforce                  Nov 13, 2007        Steve Johnson;      Diversity re:
Readiness Advocate                                           Winona Co.          Veterans
Ann Nelson, PHR                                              Veterans Rep.
                                         Dec 11, 2007        Dawn Harris;        Employment
                                                             O’Flaherty Heim     Law/FMLA
Foundation Advocate                                          Egan, Ltd.
L. Susan Althoff, PHR
                                         Jan 8, 2008         Renee Englemeyer;   Recruitment &
                                                             Halcon              Retention                         11:30-1:00
Legislative Representative
                                        Have a wonderful summer!!
Michael Kreiling
Membership Chair                        Seeking SHRM History
Teresa Waters                           Stacy Zanzig, Secretary
608-248-2222 ext. 207
                                                       Do you have any historical information on
                                                       SHRM? We are currently in our 35th year and
Student Chapter                                        are seeking to find whatever history we can
Liaison/Education Advocate                             about our organization. We are looking for
Volunteer Urgently Needed!                             anything related to the group, articles,
507-457-2911                                           pictures, whatever you may have. If you       have something, please contact Stacy Zanzig
Web Coordinator                         ( or L. Susan Altoff at
Julie Palubicki                         ( Thank you in advance for your
507-452-3150                            assistance!
Past President
Susan Pronschinske
507-454-2996 ext. 206

State and National Events               Your SHRM Foundation DOLLARS AT
State Events                            WORK
 July 11 -- State Council Meeting,     L. Susan Althoff, PHR, Foundation Advocate
  Minneapolis Crowne Plaza                    Funded over $1.1 Million in research grants &
  Minneapolis North - 11:00 - 2:00.            graduate dissertation research
 October 14 - 16 -- State SHRM               Awarded over $85,000 annually in educational
  Conference, St. Cloud Civic Center,          scholarships to HR professionals and students
  St. Cloud. State Council Meeting
                                              Funded research resulting in 80 articles published in
  Oct. 15th.
                                               academic journals
 December 5 -- Crowne Plaza                  Created a DVD series of business case studies
  Minneapolis North - 11:00 - 2:00.            showing how companies like Yahoo! and SYSCO align
                                               HR and business strategy to drive business results.
National Events
 June 24-27, 2007: SHRM's 59th               Sponsored the advanced SHRM Masters Series at the
  Annual Conference & Exposition -             Annual Conference and Exposition where HR experts
  Las Vegas, NV                                share research findings and case studies.
                                        The following Winona SHRM members where listed in the
                                        2006 Campaign Contributors Honor Roll: Paula Brown, Cindy
Headlines                               Davis, Julie Palubicki, Gabrielle Peterson, Anne Ruppert.
these and other headlines, go to        Winona Chapter SHRM was listed as a Chapter Champion. In      order to be listed the chapter has to have demonstrated
ed/. Some articles require a national   outstanding commitment to supporting the SHRM Foundation
SHRM membership. Articles created       and complete three areas: Make a chapter contribution,
by other news sources are accessible    appoint a Foundation coordinator and hold a special
to all.                                 fundraising event on behalf of the Foundation.

Court Denies Home
Health Workers                          SHRM Member Receives Award
                                        Stacy Zanzig, Secretary
By Allen Smith                          MEDIASCOPE WINS ALFRED P. SLOAN AWARD FOR
             U.S. Department of         Two Local Businesses Receive National Recognition for
             Labor, which said that     Business Practicesat Award Ceremony Hosted By The Winona
             agency home health         Area Chamber of Commerce
             employees are not
             eligible for overtime      Mediascope, Inc. was named a winner of the Alfred P. Sloan
             protections.               Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility,
                                        distinguishing the employer as one of the top practitioners of
Small Companies                         workplace flexibility in the nation.
Struggle with                                      The Alfred P. Sloan Awards for Business
Regulations, Study                                 Excellence in Workplace Flexibility are part of the
                                                   When Work Works project, an ongoing initiative of
Finds                                              Families and Work Institute, the Institute for a
By Bill Leonard                                    Competitive Workforce (ICW), an affiliate of the
A NAPEO study finds that compliance                U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Twiga
with complicated government             Foundation to recognize businesses that are dedicated to
regulations poses a serious and         making work “work” for the employer and the employees.
frustrating challenge to most small     Through When Work Works, these partner organizations
businesses in the United States.        provide research, resources and recognition to businesses
                                        nationwide, and share the results of the research on creating
                                        effective and flexible workplaces that meet the needs of the

                                          21st century.
Some Consultants Have
                                          For Dave Steinquist, it’s strange to receive an award for
No Problem Hearing                        doing the right thing. The owner of Mediascope Inc. in
'No'                                      Winona remembered how important it was for him to be
By Lin Grensing-Pophal                    there at his kid’s sports games, so he felt it was only natural
Some consultants                          that his employees should be able to do the same. “Since it
are learning that                         was important to me, I would assume it helps you retain
hearing 'no'                              people,” Steinquist said. “People may start a job for pay, but
doesn't always end                        they stay for the environment.”
a conversation                            Other winners of the 2007 Alfred P. Sloan Awards for
about a business                          Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility announced at the
relationship.                             awards ceremony include:
Partnering Called                               Wells Fargo, Winona
Essential to Effective                    Representing a diverse range of employer size and industry,
Outsourcing                               winners of this prestigious award not only offer excellent
                                          workplace flexibility policies and practices, but they also use
By Stephen Miller
A new study says success in the           flexibility as a strategic business tool to benefit business and
                                          employees. Each of the winners will be recognized in a
outsourcing marketplace depends on
                                          national advertisement, just as 2005 and 2006 winners were
collaborative relationships between
                                          recognized in USA Today earlier this year.
clients and service providers.
                                          “Two of the biggest issues for employers in today’s economy
Only 29 Percent of                        are recruitment of top talent and retention of valued
Companies Plan To Add                     employees,” said Greg Roth, senior manager of programs for
                                          the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for a Competitive
Positions                                 Workforce. “The business community sees workplace
By MSNBC                                  flexibility as a vital piece in a broader plan to develop the
A Manpower survey indicates that          strongest possible workforce. As a strategy to stay
only 29 percent of employers plan to      competitive, workplace flexibility can be a sound business
add positions during the third quarter.   decision for employers no matter the size or industry sector.”
Seven percent expect to cut back on
employment.                               Applications for the Alfred P. Sloan Awards were open to all
                                          businesses in the greater Winona area with more than 10
DOL Revises Labor                         employees that had been in business for at least one year.
Certification Procedures                  Applicants were evaluated in a rigorous two-step process,
                                          first comparing the employer’s application to nationally
By J.J. Smith
The U.S. Department of Labor details      representative data from Families and Work Institute’s
                                          National Study of Employers, and then validating what
changes to the procedures for
                                          employers report against employee responses.
processing H-2B labor certification
applications at its new National          “This award is one of the most rigorous in the country,” said
Processing Centers.                       Ellen Galinsky, president of Families and Work Institute.
                                          “When comparing the winners to national data, they score in
                                          the top 20 percent of all employers in the U.S. – which is
                                          phenomenal,” she said. “To have employers’ data
                                          corroborated by their employees is what is most exciting.
                                          These businesses understand that workplace effectiveness
                                          and flexibility are part of being an employer of choice today.
                                          They are truly models for other companies.”
                                          Families and Work Institute research finds that effective and
                                          flexible workplaces have benefits for employers and
                                          employees alike. In fact, employees in effective and flexible
                                          workplaces are more likely to be:
                                                engaged in their jobs and committed to helping their
                                                 companies succeed
                                                satisfied with their jobs

Double-Digit Health Care                         to plan on staying with their employer

Cost Increases Forecast                   “Ten years of intensive data collection tells us that adopting
                                          workplace flexibility practices may be one the most strategic
The cost of providing health care to
                                          businesses decisions a company can make regarding its work
employees is expected to increase as
                                          culture,” says Patricia Kempthorne, founder and executive
much as 11.2 percent in the next 12
                                          director of the Twiga Foundation.
months, according to a survey.
                                          Winona is one of 24 select communities nationwide chosen to
                                          host and participate in the When Work Works initiative.
                                          Other communities participating are: Aurora, CO; Boise, ID;
                                          Brockton, MA; Chandler, AZ; Chattanooga, TN; Chicago, IL;
                                          Cincinnati, OH; Dallas, TX; Detroit, MI; Durham, NC;
                                          Houston, TX; Long Beach, CA; Long Island, NY; Melbourne-
                                          Palm Bay, FL; Morris County, NJ; Providence, RI; Richmond,
                                          VA; Salt Lake City, UT; Savannah, GA; Seattle, WA;
                                          Spokane, WA; Tampa, FL; and Washington, DC.
Employers Seek Grads
                                          For more information about When Work Works or the Alfred
with Technical, Soft Skills               P. Sloan Awards, please contact Elizabeth Miller at (212)
Employers seeking this year's college     465-8421 or at
graduates are vying for job
candidates with a well-rounded mix of
technical and soft skills. IT expertise
remains in high demand.                   Legislative Update
                                          Mike Kreiling, SPHR, Legislative Representative
Questionable Sick Day                     As you may have seen in the news, the U.S. Senate has suspended
                                          work on the comprehensive immigration reform bill. Senate leaders
Use Soars                                 took this action on Thursday night after senators voted not to cut
                                          off debate, thereby signaling what would have been a lengthy and
                                          contentious battle over the controversial legislation. In recent days,
                                          an increasing number of concerns had been voiced about the
                                          Senate proposal. Additionally, some members, who had hoped to
                                          offer amendments to the bill, criticized Senate leaders’ attempts to
                                          speed up a final vote. Although the bill’s sponsors say they hope
                                          the Senate will return to the legislation at a later date, prospects for
                                          passage are slim.
                                          A key part of the Senate proposal would require employers to
                                          participate in the government’s existing electronic employment
 Even though many American workers        verification system (EEVS), which SHRM has called “flawed” and
leave vacation days unused, some call     “inadequate.” SHRM has raised strong concerns about the
  in sick when they could be at work.     feasibility and fairness of this portion of the Senate bill, saying it
                                          would force HR professionals to act as surrogate border patrol
                                          agents and hold them accountable for the shortcomings of an
States Split on Wal-Mart                  inaccurate and unreliable verification system.
Overtime Suits                            As an alternative, SHRM has been advocating the establishment of
State courts in Missouri, New York        a more effective verification system that is dependable, efficient,
                                          easy to use, and capable of preventing document fraud and identity
and New Mexico don't agree about
                                          theft. To help achieve this goal, SHRM founded and leads the HR
whether lawsuits over whether Wal-
                                          Initiative for a Legal Workforce coalition, a partnership of HR
Mart failed to pay overtime wages         groups and employee and employer organizations.
should be granted class action status.
                                          SHRM and the HR Initiative coalition will continue to seek
                                          opportunities to support immigration reforms that ensure true
                                          employment verification -- and fair treatment for employees and
                                          employers. We’ll keep you informed of any developments on this


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