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									ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW   22/6/07   13:55   Page 1

                                                                  SUMMER 2007 · ISSUE 57

     T H E   J O U R N A L

     in this issue
                                F O R
                                        T H E     A S B E S T O S          M A N A G E M E N T   I N D U S T R Y

    Land remediation
    tax relief - advice for
    ARCA Members

     HSE warns schools
     about asbestos

     ARCA issues                                     Tax relief on asbestos
     Guidance on Type 3
                                                      remediation works
                                                                                      w w w. a r c a . o r g . u k
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                  TEL: 01277 225428                                                         FAX: 01277 200682

                             G. J. BOWMER  (WASTE DISPOSAL)
                           “ FA I RV I E W ” M A G P I E L A N E , B R E N T W O O D , E S S E X C M 1 3 3 D T

                 ASBESTOS DISPOSAL                                                  LICENSED WASTE
                     SPECIALIST                                                    CARRIERS ESS314009

                    Providing a competitive and efficient service to a
                     large number of Asbestos Removal Contractors,
               supplying sealed containers from 16 to 40 cubic yards.
                         We can also offer a collection service from a
                   bag to a bulker by our experienced, licensed staff.


                          All areas covered 7 Day 24 Hour Service

                 (01277) 225428
                         We accept these

                  and all other major credit cards
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                                                                                                 arca and atac news

      ARCA Contact details

      Terry Jago, Chief Executive
      Steve Sadley, General Manager
      ARCA House, 237 Branston Road,
      Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire DE14 3BT
      T: 01283 531126 F: 01283 568228 E: info@arca.org.uk
      W: www.arca.org.uk or www.atac.org.uk

      Editorial & Advertising Contacts

      Steve Sadley, ARCA
      Kirstie Colledge 0870 1994044
      Email: kirstie@simplymarcomms.co.uk
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      Advertising Details & Media Information
      Kirstie Colledge 0870 1994044
      Email: kirstie@simplymarcomms.co.uk                         asbestos in the news             5
      Production                                                  hse news                        10
      Stocks Design 0116 2673201

      Subscription Details                                        insurance news                  14
      Leanne Lawson ARCA
      Email: leanne.lawson@arca.org.uk                            transport news                  15
      01283 531126 extn: 203

      ARCA News is published by ARCA Limited. Reproduction        product news                13 & 16
      in part or whole of any item may only be undertaken with
      the prior written agreement of the Editor or ARCA.          tax update                      18
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           chief executives comment

                                                           new safeguards
                                                                           are being followed by majority
                                                                 We are now over six months into                   This type of survey is required when
                                                             the new Control of Asbestos                        a building is to be demolished or
                                                             Regulations 2006 which saw new                     refurbished and should always be
                                                             requirements applicable to the                     available prior to such work
                                                             removal of Textured Coatings. As                   commencing, HSE are in the process
                                                             readers will be aware we have                      of reviewing their own guidance in the
                                                             constantly urged both contractors and              form of MDHS 100 and we have
                                                             clients to adopt best practice by                  offered our guidance to them to assist
                                                             insisting on the use of                            in this process. HSE have advised the
                                                             decontamination facilities and third               association that they intend to use up
                                                             party clearance on all premises that               to 70 inspectors to carry out a
                                                             are to be reoccupied. At the recent                nationwide campaign to access duty
                                                             round of Regional meetings it is                   holders compliance with the duty to
                                                             pleasing to hear from our members,                 manage (Regulation 4 of CAR 2006)
               Welcome to Issue 57 of ARCA News.             both ARCA and ATaC, that the vast                  which remained in place since it was
                  All Member companies can submit            majority of clients are continuing to              first introduced in 2002 as part of the
               articles for inclusion in the publication     insist on these safeguards to protect              Control of Asbestos at Work
             and all articles will be considered. We are     both the workers and these                         Regulation. This regulation was
             hoping to run a ‘Letters Page’ in the next      reoccupying the premises.                          introduced to protect third parties
             issue so if you do have a burning issue to
                                                                 The Associations Technical                     when working in non-domestic
             raise with the industry, please put pen to
                                                             Committee continues to do excellent                premises and so this initiative by HSE
              paper to the ARCA News Editor at the
                                      address below.         work in preparing guidance notes on                meets with ARCA’s full support.
               Kirstie Colledge, ARCA News Editor,           all aspects of our industry, and have
                             Simply MarComms Ltd.,           just completed guidance on
                 18 Generator Hall, Electric Wharf,          commissioning, conducting and
                                    Coventry CV1 4JL.        interpreting a Type 3 survey.
                                    Tel: 0870 1994044.
                                                                 (See page 23)                                       T G Jago
                                    Fax: 0870 7774360.
                                                                                                                     Chief Executive
              Email: kirstie@simplymarcomms.co.uk

           Whose job is it to manage asbestos?
           Whatever your role in the removal or encapsulation of asbestos, the Duty to
           Manage legislation affects you. Luckily, Idenden is there to lend a hand. Our
           range of high performance adhesives, sealants, coatings and tapes is designed
           to offer maximum safety and security in hazardous
           situations. So when you really need a name you
           can depend upon, trust Idenden - the UK’s leading
           manufacturer of adhesion, sealing and protection
           products for asbestos abatement.

              BS EN ISO 9001:2000

      Bostik Limited Common Road Stafford ST16 3EH UK Tel: +44 (0) 1785 272727 Fax: +44 (0) 1785 257898 E-mail: idenden.sales@bostik.com www.bostik.co.uk

      04   arca & atac news
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW                   22/6/07     13:55     Page 5

                                                                                                             asbestos in the news

          HSE have recently released their Field
      Operations Division (FOD) statistics for 2006/
      2007 for FOD’s asbestos and licensing activities
      during the 2006/07 work year.
          Following a steady increase in the total number of notifications              The HSE have stated that 36 notices (6 Improvement Notices
      received by HSE over recent years, this years statistics saw a                and 30 Prohibition Notices) were issued during this period against
      reduction of approximately 13%, 44,723 notices this year compared             licensed contractors including one, which is under appeal. Safety
      to 51,511 last year. As the year the statistics are based upon runs           related incidents e.g. falls from asbestos cement roofs are excluded
      from April 2006 – March 2007, the removal of textured decorative              from these figures.
      coatings from the licensing requirement would only affect the                     Two licence holders were convicted for asbestos related
      figures for 41/2 months of the year in question, and therefore the            offences: action is in hand with regard to the status of both licences.
      reduction in notifications cannot be wholly attributable to the                   A summary of the ALU activity during the year in support of field
      introduction of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006.                     operations is as follows:
          In total FOD carried out 847 site visits, resulting in just under 2%         a) 72 licence holders had their licence reduced to 1-year term.
      of all notified sites being visited.
                                                                                       b) 21 licensees were sent warning letters about their
          316 separate licence holders were visited on site during the year,
                                                                                          performance on work with asbestos;
      representing approximately 44% of all licence holders.
          This year’s inspection activity led to a large number of changes             c) 394 licence assessments (initial and reassessments) were
      to the status of licences. 29% of companies seen were assigned                      conducted during the year, generating 378 licences, (76 new
      Priority Visit Contractor (PVC) status or granted reduced term                      and 302 renewal) and 16 conditional refusals.
      licences on renewal (this compares to last year’s figure of around               d) Of the 16 applicants conditionally refused a licence, 7 have
      13%).                                                                               not been deemed competent since;
          The following cases of “priority inspection issues” were                     e) 59 licences were amended during their licence tenure; of
      encountered.                                                                        these, 7 licence holders had additional conditions imposed
         4 incidents of work involving unjustified use of power tools.                    or had their licences reduced to 1 year during their licence
         6 incidents of uncontrolled dry stripping;                                       term).
         7 incidents of work in or in close proximity to hot environments.             f) One appeal was heard, where a contractor challenged ALU’s
          The most frequent problems recorded during the HSE’s site visits                decision not to grant a further licence. This appeal was
      continue to be standards of enclosure, decontamination units,                       heard on behalf of the Secretary of State who upheld ALU’s
      supervision, and work methods: the data shows no significant                        decision on all points.
      improvement in performance.                                                      g) One licence holder returned their licence after ALU stated its
          This information is contrary to arca’s findings as a result of the              intention to begin revocation proceedings.
      Site Audit Accreditation Scheme. ARCA’s auditors carry out
                                                                                        As arca predicted in issue 53 of arca news, following the
      approximately 400 site audits per year to approximately 170
                                                                                    publication of the HSE statistics for 2005 / 2006, the HSE are
      licensed asbestos removal contractors, compared to HSE’s 847 visits
                                                                                    increasing the approach of reducing 3 year licences to 1 year
      to 707 licence holders.. Since the arca Site Audit Accreditation
                                                                                    licences for companies who are unable to demonstrate adequate
      Scheme was introduced as a mandatory part of arca membership for
                                                                                    standards, this year 72 licences were reduced from a 3 year licence
      full contracting members of the association, real improvements in
                                                                                    to a 1 year licence compared with 44 last year.
      standards have been achieved and we can say with confidence that
                                                                                        It is interesting to note that the number of HSE visits compared
      arca member’s work to the highest standards within the industry.
                                                                                    to notifications continues to decrease. In the year 2000 / 01 3.4%
          The table shows the proportion of HSE visits where the various
                                                                                    of the 27,806 notified sites were visited and this percentage has
      topics were found to be deficient.
                                                                                    decreased year on year with now only 1.89% of notified sites being
      Topic                2006/07   2005/06    2004/05   2003/05    2002/03
                                                                                    visited despite the number of notifications being reduced and
                                                                                    therefore we can only conclude resources for policing this industry
      Enclosures           22%        21%       24%       22%        20%
                                                                                    are diminishing on annual basis.
      DCU                  19%        17%       21%       17%        19%
      Supervision          16%        13%       14%       16%        13%
      Work method          14%        11%       13%       14%        14%
      RPE                  12%        9%        10%       9%         10%                    C E RT I F I C AT I O N           CERTIFIED
      Training *           8%                                                             Further to the article printed in Issue 56 of ARCA News
                                                                                               stating that Cuddy Group have been awarded
      Cleanliness *        7%
                                                                                           certification to OSHAS 18001, we would like to clarify
      Control measures *   4%                                                                that Cuddy were the first company to receive the
      Hot Work             0.8%       1%        1%        0.5%       0.9%                          award from the NQA Certification body.
      Dry stripping        0.7%       0.5%      0.7%      0.5%       1%
                                                                                           Other companies may have received the certification
                                                                                                 earlier from alternative certification bodies.
      Power tools          0.4%       0.2%      0.2%      0.3%       0
      Other *              47%

                                                                                                                                          arca & atac news    05
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW          22/6/07     13:55     Page 6

           asbestos in the news

               HSE produces
             guidance for work
               with asbestos-
             textured coatings
               Work place Law, 30 May 2007

                The HSE has produced new task
            guidance sheets for work on textured
            decorative coatings containing
                These sheets cover such work as
            drilling and boring, inserting and
            removing screws, removal from a small

            area and how to remove debris
            following a ceiling or wall collapse.
                The HSE also produces guidance
            sheets covering other non-licensed
            asbestos work, such as working with                                                  warns contractors about
            asbestos cement.
                In the past, only those people who
                                                                                                 asbestos in schools
            held a relevant licence could carry out       The Health and Safety Executive (HSE)        of information on its website and also a
            work involving textured asbestos           has warned local authorities, schools and       public telephone enquiry service."
            coatings. However, the Control of          contractors about the dangers of                    Southfield School was closed for six
            Asbestos at Work Regulations 2006,         disturbing asbestos, and their                  months whilst decontamination works were
            which came into force in November last     responsibility to ensure correct procedures     carried out. As part of this process, the
            year, changed this.
                                                       are in place to manage asbestos in schools.     school lost coursework, teachers' notes and
                One of the aims of the Regulations
                                                       The warning follows a prosecution brought       all their computer equipment due to
            was to adopt a risk-based approach to
            licensing. It was decided that certain     by HSE against two firms and a company          potential contamination. The school was
            types of work where exposure to            director who were sentenced at                  stripped out and refitted at a cost of £6.5
            asbestos is considered to be ‘sporadic     Northampton Crown Court earlier this            million.
            and low intensity’, and where it falls     month.                                              Asbestos is a particular issue for many
            below the control limit, would no             In summer 2003, asbestos ceiling tiles at    schools and colleges. A National
            longer need to be done by a licensed       Southfield School, Kettering, were removed      Association of Schoolmasters Union of
            contractor.                                as part of work to upgrade the school's         Women Teachers (NASUWT) survey has
                When defending its decision the        electrical system. During the works,            found that a significant proportion of
            HSE pointed to research that shows the     asbestos was released into the air posing a     schools are not following proper health and
            risk from asbestos-containing textured     danger to workers and cleaners at the           safety procedures and that many are not
            decorative coatings is comparable to       school. Pupils were not at risk as the work     addressing the risks posed by asbestos.
            the risks from work with asbestos
                                                       was undertaken during the summer                    The survey revealed that in schools and
            cement, something that already did not
                                                       holidays but they were unable to return to      colleges where asbestos problems were
            require a licence.
                However, the decision to allow         school until the following Easter.              present, nearly three-quarters (73%) of
            unlicensed contractors to remove              Briggs and Forrester (Electrical) Ltd of     teachers reported that the asbestos hazard
            textured coatings proved contentious       Northampton were fined £60,000 and              was not properly marked, more than half of
            with some groups, including the            ordered to pay costs of £30,000 after           teachers said that the problem was not
            Construction Safety Campaign, the          pleading guilty to a series of charges at       properly contained (51%), and around four-
            Hazards Campaign and the Asbestos          Northampton Crown Court. Richard                fifths of teachers reported that there was no
            Removal Contractors Association            Lockwood,                                       proper plan in place for its removal (79%).
            (ARCA), all voiced serious concerns.          HSE Principal Inspector, said,                   Chris Keates, General Secretary of
                Due to the concerns expressed, the        "Asbestos can be a killer if disturbed,      NASUWT commented:
            HSE commissioned the Health and            but if contained and well managed poses             "It is a national disgrace that schools
            Safety Laboratory (HSL) to carry out
                                                       minimal health risk. More than half a million   and pupils are being placed at risk as a
            further research into work with textured
                                                       non-domestic premises still contain some        result of the failure of employers to
            coatings, and the dangers this held.
                This research confirmed that the       form of asbestos, posing a real threat to       undertake their statutory health and safety
            risks from asbestos containing textured    maintenance workers. They could easily drill    duties.
            coatings are much lower than had been      or cut into the material, causing exposure          "The survey reports confirm that there is
            previously thought, and the HSE went       to deadly fibres.                               much to be done to improve the working
            ahead with the proposed change.               "If anyone is in any doubt about their       environment in schools and colleges
                The task guidance sheets can be        responsibilities under either the HSW Act or    throughout the UK and to safeguard
            found at:                                  the revised Control of Asbestos at Work         teachers and pupils against exposure to
            http://www.hse.gov.uk/asbestos/essent      Regulations, which came into force last         health and safety risks."
            ials/index.htm.                            November, they must ask. HSE has a wealth

      06   arca & atac news
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW   22/6/07   13:55   Page 7
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW                    22/6/07       13:55   Page 8

           asbestos in the news

             ‘wake up call’
              for asbestos removal industry
                               Health and Safety Executive (South West) 09/05/2007

             Licenced Asbestos Contractors' Leadership Summit at the DeVere Royal
                             Bath Hotel, Bournemouth, Wednesday 23rd May 2007

            Northern Bear
               hungry for more
            Northern Echo, Tuesday 15th May 2007

                 SHARES in regional building services
                                                                         Asbestos-related disease accounts          Welcoming the event, Charles Gilby,
            group Northern Bear continued to climb                 for over 3,500 deaths each year,             Asbestos Licensing Principal Inspector in
            yesterday after it announced its second                creating what is the UK's biggest single     HSE's Field Operations Directorate, said:
            acquisition since its flotation.                       cause of work related deaths.                "We are determined to work with the
                 The County Durham plc has acquired
                                                                   Nationally approximately 600 of these        industry, and our objective is to convince
            asbestos removal business Chirmarn, taking
            the number of specialist businesses within             deaths each year arise from work with        them that higher standards to protect
            the group to seven, and said further                   asbestos in the construction industry        health are achievable and needed. We will
            acquisitions are planned.                              and allied trades.                           explore how individual licence holders can
                 Since its flotation on the Alternative                  To help tackle this problem, the       make those necessary improvements and
            Investment Market in December, shares have
                                                                   Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has        hence reduce the number of deaths from
            risen from 88p to a high of 148p last month.
            After falling back slightly to 136p, the firm's        called its eighth special leadership         asbestos related diseases."
            share price has since crept forward to close           summit to ask the asbestos removal               Terry Jago, Chief Executive of The
            last night at 142.50p.                                 industry to make further improvements in     Asbestos Removal Contractors
                 Chester-le-Street-based Northern Bear,            reducing ill-health caused by work with      Association (ARCA), also welcomed the
            which employs more than 300 people in the
                                                                   asbestos.                                    event, saying: "The main aim of the
            region, has acquired Blaydon-based
            Chirmarn, a specialist in the identification,                The invitation-only summit to many     Asbestos Liaison Group (ALG) has always
            treatment, removal and disposal of asbestos.           licence holders in the Berkshire,            been to improve standards within the
                 Established in 1976, Chirmarn employs             Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Isle of Wight        asbestos removal industry. ARCA's Site
            about 50 people and has an annual turnover
                                                                   and Dorset areas - at the DeVere Royal       Audit Accreditation Scheme has also
            of £3.8m.
                 As part of the deal, Chirmarn's
                                                                   Bath Hotel, Bournemouth, 23rd May -          highlighted the need for greater
            managing director, David Jay, has joined               follows an assessment of the industry's      management awareness in this respect.
            Northern Bear as its first full-time finance           performance, which considered whether        ARCA are therefore delighted that the
            director. Chirmarn's contracts director, Dave          adequate precautions were being taken        HSE has taken this initiative."
            Wales, and operations director, Steve
                                                                   to prevent ill health from work with             The programme for the event will
            Hampton, who have both spent more than
            20 years with the company, will continue to            asbestos. It revealed that although the      include sessions on:
            manage its operations.                                 industry collectively had made significant   ◗ management responsibility;
                 Mr Jay said: "This move will strengthen           improvements in recent years, there is       ◗ organisational improvement;
            the Chirmarn business by creating dynamic              still room for further advances.             ◗ problems of complacency; and
            links with many other companies in the
                                                                         Although standards have improved       ◗ organisational / individual vulnerability.
            building services sector, thus opening up
            significant cross-selling opportunities.               and the evidence available suggests that         In addition to these sessions there will
                 "It will also help us attract and retain          the number of deaths will begin to           be an opportunity for attendees to discuss
            high-quality staff, and will add to our                reduce from a predicted peak in 2011,        specific issues with HSE staff and
            credibility should we decide to look for funds         the rate of reduction of incidence is not    representatives of Trade Associations and
            to expand in the future."
                                                                   known. The summit aims to encourage          Trades Unions.
                 Led by executive chairman Jon Pither,
            Northern Bear's acquisition strategy is based          individual organisations to determine the        This is the eighth event of its type for
            on purchasing mature, profitable owner-                further steps that they can take to reduce   the industry and a further four events will
            managed companies in the building services             exposure to asbestos and so lessen the       be run in other parts of the country.
            sector with strong management teams that
                                                                   incidence of disease.
            are willing to carry on in post.

      08   arca & atac news
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW   22/6/07   13:55   Page 9


                                                                                  arca & atac news   09
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW                    22/6/07     13:55     Page 10

           HSE news

                              CDM - what the revisions mean
                                                                    The revised Construction (Design and             The client will provide relevant health
                                                                 Management) Regulations (CDM) came               and safety information about the project
                                                                 into force this month, following                 and site prior to construction. The client
                                                                 consultation with the construction industry.     should also allow sufficient time to enable
                                                                 Here we explain what it all means.               the proper planning and preparation for the
                                                                    The introduction of CDM in March 1995         work on site.
                                                                 represented a major change in the way               The onus will be on the client to take
                                                                 health and safety was managed for                reasonable steps to ensure that designers
                                                                 construction projects. The revised               and contractors have suitable overall
                                                                 regulations will incorporate the provisions      arrangements in place to be able to
                                                                 of CDM and the Construction (Health,             manage the construction work safely, and
                                                                 Safety and Welfare) Regulations much more        that adequate welfare provisions have been
                                                                 than a legal tidying up exercise. Underlying     made.
                                                                 all the changes is one simple aim: to reduce        Those who are involved in design work
                                                                 construction accidents and ill health.           will need (so far as is reasonably
                                                                    While the on-site safety requirements are     practicable) to eliminate any hazards. They
                                                                 almost unchanged, there are significant          will need to avoid foreseeable risks for the
                                                                 changes to CDM.                                  construction, cleaning and future
                                                                                                                  maintenance. Designers involved in
                  Here are the main revisions:                                                                    designing a structure to be used as a place
                                                                                                                  of work will also need to comply with the
                  ◗ Place construction clients in a position where they can have greater influence                Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare)
                    over the health and safety standards of their project.                                        Regulations 1992.
                  ◗ Replace the role of planning supervisor with a new role of CDM co-ordinator.
                                                                                                                     The provisions relating to health and
                    The co-ordinator will be empowered by the client, and will act as the client’s
                                                                                                                  safety on site are not significantly different.
                    key advisor for effective communication and co-ordination of health and
                                                                                                                  However, there will be a specific
                    safety information.
                                                                                                                  requirement on the principal contractor to
                  ◗ Emphasise the importance of competence at all levels in securing health and
                    safety benefits, while simplifying the assessment of competence.                              have arrangements to consult with the
                  ◗ Drive out needless paperwork and bureaucracy that has become associated                       workers on site, which is seen as being
                    with CDM 1994. Paperwork should be project – specific, relevant,                              essential for a safety culture to develop.
                    proportionate to the risk, and of real use in helping to manage the risk.                     Contractors can also expect more detailed
                    If not, it will not be required.                                                              enquiries from clients to demonstrate their
                  ◗ Simplify when a project is notifiable. Projects will be notifiable if they will last          competence.
                    more than 30 days or 500 person days. No projects for a domestic client will                     There has been a significant
                    be notifiable.                                                                                improvement in construction safety since
                                                                                                                  the introduction of CDM 1994, although
                   Managing health and safety in construction.      So, what are the main things to expect        occupational health improvements have
                      Construction (Design and Management)       as a result of this revision?                    been harder to achieve. The experience of
                                            Regulations 2007.       Clients or their CDM co-ordinator should      the last eleven years has shaped these
                                                                 assess all the people they appoint               revisions, which will provide the
                                                                 (including designers and contractors) to         construction industry with the opportunity,
                                                                 make sure they are competent to carry out        and the means, to make the next step-
                                                                 their work without risk to health and safety.    change in health and safety performance.
                                                                 The same will apply to other people making
                                                                 any appointments.

                                 HSC/HSE merger plans to go to Parliament
                                                                     The Health and Safety Commission has reached the next step of its consultation process
                                                                 on its merger with the Health and Safety Executive.
                                                                     The merger proposals, which should streamline safety practices for the construction
                                                                 industry, will now be put for consultation to Minister for Health and Safety Lord McKenzie
                                                                 of Luton, as required by the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006.
                                                                     The HSC has overall responsibility for occupational health and safety regulations in Great
                                                                 Britain. The HSE works with local government to enforce the commission's policies.
                                                                     Mr Callaghan said: "Merging the commission and executive into a single body will give
                                                                 us a more robust governance framework, improve our working practices and create a
                                                                 stronger voice for health and safety in Great Britain.
                                                                     "Results from our recent extensive consultation show 80 per cent support for our
                                                                 proposals and clearly point us in this direction."

      10   arca & atac news
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                                                                                   arca & atac news   11
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW   22/6/07   13:55   Page 12

      12   arca & atac news
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW                22/6/07      13:55     Page 13

                                                                                                                         product news

       goes direct to contractors
       with its stronger bag
          Disposal bags are of course an essential
       commodity in the asbestos contractors work. But
       these bags aren’t all the same and both quality and
       the weight they hold will vary between suppliers.

           Palagan – a UK based plastics                  Despite this outstanding quality              weight our bags can hold is typically
       manufacturer – have long had the                though, Palagan bags actually use fewer          higher than most regular bags on the
       reputation for producing high quality bags      raw materials in their manufacture and are       market and therefore they’ll need fewer
       and their latest types are now available        therefore more environmentally friendly          bags to get the job done. In addition to
       direct to the contractor. However, the          too – a huge issue going forward and of          that though, they’ll find ours have a much
       financial saving isn’t just through being       course one we all need to ‘do our bit’ on.       greater tear and puncture strength so
       able to buy direct from the factory, but           Comments Palagan Director Graham              they’ll keep the issues associated with bag
       also because of the following:                  Taylor “We’re so confident in the                failures to a minimum.”
           ● The quality is so good that the           consistent quality of our disposal bags and          All Palagan bags are Pira tested and
       number of bag failures will be drastically      the financial benefits this will give to         have full HSE certification.
       reduced                                         contractors, that we decided to supply               For more details call Graham Taylor at
           ● Palagan bags hold more weight than        direct to them. Even for smaller users with      Palagan on 01582 600234,
       most regular bags on the market (in fact        an order typically of 1000 bags of each          email gtaylor@palagan.co.uk or go to
       certified to hold 25kg), so this obviously      colour, it still makes sense for contractors     www.palagan.co.uk
       means that fewer bags are used for any          to buy direct from us. Importantly for
       given job                                       contractors, the amount of asbestos

                                                                                                       and record any work they have carried out
                                                      ACM Manager -                                    ready for the next person who needs to
                                                                                                       perform any maintenance or building work.
                                                           A Vital Resource                                Jason Nevin, IT manager for AMS
                                                                                                       Management, said, “We have carried out
                                                        Storing and retrieving the right information   thousands of surveys for our clients. When we
                                                    and distributing it to the right people at the     looked around for a suitable web-based
                                                    right time is one of the biggest problems          product for them to use we found systems that
                                                    facing businesses today. With today’s              would store the information but nothing that
                                                    legislation regulating all we do, we are           would automate the more complex parts of the
                                                    increasingly under pressure to store more and      Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations: ‘duty
                                                    more complex information and make it easily        to manage’. We decided to combine our
                                                    accessible to specified people.                    internal IT and asbestos resources to produce
                                                        AMS Management (AMS) found this was a          our own package. The result was ACM
                                                    problem for many of their clients who had          Manager.
                                                    identified asbestos in their buildings and were        Our clients gave us very favourable
                                                    required by law to record the location, type       feedback so we decided to make the system
                                                    and condition of their asbestos containing         available to all.”
                                                    materials (ACMs). They also wanted to store        The advantages of ACM Manager are;
                                                    drawings photographs and notes for future          ◗ The software is very easy to use.
                                                    reference and all of this information had to be    ◗ Details of all properties are maintained in
                                                    made available to anyone working with or near        a central & secure on-line database.
                                                    these hazardous materials. But most                ◗ Registers are easily accessible to all
                                                    importantly they wanted a tool that simplified       authorised personnel;
                                                    the complex processes involved in complying        ◗ Registers are easy to update;
                                                    with UK legislation.                               ◗ Action plans can easily be formulated.
                                                        AMS decided to produce a tool to help          ◗ Risk assessments are automatically
                                                    them. They designed and produced an on-line          produced (and updated).
                                                    system called ACM Manager that allows the          ◗ Automatic reminders Emailed out when
                                                    building owner or manager to record all the          re-inspections are due;
                                                    necessary information and gives to the
                                                                                                       More information can be found on their
                                                    appropriate contractors and maintenance
                                                                                                       website at www.acmmanager.co.uk
                                                    employees access via the internet. Not only
                                                    can they access it but they can also update it

                                                                                                                                         arca & atac news   13
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW        22/6/07   13:55     Page 14

           insurance news

                                                                          “Judge slams Quinn Direct in €54m dispute
           Criticised in
            Court over
                       claim                                                   THE largest-ever insurance claim faced by Quinn Direct
                                                                            was sensationally settled in the Commercial Court on
                                                                            Wednesday following almost two days of evidence. The case,

                                                                            brought by Galway-based Murray Timber Products against
                                                                            Quinn Direct, followed a fire in its Galway plant in 2005. The
                                                                            company claimed more than €54m in losses following the
                                                                               Evidence was heard that while Quinn Direct accepted
                                                                            liability, it claimed that it had reached a full and final
                                                                            settlement of €14.7m with Murray's in August 2006. Quinn
                      At Miles Smith we have always encouraged
                                                                            Direct claimed that Murray's reneged on this agreement.
                   clients to look past the "cheapest quote" and            Murray's countered that there was only a part settlement at
                                                                            the figure of €14.7m.It claimed that the agreement allowed
                    consider the whole picture. This includes the
                                                                            them be free to pursue Quinn Direct for additional monies
                            security of the insurer, which is of vital      under the Business Interruption aspect of the policy.
                                                                               The case centred on whether there was an agreement on
              consideration when faced with potential long-tail
                                                                            the full and final settlement. But after rigorous cross
                 liabilities such as exist in the asbestos industry,        examination of Quinn Direct's Commercial and UK sales
                                                                            manager John Gannon, who changed his evidence a number
              and the fundamental question of claims handling.
                                                                            of times, the court was told a settlement had been reached
                   One insurer who competes for business in the             with all costs awarded to Murray's.
                                                                               In the course of the case Mr Justice Peter Kelly expressed
               industry has been heavily criticised in the Courts
                                                                            his dissatisfaction with the evidence presented by Quinn
              recently in connection with their claims handling.            Direct and at one point threatened to have Gannon cited for
                                                                            contempt or to have papers sent to the director of public
               Space retrictions prevent us reporting the whole
                                                                            prosecutions or the Insurance Licensing authority.
                press article but the following salient points are             Murray's had a number of complaints about the way Quinn
                                                                            handled the policy and the court heard that Murray's felt it
                                                  extracted from it:
                                                                            was being pressurised into accepting a low settlement of its
                                                                               The court heard how Keith Barr, on behalf of Quinn Direct,
                                                                            sent Paddy Murray a letter regretting that it was unable to
                                                                            bring the matter to a conclusion although it was contended in
                                                                            court that Quinn Direct believed there was a full and final
                                                                            settlement with Murray's which was later reneged on. At one
                                                                            point Justice Kelly intervened to ask Brian Murray, for Quinns:
                                                                            "Would you not expect experienced people in the insurance
                                                                            world, who are negotiating every day of the week, if there was
                                                                            an agreement arrived at two or three days beforehand, rather
                                                                            than writing a letter saying 'we are not able to bring matters
                                                                            to a conclusion', he would be writing saying 'hang on a
                                                                            moment, we have an agreement here, you can't resile from
                                                                            it?'" During cross examination Gannon revealed he had not a
                                                                            single screed of documentation from a number of legal
                                                                            meetings he had in relation to settling the claim. Justice Kelly
                                                                            pointed out that the first involvement of lawyers in the case
                                                                            was dated 13 November 2006 but in fact Gannon's evidence
                                                                            in court under oath revealed that he had in-house lawyers at
                                                                            Quinn Direct advising him from August onwards at various
                                                                            different dates.
                                                                               Addressing his comments to Murray and his clients Quinn
                                                                            Direct Insurance Ltd, Justice Kelly then expressed his
                                                                            reservations about what he had heard.
                                                                               "The evidence I have heard from Mr Gannon is very
                                                                            disturbing in relation to his attitude and the attitude of his
                                                                            employer, your client, to their Discovery obligations. And what
                                                                            I have heard in the witness box from him, what I have to
                                                                            consider is, whether I ought to deal with this disturbing state
                                                                            of affairs as a contempt of court or whether I should send the
                                                                            papers to the director of public prosecutions or whether the
                                                                            Insurance Licensing Authority should be notified"

                                                                             A full article on this case is available on our website.

      14   arca & atac news
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW              22/6/07     13:55     Page 15

                                                                                                                   transport news

        not driver’s hours
        and tachograph

          Well, yes, but after one of our clients         The Community Drivers’ Hours and                 Sounds simple, but it took weeks for
      had a run in with the law, I thought it         Recording Equipment Regulations                 them to admit they had made a mistake
      would be useful to clarify the legal            exempt:-                                        and clear the prohibition to allow the van
      situation regarding the need to both fit            “Any vehicle which has a maximum            to tow again and remove the threat of
      and operate a tachograph when towing            permissible mass not exceeding 7.5              prosecution. If the company had not
      a trailer.                                      tonnes and is being used for carrying           transport management procedures which
          This client uses a 3.5 tonne van to         materials, equipment or machinery for the       allowed them to produce documentary
      undertake asbestos removal work in the          driver’s use in the course of the driver’s      evidence of the above points, we would
      local area. The operatives also tow a           work.                                           not have succeeded.
      decontamination unit to and from jobs, as           A vehicle does not fall within the               So, if your van is stopped, and you are
      required.                                       description specified in this paragraph if      not operating a tachograph as prescribed
          One Friday afternoon last month, they       the vehicle is being used outside a 50          in the Drivers’ Hours regulations, can you
      were stopped and issued with a                  kilometre radius from the base of the           give an assurance of the above to be
      prohibition for not having a tachograph             undertaking; or driving the vehicle         exempt?
      fitted. It was alleged that this was required   constitutes the driver’s main activity.”             For example, will the decon be used by
      under the Community Drivers’ Hours and              As they say the devil is in the detail…..   the driver, or is he just delivering it to site?
      Recording Equipment Regulations.                we had to convince the authorities that:        If he won’t be using it, there is no
          We disagreed….however, whilst the                                                           exemption.
      prohibition was in force, the van could not         ◗ The vehicle combination m.a.m.                 If your vehicle and DCU goes over
      be used for towing. If it had been used to        does not exceed 7.5 tonnes                    50km from the place it is normally kept, as
      tow and was stopped again, the                       ◗ The combination was carrying             the crow flies, then again there is no
      authorities had the right to clamp it and         material and equipment for the                exemption.
      leave it where stopped, as well as                driver's use in the course of his                  Do consider your situation regarding
      prosecutions all round.                           work                                          these regulations before ordering new
          Why did we not agree?                                                                       vans, as if a digital tachograph is required,
                                                           ◗ It only ever tows within a 50km
          Under normal circumstances, the                                                             it is much easier and cheaper to have it
                                                        radius of base
      company would have been in-scope of the                                                         factory fitted.
      Drivers’ Hours and tachograph legislation            ◗ The drivers are employed as
      and should have operated a tachograph.            asbestos removal operatives and
          However, there is an exemption that           driving is incidental to their main
      applied in this case to both the fitting and      job
      operation of tachographs.                            ◗ Therefore, this is an exempt             Article supplied by Ludgate Training,
                                                        activity                                      www.ludgate-consult.co.uk

                                                                                                                                    arca & atac news     15
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW           22/6/07      13:55     Page 16

           product news

                                                                                                          ROLLS OUT THE
                                                                                                          OF SPEEDDOCK
                                                        INTO THEIR NEW FLAGSHIP RAYLEIGH TRAINING CENTRE
                                                        AS CSD LAUNCHES NEW SAFETY PRODUCTS
                      In line with our Training            The increased popularity of these airlocks     various sizes allowing a mix and match
                                                        has been impressive. CSD Systems, makers of       capability for those difficult spaces; this
                Committee policy of making              SpeedDock airlocks, has announced a big           combined with the introduction of 2 and 1
            asbestos training of the highest            ramp up in production to meet the growing         chamber units makes them the most versatile
                                                        demand. “Lately we have seen a surge in           solution on the market and suitable for most
               standards available to all, we
                                                        orders with the likes of Forest, Hertel and       jobs.
                   have installed the popular           Rhodar, to mention but a few, using                  Airlocks for the removal of asbestos seem
             SpeedDock airlocks in our new              SpeedDock airlocks on many of their jobs” Bill    to be under ever stricter regulations – some
                                                        Holdstock, CSD’s Sales Manager explained.         are statutory and others seem to vary
                   Flagship training centre in          “We think this has come from the bigger           according to the area you work in. CSD’s new
                    Rayleigh, this follows the          companies starting to see that quick-to-erect     products are designed to make it easier to
                                                        solutions like ours can save money and get        comply with those regulations, making for a
            installation of the SpeedDock in            you going on the job faster.”                     safer working environment and protecting
                   our other training centres              Richard O’Callaghan, Asbestos Contracts        your valuable licence.
                                                        Supervisor with Hertel (UK) Limited, explained       The first new product out of the bag is the
            explained Chris Bishop, Training
                                                        “All of our teams are using the SpeedDock         FullView. This is a vision panel that makes it
                                     Manager.           airlocks and they love them. They save time –     possible to see what’s happening –
                                                        10mins instead of one and half hours to set       everywhere – without the need for costly high-
                                                        up. We tried using older units from a different   tech cameras. FullView, their low-tech acrylic
                                                        supplier and found them flimsy and difficult to   vision panel literally lets you see round
                                                        erect. If we’d known about the SpeedDocks         corners. This is possible due to its special
                                                        before we would have made the change              dome-shaped indentation – just the right size
                                                        sooner”.                                          to fit a face.
                                                            “We are starting to see this everywhere”         FlatView vision panels are also available for
                                                        Christine Ohlenschlager, MD of CSD Systems,       airlocks.
                                                        told us. “We have more than doubled                  Following this, CSD announced the launch
                                                        production since the beginning of the year        of the SlipNot anti slip mats for use in airlocks.
                                                        and it looks like we will have to increase it     The special material greatly reduces the risk of
                                                        again”.                                           slipping, even when wet.
                                                           Following on from this announcement, CSD          The next new product is CSD’s
                        For more information on the
                                                        has now confirmed the availability of a series    SpeedHook. It is designed to be fixed inside a
                   SpeedDock range of revolutionary
                                                        of new products to help make asbestos             SpeedDock airlock for hanging overalls
                                new airlocks contact:
                                                        stripping easier and safer. These range from      (“blues”). It comes as a strip of 6 hooks with a
                                      Bill Holdstock,
                                                        instant low cost overall hooks to an innovative   self-adhesive backing that sticks to virtually
                               CSD Systems Limited,
                                                        vision panel that lets you see round corners.     anything. At a price of less than 10p a hook,
                          Tel: 01892 614366 or visit       The range of airlocks and galvanised frames    we think these will find a use all over the
                              www.csdsystems.co.uk      has been extended and are now available in        place.

      16   arca & atac news
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW   22/6/07   13:55   Page 17


                                                                                   arca & atac news   17
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW                        22/6/07       13:55      Page 18

           tax update

                                  The current UK tax
                                 regime provides tax
                               relief and tax charges
                             which are applicable to
                                expenditure incurred
                                         on asbestos
                                     remediation and
                              removal works. These
                              ‘carrots and sticks’ are
                             continually evolving, as
                               evidenced by Budget

                                    land remediation relief           GUIDANCE FOR ARCA MEMBERS AND CLIENTS
              Within Budget 2007, changes applicable to the tax relief available for
           brownfield site redevelopment were announced. Released with less fanfare,
                                                                                                Effect of claiming Land Remediation Relief
           HM Treasury also published a consultation document entitled ‘Tax Incentives
                                                                                                     Cost of qualifying works                                     £250,000
           for development of brownfield land: a consultation.’
              Budget 2007 and the consultation paper have an impact on the tax                       Available relief = £250,000 x 150% = £375,000 (lrr)
           treatment of expenditure incurred on asbestos remediation works.
              The recent changes represent an opportunity to revisit the tax reliefs                 Net relief =        £375,000 x 30% = £112,500                (£112,500)
                                                                                                                         LRR x Corporation Tax
           available and the consultation paper will be of interest to ARCA members,
           raising a number of proposals which if implemented will have a direct impact              Net cost of works                                            £137,500
           on client expenditure.
                                                                                                  As illustrated, the effect of claiming the available relief is to reduce
             Land Remediation Relief                                                           Company A’s expenditure by 45%.
              Expenditure incurred on works to remediate contaminated land may                    Where Company A has insufficient profits to utilise the relief, they can
           attract Land Remediation Relief. This relief is available for remediation works     claim a tax credit equal to 16% of the total Land Remediation Relief, ie
           to land and buildings, including removal or encapsulation of asbestos.              £375,000 x 16% = £60,000. This represents a reduction in cost of 24%.
              Land remediation relief is only available for qualifying expenditure incurred       The effect of the relief is significant when compared to the cost of the
           by companies. Private individuals or partnerships are unable to claim the           remediation works, although they may only be a small proportion of overall
           available relief.                                                                   project costs.
              Qualifying expenditure includes the direct cost of the works and any                For ARCA members, the availability of the relief can be factored into costs
           associated on costs, including employee costs, professional fees, site              when presented to your clients. This allows clients to consider the net cost
           investigations and preliminaries.                                                   of remediation works after claiming the relief, helping them meet project
             Availability of the relief is also subject to a number of conditions, notably:       The relief must be claimed by election to HM Revenue & Customs within 2
             ◗ The expenditure must be incurred on contaminated                                years after the corporate year end in which the expenditure has been
               (or part contaminated) land                                                     incurred. If the relief is not formally claimed within this period it will be lost.

             ◗ The company must incur qualifying land remediation
                                                                                                 Landfill Tax
               expenditure in respect of the land
                                                                                                  Where construction waste is disposed to landfill, it will be subject to
             ◗ The company must not be connected with the contamination                        Landfill Tax.
             ◗ Had the land not been contaminated, the expenditure would                          Landfill tax is currently levied at the lower rate of £2 per tonne for waste
               not have been incurred                                                          defined by the Landfill Tax (Qualifying Material) Order 1996.
                                                                                                  All other waste is subject to the standard Landfill Tax rate of £24 per
             ◗ The expenditure is not subsidised
              The relief provides a 150% allowance against the qualifying expenditure.            Budget 2007 announced an increase in the standard Landfill Tax rate to
           This can then be offset against the company’s taxable profits, on which they        £32 per tonne from 1 April 2008. The lower rate will also increase on this
           will currently pay Corporation Tax at a rate of 30%. Claiming the relief will       date to £2.50 per tonne.
           reduce the net cost of the works.                                                      Asbestos initially appears to fall under Group 3 of the table. However,
              For example, Company A has incurred £250,000 on asbestos removal.                legislation specifically excludes asbestos from Group 3. Asbestos disposal to
           They have sufficient profits to utilise the full relief, and claim Land             landfill is subject to the standard rate of Landfill Tax.
           Remediation Relief. The table illustrates the effect of the relief.

      18   arca & atac news
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW                         22/6/07        13:55     Page 19

       Group        Material                         Examples                                  Future brownfield development incentives
                                                                                                HM Treasury recently published a consultation paper for proposed tax
         1          Rocks and soils                  Clay, sand, gravel, stone
                                                                                             reform for expenditure incurred on brownfield sites, which invites opinion
                                                     from building demolition
                                                                                             from industry on a number of measures, including reform to land fill tax and
         2          Ceramic or concrete              Glass, ceramics, concrete               land remediation relief.
         3          Minerals                         Man made mineral fibres                    The proposals will potentially impact on the tax position for asbestos
                                                                                             remediation works.
         4          Furnace slags                    Slag from waste
                                                                                                The paper suggests that the current land fill tax exemption is counter
                                                                                             productive. HM Treasury have indicated that the primary intention of the tax
         5          Ash                              Bottom or fly ash from                  will be to encourage minimal waste removal to land fill. This explains the
                                                     wood or coal burning
                                                                                             sharp increase in the standard rate of land fill tax from April 2008.
         6          Low activity inorganic           Calcium carbonate                          HM Treasury has invited industry opinion on the proposed removal of
                                                                                             exemption from land fill tax. This change would remove a valuable incentive
         7          Calcium sulphate                 Gypsum plasters
                                                                                             for the reclamation of contaminated sites.
         8          Calcium hydroxide and brine                                                 The measure is intended to encourage alternative solutions, such as on
         9          Water                                                                    site remediation. However, this may not be a practical solution.
                                                                                                Without industry representation, the exemption will inevitably be
         For example, the removal of 2,000 tonnes of asbestos to land fill will result       abolished. Land fill tax will become an unavoidable project cost which has
      in Landfill Tax of £48,000. This will be payable to the landfill site operator, an     clear implications for asbestos removal.
      immediate additional project cost.                                                        HM Revenue & Customs own figures for land fill tax exemption during the
         Subject to certain conditions, a full exemption can be obtained from                year to April 2006 show that 2.1 million tonnes of waste received an
      Landfill Tax.                                                                          exemption. This amounted to £44.10 million of tax relief.
        To obtain an exemption, the following conditions must be met:                           ARCA members should consider making representations to HM Treasury
        ◗ the works include removal of harmful pollutants                                    to preserve the current exemption.
        ◗ the cause of the pollution has ceased                                                 The consultation paper also offers new opportunities for amendments to
        ◗ the land is not subject to a works or remediation notice                           improve and extend land remediation relief.
                                                                                                The first is to extend the current relief to cover long term derelict land.
         A principal condition for exemption is that the works have to be
                                                                                             This offers an opportunity to allow for land remediation relief to apply even
      undertaken for the site to be suitable for development, i.e. reclamation of
                                                                                             where the current owner is connected to the contamination.
      the site. They must not be general construction works which would have
                                                                                                The current relief should be amended to reflect the spirit of the legislation,
      been normally undertaken.
                                                                                             which is to tackle contaminated sites. This would be a positive move towards
         The claimant must prove that if the harmful pollutants are not removed
                                                                                             dealing with long term derelict land.
      then the site could not be put to the intended use. For example, removal of
                                                                                                For example, existing buildings, whether contaminated or not, could
      asbestos from a site intended for use as a public open space within a
                                                                                             present a barrier to redevelopment. Demolition of these structures could be
      development would represent reclamation.
                                                                                             incorporated into the relief as a form of remediation, without the
         Application for the exemption must be made 30 days prior to the
                                                                                             requirement of removing asbestos or other contaminated material to qualify.
      commencement of works. Exemption cannot be obtained once the works
                                                                                                In order to use the relief to promote new development, the paper
      have commenced.
                                                                                             proposes the relief should be conditional on planning permission.
         For phased works, separate exemptions must be applied for to cover each
                                                                                                This proposal would remove the relief for works with no requirement for
      individual phase.
                                                                                             planning permission. This would have a detrimental effect as the relief would
        The application must include the following:                                          be lost.
        ◗ Confirmation of the pollutants being removed                                          There would be no incentive to undertake remediation works to a site
        ◗ Calculation of the total weight of the pollutants                                  prior to obtaining planning permission. This would encourage land owners
        ◗ The location of the contaminated land                                              to leave a site contaminated. The introduction of this measure could prove
        ◗ An action plan for development                                                     counter productive.
        ◗ Details of the landfill site                                                          However, the consultation offers a credible opportunity to engage in
         If additional pollutants are found once the exemption has been granted,             debate with HM Treasury to extend the availability of land remediation relief
      application can made to extend the exemption. This must be made in                     to all types of investor, not just companies.
      writing, including a revised plan and calculations to illustrate the new weight           ARCA members should obtain a copy of the consultation paper from
      of pollutants.                                                                         www.hmrc.gov.uk and consider responses. This could include opinion from
         If this extension is missed, the additional pollutants will be subject to the       clients and advisors as to the impact of this tax relief on project expenditure
      standard rate of landfill tax. Works must be carefully monitored whilst on site        and improvements to the relief.
      to ensure the client position is covered to include additional pollution. The             It is in the industry’s interest to consult with HM Treasury.
      certificate for exemption will expire once all the pollutants have been
                                                                                             Article supplied by:
      removed from the site.                                                                 Steve Smith, Director - Capital Allowances and Property Tax Cyril Sweett
         So, in the above example, where an exemption is obtained there will be              www.cyrilsweett.com
      no Landfill Tax charge on the removal of 2,000 tonnes of asbestos, saving
         ARCA members should be aware that the exemption from Landfill Tax will
      also apply to all other standard rated contaminants. As illustrated on a
                                                                                                 The tax reliefs for the remediation of asbestos contamination in land
      recent project where exemption was obtained for 80,000 tonnes of waste,
                                                                                              and buildings are valuable, although they may be small beer in the context
      the savings can be substantial.
                                                                                              of overall project costs. When considered in isolation and in direct relation
         Finally, where contaminated waste is removed, the client may also be able
                                                                                              to remediation work costs, they are significant and can make a material
      to claim land remediation relief as well as land fill tax exemption.
                                                                                              difference to client budgets.
                                                                                                 An awareness of the available relief and inclusion within your tender
                                                                                              bids will bring this issue to the client’s attention and ensure that the relief
                                                                                              is addressed and claimed.

                                                                                                                                                          arca & atac news       19
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW                22/6/07      13:55      Page 20

           atac news

                                                             The past several months have seen significant progress in both the development
                                                             of atac and the wider influence we are now having in our industry.
                                                                   The atac member presentations took
                                                             place in April 2007 (London on 24th and
                                                             Leeds on 26th). The presentations were well
                                                             received and form part of the process of
                                                             keeping the members informed on the
                                                                                                                official atac response to the ALG MDHS
                                                                                                                Review Group, and the notes on the last ALG
                                                                                                                      We continue to make progress in PR and
                                                                                                                Marketing, Quality and Technical and Training,

           to make                                           progress being made by your Management
                                                             Committee. We will extend the presentations
                                                             in November 2007 to include guest speakers
                                                                                                                in addition to the articles below. Please visit
                                                                                                                the atac website for more information and the
                                                                                                                opportunity for you to provide your views.

           progress                                          from the Health and Safety Executive, UKAS,
                                                             Insurance companies and other professional
                                                                   The current issue of delays in the receipt
                                                                                                                      The atac website is close to completion,
                                                                                                                which will incorporate the current atac forum.
                                                                                                                The member Insurance Scheme is at the stage
                                                                                                                of discussions with Brokers and Insurers. We
                                                             of examination results for P402, P403 and          hope to have details available for the AGM in
                                                             P404 has been addressed by atac. We have           October 2007.
                                                             written to the examination body expressing               The format of the Buying Syndicate is
                                                             our concern over the delays in the turnaround      being discussed following meetings with
                                                             of examination results and the negative            similar organisations. We believe that the
                                                             impact this is having on our businesses and        Buying Syndicate will bring some real
                                                             the industry in general. In addition, we have      advantages to the atac members and
                                                             put in place proposals to alleviate the current    Association in general.
                                                             situation altogether. I hope to confirm that              I am pleased to announce that, in order
                                                             we have provided a solution to this issue by       to ensure the development of atac, it has
                                                             the time of the next Newsletter.                   been agreed by the Governing Council to
                                                                   As part of my responsibilities as            appoint a full-time dedicated atac
                                                             Chairman of atac, I have attended both the         Membership Manager. The post is currently
                                                             ALG (Asbestos Liaison Group) and the ALG           being advertised.
                                                             MDHS Review Group meetings. On behalf of                 Finally, I would ask members who wish to
                                                             our members, it has been made clear that,          become more involved with the atac
                                                             whilst we can always make improvements, it is      Management Committee to come forward
                                                             up to the Health and Safety Executive to           and assist in the Association’s development.
                                                             create both a level playing field for the UKAS     You can contact me directly, or Steve Sadley,
                                                             surveying organisations and to assist the          to discuss this.
                                                             Association to inform and educate our Clients            I look forward to being of continued
                                                             on the issue of the Duty to Manage. I am           assistance to the Association and members.
                                                             sure that the issues of non UKAS surveying
                                                             organisations and lack of Client awareness are          John Horsfall
                                                             a frustration for many, if not all our members.         ATaC Chairman
                                                             Please visit the atac website to review the

               The ATaC training sub-committee has a
            number of initiatives that are being carried
            through over the coming months. These
            have come about partly as a result of the
            outcome of the Members Survey and partly
            due to regulatory changes.
               The survey revealed a concern amongst
            members that budding Project Managers,
            and Contracts Managers with contracting
                                                               Other 1 day courses under development
                                                             which are also planned to be run from
                                                             Autumn onwards are;
                                                                                                                recognised course that mirrors the general
                                                                                                                asbestos awareness sessions member
                                                                                                                companies have been offering to enable
                                                               • Contract Law – forms of contract,              Regulation 10 compliance. The course
            members, could be better equipped to deal
                                                               commercial risk, indemnity, liability and        consists of 3 hours of tutored learning with
            with the tasks and responsibilities required
                                                               insurance                                        15 multiple choice questions. At present
            during their day to day work.
                                                                                                                there are 7 approved centres (4 of which are
               It was recognised that Project Managers         • Auditor training – ISO 17020 and 17025
                                                                                                                ATAC companies) and any Association
            are usually shouldered with responsibility for     System Audits and Technical Assessments
                                                                                                                members can apply to RSPH to become a
            large contracts and valuable clients, often        in preparation for UKAS visits
                                                                                                                course provider, contact Rburton@rsph.org.
            without any formal training, other than that
                                                               • RPE/PPE – “train the trainer” monthly             ATaC is endorsing this course as the
            gained as an analyst or surveyor.
                                                               RPE examination and PPE refresher                benchmark for Regulation 10 compliance for
               A well-respected “soft skills” training
                                                               • CDM/CAR – the overlap between the              awareness training and urges all members to
            provider was asked to design bespoke 1 day
                                                               two sets of regulations and their impact on      approach RSPH. It is hoped that other
            modules to cover a range of management
                                                               the roles of Designers, Clients and              stakeholders such as the regulators and
            skills. From September onwards ATaC will be
                                                               Principal Contractors                            construction client groups will also recognise
            offering modules on;
                                                                                                                the Certificate.
               • Contract Management                           In addition to these, the Royal Society for
                                                                                                                   All courses mentioned above will be
               • Managing People                             the Promotion of Health (RSPH) has approved
                                                                                                                advertised through the usual channels, on the
               • Effective communication                     the ATaC syllabus for a Level 1 Certificate in
                                                                                                                website and via flyers, in due course.
               • Developing people                           Asbestos Awareness. This is a formally

      20   arca & atac news
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW            22/6/07    13:55     Page 21


                        and Courses
         update to P403Training P404
          Studies by the Health & safety            comfortable with site pressures and the       to set up a pump and read the slide. This
      Laboratory (HSL) prior to the publication     site environment. Only at this stage          could then be carried out where there
      of HSG248, the latest analyst’s bible, and    would training in the conducting of           was suitable supervision or reporting
      the 2002 Regulations – showed that            methodical visual inspections commence.       channels to give confidence in the results
      despite the quantity of records               The punch comes when it takes over 8          and support for the analysts, while
      maintained there were still problems out      weeks to obtain a result from BOHS and,       providing the valuable site experience
      on site. A large part of the issue was that   when considered alongside the fact that       necessary, prior to embarking on the P04
      there were no external control tests and,     the analyst should have a minimum of          course. Hopefully this would reduce
      as such, it was difficult to judge the        three months experience and training          failure rates and speed up the processing
      competence of an analyst in relation to       before they are put forward for the P404      of papers.
      peers and contemporaries. From this           course, find and attend a course … it is
      need two courses were created at the          quite feasible to see a laboratory carrying      P404 can then focus on the much
      request of HSE and UKAS, P403 – for           a member of staff for around 9 months         tougher element of being an analyst –
      fibre counting; and P404 – for sampling,      before they can be deemed competent.          the visual inspection. The added benefit
      both of these courses are operated by                                                       being that an organisation would not
      the British Occupational Hygiene Society          Commercial pressures in this scenario     have the commercial pressure to push
      (BOHS) and they cover the two                 mean that analysts are booked on both         someone through the P404 course
      fundamental areas of an analysts job,         the P403 and P404 the day they enter          knowing they were not ready for it purely
      reading slides and conducting visual          the laboratory, they study like crazy and     because of the timescales to book
      inspections.                                  read slides intensively while they wait for   courses and obtain results. This has to be
                                                    the start of their course and exam,           a good thing and it is now down to
         The main issue that industry had with      consequently they have little site            UKAS to approve the courses for the
      these two courses was that neither            experience prior to the exam – increasing     respective disciplines that they cover
      qualified the analyst to be proficient for    failure rates - and then have a couple of     individually, such that an analyst may be
      any fee paying work, only when both           months waiting for results, during which      deemed proficient to conduct leak and
      were passed could an analyst be called        time many laboratories conduct much of        background tests upon passing P403,
      an analyst, as such they may as well have     the old style site based training and         with organisational support and guidance
      been combined. The problem with this is       experience themselves. This leads to          but not be able to conduct visual
      that an analyst should not be ready to        high failure rates, an extra burden on        inspections until P404 has been passed.
      pass a test of competence conducting a        BOHS to mark papers in a system
      visual inspection without a good few          already under pressure.                          We await the decision.
      months experience on-site, whilst
      reading slides and setting up pumps is            It was proposed to BOHS, by ATaC,            Rob Blackburn
      relatively easy. In the past an analyst       that the P403 course could be altered to         Redhill Analysts Ltd
      could be trained to put on a pump and         include basic pump set up, as well as the        www.redhill-analysts.co.uk
      read slides – all whilst participating in     fibre counting, such that on passing P403
      RICE – and, over time, become                 an analyst would be sufficiently proficient

                                                                                                                              arca & atac news   21
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW   22/6/07   13:55   Page 22

      22   arca & atac news
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW         22/6/07    13:56     Page 23

                                                                                                                 arca guidance

                                                                            MDHS 100 defines 3 types of asbestos surveys, which are:

        recommended                                                         • Type 1: Location and assessment survey
                                                                            (presumptive survey)

               ON COMMISSIONING,
                                                                            • Type 2: Standard sampling and assessment survey
                                                                            (sampling survey)

                                                                            • Type 3: Full access sampling and identification survey
                                                                            (pre demolition / major refurbishment survey)

                                                                             This new guidance is intended to aid those conducting or
               CONDUCTING or                                             commissioning a Type 3 Survey and should be read in conjunction

               INTERPRETING A TYPE 3                                     with MDHS100. The guidance is directed both to the client who
                                                                         commissions this type of survey and surveyor who is requested to
               ASBESTOS SURVEY                                           undertake it.
                                                                             ARCA’s new guidance states that the purpose of a Type 3 survey
                                                                         is to identify all asbestos containing materials, “so far as reasonably
               ARCA’s latest Guidance Note, which has once again
                                                                         practicable” within the scope of work and the objectives as agreed
               been produced by the associations Technical
                                                                         with the client. Where the objectives would require the disturbance
               Committee, is intended as an aid to those                 of elements of the building then these areas would be included in
               commissioning, conducting, or interpreting a Type 3       the scope. MDHS 100 states that Type 3 surveys are appropriate in
               Survey. The guidance is intended to supplement the        buildings which are to be subject to planned works including
               Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) Publication            alterations, refurbishment or demolition (either partial or complete).
               “MDHS 100 Surveying Sampling and Assessment of                What constitutes a Type 3 survey remains one of the biggest
               Asbestos Containing Materials” with particular            talking points within the asbestos management industry, hence the
               reference to Type 3 Surveys.                              requirement for this new guidance. In addition, the guidance is
                                                                         required as clients commissioning refurbishment or demolition of
                                                                         buildings have duties under the Construction (Design and
                                                                         Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM) to identify the presence of
                                                                         ACMs and pass on that information to potential contractors. Usually
                                                                         this will require a Type 3 (invasive) survey of the building or
                                                                         structure. A Type 3 survey is designed to be used as a basis, but not
                                                                         solely, for tendering the removal of ACMs from the building prior to
                                                                         demolition or major refurbishment.
                                                                             The purpose of all asbestos surveys is to identify the location;
                                                                         type and extent of ACMs in order to collect information which will
                                                                         assist in the preparation of a management plan. The principal
                                                                         means of achieving compliance is for the dutyholder to commission
                                                                         a formal asbestos survey, this guidance will assist the dutyholder in
                                                                         deciding what type of survey to commission.
                                                                             The guidance points out to clients that Type 1 and 2 surveys
                                                                         should identify easily visible or accessible ACMs, whereas type 3
                                                                         surveys should additionally identify ACMs which may be concealed
                                                                         within the fabric of a building. Even the most diligent surveyor may
                                                                         not find them all and careful consideration should be given by the
                                                                         surveyor to stating the limitations of a type 3 asbestos survey. In
                                                                         some instances ACMs will be so integral to the fabric of a building
                                                                         that they may only be discovered during the course of
                                                                         refurbishment or demolition. As a consequence the client should
                                                                         make provision for this possibility.
                                                                             As well as guidance on procurement, conducting and
                                                                         interpreting a type 3 survey, the guidance also describes the Client’s
                                                                         significant role in ensuring that the best possible survey report is
                                                                         produced. The Client should ensure that the purpose of the survey
                                                                         is made quite clear to the surveyor at the outset, and appropriate
                                                                         access should be given to all relevant areas. This should ensure that
                                                                         the information contained within the survey report is likely to be fit
                                                                         for purpose.

                                                                                                                              arca & atac news     23
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW   22/6/07   13:56   Page 24
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW               22/6/07      13:56     Page 25

                                                                                                                          member news

                                                                                            Tony Davison is
                                                                                         appointed the new
                                                                                              MD of Bostik

                                                                                   NEW MD
                                                                                   BOSTIK UK
                                                                                      Bostik, the global sealants and adhesives company, has
                                                                                   announced that Tony Davison has taken over as Managing Director
      Successful NEC show from                                                     of the firm’s UK operation, replacing Harry Murray who is retiring.
                                                                                      With over fifteen year’s worth of experience at Bostik, Tony is

      Safety & Health Expo                                                         well qualified for the role.
                                                                                      Having originally joined Evode’s Automotive Division in the late
                                                                                   1980’s, Tony soon became Business Manager for Automotive and
          ARCA ventured back to the Safety & Health Expo show at the               Glazing, with further business areas added when Evode merged
      NEC in May. The event which ran from 22nd to 25th May                        with Bostik in 2001. Since then Tony has excelled as Director of
      comprised of busy exhibition halls and asbestos seminars. Visitors           Bostik’s Industrial Adhesives SBU (Strategic Business Unit), the role
      and exhibitors enjoyed the lively atmosphere, and it was a very busy         he now vacates to take up the position of MD.
      three days for everybody involved.                                              Commenting on his appointment, Tony said: “2007 sees the
          This year the Asbestos Zone was in a new Hall and ARCA were              fruition of a multi-million pound investment by Bostik in the form of
                                                                                   a newly developed insulating glass sealant production facility and
      joined by more Member companies. ARCA heavily promoted
                                                                                   the launch of various new initiatives.
      training courses and asbestos awareness courses with Training                   “I am delighted to take up the responsibilities of Managing
      Manager Chris Bishop on hand throughout the show to answer                   Director at such an exciting and important time for the company
      queries from clients and contractors alike on all aspects of Asbestos        and am confident that these initiatives, combined with our ongoing
      Industry Training.                                                           research and development programme, will further strengthen
          ARCA were involved in seminars at the asbestos theatre,                  Bostik’s position as a market leading sealants and adhesives
      sponsored by DMW Environmental Ltd.                                          company.
          For more information on the show and particiapating in the 2008             For further information on Bostik, please contact Richard
                                                                                   Sellman on 01785 272727.
      event visit www.safety-health-expo.co.uk

             ARCA SPONSORS
                     Second Year Running for
                Specialist Award Winners, Silverdell
          Celebrating the success of specialists in all areas of the
        industry, the spectacular, London Hilton Hotel, accommodated
        the annual Specialists in Construction Awards 2007, held on
        May 10th.
          Organised by Construction News the awards are to recognise
        the critical role played by specialist contractors of all sizes and         Accepting the award on behalf of Silverdell Sean Nutley (Chief
        types on this country's construction projects and to celebrate the       Operating Officer) said: “The importance of training across the
        success of specialists in all areas of the industry.                     company is paramount to our development, and the response
          Winners at last year’s Construction News ‘Specialists in               from our supply chain to be part of this initiative has been
        Construction’ Awards, ARCA member Silverdell were ecstatic to            excellent."
        pick up the coveted 'Construction News (Asbestos Removal)                   The judges said of their submission "The winner of the
        Specialist Contractor of the Year' Award for the second year             Asbestos Removal category demonstrated a pro-active approach
        running.                                                                 to training across the supply chain and for excellent in-house
          Presented by ARCA’s Chief Executive, Terry Jago the fiercely           auditing.”
        contested award for Asbestos Removal, sponsored by the                      All finalists for the award were ARCA members: Rhodar (highly
        Association was gladly handed over to Silverdell, the first              commended), Cuddy and Caswell; all of whom have helped
        company to secure this prestigious award for two years in                create an excellent awareness of the Association across the UK
        succession.                                                              Construction Industry.

                                                                                                                                         arca & atac news   25
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW            22/6/07     13:56     Page 26

           member news

           Sponsors British
           Touring Car
              Aspect Contracts Sponsors Touring
           Car and Driver Nick Leason.
              The British Touring Car Championship
           was established 49 years ago and in that
           time has grown into this country’s biggest
           motor racing show, with massive
           audience appeal.

                                                             Becky thanks County Air Ambulance
                                                             On October 20th last year Becky Goodwin, daughter of Arca Accounts Manager
                                                          Sue Goodwin, was involved in a serious road accident.
               Aspect is delighted to be continuing           Becky was trapped in her car for about an hour before the rescue services could
           its sponsorship of young motor racing          remove the roof to free her . She was flown by helicopter to Stoke hospital where she
           star Nick Leason. Nick will compete in         underwent emergency surgery.
           this year’s Dunlop MSA British Touring            Thankfully she is now making a good recovery and is full of praise for all the people
           Car Championship as part of the Lexus          who played a part in her rescue and medical care. The County Air Ambulance is funded
           team, BTC Racing, who are confident that       entirely by public donations and as in Becky’s case plays a vital role in getting people
           they can offer up one or two surprises to      with serious injuries to hospital by the quickest possible route.
           the big teams in 2007.                            Thanks to the generosity of Arca members a donation of £2000 has been made to
               Leason said “Thanks to Chris, Bert and     this worthwhile service from charity monies raised during the year, and Becky has also
           the Team I have been given the                 personally donated £1000 of her compensation money. A presentation was made on
           opportunity to now race a S2000 spec           May 15th at the County Air Ambulance base at Nottingham East Midlands airport.
           Lexus for the 2007 season. The Team is
           putting 100% into the development this
           year and have on board some very
           experienced people to make sure it
           happens. I want to get out there now and
           enjoy it and do the best job for the Team
           and the fans that have supported me. I
           have some great sponsors - Rockingham,
           Aspect, Ensafe, Sabelt, Pentagon and
           Legal shield and would like to thank them
           for all their support”.
               Aspect has made a significant financial
           commitment to Nick and will be offering
           him plenty of vocal support as well.
           Aspect managing director Grant Beglan
           will be attending a number of
           championship races this year in the
           company of staff and clients and they will
           certainly be roaring home the Aspect
                                                         Supports Lovells in                              the Lake District (978m) and Snowdon, North
           logo-bedecked Lexus.                                                                           Wales (1,085m).
                                                         Three Peaks Challenge!                              It was the job of Silverdell to drive the
           The round coming up include:                                                                   Lovell’s teams to each of the three
           Croft                    03/Jun/2007              ARCA member, Silverdell (UK) Ltd             destinations.
           Oulton Park              24/Jun/2007           recently supported their client Lovell (house      “We are extremely grateful to Silverdell.
                                                          builder and regeneration specialists) as they   Not only did Silverdell supply the two
           Donington Park            15/Jul/2007          rose to the Three Peaks Challenge.              minibuses used by the teams, but also
           Snetterton                29/Jul/2007             Raising over £33,000 for CARE                provided us with two members of the
           Brands Hatch            19/Aug/2007            International, the challenge was successfully   support team who drive the teams around,
                                                          completed by two Lovells teams who bravely      cooked for them and gave much-appreciated
           Knockhill               02/Sep/2007
                                                          climbed the UK’s highest mountains, Ben         encouragement when the going got tough,”
           Thruxton                14/Oct/2007            Nevis in Scotland (1,344m), Scafell Pike in     said Steve Coombs, Lovell Regional Director.

      26   arca & atac news
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW                    22/6/07      13:56    Page 27


       latest appointments & promotions
                                     Windsor Waste Management Limited,                                           AWM GROUP
                                  Rainham, Essex, has appointed Gary                                              Appoints Finance Director
                                   McKinnon, National New Business                                                Robin Dudfield has joined the AWM Group
                                   Manager to manage and develop our Total                                     as Finance Director.
                                   Waste Management (TWM) business.                                               Robin has worked as Finance Director with
                                      Gary brings a wealth of industry expertise                                a number of successful, entrepreneurial fast
                                    and experience in TWM with more than ten                                    growth businesses in the West Midlands.
                                    years actively delivering cost saving                                          Paul Woodhead, Managing Director of the
                                    solutions with many top FMCG and Blue-                                       AWM Group comments: “Robin brings a
         Gary McKinnon               chip companies.                                                             wealth of experience to an important role in
                                       To learn how we can potentially save            Robin Dudfield            the organization. His knowledge and
         your business additionally costs to landfill through recycling by                                  ambition will be key to managing the financial
         contacting our Customer Support Services Team on 01708 55 99 66              stability of the company, whilst satisfying the growth plans of the
         or email customerservices@winwaste.com.                                      business. All our stakeholders, customers, suppliers and employees
                                                                                      will benefit from his leadership."
            Peter Jukes Joins AWM Group
            Peter Jukes has joined the AWM Group                                         Silverdell Appoints New Finance Director
         as Operations Director.                                                         Award Winning Silverdell Plc and leading
            Peter’s previous roles have included                                      UK asbestos services provider, is pleased to
         responsibility for Municipal Contracts,                                      announce that it has today appointed Chris
         Commercial and Industrial Contracts and                                      Sims as the Company’s Finance Director,
         Commercial Sales.                                                            effective immediately.
            Paul Woodhead, Managing Director,                                            Chris brings over fifteen years of PLC
         comments: "Peter joins us to strengthen                                      experience from the construction and
         our service delivery. His extensive industry                                 support services sectors. Previously Finance
         experience will ensure customers remain at                 Peter Jukes       Director and Company Secretary of Brandon                Chris Sims
         the forefront of our thoughts as the business                                Hire PLC, Chris oversaw the growth of the business from
         continues to grow and develop."                                              turnover of £23m to £57m and negotiated and integrated around 20
            Peter states: "One of the main attractions of AWM is that the             acquisitions. From 1988 to 1999 he was Finance Director at Bakers
         organisation offers individual solutions to potential client needs."         Dolphin (a South West based travel agency chain) and helped grow
                                                                                      the business from a turnover of £20m to £100m.

                                                                                                                                             arca & atac news   27
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW              22/6/07     13:56     Page 28

           member news

               awarded Silver RoSPA
               & UKAS Accreditation
              Silverdell have scooped the
           prestigious RoSPA Occupational and
           Safety Awards for the second year
           running. The Silver RoSPA Award was
           presented to them at a special
           ceremony at the Hilton Birmingham
           Metropole Hotel, National Exhibition
           Centre, on Thursday, May 24 which ran
           alongside Safety & Health Expo 2007,
           the UK’s premier health and safety at
           work exhibition.
                                                           FOR BES
              David Rawlins, RoSPA Awards Manager,
           said: “Silverdell UK Limited has                  Huddersfield-based risk management specialist BES Group has acquired asbestos
           demonstrated how seriously they take           inspection business E-Labs Environmental as part of its ongoing national expansion
           health and safety management and are a         strategy.
           fine example to many other companies.              BES Group, one of the largest                     Its growth has also catapulted BES Group
           We would like to see more organisations        consultancies of its kind in the UK, provides     into the latest Sunday Times Profit Track 100 –
           following their lead.”                         asbestos risk management services to              a list of the UK’s fastest-growing privately-
              During the same time, UKAS, has given       thousands of small firms and major businesses,    owned companies.
                                                          including Barclays, Argos, Dixons, Waitrose,          BES Group and LDC will now work to
           its accreditation to the inspection and
                                                          HBOS and DHL.                                     ensure the enlarged business takes full
           sampling methods employed by Silverdell            E-Labs is an independent environmental        advantage of rising demand driven by tough
           UK Ltd’s Surveying Department for their        consultancy specialising in UKAS accredited       new regulations for the management of
           asbestos surveying activities, complying       asbestos inspection, sampling and testing.        asbestos in the work place.
           with International Standard ISO 17020              The Warrington business is led by founder         John Lawrence MBE, said: “The newly
           and awarded them for the methods used          Diane Bridge, who will remain as Operations       acquired business gives us greater regional
           to carry out Type 1, 2 & 3 asbestos            Director. BES Group Chairman John Lawrence        access to the high growth asbestos risk
           surveys in residential, commercial and         MBE joins the board as Director.                  management market.
           industrial premises and compliments the            In July 2005, BES Group was the subject of        “E-Labs has a strong brand in its market
                                                          a £24.5million MBO backed by private equity       and will be run as a stand-alone niche business
           ISO 9001 systems already in place.
                                                          firm LDC which invested £6.9million for a         within BES Group. The acquisition strengthens
              Mark Roberts, Silverdell Director said:
                                                          significant minority shareholding.                our ability to meet customers’ needs across
           “To be awarded with this influential               Since then, the firm has been expanding its   the North West and is part of our strategy to
           recognition proves our commitment to           network of highly trained surveyors and           build on our historic sales growth.”
           doing things right. We have recently           analysts to provide comprehensive coverage            Carl Wormald, director at LDC, said: “As
           installed new health & safety initiatives      of the UK, with offices now in Cardiff,           awareness and enforcement of asbestos
           into the business, and external                Birmingham, Edinburgh, Belfast, Surrey and        regulation increases, BES Group is seeing
           recognition by organisations such as           Warrington and almost 200 employees.              demand for its services continue to grow.
           RoSPA proves that such initiatives can             The strategy has continued to drive               “The acquisition of E-Labs will enhance its
           make a difference.”                            turnover, which has risen from £2.8million to     reputation, technical abilities and further
                                                          £8.7million over the last four years.             expand its geographical footprint. E-Labs will
                                                                                                            play a significant role in driving further growth

           AWM Group
                                                                                                            as BES Group looks to fully capitalise on the
                                                                                                            significant forecast growth in the asbestos
                                                                                                            services market.”
                                                                                                                Royal Bank of Scotland Corporate &
            NOMINATED FOR PRESTIGIOUS BUSINESS AWARD                                                        Structured Finance team, which supported the
                                                                                                            MBO of BES Group, also funded the
                The rapid growth of the AWM Group             The AWM Group offers services                 acquisition of E-Labs.
            during the last 12 months has culminated      including the management of Industrial,               BES Group and E-Labs marketplace is
            in the company being selected as a finalist   Commercial and Chemical waste, and the            driven by the Control of Asbestos Regulation
            for the Midlands and East of England          safe and legal removal and disposal of            2006 (CAR 2006). The legislation requires
            regional heat of The AXA Small to Medium      Asbestos.                                         duty holders in all commercial properties to
            Sized Business of the Year Award.                 Paul Woodhead, Managing Director              ensure that anyone working in, or visiting
                The National Business Awards,             comments: “Reaching the finals of the             buildings, are protected from asbestos risks.
            sponsored by Orange, celebrate business       National Business Awards Regional                     There are over three million public and
            success and have been referred to as the      Programme, sponsored by Orange, is a              private properties covered by the regulations
            “Business Oscars” by Gordon Brown. To         massive achievement. We have gone                 in the UK but is estimated that only 10-15 per
            be nominated, businesses must have                                                              cent have had adequate asbestos surveys
                                                          through substantial changes during the last
                                                                                                            performed. Of these, only a small proportion
            achieved both commercial success and          12 months, and the opportunity to have
                                                                                                            have implemented a robust management plan
            have evidence of a robust business plan,      this effort rewarded is clear recognition of
                                                                                                            which satisfies regulatory requirements.
            while taking an innovative and ethical        the excellence and determination of our
                                                                                                                BES Group was advised on the E-Labs
            approach to their development strategy.       staff.”
                                                                                                            acquisition by Jonathan Robinson at
                                                                                                            Eversheds, Manchester.

      28   arca & atac news
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW   22/6/07   13:56   Page 29

                                                                                  recruitment & classified

                                                                                            AA Woods Asbestos Abatement
                                                                                            is an established and well respected
                                                                                            company with an excellent Health &
                                                                                            Safety track record in the asbestos
                                                                                            industry. We are qualified to BS-EN-
                                                                                            ISO9001-2000 status, which demonstrates
                                                                                            our ongoing commitment of quality to our
                                                                                            Clients. We are the first Asbestos Removal
                                                                                            Company in the country to gain

                                                                                            accreditation to the Investor in People

                                                                                            With continued expansion we are
                                                                                            currently seeking to employ a full time

       & classified
                                                                                            Business Development Manager.
                                                                                            Key to the business you will be required
                                                                                            to identify and contact new and existing
                                                                                            clients and arrange meetings, in which
                                                                                            you will present AA Woods services. As
                                                                                            this is a client facing role you will have a
        If you have a recruitment                                                           proven track record in developing and
                                                                                            managing relationships.
        advertisement or a classified item
                                                                                            The successful candidate will be field &
        for sale or wish to sell a business,                                                offices based and ideally have some
        you can reach the asbestos                                                          construction Industry knowledge.

        management industry through                                                         Benefits include;
                                                                                            Competitive Salary
        placing an advert in ARCA News.                                                     Health Cover
        Please contact ARCA News on                                                         Company Car

        0870 1994044 for advertising and                                                    In the first instance send your CV to
                                                                                            alanp@aawoods.com or for more
        media information or email                                Woods House, River Way,   information telephone 01279 444630
        kirstie@simplymarcomms.co.uk                              Harlow, Essex CM20 2DP    (closing date 20th July 2007)

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           recruitment & classified

      30   arca & atac news
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW   22/6/07   13:56     Page 31

                                                                                        advertisement feature

      asbestos handling
                                                                      The pressures on contracting services to reduce costs
                                                                  are relentless, and are well understood by
                                                                  manufacturers and suppliers to the asbestos removal
                                                                  industry. However, substituting inferior copies of
                                                                  consumable filters as used on power assisted respirators
                                                                  in an attempt to make savings is not only false economy,
                                                                  it can also have two major implications with grave

                                                                     No legal protection
                                                                      Firstly, while negative pressure masks and their filters carry
                                                                  separate EN approvals, the approval for power assisted respirators
                                                                  is designed to assess the performance of the whole system,
                                                                  typically a ‘tight seal’ facemask, a turbine blower unit, and a filter,
                                                                  all used in combination.
                                                                      Therefore Respiratory Protective Equipment which carries this
                                                                  approval provides the specifier with evidence that it has been
                                                                  tested to achieve the required level of protection, when all the
                                                                  components are correctly used together, to meet his Risk
                                                                      Apart from making it easier to follow a specification when
                                                                  originally selecting equipment, it also helps the specifier to meet
                                                                  his legal requirements in selecting and using appropriately
                                                                  approved equipment. Make no mistake about it, use of a filter that
                                                                  was not tested to form part of the original approval of the
                                                                  equipment negates the approval, and therefore removes the legal
                                                                  protection provided to the specifier.

                                                                     Health risk
                                                                     Secondly, and possibly of greater concern, is the health risk
                                                                  implication to the wearer of using equipment that has not been
                                                                  approved. The limited amount of information available on these
                                                                  ‘copy’ filters indicates that their performance with the power
                                                                  assisted respirators commonly in use in the industry is well below
                                                                  that of the correct approved product. It would certainly not instill
                                                                  the wearer with confidence to know cost saving measures may
                                                                  reduce protection from harmful levels of exposure, and almost
                                                                  certainly, use of copy filters would put a wearer’s health at risk.

                                                                     Crippling legal costs, and worse
                                                                      Surely the asbestos removal industry which has done so much
                                                                  in recent years to ‘tidy up its act’ and present a responsible face to
                                                                  the public, would not want to suffer either of these implications for
                                                                  the sake of what may appear at first to be a short term saving.
                                                                  This apparent cost saving means using filters that are not
                                                                  approved for use with your respirator, potentially producing future
                                                                  claims, legal costs and awards that may well put companies out of
                                                                  business. It could also result in criminal charges being brought
                                                                  against those responsible and certainly produce the risk of more
                                                                  asbestos related deaths.

                                                                     Not much of a saving, is it?
                                                                  Scott Health & Safety Ltd.,
                                                                  Pimbo Road, West Pimbo, Skelmersdale, Lancs. WN8 9RA.
                                                                  Tél : +44(0)1695 711711 Fax: +44 (0) 1695 711764

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           training dates
            Asbestos Removal Industry Courses
            New Operative                                                                                        Course Fees (excl VAT)
                                  June       July      Aug            Sept           Oct        Nov      Dec       Member      Non Member   Exam
           Burton                 11-13     16-18     20-22           17-19          15-17     12-14     10-12    £425.00       £475.00     -
           Rayleigh             4-6,25-27    2-4       6-8          3-5,24-26         1-3       5-7       3-5     £425.00       £475.00     -
           Wakefield                                  15-17                          24-26                        £425.00       £475.00     -
           Manchester             25-27                              10-12                     19-21              £425.00       £475.00     -
           Bristol                18-20                                              8-10                         £425.00       £475.00     -
           Middlesbrough          18-20                                              8-10                         £425.00       £475.00     -
           East Anglia                                               10-12                                        £425.00       £475.00     -
           Glasgow                25-27                              24-26                                        £425.00       £475.00     -

            Operative Refresher                                                                                  Course Fees (excl VAT)
                                  June       July      Aug            Sept           Oct        Nov      Dec       Member      Non Member   Exam
           Burton                  14,26    3,13,19     235,20        18,29            15        13               £155.00       £175.00     -
           Rayleigh               1,7,11,    5,18,    9,10,17        6,14,17        4,12,16,   8,16,27   6,13
                                 13,22,29    23,31     21,2919,27   23,25,30                                      £155.00       £175.00     -
           Wakefield                 13        5         8 5            31            29                          £155.00       £175.00     -
           Manchester               4,28       12       2913,25        2,24           22         4                £155.00       £175.00     -
           Bristol                   21        9         6 7            11            13                          £155.00       £175.00     -
           Middlesbrough             21                                 11                                        £155.00       £175.00     -
           East Anglia                                       13                                                   £155.00       £175.00     -
           Glasgow                  28                       27                        1                          £155.00       £175.00     -

            New Supervisor                                                                                       Course Fees (excl VAT)
                                  June       July      Aug            Sept           Oct        Nov      Dec       Member      Non Member   Exam
           Burton                  4-6                 6-8                            1-3                         £425.00       £475.00     -
           Rayleigh                          9-11                    10-12                     12-14              £425.00       £475.00     -
           Wakefield                                                 26-28                                        £425.00       £475.00     -
           Manchester                       16-18                                                                 £425.00       £475.00     -
           Bristol                                                                    3-5                         £425.00       £475.00     -
           Middlesbrough                                                                        5-7               £425.00       £475.00     -
           East Anglia                                                                                            £425.00       £475.00     -
           Glasgow                                                     3-5                                        £425.00       £475.00     -

            Supervisor Refresher                                                                                 Course Fees (excl VAT)
                                  June       July      Aug            Sept           Oct        Nov      Dec       Member      Non Member   Exam
           Burton                   7         20        9              21              4         16       6       £210.00       £230.00     -
           Rayleigh              8,21,28    6,12,24   16,30          4,13,28        11,18,24   9,15,28    14      £210.00       £230.00     -
           Wakefield               14                   9                               3        28               £210.00       £230.00     -
           Manchester              29         25       23              14              25        23               £210.00       £230.00     -
           Bristol                 22                   7              6               12                         £210.00       £230.00     -
           Middlesbrough                               24                                                         £210.00       £230.00     -
           East Anglia                                                 14                                         £210.00       £230.00     -
           Glasgow                                                     6              31                          £210.00       £230.00     -

            Licensed Contractor Management                                                                       Course Fees (excl VAT)
                                  June       July      Aug            Sept           Oct        Nov      Dec       Member      Non Member   Exam
           Burton                 19-20                                                                           £295.00       £365.00     -
           Rayleigh                31-1                                                         4-5               £295.00       £365.00     -

            Licensed Contractor Management Update                                                                Course Fees (excl VAT)
                                  June       July      Aug            Sept           Oct        Nov      Dec       Member      Non Member   Exam
           Burton                                                                     9                           £155.00       £175.00     -
           Rayleigh                 15                                 7              17                          £155.00       £175.00     -
           Wakefield                                                                                              £155.00       £175.00     -
           Manchester                                                                                             £155.00       £175.00     -
           Bristol                                                     26                                         £155.00       £175.00     -
           Middlesbrough            12                                                                            £155.00       £175.00     -
           East Anglia                                                                                            £155.00       £175.00     -
           Glasgow                                                                                                £155.00       £175.00     -
           Pennine Manor - Huddersfield                                               24                          £155.00       £175.00     -

            Asbestos Surveying and Consultancy Courses
            Supervisory Licence Holders                                                                          Course Fees (excl VAT)
                                  June       July      Aug            Sept           Oct        Nov      Dec       Member      Non Member   Exam
           Burton                           23-25                    24-26                                        £425.00       £475.00     -
           Rayleigh                                   13-15                           8-10                        £425.00       £475.00     -
           Wakefield                                                                             7-9              £425.00       £475.00     -
           Manchester                                                                                             £425.00       £475.00     -
           Bristol                                                                                                £425.00       £475.00     -
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW                  22/6/07      13:56        Page 33

                                                                                                                  training dates
       Asbestos Surveying and Consultancy Courses (cont)
       Supervisory Licence Holders Update                                                                   Course Fees (excl VAT)
                        June          July          Aug          Sept          Oct            Nov     Dec     Member       Non Member         Exam
      Burton                           26                          27                                        £155.00        £175.00            -
      Rayleigh                                       16                            11                        £155.00        £175.00            -
      Wakefield                                                                                              £155.00        £175.00            -
      Manchester                                                                                             £155.00        £175.00            -
      Bristol                                                                                                £155.00        £175.00            -

       BOHS P402 Buildings Surveys & Bulk Sampling for Asbestos                                             Course Fees (excl VAT)
                        June          July          Aug          Sept          Oct            Nov     Dec     Member       Non Member         Exam
      Burton                                        14-16                                                    £445.00        £475.00         £100.00
      Rayleigh          27-29                                                  15-17                         £445.00        £475.00         £100.00
      Wakefield         27-29                                                                                £445.00        £475.00         £100.00
      Manchester                                                                                             £445.00        £475.00         £100.00

       NIACS RSPH Level 3 Certificate in Asbestos Inspection Procedures (P402 Conversion)                   Course Fees (excl VAT)
                        June          July          Aug          Sept          Oct            Nov     Dec     Member       Non Member         Exam
      Burton                          10-13                      18-21                        20-23          £625.00        £655.00         £65.00
      Rayleigh                        10-13                      18-21                                       £625.00        £655.00         £65.00
      Wakefield                       10-13                      18-21                        20-23          £625.00        £655.00         £65.00
      Manchester                                                 18-21                                       £625.00        £655.00         £65.00
      Bristol                         10-13                                                   20-23          £625.00        £655.00         £65.00
      Middlesbrough                                              18-21                        20-23          £625.00        £655.00         £65.00
      East Anglia                                                                                            £625.00        £655.00         £65.00
      Glasgow                                                    18-21                                       £625.00        £655.00         £65.00

       NIACS RSPH Level 3 Certificate in Asbestos Inspection Procedures                                     Course Fees (excl VAT)
                        June          July          Aug          Sept          Oct            Nov     Dec     Member       Non Member         Exam
      Burton                          9-13                       17-21                        19-23          £755.00        £805.00         £65.00
      Rayleigh                        9-13                       17-21                        19-23          £755.00        £805.00         £65.00
      Wakefield                       9-13                       17-21                        19-23          £755.00        £805.00         £65.00
      Manchester                                                 17-21                                       £755.00        £805.00         £65.00
      Bristol                         9-13                                                    19-23          £755.00        £805.00         £65.00
      Middlesbrough                                              17-21                        19-23          £755.00        £805.00         £65.00
      East Anglia                                                                                            £755.00        £805.00         £65.00
      Glasgow                                                    17-21                                       £755.00        £805.00         £65.00

       Client Management & Industry Awareness Courses
       Client Management                                                                                    Course Fees (excl VAT)
                        June          July          Aug          Sept          Oct            Nov     Dec     Member       Non Member         Exam
      Burton                                                                   11-12                         £295.00        £365.00            -
      Rayleigh          18-19                                                                 15-16          £295.00        £365.00            -
      Wakefield                                                                                              £295.00        £365.00            -
      Manchester                                                                   3-4                       £295.00        £365.00            -
      Bristol                                                    27-28                                       £295.00        £365.00            -

       Client Management Update                                                                             Course Fees (excl VAT)
                        June          July          Aug          Sept          Oct            Nov     Dec     Member       Non Member         Exam
      Burton               1                                                       9                         £155.00        £175.00            -
      Rayleigh                                                                                 26            £155.00        £175.00            -
      Wakefield                                                                                              £155.00        £175.00            -
      Manchester                                                                   5                         £155.00        £175.00            -
      Bristol                                                      25                                        £155.00        £175.00            -

       HSE Licensed Scaffolders - All half day courses run from 9.00am to 1.00pm                            Course Fees (excl VAT)
                        June          July          Aug          Sept          Oct            Nov     Dec           Prices on Application
      Burton                                                       6                           6
      Rayleigh                                                     18                          21
      Manchester           5
      Bristol             29
      Middlesbrough                     4
      East Anglia
      Glasgow                                                      28

       Asbestos Awareness for the Construction Industry                                                                Call for details
ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW:ARCA NEWS_SUMMER 07 AW               22/6/07       13:56     Page 34

           member update

               diary                                        ARCA Regional Meetings:
                                                            5th July
                                                            19th July
                                                                        East Anglia Regional Meeting
                                                                        Northern Regional Meeting
                                                                                                                             Gonville Hotel
                                                                                                                             Pennine Manor Hotel

                                                            ARCA Governing Council Meetings:
                                                            17th July                                         10.30am        Cityside Centre
                                                            21st August                                       10.30am        Leeds
                                                            18th Sept                                         10.30am        Naval Club

                                                            ATAC Meetings:
                                                            3rd July     PR & Marketing Sub Committee         10.00am        ARCA House
                       Please visit www.arca.org.uk         7th Aug      Management Committee Meeting         10.00am        ARCA House
                      for meeting dates and venues          14th Aug     Technical & Quality
                                                                         Sub Committee Meeting                10.00am        ARCA House
                                                            2nd Oct      Management Committee Meeting         10.00am        ARCA House
                                                            2nd Oct      PR & Marketing Sub Committee          1.00pm        ARCA House

                                                            ARCA Technical Meetings:
                                                            21st June    Technical Meeting                    10.30am        Naval   Club
                                                            12th July    Technical Meeting                    10.30am        Naval   Club
                                                            9th August   Technical Meeting                    10.30am        Naval   Club
                                                            13th Sept    Technical Meeting                    10.30am        Naval   Club

                                                            29th August      ARCA National Golf Day                          The Belfry

                                                            5th Oct          Annual General Meeting            9.30am        London Zoo
                                                                                                                             Conf Centre

               Association                                  New Individual Surveyor Members               Mr M Hawkins
                                                                                                          Stanley Hawks Ltd
            Membership Update                                                                             10 Coker Road, Canvey Island, Essex SS8 0NJ
                                                            Mr J Sahajpal                                 T: 01268 691628
                                                            Jagdeep Singh Sahapal                         F: 01268 691628
            New Full Members                                Trident Surveying Ltd, Pinetree Centre        E: m.hawkins112@btinternet.com
                                                            Durham Road, Birtley, Co Durham DH3 2TD
                                                            T: 0191 492 1628                              Mr A Penberthy
            Mr C Gibson                                     F: 0191 410 0916
            Controlled Asbestos Removal                                                                   Access Scaffolding Services Ltd
                                                            E: info@tridentsurveying.co.uk                Unit 1 Paper Mill Road, Cardiff CF11 8DG
            Unit 7 Silkwood Park, Fryers Way                W: www.tridentsurveying.co.uk
            Ossett, Wakefield WF7 9TS                                                                     T: 02920 554321
            T:: 01924 232600                                                                              F: 02920 555567
                                                            Mr L Lynch
            F: 01924 232606                                 Trident Surveying Ltd
            E: office@demolitiongroup.com                                                                 Ms S Klieve
                                                            Pinetree Centre, Durham Road                  High Peak Scaffolding Ltd
            W: www.demolitiongroup.com                      Birtley, Co Durham DH3 2TD                    Unit 5 Tideswell Business Park
                                                            T: 0191 492 1628                              Meverill Road, Tideswell,
            Mr R Jackson                                    F: 0191 410 0916
            C Jackson & Sons                                                                              Derbyshire SK17 8PY
                                                            E: info@tridentsurveying.co.uk                T: 01298 872666
            Keysoe Road, Thurleigh, Bedfordshire MK44 2EA   W: www.tridentsurveying.co.uk
            T: 01234 771311
            F: 01234 771128                                                                               Mr Tim Clark
                                                            Mr VP Singh Khaira                            Asbestos Equipment & Supplies Ltd
            E: kjacksonandsons.co.uk                        Trident Surveying Ltd
            W: www.cjacksonandsons.co.uk                                                                  Unit 9 Whitehall Cross Industrial Estate
                                                            Pinetree Centre, Durham Road                  Whitehall Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 5XE
                                                            Birtley, Co Durham DH3 2TD                    T: 01132 799990
            Mr E Sharpe                                     T: 0191 492 1628
            Crompton Services                                                                             F: 01132 799997
                                                            F: 0191 410 0916                              E: aesltduk@aol.com
            Crompton House, Crompton Road                   E: info@tridentsurveying.co.uk
            Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 4BG                                                                  W: www.aes-ltd.co.uk
                                                            W: www.tridentsurveying.co.uk
            T: 0115 944 7777
            F: 0115 944 4004                                Mr John Master
            E: cromptonservices@btconnect.com               John Master Consultancy Ltd
            W: www.cromptonservices.co.uk                   18 Wedgewood Avenue, Westlands                 The following companies are no longer
                                                            Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire ST5 2JD    members of the Association:
            Mr D Broadhurst                                 T:: 01782 633057
            AIB Solutions Ltd                               F: 01782 633057                                Full Members:
            Unit 6 Winghay Close, Longbridge Hayes          E: john@johnmaster.wanadoo.co.uk               Grays Thermal Insulation Engineers Ltd
            Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire ST6 4DU
            T: 0800 389 3166                                                                               Jameson Group Ltd
                                                            New Associate Members                          Tool Up Asbestos Solutions Ltd
            F: 01782 815223
            E: info@aibsolutions.co.uk
            W: www.aibsolutions.co.uk                       Mr D Walker                                    Associate Members:
                                                            Environmental Contracts Ltd                    Amazon Recruitment Ltd
            Mr John Walker                                  Unit 11 Dormston Trading Estate                First Business Support
            RBG Limited                                     Burton Road, Dudley, West Midlands DY1 2UF
            Norfolk House, Pitmedden Road, Dyce             T: 01902 881300
                                                            F: 01902 676300                                ATAC Members:
            Aberdeen AB21 0DP
            T: 01224 722888                                 E: davewalker@environmentalcontracts.co.uk     Cortec Consultancy
            F: 01224 723406                                 W: www.environmentalcontracts.co.uk

      34   arca & atac news
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                                                                                     arca & atac news   35
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