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Lenina and Bernard

   Pg 73     “Walking and talking – that seemed a
    very odd way of spending an afternoon”
    All castes do everything as a group however,
    Bernard is an individual and would rather spend
    time doing something he wants and in his own
    time than following the crowd, for example, he
    would rather look at the view of the moon and
    stars in a peaceful and tranquil environment
    than watch women‟s wrestling. Lenina does not
    appreciate nature as it is not one of society‟s
    rules and she would rather have sex.

   Pg 74/75 “it makes me feel as though . . . as
    though I were more me, if you see what I mean.
    More on my own, not so completely a part of
    something else. Not just a cell in a social body . .
    . But Lenina was crying.”
    This shows that Bernard is different from
    everybody in society and is disobedient of
    society‟s rules. People from his caste see him as
    a rude person because of this. Lenina cannot
    bear to hear that he wants to his own person and
    be different from everyone else. She wants
    Bernard to be like everyone else because this is
    how she sees everyone else in society.

   Pg 75/76 “more together here – with nothing
    but the sea and moon. More together than in a
    crowd, or even in my rooms. Don‟t you
    understand that? . . . why don‟t you take soma
    when you have all these dreadful ideas of yours.
    You‟d forget all about them”
    Lenina is scared of who the real Bernard is, an
    individual, she does not understand that he feels
    this way and does not like to part of the social
    body. She thinks that soma is the answer to
    everyone‟s problems because it will make them

   Pg 77     “Ignoring the interruption . . . And
    that‟s why we went to bed together yesterday –
    like infants – instead of being adults and waiting.
    But it was fun? Wasn‟t it?”
    This shows how Lenina and Bernard are
    completely different. Lenina always abides by
    society‟s rules. She does not think outside the
    box, she has no thought of what she is doing and
    what other people might think – she just thinks
    that everyone follows by these rules and the
    conditionings they are given.

Lenina and Henry

   Pg 51     “Henry Foster had had his machine
    wheeled out of its lock-up and, when Lenina
    arrived, was already seated in the cockpit,
    waiting. Four minutes late, was all his comment,
    as she climbed in beside him”
    This is the stereotypical relationship in this
    society; all relationships are similar to this one.
    It is a mechanical, working relationship with no
    emotional contact, they just use each other. They
    do not know what “love” is.

Bernard and Helmholtz Watson

   Pg 59     “Poor little Bernard”
    Helmholtz goes about things in a different way
    from Bernard event though they both want to be
    an individual. Helmholtz takes pride in his
    society and who he stands for and he wishes that
    Bernard would do the same.

   Pg 56      “What the two men shared was the
    knowledge that they were individuals.”
    This shows how Bernard and Helmholtz are
    different from everyone else in society and do not
    follow society‟s rules as strictly as everybody

   Pg 57      “Bernard hypocritically agreed,
    wishing, as he spoke the words, that he could
    have as many girls as Helmhotlz did, and with as
    little trouble. He was seized with a sudden urgent
    need to boast.”
    Because Bernard and Helmhotlz both want to be
    individual, they both aren‟t interested in having
    sex or being on soma-holidays. Bernard however
    feels as though he is competing against
    Helmhotlz as he is popular whereas Bernard as
    looked upon as a burden on society.
Lenina and John

   Pg 119 “Did he dare? Dare to profane with his
    unworthiest hand that…no he didn‟t. The bird
    was too dangerous. His hand dropped back. How
    beautiful she was! How beautiful!”
    This shows how John knows he is an outsider
    and should not go anywhere near Lenina because
    she is from the New World and he is a savage
    and these people are never associated with one

Bernard‟s Professional Relationship‟s

   Pg 73    “Some men are almost rhinoceroses:
    they don‟t respond properly to conditioning.
    Poor devils! Bernard‟s one of them. Luckily for
    him, he‟s pretty good at his job. Otherwise the
    director would never have kept him.”
    This shows Bernard is not well liked in society
    however he does his job well so that is the only
    reason he has not been banished to Iceland.

   Pg 122 “‟Marx, can you show any reason why I
    should not now execute the judgement passed
    upon you?‟ „Yes I can,‟ Bernard answered in a
    very loud voice.”
    This shows that Bernard becoming more
    confident and by introducing John and Linda to
    his society, he now has something over the
    Director. Therefore, he can not lose his job and
    he knows he is in a safe position despite being an

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