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  OCTOBER 8, 2009
                  Session Agenda

 Hiring Process Overview
 HR Services
 Compliance
 On Boarding
 Cost of a Bad Hire
 Current Trends in Labor Market
 Questions
 Recruitment Team Model

• Janice                               • Steve
  Corbett,                               Baldwin,
  RN                                     Ph.D.

             Clinical   Research

             Admin      Management
             Support    Information
• Tammy                                • Helen
  Rahn,                                  Meyer,
  PHR                                    PHR

   Recruitment Manager: Sally O’Shea, RN
  Recruitment Assistant: Vernita Washington
            Recruitment Structure

• Draws from background and areas of expertise of
 recruiters in order to better tailor the candidate
 search to specific needs of the position

• Allows recruiters to better assist in improving the
 quality of candidates referred to hiring managers

• Allows recruiters to partner with hiring managers
 to make a difference in the quality of the hire
                     HR Services

 We are here to assist you!

 Benefits of working with HR
   Facilitate finding the best possible candidates

   Save you and your department time and money by only
    referring qualified candidates
   Assist with advertising as needed

   Ensure legal compliance

   Follow WUSM policies
                      HR Services

• Help manage recruitment process
• Provide interview/posting questions
• Proactively search for quality candidates
• Place advertisements outside of WUSM
• Pre-screen pool of applicants
• Coordinate computer testing/behavioral assessments
• Check references
• Selection and salary advice
• Background check and drug screening
• Answer questions and provide guidance for both hiring
  managers and candidates who want to work at WUMS
Potential Scenario                                 Recruiter Assistance

Hiring Contact (Supervisor, PI, etc.) needs        Recruiter helps identify the best places to
assistance in finding good candidates with a       advertise and coordinates advertisements.
very specific and potentially hard to find skill

Business administrator calls to let recruiter      Recruiter contacts PI directly to talk about
know that a requisition has been submitted for     the best strategy to identify candidates,
a certain PI who has inquired about the best       gives them access to view candidates
way to find good candidates.                       themselves online, and begins to work with
                                                   them regularly through the recruitment

Hiring Contact has already identified a few        Recruiter helps talk through the options
promising candidates and is gathering              and assists with reference checks.
information to make the final decision about
which to offer the job.
Potential Scenario                             Recruiter Assistance

Preparer contacts recruiter to let them know   Recruiter processes as a direct hire and
that a new requisition has been created but    matches candidates’ online application to
job the offer has already been made for a      the requisition before closing.
candidate who was found unexpectedly by a

New hiring manager is unfamiliar with the      Recruiter can guide through the process of
process of making a good hire.                 how to interview and screen for the best
                                               potential candidates.

Hiring Manager/PI wants to make a job offer,   Recruiter can be the middle person to
but would like assistance in contacting the    smooth salary negotiations and finalize the
employee and negotiating a salary.             job offer and acceptance.
          Assistance with Recruitment:

 In support of anticipated hiring needs related to
 ARRA or otherwise, a pool of prescreened candidates
 is now available ranging from entry to senior level
 research positions.
 Principal Investigators may be given direct access to
 review qualified candidates with varying levels of
 experience in order to facilitate the process.
          Pool of Prescreened Applicants:

Promising applicants are divided into separate
 groupings with guest access:
     Applicant Pool             Requisition #             Password
Recent Bachelor’s/< 2 Years
                                   #091546      GU62875    research
     Lab Experience
    Bachelor's/>2 Years
                                   #091547      GU62877    research
          Master's                 #091548      GU62879    research

          PhD/MD                   #091549      GU62880    research

                                   #091637      GU62883    research
                Use of Applicant Pool

 Provided as a reference to assist in recruitment.

 PI’s and hiring contacts encouraged to contact
  applicants/references directly.
 Separate requisition still needs to be posted and normal
  channels followed before a job offer can be extended.
 No job offer can be made without the job being posted
  through your business office for tracking and budgeting
 Please notify HR Recruitment of extended offers and hires
  so that applicant pools can be kept as current as possible.
Overview of Hiring Process
                 Finding Candidates

• Do you know what you’re looking for?
  – Review and update job description
  – Identify critical knowledge, skills and abilities
  – Distinguish between minimum vs. preferred requirements
  – New hires must meet minimum qualifications of position

• Where can you find applicants?
  – Who do you know?
  – Professional/community organizations
  – Where did you find your last person?
  – Identify your recruiting network – a good manager is always
         Interviewing Best Practices

 Past performance and behavior is a good
  indicator of future performance and behavior
 Move quickly on applicants or they may be gone
 Use interview to “sell” WUSM to applicants
 Be open to suggestions from HR on applicants
 Interview a diverse pool of applicants
 Inform applicants when a decision will be made
 Notify applicants when they are not selected for
  the position if they have been interviewed
                       Reference Checks

• Must be completed for both internal (transfer) and
 external applicants.

 –   Important part of hiring process

 –   Contact current/former supervisors

 –   Ask relevant questions
     •   Work attitude, attendance, customer services skills, etc.

 –   Keep documentation
                   Extending the Offer

• Make sure all final candidates have applied on-
 –   Application gives us legal permission to check references and other
     pre-employment checks
• Make verbal contingent offer based on successful
  completion of pre-employment screening
• Have all of the information ready when you make
  the offer (hours, benefits, salary amount, start
  date, training, etc.)
• Notify recruiter of hiring choice and send copy of
  completed offer letter to HR

 Many laws/regulations that we must follow

 Job postings in THS – minimum of 3 days

 Applicants must complete on-line application

 Applicants must meet the minimum requirements of
 the position

 Required documentation/interview notes
             Interview Documentation

 Keep your personal or editorial comments out of
    interview notes or documents
   Only job specific information should be recorded
   All candidates for a position should be asked the
    same core questions
   Applicant status must be accurately documented
    (who was interviewed and why not selected)
   All documents created during the interview process
    must be retained for a minimum of two years
   These documents are discoverable
    Drug Screening & Background Checks

 Every applicant hired by the Medical School under a
 patient care title must undergo hair sample drug
 screening and a criminal background check

 DCM, FMD, and Information Technology positions
 are also involved in the screening process as well as
 Faculty on the Clinician Track
        Drug Testing: The Five Panels

 Cocaine

 Opiates

 Phencyclidine (PCP)

 Amphetamines

 Marijuana
                       Background Checks

 Background checks are performed using the following
    Family Care Safety Registry (Missouri Only)
        Missouri Highway Patrol – Division of Family Services – Employee
         Disqualification List – Sex Offender Registry

    Verifications, Inc (All Other States)
        Social Security Trace

    Office of Inspector General
        Medicare Part A & B Fraud
                   On Boarding

 On Boarding refers to the process of integrating new
 employees into the organization, preparing them to
 succeed at their job and to become engaged,
 productive members of the organization.

 On Boarding includes the initial orientation process
 and the next 3-6 months
      Differences That Make a Difference

 Do you and your team make new hires feel welcome?

 Do you make it easy for new hires to tell you how
 they’re doing?

 Do you make it easy for new hires to ask for what
 they need?

 Do you help new hires see the big picture and how
 THEY make it happen?
                 The Cost of a Bad Hire

 Statistics show that the cost of a bad hire ranges
 from 2-5 times the annual salary
    For lower salaries the range is usually 2-3 times the annual
    For higher salaries the range is usually 3-5 times the annual

 In “Zero Defect Hiring” WU uses 3 times the annual
           $$$       Examples        $$$

 For an employee with a hourly salary of $15.00
 ($31,200 annually) that would equal a cost of

 For an employee with an hourly salary of $25.00
 ($52,000 annually) that would equal a cost of
             What Makes Up the Cost?

 Manager and recruiter time spent screening applications,
  interviewing, checking references, etc.

 Advertising costs

 Cost of background check and drug screening

 Time spent setting up benefits, payroll, etc.

 IT time for computer, phone, and other systems (before
  arrival and after leaving)
         What Else Makes Up the Cost?

 Training time

 Salary of employee

 Benefits paid for employee

 Management time (planning for arrival, training, follow-
 up on issues)

 Co-workers’ time (training, follow-up on issues)

 Severance pay, unemployment, COBRA
                Largest Cost of All…….

 The negative effect on management and staff morale

 Lost business and/or opportunities due to
 mishandling by the employee
          Current Trends in Recruiting

 Increased number of applicants
   Last month WUSM had over 5,000 applicants

 Applicants are often overqualified for positions

 Most applicants (especially those downsized or in
 “hard hit” industries) are looking for security

 Applicants are often willing to take a pay cut to have
 a job
     Please Contact:

     Steve Baldwin

Additional Information:
WUSM Human Resource Office