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					Presented By:

Sakshi Sharma Simrat Kaur

Students Of:
B.A., LL.B (Hons.)
Fourth Semester
Rajiv Gandhi National
University of Law,
Punjab, Patiala
   Complaint Received Through E-mail

   Sending the Confirmation and Complaint I.D.

   Sending the Complaint to Concerned Police Department or
    AIWC As Per The Need of The Case

   Connecting With the Complainant On Phone

   Legal Guidance By The Legal Advisor If Required

   Personal Meeting and Home Visit Depending Upon The
    Nature of The Case
               OUR ENDEAVOUR
   To Understand The Practical Application of Law By Handling
    Miscellaneous Nature of Complaints

   To Get The Feedback of The Complainants Regarding Their
    Respective Complaints And Support/ Assistance From Safer India.

   To Analyse The Working And Success of Mission Safer India

   To Find Out What More Can Be Done Under The Mission Safer
    India To Save The Next Victim

   Attempt To Make Out Whether The Complaint Is Genuine or Not

   To Give The Complainants A Sense Of Security By Meeting The
    Complainant Personally Under The Banner of Safer India
   Not Conversant With The Area At All

   Rude Behaviour of Disinterested Complainants

   Busy Schedules of Complainants

   Undertaking Maximum Home Visits In Short Time Span

   Non Availability of Personal Conveyance
   Lack of Effective Leadership At The Upper Level of The Delhi Police Department
    Due To Which There Is No Co-ordination and Accountability At Subordinate Level

   Reluctance of Police To Lodge an FIR Except In Cases Where Some Bribe or
    Influence Is Used

   Showing Snatching of Purse, Mobile or Other Articles As Lost or Misplaced Rather
    Than Stolen To Decrease The Figures of Crime Rate

   Harassment Met By People By Visiting The Police Station Again and Again To Get
    Their Work Done and Rude Behaviour of Police With The People

   Collusion of Police With Criminals Against The Innocent People

   Civilians have no agency to approach for redressal of a complaint against police
    officers as the different branches of the police for it are from the same batches of
    police officers.
   Area Covered      Delhi and Gurgaon

   Total Number of
    Cases Reviewed    Ninety

   Home Visits       Forty
               NATURE OF CASES
   Road Accident                             Forgery
   Cheating                                  Extortion of Money
   Defamation                                Illegal Acquisition
   Fraud                                     Illegal Encroachment
   Robbery                                   Attacking With Acid
   Theft                                     Complaints Against Police
   Threat                                    Blackmailing
   Illegal Activities like Illegal Sale      Kidnapping
    of Liquor                                 Breach of Trust
   Dowry and Harassment                      Illegal Confinement
   Physical Injury and Mental                Poisoning
    Torture                                   Corruption In Selection Procedure
     Name of The Complainant                           Complaint Title
     Ishwardevi                                        Forgery and Threat

     The complainant, a spinster whose brother M.K. Sachdeva looks after all her
     correspondence on her behalf owns a house which was purchased by her brother
     in 1986. In 1997 her brother sold this house to her. Sh. Shankar Das Falwaria, the
     neighbour, who is a habitual offender, sent a legal notice on 17th May 2004
     stating that her house was sold by her brother to Sh. Falwaria on 16th October
     2003. The document bears her brother’s forged signature. According to the
     complainant, no action has been taken by the police till date to help her as the
     police itself are colluded with the accused because in order to settle the score with
     the complainant, Sh. Falwaria in connivance with the officials of police and MCD
     fraudulently showed their house as an unauthorized construction built under 2003
     and pulled down the house thrice without any court orders. In all the three times
     the complainant approached the police for help through helpline 100. The SHO,
     Sh. Hoshiar Singh arrived and instead of helping the complainant threatened them
     that if they quarrelled, he would put them behind bars.
Present Status
   The complainant had lodged the FIR with the help of the Magistrate and a court case
   is pending but due to financial constraints they are not able to give high fees to their
   advocate. Moreover, according to the complainant, they could not get help from
   Legal Aid Authority as the accused had links with the Legal Aid as well.

Action Taken By Safer India
   Personal inquiry was done by Mr. S.S Sandhu (Retd. Assistant Commissioner of
   Delhi Police), Police Advisor from Safer India by visit to the complainant’s home
   and appropriate action was taken by him.

Personal Observation Based On Home Visit
   The complainant is very aggrieved and poor who is living along with her aged
   mother and a mentally challenged sister. Though her house is very old which can be
   made out by seeing the house but it is an irony that in papers it has been shown as a
   new construction by the accused in this case. The accused has been using all his
   links and money to acquire the complainant’s house. This case is a glaring example
   of the dark side of the society where a rich person having influential links makes the
   life of poor people a hell. It was shocking to see three ladies staying in a broken
   house without door and always attracting threat to their lives.
        Name of The Complainant            Complaint Title
                M.S. Parmar                       Cruel Behaviour of Police

     The complainant’s son who is deaf and dumb has a shop near police post. As told
     by the complainant many policemen used to take his services without paying
     money and when he used to demand for money, they used to beat and threaten
     him. One day a policeman took him to the police station, gave him third degree
     torture and lodged five false FIRs against him. The case went in favour of the
     complainant’s son when it went to the Sessions Judge and FIR was lodged against
     the accused policemen but then that order was cancelled and the complainant’s
     case is now pending in the High Court. One day when the complainant was
     coming after withdrawing Rs. 30,000 from bank, someone took away his bag
     containing money and he reported the matter to the police but no action was taken
     by the police and rather the police abused the complainant.
Present Status of The Case
   No action has been taken by the police in this case.

Action Taken By Safer India
   Safer India followed up the case and put the same before senior officers to
   redress the grievances of the complainant. Outcome of the same is still awaited.

Personal Observation Based On The Home Visit
   The complainant is an old person and has been harassed a lot by the police. As
   the complainant already had conflict with the police, the police is not helping him
   regarding the snatching of his bag containing money. This case depicts how angel
   i.e. the police who has been deputed to ensure the safety and security of the
   citizens has turned devil by establishing itself as a threat to a poor old person and
   his deaf and dumb son. It also shows that a person faces a lot of problem if his
   case is directly against the police itself as the investigation suffers in such cases.
     Name of The Complainant           Complaint Title
     Pratima Kumari                  Extortion of money

           The complainant’s sister-in-law and the husband of her sister-in-law started
          creating problem for the money which the mother-in-law and father-in-law of
          the complainant received after retirement. When they failed to get the money,
          then out of frustration they hatched a plan and got a case registered against the
          complainant’s husband for extortion. In the complaint by accused i.e.
          complainant’s sister-in-law, it was given that there was a dispute between her
          husband and herself due to which she was residing apart from her husband.
          She said that her mother and father had forged her signatures and withdrawn
          about 7 lakhs rupees and given to the complainant’s husband due to which she
          lodged the FIR. She said that the police is supporting the accused as the
          accused has bribed the police. The complainant has also sent the complaint to
          DCP but no action has been taken. Police said that they knew that the case
          filed against the complainant is false but they cannot do anything as they are
          being pressurized from higher levels so they advised the complainant to get
          FIR done under Section 156 CrPC through Magistrate.
Present Status
  The case is pending in the court.

Action Taken By Safer India
  When the complainant approached Safer India, Dr. Kiran Bedi personally called the
   complainant and connected her with the lawyer, Mr. R. K. Yadav who gave her the
   legal advice.

Personal Observation Based On Home Visit
   From this case we could conclude how some incidents totally change the lives of
   some people as after it, the complainant herself has started studying law from an
   institute though she has already done M.Tech. Moreover, now even her husband is
   planning to do law and is keeping a watch on every recent case and collecting High
   Court judgements on various cases so that they are not befooled in future.
                                    CASE STUDY
Name              Complaint Title             Source Through Which    Action Taken By Police     Action Taken By Safer
                                              The Complainant Came                               India
                                              To Know About Safer

Nageshwar         Death of Nephew In A        Newspaper               FIR Lodged By Police But   Charge Sheet Filed With
                  Road Accident                                       No Further Action Taken    The Help of Safer India

Ali Sher          Interference  In   The      Newspaper               No Action Taken By         The Complainant Was
                  Construction of DPC                                 Police and Police Is       Contacted and   Legal
                  Around             The                              Misguiding          The    Advice Was Given To
                  Complainant’s Plot By                               Complainant To Sell The    Him.
                  The Neighbour                                       Plot To The Accused
Puneet            Theft of Mobile             Radio FM                No FIR Was Lodged By       The Complainant Was
                                                                      The Police                 Called Up On Phone And
                                                                                                 Connected With The Tilak
                                                                                                 Nagar Police Station.
Ankur             Car Stolen                  Friend                  No FIR Was Lodged By       FIR Lodged With The
                                                                      The Police And The         Help of Safer India
                                                                      Complaint Submitted Was
Brijender Mohan   Threat, Loot, Abuse By      Through Mrs. Madhu      Whole Incident Took        Connected to Delhi Police
                  Son’s Wife and Her          Gupta Who Is The        Place In Front of The      Headquarters And Was
                  Relatives In Front of The   Member of Women Peace   Police But No FIR was      Offered Legal Advice As
                  Police                      Committee in Delhi      lodged.    Instead   The   His Case Is Pending In
                                                                      Complaint            Was   The Court of Law
                                                                      Pressurised To Give In
                                                                      Writing That He Had No
                                                                      Dispute With The Accused
Name      Complaint Title              Source Through Which   Action Taken By Police     Action Taken By Safer
                                       The Complainant Came                              India
                                       To Know About Safer

Ajay      Sale of Illegal Liquor In    Newspaper              No Significant Action      Appropriate Action Was
          Balaji Chowk                                        Taken By The Police        Taken By The Police After
                                                              Instead Police Tried To    The         Complainant
                                                              Make A False Case          Complained To Safer
                                                              Against The Complainant    India
                                                              and Other Residents That
                                                              They Were Disturbing The
                                                              Peace of That Area

Manju     Dowry and Harassment         Newspaper              Instead of Helping The     Safer India Sent The
                                                              Complainant in Getting     Complainant To Women
                                                              The Dowry Articles Back    Cell With Their Reference
                                                              The     I.O. Sealed The
                                                              Locker of Her Mother

Vidwant   Physical    Injury    and    Newspaper              No FIR was lodged By       The Complainant Was
          Mental Torture By Their                             The Police                 Connected   And    The
          Relatives, Neighbours and                                                      Appointment Was Fixed
          Tenants                                                                        With DCP (West) and CP
Manish    Theft of ECM Part From       Newspaper              Police Refused To Lodge    Safer India Helped The
          Omni Van                                            An FIR                     Complainant To Lodge
                                                                                         The FIR

Garima    Selling Sealed Adulterated   Friend                 The        Matter   Was    Legal Advice Was Given
          Bottle                                              Forwarded    To    Food    To The Complainant And
                                                              Adulteration Department    She Was Guided To File A
                                                              Which Collected The        Case In The Consumer
                                                              Samples From The Store     Court.
Name             Complaint Title             Source Through Which    Action Taken By Police     Action Taken By Safer
                                             The Complainant Came                               India
                                             To Know About Safer
Ishwardevi       Forgery and Threat By       Through Someone Known   No Action Was Taken By     Personal Inquiry Was
                 The Neighbour                                       Police and Police Itself   Made By Mr. S.S. Sandhu
                                                                     Are Colluded With The      (Retd. ACP Delhi Police)
                                                                     Accused                    and Police Advisor of
                                                                                                Safer India By Visiting
                                                                                                The Site

Nitika Kumari    Purse Snatching             Internet                No FIR Was Lodged and      The Complainant      Was
                                                                     Only NCR Was Given         Connected With       The
                                                                                                Concerned SHO

Mahadevi         False Allegation of Dowry   Radio FM                No FIR Was Lodged          The Court Case Is Pending
                 and Harassment                                                                 In The Court of Law So
                                                                                                Nothing Can Be Done By
                                                                                                Safer India

Pratima Kumari   Extortion of Money By       Newspaper               No FIR Was Lodged and      Dr. (Mrs.) Kiran Bedi
                 The Sister-In-Law and                               Police Is Supporting The   Personally   Contacted
                 Her Husband                                         Accused      and     The   Them and Connected
                                                                     Complainant Claims That    Them With The Lawyer,
                                                                     The Accused Has Bribed     Mr. R.K. Yadav Who
                                                                     The Police                 Gave Them the Legal

Pawan            Pick Pocket                 Newspaper               Police Was Reluctant In    After The Complainant
                                                                     Lodging The FIR            Approached Safer India
                                                                                                The FIR Was Lodged And
                                                                                                A Policeman Personally
                                                                                                Came To His House To
                                                                                                Give The Copy Of FIR
Name               Complaint Title             Source Through Which   Action Taken By Police     Action Taken By Safer
                                               The Complainant Came                              India
                                               To Know About Safer

Sunita             Dowry and Harassment        Not Known              Not Available              The Complainant Had
                                                                                                 Compromised With Her
                                                                                                 Husband and Is Living
                                                                                                 Happily With Him So No
                                                                                                 Action Was Required

Namrata            Forceful    and   Illegal   Someone Known          No Action Was Taken By     Safer India Connected
                   Acquisition and Robbery                            Police and Police Is       The Complainant With
                   of Shop By The Previous                            Colluded   With    The     The Janakpuri SHO
                   Owner of The Shop                                  Accused

Amit               Theft of Articles At Home   Friend                 No FIR Was Lodged And      The Complainant Was
                                                                      The Complainant Was        Connected   To     Delhi
                                                                      Threatened By The Police   Police Headquarters and
                                                                                                 Was Sent Reminder Again
                                                                                                 and Again.
Kavita             Threat To Acquire The       Radio FM               No FIR Was Lodged By       Legal Advice Was Given
                   Property By The Father’s                           The Police And No          To The Complainant And
                   Brother and His Family                             Action Taken               She Was Guided To
                                                                                                 Approach The Court of
                                                                                                 Law To Safeguard Her
Nisha Bala Tyagi   Threat To Life and False    Radio FM               Though      ACP,   Rajan   As The Case of The
                   Allegation of Theft of                             Bhagat     Helped    The   Complainant Is Going On
                   Electricity   By    The                            Complainant To Some        In The Court of Law,
                   Builder                                            Extent    But    Nothing   Legal Advice Was Given
                                                                      Significant Was Done and   To The Complainant.
                                                                      No FIR Was Lodged
Name                 Complaint Title             Source Through Which   Action Taken By Police      Action Taken By Safer
                                                 The Complainant Came                               India
                                                 To Know About Safer
Anoop                Fraud, Cheating, Threat     Newspaper              When He Went To The         The Complainant Was
                     and Criminal Intimidation                          Police    Station    With   Contacted and Connected
                     By The Seller of The                               Somebody’s      Reference   With The Lawyer, Mr.
                     Property                                           His FIR Was Lodged But      R.K. Yadav Who Gave
                                                                        Thereafter No Action Has    The Legal Advice.
                                                                        Been Taken By The Police

Nagesh               Fraud By Putting Lock By    Radio FM               When He Called On 100,      Connected           With
                     Some Other Person On                               Police      Came     For    Mr. R.K. Yadav For Legal
                     His House                                          Investigation But No        Advice.
                                                                        Further Action Was Taken
                                                                        and No FIR Lodged

Vijay                Forgery and Attempt To      Newspaper              No FIR Was Lodged By        Mr. Naubat Ram, Safer
                     Illegal Acquisition of                             The Police                  India Desk Manager,
                     Property     By     Some                                                       Talked To And Connected
                     Stranger, Balwant Singh                                                        The Complainant With
                                                                                                    The ASI, Mr. K.P. Singh.
Rajesh Kumar Gupta   Theft of Car                Friend                 No Action Was Taken By      Madam Personally Read
                                                                        Police Even After The       His Complaint and Gave
                                                                        Complainant Visited The     Him The Appropriate
                                                                        Police Station Twenty       Advice.
                                                                        Times. FIR Was Lodged
                                                                        Only After He Bribed The
Vishal               Theft of Mobile Phone       Radio FM               FIR Was Lodged But No       Matter       is   Under
                                                                        Further Action Was Taken    Investigation.
                                                                        To Trace The Mobile
Name                 Complaint Title             Source Through Which       Action Taken By Police      Action Taken By Safer
                                                 The Complainant Came                                   India
                                                 To Know About Safer
Arvind Goel, Ashok   Illegal Encroachment of     Newspaper                  No Action Was Taken By      The Complainant Was
Saini, Diwan Singh   DDA Park and Criminal                                  Police and Matter Was       Connected      To  DCP
                     Activities Like Chain                                  Forwarded    To    The      (North) And Delhi Police
                     Snatching By ‘Jhuggi and                               Grievance Cell Which        Headquarters.        He
                     Jhopari’ People                                        Has Not Taken Any           Expressed Thanks For
                                                                            Action Yet.                 Solving His Problem As
                                                                                                        The Cow Owners Had
                                                                                                        Left That Place.
Sunil Sharma         Fraud In The Society’s      Through A Brochure At      Police   Avoided      The   With The Efforts of Safer
                     Funds and Defamation By     The Time of Inauguration   Matter Saying That It Was   India FIR Was Lodged
                     The Ex-Manager of The       of Safer India             A Personal Matter of
                     Society                                                Their    Society      and
                                                                            Advised Them To Have A
                                                                            Compromise For Which
                                                                            They Could Help
M.S. Parmar          Cruel Behaviour of Police   Newspaper                  No Action Was Taken By      Safer India Followed Up
                     On Complainant and His                                 Police Rather Five False    The Case And Put The
                     Son Who Own A Shop                                     FIRs    Were     Lodged     Same     Before   Senior
                     Near Police Post and                                   Against The Complaint’s     Officers To Redress The
                     Policemen     Hire    His                              Deaf and Dumb Son           Grievances     Of   The
                     Services Free of Cost                                                              Complainant.
Kusum Ahlluwalia     Attempt On The Life of      News on Television         No Action Has Been          Safer India Contacted
                     An Employee of Hans Raj                                Taken By The Police         The SHO Ashok Vihar
                     Model School, Punjabi                                                              But The Victim Is Not
                     Bagh By Attacking With                                                             Ready To Co-operate
                     Acid                                                                               With The Police
Anudeep              Mobile Snatching            Friend                     Refused To Lodge An FIR     Safer     India  Has
                                                                                                        Connected        The
                                                                                                        Complainant With The
                                                                                                        Concerned SHO
Name                    Complaint Title             Source Through Which   Action Taken By Police      Action Taken By Safer
                                                    The Complainant Came                               India
                                                    To Know About Safer
Sarevare Alam (Nanhe)   Threat and Harassment In    Newspaper              No Action Has Been          Connected With Mr. R.K
                        Order Illegally Acquire                            Taken By The Police         Yadav, Legal Advisor for
                        The Shop By The                                    Rather They Threatened      the legal advice.
                        Previous Owner                                     Him As They Are
                                                                           Colluded      With The
                                                                           Accused Whose Son-in-
                                                                           law Who Has Some
                                                                           Influential Links
Rashmi                  Kidnapping,                 Friend                 No Help Was Given By        The Complainant Was
                        Blackmailing,     Illegal                          Police    Rather      The   Connected     To   The
                        Confinement and Breach                             Complainant’s     Brother   Lawyer, Mr. R.K. Yadav
                        of    Trust   By     The                           Was Pressurised To Give     For Legal Advice
                        Complainant’s Bother’s                             In Writing That He Took
                        Wife and Her Family                                Dowry and The Police
                        Who Have Made False                                Asked Them To Bring
                        Allegations of Dowry                               Rupees Five Lacs To
                        Against              The                           Close The Case. The
                        Complainant’s Family                               Police Is Colluded With
                                                                           The Accused As The Wife
                                                                           of The Complainant’s
                                                                           Brother Is Teaching The
                                                                           Daughter of I.G. Rohtak,.
Chhaya                  Theft   of     Important    Internet               No Further Action Was       The Case Was Taken Up
                        Documents Like Passport                            Taken By Police and Only    By the Police and ACP
                        and Other Articles From                            The FIR Was Registered      Sumit Kohar Started
                        Car                                                                            Looking In The Case
                                                                                                       Only        After  The
                                                                                                       Complainant Approached
                                                                                                       Safer India
Name                    Complaint Title            Source Through Which   Action Taken By Police   Action Taken By Safer
                                                   The Complainant Came                            India
                                                   To Know About Safer
Anil                    Robbery At Home            Friend                 No Further Action Has    Connected  To       SSP
                                                                          Been Taken By Police     Gurgaon   And       DGP
                                                                          After The Lodging of     Haryana
Siddhartha Srivastava   Harassment And Threat      Google Search          The Complainant Did      Safer India Advised Him
                        By The Owner of The                               Not Visit The Police     To First Visit The Police
                        Illegal Parking                                   Station Thinking That    Station
                                                                          Police Will Not Do
Hema                    Cruelty By In-Laws After   Not Known              Not Known                The Complainant Was
                        The Death of Her                                                           Connected      To    DGP
                        Husband                                                                    (Haryana), Area SDM
                                                                                                   and All India Women’s
                                                                                                   Association     and Was
                                                                                                   Given Legal Advice To
                                                                                                   Take Action Against Her
                                                                                                   In-Laws u/s 107/150
                                                                                                   CrPC       and      Under
                                                                                                   Domestic Violence Act.
                                                                                                   But In spite of this when
                                                                                                   she was contacted again
                                                                                                   on phone, her father and
                                                                                                   she herself talked very
                                                                                                   rudely      and      were
                                                                                                   unwilling to meet us.
Mahendra Bhatia         Robbery At Home            Newspaper              FIR Was Lodged But It    Connected To Delhi
                                                                          Contained A Fabricated   Police Headquarters and
                                                                          Story and Police Was     DCP (West)
                                                                          Reluctant To Follow Up
                                                                          The Case
Name                  Complaint Title             Source Through        Action Taken By            Action Taken By
                                                  Which The             Police                     Safer India
                                                  Complainant Came
                                                  To Know About Safer
Poonam                Threat    To   Illegal      Radio                 Mr. Arya of Legal Aid      The Complainant Was
                      Acquisition of House                              Cell Who Was Looking       Connected With The
                      By The Husband Who                                After Her Case Insulted    Lawyer,    Mr.   R.K.
                      Has Remarried Four                                Her In Front of Her        Yadav Who Is Trying
                      Times         Without                             Husband     And       Is   To        Re-open Her
                      Divorcing Her                                     Colluded With Her          Case In the Legal Aid
                                                                        Husband.           The     Cell.
                                                                        Complainant      Never
                                                                        Approached         The
Anklesh Sharma        Poisoning                   Internet              Police Is Colluded         Connected With the
                      Continuously For Days                             With The Accused and       Legal Advisor,   Mr.
                      With Arsenic By The                               Ignoring His Case and      R.K. Yadav for legal
                      Complainant’s Tenant                              No FIR Was Registered      advice.
                      With The Help of                                  For Three Months After
                      Complainant’s     Maid                            He Submitted The
                      Servant and Driver                                Complaint and Got The
                                                                        FIR         Registered
                                                                        Through High Court
Amit Mohan Sharma,    Discrimination,             Radio                 The      Complainants      Connected With the
Virendera Singh and   Gratification and Bribe,                          Have Not Approached        Legal         Advisor,
Others                Malafide       Intention,                         Police    But   They       Mr. R.K. Yadav for
                      Forgery In Selection                              Approached       Anti      legal advice.
                      Procedure for Various                             Corruption Cell and
                      Post In Government of                             Vigilance Department
                      India      Press       of                         Which     Took    No
                      Mayapuri, Faridabad,                              Action. They Also
                      Ring Road, Aligarh                                Approached       CBI
                                                                        Which Said in The
                                                                        Instant Case No CBI
                     FIR Lodged
                      By Police,

         FIR Not
        Lodged By
       Police, 82%

           Settled, 10%
                            Legal Advice,
   FIR Lodged,                  30%

            Other Actions
             With Police
             DCP, ACP,
             SHO, AIWC
              etc., 50%

14                      Newspaper, 14



8        Radio, 8
                                                                                            Friend, 7
                                                           Other Sources, 5
4                                                                         Internet, 4

2                                       Not Known, 2

     1              2               3                  4                5               6


        THE CASES
    Shortage of Time, 6

5                          Satisfied After
                          Lodging of FIR, 4


                                              Compromise, 1   Pressure, 1   Not Known, 1

            1                    2                  3             4              5

   Dedicated And Efficient Support System From Different Fields Like Law, Police,
    Office Management, Social Work and Information Technology

   Acknowledgement and Forwarding of Complaints Within 24 Hours

   Immediate Follow Up In Case of Emergency If Any

   Direct Connection With the Police Headquarters And Other Concerned Authorities
    Through Internet Nationally

   Availability of Advanced Technology and Other Resources To Connect The Mails
    of The Complainants To The Concerned Authorities

   Association of Dr. (Mrs.) Kiran Bedi Which Is the Biggest Asset To This Mission
   This Is An E-Complaint System and Only Those Who Have Access
    To Internet And Knowledge Can Approach This Redressal System
    And Could Be Used More If More Awareness Is Generated Which
    Requires Public Relations Which Are Dependent Upon Financial

   Cannot Compel The Police To Perform Their Duty

   Small Number of Volunteers

   Lack of Promotion of The Working of Safer India Due to Which It
    Cannot Reach Remoter Areas

   More Emphasis On English Language On The Website Which Is A
    Problem For An Illiterate Person
   Accessibility of Hindi Version of The Website

   To Appoint A Representative In Every Area To Establish A
    Personal Contact With The Complainants

   Promotion Through Print and Electronic Media

   Talent of More Student Interns Can Be Harnessed

   An Attempt To Be In Touch With The Complainants For
    The Easy Follow Up of The Case
The work done under Mission Safer India shows that change can be
brought in, what is required is an initiative. Youth must come
forward to volunteer their services to such organisation which work
for breaking the monopoly of police. What we analysed after
dealing with a considerable number of cases is that police is
harassing the ordinary citizens and refusing to register the cases
merely in order to reduce the figures of crime rate. Police instead of
acting as a helping hand to solve the problems of the poor and
innocent citizens is supporting criminals who grease their palms.
Policemen show reluctance in performing their duties must be
answerable to public. The work Mission Safer India has
undertaken, will make the police accountable to a large extent, thus,
making India a safer place to live in.