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									VOLUME 26 No 5 JUNE 2009 5769

A wonderful Yom Ha’atzmaut                                                                From Welkom to West Coast —
celebrated in a cosy new venue                                                              a double simcha at Chabad!

               A special moment when the Youth lead the ‘march in’.                                 The Welkom Torah en route to its new West Coast home.

T  he entire Albow Centre campus
   was effectively transformed for this
                                          from the fun and festivity to the quiet
                                          of the Gardens Shul, was the brilliant       D   espite the pre-Pesach rush,
                                                                                           5 April, on the Sunday before
                                                                                       Pesach, over 150 men, women and
                                                                                                                                     UJC executive director Barry Levitt
                                                                                                                                     and vice-chairman of the UOS Ivan
                                                                                                                                     Klitzner, and Norman Chavkin shared
year’s Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations on     and passionate address by top Israeli
Tuesday 28 May. The atmosphere was        journalist, and former South African,        children gathered at Chabad of the            Welkom memories and the excitement
warm and buzzing, with all the usual      Hirsh Goodman.                               West Coast for a double celebration -         of this Torah coming to a new home.
fare — food stalls, entertainment and                                                  the dedication of the Welkom Torah at         The Torah was then ‘dressed’ in its
lucky draw prizes.                         Pictorial coverage of the event on pages    the shul of Blouberg-West Coast, and          beautiful new sash and cover, and
  A highlight for those who moved on       12 and 13.                                  the opening of the ‘Expansion 09’             with a SAPS escort and a decorated
                                                                                       project at the Gan Chamesh Jewish             music truck at the lead, the ‘Torah
Hagshama                                                                               Montessori Pre-school.
                                                                                         At a nearby park a beautiful
                                                                                                                                     parade’ departed, bringing the Torah
                                                                                                                                     to its new home amidst joyous singing
enjoys a                                                                               ‘chuppah canopy’ was set up where             and dancing.            see page 17

Bedouin                                                                                YAD checks out the
Lag                                                                                    Green Point stadium
B’Omer                                                                                                                                   INSIDE THIS ISSUE
Young people enjoy
the ‘bash’ laid on by
Hagshama and the
                                                                                                                                         BOD Winter
Marais Road Shul.                                                                                                                        Appeal                   page 8
(see report on page
                                                                                                                                         HOLOCAUST CENTRE
             Tribute to a Herzlia legend                                                                                                 ‘Champions of the Child’
A    t a morning assem-
     bly last month Mrs
Marianne Marks, prin-
                                                     Having arrived from
                                                   England, John commenced
                                                   teaching mathematics at
                                                                                                                                                          page 14
cipal of Herzlia High                              Herzlia High School on 14
School, noted that dur-                            April 1969.
ing one’s lifetime one                               He has taught under                     Daniel Graham and Jodi Sher.                ROBERT COHEN
does not always come
across ‘a legend of their
time’. But to know and
                                                   seven principals and seen
                                                   umpteen alumni pass
                                                   through the corridors of
                                                                                      O   n     Wednesday       6    May
                                                                                          football enthusiasts attended a
                                                                                      presentation at the new Green Point
                                                                                                                              YAD        World bantamweight
                                                                                                                                         boxing champ
                                                                                                                                         interviewed    page 23
work with one in one’s                             the school. He has never           Stadium Visitor Centre entitled ‘2010
lifetime is indeed a                               forgotten a face, a name           World Cup — Cape Town is open for
privilege.                                         or even the year each one          Business’.
   John Mills is a Herzlia                         matriculated. And not one            The time for welcome drinks gave our             ‘WHO IS A JEW
legend! He has now                                 of them has ever forgotten         fans the opportunity to explore the centre’s       REVISITED’
celebrated 40 years of         John Mills.         him! He has always been            fascinating array of pictures, equipment,          by Arnold Levin
unbroken,       dedicated                          respected by students              designs and architectural models and               courtesy
and committed service to the United and staff alike for his professionalism           also to read fascinating articles written in       Jewish Affairs         page 26
Herzlia Schools — the high School in and dedication to his subject, to                the exciting lead up to this phenomenal
particular.                            education and to Herzlia.                      event.
2                                                                                                                                 CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

    Community Noticeboard
                                                                                                  HONOURABLE MENSCHEN
                                                                                       D   r David Scher is the current
                                                                                           chairman of the Jacob Gitlin
                                                                                       Library, which is under the auspices
                                                                                                                                    asked what the
                                                                                                                                    names        Portnoi,
                                                                                                                                    Krawitz, Chait and
                                                                                       of the Western Province Zionist              Schneider have in
              eminar                                                                   Council and is a wonderful facility for      common. They are all
    Nechama S                                                                          local Jewry. On 9 September 2008             tailors, in different
         2009                                                                          David delivered the 20th Jacob Gitlin        languages.
                                                                                       Memorial lecture, his topic being ‘The       Portnoi – Russian;
                   ing              The following or
     ‘From Mourn                                     ga
                                    affiliated to Jew nisations are
                                                                                       Birth of Israel: The Myths and the           Krawitz – Polish;
        to Mornin g-                                  ish Care Cape                    Realities’. The lecture has now been         Chait – Hebrew; Schneider – German/
                                                                                       published in booklet form and gives a        Yiddish.
        Insights into ’              • Cape Jewis                                      fascinating account of the birth of the
                   aling                           h Seniors

     Grief and He                      Association                                     Jewish State. Here are the closing two       At my 85th birthday kiddush brocha
                                    • Glendale                                         paragraphs:                                  bash at the Claremont Wynberg Shul
         Wednesday                  • Highlands
                                   • Jewish Com se
                                                                                        In conclusion, it is clear that the         on 18 April (for 26 March) I devoted
         5th August                • N echama
                                                  munit y Servi
                                                                ce s
                                                                                        creation of the Jewish state was            the first portion of my speech to
                                                                                        achieved in a window of historical          ‘Years’ and this is what I said:
                                  • Oranjia
                 Hebrew                                                                 opportunity. Without international
      Cape Town on                • Jewish She
                                                 ltered Employ                          legitimacy,     achieved       through
                                                                                                                                      Psalm 90 states that the days of
         Congreg ati                                            ment                                                                our lives are 3 score years and 10,
                                                                                        UN Resolution 181 of 1947 and
        (Gardens Sh
                                                 •••                                                                                and by added strength (gevurot) four
                                     AGM will be                                        American-Soviet recognition, Israel
                                     14 October an Wedne sday
                                                                                                                                    score years. I suggest we add: “by
                                                    d no                                would have had no patrons and               extra, additional strength — 4 score
                                        as previously t 3 June
          For more info                               stated                            no arms supplies to survive in a            years and ten”. We then renumber
         and registra e:
                                                                                        deadly     hostile     neighbourhood.       the psalm to 100, which makes 70,
                    stin                                                                The decision of the United Nations
         contact Ju                                                                     General Assembly on 29 November
                                                                                                                                    80, 90 and 100 and provides for vat
          021 465 -93
                                                                                                                                    and cost of living.
                                                                                        1947 to partition Palestine was,
                                          PLEASE                                        however, largely unconnected to
                                                                                                                                      Bob Hope, the famous comedian,
                                                                                                                                    reached 100. He said that at 70 he
                                                 NOTE!                                  the Holocaust. Certainly, the fate
                                                                                        of Jewish Holocaust survivors and
                                                                                                                                    still chased women but only downhill.
                                                                                                                                    At 90, he said you know you are
                                        W he n m                                        DPs, by now interned in miserable           getting old when the candles cost
                                        the Cap ing a paymen                            conditions for up to three years,           more than the cake.
                                                     e Jewis                     tt     was of secondary importance to
                                              by dire            h C hr o n o           Western statesmen. Although there
                                                                                                                                      We Jews wish each other “Bbiz
                                                                               ic le                                                120” (till 120) — but what do you
     Gardens Shul                                        c t dep o
                                                p l ea s e            si t ,            was sympathy for the recent Jewish
                                                                                        catastrophe, this did not influence
                                                                                                                                    say to someone who reaches 120?
                                                            e n s ur e                                                              “Have a good day.”
      Friday Night Live                       t ha t t h                                the voting pattern. Every state, then         How do you know you are old?
         number 18                     invoice           ere i s a                      and now, acts according to what it
                                                    numbe             n                                                               When you are 50 years older than
                                                               r / nam                  considers its own interests.                the rabbi.
     BaLLaNtiNeS aNd                          a s re f                       e
                                       s o t h a t e r e nc e
                                                                                        Whereas so many present-day                   When you go to a wedding and
      Birthday BaSh                                 your pa                             members of the United Nations               the groom’s grandpa was your tax
                                         can be                 y men t                 were handed their independence              student.
      5 June 5.45 pm                                  re c o r d e                      on a platter, the Jews, despite
                                                                   d.                   losing a third of their brethren in the

        See page 9                                                                      Holocaust, were only able to bring          This comes off an e-mail received
                                                                                        a Jewish state into fruition through        and is headed ‘Men Are Just Happier
                                                                                        their own strenuous efforts. Without        People’. The Shammash publishes it
                                                                                        the American Jewish lobby, which            without comment or prejudice:
                                                                                        galvanised a sluggish if not hostile        Future
                                                                                        Administration into action, the             A woman worries about the future until
        UNITED HERZLIA                                                                  precious 29 November vote might             she gets a husband.
           SCHOOLS                                                                      not have been achieved. Without             A man never worries about the future
                                                                                        the heroic efforts of the Haganah on        until he gets a wife.
       OPEN DAY 18 JUNE                                                                 the battlefield in April-May 1948, a        Success
     ‘The Real Time Experience at                                                       Jewish state, its number grievously         A successful man is one who makes
        Herzlia Middle School’                                                          depleted by the Holocaust, would not        more money than his wife can spend.
                                                                                        have been attainable.                       A successful
             See page 16                                                                                qqq
                                                                                                                                    woman is one
                                                                                                                                    who can find
                                                                                       Ben-Zion Surdut, at a recent lecture,        such a man.

CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                                3
                                                 BRIDGE AND A VERY PROUD SAVTA
   The Way                                     My bridge friends were as amazed as I                 A-plus rating for Herzlia
                                               was proud, to hear that my 10 year-old
     IC it                                     granddaughter Shira, and her partner,
                                               Danielle, came first out of 83 pairs
                                                                                          A    n article headed entitled ‘Paper
                                                                                               chase for the city’s top schools’
                                                                                          in the Weekend Argus on 16 May was
                                                                                                                                     suburban primary schools when the
                                                                                                                                     classes were already filled, provision
                                                                                                                                     is made for the learner to attend
                                               from grade 5 to 11 in the North Jersey
F   rom time to time over the years,
    particularly as editor of this paper,
synchronicity has played a major role.
                                               (USA) Schools Bridge Championship. In
                                               a contingent of pupils from Solomon
                                                                                          heartening in more than one respect.
                                                                                            Firstly, in the Western Cape
                                                                                          Education Department’s listing of
                                                                                                                                     one of the other primary schools. In
                                                                                                                                     the Middle School, should the need
                                                                                                                                     arise, another class could be added
                                               Schechter Westchester School, they                                                    and the High School also presents no
A typical example was my being given                                                      the top ten schools in the Province,
                                               trumped all competitors. And what is                                                  problems in regard to space.
the story of Chinese General ‘Two Gun                                                     Herzlia High School was placed
                                               more, Shira emailed, “Savta, I made a                                                   Furthermore, where parents cannot
Cohen’ punkt, at the time that the SA                                                     number 4. The criteria for this ‘poll’
                                               slam!”                                                                                afford the fees, bursaries are available
Jewish Museum was about to stage its                                                      were the consistency in the number
                                                 The girls brought the greatest nachas                                               to ensure the UHS commitment that
Chinese ‘Harbin’ exhibition.                                                              of grade 12 candidates over a period
                                               to a savta who ’aint ever gonna win any                                               no Jewish child will be refused a
  Now, once again synchronicity has                                                       of three years; an overall 100% pass
                                               bridge trophy as long as she lives.                                                   Jewish education.
struck.                                                                                   rate last year; the number of subject
                                                 Yes, bridge is a marvellous game,                                                     This is in sharp contrast to the
  I had just received and edited Willie                                                   distinctions, and an endorsement
                                               requiring logic, memory and some                                                      experiences listed in the Argus
Katz’s Shammash column, which you                                                         rate for a bachelor’s degree of at
                                               measure of card sense, and there is no                                                article, of parents battling to get their
will see includes references to Jewish                                                    least 60%.
                                               logical reason why it cannot be played                                                children into good schools, its sub-
surnames denoting ‘tailor’ — Schneider                                                      That the United Herzlia Schools
                                               by youngsters. We oldsters all agree                                                  heading reading: ‘Getting children
(German/Yiddish) etc — when Tessa,                                                        features so high in what is in essence
                                               that had we started so young, we would                                                into reputable institutions means
our secretary, mentioned that a man                                                       a secular education rating is in itself
                                               have been making our marks in the                                                     frustration, anxiety for parents’.
who claimed to be the last Jewish tailor                                                  cause for celebration. In fact, the
                                               bridge world today.                                                                     The description of Herzlia as ‘the
in Cape Town (and possibly the world!)                                                    community has complacently come
had just come in to place a chronicad.                    MAKING MARKS                    to accept this level of achievement as     jewel in the crown of the community’
  Synchronicity!                                                                          the norm, with Herzlia matric results      is more than just a trite boast.
  “Call him back. I must interview him!”       Those who voted in the recent general      being exceptional every year.              Indeed, as Geoff Cohen says, “Herzlia
  And, as you will find somewhere              elections had some pretty indelible          What is unique in regard to Herzlia’s    is a great school that always strives
among these pages, I did.                      marks made on their thumbs, before         success is that it is an inclusive         to bring out the best in our pupils so
                                               marking their Xs. The marks of Zuma?       school, which caters for every level       that they can reach their maximum
              MORE TALES                       Zille? Zorro? Well, the mark of Mbeki      of academic ability. There is no           potential. As an inclusive school we
                                               that I got five years ago took nearly a    requirement for the stress of an           don’t turn pupils away due to learning
A far more exciting interview I had,
                                               year to disappear.                         ‘entrance test’, which according to        disabilities, financial difficulty or
which is covered on page 23 was with
                                                 Here’s hoping that our new State         the article, most other top schools        religious affiliation. This makes our
Robert Cohen, who was without any
                                               President, Jacob Zuma, scores full         require.                                   success at matriculation level that
doubt the only Jewish bantam-weight
                                               marks and that good times lie ahead.         Confirmation of this was provided        much more significant.
boxing champion in the world … ever.
  Robert and his wife Zita spend six              SYNCHRONICITY STRIKES AGAIN             by Geoff Cohen, UHS Director of              “We believe that our pupils need to
months of the year here and the other                                                     Education and principal of the Middle      experience a sense of belonging so
six months in Brussels, and I was lucky        Just as I was contemplating how to end     School. Certainly there are initial        that they feel part of the nurturing
to meet with them in their Sea Point flat      this piece in the space still available    interviews with parents and children,      and embracing Herzlia family.”
just before they left for the Brussels         … Voila! … an email arrives from the       he said, but it was established policy       The Middle School will be holding an
leg. I took pages and pages of notes,          owner of another eatery higher up          that, other than in extraordinary          ‘Open Day’ on 18 June, for learners
covering the courtship, marriage, 40           (towards the mountain) in Long Street,     circumstances, no Jewish child would       in the morning and parents in the
years in the Congo and even some of            Israeli born and former Herzlia student    be refused entrance to a Herzlia           evening. An excellent opportunity
his boxing career.                             (Amit Raz. He opened his Masala Dosa,      School. Where a problem might arise        for those interested to examine this
  Since Robert (pronounced in French           Indian restaurant, two years ago.          with an application to one of the three    particular jewel in our crown.
fashion — Rob-air) speaks very little            I’ve actually been there myself — very
English, it was Zita who told the stories,     good — didn’t know that the producer of
with Rob-air interjecting in French from
time to time … (“What’s he saying,
Zita?” — me) … and repeatedly asking if
                                               this Asian fare was actually an Israeli.
                                               He’s done so well that he has opened a
                                               branch in Sea Point.
                                                                                                                The Leah Todres
I would like an expresso!                        Proves that whatever your origin                              2009 YIDDISH SONG FESTIVAL
                                               ethnicity wins when it comes to food.
I’m a cappuccino girl. And you should
                                               What was it that Jackie Mason quipped
                                               a couple of years ago? — “The Jewish                                            A Naye Velt
                                               dynasty is 5700 years. The Chinese                                              Songs Bridging Oceans
know that people of discernment
consider the truly authentic cappuccino        dynasty is 4100 years — so where did
not to be the high-froth cup with              the Jews eat for 1600 years?                    Your passport to a toe-tapping and joyous celebration
chocolate powder sprinkled on top, but           Knowing Jackie Mason’s blank-faced,                                  of song!
the far more subdued and delicious ‘flat       understated delivery, I decided to check
white’. Being one of the discerning few,       out his facts via google — a true mine       Cape Town is once again staging a mini miracle, also known as the Annual
I make it my business to log the places        of information. And indeed, it appears           Yiddish Song Festival – now in its 9th year at the Baxter Theatre!
that do a really good ‘flat white’. The list   that the Chinese calendar is just over a
                                                                                            Probably the best thing about the Yiddish Song Festival is the discovery that
is steadily lengthening as Capetonians         thousand years behind ours. While we
                                                                                           you do not need to understand Yiddish to feed into the emotive and universal
become more selective, forcing                 are in 5759, the Chinese year is 4706.
                                                                                                                        language of song.
restaurants and cafeterias to raise their      And this is the Year of the Ox!
standards and lower their froth.                 The Chinese work on a 12-year cycle,
                                                                                            This year we take you around the world in song. From nostalgic old world
  Just the other day an establishment          with one of twelve animals a symbol
                                                                                          melodies to the sultry rhythm of Argentinean tangos. Soulful songs and lusty
in Long Street qualified for the list,         for each year. If you google, I am sure
                                                                                          Broadway numbers and some of that special brand of Jewish humour that can
bringing my City Bowl total to eight. This     you’ll find out whether you were born
                                                                                            make one laugh through tears. You will be amazed at the countries where
latest ‘find’, just a coffee bean’s throw      in the Year of the Rabbit or Monkey or
                                                                                                           Jewish song has bridged time and cultures.
from Embassy Travel, is co-owned by an         something more fearsome.
Israeli and her Capetonian partner.              For us Jews the laws of kashrut limit
                                                                                            Together with stars Aviva Pelham, Beverley Chiat, Dragana Jevtovic, Ivor
  My first visit was for lunch with my         our animal choices. Even Swine Fever,
                                                                                             Joffe, David Gordon and Richard Gore discover the wide world of Yiddish
Thursday afternoon bridge pals, since          has an alternative name among the
                                                                                             song. Playing With Fire Klezmer Band will be under the direction of the
which time the word has spread and             ultra-orthodox. And quite right too. Not
                                                                                           multi-talented Matthew Reid. The Herzlia Vocal Ensemble and the massed
RCaffe is ‘on the map’. Another bridge         only halachically does it need to be
                                                                                              Herzlia Yiddish Festival Choir will be making their spirited contribution.
foursome has already followed suit.            avoided. So take care and Zei Gezundt!
                                                                                           Staging by Irma Kessler and Musical Direction by Fay Singer & Matthew Reid.

              Shabbat and Yom Tov Times                                                     Come along and enjoy nostalgic favourites and newfound treasures that will
                                                                                           transport you on a joyful journey of musical discoveries and delights. This is
                                                                                            your passport to a whole new world of song. The Yiddish Song Festival is a
 Date                                     Portion            Candle lighting    Ends
                                                                                           true celebration of life, in the universal language of song. And off course it is
 5 June        13 Sivan                   Naso                    5.27         6.21                                         in aid of the CJSA.
 12 June       12 Sivan                   Behaalot’cha            5.26         6.20
 19 June       27 Sivan                   Shelach L’cha           5.27         6.21                            SUNDAY 2 AUGUST at 5.30pm and 8pm
 26 June       4 Tammuz                   Korach                  5.28         6.23              Tickets R60, R85, R100, R120 Bookings Computicket
                     Inserted by the Union of Orthodox Synagogues                                          For further information: email cjsa@icon.co.za

                             Issued under the auspices of the Western Province Zionist Council and the SA Jewish Board of Deputies (Cape Council)
         87 HATFIELD STREET CAPE TOWN 8001 P.O. BOX 4176 CAPE TOWN 8000 PHONE 021 464-6700 FAX 021 461-5804 e-mail: chron@ctjc.co.za EDITOR: IRMA CHAIT
4                                                                                                                                      CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

    How the land lies ...                                                          Hagai M Segal writes on the Middle-East
Hagai is a lecturer in Middle-Eastern Politics at New York University In London, and consultant on terrorism and geo-strategic risk.

                               THE PoliTicS of REcogniTion ... PaRT ii !
as Bibi ponders committing to two states, and abbas rubbishes idea of a ‘Jewish State’, the Pope arrives!

I n my column in March I looked at the
  Politics of Recognition that has again
taken hold in the Middle-East. Two
                                               Lieberman       told     his   Germany
                                             counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier
                                             that the conflict in the Middle East was
                                                                                          repeatedly expressed his support for
                                                                                          a Palestinian state to emerge, as part
                                                                                          of a peaceful two-state reality, causing
                                                                                                                                        Nazi criminals in Germany and has
                                                                                                                                        visited Yad Vashem once before”, and
                                                                                                                                        “has expressed empathy for Jews
months on the game is still being played     not between Israel and the Palestinians,     quite a stir in the process.                  and for Israel”, in his speech, “he
in earnest, with the recent events played    but rather between extremists and              Speaking on his arrival, the Holy           inexplicably said Jews ‘were killed’, as if
out by the most important actors of all      moderates. Steinmeier, in turn, called       See stated, “I plead with all those           it had been an unfortunate accident”.
of this — the elected leaders of Israel      on Lieberman to abide by previous            responsible to explore every possible           The article carried the stark title:
and the Palestinian Authority. Oh, and       agreements with the Palestinians and         avenue in the search for a just               “Benedict’s speech showed verbal
the Pope has decided to get involved         to back a two-state solution.                resolution of the outstanding difficulties    indifference and banality.”
too!                                           “It’s important to strengthen moderate     so that both people may live in peace           All this was not helped by a PR debacle
  When it comes to the Politics of           forces in the region and actively engage     in a homeland of their own within             at an inter-faith meeting with Jews and
Recognition in the Middle-East, nothing      in peace efforts,” Steinmeier said in a      secure and internationally recognised         Muslims on May 12, his very first day
more dominates than the issue of a           statement after the meeting.                 borders.”                                     in the Holy Land, that was supposed
Palestinian state. Yet despite huge            The previous day German Chancellor           He also added, “Today I have the            to emphasise the unity between the
attention and pressure, the government       Angela Merkel, at a press conference         opportunity to repeat that the Catholic       three faiths. The Palestinian cleric
of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu         following a meeting with King Abdullah       Church is irrevocably committed to ...        participating, Sheikh Taysir Tamimi, the
has yet to formally commit itself to a       II of Jordan, had made it crystal clear      a genuine and lasting reconciliation          chief justice of the Palestinian Islamic
two-state solution. The international        that Germany, and the EU, expected           between Christians and Jews.”                 courts, grabbed the microphone to
debate and clamour is thus growing as        such a commitment from Israel.                 And speaking today at a news                give an unscheduled speech calling
the days pass.                                 “There is no alternative to such a         conference at the residence of PA             on Benedict to “pressure the Israeli
  On May 6 the EU foreign policy chief       solution ... We hope that the new Israeli    leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen),             government to stop its aggression
Javier Solana publicly stated that           government will make progress here.”         the head of the Catholic Church               against the Palestinian people”.
the European Union will only make a            And most notably such statements           reiterated his support for a Palestinian        Oded Wiener, director-general of
decision on a frozen plan to upgrade         are now coming from the new US               state, while stating that Palestinians        Israel’s Chief Rabbinate, later issued
ties with Israel when Netanyahu’s            administration, the President, Vice-         should “resist temptations to resort to       a statement saying: “Sheikh Tamimi
government completes its review of           President and his Secretary of State,        acts of violence”.                            embarrassed the Pope.”
peace talks with the Palestinians.           all now having publicly called for a           Later Benedict XVI branded the
  Solana said “not much has advanced”        policy aimed at a future two-state           West Bank separation barrier — while           WELCOME TO THE HOLY LAND, YOUR
during talks with the Israeli Foreign        solution. Vice-President Joe Biden, for      standing near a section of it at a refugee              HOLINESS !
Minister in Prague, and that Israel          example, deliberately chose his speech       camp near the city of Christ’s birth,         Back in the day-to-day tensions of the
was well aware of the stance of the          to the American Israel Public Affairs        Bethlehem — a symbol of ‘stalemate’           conflict, as the questions are raised
EU in regards to the need for policy         Committee (AIPAC) conference on May          between Israel and the Palestinians.          — and anger increases in the Arab
recognising the two-state solution.          5 to call on Israel — while demanding        “Towering over us, as we gather here          world — about whether the current
  The previous week the EU’s                 Palestinians halt violence, of course        this afternoon, is a stark reminder of        Israeli government will recognise the
commissioner for external relations,         — to “work for a two-state solution ...      the stalemate that relations between          core Palestinian self-determination
Benita Ferrero-Waldner, criticised           not build more settlements, dismantle        Israelis and Palestinians seem to have        demands, what has been emerging
Netanyahu’s refusal to endorse a             existing outposts and allow Palestinians     reached — the wall.                           hand-to-hand with this is a Palestinian
Palestinian state, directly linking the      freedom of movement”.                          “How we earnestly pray for an end to        trend to attack the core aspect of Israel,
upgrade with an Israeli commitment to          No such commitments came from              the hostilities that have caused this         its identity as a ‘Jewish State’.
a two-state solution.                        Lieberman during his European trip           wall to be built.”                              As I have detailed in these pages
                                             however, but notably, he didn’t publicly                                                   in the past, since the collapse of the
       THE LIEBERMAN FACTOR                  or privately rule it out either.                   THE POPE AT YAD VASHEM
                                                                                                                                        Oslo peace process and the outbreak
Yet in Germany last week — on his                     THE POPE’S IN TOWN                  The pontiff began his trip by saying          of the Second Intifada, it has become
first foreign trip since controversially                                                  in Tel Aviv that antisemitism was             increasingly common for key PLO/
becoming Israel’s Foreign Minister —         The Pope too, currently in the middle of     totally unacceptable, moving on to            Fatah officials and leaders to publicly
Avigdor Lieberman reportedly portrayed       a historic visit to the region, has waded    Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in              state that they have not, and even that
events to date as a “peace industry” of      — carefully, but quite deliberately — into   Jerusalem, where he stated that the           they will not, accept that an implicit
fruitless diplomatic meetings.               the debate. While on the trip the pontiff    suffering of Holocaust victims must           aspect of accepting Israel is to accept
                                                                                          never be denied.                              its Jewish character. (3 accepts — is

E  lbit Systems Ltd, never far from

                                                                     the      financial     “May the names of these victims never       that okay with you?)

   headlines, has won a $55                                         million contract      perish. May their suffering never be            So common has this become that
from Lockheed Martin                                           Canada Ltd to supply       denied, belittled or forgotten,” he said      everyone feels they have to get in on

                                 s Is
the Canadian navy                                         with electronic warfare         at a ceremony attended by dignitaries         the act, and even the PA leader has

equipment                                           for its Halifax-class frigate         and survivors.                                now found it impossible not to fall into

                                               modernisation programme. It is               “They lost their lives, but they will       the trap.
                                           predicted that the contract will lead to       never lose their names,” he added.              On April 27, at a preliminary

                                      more contracts for electronic warfare equipment       Yet despite his condemnation of             conference of the Palestinian Youth
                                 worldwide.                                               antisemitism and visit to Yad Vashem,         Parliament in Ramallah, televised
       G     T              he red carpet on which the Pope treads on his visit to
                            Jordan, had ‘Made in Israel by Carmel Carpets’ stamped
                                                                                          the pontiff’s comments regarding a
                                                                                          Palestinian state have unsurprisingly
                                                                                                                                        on Palestinian Authority TV, the PA
                                                                                                                                        President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu
              on it, discreetly, of course. The order for two 100 metre long carpets      not been well received in certain             Mazen) — undoubtedly one of the most
         was delivered within 48 hours, when all the workers chipped in to work           quarters in Israel, and has thus resulted     moderate Palestinian leaders — stated
   on the carpets around the clock. One of the founders of the company was                in a rather personal backlash against         “The ‘Jewish State’. What is a ‘Jewish
overheard saying, “I’m sure the Pope will notice the carpet is of prime quality.”         him!                                          State?’ We call it, the ‘State of Israel’.
Being a man of impeccable taste, used only to the best, we’re sure that he will.            His alleged history as a former member      You can call yourselves whatever you
                                                                                          of a part of Hitler Youth was splashed        want. But I will not accept it. And I say
N   ew Tel Aviv University student dormitories and Bikkur Cholim Hospital in
    Jerusalem are going solar with the installation of solar energy systems on their
roofs. Solaria Ltd will erect three units on the roofs of Tel Aviv University’s new
                                                                                          across the Israeli media — bringing a
                                                                                          panicked and confused response from
                                                                                                                                        this on a live broadcast ... It’s not my
                                                                                                                                        job to define it, to provide a definition
                                                                                          the Vatican PR people — and just as he        for the state and what it contains. You
student dormitories. Each unit can generate 40-50 kilowatts, with a total output          was about to tour Yad Vashem.                 can call yourselves the Zionist Republic,
of 140 kilowatts, and the same facility will be provided for Bikkur Cholim. Good,           Numerous       Israeli     and   Jewish     the Hebrew, the National, the Socialist
clean, effective energy and getting cheaper all the time. Now that’s GN!                  commentators have even taken issue            (Republic) — call it whatever you like. I

T  eva, the world’s largest generic drug maker’s first quarter revenue of $3.15
   billion was up 22% compared with the corresponding quarter of 2008. Net
profit was $634 million, 4% up on ’08. And need we say it; all this in a very chilly
                                                                                          with his statements in condemnation
                                                                                          of antisemitism and his speech at Yad
                                                                                          Vashem, arguing that he did not go
                                                                                                                                        don’t care.”
                                                                                                                                          And before leaving the conference
                                                                                                                                        Abbas was presented with a large
economic climate.                                                                         nearly far enough. For example, Tom           framed map of ‘Palestine’, including

E  CI Telecom announced that the Company will participate in the replacement of
   Deutsche Telekom’s telephony network in a deal worth tens of millions of euros;
to be more precise the amount is some $100 million.
                                                                                          Segev, writing in Haaretz, said that
                                                                                          while Benedict “supports annulling the
                                                                                          statute of limitations on prosecuting
                                                                                                                                        within it the whole of the State of
                                                                                                                                                  continued on page 5
CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                                 5

       A Board Perspective                                                                      New Kaplan Centre Oral History
     From SAJBD National Chairman Zev Krengel                                                      Project to be launched
        The Xenophobia Crisis Remembered                                                    T   he Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies
                                                                                                and Research at the University of

T   his time last year, South Africa was in
    the throes of the xenophobia crisis,
in which hundreds of people were killed
                                              and educating children or helping the
                                              victims to reintegrate into society,
                                              Jewish individuals and organisations
                                                                                            Cape Town is about to embark on a
                                                                                            new Oral History Project, building on
                                                                                            an earlier project which was carried out
or injured and tens of thousands more         were at the forefront of the relief effort.   nearly thirty years ago.
left homeless and destitute. What was           The SAJBD was very proud to have               At that time the focus was on life
heartening was how our community              coordinated all these worthy endea-           histories of elderly Jewish men and
rallied so magnificently to the challenge     vours as the representative body of           women who had grown up in South
of bringing relief to the victims. Whether    SA Jewry. At the time of writing, our         Africa or at least came to South Africa
it was in providing food, clothing,           Cape Council is participating on the          as children. About 300 interviews were
blankets, toys and reading matter,            committee arranged by the Social              conducted in the early 1980s by a team
assisting the over-burdened police            Justice Coalition planning a vigil to         of interviewers.
and public welfare services logistically      commemorate the outbreak of the                  These valuable memoirs were
and organisationally, entertaining            attacks in the Western Cape.                  transcribed and archived. Subsequently
                                                                                                                                        Professor MIlton Shain and his colleague
                                                                                            the interviews have been used by
  Mission Accomplished at the Durban Review Conference                                      scholars in the reconstruction of the
                                                                                                                                        Lauren Snitcher.

O   n 20-24 April our national director
    Wendy Kahn and Gauteng Council
member Marc Pozniak were in Geneva
                                              another Israel-bashing and Jew-baiting
                                                It could hardly have been more
                                                                                            South African Jewish past.
                                                                                               According to Professor Milton Shain,
                                                                                            director of the Kaplan Centre, the new
                                                                                                                                        appropriate interviewees over the next
                                                                                                                                        few months.
                                                                                                                                          “We look forward to acquiring at first
to attend the United Nation’s Durban          different from the Durban 2001                project will focus on Jewish leaders. The   hand the testimony of those who gave
Review Conference of the 2001 World           conference, where all too often the kind      emphasis will be on the ways in which       so much of their time to the community,
Conference Against Racism.                    of venom frothed by the likes of Iranian      Jewish leaders entered into communal        shaping its policies and priorities,”
  Ever since the travesty that was            President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was             life, the burning issues they dealt with    adds Lauren. “All interviews will be
Durban 2001, the Jewish world has             allowed to pass without comment.              and the changing priorities. Interviews     transcribed and archived for posterity.”
worked intensively to prevent its               I commend Wendy and Marc for their          will be led by Lauren Snitcher.               Professor Shain notes too that the
successor from following the same             extensive work, the details of which             “This is an exciting and timely          Kaplan Centre wishes to build an
route. We were pleased to see those           are far too numerous to list here.            project,” Professor Shain explains.         archive of visual material. In this regard
efforts crowned with the success they         Wendy, in particular, worked long and         “It is an important dimension of the        he asks the community to consider
deserved.                                     well with members of our government           South African Jewish experience.            passing on old 8/16 mm visual material
  Many states boycotted the flawed            involved and was also of considerable         We need to build on the memories of         for archiving.
proceedings altogether, while a high          assistance to international Jewry             those who were at the communal ‘rock          “This too will contribute to our
proportion of those that did attend           as well as an active member of the            face’ in recent decades. Ultimately         knowledge of the South African Jewish
were sensitive to our concerns that           International Jewish Caucus team. Very        each interviewee will have important        experience,” he says.
the conference not be turned into             well done to her!                             information to share – and this will add      Anyone having visual material should
                                                                                            to the richness of our history.”            please contact Janine Blumberg: 021
                                 Elections 2009                                                Lauren Snitcher and a team of            650-3062 or Janine.Blumberg@uct.

S   outh Africa’s fourth successive
    free, fair and peacefully conducted
national elections since the 1994
                                              included a series of election-
                                              related supplements in the Jewish
                                              Report, a pre-election debate with
                                                                                            interviewers     will   be     contacting   ac.za

political transformation have been            representatives of the six top political
successfully concluded. Prior to and          parties, an information dissemination
on election day itself, the Board ran a       programme and an online virtual
multifaceted education, awareness and         election awareness campaign.
mobilization campaign, dubbed ‘Make             I warmly thank our staff, in particular
Us Count’, to encourage our community         Alana Pugh-Jones, and all community
to identify with and participate in           members who involved themselves in
the elections. Projects implemented           this successful undertaking.

 SA Jewish Museum stages historical
      “Jews of Harbin’ exhibition
At the recent opening
of the exhibition on
the Jews of Harbin
at the SA Jewish
Museum, Robert
Kaplan, benefactor of
the Museum examines
a catalogue with
Ms. Fu Mingjing,
director of Harbin
Jewish Studies Centre
of Heilongjiang
Provincial Academy
of Social Sciences,
who was instrumental
in putting this
exhibition together.

        Hagai Segal writes                                       continued from page 4

A photo of a smiling Abbas holding up         negotiating table.
the map to reporters appeared the next          So it’s been another month of mutual
day on the front page of both PA daily        accusations, public talk of peace by all
newspapers. None of which is what             sides while with mumbling under their
those on the Israeli side who claim           breaths about the other’s failures, and
that he is a potential partner for peace      both sides scrambling for the political
want to see, and hardly something that        and moral high ground from the US, the
is going to help the Netanyahus or the        EU and visiting foreign dignitaries.
Liebermans to abandon their cynicism            Yep, just another month in the Middle-
towards the PLO or encourage them to          East!
go to — let alone take chances at — the
                                                    submitted London, 13 May
6                                                                                                                                   CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

                    IntegrIty • dIversIty • communIty
                       Talking Tachlis                                                     Survivor Hannah Pick-Goslar shares her
                                                                                                    story at Yom Hashoah
                   with David Jacobson                                                                            story and photo: Moira Schneider
       Executive Director of the BOD (Cape Council)

                         Take a ‘You’ Turn                                                 E   ighty-year-old
I t could be argued that perhaps the
  most defining institution of the Jewish
people was the creation of the ‘minyan’.
                                              come from you.
                                                What makes Cape Town so unique
                                              is our genuine and sincere attempt
                                                                                           a childhood friend of
                                                                                           Anne Frank, recounted
                                                                                           her     experiences      in
It was this institution that forced Jews to   to make the Board of Deputies as
                                                                                           Amsterdam        as       a
gather together in numbers and create         democratic as possible. Whether you
                                                                                           schoolchild and later as
the communities that subsequently             agree with the decisions taken by the
                                                                                           a prisoner at the Bergen-
sustained the Jews throughout their           Board or whether you think we are
                                                                                           Belsen      concentration
centuries in exile.                           doing a poor job or a good one, please
                                                                                           camp, at a Yom Hashoah
   The past month has been one of             know that what we do, we do only with
                                                                                           commemoration held at
remembering for our community: Yom            the best intentions and are driven only
                                                                                           the Cape Town Holocaust
HaZikaron, Yom HaShoah and Yom Ha-            by our commitment to ensuring the
                                                                                           Centre on Thursday 23 Holocaust survivor Israel Ketellapper, Hannah Pick-
atzmaut.                                      continuity of the Jewish people.                                          Goslar and Dr Lina Spies, who translated ‘The Diary of
   I want to talk about a different type        Your strong opinions on how we can                                      Anne Frank’ into Afrikaans.
                                                                                             The event was not
of ‘remembering’ — the re ‘membering’         do a better job are needed. You are                                                      on park benches was the inscription,
                                                                                           without its own drama
of our community leadership; in other         needed. So please do put your name
                                                                                           though, when 92-year-old survivor “Jews and dogs not wanted”.
words, the influx of new members              forward to stand for public ballot or find                                                 One day, when she went to play with
                                                                                           Israel Ketellapper quizzed Pick-Goslar
onto and into the various leadership          someone you think would do a good job
                                                                                           at question time and the pair realised Anne, she was told by their Jewish
structures. I know I am flogging this         around our boardroom table.
                                                                                           that they had been on the same train tenant that the Frank family had left
one to death, but I cannot overstate            There is much work to be done over
                                                                                           when they were liberated from Bergen- for Switzerland. In fact, Margot, Anne’s
the importance of breathing new life          the next two years and some tough                                                        elder sister, along with other 15- and
into our community structures.                decisions are going to have to be made.
                                                                                             Pick-Goslar recalled that shortly after 16-year-olds, had received an order to
   The Jewish world is facing enormous        What direction this community takes
                                                                                           fleeing Germany for Holland with her go to a work camp in the east and Otto
challenges, from without and within.          in the coming years depends solely on
                                                                                           family in 1933 she had met Anne Frank Frank decided that the family should go
Now is the time that we need visionary        the people who make those decisions.
                                                                                           and her mother in a grocery store. The into hiding instead.
leadership, with new ideas and a fresh                                                                                                   When the SS came to arrest Pick-
                                                 Let one of those people be YOU.           friendship was sealed when, a few days
perspective. That leadership can only
                                                                                           later, the three-year-old Pick-Goslar Goslar’s family, she remembers a
                                                                                           started kindergarten, where she again German Catholic neighbour asking if
 T   he Jewish Board of Deputies (Cape Council)
     would like to congratulate the following members
 of the community who have recently received public
                                                                                           met Frank who “ran into my arms – it she could take her little sister.
                                                                                           was also her first day”.                      “Aren’t you ashamed, a Dutch
                                                                                             When the German army invaded Christian and you want a Jewish girl?”
 honours for their outstanding work:                                                       Holland in May 1940, trouble for the was the reply.
                                                                                           Jews did not begin immediately, as            “She said, ‘I’m a German Christian
RAYMOND ACKERMAN — Honorary                   HEATHER TAGER — Mayor’s Medal                had happened in Poland, “because the and I’m not ashamed’.”
Doctorate in Commerce from University         honouring civilians for outstanding          Germans knew the Polish hated the             After spending eight months at the
of KwaZulu Natal, for promoting the           service to the community, for her work       Jews”. But with time, the girls had to Dutch transit camp Westerbork, Pick-
progress of human society and uplifting       as Chief Operations Officer of the           leave their school, wear the yellow star Goslar was transferred to Bergen-
South Africans through the introduction       Sea Point City Improvement District          and attend a school with only Jewish Belsen. She said that her three-year-old
of people-oriented human resources            and Chairperson of the Sea Point             children and teachers.                      sister survived the war owing to three
practices, his contribution to social         Community Police Forum.                        “Everything that was fun in life was miracles, one of which occurred when
upliftment, his gender and cultural             We are privileged to have in our           forbidden,” she remembered. They Pick-Goslar got jaundice and had to go
sensitivity as well as his non-partisan       community so many heroes, both               could, for instance, only buy from into isolation, without having anybody
and non-racial practices.                     recognised and unsung, and we salute         Jewish shops at designated times, and to look after her sister — their mother
HERBERT HIRSCH — Mayor’s Medal                them all.                                                                                had died in childbirth earlier in the war.
honouring civilians for outstanding
service to the community, for having
dedicated much of his life to community
                                                                     BOD meets ACDP                                                                       continued on page 8

matters — particularly from an economic
development perspective.
HELEN LIEBERMAN — the 2008 Roger
E Joseph Prize from the Hebrew Union
College — Jewish Institute of Religion in
New York, for having made a distinctive
contribution to human, kind by virtue of
religious and moral commitment.                                                                                                                Meetings and
BEN RABINOWITz — Mayor’s Medal                                                                                                                  Greetings
honouring civilians for outstanding
service to the community, for                                                                                                             In the last month, Board
embodying the spirit of altruism and                                                                                                          members and staff
using his formidable legal knowledge to
fight worthy causes.                                                                                                                     • Met with executive of the Union
                                                                                                                                           of Orthodox Synagogues
                                                                                                                                         • Met a former president of the
                                                                                                                                           American Jewish Committee
                                                                                                                                           chapter of Washington DC
                                              Rael Kaimowitz, Owen Futeran, MP Steve Swart, MPL Lydia Meshoe, Michael Bagraim
                                              and Li Boiskin.                                                                            • Hosted the Chairman of Jewish
    Issues of the month                                                                                                                    Care Cape

    • Durban Review Conference in
                                                                        InspIr                 tIOn                                      • Met with the Foreign Affairs
                                                                                                                                           editor of ‘Die Burger’
    • SA elections                             Being chosen is no longer enough, Jews must now become choosing.                          • Hosted the members of the
    • A month of ‘remembrance’                                                                                                             ACDP for lunch
                                                                                                  Edgar Bronfman
CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                              7

            Yom Hashoah Vehagevurah at Pinelands 2 — 21 April

Owen Futeran, Chairman of the Cape Council: “Those of us                                                                           Tali Nates, the director of the Johannes-
gathered here represent realistically an ever diminishing     Standard bearer SAJEX Captain Howard Shagom stands in front of the   burg Holocaust Centre, spoke passionately
direct living link between the generations of the survivors   1500 Capetonians who turned out to commemorate Yom HaShoah this      and moved the crowd with a number of
and the dorei hemshech.”                                      year.                                                                relevant anecdotes.

                                                              Menno de Jong spoke on
                                                              behalf of the Holocaust
                                                              survivors and recounted   Moonyeen Castle, WPzC
The choir of the Green and Sea Point Hebrew Congregation      his    experiences   in   chairman delivers the
under Cantor Ivor Joffe intoned the Hazkarah and other        Holland.                  message from the State    Archbishop Lawrence Henry and the dean of St George’s
songs magnificently, and cantor Joffe’s                                                       of Israel.          Cathedral Rowan Smith were among the many dignitaries
Kaddish was inspired.                                                                                             who attended the ceremony.

A   s Owen Futeran, Board of Deputies
    (Cape Council) chairman, reminded
the 1500-strong crowd at Pinelands
Cemetery on Yom Hashoah Vehagevurah,
there is, in Judaism, a sacred duty to
remember the souls of the departed.
According to British Chief Rabbi Jonathan
Sacks, the act of remembering is one of       Maurice Kushner assists survivor Clara Soriano
our most important halachic responses         kindle a memorial flame while her grandson
to tragedy and to live in a way so that       Louis looks on.                                                                                         Auschwitz       survivor,
those who died “al kiddush Hashem”                                                                                                                    Miriam      Lichterman,
live with us and carry us forward.                                                                                                                    gave an emotionally
  Since the late 1940s, Holocaust                                                               A Yiddish and Ladino poem was recited emotionally     charged reading of the
commemorative functions and edu-                                                                by Adv. Joy Wilkin and Auschwitz-survivor Sara        English translation of
cational programmes have been held in                                                           Jerusalmi respectively.                               the Partisan Song.
Cape Town. Even during the war mass
memorial meetings were organised in                                                                                                Photos by Shawn Benjamin
the City Hall by the Board of Deputies
and the Zionist Council, when Jewish
businesses would be closed and the hall
packed out. Since 1976, Yom Hashoah
ceremonies have been held at Pinelands
No 2 and form one of the major events         Herzlia Head Students, Abigail Gotleib and
organised by the Board of Deputies.           Daniel Tadmor recite poems in Hebrew and
  This year the guest speaker was             English.
Tali Nates, the director of the new
Johannesburg Holocaust Centre which
hopes to open later this year. A child of
Holocaust survivors — her father was
one of the people rescued by Oscar
Schindler — she has been extensively
involved in Holocaust and genocide                                                                                         Holocaust survivor Bella   Deputy Mayor Grant
education both here and in Poland and                                                                                      Sigufa lit a memorial      Haskins      represented
Rwanda.                                                                                                                    flame.                     the city of Cape Town.
  Tali devoted her talk to the one a half
million children killed during the Shoah,
and there were few dry eyes in the            Holocaust survivor Shmuel Keren with his son
audience as she gave some poignant            Avi stand by the lit memorial flame.
  Menno de Jong spoke on behalf of the
survivors, telling the audience how he
spent the war years in hiding on a Dutch
farm — for two years of which he lived
in a locked room with his parents, often
hiding under straw. Of his school class,
there were only three survivors. Every
teacher was killed.
  This year’s service was particularly
well attended and was a fitting tribute to
the memory of the millions who died in                                                       Commander Trunell     Morom    David Slevin lays a wreath on behalf of the SA
                                              Two members of the Young Lions from            of the SA Navy lays a          Jewish ex-Service League while Henry Werb of
the Shoah.                                    Manenberg sound the ‘Last Post’.               commemorative wreath.          Machal/Nachal looked on.
                                       To view all images of the Yom Hashoah service go to http://www.arkimages.com
8                                                                                                    CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

                                       Winter Appeal
    ‘If I am not for myself, who am I, but if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?’ hillel

                                  W     inter has arrived and with it, the cold wet
                                        weather. For many, winter is not a threatening
                                  time, being fortunate enough to enjoy warm shelter,
                                                                                         often devastating results, launches its WINTER
                                                                                         Kindly assist us in our collection of clothing,
                                  appropriate clothing, heating and nutritious food.     blankets, baby items and non-perishable food
                                  Sadly, for too many of our Cape residents, this is     items.
                                  not the case.                                          All goods may be dropped off at the Samson Centre,
                                  The Outreach Committee of the Jewish Board of          87 Hatfield Street. These will be appropriately
                                  Deputies (Cape Council), as part of its ongoing        distributed by the Salvation Army.
                                  commitment to the wider community, and in              Monetary contributions must bear the reference
                                  anticipation of the harsh weather to come with its     ‘Winter Appeal’.

                                                                                                            The banking details are:
                                                                                                        Bank:             Absa
                                                                                                        Branch:           Adderley Street
                                                                                                        Account name:
                                                                                                        SA Jewish Board of Deputies (Cape
                                                                                                        Account number:   40-6049-3647
                                                                                                        Branch code:      312109
                                                                                                        Account type:     current

                                                                                                             We knoW ThAT We cAn
                                                                                                          relY on our communITY’S
                                                                                                          generoSITY of SpIrIT And
                                                                                                         cIvIc mIndedneSS And AcTS
                                                                                                            of gemIlluT chASSIdIm.

                                                                                                            Become part of
                                                                                                             the solution
                                                                                                             Get onto the Board of
                                                                                                               and have your say.
                                                                                                                We are calling for
                                                                                                          for election by postal ballot

                                                                                                                continued from page 6
                                                                                                       “I met an elderly lady from Amsterdam
                                                                                                       who went and fetched a family member
                                                                                                       with seven children of her own. ‘Your
                                                                                                       father always helped everybody, now
                                                                                                       it’s my turn,’ she had said.”
                                                                                                         In February 1945 she heard that Anne
                                                                                                       Frank had arrived at Bergen-Belsen a
                                                                                                       few months earlier and was in another
                                                                                                       part of the camp.
                                                                                                         “I called Anna and Peter’s mother
                                                                                                       (whose family had been in hiding with
                                                                                                       the Franks) answered, saying she would
                                                                                                       fetch her.
                                                                                                         “After some minutes, a very weak
                                                                                                       voice called me and it was Anna.”
                                                                                                         Anna had explained that they had
                                                                                                       been in hiding in her father’s office but
                                                                                                       that “we were betrayed. I have nobody
                                                                                                         Pick-Goslar, who was in a better part of
                                                                                                       the camp, was able to smuggle in food
                                                                                                       for Anna on several occasions before
                                                                                                       she was evacuated and put on a train
                                                                                                       to Terezin. She died shortly afterwards
                                                                                                       without knowing that her father had
                                                                                                       been liberated from Auschwitz the
                                                                                                       previous month.
10                                                                                                                                    CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

                                   WESTERN PROVINCE ZIONIST COUNCIL
     ‘They did not die in vain’                                                                 Hirsh Goodman spells it out
                                                                                          H    irsh Goodman, noted
                                                                                                      journalist     and
                                                                                                                                                   becoming a viable possibility.
                                                                                                                                                   Hamas and Fatah have totally
                                                                                                                                                   different worldviews, he said.
                                                                                          founder of the Jerusalem                                 There was not a word, protest
                                                                                          Report, enthralled a group of                            or call to intifada from the
                                                                                          Media Committee members                                  Palestinians in the West
                                                                                          and WP Zionist Council                                   Bank during the Gaza War.
                                                                                          honorary officers last month                             This was because they knew
                                                                                          with an informative and                                  that Hamas executed many
                                                                                          refreshing talk on media                                 top Fatah personnel in Gaza
                                                                                          issues and the Middle East.                              during the war, according to
                                                                                          Hirsh explained that for many years he       Human Rights Watch. The rift between
                                                                                          has been part of a ‘think tank’ at Tel       the perspectives of the two groups is
                                                                                          Aviv University, which gathers some of       widening, he said, and a ‘three-state-
                                                                                          the best minds in the country to “think      solution’ is therefore becoming a
                                                                                          outside the box” about Israel’s security     realistic option.
                                                                                          and how the media interprets it.               Hirsh brought a fresh and insightful
                                                                                            Hirsh works with Israel’s public           approach to the group, who are always
                                                                                          diplomacy and attempts to co-ordinate        interested in new perspectives from
                                                                                          and plan how the media will react to         the region and steps towards solutions
                                                                                          security issues. This think tank knew        for the conflict. He brought up-to-the-
                                                                                          about the Gaza operation beforehand;         minute ideas to the table, leaving the
                                                                                          and because of their planning on             group motivated to continue working
                                                                                          how to frame the events, the media           towards a balanced media on Middle
                   Herzlia’s Memorial Room for the fallen soldiers.                       response was a lot better than it could      East issues.
                                                                                          have been.                                     In his address to the community in
                                                Commemorating at
Y   om Hazikaron 2009 was a                                                                 This kind of thinking ahead is a result    the Gardens Shul at Cape Town’s Yom
    multifaceted and thought-provoking                                                    of events such as Jenin in 2002, “where      Ha’atzmaut celebrations Hirsh spoke
event. The focus of the evening was             Herzlia Middle and                        the whole world thought we were              with tremendous passionate about
on the outstanding film ‘Blessed is
the Match’, about the life and death
                                                  High Schools                            conducting a massacre”.
                                                                                            This blatant untruth came about
                                                                                                                                       Israel’s achievements, its democracy,
                                                                                                                                       the honesty in its systems of checks
of Hannah Senesh. Although it was            Yom Hazikaron is a very special and          because of a lack of cohesion in             and balances, and its strength and
essentially in the Holocaust era,            important day for the Jewish community.      responses to the media, which Hirsh          ability to defend itself.
Hannah’s life story unfolded to reveal       It’s a day when we remember the people       is now working towards co-ordinating.          “If Ahmadinejad fires one missile in
the values of heroism, a belief in           who sacrificed their life for the State of   Such planning is usually very simple,        our direction, he is dust. Iran is a push
fighting for Israel and defending one’s      Israel, our homeland.                        and creates a unity of message, he           on the button from destruction, not
people, and the loss of a young life — all     The Israeli mishlachat erected three       said.                                        Israel.”
thoughts that we should focus on in Yom      museums for the fallen soldiers.               He also looked at the situation with         His powerful address was very much
Hazikaron. The film also demonstrated        Students from the Herzlia Middle and         the Palestinians as it stands today,         appreciated by the many who had left
that remembrance is and always will be       High Schools toured the museums              and how a ‘Three State Solution’ is          the celebrations to come to hear him.
a feature of the Jewish past, present and    and then listened to a talk given by the
future; and that the defencelessness         mishlachat, about what Yom Hazikaron
of the Jews in the Holocaust is directly     means to them as a South African
linked to the need for the IDF.              Jew. The reaction and responses were
  The event ended with a discussion by       incredible and to quote a few:
Azila Reisenberger, who told personal          “… With their death comes sorrow but
stories of meeting Hannah’s family           their families will always be able to find
and researching her life for her MA          relief in the things they fought for and
thesis. The audience were given a rich       left behind …”
understanding of the heroism of ordinary       …”an amazing experience, sad
individuals, from Hannah Senesh of           experience that I have learnt a lot from.
the Holocaust era to the fallen Israeli      I feel very sad for the people who have
soldiers since the establishment of the      lost their life …”
  The audience was captivated by the           “… what I have seen today makes me
gripping narrative of the life of Hannah     feel like I lost my family member, the
Senesh, who epitomised such values           one I loved. I cannot describe the pain I
in her choices as a normal girl. Senesh      feel as well as my gratitude…”
grew up in Budapest but became a               “I feel grateful to belong to such a
Zionist at an early age and made aliyah      powerful, giving, heroic nation”
at the outbreak of WW2. She chose to           “Words can’t explain how grateful I
volunteer to parachute into Occupied         feel but at the same time heartbroken.
Europe to attempt to help the Allies and     These soldiers made me who I am
the partisans and to save Jews. This         today.”
was based on a love for her mother
- still in Europe- and her identification
with the Jewish past in her home of               WP ZIONIST COUNCIL
Budapest and the Jewish future in her
home in Palestine.                              HEBrEW ULpAn 2009
  Throughout       the   film,    Hannah
demonstrates that it is the choices of        Hebrew Classes for beginners,
ordinary men and women that shape
history. Those who have defended the
                                               intermediate and advanced
Jewish people since the establishment           commencing Monday 20 July
of the State of Israel have continued
this legacy.                                     5.30 at 88 Hatfield Street,
  Thank you to the organisations                   Albow Centre, Gardens
which made the screening possible:
WPZC; Jewish Board of Deputies (Cape           Morning classes also available.
Council), Union of Jewish Women and,          For info and registration, contact
of course, the Cape Town Holocaust            Ilana: 0732341235/021 439 9310
CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                        11

                  Aliyah gimmel – Another successful Aliyah flight

                                                                                                                   the expo at the Hotel where all the ‘first steps’ of the
The Jewish Agency goes all out to welcome                                                                          olim were facilitated.
the South African olim to the Kotel.

O    n 22 April 15 Capetonians left on the
     Aliyah Gimmel Flight, proving that once
again Ofer Dahan, director of the Israel
                                                                                                                               PYRAMID VIDEO
                                                                                                                                     (The Movie Library)
                                                          The South African olim disembark from the airplane.                  255 Main Road, SEA POINT 021 439-5392
Centre was right when he said, “Nothing is
  Representatives from the Ministry of Interior
were on the flight with the olim to ensure that the                                                                             We Stock a Large Variety Of Movies
ID Documents would be processed and ready in
24 hours.                                                                                                                                    Special
  Arriving in Israel on the Wednesday evening, our
olim were warmly welcomed by representatives of                                                                                    All Movies Only R12
Telfed, and the Jewish Agency. They spent two jam-                                                                                      Per Movie
packed days at a hotel in Jerusalem processing all                                                                                    Monday to Thursday
their first steps, including registering for medical                                                                               (Excluding Public Holidays)
aid, opening bank accounts and receiving all the
information needed to start their new lives in Israel.                                                                          We stock a comprehensive range of
The ceremony at the Kotel proved once again to
be a very moving and emotional experience.                                                                                      ISRAELI & JEWISH Movies
  We are looking forward to our next Aliyah Flight
on 4 July.                                                                                                                     Selected Movies can be hired
  Those who would like to sign up for this flight                                                                                     NO CHARGE
or open an Aliyah file should please contact
the Aliyah Department: 021 464-6718 or email             The welcoming ceremony at Ben Gurion Airport where the Ministry of               Log on to us at
aliyah@ctjc.co.za                                        Absorption gave them their first set of documents.                            www.pyramidvideo.co.za
12                                  CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

     Great atmosphere at Yom Ha’atzmaut 61 ...
CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                       13

             ... in a new venue at the Albow piazza
CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                                               15

                                 UNION OF JEWISH WOMEN – CAPE TOWN
                     Women’s United Communal Fund
                                     Launches its 30th Biennial Campaign
                                                         Our Patrons

      Estelle Yach          Wendy Ackerman            Sheila Kaplan         Sheila Samson            Ann Susman             Lies Rabinowitz

                                                     Our Benefactors

                     the uJW takes pride in announcing that our beneficiaries will be:
   CSO – Community Security Organisation • YAD SARA – Medical equipment on loan to the Jewish Community • HEBREW PRE PRIMARY –
   Special needs Education • TALMUDEI TORAH – Orthodox and Reform • Tikvah – Meals for needy Jewish families • Union of Jewish Women

      Maimonides: “No one ever becomes impoverished by giving charity. Let us give graciously and with spirit fro the needs of others”.

     The Union of Jewish Women thanks all our patrons and benefactors, as well as all those who have sponsored us so
 generously over many years. We depend on your support, and any contribution you wish to make is always most welcome …
                                             Union of Jewish Women P O Box 339 Sea Point 8060
CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                          17

                        Inspiring address by Keren Hayesod emissary Ami segev
D    uring May the UJC was
     privileged to host Israeli
Emissary Ami Segev.
  Ami has had a distinguished
military career and was a highly
decorated leader of the Israel
  He donates a week of his time
annually to assist the UJC in its
efforts to raise sufficient funds
to the meet the needs of our
beneficiaries. With him he brings
a wealth of ‘insider’ information    Col. Ami Segev, Tali Ginsberg and Gerald Eddie and Moonyeen Castle with Geoff            Jennifer and Amanda Herman with Gerald
                                     Kleinman.                                Friedlander.                                    Goott.
and experience — assets which
he is able to use to educate all
those he encounters in issues
regarding the current situation
in Israel, global affairs and how
these affect Israeli and Diaspora
  On Tuesday 5 May, Ami
addressed a gathering in the
Nelson Mandela Auditorium of
the Albow Centre. He captivated
everybody’s attention as he
                                     Barry Levitt, Brian Goldberg and Marco Van
focused on pertinent current         Embden.
issues that concern all. These                                                         Simone and Robert Sulcas.       Leonard Reitstein, Ruth Goldberg and Myra Swersky.
included the looming threats
against Israel and Israel’s
capacity to defend itself against
such threats, and the possibility
of a two-state solution for Israel
and the Palestinians.
  This was a unique opportunity
for his audience and the UJC
looks forward to future visits by
Ami, when we will have more
time to bring his knowledge to
a broader audience from within
our community.
                                     Esta Levitas and Tamar Lazarus.    Daniela Peiser with Jade Avinir.   Robert Lewenson, Tali Ginsberg, Darryl Oberstein and Fiona Sacks.

   Chabad West Coast enjoys its double ‘welcome’ celebrations
                             A Torah from Welkom and a brand new school wing                                                                               see page 1

Welkomites Raymond Klitzner and Jeff
Borstrock dance with the Welkom Torah
being dedicated to The Shul of Blouberg                                                                                    Ward Councillor Mayoral Committee member Ian
- West Coast.                                The Torah surrounded by local Welkomites rejoicing in the celebration.        Neilson with Rabbis Popack and Deren.

T   he lively double celebration at West
    Coast Chabad in April continued,
with the ceremony moving on to the
                                           was taking place on the birthday of
                                           the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous
                                           memory, who was personally involved
second level of the Gan Chamesh            in the founding of Chabad of Cape
Pre-school, where a new wing was           Town.
being dedicated. It now boasts a new         Ward Councillor Ian Neilson brought
fully equipped Montessori classroom,       greetings from the city of Cape Town
indoor Arts and Recreation room, new       and congratulated the community on
bathrooms, and a covered walkway,          its continuous growth.
increasing the school’s intake capacity      The mezuzah was affixed by Gary
by fifty percent.                          Milner on behalf of the Moshal family of
  The renovation, which was made           London, long-time patrons of the West
possible by a grant from Foundation        Coast community. Chanale Deren, a
2000 and numerous participating Cape       student at the school, then cut the
Town families, began in late 2008 and      ceremonial ribbon, assisted by her
was completed in the first few months      mother, Rebbetzin Zeesy Deren, who
of 2009.                                   directs the school, and to the cries of
  Rabbi Mendel Popack, director of         “Mazel Tov!” the celebration continued,
                                                                                                                                            Chanale Deren cuts the ribbon
Chabad Lubavitch of the Cape, opened       with a delicious lunch, l’chaims and lots                                                        to the new classroom, assisted
the proceedings, noting that the event     of laughter and joy throughout the day.     gary milner affixes the mezuzah on behalf of the
                                                                                       Moshal family of London.                             by her mother Rebbetzin zeesy
18                                                                                                                          CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

                   Family Announcements                                                                         nechama
                                                                                                         9 Gorge Road, Highlands Estate Tel: 021 465-9390
                                                                                                        Fax: 021 462-5866 Email: nechama@absamail.co.za

               ENGAGEMENT                       CONDOLENCES — THANK YOU
                                                                                                Your questions answered —
                                                                                               by Rabbi Dr Abraham Twerski
       Arthur, Lauren, Annette, Wray,
     Sandra and Raymond are thrilled to
                                              Adele Beilinsohn and family would
                                              like to warmly thank all those who
                                                                                   R     abbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski is a scion of a Chassidic dynasty. He is also a
                                                                                         psychiatrist and founder of the Gateway Rehabilitation Center in Pittsburgh, a
                                                                                   leading programme for substance abuse. Here, he answers readers’ question on
     announce the engagement of their            offered their condolences and     the topic of death and mourning.
          children Ashli and Brian             sympathies on the passing of our     QUESTION: I was at a shivah call where constructively. Some people have
         briangradner@gmail.com                        beloved Maurice.             you were present, and I heard you misguided ideas. When I practised as a
                                                                                    discourage the wife of the deceased rabbi and officiated at a funeral, it was
                                               Your support was touching and
                                                                                    from taking tranquilisers. I don’t often difficult to get the family members
                                                   sincerely appreciated.
            SACKS / GOODWIN                                                         understand that. Is it really a mitzvah to remain at the cemetery until the
                                                                                    to suffer when one can get relief?           burial was completed, and then say
       It is with immense gratitude to               MARJORIE MINDE                 ANSWER: No, there is no mitzvah to Kaddish, as Jewish law requires. Some
      Hashem that the engagement has                                                suffer if one can get safe relief. The people would urge having the family
      been announced between Lesley,                The family of the late          key word is ‘safe’. In general, pain does leave before the actual burial, to ‘spare
     daughter of Evelyn and Harry Sacks         Marjorie Minde would like to        not provide healing. It is different with them the pain’.
         and Bernard, son of Isa and            express our thanks for all the      grief, which, while very distressing, is      Judaism is not cruel. Presence at the
            the late Arthur Goodwin,           support, care and compassion         important in healing.                        burial is a component of accepting the
               of Johannesburg.                shown to us at the time of her          When someone has lost a loved one, difficult reality that the loved one is
                                                        tragic death.               the survivor must deal with the reality gone, so that the survivors can make
         We are ecstatic about this
                                             David and Hilary Kaplan, Stan and      of the loss and be able to go on with the adjustment to the new reality.
            wonderful simcha!
                                             Pam Joffe, Naty and Sandra Kagan       life. Failure to grieve the loss prevents Refusing to accept reality stands in the
                                                     and their families.            the necessary adjustment to the new way of readjusting to life.
       RECUPERATION - THANK YOU                                                     reality. If the grief is in any way averted,  Judaism does not approve of a
                                                                                    it may show up at a much later time as quilted coffin. It is ridiculous to think
              FRED SANDERS                              RUTH KLEIN                  ‘unresolved grief’’, which can be very that the deceased can be made more
                                                                                    disruptive, and is difficult to treat.       comfortable. A ‘more comfortable’
      Tessa and I herewith express our          We wish to thank all our family        Tranquilisers may be used very briefly. coffin is really a refusal to accept
      most sincere thanks to the many            and friends, the nurses and        However, it should be remembered the reality of death. It is sometimes
      family members and friends who           support staff and all her friends    that tranquilisers are a medicine, and hypocritical when children who were
       sent cards and gifts and made             at Highlands House for their       medicine should be used only when not properly attentive to their parents
       phone calls, visited and voiced        messages and words of sympathy        there is illness. Grief is not an illness. during their lifetime suddenly become
     concern about my condition during          on the passing of our beloved       It is a normal feeling. Grief requires devoted and spend huge amounts of
     my recent extended hospitalisation.          mother, grandmother and           empathy and support, but does not money on an ornate coffin because “we
     Your repeated messages of support
                                                      great-grandmother.            require       ‘treatment’.     Furthermore, want to give Mom the best”.
                                                                                    frequent use of tranquilisers can result      There is a safe use for tranquilisers,
       and encouragement were highly          She was an Eshet Chayil, a caring
                                                                                    in a dangerous addiction.                    but they should not be used in an
     valued, and very much appreciated.        person and a woman of valour.
                                                                                       The laws of mourning prescribed attempt to avoid acceptance of a
            With deep gratitude                       We will miss her.             by Judaism help a person to grieve difficult reality.
               Fred Sanders
                                              Lovingly remembered and sorely
                                               missed by her daughter Marion                  5th BIENNIAL NECHAMA SEMINAR
                                               Levine, grandchildren Barbara
ErrOrs, OMIssIOns AnD COrrECtIOns
                                               and Gerald Saacks, Jeffrey and          ‘from mourning To morning – Insights Into grief And healing’
The Cape Jewish Chronicle regrets
                                              Charmaine Levine and her eight
any errors or omissions that may
occur in the paper and, where
                                                    great-grandchildren.                             Cape Town Hebrew Congregation
possible, will attempt to rectify these                                                                    Hatfield St, Gardens
in a subsequent issue, should such a
measure be deemed appropriate.
                                                        ALEC TROSS                                        Wednesday 5 August
No repeat advertisement or credits
                                               We extend our heartfelt thanks                                 9 am – 2 pm
will be given for small typographical
                                               for the kindness, support and
errors which do not appreciably lessen                                                                R300.00 per person including tea and brunch
                                                condolences received on the
the value of the advertisement. The
                                              passing of our beloved husband,
appearance of an advertisement does
                                                   father, grandfather and                    A variety of excellent professionals will be
not necessarily indicate approval by
the Editorial Board for the product or
                                                      great-grandfather.                                     addressing us
service advertised, and it takes no                      Tross family                                          Programme subject to change
responsibility for any loss or damage
suffered by any person as a result                                                             FOR REGISTRATION please call Justine on 021 465-9390
of the reliance upon the information       To place a family announcement phone                      or email nechama@absamail.co.za
contained therein.                                Tessa 021 464-6736 (am)

                                           With Compliments
 Rubi and Anne
   Chaitman                                  DAVID AND
  Foundation                               MERLE HORWITZ

                                            tHe Harold
  Meyer HirscH                                                                   Paul Arieli
                                           and Beatrice
                                                                             of the Goldschmidt
                                            Foundation                          Family Trust
   CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                      19

                         Fond farewells at the Samson Centre
   D    uring May, fare-
        wells were said
   on two occasions at
   the Samson Centre to
   people who have for
   decades been integral
   — though in different
   ‘fields’ — to a number
   of     our    communal
      The departure of Jack
   and Riva Tworetzky,
   who left Cape Town
   for Sydney towards
   the end of May, was
   reported on the front
   page of the last issue.
      The Chronicle Editorial
   Board expressed their Heather Arendse, Anita Shenker, Gerald Kleinman, Rose Arendse and Don
   own regrets at their Finberg at the farewell tea for Heather and Rose.
                                                                                                           CJC Editorial Board chairman, Ben-zion Surdut, with Riva and Jack
   treasurer’s leaving and                                                                                 Tworetzky after presenting them with a painting for the walls of
   wished the couple a warm ‘lehitraot’ at a Wednesday lunchtime gathering in the Boardroom.               their future home in Sydney.
      The Boardroom was the scene of another parting when the entire staff of the

                                                                                           Forever young – when you volunteer!
   Samson Centre bade a tearful farewell to Rose Arendse and Heather Arendse (not
   related). Rose began working as an 18-year-old some 40 years ago at Zealand
   House, and was later joined by Heather at Leeusig House, subsequently moving
   across with the organisations to Hatfield Street. These two friends and colleagues            Two valued members of the Astra family
   have been valued members of our communal family for decades.
                                                                                        H  ilda Shenker, born in Upington, lived absolutely passionate
                                                                                           in Pretoria for many years, where about her garden at
                                                                                      she had her own beautiful garden.            the Centre. She is
                                                                                        She moved to Cape Town over 20 years there every Monday
                                                                                      ago, “swopping her garden for the sea”. at 7.00am, rain or
                                                                                      At the time, Sara Pascal, introduced shine.
                                                                                      Hilda to Astra Jewish Sheltered                Hilda works purely
                                                                                      Employment Centre and suggested she on instinct, chooses Hilda Shenker
                                                                                      got involved and start a garden. She the plants personally,
                                                                                      gave Hilda some plants from her own and does all the ‘spadework’ herself!
         We invite you to visit us in our stunning                                    garden. Hilda recalls that there was no She takes immense pride in her work.
                                                                                      soil to work with and she had to start by      The result is the stunning garden that
                 NEW SHOWROOM"                                                        making her own compost!                      she has created and maintains, whose
                                                                                        Her other interests include playing beauty is enjoyed by the staff, workers
                                                                                      tennis, cooking and baking but she is and all who visit the Centre.

                                                                                        M     arcia Orlin, who turns 81 this
                                                                                              month, is a retired special
                                                                                        education teacher, having worked for
                                                                                        many years with autistic children.          has enabled her
                                                                                          After retiring 16 years ago, she          to engage with the
                                                                                        volunteered to assist at Astra              workers,      inspiring
                                                                                        Jewish Sheltered Employment in the          and motivating them.
                                                                                        workshops, using her creative skills        They look forward to        Marcia Orlin
                                                                                        as well as her experience of teaching       their sessions with
                                                                                        people with special needs to be             her, learning new skills or improving on
                                                                                        productive.                                 existing ones.
                                                                                          Marcia is exceptionally talented            Prior to the establishment of Coffee
                                                                                        and creative, enjoying embroidery,          Time, Marcia used to bake with some
                                                                                        needlework and creating miniatures          of the Vriende House residents.
                                                                                        of all sorts of objects She is a member       With so many interests and activities
                                                                                        of the ‘Miniature Society’. She also        keeping her busy, Marcia still manages
                                                                                        teaches English to Xhosa speaking           to assist with the baking at Coffee Time
                                                                                        children.                                   every week.

                                                                                        AND THE BONUS … Hilda Shenker and Marcia Orlin met at Astra Jewish Sheltered
                                                                                        Employment Centre where they were both working as volunteers, and discovered
                                                                                        they were actually neighbours! They have become firm friends sharing interests
                                                                                        other than the Centre.

                                                                          With compliments                                                        The Susman
                                                                        The Jack & Ethel                                                           Charitable
                                                                       Goldin Foundation
                                                                                                         Stanley and
                                                                                                          Zea Lewis
20                                                                                                                                CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

         union oF ortHodoX synaGoGues oF soutH aFrica
 Birkat Hachama draws hundreds                                                          BH
                                                                                                What’s love got to do with it?
O    nce every 28
     years the sun
is in the same
                                                                                                                        by Rabbi Levi Silman

position that it was
in on the day it was
                                                                                        W     e have just concluded the seven students of Rabbi
                                                                                              weeks between Pesach and Akiva”?
                                                                                        Shavuot, which is a special time.             One cannot be
created. At this
                                                                                        Everyday we counted the Omer — a 49 simul t ane ou sl y
special time we
                                                                                        step programme to perfection. Each on both sides of
recite a blessing
                                                                                        day corresponds to another Kabbalistic the coin!
to Hashem to
                                                                                        Sefirah (Divine Attribute) which we work      We          must
acknowledge His
                                                                                        to incorporate into our everyday lives.     conclude       that
                                                                                          For the duration of this seven week they did indeed
  This year, 14
                                                                                        period we looked forward to reaching have love for each
Nisan         5769,
                                                                                        the 50th step — Shavuot, the time of other, and a whole
                                                                                        the giving of the Torah, which is the lot of it at that, and
with Wednesday
                                                                                        culmination of Pesach, the Festival of for this reason, to this very day, they are
8 April 2009,
                      Rabbi Mendel Popack recites tehillim at the Birkat Hachama our Liberation.                                    given the honorary title of Rabbi Akiva’s
marked           this ceremony, with from left, Rabbi Osher Feldman of the Gardens
                                                                                          Everything has a flip side to it. And Students. The problem then could only
special event.        Shul, Rabbi Asher Deren of The Shul in Table View and Rabbi while we counted our days to perfection,          be that they had too much love for each
  Yoram Bogacz, Moshe Ordman of the Yeshiva of Cape Town in the background.
                                                                                        we also observed a period of semi- other. So much love that it came to a
an     expert      in
                                                                                        mourning.                                   point where they wanted the others to
astronomy        and
                                                                                          The Talmud tells us of a tragic episode be as great as them and they didn’t love
halacha,         who
                                                                                        involving the students of the great sage and accept each other just for who the
visited Cape Town
                                                                                        Rabbi Akiva. During the time between other person was.
on 24 March,
                                                                                        Pesach and Shavuot some 24,000 of             Often we feel the need to advise our
and spoke at
                                                                                        them passed away. The reason? They friends, family and neighbours what
Herzlia     School,
                                                                                        didn’t have proper respect for one we think is best for them. We are quick
the      Rabbinical
                                                                                        another.                                    to offer our advice and save our loved
Association and
                                                                                          Can this really be? The Torah ones from what we consider to be
also at a public
                                                                                        commands us to love our fellow Jew as spiritual self-destruction. But perhaps
lecture, explained
                                                                                        ourself. Rabbi Akiva taught that this is we should consider whether someone
the significance of
                                                                                        the great principle of the Torah. Could it else’s behaviour is really unkosher.
this event.
                                                                                        possibly be that his own students didn’t Or is it just that he follows a different
  Chief Rabbi Dr
                                                                                        follow his legendary teaching? And if custom, another path, but one that
Warren Goldstein
                                                                                        indeed they did not follow his instruction, leads to the same destiny?
was the driving
                                                                                        why do we still refer to them as “the         There is a legend that it was time
force behind a                             The crowded piazza.                                                                      for the long awaited Messiah to finally
national campaign
                                                                                                                                    come. So Hashem sends him down
to initiate public awareness of
this occurrence. He organised
unified communal events to
                                                          In and around Cape Town                                                   to the Jewish people. He comes to a
                                                                                                                                    shul, but they reject him saying that
                                                                                                                                    he’s wearing a leather yarmy, and in
recite the blessing in five cities:
                                                                                                                                    this town we wear knitted ones. So he
Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban,
                                                                                                                                    puts on a knitted yarmy and goes to the
Pretoria and Port Elizabeth.
                                                                                                                                    next town but they say that the Messiah
  All shuls in the Cape Peninsula
                                                                                                                                    must be like them, and wear a velvet
encouraged their congregants to
                                                                                                                                    yarmy. And so it goes on.
join together for one minyan to be
                                                                                                                                      He comes back to Hashem and says,
held at the Gardens Shul and the
                                                                                                                                    “What shall I do? The people don’t
UOS Cape distributed booklets
                                                                                                                                    accept me!”
explaining and detailing the
                                                                                                                                      A lesson from the Omer period is to
procedure, printed by the Chief
                                                                                                                                    love our fellow Jew unconditionally and
Rabbi’s office.
                                                                                                                                    not to look for ways to change him or
  For the over five hundred
                                                                                                                                    her. Of course we always want what is
attendees who gathered for the
                                                                                                                                    best for our friends, but the fact that at
Shacharit service — hardly a
                                                                                                                                    the moment they’re not where we hope
regular number — it was truly awe
                                                                                                                                    for them to be shouldn’t take away from
                                                                                                                                    our love for them.
  At the conclusion of the service
                                                                                                                                      Wishing you and yours a happy and
Rabbi Mendel Popack studied the
                                                                                                                                    lovable Shavuot!
end of Masechet Tamid, in order          Rabbi Moshe Ordman, Rosh Yeshiva of Cape Town, delivers an inspiring talk at the
that all first born males could          Union of Jewish Women's annual Pesach Luncheon.
partake in a siyum.
  Rabbi Osher Feldman of the
Gardens Shul asked all those
present to gather in the piazza for
the formal ceremony of reciting
the bracha for Birkat Hachama.
Rabbi Matthew Liebenberg of
the Claremont/Wynberg Hebrew
Congregation and head of the
Rabbinical Association opened the
ceremony, with each of the local
rabbis saying special tehillim.
  Rabbi Desmond Maizels, a dayan
of the Cape Beth Din, then recited
the blessing together with the
community, after which all were
treated to a sumptuous breakfast
catered by Café Riteve.
  What a way to move into Pesach
— the festival of our freedom -          Mrs Miriam Lichterman and Mrs Sara Jerusalmi with
inspired, encouraged and with the        the Italian Consul at the Shearith Hapletha dinner held
                                                                                                           Members of Sephardi Hebrew Congregation at the dinner.
knowledge that ‘Am Yisrael Chai’.        at Sephardi Hebrew Congregation.
CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                               21

   UJW fundraising projects bring light to many
 Kesher group raises over R170,000                                                                   Baz Bus shares birthday with
      in glamorous fundraiser                                                                           Masikhululeke Crèche

                                                                                            Barry zeidel of Baz Bus hands cheque to        Children from the creche at the Baz Bus
                                                                                            Nxolo Dlabantu, creche principal.              party.

                                                                                            B   az Bus, a door-to-door back-
                                                                                                packer bus service, celebrated
                                                                                            their 13th birthday by partying with the
                                                                                                                                           handed over a donation of R13,000
                                                                                                                                           which will go into the building fund.

                                                                                            children of the Masikhululeke Crèche in
                                                                                            Joe Slovo, Milnerton, as part of their
                                                                                            ‘give back’ day.
                                                                                              They arrived with party food, packs
                                                                                            of crayons and colouring in books and
                                                                                            a clown to entertain the children. The
                                                                                            morning ended with a talk by crèche
                                                                                            principal Nxolo Dlabantu about the
Members of the UJW's Kesher Group at their ‘Glamour in the City’ fundraiser. Back:          plans which she and the UJW Kesher
Michelle Cohen, Jane Plit and Jann Saven. Middle: Cathy Barnett, Laura Wisenberg,           group have to build a second classroom.
Karen Shandel, Helene Rabinowitz, Toby Shenker, Peta Feldman and Barbara Gurwitz.           Barry Zeidel, the company founder,
Front: Silvana Silverman (chairman), Dana Goldberg, Audrey Bieler, Adele Klitzner and
Ilana Shone.

U   sing the theme of ‘Glamour in the               Na’arot’s novel Tzedakah Project
    City’, the Union of Jewish Women’s            a’arot Group have launched an             stickers with a similar message are
Kesher Group raised enough money to               easy way of giving tzedakah. The          given to children at the end of a party,
build a new classroom and upgrade the       next time you’re invited for Shabbat or         in lieu of a party pack.
playground of the Masikululeke Creche       for dinner, instead of giving the usual           The funds raised from these projects
in Joe Slovo, Milnerton.                    box of chocolates, buy from Na’arot an          are used to buy Pick n Pay food
  An entertaining morning of makeovers,     oversized box of Lions matches labeled          vouchers for the two underprivileged
hairstyling, fashion and glamour was        ‘In lieu of a gift, thank you for lighting up   crèches we support in Samora Machel
held at the Centre of the Book in Cape      the life of a hungry child’. The amount         and Kayamandi.
Town, hosted by MC Julian Mc Naidoo         you would have spent on a gift is the             Call Jodi at 021 434-6022 / 073
from Heart Radio 104.9.                     donation you make to us.                        4241884 for the matchboxes and
  Upon arrival, the ladies were treated       This concept follows on from our very         party pack stickers. Also available are
to a charming singing performance           successful and ongoing ‘Hungry Child            gift certificates in lieu of birthday gifts,
by several children from the crèche,        Party Pack’ campaign, where colourful           anniversaries etc.
after which they were given ‘goodie
bags’ with donated gifts valued at over
R300. The highly entertaining Reto
Carmichael of Reto Hair selected three
volunteers from the audience who                International Council Of Jewish Women
were then ‘transformed’ with stunning
haircuts and blow waves. Next up was
Robin Mc Broom, national training
manager for MAC MakeUup, who
                                              Convention 6 - 12 May 2010
answered questions from the audience
and together with his team did full
makeovers on eager volunteers.
  The morning was most informative for            Beyachad – UBUntU – together
the glamour conscious women looking
for up-to-date fashion ideas and useful
make up tips. Further entertainment             Jewish Women United – IcJW a century
was provided by the ‘gorgeous’ drag
artiste Deon Bisschoff, shoes modelled           of achievement – the Future Beckons
by Errol Arendz, and the Out of Africa
Dance Company.
  This excellent function would not have
been possible without the generosity of                                                 Hosted by the
hundreds of donors throughout the City
                                                                                    Union of Jewish Women
  The Kesher group has been assisting                                                   of Cape Town
the Masikululeke Creche for eight years
by providing essential equipment,
learning materials and much needed
food. Presently it educates 64 children
between the ages of 3 and 7. The
principal, Nxolo Dlabantu, provides day
care for 23 babies and toddlers in the
lounge of her small house. However,                                                For further enquiries please contact:
thanks to 18 months of successful                                                         Union of Jewish Women
fundraising, plans for building the new                                                  Telephone 021 434 9555
classroom are already well under way.
22                                                                                                                                        CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

                            Cape Town Progressive Jewish Congregation
 consider This                                                                              Cozy Collections and Countdowns ...
                             by Rabbi Greg Alexander
                                                                                           O   ne might easily question the social
                                                                                               significance of the counting of the
                                                                                                                                             TISA. (Temple Israel Social Action) has
                                                                                                                                           chosen to focus on the Omer as a way
           Laughter and Death                                                              Omer in contemporary urban South
                                                                                           Africa. This practice of marking the
                                                                                                                                           to raise social consciousness. As we
                                                                                                                                           count down towards Shavuot, we in the

 W     e live in uncertain times in a
       society undergoing profound
 changes and challenges. Death is
                                              to die. The man in whose feast you
                                              shared, and who said to you, ‘Of this
                                              wine, I will store away a portion for
                                                                                           forty-nine days between Pesach and
                                                                                           Shavuot has its roots in our ancestors’
                                                                                           agricultural practices and Temple
                                                                                                                                           southern hemisphere also count down
                                                                                                                                           the weeks until the heavy rains begin
                                                                                                                                           and the destitute suffer from floods,
 not an easy subject for anyone to talk       my son’s wedding feast,’ lo, his child’s     offerings.                                      homelessness etc.
 about, especially our own. But the           time has come. He is to be snatched            So how does that relate to us today?            We have been collecting clothes, non
 most difficult deaths are those for          away after thirty days.”                     Neither are we farmers, nor can we              perishable foodstuffs and blankets, but
 which we have no words at all.                 (Midrash D’varim Rabbah 9)                 walk to Jerusalem, and living in the            in addition are also collecting recycled
   A parent should never have to bury a         The story sounds like a classic            southern hemisphere we are expecting            materials such as newspaper, fabric
 child, and how can one explain those         ghost tale. A party filled with joy and      rains rather than summer harvest.               offcuts, wool and empty milk-juice
 painful and difficult deaths of people       celebration makes way for the dark             The Omer reminds us of harvest time           tetra pack boxes to make waterproof
 who should have lived to a fullness of       night on a dangerous road, with a lone       and the story of Ruth that we read on           sleeping mats and covers.
 years?                                       traveller meeting none other than the        Shavuot. In this story we consider how            We would love to extend this initiative
   There is a dark midrashic story that       ‘grim reaper’. But the tragedy of the        property owners opened their fields up          further into the whole Jewish community,
 points precisely to the painful mystery      midrash is all too real — at every bris we   to the poor, allowing them to glean after       inviting all who are interested, young
 of this question:                            bless the child with the expectation of      the harvest. We explore the mitzvah of          and old, to contribute and to join us on
   Rabbi Shimon ben Chalafta went to          Torah study, good deeds and standing         loving the stranger, as Ruth (a convert)        Sunday June 7 for the creative sleeping
 a bris. The father of the child made a       under the chuppah at his wedding.            supports her Jewish mother-in-law in            mats workshop.
 feast and gave those present 7 year-         This bris was no different, with the         times of hardship. We also remember               We will also be collecting bikkurim for
 old wine to drink. He said to them: “Of      proud parents breaking out the best          the imperative of ‘Veahavtah lereacha           the poor and will distribute via Haven
 this wine, I will store away a portion for   wine available and expectantly putting       Kamocha’ (loving your neighbour as              Homes in Woodstock. Contact Teri for
 my son’s wedding feast.”                     some aside for the next great simchah.       you would love yourself), a principal           further details: 072 0750498
   The feast continued until midnight.        Only that simchah was never to come.         that Rabbi Akiva’s students had to learn          Let this be a time of self accounting
 Rabbi Shimon, who trusted in his own           For Jews it is a mitzvah to celebrate      through sickness and mourning.                  and of counting our blessings.
 strength, left at midnight to return to      the start of life of a boy or girl and the
 his city. On the road the Angel of Death     coming together of two lovers under            As I write this we are still in the period
                                                                                           of the counting of the Omer. Each day
                                                                                                                                            Herbert Hirsch honoured
 met him and Rabbi Shimon noticed he          the wedding canopy. In the rituals                                                                  azaltov  to
 was laughing. Rabbi Shimon asked             that surround these moments we give          we add one more to the count of the
 the angel, “Who are you?”                    meaning and structure to the cycle           days from Pesach to Shavuot. We mark
                                                                                                                                           Hirsch for the
   The latter answered, “I am God’s           of life. Yet life and love are two of the    the steps taken by the Bnei Yisrael
                                                                                                                                           honour          he
 messenger.”                                  things over which we have absolutely         from slavery in Egypt to revelation
                                                                                                                                           received        by
   He asked him, “Why are you                 no control. We rely on the rituals to        at Sinai. As we count the days, may
                                                                                                                                           being one of the
 laughing?”                                   give us order and understanding, and         we count our days. May we rejoice in
                                                                                                                                           nominees       who
   The angel, “On account of the talk of      yet ultimately we must realise that we       the blessings and gain strength for
                                                                                                                                           were       awarded
 human beings. They say, ‘This and that       can only plan and hope.                      meeting the challenges. And may each
                                                                                                                                           a gold medal at
 we will do,’ and yet not one of them           And so it is with death. The Angel of      day be an opportunity for celebration,
                                                                                                                                           the Civic Awards
 knows when he will be summoned               Death laughs at our chutzpah.                reflection and gratitude.
                                                                                                                                           Ceremony hosted
                                                                                                                                           by the City of Cape Town on 16 April
                Shabbat Magic at Temple Israel Wynberg                                                                                     2009. Herbert, a retired Sea Point
                                                                                                                                           resident , has dedicated much of his

W      hat was the simchah that
       saw our shul packed to
overflowing on a rainy Friday
                                                                                                                                           life to community matters – particularly
                                                                                                                                           from an economic development
evening in April? Was it a big
barmitzvah? Or an international
celebrity guest speaker?                                                                                                                                   Netzer
  No, it was Shabbat Magic, a
magical shabbos evening at                                                                                                                                   Mini
Temple Israel Wynberg.
  Not just the inspirational service                                                                                                                    Machaneh
with everyone joining in. Not just
the great food and company or the
crowds of children; but crowned
                                                                                                                                                 10 – 12 July in
off with a mystifying feat of magic                                                                                                            beautiful Glencairn
from illusionist Larry Soffer.                                                                                                                   Grades 1 – 12
  All shabbatot are magic, but this
one had something extra-special.                           Mark Nicholson, Roy Lipman and his daughter Gabi.                                  For more information
                                                                                                                                            email netzerct@gmail.com
                                                                                                                                             Or phone 021 464 6761

                                                                                                                                               B’sha’ot tovot ...

                                                                                                                                                                 Daniela Friedman
                                                                                                                                                                     20 June
                                                                      Some of the many children waiting anxiously for the show to
       Graeme Gordon, Anton Chait and Jonathan Ackerman.              begin.

                                          ThIS pAge IS co-SponSored BY The dAvId And BerThA ShermAn foundATIon
CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                             23

                          A world boxing champ in our midst
                                        Robert Cohen is interviewed by Irma Chait
A    ‘little bird’ informed me that among
     us in Cape Town was a really major
celebrity of earlier days — Robert
                                              15 rounds. His
                                              hand was tightly
                                              strapped in his
Cohen, the former world bantamweight          gloves and he was
boxing champion — and that he had an          so fired to win that,
interesting story.                            he says, he didn’t
  Well, as I was to discover from Zita,       feel the pain. Not
Robert’s wife when I visited them in          then.
their flat in Sea Point, theirs certainly       The match was
was a fascinating tale, not only covering     declared a draw,
Robert’s boxing career, but also the          though          Robert
personal details of his courtship of, and     insists that was not
53 year marriage with Zita.                   the right decision
  Admittedly, since I cannot speak            as he had in fact
French, and Robert’s (pronounced Rob-         knocked         Toweel
air’s) English is not too good, it was Zita   out in that second
who directed the narrative, with Robert       round – he says
adding in his penny’s — or rather franc’s     the ref, deliberately Above: The world champion in
                                                                       action in the 1950s. On right:
worth, where necessary.                       ounted slowly! So Robert and zita Cohen in their
  Robert was born and grew up in Bone         the world champ sea Point flat 2009.
in Algeria in November 1930, the fifth        he remained.
of fourteen sibings. A keen sportsman,          It is well to note that Zita, now about to element”, just as she had felt when           English “I have had a good life …” and
he favoured boxing and at age 19,             be his fiancée, did not go to the match. they were living in Paris.                        then both touched and amused when
he moved on to Paris to further his           “I hate boxing!” … as she repeats               Despite that, near the end of our three-   Zita translated the few words he had
training. Not long afterwards the ‘Little     throughout our talk.                           way discussion, I was very touched          added in French, – “My wife is the only
Algerian’ as he was known, became               After the fight Robert took his title and when Robert smilingly remarked in              one who knocked me out.”
the French Bantamweight Champion              broken hand back to Paris, leaving Zita
and in the years following, from 1950         to return with her family to the Congo.
to 1956, the European and then the            When he called his mother in Bone to
World champ.                                  tell her he was engaged to an African
  I couldn’t help asking if, as in the        woman, her response was a shocked
case of many young men of old, he had         “African?” – with huge relief to hear
been drawn to boxing as a response to         that the fiancée was white Jewess.
being called “a bloody Jew”! He said            But the fiancee’s Belgian Congo family
no. Zita thought otherwise — “He was          were not 100% sure about this marriage,
aggressive.”                                  so off they went with her via Brussels
  It was in 1995, while in South Africa       to suss out the situation, only to find
to defend his world title against Willie      that Robert was indeed a celebrity,
Toweel that he met up with the beautiful      with a bunch of reporters waiting for
18-year-old ‘Élisabethville-ian’ (Belgian     them with Robert at the Paris station.
Congo) Zita Hasson, while she was on          Robert, a wealthy celebrity, made sure
holiday with her family in Durban. Robert     that they were accommodated and
was there to fight in an exhibition match     feted in style.
before the Johannesburg title fight.            “I was very flattered,” says
  I have to say that their story, as          Zita. “Remember, I came from
described by Zita, was the most               Élisabethville.”
entertaining and at times hilarious             And so they married in Paris in January
account of any love story I’ve ever           1956, with Zita’s only family presence
heard. Together with the boxing, there’s      that of her Turkish Sephardi father,
great film potential here.                    Leon, and her Lithuanian mother,
  But that is not the matter for              Sarah.
discussion now. We must focus on our            As mentioned, their personal story is
bantamweight.                                 long and novel-ish. I have it all logged
  The arena moves on to Johannesburg          in my notebook. Suffice it to say that it
September 1955, where Robert has              was Zita who determined its progress,
to defend the world title he won the          at least as regards the boxing and
previous year before 70,000 people,           where they would live.
including the lovely newly married              Robert’s last match was the defence
queen and her king of Thailand (or was        — and loss — of his title in June 1956
it Siam then?) in Bangkok.                    in Rome. A defeat that he feels was
  When he got to Johannesburg, Robert         orchestrated, or as he puts it, ‘fixed’,
explains, he needed sparring partners.        when it was stopped. Perhaps one can
His manager organised black boxers            get a fuller idea by googling Robert’s
from a local compound. All was going well     name on the net.
till the police stepped in and stopped          Thereafter, from 1957 to 2001, the
them — “No shaking hands here!” All           Cohens lived in Élisabethville (renamed
of Robert’s protests and arguing were         Lubumbashe in 1972), where Robert
in vain. And, as he now notes “Africans       initially had his own boxing academy,
are the best sportsmen.”                      training and kitting (without charge)
  Well … at the Toweel fight on 19            young boxers, some of whom left to
September, there were some 45 000             achieve fame and fortune outside of
people, the vast majority, other than         the Congo.
the (few) Jews, rooting for Toweel.             Robert then put boxing aside and ran
His other fan base were his erstwhile         his father-in-law’s textile factories for
sparring partners and a large crowd           about 40 years, till ill health caused
of African fans, standing apart in their      their departure from Élisabethville for
allotted section.                             their base in Brussels. For some eight
  It was a tough fight, largely because       years have been spending six months
Robert was not well. He had in fact           there and six months here in Cape
tried to postpone the fight. Still he         Town, where two of their three sons
floored Toweel twice in the second            reside — and two young grandchildren.
round, breaking his (Robert’s) hand in          Surprisingly, Zita acknowledges that
the process. Nonetheless he fought            during all those years in Élisabethville
on like the champ he was for the full         Robert was “completely out of his
24                                                                                                                                    CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

                                                                   AprIL DrAW rEsULts • JEFF KAtz - r5 000 • DAvID KAtzEFF - r2 500 • sIDnEY OBLOWItz - r1 250 • COnsOLA

                               High School                                                                            Middle School
                 Highlighting aspects of the Congo at assembly                                                           Remembering Gilad Shalit

T   he United Africa Society (UAS)
    organised two speakers from
the Democratic Republic of Congo
                                                                                                     In response to the continu-
                                                                                                      ing dilemma with regard
                                                                                                     to Gilad Shalit, Micaela
(DRC) to address the assembly, in                                                                    Lurie decided to launch an
order to highlight the purpose of the                                                                awareness campaign titled
UAS fundraising drive. The speakers                                                                  ‘Free Gilad Shalit’. As a
succeeded in highlighting aspects of                                                                 show of solidarity, yellow
their country and connecting us to                                                                   ribbons were given to every
the land, in all its beauty as well as                                                               pupil and teacher, and yel-
its problems.                                                                                        low kippot were sold. The
  James Jamala Safari spoke about                                                                    money raised was donated
                                                                                                     to the school library in Gilad    Principal Geoff   Cohen congratulates
the history of his country, his
                                                                                                                                       Micaela   Lurie    on  an   excellent
peaceful childhood in the DRC, how                                                                   Shalit’s name.                    achievement.
the war affected him, and his journey Fran Favero, Ricky Novis, the poet James Jamala Safari
to South Africa. He read one of his and Keren Futeran, chairman UAS.                                          Anne Frank’s friend, Hannah at Assembly
poems on these themes.                        Africa (DRCASA) and the amazing work they
  Maurice Mbikayi spoke of the Democratic are doing for some of the 300000 Congolese
Republic of Congo Association of South refugees of war currently in South Africa.
                  The Physical Science and Life Sciences Expo

                                                                                                     Hannah Pick-Goslar, a Holocaust survivor and childhood friend of Anna
                                                  Ayrton Sweeny discusses his project with           Frank, addressed the assembly to commemorate Yom Hashoah.
Gabriella Kempen discusses her project with
Professor Tim Noakes.                             Professor Tim Noakes and John Bransby, head                          Ending the season in victory

G    rade 10 Physical and Life Sciences pupils    of Physical Science.
     exhibited at the 2009 Grade 10 Expo. Two
teachers evaluated each learner’s project,
including a 15-minute interview in which they
assessed the understanding of the topic and
the procedures adopted.
  The process involved in presenting their
projects is of considerable educational value,
and the quality of work done by Herzlians is
always very impressive. Each year they are
encouraged to exhibit their projects at the
Western Cape Inter School Expo which is
held at the MTN Science Centre in August.                                                             Middle School cricketers who are part of the victorious UHS combined U13
Our grade 10 pupils compete against pupils Professor Tim Noakes is intrigued at the height            cricket team: Yaron Eisenberg, Jordan Flax, Joshua Kaplan, Adam Lazarus
in grades 10 – 12 from other schools, and of the heels! nicole Lee explains her findings.             and Brent Shone.
invariably do exceptionally well.
  Last year Herzlia was once again the
most successful school, with eight                                                           Pre Primary
pupils chosen to exhibit their projects                                         Celebrating Israel’s birthday                                                     Shabbat
at the National Expo in Pretoria. Seven
received medals.
  Parents and visitors were encouraged
                                            T  he heads
                                               of all the
                                           five Herzlia
                                                                                                             T    he children
                                                                                                                  at Alon-Ashel
                                                                                                              loved their trip

to view and discuss the work with the
                                           Pre Primary                                                        to Israel. They
pupils. Guest speaker was Professor
                                           s c h o o l s                                                      passed through
Tim Noakes, head of the Sports Science
                                           combined                                                           passport control
Institute at UCT.
                                           efforts         to                                                 without a hitch
             Mazeltov to:                  provide child-                                                     and were so
ROSS HORWITZ gr 11: Completed the centred Yom                                                                 happy to land in
Cadiz Freedom Swim race from Robben H a’a t z m au t                                                          the Holy Land.
Island to Big Bay in a time of 2 hours 35 a c t i v i t i e s
minutes — 30 minutes better than his for
previous best for this crossing.           community
                                                                                                              There        they
                                                                                                              participated in
                                                                                                              many activities,
                                                                                                                                                              A    t as young
                                                                                                                                                                   as 2 years
                                                                                                                                                               old the Kerem
                                                              Gan Aviv’s Middle Group (Jackie’s class) wait
BRYNN TRAVILL AND JOSHUA KATZEFF event at the to take off for Israel.                                         including writing Alon-Ashel        younger      playschool
gr 11: have been chosen to participate     Albow Piazza.                                                      letters to place group children all aboard       children    learn
in the Face to Face/ Faith to Faith          Young children and their parents escaped the noisy in the bricks the flight to Israel.                            of the mitzvah
Conference in New York in June this and joyous atmosphere of the communal areas to spend of the Western                                                        of tsedakkah as
year.                                      tranquil quality time beading and creating Israeli dough Wall,               making                                 they put their
                                           cakes in honour of the birthday celebration.                       flags, sand art and blue and white               coins in the
The HIGH SCHOOL / OLD BOYS                   As Gan Aviv’s Airway departed for Israel to land at Ben necklaces. They ate falafel, cottage                      blue box each
WATERPOLO match: the 1st team was Gurion Airport in time for the Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations,
                                                                                                              cheese and Israeli salad and decorated           Shabbat upon
4-0 down in the first quarter and fought air hostess (Gladys Mgwenyeni, teacher assistant at Gan
                                                                                                              their own cookies in blue and white. After       arrival at school
back strategically to win 8-7. This is the Aviv) of the El Al airlines stamped the tickets which the
                                                                                                              much singing and dancing, it was time to         as does Xara
first time the 1st team has ever won children held on to as they boarded the plane.
                                                                                                              return home aboard EL AL Airlines.               Hung. (above)
this encounter.
      CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                                 25

AtIOn prIzEs • sUsAn FrEEMAn • sELWYn BLOOM • BEn rABInOWItz • DAvID sHApIrO • CLIvE HIrsCHOn

                                                                      Highlands Primary
                                   Team building can be fun                                                     Yom Ha’atzmaut festival on Van Riebeek field

       G   rade 5s enjoyed a
           2-day team building
       camp at the Cape Times
                                                                                                   T  he

                                                                                                   (Yossie Eshed and
       Fresh Air Campsite in                                                                       Doron       Moshe),
       Simonstown.                                                                                 assisted           by
         The pupils worked in                                                                      the       bachurim,
       groups for the duration                                                                     organised a festival
       of the camp, which                                                                          on the field with
       emphasised teamwork,                                                                        a record number
       co-operative work skills                                                                    of games and
       and bonding among them.                                                                     activities — and
       The variety of activities                                                                   food! — for all the
       ranged from building nests,                                                                 pupils of the Jewish
       constructing       fortified                                                                day schools in Cape
       castles on the beach,                                                                       Town. The weather
       examining     newspapers                                                                    held off and pupils
       to building shelters and                                                                    from grade 1 to
                                                                                                                            Making pita bread at the Yom Ha’atzmaut Fun Day: Amy
       many more. FUN was the                                                                      grade 12 enjoyed
                                       Group bonding activity: Jack Moss, Ben Orkin, Saul Levin,                            Staniland, Ron Neuman, Ashlee Pittaway, Isabel Raffaelli and
       order of the day!               Ron Neuman, St John Grimbly and (front) Dean Joffe.         fun and frolic.          Shalev Neuman.

                                    Constantia                                                                                 Weizmann
                           The joy of giving at her own birthday party                                             Cookbook raises funds for Beautiful Gate

       Back: Daniella Moore, Hanna Friedman, Leila Chin and Eden Gordon. Middle: Kaelly            Handing over the cheque to the representative from the Beautiful Gates Foundation:
       Berkovitz, Isabella-Rose Miller and Jessica Alhadeff. Front: Sarah Cranko, Aura Booth,      Miss Jacobs with Sabrina Cohen, Gabi Yach, Kayla Bagg, Levi Uranovsky, Josh Kadish,
       Saskia Kerton and Emma Merdjan.                                                             Shai Kadish and Gabi Berman. Front: Geena Kopping, Michaela Symons, Adi Futeran

                                                                                                   and Mikka Chesno.
        sabella-Rose Miller, grade 4, decided        Community Services.
        to do something meaningful for her
       birthday party. She and her friends
                                                       The activity was so enjoyed by the
                                                     children and appreciated by the               T  he Sunshine Club spent many
                                                                                                      months of hard work putting
                                                                                                   together a cookbook (which should
                                                                                                                                                  The Sunshine Club donated R2000 to
                                                                                                                                                 an anti-retroviral clinic associated with
                                                                                                                                                 Beautiful Gate. They are proud to be
       packed special Pesach hampers,                recipients that it could become an
       which were then distributed by Jewish         annual event.                                 be in every Herzlia home’s kitchen).          helping such a worthy cause.
                                                                                                   They then spent time researching              Recognising achievements
            Leah enthralls at soiree                        The Danziger Award                     various charities before deciding to
                                                                                                   hand over the money raised from
                                                                                                   their cookbook to Beautiful Gate,
                                                                                                   an organisation that helps HIV
                                                                                                   positive children and their families in
                                                                                                    Student of the Term award

       Leah Gluckman, grade 3, enthralls the         Matthew Symon (gr 6) received the
       audience at the recent music soiree           Danziger Award from Mr Helfrich for
       evening.                                      excellent progress in the first term
                                      Benatar Music Award
       J o s h u a
       Goldberg (gr 6)
                                                                                                                                             F  irst term award winners. Back: Jordan
                                                                                                                                                Arelisky (gr 1) and Jamie Sulcas (gr 2)
                                                                                                                                             — a very special award for setting a fine
       Ella Joffe (gr 5)
       Benji Schaffer                                                                                                                        example by showing such good manners
       (gr 6) and in                                                                                                                         and always being polite and respectful
                                                                                                    Gabi with principal Howard Goldberg.
                                                                                                                                             both to their teachers and peers; Sasha
       front,     Leah
                                                                                                        abi Yach (grade 6), was
       Gluckman                                                                                                                              Abramowitz (gr 6) — for being chosen to play
       (gr 3) share                                                                                     awarded ‘Student of the Term’,
                                                                                                                                             in the WP U14 chess team; Mikka Chesno
       the Benatar                                                                                 in recognition of her enthusiastic
                                                                                                                                             and Adi Futeran (gr 5) — for displaying
       Music Award                                                                                 embrace of all aspects of her school
                                                                                                                                             outstanding interest in newspaper
       for excellence                                                                              life at Weizmann. She is always keen
       in the first
                                                                                                                                             geography. Front: Chad Fanaroff and Kyle
                                                                                                   to volunteer her services and is a fine
       term.                                                                                                                                 Nash (gr 5) — for general knowledge.
                                                                                                   example to her peers.
26                                                                                                                                       CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

 from Jewish Affairs Chanukah 2008                     ‘Who is a Jew’ Revisited                                                                                  by Arnold Levin

T   he question of “Who is a Jew” is
    indeed a very vexed one. It is of great
concern especially to Reform converts,
                                               which a component of the cell structures
                                               outside of the nucleus, namely the
                                               mitochondria, also possess DNA. The
                                                                                             cultures which may have been
                                                                                             propogated in some species of mankind
                                                                                             during many decades and milennia. The
                                                                                                                                           Dr Arnold Levin is a medical practioner
                                                                                                                                           with particular interest in overweight,
and children whose fathers were                mitochondria are the ‘energy source’ of       Jewish environment, or ‘yiddishkeit’, is      menopause, and HIV/AIDS research.
Jewish but whose mothers belonged              the cell. This mitochondrial DNA does         one of these influences.                      He has authored ten books dealing
to a different religious faith. The signifi-   not play a role in the personality profile,     If the above facts are accepted, and        with topics encompassing public
cance is of great consequence in regard        but rather it has a small influence in the    they are currently well documented,           speaking,       finance,      personal
to acceptance of these individuals by          production of those factors necessary         then it is the parental DNA of the Jewish     relationships, dieting, and the running
the Jewish people.                             for the production of the energy as           mother, as well as the Jewish father,         of a successful business.
  Traditionally it was always believed,        undertaken by the mitochondria. It is         either together or singularly, which is
and unconditionally accepted that              worth repeating that only the nuclear         responsible for the development of the       members of Jewish congregations, both
Jewishness is determined by the                DNA is responsible for the individual’s       Jewish personality. Perhaps, as may          Orthodox and Reform. With the second
mother. Jewish conversion by the               characteristics.                              reasonably be assumed, having both           method of acquiring Jewishness, it is
Reform movement is frowned upon                  During conception, it is only the           parents who are Jewish may result in         interesting to speculate that a different
and its validity openly denied by              maternal DNA which is introduced              a ‘double dose’ of Jewishness, which         personality genetic DNA may add some
Jewish Orthodoxy. In an attempt to             into the newly fertilised ovum. This is       may be more influential that a ‘single       additional strengths to the Jewish
provide some clarity to this problem,          because the male mitochondrial DNA,           dose’ if only one parent is Jewish and       characterisitics.
the following scientific facts will be         as found in the neck of the sperm, falls      thus the Jewish characteristics are            Hopefully, the above discussion will
presented.                                     away during the process of fertilisation.     more diluted.                                offer acceptable guidelines when
  It has become universally recognised         Therefore, because of this maternal             Notwithstanding this possibility, a        considering the question “Who is a Jew”,
and accepted that DNA in the cell              mitochondrial DNA transfer, it has now        single Jewish parent in a marriage is        while at the same time bring comfort,
is responsible for the development             become scientifically possible to trace       still capable of transferring Jewishness     strength and tranquility to those who
of the genetic personality of the              the origins of the different human            to the offspring.                            have chosen to embrace Judaism
individual. The exact mechanism of this        species by assessing the presence of            Therefore, there are two ways of           rather than follow the traditions and
biochemical function is not relevant to        this DNA. Thus the evolution of Man           acquiring Jewishness. The first is as        cultures of their inherited non-Jewish
this discussion. Suffice it to say that        from his primate ancestors, and his           described above. The second would            faith.
the human characteristics which have           subsequent migration throughout the           be through the learning and adoption
evolved over millennia are dependent           different countries of the world, can be      of the Jewish culture and traditions              Jewish Affairs is published
on the underlying genetic profile              accurately documented.                        as implemented during the process                    three times annually
and the influence of its surrounding             As with individuals, the characteristics    of faith conversion. This confers
environment, be that physical or               and personality behaviour of the              educational membership of the Jewish               Annual subscription R70
cultural. The DNA responsible for this         different human species is determined         people, rather than through genetic               including VAT and postage
manifestation resides in the nucleus of        by the nuclear DNA, subject to its            transfer. However, this does not imply         P O Box 87557, Houghton 2041
the cell.                                      surrounding environmental influences.         that it will be of a lesser quality, as             Phone: 011 645-2523
  There is, however, a unique situation in     The latter includes traditions and            many converts have become devout

                                   YAD visits Green Point Stadium
M     embers of YAD enjoyed an eye-
      opening experience when they
visited the Green Point Stadium site
                                               when planning the various
                                               aspects of this project — but
                                               rather to focus, develop and
last month.                                    expand on Cape Town’s unique
  They watched an exciting bird’s              multi-cultural       strengths,
eye view 3-D Virtual Tour of the               talents and spirit.
stadium, which clearly put into                  The evening ended on a high,
perspective the magnitude of this              with the opportunity to view the
amazing project.                               work in progress from a viewing
  Andrew Boraine the CEO of The CT             platform which displayed what
Partnership and Accelerate CT then             a huge amount of hard work as
gave a very informative talk and visual        well as dedication had already
presentation. He focused on the event          achieved.
as a whole, including how vital the              It was a great event
build up is to get all South Africans          and certainly has created               Adrian Jessop and Joshua Lurie.                      Rabbi Yehoshua and Hanna Green.
involved and excited about the project         excitement for 2010!
and the importance of the legacy and             YAD is very keen to present another
extensive city development that will be        2010 related event in due course,
sustainable thereafter.                        should all the puzzle pieces click into
  He also explained the importance of          place. So keep sending in your positive
trying not to mimic other global cities        energy and watch your inbox!

                                                                                             Jodi Sher, Barry Berman and Samantha
                                                                                             Sher.                                            Shirley Magid and Mark Goldberg.

                Beautiful functional art pieces for display
                       and for use on your table!
 Each art piece unique. Featuring paintings of masters in Jewish art.
      For more information email me at gilco@telkomsa.net
             Gilda Romain 021 4388817 or 083 4599369
                                                                                                                           Inside the Visitor Centre.
CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                        27

                                                       JACOB GITLIN LIBRARY
                                             ALBOW CENTRE PHONE: 021 462-5088 FAX: 021 465-8670

                                     FICTION                                                                 dvds of Israeli feature films
                                                                                      LETTERS TO AMERICA. Michtavim le America (“Dear Dr Waldman”) (DVD 785).
  APPELFELD, Aharon. LAISH (09/14433). Towards the end of the 19th
  century, a caravan of Jews, holy men, luftmenschen, dreamers and thieves,           THE DEBT. Ha Chov (DVD 786).
  embark on a trek through Eastern Europe to reach the Holy Land: a brilliant         LOST ISLANDS (Iyim Avudim) (DVD 787).
  metaphor for the Jewish situation in Europe, conveyed in a surrealistic style       OR. (My Treasure) (DVD 789).
  with profound psychological insight.
                                                                                      WALTz WITH BASIR (Animated) (DVD 788)
  GOLD, Avner. THE LONG ROAD TO FREEDOM (09/14399). An historical novel
  set in Europe during the Inquisition. A religious Jewish family is caught up in     Heartfelt thanks to our caring supporters who have enriched the Library’s
  the intrigues between monarchy and church; they experience loyalty, betrayal        collection with their donation from last month’s wish List: Ben and Shirley
  and survival, rescue and disaster, whilst dealing with friars, bishops, kings,      Rabinowitz
  and rabbis.
  Israel (09/14408) Brilliant Hebrew writing in translation. A new literary genre,
  breathtakingly powerful and moving. A family saga unfolds, set before, during
                                                                                              Jos Gerson Memorial Lecture
  and after the establishment, of the Jewish State, complex under the veneer
  of bland realism. (Also available in Hebrew).                                       O     n

                                                                                      2009, the eve of
  TANENBAUM, Robert K. ESCAPE (09/14428). A masterfully conceived legal
  thriller, conveys the climate of violence in New York, portraying the American      the Yahrtzeit of Dr
  Jewish upper crust leftist intellectual scene and examining the subject of          Jos Gerson, the
  crime and Islamic terrorism based on religious conviction.                          Library, inspired
                                                                                      by Kirsi Gerson,
                          HISTORY – BIOGRAPHY                                         hosted an evening
                                                                                      of tribute to his
  DRAITSER, Emil. SHUSH! Growing up Jewish under Stalin: a Memoir (902                Memory          with
  / 09/14430). Recreates the dread-laden post-Holocaust era in Russia,                a lecture by Dr
  experienced by an uncomprehending child who learned that being Jewish               Kenneth Hughes
  was shameful and dangerous. He practiced to be inconspicuous, and show              entitled: . "Spinoza
  patriotism for fear of his very life.                                               and      Spinozism:
  EBAN, Suzy. A SENSE OF PURPOSE. Recollections (902 / 09/14406). A                   A great Jewish           Julian, Daniel and Kirsi Gerson with Dr Kenneth Hughes.
  memoir by the wife of Abba Eban. Small details generally omitted by the grand       Philosopher           on                    impact upon the world of ideas, and he
  sweep of history reveal this great historical figure of the Jewish State from a     the brink of Modernity". Dr Hughes connected the life of Jos Gerson as a
  more intimate angle.                                                                outlined the life and work of this modern Jewish thinker with this stream
  KOPPEL, Lily. THE RED LEATHER DIARY: Reclaiming a life through the                  brilliant philosopher whose powerfully of originality and bold innovation with
  Pages of a Lost Journal (902 HOW / 09/14426). A forgotten diary of a lively,        innovative thought continues to that of the great Baruch Spinoza.
  spoilt and rebellious young girl who grew up in New York during the 1930s.
  Her parents were intellectuals who came from Eastern Europe in 1886, and
  aspired to wealth and status.

                                                                                              Need an
                          HOLOCAUST – HISTORY
  CHIGER, Krystyna. THE GIRL IN THE GREEN SWEATER (964.302 / 09 /
  14434). They hid for months in the sewers of Lvov and in the underground
  passageway of a church. Living among rats and filth, protracting dysentery
  and diarrhea she wore her sweater which is now on permanent exhibition in

  the Holocaust Museum in Washington.
  EVANS, Richard J. THE THIRD REICH AT WAR: How the Nazis led Germany
  from Conquest to Disaster (964.31 / 09/14405). In this concluding volume
  the implementation of the genocide of the Jews, and its centrality in the history
  of the 3rd Reich is examined. Written with profound scholarship, it sensitively
  conveys the sadism, bestiality and blind human depravity of this era.
  HITLER’S WAR MACHINE (964.312 / 09/14421). New insights into the                              Industrial & domestic repairs and
  development of the firm from an innovative dying business, its spectacular
  growth to a giant pharmaceutical industry with its leading personalities,                   installations • Electrical certificates of
  their alliance with the Nazis and their realization of Hitler’s dreams with the
  production of CyclonB.                                                                       compliance • Geyser repairs • Stove
             SOUTH AFRICA – HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY                                              connections • Approved installer for
  TOBIAS, Phillip V. with Goran Strkalj and Jane Dugard. TOBIAS IN
  CONVERSATION: Genes, Fossils and Anthropology (902 / 09/14422).
                                                                                                City of Cape Town prepaid meters
  Throwing an intimate light on the personality and experiences of this great
  scientist, anatomist, medic, geneticist, archaeologist, historian, philosopher
  and profound humanist.                                                                         Discount for pensioners
  WOODSTOCK. A Selection of Articles from the Woodstock Whisperer
  2003 – 2007. (966.8 ATH / 09 / 14425) A Journey into the colourful and
                                                                                                     24-hour service
  fascinating character of South Africa’s earliest suburb — a meaningful piece
  of history and nostalgic reflection.
  GREENBERG, Michael. HURRY DOWN SUNSHINE. A Father’s Memoir of
  Love and Madness (902 / 09/14435). A moving experience of a beloved
  daughter’s sudden attack of severe mental illness, and how he learned to
  cope with unforeseen experiences and fluctuations between normalcy,
  creative brilliance and manic episodes.
  ORBACH, Susie. BODIES (150 / 09/14436). A psychotherapist analyses the
  despotism of the perfect-body-syndrome and its neuro-biological implications,
                                                                                              Tel: +27 21 424 4588
  exploited by the cosmetics industry, plastic surgery and diet programmes.
  She sites case histories which prove how the human mind can influence the                   www.schmidhauser.co.za
28                                                                                                                               CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

                                                                                     The tailor Stephen Transfeldt … the
                                                                                         tailor Stephen Transfeldt …
                                                                                          (headline to be read to tune from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’)

                                                                                     I ndeed it was not ‘The tailor Mottel
                                                                                       Komsoil’ who came to the CJC office
                                                                                     to put in a Chronicad, but Stephen
                                                                                     Keys-Transfeldt, a Capetonian who
                                                                                     declared with some degree of certainty
                                                                                     that he was “the last Jewish tailor in
                                     SALES                                           Cape Town”.
 Retail hours, young, technically minded, good interpersonal skills. Full training     Beyond the curiosity such a claim
 will be given. Ref V140409                                                          piqued .. (could this be true?) .. was
                                                                                     the incredible synchronicity of his
                                                                                       I had just that minute finished editing
                        RESTAURANT MANAGER                                           Willie Katz’s ‘Shammash’ column for
 CBD. Day shifts with some evening events. Previous restaurant experience            June, which included a short item on
 necessary. Good people and communication skills. Ref CR14409                        the various Jewish surnames for tailor
                                                                                     Portnoi, Schneider, Chait, … etc and
                                                                                     their origins. And here was this tailor…
                           FACTORY MANAGER                                           adding moreover that he had “quite a
                                                                                     story to tell”.
 CBD. 8am – 5pm. Clothing industry or related background. Will include                 The message was loud and clear —
 new product development, doing costings, overseeing training centre. Ref            interview the man — and so I did.
 IL0409                                                                                                                           followed about 8 years in what he calls
                                                                                                                               ‘the shmatte industry’ naming a few of
                                                                                                                                  the ‘shmatte’ manufacturers — Jenny
               SALES REPS, TECHNICIANS, MANAGER                                      Stephen was born in Israel in 1952           Button, Parachute, Riviera Fashions
                                                                                     of immigrant parents — both doctors          … hardly what their customers would
 Internet, Cellular and VOIP provider looking for people that are able to multi-     — who’d come to Israel from Bremen,          consider producers of ‘shmattes’!
 task, aged 25-50, computer literate with Excel, drivers license and own car,        Germany. Things were not easy for              And then he was off again — this
 fluent English, sales experience not necessary. Ref W180409                         them in the new State and hearing that       time to the USA, where still with the
                                                                                     there were good prospects in South           ‘shmatttes’ he worked for some years
                                                                                     Africa they took their baby and made         as a pattern-maker, designer, tailor and
                              PROGRAMMERS                                            a second emigration that very year,          doing alterations, for men and women.
                                                                                     where they settled in East London              And now he’s back, drawn by the need
 Rapidly growing IT company looking for programmers. You are passionate              and worked hard in their respective          to find out more about his forbears, his
 about computers, must know a program language to develop a simple                   medical specialities — radiology and         roots.
 programme. Talented but not necessarily experienced, Ref ME30409                    anaesthetics.                                  “I got the gene from the Lithuanian —
                                                                                       Sadly they both died when Stephen          my mother’s — side of the family, the
                                                                                     was only 12. An only child and with          Rosens. They were all tailors.”
                                                                                     nobody to look after him, the young            He added the ‘Keys’ rather than
 For more information concerning available positions or applicants, please                                                        ‘Rosen’ to his name by deed poll a few
                                                                                     orphan was sent on to a family friend
                          contact Joanne or Tammy:                                   in Cape Town. As it happened, Suzie          years back, “for professional reasons”.
    Telephone: 021 - 464-6700                Fax: 021 – 086 6263397                  Kowolski was in the clothing industry.       Does sound more impressive!
    E-mail: staff@ctjc.co.za                 Web: www.staffwise.org.za               A designer. She very soon noted                Stephen’s other motivation for
                                                                                     Stephen’s talent in drawing, and also        returning was “to set up something for
                                                                                     in sewing.                                   myself”.
                                                                                       “Sewing?”                                    Cape Town seems to be his comfort
                          IMPORTANT INFORMATION:                                       “Yes,” says Stephen. “In East London,
                                                                                     when I was growing up, my parents were
                                                                                                                                  zone, specifically Fish Hoek, although
                                                                                                                                  he does have hopes of making aliyah.
                    ALL DONATIONS TO GLENDALE ARE NOW TAx DEDUCTIBLE                 always so busy, so I spent time with my        He works from home. Sporting a
                                                                                     old Auntie Yenta and she taught me           kippah, he has become a regular
                                                                                     to sew. I used to do alterations for the     attendee at Muizenberg Shul, and
                    Thank you most sincerely for your                                bobbes and zeides.”                          generally seems to be pretty much of
                             continued support.                                        Suzie entered him (at age 12 and a         an optimistic “glass half full’ type of
                                                                                                                                  chap. Even when asked the obvious
               Our residents are most grateful.                                      half) in a Young Designers competition,
                                                                                     which he won, and after having to do         question: “Who would want to travel all
                                                                                     a Std 9 and 10 crash course, he was          the way to Fish Hoek to the tailor?” he
 Our well known shabbat, miniature shabbat, yartzeit candles and                     able to take up the prize — a bursary        cheerfully replies, “I’ll come to them.”
 shabbat glass candle holders are now available from all supermarkets                to study at the Ipswich Polytechnic – a        Well, I suppose it’s only to be
                                                                                     2-year course recognised by the Royal        expected that the last Jewish tailor in
 and at our office. Bridge cloths are also available at R120.                        Tailoring Guild. He was just 14.             Cape Town would not be located in the
                                                                                       After the 2 years he came back to          most accessible of spots! Nonetheless,
 Getting married overseas? Ask your guests to donate to Glendale                     Johannesburg and worked there for            from the designs he showed us in his
 Home in lieu of wedding gifts. An appropriate letter will be sent to the            some 10 years before returning to Cape       notebook, we agreed that our ‘Tailor
 bride and groom advising them of your donation . No amount will be                  Town — which would make him about            Stephen (Keys) Transfeldt’ would be
                                                                                     26 according to my calculations. There       worth the shlep!
 disclosed for further details contact the office .

 Letters can be sent to your loved ones and friends for birthdays, wed-                      BARGAINS GALORE
 ding anniversaries and chaggim or any special occasion. Make use of
 this service which is available world wide.                                                       SECOND HAND SHOP
TINS: If your tin needs collecting please phone the office                               Are you moving house or cleaning out cupboards?

       10 Galway Road Heathfield PO Box 40 Bergvliet 7864
                                                                                                                   Think of us!
website: www.glendalehome.co.za email: hazel@glendalehome.co.za                            We need assorted clothing and bric-a-brac
            tel: (021) 712-0270 fax: (021) 712-0873
                                                                                            305 Main Rd, Sea Point (next to Laughtons)
  Glendale activities now on you-tube: www.youtube.com                                                        PHONE: 434-7142
               search Glendale Cape Town.                                                    Under the auspices of Jewish Community Services
CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                       29

     Howard Rubenstein to Taryn Talberg                              Barry Lobel to Lee zingol
                                           Photo: Simone Alexander                               Photo: Dirk Visser

   To enhance your Ceremony or Reception with the
         best performance in Jewish Music

                          IVOR JOFFE
       musical accompaniment to add the finishing touch
                082 7777740 or 021 434-2002

      Experienced Divorce Attorney
    and FAMAC accredited Mediator,
    specialising in Divorce Resolution
    (including determination of asset
    distribution), Parental Rights and
   Responsibility Agreements, Family
  Mediation, Antenuptial Contracts as
 well as pre and post-divorce Custody,
   Access and Maintenance disputes,
 including disputes relating to children
           born out of wedlock.

       Tel: (021) 405-7432
30                                                                                                                CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

Darren Jocum to Carrie Macdonald                                                                         Darren Levin to Taryn Stavropoulos
                              Photo: Dirk Visser   Michael zartz to Aviva Susman                                                       Photo: Deirdre Hewitson
                                                                                   Photo: Rob Mcalpine

                                                                                                                       MAKING MEMORIES
                                                                                                                         Turn your family photo’s into a
                                                                                                                       stunning personal gift or artwork
                                                                                                                                for your home.
                                                                                                                       I can enlarge and print photo’s onto
                                                                                                                           canvas or a variety of paper.

                                                                                                                           Call Leanne on 082 575 6551
                                                                                                                                 For a free quote.
CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                31

                                                     Hercu van Dyk to Meliss Strack                          Ivan Levin to Sigalit Sevilya
                                                                                      Photo: Andrew Parkin                                   Photo: Cliff Alexander

Grant Traub to Nicole Franks, married in Australia
32                                                                                                                                       CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

     CHRONIC ADS                               MANICURES AND PEDICURES                       SEAMSTRESS – SEA POINT                       DUSTLESS FLOOR SANDING
                                               In the comfort of your own home.              Alterations and creations. No job too big    Brilliant    workmanship.       Owner
  Rates: R24.00 per line + VAT                 Phone 082 9354719.                            or small. Ph Vivienne 084 7098789.           supervised. Free quotes. All areas. For
Phone: 021 464-6736 (mornings)                                                                                                            professional service call Sean Stein
                                               BEAUTY THERAPIST                              MADELEINE STONE PHOTOGRAPHY                  084 2471135.
HOUSESITTER/COMPANION/DRIVER                   All About U. Skin and body care. Office
                                                                                             For all Events 021 439-4203 /                WOODEN FLOORS
Mature lady avail. 083 9563002.                2, 23 Arthur’s Rd, Sea Point. Phone
                                                                                             083 4561913.                                 Sanding and sealing of wooden floors,
                                               Shelley Myers 021 434-5857.
HOUSE-SITTERS AVAIL — JUNE/JULY                                                                                                           doors, frames, skirting, shutters.
                                               WEIGHT LOSS                                   CONVERT VHS AND PICS TO DVD
Ilan Strauss & Daniel Mackintosh                                                                                                          Ph Nathan Klitzner 079 0797114.
Fair Rates: 083 473 2080                       Control your health and weight with           Barry Kay 082 885 7548                       BLINDS AND CURTAINS
                                               HERBALIFE Nutritional Products. For a         mediamemories@bax.co.za
NIGHT CARER REQUIRED                                                                         www.bax.co.za/mediamemories/                 For the best deal in all blinds and
                                               FREE sample and more details please
For elderly lady in Parow. Ph Brenda                                                                                                      curtains contact Stephen Guinsberg.
                                               contact Anat 082 5553443.                     JEWELLERY EVALUATION
021-5522433                                                                                                                               Ph 082 5631955.
                                               KOSHER FOOD AND CATERING
RELIABLE CHAR                                                                                Need advice on selling some of your           REDYEING AND REPAIRING LEATHER
                                               Functions, dinner parties or individual       jewellery? Call Robert Lurie Jewellery
Efficient and trustworthy char seeks           dishes for freezer. Gifts, cakes, biscuits,   Evaluator. 021 551-1686.                     Julius Buchinsky recommends you use
work Wednesdays Phone Lauren                   kichel made to order. Bev Kleinman                                                         Onyx Leather Care. They also offer
083 5093785.                                   021 439-4232 / 021 439-7608.                  EXPERIENCED ATTORNEY                         a full upholstery service. Ph Robbie
CHAR AVAILABLE                                 KITKE BOARDS/CHALLAH COVERS                   Offers litigation, rent ejectments,          021 551-5622 or 083 4570981.
                                                                                             debt     collections.   Lewis  Wiener        Yes, when Buchinsky advertises
Excellent Char, hardworking, reliable,         A stunning range of kitke boards,                                                          everybody reads. Ph 021-4157320.
honest. Available on Mondays and/                                                            021 689-2552 /072 1282033.
                                               challah covers, mezuzahs, and much
or Thursdays. For references, contact          more for all gift requirements. Phone         ACTIVE ELECTRIC                              RELOCATING      YOUR    FACTORY    OR
Lynette at 083 2736623.                        Sybil-Ann 021 715-1964.                       Reliable 24hr 7 day service. All             OFFICE
AIRPORT SHUTTLES                               PERSONALISED SERVIETTES                       contracting, maintenance and servicing       Julius Buchinsky recommends you use
                                                                                             (including intercoms). Phone Norman          Cursons Rigging. They also specialise
And day tours. Malcolm 082 9074790.            Stickers and stationery. Michelle Shev        021 439-4311 or 083 2257409.                 in moving heavy machinery and
                                               021 797-0412 or 083 3535732.                                                               safes at reasonable rates. Call Lydia
K A B SHUTTLES AND TRANSFERS                                                                 PLUMBERS TO THE RESCUE
                                               PERSONALISED STICKERS                                                                      021 535-3902 or 082 8710254.
Phone Keith Benjamin 082 4218219.                                                            Plumbing maintenance services.
                                               Stationery and craft. Gayle Lazarus           Phone Harold 082 9628477.                    When Buchinsky advertises, everybody
HOWIE’S SHUTTLE                                                                                                                           reads. Ph 021 415-7320
                                               021 423-4115 or 083 6753793.                  JOFFE PLUMBING
Airport transfers, general lifting, scenic
                                               INVITATIONS                                   For all sanitary plumbing repairs,           AMBASSADOR REMOVALS AND STORAGE
drives, day trips. Driver for hire. Covering
entire Western Cape. Phone Howard              Stunning and different, all occasions.        maintenance and renovations. Phone           Home and office, since 1985.
082 7114616.                                   Phone Paula 021 423-1544.                     Hilton 082 7892897 or 021 439-5550.          Storage – safe, secure, clean.
VISITING JHB? DIAL-A-LIFT                      TAILORING AND SEWING                          CARPET CLEANING                              Prices slashed.
                                                                                             Exquisite carpets and upholstery dry         Ph Eric 021 555-1988.
Airport shuttle. Phone Pip Friedman            For a Jewish tailor made solution to all
083 2673281 / 011 728-3998.                    your individual clothing problems and         cleaning. Owner supervised. Free             STANS REMOVALS
dialalift@gmail.com                            special occasion needs. Mens and              quotes. All areas. For professional
                                                                                             service call Sean Stein 084 2471135.         No job too big or too small. House and
                                               ladies wear. Stephen 076 7551233.
DESTINATIONS AIRPORT SHUTTLES                                                                                                             office moves. Personal supervision. Ph
Collect and drop off in an air-cond micro                                                                                                 Stan 021 434-8035 / 083 2923781.
bus. Golf tours, events, weddings.
                                                                                                                                          CARPET CRAFT
Phone Jason Lewis 082 8176276.
                                                                                                                                          For the steam cleaning of carpets and
                                                                                                                                          upholstery. All work done personally.
Go with the Pro. Airport shuttle and                                                                                                      Phone Leslie Kaplan 082 5477208.
lifts to business appointments etc.
Sam 011 728-5219 / 083 6278516.

 Let’s record all treasured memories
 and moments by creating a
 personalised book with thoughts,
 messages and photos from significant
 relatives & friends. This stunning gift
 will commemorate key-life events
 Contact toby shenker: 083 9495579
      or tshenker@iafrica.com

                                                                                                                                                 Too old to drive?
                                                                                                                                                 No garage space?

                                                                                                                                            I wIll buy your vEhIclE!

                                                                                                                                                    Melville Silke
                                                                                                                                                   Ph 072 132-5572
                                                                                                                                                   021 5523429 a/h
CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                                                            33
   CHRONIC ADS contd                        COMPUTER KEYS
                                                                                         HAVING A BARMITZVAH,
For all home maintenance.
                                            All PC repairs, troubleshooting,
                                            upgrades and any computer needs.
                                                                                         WEDDING, CORPORATE
                                                                                              EVENT?....                      PLEASE NOTE!
                                            Graeme 072 1325541.
082 4541584 / 021 715-2489.
                                            COMPUTER LESSONS                                   CRUSH                         When making a payment to
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34                                                                                                                                   CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009

Local men and women put themselves in ‘the line of fire’
                                  as members of the Volunteer Wildfire Services
W     hile the February fires on Devil’s
      Peak and along Table Mountain
may be a closed chapter to some, the
evidence of their destructive swathe
is still very clear to people living and
also travelling along their route. And
the admiration and gratitude to those
valiant fire fighters remains.
  These include the members of the
City Fire Department, who protect the
urban edge — the buildings and the
property and … the other vital arm —
the Volunteer Wildfire Services, who
battle against sometimes seemingly
impossible odds — raging winds and
uncontrollable flames — to conquer and
tame the fires raging above, along the                 Mandy Goldberg                               Gavin Goldsmith                               Ravid Goldstein
length of Table Mountain.
                                             Mandy has been a member since             and battle on the ground with the
  Among the latter heroes the Chronicle
                                           the big Table Mountain fire some three      support of the helicopters, when they
discovered a young Milnerton housewife
                                           years ago, spurred on by the desire to      are able to get near.
and mother who is a totally passionate
                                           help, as she says, “wherever needed”.         In fact, speaking to Mandy opens up a
member of the 10-year old Volunteer
                                             This immediately involved her in          whole new world, in that we really don’t
Wildfire Services — Mandy Goldberg.
                                           active duty training and also obtaining     know much about the workings of fire-
                                           a Code X license, qualifying her to drive   fighting bodies, even though we enjoy
                                           a truck. And in her first season she saw    the protection that they provide. Her
                                           active duty both in the fire line in an     specific volunteer organisation includes
                                           8-man ground-crew team, with hand           a definite range of portfolios and areas
                                           tools (flame beaters … etc), as well as     of expertise, all of which are vital to the
         PRINTING &                        a driver.                                   success of their operations.
         PACKAGING                           In her second season, and now on            Part of their training is abseiling with
                                                                                                                                                   Tracy Urdang
         SPECIALISTS                       the committee, Mandy took over the          hand tools, in case they have to get to
                                           logistics portfolio and, since she felt     or out of inaccessible places, and, for        flame-beating fire fighter!
       PRINT CENTRE                        concern about her level of fitness,         obvious locational reasons, GPS and              Another name that comes up, who
                                           confined her active duty to driving the     mapwork.                                       Mandy also admires enormously is
      WESLEY STREET                                                                                                                   Gavin Goldsmith, “an old hand …. he’s
                                           truck.                                        Now in her third year, Mandy runs
        CAPE TOWN                            It is important to note that these        the Control Centre, with the Table             been active for a long time … knows the
     TEL. 021 461-7030                     fighters venture into areas inaccessible    Mountain National Park manager and             mountain very well”.
                                           to the conventional ‘hose’ fire fighting,   a rotating volunteer body of nine. This          And Ravid Goldstein, who is now in his
                                                                                       ‘communications hub’ keeps contact             second season and a crew leader.
                                                                                       and control over the crews on the                But further than that, Mandy has
                                                                                       mountain, the Table Mountain National          even pulled in her mother, Val Mazinter.
                                                                                       Parks contractors, the helicopters             Val’s active duty involves control room
                                                                                       and the Cape Town Fire Emergency               service and catering etc.
                                                                                       Services. They also handle the press             A number of people became ‘fired
                                                                                       calls and those of the public, which           up’ after the recent Table Mountain
                                                                                       include reports of danger and calls of         blazes and Mandy reports that there
                                                                                       real distress.                                 have already been 200 new applicants
                                                                                         And how does she feel about it all?          wanting to join the Wildfire Volunteers.
                                                                                         “I love it!”                                   Whatever sparks their enthusiasm —
                                                                                         So much so that she recruited her            adventure, excitement, the passionate
                                                                                       best friend, Tracy Urdang. She may             need to help, as in Mandy’s case, it is
                                                                                       have “dragged her in”, but Tracy is as         very dangerous work and we can be
                                                                                       fully committed. She’s now an active           hugely grateful.
                                                                                                         To learn more, check out their website

          Don’t drink
           and drive!
          Call a Rikkis
        0861 745 547                                                                               24 hours 086 18 000 18
      www.rikkis.co.za                                                                       CSO emergency number for medical and security
CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009                                                                                                                                          35

                           HABONIM DROR                                                                                        Young Adult Department of
                                                                                                                               World Zionist Organisation
     A new generation of leadership is born!
A   pril proved to be a wonderful month
    for Habonim Dror. From 12 – 17 April
                                             channichim added to the level at which
                                             the activities were run.                         Hagshama goes ‘Bedouin’ for Lag B’Omer
we ran our Premier Leadership seminar
for grades 11 and 12, a resounding
success, with over 40 people from all
                                                But it wasn’t all about serious educa-
                                             tion. There was also the beauty of the
                                             Habonim Dror camp-site, with butter-
                                                                                           O    n Monday 11
                                                                                                May Hagshama
                                                                                           and SAUJS held a
over the country participating; almost       flies everywhere and magnificent weath-       Lag B’Omer bash in
doubling last year’s numbers.                er, enabling the channichim to spend          true young adult’s
  The grade 11s engaged seriously with       time on the beach. Every night a camp         style hosted by
the notion of joining the leadership of      fire burned and the fireside culture fea-     Marais Rd Shul at
Habonim — the bogrim. They looked at         tured skits and even a wonderful night        the home of Rabbi
what Habonim’s core beliefs are and          of ‘Whose line is it anyway?’ planned         Hayon.
the basics of being a madrich.               and run by the brilliant shomrim.               The Rabbi’s home
  The grade 12s delved deeply into tech-        On the seminar’s last night chan-          was turned into a
niques of leading and facilitating activi-   nichim and madrichim enjoyed an out-          party haven for over
ties for young channichim as well as the     ing to the beautiful town of Hermanus.        140 young adults.
influence and responsibility involved        That evening around the camp fire much        A huge Bedouin-
with leadership. As the new bogrim of        sadness was expressed at the prospect         style marquee was Daniel Mackintosh, Steven Casper, Justin Goldman and Tahlia
the movement, they were able to exam-        of leaving the next day and the feeling       erected,      furniture Yesorsky.
ine critically where they would take Ha-     of the close-knit Habonim community           was hired, live mu-
bonim in the next few years and looked       was tangible.                                 sic was pumping, drinks were flowing for the day. On this day Rabbi Akiva’s
carefully at the movement’s newly               More than anything, the seminar af-        with an open bar and lots of food was students did not die and Rabbi Akiva
amended constitution.                        firmed the incredible calibre of current      continuously supplied straight from the started to reveal the light of the Torah
                                                                                           braai. All this at no charge!            to new students, including Rabbi Shi-
  Long time friend Zackie Achmat joined      and future young leaders in the move-
                                                                                             All this celebration … but what for?   mon bar Yochai. Also, on this day, Rabbi
us on the Monday night and as always,        ment today — with the potential to take
Zackie brought an incredible amount          Habonim Dror forward towards incred-            Before one can understand what Lag Shimon bar Yochai, the author of the
of knowledge to the seminar, speaking        ible heights. These young leaders will        B’Omer is about, one needs to under- central work of Kabbalah (Jewish mysti-
to the entire group about the history        have an opportunity to implement much         stand the meaning of the counting of cism) called the ‘Zohar’, died.
                                                                                           the Omer.                                  His death is a celebration because
of Iran and the challenge of the Irani-      of what they have learned this winter at
                                                                                             Pesach marks the beginning of grain    on the day of his death he revealed the
an leadership for the world today. The       Habonim Machaneh Chazon Nivnah.
chaverim were given the opportunity to          Our Winter Camp is happening at the        harvesting season. The Omer symbol- light of the Torah to his students. Many
think critically and, as always, appreci-    beautiful Shelley Beach from 29 June —        ises a starting point in the countdown celebrate Lag B’Omer with large bon-
ated Zackie’s taking time out to be part     5 July and we’d love to have your child       to the giving of the Torah. Jews are ob- fires, which are symbolic of the light of
of the Habonim magic.                        take part.                                    ligated to count the days from the sec- the Torah as revealed by Rabbi Shimon
  The seminar was run by the most ex-           To sign up visit www.habo.org.za/          ond night of Pesach to the day before bar Yochai.
                                                                                           Shavuot. This period is known as the        Hagshama and SAUJs would like to
perienced madrichim in Habonim, many         signup. Places are limited, so if you’re in
                                                                                           ‘Counting of the Omer’.                  thank Marais Rd Shul and Rabbi and
of whom sit on the Hanhaggah (Nation-        grade 5,6,7,8 or 9 or interested in being
al Executive). Their ability to pass on      a madrich and are in grade 11 upwards           On day 33 of the Counting of the Omer Rebbetzin Hayon for yet again hosting
their knowledge and experience to their      make sure to get signed up now!               (Lag B’Omer), we stop our mourning such a wonderful young adults’ event!


                   Fun for the whole family!
T   his month has been a very exciting
    month for Netzer, focusing on fun
family and also inspirational Tikkun
                                               Netzer also ran a Lag B’Omer event
                                             at Temple Israel Wynberg for the com-
                                             munity. It was a great evening, full of
Olam activities.                             fun, singing, dancing around the fire
  In educating the youth we realise the      and roasted marshmallows. As per the
importance of family involvement and         Lag B’Omer tradition, there was a large
so we have run several family-orientated     bonfire and Netzer led songs, as adults
activities. We are also maintaining our      and children alike indulged in as many
commitment to Tikkun Olam and giving         roasted marshmallows as they could
back to the community.                       eat. Netzer ran an activity about the
  As part of our monthly Tikkun Olam         significance of Lag B’Omer in the past
activities, Netzer went to a home for        and in our lives today. It was a most en-
children who have been removed from          joyable fun family evening.
their own homes. It was in desperate           We also held a Fun Day for our chan-
need of a therapy room, where the            nichim and their families with a picnic
children could feel safe and comfort-        in Newlands Forest. There were activi-
able. Netzer madrichim helped paint          ties for the kids while the parents got
this room into a vibrant and colourful       a chance to chat, relax and enjoy the
therapy room which will be used by the       scenery. It was also great to see the
children in the future.                      parents and children playing and en-
  Doing this was an extremely meaning-       joying their time together in a game of
ful experience for all our madrichim,        Machanaim (an interesting Israeli ball
who also got to play and interact with       game).
the children. Netzer is committed to Tik-
kun Olam and making the world a bet-             Nilmad v’na’aseh! We will learn and
ter place.                                                                we will do!

                            Upcoming events
 NETZER’S WINTER CAMP FOR GRADE 10 TO 12 will take place from 2 - 8 July
 in Gauteng. Winter camp is our annual nationwide hadracha (leadership) and
 ideology seminar, and for Grade 10 to 12s one of the highlights of the year.
 We will also be holding our SECOND MINI MACHANEH - Mini Machaneh Hashra’a
 (Mini Camp Inspiration) from 10-12 July at our Glencairn campsite.

                      Don’t miss out on these exciting events!
                     Contact Maia: 0767355272 for details.
36                                                                                                     CAPE JEWISH CHRONICLE JUNE 2009
        Brandon at 15 — the youngest ever
             King David golf champ!
W      hat a difference a year makes!
       Exactly a year ago Brandon
Joffe, playing off a 17 handicap,
won the C Division of the King David
Club Championships. He was warmly
congratulated by all and earmarked as
a player with potential.
  Little did one know how fast this
potential would reveal itself! Brandon
took the King David Championship
division by storm this year, leaving
some seasoned campaigners trailing in
his wake. With rounds of 74 and 73 he
won by 4 shots from Martin Stockigt.
  It was the manner in which Brandon
won that was so impressive. After the
first round, when he was tied for the
lead, the numerous onlookers didn’t
really think that this youngster with no
experience could hang on and win.
  When Brandon started the second
round with two straight bogies, the
doubting Toms thought it would all end               Brandon Joffe receives his trophy from
in tears for him. However he rallied like            golf director James Loughnane.
a true champion and played the last 16                Brandon is only just beginning on the
holes in one under par.                               winning trail. You read it here first …
  A player of immense determination,                  Here comes Brandon Joffe!

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