Beer Belly '10 Dinner

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					              Beer Belly Dinner
Each course is paired with a beer from a craft, local

                  July 24th, 7pm
                  $35 Per Person

                Mini grilled Rueben

               Bucket of Steamers
         Lager steamed with drawn butter

               Local Corn Chowder
              Crispy bacon and chives

           Sirloin and Foie Gras Burger
            Toasted brioche, house-made
              ketchup and Idaho fries

             Guinness and Malt Float
             Housemade graham crisp

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Description: Some friends worried that drunk beer make you fat, produce beer belly. In fact the beer together with the fat does not make sense. Beer can result in higher heating value, which comes mainly from the alcohol extract and other nutrients. Because different types of beer, how many calories there are differences, such as large bottle of good beer, about 160 kilocalories Phoenix, extract ingredients into a 90 kilo-calories, these calories for normal day is about 1 / 5 of the heat. Beer does not contain the body fat of high-fat, so the beer itself does not make people fat. But it is worth mentioning that the beer has to promote the role of the human body the secretion of gastric juice, can increase appetite, plus drink, eat high-calorie dishes with increased fat absorption, it is hard to say. So without restraint to binge eating is causing the real reason for the body fat.