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					                                                                                                         August/September 2008

      P r o m o t i n g                     L i v a b i l i t y                    I n        O u r           V a l l e y

                                                                                           photo booth facil-

                                                       ith a record number of entries, a
IMPACT                                                 new Mistress of Ceremonies and      itating instant

                            o doubt                    a reformatted post event cele-      souvenir pictures
                            about it,                  bration, Valley Forward’s 28th      of award winners
                            green       annual Environmental Excellence Awards             and guests.
                    has become          program promises an extraordinary gala                “These awards
                    everybody’s         September 6 at the Westin Kierland Resort.         set standards for
                    favorite color        Arizona’s oldest and largest competition         the exceptional
                    and the idea        of its kind is presented in partnership with       physical, tech-
                    du jour of our      SRP for the seventh consecutive year and           nical and social
                    time. Whether       will recognize significant contributions to        developments in our metropolitan area,”
                    its “going          the environment.                                   said Lori Singleton, of SRP and Chair of
Diane Brossart green,” “living
                                          Kari Lake, Anchor, FOX 10 News will              VFA’s Environmental Excellence Awards
green” or “building green,”                                                                Steering Committee.
everyone wants to be a part of the      serve as Mistress of Ceremonies for the
sweeping green movement. Now            event, known as the “Academy Awards” of               For table reservations or information call
that envir-onmentalism is main-         the environmental community.                       (602) 240-2408 or visit
stream and sustainability has             A post-event celebration will feature  
become the buzzword of the day,         dessert and coffee bars, entertainment and a
we’re also inundated with infor-
mation and opinions.                    SPEAKERS TURN BATTLEGROUND TO ‘COMMON GROUND’
   Valley Forward has been at the
forefront of the issue, serving for
                                        AT VFA’S 39TH ANNUAL LUNCHEON

nearly four decades as the Valley’s                                                    wo of the highest regarded voices of the political
voice for balance between eco-                                                         scene, “liberal” Bob Beckel and “conservative” Cal
nomic growth and environmental                                                         Thomas, will headline Valley Forward’s 39th
quality. Our Association will                                                   Annual Luncheon from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.,
continue to advocate for the                                                    Thursday, December 18, at the JW Marriott at Desert
environment and take steps to rise                                              Ridge in Scottsdale.
above the “green noise” that is                                                   The duo authors the syndicated USA Today column,
permeating the media and just                                                   Common Ground, which is also the name of their live
about everywhere else.                                                          political analyst program. Despite differing opinions on
   Those who have made steward-                                                 almost every subject imaginable, the goal of Common
ship of the Earth and its natural                                               Ground is to show audiences and Americans that bridges
resources a way of life long                                                    can be forged between differences, and armaments can
before it became in vogue will                                                  be made. By openly discussing their differences,
continue to embrace the princi-                                                 respecting each other’s opinions and thoughtfully
ples of sustainability well into                                                recognizing the validity of every view and opinion, they
the future, even as others who                                                  open up the doors for civil disclosure and hope to usher
attempt to capitalize on a trend                                                in a new era of American politics.
fall by the wayside.                                                               The pair will facilitate a signing of their newest book,
   “Quiet environmentalism”             Common Ground: How to Stop the Partisan War That is Destroying America, following their pre-
can send a loud message with a          sentation, which will be especially timely given the national election in November.
big impact. In fact, you don’t             The event will commemorate Valley Forward’s 39 years of bringing business and civic
have to say anything at all to          leaders together to improve the environment and quality of life in Valley communities. It will
make a difference. It’s what you        also facilitate the election of the organization’s 2009 Board of Directors and the presentation of
do that matters.                        its annual Leadership Awards for outstanding member contributions in 2008.
                                           For table reservations or information, call (602) 240-2408 or visit

                                              vides high quality commercial, corporate,       been planned or implemented, including a
                                              advertising, editorial, web site and sports     synthetic turf demonstration, dual fuel
                                              imagery. For more information, visit            city vehicles, a water conservation ordi-
                                     or call            nance and “Green Surprise” website. For
                                              (480) 874-9697.                                 details, visit
                                                 Leading Health and Wellness expert,             METRO LIGHT RAIL opens in
                                              DR. THERESA RAMSEY is launching a               December and Byron Dixon, Senior Project
                                              pharmaceutical grade Resveratrol, “The          Director of OTAK, INC., which has been
                                              Red Wine Pill.” Discussed on the recent         involved with the project, understands
                                              Barbara Walters special, “Fountain of           better than most the impact it will have
                                              Youth,” this revolutionary supplement           when it’s here. For the past several
grand opened a new environmentally
                                              offers cardiovascular support and age-          months, Dixon has been “going green”
friendly, ergonomic and creative work-
                                              defying benefits. Studies have also shown       and burning calories. He has reduced his
place in Mesa. The marketing firm
                                              it offers chemo protective properties,          carbon footprint by riding his bike 12
specializes in branding, web design,
                                              aiding in the prevention and treatment of       miles every day followed by a bus com-
advertising, public relations, events and
                                              cancer. The bioflavanoids found in red          mute the rest of the way to downtown
graphic design. Its 7,500-square-foot
                                              wine are used by the body to help               Tempe, where his firm is located.
space was designed to be comfortable and
                                              strengthen and reduce the permeability of       Fortunately for Dixon, when Light Rail
in-sync with the way people work best.
                                              blood vessel walls, which helps fight           begins operations, he’ll be dropped off
The office includes an open floor plan
                                              infection and promote the production of         right in front of his office – no biking
with multiple collaboration areas where
                                              collagen. For information, call (480) 970-      required. OTAK, INC. is an award-
teams can gather comfortably for brain-
                                              0077 or visit                 winning architecture, engineering, land-
storming and small meetings. Ample use
                                                 The CITY OF SURPRISE is striving to          scape architecture and planning firm. To
of stone, slate and soothing paint colors
                                              become a leader for sustainability prac-        discover how you can participate as a
provide a relaxed atmosphere. For
                                              tices. Located about 30 miles northwest of      sponsor of the METRO LIGHT RAIL
information, contact Nancy Landl at (480)
                                              central Phoenix, the city initiated strategic   opening, call Elissa Mullany at (602) 505-
775-8880 or
                                              planning a year ago and has identified          2070 or Cate Wunder at (602) 769-7707.
  MARICOPA INTEGRATED HEALTH                                                                  For information about Otak, visit
                                              several objectives linked to sustainability,
SYSTEM is the County’s only public                                                  
                                              including an economic study, which
hospital and serves more than 400,000
                                              helped determine business opportunities
patients annually. It’s governed by a five-
                                              in this arena. City planners inventoried 33
member board of elected officials and
                                              city sustainability initiatives that have
includes: Maricopa Medical Center; the
nationally recognized Arizona Burn
Center; a 679-bed hospital; and a highly      VALLEY METRO NEEDS YOUR INPUT
respected Level One Trauma Center.
MIHS employs more than 4,000 and is one       MOVING WORK TO THE WORKER
of the largest health care employers in

                                                                                 he benefits of telework to an organization, individual
Maricopa County. For more information,                                           employees and the community can be dramatic, but
visit                                                              it's estimated that approximately 50% of telework
   DOUGLAS L. MCCORD, RA, NCARB,                                          programs fail. The reasons for failure are wide-ranging.
LEED AP has been named Principal of                                        Valley Metro is working to support companies imple-
MORAN ARCHITECTS. His responsibili-                                        menting telework programs and invites Valley Forward
ties include integration and implementa-                                   members to participate in a roundtable discussion on
tion of energy efficient, sustainable                                       the subject.
designs on local and international projects                                       As a result of the roundtable, Valley Metro hopes to
for Moran Archi-tects. In addition,                                               guide local employers with lessons learned toward
MATTHEW HAKE, AIA, and CHRIS ILG,                                                         successful implementation for new telework
AIA, both LEED Accredited Professionals,                                                   programs and opportunities to expand
were named Associate Principals. For a                                                    existing ones.
studio tour or more information, call (480)
                                                                                The agency, along with WestGroup Research, will
990-8448 or visit
                                                                    facilitate the forum with approximately 20 executives in senior
                                              management at various organizations in the Valley in mid-September. Selected
  JASON WISE of WISE PHOTOG-                  employers will be invited to attend a breakfast and will be presented a valuable gift
RAPHY has been Valley Forward’s chief         for a two-hour discussion on the pros and cons of telework. While the event is
photographer for more than two years.         presented as an invitation-only discussion, Valley Metro is willing to share its findings
He received his B.F.A. in photography in      with Valley Forward members.
1992, from the Rochester Institute of           Those interested in participating should contact Kathy DeBoer at (602) 707-0050 or
Technology and began working in the           email
Valley in 1998. Wise Photography pro-
                                                M E M B E R            F EAT U R E           :


                                    company has been responsible

           bitibiBowater has
           been recycling paper     for diverting more than 26,000
           in the Valley since      cubic yards from local landfills
           2001 with its green      and avoided over a million
and yellow bins placed all over     and a half pounds of green-
the Phoenix area. Many low-         house gas.
cost and no-cost programs are          The number one newsprint
available for both not-for-profit   producer in the world,
organizations and for-profit        AbitibiBowater is a leader in
businesses. Each program pro-       the recycling industry. The
vides cash rebates for materials    company is nationally recog-
recycled and reduces overall        nized for promoting strong               Hundreds of thousands of        call the Phoenix office of
trash hauling costs.                environmental stewardship              dollars have been contributed     AbitibiBowater at (480)
   AbitibiBowater supports the      while supporting educational           to Phoenix area schools, places   821-0003 or visit
Valley Forward theme of             and other non-profit organiza-         of worship and non-profits.
“Healthy Living in the Desert.”     tions through its Paper                  For information about
In the last 12 months, the          Retriever® program.                    hosting a paper recycling bin,

CORPORATE:                          Shamrock Environmental
Arizona Solar Company –              Technologies – Distributor
  Design, Finance and                of Green Building Products
  Integration of Solar PV            and Supplies
Bouma Construction –                Waste Savings, Inc. – Waste
  National Design/Build Firm         Management, Recycling &
Desert Earth Works –                 Disposal Solutions
  Landscape Hardscape                Providers
  Contractor                        GOVERNMENT:
PBS&J – Engineering                 Arizona State Parks –
  Consulting Firm                    Outdoor Recreation and
Renprint – Printing Company          Resources
SMALL BUSINESS:                     Maricopa Integrated Health
                                     System – Health Care
                                                                             JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT
A Better Place to Heal, LLC

                                     System                                          ttendees of Valley Forward’s “Just For The Fun of It”
  – Health & Wellness                                                                mixer enjoyed gourmet appetizers, cocktails and net-
Ensolutions – Environmental         NON-PROFIT:                                      working in a forum that facilitated education on
  Stabilization Solutions           Deer Valley Art Center                   “Healthy Living in the Desert,” Valley Forward’s 2008 theme.
Go Green Guidance – Green           Habitat for Humanity Valley                 PYRAMID COMMUNITY DEVELOPERS hosted the event
  Home Consultants                    of the Sun                             at A.T. Still University. Held in partnership with the local
Intellectual Energy, LLC –          Urban Land Institute                     chapter of the U.S. GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL and EAST
  Renewable Energy & Clean                                                   VALLEY PARTNERSHIP, the mixer drew 300-plus business
                                    U.S. Green Schools
  Technology                                                                 and community leaders, as well as a host of exhibits on
Interiors Built with DIRTT –                                                 healthy living.
  Agile Architectural               INDIVIDUAL:                                 Enjoying the festivities are (L-R) Andrew Weissman; Gerald
  Solutions                         Ryan Holmstedt                           DaRosa of Bryan Cave; VFA Chair-Elect Christopher Schmaltz
Dr. Theresa Ramsey –                Wendy Reese                              of Gust Rosenfeld; Diane Brossart and Vicky White, VFA
  Health & Wellness                                                          President and Vice President; and VFA Chair Roger Baele of
                                    Jennifer Snape
                                                                             David Evans and Associates.
                                                 M E M B E R       F EAT U R E         :

                     FOR OVER A DECADE
                           orientation, shaded
                           courtyards, day
                           lighting, low-water
                           usage landscaping and
                           energy conservation to
                           earn a Gold Nugget
                           Grand Award for its
                           signature building.
                              The firm’s legacy has
                           been rich with notable
                           LEED projects and
                           municipal green-

        inthicum, a
        Scottsdale head-   building compliant
        quartered gen-     luxury homes. Desert
        eral contractor,   Broom Public Library,
has been a leader in the   LEED certified, was
implementation of the      awarded two Gold
principles of environ-     Nugget Grand Awards,        AIA 2008 COTE Top Ten       president and managing     activities to protect the
mentally sensitive         one for design and one      Green Project in the        partner of Linthicum.      building environment.
design and construction    as the top sustainable      entire United States.          To earn certification      For information about
methods in building        commercial project in
                                                          “Building Green is a     as a Green Building, a     Linthicum’s Green
several commercial and     the Western U.S.; it also
                                                       process that relies on a    general contractor must    Building services, con-
residential projects.      received a 2005 Cres-
                                                       solid foundation that       develop building inte-     tact Art Jordan, AIA
                           cordia award from
   Provided the oppor-                                 starts in pre-construc-     rior air quality manage-   LEED AP, Vice President
                           Valley Forward. Last
tunity to develop its                                  tion planning and car-      ment plans to utilize      of Project Development
                           year, Cesar Chavez
own corporate head-                                    ries through post project   during and after con-      at (480) 515-1700 or
                           Library, LEED regis-
quarters over 10 years                                 documentation – we          struction, employ low-     email art@linthicum-
                           tered, received a
ago, Linthicum built                                   have the experience and     emitting paints,  Visit the
                           Crescordia award and
green. The firm utilized                               people who have done        sealants, and adhesives,   firm’s website at: www-
                           was then selected as an
its knowledge of site                                  it,” says Eric Linthicum,   schedule critical path

                                                                                                    VFA ENDORSES
                    COMMUNITY CALENDAR                                                              STATE TRUST LAND
ASSOCIATION will host its 58th Annual             Community Center, 17402 N 40th Street;            Valley Forward encourages voter
“Leave No Child Inside” Conference and            TUESDAY, AUGUST 12 at Longview                    support of the citizen’s initiative
Tradeshow, which brings together profes-          Neighborhood Recreation Center, 4040 North        on State Trust Land reform to be
sionals and adults to learn how to aid            14th Street; WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13 at              on the ballot in November. The
today’s children as they reconnect with           the Washington Activity Center, 2240 West         measure would designate
nature. The conference is scheduled from          Citrus Way; and WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27              approximately 570,000 acres of
MONDAY, AUGUST 25 – FRIDAY, AUGUST                at Burton Barr Library, 1221 North Central        State Trust Land (out of the 9.3
29 at the Camelback Inn of Scottsdale. To         Avenue. For more information, visit               million acres currently held in
register or to receive more information, visit                            the Trust), to be managed by the                                    The ARIZONA TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL                    Arizona State Land Department
Phoenix residents voted in May to approve         and SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR will host                 for conservation; allow approxi-
the PHOENIX PARKS AND PRESERVE                    the first-annual Arizona Light Emitting           mately 40,000 additional acres of
INITIATIVE by nearly 83%. The CITY OF             Diode (LED) Awareness Conference. The             conservation lands to be sold to
PHOENIX is now inviting residents and             one-day event will gather leading LED             counties, cities, towns and state
members of community groups to participate        experts to discuss emerging technology and        agencies for appraised value but
in a public input process, which will help        provide an educational and networking             without an auction; and mod-
prioritize projects and programs funded by        opportunity for technology professionals.         ernize the methods for planning
the initiative. All meetings are from 6 p.m. –    The conference will be held from 7 a.m. –         and disposition of state trust
8 p.m. The dates and locations to attend are      5 p.m., THURSDAY, AUGUST 21. For more             lands by providing for planning
as follows: TUESDAY, AUGUST 5 at Cesar            information regarding the agenda and cost,        in consultation with local
Chavez Library, 3635 West Baseline Road;          visit                      communities.
                                                M E M B E R          F EAT U R E   :

                                  MOSS WELLNESS SPA
           n April 2, 2008, Moss             Created to be a calming sanctuary
           Wellness Spa, located at the   in the middle of a bustling city, Moss
           Scottsdale Waterfront,         spans 10,000 square feet, with the
           opened its doors to the        entire space dedicated to the health
public. A unique concept to Arizona,      of each guest. Moss Spa’s interior
Moss Wellness Spa is the first spa to     was created with the end goal of
offer a full range of treatments and      receiving Leadership in Energy and
services using only natural product       Environmental Design (LEED) silver
lines, executed in an environmentally     certification. Adhering to these prin-
sensitive atmosphere. Co-founded          cipals, such design elements include
by Valley residents Stacy Polich and      recycled denim wall insulation, LED
John Hill, Moss fills a void in the spa   lighting, and an IQAir filtration
arena. According to Hill, “In creating    system, the cornerstone of Healthy
Moss Wellness Spa, we conceived a         Green Zone, that filters air to oper-
space that houses amenities essential     ating room standards.
to a luxury spa experience, while            Moss Wellness Spa is located at
continually focusing on excellent         7135 East Camelback Road, Suite #
customer service.”                        240 (between Borders and Urban
   The full-service spa offers massage,   Outfitters) at the Scottsdale Water-
body treatments, facials and skin         front. Open Tuesday – Friday, 9
treatments, pedicures, manicures,         a.m.-6 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m.-8
and a European-style hair salon fea-      p.m., closed Sunday and Monday.
turing haircuts and styling. A full       For appointments or information,
schedule of fitness classes includes      call (480) 945-6772 or visit
yoga and yoga therapy, Pilates, medi-
tation, and body sculpting.


  Valley Forward’s fifth annual Livability Summit and newly added Green Scene Bus Tour drew over 300 participants and involved
more than 30 partners and 50 volunteers in a program designed to promote “Healthy Living in the Desert.”
 Top left: Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon share a laugh with Livability Summit moderator Michael
Grant of Gallagher & Kennedy, who facilitated an interactive dialogue with the city leaders.
 Top right: Green Scene Bus Tour attendees visited the Granite Reef Senior Citizen Center, a VFA Environmental Excellence Award

           VFA COVERS THE ISSUES                                                              ON THE MOVE
                                                                                              ASU COLLEGE OF DESIGN DEAN
                                                                                              WELLINGTON REITER is leaving his
                                                                                              post at the end of August to accept an
                                                                                              invitation to be the President of the
                                                                                              School of the Art Institute of Chicago …
                                                                                              The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF LAND-
                                                                                              SCAPE ARCHITECTS DESIGN has
                                                                                              selected DESIGN WORKSHOP to
                                                                                              receive the 2008 ASLA Landscape
                                                                                              Architecture Firm Award … PERFECT-
                                                                                              POWER, INC. has won the IMPACT
                                                                                              AWARD FOR INNOVATION presented
                                                                                              by the GREATER PHOENIX CHAMBER
                                                                                              OF COMMERCE and THE BUSINESS
                                                                                              JOURNAL ... ARIZONA STATE UNI-
                                                                                              VERSITY is strengthening its commit-
                                                                                              ment to boost the state’s economic
                                                                                              development prospects in the renewable
                                                                                              energy industry by establishing the Solar
                                                                                              Power Laboratory to advance solar
                                                                                              energy research, education and tech-
                                                                                              nology ... TEN EYCK LANDSCAPE
                                                                                              ARCHITECTS celebrates 10 years of
   TOP LEFT: Our Land Use/Open Space           tion initiative following her presentation.)   operations in the Valley ... AAA Mesa
and Transportation/Air Committees held            TOP RIGHT: The newly formed Energy          Auto Repair & Kelly Clark Automotive
the first joint meeting of the year to hear    Committee hit the ground running with a        Specialists have received Arizona Green
a briefing on a statewide transportation       luncheon and briefing on energy issues by
plan by Shannon Scutari, Policy Adviser                                                       Business certification from AAA ARI-
                                               Arizona Corporation Commissioner
for Growth and Infrastructure in the           William Mundell.                               ZONA and the ARIZONA DEPART-
Govern-or's Office. Valley Forward’s                                                          MENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY
                                                 BOTTOM LEFT: VFA’s Water Committee
Board of Directors later endorsed the          toured Global Water Resources Center in        … AYERS/SAINT/GROSS, Architects +
TIME initiative, noting that the plan          Maricopa, a 2007 Crescordia award              Planners has named DAVID J. DUFFY,
“integrates transportation, land use and       recipient.                                     AICP, Associate Principal and CLAUDIA
the environment while acknowledging                                                           SEE as Associate for Business Develop-
fiscal responsibility and accountability.”        BOTTOM RIGHT: The Transportation/
                                               Air Committee toured the state-of the-art      ment in the Tempe office ... PARK&CO
Arizonans will vote on the plan in
November. (Shown: Shannon Scutari              Metro Light Rail facility, which is set to     received four ADDY® Awards for the
answers questions about the transporta-        open in December 2008.                         MARICOPA COUNTY BRING BACK
                                                                                              BLUE™ campaign, as well as projects
                                                                                              for GOODWILL OF CENTRAL ARI-
                                                                                              ZONA, GLOBAL WATER RESOURCES
                                                                                              and the WATER - USE IT WISELY®
                                                                                              campaign ... CIRCLE WEST ARCHI-
                                                                                              TECTS received two national design
                                                                                              awards from the AMERICAN INSTI-
                                                                                              TUTE OF ARCHITECTS for work on
                                                                                              The Duke, an urban multi-family project
                                                                                              in downtown Scottsdale … SMITH-
                                                                                              GROUP celebrated the completion and
                                                                                              dedication of their Emergency
 BEATING THE HEAT – Attendees at VFA’s May Board of Director’s/General Mem-                   Department addition in Page ...
 bership Luncheon heard from a panel of experts on ways to mitigate the urban heat            GLOBAL WATER RESOURCES won
 island impact. Shown (L–R): VFA chair Roger Baele of David Evans and Associates;             awards in three separate categories at
 Jonathan Fink of the Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University; Jack    the 2008 Utility Communicators
 Dillenberg of the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health at A.T. Still University;        International Better Communicators
 Mark Stapp, of Pyramid Community Developers; Sue Sylvester, of Adolfson &
 Peterson Construction; and program moderator Ilana Lowery of The Business Journal.

Special Feature                     Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating     to 45 percent on air condi-       also generate about 12% of the
By Lori Singleton                   was on her current unit, she        tioning bills. While SRP          nation's sulfur dioxide and 4
SRP Manager of Sustainable          said she had no clue, and           recommends a minimum 13           percent of the nitrogen oxides,
Initiatives and Technologies        testily informed me she was         SEER, a contractor can help       the chief ingredients in acid
                                    “searing” in her own house! I       decide what level of efficiency   rain.

                             in     did agree that a higher-effi-       is best.                             Replacing an older air condi-
                             May,   ciency unit may cost more              Still unconvinced, my friend   tioning unit with a higher effi-
                             when   initially. But I also promised I    again expressed her concern       ciency model saves money on
                    temperatures    would provide her with facts        about the higher cost. Yes,       monthly electricity bills, quali-
                    first soared    to consider as she made her         higher efficiency may mean a      fies for SRP rebates and
                    to 110          decision on a replacement unit.     higher price tag. Which is why    reduces air pollution. How
                    degrees, an        Since simmering desert           SRP is offering a “Cool Cash”     cool is that?
                    intelligent,    temperatures make cooling           rebate to customers who install      Fortunately, my friend did
witty engineer friend of mine       systems the number one sum-         new high-efficiency units.        not have to replace her AC
called to say her air condi-        mertime energy user in our          Rebates range from $250 to        unit – a minor repair was all it
tioning was not working prop-       homes, it is important to have      $600, depending on the effi-      needed. She does know now
erly. Launching right into my       the most efficient unit possible.   ciency.                           that her SEER rating is under
spiel about SRP’s rebate pro-       I explained to my friend that          Efficiency and cost aside,     13. And if and when her A/C
gram for the purchase of new        the current minimum manu-           replacing old air conditioners    fails, I am confident she’ll be
air conditioners, I was cut         facturer’s standard is a 13         also has a tremendous environ-    armed with the information
short. Her response (and I          SEER rating. SEER measures          mental benefit. According to      she needs to help save the
trust she is not reading this)      how efficiently a central           the Department of Energy,         planet, one SEER at a time.
was that she had a lot of things    cooling system, either an air       heating and cooling systems in
she would rather invest her         conditioner or heat pump, will                                           For more information about
                                                                        the U.S. emit 150 million tons    high-efficiency air conditioners
money in than one of those          operate over an entire cooling      of carbon dioxide into the
new, expensive, high-efficiency     season. Replacing an older air                                        and the SRP Cool Cash Rebate,
                                                                        atmosphere each year, adding      visit
air conditioners. When I asked      conditioning unit with a 13         to global climate change. They
what the SEER (Seasonal             SEER rated system can save 40

 EARTHFEST EDUCATORS                                                        NEWS YOU CAN REUSE
 NIGHT TO FOCUS ON                                                                               grams throughout the country can do
                                                                                                 more for a company than some may
 TEACHERS                                                                                        realize:

           ore than 300 K-12

                                                     Special Feature                                  Consumers choose to support
           teachers from                                                                              companies based on their “green
           around the state                          Submitted by
                                                     Olson Communications                             factor,” meaning the more environ-
 will gather on October 30th                                                                     mentally conscious a company is

 for Valley Forward’s                                       he Environmental Excellence          perceived by a consumer, the more
 EarthFest Educators                                        Awards on September 6th              favorable they are deemed.
 Night, to be held in                                       reminds corporate and business

                                                     messengers that nothing proves an                While consumers find environ-
 partnership with Free-                                                                               mentally green practices impor-
 scale Semiconductor, at                             organization’s weight in sustainability
                                                     like a beautiful trophy and substanti-           tant, they are conversely keen
 The Phoenix Zoo.                                                                                toward “green washing.” Winning an
   The fifth annual pro-                             ated bragging rights. Being recognized
                                                     publicly for efforts in environmental       award will differentiate a company
 gram will feature a free                                                                        from its competition.
 fun-filled evening that will spotlight envi-        consciousness is a great honor and

                                                     positively impacts businesses in many            With the miraculous speed of the
 ronmental education resources for the class-                                                         Internet, winning top honors will
 room. Teachers will learn about field trip          ways. Environmental awards bring to
                                                     light an organization’s actions while            not only support the ability to tout
 opportunities, activities, curricula and other                                                  green messaging on an organization’s
 materials designed to support their class-          setting it apart as an example for other
                                                     companies. Awards share innovations,        Web site, it will also matriculate
 room efforts.                                                                                   through the environmental community,
                                                     best practices and inspiration with the
   In addition, Valley Forward's EarthFest           community and industry colleagues,          knowledgeable consumers, competing
 Education Grant, made possible by                   probably the most altruistic reasons to     organizations and even reference sites
 STMicroelectronics, will be announced as an         apply for them in the first place.          such as Wikipedia.
 opportunity for teachers to apply for up to

                                                        We’ve all created excuses for putting          Being dubbed as a green innovator
 $5,000 in environmental education funding.                                                            leverages existing and new busi-
                                                     off an awards application until it is too
   For more information or to sponsor, call          late. However, taking advantage of the            ness partnerships, vendor relations
 (602) 240-2408.                                     numerous environmental awards pro-          and overall customer satisfaction.

EDITOR’S NOTE                                                            MOVING THE VALLEY FORWARD
S                                                                        F
     ponsorship opportunities are available for the 2009 issues of            ounded in 1969, Valley Forward is a non-profit organization
     Valley Forward’s UPDATE. To reserve space contact:                       that brings business and civic leaders together to convene
     Editor, Update, Valley Forward Association, 3800 N. Central              thoughtful public dialogue on regional issues and to
Avenue, Suite 220, Phoenix, AZ 85012. Telephone: (602) 240-              promote the environment and livability of Valley communities.
2408 Fax: (602) 240-2407 E-mail:                  For more information, call (602) 240-2408 or visit

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                               OUR VISIONARIES
                  Valley Forward appreciates the generous financial, in-kind and people support
                                 provided by our Visionary Members each year.

3800 N. Central Avenue, Suite 220
Phoenix, AZ 85012

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