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                            SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION

In accordance with the Policy of the Board of Education, the following shall apply to the
districts transportation program. Responsibility for implementing this program shall be
delegated to the Transportation Director.


           1. All buses and other vehicles owned by the district shall be titled in the
              name of the Board and purchased in accordance with state law and
              relevant Board policies.

           2. These vehicles shall be insured under the fleet policy carried by the Board.
              Only properly licensed drivers authorized to operate district vehicles under
              the terms of the insurance policy shall be permitted to operate a district
              vehicle. The driver of a vehicle requiring special licensure shall be
              properly licensed.

           3. Other than for Drivers Education training, no students shall be authorized
              to operate any district owned vehicles.


           1. All school buses leased/purchased and used by the district will meet or
              exceed any and all federal and state minimum safety construction

           2. The district shall have each school bus mechanically inspected annually by
              an approved Department of Public Safety fleet inspector.

           3. The driver shall perform a daily pre-trip safety inspection of the vehicle.
              The inspection shall include brakes, lights, tires, exhaust systems, gauges,
              windshield wipers, steering and fuel. The driver shall make a daily written
              report describing the condition of the bus and listing any deficiencies.
              This report is to remain on file with the Transportation Supervisor for a
              period of 90 days.

           4. Any school bus deemed unsafe shall immediately be placed out-of-service
              until all necessary repairs are made. All repairs to school buses shall be
              made by a duly qualified automotive technician.

           5. It is the responsibility of all drivers to clean and fuel any bus entrusted to
              their operation. It is furthermore the responsibility of all school bus
              drivers to inform the Transportation Supervisor when routine maintenance
              is required.

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          6. The district shall adapt a preventive maintenance schedule to prolong the
             life of all school buses and to ensure the safety of the passengers. This
             schedule shall be developed by the Transportation Supervisor.

Little Axe Board of Education
April 11, 2009

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