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Official Truck   Official Suspension                                       Official Tires      Official Power System
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                                                                         Official Motorcycle
                     Casey Folks
                    Chief Steward
                     Gary Moman
                   Race Steward
                   Donald Jackson
                 Course Marshalls
              Jim Glimp - Charla Glimp
                                                                  “The Legend Lives On”
                  Communications                                     Schedule of Events
                    Keith Purmal
      Checkpoint Communications Coordinators                               Thursday, February 5, 2009
             Bob Maichle - Allen Condit                                          –– 9:00 AM to 12 Noon ––
                                                         Registration for the Time Trials - Class 1400 & 1500 (must be pre-entered)
             Dave Brune - Sandy Padilla                                 Mohave Room – Blue Water Resort & Casino
           Sharon Brune - Carolyn Dallaire                                           –– 11:00 AM ––
           Start / Finish Line Coordinators                                   Practice Run for the Time Trials
             Bob Dallaire - Casey Dallaire                                    –– 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM ––
          Tom Dallaire - Richard Youngblood                                   Early registration for all classes
         Finish Line Announcer (Ford Mesa)                                    –– 1:30 PM (Approximately) ––
                    George Antill                              Time Trials for Start Positions (Class 1400 & Class 1500 only)
                     Registration                                               –– 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM ––
            Diane DeLauer - Andrea Shaffer
                                                         Time Trials Party – Reception hosted by McKenzies Performance Products
      Charla Glimp - Kathie Landers - Linda Styer
                                                                          Dig Lounge - Blue Water Resort & Casino
           Car/Truck Technical Inspectors
          Eric Brannstrom - Michael Shaffer                                  Friday, February 6, 2009
             Lynn Jackson - Jerry Crouch                                        –– 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ––
   Motorcycle Tech Inspector – Stop Check Captain            Drivers Registration – Mohave Room, Blue Water Resort & Casino
                    Jeff Landers                                               –– 9:30 PM to 6:00 PM ––
    Motorcycle / Quad Contingency Coordinators                        Car & Truck Contingency & Technical Inspection
           Dave and Debbie Hucklebridge                               North Parking Lot - Blue Water Resort & Casino
        UTV Tech & Contingency Coordinator                                        –– 7:00 PM ––
           Cory Sappington - Eric Cowan                               MANDATORY - DRIVERS / PIT CREW MEETING
                   Medical Director                                    Bingo Room - Blue Water Resort & Casino
          Dr. Fredrick (Doc) Lippmann, M.D.
                                                                           Saturday, February 7, 2009
                First Aid Coordinator
                                                                                    –– 6:15 AM ––
                      Rick Leivas
                                                                                  Car and Truck Staging
              Car / Truck Contingency                                 West Parking Lot - Blue Water Resort & Casino
    Jim Conner - Melanie Conner - Frances Joseph
                                                                                     –– 7:00 AM ––
                  Event Coordinator                                Police Escort Leaves the Blue Water Resort & Casino
                    Diane DeLauer
                                                                                      –– 7:15 AM ––
                   Media Director                                                    1st Car/Truck Starts
                     Don Fall
                                                                           California Avenue – Downtown Parker
         Program Publisher & Advertisement
                                                                                     –– 8:00 PM ––
                Opportunities, Contact:
           Fall Advertising - (619) 258-6225                                         After-Race Party
                                                                         Dig Lounge - Blue Water Resort & Casino
                  Front Cover Photos:
                                                                            Sunday, February 8, 2009
 Charley McDowel class 1500 courtesy Garon Salway
Andy McMillin Trick Truck courtesy HighRev Photography                          –– 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM ––
                                                             Continental Breakfast – Bingo Room - Blue Water Resort & Casino
  Page Headers: courtesy HighRev Photography and                              –– 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM ––
                   Bink Designs                              Awards Presentation – Bingo Room - Blue Water Resort & Casino
           “New Adventures in Off-Road Racing”
      WELCOME From Best In The Desert’s Race Director
                       Casey Folks
Dear Off-Road Enthusiasts ~                   exciting off-road racecourse, if you like   promote this great event. Thank you to
    In the world we live in there are good    long distance off-road racing, then the     the Bureau of Land Management Lake
sporting events, there are great sporting     Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker "425"     Havasu City Field Office, together we will
events and then there are LEGENDS.            is the race for you! From the fun,          put on a great, safe event.
Well, the Blue Water Resort & Casino          challenging, four hundred plus mile             Best In The Desert is also fortunate to
Parker "425" is just that, a legend in off-   racecourse, to the beautiful mighty         have some of the best companies in the
road desert racing ~ THE LEGEND LIVES         Colorado River and the gorgeous Blue        off-road world as our sponsors. I’d like
ON! The Parker Legend started in 1972,        Water Resort & Casino, an adventure is      to thank Ford Motor Company, Maxxis
known as the Norra Dam “500”, and in          in store for everyone!                      Tires, VP Racing Fuels, Fabtech, KC
1974 on to the Parker “400” and grew to           This year we’ve extended the            HiLiTES, KTM, Banks Power, Red Bull,
become a legend in off-road desert            EXCITING, THRILLING PARKER                  McKenzies, Werdco, PCI Race Radios,
racing. The Best In The Desert is keeping     PYTHON, it’s now over nine miles of         and Sportsman Cycle Sales.
this great legend alive; it’s bigger and      challenging jumps and thrills; racing           And now, from the bottom of my
better today and it’s a race you don’t        excitement for pit crews and spectators     heart, a truly appreciative “Thank You”
want to miss. There’s no better way to        to see! I must say, there is something to   to all of the racers and your families,
start your racing year than with the Blue     satisfy the entire family’s dreams this     support crews and friends, for
Water Resort & Casino Parker "425", The       weekend; the beautiful backdrop of the      supporting off-road racing and for your
Legend!                                       Colorado River, the Time Trials, the        adventurous spirit! There is no question
    The Blue Water Resort & Casino            Parker Python, Shea Road Spectating         about it, “You truly are the Best In The
Parker "425" no doubt stands alone as         Area, and don’t forget, the exciting long   Desert!”
one of everyone’s favorite races of “The      distance, off-road race challenge, the      Thank You, Be Safe and Have Fun!
American Off-Road Racing Series!” All         Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker
year long this is what we hear from           "425" !                                     Casey
racers, “Parker is my favorite race”,             In closing, a few special “thank you”   Director, Best In The Desert
“Parker is the best race going”, “I love      acknowledgements! Again, a big, big
going to Parker”. The lure of the             thank you to the Colorado River Indian
challenge, as well as the excitement of       Tribe, thank you for allowing us to race
this great legend in off-road races is        on your land. Thank you to Dempsey Holt
attracting interest from all over the         and Tina Torelli of the beautiful Blue
United States, it is attracting those who     Water Resort & Casino for hosting this
are looking for a true “American Off-Road     great event at the Blue Water Resort &
Adventure!” If you like off-road              Casino. Thank you to the Parker Area
adventure, if you would like to race on an    Chamber of Commerce for inviting us to

RACE PROVEN       Direct from the store to the finish line
This season the Boys in Blue have put our off-the-shelf Long Travel System to the test.
                    Pounding out 4 races for a total of 600 miles of grueling desert terrain
                                                             without a suspension failure.

                                                  ...Imagine what it could do for you.

                                                        Sean Cook
                                                        Fabtech Rhino Pro 1900

                                         “How does it work? In a word, AWESOME!”
                                                               - Robin Stover of Four Wheeler magazine.

       Ron Palhegyi
       Dirt Logic Rhino Pro 1900
                                      C H E C K U S O U T AT W W W. FA B T E C H M O T O R S P O R T S . C O M

                                    C H E C K U S O U T A T W W W. FA B T E C H M O T O R S P O R T S . C O M
     About Best in the desert...
                          "The American Off-Road Racing Series"

      asey Folks, Director of Best in the     techniques previously reserved for high          distance off-road desert racing events,
      Desert Racing Association, brings       density spectator events, and combining          and more importantly, to make those
      over 35 years experience with him.      them with genuine concern for both               events exciting, spectacular, fun,
He has worn many hats in his affiliation      racers needs and environmentalists’              different, well paying, and most of all,
with the sport of off-road racing,            input, Best In The Desert now enjoys             affordable.
including: competitor, promoter and           recognition and exposure never before                  Along with the professional and
businessman. As an avid off-road              seen in off-road racing.                         sportsman off-road races, Best In The
enthusiast and competitor, he has seen             With such famous races on the               Desert also takes part in local club races,
many changes affecting the sport.             schedule as the historical “Parker 425”          and has a number of family and celebrity
      Casey Folks has competed in almost      and “Vegas to Reno”, the longest off-            trail rides throughout the year. These
every type of off-road event throughout       road race in the United States, Best In          celebrity events involve local
the western United States. His accolades      The Desert events gain extensive media           businessmen along with members of the
include over 30 races in Baja California,     attention that includes national television      political community, and are designed to
Mexico, and the Tunisia Rally in Northern     broadcasts as well as national and local         create public awareness and
Africa. Casey served as the American          print coverage. This creates the                 acceptability.
Consultant for Incas Rally in Peru and        opportunity for both competitors and                   Casey truly believes “Life is an
was the event coordinator for the Nevada      sponsors to gain exceptional exposure.           Adventure!” and invites you to “Come
Rally, representing the company “Acerbis           Casey Folks never expects anything          Live Your Adventure with Best in the
Adventure” based in Italy.                    less of himself than he does the racers,         Desert.” If you would like to become part
      Guided by Casey’s direction, the Best   and he relies heavily on a dedicated staff       of our exciting and growing organization,
In The Desert Racing Association has          that consists mostly of loyal volunteer          please contact us at:
achieved exceptional growth in                off-road racing enthusiasts. The                      
attendance and popularity. Through the        philosophy of the organization is to                visit our web site at
utilization of promotional and advertising    provide top quality, world class long                     or call us at 702/457-5775

                                                                           At last December’s Henderson Fabtech Desert Classic, the race action
                                                                         started with the drop of the flag thanks to the side-by-side starting order
                                                                                                                         Photo courtesy Greg Vogel

“LAUGHLIN U.S. HARE SCRAMBLES”   May 8-10 – Parker, AZ                   October 16-18 – Primm, NV
March 6-7 – Laughlin, NV         MOTORCYCLE, QUAD & UTV POINTS ONLY      ALL CLASSES
                                 TSCO “VEGAS to RENO” ~ THE LONG WAY!!   HENDERSON
TERRIBLE’S “250” at PRIMM        August 19-23 – Locations TBA            FABTECH “DESERT CLASSIC”
April 17-19 – Primm, NV          POINTS FOR ALL CLASSES                  DECEMBER 4-6 – Henderson, NV
CAR, TRUCK & UTV POINTS ONLY                                             CAR & TRUCK POINTS ONLY
                                 BILEK RACING SILVER STATE “300”
                                 September 25-27 – Mesquite, NV
                                 POINTS FOR ALL CLASSES
     Best In The Desert Racing Association • (702) 457-5775 •
    Andy McMillin started on the pole and never looked back to
    take first “Trick Truck” and overall in the group three race.
    Photo courtesy
 New 3 Race   It was a great weekend for racing along with a new format
              for the Henderson Fabtech Desert Classic held on
              December 5-7, 2008. The sunny but cool and breezy
    Format    weekend got underway with Andy McMillin winning the
              Time Trials on Thursday and taking home the $1000
  Made for    “Team Ford Pole Award”. Friday saw a huge turnout of
              racers and local race fans for contingency in downtown
  an Action   Henderson. 208 race teams (570 arm banded racers)
              showed up for Saturday’s racing that featured a new three
Packed Day    race format to split the classes up into separate groups to
              help reduce traffic and increase safety on the very
of Awesome    challenging 48 mile route. The course also featured a
              special infield “motocross style” section in the main pits
     Racing   that offered plenty of exciting race action for spectators.
                                                     (continued on next page)
                                                                                                         The top ten group three class finishers:
                                                                                                         1st – Andy McMillin (Trick Truck)
                                                                                                         2nd – Charley McDowell (class 1500)
                                                                                                         3rd – Chuck Dempsey (class 1500)
                                                                                                         4th – Chet Huffman (Trick Truck)
                                                                                                         5th – Kory Scheeler (Trick Truck)
                                                                                                         6th – Will Staats (Trick Truck)
                                                                                                         7th – Gary Weyhrich (class 1500)
                                                                                                         8th – Steve Raskett (class 1500)
                                                                                                         9th – Scott Kincaid (Trick Truck)
                                                                                                         10th – Ryan Staats (class 1200)

Chet Huffman and Jerry Welchel drove to a second place finish in class, good enough to earn them the
2008 “Trick Truck” championship. Photo courtesy

The first race got underway at 6:30 am for the Motorcycle, Quad and           victories also secured 2008 season class championships for all three
UTV classes. The highlight of the day for this group saw the team of          drivers as well. Also notable was Heidi Steele’s 3rd place finish in class
Jerry Parsons and Anthony Westbay capture first overall as well as the        7100 which earned her the year end class championship.
4-Stroke Unlimited Pro class win. Greg Stuart and Nicholas Granlund
were the first Quad while the team of Brandon Schueler, Blake Van De          The third group of racers took off about 2:15 pm for classes 1000,
Loo and Brian Mumford took the top UTV spot.                                  1200, 1400, 1500, 7200 and 8000. Andy McMillin made the best of his
                                                                              pole starting position in his Ford truck as he took off the line in the
At approximately 10:15 am classes 1100, 1700, 1800, 2000, 3100,               clean air and never looked back all day to claim the overall spot and
3700, 4100, 5000, 7100, 7300 and 8100 took off from the starting              first class 1400 “Trick Truck”. Second overall and first in class 1500
line. Sigal Greenberg lead this group the whole way to capture not only       was Charley McDowell. This finish also made him the 1500 class
the overall and class 1100 win, but also take home the 2008 class             champion. The third overall spot went to the class 1500 car of Chuck
1100 championship. Team Hummer pulled the hat trick by sweeping all           Dempsey. Coming in at fourth overall was the Trick Truck of Chet
three stock truck classes with Rod Hall taking the class 3100 win,            Huffman. His second place finish in class was good enough to land
Chad Hall the class 4100 win and Josh Hall the 8100 win. These                him the season’s Trick Truck class championship.

Breaking down the male dominated barrier...

Heidi Steele’s 3rd place finish earned her the 2008 class 7100 championship    Sigal Greenberg lead her class the entire race for the win and became the
and made her the first woman ever to win a truck class championship.           2008 class 1100 champion. She is the first woman to win a Best In The
Photo courtesy HighRev Photography                                             Desert car class championship.
                                                                               Photo courtesy HighRev Photography
                          race contingency
     A big thank you goes out to all of the 2008 Best In The Desert contingency donors. These manufacturers and enthusiast
     related companies provide pledges of cash and/or products to the racers. They are an extremely important aspect to our
     sport and we are pleased to acknowledge them for their support.
          Advanced Air Cleaner Systems                        KC HiLiTES                               RLH Communications
               Autometer Products                            K & N Filters                               Shell Racing Fuel
                BF Goodrich Tires                       Kevin McMullen Racing                       Signpros Custom Lettering
             Beard Seats/RedArt Inc                            Kleanwerx                                     Sign Tech
                 Bilstein Shocks                           Mastercraft Seats                               Soltek Lights
               BTR Racing Wheel                              Maxxis Tires                               Sunoco Race Fuel
              Camburg Engineering                   McKenzies Performance Products                    Suspensions Unlimited
                DeNunzio Racing                             Mechanix Wear                             Sway-A-Way Products
           Desert Rat Off Road Centers                    Mendeola Transaxles                     Total Power Racing Batteries
                     Dirt Bagz                       Mobil Radio Communications                              Toyo Tires
                Dirt Logic Shocks                            MSD Ignitions                         Toyota Racing Development
                   Dusty Times                        Off Road International (ORI)                           True Flow
                 Eibach Springs                             Optima Batteries                             Twisted Stitch Inc
                     F&L Fuel                           Parker Pumper Helmets                           UPR Racing Supply
                     Fabtech                                PCI Race Radios                                   Vision X
               Foddrill Fabrication                       Penhall Fabrication                             VP Racing Fuels
                  Fortin Racing                           Proline Accessories                            Vehicle Dynamix
                Fox Racing Shox                                 Pro Strap                              Walker Evans Racing
                 Goodyear Tires                            Radflo Suspension                           Weddle Racing Gears
                        IRC                               Rancho Suspension                                 Yokohama
                                                         Redline Custom Boats

        first-aid & communications
                                                       Medical - First-Aid
     The Best In The Desert is committed to safety and welfare.
     We have assembled teams of First-Aid personnel to respond if needed. These volunteers are wonderful, skilled, dedicated
     medical professionals. Most work daily as EMS providers in the areas that these races are held. They are not miracle workers, but
     they will be there when needed. Our teams will work with local EMS agencies and work towards definitive care. If you need them,
     look for the First-Aid flags at the gas stops. Participants USE your yellow cards! If you do not need them, wave as you cover them
     with dust. Race smart and enjoy the scenery in wonderful Nevada.
                                                                   Good Luck!

     The Best in the Desert Communications. The hardest most forgotten part of any off-road event until someone has an emergency
     or wants something from somewhere else on the race course. Many people don't realize the difficulty of having good
     communications. It's not easy!! With race courses that are sometimes spread out over 500 miles, the logistics of getting race
     information where it's needed, and when it's well as the information being correct can only be done by people that
     care. In most Best of the Desert events all communications are handled by amateur radio operators. Casey Folks recognized
     early in his promoting career the need for solid, good communications and amateur radio has been a part of Best in the Desert
     ever since we began. Many of the amateur radio volunteers supporting the Best in the Desert are not racers, but have a "can do
     attitude" and enjoy the challenge of the Nevada desert and demonstrating the capabilities of amateur radio. Without the ham
     radio operators and other volunteers supporting the sport and Best in the Desert, there would be no Best in the Desert. My
     deepest thanks and appreciation to all of them... they make an almost impossible task appear fun and easy.
     Thanks to all and have fun!                                Keith Purmal
                                               Best in the Desert Communications Coordinator                        Background image
12                                                                                                                  courtesy Trackside Photo
Car & Truck Class descriptions
The Best In The Desert Racing Association features 47 classes for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Quads and UTVs. This race
will include these classes for Cars, Trucks and UTVs along with the Motorcycles and Quads.

                 NUMERICAL       CLASS
Class 1000       1000            Open-Wheel, Unlimited Suspension, Limited Displacement Engine (Class 10)
Class 1100       1100            Open-Wheel, Beam Style Suspension, Limited Displacement Air Cooled Engines (Class 10 Light)
Class 1200       1200            Baja Pro Truck, Spec Class Limited Production Full Size Truck Pro Truck)
Class 1400       1400            Trick Truck - Unlimited Truck
Class 1500       1500            Open-Wheel, Unlimited Single & Two-Seat Vehicles (Class 1)
Class 1700       1700            JeepSpeed 1 - Limited Production, 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ
Class 2000       2000            Open-Wheel, Restricted Single & Two Seat Cars Limited to 1600cc VW Engine & VW Type-1
                                 Suspension System (Class 1-2/1600)
Class 3100    3100               Pure-Stock Production Mini or Mid-Size SUV
Class 3700    3700               JeepSpeed 3
Class 4100    4100               Pure-Stock Production Full Size SUV
Class 5000    5000               Unlimited Baja Bug (Class 5)
Class 5100    5100               1600cc Baja Bug (Class 5/1600)
Class 7100    7100               Stock Production Mini or Mid-Size Truck (Class 7S)
Class 7200    7200               Mini-Trick Truck - Unlimited Mini or Mid-Size Truck (Class 7)
Class 7300    7300               Pure-Stock Production Mini or Mid-Size Truck
Class 8000    8000               Modified Production Full Size Truck (Class 8)
Class 8100    8100               Stock Production Full-Size Truck
Class 1900    1900               UTV - Side-By-Side Utility Terrain Vehicle
Class 1800    1800               Open Sportsman
Class 1900    1900               UTV - Side-By-Side Utility Terrain Vehicle

         Welcome to the BlueWater Resort & Casino
                     2009 Parker “425”
                  “The Legend Lives On”
                  On behalf of the entire Best In The Desert Crew, we would like to welcome you to the
                                 MOST EXCITING and MOST THRILLING ADVENTURE...
                                       BEST IN THE DESERT OFF-ROAD RACING!
                 We would like you to know that we work hard as Best In The Desert Staff & Volunteers
    to bring you the most awesome, most successful, and safest off-road adventures you could possibly experience!
                    We do it because we love off-road events and we appreciate you racing with the
                         Best Off-Road Race Organization there is ~ BEST IN THE DESERT!
           We wish you a very safe, fun and successful event! We also promise you 400 miles of adventure!
                                We’ll see you somewhere between the Parker Python,
                                   Midway, Graham Well and Bouse ~ thumbs up!
                                        Once again, THANK YOU from all of us...

                              THE BEST IN THE DESERT STAFF & VOLUNTEERS
     “Team Ford” Pole Award
     For the Winner of the Combined Trick Truck & Class 1400 Time Trials

                   hen Casey Folks announced the exciting         Steve Olliges’ announcement of the prestigious
                   new “Team Ford” Time Trials Pole Award         “Team Ford” Pole Award only adds to the
                   for the 2007 TSCO “Vegas to Reno” race,        credibility and stature Best in the Desert races
           it meant for the FIRST TIME EVER, a $1,000             have attained.”
           CASH award would be paid to the fastest                     This cash prize, along with a one-of-a-kind
           qualifier at the Time Trials to determine the          trophy, is awarded to the fastest qualifier of the
           overall starting positions for Class 1400 Trick        time trials held before each Best In The Desert
           Truck and Class 1500 Unlimited desert race             race for the car and truck classes. The location
           vehicles.                                              and terrain of the special five-mile course is a
                At the time Steve Olliges, president of Team      closely guarded secret until the day of the event.
           Ford Las Vegas, stated, “Best In The Desert IS         Racers are entitled to one practice lap, and then
           THE ONLY DESERT RACING ORGANIZATION that               qualifying begins. Only Class 1400 Trick Truck
           runs Time Trials for the top starting positions,       and Class 1500 Unlimited desert race vehicles
           and I’m proud to step it up with the “Team Ford”       entered in the race are eligible to qualify for the
           Pole Award. I will personally hand a thousand          overall top starting positions. This unique format
           dollars in cash to the fastest qualifier. To qualify   truly allows the fastest vehicles, regardless of
           for the first starting position, and get $1000 on      class designation, to compete on equal ground
           top of it, now that’s the way to begin a race.”        for a shot at the overall race victory. Since their
                Casey Folks stated, “Ford Motor Company is        inception at last year’s “Vegas to Reno” race, the
           a huge sponsor of Best in the Desert, and we           Time Trials have become a big hit with the
           appreciate their continuing support. And now           sport’s top desert racers.

                                                                                                       Photo courtesy
                                                                                                         Event Photos

“Just wanted to give you guys thanks for           “These KC-POD lights are so bright and           “I can drive almost as fast with these
everything. The new POD lights are the best        friggin’ awesome! That’s why I made the          lights at night as I can during the day
after using them for 450 miles at night.           switch to KC”                                    because of their ability to light up several
Thanks for the help.”                              Cameron Steele                                   turns ahead of me. Traveling at speeds in
Rick Geiser                                        Desert Assassins                                 the triple digit range requires a light that
Geiser Brothers                                                                                     can do that, this is why I have chosen the
                                                   “The KC-POD lights are incredible! They          KC-POD.”
“I have used just about every light on the         make racing at night feel like you’re on a       Garron Cadiente
market in the deserts of Baja to the Mojave        Sunday afternoon drive! Thanks KC for giving     G&R Racing
and there is no other light like the KC-POD.”      us an edge on our competitors who don't use
Jerry Zaiden                                       them!”                                           “It's amazing how far I can see with the KC
Camburg Racing                                     Heidi Steele                                     POD lights! Being 65 years old, my eyesight
                                                   Desert Assassins                                 isn't the greatest anymore but I can still haul
“These KC-POD lights are so unbelievably                                                            the mail as fast as I want to go at night
bright, we didn’t have to turn all of them on.                                                      because of how bright these lights are.”
They’re the brightest lights I’ve ever raced       “The KC-POD carbon fiber lights were a huge
                                                   upgrade for us. They weigh nearly half of        Ron Whitton
Curt LeDuc
                                                   what our old lights did and with the 70 watt     G&R Racing
                                                   HID power, they give us a big advantage.”
                                                   Greg Foutz                                       “I have been running the PODs for over a
“The PODs were amazing. I ran the 2 on the         Foutz Motorsports
front light bar the whole time. Did not use                                                         year starting with the Baja 1000 in 2007. At
the top ones due to dust and fog. When the                                                          the Mint 400, the KC-PODs were like the sun
fog lifted and the dust cleared I still left the   “When you run at night with the 70 watt          had your back, just brighter and whiter!”
top ones off. I was in the class 8 from 10:30      PODs you will gain a huge advantage over         Randy Ellis
pm to 5:30 am. 2 lights did all that work.         the competition because the better you can       Randy Ellis Design
Best light EVER!”                                  see, the faster you can go, and with these
                                                   lights, that's a fact!”
Mike Horner
                                                   Randy Merritt
Synergy Motorsports
                                                   Mongo Racing
“I can't say enough about your new 70 watt
HID PODs. We had the 4 units on the truck          “At the driver change I got out and realized
for the Baja 1000, and they were hands down        that all of the other brand lights were broken
a clear step above anything we have ever           from rocks thrown by the trucks. Guess what,
used.”                                             all 3 of the KC-PODs were intact. The only
Don Moss                                           reason we could finish at night this race was
Moss Brothers Racing                               because of light provided by KC. You guys
                                                   are awesome!”
“These KC HID POD lights are incredible,           Adam Ashcraft
they really turn the Baja night into day!”         Ashcraft Racing
Skyler Gambrell
Team ATK
 1985 contingency at the Bluewater Marina

Special thanks to Trackside Photo for their contribution of all the great photos for this article.

2009 marks the 38th year that the city of Parker, Arizona has hosted        At the 1985 Parker race, drivers were prepared to battle dust, wind and
an off-road race from the banks of the Colorado river. It’s been a yearly   the rugged terrain, but Mother Nature decided to throw them a ball, a
tradition that has grown into a legend. Today, “The Legend Lives On”.       snowball! Battling the cold and the fine, white powder that lay on the
                                                                            ground took its toll as only 153 drivers of the 368 entered could finish
Following are excerpts from an article that originally ran in the Parker    the event.

Early History – the first three off-road events staged in the Parker area
were sanctioned by the National Off-Road Racing Association
(NORRA) and called the Parker Dam 500. The race, which started from
the Blue Water Marina, followed a 500-mile course through the Arizona
and California deserts.

In 1974 SCORE began staging the race. The course was changed and
shortened and the Parker “400” was born. In 1975 more than 245
teams entered the race and more than 10,000 spectators came to the
Arizona desert just to watch. Over the next decade, the number of
entries grew as did the crowd.

                                                                            The late Manny Esquerra will forever be cherished as a home town hero.

                                                                            In 1989, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was forced to bring
                                                                            an end to the California lap of the race, after the desert tortoise was
                                                                            placed on the endangered species study list by the U.S. Fish and
                                                                            Wildlife. In 1990 more than 300 entries accepted the challenge of
                                                                            terrain, weather and machine, the race running entirely in Arizona.
                                                                            In 1991 and 1992, hard economic times took a toll on the Parker 400

                                                                            It was in 1995 when the Parker 400 dropped motorcycles and ATVs
                                                                            from competition because of safety reasons. Despite the loss of the
                                                                            motorcycles and ATVs the Parker 400 continued to be one of the top
In 1985 Malcom Smith had to battle the suprise snow storm.                  events in off-road racing. 1997 was the last SCORE staged Parker 400.

In 1998, Whiplash Entertainment Group took over the Parker 400 from
SCORE for the Whiplash 400. The resurrected and revamped Parker
400 was a real joint effort including the people of Parker and local
racers Dan Beaver and Manny Esquerra.

                                                                             Mickey Thompson always had a unique apporach to his race vehicles.

                                                                             a month prior to the Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker “425” and is a
                                                                             very popular event among the motorcycle and quad community.

                                                                             The Town of Parker has opened its arms to Best In The Desert and the
                                                                             great off-road race enthusiasts and is very happy with the partnership.
The legendary Walker Evans made Dodge a major contender in the ‘80s.         The Parker “425” is a legend that will live on for as long as people
                                                                             want to test their skills against the elements of the Arizona desert!
In 2003, Best In The Desert took over the race. With the major
sponsorship coming from the Blue Water Resort & Casino, the Best In
The Desert’s Parker “425” brought back the big names in off-road
racing. They said “it will be like the good ‘old days!” Best in The Desert
promotes the event as “The Legend Lives On” and that is exactly what
they have done, keeping the race alive and making it bigger and better
every year. The first year Best In The Desert promoted the event they
paraded a line-up of legends that you could only dream of ever seeing
in one place. Together again were the race legends Walker Evans, Rod
Hall, Ivan Stewart, Manny Esquerra, Parnelli Jones, Spencer Low and
KJ Howe. Not only did the legends make an appearance but many of
them brought their vintage race vehicles and put them on display in
front of the Blue Water Resort & Casino. Best In The Desert has also
created the “Parker Python”, a section of jumps at the Main Pit with an
expanded spectator area. Racers are allowed to camp at the Main Pit
and it creates a great community area for the racers and their support
                                                                             The famous BFG Blazers were always a crowd favorite.

Best In The Desert has also brought back a separate race for the
Motorcycles and ATVs. Best In The Desert’s Parker “250” is run about

                                                                              Then and now...Robby Gordon at the wheel of his class 8 “Hay Hauler” in
                                                                              1988 on the left and charging hard in his class 1400 “Trick Tuck” at last
                                                                              year’s event above.

         Black Hawk ®
         9300 Series                             From all classes of off-road race winning vehicles, to your truck or
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  ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America
  1-800-577-7976 •
  A special thanks to our
    photo contributors
                                                                     Bink Designs
Without the help from these dedicated and talented professionals,
         production of this program wouldn’t be possible.            DFC Photos
                                                                     Dirk Nasland
                                                                     Event Photo
                                                                     Garon Salway
                                                                     Greg Vogel
                                                                     HighRev Photography
                                                                     Linda’s DezPix
                                                                     KC HiLiTES Photography
                                                                     Trackside Photo

                                                               12746 Julian Ave.
                                                               Lakeside, CA 92040

 Blue water resort & Casino Parker “425”
             Defending Class Winners
     2008 Car and Truck Class Winners                  2005 Car and Truck Class
     Class 1400   Chet Huffman/Jerry Whelchel          Class 1500    Chuck Hovey
     Class 1500   Chuck Hovey                          Class 1400    Kyle Taylor/Smokey McKiel
     Class 1200   Jason Voss/Rich Voss                 Class 1000    Jim Dizney/Scott Webster
     Class 8000   Curt LeDuc/Todd LeDuc                Class 1200    Steven Staats/Ryan Staats/Alex Staats
     Class 5000   Drew Belk/Dave Bonner                Class 8000    Tom Bradley Sr/Tommy Bradley
     Class 1100   Rodney Smith/Vic Bruckmann           Class 4100    Josh Hall/Thad Stump/Sam Cothrun
     Class 1000   Ed Beard/Ron Dalke                   Class 8100    Greg Foutz/Mike Mounts
     Class 2000   Matt Gumz/Shane Brown                Class 1100    Red Burgin/Tom Brown
     Class 7200   David Binns/Jared Teague             Class 7200    Jonathan Swift/John Swift
     Class 8100   Larry Tunnell Jr/Glenn Gilbert       Class 7300    Rob MacCachren/Sam Chambers
     Class 7100   Heidi Steele/Tim Lawrence            Class 2000    Ian Jameson/Brandon Klecker
     Class 4100   Marc Stein/Travis Walser             Class 3100    Scott Douglas/Mike Schoffstall
     Class 7300   Carl Fitts/Eric Clay                 Class 7100    Kevin Davis/Skyler Gambrell
     Class 1800   Bob Myers/Steve Craig                Class 5000    Scott Hewitt/Wes Hewitt
     Class 3100   Mike Falkosky/Marc Engstrom          Class 5100    Eric Deen/Daniel Deen
     Class 5100   John Skaggs/Bill Skaggs              Class 1700P   Mike Barnett/Bruce Kerstner
     Class 1700   Scott Hartman/Jeff Knoll             Class 1800S   Dan Moore/Mike Williams
     Class 3700   Mike Barnett/Bruce Kerstner          Class 1700S   Jon Louis/Juan Munoz

     2007 Car and Truck Class Winners                  2004 Car and Truck Class Winners
     Class 1400   Mark Post/Rob MacCachren             Class 1500    Chuck Hovey
     Class 1500   Kory Halopoff/Harley Litner          Class 1400    Gary Dircks/Mark Porter
     Class 1000   Larry Job                            Class 8000    Curt LeDuc/Todd LeDuc
     Class 1200   Rick L Johnson/Dane Cardone          Class 1000    Justin Lofton/Matt Loiodice
     Class 8000   Curt LeDuc/Todd LeDuc                Class 1200    John Becker/Mike Becker
     Class 1100   Steve Gresham/Henry Hernandez        Class 7200    Larry Roeseler/Mike Ruane
     Class 2000   Rick Waszkiewicz/Kirk Steenburgen    Class 3000    Jonathan Swift/John Swift
     Class 7200   Daniel Bolton/Bradley Bolton         Class 1100    Rob Martensen/Rich Roberts
     Class 5000   Shad Kennedy/Dan Akin                Class 8100    Greg Foutz/Mike Mounts
     Class 4100   Josh Hall/Thad Stump                 Class 4100    Marc Stein/Mike McComas
     Class 8100   Chad Hall/Cort Stoskopf              Class 2000    Buster Harling/Chuck Brechin
     Class 7100   Tyler Henn/Blake Henn                Class 3100    Scott Douglas/Jeremy Runyen
     Class 7300   Carl Fitts/Tom McDonald              Class 7300    John Webster/Eric Tapley
     Class 1700   Ray Griffith/Todd Griffith           Class 7100    Tim Braden/Mitch Griffin
     Class 3700   Mike Barnett                         Class 5100    Dane Crawford/Mike Byrd
     Class 1800   Richard Blunk/Larry Trim             Class 1700P   Barrie Thompson/Paul Thompson
     Class 5100   Joshua Gilliam/Richard McCool        Class 1700S   Tim Hayosh/Kurt Puhl
                                                       Class 1800S   Bob Steinberger/Dave Hucklebridge
     2006 Car and Truck Class Winners
     Class 1500   John Herder/Steve Melton             2003 Car and Truck Class Winners
     Class 1400   Robbie Gordon/Gregg Till             Class 1500    Dale Ebberts/Ernie Castro
     Class 1200   Gustavo Vildosola Jr/Bryan Freeman   Class 1000    Eli Yee/Doug Fortin
     Class 7200   Larry Roeseler/Mike Ruane            Class 1200    Rick D Johnson/James Walker
     Class 1000   Randy Miller/Bruce Mills             Class 1400    Mark Miller/Ryan Arciero
     Class 5000   Drew Belk/Marty Maine                Class 1100    Jeff Moore/Kirk Kontillis
     Class 2000   Grant Fluegge/Mike Zuorski           Class 2000    Aaron Hawley/Bob Mathews
     Class 8100   Greg Foutz/Mike Mounts               Class 7200    Hector Salazar/Porfirio Gutierrez
     Class 8000   David Bryan/Kyle Bryan               Class 8100    Greg Foutz/Bill Wheeler
     Class 3100   Rod Hall/Thad Stump                  Class 4100    Marc Stein/Mike McComas
     Class 7100   Manny Esquerra/Tudy Esquerra         Class 8000    Keith Moore/William Baranko
     Class 7300   Steve LaRoza/Allison LaRoza          Class 7100    Malcolm Vinje/Jim Gilchrist
     Class 4100   Marc Stein/Chris Tartar              Class 3100    John Holmes/Matthew Hutchins
     Class 3700   Justin Mamer                         Class 7300    Aaron Dixon/Ian Dixon
     Class 1700   Ray Griffith                         Class 2000S   Oscar McClure/Pat Aguilar
     Class 1800   Oscar McClure                        Class 4100S   Mike Brinkerhoff/John Helton
     Class 4000   Dick Dahn                            Class 5100    Jasper Dyer/Tony French

George Antill persistently interviews virtually every race finisher and keeps the race fans up to date on the action at the finish line from
atop the “Ford Mesa”.

                                                                                                                    Proudly representing
                                                                                                                    these leading brands:

          call my cell at the races
                928 716 0879

      You’ll Find My Trailer Packed
       with Parts & Accessories at
        Best in the Desert Races!
        From lights to gloves to filters, and much more, my
      trailer is packed with what you forgot! Plus, I’ll answer
                                                                                    2169 Daytona Ave
             any Contingency questions you might have.
                                                                                Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
      • 1-928-855-0912                               email:
Car/Truck Pro                                                                          Trick Truck Champ
Class 1000   Kyle Conlon, Campo, CA                                                    Chet Huffman
                                                                                       photo by DFC Photos
Class 1100   Sigal Greenberg, Desert Hills, AZ
Class 1200   Jason Voss, Cupertino, CA
Class 1400   Chet Huffman, Northridge, CA
Class 1500   Charley McDowell, Concord, CA
Class 1700   Michael Shaffer, Dayton, NV
Class 2000   Matt Gumz, Barstow, CA
Class 3100   Rod Hall, Reno, NV                          Class 1500 Champ
Class 3700   Jon Krellwitz, San Dimas, CA                Charley McDowell
Class 4100   Chad Hall, Reno, NV                 photo by
Class 5000   Eric Anderson, Riverside, CA
Class 5100   John Skaggs, Parker, AZ
Class 7100   Heidi Steele, San Clemente, CA
Class 7200   Jonathan Swift, Santa Ynez, CA
Class 7300   Carl Fitts, Park City, UT
Class 8000   Curt LeDuc, Cherry Valley, CA                                          Class 1200 Champ
Class 8100   Josh Hall, Reno, NV                                                    Jason Voss
                                                                                    photo by HighRev Photography
Class 9000   Fred Von Stieff, Martinez, CA

Motorcycle Pro
250          Cody Wallis, Reno, NV
4-Stroke     Max Eddy Jr, Barstow, CA
Over 30      Steve Gabbert, Henderson, NV
Over 40      Paul Krause, Irvine, CA                        Class 1000 Champ
Open         Dylan Lane, Vista, CA                                Kyle Conlon
                                                         photo by Trackside Photo

Motorcycle Sportsman
125          David Broderick, Glendale, AZ
250          Cody Knight, Reno, NV
4-Stroke     Fred Roberts, Draper, UT
Ironman      Kyle Hucklebridge, Parker, AZ
Over 30      Jerry Herling, Yucaipa, CA
                                                                                      Class 8000 Champ
Over 40      Cody Gremel, Glenwood Springs, CO                                        Curt LeDuc
Over 50      Keith Speir, Fillmore, CA                                                photo by Dirk Nasland
Open         Chad Thornton, Farmington, NM

Quad Pro
Quad         David Scott, Belen, NM

Quad Sportsman
Quad Ironman Jason Woelfel, Glendale, AZ
                                                       Class 4100 Champ
Quad         Ray Fay, Phoenix, AZ                              Chad Hall
                                                     photo by Garon Salway
Class 1900   Brandon Schueler, Peoria, AZ

                                                                                                         Chrome A/C

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                              The Hemi engine swap on a 2003 TJ
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                              compressor pads, all-new formed aluminum
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                              assemblies to complete the system and give                   Bulkhead
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                                                                                                            Intake Manifolds
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                               2008 KC HiLites
                            "King of the Desert"
                              Final Standings
                                                                            Total      Total
Name            Class #   Pkr 425   T 250     V to R    SS 300    HFDC      Time       Mileage   AVG MPH

Charley McDowell 1551     7:47:06   4:41:58   8:30:36   6:29:22   3:35:20   31:04:22   1643      52.8758649

Chet Huffman    40        7:15:35   5:23:34   8:51:40   6:04:13   3:42:24   31:17:26   1643      52.50785647

Chuck Hovey     1501      7:34:38   4:31:42   8:45:12   7:01:12   4:12:23   32:05:07   1643      51.20728614

Curt LeDuc      8001      8:32:22   4:54:27   9:14:09   6:38:50   4:09:06   33:28:54   1643      49.07163124

Steve Olliges   1         10:12:31 5:04:10    8:50:07   6:02:04   4:19:30   34:28:22   1643      47.66079515

Matt Gumz       2006      9:23:32   5:18:19   11:05:09 8:59:30    4:08:46   38:55:16   1643      42.21359445

Jason Voss      1235      8:32:17   5:20:36   11:39:46 11:28:00 4:09:05     41:09:44   1643      39.92574842

                       Welcome from the Mayor of Parker
 Welcome race fans. On behalf of my fellow council members and the entire Town
 of Parker. we welcome you to the Best in the Desert Bluewater Resort and Casino
 Parker “425”. Off-road racing in Parker is legendary, and this year's race promises
 to be the best ever!
 The Town of Parker has long been known for its racing, on the Colorado River and
 in the desert. Because of this, the people of Parker welcome and embrace the racers, and those that
 come to watch the races and participate in the man activities associated with the Bluewater Resort and
 Casino Parker “425”.
 We want to wish all the best for a safe and competitive race and extend our thanks to all of the
 sponsors, drivers and race spectators. We hope you will find this year's race rewarding and full of fast
 paced racing action.
 Enjoy the race. Enjoy Parker, and we invite you to return.

 Sam Heeringa


                                                 official Entries
CLASS 1400 TRICK TRUCK                                                     43   Curt LeDuc (53) Cherry Valley, CA,                 Ford
1    Chet Huffman (47) Northridge, CA,                Ford                      Todd LeDuc (30) Cherry Valley, CA,
     Jerry Whelchel (48) Foothill Ranch, CA,                                    Kyle LeDuc (27) Cherry Valley, CA,
     Ted Willoughby (40) Moorpark, CA,                                          Brent Wendt (21) Riverside, CA,
     K&N, Lightforce, Mechanix Wear, Dukes Aerospace, GST Ind, Fox,             Rockstar, Makita, Ford
     BFG, KMC,Kartek, Rancho Drivetrain
                                                                           5    Todd Jergensen (46) Oak Hills, CA,                 Unknown
10   Greg Nunley (37) Tulare, CA,                       Geiser                  Kyle Jergensen (13) Oak Hill, CA,
     Tom Oliveira () Tylare, CA,                                                Walt Johnson () Oak Hill, CA,

11   Dale Dondel (44) Hemet, CA,                        Unknown            51   Kory Scheeler (46) North Las Vegas, NV,          Chevrolet
     Joe Heger (39) Imperial, CA,                                               Chris Benites (24) Las Vegas, NV,
                                                                                Jeremy Cheadle (30) Las Vegas, NV,
15   Jim Beaver (28) Parker, AZ,                       Ford                     Alan Levinson (49) Blue Diamond, NV,
     Parker Motor Co, Ford Trucks, KC HiLites, TNC Machine,                     Real Tech Realty, RTR Motorsports, Gearworks,
     Goodyear, Penn Sign                                                        Kroyer Racing Engines, BFG, McKenzies, King Shocks

17   Shawn Wanzek (26) Lake Havasu City, AZ,            Ford               56   Kevin McGillivray (50) Agua Dulce, CA,             Chevrolet
     David Wanzek (47) Lake Havasu City, AZ,                                    Nils Castillo (47) Westlake Village, CA,
     Isaiah Samons (27) Lake Havasu, AZ,                                        Robert Endress (48) Agua Dulce, CA,
     Lake Havasu McKenzies, ER Financial, KC HiLites, Bilstein, K&N,            Eric Brannstrom (36) Las Vegas, NV,
     MSD, Datamaster, Arizona West Polaris, David J Wanzek CPA LLC,             BF Goodrich, Cone, RDE, VP, King Shocks,
     Kincaid Racing Engines                                                     Castillo Motorsports, Bunderson Racing

18   Tracy Rubio (39) Kingman, AZ,                    Ford                 57   Scott Kincaid (47) Thousand Palms, CA,             Unknown
     Robert Miner (32) Kingman, AZ,                                             Jeff Quinn (49) Irvine, CA,
     Mike Voyles Sr (46) Murrieta, CA,                                          Gary Kincaid (41) Lake Havasu City, AZ,
     Tudy Joe Esquerra (52) Parker, AZ,                                         Ronnie Markegard
     TNC Machine, Ford, BF Goodrich, Kincaid Race Engines, Vision Lights        Toyo Tires, McKenzies, Kincaid Racing Engines, Beard Seats, K&N

2    Pete Sohren (44) Glendale, AZ,                     Unknown            60   Michael Voudouris (48) Austin, TX,                  Ford
                                                                                Jeff Geiser (42) Phoenix, AZ,
24   Adam Householder (24) Orange, CA,                  Chevrolet               Matt Engbrock (30) Seguin, TX,
     Danny Kerdus (23) Yorba Linad, CA,                                         J&J Maintenance Inc, Quality Services International
     Eric Corson (23) Placentia, CA,
     Householder Motorsports Inc, Blitzkrieg Motorsports Inc,              65   Lloyd Sproule (57) Pincher Creek, AB, Canada       Ford
     BF Goodrich                                                                Derrick Sproule (21)
                                                                                Tim Scalzo (37) San Juan Capistrano, CA
31   Andrew McMillin (21) Poway, CA,                    Ford                    Vanessa Sproule (24) Pincher Creek, AB, Canada
     Scott McMillin (48) Poway, CA,
     Brady Thompson (27) Fallbrook, CA,                                    68   Marc Ewing (39) Glencoe, IL,                       Geiser
     Todd Tenbroek (34) San Diego, CA,                                          Tony Sorensen (46) Salt Lake City, UT,
     McMillin Companies, BFG, Vision X, Fox, VP Fuel,                           Larry Olsen (68) Sandy, UT,
     Eibach Springs, KMC
                                                                           71   Rick D Johnson (43) Barstow, CA,                    Ford
35   Jason Voss (22) Cupertino, CA,                     Ford                    Brian Sallee (42) Barstow, CA,
     Richard Voss (51) Cupertino, CA,                                           General Tire, Sure Fire, Zoom Factor, AEM, Light Racing, PPG, Ford,
     James East (30) San Jose, CA,                                              Permatex, Sol Tek, King, North American, Hostyle, Alphine Star,
     Johnny Niewoehner (45) San Jose, CA,                             ,
     SCQ, SCQ Rents, Teasdale Quality Foods
                                                                           78   Jesse Ashcraft (30) Vista, CA,                     Unknown
36   Steve Olliges (45) Las Vegas, NV,                  Ford                    Danny Ashcraft (57) Vista, CA,
     Wayne Lugo (41) Bakersfield, CA,                                           Kevin Mahan (38) Ramona, CA,
     John Swift (48) Santa Ynez, CA,                                            Nick Harrell
     Derek Tenney (23) Las Vegas, NV,
                                                                           89   Michael Mastro (42) Scottsdale, AZ,                Geiser
39   Ron Whitton (65) Peoria, AZ,                       Ford                    Tod Brindlinger (45) Cave Creek, AZ,
     Garron Cadiente (33) Peoria, AZ,                                           Kevin James (48) El Cajon, CA,
     Gerald King (38) Glendale, AZ,                                             Rick Lucas (45) Mesa, AZ,
                                                                                Geiser, BFG, 4 Wheelers Supply

42   Will Staats (57) Valencia, CA,                    Chevrolet           9    Mark Weyhrich (39) Troutdale, OR,                Ford
     Emily Staats (33) Canyon Country, CA,                                      Gary Weyhrich (41) Troutdale, OR,
     Greg Shapiro (39) Canyon Country, CA,                                      Keith Danczak (36) Yuma, AZ,
     Cory Lough (19) Valencia, CA,                                              Ryan Williams (25) El Cajon, CA,
     Goodrich, Mastercraft, Mechanix Wear, Mirage Racing                        Tube Specialties Company, BF Goodrich Tires, KMC Wheels,
                                                                                Fox Shox, Sign Pros

                                                       official Entries
 CLASS 1400 TRICK TRUCK (continued)                                       1505 Troy Herbst (42) Las Vegas, NV,                    Ford
 97    BJ Baldwin (29) Las Vegas, NV,                      Chevrolet           Ed Herbst (47) Las Vegas, NV,
       Chevrolet, Vision X Lights, BF Goodrich, Kroyer, Powertrain             Tim Herbst (45) Las Vegas, NV,

 CLASS 1200 PROTRUCK                                                      1507 Willie Cummings (46) Tucson, AZ,                Safari
 1220 Ryan J Staats (24) Valencia, CA,                    Ford                 Mike Bilbro (46) Rio Rico, AZ,
      Steven M Staats (59) Valencia, CA,                                       Danny Prestin (52) Tucson, AZ,
      Robby Kennedy (45) Santa Clarita, CA,                                    OTT Racing, TCR2 Automotive, Virtual Technology
      Craig Fullerton (47) Newhall, CA,
      Big Johns Performance Tires, Mechanix Wear,                         1511 Erick Jacobs (41) Ridgecrest, CA,                  Jimco
      Air Force One Performance                                                Scott Mulhern (41) Yuma, AZ,
                                                                               Gear One, BFG, Bud Eyre Chevy, FSM Racing Exhaust,
 1232 Aaron Guthrie (33) Yucca Valley, CA,                Protruck             TNT Tire, Pacific Tile & Granite, Edge Motorsports
      Randy Guthrie (39) Indio, CA,
      Steve Rock () Riverside, CA,                                        1515 Brian McDonnell (35) La Habra, CA,                Unknown
      Mango Racing, Precision Pools, Water Work,                               Tim McDonnell (42) Yorba Linda, CA,
      Rocks Plumbing, Landmark, Jeremy Bogart                                  Greg Prahser () Hermosa Beach, CA,
                                                                               Accurate Metal Fabrication, Law Offices of McDonnell & Kent
 1234 Rob Reinertson (46) Woodside, CA,                   Ford
      Frank Dunn (38) Santa Rosa, CA,                                     1516 Derrick Sproule (21),                               Aceco
      Mike Salimbeni (43) Lathrop, CA,                                         Lloyd Sproule (57) Pincher Creek, AB, Canada
      Christopher Reinertson (46) Woodside, CA,                                Jason Jack (35) Pincher Creek, AB, Canada
      Proline Assessories, RMR Construction                                    Vanessa Sproule (24) Pincher Creek, AB, Canada
                                                                               Eat Beef, Evalution Wheels, Engineering Innovations,
 1242 Troy Vest (42) Molalla, OR,                         Unknown              Racer Engineering, Scalzo Racing, Goodyear
      Geno Licitra (29) Redmond, OR,
      Tim Price (48) Molalla, OR,                                         1517 Kevin Colan (55) Las Vegas, NV,                    Bunderson
                                                                               Thomas J Flores (31) Las Vegas, NV,
 1263 Justin Blower (34) San Clemente, CA,                Unknown              Brian Flores (30) Las Vegas, NV,
                                                                               Goodyear, LVDC, Valley Performance, Vision X, King,
 1265 Dave Mason (47) Valley Center, CA,                   Ford                MSD, TCS, Weddle American Chiropractic, BTR,
      Rick Backus (48) Escondido, CA,                                          Butch's Speed Shop, Daily Motorsports
      Mark Moffatt (51) Carlsbad, CA,
      Rob Fox (39) Wildomar, CA,                                          1518 Chuck Hovey (40) Escondido, CA,                    Unknown
      Eleven Western Builders, Western Motorsports,
      Specialized Painting, Superior Electric, Mechanical & Plumbing,     1520 Mike Sandoval (41) Escondido, CA,                  Unknown
      Neff Rentals, SR Performance, B&R Buggie                                 Michael Williams (24) Ely, NV,
                                                                               Tim Jones (32) Glendale, AZ,
 1277 Jason Horsley (36) Salt Lake City, UT,              Chevrolet            Morley Saws
       Jeff Horsley (44) Sandy, UT,
       Preston Schmid (25) Murray, UT,                                    1522 John Cooley (47) Santee, CA,                       Alumicraft
       Scott Taft () Idaho Falls, ID,                                          Alumi Craft, Mendeola, Redline, Fox Shox, Pro Am, ECP
       Art carr, Kincaid Racing, Iron Horse Concrete
                                                                          1524 Ronny Wilson (46) Long Beach, CA,                  Jimco
 1282 Jason Jernigan (27) Imperial, CA,                                        Randy Wilson (52) Harrisburg, OR,
      Craig Smith (35) Brawley, CA,                                            Rick Wilson (52) Long Beach, CA,
      Greg Seals (31) Brawley, CA,                                             Jason Brisco (34) Costa Mesa, CA,
      Jeff Calhoun (39) Holtville, CA,                                         Wilson Motorsports Inc, McKenzies, BFG, Fortin,
      Toyota MAD Graphix Inc, BJ Engineering & Surveying Inc,                  Dirt Bagz, Paragon Acoustical, King Shocks
      The V Sports Bar & Grill
                                                                          1525 Steve Melton (38) Buckeye, AZ,                  Jimco
 CLASS 1500                                                                    Nathan Melton (30) Buckeye, AZ,
 1501 Charley McDowell (36) Concord, CA,                  Jimco                Jacob Blockwitz (29) Buckeye, AZ,
      Chad Cola (36) Pacheco, CA,                                              Brandon Melton (34) Buckeye, AZ,
      Charles McDowell (54) Concord, CA,                                       Melton Motorsports, BFG, Geiser Bros, M&M Farms, King
      Warren Story (37) Clayton, CA,
      Soncor Farms, BF Goodrich Tires, Fortin Racing,                     1528 Chuck Dempsey (39) Oak Hills, CA,                  Jimco
      Fox Shocks, CM Excavating &Trucking                                      Raymond Barre (27) Garden Grove, CA,

 1502 Steve Sourapas (51) Rancho Santa Fe, CA,           RPS              1530 Ray Becker (40) Ridgecrest, CA,                    IMF
      Rob MacCachren (43) Las Vegas, NV,                                       Kevin Stanphill (41) Ridgecrest, CA,
      Nick Griner,                                                             Teresa's Riidgecrest Auto Body Inc, Becker General Construction
      Corona Extra, Pro Am, Kartek, Fox, Patton Engines,
      Mendeola Transmission, BFG, Beard Seats, ECP Coatings, Prill Prep   1531 Mike Szlauko (34) Tucson, AZ,                      Unknown
                                                                               Lon Samford II (35) Peoria, AZ,
 1504 Steve Garcia (30) Moreno Valley, CA,             Unknown                 Trophy Kart of Arizona, Snap On Tools,
      John Garcia (36) Rancho Cucamonga, CA,                                   Landscape Solutions, Safari, Amy, Cole, Katie
      JMS Racing Engines, Kirby Bobby, Next Level Powder Coating

                                                   official Entries
1533 Mike Walser (41) Comfort, TX,                        Bunderson          Hilary Tucker (17) Ridgecrest, CA,
     Jack Sutton (48) Boerne, TX,                                            McKenzies, Fortin, A&L Tire Co, Jimco, Fox, Mastercraft,
     Chris Garner (28) San Antonio, TX,                                      Native American Business Services, F&L Fuel, Bellcon Construction
     E Controls Inc, Dubose Automotive Machine
                                                                      1548 Kyle Conlon (19) Campo, CA,                          Unknown
1534 Alan Roach (50) San Marcos, CA,                     Racer Eng         Steven Eugenio (28) El Centro, CA,
     James Mihal (44) Vista, CA,                                           Jake Velasco (27) San Diego, CA,
     Andres Ruffo                                                          Cameron Bucher (24) La Quinta, CA,
     Brian O'Dor (28) Escondido, CA,
     Baja Designs, Soltek Light Systems, Fox, Kore,                   1549 Sam Berri (54) Murphys, CA,                          Unknown
     General Tire, Kartek, Danzio
                                                                      1555 John Harrah (43) Reno, NV,                           Jimco
1535 Raymond Potter (31) Anaheim, CA,                    Unknown           John Herder (40) Tucson, AZ,
     Tyler Morales (26) Newport Beach, CA,                                 Joe Weining (33) Tucson, AZ,
     Potter Motorsports, BFG Tires, VP Fuel
                                                                      1557 Donald Vaughn (51) Oceanside, CA,
1536 Pierre Lavie (29) Dallas, TX,                        Porter           Lee Criner (47) Oceanside, CA,
     Brendan Fikes (31) Midland, TX,                                       Tatum Golden Realty, BF Goodrich, B&R Buggie
     Aaron Grieshaber (29) Dallas, TX,
     Michael Glasscock (26) Midland, TX,                              1558    Tony Smiley (38) Buckeye, AZ,                     Tatum
                                                                             Rickie Gaunt (40) Torrance, CA,
1537 Mark McMillin (52) El Cajon, CA,                    Jimco               Joseph Gunning (38) Tolleson, AZ,
     Brian Ewalt (49) Bonita, CA,                                            Kevin McRoberts (42) Redondo Beach, CA,
     Cameron Parrish (31) San Marcos, CA,                                    Smiley Lifting Solutions, WFT Industries, Tatum Race Cars
     McMillin Homes, BF Goodrich
                                                                      1559 Steven Appleton (48) Boise, ID,                      Jimco
1538 Lee Patten (49) Bellflower, CA,                   Penhall Fab         Chris Appleton (47) Boise, ID,
     Chris Paulsen (49) Indianapolis, IN,
     Justin Hultquist (27) La Mirada, CA,                             1560 Brad Etter (37) Villa Park, CA,                      Porter
     Nelson Stewart (21) Indianapolis, IN,                                 Brian Etter (43) Villa Park, CA,
     Patten Co, Speed Unlimited, C&R Racing, Replica Graphics
                                                                      1561 Reuben Wood (50) Palo Verde, AZ,                     Jimco
1539 Terry Householder (50) Orange, CA,                  Unknown           Kevin McMullen (36) Peoria, AZ,
     Andrew Corson (25) Placentia, CA,                                     McMullen Racing & Tainmission
     Chris Eimer (28) Yorba Linda, CA,
     Householder Motorsports Inc, Playtech Racing                     1563 Richard Boyle (44) Ridgecrest, CA,                Unknown
                                                                           Ron Brant (63) Torrance, CA,
1540 Kirk Kontilis (58) Blythe, CA,                      Unknown           Chuck Sudberry (45) Las Vegas, NV,
     Clay Currier (34) Blythe, CA,                                         Tom Kirkmeyer (47) Adelanto, CA,
     Adam Miller (31) Guthrie, OK,                                         Motion Tire, Fibercare Baths, GB Communications, Turnkey Motors

1541 Danny Smith (60) Santa Ana, CA,                     Unknown      1564 John Koltura (43) Yorba Linda, CA,             Porter
     Landon Smith (29) Costa Mesa, CA,                                     David Perez (47) Redlands, CA,
     James Golden (32) Costa Mesa, CA,                                     Cattrac Construction, Jersey Devil Racing,
                                                                           Hammer Down Demolition, Kroyer Engines, Goodyear Tires
1542 Chris Westwood (44) San Diego, CA,                  Jimco
     Westwood Motorsports                                             1566 Levi Rockhill (32) Bagdad, AZ,                    Unknown
                                                                           Andy Apolinar (41) Chino Valley, AZ,
1544 Tom Gilchriese Sr (48) Laguna Hills, CA,           Unknown            Craig Hewitt (25) Thatcher, AZ,
     Phil Schwalbe (42) Ladera Ranch, CA,                                  Mario Gomez (43) Prescott Valley, AZ,
     Tom Gwin (44) Alta Loma, CA,                                          H&S Field Services, A&R Excavating, Northern Arizona Sandstone
     TLG Paving, K&N Filters, TCS, ProComp Tires,
     Philco Construction, Gwinco Construction, Sign Tech              1567 Mike Bilek (48) Tustin, CA,                           HMS
                                                                           Grant Kimbrel (33) Huntington Beach, CA,
1545 Vince Galewick (49) Seal Beach, CA,                 Unknown           Steve Jangaard (39) Torrance, CA,
     Vince Galewick Jr (18) Tustin, CA,                                    Ed Lalonde (30) Huntington Beach, CA,
     Jacob LeCompte (26) Anaheim, CA,                            , KC HiLites, Nitto Tires, Liquid Ice Energy Drink,
     Weinersnitzel, Center Force Clutches                                  Transaxle Engineering, McKenzies, Redline Performance

1546 Steve Raskett (29) Mentone, CA,                      Porter      1568 Shelby Reid (41) Apple Valley, CA,               RPS
     Jake Johnson (31) Yucaipa, CA,                                        Kevin Reid (41) Apple Valley, CA,
     William Clark (25) Redland, CA,                                       Terry Tolbert (48) Yuma, AZ,
     Mark Daley (26) Redlands, CA,                                         Michael Goltz (20) Covina, CA,
     Larry Jacinto Const, Lucas Oil, VP Fuel, Glen Hallen, BFG             Reid Products Inc, CBM, Pro Comp Tires, Weddle Industries,
                                                                           M&T Racecars, Bob's Tire, TCS
1547 Jim Tucker (47) Ridgecrest, CA,                      Jimco
     Aaron Tucker (22) Ridgecrest, CA,
     James Bell (35) Ridgecrest, CA,

                                                    official Entries
 CLASS 1500 (continued)                                                        1588    Gary Weyhrich (41) Troutdale, OR,               Jimco
 1569 Bruce Mills (44) Gila Bend, AZ,                   Unknown                       Mark Weyhrich (39) Troutdale, OR,
      Randy Miller (48) Gila Bend, AZ,                                                Ryan Williams (25) El Cajon, CA,
      Scott Mills (24) Gila Bend, AZ,                                                 Keith Danczak (36) Yuma, AZ,
      Tyler Mills (15) Gila Bend, AZ,                                                 Tube Specialties Company, BF Goodrich Tires,
      M&M Portable Toilets, Kevin McMullen Fabrication & Tansaxles,                   Fox Racing Shox, Sign Pros Custom Lettering
      AZ Slow Truck & Trailer Service
                                                                               1591 Ryan Sharman (20) Carefree, AZ,                    Tat
 1570 Harley Letner (26) Orange, CA,                       Unknown                  Paul Sharman (56) Carefree, AZ,
      Kory Halopoff (24) Orange, CA,                                                Katie Sharman
      Farid Sadagian (24) Orange, CA,                                               The Sharman Co
      Mike Eads (41) Orange, CA,
      Beard, Sign Tech, King, TCS, Redline, Fortin, Alpha, Transwest,          1593 Steve Combs (31) Peoria, AZ,                       Penhall Fab
      Straight Edge, Harman Racing Cells, Goodyear, Mike Wilson Photo               Ryan Combs (22) Peoria, AZ,
                                                                                    Ryan Wieferich (21) Peoria, AZ,
 1575    Pat Dean (40) Henderson, NV,                     Bunderson                 Geno Effler () Irvine, CA,
        Danny Anderson (48) Las Vegas, NV,                                          GE Racing, Vision X, Penhall Fab, Ricor, SNW, Bison Contracting,
        LVDC, Valley Performance, Goodyear, Vision X,                               Ergon Oil, Showlow Const, ISPE, Cactus Transport
        King, F&L, Butch's Speed Shop, Beard
                                                                               1595 James Hodgson (37) Edmonton - AB, Canada           Porter
 1576 Shannon Switzer (39) North Las Vegas, NV,           PlayTech                  Troy Ankerstein (37) Spruce Grove - AB, Canada
      Shane Switzer (42) Las Vegas, NV,                                             Ben Johnson (41) Gunn - AB, Canada
      James Carey (43) Las Vegas, NV,                                          1596 Alex Gonzales (23) Cathedral City, CA,             Porter
      Mike Wheeler (45) Henderson, NV,                                              Jeff Bachant (28) Cathedral City, CA,
      Switzer Inc., Air Illusions Custom Paintng, RRE Enginges                      GHA Enterprises Inc, KRE, McKenzies, Beard,        Unknown
                                                                                    Sign Pros, King, TCS, VP, Transaxle Tech

 1577 Alex Danze (44) Riverside, CA,                      Jimco                1598 Joshua Daniel (33) Canyon Lake, CA,
      Brad Aarts (21) Riverside, CA,                                                Allen Hickerson (27) Vista, CA,
      Mark Johnson (53) Corona, CA,
      Jon Lee (48) Riverside, CA,                                              CLASS 2000
      Pro Armor, Reliable Source, BFG                                          2007 Curt Geer (25) San Dimas, CA,                     Lothringer
                                                                                    Corey Geer (18) San Dimas, CA,
 1578 Loren Brown (34) Litchfield Park, AZ,               Foddrill                  Bowden Development, G&M Construction, Craig Fire Protection,
      Clint Amater (36) Litchfield Park, AZ,                                        BF Goodrich, King Shocks, Fat Performance, DFT Transmissions,
      Brannon Brown (38) Litchfield Park, AZ,                                       MSD, VP, Kartek
      Cabrio Enterprises
                                                                               2008 Walter Moss (45) Huntington Beach, CA,             Bunderson
 1579 Ron Gibbs (38) Parker, AZ,                       Unknown                      Brandon Moss (25) Lake Forest, CA,
      Philip Bollman (42) Huntington Beach, CA,                                     Mike Porteous (23) Newport Beach, CA,
      Bad Attitude Boats, PB Plumbing,, VG Racing,                    Andy Ziething (45) Huntington Beach, CA,
      Centerforce Clutches, TCS, Pete Fleming Racing                                MSH Construction, DJ Safety

 1581 Charles Rodrick (47) Chandler, AZ,                  Unknown              2014 Tony Modica (40) Long Beach, CA,                   Unknown
                                                                                    Terence Rulon (30) Long beach, CA,
 1583 Danny Wingerning (23) Rolling Hills, CA,         Jimco                        Jimmy Spyrs (30) Long Beach, CA,
      Bill Wingerning (50) Rolling Hills, CA,                                       Rulo Solano (31) Chino, CA,
      Jimco, Fox Shocks, BF Goodrich, Kartek, CA Weld & Fab,                        Parcell Steel, Modica's Deli, Wayne Electric,
      Redline Engines, Howe, McMullen Transaxles                                    PCI Race Radios, BFG, Design Lines Trucking

 1585 Steve Croll (32) Corona, CA,                       Ford                  2015 Andrew Neal (22) La Verne, CA,                     Lothringer
      Tim Weston (22) Redlands, CA,                                                 Ryan Plowman (22) Rancho Cucamungo, CA,
      Ray Croll (53) Corona, CA,                                                    Cactus Communications, Drake Supply Co,
      Grove Lumber, Goodyear Tires, Streight Edje Painting, Porterfield, ZLT        Checkers, JV Land Clearing

 1586 Shawn Croll (21) Corona, CA,                      Ford                   2017 Brent Meyer (20) No. Tustin, CA,                 Unknown
      Ray Croll (53) Corona, CA,                                                    James Meyer (18) Santa Ana, CA,
      Brandon Johnson (27) Wildomar, CA,                                            Dean Hill (39) El Mirage, CA,
      Grove Lumber, Goodyear Tires, Scorpian Coatings, Streight Edje                Dillon Hughes (15) Santa Ana, CA,
                                                                                    Champion Raving, R&E Fabrication, Frances Tax Service,
 1587 Darren Ebberts (36) Canyon Lake, CA,              Porter                      O'Brien Construction, My hero Subs & Pub
      Evan Vanderweerd (30) Riverside, CA,
      Aaron Laeng (23) Hesperia, CA,                                           2019 Ross Mattox (21) El Cajon, CA,                     Carroll
      Justin Seguin (22) Corona, CA,                                                Ryan Mattox (24) La mesa, CA,
      Grove Lumber, Goodyear, ZLT,, Streight Edje                          James Scheel (24) Lakeside, CA,
                                                                                    Bill Sims (43) Yuma, AZ,
                                                                                    R&R Property Management

                                                 official Entries
2022 Peter Janss (22) El Paso, TX,                      Bullet              Judd Dyer (27) Scottsdale, AZ,
     William C Janss (58) El Paso, TX,                                      Gene Price Motorsports, Mike's Contracting,
     Lenny Loftin (46) El Paso, TX,                                         Western Block, Quartz Site General Store
     Fat, Foltz, Red Line
                                                                      2091 Greg Parker (48) El Cajon, CA,                   Unknown
2023 Amy Perez (36) Laveen, AZ,                         Unknown            Tim Lawrence (37) Santee, CA,
     Brian Hosford (26) Gilbert, AZ,                                       Travis Rojas (19) Santee, CA,
     Zach Banning (16) Laveen, AZ,                                         Brian Saunders (19) Santee, CA,
     Foddrill Motorsports, Fat Performance, Action Auto Gear Boxes,        Competitive Metals, TLR Racing, Fox Shocks, Powder 1
     Affordable Powder Coat, BFG, Vision X, F&L Fuels
                                                                      2098 Doug Renfro (42) Diamond Bar, CA,                   Mirage
2029 Brian McCaslin (37) Tenino, WA,                    Raceco             David Carranza (42) Lake Havasu City, AZ,
     Mike Julsrud (42) Rainier, WA,                                        All Source Plumbing, Thread Specialties,
     Ryan Stabnow (22) Lacey, WA,                                          Blind Design, RCS Race Prep
     Ryan Flowers (27) Roy, WA,
     Five Star Hardwood Floors, Olympia Auto Body                     C-1 LITE
                                                                      3011 Jeff Offutt (36) Lake Elsinore, CA,                 Unknown
2030 Kevin Smith (37) La Verne, CA,                     Mirage             Tom Madacan
     Brian Smith (41) Laverne, CA,                                         King, PWR, Goodyear
     Frank S Smith Masonry Inc, Mirage, TCS,
     Mastercraft, Alpha Performance Technology                        3017 Dan Nunley (49) Anaheim, CA,                        Unknown
                                                                           Dave Lawson (43) Victorville, CA,
2034 Greg Ferruzzo (42) Long Beach, CA,                 Kreger             Desert Dynamics, Bob Hill Crane Service
     Ted Tedford (40)
     Tom Clock (40) San Francisco, CA,                                3018 Karl Scanlan (55) Menifee, CA,                      Unknown
     Richard Macmahon (35) Henderson, NV,                                  VP, PWP, Pro Am, Kartek, BFG

2035 Ryan Conery (21) El Cajon, CA,                     Jimco         3019 Darren SanAugelo (48) Gardena, CA,                  Unknown
     Josh Banner (19) El Cajon, CA,                                        PWR, VP, Pro Am, Kartek, Mechanic Wear, BFG
     Chris Fogle (22) Palmdale, CA,
     Allen Mobley (25) Poway, CA,                                     3020 Clint Barry (37) Lake Elsinore, CA,                 Unknown
     Mastercraft, Mirage, BF Goodrich, Jimco,                              Jeff Knoll (38) Menifee, CA,
     Walker Evans Racing Wheels, MSD                                       VP, Pro Am, PWR, Kartek, BFG

2037 Daniel McMillin (21) El Cajon, CA,                 Jimco         3021 Kevin Ellis (41) Menifee, CA,                       Unknown
     Casey King (29) Escondido, CA,                                        Olson Precast, Pacific States Eng/Transportation,
     Crecencio Cortez (43) Chula Vista, CA,                                BFG, Leo Rodriquez Insurance
     McMillin Homes, BF Goodrich
                                                                      3028 Jeff Knoll (38) Menifee, CA,                    Unknown
2043 Craig Forrest (47) San Clemente, CA,               Mirage             Brian Melsheimer (24) Quail Valley, CA,
     Dwaine Walters (47) Valley Center, CA,                                Hammer King Productions, PNC, King, BF Goodrich Tires,
     Think Plastic, McKenzies, Mirage, JG Transworks                       PRP Powersports, Super Stores

2056 Joe Sheble (39) Fort Mohave, AZ,                   Unknown       3077 David Reyes (41) Bonita, CA,                          Unknown
     Rob Kisner (52) Fort Mohave, AZ,                                      Jorge Perez (39) Chula Vista, CA,
     Sheble Aviation                                                       Sean Rowin (29) Chula Vista, CA,
                                                                           Manuel Medina (35) National City, CA,
2059 Ron Martin (53) San Jose, CA,                      VW                 Stylers Auto & Collision Repair, Full Potential, TES Signs
     Ron Martin Jr (31) San Jose, CA,
     Nathan Martin (33) Las Vegas, NV,                                CLASS 3100
     Pro Door and Glass                                               3104 Jesse Herling (19) Yucaipa, CA,                     Ford
                                                                           Jerry Herling (43) Yucaipa, CA,
2078 Paul Kurz (32) Yorba Linda, CA,                   Penhall Fab         William M O'Hara (48) Boulder City, NV,
     Robert Alatorre (27) Canyon Lake, CA,                                 Krista O'Hara (19) Boulder City, NV,
     Alfonso Nieves (40) Chino, CA,
     Justin Arnold (32) Brea, CA,                                     CLASS 5000
     GSM Fabrication, Fat Motor, PKJ Construction, Radesigns Signs    5004 Ralph Potts (53) Corona, CA,                        Unknown
                                                                           Arthur Velasco (29) Los Angeles, CA,
2083 Gary Stairs (48) Saugus, CA,                       Dunrite            BP Air Inc
     Ken Tapert (49) Henderson, NV,
     Debi Tapert () Henderson, NV,                                    5006 Mike Grabowski (46) Upland, CA,                     Unknown
     Garrett Stairs                                                        Neal Grabowski (39) Upland, CA,
                                                                           Pro Am, Strong Hold Engineering, Kartek
2085 Vince Viola (18) Auburn, CA,                       Lothringer
     Drew Loftus (18) San Diego, CA,                                  5011 Jim Anderson (46) Reno, NV,                        Unknown
     Mike Viola (44) Auburn, CA,                                           Dave Bonner (46) Norco, CA,
                                                                           Austin Collins (16) Reno, NV,
2088 Jasper Dyer (32) Parker, AZ,                       Unknown            Zach Collins (15) Reno, NV,
     Richard Madison (34) Parker, AZ,                                      Big O Tire, Kartek, BFG, Fat,, B&H Sign
                                                     official Entries
CLASS 5000 (continued)                                               7212 Richard Blunk (44) Kingman, AZ,                 Ford
5012 Eric Anderson (42) Riverside, CA,                    VW              Larry Trim (47) Everett, WA,
     Firm Racing, Ollis Landscape                                         AJ Blunk (13) Kingman, AZ,
                                                                          TR Wheels, The Roof Doctor, Mickey Thompson Tires,
5013 A J Martin (36) Orange, CA,                    VW                    King Shocks, Superior Axle
     Mark Martin (38) Corona, CA,
     Ralph Salazar (34) Lake Havasu, AZ,                             7214 Wade Ruhman (33) Seal Beach, CA,                   Ford
     Craig Caringella () Irvine, CA,                                      Dennis Standrod (50) Seal Beach, CA,
     M&M Cut-O-Matic Metal Sawing, Sunset Signs, TCS, McKenzies           One Shot Inc, Nickey Petroleum, BFG Tires, Rize Industries,
                                                                          Maseck Race Engines, Race Cool, Oakley, Ford,
CLASS 7100
7104 Blake Henn (27) Walnut, CA,                          Ford       7225 Bryan Coombes (35) Tucson, AZ,                        Unknown
     Tyler Henn (30) Walnut, CA,                                          Loren Coombes (39) Tucson, AZ,
     Dave Elliot (28) Walnut, CA,
     Freddy Paris (27) Walnut, CA,                                   7226   Alan A Hogan (57) Columbus, MT,                  Ford
     Edro Engineering, Roy Alloy, Ford, BFG, Bilstein, KC Lights            Bob Brunkaw (47) Tempe, AZ,
                                                                            Dane Cardone (43) Huntington Beach, CA,
7110 Clayton Sullivan (49) Hurricane, UT,                 Ford              Pat Bell (49) Manhattan Beach, CA,
     Jeffery Jones (30) Toquerville, UT,                                    Sign Methods, Ned Synthectic Oils, Hogan Crane,
     David Lane (40) Toquerville, UT,                                       DBG Custom Wheel, Inland Truck Parts, Optima, BFG, Sizeco Racing
     General Excavation, Wheeler Cat, Flutter Bug, Fast Lane Crane
                                                                     7231 Bill Kunz (37) Reno, NV,                          Ford
7118 Derrick Parm (40) Lake Charles, LA,                  Jeep            Greg Jones (40) Sparks, NV,
     Tim Brandenburg (43) Scottsdale, AZ,                                 Bradley Bolton (25) Gardenville, NV,
     Army National Guard                                                  Brad Lovell (32) Colorado Springs, CO,
                                                                          Torchmate, CNC Cutting Systems, Shaffers Offroad, BFG, Ford,
7120 Erin Wahl (21) Whittier, CA,                      Ford               Amsoil, Sway-away, Thermal Dynamics, Pirate4x4, Thermal Arc
     Desolate M.S., OB's Pub, Cannon Muffler, Drances Tax Service,
     Jerry's Transmission, Rosemead Oil, Remedy Auto Body            7241 Tim Burke (54) Mountain Springs, NV,             Unknown
                                                                          Randy Burke (50) Las Vegas, NV,
7139 Eduardo Gonzalez (35) Lucerne Valley, CA,          Ford              Jud Fisher (47) Henderson, NV,
     Eric Gonzalez (20) Lucerne Valley, CA,                               Steven Burke (19) Las Vegas, NV,
     Mickey Howard (19) Lucerne Valley, CA,                               Mason Motorsports, Jud Fisher Inc, Neck and Back Clinic,
     Eduardo Martinez (16) Lucerne Valley, CA,                            BF Goodrich, Baja Designs
     3 Guys Auto Wrecking, BFG Tires, GRP, Ford Trucks,
     Deaver, Kings, Kartek, Lucerne Valley Estates                   7250 JT Holmes (28) Olympic Valley, CA,                    Unknown
                                                                          John Buck (49) San Martin, CA,
7140 Terry Henn (55) Walnut, CA,                          Ford            Mark Landersman (48) Temecula, CA,
     Eric Henn (62) Walnut, CA,                                           Jeff Holmes (56) Monte Sereno, CA,
     John Herman (43) Las Vegas, NV,
     Denis Sullivan (66) Santa Ana, CA,                              7253 Bryce Yarbrough (24) Chino, CA,                      Foddrill
     Edro Engineering, Roy Alloy, Ford, BFG, Bilstein, KC Lights          Russell Thayer (26) Chino, CA,
                                                                          Sandy Cone (58) Templeton, CA,
7163 Paul Ziegler (39) Reno, NV,                          Ford            Jeff Davis (47) Chino, CA,
     Dean Yale (40) La Mesa, CA,                                          Certified Steel, Normile Concepts, Cone Industries, Goodyear Tire,
     Jeff Robertson (36) Lakeside, CA,                                    Specialized Coatings, King Shocks, TCS, KC HiLites
     Rend Motorsports
                                                                     7267 Travis Bozzano (41) Henderson, NV,                    Ford
7177 Mike McCarthy (46) Wickenburg, AZ,                   Ford            Tom Bozzano (35) Las Vegas, NV,
     Robbie McCarthy (18) Wickenburg, AZ,                                 Julia Bozzano (17) Henderson, NV,
     Greg Crowther (29) El Mirage, AZ,                                    Elise Bozzano (14) Henderson, NV,
                                                                          Blitzkrieg Off Road, King Communications
      CLASS 7200
7206 Shawn Giordano (32) San Marcos, CA,               Ford          7275 Marc Burnett (38) Chula Vista, CA,                   Ford
     Doug Siewert (42) Lake Forest, CA,                                   Boost Mobile, Monster, General Tire, Bilstein, AEM, Fiberwerx,
     Josh Lopeman (31) San Marcos, CA,                                    Simpson, Ford, WD-40, Camberg, Auto Meter, Beard Seat,
     Ryan Hunt (31) San Marcos, CA,                                       HJC Helmets, Heat Shield,
     Mickey Thompson, Currie, ORW, Dirt Logic, Fabtech,
     KC Lights, Mikes Race Photo, Neo Oil
                                                                     7276 Jason Ruane (28) Lancaster, CA,                       Ford
7208 Darren Skilton (41) Long Beach, CA,                  Jeep            Mike Ruane (53) Canyon Country, CA,
     Troy Johnson (40) Riverside, CA,                                     Nicholas Cone (30) Templeton, CA,
     Redlands Auto Center, American Racing Wheels,
     ATK Engines, Gearhead                                           7277 Kelly McNeil (46) Mesa, AZ,                           Ford
7211 Barry Karakas (39) Oak Hills, CA,                    Toyota          John McNeil (42) Mesa, AZ,
     Steve Nelson (33) Norco, CA,                                         Mel Nevitt (39) Tucson, AZ,
     Joe Osteen Jr (27) Phelan, CA,                                       Randy Bluth (39) Mesa, AZ,
     Sammy Navarro (35) San Juan Capistrano, CA,                , EZ Landscape, Landscape Images, The Yard Edge,
                                                                          Doug's Trans, Reliable Diesel, Ford, BFG, Perry's Fab, Oil Extreme, King
                                                  official Entries
7286 David Caspino (43) Tarzana, CA,                   Unknown               8025 Macrae Glass (38) Kingman, AZ,                       Ford
     Robert Naughton (40) Flagstaff, AZ,                                          Mike Simpson
     Travis Peterson (27) Escondido, CA,                                          Tanner Schritter (20) Kingman, AZ,
     Neal Mason (27) Esconodido, CA,                                              Walker Glass
     Mason Motorsports, Fat, Transaxle Eng, BFG, Ford, Walker Evans
                                                                             8050 Scott Barnett (36) Oak Hills, CA,                    Ford
7288 David Binns (39) Las Cruces, NM,                   Ford                      Dave Morrison (41) San Bernardino, CA,
     Jared Teague (36) Las Cruces, NM,                                            Daniel Brown (44) Lake Havasu City, AZ,
     Josh Beyer (30) Las Cruces, NM,                                              Dave Brassfield (41) Redlands, CA,
     Dan Salazar (31) Las Cruces, NM,                                             Barnett Transport, Lucas Oil, Ford, BFG
     Binns Construction, Metal Craft Co, Napa, Rytek, DSK,
     Vahsholtz Automotive, Laguna Tech, Farm, Ranch                          CLASS 8100
                                                                             8105 Trent Beaver (20) Parker, AZ,                     Ford
CLASS 7300                                                                        Brad Mack (28) Parker, AZ,
7302 Don Healy (27) Richland, WA,                    Ford                         Bryant Shontz (68) Parker, AZ,
     James Moss (36) Richland, WA,                                                Jared Tetzlaff (28) Gilbert, AZ,
     Steve Walters (34) Kennewick, WA,                                            Parker Motor Co, Ford Trucks, KC HiLites, Penn Neon,
     Jose Ybarra (34) Kennewick, WA,                                              Ringers Gloves, Rupertos, Goodyear Tires
     Ford, Goodyear,, Pasco Auto Wrecking,
     Radio Service Co,, Fastenal                          8106 Larry Tunnell Jr (34) Parker, AZ,                  Chevrolet
                                                                                  Glenn Gilbert (42) Parker, AZ,
7330 Braxton Southwick (37) West Jordan, UT,         Toyota                       Kevin Houck (23) Lake Havasu, AZ,
     Brian Southwick (35) St George, UT,                                          Billy Joe Houck (32) Lake Havasu, AZ,
     Mat Kross () Lake Havasu, AZ,                                                Goodyear, KC HiLites, Desert Coast Contracting, K&N,
     BF Goodrich, KC Lights,,                            Universal Police Supply, La Paz Pest Control, RGR Realty
     Ominex 04, Red Rock Auto
                                                                             8108 Tim Casey (45) Brea, CA,                             Ford
7384 Kellon Walch (26) Alamo, NV,                       Ford                      Mike Mounts (48) Gold Canyon, AZ,
     Quinn Walch (23) Alamo, NV,                                                  Greg Powell (49) Anaheim, CA,
     Fox Shox, Rebel Communications, Ford Trucks, Minik Motorsports,              La Paz Cocktail Mixes
     K&N, KC HiLites, Bunderson, Powertrain Control Solutions, Switzer Inc
                                                                             8110 Kent Kroeker (41) Valley Center, CA,                 Unknown
7399 Rick Johansen (55) Atascadero, CA,                  Ford                     Francis Martinek (22) Suncity, CA,
     Ricky Johansen (19) Atascadero, CA,                                          Rudy Iribe (92) San Ysidro, CA,
     Sean Dallaire (49) Atascadero, CA,
     Air Rite                                                                8111 Greg Foutz (38) Gilbert, AZ,                        Ford
                                                                                  David Winner (47) Chino, CA,
CLASS 8000                                                                        Mike Mounts (48) Gold Canyon, AZ,
8006 Richard Harrah (48) Las Vegas, NV,                 Chevrolet                 Elliot Pollock (23) Phoenix, AZ,
     Greg Becker (48) Las Vegas, NV,                                              Fabtech, Ford, BF Goodrich, Optima, Dirt Logic, Lincoln Electric,
     Evan Vaughn (22) Las Vegas, NV,                                              McKenzies, Earls, Hooker, Deaver, Earl M Jorgensen, KC HiLites
     James Morrow (64) Henderson, NV,
     Locations Racing,, Toyo Tires, Loctite, Chase Cam,       8116 Patrick Moore (50) Parker, AZ,                    Chevrolet
     Faded Energy Drink, Red Rock Bank, F&L Fuel, Kim Becker, Kathy Harrah        Greg Atherton (43) El Cajon, CA,
                                                                                  Thomas Moore (29) Parker, AZ,
8007 Dave Crinklaw (47) Reedley, CA,                     Ford                     Sharon Moore (49) Parker, AZ,
     Mike Thurlow (49) Kingsburg, CA,                                             BFG, KC HiLites, Parker Autozone, Fox Shocks, K&N,
     BFG, Ford, MTI, West Star Construction                                       Riverlodge Resort, KMC,Outwest Fab, Castro's Service, Pro 1 Paints,
                                                                                  BP Concepts, TCS, Echo Pacific Const.
8011 Rob MacCachren (43) Las Vegas, NV,               Ford
     Steve Olliges (45) Las Vegas, NV,                                       8181 Randy Merritt (40) Parker, AZ,                    Ford
     Jason Bateman (23) las Vegas, NV,                                            Chris Golding (32) Parker, AZ,
     Brian Lopez (30) Mohave Valley, AZ,                                          Steve Solaiza (38) Parker, AZ,
     Team Ford, BF Goodrich, Fox Shocks, Mastercraft,                             Ford Motor Co, KC HiLites, Sway-A-Way, Raceline, Autometer,
     Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Team                                                   Body Line Auto Body & Paint, Borla, AutoFab, UMP, Goodyear

8020 Craig Turner (40) Yorba Linda, CA,                 Ford                 CLASS 1000
     Dan Kaatz (32) Corona, CA,                                              1003 Mike Lawrence (20) Brea, CA,                      Lothringer
     Tim Cecil (37) Brea, CA,                                                     Blake Kirkpatrick (27) Hacienda heights, CA,
     Tim Javorik (45) Fullerton, CA,                                              Lawrence Equipment, Mother's Bar, Trans West, TCS,
     GT Racing, BF Goodrich, Sign Pros, Acro Lights, Fabtech,                     Letner Racing, McKenzies, Fat Performance, King Shocks,
     Amber Racing Services, F&L Fuel, Dirt Bagz, MSD, IC&N                        Deaviate Films, Mwillson Photo

8024 David Bryan (50) Indio, CA,                         Ford                1005 Don Emmons (50) La Mirada, CA,                       Unknown
     Kyle Bryan (18) Indio, CA,
                                                                             1007 Lonny Hart (32) Desert Hills, AZ,              Tatum
                                                                                  Calub Hoover () Phoenix, AZ,
                                                                                  US Army, Extreme Dreamz Landscaping, Maxim Air

                                                    official Entries
 CLASS 1000 (continued)                                                1090 Brady Helm (41) Huntington Beach, CA,              Lothringer
 1015 Tom Frank (48) Windsor, CO,                      Unknown              Pete Swift (52) Newport Beach, CA,
      John Van Hattem (27) Loveland, CO,                                    Ben Swift (19) Newport Beach, CA,
      Matt Frank (23) Windsor, CO,                                          Chuck Forman (33) Mira Loma, CA,
      Troy Dees (24) Windsor, CO,                                           Maxxis Tires, Sway-A-Way, Swift Slip, Cobra Seats, Puma,
      Kauffman Sand & Gravel, Colorado Sandcars, Stroker Ind                Oakley, Mos Energy Drink, McKenzies, RS Machine

 1016 Ed Beard (71) Buckeye, AZ,                        Unknown        1099 Layne Brown (52) Jackson, WY,                      Unknown
      Ron Dalke (44) Tucson, AZ,                                            Norris Brown (51) Jackson, WY,
      Beard Seats, Safari Off-Road, Fat Performance, McKenzies              Goodyear Tires

 1020 Corey Keysar (41) Colorado Springs, CO,            Jimco         CLASS 1100
      Matt Loiodice (26) Descanso, CA,                                 1101 Sigal Greenberg (43) Desert Hills, AZ,            Assassin
      Keysar Racing, BFG, Geab, Jimco, VP                                   Justin Bradley Smith (25) Capo Beach, CA,
                                                                            Rich Boyette (43) Fort Mohave, AZ,
 1025 Victor Almeida (40) Woodland Park, CO,             Chenowth           Mobile Radio Communications, Light Force, Yokohama, AR-Offroad,
      Ed Hartmann (45) Woodland Park, CO,                                   JG Transwerks, Major Perf., Fox Shox, VP, IRC, Sopwith Motorsports
      Ted Hartmann (67) Bullhead City, AZ,
      Toyota, BFG, Almeida Racing                                      1102 Matthew Kupiec (22) Palos Verdes, CA,               Kreger
                                                                            Kurtis Kupiec (48) Palos Verdes, CA,
 1029 Bryce Menzies (21) Henderson, NV,                  Jimco              Jack Montgomery (46) La Jolla, CA,
      Larry Job (47) Las Vegas, NV,                                         Glen Straightiff (38) La Mirada, CA,
      Menzies Motorsports, BF Goodrich                                      Complete Fabrication, Shoreline, Tru-Line, Jimenez, Powerbox

 1039 Matt Cullen (41) Long Beach, CA,                   Alumicraft    1105 Robert Smith (37) Redondo Beach, CA,                Chenowth
      Greg Blakeman (41) Lakewood, CA,                                      Robert D Harman (37) Torrance, CA,
      Michael Lombardi (39) Lakewood, CA,                                   Streight Edje, Wright Gearbox, ZLT, Swartz Construction, Harco Fab
      Jeff Rucker (39) Las Vegas, NV,
      BFG, Alumicaraft, Fox, Medeola, F&L Race Fuel, PCI               1107 John Langley (65) Manhattan Beach, CA,            Unknown
                                                                            Jamie Campbell (33) Sam Clemente, CA,
 1050 Alejandro Jimenez (39) Buckeye, AZ,             Unknown               Bernie Carr (46) Solvang, CA,
      Eduardo Jimenez (37) Phoenix, AZ,                                     Patrick Calderone (36) Los Angeles, CA,
      David Bost (39) Buckeye, AZ,                                     1108 Jeff Cepielik (45) Glendora, CA,                  Lothringer
      Adam Lucas (34) Surprise, AZ,                                         Paul Keller (44) El Cajon, CA,, World Savers Painting, Core Const, J&S Const,        Vicente Lloyd & Stutzman CPA's, Lothringer Eng'r,
      Tony's VW, BFG                                                        Acme Pit Support, Acme Race Car Bodies

 1051 Jeff Darland (44) Peoria, AZ,                      Jimco         1110 Brady Wisdom (44) Huntington Beach, CA,            Mirage
                                                                            Scott Wisdom (41) Lake Forest, CA,
 1052 Todd Elam (45) Sahuarita, AZ,                 Safari                  F&L, Mendeola, Hella
      T&R Ironworks, TCR Automotive and Performance
                                                                       1112 Robert Scarla (43) Scottsdale, AZ,                Foddrill
 1053 Addam Templeton (25) Peoria, AZ,                Unknown               Del Holder (38) Phoenix, CA,
      B&A Motorsports, Extreme Dreams, Bonfield Motorsports                 Mitch Porter (15) Scottsdale, AZ,
                                                                            Cutting Edge Mfg, RC Solutions, Fat Performance, Foddrill MS,
 1054 Dean Wheeler (39) Phoenix, AZ,                      Kreger            Banning MS, BFG, Fox Shox, Wamore Inc, Action Racing Trans,
      Dave Terrell (39) Sun City, AZ,                                       TWS Electric, Mendeola Trans
      Mitch Terrell (18) Sun City, AZ,
      Shawn George (32) Surprise, AZ,                                  1114 Dustin Farmer (38) Ramona, CA,                     Unknown
      D-n-D Motorsports, Saguaro Steel Inc, Dave’s Drilling                 Darren Southworth (39) Ramona, CA,
                                                                            Donald Stoffel (35) Ramona, CA,
 1055 Johnny Harrah (17) Reno, NV,                       Jimco              David Freeman (21) Pacific Beach, CA,
      Justin Johnson (21) Sparks, NV,                                       Edge Eng, Sanoco, Bilstein, Martz Masonry, Baja Palapa,
                                                                            Pro-Link, Payco Specialties
 1066 Dustin Miller (30) Salt Lake City, UT,             Unknown
      Jared Shupe (29) Cottonwood Heights, UT,                         1115 Steve Gresham (47) Yuma, AZ,                       Foddrill
                                                                            Henry Hernandez (47) Yuma, AZ,
 1078 Adam Ashcraft (26) Vista, CA,                     Alumicraft          Matt Catron (48) Yuma, AZ,
      Western CNC, Yokohama, KC Lites, Fat, Dave Folts Trans,               Accurate Excavating, Fat Performance, BFG, IMF, Catco,
      Shock Werks, B&R Buggie                                               Hernandez Racing, Foddrill Motorsports

 1088 Michael Meurer (43) Castle Rock, CO,               Raceco        1123 Lee Banning Jr (33) Litchfield Park, AZ,           Foddrill
      Jasen Shorman (36) Pueblo West, CO,                                   Lee Banning Sr. (56) Laveen, AZ,
      Matt O'Malley (46) San Diego, CA,                                     Clayton Buttle (27) Goodyear, AZ,
      William Hahn (35) Elizabeth, CO,                                      Banning Motorsports, Foddrill MS, KC Lites, VP Fuels,
      Colorado National Guard, Meurer Law Offices                           Action Racing Trans, Fat Performance, BFG, Fox Shox, Trail Ready,
                                                                            Ion Earth, Mendeola Trans, Weddle Gears

1100 & 2000 CLASS PROGRAM
• All chassis to qualify must be 2008 or newer.
• For all the 2009 Best in the Desert series, we will pay the 1st place finisher $250.00 if in our chassis.
  If not in our chassis we will give a certificate for $100.00 towards a new chassis, these may be
  accumulated for up to two race seasons.
• For the TSCO Vegas to Reno race we will pay the 1st place finisher $500.00 if in our chassis.
  If not in our chassis we will give a certificate for $250.00 towards a new chassis, these may be
  accumulated for up to two race seasons.
• In addition, we will make a donation in the name of the driver of record and Best in the Desert to the
  Autism Foundation in the amount of $100.00 if in one of our chassis.
• For the 2009 Series year end, if the champion has at least four races in our chassis we will pay:
  $1,000.00 to the series champion and $500.00 to the 2nd place (must be in Banning Fod Fab chassis).

                                                   These chassis are available for immediate delivery.
                                                   Contact Dennie at Foddrill Motorsports to gets yours.

                                                   For additional information on Banning Motorsports,
                                                   contact Lee
                                                   official Entries
 CLASS 1100 (continued)                                                   1168 Cody Reid (16) Apple Valley, CA,                   Lothringer
 1127 Rick St John (41) Carlsbad, CA,                     Unknown              Corey Torres (27) Las Vegas, NV,
      Adam Pfankuch (27) Carlsbad, CA,                                         Frank Wagner (44) Apple Valley, CA,
      Bryan hargett (31) Carlsbad, CA,                                         Reid Products Inc, Bob's Tire, Yokohama, RC Trans,
      Richard Kern (32) Vista, CA,                                             M&T Race Cars, Sign Pros
      Powerbox Racing Transaxles, Duvell Fabrication
                                                                          1169 Doug Silcock (29) Glendora, CA,                     Jimco
 1128 Rob Fiege (32) Midway City, CA,                     Kreger               Tim Rockenbach (38) Monrovia, CA,
      Patrick Dailey (33) Vista, CA,                                           Cock's Suspension Worx, B&H Sign
      Billy Baroody (22) Temecula, CA,
      Brandon Fiege (28)                                                  1175 David Callaway (52) Menifee, CA,                     Unknown
                                                                               Scott Mapes (42) Riverside, CA,
 1130 Daniel Folts (24) Chino, CA,                       Unknown               Callaway Motorsports, Electricraft, BFG, Geisel Race Prep,
      Bryan Freeman (29) Henderson, NV,                                        Fat, JG Trans Vision X, Fab School
      Dave Folts Trasmission, Freeman's Carpet Service, Prep by Webber,
      Fox Shocks, BF Goodrich Tires                                       1177 Jake Jones (29) Aliso Viejo, CA,                 Unknown
                                                                               Scot Jones (57) San Clemente, CA,
 1132 Blaise Jackson (35) Fallbrook, CA,                  Unknown              Pat Wooten (48) Irvine, CA,
      Guy Commer                                                               James Beek
      Tyson Flack (36) Santa Ysabel, CA,                                       Fat Performance, King Shocks, Transwest, Harmon Racing Cells,
      Morley Saws                                                              TCS, Yokohama, M Wilson Photo, Deviate Films, Beard Seats,
                                                                               Letner Racing, VP Racing Fuels
 1133 Mike Williams (47) Washoe Valley, NV,               Unknown
      Mike Sandoval (41) Escondido, CA,                                   1178 Bryan Folks (41) Laveen, AZ,                       Unknown
      Tim Jones (32) Glendale, AZ,                                             Rick Graf (42) Scottsdale, AZ,
      Marley Saw's                                                             Alan Dillemuth (38) Mesa, AZ,
                                                                               Chris Godfrey (33) Phoenix, AZ,
 1135 Brent Gustin (36) Seal Beach, CA,                   Penhall Fab          Banning Motorsports, Foddrill MS, KC Lites, VP Fuels,
      Greg Gustin (34) Stevenson Ranch, CA,                                    Action Auto Trans, Fat Performance, BFG, Fox Shox, Trail Ready,
      RG Dickey (40) Kalispell, MT,                                            Ion Earth, Mendeola Trans, Weddle Gears
      Chris Patterson (34) Venice, CA,
      Mastercraft, G3, Mirage, BFG, Fox, Fat, DFT, Unique Services        1197 Kevin Martin (37) Garden Grove, CA,               Unknown
                                                                               Keith Martin (36) Garden Grove, CA,
 1140 Scott Reams (41) La Mesa, CA,                   Jimco                    Jim Gledhill (44) Yorba Linda, CA,
      Bill Hernquist (46) La Mesa, CA,                                         Bob Driscoll (46) Garden Grove, CA,
      Ono Sushi, Mendeola, Major, Yokohama, Race Ready, Howe                   Hensel Phelps Construction Co, Summit Steel, Lucas Oil,
                                                                               Sinage Solutions, MME
 1147 Mike Urbano (37) Long Beach, CA,                    Unknown
      Brian Martin (33) Oceanside, CA,                                    CLASS 1700 JEEPSPEED 1
      Wade Kelsay (36) Hermosa Beach, CA,                                 1701 Tom Barnett (44) Silverado, CA,                  Jeep
      Mario Cabrales (35) Corona, CA,                                           Mike Barnett (40) Orange, CA,
                                                                                Thomas Barnett (19) Orange, CA,
 1149 Ty Godde () Palmdale, CA,                         Unknown                 T&J Performance, ATK Gearhead, King, Rubicon Express, Currie,
      Jim Greenway (58) Ojai, CA,                                                                                               Goodyear,
      Tyler Foster (40) Palmdale, CA,                                     Nordskog, Barnett Perf Prod.
      Dave Goodrich (44) Canyon Country, CA,
      Godde Mortgage, JTJ Farms, Don Hall Tile, Royster Bros,             1705 Michael Shaffer (35) Dayton, NV,                    Jeep
      Fortin Racing, Fat Performance, BFG                                      Dave Schneider (33) Reno, NV,

 1156 Tom Shaw (52) Glendale, AZ,                        Foddrill         1706 Scott Hartman (39) Redlands, CA,                    Jeep
      Jeff Rhodes (42) Laveen, AZ,                                             Tandi Hartman (39) Redlands, CA,
      Fat Performance, BFG, Vision X, VP Fuels, Action Racing Trans,           Dan Turner (36) Yucaipa, CA,
      Foddrill Motorsports, TWS Electric, Rhodes Trucking                      Scott Parker (41) San Diego, CA,
                                                                               Banks, Rubicon Express, Interco Tires, Staun, King, Delta,
 1162 Mike Voyles Jr (18) Temecula, CA,                   Unknown              Painless Wiring, PRP, JE Reel, Nitro2Go, PCS Steering,
      Mike Voyles Sr (46) Murrieta, CA,                                        Harland Sharp, National Drivetrain
      Prep by Jake
                                                                          1713 Clint Malburg (40) Las Vegas, NV,                   Jeep
 1164 Malcolm Bryce (44) Agua Dulce, CA,                  Unknown              Steve Hammack (37) Las Vegas, NV,
      Cortney Whipple (49) Las Vegas, NV,                                      Stephanie Malburg (40) Las Vegas, NV,
      Calvin Whipple (20) Las Vegas, NV,                                       Cory Grimes (24) Las Vegas, NV,
                                                                               Rusty's Off-Road, Rock Krawler Suspension
 1167 Alexa Bilek (17) Tustin, CA,                      Unknown
      Steve Myers (43) Newport Beach, CA,                                 1714 Ray Griffith (20) Downey, CA,                      Jeep
      John Duncan (23) Huntington Beach, CA,                                   Todd Griffith (48) Downey, CA,
      Bryan Bergey (27) Newport Beach, CA,                                     Mike Hill (24) Lakewood, CA,, IRC, BF Goodrich, Transaxle Engineering,                Currie Enterprises, AEM, King Shocks, Deaver Spring,
      Major Motors, Fox Shocks, Liquid Ice Energy Drink                        Borla Exhaust, KC HiLites, Hagen Plumbing, A&G Sales

                                                        official Entries
1717 Eric Heiden (49) Castiac, CA,                        Jeep
     Joshua Rieter
     Mark Linder (42) Queen Creek, AZ,
     4 Wheel Parts, Thunder Express Trucking,
     Goodyear Tire, Loose Nut Photo

1720 Philip Heynen (31) Visalia, CA,                      Jeep
     Chad Van Hofwegen () Visalia, CA,
     Schuil & Associate, Diversified Real Estate, MCF

1725 Bob Standage (55) Blythe, CA,                        Jeep
     Kyle Standage (16) Blythe, CO,

3747 Chase Rather (15) Parker, AZ,                       Jeep
     John Rather (37) Parker, AZ,
     Maxxis, Phoenix Display, Elite Customs, Teraflex, Borla Exhaust,
     Edge Products, Castro Service

3797 Jon Krellwitz (29) San Dimas, CA,                  Jeep
     Matt McCallum (33) Rancho cucamonga, CA,
     Skyler Gambrell (29) Phelan, CA,
     ATK Engines, Redlands, Auto Lenter, KC Lights, Currie Enterprises,
     JE Reel, AEM, Howe, Full Traction, PWR

1801 Jay Gilbertson (47) Lake Havasu, AZ,                 Unknown
     Craig Alvord (57) Lake Havasu City, AZ,
     Ray Cook () Lake Havasu City, AZ,
     Kirk Cook (47) Lake Havasu City, AZ,

1811 Lee Finke (65) Phoenix, AZ,                        Coyote
     Daryl Drake (54) Wickenburg, AZ,
     Jim Malinowski () Queen Creek, AZ,
     Mike Lesiecki () Phoenix, AZ,
     Race Shock Co, Checkers Off-Road, BFG, Bilstein Shocks,
     Bighorn Perf Prod, Kartek, Foutz Motorsports, Eibach Springs,
     Schaeffer Specialized Lubricants

1812 JC Farris (43) Bullhead City, AZ,                    Jeep
     Chuck Eichelberger (54) Bullhead City, AZ,
     Joe Eichelberger (28) Moreno Valley, ,
     Jerome Wade (29) Needles, CA,
     AZ Off Road, RAM Racing, Chuck & Sons Signs,
     Standard Batteries, AZ Pick a Part Systems

1823 Andrew Megaw (42) Scottsdale, AZ,                 Foddrill
     Foddrill Motorsports, Banning Motorsports, BFG, Fox Shox

1827 David Kincaid (60) Riverside, CA,                    Unknown

1831 Jessica McMillin (23) Poway, CA,                     Chevrolet
     Brady Thompson (27) Fallbrook, CA,
     McMillin Homes, Vision X, Fox

1852 James Strang (36) Phoenix, AZ,                       Sandco
     Stephanie Strang (37) Phoenix, AZ,
     Forrester Racing Engines, Banning Motorsports,
     Intech Automotive, The Lab

1853 Rob Martensen (36) Phoenix, AZ,                      Foddrill
     Colliers International                                                              Pat Dean
                                                                           5115 S. Arville
1897 Rory Ward (38) Mohave Valley, AZ,                   Chenowth          Las Vegas, NV 89118           Ph. 873-4463
     Pete Van Rooy (40) Bullhead City, AZ,                                 E-mail:   Fax. 873-5657
     Matt Bare (39) Fort Mohave, AZ,
     Jet Joc, Tri-State Careflight, Wide Open MRI, BF Goodrich, MSD,
     Vision X, C&R, Ironclad, King, Beard, Racers Only, Artisic Curbing,
     Got Sand?                                                                                                          45
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          and, most importantly, your sponsors.
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