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					A Resolution to Regulate SAG Quotas

1      WHEREAS,         Most commercials, television shows, and movies must be approved

2      by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG); and,

3      WHEREAS, Works approved by the SAG primarily employ members of the SAG;

4      and,

5      WHEREAS,         The only way to become a member of the SAG is to be employed in

6      an SAG approved work; and,

7      WHEREAS,         This process results in the vast majority of actors in America

8      being unable to find profitable work, creating additional strain

9      on the economy; now, therefore, be it

10     RESOLVED, That this student congress here assembled shall regulate the

11     quotas for SAG members in SAG-approved works to be less than

12     fifty percent.

                                  Respectfully Submitted,

                                          Jack Forbes

                                  Denver East High School
    A Resolution to Support the UN Fact-Finding Mission in Gaza

1     WHEREAS,           The UN reported on last year's conflict in the Gaza strip

2     through a commission led by South African judge Richard

3     Goldstone; and

4     WHEREAS,           Goldstone's assertions are balanced and well-researched;

5     therefore, be it

6     RESOLVED, That the Student Congress here assembled support the findings

7     of the Goldstone Report; and, be it

8     FURTHER RESOLVED, That all parties shall follow the recommendations of the

9     report, or be subject to further US action.

                                   Respectfully Submitted,

                                          Elliot Mamet

                                   Denver East High School
A Resolution to Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan

1      WHEREAS, The death toll of American troops in Afghanistan has

2      tripled in this year alone; and

3      WHEREAS, The U.S. has been in Afghanistan for 8 years without

4      achieving stability,

5      WHEREAS, The U.S. has spent billions of dollars in aid and

6      helped set up a democratic election,

7      THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED, that the U.S. shall gradually withdraw

8      American troops from Afghanistan and encourage other nations to

9      offer aid.

Respectfully submitted.
Danial Manzoor
The Hun School Of Princeton
                               A Resolution to Support the National Park System

1   WHEREAS: The National Park Service of the United States aims to preserve the natural beauty

2   and history of our nation as well as educate visitors on various subjects, and

3   WHEREAS: The number of visitors to the nation’s national parks has stagnated since

4   2000, and

5   WHEREAS: The government should encourage domestic tourism, so as to compete with private

6   enterprises for revenue.

7   THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT: This Congress shall create and put into

8   action measures that will increase monetary and public support for the National Park

9   system.

                                                                                     Joanmarie Del Vecchio

                                                                            Perkiomen Valley High School
                                    A Bill Concerning Human Trafficking

2   SECTION 1. There are over 10 million children, who are prostituted around the world,
3   SECTION 2. The congress will send 500 million dollars to establish a program to
4           combat human sex trafficking in Southeast Asia
5   SECTION 3. This legislation will come into effect immediately upon passage

    Respectfully Submitted,

            Courtney Wipf
            The Berkeley Carroll School
    A Resolution to Require Senior Citizens to Retake their Driving Exam

1   WHEREAS, senior citizens are causing chaos behind the wheel
2   WHEREAS, seniors are 4 times more likely to be involved in a car accident that any other age group
3   on the road, excluding teenagers
4   WHEREAS, careful drivers are being harmed in car accidents due to reckless driving by seniors,
5   BE IT RESOLVED, that the student congress make a recommendation to each state’s Department
6   of Motor Vehicles for all citizens over the age of 65 to retake their driving exam.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Joseph Waldman
    The Berkeley Carroll School
                          REHABILITATION PROGRAMS

1           WHEREAS: Prisons require too much governmental funding, and

2           WHEREAS: These prison costs are having a negative effect on our

3           economy, and

4           WHEREAS: Preventative programs for rehabilitating minor criminals have

5           been proven to be both effective and cost less then prisons, therefore,

6           BE IT RESOLVED, By this Student Congress here assembled that upon

7           passage, the Department of Justice begins closing prisons and implementing

8           rehabilitative prevention programs.

    Introduced by The Berkeley Carroll School
    A Resolution to Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan

1   Whereas, the President has escalated our presence in Afghanistan without a sufficient plan for

2   eventual withdrawal from the region;

3   Whereas, the Taliban’s power in the region is too strong for military forces to dispel;

4   Whereas, the benefits to US security from occupation are dubious at best;

5   Whereas, the price of continued conflict promises to be harmful to the American economy;

6   Therefore, be it Resolved, that the United States withdraw troops from Afghanistan

    Submitted by
    The Berkeley Carroll School
    Diarra Edwards
                  A Resolution Urging Free Trade Negotiations with Brazil

1    WHEREAS, Free trade enables more goods and services to reach American
2              consumers at lower prices, thereby substantially increasing the standard of
3              living; and
4    WHEREAS, Free trade promotes innovation and competition; and
5    WHEREAS, Free trade agreements would further strengthen relations between the
6              United States and Brazil; and
7    WHEREAS, Brazil is continuing to rise as an economic power; and
8    WHEREAS, Brazil could play an important role in helping the global economy
9              recover; and
10   WHEREAS, Free trade agreements with Brazil will help facilitate support in Latin
11             America for the Free Trade Area of the Americas; and now therefore be it
12   RESOLVED, That the Student Congress here assembled encourages the President to
13             negotiate free trade agreements with the nation of Brazil.

                                                      Respectfully Submitted,
                                                      Andrew Smith
                                                      Saint Joseph’s Preparatory School
       A Resolution to Aggrandize Diplomatic Relations with the Republic of Turkey

 1 Whereas: relations between the United States and Turkey have
 2 decreased significantly since the Clinton Administration,
 3 Whereas: Turkey is currently being regarded as one of the most powerful and influential
 4 nations of the future,
 5 Whereas: the diplomatic frost between Turkey and the West appears to be coming to an
 6 end,
 7 Whereas: an augmented diplomatic relationship between the United States and Turkey
 8 would benefit U.S. foreign policy goals in the Middle East
 9 Therefore, Be it Resolved: that the United States works towards the betterment of
10 Diplomatic Relations with the Republic of Turkey,
11 Be it Further Resolved: that upon passage of this resolution, the United States assists
12 Turkey in their pursuit of membership to the European Union.

                                                                           Respectfully Submitted,
                                                                                  Chris Cannataro
                                                                 Saint Joseph’s Preparatory School
                       A Resolution to Stop the Stimulus and End TARP

 1 Whereas, The federal budget deficit is already unsustainable and is expected to increase
 2 when expensive infrastructure and health policies come to fruition; and
 3 Whereas, The condition of the federal budget deficit plays a crucial role in the overall
 4 health of the economy; and
 5 Whereas, The American economy will not begin to succeed until it abandons the lost
 6 cause of seemingly endless government spending to overcome a deficit; and
 7 Whereas, This body of Congress is partially responsible for the well-being of the overall
 8 economy and must elucidate its intentions on how the country ought to respond to the
 9 current times; now, therefore, be it
10 Resolved, That the Student Congress here assembled rescind unobligated appropriations
11 made under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and terminate the
12 Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP); and, be it
13 Further Resolved, That the Student Congress here assembled mandate that all
14 repayments of TARP funds be used for the reduction of the public debt.

                                                                             Respectfully Submitted,
                                                                                       Charles Gress
                                                                   Saint Joseph’s Preparatory School
                             A Resolution Concerning North Korea

 1 Whereas: North Korea has taken an interest in nuclear weapons in recent years, and has
 2 been dedicated to arming themselves.
 3 Whereas: North Korea has carried out tests of nuclear weapons that were frowned upon
 4 by many nations.
 5 Whereas: The possession of nuclear weapons by North Korea poses a threat to national
 6 and international security alike.
 7 Whereas: Increasingly strict sanctions by the UN are further damaging the already
 8 weakened North Korea.
 9 Whereas: In recent months, diplomacy with North Korea has proven to be an effective
10 way to communicate with the nation’s leaders.
11 Whereas: Multilateral negotiations with other nations and active diplomacy may help to
12 avert the threat posed by North Korea.
13 Therefore Be It Resolved: By this Congress here assembled that the executive branch,
14 including the State Department, be encouraged to actively pursue multilateral talks with
15 North Korea on various topics, including Global Security, Human Rights, and Nuclear
16 Proliferation.

                                                                            Respectfully Submitted,
                                                                                     Evan Wescott
                                                                  Saint Joseph’s Preparatory School
                 A Bill to Increase Funding for Mental Health-Related Services for the Military

2   SECTION 1. Funding be increased for mental health-related services to improve the well-being

3                     and performance of soldiers.

4   SECTION 2. Mental health-related services include stress counseling and awareness classes.

5   SECTION 3. The Department of Defense will oversee implementation of this bill via its Mental

6                     Health System.

7   SECTION 4. This bill will go into effect on January 1, 2011.
8   SECTION 5. All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Valerie Peng
    Montville Township High School
                            A Bill Instating Government Controlled Healthcare

 1   Section I:      A system of health coverage, run by the government shall be implemented.
 3   Section II:     This system will consist of two plans:
 4                   i: The first plan will be paid for by premiums and run exactly like an insurance
 5                            company, with the premiums being invested for profit. Coverage will be
 6                            based on right, not need and care will not be rationed.
 8                   ii: The second plan will be funded entirely by the profits from the first plan.
 9                            Coverage will be based on need, not right and care will be rationed.
11   Section III:    This legislation will be revenue neutral, neither receiving tax dollars nor allowing
12                   Money to be taken from its revenue.
14   Section IV:     This legislation will be supervised by the Secretary of the Treasury and enforced
15                   and run by the IRS.
17   Section V:      This legislation becomes effective one month after passage.

     Respectfully Submitted,

     Joseph Vasoli

                  A Bill to Fund the Construction of a North American Mag-Lev Train Line

 1   Article I:       The North East American Maglev Administrative Commission will be established

 2                            as a sub-sect of the Department of Transportation.

 3   Article II:      The said commission's duties will be to oversee the research and planning phases

 4                    of the expected one-hundred (100) billion dollar project of constructing a North

 5                    East American Mag-Lev Train Line and manage and maintain it once it is built.

 6   Article III:     Let "Mag-Lev Train Line" be defined as a train line that stretches across a

 7                    magnetic track, employs magnetic levitation, and is propelled by magnetism and \

 8                    can transport people and goods.

 9   Article IV:      The maglev train line will stretch from Boston to New York to Philadelphia to

10                    Washington D.C.

11   Article V:       The commission being founded will be funded five billion of the expected

12                    one-hundred (100) billion dollar total fund needed for the development and

13                    construction of the train line:

14                            Section i: Three billion of this will be allotted to the research of and accurate

15                            estimate of the development price of said maglev train line.

16                            Section ii: The remaining two billion dollars will be allotted to the planning

17                            of the most viable, efficient, and effective way to construct, manage, and

18                            maintain the train line.

19   Article VI:      The aforementioned committee will be established and active upon the passage

20                    of this legislation.

     Respectfully Submitted,
     Joseph Vasoli
     La Salle College Highschool
                                     A Resolution to Repeal Minimum Wage

1   Whereas:      Minimum wage inhibits the economy in all its sectors, and;

2   Whereas:      Minimum wage is flawed in its purpose, in its justification, and in its effect,

3                 therefore be it;

4   Resolved:     That the congress here assembled repeal the institution known as "Minimum

5                 Wage."

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Joseph Vasoli
    La Salle College Highschool
                                   A Resolution to Invade Sudan

1   Whereas:    The Darfurians have been systematically oppressed and killed by the Sudanese

2               Government and the Janjaweed militia, and;

3   Whereas:    The US will benefit in both image and effect if these monstrocities were stopped

4               therefore be it;

5   Resolved:   That the congress assembled hereby plans to enact a humanitarian invasion of

6               Sudan in attempt to save Darfurian citizens.

                Respectfully Submitted,
                Chuck Cannon
                La Salle College Highschool
              A Resolution to Permit Oil Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)

                                   Submitted by State College Area High School

                                               Author: Jeffrey Duclos

 1           Whereas geological surveys have shown the presence of oil deposits in the Arctic National

 2   Wildlife Refuge (ANWR); and

 3           Whereas these deposits could help to ease the U.S. dependency on foreign oil; and

 4           Whereas oil derricks and refineries have been shown to coexist with the arctic wildlife, not

 5   destroy it;

 6           Therefore, be it resolved by this Student Congress:

 7           1. All drilling restrictions in the ANWR coastal plain are revoked.

 8           2. All oil companies are required to start substantial drilling on their leases of federal land.

 9                 If companies refuse to drill, that property will be returned to the U.S. federal

10                 government.

11           3. All restrictions regarding oil drilling in the ANWR will be reviewed by Congress in order

12                 to ensure that these operations are held responsible for their environmental impact.

13           4. A 5% tax will be placed on each barrel of oil for research on alternate energy sources.

14                 The United States Department of Energy will receive and allocate the money generated

15                 by the tax.

     Respectfully submitted,

     State College High School
                 A Resolution to Implement a National Year-Round School Schedule
                             Submitted By State College Area High School
                                         Author: Jason Wills

 1              Whereas the current 9-Month system is outdated as it was based on the agrarian calendar

 2              at a time the US was a mainly agricultural nation

 3              Whereas students suffer a loss in academic skills and knowledge during the 3- month

 4              break.

 5              Whereas the US lags behind other countries in the number of school instructional days.

 6              Whereas a year-round educational system would allow for more educational material to

 7              be taught and retained.

 8              Whereas a year-round educational system would better prepare students for college and

 9              the job market, and make the United States more competitive in the global market.

10              Therefore, be it resolved by this Student Congress that the United States implement a

11              standardized national year round school schedule by September 1, 2011.

     Respectfully submitted,

     State College High School
               A Resolution to Redirect Funding for Alternative Fuel Sources to Solar Power

1   Whereas: Natural gas, clean coal and nuclear technologies are taking long to develop,

2   Whereas: Gas and coal, clean or unclean, are nonrenewable resources and

3   Whereas: Solar Power technology is already developed and only needs investment to make it more

4   widely available and

5   Whereas: Investment in the technology will inevitably bring down the cost of solar power for

6   American citizens and

7   Whereas: Solar power is the one of the safest, if not the safest, available sources of energy,

8   BE IT RESOLVED THAT: The United States redirect a portion of its funds going to alternative

9   fuel sources to solar power.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Emilia Gambardella
    Syosset High School
                                    A Bill Granting Felons the Right to Vote

1   Article 1: Upon getting out of jail, state felons will be able to vote

2   Article 2: felons will only be able to vote upon completion of parole. Felons who are still on parole

3   will not be able to vote

4   Article 3: Felons who are able to vote must undergo the same registration process as citizens do

5   Article 4: A person who has been convicted twice for a felony will have his/her voting privileges

6   permanently taken away

7   Article 5: The bill will be implemented immediately upon passage

                                             Respectfully submitted,
                                                 Aaron Pinkard
                                                Union Catholic
     District of Columbia Voting Rights Amendment

 1   Section 1: In order to establish a fair form of representation in Congress, selection of the president

 2   and vice president, and Article V of this Constitution, the District of Columbia should be treated as

 3   if it were a state.

 4   Section 2: The exercise of the rights and powers conferred under this article shall by the people of

 5   the District constituting the seat of government, and shall be provided by the Congress.

 6   Section 3: The Twenty-Third Article Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby

 7   repealed.

 8   Section 4: This shall be inoperative, unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the

 9   Constitution by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several states within seven years from the sate

10   of its submission.

     Respectfully submitted,
     Half Hollow Hills
                                   Resolution to Eliminate the Estate Tax

1   Whereas, the people of the United States work for much of their time on earth and are already taxed
2   on the earnings of that work; and
3   Whereas, it is unfair to those who want to give their children their hard earned money to have to be
4   taxed on that same money a second time, thereby being forced to pay more than their fair share of
5   taxes; and
6   Whereas, American have earned the right to keep their own money and do with it as they please;
7   Therefore, be it resolved that the Estate Tax be eliminated and that all opposing laws be struck null
8   and void by this Student Congress.

                                                                           Respectfully submitted,

                                                                           Brandan McCammitt
                                                                           Archbishop Ryan HS
    A Resolution to award Statehood to Puerto Rico

1   Whereas, Puerto Rico is already known as a possession of the United States; and

2   Whereas, The United States president is already the chief of state for Puerto Rico; and

3   Whereas, The United States is already in the chief possession of controlling things such

4   as interstate trade, foreign relations and commerce, and control of air, land, and

5   sea.

6   Now, therefore, be it resolved by this Student Congress here assembled, that

7   Puerto Rico is hereby declared a state within the United States, on an equal footing with all other

8   states.

9   And be it further resolved, that Statehood for Puerto Rico shall take effect on January 1, 2010.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Kaitlin Cochand
    Manchester Essex Regional HS
                  A Bill to Instate A State Ratification Requirement To Enter A War

1   Be it resolved by this Student Congress here assembled that the Constitution of the United States

2   shall be amended as follows

3   Section 1. Two thirds of the legislatures of the states shall have to approve a declaration of war.

4   Section 2. The President is empowered to employ the military forces of the United States for

5   defensive purposes until war is declared.

                                                                                 Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                             Joe Burgess
                                                                  Manchester Essex Regional High School
                          A Bill to Divide California into two separate states

    Be it enacted by this Student Congress here assembled that:

1   Section 1. The state of California be divided into two separate states on the borders of

2   Monterey, Lemoore, Fresno, and Inyo counties.

3   Section 2. State is defined as a politically organized body of people occupying a defined

4   territory .

5   Section 3. This mandate will be enacted by the current state government of California .

6   Section 4. This will go into effect at the beginning of 2011. State elections will be held on

7   the fifth Saturday of July of that same year.

8   Section 5. All laws in conflict with this bill are declared null and void.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Sophia Mastendino
    Manchester Essex Regional HS