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					         Product Information & Price List
Australian Bush Flower Essences                              and effect upon individuals of essential oils and bush
Are used for emotional health and wellbeing. They are        flower essences is beyond the control of Natural
essentially the energetic life force of the flower given     Solutions by Tia, no guarantee, warranty or
over to the water in which they are placed. Because          representation as to the benefits or effects of said oils
they work vibrationally, they help us move on and past       and essences is made nor any liability accepted.
our stresses and emotional blockages by releasing            Prices in this catalogue were correct at time at printing.
negativity and emotional blockages, gently and               Natural Solutions by Tia has no control over price
effectively.                                                 increases by its suppliers.
The drops are taken internally - 7 drops under the
tongue, morning and night or as required. Bush Flower        Chemical Free
essences can be added to massage blends, the bath,           Where possible Natural Solutions by Tia has
our drinking water and our skin care.                        endeavoured to select products that contain no harmful
                                                             chemicals - No Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS), No Petro-
Essential Oils - Aromatherapy                                Chemicals and no caustics, formaldehydes or chlorine's.
Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to bring           By choosing chemical free we look after ourselves and
balance and harmony into our busy lives. Essential oils      our environment, we help our immune systems and our
are collected from flowers, plants, herbs and spices and     lymphatic systems operate more effectively. By using
have been used for thousands of years for their              essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances we make
amazing smells and the unique healing properties             the most of the natural gifts that God has given us.
associated with those smells. Most common usage
would probably be in a massage or in a vaporiser, but        Ordering made easy
there are many other ways we can use essential oils          log onto the website any time to place your order.
daily - in our bath, in our skin care, on a tissue to name   Delivery is usually within 2 weeks from receipt of order
a few. Essential oils were used in ancient Egyptian          & payment.
times and are even documented in the bible for their         Visit:
healing qualities.                                           Place your order. No money changes hands over the
                                                             internet. You receive a copy of your order and so do we.
Disclaimer                                                   We will then contact you to confirm order & amount,
The information in this catalogue is intended as a guide     organise payment and delivery. Credit Card or direct
only. Always check precautions before using essential        deposit accepted. No postage charged if you collect
oils. Never take essential oils internally. Since use of     your order from Wiilton. Ph: 0415 818 714

                   Aromatherapy Guidelines & Precautions
1.    Never take essential oils internally.           Please avoid the following essential oils if:
2.    Always check for precautions before using
      essential oils.                                 Pregnant : Basil, Cedarwood, Chamomile, Clary
                                                      Sage, Cypress, Fennel, Geranium, Jasmine,
3.    With the exception of Lavender, all             Juniper, Lavender (until 3 months), Marjoram,
      essential oils should be diluted in a carrier   Myrrh, Neroli, Nutmeg, Peppermint, Rose,
      before using on the skin.                       Rosemary, Spearmint, Thyme.
4.    Keep out of reach of children.
                                                      High Blood Pressure: Peppermint, Rosemary
5.    Store in a cool, dark place.
6.    Always use pure essential oils, never           Low Blood Pressure: Marjoram, Ylang Ylang
      synthetic or fragrant oils.
                                                      Epilepsy: Fennel, Peppermint, Rosemary,
7.    Look for dark glass bottles, botanical and
      common names on bottles of essential oils.
8.    Prices vary between oils depending on the       Can Counteract Homeopathic Remedies:
      growing conditions and the amount of oil        Peppermint, Spearmint
      the plant yields.
9.    Follow guidelines:                              Can Irritate Sensitive Skin: Basil, Cajeput,
         6-8 drops of essential oil in warm water     Cinnamon, Elemi, Geranium, Ginger, Grapefruit,
         in a vaporiser.                              Lemongrass, Melissa, Peppermint, Pine, Thyme
         1 drops to every 2mls of carrier oil for
         massage blends                               Avoid using on skin if going outside in
         1 drop to every 10mls base moisturiser,      sunlight: Angelica Root, Bergamot, Grapefruit,
         cleanser, shampoos & cond.                   Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Orange.
         4-8 drops of essential oils mixed with 1
         tblspn milk in bath.                         This list is by no means complete, but is
         1 drop on a tissue and inhaled as            intended as a guide only.
         1 drop to 2ml floral water for room
         sprays and 1 drop to 5 or 10mls floral
         water for personal spritzers.
10.   When using essential oils with children,
      halve the ratio that you would use. Babies
      need even less.
11.   Avoid contact with eyes and other
      sensitive areas.
12.   Experiment with the different smells and
      enjoy.                                     Products  Essential Oils, Blends & Massage Oils
                                                                            Juniper                                    SF COEO               $31.85
        SPRINGFIELDS Essential Oils                                         Stimulating, Antiseptic, Diuretic, Depression, Respiratory Problems,
                                                                            Aching Muscles, Lymphatic
                                                                            Kunzea                                     SF PU                 $22.75
        All Oils 100% pure & 11ml bottles unless otherwise stated           Lavender (11ml)                            SF COEO               $18.80
         SPRINGFIELDS - PROFESSIONAL USE (SF PU)                            Lavender (30ml)                            SF COEO               $37.60
                                                                            Soothing, Nurturing, Calming, Soothing, Antiseptic, Burns, Insomnia,
        All Oils 100% pure & in above quantities unless otherwise stated
                                                                            Cuts, Headaches, Muscular Pains, Relieves Pain
Gift Boxed Set                             SF COEO              $76.95
1 each of Certified Organic Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Lavender,           Lavender - Alpine                          SF PU                 $22.40
Lemon, Rosemary & Tea Tree plus a bonus Lavender at no charge.              Lavender - Spike                           SF PU                 $19.40
Aniseed Myrtle                             SF PU                $45.80      Lavender/Tea Tree                          SF COEO               $17.95
Use with Caution. Digestion, Menstrual Pain                                 Lemon                                      SF COEO               $16.35
Basil                                      SF RAR               $24.75      Lively, Perceptive, Clear, Refreshing, Antiseptic, Circulation,
Enthusiasm, Clarification, Focus, Uplifting, Energising, Antidepressant,    Respiratory Problems, Sore Throats, Oily Skin
Anxiety, Menstrual Problems                                                 Lemon Eucalyptus                           SF PU                 $15.00
Bergamot                                   SF COEO              $25.00      Lemongrass                                 SF COEO               $17.80
Spontaneity, Versatility, Encouragement, Uplifting, Antiseptic, Fresh,      Revitalising, Activating, Releasing, Antidepressant, Antiseptic,
Oily Skin, Anxiety                                                          Deodorant, Digestion, Diuretic, Exhaustion
Black Pepper                               SF RAR               $26.40      Lime                                       SF RAR                $18.95
Light, Stimulating, Circulation, Digestion, Muscular Aches & Pains,         Assertive, Attentive, Energetic, Smiling, Anti-viral, Antiseptic,
Colds, Cough, Aphrodisiac                                                   Astringent, Fevers, Sore Throats, Depression
Cedarwood                                  SF COEO              $17.95      Mandarin                                   SF RAR                $14.95
Certainty, Stability, Inner Strength, Sedative, Antiseptic, Anxiety, Lung   Happiness, Celebration, Serenity, Digestive tonic, Sedative, Anti-
Conditions, Acne                                                            spasmodic, Insomnia, Nervousness, Anxiety
Chamomile German 2.5% in Jojoba SF COEO                         $22.95      Marjoram                                   SF RAR                $29.95
Patience, Serenity, Tenderness, Skin conditions,                            Deeply Relaxing, Comforting, Contentment, Calming, Warming,
Chamomile Roman 2.5% in Jojoba SF COEO                          $22.95      Tension, Insomnia, Colds, Headaches, Muscular Cramps
Patience, Serenity, Tenderness, Skin conditions                             May Chang                                  SF RAR                $17.90
Cinnamon Bark (11ml)                       SF PU                $33.60      Invigorating, Astringent, Toning
Warming, Astringent, Use Sparingly, Exhaustion, Digestion, Circulation      Myrrh                                      SF PU                 $41.60
Clary Sage                                 SF RAR                           Antiseptic, Healing, Anti-inflammatory, Digestion, Bronchitis, Skin
Euphoria, Reviving, Exciting, Warming, Soothing, Depression,                Inflammation
Insomnia, Sore Throats, Digestion, Menstruation                             Neroli 2.5% in Jojoba                      SF RAR                $20.50
Clove Bud (5ml)                            SF RAR               $12.00      Fulfilment, Reassurance, Humility, Sedative, Antiseptic, Anxiety,
Warming, Antiseptic, Pain Reliever, Neuralgia, Sores, Toothache,            Insomnia
Respiratory Problems                                                        Orange Sweet                               SF COEO               $15.50
Cypress                                    SF RAR               $20.75      Exuberance, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Depression,
Relaxing, Refreshing, Astringent, Circulation, Influenza, Laryngitis,       Constipation, Nerves, Muscular Spasm
Muscular Cramps, Menopause                                                  Nutmeg                                     SF PU                 $15.85
Eucalyptus                                 SF COEO              $12.90      Palma Rosa                                 SF PU                 $23.55
Stimulation, Antiseptic, Anti-viral, Colds & Viruses, Aches & pains,        Antiseptic, Anti-Viral, Skin Infections
Cuts & wounds
                                                                            Patchouli                                  SF RAR                $16.90
Fennel                                     SF PU                $20.70      Exotic, Expressive, Romantic, Antiseptic, Antidepressant, Sedative,
Anti-toxic, Anti-spasmodic, Diuretic, Digestion, Constipation, Nausea,      Fungal Infections, Anxiety
Cellulite, Menopause
                                                                            Peppermint                                 SF RAR                $17.95
Frankincense (11ml)                        SF RAR               $51.20      Activating, Energising, Clearing, Pain, Antiseptic, Fatigue, Shock,
Tranquillity, Spirituality, Security, Warming, Relaxing, Tonic,             Headache, Toothache
Exhaustion, Respiratory Problems, Inflammation
                                                                            Pettitgrain                                SF PU                 $21.85
Geranium                                   SF RAR               $23.50      Anti-depressant, Anti-spasmodic, Deodorant, Anxiety, Insomnia,
Balance, Composure, Sensitivity, Refreshing, Relaxing, Astringent,          Antiseptic, Recovery
Nervous System, Menstrual Problems, Digestion
                                                                            Pine                                       SF PU                 $15.00
Ginger                                     SF RAR               $24.20      Refreshing, Antiseptic, Disinfectant, Asthma, Sinus, Respiratory
Stimulating, Digestion, Travel Sickness, Appetite, Rheumatic Pains,         Problems, Clearing
Sore Throats
                                                                            Rose 2.5% in Jojoba                        SF RAR                $32.95
Grapefruit                                 SF RAR               $19.80      Passionate, Feminine, Alluring, Relaxing, Anti-depressant, Astringent,
Alert, Confident, Active, Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Tonic, Stimulant,     Stress, Circulation
Diuretic, Depression
                                                                            Rose Geranium                              SF RAR                $15.20
Jasmine 2.5% in Jojoba                     SF RAR               $28.50
Intoxicating, Enchanting, Sensual, Relaxing, Sedative, Depression,          Rosemary                                   SF COEO               $16.75
Uterine Pain, Labour                                                        Awakening, Exhilarating, Confidence, Toning, Invigorating, Fatigue,
                                                                            Circulation, Headaches, Muscular Pains                               Products  Essential Oils, Blends & Massage Oils
       SPRINGFIELDS Essential Oils                                                       Essential Oil Blends
  CERTIFIED ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS (SF COEO)                                                           SPRINGFIELDS
     RETAIL AROMATHERAPY RANGE (SF RAR)                                   Springfields Essential Oil Blends are the result of many hours of
       All Oils 100% pure & 11ml bottles unless otherwise stated          professional Aromatherapist testing combinations of different essential
                                                                          oils to create the most beautiful aromatic blends.
        SPRINGFIELDS - PROFESSIONAL USE (SF PU)                           Essential oil blends are an easy introduction to aromatherapy. Our
Sandalwood Australian (5ml) SF RAR                         $39.15         years of experience, passion and knowledge, blending the perfect and
                                                                          most effective oils are brought to you through this collection. All the
Sandalwood Australian (11ml) SF RAR                        $70.50         essential oils, except vanilla extract, are pure, natural and combined in
Sandalwood Indian (5ml)     SF RAR                         $55.45         their Sydney laboratories.
Perseverance, Tenacity, Courage, Calming, Antiseptic, Aphrodisiac,        The blends can be used the same as an individual oil in oil burners
Fatigue, Nausea, Skin & Respiratory Problems                              (vaporizers), for massage, and other aromatherapy applications. They
                                                                          can also be worn as a unique natural perfume as a drop or two is quite
Spearmint                              SF RAR              $15.70         safe to place directly on the skin
Anti-spasmodic, Digestion, Flatulence, Fevers, Cramps, Colic, Nausea
Tangerine                              SF PU               $16.00         AUSTRALIAN BUSH SCENTS NEW                                   $18.95
                                                                          Relax with the wonderful aromas of Ausralia's native flora. A
Tea Tree                               SF COEO             $11.95         blend of Lemon Myrtle, Rosalina and Nerolina pure essential oils
Antiseptic, Fungicide, Respiratory Probs, Skin Infections, Wounds
                                                                          BLISS                                                        $16.50
Thyme                                  SF RAR              $17.20         A blend of oils traditionally used to attract good luck in health &
Stimulant, Antiseptic, Nerve Tonic, Fatigue, Depression, Colds & Flu,
Muscle pain, Digestion                                                    wealth. Bergamot, Lemon, Ginger, Ho Leaf, Vanilla extract &
                                                                          Peru Balsam
Vetiver                                SF RAR              $17.20
Antiseptic, Sedative, Nerve Tonic, Tranquillity, Insomnia, Nervousness,   CALM KIDS                                                    $16.50
Muscle Relaxant                                                           Sweet & soothing. Lime, Lavender & Frankincense.
Ylang Ylang                            SF COEO             $25.95         EZI-BREEZE                                                   $18.90
Sensuality, Intimacy, Tenderness, Sedative, Antiseptic, Depression,       Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree & Peppermint.
Anxiety, Frustration, Circulation                                         GODDESS                                                      $16.50
                                                                          To spoil your mind, body & soul. Jasmine, Rose, Tuberose,
                                                                          Violet Leaf, Rosewood, Cedarwood, Rose Geranium &
       Carrier Oils & Massage Blends                                      Tangerine.
                                                                          HEART & SOUL                                                 $16.50
      SPRINGFIELDS (COLD PRESSED OR INFUSED)                              Balancing to the soul. Frankincense, Ho Leaf, Cedarwood, Rose
Apricot Oil                            100ml               $12.35         Geranium & Orange.
Apricot Oil                            500ml               $22.45         LOVE                                                         $16.50
Arnica (infused)                       50ml                $15.85         Sensual & seductive. Ylang Ylang, Lime, Rose Geranium,
                                                                          Orange & Patchouli.
Avocado                                100ml               $17.60
                                                                          MIND POWER                                                   $16.50
Calendula (infused)                    50ml                $22.95         Penetrating aromas to encourage focus and inspiration.
Detox Massage & Body Oil               125ml               $16.95         Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary & Cinnamon.
                                                                          MY HOUSE                                                     $16.50
Hypericum (infused)         50ml                           $21.95         Vanilla, Mandarin and a dash of Cinnamon create a homely
Jojoba Cream Unscented      430gm                          $35.45         ambiance.
Jojoba Cream Unscented      240gm                          $19.95         REJUVENATE                                                   $16.50
Jojoba Oil (Golden)         100ml                          $19.95         Strengthening to the inner-self. Bergamot, Sandalwood, Rose
                                                                          Geranium, Vetiver, Frankincense, Lavender, Lime, Orange &
Jojoba Oil (Golden)         500ml                          $57.60
Muscle Rub Massage Balm 125gm                              $19.85         SANCTUARY                                                    $16.50
Muscle Rub Massage Oil      125ml                          $16.95         A pleasant mood-balancing aroma for every occasion. Lavender,
Rosehip Organic Facial Oil 30ml                            $19.95         Ylang Ylang, Orange, Patchouli & Geranium.
                                                                          SERENITY                                                     $16.50
Sleepy Lavender Massage & Body Oil 125ml                   $16.95         Peacefulness & tranquillity. Orange, Cedarwood, Sandalwood,
Spirit of Woman Massage & Body Oil 125ml                   $16.95         Lavender & Vetiver.
Sweet Almond Oil          500ml                            $17.60         SPIRIT OF WOMAN                                              $19.95
                                                                          Gorgeous rosy, supremely feminine. Ylang Ylang, Rose
Vanilla Bean Massage & Body Oil 125ml                      $16.95         Geranium, Rose, Rosewood, Palmarosa, Peru Balsam.
Washout Massage Oil       500ml                            $17.60         SWEET DREAMS                                                 $23.40
                                                                          Marjoram, Sandalwood, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Rose
                                                                          VANILLA FANTASY                                              $16.50
                                                                          Sweet & indulgent. Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit & Vanillin
                                                                          VITALITY                                                     $16.50
                                                                          Vibrant, energising. Bergamot, Lime, Grapefruit & May Chang.
Products  Essential Oils, Blends & Massage Oils . Products  Skin & Hair Care

                    Storage Boxes                                                              Skin Care
Blue Satin Zip Bag                                              $8.80          SPRINGFIELDS - NATURAL SKIN CARE
Holds about 20 essential oils                                             Made with fresh Organic Aloe Vera juice from local
Clear Vinyl Zip Bag with Purple Trim                            $5.95     Australian farms to nourish & protect. Gentle on Sensitive
Holds 4 essential oils                                                    Skin, suitable for all ages including children and the elderly.
Gloss White Cardboard Storage Box                               $5.95     Spirit of Woman Body Wash       250ml $11.95
Holds 24 x 11ml essential oils                                                                            500ml $19.95
Polished Timber Storage                                         $60.00     Lavender Body Wash             250ml $11.95
Holds 24 x 11ml essential oils                                                                            500ml $19.95
                                                                           Refreshing Body Wash           250ml $11.95
                                                                                                          500ml $19.95
                                                                           Wild Lime & Tea Tree Body Wash 250ml $11.95
                                                                         .                                500ml $19.95
                                                                           Spirit of Woman Hydra Mist     250ml $19.95
                                                                           Goddess Hydra Mist             250ml $19.95
                                                                           Neroli Floral Water (Mist)     250ml $22.00
                                                                           Rose Hydrosol                  250ml $35.00
                                                                           Spirit of Woman Body Butter    240gm $24.95
               Misc Essential Oils                                         Vanilla Bean Body Butter       240gm $24.95
                                                                           Unscented Jojoba Cream         240gm $19.95
Cardamom 10ml ND                                                $18.50
Clarifying, Stimulating, Encouraging, Enthusiastic, Clarity,               Rosehip Organic Oil            30ml $19.95
Concentration, Motivation, Purpose                                         Golden Jojoba Oil              50ml $19.95
Elemi 10ml ND                                                   $11.60
Meditation, Visualisation, Peaceful, Immune System,
Excessive Perspiration                                                    Springfields – the Beauty of Nature
Spikenard 10ml OOTE
Chakra balance, Meditation, Protection, Connection, Aches &
                                                                $30.00     Ethical Skincare Collection
pain, Balance, Digestion, Skin                                                   Inspired by Aromatherapy
Violet Leaf     10ml ND 3% in Jojoba                            $15.50           Environmentally Responsible
Antiseptic, Aphrodisiac, Diuretic, Anti-rheumatic,                               Ethical Practices
Expectorant, Sedative, Anxiety, Skin, Wounds                                     Free from Nasty Chemicals
                                                                                 No Animal Ingredients or testing
                      Oil Burners                                                Simple, effective skincare
                               Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy         Aloe Vera foaming cream cleanser            150ml $22.95
                               while you drive. Focus,                    Antioxidant Concentrate with
                               Concentration, Alertness                         Green Tea & Co-Q10                      40ml $39.95
                               Car Scenter           $25.00               Bamboo & Macadamia
                               Refill Pads           $ 5.00                     smoothing exfoliator                  125ml $24.95
                                                                          Fragrance Free Moisturiser                   40ml $19.95
                                                                          Jojoba & White Tea NEW
                    Cobalt Blue Electric Vaporiser                              rejuvenating Moisturiser                40ml $37.95
                                              $64.95                      Pomegranate & Apricot
                                                                                Daily Moisturise Lotion                 40ml $29.95
                       White Electric Vaporiser                           Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil
                                                           $64.95               Certified Organic                       30ml $19.95
                                                                          Rosehip & Co-Q10
6 hours burning time. Complies with Australian electrical standards.            Replenishing Cream                      40ml $34.95
Springfields Vaporiser Cleaner                                  $11.00    Rosewater & Chamomile
                                                                                Balancing Toner                       100ml $19.95
                                                                          Skin Rescue Hand Cream NEW
                    TeeLights -NEW                                              Nourishing                            75gm $12.95
Teelight Smokeless Candles 9hr                       10pk $ 2.50
Teelight Smokeless Candles 9hr                       300pk $65.00
      Products  Face & Hair Care      Products  Bath, Soap & Deodorants
                         Hair Care                                             iquid Soap & Deodorants
                                                                                                         HARMONY FIELDS SOAPS
                                                                         Goat’s Milk, Lavender & Ylang Ylang                                $3.50
                                                                         Olive Oil, Cedarwood & Tangerine                                   $3.50
                                                                         Rose, Geranium & Pink Clay                                         $3.50
                                                                         Spearmint, Lavender & Bergamot                                     $3.50
       SPRINGFIELDS - NATURAL HAIR CARE                                  Patchouli, Rose Geranium & Orange                                  $3.50
Shampoos are enriched with Aloe Vera for healthy growth and repair
   plus 7 herbal extracts including Birch, Nettle, Linden Flower,        Lavender, Lime & Mandarin Scrub                                    $3.50
               Rosemary, Sage, Horsetail & Yarrow.                       Almond & Aloe                                                      $3.50
Conditioners contain wheat proteins to strengthen the hair shaft, plus   Rosewater & Glycerine                                              $3.50
   macadamia and jojoba oils to nourish and moisturise. Special
    conditioning agents detangle & soften hair, leaving it shiny,
                  manageable and free from frizz.
    Normal Hair
                                                                                                                 Biologika Liquid Soaps
 Shampoo          325ml                                     $17.95
 Conditioner      325ml                                     $17.95                                                     sulfate free
 TWIN PACK                                                  $23.90       Wild Mint                                        250ml             $9.95
    Dry Hair                                                             Lavender                                         250ml             $9.95
 Shampoo          325ml                                     $17.95       Lemon Myrtle                                     250ml             $9.95
 Conditioner      325ml                                     $17.95       Vanilla/Almond                                   250ml             $9.95
 TWIN PACK                                                  $23.90
    Damaged/Treated Hair                                                                                               BIOLOGIKA
 Shampoo          325ml                                     $17.95                                               VEGETABLE SOAPS
 Conditioner      325ml                                     $17.95                                          The safflower oil, Avocado oil and
 TWIN PACK                                                  $23.90                                          macadamia Oil used in this product is
                                                                                                            certified Organic or Bio-dynamic. Grown
                                                                                                            without the use of Artificial Fertilisers,
                                                                                                            Chemically     Synthesised    Pesticides,
                    Lemon Myrtle                                                                            Weedicides, Fungicides and Growth
Australian made with Lemon Myrtle and all natural ingredients.
There are no Sulphates or Phosphates in any of the lemon myrtle          Lavender                                         100gm             $3.50
fragrance products. Coloured with natural chlorophyll, this range is     Rose/Geranium                                    100gm             $3.50
as natural as it is uplifting.
                                                                         Vanilla/Almond                                   100gm             $3.50
Lemon Myrtle Soap                                           $ 3.50       Bergamot/Macadamia                               100gm             $3.50
Lemon Myrtle Moisturiser                          200ml     $14.25
Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil                        20ml      $19.50       Bulk Buy Save $18 - 36 soaps - 9 of each $108.00
Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil                        50ml      $25.85
Lemon Myrtle Deodorant                            125ml     $13.75        BIOLOGIKA CERTIFIED ORGANIC DEODORANTS
Lemon Myrtle Shower Gel                           200ml     $14.25                                            Aluminium Free
Lemon Myrtle Foaming Cleanser                     150ml     $14.25       Evening Bliss                                    70ml              $9.95
Lemon Myrtle Spritzer                             125ml     $13.75       Lemon Kiss                                       70ml              $9.95
Lemon Myrtle Shampoo                              200ml     $14.25       Mystic Wish                                      70ml              $9.95
Lemon Myrtle Conditioner                          200ml     $14.25       Live it Up!                                      70ml              $9.95
Lemon Myrtle Air Freshener                        125ml     $11.55       Vanilla Kiss                                     70ml              $9.95
Lemon Myrtle Air Freshener                        250ml     $14.25       Lavender Fields                                  70ml              $9.95
                              Products  Mum & Baby Products
                                                                       Baby Cornstarch Powder               100gm              $11.95
                 Baby Organics                                         A delicate blend of corn powder, organic Aloe Vera extract
                                                                       and organic oils, Baby Cornstarch Powder naturally protects
                                                                       against nappy rash. Apply to baby’s skin as needed whilst
                                                                       being aware of avoiding baby eyes and nose.*Available in
                                                                       100g canister size.
                                                                       Baby Body Cleanser                   250ml              $11.95
                                                                       This soap and sulphate free cleansing gel is formulated to
                                                                       clean your baby on the go. It can be used as a liquid hand
                                                                       soap, shower gel for toddlers or applied direct to the skin,
                                                                       without the need to prepare baths. It also helps to minimise
                                                                       irritation and dryness of the skin, without the use of harsh
                                                                       chemicals.*Available in an economical 250ml pump bottle.
                                                                       Baby Moisturiser                     250ml              $11.95
                                                                       Baby Moisturiser Organic             125ml              $11.95
                                                                       Formulated to be gentle enough for a baby’s delicate skin,
                                                                       Baby Moisturiser contains only pure, natural and organic
   “a baby's skin deserves to be pampered,                             ingredients. It is mild enough to use every day to moisturise,
                                                                       soften and protect baby’s skin from dryness and chaffing. Use
         nourished and protected"                                      it after bathing or anytime your baby’s skin needs
                                                                       moisturising.*Available in 250ml (natural and organic
                                                                       ingredients only), 125ml (78% certified organic) and 50ml
                               A blend of certified organic            travel size (78% certified organic).
                               oils, plant extracts and
                                                                       Baby Massage Oil                     250ml              $11.95
essential oils. Baby organics endeavours to prevent harmful
chemicals touching our children's bodies. The baby organic             Baby Massage Oil Spray               125ml              $11.95
range of products contains no harsh synthetics that can harm           A luxurious blend of organic oils specifically selected to
baby's delicate skin and hair, leaving babies skin and hair            deliver a soothing massage to baby, whilst encouraging
feeling fresh and clean without dryness. Formulated with the           special mum and baby bonding moments. Baby Organics
delicate scent of lavender.                                            Baby Massage Oil is mineral oil free and non greasy.*Available
                                                                       in the economical 250ml size and 100% certified organic
                                                                       125ml spray bottle.
      sulphates                                                        Baby Nappy Lotion                    100gm TUBE $ 8.95
      synthetic fragrances                                             Baby Nappy Lotion                    250ml      $11.95
      tar derivatives                                                  Formulated with natural and organic
                                                                       ingredients, Formulated with natural and organic ingredients,
      harsh detergents
                                                                       this mild and effective moisturising lotion acts as a barrier to
      fillers                                                          help prevent nappy rash. It is suitable for the most sensitive of
      mineral phosphates                                               skins and can be applied at nappy change time as frequently
      mineral oils                                                     as required.*Available in a 250ml bottle and 100g tube
                                                                       Baby Cream                           100gm TUBE $14.95
VEGAN FRIENDLY:                                                        Especially formulated for those areas of your baby’s skin
      Contains no animal derived ingredients                           that is more prone to chapping, chaffing and dryness. It is a
      Made without cruelty to animals                                  non greasy cream that provides extra hydration and
                                                                       moisturisation than a lotion, and has a light lavender
         Not tested and never will be tested on animals                aroma. *Baby Cream is available in 100g tube
                                                                       Childrens Toothpaste                 100ml              $ 7.95
Baby Bath Wash                       250ml              $11.95         Safe and non toxic Toothpaste formulated specifically for
                                                                       Children. It has an orange aroma and flavour obtained
Baby Bath Wash lge                   500ml              $14.95         simply by adding organic orange essential oil, and in
Soap and sulphate free Baby Bath Wash has been                         conjunction with organic stevia it makes this toothpaste
specifically formulated to deliver the most relaxing and               delicious and effective. It can be used from a very early age
enjoyable bath for your baby. It is perfect for creating a calming     until grown up adults.
environment to prepare your little one for a restful
sleep. Simply add to running water when filling the bath.              Organic Aloe Vera Spray              125ml              $11.95
*Available in an economical 500ml refill size, 250ml regular           Designed for baby and mum, Organic Aloe Vera Spray is
size and a 50ml travel size.                                           the perfect after sun spray or refreshing facial/body mist. It
Baby Bath Wash Top to Toe 125ml                         $11.95         delivers the perfect balance of beneficial properties of Aloe
                                                                       Vera and soothing herbal extracts to re-hydrate and refresh the
Soap and sulphate free and with a low foaming formula ,
                                                                       skin.*Available in 125ml spray bottle.
Organic Top to Toe Baby Wash is an all-in-one cleanser to use
on baby’s skin, hair and scalp. Because your baby’s skin is            Mums Organic Belly Oil     125ml          $ tba
exposed to urine, stool and spit-up milk or food, it needs to be       Mums Body Lotion           125ml          $ tba
cleansed more often. *Available in a convenient 125ml size.
                                                                       Mums Nipple & Cooling Gel 125ml           $ tba
Baby Shampoo                         250ml              $11.95
A soap and sulphate free formula specifically designed to              Mums Stretch Mark Cream 100gm             $22.95
gently clean baby’s hair and scalp without irritation and              A non greasy formula that relieves the dryness
dryness. It leaves curly, wavy and thick hair soft, untangled          associated with stretched skin during
and hydrated. Also perfect for toddlers and young
children.*Available in a 250ml bottle and 50ml travel size.            pregnancy, whilst helping to retain its natural
                                                                       elasticity and moisture.*Available in a 100g jar.
                           Weenies                                  Magnesium Miracle Soak
Contact me for prices on all Eenee and Weenies products.        Magnesium sulphate, also known as Epsom salt, is an element of
Eenee Compostables – zero waste disposable nappies.             seawater that also occurs in some mineral springs and is mined from
Weenees Waterproof Baby Pouch Pant. Environmentally friendly    rock. But did you know that most of the Epsom salts on the market
nappies. Weenees are a 2 part system (pads                      are chemically manufactured, potentially using sulphuric acid or
and Pants. The pants are washable and the                       alkalizing agents that can create wide fluctuations in pH levels (from
pads are 100% compostable and can be                            acidic to quite caustic)? They can even contain up to 100 times the
                                                                amount of lead and arsenic compared to natural Epsoms! Power
flushed down most standard toilets. More info
                                                                Super Foods have discovered an amazing magnesium sulphate lake –
available at                                      a rare geological anomaly occurring naturally in only a few places
                                                                in the world and the size, isolation and purity of this massive source,
                                                                (harvested only in winter for minimal environmental disturbance)
                                                                makes it incredibly unique.
                                                                Bare Naked & Unscented                  600g                  $7.95
      UV Natural Sunscreens                                     Suitable for sensitive skin, children, elders and sunbunnies or
Imagine a sunscreen that uses natural ingredients! UV           if you want to add your own special blend of essential oils
Natural is formulated from completely naturally derived
ingredients and Zinc Oxide to screen the sun's harmful rays.    Relax & Rejuvenate                      600g                 $10.95
Light and pure, UV Natural products are fragrance and           Soothing essential oils of rosewood, ylang ylang, rose
preservative free. Each product is absorbed by the skin and     geranium, frankincense and organic May Chang
can be worn under make-up.                                      Detox & Recovery                        600g                 $10.95
Sunscreen SPF30             50gm                       $14.95   Revitalising blend of sweet Birch, Clary sage, geranium,
Sunscreen SPF30            150gm                       $28.95   Virginian cedarwood, fir needle and organic lavender
Baby Sunscreen SPF30        50gm                       $14.95
Baby Sunscreen SPF30       150gm                       $28.95
Sports Sunscreen SPF30     125gm                       $26.95
Sports Lip Balm Sunscreen SPF30+ 5gm                   $10.95
                                           Products  Misc Accessories
                                                                                                    Bottles, Jars & Spritzers
                                Books                                             Amber Mixing Bottle                        5ml $2.00
         NEW – HOME & LIFESTYLE                                                   Amber Mixing Bottle                        10ml $2.00
Organic Home – Clean Green                                           $29.95       Amber Mixing Bottle                        25ml $2.00
By Rosamond Richardson. A guide on how to create a natural, safe and
healthy living environment. Packed with practical and well-researched tips
                                                                                  Amber Mixing Bottle                        50ml $2.50
and techniques for cleaning, food, decorating, energy saving, baby care and       Blue Glass bottle & tamper evident lid     50ml $3.00
home remedies.
                                                                                  Blue Glass Bottle & tamper evident lid     10ml $2.50
A Slice of Organic Life                                              $49.95       Blue Glass Spritz                          100ml $6.00
Eco projects for everyone and every lifestyle. Living organic has never been
simpler.                                                                          Blue Plastic Bottle with disc cap          125ml $4.95
Chemical Free Home                                                   $18.95       Blue Plastic Bottle with disc cap          250ml $4.95
Robin Steward provides simple, effective and chemical-free alternatives for       Blue Plastic Bottle with Pump              125ml $7.00
creating a healthier and safer home environment.
                                                                                  Blue Plastic Bottle with Pump              250ml $7.00
The Chemical Maze- Shopping Companion $15.95                                      Blue Plastic Spritz                        125ml $7.00
A quick and easy-to-use resource for anyone who wants to choose safer
products. Useful information on hundreds of substances, origins of                Blue Pastic Spritz                         250ml $7.00
additives/ingredients including ANIMAL and GE.
                                                                                  Brown Glass Jar & Lid                      100gm $2.00
Chemical Free Kids                                                   $32.95       Brown Glass Jar & Lid                      25gm $1.75
Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World is one of the few resources in th
eworld that supports parents, teachers, care givers and health practitioners in   Clear Glass Jar & Lid                      15gm $1.75
tackling rhe issue of toxic chemicals and their impact on the health and well     White Plastic Jar & Lid                    15gm $1.50
being of children and young people.
Read the Label                                                       $24.95
from the cover: “an easy -to-read and easy-to-understand guide to food
labelling that decodes the marketing speak and tells you exactly how to
interpret the competing facts and figures”                                   
                             AROMATHERAPY                                              Products  NEW PRODUCTS
The Fragrant Pharmacy                                                $32.95
By Valerie Ann Worwood. Excellent guide to use of essential oils.                          Cinderella Cleaning
Aromatherapy Pocket Book                                             $ 6.95
Easy reference Oil guide.                                                                       Products
Essence of Aromatherapy                                              $ 8.95       Safe, fun and quick cleaning. This range of natural ingredient
Little book of Aromatherapy                                                       cleaners is economical and eye-catching with its funky bottle
Recipes for your Oil Burner                                          $22.95       design, bright colours and fruity fragrances. Formulated with
By Judy Chapman                                                                   allergy sufferers and the environment in mind, Cinderella
More Recipes for your Oil Burner                                     $24.95       products do not contain any volatile organic compounds and
By Judy Chapman                                                                   are 100% biodegradable
The Healing Power of Touch                                           $ 8.95
Little book of massage                                                            Dishwashing Liquid                       500ml        $5.95
The Essential Bath                                                   $ 8.95       Multipurpose Spray                       500ml        $5.95
Little book of bath blends                                                        Bathroom Cleaner                         500ml        $5.95
                AUSTRALIAN BUSH FLOWERS                                           Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner          500ml        $5.95
Reference Book                                                       $14.25       Oven & BBQ Cleaner                       500ml        $5.95
By Ian White Australian Bush Flower Essences guide to individual essences         Floor Cleaner                            500ml        $5.95
and combinations.
                                                                                  Stain Remover                            500ml        $5.95
Bush Flower Essences                                                 $32.95
By Ian White Book 1 - informative/personal picture of 50 bush flowers             Toilet Cleaner                           500ml        $6.70
Bush Flower Healing                                                  $39.95       Power VineGRRR – 101 uses                500ml        $6.70
By Ian White Book 2 - 12 new essences plus new insights to original 50
essences. Repertory of physical & emotional conditions.
Animal Healing Book                                                  $29.95
Happy Healthy Kids Book                                              $29.95                    Evolve Bio Cloth
                                                                                  Made from 100% Natural fibres, the bio cloth is 100%
                                  OTHER                                           biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The bio cloth is
Crystals Gems Minerals                                               $ 6.95       naturally super absorbant and long lasting. Made from 82%
Pocket Guide: Little Book of Crystals Gems & Minerals                             bamboo and 18% corn fibre, the bio cloth will naturally break
                                                                                  down under normal composting conditions.

                                                                                  Bio Cloth                          3 pack            $4.50                               Products  Australian Bush Flower Essences
                                                                        Meditation Essence                  30ml Drops        $14.95
                          Australian Bush                                This is a wonderful combination to awaken one's spirituality. It
                                                                        allows one to go deeper into any religious or spiritual practice.
                          Flower Essences                               Enhances access to Higher Self whilst providing psychic
                                                                        protection and healing of the aura. Highly recommended for
Emergency Essence               30ml Drops              $14.95          anyone practising meditation.
                                45ml Cream              $18.70          Purifying Essence                    30ml Drops       $14.95
                                50ml Mist               $17.80           To release and clear emotional waste and residual by-products,
                  New convenient Oral Spray             $23.75          to clear built-up emotional baggage.
Excellent for any emotional upset. It has a calming effect during       Relationship Essence                30ml Drops        $14.95
a crisis. If a person needs specialised medical help this Essence        Enhances the quality of all relationships, especially intimate
will provide comfort until treatment is available. Administer this      ones. It clears and releases resentment, blocked emotions and the
remedy every hour or more frequently if necessary, until the            confusion, emotional pain and turmoil of a rocky relationship.
person feels better.                                                    Helps one verbalise, express feelings and improve
Abund Essence                         30ml Drops        $14.95          communication. This Essence breaks the early negative family
Aids in releasing negative beliefs, family patterns, sabotage and       conditioning and patterns which effect us in our current adult
fear of lack. In so doing, it allows you to be open to fully            relationships. For those in intimate relationships a perfect remedy
receiving great riches on all levels, not just financial.               to follow this combination is Sexuality Essence.
Adol Essence                         30ml Drops         $14.95          Sensuality Essence                  50ml Mist         $17.80
 This Essence addresses the major issues teenagers commonly             Encourages the ability to enjoy physical and emotional intimacy,
experience . It enhances acceptance of self, communication,             passion and sensual fulfilment.
social skills, harmony in relationships, maturity, emotional
stability and optimism.
                                                                        Sexuality Essence                   30ml Drops        $14.95
                                                                        This Essence is helpful for releasing shame and the effects of
Calm & Clear Essence             30ml Drops             $14.95          physical or sexual abuse and trauma. It allows one to feel
                                45ml Cream              $18.70          comfortable with and to fully accept one's body. It enables the
                                50ml Mist               $17.80          individual to be open to sensuality and touch and to enjoy
                   New convenient Oral Spray            $23.75          physical and emotional intimacy. Sexuality Essence renews
Helps to find time for one’s self, to relax without external            passion and interest in relationships.
pressures and demands, to wind down and enjoy relaxing                  Solaris Essence                     30ml Drops        $14.95
pursuits.                                                                Greatly relieves fear and distress associated with fire, heat and
Cognis Essence                       30ml Drops         $14.95          sun. An excellent remedy to have handy during summer and long
Gives clarity and focus when working, speaking, reading or              exposure to the sun.
studying. It balances the intuitive and cognitive processes and         Space Clearing Essence               50ml Mist        $17.80
helps integrate ideas and information. Excellent for study or                                               100ml Mist        $21.70
pursuits that require intense focus. It assists problem solving by      Creates sacred, safe and harmonious environments. Purifies and
improving access to the Higher Self, which stores all past              releases environments with built up negative emotional, mental
knowledge and experiences.                                              and psychic energies. Great for clearing tense situations and
Confid Essence                       30ml Drops         $14.95          environments and restoring balance.
Brings out the positive qualities of self esteem and confidence. It     Transition Essence                  30ml Drops        $14.95
allows us to feel comfortable around other people and resolve           This combination helps one to cope and move through any major
negative beliefs we may hold about ourselves as well as any guilt       life change. It brings about an awareness of one's life direction
we may harbour from past actions. This combination also helps           especially for people who are at a crossroad. Alternatively those
us to take responsibility for situations and events that occur in our   who know what they want but do not know how to achieve it will
lives and realise that we have the ability and power not only to        benefit from this combination. It also eases the fear of death as
change those events, but also to create those we want.                  well as helping one come to terms with it. This remedy,
Creative Essence                     30ml Drops         $14.95          consequently, allows one to easily and gently pass over with
Inspires creative and emotional expression and gives courage and        calmness, dignity and serenity.
clarity in public speaking and singing. This Essence frees the          Travel Essence                      30ml Drops        $14.95
voice. It also helps to clear creative blocks and to find creative                                          45ml Cream        $18.70
solutions in all of life’s pursuits.                                                                        50ml Mist         $17.80
Dynamis Essence                      30ml Drops         $14.95          This combination particularly addresses the problems
Renews enthusiasm and joy for life. It is for those who feel 'not       encountered with jet travel. It enables a person to arrive at their
quite right', drained, jaded or not fully recovered from setbacks.      destination feeling balanced and ready to go. The use of this
Face, Hand & Body Essence 45ml Cream $18.70                             Essence is beneficial for all forms of travel.
Encourages love, nurturing, care and touch of your physical             Woman Essence                   30ml Drops            $14.95
body. Helps to deal with any dislike and non acceptance of one's                                        45ml Cream            $18.70
body, skin texture or intimate loving touch.                                                            50ml Mist             $17.80
                                                                                          New convenient Oral Spray           $23.75
                                                                        Harmonises any imbalances during menstruation and menopause.
                                                                        It allows a woman to discover and feel good about herself, her
                                                                        own body and her beauty
          NEW - ABFE           Organics                     
                                                                Products  Australian Bush Flower Essences
                              The only prescriptive Insight Cards - Deck of insight cards            $50.00
                              skincare system in the                The Flower Insight Cards were first
                               world that has been                  developed in 1997 after numerous
                                                                    requests from both practitioners and
                             formulated to target the               patients to see the flowers in all their
                              real issues relating to               glory! Beautifully photographed and in
                             skin, health and beauty                full colour, each card reflects the
                                                                    vibrancy and potency of each Essence.
                                 = your emotions                    Whilst also opening up many new ways
                                                               of healing with the Australian Bush Flower Essences.
                                                               These cards will also help you to deeply understand the
                                                               clues nature has given to the healing qualities of each
                                                               flower by its shape and colour - what ancient healers
                                                               termed the Doctrine of Signatures.
                                                                They can be incorporated into any traditional Tarot reading
   6 Organic, cleansing, rehydrating & clarifying mists        or even used with Feng Shui to enhance a quality of a
   5 Organic, deeply nourishing and protecting creams          specific area in a building. The Insight Cards can also be
1 comprehensive naturopathic prescriptive skin care system     used in conjunction with healing by placing a specific card
         that covers the physical and emotional                on a relevant part of the patient’s body.
      factors that maximise beautiful outcomes in                           Reference Book                      $14.25
                   “the whole person”                                       A concise illustrated reference summary of
                                                                            each of the 69 Bush Essences together with
                                                                            all the Combinations.
 see mists & creams under each essence on                      Bush Flower Essences Book                           $32.95
               previous page                                                        AUSTRALIAN BUSH FLOWER
                                                                                    ESSENCES Ian gives an informative
                                                                                    and personal picture of the first fifty
                                                                                    Bush Flower Essences which includes
  Happy Health Kids Book                           $29.95                           the unique story behind each Essence
                                                                                    and its use in all areas of healing.
                                                                                    Beautifully illustrated with photos of
                                                                                    the individual flowers this book also
                                                                                    covers chapters on: • History and
                                                                                    philosophy of Flower Essences • How
                                                               Flower Essences work • How to make, prepare and take an
                                                               Essence • Using the Essences with other modalities such as
                                                               Numerology, Kinesiology and Age Regression • Sexuality
                                                               and the Bush Essences • Meditation and the Bush Essences
                                                               • An index of Illnesses and their treatment
                                                               Bush Flower Healing Book                         $39.95
                                                                                    The long awaited companion volume
                                                                                    to Ian White's best selling Australian
                                                                                    Bush Flower Essences, first published
 Happy Healthy Kids traces a child's physical, emotional                            in 1991 and still the authoritative
 and spiritual development from preconception, through                              book in the field. This second book,
 pregnancy and birth, to age seven. Ian's 250 page book is                          Australian Bush Flower Healing,
 the culmination and integration of his 30 years' working                           covers the 12 Essences that were
 as a practitioner with children and 25 years of                                    developed after his first book was
 developing and researching the Bush Essences. Happy                                published. This text is also fully
 Healthy Kids is very accessible, easy to use, jammed full                          illustrated and contains stunning
 of    practical     advice     and    case    histories.      photos of not only the new Bush Essence flowers, but also
        Key emotional issues and a wide variety of             landscapes of the areas where they grow. One of the most
 everyday ailments a child may face at each stage of           valuable aspects of this book is the extensive repertory of
 growth are described alongside easy-to-implement              emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. This index is a
 solutions and a selection of appropriate Bush Essences.       wonderful reference point when researching or selecting a
        Happy Healthy Kids is equally essential for            Bush Essence.
 parents, relatives or practitioners and no prior experience
 with the Bush Essences is necessary.
     Products  enviroCare
  Chemical Free Personal Care Products     Heavy Duty Cleaner *NEW
                                                                                    (formally Heavy Duty Cleaner)
                                                                           750ml+spray $10.00 750ml refill $9.50
                                                                         Fruit & Vege Wash
Body and Hair Cleanser that contains no SLS (Sodium Laurel
                                                                                500ml $9.95
Sulfate), no petrochemicals, no caustics, wasn’t tested on animals, is   Laundry Powder & Pre-Soaker
bio-degradable, has no added colour or fragrance and has no scum                110ml $4.50           5 kg        $62.25
build-up in your shower or bath. It is a concentrated soap and
shampoo alternative. I divide it into smaller bottles, 1 for shampoo            1 kg $15.55           20 kg     $242.10
and 1 for body wash/shower gel and add my essential oils to these. It           2 kg $27.80
is perfectly safe for kids and for sensitive skins.
                                                                         Liquid Laundry
Body & Hair Cleanser -Use in place of soap and shampoos                         110ml $4.50           5 ltr      $51.40
        110ml $4.50            2 ltr       $31.40                                1 ltr $12.15         15 ltr $124.15
        375ml $10.50           5 ltr       $72.75                                2 ltr $22.70
        1 ltr $17.60          15 ltr $208.40                             Liquid Laundry - Front Loader
Sensitive Body & Hair Cleanser - Replacessoap&shampoo                           110ml $4.50           5 ltr      $49.05
        110ml $4.50           2 ltr       $28.05                                 1 ltr $12.30         15 ltr $137.40
        375ml $10.20          5 ltr       $64.45                                 2 ltr $22.65
        1 ltr $15.90          15 ltr $184.65                             Delicate Wash
Conditioner & Treatment                                                         110ml $4.50            5 ltr     $35.00
        375ml $14.45           5 ltr $119.05                                     1 ltr   $9.60        15 ltr $102.90
        1 ltr $26.80                                                             2 ltr $17.25
Head Lice Shampoo                                                        Fabric Conditioner & Softener
        375ml $10.00          1 litre $19.95                                    110ml $4.50             5 ltr    $40.35
Bubblebath                                                                      1 ltr    $9.40        15 ltr $111.60
        375ml $10.00          1 ltr $19.95                                      2 ltr $18.05
           Products  enviroClean                                               110ml $4.50            5 ltr    $52.55
              Chemical Free Homes                                                1 ltr $11.90         15ltr    $138.45
                                                                                 2 ltr $22.95
                                                                         Floor Care *NEW
                                                                                1 litre $10.20        15 litre $109.80
Not only should we try not to use harmful chemicals in our                      5 litre $30.05
hair but also around our homes.                                          Vigor - All Purpose Cleaner
All Purpose Cleaner *NEW                                                        110ml $4.50            5 ltr    $39.05
               750ml with spray       $9.95                                      1 ltr    $9.85       15 ltr $102.30
Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner *NEW                                                   2 ltr $17.65
               750ml with spray       $9.95
Dish Wash Liquid
                                                                                   Products  enviroPet
       110ml $4.50           2 ltr      $16.05                                      Chemical Free Pet Care
       500ml $7.20           5 ltr      $35.50
         1 ltr $9.70         15 ltr     $95.15
DishWasher Powder
       1 kg $15.60           5 kg        $62.95                          Pet Coat Wash & Conditioner
       2 kg $28.00           20 kg     $238.70                                  375ml $10.00          5 ltr $83.30
Rinse Aid *NEW                                                                  1 ltr $20.00
       500ml $9.95           15 litre $131.75                            Pet Sensitive Skin & Allergy Wash
       1 litre $14.00                                                           375ml $10.00          5 ltr $83.30
                                                                                1 ltr $20.00
                                                           Products  enviroCare
Environmental Marketing NSW

We care for You and Your Environment
Products manufactured for and by Environmental Marketing are Australian owned, managed and manufactured.
         Environmental Marketing Pty. Ltd. - A wholly Australian owned company
How are the products more user and environmentally sensitive?                                           There are no petrochemicals, phosphates, chlorine, caustics, animal
ingredients, sodium lauryl sulfate or other harmful chemicals in any of our products. We list ingredients on the labels! All products are biodegradable, septic and sewerage
safe, concentrated and economical!
In plain everyday language what do the products contain?                                     All products in the enviroClean, enviroCare and enviroPet ranges are based on
natural ingredients. Distilled water (de-ionised) is added to two main bases. Vegetable extracts and Minerals.

All Purpose Cleaner – see enviroClean Vigor                                                Dishwasher Machine use 1 level teaspoon of enviroClean
The name Vigor was chosen as it reflects the energy this product                           Dishwasher Powder. Brown vinegar replaces rinse aid. No toxic
exudes when used in accordance to directions on the label. Vigor                           fumes.
cleans most surfaces, the only surface not recommended for                                 Dogs Wash with enviroCare Pet Coat Wash & Conditioner or for
cleaning with Vigor is rubber. Dilute according to the label and add                       animals with a sensitive skin and or fleas, use enviroCare Sensitive
enviroClean Disinfectant if required. Do not add enviroClean                               Skin & Flea Wash. Long haired animals wash with both products
Disinfectant if washing windows, glass or mirrors (a residue is left                       (use enviroCare Pet Coat Wash & Conditioner last). No sodium
and does cause ‘streaking’)                                                                lauryl sulfate, no salt, no toxic pesticides.
Aromatherapy Add essential oils to enviroCare Sensitive Hair &                             Eczema Consult a specialist practitioner. Practitioners recommend
Body Cleanser for an exclusive shampoo, shower or bath gel. To a                           the enviroClean range and enviroCare Sensitive Hair & Body
1 litre container add 20 drops. enviroCare unscented Day Facial                            Cleanser to bathe and wash hair. To a one litre container add 1 to 2
Moisturiser has ingredients included that preserve your added                              tablespoons of cold pressed virgin olive oil. Do not use soap or
essential oils. Add 5 to 10 drops to a 250 ml container, stir well.                        shampoos with sodium lauryl sulfate.
Barbecue            enviroClean Heavy Duty Cleaner.              No toxic                  First Aid Clean minor cuts, abrasions, scratches with enviroClean
chemicals. Wipe off excess soils, grease, food, etc with paper.                            Disinfectant dabbed onto a cotton wool ball. If bathing area, dilute
Spray enviroClean Heavy Duty Cleaner directly onto hot plate,                              as per instructions on bottle.
leave for a minute, and use a scraper or scourer to clean surface.                         Flea’s       enviroCare Pet Sensitive & Allergy Wash. Repeat twice
Rinse off.                                                                                 weekly for two weeks. Wash bedding.
Bathroom Washing People. No Soap Those that have to clean                                  Floors - Tiles enviroClean Vigor. (2 caps to a half bucket of hot
the bathroom, try Judith’s tip! Anyone using our bathroom that wants                       water). When our dog was small we added 1 capful of enviroClean
to use soap has to clean the bathroom after each use. There is no                          Disinfectant or alternatively pour 100 mls, about half a cup into a 1
scum buildup when our products are used unlike soap usage due to                           litre spray bottle and fill with water (spray on floor and mop off with
fats and waxes used in soaps! We use enviroCare Hair & Body                                clean mop).
Cleanser and enviroCare Sensitive Hair & Body Cleanser to wash                             Fruit & Vegetables Wash pesticides, herbicides and waxes from
ourselves. If you like to have something to hold (like a bar of soap)                      fruit and vegetables before storing. Half fill sink, add a few drops of
try putting a small amount of our products onto a natural sea sponge                       enviroClean Fruit & Vege Wash. With hands gently wash produce
(unbleached) you will still get the suds without caustic or sodium                         and dry on a paper towel or clean tea towel, store appropriately
lauryl sulfate!                                                                            ( without plastic bags).
Bath & Shower enviroClean Vigor pour 100mls (half a cup) into a                            Grease/clothing          enviroClean Vigor applied full strength, rub
1 litre spray bottle, fill with water, spray directly onto shower screens,                 gently then wash in warm water.
tiles, taps, basin, bath, leave for a while then wipe off with clean
sponge. For shower curtains & mould affected surfaces add 100mls                           Hair Conditioner After washing rinse thoroughly, apply enviroCare
of enviroClean Disin-fectant to the spray bottle. Stubborn stains,                         Hair Conditioner leave on for 1 minute, rinse off. Ingredients reflect
make a paste of 1 tablespoon each of enviroClean Vigor, Dish                               health tonic for your hair. Suitable for all hair types.
Wash & Laundry Powder & Pre-soaker, brush onto stain, leave                                Hair Treatment         Follow instructions on the label of enviroCare
overnight and scrub off with brush or scourer.                                             Hair Conditioner & Treatment, apply to clean hair, wrap hair in hot
Body Wash enviroCare Hair & Body Cleanser or enviroCare                                    towel and leave on for 30 minutes. Henna treats and conditions
Sensitive Body & Hair Cleanser - use a loofah, flannel or sponge.                          damaged hair.
Bubble Bath enviroCare Bubble Bath – Pour directly into running                            Hair Wash enviroCare Body & Hair Cleanser and enviroCare
water, contains essential oils to moisturise and soothe skin. Great                        Sensitive Body & Hair Cleanser replaces shampoo and soap.
for children and adults alike. No sodium lauryl sulfate.                                   Safer to use than conventional shampoos as our products do not
                                                                                           contain sodium lauryl sulfate.
Carpet Stains enviroClean Vigor. Pour 300 mls (about a full mug)
into a 1 litre spray bottle and fill with cool water. Spray directly onto                  Ironing       To cut down on ironing add enviroClean Fabric
stain and with a small brush eg; nail brush, work into carpet ensuring                     Conditioner to the final rinse cycle in washing machine. Reduces
a criss cross and up and down pattern (do not rub in a circular                            static, detangles fibres and conditions fabric. Shake clothing and
motion). Pour 1 cup of cool water onto stain and soak up with towel                        hang on clothes hangers to dry.
                                                                                           Kitchen enviroClean Dish Wash for washing dishes in the sink.
Cupboards                 enviroClean Vigor diluted as for floors.
                                                                                           Use 5 ml dispensing pump (or 1 teaspoon) for regular washing up.
Dishes enviroClean Dish Wash for washing dishes in the sink.                               10mls for heavily soiled dishes. Dishwasher machines: Use 1 level
Use 5ml (or 1 teaspoon) for regular washing up. 10mls for heavily
                                                                                           teaspoon of enviroClean Dishwasher Powder. Brown vinegar
soiled dishes.
replaces rinse aid! Spray enviroClean Heavy Duty Cleaner on                                 two litres of water) for hospital strength or 80 to 1 (25 mls to 2litres of
oven walls, racks, griller, frying pans, and baking dishes. Wash fruit                      water) for domestic strength.
& vegetables with enviroClean Fruit & Vege Wash before storing.                             Sensitive Skin enviroCare Sensitive Hair & Body Cleanser
Laundry        enviroClean Liquid Laundry for general washing.                              replaces soap and shampoo. If skin or scalp is dry add 1 - 2
enviroClean Laundry Powder & Pre-soaker for whites and stains                               tablespoons of cold pressed virgin olive oil to a 1 litre bottle. Shake
(try soaking overnight in the machine and turn the machine on in the                        well. Do not use products with sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth
morning). No time for soaking stains, rub undiluted enviroClean                             sulfate or petrochemicals (such as sorbalene). enviroCare
Vigor directly onto stain before placing in machine. enviroClean                            moisturiser (unscented) is excellent for face, hands and body.
Delicate Wash for hand and machine washing. Suitable for                                    Shampoo enviroCare Hair & Body Cleanser or enviroCare
Woollens, Silk and Lingerie. Front Loading Washing machines:                                Sensitive Hair & Body Cleanser. If dry scalp or hair condition is
Use 1-2 caps of enviroClean Front Load Laundry Liquid or 1                                  dry, add 1 - 2 table-spoons cold pressed virgin olive oil to a 1 litre
tablespoon (1 teaspoon for newer model machines) of enviroClean                             bottle. Like to use essential oils? Add 10 drops of your favourite to a
Laundry Powder & Pre-soaker. enviroClean Delicate Wash can                                  1 litre container of enviroCare Sensitive Hair & Body Cleanser.
also be used in front load washing machines.                                                Soap Replace with enviroCare Hair & Body Cleanser or
Lice (Head)       enviroCare Lice shampoo is free of the toxic                              enviroCare Sensitive Hair & Body Cleanser. If dry add 1-2
chemicals used in some lice control products. Use as directed on the                        tablespoons cold pressed virgin olive oil to a 1 litre bottle. Like to
bottle. Contains safer ingredients to eradicate lice and leave hair                         use essential oils? Add 10 drops of your favourite to a 1 litre
manageable. Must wash hair twice a week for two weeks to ensure                             container of enviroCare Sensitive H&B Cleanser.
the cycle is broken.          After washing, apply enviroCare Hair                          Stains On Clothes enviroClean Vigor. Full strength dabbed on
Conditioner.                                                                                stained or lightly soiled garments. Dilute (to a 1 litre spray bottle add
Moisturiser       enviroCare Day Facial Moisturiser available in unscented and              200mls of enviroClean Vigor fill with water). Spray directly onto
lavender.... No petrochemicals, naturally suitable for all skin types. Use on face, hands
and body wherever skin needs moisturising. Unscented can be used as a base for              stain, rub gently and put into normal wash cycle OR soak overnight
adding your own aromatherapy essential oils.                                                in machine or bucket with enviroClean Laundry Powder & Pre-
Nappies enviroClean Laundry Powder & Presoaker. 1 tablespoon                                Soaker (see nappies).
to large bucket or in washing machine, add 1 cap of enviroClean                             Toilets enviroClean Disinfectant. Pour 50 mls (one quarter cup
Disinfectant and soak overnight. Wash the next day in machine (no                           or 2 to 3 cap fulls), into a 1 litre spray bottle and fill with water. Spray
need to add any further product), be sure to use enviroClean Fabric                         directly onto seat, bowl and cistern wipe off with a clean cloth. For
Conditioner in final rinse.                                                                 stains in bowl, try sprinkling stain with enviroClean Laundry
Oil On Driveway         Spray with enviroClean Heavy Duty Cleaner,                          Powder & Pre-Soaker and leave overnight.
brush with broom, hose off.                                                                 Walls enviroClean Vigor as for floor tiles.
Oven Use enviroClean Heavy Duty Cleaner on oven walls, racks,                               Washing Clothes Coloureds and general washing. 1 to 3 capfuls enviroClean
                                                                                            Liquid Laundry or enviroClean Delicate Wash in top loading washing machine.
griller and baking dishes. Spray directly onto surfaces, leave a short                      Whites and stains. 1 to 2 tablespoons enviroClean Laundry Powder & Pre-Soaker.
while, wipe clean with warm sponge rinsed in clean water.                                   Soak overnight in the washing machine & simply turn the machine on in the morning.
Pets enviroCare Pet Coat & Hair Wash has a detangling agent                                 No time to soak? enviroClean Vigor (1 cup to a litre bottle and fill with water). Spray
                                                                                            onto stains before placing in washing machine. OR enviroClean Liquid Laundry
suitable for longhaired animals. enviroCare Pet Sensitive and                               dabbed directly onto the stain.       Woollens, Silk, Lingerie, Hand washing.
Allergy Wash is suitable for all animals affected by fleas, mites and                       enviroClean Delicate Wash (see laundry).          Static in clothes! 1 to 3 capfuls
irritated skin such as eczema, allergy conditions and sensitive skin.                       enviroClean Fabric Conditioner in the final rinse. Front Load Washing Machines.
                                                                                            enviroClean Laundry Powder & Pre-Soaker or                 enviroClean Front Load
Psoriasis Consult a specialist practitioner. Practitioners recommend                        Laundry Liquid (see laundry).
the enviroClean range and enviroCare Sensitive Hair & Body
Cleanser with 1 to 2 tablespoons of cold pressed virgin olive oil                           Windows enviroClean Vigor. Add 1 capful to a 1 litre spray bottle
added to a 1 litre. Do not use soap or shampoos with sodium lauryl                          and fill with hot water. Spray onto outside windows & fly screens,
sulfate. Try our moisturiser (unscented) on affected areas.                                 brush with soft broom. Hose off. Dry window with squeegee blade,
                                                                                            scrunched newspaper or clean dry cloth. Inside windows after
Sanitiser enviroClean Disinfectant. Dilute 20 to 1 (100 mls to                              spraying, dry with scrunched newspaper.
                             enviroClean VIGOR - ALL PURPOSE CLEANER - Save $$$$$
                                  1 capful makes 1 litre Spray & Wipe. 1 litre = 50 capfuls
           Cleans all surfaces except rubber!
       Bench tops, cupboard surfaces – dilute 3 capfuls into an empty one litre spray bottle, fill with water – cost of 54
            cents per litre on your first bottle purchase. 48 cents per litre with the discount on empty container.
       Laundry spotter & carpet spotter & bathroom cleaner – dilute 6 capfuls into an empty one litre spray bottle, fill
            with water – cost of $1.10 cents per litre on your first bottle purchase. 96 cents per litre with the discount on
            empty container.
       Floors – tiles, lino – dilute 4 capfuls into an empty one litre spray bottle, fill with water – cost of 72 cents per litre
            on your first bottle purchase. 64 cents per litre with the discount on empty container.
       Window cleaner – dilute 1 capful into an empty one litre spray bottle, fill with water – cost of 18 cents per litre on
            your first bottle purchase. 16 cents per litre with the discount on empty container.
       Car cleaner – paintwork - dilute 2 capfuls into an empty one litre spray bottle, fill with water – cost of 36 cents
            per litre on your first bottle purchase. 32 cents per litre with the discount on empty container.
       Car grill & wheel trim cleaner – pour 9 capfuls of the concentrated product into an empty one litre spray bottle,
            fill with water – cost of $1.60 cents per litre on your first bottle purchase. $1.45 cents per litre with the discount
            on empty container.