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									Spinal stenosis treatment
Before going to discuss on the spinal stenosis treatment first we need to know a little bit
about the spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of vertebral column that may
occur in any region of the vertebral column. This narrowing of vertebral column leads to
the pressure on the spinal cord as spinal cord is present within the vertebral column. This
pressure on spinal cord leads to the back pinching pain. So to avoid this pain spinal
stenosis should be treated
There are two types of treatment of spinal stenosis one is surgical treatment and other is
non-surgical treatment.
Non-surgical treatment
It is of following types.
Physical therapy
Different types of stretching exercises and massage are helpful in relieving the symptoms
of spinal stenosis.
Anti inflammatory drugs
NSAIDS like ibuprofen, mefnamic acid, and aspirin are used to relieve symptoms but
their long term use may lead to the stomach ulcer and other GIT problems so always
consult to your physician or pharmacist before using them.
Steroid injections
Steroid injections like cortisone can also be injected in the “epidural space” of spinal
column to relieve symptoms.
Surgical treatments
Surgery is done in those patients who do not respond to the nonsurgical treatment.
Surgical treatment improves the quality of life for the patients suffering from spinal
There are two types of surgery mostly done.
 It includes the removal of bone usually the back part (lamina) of the affected vertebrae.
This vertebrae may be cervical or the lumbar. By the removal of the back part of the
affected vertebrae the pressure on the spinal cord decreases thus causes pain relief.
Spinal fusion
In spinal fusion two or more vertebrae are fused together permanently so that vertebral
column is made more stable and irrelevant motion of spine can be controlled thus leading
to relief of pain which occurs due to motion of spinal column. The irrelevant motion
actually puts pressure on spinal nerves. The spinal fusion can be done in affected region
either cervical or lumbar region of the spinal cord.

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