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 VAPBHOA website: pbhoa.net

                                              A RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY IN NOBLESVILLE, IN 46062

                                   Kudos to Sandy Kern                               Next VAPB HOA Meeting
                                         for volunteering               VAPB HOA Board Meetings are scheduled for the
                                    to fill the position of             2nd Thursday of each month, unless otherwise stated.
                                   VAPB HOA Secretary!                  The next regular Board meeting will be held on . . .

                         Resident, Bob Tate, is currently                       Thursday, August 11, at 6pm
                         residing as vice-president on an                          Cancun Restaurant in Westfield
                           interim basis. The Board is                                    (Kroger Plaza)
                        needs a volunteer to step forward
                   and assume the position of                                          Everyone is Welcome!
            VAPB HOA Vice President
  This is a excellent opportunity to become actively
   involved in the management of the community !
    Consider sparing a couple of hours per month
    toward the betterment of YOUR neighborhood.

  Contact a Board member listed in the newsletter!

                              Pool Update
   Sun-Thurs, 9am~9pm                 Fri-Sat, 9am~10pm
                                                                           Noblesville Schools Bus Stop Link
   Please be reminded that the pool will be CLOSED for the
              season after Labor Day weekend.                           Noblesville Schools e-link is up and running for the 2011-2012
        The final day will be Monday, September 5.                      school year. Find your bus stop by going to the "Parents"
                                                                        link on the left side of your school home page and
We hope that everyone has enjoyed the pool this summer.                 finding the Bus Stop link. Follow the directions on the page
On your way out of the pool area these last few weeks of                by putting in the grade of your child and your address — routes
summer, please be sure to take home any thing that you                  will not modify after Friday, August 12, so please check again
may have brought to the area—to include toys, cans,                     after that date to verify your bus stop. Schools will have a hard
          snacks, etc. Let’s keep it looking nice for everyone          copy of all this information by Friday, August 12, if information
              to enjoy.                                                 can not be located on the computer
                   Your thoughtfulness is appreciated!! : )

                                                                             Boulevard Association Meeting
                       On the Calendar
8/11       VAPB HOA Meeting, 6pm, Cancun Restaurant                                        August 15, 2011
8/15       Boulevard Association Meeting                                                         November 14, 2011
8/17       Noblesville—Back to School                                     All meetings are on a Monday at 4:00 pm at the Pebble
8/24       Early Release/Noblesville Schools                                         Brook Golf Course Clubhouse.

        The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.           --Oliver Wendell Holmes
Page 2                               VILLAGE VOICE, VILLAGES OF PEBBLEBROOK MONTHLY NEWSLETTER~ August 2011

     204 VAPB Homesteads
                                                              What‟s on Board . . . . with the Board
                                                            Villages at Pebble Brook Homeowners Association
MAILBOXES AND                                                     Monthly Meeting — July 7, 2011, 6:00 PM
POSTS                                                                     Italia Mia - Westfield, IN
Please    remember,      all
mailboxes must maintain the              Board Members and Others Present
same color, style, numbering
and posts as the rest of the             President                                   Rick Foster
neighborhood.                            Secretary (interim)/Treasurer               Andrea Foster
LENGTH        WIDTH       HEIGHT         Amenities Association                       Russ Lush
18 ½”          5"           6"           Guests                                      Christine Earley, Village Voice
19 ½”          6"           7"
22 ½”          8"          11 ½”                                                     Bob Tate, Homeowner
If you are in need of a                                                              Mary Tate, Homeowner
replacement, please contact :                                                        Carolyn McGinley, Homeowner
                                                                                     Sandy Kern, Homeowner
•   Mailbox Make-over
    —Mailbox repair and repaint.         The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm.
    —-New mailbox & New post             Minutes from Last Meeting
    For more information e-mail or
    call to request brochure/order          • Meeting minutes from the June 9, 2011 were reviewed and approved by the Board as written.
    form. Contact: Rick Howell
    Cell: (317) 376-0339
                                         Old Business
    rick.howell315@comcast.net              • All assessments have been paid in full.
                                            • There have been no volunteers for the Secretary position thus far.
•   Address Art (mailboxes)
                                            • Rick will check with the Boulevard Association on the repair of the lights along SR32.
    addressart. com or
    254 -1508                            Treasurer Report
•   AAA Mailboxes (Post) at                 • The year-to-date May 2011 financial statements were reviewed and approved by the Board.
                                         New Business
                                            • Brad Neff submitted his resignation as Board Vice President, effective 07/05-11 due to
                                              other commitments.
                                            • Bob and Mary Tate were voted in to fill the Vice President position on an interim basis.
                                            • We need volunteers to fill the Vice President and Secretary positions.
                      Dates for             • A resident raised her concern about the unenclosed hot tub, once again. The Board felt that
                      the                     this issue was raised and addressed appropriately by the Board counsel at the annual meeting
                      VAPBHOA                 last October. She was advised to contact our attorney for any further clarification, she needs
                      Monthly                 to deem this issue closed.
                      Meetings :            • The proposed increase in drainage taxes was discussed. The hearing will take place on
VAPB HOA Meeting                              07/25/2011. If approved, the annual cost to the HOA will increase from the current
                                              $316.56 to $936.50.
    Thursday, August 11, 2011
Meetings are held on the 2nd
                                         Architectural Association
Thursday of each month,                     • There were no new issues raised
unless otherwise stated.                    • There no requests submitted.
                                         Boulevard Association
                                            • The next scheduled meeting is Monday, 08/15/2011 at 4:00PM at the Pebble Brook Golf
                                              Course Clubhouse.
Special Event?
Do you have a special event that         Amenities Association
you would like to announce in the
                                            • The wires on the surveillance system were cut and the cameras were stolen on
newsletter — new baby, honors,
new resident to the neighborhood,             or around June 28, 2011. Due to an alternate system, the parties involved have been
etc.? Contact Jennifer Tomlinson              tentatively identified. The case has been turned over to the Noblesville Police.
at 896-1049 jennylt@comcast.net,            • We will be researching alternatives on future security options.
and it will be published in the             • A resident raised her concern about general rough horse play by the older children that use
Village Voice.                                the pool. The fear is that the younger children are going to get injured. Also, there is a
                                              concern about the general access to the pool.
Village Voice                               • Due to these and other issues, we will explore the possibility of an attendant.
Submissions                                 • Year-to-Date Pool Repairs:
If you have any information
or an ad for the newsletter,                                                             What’s on Board w/the Board . . . Continued on Page 3
please submit it to: Christine
Earley 702 Firethorn Circle,
Noblesville, IN 46062,
696-5395 and/or
marketingadworks@comcast.net                          “Great Neighbors “ . . . Make        Greater Neighborhoods
or to anyone of the board                  Submit an article of interest, announcement, concern regarding neighborhood safety or just
members prior to the
monthly meeting or by the                 to thank a neighbor, who helped out in a time of need; if so, email to cmearley@comcast.net
20th of the month prior to                                              or marketingadworks@comcast.net.
month when you would like it to
appear. Thank you!
                                                      (Submitted articles may be subject to board approval for publication.)

          What’s on Board . . . . with the Board, continued from pg. 2
May/June Expenses (out of budget)
       Amount                        Paid To                           Reason
$219                  Ashpaugh Electric                  Faulty interior and exterior outlets    KIDS AT WORK
                                                         on pool house, low power output
                                                         on exterior GFI                        Animal Sitter
$33.38                Leslie Pools                       Replaced wading pool chlorinator,
                                                                                                Holden Booher, experienced and
                                                         old one removed & destroyed by         dependable, 896-1191.
                                                         pool patron
                                                                                                Abby Crouch, Experienced, trustworthy
$194                  Stanley Security Solutions         Card reader system not functioning
                                                                                                & reliable. 896-5811.
                                                                                                Paige Moore, experienced,
                                                                                                responsible. References available
$110.73               T-Time                             Reimbursement for additional
                                                         shock purchased due to pumps/
                                                         filters repair                         Morgan Upton, Available for walking
$349                  Summers Heating & Plumbing         No water pressure in women’s           your dogs during holiday breaks or any
                                                                                                day after school. Call or text Morgan's
                                                         restroom, repair of broken toilet in   mom. Pam @ 442-3246
                                                         women’s restroom                       Home # 867-5438
$800                  Myette Pools                       Repair and replacement of pool
                                                         multiports (2 @ $200), repair of       Babysitter
                                                         wading pool leak
$142                  T-Time                             Reimbursement for chlorinator          Heather Davidson
                                                         repair (pd to Myette Pools)            Senior in Elementary Education at
                                                                                                Purdue.4th year YMCA employee
                                                                                                Certifications: First-aid, CPR, Child
$3800                 Myette Pools                       Replacement of pool heater             Abuse Prevention, Safety and Risk
                                                                                                Management and Aquatics I have
                                                                                                references; and experiences with
855                   Leslie Pool Supply                 Purchase new pool vacuum               special-needs children. I am also
                                                                                                available for overnights. 867-1243
$250                  T-Time                             Wading pool gate repair (in place      Brooke Denny, CPR certified and
                                                         of Glidden Fence quote of $585)        experienced with babies and toddlers.
                                                                                                Very responsible, with reasonable rates.
                                                                                                317-363-4950 or SokrGal72@yahoo.com
                                                                                                Jessica Lampo, 896-5963.
2011 Pool Passes
   • New residents needing pool passes, please email (russlush@comcas.net) or call              Paige Moore, experienced,
                                                                                                responsible. References, 867-1523
     (867-4733) to get a pass.
   • Any current resident needing a replacement pass, the fee is $25. Contact Russ or           Ashley Schumlan Certified safe sitter
     Tamisa Lush.                                                                               with experience with triplets as babies
                                                                                                and toddlers. Very responsible and
   • A reminder that passes are not to be shared with other households. Any resident that
                                                                                                references are available at
     shares a pass will have their household’s pass cancelled. Please contact Tamisa Lush, if   317/867-1616.
     you have questions.
                                                                                                Sydney Tomlinson, 12 years old: safe
Grounds                                                                                         sitter graduate—896-1049
   • Tree limbs will be trimmed in the near future
Village Voice                                                                                   Lawn Services/Winter
    • No report                                                                                 Services
                                                                                                Ben Crouch, lawn mowing Excellent
   There was no further business. The meeting was adjourned at 7:32 pm.                         work w/reasonable rates. Call 379-2581.
 The next meeting of the VAPB HOA will be held at 6:00 pm, August 11, 2011 at
                                                                                                Devyn Diebold, Painting, weeding,
          Cancun Restaurant in Westfield. All residents are welcome.                            cleanup, etc. Call 635-7630.
                                                                                                Zack Howell, VAPB resident
                                                                                                16 years. Will mow lawns & trim.
          Just a friendly reminder . . . Exterior Improvements                                  Snow clearing also available.
                                                                                                Call 896-3079.
External additions and modifications must be reviewed and approved by the VAPB HOA Board
prior to the start of your work. Submitted plans may be directed to VAPB HOA, PO Box 1033,
Westfield, IN 46074 and/or send your request to any Board member listed in the                  If you would like to have your
newsletter. We will give you a decision in 30-days or less. It is the homeowner’s               child included/deleted/change
responsibility to obtain approval from the VAPB HOA (Board) prior to making any
                                                                                                   in the VAPB Kids at Work,
exterior alterations to their property. If approval for exterior alterations is
not obtained prior to commencement of the work, the homeowners risks                                     please contact
added expense if those alterations are not found to agree with the                                      Christine Earley at
continuity within the community. Refer to your Residents‟ Handbook                                 cmearley@comcast.net or
for ACC improvements form and guidelines.                                                                 call 696-5395.
Page 4                                    VILLAGE VOICE, VILLAGES OF PEBBLEBROOK MONTHLY NEWSLETTER~ August 2011

Villages of Pebblebrook                                      Village Connection ~ Welcome to the VAPB!
Real Estate
                                             If you are new to the neighborhood or have not updated your resident information to the

                                             Board, please contact Andrea Foster, the VAPB HOA Treasurer (Agent), at
Updates were not
available at time of                         317-867-2565. To be introduced via the newsletter contact your Neighborhood
printing                                     Greeter (see contact page) and/or the editor, Christine Earley at
                                             cmearley@comcast.net or call 317-696-5395.
Active:                                      A big welcome to VAPB new residents:
**17961 Candlewood Court                           Michael S. Henson and Alicia G. Henson to 17961 Candlewood Court, Lot 156!
      LP: $199,000 Prudential                                      (Previous owner: Michael Brian Majava and Kathryn K. Majava)
      LD: 09/01/10

5134 Trull Brook Drive
      LP: $169,900 Prudential
      LD: 04/18//2011                                                    Recreational Vehicles, etc.
                                                  Please be reminded that boats, trailers and other water vehicles
None at this time                                        should be parked out of view of your neighbors.
                                             PLEASE, No boats, campers, or any other recreational vehicles should remain
Sold:                                        parked on any driveway for more than a (5) five-day period. The HOA will have it
None at this time
                                             removed at the owner‟s expense.
None at this time
None at this time                                                     Care for your Lawn in August
*:     Indicates new                         ■   Order spring flowering bulbs for fall planting.
        listing                              ■   Keep newly established plants well-watered when weather is dry.
**:    Reduced
                                             ■   Don‟t fertilize woody plants now. It stimulates late growth that will not have time to harden off
LP:     List Price
LD:     List Date                                properly before winter.
SD:     Sold Date                            ■   Hand prune and destroy bagworms, fall webworms and tent caterpillars.
ED:     Expired Date                         ■   If white grubs were a problem last year, the lawn should be treated in early August to
                                                 prevent further injury. Be sure to apply insecticides at the proper rate and follow with at least
                                                 1/2 inch irrigation for best results.
                                             ■   Begin seeding new lawns and bare spots in established lawns in late August or September.
                                             ■   Established lawns can be fertilized beginning in late August, if moisture is adequate.
                                             ■   Keep faded flowers pinched off of bedding plants to promote further flowering and to improve
                                                 plant appearance.
                                             ■   Spade or till soil for fall bulb planting and add moderate amount of fertilizer.

                                                               Volunteer as a Neighborhood Greeter!
                                             Neighborhood Greeters to greet new residents for the purpose of:
                                                   • Welcoming them to the Village at Pebble Brook
      Life is like a game of                       • Handout current directory and Resident Handbook
     cards. The hand that is                       • Obtain resident updates for the VAPBHOA Treasurer
                                                     Obtain specific information to be introduced to the neighborhood via the newsletters.
      dealt you represents                         •

    determinism; the way you                 If you would be interested in volunteering as a Greeter for a specific section, please contact
                                             Christine Earley. (See Contacts page for the current listing of Neighborhood Greeters).
        play it is free will.
                       —Jawaharal Nehru

                                                                          From the editor . . . Infected Emails
                                                               Please be aware of opening questionable or unfamiliar emails.
          Verizon                                             Recently my computer was compromised by opening an email from
       Email Addresses                                       Comcast—the email was verified to be bogus. Unfortunately, the damage
If you have a Verizon email                                  was extent. If in question, DO NOT OPEN—DELETE!
address, which had recently been
bought out by Frontier, and/or if
you would like to receive an
electronic copy of the publication
each month, please forward your
                                                                       VAPB SUGGESTION BOX
new address to Christine Earley                  Do YOU have a suggestion, comment or concern that you would like to present to the
at cmearley@comcast.net, to                      Board in regard to improving our community? If so, email to any Board member listed
ensure delivery of the Village                                              on the contacts page or mail to
Voice.                                            VAPB, PO Box 1033, Westfield, IN 46074. (Your submission may stay anonymous.)

                  Noblesville Communications Department                                                  Neighborhood
                                                                                                         Classified Ads
6/16/2011 1:33:03 AM        PEBBLE BROOK BLVD          NEIGHBORHOOD CK           CHECKS OK               The Village Voice
6/19/2011 7:23:04 PM        HOLLOW BROOK CT            WELFARE CHECK             CALL DISREGARDED        will run your
6/21/2011 4:49:37 PM        ASHBROOK DR                SUSPICIOUS - VEHICLE      UNABLE TO LOCATE        classified ads, up to
7/1/2011 10:58:54 AM        ASHBROOK DR                NEIGHBORHOOD CK           CHECKS OK               20 words each, free of
7/2/2011 10:24:21 AM        PEBBLE BROOK BLVD          THEFT - OTHERS            CASE REPORT             charge. for the VAPB
7/2/2011 3:51:04 PM         ASHBROOK DR                NOTIFICATION              UNIT DISREGARDED        Residents Only.
7/3/2011 9:03:06 AM         ASHBROOK DR                THEFT - OTHERS            COMPLAINT ONLY
                                                                                                         NO business ads please!
                                                                                                         Contact Christine Earley
7/7/2011 2:35:28 AM         PB BLVD/ASHBROOK DR        NEIGHBORHOOD CK           CHECKS OK
7/8/2011 3:32:15 PM         SANDY RUN CT               VIN CHECK                 DETAIL COMPLETE
                                                                                                         (see contact page).
7/12/2011 6:39:06 AM        17920 PEBBLE BROOK BLVD    VEHICLE LOCKOUT           ENTRY GAINED

                                                                                                           Have an item or
              Lock your Vehicle —Noblesville Communication Department                                       two to sell?
    Never leave your vehicle unlocked.
    Do not leave valuables in plain sight, i.e., GPS devices, CD’s computers, purses, cell
       phones, etc.
    Etch your driver‟s license number on all removable valuable items.
    Install an alarm system that will sound when an attempt is made to break-in, move or
       start the vehicle; and always activate the system when the vehicle is unattended.
    Do not leave spare keys outside the vehicle or hidden within—store in purse or wallet.
    Replace knob-type door locks with tapered ones.
Community/Public Parking:
        Park in open, well-lighted and populated areas close to your destination; and if possible,
         near security cameras.
        Avoid parking in or around trucks, vans, dumpsters or other objects that obstruct visibility,
         which may provide hiding areas for thieves.
        Avoid parking near loitering strangers or people sitting in vehicles.
        Be sure to turn off your vehicle, windows closed completely, lock all doors and take your                Updates,
         keys. This includes those quick stops at a store/gas stations or in your driveway.
        Don‟t leave your vehicle in an unattended lot for an extended period of time.
                                                                                                             information on the
         —The Times, Noblesville Police: Always lock your car, July 27, 2009, pg. 1, Vol. 104—No.288             VAPB HOA
                                                                                                                 Need additional
What you can do:                                                                                            information? It‟s just a
        Jot down all serial numbers, description, brand and model numbers of items. Keep this list in       click away! Where can
         a secure area and add as new items are purchased. This list should be extend for your home             you find important
         items, as well.                                                                                       documents, resident
 Stealing is immoral and can be prevented by just following a few preventative measures. An                   handbook, VAPB HOA
ordinance is under consideration, that would require reporting by businesses that buy second                     Board, Amenity
hand or used items, such as, game devices, music CD‟s and DVD‟s, etc. This may dry up the                      Association, current
market for stolen items to some extent, and provide the NPD with leads on potential suspects.                      edition of the
                                                                                                            Village Voice, and other
                                                                                                               pertinent information
                                                                                                                   regarding the
                                Parking/Common Areas                                                         Go to the VAPB HOA
                                                                                                            website at pbhoa.net.
At no time, should ANY vehicle, boat, camper, recreational vehicle, etc. be parked in
the common areas. These areas are maintained for the aesthetic enjoyment of our
neighbors—they are not a parking lot. The HOA will have it removed at the owner‟s
                                                                                                                             have the right
                                                                                                                             to inform any
                             Trash/Recycling Containers                                                                          outside
                                                                                                          solicitor that a sign is posted at
                        Please be reminded, that once trash day has come and gone, trash                   the entrance “No Solicitors”
                         and recycling containers need to be stored out of sight. Please                  and that it is prohibited to ring
                          do not leave them on the driveways or in other visible areas.                     doorbells or leave flyers on
                            Your cooperation will be appreciated by all.                                    vehicles of residents in the
                                                                                                             neighborhood. Ask for the
                                              Recycling is every other Wednesday.                            name and number of their
                                       If in question . . . look to see if your neighbor‟s                 organization, or if on a flyer,
                                           recycling bin is out with their trash bin!                                  and call.
Page 6                            VILLAGE VOICE, VILLAGES OF PEBBLEBROOK MONTHLY NEWSLETTER~ August 2011

            Around Town & Noblesville                                               Indianapolis Events
   8/5-6      First Friday - Arts & Carafes
                                                                        N-8/7   Snoopy!! The Musical, Children’s Museum
              Live Music featuring Bill Lancton, Italian Fest, Art      8/5-21  Indiana State Fair 2011: 155th Edition
   Show, Shakespeare. This evening also features the Sister
                                                                                Indiana State Fairgrounds
   Cities Italian Festival. Taking place on the East side of the
                                                                        8/5-6   Marsh Symphony on the Prairie: The Music of
   square, the Italian Festival features the best of Italian foods,
                                                                                Billy Joel & Elton John featuring Michael
   music and traditions. August 6th, an Invitational Art Show
                                                                                Cavanaugh, 8p-10p (See additional dates of
   takes place on the square, rain or shine. Beginning at
                                                                                Marsh Symphony on the Prairie and other
   10am –4pm, the show features some of the best local artists
                                                                                summer events on the Connor Prairie webpage)
   displaying and offering their works for purchase. Conclude
                                                                        8/6     Dave Koz, Murat Theatre, $46
   "art-filled" weekend Shakespeare in the Park
                                                                        8/6     Journey w/Foreigner and Night Ranger, 7p
   8/5-25   Indiana State Fair                                                  Verizon, 800-745-3000 http://
             155th Edition                                                      www.livenation.com/event/05004670FCD8FB73
   NHS Band Day @ Fair                                                  8/6     Monster Truck Nationals, State Fairgrounds
   Gate Admission for the 2011 Fair is $8 for                           8/7     Rockstar Mayhem Festival, Verizon
   adults and children 5 & under are free.                                      Tickets: $24-$68.50
                                                                        8/9-13 Drum Corps International: DCI World
   Discount Tickets are $7. They will be
                                                                                Championships 2011, Indiana Convention
   available at all Indiana Wal-Mart stores, CVS/pharmacy                       Center & Lucas Oil Stadium
   stores, Indiana Farm Bureau offices, The Marten House                8/11    Big Time Rush, 6:30p, Indiana State
   Hotel, and the State Fairgrounds Box Office.                                 Fairgrounds
                                                                        8/11    Identity Festival, Verizon Music Center
   8/5      7PM -9PM Jazz on the Square: Bill Lancton,                  8/11-13 Classical Mystery Tour –Music of the Beatles,
            Seminary Park
                                                                                Conner Prairie, 8p-10p
   8/5      6:30PM-8:30PM, Noblesville Cultural Arts                    8/12    Def Leppard and Heart, Conseco, $30-$130
            Commission - Friends of the Arts Fair Preview               8/17    Grand National Horse Pull, State Fairgrounds
            Noblesville City Hall atrium, $10 in advance or $15 at      8/17    Janet Jackson: Number Ones, Fairgrounds
            the door. Fabulous art, meet the artists, enjoy the         8/17    Stevie Nicks, Verizon Wireless, $19-$174
            music, food and wine.                                       8/18    Maroon 5 and Train, 7:30p, State Fairgrounds
                                                                        8/19    Lady Antebellum, State Fairgrounds
   8/6      8AM-12:30PM
                                                                        8/19-21 National Toy Truck „N Construction Show,
            Noblesville Farmers Market
                                                                                Wyndham Indlps. West Hotel
            Additional Dates: 13, 20, 27
                                                                        8/20    Kid Rock w/Sheryl Crow, Verizon, 7p
   8/6      Journey w/Foreigner and Night Ranger, 7p,                   8/20    Lyle Lovett & His Large Band,
            Verizon 800-745-3000                                                Center Performing Arts
            www.livenation.comevent/05004670FCD8FB73                    8/21    Demolition Derby, State Fairgrounds, $5
   8/5-6    Marsh Symphony on the Prairie: The Music of                 8/21    Return to Forever, 7:30p, Murat Theatre
                                                                        8/22    Britney Spears: Femme Fatale Tour, Conseco
            Billy Joel & Elton John featuring Michael
                                                                        8/23    Incubus w/Tom Morello, Verizon, $20-$49.50
            Cavanaugh, 8p-10p                                           8/23    Tony Bennett, Center for Performing Arts
   8/13     8AM -12:30PM Noblesville Farmers Market                     8/25    Jimmy Buffett & the Coral Reefer Band,
            SALSA DIP CONTEST                                                   Verizon
                                                                        8/26-28 Indy 1500 gun & Knife Show, Fairgrounds
   8/13     Cicero Balloon Splash, 9am                                  8/27    Kings of Leon: Come Around Sundown,
            Red Bridge and Cicero Baseball                                      Verizon
            Diamonds—20 hot air balloons float over Morse               8/27    Lucas Oil Indy Mile AMA Flat Track Grand
            Reservoir                                                           National, Indiana State Fairgrounds
   8/19     7PM-9PM Jazz on the Square:                                 8/28    Midwest Reptile Show, State Fairground,
            David Hartman Band                                                  10a-4p
                                                                        8/28    Mystery Dinner: The Last Person Off the
   8/20     Noblesville‟s Summer Movie Series: Grown Ups
                                                                                Sinking Ship, 7pm, Indlps. Propylaeum
            Forest Park Shelter #1 Summer Movie Series:
   8/20     Nefarious Noblesville Ghost Walk                              **Additional “Happenings” in and around the area
            (8:30PM - 10:15PM) 317-840-6456                                                 may be found at
   8/27     Saturday‟s                                                       http://visitindy.com/indianapolis-events-all
            Fishers Farmers Market (8:00AM - 12:00PM)
            Carmel Farmers Market (8:00AM - 11:30AM)
            Cicero Farmers' Market (8:00AM - 12:00PM)
                                                                                 RESERVE ADVERTISING SPACE
   N-8/31 Antique Wedding Exhibit                                       $10—$12 Per Block, Per 50 Word Classified Ad
          The Old Jail and Sherriff's
          Residence—Noblesville                                                    Email to address below to obtain
                                                                      2011 Newsletter Advertising Flyer for additional information!

   Back to School ~ August 2011                                                          Houses Along Moontown Road
                                                                                     If you own a home that backs up to Moontown
  All Schools                                                                       Road it is your responsibility to maintain the
  8/1       Special School Board Meeting, 8am                                     grass and landscape up to the sidewalk that runs
  8/2-4     DIBELS Testing, 8am-12pm                                           along Moontown Road. Please do your part to keep
  8/15      Teacher Work Day (No School)                                         our neighborhood looking good and maintain this
  8/16      Teacher Work Day (No School)
            School Board Meeting, 7pm
  8/17      First Day of School
  8/24      Early Release Day
                                                                                                  Dog-gone it!
                                                             There are a number of residents who walk the neighborhood for exercise.
  8/8       Textbook pickup begins: Textbooks
                                                             Dogs are not allowed to be outdoors without any type of restraint or
            for the Fall 2011 semester are to be
                                                             containment. Your neighbor or pets do not deserve to be assaulted by any
            picked up before school begins.
                                                             animal that is allowed to roam loosely. The covenants and restrictions require
  8/8-9     Orientation for sophomores Aug. 8-9;
                                                             that all animals must be restrained by a leash when they are outdoors.
            new students Aug. 10. All incoming
                                                             Residents are encouraged to call animal control, if you witness any animal
            sophomores are invited to attend
                                                             running free.
            a short orientation program to
            assist them in the transition to the
            Main Campus. This program will be
            held at the Main Campus from 9-10
            a.m. on Monday, August 8 (last
            name A through L), or Tuesday,
            August 9 (M-Z), in the main
            cafeteria. The program for new
            students to NHS will be held on
            Wednesday, August 10, from 9-10                  The day begins with the annual, river-clean-up effort. In the afternoon, the
            a.m. in the cafeteria.                           smells of grilled foods and music will fill the air as the anticipation of the race
                                                             builds. Purchase Ducks To Support Main Street and Win Great Prizes!!
  Noblesville Middle School
  8/8       Meet at the Middle: 7th grade                    The participants in the race always have a great chance for wonderful prizes.
            orientation registration—Seventh                 Dozens of prizes are awarded every year to the "owners" of the winning ducks.
            grade orientation will be held on                For a chance to win one of these great prizes, purchase ducks to compete in
            Monday, August 8 during two                      the race. Ducks are individually numbered and you'll be assigned your
            sessions: 2-4 p.m. or 6-8 p.m.                   numbers at the time you purchase your ducks.
            Parents may come the last fifteen
            minutes of the orientation to help               Ducks are $5 each and can be purchased at the office of Noblesville Main
            students practice opening their                  Street at 839 Conner Street during office hours; or you can order your ducks by
            locker.                                          going to http://www.noblesvillemainstreet.org/Duck_Race.html.

  Noblesville Intermediate School
  8/14      5th Grade Ice Cream Social, 5p-6p
            6th Grade Ice Cream Social, 7p-8p                BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches
  8/23      5th Grade Parent Night, 6p-7p
                                                             2          medium onions, cut into thin wedges
  8/29      6th Grade Parent Night, 6p-7p
                                                             1/2        cup water
  Hazel Dell Elementary                                      1          2- to 2 1/2-pound boneless pork sirloin roast
                No Updates Available                         1/2        teaspoon chili powder
                                                             1/2        teaspoon ground cumin
                                                             1/2        teaspoon ground black pepper
         NHS Marching Millers                                1/4        teaspoon garlic powder
   The Noblesville High School Marching Millers              1          cup bottled low-calorie barbecue sauce
    & Golden Guard will take their                           1/4        cup cider vinegar
       show to Indianapolis on                               1          tablespoon honey
   Friday, August 5, to compete in                           1/4        teaspoon ground ginger
        the 65th Annual Indiana                              10         whole wheat hamburger buns, split and toasted
     State Fair Band Day contest.                            In a 3 1/2- or 4-quart slow cooker, combine onions and the water; set aside. Trim fat from meat.
                                                             If necessary, cut meat to fit into cooker. In a small bowl, combine chili powder, 1/4 teaspoon of
  August 3:            Rehearsal, 9am-12p
                                                             the cumin, the pepper, and garlic powder. Sprinkle mixture evenly over meat; rub in with your
  August 3:            Ice Cream Social, 5p—8p
                                                             fingers. Place meat in cooker. Cover and cook on low-heat setting for 8 to 9 hours or on high
  August 4:            Full Rehearsal, 9a—12 p
                                                             -heat setting for 4 to 4 1/2 hours. Using a slotted spoon, remove meat and onions from
  August 5:            BAND DAY
                                                             cooker. Using two forks, pull meat apart into shreds. In a large bowl, combine barbecue
  Tickets for Band Day may be purchased at the grand-        sauce, vinegar, honey, ginger, and the remaining 1/4 teaspoon cumin. Add shredded meat;
  stand inside the Fair Grounds on August 5th. In the        toss gently to coat. Fill each bun with about 1/3 cup of the meat mixture and about 1 tablespoon
  past the cost has been $6.00 in the morning ($2.00 for     of the onions.
  kids 12 and under), and $10.00 in the evening ($4.00 for
                                                              Make-Ahead Directions: Prepare as directed. Store shredded meat mixture and onions in an
  kids 12 and under).
                                                               airtight container in the freezer for up to 1 month. To serve, thaw overnight in the refrigerator.
                                                              Transfer to a medium saucepan. Cook over low heat until heated through, stirring occasionally.
Page 8                                      VILLAGE VOICE, VILLAGES OF PEBBLEBROOK MONTHLY NEWSLETTER, August 2011

                                                                  VAPB HOA Contacts
Villages of Pebblebrook Homeowners' Association Board ~                            Responsible for residential Villages at
Pebblebrook Homeowners' Association. Responsible for residential common areas and the Moontown entrance.
President                          Rick Foster                       867-0515                                             president@pbhoa.net ~ rickfoster3@comcast.net
Vice President                     OPEN-VOLUNTEER ~                        Bob & Mary Tate, interim basis                 vp@pbhoa.net
Secretary                          Sandy Kern                                                                            secretary@pbhoa.net
Treasurer                          Andrea Foster                     867-2565                                            treasurer@pbhoa.net ~ andrea.foster1@comcast.net

Pebblebrook Boulevard Association ~ Responsible for S.R. 32-entrance, clock tower, Pebble Brook Boulevard,
fountain and common area pond.
President                          Phil Ephlin
                                   Pebblebrook Golf Course Home 896-5683 Business Phone 896-5683 pepbgc@aol.com
Vice President                     Jeff Curry
                                   Pebblebrook Golf Course Home 776-2357 Business Phone 247-8421 jlcurry@gopalmergroup.com
Secretary/Treasurer                Jim Hall, Secretary/Treasurer (Emerald Village 804-5552)
Members:                           Mike Matthews (Representing Pinehurst Village)
                                   Jacob Nichols (Pebblebrook Golf Course)
                                   Rick Foster (Representing VAPBHOA)
                                   Tamisa Lush (Representing the Amenities Association)
                                   Charlie Kurtz (Representing Pebble Brook Apartments)
Amenity Association ~ Responsible for swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts and playground.
President:                         Tamisa Lush            867-4733 tamisalush@comcast.net
Vice President:                    Vance May              867-0392
Treasurer:                         Russ Lush              867-4733 russlush@comcast.net
Commons & Pool                     Tim Davis              409-9951 russlush@comcast.net

Architectural Control (VAPB HOA Board) ~ Responsible for reviewing requests for architectural changes.                                                    Submit plans
to any VAPB HOA Board member. The Board has 30 days to review requests and respond.                                                         Email your request/specs to
accrequests@yahoo.com, any Board member and/or mail to
                                            VAPB HOA, PO Box 1033, Westfield, IN 46074
Neighborhood Matters—Village Connections. Information to keep the neighborhood connected on a more
personal level and Neighborhood Greeters:
Marty Davis              Village Way, 5258—5202 Ashbrook (Even), 5247-5297 Ashbrook (Odd), Bentgrass Drive (877-1719)
Pat Perkins              All of Sunridge Circle (867-0122)
Marilynn Bejin           Candlewood Court (867-2610) Beginning in March 2011

The “Village Voice” —Responsible for preparing the neighborhood newsletter and advertising.
Editor/Advertising  Christine Earley      Email: cmearley@comcast.net and/or marketingadworks@comcast.net
                                   Marketing & Ad’ Works             Home:        317.773.7921
                                   702 Firethorn Circle              Cell:        317.696.5395
                                   Noblesville, IN 46062

              VAPB Mailbox Address:                                  VAPBHOA, PO Box 1033, Westfield, IN 46074
                   VAPB Website:                                         http://www.pbhoa.net

 Block Captains: If you are not receiving the total amount of newsletters for your route each month or have extra copies, please contact Christine Earley (refer to
 contact page). Also, if you are unable to deliver the newsletter within a couple of days of receiving your bundle, are going to be out of town or any other situation that
 prohibits delivery, please do contact me, so that arrangements may be made. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Christine Earley @ 696-
 5395. If a resident does not receive a newsletter, contact your Block Captain.

Wanda Lawry               5267 Ashbrook Drive                         804-2019       Bentgrass Drive plus 5247 -5297 Ashbrook Drive, odd side only                     13 lots
Marty Davis               5234 Ashbrook Drive                       867-1719         Village Way, 5288—5202 Ashbrook, even side                                        17 lots
Andrea Foster             17922 Tallgrass                             867-2565       Tallgrass Court                                                                   10 lots
Judy Knutson              17910 Tallgrass                             867-8543       4845 – 4873 Ashbrook Drive + 4840 – 4873 Ashbrook                                 25 lots
Dawn Brace                5163 Trull Brook                            867-1737       Trull Brook                                                                       24 lots
Phil Tomlin               17918 Albany Court                          867-1989       Albany Court, plus three Ashbrook, same side of road                              15 lots
                                                                                     5047, 5121, 5089, 5073, 5061 Ashbrook
Kim Baker                 17912 Hollow Brook Court                    867-0876       Hollow Brook Court                                                                 9 lots
Peggy Testa               4913 Bentbrook                              896-9290       Bentbrook Drive                                                                    8 lots
Jenny Tominson            17929 Racebrook Court                       896-1049       Racebrook Court                                                                    9 lots
Karna Chier               17849 Sandy Run Court                                      Sandy Run Court                                                                   11 lots

Judy Rothrock             17971 Candlewood Court                      867-1919       Candlewood Court + 4860 – 4868 Ashbrook Drive, even side                          15 lots
Pat Perkins               18022 Sunridge Circle                       867-0122       Sun Ridge Circle                                                                  24 lots
Julie Kaminski            4823 Pinebrook                              867-1448       Pinebrook and northern Ashbrook                                                   24 lots

317.773-3839        Newly Remodeled!
Complete Dentistry for Adults and Children.
Nitrous (gas), Analgesia, Cosmetic
Dentistry, Orthodontics, Implants. We
specialize in Crowns, Bridges, Complete
and Partial Dentures. Full sterilization and
infectious disease control, a
in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
CALL 773-3839. 19405 Little Chicago
Road, Noblesville, SW Corner Little
Chicago Road and SR 38.

                                                                                                               Driving Range—35 Tees
                                                 *New Installation *Custom Design Floors                      Miniature Golf—18 Holes
                                                    *Repairs & Service *Free Estimates                         Batting Cages 5—Cages
                                                 *Extensive Reference List *Fully Insured                  Volleyball Courts * Game Room
                                                  *Solid Hardwood-Engineered-Laminate                           Open M—Thurs 10—9
                                                                                                             Fri & Sat 10—10; Sun 12—9
                                                                                                               Summer Hrs. 10A—10P
                                                                                                           GROUPS & PARTIES WELCOME

                                                           PEBBLE BROOK                                                     Harbour Trees
                                                             DENTISTRY                                                  Golf & Beach Club
                                                           Christopher Spohr DDS                                    A Championship Golf Course
                                                                                                                           and So Much More!
                                                       “YOUR Neighborhood Dentist”                        Ask about our all-inclusive
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                                                 5713 Pebble Village Lane SR32 & Little Chicago Rd.
                                                                                                      Golf * Pool * Fitness * Tennis * Dining
                                                                                                             Call NOW! 877-3612

                                                                                                          OF HAMILTON COUNTY

                                                                                                             Help us end senior hunger!
     Harbour House Insurance                                                                               Become a volunteer driver
             20222 Hague Road, Noblesville, IN                          Your Harbour House Team!           Refer seniors over 60 who need
     PHONE: (317) 776-6781 FAX (317) 776-6783                             Lisa , Ken, Saundra               home-delivered meals
         www.harbourhouseinsurance.com                                                                     Sponsor a Senior with your
                                                                                                           Serving Hamilton County over 35 yrs.
Page 10                                           VILLAGE VOICE, VILLAGES OF PEBBLEBROOK MONTHLY NEWSLETTER, August 2011

                 Full Service Salon & Spa                                             HEATING & COOLING, INC.                                     Family Dentistry
                                                                                           SALES * SERVICE * INSTALLATION
            Get Back to School Ready!                                                                                                          “FREE FINANCING AVAILABLE”

      FREE                    $10 OFF               $5 OFF
                          (SERVICE OF $25       (SERVICE OF $15
                                                                             David J. Holloway, President
                                                                                                                                              Robin I. Raub, D.D.S.
 WITH $25 SERVICE            OR MORE)              OR MORE)
    OR MORE)               (NEW CLIENTS)         (NEW CLIENTS)                   * SERVICE ALL MAKES *
                                                                                 Licensed * Bonded * Insured
                                                                               RESIDENTIAL * COMMERCIAL                                       (Specializing in Fixed & Removable Prosthodontics)

                                                                          Free Estimates on New Installations
                                                                                                                                                     19405 Little Chicago Road
                                                                                                                                                    Noblesville, IN 46062
        Village Park Plaza
 1950 E. Greyhound Pass, Suite 12
                                                                                                                                                       (317) 773-3839
     (317) 848-3529
      www.hairquestetc.com             AVEDA Aquage Kenra OPI
                                                                  1754 Hannibal St. * Noblesville, IN 46060
                                                                  Serving all of Hamilton County              It’s Hard To Stop a Trane.
                                                                                                                                                   $49.95        with this ad
                                                                                                                                               “SW Corner Little Chicago & SR 38
                                                                                                                                                 New Patients Only *In absence of Periodontal Disease*

                                                                                                                                           Jack Cummings
                                                                                                                                    SALES & LEASING REPRESENTATIVE
                                                                                                                                           “Pebblebrook Resident”

                                                                                          U.S. 31 NORTH AT 169TH ST.                                                    (317) 896-5561
                                                                                          P.O. BOX 391                                                                  (800)382-4619
                                                                                          WESTFIELD, IN 46074                                                       Fax (317) 896-9510

                  Opal Propes, GRI, CRS, RECS
                      REALTOR / NOTARY/BROKER

   Office 844-4646             Home Office 877-5614
                      www.TalkToOpal.com                            • Carpet, upholstery, drapery, leather,
                                                                        area rugs & tile
      I strongly believe that service to my customers
            and clients is the key to my success!                   • Water damage: structure & content
               Please call and ask about my                             drying
                 Professional Guarantee!
                                                                    • Fire, smoke, odor & soot damage
                               Being transferred?                   • Certified & insured    (317) 773-7683
                       I can help you receive information           • Free estimates         (866) 265-3367
                               on your new city!                                                                 www.boldens.com
                                                                            “Where Quality Comes First”

                                                                                                                                              House & Pet Watcher
                                                     BANK                                                                                                            “Care for your pets while
                                                                                                                                                                          you’re away.
                                                                                                                                                                      Whether it’s for work
                                                NOBLESVILLE                                                                                                                  or play.”

                                                                                                                                                Your pet is the                     of my business.
         * 830 Logan Street * 400 Noble Creek Dr. * 1007 S. 10th Street
                   * 201 N. 10th Street * 651 Westfield Rd.                                                                                    Professional In your Home Pet Care
     LOCALLY                                                                                                         MEMBER                  Experienced with Diabetes and Geriatrics
      OWNED                                              773-0800                                                     FDIC                 Tammy Peterson              317-776-2997
                                                www.cbindianaonline.com                                                                    Insured and Bonded          317-984-2217

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