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					                     English for New Bostonians Proposal Budget Form

Organization Name:                              Enter Organization Name Here
Fiscal Year End:                                        6/30/2012

                                                                  Total FY 2012 Adult
                                                                  Education Program
                                                    ENB request          Budget
Income Sources
  Government Grants
  Foundation and Corporate Grants, incl. ENB
  United Way
  Individual Contributions
  Earned Income
  Interest Income
  In-Kind support
  Other Income (List/explain below)
Total Income                                    $             -    $             -

 Salaries--see next tab for proposed salaries   $             -
 Fringe Benefits--see next tab                  $             -
 Contractual Services--see next tab             $             -
 Instructional Supplies
 Office Supplies, incl postage
 Food Costs
 Equipment Rental and Maintenance
 Other (List/explain below)
Total Expenses                                  $             -    $             -
Excess of Revenue Over Expenses                 $             -    $             -

NOTES (see instructions 4th tab):
                                                                         Detail of ENB Project Personnel

Personnel                                                                           (See instructions next tab for how to fill out these sections)
                                                                Hours/   Weeks/   Add'l                     Preparation         Professional       Qualify for Health   Paid Time off?
  Name                        Position            Hourly rate    week     year    hours                      time ratio         Development         Insurance? Y/N          S, H, V
                                                                                            $        -
                                                                                            $        -
                                                                                            $        -
                                                                                            $        -
                                                                                            $        -
                                                                                            $        -
Total Salaries                                                                              $       -
Fringe Benefit Rate                      25.00%                                             $       -
   Detail fringe costs here
Total Personnel Costs                                                                       $        -

Contractual Services
                                                                Hours/   Weeks/   Add'l                      Preparation       Professional
  Name                        Position            Hourly rate    week     year    hours                       time ratio       Development
                                                                                            $        -
                                                                                            $        -
                                                                                            $        -
Total Contractual Services                                                                  $        -
                 Funding Sources of Adult Education Program

Funding Source                 Amount          Status (pending/committed)

Total Funding                  $           -

First Tab--Program Budget:
Enter all income sources and expenses for the proposed ENB services in the first column, "This

ENB Proposed salary, fringe and contractual expenses are filled automatically from information on
the second tab, "Detail of Proposed Personnel".

Enter all FY 12 income sources and expenses for the overall Adult Basic Education program (adult
ESOL and ABE/GED if applicable) in the second column, "Total Adult Ed. Prog. Budget."

Under "Notes", explain any "other" income and expenses for the ABE program. Very briefly list or
explain all non-personnel costs of the proposed ENB project (not the whole ABE program). What is
included? Student textbooks, costs of standardized assessments, conference registration for ENB
teachers, etc.

Second Tab--Detail of Proposed Personnel:
Enter name, title, hourly rate, hours per week, weeks per year, preparation time ratio, professional
development, health insurance Y/N, and types of paid time off for each staff person in the proposed
ENB project.

Fringe Benefit Rate: Type the agency fringe benefit rate over the example "25%". Detail fringe
costs on the next line, including payroll taxes and benefits.

Additional hours column is optional and may be used for hours outside the normal weekly
schedule, such as assessment, occasional meetings, or professional development.

Preparation time: (for teachers only) Indicate the preparation time as a ratio of preparation hours
to hours of teaching. For example, a teacher who is paid one preparation hour for every two hours
of teaching would have the ratio 1:2.

Professional development: Indicate the planned or maximum number of hours for paid
professional development for this staff person under the grant.

Health Insurance: Indicate "Yes" or "No" for whether this person is eligible or qualifies for agency
health insurance (the person need not actually take the insurance).

Paid time off: Indicate what type(s) of paid time off this person qualifies for, "S" for sick time, "H"
for paid holidays, "V" for paid vacation.

Third Tab--List of Funding Sources
List all FY 2012 funding sources for the adult education program, with dollar amounts, potential
and committed. The total should correspond to the total on the first tab.


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