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   ISBN 13                         ALL AUTHORS                                TITLE                            COVER
                    LAST NAME
9780890067468 YAMASHITA                           A                                      Hardcover
9781596933859 Garg                                  Analytical and Computational Methods               Hardcover
                                  Ramesh Garg, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in Electromagnetics
9781580533676 Tretyakov           Sergei Tretyakov    Analytical Modeling in Applied Electromagnets          Hardcover
                                           APPLICATIONS MICHAEL GEORGIOPOULOS    Hardcover
9781580537315 Yu                  Wenhua Yu and Raj CFDTD: Conformal Finite Difference Time Domain Maxwell’s Equations Solver, Software and User’s G
                                                    Mittra                                           Cd-ROM
9781580538329 Taflove                                 Computational Electrodynamics: The Finite-Difference Hardcover
                                  Allen Taflove and Susan C. Hagness                                       Time-Domain Method, Third Edition
9780890063606 KOLUNDZIJA                             Electromagnetic Modeling of Composite Metallic and Dielectric Structures
                                  Branko Kolundzija and Antonije Djordjevic                              Hardcover
9781596933132 Malaric                                 EMI Protection for Communications Systems              Hardcover
9781580531474 Bolomey                               Engineering E. Gardiol                               Hardcover
                                  Jean-Charles Bolomey, and FredApplications of the Modulated Scatterer Technique
9781596930261 Nikolic             Marija Nikolić, Antonije Djordević, and Miloš Nikolić for Multilayer Circuits Cd-ROM
                                                       ES3D: Electrostatic Field Solver
9781580537773 Tarricone                              Grid Computing for Electromagnetics
                                  Luciano Tarricone and Alessandra Esposito                                  Hardcover
9781596933972 Sanchez Hernandez                       High Frequency Electromagnetic Dosimetry               Hardcover
9781596930858 Yu                                    Parallel Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method
                                  Wenhua Yu, Raj Mittra, Tao Su, Yongjun Liu, and Xiaoling Yang              Hardcover
                                  GIUSEPPE PELOSI, ROBERTO COCCIOLI, STEFANO SELLERI     Hardcover
9781596933453 Pelosi                                                                                      Hardcover
                                                      Quick Finite Elements for Electromagnetic Waves, Second Edition
9781580532679 Sarkar                                 Wavelet Salazar-Palma
                                  Tapan K. Sarkar, Magdalena Application in Engineering Electromagnetics Hardcover
9781580539654 KOLUNDZIJA                             WIPL-D S. Ognjanovic, Tapan 3D EM Simulation for RF &CD-ROM Applications -- Software and U
                                  Branko M. Kolundzija, Jovan Microwave: Circuit andK. Sarkar         One Microwave
AHP Electromagnetics - July 2010
                                                               TABLE OF
      PUB MONTH   PUB YEAR   PUB PRICE    DESCRIPTION                             PAGES             SUBJECT
      October       1995     £                           Application for using computers to design linear antennas and microwave printed circuits. Learn h
                                                                                 393     Electromagnetics
                                  38.00 Here are the newest methods of Supercomputers to Electromagnetic Wave Problems. Finite-Difference Time-Domai
      November      2008     £                                             Electromagnetic Theory the principles and methods underlying today’s powerf
                                                         Basic Principles performance Electromagnetics
                                 106.00 Achieve optimal microwave systemof Approx. 470by mastering– Maxwell’s Equations. Constitutive Relations. Electric
      June          2003     £                            Introduction. Thin Layers and Sheets. Interfaces and Higher Order Boundary Conditions. Periodica
                                                                                 284      Electromagnetics
                                  71.00 Analytical Modeling in Applied Electromagnets encompasses the most complete treatment on the subject published
      January       2001     £                           Preface. and "learning" abilities Electromagnetics can be applied to quickly Benefits of Neural N
                                  99.00 The high-speed capabilities Acknowledgments. Introduction to Neural Networks – Preliminaries. solving numerous co
                                                                               530         of neural networks
      December      2003     £                                                             equations solver
                                                           full One: CFDTD Software Tutorial. Part Two: CFDTD Software a fast and accurate tool for mode
                                 298.00 Here’s a powerful, Partthree-dimensional Maxwell’s Electromagnetics that serves as Package Manual. Part Three: Co
                                                                         330 pg. User's guide
      June          2005     £                             Electrodynamics Entering edition of the Artech House bestseller, Computational Equation. Introdu
                                  99.00 This extensively revised and expanded third the 21st Century. The One-Dimensional Scalar Wave Electrodynamics:
                                                                                1038       Electromagnetics
      October       2002     £                              resource provides you 424 the Problem. choice of Moments. Geometric Modeling of Structures.
                                                                                   with     Electromagnetics
                                 108.00 This practical new Introduction. Formulation of a much wider Methodof analytical solutions to the everyday problems y
      December      2009     £                              protection of communication services operating in the same of adjacent channels has become m
                                                                                 311      Electromagnetics
                                  79.00 In recent years thePreface. Communications Systems. Electromagnetic Spectrum Used for Communications. Electro
      September     2001     £                            Preface. Foreword. Introduction ‑ and the steady demand for new services with increased Basics
                                  73.00 Due to the spectacular growth of electronic systems Where Near Field Measurements Are Useful. Near Fieldfunction
                                                                                  280     Electromagnetics
      February      2007     £   200.00 An invaluable, timing-saving tool for professionals in the field, this software package is targeted at analyzing challeng
      September     2004     £                          Introduction. General Concept ofElectromagnetics
                                                                                266       Grids. Enabling Technologies and and efficiency of Building Up
                                  85.00 Today, more and more practitioners, researchers, and students are utilizing the power Dedicated Tools.grid computin
      May           2009     £                                                 225      Electromagnetics
                                  69.00 Along with the growth of RF and microwave technology applications, there is a mounting concern about the possible
      August        2006     £                              FDTD Method. Boundary Conditions. Parallel FDTD Method. Implementation of MPI: MPICH. Adv
                                                                                 method has revolutionized antenna design and electromagnetics engineeri
                                  79.00 The finite-difference time-domain (FTDT) 274     Electromagnetics
      May           1998     £                          Getting Started. Tools. 256
                                                                                Microwave Guiding Structures -- Characterization. Microwave Guiding Stru
                                  93.00 Now you can quickly and more easily work out challenging microwave engineering and high-frequency electromagne
      June          2009     £                            Two accompanying software enables you to quickly and easily work out challenging microwave e
                                  86.00 This practical book andDimensions - Getting Started: Shielded Microstrip Lines. Tools. Microwave Guiding Structure
                                                                                280       Electromagnetics
      May           2002     £                                                            from an Electrical
                                                          Roadmap of the book. this unique resource describes the practical application of wavelets Wavel
                                  90.00 Written from an engineering perspective, Wavelets Electromagnetics Engineering Perspective. Application of to the s
      December      2006     £                            Introduction: What400WIPL-D Microwave. Getting Started. Quick Tour. RF this new software pack
                                                                    Approx. is pg. User'sElectromagnetics
                                 266.00 Offering you the performance and time-saving features of software costing many times more,& Microwave Circuit So

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