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                                                                                                                     SEPT. 8, 2005                                                                         VOL. 47, NO. 35                                           50¢

                                          Billions spent for Iraq war
Ruptura en la organización
laboral favorece los ataques
anti-sindicales         12
                                          Relief for the rich,
          WW EDITORIAL                    disaster for the poor
                                          Hurricane tragedy could
    Hurricane Katrina
    U.S. gov’t guilty

                                          have been averted
  of criminal neglect
 A      lmost all of the death, injury,
         damage and destruction
  arising from hurricane Katrina is
                                          By Larry Hales
  the result of the crimes of the Bush
                                                                                                                    TROOPS OUT NOW!.
                                             Aug. 31, 3:15 p.m. EDT—The mayor of New Orleans has just
     President Bush was criminally
                                          announced that hundreds, probably thousands, have been killed
                                                                                                                     Camp Casey Crawford, Detroit                                                                                                                     6-7
  negligent in diverting funds that had
  been requested to protect the people    by Hurricane Katrina.                                                      Sept. 24 momemtum grows                                                                                                                           7
  of New Orleans for use in the crimi-       Last year in the midst of hurricane season, as Hurricane Ivan—
  nal war of conquest in Iraq. The
  Bush administration did this in full
                                          a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale, which cate-
                                          gorizes hurricanes based on barometric pressure, winds and              IRAQ                               Constitutional quagmire                                                                                           9
  knowledge of the impending danger.      storm surge—was bearing down on New Orleans, the city set
  The highest government agency in        aside 10,000 body bags. Hurricane Ivan was to be the storm that
                                          forecasters were suspecting would level the entire city.
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                                             New Orleans is essentially a bowl. It is below sea-level and sur-
                                          rounded by water. New Orleans is flanked by Lake Pontchartrain
                                          and the Mississippi River. Levees and pumps keep the city dry.
                                             A storm like Hurricane Ivan would have wiped the levees out,

A HISTORIC MEETING                        destroyed the pumps and have left parts of the city submerged
                                          under nearly 20 feet of water. The water would have grown stag-
                             Leaders of   nant, teeming with bacteria and the dead, and oil and gas would
                             Million                                                   Continued on page 11
                             March &
                             Millions     Global actions demand:
Louis Farrakhan
                                          Stop the execution
                                          of Frances Newton
& Chris Silvera

                                          By Gloria Rubac
                                          Houston                             RACIST DEATH PENALTY
VENEZUELA                                    Support for Frances Newton
                                                                                             Lena Baker
                                          grows daily. From every corner
        Revolutionary                     of Houston, the fourth-largest
                                                                                             too late
        communities,                      city in the country, people have                   3
        social missions              8    been moved by Newton’s case
                                          —and have turned their disbelief and outrage at the injustice
        Oil for the people           8    done her into action to stop her Sept. 14 execution.
                                             From around the United States and the world people are
                                          responding to an email campaign on the web
                                                                                                                         MARCH ON THE WHITE HOUSE                                                                                   We have
                                                                                                                                                              SEPT 24
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    the power
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    to do it
                                          site and the web site. They are sending postcards to            THE                                                                                                                     End the
                                                                                                                      TROOPS                                                                                                                Occupations
                                          the governor and showing DVDs of Newton speaking.                            HOME
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               of Iraq,

                                             Frances Newton, who has maintained her innocence, is                                                                                                                                           Afghanistan

WORKERS WORLD                             scheduled to be put to death by the state of Texas for the 1988
                                          killings of her husband Adrian, her 7-year-old son Alton, and
Trial subscription: $2 for 8 weeks                                                                                                                                                                                                     NO DRAF
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       NO WAY T
                                          her 21-month-old daughter Farrah. Her state appeal was                                                                                                                                              !

One year subscription: $25                denied in August. Her case in now in the federal courts.
                                                                                                                              EDUCAT ION

                                             She would be the first African American woman executed in                  IT’S OUR                     Militar y Recrui ters
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Stop Threats
                                                                                                                         FU TU RE                    Out of Our School s
NAME                                      Texas since 1854, when an enslaved Black woman named Lucy                                                                                                                           Venezuela,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Cuba, Iran,
                                          was hanged in Galveston.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             North Korea
                                                                                                                                                             War                                                             and Africa
                                                                                                                                                    Stop the

ADDRESS                                      In July, Newton’s attorneys filed an addition to an application            U.S.O
                                                                                                                                                     Against the
                                                                                                                                                        Black,                                                                                     Stop the
                                                                                                                           of the                       Latin@,                                                                                     war on
                                          for a writ of habeas corpus when it was discovered Assistant                 Philipp
                                                                                                                               ines,                 Arab &M
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              HOUSING              women &
                                                                                                                              Rico                    Commun                                                                    NOT                  gay, bi,
                                          District Attorney Roe Wilson, who handles all death row appeals
                                                                                                                      and Ha
                                                                                                                               iti                                                                                            BOMBS                   trans

                                          from Houston, had admitted to a Dutch journalist what
                                          Newton’s family had known for 18 years: There was another gun
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Support the
EMAIL                        PHONE        involved in the murders.
                                                                                                                         N OT
WORKERS WORLD NEWSPAPER                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Right to
55 W. 17 St. NY, NY 10011 212-627-2994
                                             Frances Newton wound up on death row because she was
                                                                                                                         WAR                                    JOIN THE MILLIONS MORE MOVEMENT OCT 14,15,16
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Return                           forced to take court-appointed attorney Ron Mock, known for                                      TROOPS OUT NOW COALITION                                             For bus tickets call
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                                                                                                                                       212-633-6646 www.troops out
                                                                                                                        Volunteer: 39 W. 14 St., #206, NY NY 10011
                                                                                                                                                         ,                                                      212- 633-6646
                                                                                                                        TONC is a member of the Sept. 24 National Coalition initiated by the ANSWER coalition                                   Labor donated 7/05
Page 2     Sept. 8, 2005

Mattachine victory
sparks internal debate                                                                                                                   In the U.S.
                                                                                                                                     Relief for the rich, disaster for the poor. . . . . . . . . . . 1
                                                                                                                                     Stop the execution of Frances Newton . . . . . . . . . . . 1
By Leslie Feinberg                                                  torian John D’Emilio relates, “had little if any sense of sol-   Mattachine victory sparks internal debate . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                                    idarity with other oppressed gays and no allegiance, Hay         ‘Extradite Posada Carriles!’ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
   The successful defense of a Mattachine founder against           felt, to the long-term goal of building a powerful, militant     ‘Free the computers for Cuba!’ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
criminal charges stemming from police entrapment in the             mass movement for homosexual rights.” (“Making                   Justice for Lena Baker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
summer of 1952 was a heady victory, expanding the mem-              Trouble”)                                                        Notes from a conversation with Louis Farrakhan . . . . 4
bership at a geometric rate.                                                                                                         Northwest strike . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
   The campaign against police entrapment had success- Skittish professionals                                                        New York forum hears immigrant organizers . . . . . . . 5
fully taken the organization’s activist work into the pub-        In an attempt to create at least one flexible public orga-         The Case of Lynne Stewart. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
lic arena. However, the campaign itself had been organ- nizational vehicle for movement building, the leadership                     Camp Casey, Crawford, Texas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
ized in the name of an ad-hoc, single-issue committee, did resolve in February to incorporate the Mattachine                         ‘It's women who will stop this war!’ . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
which provided greater freedom for mobilizing the Foundation in California as a not-for-profit educational                           Bedford-Stuyvesant rally . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
grassroots effort.                                                          organization in order to take another step into          Anti-war activists pursue Bush back to D.C. . . . . . . . 7
   Almost immediately this presented a crisis                               the public arena. Left-wing lawyer Fred Snider           Milwaukee: Blow to recruiters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
for Mattachine. New leadership was needed                                   handled the incorporation.                               John Johnson: Why his death went unnoticed . . . . . 10
for the growing number of discussion groups.                                   The Mattachine leaders hoped that an
Unlike the small circle of founding members,                                                                                            Around the world
                                                                            incorporated foundation could openly con-
who built a leadership based on a “consensus                                                                                         Venezuela offers oil for the people . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
                                                                            duct research into homosexuality and use the
of principle,” the gay men and lesbians who                                 findings to create mass education about                  Eyewitness Caracas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
flocked to Mattachine now did so because it                                 homosexual rights. To do so, the foundation              Iraq's constitutional quagmire. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
spoke to social needs that arose from their                                 could reach out for heterosexual support—                Unity soccer match between North, South Korea . . . . 9
oppression. However, they did not necessar-
                                                        PART 46             including professionals and public officials.            Bush ‘morality’ cuts funding for HIV education . . . . . 11
                                                         The entire
ily share the political view of the founding                                   The foundation could also ease the fears of
                                                        Lavender &                                                                     Editorials
leaders that homosexuals were an oppressed                                  the mass membership in Mattachine about
                                                    Red series, which                                                                Hurricane Katrina: Gov't guilty of criminal neglect . . . . 1
minority who needed to unite in collective                                  who the leaders of the organization were and
                                                   explores the history
political activism to bring about social change.                            who was organizing the discussion groups at
                                                      of the socialist                                                                  Noticias En Español
   These new members wanted to know who               movement and          a historical moment when such doubts always
the leaders were and where the direction for                                                                                         Ruptura en la organización laboral . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
                                                     the struggle for       fanned the flames of anti-communism.
the discussion groups was coming from.               sexual & gender           Chuck Rowland, a Mattachine founder,
During the frenzy and fear of the McCarthyite         liberation, can       drew up a four-page pamphlet announcing the
witch hunt, all such anxieties were directed        be read online at       establishment of the foundation by a group of
against communists. And the founding mem-         Los Angeles residents. Basing its arguments                                  WW CALENDAR
bers were communists.                                                       on Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s study of male sexuality,
   The secret “underground” structure of leaders that pro- published in 1948, the pamphlet debunked many of the                      LOS ANGELES.                           NEW YORK.

tected the anonymity of the founding core—the Fifth pejorative attitudes about homosexuality. “But homosex-                          Friday                                Every Friday
Order—strained the need for above-ground political uals as such have only limited social and legal rights,” the                      Sept. 8 IAC Forum: Ruth Vela          Workers World Party meeting.
                                                                                                                                     and Justino Jimenez of San Diego      Come hear Marxist analyses and
organizing. Same-sex love was still illegal, though, mak- pamphlet emphasized, “in fact, our whole society is organ-                 FIST will give an eyewitness          lively discussion of world events
ing the problem of creating a homosexual rights organi- ized to keep them completely oppressed.”                                     report from the World Conference      and working class struggles. 7
                                                                                                                                     of Students and Youth held in         pm. (Dinner at 6:30) At 55 W. 17
zation a thorny one.                                              Mattachine founders asked prominent individuals to                 Caracas, Venezuela. Zola              St., 5th Fl., Manhattan. For info
                                                               join the foundation’s board of directors.                             Muhammad and Page Getz will           (212) 627-2994.
Split in leadership                                               UCLA research psychologist Dr. Evelyn Hooker and                   report from their IAC-LA spon-
                                                                                                                                     sored solidarity trip to Camp
   How could Mattachine reorganize to meet the needs of novelist-screenwriter Christopher Isherwood both turned                      Casey. 7:30 pm,
a burgeoning movement? This question split members of down the invitation, although each reportedly said they                        5274 W Pico Blvd #203,
the Fifth Order almost immediately after the Jennings supported the aims.
legal victory. The Fifth Order held an urgent weekend con-        Isherwood argued that he was not a “joiner,” but he
ference in February 1953 to hash out their differences.        donated money to the effort and offered to spread the word            Workers World
   Most of the inner group demanded the creation of an about the foundation. Hooker, who had just opened up her                      55 West 17 Street
above-ground membership organization. Voicing the con- study of male homosexuality, expressed concern that                           New York, N.Y. 10011
                                                                                                                                     Phone: (212) 627-2994
cerns of this grouping, Chuck Rowland wrote to Harry membership would open her up to peer scrutiny about her
                                                                                                                                     Fax: (212) 675-7869
Hay. Rowland argued that the conditions under which the objectivity.
original underground organization was formed in 1950              Wallace de Ortega Maxey did say yes to participation in
had drastically changed, and that “a radical new approach” the foundation’s work. This pastor of the First Universalist
                                                                                                                                     Vol. 47, No. 35 • Sept. 8, 2005
was needed.                                                    Church in Los Angeles was known for his support of pro-               Closing date: Aug. 24, 2005
   Rowland stressed that the new Mattachine movement gressive political causes. San Bernardino physician
had opened up “a qualitatively new situation in which even Richard Gwartney also agreed to take part.                                Editor: Deirdre Griswold
our Junior Chamber of Commerce Laguna Group (the                  In general, however, the contradiction of approaching              Technical Editor: Lal Roohk
exact type of group the secrecy of the Society was designed professionals and officialdom became immediately appar-                  Managing Editors: John Catalinotto, LeiLani Dowell,
to protect)” favored above-ground organizing.                  ent. The Mattachine founders, all with communist back-                Leslie Feinberg, Monica Moorehead, Gary Wilson
   Rowland concluded that he was going to put forward a grounds or influences, wanted to organize a grassroots                       West Coast Editor: John Parker
motion at the next leadership meeting for a convention movement that would fight for every right.                                    Contributing Editors: Greg Butterfield,
and draw up a constitution for a new organizational struc-        The public figures Mattachine was approaching, how-                Fred Goldstein, Teresa Gutierrez, Berta Joubert-Ceci,
ture for the Mattachine Society. “Whether you like it or ever, did not share its revolutionary outlook, or even a sim-               Milt Neidenberg
not,” Rowland warned, “the subject of discussion for today ilar class outlook.                                                       Technical Staff: Shelley Ettinger, Maggie
is reorganization.”                                               Hay charged that Isherwood was “rude and sneering”                 Vascassenno
   Hay was unwavering in his opposition to reorganiza- to Mattachine leaders. Hay stressed, “Isherwood made no
                                                                                                                                     Mundo Obrero: Carl Glenn, Teresa Gutierrez,
tion. He believed it would do irrevocable harm to bones about his contempt for our socialist mass-organi-                            Berta Joubert-Ceci, Donna Lazarus, Carlos Vargas,
Mattachine to open up the structure at a time when there zation approach.
                                                                                                                                     Internet: Janet Mayes
was an influx of large numbers of new members who, his-                                            Continued on page 10
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                                                                                                                                         Sept. 8, 2005   Page 3

Global actions demand:
Stop the execution
of Frances Newton
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his incompetence and arguably one of the
worst defense lawyers in Houston. Sixteen
of his clients, including Shaka Sankofa
who was executed in 2000, were sent to
death row. Only four are alive today.
   Newton tried to have Mock replaced
after her family finally scraped enough
money together to hire a private attorney,
but the trial judge refused to dismiss him.                                                                                                                          PHOTO: ROBERTO MERCADO
   The state says Newton killed her family.
Her mother says it’s impossible. “Frances
adored her children,” says Jewel Nelms.
“Frances was a conscientious mother who
                                                                                                  ‘Extradite Posada Carriles!’
                                                                                                  Former political prisoner and Puerto Rican independence leader Antonio Camacho
took such care with her children, includ-                                                         Negron, left, spoke at a New York City rally on Aug. 29 to demand the extradition
ing their education. It is not possible she                                                       of known terrorist Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela to face trial. On that day,
could have harmed them.”                                                                          Carriles faced an immigration court in El Paso to seek asylum from the United
   On Aug. 27, Newton’s supporters from                                                           States. The rally was part of a national day of action initiated by the ANSWER
Houston and Austin marched on the gov-                                                            Coalition.
                                                                                                                                                                          —Anne Pruden
ernor’s mansion to put
Texas Gov. Rick Perry on                                                   PHOTOS: SOFIA HOLDER

notice that if he allows the                                     Gloria Rubac speaking
execution to take place, he
                                                                 in Austin, Aug. 27.
                                                                                                  NEW YORK.
will have the murder of an                                           “It’s been a little frus-

                                                                                                  ‘Free the computers
innocent woman on his                                             trating with other people
hands.                                                            not knowing about what
   The Houston-based Com-                                         really happened when
mittee to Free Frances
Newton left early from the
S.H.A.P.E. Community in
                                                                  you know it is a fact. And
                                                                  when you know that
                                                                  those facts could change
                                                                                                   for Cuba!’
Houston for the trip to                                           my daughter’s life.”
                                                FREE FRANCES.ORG
Austin. On the bus, each                                            On the Aug. 27 bus ride
person took the microphone and told what back to Houston, activists mapped out
had gotten her or him involved in trying plans for the next two weeks. There will
to stop this execution.                       be rallies and pickets and city council
   One of them was Karen Preston. She appearances. There will be a hip-hop pro-
went to high school with Newton. “Every gram for the youth, and a tent at a com-
class reunion, we talk about Frances and munity festival.
how we can’t believe she would ever harm         “I am so thankful for all the people com-
her family. I have to step up and try to stop ing together,” said Nelms. “I am thankful
her execution.”                               for all the people who are coming forward
   Armed with banners and signs and an and standing up and looking at the case
unstoppable spirit, the group was joined and voicing their opinions.”
by anti-death-penalty activists in Austin.       Letters of support can be sent to:
   After a march up Congress Avenue, the Frances Newton (#922), Mountain View
crowd rallied across the street from Unit, 2305 Ransom Road, Gatesville, TX
Perry’s home. Speakers included Barbara 76528.
Acuna, whose son Robert Acuna
was the last juvenile sentenced to
death in Houston before the U.S.
Supreme Court outlawed the
practice in October 2004. Also,
Delia Perez-Meyers talked about
her brother Louis Meyers,
another innocent person on                                                                        Protesters in New York City rally on Aug. 24 demanding the release of computers
death row in Texas. Perez-                                                                        and other equipment seized from the Pastors for Peace humanitarian aid caravan
Meyers presented Acuna with a                                                                     in July. The equipment was seized by U.S. Customs agents, acting on the orders of
                                                                                                  the U.S. Commerce Department, when the 16th “Friendshipment Caravan to
beautiful drawing made by Gary
                                                                                                  Cuba” attempted to cross the border at Mexico.
Sterling, who had been executed
                                                                                                                                                  — Story and photo by Anne Pruden
two weeks earlier.
   Speaking for Newton was Aug. 27 march to governor's house in Austin.
Nelms, who thanked everyone for
their commitment and activism

                                                 Justice for Lena Baker
on behalf of her daughter.
   After the rally, Nelms left to go visit
Newton. “She’s doing really good and is so
excited about what’s going on in Houston
and in Austin. Frances is doing well. She        Too little and much too late
still has a wonderful, beautiful smile. Her
spirits are high. She knows that the truth       Millions of people had not heard of              March 5, 1945.
is on her side,” Nelms said.                  Lena Baker until the Georgia Board of                  Baker had been hired in 1944 to care for
   Nelms noted the next day: “All the Pardons and Paroles posthumously par-                       Knight, a white mill operator in Cuthbert,
things are finally coming out that Frances doned her on Aug. 15. Baker, an African                Ga., who broke his leg. Baker was sexually
and I have been knowing for a long time. American maid, was and remains to this                   abused by Knight. She fatally shot him
Like the D.A. finally admitting another day the only woman to die in Georgia’s                    when he threatened her with a branding
gun was recovered from the crime scene.       electric chair. The 19 other women exe-             iron after she told him that she was quit-
                                              cuted in Georgia died by hanging.                   ting her job.
                                                 Baker was convicted of the first-degree             Black women being sexually exploited       set free. If there were real justice in .. .                          murder of E.B. Knight by an all-white, all-
                                              male jury during a one-day trial. Not one
                                                                                                  and raped by white men, especially in the
                                                                                                  South, was the norm not the exception,
                                                                                                                                                Georgia today, the GBPP would have not
                                                                                                                                                only proclaimed Baker’s innocence, but
                                                                                                  beginning with the days of slavery.           abolished the racist, anti-poor death
  Books to change the world–                  witness was called by her white court-
                                              appointed attorney in her defense. A                   If there were real justice in Georgia      penalty once and for all to honor her
  that’s the point                            mother of three children, Baker was 44
                                              years old when she was electrocuted on
                                                                                                  back then, Baker would have been found
                                                                                                  innocent by reason of self-defense and
                                                                                                                                                                   —Monica Moorehead
Page 4   Sept. 8, 2005

Notes from a conversation
with Louis Farrakhan
MWMM talks to Millions More Movement about the working class
By Clarence Thomas                             with an embrace and a handshake. Despite                                                                                Chris Silvera,
Co-chair, Million Worker March                 his hectic schedule, which included a                                                                                   Clarence Thomas,
Movement, New York                             flurry of interviews and other meetings,                                                                                Louis Farrakhan,
                                               we were able to have a 45-minute meeting                                                                                Brenda Stokely,
   During Nation of Islam Minister Louis       at his hotel.                                                                                                           Larry Holmes and
Farrakhan’s keynote address on behalf             Many trade union rank and filers have                                                                                Bashiri Silvera
of the Millions More Movement at the           a misconception of who Minister Farra-                                                                                  holding MWM
                                                                                                                                                                       t-shirt Aug. 27.
Teamsters National Black Caucus 30th           khan is and his importance. While he is
                                                                                                                                                                       PHOTO CREDIT:
annual banquet and educational confer-         certainly an important historical figure in                                                                             NATION OF ISLAM
ence in Chicago on Aug. 20, he publicly        the struggle for Black liberation, we found
extended an invitation to the TNBC             him to be attentive, humble, full of great
national chair, Chris Silvera, to have a       wisdom and gracious.
meeting in order to include MWMM                  I presented the minister with MWM
issues with the MMM platform. The              statements on “Rank and file unity and the
NOI’s chief of protocol, Sister Claudette      AFL-CIO split” and “Racism and sexism:
Marie Muhammad, made arrangements              Major pillars of the crisis inside the U.S.
with the assistance of Harlem’s NOI            trade union movement,” and with an out-           veyed to Minister Willie Williams, the             This includes those who don’t have pen-
Minister Kevin Muhammad, to set up             line of how the MWMM would be doing               national executive director of MMM.             sions, don’t have livable wages and med-
the meeting in New York Aug. 27.               broad outreach to workers, organized and          Farrakhan told us that each of the local        ical benefits, those who want a job and
   Silvera, an East Coast convener of the      unorganized, anti-war activists and others        MMM organizing committees should have           can’t have one, and how those of us who
Oct. 17, 2004, Million Worker March,           for the MMM. I also gave him a copy of the        labor representation. These committees          do have jobs serve as buffers, superficial
indicated to Kevin Muhammad that he            “War at Home—Economic Class War in                will be made aware of this recommenda-          divisions, between the unemployed on the
wanted to have two other MWM East              America” book by Jack Rasmus.                     tion along with the MMM executive body          one hand and the corporations and the
Coast conveners, Brenda Stokely, former           Prior to the Aug. 27 meeting, a MWMM           that meets regularly to discuss issues.         ruling class on the other.
president of District Council 1707, and        T-shirt, pin and Oct. 17 rally DVD had been       Farrakhan told us that no one can speak            Farrakhan made the point that there is
Larry Holmes, co-director of the Inter-        presented       to    Minister     Ishmael        for workers like workers themselves and         a disconnection in many instances
national Action Center, along with myself,     Muhammad, a Farrakhan assistant, dur-             therefore asked us to select a MWMM rep-        between those of us who are working and
at that meeting, which did occur on the        ing the July 23 AFL-CIO pre-convention            resentative to speak on the issues of labor     those who are not, as well as between
evening of Aug. 27.                            activity at Mosque Maryam in Chicago.             at the MMM Oct. 15 rally.                       those who have jobs that are unionized
   Farrakhan had traveled to New York to       Chris presented the minister with a TNBC             There was a mutual agreement on the          and jobs that are not unionized.
meet with various sectors of the commu-        embroidered leather shoulder bag, T-shirt         plight of working people—organized and             Brenda mentioned how the MWMM
nity and movement regarding the upcom-         and history of the TNBC DVD.                      unorganized. Farrakhan mentioned that           embraces those who don’t have jobs
ing Oct. 14-16 Millions More Movement             In response to a request made by Chris,        even though many of us in the trade union       because we call for universal health care,
events in Washington, D.C., to commem-         a verbal agreement was made that the              movement are facing this onslaught from         a national livable wage, affordable hous-
orate the 10th anniversary of the Million      MWMM will be one of the national co-              not only the corporations but the govern-       ing and education and that a worker—
Man March.                                     conveners of the MMM representing                 ment, still the plight of those who don’t       unemployed or a displaced—is still a
   He greeted the four of us individually      labor, and that this agreement will be con-       have jobs cannot be lost in all of this.        worker. Farrakhan reminded us of the

Northwest strike
Support grows for cleaners & mechanics
By Cheryl LaBash                                                                                 Japan, noted the global character of               Northwest is now turning its knives on
Detroit                                                                                          NWA’s attacks: “You attract the attention       the Professional Flight Attendants Associ-
                                                                                                 of many workers in Japan who face simi-         ation, which represents 10,000 Northwest
   Every day the local, national and inter-                                                      lar attacks ... . The Northwest Airlines are    workers. The airline bosses’ ultimatum
national solidarity with the striking                                                            depriving workers of the very right to live     would outsource more than half the jobs
Northwest Airlines mechanics and clean-                                                          by coercing an extravagant concession.          and cut pay an average of 20 percent.
ers becomes more visible. At the same                                                            The deliberate preparation of scabs clearly        In 2006 at the latest, NWA also wants
time, Northwest is renewing demands for                                                          shows that the attack is aimed at destruc-      to eliminate 1,181 pilots and cut pay by 22
                                               Minneapolis-St. Paul.      PHOTO: AFMA LOCAL 33
                                                                                                 tion of the very existence of the union ... .
huge cuts in its contract negotiations with                                                                                                      percent. (Detroit Free Press, Aug. 30)
the unions representing pilots, flight         1995 Detroit newspaper strike. The event             “Also in Japan we face appalling circum-        The AMFA strike at Northwest confirms
attendants and other workers.                  brought in $3,000.                                stances. A criminal policy of privatization     what the Mission Statement of the Million
   On the second Saturday of the strike,          After the Electrical Workers Local 58          and deregulation resulted in a railway acci-    Worker March Movement put forth last
1,000 supporters rallied at the Aircraft       had reluctantly pulled its hall, forced by an     dent, which claimed the lives of 107 pas-       year. The MWMM pointed to the vast
Mechanics Fraternal Association—AMFA           agreement worked out at the national level        sengers at once. Union busting, massive         reservoir of potential support that can be
—strike headquarters near the Minne-           by the Machinists and Electrical Workers          casualization of workers, and destruction       mobilized to turn around the devastation
apolis-St. Paul airport.                       union, strikers and supporters filled the         of wage, pension and health-care systems        on the job and in the communities:
   Speakers included Steel Workers             Anchor Bar and adjacent meeting room,             are rampant also in Japan. Therefore, an           “The vast majority of working Amer-
District 11 Director Dave Foster.              overflowing into McCarthy’s, another pro-         attack on you is an attack on all the work-     icans are under siege. Social services and
   One of 50 members there from the            labor watering hole down the street.              ers in Japan. We will fight back any possi-     essential funding for schools, libraries,
Machinists union told the crowd: “We are          At the gathering, strikers, union offi-        ble attacks and continue our all-out strug-     affordable housing and health care are
all the same. The company hates every one      cials and activists exchanged information         gle in Japan in solidarity with your strike.”   slashed and eliminated.
of us and wants to bust every single one of    and planned for Labor Day outreach and               In its Aug. 21 support statement, repre-        “Decent paying jobs are disappearing
the unions on the property ... . If we don’t   other strike support.                             sentatives of the Netherlands-based             through outsourcing and privatization
stand together, we are all dead. That’s why       Northwest’s attack on the mechanics            Aircraft Engineers International said they      whose real purpose is to break unions and
I don’t cross.”                                and cleaners of AMFA resonates with               are extremely concerned “about the mass         roll back the gains of one hundred years of
   Elected officials who spoke, including      workers in both the public and private            redundancies [layoffs] of qualified             struggle. Sweatshops and starvation wages
the mayor of Minneapolis, pointed to the       sectors, who face the same cuts in jobs,          mechanics at Northwest Airlines, and we         are imposed on workers across the world
public interest in actions by a company        pay and benefits.                                 are further concerned as this trend seems       and deployed against workers at home to
that has received tax breaks as well as a                                                        to increase everywhere… and the negative        undermine our jobs and our benefits. ...
monopoly at the airport.                       Solidarity!                                       effect on flight safety in general.”               “The time has come to mobilize work-
   The Strike Solidarity Committee               In an auto parts warehouse, UAW                    The Central Labor Council of Alameda         ing people for our own agenda. Let us end
plans additional actions, including            members collected a shop-floor donation.          County, Calif., the International Long-         subservience to the power of the privileged
picketing local hotels that Northwest          A delegation from that job site brought           shore and Warehouse Union and the FAA           few and their monopoly of the political
uses to house “replacement mechanics.”         pizzas to the strike headquarters, and            Safety Inspectors’ Union immediately            process in America. ... Let us forge
(                     picketed at the airport in an Aug. 27 down-       supported the mechanics’ and cleaners’          together a social, economic and political
   In Detroit, an Aug. 27 “ox roast” fund-     pour so heavy it backed up street drains.         strike.                                         movement for working people. We are the
raiser was organized in only a few days by       In an Aug. 28 statement of support,                UPS pilots said they would not fly           many. The secretive and corrupt who con-
the network built 10 years ago during the      Doro-Chiba, a railway workers’ union in           Northwest cargo.                                trol our lives are the rapacious few.”
                                                                                                                                       Sept. 8, 2005   Page 5

                                                New York forum hears
forces that we were going up against and
about the fear that the government has of
retribution from the Black community

                                                immigrant organizers
based on the racism and white supremacy
that we still face.
    Farrakhan said that the only way that
we are going to be able to realize livable
wages and jobs for the unemployed is to
make fundamental changes in the gov-
                                                   Leading organizers from immigrant
ernment, including the military-based
                                                worker groups in the New York-New
                                                Jersey area brought a message of strug-
    He stated that the government has
                                                gle to the Workers World Forum in New
committed wrongdoing to the victims of
                                                York on Aug. 25. From the mostly
“American foreign policy,” and that gov-
                                                Mexican and other Latin@ workers, the
ernment fear created an attitude of lock-
                                                message was: “We are here for work
ing up Black folks before there is some
                                                because NAFTA has made it impossible
kind of action taken by the Black commu-
                                                to work for a living wage at home. We
nity to the oppression that we’ve been
                                                pay taxes. We work hard. We are organ-
                                                ized and we will fight for our rights.”
    I underscored the fact that Farrakhan is
                                                   The speakers also reported on a confer-
the continuer of the legacy of the Honor-
                                                ence of day laborers that took place at
able Elijah Muhammad and the ongoing
                                                Hofstra University on Long Island, N.Y.,
struggle for economic and social justice.
                                                from July 27-31.
With all due respect to Jesse Jackson and
                                                   Among the speakers were Brian
Al Sharpton, Farrakhan has the moral
                                                Barraza, president of the Association of
authority to be able to make Black trade
                                                Mexican American Workers, active main-
unionists respond and mobilize around
                                                ly in New York City; four leading members
the issues raised at the MWMM. Farra-
                                                of Casa Freehold, a solidarity organization
khan’s speech on Aug. 20 with regard to
                                                in Freehold, N.J., that has fought for and
issues of the Black working class was in
                                                won concessions for the mostly Mexican-
fact helping to carry forth the work of Dr.                                                    Freehold, N.J., activists speak Aug. 25 in New York.
                                                born day laborers (jornaleros) in central
Martin Luther King with respect to the
                                                New Jersey; and Heather Cottin, who has
Black community, the working class or
                                                written about and supported the protests
labor, the inter-faith community around
issues of the right to a job, decent educa-
                                                of day laborers and other immigrant work-
                                                ers in and around Farmingdale, Long
                                                                                               THE CASE OF LYNNE STEWART.
tion and health care.
                                                Island, N.Y.
    When we mentioned to him the issues
of bringing the troops home, repealing
anti-labor laws such as the Taft-Hartley
                                                   Sharon Eolis of the International Action
                                                Center also spoke at the meeting about her     Justice Department attack
                                                                                               on the Bill of Rights
                                                recent trip to the Philippines. And Dustin
Act, upholding workers’ critical weapons
                                                Langley of “No Draft No Way” reported
like having the right to strike without
                                                on his visit to Camp Casey in Crawford,
replacement workers, ending all discrim-
                                                Texas, now a center of anti-war activity.      “The Case of Lynne Stewart: A Justice       had any connections with either.
ination in the work place—be it based on
                                                   The forum gave an opportunity for the       Department Attack on the Bill of                     Why did the wrath of the
race or gender—Farrakhan told us that he
                                                immigrant worker movement to speak             Rights.” A National Lawyers                           “patriot” gods strike Stewart?
was not interested in just being able to rat-
                                                directly with pro-socialist activists and to   Guild Publication. 37 pp. 2005                          Did she engage in violent acts?
tle off statistics, but he wants to develop a
                                                increase solidarity in the struggle for                                                                 Did she advocate violent acts?
perspective of what the working class is
                                                workers’ rights.                               By Rosemary Neidenberg                                    Did she conspire to perform
facing in order to feel their pain. He wants
                                                                  —Story and photo                                                                        or advocate violent acts? No,
us to provide him with an additional per-
                                                                    by John Catalinotto           The pamphlet contains                                   no, and no. Did they accuse
spective on issues put forward by the
MWMM.                                                                                          incontrovertible proof of pro-                            her of any of the above? No.
    Farrakhan impressively recited the                                                         gressive New York attorney                                  The basis for the prosecu-
preamble of the Declaration of Indepen-                                                        Lynne Stewart’s integrity and                          tion was Stewart’s June 2000
dence verbatim in order to re-emphasize         MMM and did not go to work on Monday,          innocence, and an unanswerable                       call to Reuters News Service with

the point that when the government is           Oct. 16, 1995.                                 indictment of the U.S. Justice                      a news release—no conspiracy or
not serving the needs of the people, the           “The MWMM clearly recognizes that           Department.                                         secrecy here—from Sheikh Rah-
people have the right to change the gov-        the labor movement cannot be absent               Shakespeare said, “Let’s kill                    man. The release stated his with-
ernment.                                        from this next mobilization. We will be        all the lawyers.” Lynne Stewart                     drawal of support for a peace ini-
    To quote from the Million Worker            mobilizing workers to participate on Oct.      says, “You can’t put the lawyers in jail.” tiative involving the Egyptian govern-
March Movement’s Letter for a Millions          14th-16th around the demands put for-          The U.S. Justice Department says, “Terrify ment and an Islamic organization in that
More Movement Resolution: “Oct. 16th            ward by the Million Worker March on Oct.       the lawyers.” The government set out to do country, and expressed the view that the
2005 marks the 10th Anniversary of the          17, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington      this through the prosecution of Stewart, Egyptian people should make such a deci-
historic Million Man March (MMM). This          D.C.”                                          who was appointed by a federal court to sion. No violence was advocated, nor did
event was not only the largest gathering of        Our Aug. 27 meeting was a reconfirma-       represent Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman. any result.
African American people; it was also the        tion of what Minister Louis Farrakhan          Sheikh Rahman was convicted in 1995 of         Sheikh Rahman’s legal team, Stewart
site of the greatest mobilization of workers    stated at the kick-off MMM news confer-        seditious conspiracy.                       and Ramsey Clark, wanted their blind
in a single demonstration in American           ence this past May in Washington, D.C.:           Stewart, who attempted to energetically and ailing client, who did not speak or
History. However, there was no specific         “Millions More means that we are reach-        appeal Sheikh Rahman’s conviction and to understand English, to be extradited to
labor organization that participated in the     ing for the millions who carry the rich on     alleviate his conditions of imprisonment, Egypt to serve his life sentence. Stewart
MMM responsible for organizing a con-           their backs.”                                  was charged with and convicted of “help- believed that publicity would aid in this
scious Black worker presence with clear            Thomas is a member of the Inter-            ing terrorists.” Knowing what has hap- effort and the Reuters dispatch would
national working class demands.                 national Longshore and Warehouse               pened to Lynne Stewart, an attorney con- serve that end. In better times, a minor
    “The Million Worker March Movement          Union Local 10 executive board in San          sidering representing a client slated for violation like this would perhaps result in
is issuing the call to Black workers (organ-    Francisco, a past secretary-treasurer of       annihilation by the U.S. government must a 30-day suspension of her license. In this
ized and unorganized) and the entire            ILWU Local 10, a current member of the         ask: “Should I risk my right to practice era of unending assaults on rights and lib-
labor movement to endorse and mobilize          executive committee of the Alameda             law? Am I up for hard prison time?” Only erties, Stewart, a 65-year-old long-time
for the 10th anniversary of the MMM,            County Central Labor Council, and a            the most dedicated and courageous will defender of the poor and defenseless,
called the Millions More Movement on            member of the Northern California              take that chance.                           went through a slanderous trial and now
Oct 14th-16th in Washington, D.C.               chapter of the Coalition of Black Trade           The government says, “Terrify the jury.” faces a possible 30-year prison sentence.
    “The present attacks on all workers         Unionists. Silvera is also secretary-          This was accomplished in more ways than        Two constitutional issues, among oth-
have made the stakes for Black workers in       treasurer of Teamsters Local 808 in            one. It combined Stewart’s trial with that ers, are cited in the pamphlet: the right of
particular and the working class in general     Long Island City, New York. Stokely            of Ahmed Abdel Sattar, who was the liai- the accused to private consultations with
much higher than they were when nearly          and Holmes are members of the Troops           son between Rahman, the legal team and lawyers, and the right of clients and attor-
2 million workers elected to attend the         Out Now Coalition.                             his family and supporters in Egypt. In neys to execute defense strategy without
                                                                                               October 2000 Sattar had issued a “fatwa” governmental interference.
                                                                                               in the name of the sheikh calling for the      Stewart’s sentencing is set for Sept. 23.
                                                                                               killing of Jews. What had this to do with Her defense team, refusing to be intimi-
MUMIA SPEAKS                                                                                   Stewart? Nothing.                           dated, will pursue all avenues of appeal.
                                                                                                  But the association was planted in the Check for court location and how to con-
An interview with Mumia Abu-Jamal from death row                                               minds of the jury. The prosecution drop- tribute, big or small, at www.lynnestew-
Columns by the Black journalist on prisons, capitalism, politics, revolution and solidarity.   ped the name of Osama Bin Laden more or call 212-625-9696.
Additional essays on the prison-industrial complex by Monica Moorehead, Larry Holmes           than once, and orated about the bombing        Come to court. Support Lynne Stewart.
and Teresa Gutierrez.                                                               $3         of the USS Cole off Yemen, although they Help turn back the onslaught on long-
Order from International Action Center, 39 W. 14 St. #206 NY, NY 10011 212-633-6646            made no direct allegations that Stewart established rights and liberties.
Page 6   Sept. 8, 2005

Camp Casey, Crawford, Texas

Everyone’s in accord: ‘Troops out now!’
By Eddie Boyd                                    soon writing about the different people on      and began to hear the jokes about what          West Coast, played Taps on his bugle for
Baltimore                                        a note pad; one thing that everyone was in      and who he prays for when he goes to            all the fallen soldiers from Texas. It was
                                                 one accord about was that “WE WANTED            church. I just listened, not trying to get      followed by a song from a Black lady
Bulletin--Boyd sent the following                THE TROOPS OUT NOW.”                            caught up in the mess.                          whose grandson is in Iraq. There was not
message to WW on Aug. 29 that he has                Around 2 p.m. a caravan of bikers               We arrived at the encampment. Even           a dry eye at the ceremony. By this time I
been threatened with termination from            roared down the road that faced the camp.       though it was smaller than camp 1, it seem      said my goodbyes to the kind folks at camp
his housing for veterans. Boyd wrote,            I later found out that it was a group from      to be more organized; a large white tent        2 and got on the shuttle headed back to
“As of today if I speak out on the war in        the local VFW and very much pro-war. We         that could easily protect over 500 people,      camp 1.
any form my rental lease will be termi-          were instructed not to confront the pro-        but I noticed around 150. A woman with             I got back to camp 1, and didn’t realize
nated and I will have to leave the prop-         war people—to really ignore them.               pink hair and a Code Pink button must           how late it was, but I wasn’t tired. I did
erty where I now reside.”                           I began talking with a guy who looked        have seen my disappointment. She said in        know that I had to wake early in order to
                                                 as if he could have been one of the bikers      an authoritative voice, “They’ll be more        catch my flight, but Dustin asked if I could
Aug. 24—The first thing that hit me when         who were passing through. He told me            people here by tonight.”                        tell some of the group the reason I came.
I arrived in Texas was the heat. I have one      that he’d tried to talk with one of the pro-       I asked her what brought her here. She          I told them about the way this country
word for it: intense. It was heat like no        war guys because his grandmother told           said: “At first it was Cindy, and I just        is headed, how police brutality is running
other, with very little shade. Texas is not      him to try and find out about the other         wanted to support her. As I began to get        rampant, how this administration spends
for the fainthearted.                            side. As he began to ask the gentleman          involved in more activities, it began to give   more money to build prisons than schools
   Then, as I looked to the side of the road,    about his point of view, the guy looked at      me peace of mind.” I then asked her where       or hospitals. And I said that there are thou-
I saw the crosses lined up like soldiers in      him and said, “Go to hell.”                     was she from and she told me Tennessee.         sands of Cindy Sheehans in this country
formation, all decorated; most have flow-           I could see the frustration in his eyes as      Soon after that I met a couple from          who want to ask the president why we are
ers. I slowed the car so I could take in what    he replayed the incident to me. He said:        California, the wife a schoolteacher and        in a country that doesn’t want us there,
captured the attention of the entire world       “He don’t know but I am not only a vet but      the husband worked in the medical field.        why children who can’t read or write can
for such a long time. Each cross had the         a Republican. I just don’t agree with this      She told me about how she only sees the         be sent a fight a war, and why we can’t take
name of a fallen soldier.                        war, and this is the treatment I get.”          kids she teaches going off into the military    care of our elderly or the vets when they
   We came to a fork in the road. On one            I left shaking my head. We have a pres-      because they have other issues that will        come back home.
side there was a group of folks draped in        ident and administration that claim to be       keep them from college, like poverty, drug         I saw a sign that read “WHILE THE
white and blue, and a large poster that read     a uniter not a divider, but this country        abuse and violence in the homes. She told       PRESIDENT GOES FISHING, 82 MEN
“We support our president.” And on the           seems to be more divided than ever before.      about one child who would come to school        HAVE DIED.” Mr. President, we have
other there were people, Black and white,           I went through the camp checking the         because the only meal he would have each        spent almost $300 billion on this war, a
women and men, and lots of children, play-       different people who were here—Black,           day would come from school, and of one          war that most of the world is against.
ing and gathering items for the camp. The        white, men, women, children of all age          child who came to school wearing the            WHY?
two parties were separated by a large plot       groups playing. In particular were these        same thing every day until he was told that        As I boarded my plane in Houston,
of land, a sort of “no-man’s land.”              two little girls, one Black, one white. The     he smelled; he then took her to his house       headed back home, my thoughts went to
   I got out of the car and was immediately      Black child looked to be around 7 and the       and she found out that his family had no        my police blue lights, my bright lights that
met by my contact person: Dustin, a Navy         white child seemed to be around 4 to 5,         running water or electricity.                   are just in the poor areas of town, to my
veteran and spokesperson for the group           and they seemed to not have a care in the          Economics is the number-one reason           elected officials who seem to turn their
Troops Out Now. Dustin introduced me to          world. They just played and laughed; they       people join the military—not freedom, not       backs on the citizens, my city of police
all the groups: Gold Star Mothers Against        seemed to be so close. I thought to myself,     helping other countries, not spreading          intimidation and corruption, to my city
the War, NAACP, Code Pink. And then              “The world really needs to see this.”           democracy.                                      where I can see garbage piled up outside
there were just people who had lost loved           Around 5 p.m. I took a ride to the sec-         Around sunset Jeff, a marine who wrote       a school and underneath a sign that says
ones, and people who just cared about the        ond camp. This camp was closer to the           about his tour in Iraq and turned it into a     “BELIEVE.” I must ask WHY?
issue at hand, and Cindy Sheehan. I was          president’s ranch. We passed his church,        one-person play that is playing on the             People, keep up the struggle.

‘It’s women who will stop this war!’
   “It’s the women and only the women            worker, Kyle McBee. The ones who are
who will stop this war!” said William            now known as the Crawford Eight.
Smith as we sat together in the bright sun          They drove through the night and
at Camp Casey Detroit the afternoon of           arrived at Camp Casey—which now has
Aug. 24. After meeting Andrea Hackett a          three camps and over 1,000 people tent-
few hours later—her daughter, a soldier          ing next to Bush’s ranch in Crawford—on
who returned in January after a year in          Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. They
Iraq, is likely to be deployed there again       attended a big rally that night and David
since she has four more years to serve in        managed to get Andrea on the list of
the National Guard—I see what he is talk-        speakers. Her address was carried on
ing about. Cindy Sheehan isn’t the only          Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now.”
military Mom whom Mr. Bush had better            David said she spoke with power and
watch out for: Andrea Hackett is definitely      heart. Apparently many military mothers
someone to be reckoned with.                     and fathers came up to Andrea afterwards
   It was Hackett’s expressed desire to go       and thanked her for saying what they wish
down to Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas,           they could have said. On Sunday after-
that set in motion a l-o-n-g van trip—24         noon the Crawford Eight got in their van
hours each way—by eight Detroiters the           and headed north toward home.
weekend before.                                     But instead of going to their homes
   The idea first came up at the weekly          when they hit the Detroit city limits at 1
                                                                                                                                                                         WW PHOTO: CHERYL LABASH
meeting of Michigan Committee Against            p.m. on Monday, Aug. 22, these by-now-
                                                                                                 Camp Casey Detroit.
War & Injustice on Wednesday, Aug. 17.           exhausted folks drove down to Grand
By the next afternoon, David Sole, an inde-      Circus Park in the middle of downtown              So now Camp Casey Detroit is a couple        stopped by and asked how many people
fatigable activist/organizer, had rented a       and set up Camp Casey Detroit—with the          of tables, some folding and lawn chairs,        are usually there. David said around six.
van and called the eight folks who had said      intention of keeping it going 24/7 until the    two coolers with signs duct-taped to them       So at noon, this man returned with lunch
they’d like to go if it could be arranged. The   huge anti-war mobilization on Sept. 24 in       and water bottles staying chilled on ice        and drinks for six.
van cost $600 and he figured gas would           Washington, D.C. I know that Isis, for one,     when it doesn’t melt as it did in today’s hot      When I got to Camp Casey Detroit about
cost another $600. David started calling         didn’t get home until 3 a.m. Tuesday            sun, assorted bags full of snacks, and anti-    2 p.m. this afternoon, Abayomi Azikiwe, a
around to activist friends on Thursday and       morning. And she was back a few hours           war signs for rallies like we had tonight.      highly respected independent journalist
by Friday he’d collected the gas money. He       later after having gotten a shower and a lit-   The church across the street, Central Uni-      and longtime activist, was there with
figured, rightly as it’s turning out, that the   tle sleep. Other members of MECAWI,             ted Methodist, has been Detroit’s peace         William Smith, William’s daughter Isis,
van rental money would come in through           notably Jessica and Derek—both of whom          church for decades, so when the church is       and Syria Hackett’s boyfriend Tommy. By
donations after they’d returned home.            have 9-to-5 jobs—joined the Crawford            open their bathrooms are available for our      3:30 p.m., Pat Lent and Jim Grimm (Vet-
   So off they went—David and his wife           Eight down at Camp Casey Detroit on             use. And people have been generous about        erans For Peace) had joined us, and
Joyce, Andrea and her 16-year-old daugh-         Monday and have spent every night there         bringing food for lunches and dinners.          David Sole and Kevin Carey (Workers
ter Syria whose sister Tatjuana is in the        since. They’re down there as I write this on       A military Mom who had seen Camp             World) showed up about 4 p.m. Several
military, Syria’s boyfriend Tommy Carter,        Aug. 24, sleeping in sleeping bags on lawn      Casey Detroit on Monday night’s TV news         men from the neighborhood, among
2005 Barnard University graduate Isis            chairs. The tents that were set up on           brought down ice and water for the camp         them Will and James, have been helping
Sushiela, Wayne State University student         Monday only lasted seven hours before the       on Tuesday. And yesterday morning, a            out too. While I was there, Will even gave
Violeta Donawa, and a young Detroit              police made them take them down.                man who has a restaurant up the street          out fliers about Camp Casey Detroit to
                                                                                                                                           Sept. 8, 2005   Page 7

Anti-war activists pursue
Bush back to D.C.
By Dustin Langley                               Sunday. He said, “I feel that it is our moral   president returns to Washington. On Aug.        Washington on the 10th anniversary of
                                                obligation to stand and to be courageous        31, the last day of the encampment at Camp      the Million Man March.
   As George W. Bush heads back to              with these families, and particularly           Casey, the Bring Them Home Now Tour                On Dec. 1-3, TONC, along with other
Washington, D.C., ending a five-week            Cindy, that have become the conscience of       will launch three buses from Crawford,          national anti-war, labor, and community
vacation at his Crawford estate, he will be     this nation.”                                   Texas. Each bus will carry military family      organizations, will organize a series of
pursued by busloads of activists and haun-        American Indian Movement co-foun-             members, Gold Star families and veterans.       national and local “Shut Down the War”
ted by an anti-war movement that has            der Dennis Banks presented Cindy a cloak          They will follow three different routes       events. This will be the 50th anniversary
gained new energy and enthusiasm from           on behalf of her fallen son.                    across the U.S. for three weeks, stopping at    of the day that Rosa Parks refused to give
the efforts of Cindy Sheehan and thou-                                                          meetings and rallies against the war. The       up her seat on a bus to a white man. This
sands of organizers across the country.         ‘Phenomenal acoustics’                          buses will all converge on Washington,          act of defiance launched the modern Civil
   Cindy Sheehan’s encampment outside              “We had no idea the ditch in Crawford        D.C., for the massive march on Sept. 24.        Rights struggle as a mass movement in
Bush’s ranch began on Aug. 6, when she          had such phenomenal acoustics,” said              The example of Cindy Sheehan and of           the streets.
was joined by veterans and military fami-       Nancy Lessin of Military Families Speak         the thousands who have joined her                  This anniversary is an appropriate
lies supporting her demand to speak to the      Out. “There’s a momentum building               demonstrate that it is the people, not the      occasion to take direct action to shut down
president about the death of her son,           across the country ...”                         politicians, who will stop this war.            the war; not just the wars in Iraq and
Casey Sheehan, in Iraq.                            This momentum has inspired vigils, sol-                                                      Afghanistan, but the war against working
   Since then, thousands have made the          idarity rallies and speakouts across the        ‘Shut down the war!’                            people and people of color here at home.
trip to Crawford, camping out in tents or       country. Many local activists set up “Camp         Organizers with the Troops Out Now           TONC is calling on activists across the
cars along a narrow road. Many were vet-        Caseys” in their own towns. In New York’s       Coalition are mobilizing to maximize the        country to organize student walkouts,
erans or military families; some had never      Union Square, organizers have main-             energy and inspiration coming out of this       sickouts, boycotts and other direct action
been to an anti-war event before.               tained a continued presence at Camp             new phase of the struggle against the war.      to say “Bring the troops home now, or
   Other visitors included the Rev. Al          Casey NYC since Aug. 15, despite police         Noting that opposition to the war is grow-      we’ll shut it down!”
Sharpton, who joined hundreds near              harassment and arrests.                         ing, military recruiting is at an all-time
Bush’s ranch for an interfaith service             This momentum will not end when the          low, and the movement is gearing up for         Sept. 10 strategy meeting
                                                                                                a season of renewed mobilization, organ-           To launch this busy season of activity
 MILWAUKEE:.                                                                                    izers say that now is the time to turn up
                                                                                                the heat.
                                                                                                                                                and protest, the Troops Out Now
                                                                                                                                                Coalition will be holding a Strategy

Blow to recruiters
                                                                                                   This spring, the Troops Out Now Coa-         Meeting in New York City at the Lang
                                                                                                lition issued a call for a united demonstra-    Center at New School University in
                                                                                                tion in Washington, D.C., saying, “No-          Manhattan on Sept. 10, from 1:30 to 6:00
                                                                                                thing is more important at this moment          p.m.
By Bryan G. Pfeifer                                Forty-four soldiers from Wisconsin,
                                                                                                than for all to walk together on the high          Labor organizers, anti-war activists,
                                                most between 18 and 30 and largely from
                                                                                                road to unity. We believe that what we all      veterans, clergy, military families and
   On Aug. 25 the Milwaukee School Board        formerly unionized industrial manufac-
                                                                                                do will be decisive. We must and we can         community leaders will be coming from
voted to increase awareness in the school       turing areas, have died in Iraq.
                                                                                                stop the war and get every U.S. soldier out     all over the country to plan and coordinate
district and provide more information to           The Milwaukee struggle takes place
                                                                                                of Iraq. It is up to all of us to do whatever   activities on a national level geared
parents about the “opt-out” provision in        amid growing counter-recruitment activ-
                                                                                                is necessary for our movement to rise to        towards shutting the war down.
the “No Child Left Behind” act. The admin-      ity across the country. In fact, this is fast
                                                                                                this challenge.”                                   Sessions will include: updates and plan-
istration also pledged to review military       becoming a central pillar of the anti-war
                                                                                                   TONC is organizing hundreds of buses,        ning for Sept. 24-26, counter-recruiting and
recruiters’ activities. (      movement.
                                                                                                cars and vans to travel to Washington           beyond Sept. 24: shutting down the war.
   The act dictates that the Pentagon              Although the final board resolution was
                                                                                                from more than 50 organizing centers.              This national meeting of grassroots
automatically receives student informa-         a watered-down version of one originally
                                                                                                TONC is also looking beyond September           activists will be an important opportunity
tion including names, addresses, tele-          submitted by progressive board member
                                                                                                to continue the struggle against the war        to assess the next steps to organize nation-
phone numbers and emails—unless par-            Peter Blewett, it is a victory nonetheless.
                                                                                                and occupation. The Millions More               ally to bring the troops home now.
ents, or a student 18 or older, submits an      At the very least it’s a move toward edu-
                                                                                                Movement events of Oct. 14-16 will be a            Langley is a national organizer
opt-out form.                                   cating the wider public about the law’s
                                                                                                massive and historic mobilization in            of the Troops Out Now Coalition.
   As the vote took place, Riverside stu-       opt-out provision and about actual

                                                                                                Bedford-Stuyvesant rally
dents and those from Wauwatosa and              recruiting techniques.
Shorewood high schools, which are not              Blewett’s resolution would have lim-
part of the Milwaukee district, hoisted         ited recruiters to three days of visits per
“Education not Militarism” signs. These         school year.
students and their allies are fed up with          “One of our fundamental obligations is
military preying techniques and the U.S.        to protect the privacy of students and their
war on Iraq.                                    families,” said Blewett. He voted in favor
                                                of the final resolution along with the eight
people on the buses that stopped near us.       other board members present.
And then we had probably 40-50 people              The final resolution directs the district
show up at tonight’s rally.                     leadership to make available to parents
   One of the cool things about Camp            the opt-out information, and to outline
Casey Detroit is the opportunity it gives       all “cost-effective” means of providing
folks to sit and talk with no sense of being    this to parents. The school board esti-
rushed or having to run off someplace else.     mates that currently less than 1 percent
It feels like the olden days when people        of students or parents in Milwaukee
just sat around and shared their stories.       exercise their opt-out right, largely
Now, that’s what I call peace!                  because they don’t know they can.
   I heard many powerful things today              Before the Aug. 25 vote, over 60 people
while sitting around talking and at the         attended the Aug. 23 Milwaukee School
                                                                                                   A rally and speak-out with the theme
rally, but there is one statement that I will   Board’s Rules and Policy Committee and
                                                                                                “Community Under Attack, Building A
not forget. I was interviewing Andrea           18 testified in favor of restrictions on        Fightback” was held Aug. 27 in the
Hackett, knowing I’d want to write this day     recruiters. No military recruiters or their     Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, N.Y.
up in my journal and blog. As she was get-      supporters attended.                            The rally, organized by Harriet’s
ting ready to leave, I said: “Andrea, there’s      Students from the working-class and          Daughters, connected the issue of oppos-
one more thing. As we know, George Bush         majority students-of-color Riverside High       ing imperialist wars abroad with the strug-
has changed his reasons several times for       School testified about the recruiters’ sex-     gle for social justice at home.
why we went to war against Iraq. His lat-       ist behavior, and their aggressiveness and         Harriet refers to Harriet Tubman, a
                                                focus on recruiting African American and        leader of the underground railroad who
est is to say that we must ‘finish the task’
                                                Latin@ students.                                helped hundreds of slaves escape from
so our fallen soldiers will not have died in
                                                                                                the Southern slave states to the North in
vain. How does that strike you?”                   Because of the students’ and their allies’
                                                                                                the decade before the U.S. Civil War.           the Million Worker March Movement, Jer-
   With fire in her eyes, Andrea replied:       actions, School Superintendent William
                                                                                                Harriet’s Daughters—well-known and              icho Movement, Al-Awda Right to Return
“Because his war was premised on lies,          Andrekopoulos said at the meeting that he       respected activists such as Nellie Bailey       Coalition, Harlem Tenants Council, Troops
their lives have already been lost in vain.     would “investigate” the recruiters’ activi-     (at mike), Brenda Stokely, Rosemari             Out Now Coalition, December 12th
That’s why we’re trying to bring them           ties in city schools.                           Mealy, Joan Gibbs and Cleo Silvers—are          Movement, International Action Center,
home, so no more will die in vain.”                It will now be up to the counter-            carrying forth Tubman’s fight-back legacy.      ProLibertad, Malcolm X Grassroots
   Yes, it is the women who will stop this      recruitment movement to hold the board          Longtime freedom fighters Amina Baraka,         Movement, Free the Cuban Five Com-
war.                                            accountable and see to it that real action      Iyaluua Ferguson, Mae Jackson and Una           mittee, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition
           — Patricia Lay-Dorsey                is taken.                                       Mulzac were honored during the rally.           and many others.
              Camp Casey, Detroit                                                                  Speakers included representatives from        —Story & photos by Monica Moorehead
Page 8    Sept. 8, 2005

Venezuela offers oil for the people
– of Jamaica and the U.S.
By Berta Joubert-Ceci                          beyond. Under President Chávez’ pro-             zuela to upgrade the capacity of produc-       tion.” He added, “We could have an
                                               posal of ALBA - the Bolivarian Alternative       tion of a refinery from 30,000 barrels a       impact on 7 million to 8 million persons.”
   While the Bush administration and           for the Americas, a program of integra-          day to 50,000.                                    President Chávez told the Rev. Jesse
friends continue their unrelenting cam-        tion for Latin America and the Caribbean            The two countries deepened their part-      Jackson, who was visiting Venezuela for
paign of lies, slander and hostility against   that emphasizes social aspects and eco-          nership not only in terms of energy.           three days during the commemoration of
Bolivarian Venezuela, President Hugo           nomic cooperation while stressing soli-          Following the precepts of cooperation          Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have
Chávez is working incessantly to find          darity - Venezuela’s energy resources            and solidarity of ALBA, Venezuela will set     a Dream” speech, that he would like Jack-
ways of using Venezuela’s oil and energy       form the basis for this great initiative.        up a fund of $60 million for socioeco-         son’s organization to help identify com-
wealth to bring hope and relief to millions       When leaders of Caribbean states met          nomic projects on the island. Venezuela        munities in the United States. Plans
of people throughout the Americas              at the end of June in Venezuela in the           and Jamaica also initiated talks on coop-      include the distributing oil to poor house-
region, including the poor in the United       First Energy Gathering of Caribbean              eration in other areas like medicine, edu-     holds through Venezuelan PDVSA’s
States.                                        Chiefs of State to ratify PetroCaribe, it sig-   cation, tourism, disasters response, sci-      CITGO stations in the United States.
   After the U.S.-backed oil sabotage dur-     naled a profound change in trade rela-           ence and technology.                              According to the Venezuelan Bolivarian
ing the winter of 2002-2003, Venezuela’s       tions in the region. PetroCaribe is an              Other parallel initiatives under ALBA       News Agency, President Chávez said that
oil production has greatly improved. This      Energy Cooperation agreement that will           are PetroSur and PetroAndina, both in          the Bernardo Alvarez, Venezuelan am-
is because of the dedicated work of hun-       help poor Caribbean countries overcome           South America. However, one such new           bassador to the Untied States, has
dreds of Venezuelans identified with the       their terrible energy crises, a by-product       initiative heads north to the United           reported that the embassy has already
Bolivarian process, among them oil and         of the high oil prices in the world market.      States.                                        received 140 oil requests. Chávez was
other industry workers, people in the             Despite a threatening letter from Pre-           During the weekly Aló Presidente TV         quoted as saying that “the intermediaries,
community, pro-revolution members of           sident George W. Bush to the partici-            and Radio program, President Chávez            the transnational companies, are exploit-
the military and a loyal administration.       pants, 13 leaders signed the agreement           announced that Venezuela would like to         ing them; we are not going to lose a cent,
   Soon after the sabotage recovery, the       with Venezuela.                                  provide discounted heating oil and free        we are only helping by supplying directly
Revolution began to use the profits of            In late August in Montego Bay, Jamai-         eye operations to people in poor commu-        to those most in need.”
PDVSA, the national oil industry, to           can President James Patterson signed an          nities in the United States. He said that         President Chávez also included poor
finance special essential projects of edu-     agreement with the Venezuelan President          Venezuela supplies the United States with      people in the United States in the “Miracle
cation, health care, job and housing devel-    Chávez, making Jamaica the first English-        1.5 million barrels of oil per day and that    Mission.” This is a health-care program
opment called “Misiones” (Missions).           speaking country to sign on to the ALBA-         “we would like to provide a part of this 1.5   run jointly by Cuba and Venezuela to pro-
These are aimed at elevating the people’s      PetroCaribe initiative. Under this accord,       million barrels of oil to poor communi-        vide free eye surgery to those in need. The
standard of living, particularly the 80 per-   Venezuela will supply oil to Jamaica at a        ties.                                          operations will be performed in Cuba, and
cent of the population that has lived in       below-market price of $40 a barrel.                 “There is a lot of poverty in the U.S.,”    Venezuela will provide the transportation.
poverty under the previous administra-         Besides paying low interest and through          Chavez said, “and I don’t believe that            Chávez stated that 150,000 people from
tions, which were close allies of the          long-term loans, Jamaica can pay Vene-           everything reflects the American Way of        the United States could benefit from this
United States.                                 zuela with goods and services.                   Life. Many people die of cold in the win-      program each year, and that those inter-
   The oil is now benefiting people not           Other agreements were also signed.            ter. Many die of heat in the summer,           ested should contact the Venezuelan
only within Venezuelan borders, but            Among them is one that will allow Vene-          many are unemployed and die of starva-         Embassy.

Social missions and revolutionary
By Dante Strobino                              asked Matilde Coromoto—whom every-               named for the date in 1958 when                 big mural of a bombed plane, which con-
Caracas, Venezuela                             one calls Mrs. Robinson because of her           the territory was liberated from               demns the terrorism of the United States
                                               vital role in the mission—about the sex-         the reactionary rule                           and specifically that of Washington-
   Members of social movements from            education classes, she told us that there is     of the president at                                             backed anti-Cuba terrorist
all over the world recently convened in        an entire class dedicated to this subject        the time, Marcos                                                Luis Posada Carilles.
Caracas, Venezuela, for the World              throughout elementary and middle                 Perez Jimenez—has                                             In neighborhood Caricuao,
Festival of Youth and Students. Here we        school. That’s quite unlike the one-year         been fighting for years                                  we were told about the newly
witnessed this country’s revolutionary         courses given in the United States that          to maintain its autonomy.                             emerging structure of bottom-up
socialist process, and can now bring our       often only teach abstinence.                     In the late 1950s,                                    decision making. The neighbor-
observations and insight back home to             Mission Sucre carries this education          Jimenez himself recog-                                 hoods are organized so that they
continue the struggle for the liberation       further, taking higher education to all cor-     nized the terrible living                               come together to form “parro-
of the international working class and         ners of the country. Here in the capital city    conditions, including                                    quias” that consist of 250-400
oppressed peoples.                             of Caracas, a Bolivarian University was          “chozas” or huts made                                          households. Within these
   The revolution in Venezuela is on the       established to defend the revolution. The        of wood and tin. He          Eyewitness                  .     parroquias they establish

move, with missions and social programs        Bolivarian University’s classes, which           had entire neighbor-                                           issue-oriented committees.
developing mechanisms to promote full          charge no tuition fees, are based on             hoods rebuilt with                                             For instance there are com-
participation by the masses of people.         “municipalization.”                              more stable housing                                            mittees on water, health,
   The neighborhoods are being organ-             Municipalization allows students hands        made of concrete and                                           food, transportation, edu-
ized, with women’s leadership. A direct        -on practice in the community, to more           then the people threw him out of power, a      cation, and so on.
democracy responsible to the needs of the      deeply develop their skills, rather limiting     real example of how capitalist infrastruc-        Each parroquia has different commit-
people is being created.                       them to the theoretical, classroom-ori-          ture can be reappropriated.                    tees based on its needs. If the mayor and
   There are currently 11 social “misiones”    ented education models the United States            The original organizing in 23 de Enero      the reigning government do not give
being implemented throughout the coun-         inherited from France and Russia.                was based on principles of eliminating         them facilities or resources they need for
try. One revolutionary program has                Since these missions were imple-              crimes such as theft, drugs and violence.      some project, such as new roads or
brought doctors, mostly Cuban, to indige-      mented, illiteracy has been virtually erad-      The people did this by becoming intimate       buses; then the committee can take out a
nous and Black people, children, women         icated. Unemployment has plummeted.              and open with all family and community         loan from the national bank to carry out
and the elderly who had previously never       Houses are being built for the working           members. This openness and familiarity         the needed improvements. The loans are
been given this level of medical attention.    poor, giving people both houses and jobs         laid the basis for social cohesion and soli-   given with no interest during the first
The program incorporates social security,      in the public construction industry.             darity.                                        two years and only 1 percent interest the
free medical care, sports and education.          Another mission, Plan Mercal, prom-              Recently 23 de Enero has been able to       following years.
   On Aug. 20-21 President Hugo Chavez         ises to keep the people fed by providing         demilitarize slightly because its grassroots      If these parroquias decide on something
traveled to Cuba to attend the ceremonies      stores with half-priced and free food. This      style of organizing is being recognized and    collectively that should be defended, they
for the first graduating class of several      plan has also brought “Casas de Alimen-          emulated by other neighborhoods. They          themselves have the power to create
thousand Cuban-trained Venezuelan doc-         taciones” to the neighborhoods that need         now can take off their masks and live in a     enforceable laws. This is truly bottom-up
tors.                                          them most.                                       beautiful, safe, free space.                   grassroots participatory democracy.
   Mission Robinson promises thousands            These facilities cook and serve hun-             The walls are covered in murals com-           Throughout Venezuela there are count-
of previously uneducated people, young         dreds of free meals every day. Often these       memorating their revolutionary teachers        less liberated and truly inspirational
and old, an education through the high-        same facilities are used for collectivized       such as Jose Marti, Che Guevara, Simon         neighborhoods where class conscious-
school level. Subjects are determined          child care. While the parents work, their        Bolivar and others such as Nestor who          ness, women’s power, equality and sense
based on the community’s needs, for            kids hang out and get fed.                       died in 1996 in armed struggle defending       of unity provide evidence that a better
example sex-education courses. When we            One neighborhood—23 de Enero,                 the neighborhood. On the perimeter is a        world is possible.
                                                                                                                                                 Sept. 8, 2005     Page 9

Iraq’s constitutional quagmire
shows Bush plan in shambles
By Fred Goldstein                                after the Turkish government refused to        oil in the south at Basra.                         everyone’s attention on the backroom
                                                 allow the U.S. 4th Army to use Turkish soil       Back in July, when the resistance was           negotiations between the conspirators in
    For some time now it has been the strat-     to invade Iraq. Talabani’s forces fought       struggling against the election, Dulaimi,          the Green Zone. The world is supposed to
egy of the Bush administration to wage           side by side with the U.S. military during     the head of a major Sunni institution              become engrossed and take sides as the
relentless war against the anti-occupation       the war and lent its forces for the invasion   called the Sunni Endowment and a mem-              various factions fight over centralism ver-
Iraqi resistance fighters while simultane-       of Falluja.                                    ber of the present government, was                 sus federalism, secularism versus Islam,
ously trying to establish a stable puppet           Another moving force is Abdulaziz al        preparing to issue a fatwah calling on all         etc. These are not issues that the world-
regime through a so-called “democratic,”         Hakim, leader of the SCIRI, which refused      Sunnis to participate in the elections.            wide movement should be preoccupied
U.S.-orchestrated constitutional, parlia-        from the beginning of the war to support          This entire process was overseen by Zal-        with.
mentary process. It is a strategy calculated     the resistance. Its armed Badr Brigade         may Khalilzad, U.S. ambassador to Iraq,               For all those who support the resistance
to isolate and erode the resistance.             never fired a shot against the occupiers       who worked day and night, seven days a             and who support sovereignty and self-
    At the present juncture, the opposite        and recently has opened fire on the forces     week for months to strong-arm this pro-            determination for the Iraqi people the
has happened. The resistance is more             of Muktada al Sadr, who is opposed to the      cess. Khalilzad is part of the Cheney-             issue is not what is in the constitution of
powerful and widespread than ever.               occupation. Al Hakim became a member           Wolfowitz grouping of world conquerors             the puppets of Washington but the fact
According to the Pentagon, insurgents            of the original hand-picked Governing          going back to the first Bush administra-           that the whole gang is tied to imperialism.
launch 65 or more attacks on U.S. forces         Council (after his brother, also a member,     tion. He had a hand in shaping the doc-               The Shah of Iran was a “secularist” and
every day. Even by Pentagon accounts, it is      was assassinated) and the Provisional          trine of enforcing U.S. world supremacy,           modernizer. But he was put on his throne
more sophisticated and effective. Everyone       Government under Bremmer. He is the            which later became the Bush Doctrine. He           by the CIA in 1953 and proceeded to sup-
associated with the occupation is at risk.       oldest son of Grand Ayatollah Muhsin al        was an adviser to the UNOCAL oil com-              press revolutionaries and progressives,
No official or businessman can travel any-       Hakim, who waged a relentless campaign         pany when it was negotiating with the              institute torture, and give the oil wealth of
where without being flanked by heavy             against the land reforms, women’s rights       Taliban in Afghanistan for a pipeline. He          the country to U.S. oil companies. The
security. Numerous military operations           and communism after the 1958 revolution        was an architect of the war against Afgha-         Saudi monarchy is clerical, feudal and
have been carried out in cities and towns        which ousted British colonialism.              nistan and the creation of the puppet gov-         repressive. Women are veiled and the
to “clean out” the resistance. And after            Another mover is Ahmad Chalabi, a           ernment of Ahmed Karzai. And he was an             royal family rules. They have been clients
each operation, including the devastation        “secular” Shiite. Chalabi is an exiled         advocate of the war against Iraq.                  of the U.S. government and the U.S. oil
of Falluja, the liberation forces re-emerge      banker, under indictment for embezzle-                                                            companies since World War II.
to strike at the occupation.
                                                                                                The real issue                                        The starting point for a position of inter-
                                                 ment in Jordan and the original favorite
    The political process, on the other hand,    of the Pentagon which accompanied him             As the Bush administration’s constitu-          national solidarity with the heroic Iraqi
has degenerated. The counter-revolution-         into Iraq with 700 troops before the war       tional strategy disintegrates and the mili-        resistance is to brand this gang of “consti-
ary exiles and domestic collaborators with       ended in April 2003. Chalabi was a CIA         tary is unable to subdue the resistance            tution” givers as collaborators with the
the Pentagon, assembled by Washington,           operative who tried to engineer an insur-      despite hundreds of billions of dollars            occupation. They are accomplices in the
are at each others throats trying to grab        rection against Saddam Hussein in the          spent, thinkers within and outside of the          attempt by Washington to reconquer Iraq.
territory, oil, and power—all backed up, of      mid-1990s. In the run-up to the war            Pentagon and the State Department may                 Various anti-occupation forces within
course, by F-16s, Abrams tanks, U.S. hel-        Chalabi supplied “intelligence” to the         very well begin to lean towards stoking the        Iraq may feel it is necessary and helpful to
icopter gunships and 138,000 U.S.                Pentagon and propaganda to the U.S. big        divisions that have emerged even further.          their cause to utilize the parliamentary
troops—set to increase to 160,000 by             business media about Saddam’s non-exis-           Divide and conquer through internal             process in the struggle to unmask the
December.                                        tent “weapons of mass destruction.” His        strife may be a political humiliation for the      occupation. Others may be firmly opposed
    The latest announcement on Aug. 22 of        mouthpiece was Judith Miller of the New        militarist, would-be conquerors in the             to such maneuvers. That is the business of
an agreement, or lack of agreement, on a         York Times. Chalabi, deputy prime minis-       Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld camp. But strate-             the Iraqi anti-occupation forces.
constitution shows that the Bush strategy        ter, reinvented himself as head of the so-     gic necessity may force them to foment                But the anti-war movement in the U.S.
is in shambles—Bush’s claims that “demo-         called United Iraqi Alliance in the Jan. 30    division as a primary weapon. This would           and around the world must give not an iota
cracy has triumphed” notwithstanding.            elections.                                     be a drastic retreat from all-out military         of credence to Washington’s constitu-
The big-business media has repeatedly               Sunni leaders, such as Saleh al             victory. But they may regard this as far less      tional machinations and any other
referred to these negotiations as between        Mutlaq, Adnan Dulaimi and other Sunni          humiliating than being driven out by the           attempt to stabilize its rule and weaken the
Shiites, Kurds, and Sunnis. This is calcu-       members of parliament and the consti-          resistance. The mass sentiment against             resistance.
lated to both give the false impression that     tutional committee, who were brought in        the occupation is likely to frustrate such            The only way any constitution can pos-
the power brokers assembled by                   at the insistence of Washington, are now       devious efforts or attempts to engineer            sibly reflect the sovereignty and self-deter-
Washington represent the mass of the             crying foul because the reactionary            separate oil regimes in the north and the          mination of the Iraqi people is when the
people and also is aimed to sow division.        Kurdish forces under Talabani are trying       south that would be beholden to the U.S.           occupation and all its hangers on have
    This already discredited agreement was       to grab the oil in the north at Kirkuk and     oil barons.                                        been driven out and the resistance organ-
made between a group of traitors to Iraq         al Hakim of SCIRI is trying to grab the           For now the capitalist press is focusing        izes the new order in Iraq.
who have attached themselves to U.S.

                                                 ‘We are one!’
imperialism. They are using a U.S.-con-
trived constitutional process, drawn up
under the Transition Administrative Law

                                                 Unity soccer match between
(TAL) dictated by Paul Bremmer, former
U.S. viceroy of Iraq. Bremmer drew up the
plans when the Bush administration

                                                 North, South Korea
finally realized it was facing a major resist-
ance. Bremmer had appointed a
Governing Council which was growing
more discredited by the day. Washington
tried to get by with the appointment of a        By Fred Goldstein                              Young, said last week, ‘Our position is that       sile] that can carry a warhead to the heart
provisional government, but finally had to                                                      North Korea has a general right to peace-          of Washington. It would be good for the
agree to elections under pressure from              “A crowd of more than 60,000 South          ful use of nuclear energy, for agricultural,       balance of power.’”
Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. Sistani, a the         Koreans erupted into cheers of ‘We are         medical and power-generation purposes.                The WSJ dispatch concluded, “While
Shiite spiritual leader of the Supreme           one!’ as a group of visiting North Koreans     In this our position differs from that of          that is an extreme view, it isn’t entirely
Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq       entered the World Cup soccer stadium           Washington.’”                                      uncommon. A poll in early August by
(SCIRI). Sistani was under pressure from         here for a match celebrating liberation           But sections of the South Korean                Chosun Ilbo, a conservative South
the masses.                                      from Japanese rule,” according to an arti-     masses go much further than the                    Korean newspaper, and Gallup found 66
                                                 cle in the Aug. 16 Wall Street Journal,        Unification Minister. “Yoon Yong Wan, a            percent of South Koreans age 16 to 25
Conspirators in the Green Zone                   datelined Seoul.                               37-year-old repairman for Kia Motors in            would side with North Korea in a war
   Among the forces that agreed to this             This overwhelmingly favorable reaction      Seoul, said he hopes ‘North Korea can              between the U.S. and the North. Just 28
constitution is Jalal Talabani of the            to the North Korean delegation came at a       build an [intercontinental ballistic mis-          percent would side with the U.S.”
Kurdish Democratic Party. The Talabani           “unity” soccer match between the North
                                                 and South Korean soccer teams in which
                                                                                                  Workers World Newspaper
clan has had an off-again, on-again rela-
tionship with the CIA. His father worked         neither side displayed their national flag—

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with the CIA against the Iraqi Revolution        only “unity” flags were flown.
of 1958 after it started moving to the left.        This sentiment is partly the explanation
Jalal, the son, collaborated with                for the growing rift between the South
Washington against the Iranian                   Korean government and the U.S. govern-                Special introductory rate $2 for 8 weeks             $25 for one year
Revolution after the overthrow of the U.S.       ment on the question of the nuclear rights
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puppet Shah in 1979.                             of the North.
   Talabani’s role during the war was to            The WSJ article reported, “South               ADDRESS_______________________________________CITY/STATE/ZIP _________________________________

make available to the U.S. forces his army,      Korea’s top official on relations with the        Clip and return to: Workers World 55 W. 17 St., 5th Fl., New York, NY 10011
the Peshmerga, as fighters in the north          North, Unification Minister Chung Dong            Subscribe online:
Page 10    Sept. 8, 2005

                                                                                                                                   John Johnson

                                                                                                                                   Why his death
U.S. gov’t guilty of criminal neglect                                                                                              went unnoticed
Continued from page 1                                            other retail giants should be required to ship, gratis, cloth-
                                                                                                                                   By Monica Moorehead
charge of dealing with disasters, the Federal Emergency          ing and other necessities to meet basic needs. Government
Management Agency, warned of the potential for disaster as       food storage supplies in warehouses throughout the
                                                                                                                                      When ABC newsreader Peter Jennings died Aug.
early as 2001.                                                   Midwest and other regions should be made available.
                                                                                                                                   7 of lung cancer, the story dominated the air waves
   With the complete evacuation of New Orleans, tens of             Every form of transport—planes, helicopters, buses,
                                                                                                                                   and electronic media for many days.
thousands trapped without food, water, or electricity, thou-     ambulances, small boats—should be mobilized to the region.
                                                                                                                                   Entertainment Tonight gave great prominence to
sands of homes destroyed and the death toll mounting by the      These and other measures should be immediately imple-
                                                                                                                                   this event.
hour, this is a disaster of unprecedented proportion. It pro-    mented by the federal government based on its emergency
                                                                                                                                      Just the opposite happened when John H.
foundly affects Black people, who are a major part of the pop-   powers and responsibilities.
                                                                                                                                   Johnson died one day later on Aug. 8. Once his
ulation in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, and are suf-        In other words, all of this society’s material and human
                                                                                                                                   obituary appeared, he was all but forgotten by the
fering disproportionately because they are subject to racist     resources should be made available to the victims in this cri-
                                                                                                                                   big-business media.
discrimination—which leaves them in poverty and most vul-        sis. The corporations have control of these resources, but
                                                                                                                                      Just who was John H. Johnson? Johnson was
nerable to such disasters. Seventy percent of New Orleans’       the workers who created them have every right to them.
                                                                                                                                   the 87-year-old African-American publisher of two
residents are Black and live in apartheid-like conditions.          Let the government and the bosses pay. Putting people—
                                                                                                                                   of the most well-known Black-oriented magazines
   Some politicians are calling it “our tsunami.” The tsunami    the suffering people of the delta—before profits should be
                                                                                                                                   ever, Jet and Ebony.
last December also took an excessive toll of life because of     the order of the day. The property restrictions of capitalism
                                                                                                                                      Johnson grew up poor under segregation in
criminal neglect. But a tsunami comes rarely. Hurricanes         must be overruled in the interest of the masses.
                                                                                                                                   Arkansas. His father was killed in a saw mill acci-
come to the delta region almost every year. This disaster was       Particularly, the oil companies should be forced to cough
                                                                                                                                   dent when he was 8 years old. There was no Black
not only predictable but predicted. What seems like an           up billions of dollars for reconstruction out of the super-
                                                                                                                                   high school there, so as a teenager he and his
inevitable tragedy caused by nature was foreseen long ago        profits that they pump out of the delta region every day.
                                                                                                                                   mother migrated to Chicago where he lived until
by scientists, engineers, government agencies, environmen-       ExxonMobil refines 493,000 barrels of oil a day in Baton
                                                                                                                                   his death.
talists and experts in disaster management.                      Rouge; Chevron, 325,000 a day in Pascgoula, Miss.;
                                                                                                                                      He founded Johnson Publishing Company back
   The science writer for the Houston Chronicle wrote on         ConocoPhillips, 247 ,000 a day, to name a few. All this
                                                                                                                                   in 1942 and to this day it remains the number-one
Dec. 1, 2001:                                                    wealth has been taken out of the region, not to speak of the
                                                                                                                                   African-American publishing company worldwide.
   “New Orleans is sinking.                                      wealth spent trying to conquer Iraq and its oil. And they
                                                                                                                                   His first magazine, Negro Digest, led to the 1945
   “And its main buffer from a hurricane, the protective         should not only give back the profits they gouged from the
                                                                                                                                   founding of Ebony magazine, which still comes out
Mississippi River delta, is quickly eroding away, leaving the    people by raising gasoline prices to over $3 a gallon—they
                                                                                                                                   monthly and has over 1 million subscribers. Jet
historic city perilously close to disaster. ...                  should be forced to lower prices drastically.
                                                                                                                                   magazine began in 1951 and became the number-
   “So vulnerable, in fact, that earlier this year the Federal      In general, the giant multinationals should be made to
                                                                                                                                   one Black weekly publication. In 1973, Johnson
Emergency Management Agency ranked the potential dam-            ante up because of all the wealth and labor they have taken
                                                                                                                                   Publishers also created Fashion Fair Cosmetics,
age to New Orleans as among the three likeliest, most cata-      from New Orleans—through which so much of the wealth of
                                                                                                                                   skin products that cater mainly to women of color.
strophic disasters facing this country.” The other two were      this country flows—while the majority of people are left with
                                                                                                                                      If you are Black in the U.S., Jet and Ebony were
an earthquake in San Francisco and a “terrorist attack on        just enough to survive.
                                                                                                                                   at one time or another an important part of your
New York City.”                                                     As for the reconstruction effort, the authorities are taking
                                                                                                                                   social upbringing. Regardless of your economic
   The federal, state and local governments knew of the          a narrow approach. They are talking about months and
                                                                                                                                   status and political outlook, these two magazines
danger. They knew what caused it and how to deal with it.        years to recover. People with flood insurance can stand in
                                                                                                                                   covered politics, sports, entertainment, business,
But they did little or nothing. They left the people of the      line once they can get back to their neighborhoods. Poor
                                                                                                                                   international developments, etc.—all from a Black
delta region unaware and helpless to deal with the               people who have no flood insurance are on their own.
                                                                                                                                   perspective. Jet and Ebony helped to fill a huge
inevitable disaster.                                             Perhaps FEMA will give a few handouts to tide them over
                                                                                                                                   void in terms of what the white-dominated media
   Why did they do nothing? An Aug. 30 dispatch of Editor        for a while. All the racist hysteria being whipped up about
                                                                                                                                   neglected to cover with the issues that directly
and Publisher revealed that “$250 million in crucial proj-       “looters” is a cover-up for the fact that the government has
                                                                                                                                   impacted Black America.
ects” planned by the Army Corps of Engineers in the delta        made no provisions to feed the people, and that so many
                                                                                                                                      Even though Johnson was a capitalist and polit-
for shoring up levees and building pumping stations could        Black people are living in dire poverty.
                                                                                                                                   ically conservative, his magazines covered the
not be carried out. “The Corps never tried to hide the fact         But the truth is, there is a much more rapid and compre-
                                                                                                                                   social issues of the day—from the civil rights strug-
that the spending pressures of the war in Iraq, as well as       hensive solution to turning the situation around right in
                                                                                                                                   gles to the Black Power movement to developments
homeland security—coming at the same time as federal tax         front of the government’s nose. There are millions of work-
                                                                                                                                   in Africa.
cuts—was the reason for the strain.                              ers who can be mobilized to go to the region to help out.
                                                                                                                                      The fact that someone like Jennings, a well-
   “The 2004 hurricane season was the worst in decades. In          Right now there is a “housing boom” where hundreds of
                                                                                                                                   known white journalist, would get more attention
spite of that, the federal government came back this spring      thousands of construction workers are toiling away as real-
                                                                                                                                   than someone like Johnson, an African-American
with the steepest reduction in hurricane and flood-control       estate developers race to make super-profits on the specu-
                                                                                                                                   media pioneer, exposes once again the double stan-
funding for New Orleans in history.”                             lation in the housing market.
                                                                                                                                   dard that flows from racism—U.S. style. Certainly
   The Houston Chronicle’s 2001 report cited a study by a           What is needed is a full-scale mobilization of the building
                                                                                                                                   white media moguls, like Ted Turner and Rupert
consortium of government agencies several years ago. This        trades, construction workers, hydraulic engineers, medical
                                                                                                                                   Murdoch, would never be treated in such a dismis-
consortium recommended that between $2 billion and $3 bil-       personnel, social-service workers and workers from all over
                                                                                                                                   sive way if they were to pass away tomorrow. In
lion dollars was needed for projects that could rectify the      the country to stop capitalist business as usual and mobilize
                                                                                                                                   fact, they would be treated like gods.
problem. That is less than the cost of one month of spend-       to help the people of New Orleans, Biloxi and the delta
ing on the Iraq occupation, which costs $4 billion a month at    region—fully funded by the government.
the minimum! Certainly part of the $300-billion-plus spent          Millions of unemployed workers could be hired at union
on the war could have been used to take preventive meas-         wages to pitch in. Organized labor could be in the vanguard

ures.                                                            of organizing the reconstruction effort.
   Of course, while Bush is the immediate culprit, it must not      With all their technology, the bosses are preoccupied with
                                                                 how they can collect damages from the insurance industry,
                                                                                                                                   victory sparks
be forgotten that the Democratic Party voted for the war and
every nickel spent on it. So the Democrats are also crimi-       how they can get their profitable refineries back on line, and
nally liable for both the devastation in New Orleans and the     how they can resume making profits in the area as soon as
illegal war and occupation.
   Now that the capitalist authorities have let this disaster
                                                                 possible. The working class, in contrast, is concerned with
                                                                 the fate of the masses of people, especially the Black, Latin@,   internal debate
happen, Bush is taking a business-as-usual approach to deal-     poor white and the exploited who suffer the most and will
                                                                                                                                   Continued from page 2
ing with the disaster. Just as during the tsunami, it took him   get the least help.
days to disrupt his vacation and step away from his                 Once the reconstruction effort begins and communica-              “He told us we were recruiting the wrong peo-
Crawford ranch.                                                  tions become possible, unions, community organizations,           ple—we should aim for the important people
   The federal government is the only authority capable of       and movement groups should set up independent channels            among the film colony, the queens with money and
mobilizing the resources necessary for the rescue mission        by which they can give aid and assistance to the people of        influence, not the workers, not the ribbon clerks.”
and the reconstruction. It is said that a million people were    the stricken area.                                                   Mattachine leaders arranged a sit-down with Dr.
evacuated from New Orleans and the surrounding parishes             Mass mobilization, putting people before property, is          Alfred Kinsey in 1953 while he was in Los Angeles
(counties) before the hurricane. Actually, the government        how reconstruction projects are handled in Cuba and under         on his travels. But Kinsey couldn’t make it at the
did not evacuate anyone. The authorities simply declared a       the socialist organization of society. The demand should be       last minute.
mandatory evacuation and then left it to people to get out.      put forward that the government treat this as a national             The cancellation may have been more than a
Now they are saying that “at least a hundred thousand peo-       emergency crisis of the greatest magnitude. Measures              scheduling problem. Kinsey may have wanted to
ple” were left in the city itself.                               should be taken in proportion to the extent of the crisis—        distance himself from homosexual rights. Kinsey’s
   People have no place to stay. Many have no food. Their        measures such as giving extended unemployment insur-              scientific conclusion that human sexuality could
personal belongings are all gone. Medical care is cut off.       ance to everyone in the area. Personal property loss              best be represented as a spectrum helped equip
Schools are inaccessible. Countless are homeless. The imme-      should be fully restored. And the government should sub-          homosexual activism. But it also made Kinsey the
diate crisis requires a national mobilization of medical per-    ordinate all its efforts to giving effective short term and       target of the red-baiting, lavender-hating ideo-
sonnel, social workers, rescue experts, hydraulic engineers.     long term aid to the victims. But at the same time the            logues of McCarthyism.
   Food, water and medical supplies should be immediately        working class in this country should try to find a way to get        The Mattachine founders found themselves in
commandeered for the emergency from agribusiness, super-         beyond the capitalist authority and bring whatever aid            the same crosshairs.
market chains, pharmaceutical companies. Wal Mart and            and assistance it can to the people of the delta.                 Next: Twisting the knife of anti-communism.
                                                                                                                                           Sept. 8, 2005   Page 11

Bush ‘morality’ cuts funding for
HIV education in Central America
By LeiLani Dowell                              educating current prostitutes about the          practice that exploits women and young              After Coburn’s letter was released,
                                               disease. One aspect is the organization of       girls is parties and games.” And Coburn          USAID contacted PSI to tell them that
   It would seem to be common sense that       Loteria games, using the game’s icons to         said that the Noches Vives program of            future funding for the organization-
those who are members of a given commu-        explain aspects of safer sex and condom          going into the bars and brothels was a           –almost half of PSI’s budget— had been
nity would know the best way to reach out      use. Loteria is a popular and well-loved         “misuse of funds to organize and sponsor         denied. The Sun reports that while deci-
to that community. This is exactly the         game throughout much of Central                  parties and dance contests to exploit vic-       sions on contracts are usually made by
approach that a program organized by           America, and as such creates a comfort-          tims of the sex trade.”                          USAID officials with expertise in the area
Population Services International has          able setting for prostitutes to learn about         Other senators have denounced                 being addressed, this decision was made
used to tackle the crisis of HIV/AIDS in       these topics.                                    Coburn’s letter, but only in the most chau-      by a “high-level political appointee.”
Central America.                                  The other aspect is outreach in the           vinistic terms. Larry Craig of Idaho said           This USAID ruling must be seen in the
   This work could not be needed more.         brothels and bars where prostitutes work.        that “ignoring the problem by hamstring-         context of the larger push by the religious
The World Bank reported in 2003 that           The outreach specialists sit down with           ing proven programs is a disservice to U.S.      right to use “morality” to guide health
four of the six Latin American countries       prostitutes and explain                                            citizens      who     are      policies. In 2003 Congress passed

with the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS        how to use a condom, and                                           impacted by the wave of        President George W. Bush’s Global AIDS
are in Central America. According to the       the importance of safer                                            immigrants from these          Initiative, which has not only siphoned
Baltimore Sun, the rate of HIV among           sex.                                                               countries.”                    money from realistic AIDS education pro-
prostitutes in Central America is as high         The Baltimore Sun                                                  Both responses to an        grams to abstinence-only programs, but
as 20 percent.
   A report released in 2002 by the
                                               reports: “Last year, PSI’s
                                               program made contact
                                                                                   ANALYSIS                       effective program com-
                                                                                                                  pletely ignore the base
                                                                                                                                                 also denies funds to “any group or organ-
                                                                                                                                                 ization that does not have a policy explic-
National University of Costa Rica cited        with 422,000 people in high-risk groups          issue of HIV/AIDS in Central America.            itly opposing prostitution and sex traffick-
irregular use of condoms by sex workers        and sold 14 million condoms in the region.       If these senators are really concerned           ing.” Last year, this requirement was
in Central America as a factor in the high     In parts of Guatemala, where PSI has sig-        with the “dehumanizing and abusive”              extended from international to U.S.-
risk of infection with the AIDS virus. Only    nificantly expanded its work, HIV infec-         practice of prostitution and the “wave of        based groups.
one percent of the 1,600 prostitutes they      tions among prostitutes have fallen by a         immigrants,” they can focus their energy            True morality lies within the hearts of
surveyed throughout the region knew the        third.”                                          on the economic and political realities of       the people who fight for their rights,
proper way to use a condom. The report            Despite the success of this program, a        capitalism—which not only force many             including the right to accurate and reli-
recommended an increase in educational         U.S. senator has denounced the funding of        women and men into prostitution, but             able sex education for themselves and
outreach to sex workers, and that organi-      PSI by the United States Agency for              also force many women and men to                 their communities; it is not dictated by a
zations “take into account the cultural dif-   International Development. In a letter,          leave their families behind and seek             group of naysayers who place “family val-
ferences of the population” when deci-         Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma belittled            work in the United States. But they              ues” over the saving of lives. An intensi-
sions are made about allocation of             the organization of the Loteria games,           should leave the fighting of a world pan-        fied response on the streets is needed to
resources. (AFP)                               writing, “There is something seriously           demic to the medical experts on                  combat the intensification of the right-
   Through the PSI program, former pros-       askew at USAID when the agency’s                 HIV/AIDS and members of communi-                 wing attack on the lives of women and
titutes use a two-pronged approach to          response to a dehumanizing and abusive           ties that are most affected by it.               men worldwide.

Hurricane tragedy could have been averted
Continued from page 1                             No one knows how many lives have              media claim that the city of New Orleans             ple were killed, the number would
have spilled into the water with the storm.    been lost or the extent of the damage done       was spared by the change of direction                have been higher were it not for the
Thirty-three percent of the United States’     by the hurricane. The Gulf Coast was             of the storm and that things could                   socialist response of revolutionary
oil comes from the Gulf Coast.                 pounded and entire buildings collapsed.          have been worse. However, had the city             Cuba, and a head of state who uses his
   Hurricane Ivan missed New Orleans. It       One apartment building fell from the             taken proper preparations, the loss of             influence to mobilize the Cuban people.
veered to the east and New Orleans nar-        wind and surging water, and at least 30          life, and the still potential loss of life,           What happened in Cuba is markedly
rowly escaped what many call an inevi-         people there are said to have been killed.       would have been averted.                                          different from what hap-
table disaster, the worst the country has      Harrison county, in Mississippi, is count-          The residents of the hard-                                  pened in Haiti, where scores
seen yet.                                      ing at least 100 dead and expects the num-       hit areas were told to evacuate,                            died from Hurricane Dennis,
   On Aug. 28, 2005, New Orleans braced        ber to continue climbing.                        but the city was not mobilized to                        and from the United States, where
for Hurricane Katrina, a category 5 hurri-        Eighty percent of New Orleans is sub-         evacuate. What’s more, part of                            the number of dead from
cane, but the kind of preparations neces-      merged, with some areas being covered by         the reason for the doomsday                                Hurricane Katrina is already at
sary for such a hurricane had not been         over 20 feet of water. Many people are           scenario is because of the                                  least 100.
made.                                          stranded on their rooftops and in trees,         receding coastal marsh and                                     While this hurricane rav-
   Fears of the damage and death were          and rescuers are said to have to push aside      barrier islands. The south of Louisiana         aged, President Bush was on vacation on
evoked. Residents of New Orleans, other        the dead to get to the still living.             loses about 24 miles of coastal marsh a         his ranch in Crawford, Texas, itself del-
southern Louisiana counties and cities,           A day after the hurricane, there were         year. The loss of the marsh and barrier         uged—but by activists galvanized by the
and counties and cities along the Gulf         reports that at least 100,000 are stranded       islands, which slows down storms, means         courage of Cindy Sheehan, and in opposi-
Coast were told to evacuate. The highways      in New Orleans. People, desperate for            that every hurricane that hits southern         tion to the brutal war in Iraq.
out of the populated areas were clogged,       food, without electricity and other means,       Louisiana could cause massive damage               Nature cannot be stopped, but it does-
but many—over 100,000 residents in New         after having lost everything, are relieving      and loss of life.                               n’t have to spell wholesale death. Hun-
Orleans alone—have no means of escap-          store shelves, as there is only scant emer-         A coastal restoration project was ear-       dreds of billions of dollars a year are
ing. Thousands more along the coast are        gency relief. Thousands are huddled in the       marked at $14 billion dollars, but the Bush     authorized for the Pentagon, and hun-
in the same predicament; many of these         Super Dome, with nowhere to go. By               administration put pressure on the state to     dreds of billions more have been spent in
poor are people of color.                      Tuesday, Aug. 30, food supplies had run          lower the cost to $1.2 billion dollars; as of   Iraq and Afghanistan. A fraction of this
   The major news stations, in covering        out in the Dome.                                 yet, only $375 million has been allocated.      money could have saved the lives of the
and tracking the storm, of course men-            The situation in New Orleans is espe-            In addition, the National Guard, which       people that live on and near the Gulf
tioned the people that would be stranded,      cially tenuous. The levees have broken in        is usually mobilized for natural occurren-      Coast. In the richest, most technologi-
but rarely the reasons.                        areas and flood waters continue to rise.         ces, has been depleted and demoralized by       cally advanced country in the world,
   Lines at the rescue stations, especially    Hospitals are having to evacuate very ill        the Bush administration’s growing impe-         there is no reason that every person
at the Super Dome—the stadium where            patients, because as the waters rise, the        rialist disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan.      could not have been evacuated and
the New Orleans Saints team plays—were         generators have malfunctioned and valu-             One could contrast the preparedness of       placed in shelters.
blocks long. The Super Dome became the         able life support has been cut off. Also, the    socialist Cuba with that of the United             That storms do come is no mystery.
largest structure to house people that         city’s water supply is contaminated and          States. Cuba—a resource poor country—           They come every year around this time.
could not leave the city. At one point, an     much of the food in the city is unfit for con-   spares nothing when it comes to moving          And, it is no mystery what has to be done
estimated 35,000 people waited to gain         sumption. Many more could become ill             people from the path of tropical storms,        to spare those in the path of hurricanes.
entrance to the stadium, but only around       from the stagnant water, from the mosqui-        hurricanes and other natural occurrences.       Society has to be organized around the
9,000 were allowed to enter and others         toes that carry the West Nile virus and          This year, Cuba was hit by Hurricane            needs of the many, and that will never
were turned away. Many were relegated to       from other diseases resulting from the           Dennis, a category 4 hurricane. Cuba,           happen under capitalism, but only by the
riding the storm out in their homes            contaminated water supply.                       through mobilizing the Committees for           overthrow of the capitalists and through
because they had no way out of the city.                                                        the Defense of the Revolution and the pop-      building socialism. Under socialism the
   When Katrina hit, the center of this        Loss of life could be averted                    ular army, and by being prepared to meet        masses can be organized and a socialist
storm also veered to the east of New             The doomsday scenario given by                 the needs of the Cuban people, was able to      state apparatus set up to plan the econ-
Orleans, but New Orleans was hit by the        forecasters did not have to be as deadly         evacuate 1.5 million people.                    omy and use valuable resources to pro-
storm, which had been downgraded               as predicted.                                       Hurricane Dennis hit the island, sweep-      vide for countries’ needs, and to oversee
slightly as it came ashore.                      Many in the big business-controlled            ing through Havana, and though 16 peo-          massive efforts like evacuations.
                                                        ¡Proletarios y oprimidos de todos los países, uníos!

                       Cartas de solidaridad no solucionan nada

  Ruptura en la organización laboral
 favorece los ataques anti-sindicales
Por Milt Neidenberg                           madamente $120 millones—y más de 4                 L@s miembr@s de un sindicato con                La alegría del gobierno puede ser de
                                              millones de sus 13 millones de miembr@s.        Carta de Solidaridad no pueden tener            breve duración. Este portavoz de la clase
   Después de la ruptura en la AFL-CIO, el       El Sindicato de Empleados de la              puestos en el concilio laboral ni en la fed-    gobernante no tiene ni idea de lo que están
liderazgo de los dos sectores sindicales      Costura, Industriales y Textiles/ Emplea-       eración estatal. L@s individuos que ya          pensando las bases de los sindicatos—
rivales ha estado trabajando extra para       dos de Hoteles y Restaurantes—UNITE             estén ocupando puestos solamente                aquell@s que trabajan junt@s para prov-
consolidar sus bases. Ambas agrupa-           HERE—y la Internacional de Obreros              podrán terminar sus plazos.                     eer los servicios públicos para millones de
ciones, la AFL-CIO y la Coalición Cambiar     también boicotearon la convención de la            Inmediatamente, Anna Burger, presi-          trabajador@s y pobres y que mantienen la
para Ganar (Change to Win Coalition),         AFL-CIO. Los dos sindicatos amenazaron          denta de la Coalición Cambiar para Ganar,       infraestructura que está en estado de
han estado diciendo a su respectiva mem-      irse de la AFL-CIO.                             denunció todo el plan para crear Cartas de      deterioro. El trabajo l@ ha unido—afro-
bresía que quieren la unidad. Pero están         El sindicato de Trabajadores Agrícolas       Solidaridad. Ella las llamó divisivas,          american@s, blanc@s, latin@s, asiátic@s
operando de una manera divisiva y hostil,     Unidos (United Farm Workers) decidió            diciendo “La AFL-CIO ha tomado una                 Pero, está dolorosamente claro que
ignorando la necesidad de l@s traba-          quedarse en la AFL-CIO. El sindicato de         posición que usa retórica de unidad pero        mientras la AFL-CIO y la Coalición Cam-
jador@s y las nacionalidades oprimidas        Carpinteros no está afiliado a la AFL-CIO.      está diseñada para proveer divisiones           biar para Ganar peleen, el potencial para
de una lucha independiente y de la unidad        Sería un desastre a echar a los sindi-       innecesarias.”                                  la unidad estará sumergido.
de clase.                                     catos de Cambiar para Ganar fuera de los           Ella acusó a la AFL-CIO de usar un              Los líderes de las dos facciones están en
   Después de la defección de la Unión        concilios locales y las federaciones            lenguaje que contiene “provisiones de           un curso destructivo y divisivo.
Internacional de Empleados de Servicio        estatales.                                      letra diminuta que son píldoras vene-              Ellos no muestran una visión en cuanto
(SEIU) y los otros sindicatos, el Concilio       Antes de que se terminara la conven-         nosas,” incluyendo “pagos discriminato-         a lo que se requiere para reavivar el
Ejecutivo decidió en su convención que los    ción de la AFL-CIO, el Consejo Ejecutivo        rios” [y] “una prohibición de participar        movimiento laboral y fomentar la unidad
sindicatos desasociados no podían que-        designó a unos cuantos líderes para tratar      en el liderazgo local y estatal a los sindi-    en los concilios centrales laborales y las
darse en los concilios locales laborales ni   de mitigar este posible desastre.               catos desasociados.”                            federaciones estatales.
en las federaciones estatales.                   Ellos establecieron un comité para                                                              El comportamiento burocrático de
   El presidente de la AFL-CIO John           revisar la constitución.                        La ruptura estimula el apetito                  detenerse en pequeñeces sobre estructura
Sweeney, dijo que la constitución de la          Con la aprobación de la junta, Sweeney       del gobierno                                    y dinero, que terminó en la ruptura en la
AFL-CIO requería esta decisión. Él les dijo   ahora ha establecido “Cartas de Solidari-          Desgraciadamente, mientras que la            AFL-CIO, no sirve para responder a los
a l@s delegad@s a la convención que los       dad”. Ellas están encargadas de revisar la      retórica fraccional se calienta, los líderes    ataques continuos contra los sindicatos
concilios centrales laborales y las federa-   constitución nacional, permitiendo a los        de las juntas locales y estatales se quedan     laborales.
ciones estatales ya no podrían aceptar las    sindicatos locales desasociados a quedarse      esperando hasta tanto las jerarquías de las        Entre la membresía de base plurina-
cuotas—pagos por miembr@s—de los              en los concilios centrales laborales y en las   dos facciones sindicales planeen su próx-       cional de las dos facciones hay un residuo
sindicatos desasociados. Y decidió que los    federaciones estatales de la AFL-CIO.           imo paso.                                       de buena voluntad. Ha trabajado junta por
sindicatos desasociados no pudrían estar         Pero las Cartas de Solidaridad crean            La Coalición Cambiar para Ganar tendrá       décadas en tiempos buenos y malos. Es en
representados por delegad@s u oficiales       una calidad de miembr@s de segunda              su convención de fundación en Cincinnati        los concilios locales y en las federaciones
en las organizaciones locales o estatales.    clase, y están llenas de líos burocráticos.     a fines de septiembre. Al tiempo en que         estatales que la mayor parte del apoyo
   La burocracia de la AFL-CIO ya se ha                                                       Wall Street, la “América” corporativa y el      para huelgas y otras formas de lucha se
retirado de esa posición. Ellos ahora han     El primer lío                                   gobierno están descargando su crisis            organiza. Estos cuerpos podrían ser la
propuesto “Cartas de Solidaridad” para           Según la AFL-CIO: “Si un sindicato           global y nacional en las espaldas de l@s tra-   base estructural de una lucha de la mem-
persuadir a los sindicatos locales de         local de un sindicato desasociado quiere        bajador@s y oprimid@s, el fraccionalismo        bresía multinacional para responder a la
Cambiar para Ganar en los concilios cen-      ser parte de un movimiento local unido en       promulgado por los líderes de los sindi-        ruptura y los ataques anti-sindicales.
trales laborales y en las federaciones        su ciudad y estado, puede solicitar ser         catos no podría haber surgido en peor              L@s trabajador@s públic@s son una
estatales a que vuelvan a la AFL-CIO.         parte del concilio central laboral o de la      tiempo.                                         fuente de fuerza y recursos para luchar
   Después de las defecciones del SEIU y      federación estatal.                                La ruptura de la Coalición Cambiar para      contra el golpe contra sus sindicatos.
los Tronquistas, los Trabajadores Unidos         “El sindicato local pagaría una remu-        Ganar con la AFL-CIO y el plan burocrá-         Aproximadamente un@ de cada tres de
del Alimento y el Comercio (United Food       neración de solidaridad del 10 por ciento       tico de Sweeney para formar Cartas de           l@s 5 millones de trabajador@s del gob-
and Commercial Workers) también se han        al concilio laboral o a la federación estatal   Solidaridad solo va a estimular los apeti-      ierno estatal en este país está represen-
desasociado de la AFL-CIO. La AFL-CIO         para ayudar en la compensación del costo        tos de la clase gobernante y del gobierno.      tad@ por un sindicato.
calcula que la pérdida de estos tres          de servicios y sistemas de movilización            Como subrayó un titular en el periódico         AFSCME tiene más miembr@s que
grandes sindicatos le costará cerca de $28    suministrado por la AFL-CIO nacional y          Wall Street Journal del 11 de agosto, justo     cualquier otro sindicato en la AFL-CIO,
millones—de un presupuesto de aproxi-         apoyado por sus sindicatos afiliados.”          dos semanas después de la ruptura en la         aún antes de la ruptura. Unido a la fuerza
                                                         El pago del 10 por ciento sería      AFL-CIO, tres gobernadores Republi-             numérica del SEIU que también ha orga-
                                                      además de las cuotas que cada           canos— en Missouri, Indiana y Mary-             nizado a trabajador@s del sector público,
                                                      miembr@ del sindicato pagó al           land—fomentaron ataques contra los              esta fuerza poderosa podría enfrentarse a
                                                      concilio central laboral y a la fed-    sindicatos del sector público.                  los ataques contra los trabajadores públi-
                                                      eración estatal antes de la ruptura.       El Journal reportó: “El gobernador de        cos.
                                                                                              Missouri, Matt Blunt, que sirve en esa fun-        Esta unidad reforzaría al nivel estruc-
                                                     El segundo lío                           ción por primera vez, rescindió los dere-       tural de apoyo establecido en los concilios
                                                        L@s miembr@s que se asocien           chos de negociación colectiva de los traba-     laborales y en las federaciones estatales.
                                                     a las Cartas de Solidaridad tendrán      jadores estatales. ... El gobernador de         Vendría desde abajo hacia arriba, incluiría
                                                     que quedarse en los concilios cen-       Indiana, Mitch Daniels, que era director        a los dos sectores de trabajador@s, el
                                                     trales laborales y en las federa-        de presupuesto de la Casa Blanca de Bush,       público y el privado, y sería nacional en su
                                                     ciones estatales hasta el fin del año    derogó una orden ejecutiva que por 15           visión y enmarcada en la lucha.
                                                     2006. Y tendrán que participar           años dio derechos de negociación colec-            Va a requerir reagruparse, un concilio
                                                     plenamente en la política local.         tiva a los trabajadores públicos del estado.    de líderes que vienen de la base, para
                                                        Esto es una referencia obvia a las    Y el gobernador de Maryland, respaldado         implementar esta visión de lucha en
                                                     elecciones congresionales de             por la Corte Suprema del estado, sus-           medio de la guerra de clase.
                                                     2006.                                    pendió un aumento de salario del 2 por             El sistema capitalista de explotación,
                                                        Esta es una maniobra arrogante        ciento que fue negociado por los sindicatos     opresión nacional, y guerra imperialista
                                                     para conseguir la ayuda de los           para los trabajadores estatales con su pre-     estimulará la necesidad de resistir.
                                                     sindicatos locales de la Coalición       decesor.”                                       Emergiendo desde abajo—de la fuerza lab-
                                                     Cambiar para Ganar—SEIU,                    El Journal se deleitó en “el resenti-        oral multinacional, de mujeres y nacional-
                                                     UFCW, los Tronquistas, y los             miento entre AFSCME y los sindicatos que        idades oprimidas y unida al movimiento
                                                     Carpinteros—para financiar a los         recientemente se desafiliaron de la AFL-        contra la guerra y otros—ahí está la
                                                     políticos capitalistas respaldados       CIO—incluyendo la Unión Internacional           energía y la voluntad para construir este
                                                     por la AFL-CIO.                          de Empleados de Servicio (SEIU) que             frente unido. Debe ir adelante.
                                                                                              tiene una cantidad significativa de traba-
                                                     El tercer lío                            jadores públicos.”

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