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NEWSLETTER                                                                                             Aug 2010

                          Credit Score                                   Maxine Sweet, of credit bureau
                          by Dr.Lutf ur Rehman                                By the same token, closing an
                                                                         unused account will lower your available
                                The reason for a lower credit score      credit and hurt your utilization ratio ---
                          is often high balances on credit cards.        particularly if the card had a high limit
                          That may create a high “credit utilization     and you were carrying a low balance,
                          ratio,” which is the total of your credit      says Steven Katz, of credit bureau
                          card balances divided by the total of          TransUnion. If your card company starts
                          your card limits.                              to charge an annual fee, it may be
                                About one third of your FICO score       worthwhile to close the account and
                          is based on your utilization ratio. It’s how   take a temporary hit. But try not to open
                          much you have charged that counts,             or close accounts or make dramatic
                          regardless of whether you pay your             changes in the way you use credit three
                          balances in full each month. To boost          to six months before you apply for a
                          your score, try to keep credit card            mortgage or other loan.
                          balances to 20% or less of your credit              Correcting mistakes in your credit
                          limits.                                        report can improve your score, too ---
                                Paying down your balances can            especially if you report the errors to the
                          improve your score – and the sooner,           credit bureau online. You can get a free
                          the better. FICO score simulator ( at          credit report from each of the three
                 ) offers an example in          credit bureaus every 12 months at
                          which someone with a FICO score of   
                          707 could raise it by 70 points by paying              Kiplinger’s Personal Finance
                          off the balances --- or most of them ---
                          over the next 24 months. You can also
                          improve your score by increasing your
                          available credit. “If you have never
                          missed a payment and are a good
                          customer, consider asking your creditors
                          to increase your credit limit,” says

                          AMMA Meeting
                          Members of AMMA met on the second
                          day of Jalsa Salana USA at lunch, along
                          with Humanity First. Elections for
                          various offices were conducted during
                          this meeting. The outcome of elections
                          will be announced once results are
                          confirmed by Hadhrat Khalifatul Massih.
                          Fifty three members attended the
                                    Ahmadiyya Muslim Medical Association

                                    Monkey Business!!                            Sleeping with GERD
                                                                                 If you've been waking up at night with
                                    Once upon a time in a place overrun
                                                                                 heartburn, here are tips to help you sleep
                                    with monkeys, a man appeared and
                                    announced to the villagers that he would
                                                                                 Raise the head of the bed by 4 to 6
                                    buy monkeys for $10 each. The
                                                                                 inches, so you can sleep with your head
                                    villagers, seeing that there were many
                                                                                 and chest elevated. You can lift the top end
                                    monkeys around, went out to the forest,
                                                                                 of the bed by sticking blocks underneath --
                                    and started catching them.
                                                                                 although your spouse may object once he
                                    The man bought thousands at $10 and
Editor’s Note                                                                    or she has slid out of the bed a few times.
                                    as supply started to diminish, they
                                                                                 You could also lie on special wedge pillows
                                    became harder to catch, so the villagers
Medical science does not                                                         designed to help you sleep on an incline.
                                    stopped their effort. The man then
have cures for most illnesses                                                    Eat meals two to three hours before bed,
                                    announced that he would now pay $20
We can manage many of                                                            since this will reduce the risk of nighttime
                                    for each one.
                                                                                 heartburn. Avoid bedtime snacks.
them quite well, such as            This renewed the efforts of the villagers
                                                                                 Don't wear clothes that fit tightly around
diabetes and hypertension,          and they started catching monkeys
                                                                                 the waist, since they can aggravate your
                                    again. But soon the supply diminished
but cannot cure them. This                                                       symptoms.
                                    even further and they were ever harder
has created space for some                                                       Chew gum during the evening. This can
                                    to catch, so people started going back to
to    claim     benefits      for                                                boost the production of saliva, which
                                    their farms and forgot about monkey
                                                                                 neutralizes stomach acid.
substances which have not           catching.
                                                                                 Try sleeping on your left side. Some
been fully tested. Markets          The man increased his price to $25
                                                                                 studies have shown that this helps with
                                    each and the supply of monkeys
are full of wonder cures for                                                     digestion, simply because of a quirk of the
                                    became so sparse that it was an effort
anything      and    everything.                                                 body's design. Sleeping on your right side
                                    to even see a monkey, much less catch
Recently Ginko Biloba has                                                        seems to be most likely to aggravate
been shown to be ineffective        The man now announced that he would
                                                                                 Avoid foods that can trigger reflux or
in preventing memory loss,          buy monkeys for $50! However, since
                                                                                 irritate the esophageal lining. These
                                    he had to go to the city on some
in a large study published in                                                    include alcohol, chocolate, peppermint,
                                    business, his assistant would now buy
the   journal   of    American                                                   coffee, carbonated drinks, citrus fruits and
                                    on his behalf.
Medical    Association.      This                                                juices, tomatoes, pepper, vinegar, ketchup
                                    While the man was away the assistant
                                                                                 and mustard, and spicy or fatty foods.
raises an ethical question.         told the villagers 'Look at all these
                                                                                 If you smoke, stop.
Can we accept any claims of         monkeys in the big cage that the man
                                                                                 If you're overweight, try to lose some of
                                    has bought. I will sell them to you at $35
efficacy of any medicinal                                                        your excess pounds.
                                    each and when the man returns from
substance without scientific
                                    the city, you can sell them to him for $50
                                                                                 Andrew Carnegie
proof? Unfortunately, many          each.'
exploit the vulnerability of        The villagers rounded up all their
                                    savings and bought all the monkeys.           Think of yourself as on the threshold of
ordinary people and derive
                                    They never saw the man nor his               unparalleled success. A whole, clear,
financial and other benefits                                                     glorious life lies before you. Achieve!
                                    assistant again and once again there
by pushing such substances.
                                    were monkeys everywhere.                      Concentration is my motto - first honesty,
Every person has to answer          Now you know how the stock market            then industry, then concentration.
this question for himself.          works.                                        I believe that the true road to preeminent
                                                                                 success in any line is to make yourself
                                                                                 master of that line.
If your address has changed
                                                                                  Teamwork is the ability to work together
please let us know.                                                              toward a common vision. It is the fuel that
LUTF.CH@GMAIL.COM                                                                allows common people to attain uncommon
1105 Rolling Creek Drive                                                         results.
Brentwood, TN 37027
                                                                                  You cannot push anyone up the ladder
                                                                                 unless he is willing to climb.
Phone: (615) 390 6775
                                                                                 Andrew Carnegie

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