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Help is Available – Take Advantage of It Newly Admitted Attorneys


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									                                      THE FLORIDA BAR                                       VOLUME VII, NO. 1I1
                                      BOARD OF GOVERNORS                                          SPRING 2010
                                      YOUNG LAWYERS DIVISION

                                           Representing The Florida Bar’s Future

                                      Message from the YLD President —
                                      Help is Available – Take
          2009 - 2010
                                      Advantage of It
                                      by R.J. Haughey, II, President
           PRESIDENT                     Times may be tough for                         continuously review our pro-
          R.J. Haughey, II            you. You have no job (or                          grams and implement chang-
                                      want a different one), you                        es that we hope will benefit
      PRESIDENT ELECT                 have no mentor (or want a                         Florida’s young lawyers. This
        Renée Thompson                different one) and the Basic                      article will focus on three:
                                      CLEs you are most inter-                          Jobs, Mentoring and Basic
 Local Bar Affiliates Committee       ested in are offered half way                     CLEs. First, jobs. The Florida
                                      across the state. The Young                       Bar has two different job re-
         Marcy L. Shaw
                                      Lawyers Division can help,                        sources for you. Go to www.
                                      and is helping, make things                       flabar.org or www.flayld.org
Affiliate Outreach Conference Chair   a little easier.                         and follow the jobs links. Lawyers are
      Jacqueline Simms-Petredis          The YLD Board of Governors and I      finding jobs through both sites.
                                                                                                  continued, next page
     Communications Chair
         Ward Griffin

       Affiliate Newsletter
                                      Newly Admitted Attorneys
           Ginger Barry
                                      Can Satisfy BSCR By
      Committee Members
       Kimberly Gustafson
                                      Taking Basic CLEs Online
        Kimberly K. Law               by Matthew S. Welch, Appointed Member of the Young Lawyers
         Belinda Lazzara              Division Board of Governors
       Albert J. Sauline, III
          Leslie Stewart                  The Young Lawyers Division Board        A young lawyer’s first few years
        Scott Westheimer              of Governors continuously reviews its    of practice are challenging and the
                                      programs and implements changes          Board of Governors seeks to make
                                      that serve to benefit Florida’s young    that period less stressful while main-
                                      lawyers while fulfilling the responsi-   taining the professionalism and in-
                                      bilities given it by Florida’s Supreme   tegrity expected of lawyers. On Feb-
                                      Court. The recent change to the Basic    ruary 4, 2010, the Florida Supreme
                                      Skills Course Requirement (BSCR)         Court approved amendments to the
       www.flayld.org                 is just one example of how the Young     BSCR, which will affect all newly
                                      Lawyers Division Board of Governors      admitted attorneys in Florida. Under
                                      benefits Florida’s young lawyers.        the amended rules, newly admitted
                                                                                                    continued, page 11
                                                                                        all took them in person, sometimes
                                              PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                       traveling across the state to catch a
       Young Lawyers Division                 from page 1
         Board of Governors                                                             CLE that we wanted or needed. While
            2009 - 2010                                                                 important, it could also be expensive
                                                                                        between gas, a hotel, parking and
          Circuit Representatives:
                                                 Next, mentoring. There has been        time out of our offices. Things have
         Douglas S. Woodward (1st)
    Sean T. Desmond, Tallahassee (2nd)        a serious dialogue for a few years in     changed. You will still have the op-
 Christine Davis Graves, Tallahassee (2nd)    Florida about mandatory mentoring.        portunity to see the Basic CLEs live,
    Jennifer Kuyrkendall, Lake City (3rd)     It hasn’t happened yet, but I predict     but you can now also view them at
     Kimberly K. Law, Jacksonville (4th)
                                              that it will. And believe it or not it    the Bar’s secure CLE website. You can
     Michael Fox Orr, Jacksonville (4th)
        Gordon J. Glover, Ocala (5th)         will be because law students and          watch them at work, at the library, at
  Belinda B. Lazzara, St. Petersburg (6th)    young lawyers seem to really want         home. Anywhere you have an internet
        Peter Sartes, Clearwater (6th)        mentors. And instead of waiting for       connection. All at once or a little at a
Katherine Hurst Miller, Daytona Beach (7th)
                                              mandatory mentoring, many local bar       time. And all you have to do is get a
Rhonda de Cambre Stroman, Gainesville (8th)
 Melanie Shoemaker Griffin, Orlando (9th)     associations and other legal service      certificate of completion and report it
   LaShawnda K. Jackson, Orlando (9th)        organizations already have voluntary      to the Bar. No travel, no parking, no
     Chelsie Joy Roberts, Orlando (9th)       mentoring programs. Which ones?           time out of the office. The complete
     Victor R. Smith, Lake Alfred (10th)
                                              Go to www.flayld.org and click the        story is below.
        Cristina Alonso, Miami (11th)
        Marisol Gomez, Miami (11th)           Mentoring Matters link for what we           These are just three of the ways
   Edward Robert McCarthy, Miami (11th)       believe is a complete list of available   we are trying to make the practice of
        Cynthia Morales, Miami (11th)         programs throughout the state.            law better for young Florida lawyers.
        Stephen P. Ngo, Miami (11th)
                                                 Finally, Basic CLEs. We all take       I hope it is working. If it is not, tell us
       Michele Samaroo, Miami (11th)
     Hunter W. Carroll, Sarasota (12th)       three in our first three years of prac-   about it. But in the meantime, please
     Louis M. Ursini, III, Sarasota (12th)    tice to satisfy the Florida Supreme       take advantage of the resources al-
      Paige A. Greenlee, Tampa (13th)         Court’s Basic Skills Course Require-      ready available to you through the
     Stephanie R. Bolton, Tampa (13th)
                                              ment. Until February 4, 2010, we          YLD.
 Jacqueline Simms-Petredis, Tampa (13th)
       Al Sauline, Panama City (14th)
 Adam M. Myron, West Palm Beach (15th)
Matthew T. Ramenda, West Palm Beach (15th)
  Elisha D. Roy, West Palm Beach (15th)
       Cara Higgins, Key West (16th)
   Marc P. Lyons, Fort Lauderdale (17th)          Talk in complete confidence with someone about your law
  Joshua D. Miron, Fort Lauderdale (17th)         practice — someone whose alcoholism, drug addiction,
    Alan L. Raines, Fort Lauderdale (17th)
Sue-Ann Robinson, Fort Lauderdale (17th)          gambling, depression, stress, or other psychological
      Kerri A. Fowler, Melbourne (18th)
   Leslie Sainz Stewart, Melbourne (18th)         problems may have been worse than yours; someone who can
     Russell J. Ferraro, III, Stuart (19th)       tell you what these problems did to his or her practice, family
     Marcy L. Shaw, Cape Coral (20th)
   Carlo F. Zampogna, Cape Coral (20th)           and health... someone to listen with an understanding heart who
                Out-of-state                      won’t judge or condemn.
      Ward Griffin, Washington, D.C.
          Mindi L. Wells, Ada, OH
     Victoria E. Wu, Washington, D.C.
                                                  Talk frankly with a person who is solving problems just like yours
          Appointed Officers:
                                                  and is living happily and usefully — at no cost to you.
               Ginger Barry
         Charles Wade Bowden
            Gregory P. Brown
              Kevin B. Cook
          Mark Thomas Flaherty
          Kimberly J. Gustafson
            Andrew T. Jenkins
          Ghenete Wright Muir
              Clinton Payne
         Adam Glenn Rabinowitz
              Monica Segura
            Wesley D. Tibbals
            Matthew S. Welch
           F. Scott Westheimer
            Maribeth L. Wetzel
                                                  Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc.
               Tom Miller                                 (800) 282-8991 • e-mail: mail@fla-lap.org
          Tel: 850-561-5621
          Fax: 850-561-5825                                        Telephone anytime in confidence.

2 • ACROSS THE BAR • SPRING 2010                                         Download a copy of Across the Bar from www.flayld.org
Answering the One Campaign Call Results
In Oral Argument Before the Florida
Supreme Court For Young Lawyer
Submitted by Cristina Alonso, 11th Circuit Representative, Young Lawyers Division Board of

   During much of the past year,           Court. Simply because David volun-        Wendy F. Lumish, head of the firm’s
Chief Justice Peggy A. Quince, her         teered and was willing to put in the      Appellate and Trial Support Practice
colleagues on the Florida Supreme          necessary time, he had the opportu-       Group, along with a contingent of oth-
Court, and Judge William Van Nort-         nity to represent Mr. Stang before the    er Carlton Fields appellate practitio-
wick of Florida’s First District Court     Florida Supreme Court, addressing a       ners. All it took was a little initiative
of Appeal have emphasized the need         difficult sentencing issue tied to ha-    and the right opportunity, and David
for increased pro-bono legal service       beas jurisdiction. See Stang v. State,    was able to help Mr. Stang while, at
through the “One Campaign.” See            24 So. 3d 566 (Fla. 2d DCA 2009),         the same time, improve his skills as
http://www.onepromiseflorida.org/.         review granted, 25 So. 3d 562 (Fla.       an appellate advocate.
One person who has been assisting          2010) (table; SC09-1409). As David           Although the Florida Supreme
on this front is Board Certified appel-    later explained in responding to the      Court has not yet decided the case,
late attorney Bryan S. Gowdy, who,         Court’s first oral-argument question      and there is no guarantee David’s
through the Appellate Practice Sec-        as to how he came to represent Mr.        client will prevail, Mr. Stang has the
tion, refers appellate pro-bono cases to   Stang, he received an e-mail from         potential to clarify two significant
practitioners. For attorneys in the Ap-    Mr. Gowdy notifying him that the          state-law issues: (i) the proper mecha-
pellate Practice Section, a well-timed     Court required pro bono counsel to        nism for prisoners to seek immediate
e-mail or phone call to Mr. Gowdy          represent Mr. Stang. David just hap-      release based on expired sentences;
might be all that it takes to answer       pened to be the first to respond to Mr.   and (ii) whether the Florida Depart-
this call to service. Even younger         Gowdy’s e-mail.                           ment of Corrections has the author-
practitioners may take advantage of           While the case involved a good         ity to contact sentencing courts on
these pro-bono opportunities.              amount of work on a very tight sched-     an ex parte basis to seek amended
   For instance, take the recent pro-      ule—approximately ten days to re-         sentences.
bono experience of first-year associ-      search and draft Mr. Stang’s response        Whatever the outcome, one young
ate David L. Luck, who, along with         brief—David received invaluable as-       Florida attorney was able to help
his firm, Carlton Fields, P.A., vol-       sistance from many other Carlton          shape state legal precedent merely
unteered to represent an indigent          Fields attorneys, primarily former        by fulfilling his pro-bono duty. You
habeas-corpus petitioner, Mr. Warren       Chief Judge of the Second District        too can answer the call to pro-bono
J. Stang, before the Florida Supreme       Court of Appeal, John R. Blue, and        service.

                         Congratulations to
                           Adrian Felix
                   from Carlton Fields
                  who has been appointed
                     Co-Chair of the
                                                                                        The Florida Bar’s
                ABA Young Lawyers Division                                                 website at
                   Litigation committee.

Download a copy of Across the Bar from www.flayld.org                       ACROSS THE BAR • SPRING 2010 • 
We the People and Mock Trial - Volunteers
by Melanie Shoemaker Griffin, 9th Circuit Representative, Young Lawyers Division Board of

   This past spring, I had the pleasure         are in need of volunteers to serve as                 gal publications. When you see these
of serving as a judge at the State Fi-          judges and timekeepers at several                     opportunities, please do not let them
nals for the We the People and Mock             rounds of competition throughout                      pass by - the students who participate
Trial Competitions. Both programs               the year. To obtain the dates and                     in We the People and Mock Trial look
are hosted by The Florida Law Re-               locations of rounds of competition                    up to Young Lawyers. Accordingly, not
lated Education Association, Inc. (“FL-         being hosted in your area this year,                  only are these opportunities often
REA”), and focus on training high               contact Erin Crowe, FLREA Program                     rewarded by free CLE credit, you’ll
school students to be civically engaged         Director, at ecrowe@flrea.org or (850)                leave the competition knowing that
in their communities. Specifically, the         386-8223. Also, be on the lookout for                 you helped shape the future of some
We the People Competition educates              opportunities in your community’s le-                 of Florida’s brightest youth.
youth about the meaning, value,
and historical and philosophical
significance of the U.S. Constitu-
tion and the Bill of Rights, while
the Mock Trial Competition gives
students the opportunity to de-
velop critical thinking skills while
learning about the internal work-
ings of our judicial system.
   To say that I was blown away
by the performances of the stu-
dents I evaluated is a significant
understatement; the students
who participate in these programs
pour their hearts and souls into
months of preparation, and this
hard work clearly shines by the
time they reach competition.
   We the People and Mock Trial                                        Participants in the We the People Competition

Bay County Young Lawyers Division
by Albert J. Sauline, III, 1th Circuit Representative, Young Lawyers Division Board of Governors

   In response to the extreme cold                                                                    bar. Through the generosity of many,
temperatures experienced throughout                                                                   nearly fifty (50) items were received
the Florida Panhandle early this year,                                                                within the first two weeks, including
the 14th Circuit/Bay County Young                                                                     jackets, scarves, blankets, sweaters,
Lawyers Division affiliate organized                                                                  shirts, pants, etc. These items were
an emergency winter clothing drive.                                                                   taken to the Panama City Rescue
This emergency winter clothing drive                                                                  Mission, a local homeless shelter in
provided an opportunity for all young                                                                 downtown Panama City, for immedi-
lawyers in the 14th Circuit, as well as                                                               ate distribution. A special thanks to
the entire local bar, to show their com-                                                              all who participated, and continue
passion by giving back to a communi-                                                                  to participate, in this humanitarian
ty which has been so good to its local                                                                effort.

                   Standing in the back row are (from left to right): Brian Barnes, Albert J. Sauline, III, Tim Register, Tracy Smith, and Susan
                   Rodger. Kneeling down in the front row are (from left to right): Laurie Hughes and Beverly McAllister-Brown.

 • ACROSS THE BAR • SPRING 2010                                                   Download a copy of Across the Bar from www.flayld.org
                             “Holidays in February”
                   The 14th Circuit/Bay County Young
                   Lawyers Division affiliate also held
                   its 2nd annual “Holidays in February”
                   event earlier this year. More than 100
                   gifts were provided to local underprivi-
                   leged children, most all of whom have
                   been victims of child abuse or sexual
                   offenses and are being served by the
                   Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center
                   in downtown Panama City. Pizza, good-
                   ies, and refreshments were provided
                   for this fun event. A special thanks
                   to YLD members Laurie Hughes and
                   Beverly McAllister-Brown, as well as
                   Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center
                   Director Elizabeth Berry, for assisting
                   in organizing the event. The 14th Circuit/Bay County Young Lawyers Division affiliate
                   looks forward to holding another successful “Holidays” event next year!

                               Bay County Afternoon in the Courthouse

Download a copy of Across the Bar from www.flayld.org                      ACROSS THE BAR • SPRING 2010 • 
                                                                          Supreme Court Historical Society Dinner – President
                                                                          R.J. Haughey, II, 2nd Circuit Representatives Sean
                                                                          Desmond and Christine Davis-Graves, and President-
                                                                          Elect Renee Thompson attended the Supreme Court
                                                                          Historical Society Dinner after the Supreme Court’s Pro
                                                                          Bono Award Ceremony. Pictured with the Governors is
                                                                          the keynote speaker for the event, Neal Katyal, Principal
                                                                          Deputy Solicitor General of the United States

 YLD Out of State Board of Governors Representative
 Ward Griffin, FL Young Lawyer Elizabeth Gibson, FL
 YLD President-Elect Renee E. Thompson, and FL
 Young Lawyer and Out of State Member in NY Shaina
 J. Schallop

                                                      if a legal hassle or area of law has you confused
 Ease your legal confusion.                                           or full of questions...

                                                               points you in the right direction.

  ... To better serve the Bar and the public
                                                      offers the less experienced attorney access to the
                                                      knowledge and resources of a more experienced
                                                           attorney— fast, free and over the phone.

                                        Call 1-800-342-8060, ext. 5807
                              A program of the Young Lawyers Division of The Florida Bar

                 SCOPE applications can be found at www.floridabar.org/SCOPE

 • ACROSS THE BAR • SPRING 2010                                   Download a copy of Across the Bar from www.flayld.org
Law Student Division is Raising the Bar
Submitted by the Board of the Florida Bar YLD Law Student Division

   On Saturday, February 27, law                 effort to give back to the communities          a social contract with society,” said
students across the state escaped                in which they live.                             Michael Orr, chair of the YLD Law
their classrooms and library cubicles               In particular, the University of             Schools Committee, “and we need to
to spend the day participating in                Miami (UM) Chapter of the Law Stu-              maintain and renew that contract by
Raising the Bar, The Florida Bar                 dent Division chose to work with Art            providing community service.”
Law Student Division’s inaugural                 Studio Miami, a center for at risk                 Not only did Raising the Bar pro-
community service event. Through                 youth in Little Haiti. Art Studio Mi-           vide an opportunity for lawyers and
this event, students from all eleven             ami works to prevent at-risk youth              law students to give back to their
law school chapters in Florida volun-            from entering the juvenile justice              communities, but it also caused them
teered for local charities in an effort          system through creative, holistic,              to get to know their communities a
to give back to their communities.               art-based education and career de-              little better. Vaishali Desai, a first-
   Members of the Law Student Divi-              velopment. Volunteers donated over              year student at UM, participated in
sion Board of Governors organized                250 hours to this event by giving the           the UM chapter’s event at Art Studio
and advertised on their campuses                 walls a fresh coat of paint, installing         Miami. Desai found the experience
to recruit student volunteers for the            a community garden, and joining                 to be surreal. She has seen little of
service day. Local YLD affiliates also           some of the youth to paint a mural              Miami outside of UM’s well-groomed
helped in this effort by recruiting at-          memorializing the day. The capital              campus and was acutely aware of the
torney members to participate in the             improvements that Raising the Bar               stark contrast between the wealth of
event.                                           volunteers made to the studio will              the campus and the poverty in Little
   Each law school chapter chose its             help the studio to better serve youth           Haiti. “It [was] like building a sanctu-
own host organization to work with               living in poverty, and transformed the          ary, amidst madness,” Desai said.
for Raising the Bar. Some of the or-             studio into a clean and serene place               The community service day was
ganizations include: Children’s Home             for the studio’s students to escape the         premised on the concept that local,
Society, Keep Tallahassee Beautiful,             stresses of their day-to-day lives.             community-based service is the first
and Metropolitan Ministries. Volun-                 Raising the Bar, sponsored by the            stepping-stone towards fulfilling the
teers came out in droves to help these           YLD and Lexis Nexis, was created as             legal profession’s contract with soci-
local organizations despite deadlines,           a direct response to an article pub-            ety. “One of the most important roles
bad weather, and the lure of school-             lished in the Henry Latimer Center              that an attorney plays is that of a
sponsored social events. Raising the             for Professionalism fall newsletter.            public servant,” said Madeleine Man-
Bar participants – judges, attorneys             The editorial, “Being a Professional            nello, President of the Law Student
and law students alike – picked up               Involves Having a Contract with So-             Division, “what better place to begin
trash, sifted through dirt and got               ciety,” was written by Carl Zahner,             your public service than right in your
soaked from paint, or rain, all in an            the center’s director. “Lawyers have            own back yard.”

                                                FIU/STU/Nova joint event – Participants in the FIU/STU/
                                                Nova joint event at Children’s Home Society
  Raising the Bar Orange County -- YLD
  BOG Circuit Representative Leslie
  Stewart and YLD LSD Barry Law School
  Representative Nikki Layne

                                                                                                               UM Art Studio Project
                      Raising the Bar participants
                      from FIU

Download a copy of Across the Bar from www.flayld.org                                  ACROSS THE BAR • SPRING 2010 • 
Law Students Learning to Swim at the AOC
by Lauren Ryan, Law School Division Representative for Florida State University College of Law

   While the YLD board members           torneys are the only ones who can do       sibilities, but also to use what I have
were “Making a Splash” at AOC, some      the pro bono legal work that is so des-    learned to positively affect the lives of
of us were learning how to swim. Af-     perately needed in their communities.      others. The Law Student Division and
ter just one semester of law school,     Attorneys have a unique opportunity        the Young Lawyers Division turn that
this first year student can only hope    to make a big difference in the lives      conceptual goal into reality.
that there is more to a legal career     of others. One could see this in action       But, an Affiliate Outreach Con-
than reading cases. For me, AOC reju-    during grant presentations like that       ference is nothing without people.
venated hope that law school was the     made for the Manatee County Young          Each person attending made a choice
right choice and that there is more      Lawyers Division’s “Wills for Heroes”      in life to get involved and do more.
to this field than civil procedure and   program. Initiatives such as these         In their own ways, each member of
billable hours.                          gave more meaning to the hours of          the Board go Governors is a role
   Attending events like the grant       casebooks read for classes.                model for law students. We look up to
presentations and the awards lun-           The lessons I learned from the grant    people like RJ Haughey, II, not just
cheon caused me to develop a new ap-     presentations and award luncheon           because he is very tall, but because
preciation for the value of my profes-   were invaluable. Any law student who       we admire his achievements. Beyond
sion. As Adrianne Davis, from Florida    hopes to use a legal career to help oth-   their resumes, it is the people they
Legal Services, and The Honorable        ers would feel inspired and motivated      are. Every YLD Board of Governor
James Barton, made clear in their        by attending these events. I came to       member made the law students feel
speeches for The ONE Campaign, at-       law school to expand my future pos-        welcome.
                                                                                       As guests dined in the compa-
                                                                                    ny of real penguins at The Florida
                                                                                    Aquarium on Friday night, the fam-
                                Join the                                            ily atmosphere was undeniable. Kids
                                                                                    ran around as company helped each
     JUSTICES OF THE                                                                other figure out what was on the
                                                                                    buffet table in the dimly lit hall-
  FLORIDA SUPREME COURT                                                             way. Guests bonded as they debated
                                                                                    whether or not it was okay to eat fish
                                                                                    in an aquarium. If one gazed around,
                for The Final Round of the                                          attorneys were sharing recent family
                                                                                    photos and stories. To a law student,
             Robert Orseck Moot Court                                               this atmosphere was welcoming and
                                                                                    served as a model for the Law Stu-
                 Competition and                                                    dent Division. Making an impact is a
             An Open Discussion with                                                job as much as it is having fun with
                                                                                    the people you will work with for
                   the Justices                                                     years to come. We are a team, there
                                                                                    to share ideas and learn from one
                            Sponsored by                                               A semester and half through
                                                                                    law school, I have a lot left to learn.
           The Appellate Practice Section and                                       Watching two incredible nomination
                                                                                    speeches for the next President-Elect
              The Young Lawyers Division                                            made me, as a student, feel great to
                                                                                    be a part of this entity. I left with a
                     Thursday, June 25                                              new perspective on my career, new
                                                                                    friends, and new goals for the Law
                    2:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.                                           Student Division. Without reserva-
                                                                                    tion, I can say that AOC will leave
                                                                                    a lasting impact on all law students
  Join this special event – open to all – as the Justices                           who attended, and that those law
  respond to YOUR questions about the processes                                     students who do will use the lessons
                                                                                    they learned at AOC to make positive
  and administration of the Supreme Court                                           and significant contributions to the
                                                                                    legal field.

 • ACROSS THE BAR • SPRING 2010                                     Download a copy of Across the Bar from www.flayld.org
   Dear Young Lawyers:

   The ABA/YLD 2010 Midyear Conference was held on February 4-6, 2010, in Orlando, Florida at the Walt Disney
   World Dolphin Hotel.

   ABA/YLD Midyear Meeting Highlights
   The ABA/YLD Midyear Conference commenced Thursday afternoon, February 4, 2010, with the Council Meeting
   followed by Council Dinner at Universal Studios. All attendees were then invited to join new and old friends at a
   Welcome Reception held at the Crescent Terrace at the Dolphin Hotel.

   Through the diligent efforts of the Division’s various teams and committees, the ABA/YLD developed some
   outstanding CLE, professional development, bar leadership, diversity, and public service programs for the 2010
   Midyear Conference. There were was a new installment of the continuing series entitled “Anatomy of Business
   Law” focusing on challenges in dealing with real estate transactions. Guest speakers and programs also covered
   subjects such as e-discovery, civil rights, professionalism and work/life balance.

   On Friday evening, February 5, 2010, ABA/YLD Midyear Conference attendees enjoyed dinner and attractions,
   including the Simpsons Ride and Men In Black Alien Attack, at the Midyear Gala, which was held at the World Expo
   Set at Universal Studios.

   Saturday, February 6, 2010, consisted of the ABA/YLD Assembly morning session. All conference delegates joined
   together for debates on resolutions, and to hear reports and presentations from ABA leaders.

   ABA/YLD Spring Conference
   The ABA/YLD Spring Meeting will take place in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands from May 13-15, 2010 at the Wyndham
   Sugar Bay Resort & Spa. I hope that you will join us in St. Thomas. For more information, please visit our website
   at http://www.abanet.org/yld/spring10/.

   ABA Day in Washington - April 20-22, 2010
   Hyatt Regency Washington • Washington, D.C.
   Join your fellow ABA, state, local and specialty bar leaders for this annual “lobby day.” The meeting headquarters
   will be at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. For more information, visit the ABA website at http://www.

   Affiliate Information and Assistance
   The ABA/YLD operates as a federation of over three hundred autonomous young lawyer organizations that have
   affiliated with the Division. The Division’s affiliates consist of state, local, national, and international young lawyer
   organizations. For additional information please visit the Affiliate Assistance website at http://www.abanet.org/

   Upcoming Dates
   Please mark your calendars for the following important dates:

       • Spring Conference: May 13-15, 2010, in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

       • ABA YLD Annual Meeting: August 5-7, 2010, in San Francisco, California

       • Fall Conference: October 14-16, 2009, in Santa Fe, New Mexico

   About the ABA/YLD
   The ABA Young Lawyers Division is the ABA’s largest group. It’s also the world’s largest organization for young
   lawyers. Through our leadership’s efforts, we strive to accomplish our mission to serve as the ABA’s public service
   arm. The YLD is open to all ABA members under the age of 36 or admitted to practice for less than five years. It
   consists of more than 150,000 diverse members and 300 state and local bar organizations.

   Very truly yours,

   Adam J. Shapiro
   ABA/YLD District 11 Representative

Download a copy of Across the Bar from www.flayld.org                         ACROSS THE BAR • SPRING 2010 • 9
Tampa Meeting Update
by Kimberly J. Gustafson, Appointed Member, Young Lawyers Division Board of Governors

January 1, 2010                            each panel will contain a lawyer, judge,      sionalism program. The website contains
Young Lawyers Division Board                and clerk. The government symposium           the updated PWP materials and the new
of Governors Meeting                        will be Webcast and has qualified for 3.5     agenda for the Governor’s review. Among
Tampa, Florida                              CLE credits.                                  the changes, the morning film clips are
                                                Governor Mindi Wells reports that         being replaced with conversations at a
   The Young Lawyers Division Board of      the YLD website link to “Mentoring            table among attendees regarding ethi-
Governors Meet Friday, January 15, 2010,    Matters” is up and running. This sec-         cal issues. The local bar segment will be
prior to the start of the Affiliate Out-    tion of the website contains all the local    modified to address the benefits of bar
reach Conference (AOC) at the Westin        mentoring programs and materials that         involvement generally. Also, attendees
Harbour Island, in Tampa, Florida. The      the committee was able to compile.            will be advised that all first year lawyers
Honorable Ashley Moody, a young lawyer          Law School Division (LSD) members         are entitled to join two sections for free
who was elected as Florida’s youngest       who were present at the meeting in-           and they will discuss board certification.
circuit court judge at the age of 31 in     troduced themselves. The LSD has put          Local professionalism rules will be on the
2006, addressed the Governors to start      together “Raising the Bar”, a community       YLD website along with links to the Inns
the meeting. Judge Moody developed the      service event with local affiliates at each   of Court. The afternoon film vignettes,
Hillsborough County attorney ad litem       law school on February 28, 2010. The          with the judicial panel, will stay as they
program for juvenile delinquency, which     committee is working to have Disney           have received high remarks. Detailed
received a grant at the AOC.                donate a ticket to each lawyer and law        instructions to memorialize the insti-
   A motion was made and properly           student that participates in the commu-       tutional knowledge on how to program
seconded to approve the minutes from        nity service event. The tickets will then     PWP are being devised for the Board in
the Ponte Vedra meeting.                    be donated to underprivileged children.       years to come.
   Jacqueline Simms- Petredis provid-           Governor Melanie Griffin thanked             Board members spoke on behalf of
ed the schedule for the AOC conference.     the Board members who volunteered at          the Affiliate Award nominations and
Mrs. Simms-Petredis reported that two       the Ask-A-Lawyer event in Jacksonville        the Board voted on the nominations.
hundred sixty people attended the joint     on behalf of the Pro Bono Committee.          The winners will be announced at the
social with the Hillsborough County         The Governors were reminded that “The         AOC luncheon.
Bar Association the evening before the      One” campaign is still operational and           President Haughey reported that
Board meeting and that one hundred          a representative will be at the AOC.          the Supreme Court will be seeking
ninety five were scheduled to attend        The committee encouraged all board            foreclosure mediators for each circuit
the dinner for the AOC.                     members to become Foundation Fellows.         and that the Supreme Court has not
   President R.J. Haughey, II intro-        President Haughey reported the Florida        issued the order on the basic CLE
duced Michael McHale from Lexis             Bar Board of Governors was very inter-        rule change.
Nexis. Lexis Nexis sponsored the AOC        ested in the YLD’s Pro Bono committee            Governor Chelsie Roberts nominated
and Mr. Hale invited the Governors to       and its efforts to increase awareness of      Governor Sean Desmond as President-
call him for support at the local affili-   participating in Pro Bono programs.           Elect, which was seconded by Mike
ate level. Sean Desmond reported that           President-elect Renee Thompson            Orr. Governors Roberts and Orr ad-
Lexis Nexis contributed $24,000.00          reported that the Bar rules regard-           dressed the Board regarding Governor
to be the Diamond Sponsor for AOC.          ing websites have been amended. In            Desmond’s qualifications. Governor
President Haughey reported that this        January, the Senior Board approved            Desmond accepted the nomination.
was the first year the Board has sought     a six month moratorium to become              No other nominations were made from
sponsorships to fund the budget.            compliant with the new rules. Presi-          the floor and Governor Desmond was
   Governor Matthew Welch provided          dent-Elect Thompson reports that all          elected as the President-Elect of the
an update on the basic CLEs and re-         board seats for next year have been           YLD for 2010 - 2011.
ported the CLEs were going well. The        filled through the election process.
committee is looking for speakers for       Also, the Center for Professionalism          March , 2010
the Tax CLE and the Basics CLE.             has requested that the Board assist           The Florida Bar Young Lawyers
   President Haughey reported that          with a survey. All Board members              Division Out-of-State Meeting
the Central Florida Diversity picnic at     were asked to take the survey during          in New Orleans, LA
Stetson is on February 28, 2010, and        the meeting and provide feedback.
Governors were encouraged to attend         The Board members held a discussion              The YLD BOG meet on Saturday,
as the YLD is a sponsor.                    regarding the questions on the Center         March 6, 2010, at Brennan’s Restau-
   Governor Chelsie Roberts reported        for Professionalism.                          rant in New Orleans, LA for their out-
that the Government Symposium will              Immediate Past President Jewel White      of-state meeting. Twenty-five board
be held at the Florida Bar Mid-year.        Cole reported to the Governor about           Members were in attendance.
Two panel discussions are planned and       changes to the Practicing With Profes-           President R.J. Haughey, II reported

10 • ACROSS THE BAR • SPRING 2010                                         Download a copy of Across the Bar from www.flayld.org
on a funding request from the UF           YLD President’s that had taken place
Undergraduate Trial Team for their         in New Orleans on March 4, 2010.
appearance at the championship tour-       Those in attendance agreed future
nament in South Carolina. The board        meetings should take place at the
agreed to defer the vote until more        ABA Mid-year Meeting. President-
information about the competition was      elect Thompson also announced com-
obtained for UF.                           mittee preference forms were sent
   President Haughey also reported
on the basic skills course require-
                                           out and asked that next year’s Board
                                           members consider their selections
                                                                                     Florida Bar CLE
ment rule change and the Execu-
tive Committee’s vote to proceed with
                                           carefully and thoughtfully.
                                              Annual Bar Meeting Chair, Gover-
                                                                                      For the Bar...
the security measures for the online       nor Cynthia Morales, announced that               By the Bar...
courses as originally approved by the      planning was underway for the An-
   The Appellate Practice Section,
                                           nual Meeting. Menu selections were          www.FloridaBar.org/ClE
                                           made for the Past President’s dinner.
that leads the discussion with the         The dinner will have a James Bond
Supreme Court at the Moot Court            theme.                                     • Quality Speakers
Competition held at the Annual Meet-          A special presentation was made by
ing, asked that the announcement           Adrianne Davis of The One Campaign         • Online Registration
of the winner be made following the        and a professionalism seminar for          • Convenient Locations
discussion. The YLD agreed to do so.       the Governors was conducted by The
   President-elect Thompson gave a         Honorable James Barton of the 13th         • CLE Certification Credit
recap of the Southern Conference of        Judicial Circuit.
                                                                                      • Audio CDs / Video DVDs
                                                                                      • Live Webcasts
              Ethics Questions?
                                                                                      • 24/7 Online CLE
              Call The Florida Bar’s
              ETHICS HOTLINE 1/800/235-8619

                                           for viewing in the past, if a newly      satisfy the BSCR. Course attendees
CLEs ONLINE                                admitted attorney watched a basic        will now have the ability to watch the
from page 1                                level CLE program online, he or she      basic CLE programs from the conve-
                                           did not receive credit toward his or     nience of their offices or homes, and
                                           her BSCR. As of March 6, 2010, a         can watch these courses at any time
                                           newly admitted attorney who regis-       of the day or night. Moreover, they
attorneys will now be permitted to         ters for, and participates in, a basic   will avoid additional expenses related
satisfy the BSCR by watching the Ba-       level CLE program online, will re-       to traveling to seminar locations, in-
sic CLEs online, self-reporting their      ceive a certificate of completion and    cluding overnight accommodations.
credit and retaining a copy of their       can self-report their credit, which      Finally, attendees can choose from
certificate of completion for auditing     will count towards his or her BSCR.      any of the basic level CLE programs
purposes. The Bar’s 24/7 online CLE        Live versions of the basic level CLE     offered by the YLD without schedul-
provider will then cross reference         programs will continue to be offered     ing conflicts. The programs offered
the self reported credits with the cer-    in Tampa and Miami, however, they        during the 2009 - 2010 bar year in-
tificate of completion roster. This rule   will no longer be offered as video       clude the following: Basic Trial Prac-
change, which was proposed by the          replays at other locations in Florida.   tice, Basic Commercial Litigation,
Board of Governors, allows attorneys       Because a certificate of completion      Basic Probate & Guardianship, Basic
the opportunity to obtain continuing       cannot be obtained using other elec-     Corporate Law, Basic Tax Practice,
legal education credits on their time,     tronic delivery methods, the BSCR        Basic Administrative Law, and Basic
minimizing travel expenses and time        cannot be satisfied by viewing cds,      Basics. Other Basic CLEs are avail-
away from family and office obliga-        dvds or live web/pod-casts of a basic    able online.
tions. All lawyers must still attend       level CLE program. To receive credit,       For more information regarding
the Practicing with Professionalism        lawyers must complete the basic level    the changes to Rules Regulating the
seminars in person, however.               CLE program online at www.flabar.        Florida Bar 6-12.3 and 6-12.4, please
    Each of the Basic CLE programs         org/cle.                                 contact: Tom Miller, Program Ad-
are currently available for viewing           The rule change is intended to pro-   ministrator, The Florida Bar, 651 E.
online at www.flabar.org/cle. While        vide a more convenient, cost effective   Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, Florida
these programs have been available         way for newly admitted attorneys to      32399-2300, (850) 561-5621.

Download a copy of Across the Bar from www.flayld.org                     ACROSS THE BAR • SPRING 2010 • 11
The Florida Bar
                                                                   FIRST CLASS
Young Lawyers Division                                             U.S. POSTAGE
1 E. Jefferson Street                                                PAID
Tallahassee, FL 299-200                                        TALLAHASSEE, FL
                                                                    Permit No. 43

                                         Join us for the
                                   2010 Annual
                             Florida Bar Convention
                               June 23 - 26, Boca Raton Resort & Club

                             • Take advantage of multiple CLE Seminars for ONE
                             • Meet the Florida Supreme Court Justices
                             • Attend the Judicial Luncheon, Thursday, 12:30 p.m.
                             • Attend the General Assembly, Friday, 10 a.m.
                             • Visit the Lawyers' Marketplace
                             • Enjoy the Friday Night Dinner and Show, featuring
                               actor/ comedian KEViN POLLAK with music from
                               Blue Stone Circle

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