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       Tim Ioannides, MD
    Jonathan Sanders, MD, JD

               The Comedy & Horror Programs are not suitable
  18             for younger audiences Only ages 18 & older
                              will be admitted!
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About     MIFF                                                                         6

Comedy Fest!                                                           Nov 13th

Fright Night Horror Program                                             Night
Premiere Theatres Oaks Stadium 10

Saturday Independent Matinee
Florida Filmmakers Expo                                                Nov. 14th      18
Matinee Madness                                                          Day          24
Premiere Theatres Oaks Stadium 10

Meet the Filmmakers & Workshop                                         Nov.14th       28
Premiere Theatres Oaks Stadium 10                                        Day

VIP Screening and Reception (Touching Home)                            Nov 14th       39
Premiere Theatres Oaks Stadium 10                                       Night

VIP After-Party “Beneath the Stars”                                     Nov 14th      41
Oaks Courtyard                                                           Night

                     Unconditional Love, Inc.
   Unconditional Love, Inc. is a free standing, private not for profit multidisciplinary
HIV+ patient care center. As a result of the efforts of the directors, staff, and volunteers,
 even the most disenfranchised HIV infected residents of Brevard county can receive
 state of the art medical care. Donations from individuals and organizations as well as
                       fundraisers such as this year's MIFF allows
                          Unconditional Love, Inc. to continue.
          One hundred percent of proceeds go directly to patient assistance.

                    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
                           Adding Tomorrows Every Day
     The mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, a nonprofit donor-supported
     organization, is to assure the development of the means to cure and control
     cystic fibrosis and to improve the quality of life for those with the disease.
       Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator,
                 America's largest independent evaluator of charities.
                     Very Special Thanks To
           Ava Cronin, Colleen Hall,, Angie Lizek & Elizabeth Martin

          Congratulations MIFF 2009!

                         Special thanks to…
        Julie Coleman, Sidney (Bolo) McClary, Linda & Marty Hufnagel,
          Doreen & Kevin Hummel, Mike & Lynn Givens, Kim Givens,
                            & Karen Kamermayer

                       on eleven successful years.
    Thank you for bringing culture and compassion to our community.
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              The Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival 2009
           Melbourne, Florida-- "The Cradle of Independent Film"
  The MIFF is a festival particularly aimed at promoting filmmakers and community
    interest in film. Each year the MIFF brings the greatest works in independent
                             filmmaking to central Florida.
                       The MIFF 2009 Selection Committee
Scott Bell, Victoria Buckley, Chase Bunker ,Ava Cronin, Aila Danielson, Wes Daniel-
son, Wesley Danielson, Sue Dontell, Carole Ferrill, Eddy Fisher, Mike Givens, Kim
Givens, Lynn Givens, Colleen Hall, Jeff Hall, Jerry Heyes, Linda Heyes, Ken Horton,
Darren Houle, Linda Hufnagel, Marty Hufnagel, Bonnie King--Brevard County Film
 Commission, Robin Krasny, Rob Kurrus– Premiere Theaters, Mike Lawson, Angie
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                             The MIFF 2009 Volunteers
Tewodros Alemu, Shannon Marsh Alemu, Scott Bell, Victoria Buckley, Chase Bunker,
 Doug Carroll, Eric Castillo, Joseph Castillo, Ava Cronin, Daniel Cronin, Joe Cronin,
 Terry Cronin III, Sue Dontell, Eric Emerick, Eddy Fisher, Ryan Garland, Bill Goode,
    Colleen Hall, Zach Hibbard, Ken Horton, Bonnie King- Brevard County Film
 Commission, Glenn "Kraz" Krasny, Robin Krasny, Rob Kurrus - Premiere Theaters
   Oaks Stadium 10, Angie
Lizek, Tom Loomis, Elizabeth
  Martin, Diane Marsh, Jim
Murrish, Steven Parker, Mark
Petroni, Linda Roecker, Lora
 Roecker, Darwyn Rushing,
 Bill Slover, Lindsay Smith,
Chris Stelzer, Bill Williams -
   A Cut Above Video, Jill
Wallace, Kerry, Mark, & Billy

                                                 Special thanks to
                                     to the talented Jennifer Janviere for the
                                                    MIFF Art.

              Terry Cronin, Jeff Hall, Bob Lizek, & Pat Martin
             are proud to host the MIFF for its 11th year
Beer Garden Sponsored by…
Florida Beer Company
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                     Friday November 13th
               Premiere Theaters Oaks Stadium 10
                      Melbourne, Florida

      6:30 pm Reception and registration for filmmakers

            “Comedy Show” "
                                                               Ages 18 & over
                                                               due to language &
                                                               subject matter.

                                                         “Action Auto”
                                                            Deep in the heart of
                                                       North Hollywood, four of
                                                           the world's worst car
                                                        salesmen ply their trade
                                                        the only way they know
                                                       how...brutally. Watch as
                                                          Gallo, Corbett, PJ and
                                                       Mackenzie lie, cheat, fail
                                                       and then fail some more
                                                       as they try to dump a lot
                                                         full of lemons onto un-
                                                          suspecting customers.
                                                         Starring MadTV's Eric
                                                        Price, I'll Believe You's
                                                        Patrick Gallo and guest
                                                            starring The Cosby
                                                       Show's Geoffrey Owens
                                                            and The Chappelle
                                                        Show's Eddie Pepitone.
                                                        Written and directed by
                                                       Ted Sullivan (I'll Believe
                                                            You), Dan Dworkin
                                                        (Criminal Minds), Greg
                                                       Lee and Grant Calof.

Episode 1: When The Rubber Hits the Road (TRT: 5:20)
Episode 2: LeBaron Blues (TRT: 6:01)
Episode 3: Hard Sell (TRT: 6:23)

 Cronin Skin Cancer Center
          Terrence A. Cronin Sr.
          Terrence A. Cronin Jr.
          1399 S. Harbor City Blvd
          Melbourne, Florida 32901
     321-726-1711 ~ Fax: 321-726-1715

                                                       “Bear Hugs, Leg Locks &
                                                            I Will Hurt You.”
                                                          Directed by Gary Lynch
                                                             An insider’s look into
                                                         professional female wrestling.

        Zombie Marriage
Directed by Alex Ferrari
Follows Gary & Tammy as they work
through 200 year old issues and the
plight of the married zombie in today's
modern age. It stars Jill-Michele Meleán
(MAD TV, Reno 911), Jenica Bergere
(Drew Carey, Superhero Movie), San-
dra Valls (Latin Divas of Comedy), and
Lance Patrick (The Comedy Store).

                                                             Scott Krasny
                                                               Attorney At Law*
                                                         Certified Public Accountant
                                                Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning and Administration
                                             Real Property Transactions, Business Law, Tax Planning

                                                            Krasny and Dettmer
                                           304 S. Harbor City Blvd., Suite 201 Melbourne, Florida 32901
                                                   (321) 723-5646           Fax (321) 768-1147
                                                    Visit our website at
                                                        *Licensed in Florida and Colorado
 Directed by Katharine Leis .
  A woman is interested in
         real estate.

                                     “Eric Van Biggs Ultimate
                                          Guitar Lesson”
                                   Directed by Lear Bunda & Chase Bunker.
                                 The greatest rocker of all time gives advice on
                                              music, life, and love.

There Is Something in the Woods
   Directed by McLaff Attack
Remember the Blair Witch Project?

                                  Directed by Paul Sullivan
               Josh and Patrick just want to listen to each other but they can’t.
                                  They are in a silent movie

                      Fright Night Friday
                      HORROR Program
                                      9:00 pm
                                                           Experiment 7
                                                        Directed by Joe Davison
                                           Dr. Felix Copper is a doctor of Biological Sciences and is
                                           on a quest to find a solution to purifying radiation from
                                           water in the year 2022, ten years after the fall of human-
                                           kind. He has to travel to the far outreaches of every city
                                           known, trying to make his way to the coveted under-
                                           ground lab, if the Mutants don't get him first.

                                                              He’s Dead
                                                             Directed by
                                                       Ray & Migdalia Etheridge
                                                   Death can be very enlightening.

          Directed by Steven Shea
 After an incredible night out with her girl-
friends, Vickie Palmer is wrenched from her
peaceful slumber and cast mercilessly into a
world spinning out of control. Writhing half
    naked on the cold porcelain tile of her
 bathroom floor, Vickie desperately tries to
 piece together the tragic turn of events that
   has twisted her once carefree life into a
nightmare of pain and suffering. Featuring a
  break-out performance by Tara Lightfoot.

                                                                    Death In
                                                                     directed by
                                                                     Devi Snively
                                                                 This cautiionary tale
                                                                examines life through
                                                                  the eyes of Death
                                                                       who gets
                                                                derailed when an im-
                                                                 patient single Mom
                                                                 carelessly mistakes
                                                                her for a tardy baby-

                               The Night’s Mind
                              Directed by Melissa Noble
                        A lost woman is pursued in the woods.
                             Judge’s Award Best Horror
                            Florida ‘s 90 seconds of Fame

I Spit on Eli Roth
       directed by
      Devi Snively

 Friends don’t let friends
denigrate the horror genre.
 Horror Comedy, USA, 7

                              The Florida Blue Sheet
  The Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival - An incomparable combination
  Like Water for Chocolate, Like Gin and Vermouth, Like Life and Show Business
                    Two essentials -- and both so inexpensive!
                              We'll tell you all about us.

     Directed by Andrew Allan

     Saturday Matinee 10:00 am Theater #1

     Florida Filmmakers Expo
                              Directed by Trip Gruver.
                    A beauty queen would like to share her smile.

                           Butterflies in Heaven
                                Directed by Sue Dontell
                Katie’s mom compares the stages of a caterpillar that
                changes into butterfly to that of a person going
                through the stage of life and death. Just like a cater-
                pillar that changes into a beautiful butterfly and flies
                away, granddad has just changed. He flew up to
                heaven. Santa plays a part in helping to soothe little
                Katie’s broken heart at the loss of her granddad. How
                do any of us understand and deal with death?

                  Moonstruck on the Space Coast
                             Directed by Chris Kridler
 A documentary that looks back at the excitement and hard work leading up to the
1969 launch of Apollo 11 in Brevard County, Florida. Longtime residents recall the
 parties in Cocoa Beach, the seemingly limitless opportunities in Titusville and the
  community's heartfelt dedication to the cause of landing men on the moon and
                  bringing them home safely. (2009; 28 minutes)

                           Unfinished Business
                             Directed by Gus Williams
                          A vignette from a larger play about the
                         message of slain local civil rights activist,
                                      Harry T Moore.

                                                 Directed by Edward Isin
                                              Written by Dr. Robert Norman
                                       A new patient brings back harsh memories to a

                                   Space Coast Long Board Sessions
                                                     Directed by
                                             Dr.Diana Wehrell-Grabowski
                                Film showcases the unique art form of longboard surf-
                                ing. Features numerous Brevard surfers. Filmed over a
                                ten month period, along Brevard's coastline.

         Guitar God
     Directed by Steven Shea
 A Short film created as part of the
Orlando Film Industry Professionals
          Meetup Group.
       Directed By: Steven Shea
     Written By: Owl Goingback

                                                Revenge of a
                                             Battered Housewife
                                               Directed by Sue Dontell
                                        Savannah Shane and Angelo Romano
                              A Space Coast chapter of the Florida Motion Picture and
                                      Television Association (FMPTA) Project
                            Although society has brought the subject of abuse out of
                            the closet, abuse is still a big problem. Nannette Donatelli,
                            the abused character in this film, imagines seeking revenge
                            on her abusive husband, Dante’ Donatelli. Is revenge the

                                                      Special thanks to...
                                                           Rob Kurrus of
                                                 Premiere Theaters Oaks Stadium 10 ,
                                                   Peter Woods of the Oaks Plaza,
                                                         & Bill Williams of
                                                         A Cut Above Video

                           Florida Today’s
                     “90 Seconds to Fame” contest
      Local filmmakers were asked to submit works of 90 seconds or less in the
categories of drama, comedy and documentary/home movie. Readers voted on the 28
               submissions and eventually narrowed them down to three
category winners and one overall best film. The judges were Dr. Terry Cronin Jr., or-
 ganizer of the MIFF; Bonnie King, Space Coast Film Commissioner; and Terrence
Girard, actor and Harris video guru. Their choices overlapped the readers’ choices; the
 prize for each was a screening in the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers’ Festival.

              Florida Today Film Winners
The Star-Spangled Banner Directed by Jim Betz
The Battle of Fort McHenry is animated and set to the national antem.
The Old Man & the Sea Directed by Robby Sparks
The old man came from the ocean. The old man was the ocean..
The French Lesson Directed by Hannah Bernard
A mean-spirited office worker’s plan backfires..
The League of Imaginary Heroes
Directed by Robbie Sparks The tooth fairy has been kidnapped. Are there any
“real” heroes left to save her?.
Be Careful What You Wish For Directed by Will Hnson
Tim and Will make a bad wish and pay the price.
A Pleasant Pheasant Experience Directed by Jerry D. Preston
After hours of training, wild pheasants in Denmark finally eat from my hand..
Gorilla Escape in Brevard County Directed by Aly Redden
A gorilla escapes and takes a holiday around Brevard County.
The Facelessman Directed by Shawn B. Lucas
A trailer for a novel about one man’s journey to save as many artists as he can.
(The winner of the 90 Seconds to Fame short film contest)
         Gov’s AD

        2 Page

    Gov’s AD

   2 Page

     Saturday Matinee 10:00 am Theater #2

          “Matinee Madness”

                              Bikini Girls on Ice
                                       80 minutes
                                 Directed by Geoff Klein
 When a bus-load of women's college soccer players get stranded on their way to a bi-
kini car-wash fundraiser, they decide to set-up shop in front of an abandoned gas station
 on the edge of town. Little do they know the place is the stalking-grounds for a homi-
                           cidal maniac mechanic named Moe.

                                                                 I Reveal
                                                           Directed by Timothy Compton
                                                         Directed by Gabe is a preacher
                                                         at a small church which has been
                                                         destroyed by greed, betrayal, and
                                                         hypocrisy. His wife has left him,
                                                         his father has died, and the
                                                         church's leadership has only made
                                                         things worse. Then one night
                                                         Gabe has a vision. Struck blind,
Gabe is compelled to take a message of judgment to the church. The message is clear:
the church has lost their spiritual sight, and they must change. Further revelations push
Gabe to act out what he is told in bizarre ways — an idea which is not received well by
the group he is forced to preach against. Gabe quickly finds himself torn between a
voice that will not go away and the congregation that raised him. I REVEAL is the
story of a modern day prophet; it poses the question of what kind of message such a
prophet would bring to those who claim to follow God today.

                         Lacrosse The Nations
                                  Directed by Kyrié Cox
Using lacrosse and the universal language of sport, Lacrosse the Nations brings unity,
hope, and joy into the heart of the difficult and impoverished communities worldwide.
Lacrosse the Nations is a collection of lacrosse enthusiasts bonded together by a com-
  mon desire: to encourage, serve, and uphold kids through the sheer excitement of
                           teaching and sharing in the game.

                        Nominations for awards
                             Best Cinematography
                             Jose Zambrano Cassella         Best in Horror Genre
Best Musical Score           (2:22)                         2:22
Action Auto                  Lila Javan (Beneath the        Death in Charge
Brain-Jacked                 Blue)                          I Spit on Eli Roth
2:22                         Natalino Lattanzio (Bikini
Butterflies in Heaven
                             Girls on Ice)
Bikini Girls on Ice          Wes Pratt (Brain-Jacked)
                                                            Bikini Girls on Ice
                             Mike Walsh (Action Auto)

                                                          Best Documentary
 Best Dramatic Short                                      Moonstruck on the Space Coast
 Next                                                     Lacrosse the Nations
 Revenge of a Battered                                    Space Coast Longboard Sessions
 Housewife                                                A Pleasant Pheasant Experience
 The Old Man & The Sea                                    Perfect Imperfection: The Making
 Guitar God                                               and Saving of "I'll Believe You”

         Best Comedy
         Action Auto                         Best Animation
         I Will Hurt You
                                             The Star-Spangled Banner
         Zombie Marriage Counseling
         Inquiry                             The French Lesson
         Eric Van Biggs Ultimate Guitar      Eileen’s Wild Ride

                                      12:00 pm
                        Meet the Filmmakers Roundtable Q&A

                                      Every year the stars come out for the
                                      MIFF. We are very thankful for the
                                         participation of all our guests.

26    MIFF 2009 Guest of Honor
                               MIFF 2009 Guests of Honor
                                  Paul has directed, produced and written television and award winning shorts
PAUL SULLIVAN                     for the past 10 years. After seven years working as a stand up comic, Paul pro-
                                  duced for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart before moving on to The Josh
                      Kornbluth Show for PBS, where he received an Emmy Nomination. He has also written,
                      produced and directed numerous shows for Animal Planet, Oxygen and Nick@Nite. Paul
                      then wrote and produced the sports comedy show Unfiltered with Dennis Miller. He is
                      currently producing VHl 's long running hit Best Week Ever.
                      Paul makes his feature film directorial debut with I'll Believe You. The science-fiction
                      family comedy was inspired by his days hosting the Frank Dell Comedy Hour radio show
                      with fellow comedian Ritch Duncan (who also appears in I'll Believe You as Dale's sour
                      engineer, Craig).
                      In addition to his film and television work, Paul is also author of the popular baseball site, He is a highly sought after sports commentator and makes regular appearances on FOX
Radio and NESN.
He has also been featured as a major contributor in HBO Sports' Curse Of The Bambino and Reverse Of The
Curse, as well as the documentary Spaceman, featuring Red Sox great Bill Lee. Paul's award winning short
films have played both in the United States and across the world and have been featured on Independent Lens
on PBS. He is a graduate of the New York University Film School and
currently resides in Southern California with his wife and two children.            TED SULLIVAN

Ted has been a writer, producer and director in television since graduating from the Uni-
versity of Southern California Filmic Writing Program. He is an Emmy nominated and
WGA Award nominated writer for the long running daytime drama As The World Turns.
He has also written Guiding Light for CBS and One Life To Live for ABC.
He recently directed the highly successful Burn Notice spin off, CovertOps, for the USA
Network. Ted has also created major advertising campaigns for Microsoft, EndemolUSA,
Johnson & Johnson, Holiday Inn Express, Pontiac and Saab.
His promotional work for Pollinator Press received a Bronze Telly Award in 2008 and his short film featuring
the environmental organization Global Green USA was shown at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.
His documentary on the farming industry, Leap Of Faith, was selected as the closing night film for the 2009
Napa Valley Film Festival, while his comedy 1Don't Speak German won the IFC Channel
Independent Filmmaker Award and received national television broadcast. He also produced the award winning
films Knowing and Check-Mate!
Ted continues to write, produce, edit and direct commercials forint, Sneak Preview Entertainment, the Cartoon
Network and EndemolUSA, as well as the upcoming original comedy series Action Auto (starring /'11 Believe
You's Patrick Gallo, Chris Mackenzie and PJ. Marino). He is a former screenwriting adjunct professor for his
alma mater, the University of Southern California film school. He resides in Santa Monica, California.

                       Patrick is an accomplished stand up comic, voice over actor and stage performer. He
                       recently ended a year long run as Bill in the smash musical Mama-Mia! Before that, he
                       teamed up with the Sullivan brothers for their long running Off-Broadway hit What If
                       We Did This? at the prestigious Soho Playhouse. Currently, he stars as the title character
                       in the festival circuit hit The Deposition of Lou Bagetta.
                       He regularly appears on television in both comedies and dramas, including ER, Reno
                       911 I, Huff, NYPD Blue, Charmed, Oliver Beene, Cold Case and played the recurring
                       role of Bob on Grounded For Life. Most recently, he starred opposite John Cho in the
                       Starz! hit comedy series Hollywood Residential and the award winning film Knowing.
                       He will next be seen in Ted Sullivan's new comedy series Action Auto with fellow I'll
Believe You co-stars Chris Mackenzie and P.J. Marino.
A successful commercial actor, he's best known for his Jersey charm in the Emmy nominated Budweiser "How
you doin'?" campaign and his Holiday Inn Express "Jeopardy" commercial with Alex Trebeck.
An award winning director in his own right, his short films include Pearblossom Highway, Thugs (which
teamed him up with I'll Believe You director Paul Francis Sullivan) and I Don't Speak German, which he cre-
ated with I’ll Believe You's Ted Sullivan.
                             MIFF 2009 Guests of Honor

                         MICHAEL D. SELLERS                                     Michael Sellers is a Magna Cum
                                                                                Laude graduate of the Univer-
                       sity of Delaware with a Masters Degree in Film from New York University. After
                       graduate school, he spent ten years in the Central Intelligence Agency on active duty in
                       Poland, Ethiopia, the former Soviet Union and the Philippines.
                       Sellers' first step on the journey back to filmmaking was to create Pacwood Films, a
                       Philippine-based production company, under which he produced three domestic Philip-
                       pine movies. Sellers' first Hollywood co-production was 1992' s Rage. In 1993, Sellers
followed this up with another international co-production, Fortunes of War starring Martin Sheen, Michael
Ironsides, and Haing Ngor. Sellers then wrote and produced several documentaries including Rising Above
the Storm, about the departure of the U.S. Navy from Subic Bay. He followed this with Legacy in 1999 star-
ring David Hasselhoff and Rod Steiger, and Doomsdayer in 2000, starring Udo Kier, Brigitte Nielsen, and
Joe Lara. Sellers began spending more time in Los Angeles, where he executive produced Quicksand starring
Michael Dudikoff, Control starring Sean Young, and Silence starring Kristy Swanson. In early 2002, Sellers
curtailed his film executive work to focus on writing, first completing The American, about a CIA officer in
                                                                         STEVEN SHEA
Afghanistan in the weeks after 9/11, which he optioned to a major studio. He then wrote Vlad, an historical
horror-adventure film he also directed, filming on location in Romania with a cast that included Billy Zane,
Brad Dourif, and Francesco Quinn.. He followed up Vlad by co-writing and producing Karla, a true crime
drama based on the court transcripts from the murder trials of Canada's most infamous serial killers, Paul
Bernardo and Karla Homolka. Karla which starred Laura Prepon, Misha Collins, and Tess Harper, was re-
leased by Monterey Media in January, 2007.

                                                                                        ERIC PRICE
Eric is a Milwaukee native and graduate of The Second City Conservatory. He was
the break out star from season fourteen of MADtv. Before joining the long running
Fox hit show, he was seen in numerous television shows, including RENO 911! and
CAMPUS LADIES and national commercials, most recently opposite Michael
Jordan and Charlie Sheen for Hanes. Eric also created the role of Corbett in the used
car salesmen comedy series ACTION AUTO which premieres this year at the
MIFF. Eric has been a professional Comedy Sportz player since 1996. He began
teaching improv in 1998 in Milwaukee where he ran the minor league team for four
years and taught for the national tournament. He has also taught for Next Act
Theatre, First Stage Children’s Theatre, the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, as
well as corporate workshops throughout the country.

GREG LEE             Greg Lee is an award winning editor and graduate from the UCLA film school. His
                     recent editor work on the short film "Knowing" was recently showcased at the Newport
                     Film Festival. He also edited the feature film "I'll Believe You" with longtime friends
                     Paul and Ted Sullivan. Afterwards, he co-wrote, co-directed and co-produced the com-
                     edy series "Action Auto" with "Criminal Minds" executive producer Dworkin, Ted Sul-
                     livan and frequent writing partner Grant Calof. Lee and Calof have sold numerous
                     screenplays to major networks and film studios, including Sony and Disney studios.
                     Currently, Greg is at ABC creating major marketing campaigns for their biggest shows,
                     including "Lost," "Private Practice" and "Grey's Anatomy."

                                                                              MITCHELL HALL

Melbourne recognized a familiar face when season six of “Project
Runway” debuted on the Lifetime network this August: Mitchell, 26, is a
fashion designer and the creative director of BleuBelle Boutique on Broughton
Street in Savannah, Ga. Originally from Melbourne, FL. Mitchell graduated
from the Savannah College of Art & Design and now resides in Savannah,

                               1 pm Seminar
                              The documentary
  Perfect Imperfection: The Making and Saving of "I'll Believe You"
  What happens when the movie you struggled to shoot doesn't sell? How
 do you re-make a film when you have no money for a re-shoot? How do
    you get your film out of your desk drawer and on to the big screen?
   These are the questions faced by first time filmmakers Paul and Ted
Sullivan with their feature comedy I'll Believe You. Watch them struggle,
fail and ultimately succeed to steer their film away from oblivion and into
   a national theatrical release. Featuring never-before-seen behind the
 scenes footage, interviews and outtakes with stars Patrick Warburton, Ed
Helms, Chris Elliott, Fred Willard, David Alan Basche, Patrick Gallo and
 CeCe Pleasants. TRT: 33 mins. Film followed by a frank and honest dis-
     cussion (with Q&A) detailing "what we did right and what we did
   wrong" featuring writer- director Paul Sullivan, writer-producer Ted
    Sullivan, filmstar Patrick Gallo, comedian Eric Price (Action Auto,
                       MadTV) and Editor Greg Lee.

      Florida Beer Company
     People’s Choice Award Ballot

     ~ Please place in Ballot Box ~

      is pleased to support the
      Melbourne Independent
     Filmmakers Festival 2009
         Saturday Night November 14th
        VIP Screening Party & Reception

                  6:00 pm Red Carpet Reception
                         7:00 pm Welcome
                Jeff Hall, Bob Lizek, & Pat Martin
                      Masters of Ceremonies

                               Eileen’s Wild
                                    Directed by
                                  Morgan Filteau
                    Eileen, an Earth-obsessed teen alien, finds
                   that texting and driving her space
                              car don’t mix.            Winner of the Florida Today’s
                             Judge’s Choice             “90 Seconds to Fame” Contest.

                                                       Coming soon to I-Tunes!

  Adventure Chefs is a new competition-based reality show where two contestants
    battle it out against the forces of nature and each other. Thrown into a remote
environment, the Adventure Chefs need to hunt, forage, and gather enough fresh food
        ingredients to prepare a fine dining experience for three guest judges.

                                  Festival Premiere
                        Beneath The Blue
Alyssa Harker, an 18-year-old dolphin researcher working with her famous scientist father Hawk,
becomes romantically involved with an older and somewhat mysterious tourist named Craig.
Alyssa's heart is broken when Craig, leading a secret identity as a Naval officer, is on a mission
that threatens the research center and Rasca, a wild dolphin with whom Alyssa has a powerful
bond. A plot of espionage, conspiracy, and kidnapping evolves as Alyssa find her loyalties tested,
and the tale leads to a graveyard of dead dolphins and whales near the location of the notorious
underwater testing of US Navy Sonar. Alyssa and Hawk together find themselves on the trail to
rescue Rasca and save other marine mammals at risk -- while Craig finds himself trapped in an
increasingly complex moral dilemma that will force him to choose once and for all where his alle-
giance lies.
        9:00 pm VIP Reception in the Oaks Courtyard
                    “Beneath the Stars”
Chart House, The Courtyard at the Oaks, Ichabod's Beachside and Dockside,
  La Placita, Meg O'Malley's, Beef 'O' Brady's and Mustard's Last Stand

       Beverages by Florida Beer Company & Premiere Beverages.

 A special evening of entertainment featuring the musical
      sounds of singer/songwriters, Robin & Eddy.

                 Robin & Eddy
                     Masters Of Love

  Robin & Eddy, an extraordinarily delightful duo from Melbourne
   Beach, Florida are indeed minstrels of a new time. They blend
intriguing lyrics with woodwinds, guitar, and exquisite harmonies to
                 quickly capture every listener's heart.

                               Awards Ceremony
                                Superlative Awards
                     Bonnie King Space Coast Film Commission
                         Excellence in Florida Filmmaking

                        Presentation of the Kelly's Hard Cider
                      "Crystal Apple" Award for the Best Film
                    selected by the filmmakers themselves and the
                    Florida Beer Company's "People's Choice"
                    Award for Best Film selected by the attendees.

     Congratulations to all the 2008 MIFF Awards winners!
Best animation: "Gypsy Crepes" directed by Lear Bunda
Best comedy short: "The Outlaw Emmett Deemus and the Porno Queen" directed by
Alex Ferrari
Best comedy feature: "Sexina: Popstar PI" directed by Erik Sharkey
Best documentary: "The Kelly Slater Project" directed by Ken Horton
Best dramatic short:: "James" directed by Craig Weinstein
Best cinematography: Director of Photography Ricardo Gale "Touching Home"
Best horror short: A Monster Under My Bed directed by Todd Thompson
Best musical score: "Tragedy" directed by Ric Johnson
Robin& Eddy's Independent Spirit Award--Logan & Noah Miller "Touching Home"
MIFF 2008 "3 Boys Productions" Maverick Award-- Ric Lamonte director of "The
Best Florida Film given by Bonnie King and the Space Coast Film Commission to "A
Monster Under My Bed" directed by Todd Thompson
Kelly's Hard Cider "Crystal Apple" Award--Best film selected by filmmaker peers--
"Touching Home" directed by Logan & Noah Miller
Florida Beer Company's "People's Choice" Award-- Best film selected by audience-
-"Pupsock & Wendell in the Gallery of Doom"" directed by Patrick Algermissen
MIFF 2008 Guest of Honor Logan & Noah Miller "Touching Home"
MIFF 2008 Filmmakers of Distinction--Alex Ferrari, Katharine Leis, Karen Michel,
Tom Mumme, Steven Shea, Todd Thompson
Recognition in outstanding voluntary support of the MIFF-- Bill Williams of A Cut
Above Video
MIFF 2008 Outstanding Generosity Award-- Rob Kurrus and Peter Woods--
Premiere Theaters Oaks Stadium 10

           MIMA Dermatology
     MIMA Dermatologic Surgery
3 Boys Productions on another cinematic tour de force!!

      Larry Bishop, M.D.
      and Emily Neel, PA
7125 Murrell Road Viera, Florida 32940

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