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					                                     Request for Proposal
                              Meeting Professionals International
                           World Education Congress 2014, 2015, 2016


Hosting an MPI conference has both a direct and indirect impact on a community, with MPI‟s economic
impact approaching $6.5 million. The event also offers a city a full year of exposure to an international
audience of potential customers, including promotion through MPI‟s web site ( which
attracts 278,700 visitor sessions per month; mass distribution of MPI printed and electronic conference
promotions/materials; and appearances in trade and local media.

Hosting three to four thousand meeting professionals is an outstanding marketing opportunity that will
strengthen a city‟s professional reputation for facilitating excellent meetings and will ensure strong
customer awareness for future business.

The typical attendee ratio is 40% planner and 60% supplier, with each planner‟s average annual budget
in the range of $1.6 million US dollars. Collectively, MPI‟s planner community accounts for approximately
700,000 meetings annually, with the buying power of the planner attendees themselves totaling more
than $1.7 billion.

―We set out with a very clear objective when we pursued MPI which was to host the largest
WEC in history. Mission accomplished and then some! Hosting over 4,500 past, present, and
future customers along with our industry peers was a challenge we were thrilled to accept
and can’t wait to do it again. The lifetime benefits go far beyond just Mandalay Bay and will
truly pay off for all of MGM MIRAGE and the Las Vegas community.‖
        Richard Harper, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand

―Hosting the MPI WEC gave Montréal a unique opportunity to share its world-class charm
and facilities with thousands of event and meeting planners. They had a chance to sample
some of the city’s very best—from our gourmet food to our vibrant nightlife and our exciting
downtown—not to mention meet Montrealers, who are renowned for their easygoing
hospitality and friendliness. The buzz created and the economic spin-offs generated from
hosting an event of this stature can’t be underestimated.”
   John Dunn, CMP, Executive Vice President, Tourisme Montréal

The supplier members have an average of 12 years experience in the industry and provide services in
more than 35 countries. Surveys show that 94 percent of MPI members prefer doing business with other
MPI members.

Industry events such as this require a high level of support from a local community. Therefore a
prospective city must agree not to host another meetings industry related event during the six months
before or after.

A. Location
MPI‟s event requires a convention center or large hotel property that allows for 25 concurrent educational
workshops, general session, hosted buyer appointments, registration/global village area and daytime
meal activities to be held in a single venue. Multiple housing venues are requested. In order to showcase
a city, use of unique venues is encouraged for off-site networking events.

B. Dates (For the 2014, 15, 16 WEC)
Suggested dates are as follows. The conference is held Saturday through Tuesday, with major arrivals on
Saturday and departures on Wednesday.

2014                                                      2015
July 26 – 29                                              July 18 – 21
July 19 – 22                                              July 25 – 28
Aug 02 – 05                                               August 01-04
Aug 09 – 12                                               August 08 - 11
July 16 - 19
July 23 - 26
August 06 - 09
August 13 - 16

C. Function Space Rental for MPI. MPI requests complimentary space rental for MPI, as well as
complimentary patch fees. Guaranteed pricing on all convention center services, including food and
beverage rates, is required 18 months out so MPI can budget properly. For the purposes of our
comparisons, include the 2011 rate of your Center for the following:

Include standard prices, including labor and taxes for:

        One   (1)   Internet line
        One   (1)   Gallon of coffee
        One   (1)   Dozen cookies
        One   (1)   power drop

Also, include any additional discounts to Center services.

D. Ground Transportation
The convention & visitors bureau and/or hotels are required to provide complimentary shuttle services to
and from all hotels, Saturday through Tuesday. This transport is for Opening and Closing Receptions,
Community Service Project, Rendezvous, Chapter Reception Night, The Big Deal (events subject to

E. Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance
Any facility in the United States used for housing, meeting and/or special functions must be in compliance
with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. Non-United States facilities must be able to
provide disabled conference delegates the same access to venues and housing as is provided to
delegates without disabilities.

F. Cancellation
MPI will review the quality of the sleeping rooms and function space on an annual basis. Should any
housing or meeting facility fall below the quality standard observed by MPI at the time of the contract
signing, MPI reserves the right to require standards be improved or to cancel the contract without

G. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
MPI is committed to conducting an environmentally and socially responsible conference. The CSR Host
City‟s responsibilities include:
         Assist MPI in identifying multiple Community Service projects in line with MPI objectives.
         Assist MPI in ensuring that CSR practices are in place from all partners, vendors and sponsors
         related to the services/ products provided in order to help establish a benchmark for the
         sustainable development of the event.
         Assist MPI with gathering measurements and information from the CSR practices in place from all
         vendors and sponsors related to the services/ products provided.
         Incorporate CSR practices in line with MPI guidelines into all areas the city is responsible for.

MPI embraces the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit as is passionate about being sustainable
in our meetings and socially responsible citizens of the world.

MPI is a leader in the MPI community as far as CSR. MPI needs a point person(s) in the city that will be
able to help drive the initiative for the meeting. It involves all areas of the event – the city, the
convention center, the hotels and the off site venues.

In order to gather initial information about your city‟s CSR practices we ask you complete the following
survey and return it with your proposal.
                                        CSR Survey – Destination

                        Please complete the following survey questions.
   For some questions, check the number that for the statement that best reflects your answer
                                 according to the following key:
        1         Yes, is currently available and/or implemented
        2         Plans to offer are in the works and will commit to implementation in time for
                  the start of conference/event.
        3         Currently not available, and no future plans to implement

 Host City
 Are you able to recycle glass, aluminum, plastic, paper, grease and                 1     2    3
 cardboard in your city?
 Are you able to compost (food) waste in your city?                                  1     2    3

 Does your city have community programs in place that support perishable             1     2    3
 food donation?
 Please list perishable food donation program(s)

 Does your city have community programs in place that support non-                   1     2    3
 perishable food donation?
 Please list non- perishable food donation program(s)

 Do you have convenient public transit connections between the airport,              1     2    3
 hotels and conference venue?
 Does your public transportation system use alternative fuel/energies or             1     2    3
 hybrid technologies?
 Please list public transportation that uses alternative fuel/energy or hybrid technologies.

 Do the taxis in your city use alternative fuel or hybrid technology?                1     2    3

 Please list the details and how many taxis use these alternatives.

 Does your city offer car pooling programs, such as Flex-Car?                        1     2    3
 Are the potential host hotels and convention venue within walking distance?             1     2    3

 Please list hotels with the number of blocks between hotel and convention venue.

 Is the city willing to provide free/discounted transit passes to MPI attendees?         Yes   No

 Is the city willing to provide free walking maps to MPI attendees?                      Yes   No

 Does your local power provider offer renewable energy sources?                          1     2    3

 Please outline the type of renewable energy sources they provide.

 How many direct flights per day into the closest major airport?
 Are you willing and able to identify and work with MPI to conduct a voluntary           Yes   No
 community service project in your city in conjunction with our event?
 Does your convention and visitor bureau have a sustainability policy and                1     2    3
 practices in place to support it?
 Please list the policies and practices in place.

 Does the convention and visitor bureau provide a directory of green meeting             1     2    3
 suppliers in the city and surrounding area?
 Does the convention and visitors bureau have a partnership with a carbon
                                                                                         1     2    3
 offset provider that could be offered to meeting planners/groups coming to
 the city for a meeting, event or convention?
 Please provide information on the carbon offset program.

 Are any of the meeting venues, hotels or event facilities in the city LEED              Yes   No
 Please list the facilities that are LEED certified.

 Are there any type of other buildings in the city that are LEED certified?              Yes   No

 Please list the other buildings that are LEED certified.

 Please list additional sustainable or socially responsible practices within the city.

H. Membership
It is requested MPI‟s main sales or service representative at each location (hotels, convention center,
CVB) be an MPI member who has attended an MPI conference. This understanding of MPI and the
convention will help deeply as the pre planning goes on.

I. CVB Contact
The main lead at the city should expect to be fully focused on the MPI event starting at 12 months out to
coordinate & orchestrate the event.

I. Tax
Please include the current tax rate and hotel tax for your city in the proposal.

J. Preliminary Host City Budget
Include an initial budget on how the city will be able to manage the financial impact of hosting an MPI


Single accommodations constitute more than 90% of MPI‟s room block.

Rates are to be flat, run of the house. Single and double rates should be the same. Confirmed rates are
to be guaranteed at time of proposal submission. A 21-day cut-off (from the Friday before the opening
general session) is required. Reservations received after that date should be accepted at the group rate
on a space available basis.

Note that a low rate is extremely important. This is a meeting where the attendees have to look at the
entire package and decide to come. They have to balance air, hotel, registration, incidentals and time
out of the office to make the commitment to choose MPI. The lower hotel rates helps in marketing and
selling the meeting to potential attendees. In addition, the attendees are all members of our meetings
industry, and they know how to get the best possible rate in a town.

The following are minimum specifications:
       One complimentary room per 40 rooms occupied over the entire room block dates.
       Complimentary rooms earned but not used are to be credited to the master account at the single
       conference rate. This is to include all rooms – no matter how booked (could be corporate rates,
       internet rates, etc.) MPI is not required to pre-assign the comp rooms.
       Three complimentary presidential suites (the best of the house) above and beyond the
       complimentary room allowance (Wednesday to Wednesday).
       Rooms at 50% off MPI‟s group rate for staff and conference facilitators – approximately 100
       rooms needed between all of the hotels selected.
       A discounted room rate ($99) for MPI speakers, approximately 90 rooms total split over the entire
       room block.
       A discounted room rate for Hosted Buyer planners, approx 400. These rooms will be where MPI
       assigns the planners that are qualified to participate in the Hosted Buyer program. MPI pays for
       these rooms. This guarantees a hotel will have planners in the hotel.
       Suite Upgrades (approximately 60) to suites at conference rates for MPI International Board of
       Directors, Foundation Board of Trustees, selected VIPs and speakers (Thursday to Wednesday).
       A complimentary suite above and beyond the complimentary room allowance (Thursday to
       Wednesday) at each hotel.
       Complimentary parking for one car in very accessible space at each hotel for MPI security.
       Complimentary delivery of MPI‟s official conference publication at each hotel (Saturday to
       Complimentary meeting room rental for MPI, if using any meeting space.
       10 complimentary room nights from each hotel in the block for preplanning meetings, based on
       hotel availability.
       Complimentary delivery of MPI in-room amenities.
       Complimentary use of the „dark channel‟ on the in-room televisions for MPI programming.
       MPI‟s standard contract will be used, and hotels must agree to no attrition.
       10 % discount on audio visual, if meeting space used.
       10 % discount on food and beverage, if meeting space used.
       Student Rated Hotel: One hotel in the block to either include 30 rooms at a severe discount, or a
       hotel that is designed/priced for the student traveler.
       15 Press Rooms – can be split up between hotels or all at one; note press pay for their own rooms
       – MPI just encourages them to stay at the press hotel(s) to make it easier to coordinate press
       tours, etc.
       MPI internal meeting – one hotel to offer a great deal for 10 MPI staff to come in, approx 14
       months prior to actual conference for a meeting. Need hotel rooms for 1 night and a meeting
       room for 1.5 days. Limited breakfast and working lunch. MPI to be flexible based on availability.

Note that special consideration will be given to hotels/hotel chains that have been MPI members and
supporters of MPI or the MPI Foundation.

       Room Night Requirements

           Tue       Wed        Thu         Fri       Sat        Sun      Mon           Tue      Wed     Thu
            15        50        175        800      2200        2300      2250         2000      70       20
          **Note that the Friday block will depend city to city based on airlift or attractions.

       Attrition at MPI and Increasing the Room Blocks in the Future

       MPI has created initiatives to capture some of the 25% of attendees that book outside the block, and
       therefore hopes to increase its contractual commitment in the future. Until more of these rooms can be
       captured, the above chart accurately reflects the number of rooms for MPI‟s needs.

       Housing History:

                                                Room Block History

                      Wednesday Thursday Friday                Saturday     Sunday Monday Tuesday Attendance
                       Pick Up   Pick Up Pick Up                Pick Up     Pick Up Pick Up Pick Up
10 Vancouver              63       197     777                   1672        1773    1712    1360    2732
09 Salt Lake              47       169     642                   1681        1798    1667    1148    2408
08 Vegas                  44       241    1304                   2810        3013    2879    2215    4507
07 Montreal               83       270    1224                   2311        2452    2330    1729    3652
06 Dallas*                20       113     497                   1589        2246    2198    1664    3595
05 Miami                  10        87     460                   1541        1904    1888    1503    3310
04 Denver                 43       138     478                   1380        1813    1801    1420    3146
03 San Francisco          49       178     533                   1315        1610    1592    1292    3104
02 Toronto                70       271     637                   1556        1810    1784    1540    2891
01 Las Vegas              36       237     680                   1554        2133    2096    1686    3461
00 Los Angeles            41       170     506                   1444        2243    2219    1781    2491
99 Philadelphia           47       236     516                   1463        2322    2293    1872    2749
98 San Diego              30       222     592                   1516        2120    2075    1631    3159
97 Baltimore              22       151     428                   1151        1813    1802    1453    2630
96 Nashville              31       201     480                   1301        1888    1848    1547    2219
95 Chicago                47       239     465                   1068        1562    1557    1317    2263
94 Minneapolis            8         50     137                    462         710    1041    1064    1781
93 Atlanta                17       120     289                    744        1126    1118     936    2007
92 Detroit                12        98     265                    673        1009     981     802    1250
       *This year MPI shifted the pattern to move Opening Reception from Sunday to Saturday

       Even accounting for valid reasons attendees don‟t book inside the block (locals, one day registrations,
       etc.), there are at least 600-1,000 attendees booking at non-official hotels. Typically, MPI attendees book
       outside the block because they:
           1. Are a planner and get a special deal from a hotel, not within the block
           2. Are a hotelier with a hotel inside the block, but are offered a “family” rate since within the same
           3. Are a hotelier with a hotel not in the block so staying at their own chain
           4. Book with a “friend‟s” hotel at a discounted, non-conference rate
MPI makes every attempt to contract for the appropriate number of room nights and to manage the
block to avoid attrition, as neither the hotel nor MPI benefits from reduced hotel business. However,
please note the following contract is standard in MPI hotel contracts:

Room Block Attrition - It is understood and agreed by the parties that the Hotel will not assert any fees
against MPI or withdraw any of the complimentary concessions outlined in the Agreement should MPI
hold the Conference but fail to utilize the total room block as outlined in Section 1.1 of this Agreement.
The hotel will cross-reference the MPI registration attendee list a minimum of four (4) times before the
conference to assess if attendees have booked a hotel room outside of the block. All rooms, regardless
of rate or how booked, will be added to the total room block for both history and 1 per 40 comp

WEC Conference Registration and Housing History

 Year         Dates                 City           Peak Rooms          Attend
2010        July 24-27           Vancouver               1,773          2,732

2009        July 11-14            Salt Lake              1,798          2,408

2008         Aug 9-12            Las Vegas               2,934          4,507

2007        July 28-31            Montreal               2,452          3,652
2006        July 23-27              Dallas               2,246          3,595
2005        July 22-25          Miami Beach              1,904          3,310
2004        July 25-27             Denver                1,813          3,146
2003        August 3-5          San Francisco            1,610          3,014
2002        July 21-23             Toronto               1,810          2,891
2001        July 22-24            Las Vegas              2,133          3,461
2000         July 9-12           Los Angeles             2,243          2,491
1999        July 11-13          Philadelphia             2,322          2,749
1998        July 12-14           San Diego               2,120          3,159
1997         Aug 3-5             Baltimore               1,813          2,630
                                                         1,847          2,263
1996        July 28-30            Nashville
1995        June 25-27            Orlando                               2,263
            June 12-14          Minneapolis              1,064
1994                                                                    1,781

As a note for history, note that the following cities have held a PEC NA or MD event in the past:

2010            Cancun
2009            Atlanta
2008            Houston
2007            New Orleans
2006            Charlotte
2005            San Antonio
2004            Orlando
2003            Honolulu
2002            New Orleans
2001            Nashville
2000            Vancouver
1999            Orlando
1998            San Francisco
To ensure a successful partnership between MPI and the host city, there should be widespread support
for MPI‟s event. To ensure such support is present, each proposal must be accompanied by a letter from
the convention and visitors bureau, the city government and local MPI constituents (chapter if applicable)
demonstrating their commitment to the event. It is also expected that all functions and activities be held
at facilities with an MPI member on staff.

The host committee is expected to take an active role in securing conference sponsorships, in
coordination with MPI‟s partnership team. Sponsor recognition is at the sole discretion of MPI in order to
ensure equity in recognition and appropriate visibility.

MPI also welcomes the active participation of the host city in all marketing and promotional efforts for the
event. In particular, it is required that the convention and visitors bureau be well represented at the prior
year‟s conference, and that the bureau purchase Hosted Buyer appointments and advertising in MPI‟s

As part of its support of the event, the convention and visitors bureau must agree to provide
complimentary or discounted support and services. The sponsored events must include as part of the
complimentary package all coordination, food and beverage, décor, entertainment, audio visual, and all
other related costs. The sponsorship support from the bureau includes:
       Complimentary housing bureau services, if required
       Complimentary registration/Education Assistants temporary staff/volunteers, to include up to 8
       hours of bag stuffing, training time and actual work during registration hours (Approximately 900
       hours hours minimum)
       Completely host the promotional luncheon and entertainment at the prior year‟s conference-
       2,200 people, approximately (“completely host” means all AV, F&B, décor, production, etc)
       Completely host the opening reception – 3,200 ppl approx
       Completely host the closing event – 2,800 ppl approx
       General assistance with marketing, promotions, logistics, community service, and hospitality
       including the following marketing and promotion commitments:
                 o Promotion of event at least three times prior to the event to host city database with
                     personal invitation (email and or mail)
                 o Promotion of event with banner advertising
                 o Promotion of event using host committee‟s social media outlets including but not
                     limited to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
                 o Promotion of event when host committee companies attend industry events where
                     potential event attendees may be present – i.e., POWWOW, ASAE, EIBTM, AIBTM,
                     IMEX America, etc.
                 o Dedicated volunteer marketing team to work with MPI‟s marketing team to develop a
                     “combined effort” marketing plan.
                 o Visits to some MPI chapter events in the year prior to the conference to help build
                 o Creation of “come to our city” video – can be YouTube type version or a professional
       Coordination of VIP airport transportation (approx. 40 VIP‟s) – sedans or SUV‟s are fine
       Airport greeters for peak arrival times.
       Complimentary shuttle services, as required, between venues and conference hotels for MPI
       Public relations support – identifying local media, encouraging attendance, organizing a press FAM
       prior or during the conference
       A fully staffed city information desk in the Global Village during official registration hours (Sat-
       Identify sponsors to help cover costs associated with the conference (specialty linens, lounge
       furniture, entertainment, volunteer attire, printing of marketing collateral, signage and
       paraphernalia, etc.)

       Assist in identifying multiple community service projects for attendees to participate in
       Assist in identifying pre/post events for attendees

The bureau must also be committed to assisting MPI in conference promotion. This commitment
       Providing editorial and graphic support for printed materials.
       Welcome banners, signs and stickers at the airport, hotels, in taxi cabs, on city streets, and in
       other areas that will appropriately welcome MPI attendees to the host city.
       They purchase at least one city and conference promotional advertisement in the conference on-
       site guide at the event immediately proceeding the conference as well as at least two
       advertisements in MPI‟s magazine.
       Coordinating volunteers within the meeting industry to help promote the city and MPI.

Convention Center Requirements:
       20% discount on F&B
       10% discount on Security
       Center to provide a list of furniture that the center has for no charge and quantities of each
       Venue must provide a guarantee of both wireless and hard-wire internet connectivity for entire
       length of the conference. This complimentary internet access must be able to accommodate all
       attendees, assuming that they all have some sort of wireless device, on one frequency and then
       a separate wireless system for the event staff for use during demonstrations, live streaming, etc.
       A hardwire internet configuration (T1, T3 or something similar in the future) must be available in
       multiple locations throughout the venue.


MPI‟s minimum space requirements are listed below.

Hosted Buyer Appointment Area: 150,000 square feet.

General Session - 60,000 square feet with no sight line restrictions. This space will also be used for the
Monday and Tuesday lunches.

Sunday Lunch – 2500 person sit down lunch. Ideally this is a separate room from the General Session,
but we can be flexible. If there is a hotel attached to the Center, we can use that.

Breakouts – 20-25 Breakouts capable of holding 3,000 people total at one time

Registration/Global Village Area – Pre Function or Foyer Space of a minimum 10,000 square feet of
usable space

Unique Spaces – MPI likes to be able to offer unique opportunities for networking and education. All
unique spaces should be highlighted.

Function space is to be on a “hold all space” clause until at least seven months prior to the function. This
includes all space beginning on the Friday prior to opening day and ending on Wednesday at 5 p.m. A
limited amount of space for registration set, material staging and MPI offices set-up will be required
beginning on the Wednesday prior to opening day. From twelve to six months prior to the event, MPI is
to have the first right of refusal.

Rooms held at the Convention Center:

Wed 8am – Wed noon

Registration/Finance Office                            Close to Reg area; lockable; 500 sq ft
Events Office                                          1500 sq ft
OGS Room                                               60,000 sq ft in pillarless room; more space if we
                                                       have to work around pillars
Hosted Buyer Appointment Area                          150,000 sq ft
Registration                                           Foyer Space – will be part of “Global Village”
Production Company Office                              Near GS; lockable;500 sq ft
Expo Office                                            Near Expo; lockable; 500 sq ft

Thurs 8am – Tue 7pm
Press Room                                             1,000 sq ft
Bookstore/Auction Storage                              Lockable 500 sq ft
Global Village                                         Foyer if large enough and a good location for traffic
                                                       – includes MPI Member Services Area, Registration,
                                                       Bookstore, Cyber Café, Silent Auction, F&B breaks,
                                                       much more
(6) offices                                            500 sq ft each
MarketPlace MeetingPlace                               1,000 sq ft; unique space if have it with couches,
                                                       separate rooms within a room; if available
Speaker Ready Room                                     1,200 sq ft
AV Storage                                             800 sq ft
Computer Storage                                       800 sq ft
(2) Computer Labs                                      2 per 6‟ with computers for 50 ppl plus head table;
                                                       needs to be lockable

Fri 2pm – Tue 7pm

Staff Meal Room                                        6 rounds, considerable buffets
EA Room                                                800 sq ft
(25) Education Session Rooms                           Various sizes to accommodate our Professional
                                                       Development Sessions

Sunday 8am-4pm

Sunday Lunch                                           2500 person sit down lunch. Ideally this is a
                                                       separate room from the General Session, but we
                                                       can be flexible. If there is a hotel attached to the
                                                       Center, we can use that.

Food and Beverage Detail
All rooms are listed above – this is just to breakdown MPI F&B spend:

Staff Meals:
1 continuous room with beverages/snacks for 4 days, plus:
60ppl x 4 breakfasts
60ppl x 4 lunches

Press Room:
4 days of continuous coffee break for 15 ppl

Committee Meetings:
Approx 12 meetings x 10 ppl each for breakfasts

Large Breaks:
Sunday PM Break               2000 ppl
Monday AM Break               1400-1800   ppl
Monday PM Break               1400-1800   ppl
Tuesday AM Break              1400-1800   ppl
Tuesday PM Break              1000-1200   ppl

Lunches – all sit down, plated or family style:
Sunday                      2500 ppl
Monday                      2200 ppl
Tuesday                     1800 ppl

                              Headquarter(s) Hotel Space Needs
If one HQ hotel, then all needs below at one hotel. If two HQ hotel, then divide space as


Friday                      ROI Workshop                8am-5pm                  20 ppl classroom
Friday                      Exec Committee              3pm-6pm                  20 ppl Conference
Saturday                    ROI Workshop                8am-5pm                  20 ppl Classroom
Saturday                    IBOD Meeting                8am-5pm                  2500 sq ft or more
Saturday                    12 step meeting             10-11pm                  15 ppl conference
Sunday                      12 step meeting             10-11pm                  15 ppl conference
Monday                      CMM CMP Breakfast           7-9am                    300 ppl rounds/buffet
Monday                      12 step meeting             10-11pm                  15 ppl conference
Tuesday                     12 step meeting             10-11pm                  15 ppl conference


Thursday                    Orientation                 4pm-6pm                  10ppl Conference
Friday                      Exec Committee              8am-10am                 10 ppl Conference
Friday                      Board Meeting               10am-5pm                 30 ppl Hollow Square
Friday                      5 Committee meetings        11am-5pm                 8 ppl Conference each

                                          Other Space needed
MPI is constantly re-designing the WEC meeting. Because we need to contract so far out, we are not
sure what our program will look like exactly in 2014-2016. We reserve the right to change this program
and add in other elements. For example, the “Trade Different” event we did in Cancun in MeetDifferent
2010 or the “Orlando Blitz” event we are doing in Orlando in 2011 used the unique spaces in those cities
for our events.


Proposals must be submitted in a single presentation document and include the following (minimum)
   1. Letter of invitation by the MPI chapter president (if applicable) and the chief executive of the
       convention and visitors bureau.
   2. Complete hotel proposals outlining the site requirements found in the RFP. Hotel sales packets
       are not required at this time. Note to send all to CVB for collection.
   3. Complete convention center proposal to include ability to provide all space as outlined, a complete
       facility guide including diagrams; union jurisdictions; center policies and procedures; and rates for
       all center services.
   4. Preliminary Outline of CVB budget to host this event.

IMPORTANT FIRST DEADLINE: If you are working on a bid for this program, please email MPI to register
your interest for this RFP by February 18th. This will allow MPI to monitor the potential responses and to
schedule adequate time for site visits. A simple email to the contact below to say you are working on a
bid (if you realize later you will not be submitting, that is ok, just let MPI know.)

Submit proposals no later than March 11th:
       Bridget Sypolt
       Director of Events
       Meeting Professionals International
       3030 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1700
       Dallas, TX 75234 USA

Recommendations are scheduled to be presented to the MPI International Board of Directors May 13-17,
2011. This will allow for site inspection and other negotiations to ensure the best selection.


Does the meeting rotate from parts of the US/Canada on a set rotation?
In a perfect world, we would alternate, but that doesn‟t always happen. Of the cities that are interested
and capable of bidding, we have to look at all aspects. A city might not want MPI to come to their town
until a major renovation or new building is complete. We try to avoid going to a city right after another
major industry event was just in that town.

Regarding the various F&B functions does it matter who sponsors them. Hotels, venues, or bureau? Also
are there any meal functions MPI will pay for. The agreement MPI has is with the CVB. The CVB can
choose to have sponsors of those events or the CVB can pay for those events or a combination. MPI will
help to choose the locations by giving feedback on the demographics of the attendees, plus sharing
results on satisfaction scores from past events. All of the events in this RFP in the Convention Center
and Hotel sections will be paid for by MPI.

                          Benefits to the Host City of Hosting WEC

2 years prior:
At the WEC 2 years prior:
           2 invites to Chairman’s Reception
           2 invites to Leadership Dinner
           4 reserved VIP seating at all General Sessions
           Press Release to announce site selection
           2 complimentary invites to the Partner Lounge
           2 free tickets to Rendezvous and Big Deal

In general 2 years prior:
             Post city and dates in “MPI’s Upcoming Meeting” section of the website
             Notation on the industry calendar on MPI website

1 year prior:
At the WEC 1 year prior:
           Sponsor of the next years Promotional Lunch
           Control of the stage, speaking time, entertainment for the Promotional Lunch
           VIP seating for up to 30 people during lunch
           Logo placement on the guide and on line where the lunch is listed
           Logo placement and description of the lunch on the website
           Opportunity to offer giveaways during the lunch (optional and at the CVB cost)
           MPI to provide the final list of attendees after WEC with mailing addresses for use
           Opportunity to do a room drop to all attendees – host must pay any hotel charges
           2 invites to Chairman’s Reception
           2 invites to Leadership Dinner
           4 reserved VIP seating at all General Sessions
           Inclusion in the all-sponsor signage
           Logo recognition with hyperlink on event website (sponsor recognition page)
           Logo recognition and/or listing in conference publications
           Inclusion in the all-sponsor listing in the onsite conference daily newspaper
           Listing in the post-conference article in One+ Magazine
           30 minute press conference announcing theme, city offerings and any other additional
           information that is news oriented
           2 complimentary invites to the Partner Lounge
           Space in the Global Village to promote next years’ conference in your city; actual space
           determined year to year based on total space available; all costs are to the city
           4 free tickets to Rendezvous and Big Deal
           One story about host city in the Daily magazine

In general 1 years prior:
             Post city and dates in “MPI’s Upcoming Meeting” section of the website
             Standard contributions in announcements
             City name is included in the logo
              Rotating Banner and Logo ID with link on WEC page
              WEC meeting logo with city on WEC home page as soon as site goes live
              Host City web page from the WEC site, at the city’s choice as to how many links required;
              Host City to customize their page as much as they choose.
              Joint Partner promotions with city and media
              Opportunity to mail a promotional offer to build attendance for WEC from MPI President to
              members (as approved by MPI; host city responsible for cost to produce and mail)
              Host City able to offer a post or pre FAM, at city expense

Year of WEC:
At the WEC:
              Opportunity to play host to MPI’s largest gathering of meeting professionals
              4 minutes for the host city to inspire the Opening General Session with a live presenter or a
              video (any video costs at host city expense)
              CEO of MPI to recognize host city in Opening General Session
              Option to insert something in the Registration Bags
              MPI to provide the final list of attendees after WEC with mailing addresses for use
              Opportunity to do a room drop to all attendees – host must pay any hotel charges
              15 WEC complimentary registrations – to be used to invite their own VIP’s
              Host Committee Chair receives 1 full complimentary registration
              The seven Host Committee Co-Chairs each receive 50% off registration
              4 invites to Chairman’s Reception
              2 invites to Leadership Dinner
              10 reserved VIP seating at all General Sessions
              Inclusion in the all-sponsor signage
              Logo recognition with hyperlink on event website (sponsor recognition page)
              Logo recognition and/or listing in conference publications
              Inclusion in the all-sponsor listing in the onsite conference daily newspaper
              Listing in the post-conference article in One+ Magazine
              30 minute press conference
              Press FAM hosting
              Incorporation in all releases re: WEC where applicable
              Access to media attendee list
              Access to press release drops, FAQs, etc.
              Contribute spokespeople for local SME list provided to media
              4 complimentary invites to the Partner Lounge
              Space in the Global Village; actual space determined year to year based on total space
              available; all costs are to the city
              8 free tickets to Rendezvous and Big Deal
              Story in the Daily magazine about host city – written and/or digital
              Opportunity for CVB to record a welcome video to be used multiple location
              Host City Partner Editorial Highlights of Host City in Daily magazine
              Logo placement in Daily magazine
              Host City and partner logo ID on Signage at Opening Reception
              Host City and partner logo ID on Signage at Closing Reception
              Annual Meeting logo ID on cover of Attendee Directory
              One time use of WEC attendee mailing list
            Joint Partner Promotions with city and Media (Press conference)
            Icon on the mobile application

In general the year of:
             Post city and dates in “MPI’s Upcoming Meeting” section of the website
             Incorporate in all boiler plates on all event releases
             Integrate quotes from host committee into all major announcements/releases
             Utilize spokespeople in our media outreach
             2 page editorial spread highlighting WEC and the city, month to be determined by MPI
             September Thank You ad to the host city in One+
        Searchable archived pages for up to 3 years post meeting on Annual Meeting section

Note: All benefits are subject to change or replaced with something of equal or greater value.


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