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					Louis Jay Scott III 1314 SE 15th Ave.  Canby, OR                     97013  Email:
                                  Phone: (503) 805-1962

                       Professional Profile
                             Developer with the proven ability to transform concepts into real-time, online,
                              interactive reality. Meeting the needs of business with software, processes, and
“Employee Team
                          Combine creative, dynamic talent with an end-user, big-picture mindset to deliver
Award for the              intuitive, efficient applications and processes that dramatically increase operator
following                  effectiveness and data integrity.
achievements:           Proficient developer and effective communicator with fourteen years experience in:
   Team                   o Application Development, Testing,         o Report Writing
     Collaboration           and Deployment                            o Program and Process Improvement in
   Process                o Database Design and Development             Efficiency and Effectiveness
     Improvement           o Composing Specifications                  o Project Management
                           o Acquiring User Requirements               o ISO 9000 Documentation and Auditing
   Cost Savings
   Customer
   Innovation/     Advanced Computer and Technology Skills
     Creativity       C#: Windows Form and                            C# Windows Services Development
This team has          ASP.NET – Web, Web Services                     .NET Remoting and WCF
done an excellent
                       Win Services, AJAX                              Data Migration
                      SQL Server (2000 - 2008) Stored                 IEE: Itron Enterprise Edition 5.3-7.0
job…”                  Procedures, Design and Maint                    Visual Basic 4 - .Net
                         Oracle Stored Procedures, Packages,          HTML, VB Script, JavaScript
-2002 Annual              PL/SQL, DBMS, Design and Maint               Crystal Reports
Fujitsu                  MySQL and MS Access                          Scrum and Agile Methodologies
Presidential             ASP / ASPX (ASP.NET)                         Data Mining and Analysis

                       Work History
“Jay has great                                                                  th
                       Contracting Company: L. Scott Consulting; 1314 SE 15 Ave, Canby, OR
customer service       TECHNOLOGY/BUSINESS ANALYST – Tri-State Gen and Trans- Westminster, Colorado
skills and the         System to Business Analysis; User Test Cases; Jan. 2010 – June 2010
uncanny ability to     Working remotely, performed analysis of business requirements to capabilities of IEE
manage multiple        (Itron Enterprise Edition metering software). Recommended business and process
deadlines”             improvements; met with vendor, users, and management for software and business
                       changes to meet requirements. Created and guided users through user acceptance and
                       testing document.
-2003 Annual
Performance            WEB SITE DESIGN – Hastings Fitness; Portland, OR

                       Contracting Company: DB Professionals; 620 SW 5th Ave, Suite 610, Portland, OR
                       DEVELOPER (CONTRACT) – Bonneville Power Administration
                       Lead Application and Database Developer; 24/7 Support October 2005-Present
                       Brought in under contract to create and support Windows, web, and database applications
                       using the latest Microsoft and Oracle technologies.

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                     Key Accomplishments:
                            Support of IEE (Itron Enterprise Edition) vendor software from 5.3 to 7.0.
                             Modified custom applications to use new database structure. Developed
                             applications to verify redefined views, procedures, and applications returned
                             equivalent results to previous versions. Deep app support and troubleshooting.
“Outstanding                Created common data layer (WCF web service) for disparate source systems
                             (Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle, and web services). Another pair of web services
streamlining of              and stored procedures for SQL Server DBs. Created windows service and
processes and                maintenance web pages to pull data from disparate systems and load into DB.
improvement of               Service also keeps external and internal SQL Server DBs synchronized.
efficiency…Your              Delicate data balance controlled by dynamic schedule editable and logs
efforts were above           viewable in set of web pages.
and beyond your             Developer for AMP (Agency Metering Project); designed common BPA XML
job scope…”                  format to be used between source system and downstream systems.
                             Developed .NET Remoting (win service) and pass-through web service to
-1997 Annual                 efficiently deliver profile and meter reading data to requesting systems (SOR).
                             Developed downstream adapters to schedule, request, and translate common
                             BPA format XML to destination interfaces including files, tables, and stored
Presidential                 procedures (Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase).
Award                        Created application, views, and stored procedures to translate the legacy Oracle
                             MDM (meter data management) data to XML format for import into the new
                             replacement system. Involved massive amounts of data clean up
                            Using Agile programming methodologies, NUnit, and NANT, developed
                             decoupled C# Windows application for field personnel; stored local copy of
                             database in XML files; generated reports in Crystal Reports; sent email via
                            Developed Windows service that transfers data between stored procedures in
                             SQL Server and Oracle. Replacing complex 3 server, 2 database BizTalk
                             system, with 1 virtual server, a database, and a web page.
                            Created web report, DBMS job monitoring application using ASP.NET 2005.
                            Supported Oracle Forms legacy systems; diagnosing problems and fixing bugs.
“Jay went „above            Supported Pervasive database off-the-shelf meter data collection system.
and beyond‟ in his          Part of dynamic team using Scrum development process.
project was a                                                                               th
                     Contracting Company: Real Time Data Solutions, LLC; 1314 SE 15 Ave, Canby, OR
success due to his   DEVELOPER / OWNER – Real time Data Solutions
dedication and       Application Developer, System Support, DBA; June 2002 to October 2005
resourcefulness…”    Retained by diverse industry clients to create custom and marketable applications, web-
                     based reports, server, PC, printer, and network, setup, support, and maintenance;
                     database administration, and backup strategies.
-2002 Annual
                            Real Time Data Solutions, LLC – Developed Commercial Backup Application
Performance                  in C#; using SSL to connect to a Secure FTP Server, employed custom
Review                       encryption, scheduling, Windows services, folder and file manipulation, and
                             XML. Customer usage reports via ASP.NET web pages and MySQL database.

                            Oregon Urology, Inc. – Developed client’s insurance and patient billing and
                             tracking system. Data migration of legacy BTree database to SQL Server,
                             performed massive data clean up. Worked with client extensively to determine
                             requirements and to build a stable, accurate, and user-friendly program; created
                             ASP web-based reports to extract coding, billing, and patient information. Within
                             the first two months of go-live, client was able to accurately bill both patients and
                             insurance companies (without manually altering bills), extract financial
                             information not available on the old system, record payments and adjustments,
                             balance patient accounts using integrated account balancing tools, and
                             extracting aging information.

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                      SENIOR DEVELOPER/DBA – Fujitsu Computer Products, May 1994 to April 2005
                      Senior member of development team. Considered, by peers and senior staff, as the “Go-to
                      Guy” for data extrapolation and application troubleshooting. Application and database
                      development, design, optimization, and administration. Instigated process improvement
                      and efficiencies. Primary troubleshooter for data and application issues – addressed and
                      resolved numerous technical issues and managed ongoing system support.

                      Key Accomplishments:
"You created a            Designed and implemented inventory and RMA synchronization interface to Oracle
sophisticated              Apps 10.7 and later to 11i, with local RMA system. Worked with counter-parts at
program                    corporate office, created client side of interface to send RMA and inventory
to…provide an              information to corporate Oracle Apps system. Interfaced seamlessly and in real-time
accurate end-of-           synchronized non-serialized inventory (Oracle Apps) with serialized inventory (local
period reporting           proprietary RMA system). This improvement supported the corporate-mandate to
tool…This has              keep inventory and RMA information on the Oracle Apps system. This allows access
turned what would          and visibility of financial, inventory, customer, and RMA information, without
                           increasing staff levels or requiring additional IS hardware and infrastructure support.
otherwise have
been a virtually
                          Team Leader that designed, implemented, and supported proprietary RMA and
unmanageable               warranty system. Replaced, one module at a time of "off-the-shelf" $13 million
manual process             system, with new user interfaces, eventually restructuring the back-end Oracle
into a simple              database, and scrapping the old system. User interfaces specifically structured for
month-end activity"        high-volume, low-maintenance, and user-friendliness. Allowed the use of scanning
                           of inventory, into, out-of, and internally within the plant.
- 2000 Annual
Fujitsu                    Annual cost savings: $427,000 by the elimination of the software support agreement
Presidential               of old system. Increased operator efficiency by over 300%, and vastly improved data
Award                      integrity; accommodating an increase in workloads despite staffing cuts.

                          FedEx and UPS API integration into RMA (Return Material Authorization) system,
                           replacing manual and Access-based processes. Additional functions allowed
                           selection of carrier and type of delivery - seamlessly connecting to carrier to transmit
                           information and download tracking and label data. Allowed for address verification
                           and to check package status. Resulted in a reduction in paperwork, eliminated
                           duplication of information, and allowed the consolidation of multiple machines with
                           proprietary hardware, to a single station with standard supportable hardware. 10x
                           increase in data integrity and visibility.

                          Disk drive repair control application replaced paper process, automated data entry,
                           communicated directly with test host software, allowed visibility of units within the
                           process, and provided a complete history for each hard drive. Provided ability to
                           extract yield and process information as well as helped control costs and increase
                           customer satisfaction by providing turn-around-time, internal inventory levels, part
                           and labor usage. Interfaced to inventory system to automatically move and modify

                      BS of Computer Science - 2000 Portland State University – Portland, OR

                      Oracle Database Administration / Maint. – Oracle Inc. Portland, OR

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