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									George M. Aloth
   E-Discovery = The collection, preparation, review and
    production of electronic documents in litigation discovery.
    This includes e-mail, attachments, and other data stored on
    a computer, network, backup or other storage media. E-
    Discovery includes metadata.

   Blogs = A type of website, usually maintained by an
    individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of
    events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries
    are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order.
    "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or
    add content to a blog. Many blogs provide commentary or
    news on a particular subject.
The Numbers
   There are an estimated 112 million blogs
    online today.

   It is estimated that there are over 2,500
    legal blogs online today.

   There is a growing number of over 30
    legal blogs focused exclusively on E-
What Can Be Found on E-
Discovery Blogs?
 Some blogs are more formal and therefore
  reliable for informational purposes. Other
  blogs can be informal and more comedic.
 There are several blogs focused
  exclusively on E-Discovery. Other general
  legal blogs usually contain sections for E-
 It is common to find E-Discovery topics on
  IT, Management, Consulting and Records
  Management/Retention blogs.
What Can Be Found on E-
Discovery Blogs?
   Databases of cases adjudicating E-Discovery issues.

   Summaries and briefs of important E-Discovery

   Case commentary.

   Federal Rules and Amendments.

   Comments, attorney debates, expert input,
    translations, etc.

   Definitions of key terms in E-Discovery.
What Can Be Found on E-
Discovery Blogs?
   Articles and posts about E-Discovery issues.

   Reference to practicing attorneys who can help with E-
    Discovery issues.

   Upcoming events, seminars, CLE’s, webinars, discussions,
    panels, etc.

   New news and updates in the E-Discovery world.

   Resources that can answer your E-Discovery questions.

   Links to other websites and blogs of similar interest.

   Lots of advertising!
Who Reads These Blogs?
   It is reported that over ½ of practicing
    attorneys read blogs regularly.
   Judges.
   Consultants.
   Corporate world.
   IT industry.
   Law students.
   General public with interest in E-
Why are E-Discovery Blogs
   To learn about E-Discovery and to gain
    better understanding of confusing issues.
   To learn updates, changes to rules and
    treatment in court.
   To find cases, summaries and commentary.
   To find E-Discovery rules and commentary
    on them.
   To find a lawyer who can help.
American Bar Association
   The ABA Journal maintains a directory of
    legal blogs available online.

   Every year since 2007 they rank “Top 100

   You can search by topic, author type,
    region or law school. -
Who Blogs About E-Discovery?
   Law Firms.
     Large firms generally have legal blogs on
      their websites written by associates and
      partners of the firm. These will include E-
      Discovery topics.
     Morris James LLP of Delaware has a great
      E-Discovery blog:

Who Blogs About E-Discovery?

   State Bar Associations.
     Members of the bar blog about current legal

   Law Reviews and Law Journals.

   Law school faculty.
     Professors at a law school maintaining their own
Who Blogs About E-Discovery?
   Law Schools.
     Some law schools will maintain a blog on
      their school website discussing legal issues
      including E-Discovery.
     Georgetown University Law School has a
      popular E-Discovery blog:
Who Blogs About E-Discovery?
   Technology Firms.

   Software Companies.

   Retired and practicing attorneys.

   Consultants/Consulting Firms.

   Judges.

   Law Students.
Who Blogs About E-Discovery?
   Publications.
     Wall Street Journal maintains a law blog that
     includes blogs on E-Discovery.

   Popular Websites:
     Facebook
     Twitter
     MySpace
     LinkedIn
Navigating Through the Top E-
Discovery Blogs
   Electronic Discovery Blog.
     Published by Kahn Consulting Inc.
     Written by an attorney and a former IT
     Voted to ABA Journal’s Top 100 Blawgs.
     Voted Top E-Discovery Blog in 2007.

Navigating Through the Top E-
Discovery Blogs
   E-Lessons Learned.
     Founded by a law professor at Seton Hall
      University School of Law.
     Written by law students at Seton Hall and
      Rutgers Newark.
     Voted to ABA Journal’s Top 100 Blawgs.
     Voted Top E-Discovery Blog in 2009.

Other Popular E-Discovery Blogs







Other Popular E-Discovery Blogs






   Would you read E-Discovery blogs
    regularly as a practicing attorney? Why?

   What would you do differently from
    blogs we saw today if you were starting
    your own E-Discovery blog?

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