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                                                                      n 12.4 deaths per 100,000 population (2004) CARE, IRTAD
                                                                      n 1,094 deaths (2005) ECMT

        EuroRAP Overview
                                                                                                     Photo File
          Partners                                                    ACP
          Year of EuroRAP membership                                  2006

        Facts and Figures
          To date Portugal has no long-term,      fatalities (20%), motorcyclists
          multi-annual, road-safety strategy      (27%) and small trucks below
          or programme. Since 1997, road-         3.5 tonnes (11%) is above the
          safety plans have been developed        average for EU15 (14%, 20% and
          on an annual basis, covering one        3% respectively). Accident severity
          year only.                              is typically higher in Portugal than
          The National Plan for Road              in the EU15.                                 Road deaths on rural roads is
          Accident Prevention was launched        Between 1970 and 1989 Portugal              three times that on urban roads
          in 2003 by a technical commission       saw an annual average increase
          chaired by the State Secretary of       in the number of road deaths
          Internal Affairs. The plan sets         (+3.5%) and injury accidents
          down structural and operational         (+3.9%). Between 1990 and 2004
          road-safety guidelines and aims to      both fatalities and injury accidents
          halve the number of deaths and          fell (4% and 0.2% respectively).
          injuries by 2010 (compared with         In 2004, road deaths on rural
          the average between 1998-2000).         roads were three times that on
          The Plan identifies three               urban roads – 5.5 fatalities per
          priorities: continuous education of     100 injury accidents compared to              The proportion of fatalities on
          road-users; road safety                 1.8. The proportion of deaths on                   motorways is low
          environment; and legal framework        motorways was 9%.
          and application.                        Road infrastructure improvements
          Nine operational levels define the      since 2002 have included the
          measures necessary to achieve           application of road-safety audits
          the Plan’s road-safety goals.           for new road projects, reflective
          These include: traffic speed;           plastic position marker-posts at
          pedestrian safety; safety of two-       junctions and accesses, luminous
          wheel-vehicle users; and safer          signs, and attention to safe
          road infrastructure.                    overtaking provision.
          There is no formal road safety          Since 2004-2005 guardrails on all
          observatory in Portugal. Most of        new roads must be fitted with
          the monitoring functions related to     devices to avoid motorcyclists              Motorcycle-friendly guardrails are
          road accidents are performed by         colliding directly with the metal                fitted at high-risk sites
          the DGV, integrated into the            posts. For existing roads,
          Ministry of Internal Affairs.           guardrails must be fitted with
          The proportion of pedestrian            these protectors at high-risk sites.

        Extending the Programme
        It is planned to extend EuroRAP into Portugal at the beginning of 2007.
                                                                                                    Major infrastructure
                                                                                                   improvements include
                                                                                                     paved shoulders

        TARGET: to cut deaths and injuries by 50% by 2010


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