Israel _ 60 by yaofenjin


									                                                                                   April 2008
                                                                                   Adar II/Nisan 5768

2200 Baltimore Road • Rockville, Maryland 20851                                       Volume 2 • Number 4

Israel @ 60
                                                                                                     Weekly Religious Services
by Harvey T. Kaplan
TI Representative on the Israel Educators Institute                                                Monday .........6:45 a.m.......... 7:30 p.m.
  of the Washington, DC Jewish Community                                                           Tuesday ................................. 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                   Wednesday ............................ 7:30 p.m.
It has been three years since our Jewish community gathered at the Music Center at
Strathmore to celebrate the 350th anniversary of Jewish settlement in America. More recently,      Thursday .......6:45 a.m.......... 7:30 p.m.
we had another great reason to celebrate. Naomi and I were very pleased to meet many               Friday ............6:45 a.m..........................
members of the Tikvat Israel family at Strathmore on March 3. Many of our congregants              Kabbalat Shabbat................... 6:30 p.m.
— including Cantor Helzner, of course — performed, and did a spectacular job of making             Shabbat ........9:30 a.m..........................
the concert, Libi Ba’Mizrach (My Heart is in the East), such a meaningful expression of our
                                                                                                   Sunday ...........9 a.m. ............. 7:30 p.m.
community’s support for Israel on her 60th birthday. I felt proud when we all rose for the
singing of Hatikvah. The words by Naftali Herz Imber, coupled with the beautiful music               Services are also held at Shiva houses
based on Smetana’s Moldau, reverberated through the concert hall.                                                  as needed.
      Watch for more information about another program for Israel’s 60th on the National
Mall on Sunday, June 1. The entire Washington, DC Jewish community will participate.                 Family and Youth Services
TI has signed on as one of the sponsoring organizations, and we expect a lot more exciting
details to unfold this month. This truly is going to be a fun-filled, stimulating and historic     Shabbat is Special .. April 4 .... 7:15 p.m.
event!                                                                                             Jr. Congregation .... April 5 ...10:30 a.m.
      I’m extremely pleased to report that our fellow Tikvat Israel congregant Mary Meyerson
                                                                                                   Tot Shabbat ......... April 19 ...11:00 a.m.
has been selected to join me as a member of the Israel Educators Instititue (IEI). Mary will
attend monthly seminars in the DC area, and is scheduled to participate in an educational          Kehilat Kids......... April 19 ...11:00 a.m.
visit to Israel next year with her cohort of the IEI group — similar to the trip Naomi and
I took with IEI two years ago. Mary and I both plan to be involved with Israel-related                                 Mincha
programming with our congregation and with the larger Jewish community, as we move
forward beyond the celebration of Israel’s 60th anniversary.                                       April 5 ............................ 7:05 p.m.
      During the first week of March, I was tremendously pleased to see many students from
                                                                                                   April 12 .......................... 7:15 p.m.
our religious school and local day schools — as well as numerous adult congregants —
meet with the world-famous Israeli author Galila Ron-Feder-Amit. She was an absolutely             April 19 .......................... 7:20 p.m.
marvelous, stimulating and informative visitor — and she was charming, candid, and                 April 26 .......................... 7:30 p.m.
appeared comfortable working and spending time with all of our groups. Galila’s visit was
scheduled as part of our youth-directed efforts in preparation for TI’s upcoming celebration            Candle Lighting Times
of Israel’s 60th anniversary (on Thursday, May 8 on Yom Ha’Atzmaut, the date marking the
anniversary of Israel’s independence). The main purpose of this column is to share with            April 4 ............................ 7:17 p.m.
you the “rest of the story” about Galila’s visit, including a brand new, timely and extremely
                                                                                                   April 11 .......................... 7:24 p.m.
relevant Israel connection to American Jewish youth.
      Galila has written about 250 books, mostly for teenagers and children. She is 58 years       April 18 .......................... 7:31 p.m.
old, was born in Haifa, currently lives in the Talpiyot neighborhood of Jerusalem, and loves       April 25 .......................... 7:38 p.m.
meeting with her readers all over the world. Although she conducted programs at several
schools during her three days in our area, ours was the only congregational school that she
visited on her trip to the United States. She explained that she began writing at the age of 9,
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Ways to Get Involved                           Minyan Information
                                               Please call the minyan captain if you plan     Tikvat Israel Directory
Bikur Holim Volunteers
Louise Chatlynne                               to attend morning minyan.
                                                                                              Rabbi • 330-9349               Sunday                                         Howard Gorin
                                               Rob Kline • 838-0123                 
Women’s Jewish Network
Bobbi Gorban: • 838-4336         Monday
                                                                                              Rabbi Emeritus
                                               Sam Gilston • 924-5424
Membership Committee                                                                          Lewis A. Weintraub
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                                               David Gantz • 460-4674
College Outreach                                                                              Rochelle Helzner
Susan Apter                                    Joelle Black • 770-4773 • 460-9657                Barry Buchbinder • 424-3813                    Cantor Emeritus
Elyse Bernstein                                                                               Mark Levi • 460-0508              Decisions about whether to hold evening
Library                                        minyan are made by the rabbi and executive
                                                                                              Ronald L. Rabin, M.D.
Phyllis Leise • 588-2089                       director. If minyan is canceled, a message
                                               will be put on the synagogue answering
Attend Minyans                                 machine. If minyan is not canceled, there      Executive Director
Len Lipton : • 929-9106   will be no message on the machine. You         Michael Grossman
Social Action Committee                        can reach the machine by calling 762-7338,
Robbi and Larry Cohen                          and press 8-10.
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Kiddush Volunteers
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                                               a section for Tikvat Israel. Purchase a site   Debbie Segal •
Shepherd’s Table                               through the synagogue office; it benefits
Richard Stoll                                  you and the congregation. For details, call    Religious School • 946-8435                     Michael Grossman at 762-7338 or David          Sandy Levine, Director
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Stepping Stones Shelter                                                                       424-4396
Jay Plafker •
Roma Sohn •               Toiletries Collection                          Early Childhood

Reading Mentors
                                               Box                                            Rori Pollak, Director
Ellen Eisner: • 598-0635   When traveling, please remember to collect     251-0455
                                               the small samples you receive and bring
Adult Education Committee                      them to the synagogue. The toiletries will     Youth & Family Programming
Susan Apter                                    be distributed to a coalition of homeless      Lynn Berk, Director • 460-9657                shelters.                            
Betsy Miller • 279-0453                                                            Synagogue Office
                                               Food Addicts in                                Phone • 762-7338
Rabbi Liason Committee
Cliff Fishman                                  Recovery Anonymous                             Fax • 424-4399 • 871-6162                    Food Addicts inRecovery Anonymous, a           Bulletin Editor
Mary Wagner                                    12-step program for individuals recovering     Andi Kronzek • 460-4446             from addictive eating, meets every Monday
Jonathan Solomon                               from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Tikvat Israel in        294-2682 • 929-9545               room 11. Newcomers are welcome. For
                                                                                              All phone numbers are in the 301 area
                                               more information, please call Susan at
Haftorah Reading Assignments                                                                  code unless otherwise noted.
Susan Apter: • 460-9657
Torah Reading Assignments
Sam Freedenberg • 942-6421

From the Rabbi’s Desk
Rabbi Howard Gorin

Rabbi Gorin’s column will resume next month. To see what Rabbi Gorin has been doing, visit his blog at

From the President’s Perspective
Ronald L. Rabin, M.D.

Half a shekel. In Parsha Ki Tissa, Hashem        our curb appeal, and we are doing just                These plans for landscaping our
commanded that all shall pay a half-             that. The congregation approved a               front grounds and constructing a new
shekel: “. . . the rich shall not pay more       fundraising campaign to landscape the           sign and enhancing our sanctuar y
and the poor shall not pay less than half        front grounds. The landscaping is being         are indeed exciting. But gone are the
a shekel when giving the Lord’s offering         designed in consultation with Joel Lerner,      days when we have built projects with
as an expiation for your persons. You            president of Environmental Design and           support from auxiliary funds, or with
shall take the expiation money from the          landscaping columnist for the Washington        the goal of obtaining funding after the
Israelites and assign it to the service of the   Post. Congregant Debra Diamond manages          fact. Without complete funding, plans are
Tent of Meeting” (Sh’mot 30:15-16). Half         the project. While we will not implement        just plans. To improve the curb appeal of
a shekel reminds us that while the book          the project until it is fully funded through    our synagogue, we must depend upon the
of Sh’mot may end with the successful            targeted donations, I am encouraged by the      generosity of our congregants, and we know
construction of the tent, the tent itself        level of donations to date and am confident     that a significant amount of the total dollar
will always require maintenance and              that we will meet our goal.                     contributions will come from a fairly small
attention — particularly if it is to last 40           Also very exciting is the new sign for    number of congregants.
years in the harsh desert climate.               our entrance on Baltimore Road that is                Once the trees and shrubs are planted,
     At Shabbat services on March 8,             currently being designed by congregant          once the sign, the patio or the building has
Richard Lederman reminded us that                Guy Brami in coordination with the Tikvat       been built or renovated, once the fun part is
Hashem’s command that all should pay half        Israel Capital Improvement Committee,           over, these things must be maintained by all
a shekel in the service of the Tent of Meeting   and that will be built by Gelberg Signs,        of us, as we all have the equal privilege to use
is a model for our own responsibilities to       of which Guy is co-owner. As many of            and enjoy our building and grounds. This
our own “Tent,” which happens to be about        you know, Gelberg Signs is one of the           is why at the next congregational meeting,
40 years old.                                    region’s leading designers and fabricators      the board of directors will request
     Here at Tikvat Israel, we are enjoying      of commercial signage. Gelberg Signs built      congregational approval of a $50 surcharge
a wonderful year of religious, educational,      many of the signs that we see every day,        from each member unit, regardless of dues
cultural and social programming for youth        including shopping malls, the new stadium       level. This half a shekel — $50 — will be
and for adults, on weekdays, Sundays,            for the Washington Nationals and, yes,          a separate line-item in our account, to be
Shabbat afternoons and Saturday nights.          synagogues. Our goal is to have renderings      controlled by a vice president whose prime
The fact that so many of these programs          on display by summer, and the sign built        responsibility will be to manage, with the
are driven by congregant-volunteers is           by the High Holidays.                           executive director, maintenance of and
a source of pride. We use the sanctuary,               Finally, we have signed the contract      repairs to our building and grounds.
social hall, and classrooms a lot, and we        with Levin/Brown, our new architect, to               I respectfully ask that the congregation
use them well.                                   make the bimah in the sanctuary accessible      approve this half a shekel so that we may
     On Erev Yom Kippur, I spoke to the          to all. This project is funded by our M’kom     all enjoy our facility for years to come.
congregation about the need to enhance           Torah campaign.

From the Mailbag
     On behalf of the Berger, Blum,              Dear Rochelle,                                  Dear Congregants,
and Harris extended families, we would                We want to thank you for organizing            During our grieving process for our
like to thank the Tikvat Israel community        the lovely snowbird luncheon. The warm          brother, Yitzhak Armoza, we have been
for all of the help and support it gave us       feeling of friendship, the delicious food       comforted by the outreach from the
during the funeral and shiva for Warren’s        and spirited singing made for a delightful      Tikvat Israel Congregation community. It
grandmother Mollie Harris.                       afternoon with our Tikvat Israel family. Hope   has made this difficult time easier. Thank
    Warren, Arlene, Jennie and Alex Berger       you enjoyed the rest of your Florida stay.      you for the lovely fruit basket.
                                                                Fondly, Sue and Jerry Boden                                        Sincerely,
                                                                                                                  Harriet and Jacob Armoza
                                                                                                    TI Teen Receives
Cantor Rochelle Helzner
                                                                                                    Youth Leadership
Holocaust Remembrance                               Strathmore Kudos                                Honor
Yom Hashoa, the special day to remember             Special thanks to all the members of our
the Holocaust, will be marked at Tikvat             adult and youth choirs who participated         Tikvat Israel congregant Miriam
Israel on Thursday, May 1 at 8 p.m. (after          in the Strathmore concerts in honor of          Kahn will receive the Bernard S.
7:30 p.m. mincha/maariv). We will join              Israel @ 60. It was an amazing experience       White Award for Outstanding
together for a short service and then will          for the performers and for the community        Youth Leadership at the Capital
view the moving documentary, “The Power             members who attended!                           Camps annual meeting April 2 at
of Good,” a story about Nicholas Winton,                                                            the University of Maryland’s Hillel
a British citizen who saved over 600 Czech          Kabbalat Shabbat with                           building in College Park.
Jews. Mr. Winton’s story is amazing and             Instruments                                          Miriam, better known as Mim,
inspiring. Our friends at the Silver Spring         The next “Kabbalat Shabbat With                 participated in the camp’s leadership
Presbyterian Church will be invited to              Instruments” will be held on May 30             training program last summer.
attend. The program will be over by 9:30            at 6:15 p.m. in the library. “Kabbalat          Upon completion of the training,
p.m.                                                Shabbat with Instruments” is a traditional      Mim was voted by her peers as one
                                                    Tikvat Israel Shabbat evening service and       of two participants eligible for the
Concert of Vocal Music                              includes special melodies accompanied by        Bernard S. White Award. The annual
Tikvat Israel welcomes soprano Brooke               guitar, piano, bass and percussion. All are     honor is based on leadership skills,
Evers and tenor Michael Gallant as they             welcome to attend. Look for more info in        commitment to Capital Camps and
share their exceptional talent at a concert         the May bulletin.                               its values, and nurturing of a Jewish
sponsored by the Vocal Arts Society. The                                                            community, according to Debra
Society produces many of the professional                                                           Goldstein, director of marketing
vocal concerts at the Kennedy Center. In                                                            and public relations for the Capital
the past five years, it has developed the
                                                       The Vocal Arts Society                       Camps and Retreat Center based in
Discovery Series in which two singers                                                               Rockville.
                                                          and Tikvat Israel                              Mim has attended Capital Camps
are selected by audition and presented
                                                                                                    for the past eight years. She will return
in community venues in the Washington                              Present
metropolitan area. Tikvat Israel is truly                                                           this summer to participate in the
honored to be one of those venues.                                                                  counselor-in-training program.
      The concert will be held on Sunday,
                                                        Brooke Evers,                                    Mim, 17, is a junior at Rockville
April 6 at 4 p.m. in the sanctuary. It will be             soprano                                  High School. She is the daughter of
a program of Art Songs. These beautiful and                                                         Steve Kahn and Kate Jennes-Kahn.
challenging pieces are musical poetry that
tell stories full of feeling. Translations of the      Michael Gallant,
pieces, sung in six languages, will be printed
                                                            tenor                                 HAZAK Takes Break in
in the written program. Introductions
and insights to each piece will be given
                                                                                                  April; Artfully Resumes
by Elizabeth Daniels, an award-winning                     in a program of                        in May
music educator. A reception will be held
after the concert.
                                                         classical Art Songs                      HAZAK will be taking a Pesach break
      This will be a highly professional                                                          for the month of April. We’ll resume with
and entertaining afternoon and should                Sunday, April 6 at 4 p.m.                    a great program on Wednesday, May 21
not be missed. As much of this concert                                                            at 2 p.m., when we will visit the Ratner
is subsidized by the Vocal Arts Society,                     Tikvat Israel                        Museum in Bethesda. Docents will lead
the cost of the concert will only be $5 in                   Congregation                         us on tours of the general exhibits and of
advance and $7 at the door. Please send a                                                         their May exhibit “Four Visions: Eight
check to the TI office or call and reserve                   $5 in advance,                       Hands.” Four accomplished artists will be
your space. For more information, contact                    $7 at the door                       showing their work. This event is free to our
Cantor Helzner.                                                                                   members. Details will follow in the May
                                                              Reception                           bulletin, but you can contact the synagogue
                                                           follows concert                        office to make a reservation now. Spring is
                                                                                                  here....plan ahead!

Executive Branch
Michael Grossman, Exectuive Director

I just attended the North American                 I am more focused on the people side of           for us.” As Pesach approaches I want to apply
Association for Synagogue Executives               the position. Always know that you can            the aspect of problems and time to Tikvat
(NAASE) conference in Philadelphia. For            call, email or even stop by and ask for my        Israel Congregation.
four days, my colleagues and I learned about       attention.                                              Pesach is the holiday that celebrates our
the tools we as executive directors will need             The other speaker, Marc Neiworth,          being freed from a long time of slavery into
to operate our congregations. Two of the           executive director of Congregation Tifereth       a new era as the seeds of a nation. Many of
presenters struck a particular chord as I          Israel in Columbus, Ohio, spoke of our            the Jewish people who were enslaved could
participated in the workshops and listened         personal and professional use of time as          never imagine a time of freedom and only
to their words of wisdom.                          executive directors. He reminded us that,         until Moshe arrives on the scene does the
      DC’s own Rabbi Sid Schwarz reminded          “It’s later than you think” and “It’s never too   Exodus take place. Moshe had both “It’s later
us of the difference between congregation          late.” As a new executive director, I am still    than you think” and “It’s never too late” with
and synagogue. We are Tikvat Israel                working to strike a balance for me personally,    which to contend. He had to convince the
Congregation. Our congregation consists            but I also can apply these statements to          masses that it was not too late to move from
of a community of people who gather                the congregation. Every congregation has          slavery to freedom. With King Pharaoh, he
together for a common spiritual purpose.           struggles, whether they be membership,            needed the help of the plagues to convince
Our synagogue is the place in which we most        financial, building or any other of the myriad    him that the time was coming to let the
often gather. I am charged with maintaining        of challenges that can come up. Some pop up       Jews go. Pesach reminds us that it is never
the structure of the building as part of my job    and need immediate solutions. Others may          too late to create solutions to our issues. We
responsibilities. But, I can never forget that     lie dormant and/or ignored until they grow        also have to realize that the world changes
I am also charged with helping to maintain         and are discovered. As the executive director,    constantly and we need to look at our future
the structure of the congregation. Together        part of my job is to root out potential           now before it becomes too late. Over the
with the clergy and the professional and           problems before they become bigger and            next year, we will be examining almost every
support staff, I have the privilege of serving     to put into place practices to prevent others     aspect of our congregational operations and
the people of this congregation. Sometimes         from occurring. Often members will tell           our synagogue building.
I am heavily distracted with the concrete          me, “Oh, that’s been going on for a long               I want to wish everyone a happy and
needs of the synagogue and other times             time.” Or I hear, “That won’t be a problem        healthy Pesach.

Adult Education
Israelat 60 lecture serIes                         JEWISH LITERACy 101:                              FEMINISM ANd LITuRGy
Israel’s Language: Modern Hebrew                   Finding God in the Masterworks of                 dISCuSSION GROup
What It Is and How It Came To Be                   Judaism’s Library                                 Led by Rabbi Alana Suskin, this class
with Barbara Ridberg, Tikvat Israel                This course is an overview of each genre of       meets every other Monday evening. For
Congregant and Jewish Educator                     literature. We will review selected readings      information, contact Rabbi Suskin at
April 13 at 10 a.m. (after minyan)                 from each genre that offer perspectives on
                                                   God. Classes begin at 8 p.m.
In the Diaspora, Hebrew was used primarily in
synagogues for prayer and study. The creation      Monday, April 7                                        Advance registration for
of a modern Hebrew language parallels the          Hasidut, Led by Rabbi Moshe Faierstein                 ALL EVENTS is strongly
Zionist movement and the creation of a Jewish      This class will consider the origins of                requested so that we can
homeland. Today Hebrew is a living, vibrant        Hasidism, its key theological ideas and its
language. We will explore its development and      spread throughout Eastern Europe. We
                                                                                                          plan accordingly. please
its nature, including answering the following      will also look at the diverse groups and               help us make these events
questions:                                         their teachings that developed as Hasidism             as successful as possible by
      Were other languages considered as the       evolved. The major contemporary Hasidic                letting us know in advance
Israeli national language? Who was Eliezer ben     and their teachings will be analyzed.                  that you plan to attend.
Yehuda? When did spoken Hebrew achieve
widespread use? What is the Academy of the         Monday, May 5
Hebrew Language and what is its role? Join         Responsa and the Cutting Edge of Judaism
us for this fascinating lecture. Lecture cost is   Today, Led by Rabbi Alana Suskin
$5. (There will be no bagel sale preceding this
event.) RSVP to the office.
Rori Pollak, Director

ECC Has Been Buzzing with Activity                First we began by collecting toiletry             Classes Are Filling; Spread the Word!
For the past several months, the children         samples. These, along with the different          Enrollment forms for the 2008-2009
have enjoyed watching and participating           kinds of foods the children brought in, were      school year are available on-line at www.
in workshops and performances led by              used to stuff decorated bags for Purim. One or by contacting Rori
residents for the Arts in Education program.      of the mitzvot of Purim is giving food to         Pollak in the ECC office at 301-251-0455.
Performers entertained the children with          the less fortunate.                               Open to children ages 18 months to 5
stories, dance and music. “Pop-up Opera”                                                            years.
dealt with the story of Marietta the              pesach Comes All Too Quickly
Cockroach who was looking for the                 The children will learn about Bedikat             Summer is Around the Corner
sweetest sound in the world. The presenter        Chametz as the Cantor joins us on April           Club ECC runs from June 16-August 15.
had a giant pop-up storybook. As the              7 to search for traces of chametz. The 3s         Each 3-week session includes a host of
presenter read/told the story, she wove           and 4s will have the opportunity to make          activities which consist of theme-based arts
in puppetry, costumes and singing. The            matza when they visit the Matza Factory           and crafts, science, music, water play and
“Shake-a-Leg” workshop incorporated               on Tuesday, April 8. Finally, the children        cooking. Parents may enroll their children
movement and storytelling. After a brief          will participate in the mitzvah of “Maggid,”      for one, two or all three sessions. Parents
warm-up, the children and workshop leader         or the telling of the story of the Exodus         also have the option of signing their child
told a favorite story — “The Mitten” —            from Egypt. The children will narrate and         up for individual weeks; however with
through dance. These are just two examples        sing the story for parents and guests. It         this option, there is a 4-week minimum.
of the wonderful workshops run for the            is delightful to listen to the children sing      Summer enrollment forms may be found
children and staff.                               songs during their narration about the            on the ECC website www.broadman-
     The Kids on the Block Program,               slaves working hard, frogs jumping on    or may be obtained at the ECC
sponsored by the Mental Health Association,       pharaoh’s head, and dayanu.                       office.
presents a puppet program designed to help
children understand their feelings, provide                               MAKE SOME NOiSE AT THE
them with an introduction to problem-                                       ECC SilENT AuCTiON
solving skills, and encourage them to talk
                                                                            ON SuNDAy, ApRil 6
with trusted adults when the stresses of
                                                    Support early childhood education at Tikvat Israel and enjoy a day of fun and
family, school and life seem overwhelming.
                                                    excitement at this year’s Broadman-Kaplan ECC Silent Auction, which will take place
The Kids on the Block presentation —
                                                    on Sunday, April 6 from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the social hall. Come and choose
“Freeze, Breathe, One, Two, Three” —
                                                    from among more than 100 items and services for auction, including tickets to the
focused on early childhood aggression. The
                                                    Legg Mason Tennis Classic, a premium High Holiday parking space in front of the
children learned that when they become
                                                    synagogue, haircuts at top salons, theater tickets, dance lessons and more.
angry or aggressive, they are to freeze and
                                                          Themed baskets donated by ECC classroom parents will also be raffled off at the
take a deep breath, count to three, and then
                                                    event. Raffle tickets can be purchased at the Silent Auction, or at the ECC office prior
calmly say why they are angry. The teachers
                                                    to the event. You do not have to be present at the auction to win the raffles.
had fantastic follow-ups. The Doobim class
                                                          Children of all ages (and adults, too!) will enjoy activities taking place throughout
read “When Sophie Gets Angry, Really,
                                                    the day, including art projects, face painting, a movement class, and magic shows with
Really, Really Angry.” They then dictated
                                                    award-winning magician Jay Mattioli, whose performances combine visual magic,
what they do when they get angry. The Kids
                                                    dance, music and audience interaction, and feature live animals. Magic performances
on the Block program staff were impressed,
                                                    will take place from 11:30 a.m. to noon and from 1 to 1:30 p.m., with strolling magic
and requested a photo of the experience
                                                    from noon to 1 p.m.
chart for their records.
                                                          Adults enter free. Entrance fees for children ages 2 to 17 are $5, with a maximum
     The children had a great time
                                                    of $10 per family. Healthy snack packs will be sold throughout the event, and a
getting ready for Purim! Everyone had
                                                    barbecue lunch will be available from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
the opportunity to dress up in costumes,
                                                          The silent auction is open to the general public, so tell your friends and neighbors
decorate their faces with paint and, of course,
                                                    to come join the fun! All proceeds from this annual event support the Broadman-
bake and eat hamantashen. Graggers,
                                                    Kaplan ECC, Tikvat Israel’s nonprofit preschool. Funds from previous years have
hamantashen, masks and meggilah reading
                                                    been used to purchase new playground equipment and other necessary supplies for
all mean one thing….its time for Purim!
                                                    the school.
The teachers and the children planned
                                                          For more information, including details on the entertainment and a list of auction
a wonderful mitzvah for Purim. The
                                                    items, go to the ECC website at or contact Silent Auction
children prepared mish loach manot bags
                                                    Chair Ruth Lefcoe at
for children less fortunate than themselves.

      ISRAEL                              BBQ- Hot Dogs, Meat and Veggie
         AT                               Burgers, Israeli Salads- in an area
                                          of Parking Lot
                                          CELEBRATORY PROGRAM featuring:
                                                Greetings from Embassy of Israel

                                                Songs of Israel with Cantor Helzner,
       Israel                                   Eine Kline Tikvah Band, Wendy
                                                Morrison, T.I. Choirs, and Youth
                                                Israeli Folk Dancing with Moshe
Tikvat Israel                                   Shem Tov

CELEBRATES                                      Inspiring Visuals of Israel

ISRAEL at 60

Thursday, May 8th                         5:30 - Mincha
                                          5:45 - 6:45 - BBQ
5:30 PM                                   7:00 - Celebratory Program
                                                 in Sanctuary
                                          8:00 - Maariv, Israeli Dancing,
                                                 Film of Israeli Vistas
                       Cost for BBQ: Adults & Children ages 9 and over -$10. Children ages 3-8 - $6.
                       Reserve by April 30 Pay by check, or call 301-762- 7338
                       or e-mail office: for billing

                          Yom Ha’Atzmaut BBQ Dinner - May 8, (served between 5:45-6:45 only)


                         Number of 9 years and older

                         Number of 3 to 8 years

                         Number of Vegetarians

                         Amount enclosed        $
       Design by AVY

Youth and Family Programming Department                                                       Religious School
                                                                                              Sandy Levine, Director
Lynn Berk, Director
                                                                                              We are delighted that Rabbi Gorin will
Purim activities took up much of the           getting stronger with each game played.
                                                                                              speak to our students about Jews in Africa
month of March. More than 60 people              The Kaplan Course for March and April
                                                                                              on Sunday, April 6. Parents are welcome
showed up to roll, cut, fill, shape and bake   has been cancelled due to lack of sufficient
                                                                                              to join us for the 11 a.m. presentation in
hamantashen at our annual hamantashen          registration. We hope to offer this class in
                                                                                              the sanctuary. This will be a wonderful
bake-in on March 3. Everyone had a great       the summer or fall.
                                                                                              opportunity to gain a deeper understanding
time and the finished products looked
                                                                                              and appreciation for Rabbi’s work abroad.
almost professional. We hope that they
                                                                                                    Amy Matathias has graciously agreed
tasted as good as they looked.                            yOuTH GROupS
                                                                                              to coordinate the kitchen preparation for
      The bake-in took a lot of work —                      CALENdAR
                                                                                              our model seders. Amy will need help. If
making the dough, wrapping portions,
                                                   Bonim                                      you are available on Thursday, April 10
helping with the filling and the baking, and
                                                   April 6.........Passover Fun Day –         from 9:30 a.m. to noon, please contact me
so much more. It brings to my mind all of
                                                             treasure hunt, quizzes,          at 301-424-4396 or slevine@tikvatisrael.
the unsung, behind-the-scene, wonderful
                                                             magic tricks and crafts          org. We always have a wonderful time
volunteers who help to keep the youth
                                                   Machar                                     preparing the food for our seders.
and family programming department
                                                                                                    We will also need parent volunteers
running. I would like to take space in this        April 6........ Passover Fun Day –         to help during our model seders. Please
article to recognize some of them. A yasher           Make the Red Sea part, bake             contact me if you are available on Sunday,
koach to Roz Kram and Larry Gorban,                       matzo and Passover crafts           April 13 (9 a.m. to noon) or Monday, April
who staffed the kitchen for the bake-in
                                                   Kadima                                     14 (3:15 to 6:15 p.m.).
and are there whenever we need them; to
                                                   March 29-30 ....... Mystery Over                 As you plan your family seders, please
Lottie Garfinkle and Amy Matathias who
                                                                               Night          give your children an opportunity to be
cleaned the kitchen after the bake-in; to
                                                   April 12....... Make the trek thru         active participants. Each grade has learned
Amy Matathias, again, for co-coordinating
                                                          the Sinai Desert – Climb            specific prayers in the seder. Your children
the Purim Carnival volunteers; to Bonnie
                                                            the mountain ranges as            have amazing thoughts about themes
Cowan for being our main mashigach
                                                        Kadima goes rock climbing             related to Passover. Just ask – you will be
for youth activities and for chairing the
                                                                                              delighted by the depth and thoughtfulness
December 25 Hiddur Mitzvah project; and            uSy                                        of their responses.
to all of the parents and congregants who          April 1-18 . USY cook book sale                  Our seventh graders will be leading a
support our programs financially and by            April 6.................Regional USY       Yom Hashoah service for students in our
attending them. Thank you to all of you for
                                                              membership boat ride            younger grades on Monday, April 28. They
all you do to make our programs a success.
                                                                       on the Potomac         have been studying the Holocaust with Dr.
    The Purim Carnival held in March was
                                                   April 13............An afternoon of        Robert Copaken and have toured the U.S.
a success, and everyone went home happy.
                                                   hanging out in the youth lounge            Holocaust Memorial Museum. The service
A thank you to Charlotte Zeidman and her
                                                                                              is beautifully written and a wonderful
volunteers for handling the food, and to all
                                                                                              reflection of their knowledge and insight.
of the kids, parents and staff who worked so
                                                                                                    Please mark your calendar for our
hard. Megillah reading brought our annual
                                                                                              tenth-grade confirmation on Saturday,
mac & cheese grogger sale. We sold all of
                                                                                              May 3.
our donated boxes of mac & cheese, raised
money for Tikun Olam, the international
USY charity, and donated over 200 boxes                           Israel @ 60: A Capital Celebration
of mac & cheese to the Stepping Stones                                Sunday, June 1 on the National Mall
Shelter. This is our third year selling mac
& cheese groggers, and Fould’s kosher                     Music • Dance • Theater • Hands-on Activities
macaroni & cheese has donated the boxes          The community-wide “Israel @ 60: A Capital Celebration” will be one
of macaroni each year. We thank them for         of the most exciting festivals ever held in Israel’s honor. Plan on joining
their generosity.                                us to cheer Israel’s 60th birthday and its tremendous accomplishments
      Our USY basketball team, a joint           in the arts and sciences, technology and business, and many other
venture with Ohr Kodesh USY, won two             areas. For more information or to volunteer, contact Mary Meyerson at
of their games in March. We are proud of See page 9 for details. Be there!
our players, Jeremy Ehrlich, Sam Matathias,
Sierra Wilen and Blair Wilen. The kids are

Sunday Afternoon — The National Mall — Be There!

   Our community-wide Israel @ 60: A Capital Celebration will be one of the
   most exciting festivals honoring Israel – ever!
   Join us to cheer Israel’s 60th birthday and its tremendous accomplishments
   in the arts and sciences, technology and business… and many other areas.
   Highlights will include:
     ß Main Stage with headliner performances by internationally recognized
       entertainers, well-known Israeli musicians, artists, and more.
     ß Multiple Festival happenings with music, dance and theater performances,
       cultural presentations, children’s activities and family workshops.
     ß Exhibits showcasing Israeli achievements in technology, communications,
       medical research, agriculture and science.
     ß Interactive Activities for people of all ages.


               Contact Beri Kravitz at (301) 348-7309 or e-mail
     For event volunteer opportunities, contact 1-888-246-1818 or e-mail

Israel @ 60 continued from page 1

but gravitated into writing for adults.              (3) Having read a sample of her work,      her Time Tunnel series of adventure stories
She now believes that it is “much more         Israeli Government official Menachem             have already been translated from Hebrew
complicated to write for teenagers and         Begin (later the Prime Minister of Israel)       into English. Those two books — The Siege
children,” and expanded on the three           invited Galila to meet with him at his           of Jerusalem and The Dreyfus Affair — are
primary reasons why she moved in that          home. He loved children, enjoyed reading         the ones our youngsters and their parents
direction over the years.                      her work, and convinced her not to “write        purchased and which Galila autographed.
     (1) As a youth, she always was, in        to the brain” but to reach the children of       Those same two books are the ones that
her own words, “looking for adventure.”        Israel through an effort to “write to the        many of our 5th- through 7th-graders read
However, she never found it in Haifa. She      heart,” which he was convinced Galila            in class over the past few years. Now, the
told us that she had continually been on       did so effectively and beautifully. After all,   third English book of the series is about to
the lookout for spies in her hometown, but     the hearts of children are open, and that        be released in commemoration of Israel’s
never found any. Since she couldn’t generate   is where her work could have the most            60th anniversary. In it, the two Israeli
actual adventures, she decided to create       impact.                                          heroes of her stories are visited by two
them and share them through her stories.             In summary, she explained her              American youngsters. The four children
     (2) She explained her work as follows:    technique and purpose in writing: As             travel through The Time Tunnel back to the
“I’m writing because I have a mission.”        an author, she envisions herself as the          period of “The United Nations Partition
That mission is to reflect the problems        windshield wiper of an automobile, whose         Plan of 1947,” just before the Israeli War
of the young people of Israel — which,         function it is to clear the windshield of the    of Independence. Galila explained that this
of course, are the universal problems of       car, “so that the reader can see his [or her]    variation in the main characters will enable
youth in today’s complicated world (e.g.,      way.” Of course, there’s always a great deal     her to respond to the concerns and answer
drugs, family violence, ADHD, epilepsy,        of research required by the author to keep       the questions of non-Israelis (in this case,
young criminals, jealousy, love, foster        the story lines relevant, engaging, and up-      a boy and girl growing up in the USA of
families, etc.). Many of Galila’s books have   to-date for her young readers. That may          2008). The next book (the third of the
been translated into numerous languages,       be part of the reason she enjoys meeting         English series) will be targeted to American
attesting to the universal nature of the       with them. She also takes pride in the fact      youth, even though the historical novel
themes she addresses. She showed examples      that she answers every e-mail from her           will take place in the land of Israel (i.e.,
of her books in Hebrew, English, French,       readership.                                      British Palestine of 1947). I know that our
Spanish, Japanese and Korean, explaining             I promised to provide a connection         youngsters will look forward to making
how they sometimes appear different from       between Galila’s works and American              another trip through The Time Tunnel.
the originals in Hebrew, often for marketing   Jewish Youth today, even beyond the              Thank you, Galila, for a wonderful visit,
purposes.                                      universality of the themes on which Galila       and we also hope you enjoyed your time
                                               writes. In brief, two of the 40 or so books in   with us at Tikvat Israel!

                                                                                                Special Thanks…
                      All Who Are Hungry,                                                            …to Susannah Challis, who donated

                    let Them Come and Eat”
                                                                                                the costs for framing a beautiful poster of
                                                                                                the Rabbi in Nigeria.

    This is not just something we read in the Hagaddah once a year. It
    is said that Abraham and Sarah placed such great importance on                              BE pOSiTiVE
    welcoming others that they kept the walls of their tents open so                            ABOuT
    that they could see potential guests from a long way off and “ran” to
    prepare for them. At Tikvat Israel, we strive to emulate this example                       DoNATING
    and offer members of our community the opportunity to be either                             BLooD
    a host or a guest at a Passover Seder.
                                                                                                The Tikvat Israel Social Action committee
        If you do not have a seder to attend, or if you have room at your                       is sponsoring a blood drive on Sunday, May
    seder for others, please contact Hope Levy Kott (301-921-8268                               4 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the social hall.
    or or Elissa Schwartz (301-603-0588 or elissa@                               Please contact Robbi Cohen at Peezer200@
                                                                                       to schedule a time for your by April 4, 2008.                                                      donation.

    Inscribe a Brick
         on Our
    Synagogue Patio

“Buy a Brick and leave your imprint
            on our shul”

            Tikvat Israel Brick Order Form
                    April /May 2008

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$        $       $        $U/+(#30$+&.#$-2$F-:#H$-+#V$
$        $       $        $       $
$        $       UCV$$!"#$RRRRRRRRR$<&./F'$
$        $       $        U/+(#30$$'-73$2&./F'$+&.#V$
$        $       ^##$6&0/-$2-3$&HH/0/-+&F$#Z&.6F#(D$

                   For questions or additional information, please contact
                   Ellen Eisner at 301 598-0635 or eeisner

The Congregation gratefully acknowledges the   Sophie Schwartz by Paul Schwartz               In memory of Arlene Kahn, mother of Steve
following contributions which were received                                                   Kahn
                                               David Siskind by Blanche Siskind
from February 16 through March 15, 2008.                                                      by Melanie Grishman and Herman J. Flax,
                                               Daniel Howard Steiner by Roberta Steiner       M.D.
Donations made on the occasion of yahrtzeit    Sylvia Sulsky by Ann Schultz                   In memory of Irving Reich
in memory of:                                                                                 by Muriel and Jules Asher
                                               Burnell Goodman by Meryl Thomas
Helen Cohen by Henrietta Asen                                                                 In honor of Louise Chatlynne
                                               Edward Turkanis by Marvin Turkanis
Dorothy Ashery by Avrum and Susan Ashery                                                      by Robert and Marcelle Copaken
                                               Sam Kaufman by Dorothy Volk
Carl Boden by Jerome Boden                                                                    Religious School
                                               Rose Kaufman by Dorothy Volk
Abraham Lichtman by Sonia Boin                                                                Refuah sh’lemah for Carol Barsky
                                               Alex M. Kravitz by Deborah Yanoff
Frank Sobovinsky by Jeanne and Jules                                                          by Larry and Sandy Levine
Bowen                                          General Fund
                                                                                              A speedy recovery for Jonathan Solomon
Max Katzen by Jeanne and Jules Bowen           In honor of Elan D. Rubin                      by Carol and Richard Barsky
                                               by Elliott and Deborah Alman                   by Bobbi and Larry Gorban
Mary Berkowitz by Barbara Brown
                                               In honor of Rudy Fischer’s special birthday    In memory of Mollie Harris, grandmother of
Carl Chambre by Elizabeth Chambre
                                               by Marian and Jesse Kaiser                     Warren Berger, aunt of Bobbi Gorban
Edna Eisner by Sherman Eisner                  by Clifford Fishman                            by Melanie Grishman and Herman J. Flax,
Frances First by Faye First                    In memory of Stanley Berman, brother of        M.D.
Ida Friedman by Benjamin and Sally             Howard Berman                                  In memory of Florence Troop Rosenbloom
Friedman                                       by Bob and Janis Colton                        by Robin Forman
Evelyn Ruth Brightman by Lillian Gorinson      In memory of Warren Berger’s grandmother and   In honor of David Forman
                                               Bobbi Gorban’s aunt, Mollie Harris             by Robin Forman
Samuel Halperin by Herbert Halperin            by Sue and Jay Plafker
                                                                                              Refuah sh’lemah for Jonathan Solomon
Michael Hersh by David Hersh                   by Barbara and Phil Katz
                                                                                              by Sandy and Larry Levine
Freda Kagan by Harry and Grace Kagan           by Abraham and Harriet Schwartz
                                                                                              Refuah sh’lemah for Genie Gluckman’s
Miriam Kagan by Harry and Grace Kagan          In memory of Steve Kahn’s mother, Arlene
Morris Kagan by Harry and Grace Kagan                                                         by Sandy and Larry Levine
                                               by Susannah Challis, Richard Nisenson and
Samuel Kaplan by Florence Kaplan               Meah Nisenson                                  In memory of Susan Cohen’s father, Harry
                                               by Sue and Jay Plafker                         Cohen
Belle Kobrinetz by Simeon Kobrinetz                                                           by Sandy and Larry Levine
                                               In memory of Ethel Lankin
Louis Krepchin by Pearl Krepchin                                                              by Bobbi and Larry Gorban
                                               by Barbara and Phil Katz
Albert Tanker by Anita Lane                                                                   In memory of Steve Kahn
                                               In honor of Arlene Berger
Shirley M. Caplan by Helene Lerner                                                            By Bobbi and Larry Gorban
                                               by Elaine and Herb Blum
Esther Lerner by Helene Lerner                 by Charlotte and Marty Hirsch                  Cantor’s Fund
                                               by Irene and Sanford Loef
Morris Tranen by Helen Levinrad                                                               In memory of Warren Berger’s grandmother and
                                               In memory of Harry Cohen, father of Susan      Bobbi Gorban’s aunt, Mollie Harris
Norman Yudkoff by Ruth Love                    Cohen                                          by Elaine and Herb Blum
Zandel Smith by Bertha Smith and Eileen        by Barbara and Phil Katz                       by Charlotte and Marty Hirsch
McGuckian                                      by Stuart and Judy Levy                        by Irene and Sanford Loef
Paul Margolies by Don Margolies                In memory of Belle Lerner                      A speedy recovery for Jonathan Solomon
Milton Mulitz by Tom Mulitz                    by Freda Stutz                                 by Martie Adelman and Marc Schneider
Louis Newman by Susan and Neil Newman          In honor of the birth of Hannah Lynn Dash,
                                               granddaughter of Harvey and Naomi Kaplan       Rabbi’s Fund
Henry Oppenheim by Julius Oppenheim            by Bryna and David Dash                        In honor of Rudy Fischer’s 95th Birthday
Solomon Gorschman by Sylvia Pachenker                                                         by Elyca and David Mintz
                                               In memory of Warren Berger’s grandmother,
Sam Podgor by Charlotte Podgor                 Mollie Harris                                  Hazak Fund
                                               by Martie Adelman and Marc Schneider
Joseph Podgor by Charlotte Podgor                                                             A speedy recovery for Melvin Altman
                                               In memory of Steve Kahn’s mother, Arlene       by David and Sara Harris
Aaron Pressman by Edith Pressman
Samuel J. Romm by Eileen Romm                  by Martie Adelman and Marc Schneider           Tzedakah Chavurah
Teresa Kabik by Fannie Salzer                                                                 In memory of Cliff Fishman’s Father
                                               Torah Fund
Joseph Salzer by Fannie Salzer                                                                by Cliff and Betty Fishman
                                               In memory of Gerda Reich by Jules and Muriel
Nyusya Sapozhnikova by Irina Knizhnik and      Asher                                          Women’s Jewish Network
Alla Sapozhnikova
                                               In memory of Harry Cohen, father of Susan      In memory of Mollie Harris
Samuel Dicker by Belle Schechter               Cohen                                          by Sandy and Larry Levine, Aaron, Aliza and
Sara Lebowitz by Arnold Schwartz               by Melanie Grishman and Herman J. Flax,        Ari
Rose Schwartz by Mark Schwartz

                  Tikvat israel remembers with respect those whose yahrzeits
                          occur from 25 Adar ii to 25 Nisan • April 2008
25 ADAR II                  5 NISAN               11 NISAN              19 NISAN
April 1                     April 10              April 16              April 24
Irving Ashery               Pearl Bredt           Max Exler             Aaron Feinmark
David Lefkowitz             Leah Feinsilber       Lina Hoffman          Aaron Feinmark
Sarah Robinson              David Krauss          Beatrice Klein        Hyman Schreiber
                            Edward Rabin          Molly Oppenheim       Douglas Star
April 2                     6 NISAN               12 NISAN              20 NISAN
Mark Kabik                  April 11              April 17              April 25
                            Sara Berman           Ida Baroff            Alfred Cowan
27 ADAR II                  Alice Katz            Louis Bernstein       Ray Kramer Gesumaria
April 3                     Jean Lewis            Mary Ann Cahn         Leonard Kopp
Albert Bressler             Abraham Moskowitz     Gerald Lempert        Jacob (Jack) Matathias
                            Herman Schrier        Samuel Sulsky         Sol Schwartz
28 ADAR II                  Pauline Seiler        Sandra Tolpin         Albert Stutz
April 4                     Rhoda Zuskin
Irving Garfinkle                                  13 NISAN              NISAN 21
Thomas Gorban               7 NISAN               April 18              April 26
Marion Laken                April 12              Rachel Brown          Stanley Leithold
                            Hannah Barrack        Sam Prince            Aaron Polansky
29 ADAR II                  Anna Rom
April 5                     Bertha Seiler         14 NISAN              22 NISAN
Bernard N. Flax             Reuven Shacham        April 19              April 27
Edward Krick                Helen Shulman         Henry Goldberg        Lorraine Cohen
                            Samuel Wagman         Dora Kishner          Jenny Fierman
2 NISAN                                           Morris Lane           Susana Nardea Gorelick
April 7                     8 NISAN                                     Charles Haberman
Lea Chernoff                April 13              15 NISAN              Helen Haberman
Harriette Solowey           Daisy C. Jones        April 20
Ethel Toney                 Sylvia Copaken        Tillie Pressman       23 NISAN
Ida Weisbord                Elizabeth Grishman    Harry Shooman         April 28
                            Carolyn Wermiel       Kalman Sokolow        Norman Goldman
3 NISAN                     Sophie Zaccagni       Sol Wachovsky         Isaac Kaplan
April 8                                                                 Nadia Schuchman
Maurice Gabes               9 NISAN               16 NISAN
Ruth Gilston                April 14              April 21              25 NISAN
Lottie Greenwood            Ann Eisler            Harry G. Blackstone   April 30
Emma Klein                  Samuel Frank          Samuel Grossman       Lenore Kline Bain
Mark Morrison               Louis Goldstein       Irving Kaplan         Maurice Levy
Leroy Moses                 Rita Selwyn
Rose Silverman              Isaac Silverman       17 NISAN
                                                  April 22                Tikvat Israel extends
4 NISAN                     10 NISAN              Joseph Gordon           condolences to Jacob Armoza
April 9                     April 15                                      on the death of his brother,
Myron Bishow                Feliciano Cruz        18 NISAN                Yitzhak Armoza
Eugene Katz                 Gerhard Gruenfeld     April 23
Edward J. Raine             Anne R. Kaiser        Edith Adler
Minnie Sakoff                                     Irving Curchack
Esther Salit                                      Jennie Kornhauser

                                                  NON-pROFiT ORg.
ROCKVillE, MD 20851                                 u.S. pOSTAgE

                                                   pERMiT NO. 147
                                                   ROCKVillE, MD


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