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THE BRAIN by MikeJenny


									                          THE BRAIN

1. cerebrum—largest part of the brain; controls memory, thinking, personality,

2. cerebellum—controls balance

3. medulla—controls involuntary actions; breathing, heart beat, blood pressure

4. pons—forms a bridge between the midbrain and the medulla

5. dura mater—tough (durable) outer covering that helps protect the brain

6. ***arachnoid space—space between the dura mater and the pia mater

7. ***pia mater—thin covering that lies directly on the brain

8. corpus callosum—holds 2 hemispheres of the brain together
         left brain—controls right side of body; math, science, logic
         right brain—controls left side of body; Eng., lit., arts

9. capillary beds—helps provide blood flow to the brain

10. pituitary gland—often called the “master gland”; tells the other glands when
    to work

11. olfactory bulbs—aid in smelling

12. optic nerves—help you to see by carrying nerve impulse from eye to brain

***You cannot see the pia mater or the arachnoid space on the actual brain, but
you do need to know they exist.

ALSO….the pons and the medulla together form the brain stem.

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